Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Back To The 2016 Presidency Future - "Who Knew?"

This following post is to compare my long-term projections/thoughts - with what actually happened etc. Bear with me, as I sort/think through all the time elements (especially Back To The Future). It can be quite confusing, even for someone familiar. 

Compare this (proofed and time verifiable) research with the BULLSHIT that you're served up, and on a daily basis via SICK CORPORATIONS (TV/Hollywood etc), the ones who design your news and reality. I would literally destroy ANY journalist - corporate, freelance, investigative or otherwise. Modern journalists and news organs are nothing but (Zionist/Ashkenazi Jew based) filthy mass mind control agents, corporate elite sellouts and "fake/false flag" terror purveyors. They send you to wars on the back of these lies and have your sons and daughters killed - all for what are LIES, and transparent ones at that! This human excrement is PAID to brainwash in and day out. 

You'll never see research like this on a TV show and/or cinema screen - truth is alien to these demonic powers, the media mechanism is designed to destroy truth. Lies are the ONLY currency of US mass media, you're not on your own, the UK is likewise, as are large parts of Europe. Just as the Zionist Jew banking systems and corporations  have virtually destroyed the planet, the same is happening concurrently via their mass media dominance and mass mind control. I will not apologise for loathing these ANIMALS, it's what they are - self-loathing, anti-human, soulless, parasitical sociopaths. A pox on society and the world, a cancer that needs permanently exorcising.

"Who Knew?" Joe Dante (quote)
(From November 2015. Paris - Fri 13th post) Above - Hughes' Home 'WTC' Alone 2 (1990).

Dante directed Gremlins (1984) & Gremlins 2 (1990) - Joe '911' Dante (Spielberg exec. produced)
9 and 11 microphones outside the Trade Centre Tower. Who knew - hey Joe!? His Clamp (Trump) character built the Clamp Regency Trade CentreDaniel 'The Tower' Clamp and Donald 'The Tower' Trump. In Gremlins 2 - there are electrical lightning bolts inside the tower.

The 9/11 Struck (Clock) Tower(s)
Back To The (9/11) Future (running time 116mins) - Twinning and Struck Towering via 9/11
Zemeckis/Spielberg (1985) - The struck (Clock) Tower to 9 and 11
These films didn't predict 9/11 - they brainwashed you with it - using predictive programming.
Wires, bottles, (Twin) Struck (Clock) Tower(s) and 9-11. (there are other elements that I've not even included!)
Zemeckis would release 'Twin Towers' resonant The Walk (during Oct 2015) - making reference to the Back To The Future franchise. All in the 30th anniversary year and (Oct '15) BTTF Day time frame.
(below) Only moments before - via Voice over: 
"Broadcasting beautiful views 24 hours a day, you're tuned to the Scenery Channel." Jennifer: I'm in the future." 
A Broken Twin Towers (window). Struck Towering, this wasn't Spielberg's first reference via film.
Back To The (Twin Struck Towering) Future - Spielberg. 
A Close Encounter with a 'crowned' (see card) Struck Tower via an electrical lineman
Devils Tower (sequential cards 15 and 16). 666 - 6*6*6 = 216. 2(0)16

An amusing internet meme relating to the series. Wilson III didn't run for presidency (in the film), Obama wasn't able to run for a 3rd term either, the reference is just a play on the themes. The Wilson's as an avatar for Afro-American's in positions of authority (Mayor etc). Note, Obama will remain as Pres. for all of 2016.
Hey - Bozo! You, Clinton and your party are FIRED!
There's a certain irony in how Hitllary had her 'Sept 11' collapse while attending a New York memorial for 9/11.
An incident that undoubtedly had a appreciable impact on her election prospects. :)
Back To The Future 2 (1989)
It's Donald "You're Fired" Trump
"Hillary - why don't you make like a tree and get out of here" :)

My position reiterated and back in June 2016 (comments)

December 2015 (Daily Mail) Re: Trump's Nomination

That's me, horseloverphat - at the Daily Fail/Mail, last month. (comments)
Ok - sorry, no more gloating or grandstanding, but it does also relate to the (BTTF) themes, though. :)
That's more than $500,000 (about $540,000 at current rates)

Oh La La?
Including BASEBALL, Football, Boxing, Horse-racing and more! (BTTF 2)

I only noticed in the last week or so - the culmination of the 2016 Baseball World Series. I overheard reports via the news. I don't follow US sports (never have), so I've only just recently realised.

Back To The Future 2 (1989) - "Cursed" Cubbies win World Series (2015 timeline)
21st Oct 2015
Where Goldie Wilson III's advert was earlier, a "Sportsflash" holo-announcement starts. It says that the Chicago Cubs beat the (fictional team) Miami Gators in the World Series. A likely tongue-in-cheek reference to the Cubs 'curse'.

Marty: "Wait a minute - cubs win World Series! - Against Miami?"
Terry (old guy) "That's something, huh! Who'd have thought? 100/1 shots!"
This is the scene that leads to Marty purchasing the (future predicting) almanac. He intended to use it for his own gain via betting, by taking it from 2015 and back to the 1985 timeline.
Cubbies win World Series - 2016, earth reality timeline. :) It was only an 108 year wait!
Ending - The Curse of the Billy Goat

"The Cubs winning the World Series was the most absurd thing we could think of [for someone to bet on]," the movie's producer and screenwriter Bob Gale told The Wall Street Journal. "If the Cubs were going to win the World Series, what date would that be on? In 1988, when we wrote this, there was only one set of playoffs, not two. If the World Series was going on and the Cubs were going to sweep the World Series, it could’ve happened on October 21. That’s how we arrived on that day.”

If only folk had known - all you had to do was add one year! ;) Anyway, both the Presidency and the World Series have been settled through the month of November 2016.

A little Fox Cub...

(Back To) The Super Bowl Future (literally). It's almost as crazy as that (Spielberg) "cursed" Poltergeist film - where we see a "Superbowl 1988" poster in a 1982 movie (88 also being a key aspect of BTTF and the time-travel car). A poster, that in some weird type of way was connected to the 'future' death (of the film's child star) Heather O'Rourke (Carol-Anne). She was taken ill on Super Bowl 88 (the actual Sunday) and died soon after. There was a remake release of this film in 2015.
World Series (Back To The Future 2) vs Super Bowl 1988 (Poltergeist). 
A Spielberg double...those pesky Injuns! It even had a prominent "ball game" scene.
There's even a plot-based 'curse' element via the home being built on "Indian burial ground".
108 year (curse) - a 'cursed film' and winning (88 Super Bowl) via the score of 42.
Lost Lotto 108. Mega No. 42 - The Rainbow Connection - 42 aka the answer to everything. 42 TV.
Baseball and 42...with Spielberg's Indiana Jones (Rainbow Ford)
In 1997, MLB "universally" retired his (Jackie Robinson) uniform No. 42, across all major league teams; he was the first pro athlete in any sport to be so honored. MLB adopted a new annual tradition, "Jackie Robinson Day", every team player wears No. 42. He was World Series Champion in 1955. There's a 237 (2*3*7 = 42) reference in BTTF2.
Not won for 108 years. 108 Lost - the TV series about the (lost) 777 - like MH370. 777 aka the lightning flash of creation. 
Lost's JJ Abrams is 'tight' with Spielberg - they've known each other for years.
On July 3, 2015, Back to the Future's 30th anniversary (original film), the Chicago Cubs hosted the Miami Marlins at Wrigley Field, in a game in which Miami won 7-3.

