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Videodrome - Long Live The Nu Flesh

This post is dedicated to 'cryptocracy' researcher Michael A Hoffman

The 1983 David Cronenberg directed film 'Videodrome' forms the basis of the following post, but please appreciate that I am also using the term 'Videodrome' to describe the very nature of our 'media-sphere' itself...we are living in a 'Videodrome' type world of inter-connected media and one that is evidently more so, increasingly immersed in electronic media. Media that is in itself, is a very real extension of man's actual mind & body...physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual.  The invention of the wheel provided man with an extension to his physical body, an extension of his foot and likewise the invention of weaponry (i.e gun), led to an extension of the physical fist. 

Videodrome was released around the same time that a paradigm shift was occurring within televisual media...the advent of video players/recorders in the family home, a phenomena that should not be be overlooked or ignored out of hand.  The idea that people would be able to access film and televsion media and be able to draw from a vast library of content, was a totally revolutionary idea and it completey changed the audio/visual landscape. Videodrome would use (the soon to be defucnt, even at that time) 'betamax' format videocassettes for props...the war between VHS and Betamax was still raging at this point.  If Videodrome had been made just a few years later, then personally I think the use of 'betamax' wouldn't have worked...I mention this to demonstrate that Videodrome was hitting the 'consciousness' right in the middle of the format war itself and therefore, it was right at the heart of the video revolution phenomena of the time.

Even in the recent years prior to the advent of video machines...many places still did not have 24 hour television (I can remember pre-midnight close-downs and very little if any early morning television) or 24 hour news etc etc.  It wasn't until the mid 1980's that the UK (earlier in the US) first saw breakfast TV and programmes that went beyond midnight.  Of course, all that may seem like ancient history in comparison to the current 'media sphere' but it really is recent history...the speed of technological change, perhaps making it seem like aeons ago. So from the prior text...we can see that the typical individual's 'consciousness' would (overtime) be increasingly exposed and immersed into a developing and expanding 'electronic media arena'.

What I've tried to do here is demonstrate that we are already living in a world where 'virtuality' (operating on a massive industrial scale) has usurped 'reality'...and that those with a powerful grip on the 'mainstream media organs' (basically corporate media, controlled by the bloodlines and their gatekeepers) have at their disposal, a potent device for influencing and controlling the 'group mind'...this is both in an overt sense and also in a covert (subliminal) sense. The main conduit for these programmes seem to be via 'sci-fi, horror and fantasy' elements etc...but not exlusively.

The videodrome signal...
 and as you'll IS!

These controlling interests also appear to have extensive knowledge on the workings of the human mind and their 'mystery religion wielding priestcraft' have seemingly interwoven (in a barely veiled manner) some of  these aspects within the media body, this on top of 'connected global programmes' that have seeded and developed the 'war on terror'.

We could perhaps call all this a form/type of brainwashing...lets say that prior and on-going 'mass subliminal trojans' have been launched into the 'group mind consciousness' (a type of meme producing/replicating system via the MSM channels) and ones not merely operating in an abstract single sense, but as a part of a larger thematic mosaic (a sublimi-sphere if you will)...that literally seems to span across the entire field of mainstream TV & film (also print, news, comics etc).  When you actually look at a piece of media (say a film or tv show) in its single 'stand alone' sense...very little can really be extracted, understood or appreciated in reference to what I am saying. When you start to group and piece together the 'related larger picture' you are then able to see that an apparent dynamic seems to be at work (for want of a better description) that seemingly functions using the inter-play and interconnectedness of actors/achetypes/thematics/subliminals/film-makers/studios/cabalistic repetition/imagery/mystery religion etc etc and how they all relate and overlap...there seems to a 'syntax' to it, a language if you prefer.


In some sense this is also a form of 'subliminal pattern recognition' that I'm dealing with and as you progress you should be able to relate to this concept quite readily, but your own knowledge and understanding of the specific media elements that I deal with, will be a factor.  Later I'll mention Jorge Luis Borges story “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,” and you may appreciate the ideas in that particular book and it may perhaps act as a reasonable analogy to what I am getting the overall broad sense.

The human brain tends to store and reproduce imagery and audio inside itself in a 'mosaic-like' way (perhaps like the harddrive of a computer) and viewing the 'videodrome media-sphere' (a huge media sea and one where we access small bits of the whole, but with an accumulative efect) in this same way...should hopefully make this easier to understand.  I'm sure you've all mentally pictured seemingly random images that you see internally with your mind's eye and likewise I'm sure you've all mentally heard random 'audio' (like imagining the sound of someone's voice) and that it has been reproduced 'aurally' via the 'mind's eye/brain'.  Think of an actor, say Al Pacino...the fact that I've mentioned him will lead to an internalised 'mental picture' of him (but without direct stimulus of the physical eye) and perhaps what he sounds like, even though no 'audio stimulus' via the ear has been employed!

Controlling (influencing) society with media.
Shaping people's perception has been around for centuries. Only the medium changes.
What Cronenberg was saying was that media *can* (of course, he can