How the (sodomite/gay) elite design your reality and brainwash you. Try and get your head around this!
Recall the June 2016 "Gator incident" - Orlando (FLORIDA) Disney Kingdom and via a pool/lagoon. FWIW, I absolutely despise Disney and all of its output, always have. The incident was close on the back of the (fake) shooting at "Gay - Big Fix/Fix It Here" Pulse (Orlando, Fl). The boy was "ironically" called Lane GRAVES . Oh look, and at Disney too (wink-wink). There's a Disney gator/croc, below. Queer Orange County and (transient) Rainbow Orlando,  Gay-tor and drags child
The Jaws holo-max cinema near the lagoon/pool at Courthouse Square, it's the very first thing that happens when he enters the square. The Miami/Florida (and Cubs) sports holo-screen is virtually behind him. 
BTTF 2 - 2015 time.  Jaws, Pool/Lagoon dunking and GATORING via Florida. Gay-tor/pink surfing.
'Rainbow cap' Fox (Marty) also "drags" it up (2015 timeline) playing his future daughter, his literal (drag) child.
Jaws (12mins), then Cafe 80s (see 'gay wild gunman' Mateen - Pulse, below) to the chase and pink surfing pool dip (20mins), and then Cubs/Miami (gator). All in the square. Spielberg's Jaws - Beached Closed (sign). They must be pissing themselves with laughter in corporate media land and Hollywood. Did I mention that they absolutely HATE YOU - aka THE GOYIM?
Graves was attacked by an alligator after he and his family went to a movie night on the beach. Yes, it's called taking the collective piss out of the masses - a form of Jewish/Jawish mass mockery.

The 'gator' incident was close on the back of the (fake) shooting at "Gay - Big Fix/Fix It Here" Pulse (Orlando, Fl).
The PULSE car was the very first vehicle that Marty saw when he entered the square in 2015, and via the 237 (rainbow) Alley. There are actually two Pulse cars around the lagoon/pool (only a few hundred vehicles were made). Note Jaws and how close it is to the water. GAY - Color Purple and Spielberg, anyone? He is a media terrorist and mass sodomite/gay brainwasher!
LGBT Pulse. It's all there - Marty wearing a "rainbow cap" (touching it while the pulse car passes), "pink surfing" and "dragging it up" (cross-dressing) in 2015. Pulse, the rainbow, gay-tors, child dragging and via 2015.
Vote Yes for 237 - Bionic (Brain) Implants. (2*3*7 = 42/rainbow). It's likely a reference to mass (brain) mind control (ours)! Orlando Pulse was a 'total film set' and with ACTORS (aka pieces of human excrement, see "casting call" Hansen).
Mockery on acid. Oh look! It's "The Big Fix" and "Fix It Here" Orlando, Florida - with actor, "Big Fix" Omar 'IMDB' Mateen. Even his own father was tied to TV via Durand Jirga Show on satellite television network Payam-e-Afghan, the channel is based in L.A. (wink-wink). Why doesn't your MSM media mention that so many actors and TV personnel were involved? A child can work this out, what does this say about the US collective mindset and the state of its media?
Yes - it really does look they're using past Hollywood film output, and then working aspects into a (future) designed 'faux' reality (for mass mind control purposes). Why not? They did exactly that with 9/11 and haven't looked back! Fuck knows what they've got planned going-forward, they'll only get more brazen and overt as time goes on. Corrupt and "soulless" Zionist corporate media/news organs in league with the alphabet soup agencies, and along with the political apparatus etc. Gun control agendas, terror programming, schmaltzy LGBT 'mass sympathy' mind control and other 'minority rule' aspects. I've known some of these very facts since 2001, and from 9/11 onwards!

Oh, but we're not done yet! Oh no, not by a long stretch. We've got a "Pulse", now we need a "wild gunman"! Blast From The Past, next door to Cafe 80s. Where Marty buys what will become the future predicting almanac 
Blast(er) From The Past Future
Cafe 80s. Know any relevant Orlando based and pulse/gay-rainbow linked (acting) "Wild Gunman" from the 1980s, with a side-order of Gator, anyone? Born, Nov. 16 1986 (16/11/86).  He supposedly called 911 moments before the shooting. 
Mateen - the WILD shooting GUNMAN (and practicing). 
See "wild gunman shooting practice" below. Some even claimed Mateen was 'gay'. All these BTTF scenes/elements are linked by the same time and location (Courthouse "Mockingbird" Sq). Know any other (gator flavoured) pulse/gay-rainbow linked (acting) "Wild Gunman" or "crack shooters" from the 80s (Cafe 80s)?  One who throws his (gay) "rainbow cap' prior to shooting!
This scene will eventually lead to the chase and pink surfing pool/dunk. The boy in orange is Elijah "The Faculty" Wood.
The Faculty, 1998 (Casey aka Wood): "Where do all these movies come from anyway? How do we know Spielberg, Lucas, Sonnenfeld, Emmerich haven't been visited by aliens? You know, maybe they're aliens themselves. Maybe they're simply preparing us for what's to come. (response: "You know what, Casey, it's fiction. Okay? - It's science fiction"). - Exactly. Everybody gets hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it. They're getting at us through the fiction." (and that folks, is called "the reveal" and in plain sight!)

Mateen killed 49 people, after 12th Nov. there are 49 days remaining.
Come on, kid! That's an important historical landmark. Lightning hit that thing 60 years ago.

Last year (2015), and due to my previous discoveries/writings about the original 1985 film (9/11 and tower resonance etc), I was already very much preparing (which I blog referenced) for the sequel referencing 2015 timeline, the one in our own actual reality. Simply put, I was already prepared. I initially didn't put the Paris "9/11-BTTF-Obama" link in, not until a few months later, the sequel being much more October relevant, than November relevant (that's why). I recalled Obama's speech and eventually linked it to the date. On going-back I discovered the weird connections, as you'll see. That's why it's been so easy to put all this stuff together, especially in recent years. There was already quite a "buzz" about BTTF during the previous year (2015), the "official day" (sequel related), original's 30th year anniversary, and not forgetting Zemeckis' Oct 2015 "Twin Towers" film etc. I've written this, just so you understand the background. And there you go...from my July 2015 post.
I also did similar in early October 2015

1989 Sequel Basics
21st Oct, 2015 was "Back To The Future Day." It's the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future via their time machine (DeLorean), in Zemeckis/Spielberg's "Back To The Future 2." The 1989 sequel begins in the original film's 1985 present, the protagonists then shooting 30 years forward from that 1985 point. The original "Back To The Future" film had its own 30th anniversary marker and in the same year (our reality, 1985-2015). The original "Back To The Future" seemingly tied-in to aspects of 9/11 (terror), as I've previously explained on many occasions. BTTF Day aka 21st Oct, 2015 - we have now passed through this (film) date in our own reality timeline. Obviously late last year, about 3 weeks before the French terror - aka Paris' 9/11.

Oh La La (French) and a 'future predicting' Almanac. No.29 (2+9 =) 11 and 4f.50 (4+5) = 9
"Oh La La!" On 'masonic' Friday 13th...yes, the US horror franchise is a total masonic creation.
Oh look, it's the Fraudet brothers, hmm I mean Naudet "FIX" brothers...undercover operatives (for the purposes of cementing mass mind control) pretending to be filmmakers. They were allegedly linked to Canal Plus TV (France). They filmed the 1st tower strike from Canal Street (wink-wink).
WTC 1 and 2 with building 7 (the whole crime scene in one shot) - and very prescient words. They dose you all with the Muslim threat, when the real devils are the Zionist Jews, and they have been all along! Constructing their counterfeit world with (full spectrum dominant) mass media, and brainwashing half the planet via the power of US/Hollywood cultural imperialism.
Jew kabbalist satanists and their assets - mass mind control programmers. 
The synagogue of Satan (aka Zionist sociopaths). When they're not raping/sodomising your children, or debasing society via satanic and paedo-based degeneracy, they're programming you with Zionist terror-based mind control propaganda (in exchange for $$$ and fame).
Robert '9/11 Awakenings/9/11 Naudet' De Niro, who overtly stated that he worked for Hollywood based Israeli 'mass mind control' asset - Arnon '9/11 programmer' Milchan (see Milchan's links to 9/11 Fox/Murdoch). Milchan's '9/11 resonant' predictive programming piece was bankrolled by (Jew) Lew Grade, an asset of the British wing of the Zionists, and effectively the creator of (UK) ITV. His own ITC TV company was established on 9/11/54. His nephew (Michael) was former chairman of the (Zionist) BBC, executive chairman of ITV and chief executive of Ch4. The younger Grade was a "dumbing down" champion, at least imo. Now see how big their MSM effective reach is - it is global! I've just covered USA, UK and France and all via the same type of (Zionist dominated) mechanisms!

Bozo Obama and the Back To The Future thematic...

Back To The Future '9/11 USA' - Back To The Future '9/11 France' (Fri Nov. 13, 2015)
Obama’s Nov. 12, 2015, ABC News interview was the day before (Eiffel Towering) Paris' 911 terror - Fri Nov. 13, 2015. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Libya (ISIL) claimed responsibility for these same attacks! ISIL forming 13th November 2014, exactly one year before the Paris terror event.
Yes - Libyan Terrorists. The Libyan branch of ISIS ultimately claiming responsibility for Paris.
Like a 'Struck Clock(work) Tower' ...Nov 12, 1955 versus Nov 12, 2015. Wink-wink.
Back To The Struck White House Clock Tower Future
Look familiar? The White House (front), where Obama gave the November 122015 ISIL speech.
The Clock Tower as The White House - The White House as The Clock Tower.
Obama's 'ISIL/Libya' related terror speech (given the day before Paris terror), fell on the exact 60th anniversary of the 'BTTF' Clock Tower lightning strike. (a hypothetical 60 yr span)
BTTF 2 - 2015 timeline.  An important historical landmarkLightning striking and 60 years ago.
Barry uses ISIL, so that he can keep to the 'Libyan terrorist' part of the script, Donny. :)

BTTF 2 - Blast From The Past (shop). Source of (what will be) the 'future predicting' almanac. Allegedly a VHS copy of Stand-up Reagan and a Reagan/Bush '84 campaign poster, are also among the shop items. This shop was the Third (psychic) Eye establishment in the original 1985 timeline (wink-wink).

Towering Donald 'Biff' Trump
I've included this video just for the lolz. Not the satirical political message! 
Whoever posted this up at youtube - is going to be gutted. :)

Bart To The Future
Trump as President, and a episode with Lisa as (subsequent President) Hillary Clinton. It's Rupert 'media cancer' Murdoch's The Gimpsons. Fox/News Corp - Mr 'WTC Jet/911' Murdoch via X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen. It's not like The Simpsons (Fox) have previous (wink-wink).

It was Fox News reporter Eric Shawn, who was in the 9 and 11 microphone shot in Gremlins 2, outside Clamp Trade Centre. Recall Patience Carter, the Fox 29 reporter - that POS (so-called) victim from recent (fake) Orlando! I've never been a Simpsons watcher though, I think it's unadulterated shit.
Media terrorists! They make your corporate news and your (so-called) corporate fictional entertainment!
Eric (Gremlins 2 - 9/11 Trade Centre Tower) Shawn, a Fox terror/war correspondent, who just happened to be a firsthand witness to a 'Twin Towers' 9/11 plane crash - on the morning itself!

Dante - Gremlins 'Clamp/Trump 9/11 Trade Centre Tower' 2

"Circles of Hell" evoking Dante (see 'Inferno' Alighieri)

'Biff's Tower' featured in the sequel's 1985 (alternate) timeline - Hill Valley was like Hell Valley, noted via the sign. 
This happens after old Biff takes the almanac (from 2015 and) back to 1985, to give to his younger self.
A journey from the future 2015 - back to 1985,  gives us Hell Valley.
A kind of dystopia that's not unlike what's outside most of our own windows today.
The first person Marty meets in Hell Valley, Courthouse Square is Red the Bum (George Buck Flower), who actually featured in "Orgy American Style" (1973), which is showing at the Hill Valley cinema in the initial 1985 timeline. Flower also featured as the 'drifter-bum/alien collaborator' in Carpenter's They Live (1988). It's Flower that shows Nada/Armitage around the elite/alien-linked base. Nada and Armitage have penetrated the base in order to destroy the (mind control) broadcasting system signal.
Carpenter's They Live (We Sleep) - the ruling elite classes are in fact aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to spend money, breed, and accept the status quo with subliminal messages in mass media.  
Fifty Shades of (Alien) Greys/Grays
Back To The Future featured The Man From Space, Tales From Space and (George's) Match Made In Space.
Sci-fi programming being fertile ground for (Hollywood) corporate/elite mass mind control, an ideal genre with little or no 'concept' limitations. Perfect metaphoric cover for the launching and execution of nefarious mass mind control programmes (accompanied with the subliminal washing of wider society) - and ones with massive implications in our own reality.

The aliens deliver a subliminal signal broadcast (evoking Videodrome, more on that later) into people's brains to camouflage themselves. The 'sunglasses' (literally seeing the world in 'black and white') allow this control mechanism to be unveiled. Also see Slavoj Žižek (further below). BTTF's "Red the Bum" aka drifter/collaborator is in the transmission clip. 
Sleep TV
Back To The They Live Future
It's BTTF's "Red the Bum" (Flower) - They Live's "drifter" explaining the space travel port.
Back To The Bum. It's They Live's "space travel port" drifter/collaborator (Red) who's in Courthouse Sq. as Marty arrives back to the future! Red resides in Courthouse Square (aka Mockingbird Square, see Operation Mockingbird). Red (Flower) featured in many of Carpenter's 80s films, including (alien) Starman.

"They Live" Carpenter, a fan of prolific TV/film writer Nigel Kneale
Kneale's Quatermass and The Pit was a major influence on his version of The Thing (1982). 
It was Kneale who wrote the BBC's Year of the Sex Olympics, a 1968 television play. A play that in hindsight seems extremely prescient! We can also see its influence in respect of They Live - (a small elite controlling mass media etc).
Note, the BBC is yet another Zionist/Jew programming asset, that's the "paedo BBC" folks!
That awkward moment when those viewers with their own thought processes, realise that the BBC is nothing but (Zionist funded) transparent 'mass mind control'. 'Glitches' and/or deliberate 'winks' in the Zionist mass media matrix. What we're ultimately dealing with (in respect of MSM) is a huge society-wide form of mass mind rape.
BBC TV Centre as a premises for the systematic abuse of children, oh yes - they ALL KNEW and did nothing. Why? Simple - because their employees are Zionist sodomite Jew owned/controlled FILTH.

BBC's Year of the Sex Olympics
Kneale's play isn't likely a prescient warning and/or satirical piece, it's a goddamn (4th wall) framework!
"An endless diet of lowest common denominator programmes" (inferring retarded) - oh look!
Eerily accurate would describe it. Sounds like many current US TV shows. MTV and E! channels, Big Brother (1984, see text above), Love Island, Jersey Shore, Simon Cowell shite, child sexualised pageantry, those above, whatever the fuck else, etc. Typical 'humiliation based/dignity stripping' corporate cultural sewage.
Jewish/Khazar full spectrum dominance of corporate media = a mass cultural sewage pipe in every home, rotting the host from the inside. Rape, paedophilia, incest, whoring as a virtue, thug lifestyles, ultra-violence/murder as fun, anything goes in the Jew S of A. The biggest lie of all is that media is harmless (non-influential) and that it's just entertainment oriented, it's advanced (Zionist-based) MIND CONTROL and nothing more. That's why hundreds of millions follow/copy it like sheep or programmed zombies. When they're not rotting you via degeneracy, they're filling their filthy output with terror-related predicative programming, all in order to manipulate your responses (going-forward) when they instigate "faux terror events" (see 9/11). It's the sick Zionists Jews who are behind the MSM's mass HATE WHITEY propaganda campaign, (provocateur) "Black Lives Matter", and not forgetting their mass-media led "sodomite LGBT minority rule" programme. Quote - Year of The Sex Olympics: "A small elite control the media" (wink-wink). Ownership - don't take my word for it, they even directly goad you with the fact! 6 (Jew dominated) giant media corporations effectively control 90% of what we read, watch or listen to. I think that qualifies as a "small elite", don't you? This isn't about any form of racial and/or religious hatred (anti-semitism bullshit), I am merely describing the situation - as is!
Kneale's The Stone Tape (BBC, 1972) was an influence on Spielberg's Poltergeist film (which we saw earlier), it also influenced Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. "Highly-strung" Kneale was even approached to write for the X-Files, but declined. 
The "X-Files/Lone Gunmen" (WTC/911) franchise from (Pentagon/CIA linked) corrupt masonic 'mass mind control programmer' Chris Carter and "corporate media oligarch/media terrorist" Fox Murdoch. These types make this (warped) entertainment, let pre-planned events unfold (in league with the military-industrial complex), and then design/influence your goddamn news! Operation Mockingbird is alive and well, it never went away - it got turbo-charged.

"Mockingbird Square" aka Courthouse Square, Back To The Future
Ronald Reagan and Operation Mockingbird
Mockingbird, Octopus and see Gremlins 2
Gremlins (911/Trade Centre) 2 - TV cable networks and OCTOPUS - N4/Z1 = NAZI
Filthy Ashke-NAZI, Zionist, Khazar SCUM! Even Doc Brown (aka von Braun) is an avatar for "Paperclip" Nazi Werner von Braun, there is a "paperclip" based escape scene in the Gremlins 2 film.

Back to programmer Kneale:
Sounds charming. The idea would likely be a reality show vehicle today. MTV or E! would launch it as "My Big Fat Teenage Suicide Diary" or something similar. No, I am not joking. No surprise that (uber degenerate and mass programmers) Fox tried to launch it either. 

While in America, Kneale met the director Joe (Gremlins 9/11 and 9-11/Trump Trade Centre sequel) Dante, who invited him to script (Carpenter's) Halloween 3, on which Dante was working. Dante was due to direct H3, but instead left for 9/11 Spielberg and 9/11 Landis' Twilight Zone (movie). Carpenter's Escape From LA (sequel) and Dante's Gremlins would both feature BTTF's "Courthouse Square", Gremlins also featuring the square's cinema. Small film world, eh folks!? 

Sex Olympics Kneale's writing for Carpenter's "Hallowe'en (TV mind control) 3" - would form the basis of that 1982 film (although Kneale requested no credit). The film was also influenced by 'pod/cloning' Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). The latter likely being a metaphor for a form of (mass media led) mental homogenisation of society.
I found 9-11 number ciphering in Hallowe'en 3 - my own original find, (pic quality isn't great, but it's there), as was the Terminator 2 (9-11) underpass subliminal (early 2000s) and others. The masks contain an active chip, positioned at the back.
"WATCH!" TV (mind control) transmission test via national broadcast time zones.
Hallowe'en 3/They Live (via media mind control) Carpenter's "Escape from New York" (1981)
Carpenter - the creator of the slasher (horror) movie genre, hero serial killers.
1988 - Manhattan has been tuned into a giant maximum-security prison. We join the action in 1997.
"We're going in, we're going to crash," squawks the radio as Air Force One bears down on the Twin Towers. 
Decades of predictive (Zionist Hollywood funded) programming via mass media
Soon after, Plissken's one-man glider zeroes in on the WTC; landing on its roof and descending the east stairwell, he finds plane wreckage on the streets and paper fluttering to the ground.

The character "Rehme" was named after producer Robert Rehme, while "Taylor", "Romero" and "Cronenberg" were named after the directors Don (Escape from Planet of the Apes) Taylor, George (Zombie) Romero and David (Videodrome - TV mass mind control) Cronenberg respectively.
Cronenberg's Videodrome (1983) - Hollywood goes "4th wall" about overt US mass mind control
The film evoking the same sort of themes as "They (TV mind control) Live".
"The screen is part of the physical structure of the brain - whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it." 
Barry 'Videodrome' Convex: "But for now, you might find a little S&M will be necessary  to trigger a good healthy series of hallucinations. That's why our show is so strange. It's the effects of exposure to violence on the nervous system. It opens receptors in the brain and they allow the signal to sink in." 
Convex: "It (videodrome mind control) really does work on just about anybody. Anybody who watches it, Max. But why would anybody watch it? Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?" 
Max:  "- Business reasons." 
Convex: "- Sure. Sure. What about the other reasons? Why deny you get your kicks out of watching torture and murder?"
Savage new "programming" times - is what is being inferred. Harlan (left) is the programming technician who doses Max (Woods) with the mind control signal via his exposure to the show. The Videodrome show is like a prototype for the "torture porn" of recent times. The most effective programming (mind control) suggestively appears to derive from exposure to violence. Now think about how much 'fetishized ultra-violence' the typical western-based human has been exposed to, particularly in the last 30 years. The amount is staggering (literally tens of thousands of mainly simulated examples) and it's been primarily via increasingly hardened, degenerate (elite driven) Hollywood/Corporate TV and News programming! We do eventually discover that the 'Videodrome signal' is placed in all forms of television media (not just ultra-violence), even TV test patterns etc. It could be a nod to deep-embedded stealth programming.
They Live - the 'sunglasses/specs' allow this control mechanism to be unveiled.
Videodrome - "A Sunglasses Special" (a la They Live)

Hell/Hill Valley
The Square was used in the 50s sci-fi film "It Came From Outer Space" and also Carpenter's "Escape From LA." BTTF would reference Tales From Space (comic) and The Man From Space (Honeymooners/TV), not forgetting the sequel's Grays/Greys. Yes - admittedly as parts of the plot points/standard narrative, but I think there might be more to it than just that! Former Carpenter cinematographer Dean Cundey (who worked on Hallowe'en 1-3 and Escape From New York), would take up the same duties on the Back To The Future series.

"I just wanna know what the hell's going on here!?"

It's like the Hell 'Inferno' Valley - 1985 alternate timeline! (that was incepted via 2015)

Some of the recent riot trouble beginning on Weds (9th Nov) 9/11/16 'Euro date style' - wink-wink.
Strickland/Strict-land - SS Gerwald 'rule by the spear/rod' Strickland (mentioned a few posts ago). He played a Marshall (Martial) in the 3rd film. Let's hope this isn't an omen in respect of all that. The huge 'dumbing down' MSM agenda cannot be overlooked or underestimated. We wouldn't be in this mess, if it weren't such an effective and far-reaching programme.
Dumb 'cult of celebrity' followers, eh folks! Madonna and Cher? LMAO! Two plastic faced 'self loathing' hags - degenerate industry hookers - WTF? It's like a tragi-comedy. These two are (part of) the malignant media cancer that requires surgical removal. It's this sort of warped leftie/liberal MASS HYPOCRISY that absolutely stinks. Yeah, Madge and Cher - let's get down with the people and empathise with the working classes. They're a puppet pair of morally bankrupt and sociopathic corporate-driven MINORITY CHEERLEADERS. 
In case you're wondering, Back To The (Hell Hole) Future 2 is on the left. Our current reality is on the right! :) Groups of low info/IQ voters - likely marshalled by Soros' "Black Lives Matter" - insane social justice warriors (barf!), and fuelled by corporate-driven 'minority rule' MSM cheerleaders. Dangerous elite-primed globalist zombies, infecting the world with their globalist mental disease. 
We saw this sort of "one dimensional, one world" (aka mind control) thinking with the EU Nazis. What the fuck are they filling their heads with in US schools and college universities? Let's be fair, they're not much more than transparent indoctrination centres. Sorry, but US youth have never been so DENSE! They need saving from themselves ffs!
Ha, ha. :)

US Election - Hell (Inferno) and Dante overload
(Thanks to a recent commenter for the Dante pointers/reminder)

The Inferno (Circles of Hell) as an 'inverted' babel-like Tower. 
Even Bozo's wine glass looks similar! ;)
Italian - Dante 'Inferno' Alighieri

There was this back in August. Other quakes have hit Italy during October.

It's Illuminati Hanks - Mr "Let's jump from the WTC South Tower" Hanks. A 'hooked' WTC (via Splash), 9/11 tower transformers via Big, and revisiting the scene of the (elite) crime via Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
The sequel to Angels and Demons aka Illuminati - Hanks via Howard. 
Dante resonant "Inferno" was released through 28 October 2016
As was Herzog's "Into The Inferno" - the exact same release date. (thanks to anon commenter)

Illuminati resonant Industrial Light and Magic - Back To The Future series, Poltergeist etc.

Talking of the Illuminati..."Enough is enough/You're Fired" Donny and Trump (Tower cards) - the card game.
This is simply to demonstrate how he is (potentially and subliminally) linked to these types of memes.
Jackson's card game company has 'previous' (wink-wink).
A Towering (fiery) Inferno...

A Biff Tower - A Struck Tower (biff, meaning to hit/strike)
June 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for president of the USA in the 2016 election, seeking the Rep nomination. He gave the nomination acceptance speech (19th Jul) from a Trump Tower. The Tower (trump) card 16 (XVI).
The (Sorcerer's) Apprentice, Donald 'You're Fired'/The Tower' Trump. The Tower (card 16) is one of the major arcana aka TRUMPS.  The imagery of the card has been tied to the 9/11 event, for what are obvious reasons. The 'struck' Tower Trump (le feu du ciel) 'Fire of heaven'. Donny is a literal 'walking tarot card' (lol), even 'the crown' gets a look-in via his funny hair! The Tower aka La Maison Dieu - The House of God. The Struck (White) House of God.
The Trump (Struck) White House Clock Tower - which is now his (soon-to-be) new home! (lol)
In Europe, we found out that Trump secured the presidency upon awaking on 9th Nov - aka 9/11 (Euro-style dating).
Trump actually bought John (BTTF) DeLorean's sprawling (434 acre) New Jersey estate in 1999, after he went bankrupt, it's now a golf course.

Bart to the Future...
POTUS Trump's Gimpson's outfit looks familiar - I can't quite place it. ;)

"9 & 11' Donald 'Bed-minster/DeLorean' Tower Trumping...via SHEEP
Baaaaaaaaa!!! Trump's 2010 commercial for "beds".
11/9 (2016) - the actual month/day the result was finalised  (Nov 9th). He wore the same outfit as seen in the 2010 commercial!
Recall that he purchased "Back to the '911 struck tower' Future" linked Delorean's Bed-minster estate.
(Also see Trump in Home "WTC" Alone 2, see previous post).
Bedminster/Lamington (below). Purchased exactly one year after 9/11/01. Delor(ean) = pain and suffering (Delor).
Is it the White House, Trump/Delorean's Estate, or the (struck) Clock Tower?

Jan 2016


Nov. 14th - we passed through Nov. 12th - two days prior.

Super Moon and 108
Nov. 14 2016 (tonight) sees the closest Super Moon since January 26, 1948. We won't see it this close again until Nov. 2034.

The Super Moon follows the Full Hunter's Moon of October and the full Harvest Moon of September. November's full moon also has been referred to as the Full Frost Moon, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.  

108 + 108 = 216.  6*6*6 = 216. 2(0)16
At its closest point the Super Moon will be around 216,000 miles away, 216 again (108+108).
216(0) years is the length a zodiacal age. 666 is also known as the magic square number of the sun. Moon's diameter is about 2,160 miles (1080 mile radius). The Sun is roughly 400 times larger than the Moon, but it (sun) also happens to be 400 times further away. 
Each sign of the zodiac is composed of 30 degrees, each astrological age might be thought to last about 72 (years) × 30 (degrees) = about 2160 years. This means the Sun crosses the equator at the vernal equinox moving backwards against the fixed stars from one year to the next at the rate of one degree in 72 years, one constellation (on average) in about 2160 years, and the whole 12 signs in about 25,920 years, aka Great/Platonic Year.

The Old Farmer's Almanac (Marty crashed into an old farm when he first time-travelled) has been published continuously since 1792, making it the oldest continuously published periodical in North America. A reference book that contains weather forecasts, tide tables, planting charts, astronomical data, recipes, and articles on a number of topics, including gardening, sports, astronomy, and farming. The publication is predicting a very cold winter. 

Thanks go to Eugene and "anonymous from 10th Nov" (from comments) for the reminders on 108 and Lost. Some of this stuff was included in my 666 post a few years ago. I wrote a good deal about (related) 216 and Aronofsky's "Pi" film (1998) - 216 was the film's magic number, a film also involving Hasidic/Kabbalist Jews. Aspects of Lost are scattered in various posts. 

We've got a 108 linked Super Moon and an Old Farmer's Almanac. 
We've got a 108 linked Cubbies win - linked to a future predicting Sports Almanac.
There are 108 double stitches on a regulation baseball or 216 single stitches. 
They're also stitched using 88 inches of red wax thread. 
There's a stitched globe/ball image in the gif below. The globe and baseball 'seemingly' having a related number pattern, as well as both being spherical. We had that magic number "42" and baseball earlier.
The "lightning strike" dialogue is given at the moment when the "sports flash" screen is shown (above).
Let's play time-travel base ball via 88, the 44 "striking Angels" and 108 "lightning struck" Cubbies.
Time :)
"108" Chicago "Wrigley Field" Cubs. Strike-out Reggie (mind controlled) Jackson - 44 + 44 = 88. 
Angel Jackson, a bit like "777 arch-angel Michael", then?
1988 Neilsen - as the umpire even does a "moon walk" in the baseball scene. The 108 Moon.
Michael '777Jackson (yes, like baseball '88 Reggie) released "rainbow resonant" Moonwalker in 1988!
All linked by 42 - the rainbow (Jacko, BTTF2 and Lost)
108 WON and LOST
108 Hindu - LOST 108 and DHARMA
777 Lost. We're in Jewish Year 5,777 and have been since early October. 

Naked Gun "crashing Airplane!" Neilsen from 1988. Airplane! (1980) a parody of Airport (disaster films). 
Neilsen, Captained the stricken "SS Poseidon" in 1972 - and into the watery abyss. Note (mythic tarot) Poseidon's relationship to the "struck tarot tower". Trident/Neptune at Under the Sea dance ("struck tower and 88" BTTF).
Lost 777 - like the "oceanic lost" 777 MH370. I've done the "777 lightning flash of creation" to death (incl. Back To The Future) in many other posts, so I won't be repeating it all again, just these few pics and new additions. 
777 Oceanic 815 was brought down by a large electrical magnetic energy pulse (EMP)
Back To The Future - lightning struck flux 777 "tree of like" capacitor (kabbalah), Marty lives at 9303.
The capacitor is a very similar design to the bottom 4 spheres on the tree of life. The tree with the 777 summing pathway that lightning passes through, the sum of its Hebrew letters being 777
The "time circuitry" mechanism is electrically powered, not nuclear, the plutonium is needed for the 1.21 gigawatt charge. The next version of the Delorean, replaces the plutonium reactor and uses fusion (Mr Fusion) to generate power for this electrical charge. Both reactor versions are in the sequel, it revisits the events of the first film.
Note where the Moon is situated in both - that's where the light current converges/enters. 
There are 88 known star constellations.
Neptune (crown) featured at the Enchantment Under The Sea, just before the end. There's a 'Neptune' (crown) aspect to MH370 - 777 via Malaysia logo. 777 Malays-ia and Delor-ean. Malaise (unhappiness, ill feeling) and Dolor/Delor (pain, sorrow). Pluto/pluto-nium in da'ath, the veiled 11th sphere.
Radio-active III (3) and 7 (777) via Plutonium
CRM 114 - radio receiver circuitry (see '777' Strangelove/atom bomb Kubrick) and BTTF amplifier. 'Moon monolith' 2001/777 Kubrick, 9/11 monolith hotel at ground zero.
There's a "777" fleeting reference (in the sequel) via the square - a blink and you'll miss it shot.
Some interesting patterns going on there, a few things I just happened to notice/link.
777 represents the three-fold "perfection" of the trinity.  7up - three (tree) pillars, three 7s.
Pepsi "perfect" - anyone?

Another lost/downed 777 and 108. 

The 108 scientists were headed for Melbourne (Oz/Aus). Lost's Oceanic 777 left from Oz.
The interlinked 777's - MH370 (8th March '14) and MH17 (17th July '14)

108 minutes runtime.

Biffing (to hit/strike) and "Striking" - 108/88 baseball


  1. You're the only one I know who called it, hoss. Even though you don't usually go for the prediction stuff, I knew well enough when you did not to doubt you for a second. Not with so much of that well presented evidence of other recent historical events having already been written up decades in advance. If only more people had such strength to piece together the very memories that influence their every thought and action...

    You totally called it, man. Better than all the rest.

    1. Cheers Bingers - you total legend. What a crazy night, but I'm used to that.

      Sorry that I've been quiet (not responding to comments), but I've had my head in a lot of things and have barely looked up! I've added shit loads to the most recent post (MSM/Monarch - US Election), you've got to see the expanded Eyes Wide Shut stuff (if you haven't already), which I've embellished into the post body.

      Many thanks Bingers - thanks for the continued support and appreciation. Best wishes to you and yours. :)

  2. Bonjour.

    "Walking tarot card"/living tarot card...The name of this 16th card is in french "la maison-dieu" (or more exactly "la maison-diev", where the letter U is roman), meaning "the house-god".

    En avant, mr Horselover ! The show goes on and must be unveiled !

    1. Bonjour, back to you. :)

      Yes, I remember - now that you mention it. La Maison Dieu (House of God). I've added it in, seeing as though it's the White HOUSE. Merci Beaucoup. :)

      Yes, the show goes on. Whatever it is, there is something very, very strange going on (and for quite some time) with US media/Hollywood output and its relationship with our perceived reality. I'm sure many readers would agree with that.

      Thanks for the comment. Best Wishes.

  3. Hey HP, sticking with the French theme, take another look at the Oh La La magazine, Issue Number 29 = 11 and 4f50 = 9, another 9/11!

    Have you been tracking the "Inferno" related aspects to this election cycle? I've never seen anything like it, the film/news/media material thats been released relating to it is literally staggering. It even links into Gremlins 2 and Joe "Dante". You should take a look and maybe do a post on it.

    1. Hi, thanks for the pointers. Have added in (an expanded) some of the Dante elements. I was writing about Dante (Alighieri) quite a bit over the last year or so. Have noted the magazine numerics too. Many thanks.

    2. This Inferno pattern is about an individual crossing between worlds, just like the Truman Show, check this out

      Into the Inferno - released the same day as the Tom Hanks movie, by Werner Herzog & Robert Oppenheimer.

      Herzog alone will keep you busy for a week, but start with Rick & Morty, Salt & Fire, Into the Abyss, Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet, etc.
      Oppenheimer clearly resonates atom bombs, which in fact is the central theme around this Inferno pattern.

      Next up, The Abyss (1989) is a watery incarnation of Dante's Inferno, the lead character is Virgil and he goes through purgatory in the suit of amniotic fluid to be "reborn" in paradise on the other side. The plot centered on saving the crew/aliens(angels) from a single atmoic bomb.

      Same date again, "job purgatory"

    3. This one is a beauty, Italy earthquake in Amatrice is "Dante's Inferno", Amatrice literally means "the matrix"

      The media made a very big deal about this destroying a Benedictine monastery in Nursia (you'll find it referenced in almost all of the media coverage).
      St Benedict of Nursia literally founded the Benedictine order. Now where have we heard 'Benedict' all over the media lately, ah yeah that would be:
      Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong, both of whom are in Doctor Strange, again, just released:

      Again, Doctor Strange is about an individual standing between "realms/worlds".

      Deutsche Bank "facing the Abyss" in self-destruction, same date range.

      New York opera halted after human ashes sprinkled into pit, same date range (doesn't directly mention Dante, but it is another "hell pit" reference)

      Same date range and directly related - Vatican says NO to scatteirng ashes:

      This next one here blows my mind!

      Bus fire in Brisbane Australia, you might not have seen this seen it but it was picked up by all the global news networks. It was a deliberate act, devastating the inside of the bus in a literal inferno.

      Look at the advertisement on the side of the bus – KOOZA. Whats Kooza about?

      Kooza is a Cirque de Soleil (circus of the sun) production, about a man on mission to find the meaning of life, guided by an “angel” through his journey and accompanied by a dog. Kooza means “treasure chest”, “treasure box” and “circus in a box”
      This literally mirrors Dante’s inferno – which is a story about Dante’s travel through hell to find meaning and arrive at paradise, led by the angel Virgil.

      The Concordian Redemptionm on KOOZArch - architecture inspired by Dante's Inferno - look at how they frame their logo.

      Same day. Jesus tomb was opened as part of a renovation exercise and inside, they discovered another “chest” or treasure chest – yet to be opened - again this is resonating heavily with meaning of Kooza, the treasure chest.

      Obama said at the end of the election "No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning", I think wat he really said was "No matter what happens, the SON will rise in the morning" - check out Trumps

      Same date range, atomic bomb found in a watery abyss

      Rosette over at does a terrific job of decoding the new WestWorld series, and she skirts around the links to Truman and The Abyss, and really nails the pattern about realms and moving between worlds, but there is much, much, more to it that I have listed here.

      If anyones interested, do some more digging around this theme and report back here!

    4. Yes, I noticed the Italy earthquake "inferno" (just from a headline) when I was googling a day or two back, but I haven't gotten around to slotting it in yet. I didn't notice the Herzog film dropping though. Yes - Inferno/Enoch/Matrix/Coming Forth by Day/Kaballah Crossing the Abyss etc, seem to all have a similar type of basis. Some kind of (spiritual) transcendent process is inferred. I've written about The Abyss (1989) and The Truman Show (combined) in the past - in respect of 'the abyss' (kaballah).

      Thanks for all the info...I will have a look through.


      Kooza made my radar with the royal family awhile back.


      Water. 108 relates the diameter of the earth, Moon and sun.

    7. Hey HP, So the Dante's Inferno "hell" pattern isn't over yet.

      Facebook puts everyone's profile into "memorial" mode, effectively leaving them dead and also alive, or in Purgatory.

      Technically, given Facebooks' highly distributed server architecture, and layers of testing and quality gates that code must go through, and the fact that code never gets rolled out to the entire system at once, it is near impossible that this was a "glitch".


    1. Ha, ha :)

      I've been thinking about that "108" thing over the last 24hrs and I thought about Lost! The Lottery numbers summing 108 etc, etc. Then I recalled the related 108(0) aspect - followed by 216(0). 2,160 years is the cycle of the Great/Platonic Year (an astrological age). We're currently in 2(0)16. Hell relates to 666 (symbolically), 6*6*6 = 216. 666 is also related to gambling - Roulette etc (1-36 summing). We're in Jewish year 5,(777). 777 aka the lightning flash of creation (see the Clock Tower).


      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Great post,glad to see you hard at work.I knew nothing officially about syncro except through feelings I had about connections to things.I love your post and seeing these things on pages of your work.Thanks Horselover Phat.Tell me how to donate.
    You deserve much more than just thank-you's.

    1. Hi skinny. Don't be silly, I don't NEED/WANT any donations etc. I do appreciate your offer though. For the record. I've made no profit from any of this - not one cent or penny from Brexit or Trump. I'm just not that sort of person. :)

  6. As at Ustream the mating of Presidents and Book of Lies clearly shows a ritual that uses in time Presidents, more like Goetia Presidents in a ritual drama of 1,11,22/23,33,44, etc.:

    I = Sabbath of the Goat as Pantocrator George Washington

    XI = Jim Poke, Inaugurator of Washington Monument, ending of 2nd American Revolution, making all things with Britain "ante bellum" meaning before the conflict, solidified the ley line between Canada and USA which points to Paris.

    XXII and XXIV = Grover Cleveland, ie he skips over the Skidoo and plays coins of silver on both sides.

    XXXIII = Hairy Solomon Truman = Inaugurator and Baphomet of the Temple of three parts: of Court of Gentiles (UN), Court of Israel and Priests (letter fiatly creating Isreal), and Holy of Holies (Atomic Christy bomb, followed by Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    XXXXIV = Mass of the Phoenix as Lightning Barak, general servant of Deborah who in Judges 5 sets a new tent, house, by the hand of a Woman with hammer who sets a new Temple by pinning down the temple of men. Coreybante style.

    followed by..

    XXXXV = Chinese Music. White is white, black is white, the master takes no heed. The two asses are the two parties who come to their final polarization tessalation. Seemingly that the Chinese cannot but help that Octave has 5 notes. Judges 5 ends with the new order of things for 40 years, meaning fully contained in the hive, and would mate with 8 octave x 5 notes = 40. Deborah as Queen Bee. I thought from this that Hilaria would be the Deborah but it seems to be something else cometh. Trump has not yet taken the oath. Even if .. the Queen Bee cometh.

    A box of 40. A masterpiece of Samsara. The key is in the hand of the female as Navagraha square. Every little bit of this mnemonic has awakening power therein.

  7. "You're fired!"

    Asar as Ace in all suits of Tarot means the fire at the beginning or end, take it as one likes as karma, and its plain to see what the Trumpet heralds. Asar in the Ace of Spades is the Fylfot cross of the Swastika or the rotational Great Dragon (88 stars) aka Big Dipper or the great Iron Magnetic Plasmatic Dragon or Pendragon.

    The boat, the lightning flash, King Kong, all alt right here

    Found this little gem, being the secret of how the Saturn Square, aka Navagraha, makes pinch points of 1 V. 9, and 9 V. 1, where the sums of the Squares show the secret seeds, first of the book of the 66, being the Bible, and second the book of 114, being the Koran. Both of these being the puppet states of EXO (idols answer where one turns over ones inner power as slave to outer power via Romans 10 = "faith comes by hearing"). In the being of ISO there is no external power, no GUY FAUX or wallet fella, or power of any form of "on this rock I will build my church/synagogue/mosque". This latter is the black stone of KYBELE, KUBEBE, or KOOSA or KTR in all her forms .. shaKTi, KaTRina, eRiKa, KaTheRine, KaLi, KoRe, heKaTe, etc etc. The great magic relic resides in Kaaba now after being transferred in secret (unacknowledged and cannot be found when) from Rome to Mecca via the cabal inside Judaism/Christianity/Islam .. being KOREbantes or Hell-barkers banterers. They made a deal to cut off their parts to the Maya and then .. didnt keep their oath. She is hunting down all uncoverings of the oathed. They cannot escape and we who live in their company contracts as chattel mortgage aka CAPITOL FICTION or GUY FAUX .. wont either.

    911 as Miller Lite or in Killing Command as Miller the Blonde Helen and also an array or bread 808 and how a little leaven leavens the whole lump rump.

    Long time coming this Asar and its unfolding. The shells which are all EXO are going to perish in the coming fire. There simply is no way around it IMO. The body of God, which can be no more or no less than the Event Horizon of Man, has spread across the earth and become diluted, to almost nihl, of its ISO or divinity within (theurgic power to make an internal ark capable of going back to the stars) and so the heavens will answer the call .. volcanos, earthquakes, tidal waves, wild fires, asteroids, comets .. basically whatever it takes to regather the ISO fragments and birth the 6th Sun. This truth is bound as the single thread in all ancient myths. As Eleeth D (J Barrera) notes at comment on linked post .. the uncovering the backside of God (ie show me your face) is the slide down to the Golden Calf and the end of EXO.

  8. Hey HP, regarding the 108 & Hinduism, specifically Shiva - there was a Kooza promotion that depicted Kooza as Shiva:

    The show itself is produced in a circular layout, with a smaller circular stage in the center and two larger circular rings for the spectators made up of 4 (moon) and 7 (levels of purgatory) segments respectively. You can see an example here:

    The show finalises on a Wheel of Death showpiece, which again resonates Shiva as the destroyer of worlds, and looks like atoms circling one-another, or maybe even a duel of worlds.

    The ring/segment layout of the production and its proportions, plus the wheel of death and the Shiva references are highly indicative of CERN.

    Goro demonstrated clearly that CERN has been created as a model of the moon/earth system, as you've shown in the 108 section above, and the orbit of Mars, check this if you haven't read it:

    Again, CERN as a stargate, a bridge between worlds, amazing stuff!

    1. Adachi is an egomaniac who has to have pay per view to facilitate his ego. I've been inside the Tower. He has ideas .. those ideas were supplemented, challenged, added to by a whole host of persons at old Etemenanki and he went underground to close the gates and make money off subscriptions.

    2. Again right on cue, even though the story is a few days old, CNN is running a story on the homepage about Cds, and all of the pictures on the story are from Kooza

    3. Hi, yes I know of Cirque Du Soleil. There were a few bits and pieces I used of theirs a few years ago - Beatles/Love etc. I haven't looked at their Kooza stuff. Some of the wheel aspect are mentioned in my Wheel of Fortune piece - Ezekiel's Wheel vision, crucifixion of the earth etc (plus overlaps). You also have the "wheels within wheels" on the micro-level with the similar imagery of atomic structures, as you mentioned. I recall going over a lot of the CERN/666/Atlas Contact and stargate elements a number of years ago too, 2012 I think? Perhaps you've already read it?

      Yeah, I see where you're going with Shiva (Destroyer) and tie-ins to Oppenheimer, Manhattan (a la 911) and atomic bombs. "Now I am become death - the (vishnu) destroyer of worlds." from the Bhagavad-Gita. Beatles Help! Ringo, rings and with multi-armed (destroyer related) Kali. This was also done with Indian-a (Indian/Hindu) Jones - Kali (in the Doom film, where they eat beetles, lol) and atom bomb (Crystal Skull).

      I will check-out the links, many thanks for the comment and continued support.

    4. Hi Eugene...thanks for all your contributions. I still have to have a good look at a lot of the stuff you provided. I've been writing like a machine recently, barely looking-up as per usual. Thanks again.

    5. A saw a Cirque Du Soleil show in vegas 3 years ago. At one point there was a moon and sun on pillars on either side of the stage and a giant coiled snake who yelled "KUNDALINI!!!"{this link has a pic} I also saw Hugh Hefner checking into caesars palace with a doll half his age. There is a trump tower on the strip, which also features a miniature new york skyline, eiffel tower, and giza pyramid. On slots you spin for 777. Very debased and low level sexually energized place full of people pumped with high levels of alcohol. I remember staying at caesars palace as a kid and being shocked by pictures of the nude women with giant fake boobs in the streets. Gambling/Finance Money as a game. WTC a symbol of finance. The glass steagall act (from 1933) repealed in 99 by bill clinton, quantitative easing (robert anton wilsons quip about the fed and their magic wand), and

      /\ written in 97 9/11(via fingers) baseball, knopf publisher delillo connected to cronenberg he made one of his books a film. The first page of a book he wrote in 77 features terrorists and the world trade center, where a character works at the 88th floor at a grief management firm. First page of a recent book has a character watching the film Psycho slowed down so that it takes 24 hours to view. All weird stuff that seems connected:

      From a recent interview:
      It transpires that the apartment is the home of his agent, and it’s taking me a moment to get my bearings. The table is heaped with copies of Zero K, together with a stack of magazines that all bear the image of a grinning Donald Trump. After a brief hesitation, I place my coffee on the mags.

      “Trump,” says DeLillo. “Our national hallucination.”

  9. 60606 zip code in chicago, 90101 zip code in los angeles, 10008 zip code in manhattan, and 70707 zip code is....gonzales, louisiana

    1. Good additions there, I'm not American, so this is just the sort of thing I wouldn't be generally exposed to and would likely miss. Number theory involving the ignoring of zeros is legitimate too. Thanks, much appreciated.

  10. Try this for weird. Trump and the frog god:

  11. DOes BTTF3 make any references to power outages? Ifeel like its been hinted at over and over again like at the super bowl a couple years ago and in several films n things since then. Ifeel like that power outages strategically planned for certain periods of time in order to get things moving couple happen. The dark night, eh. weird connections in this too:

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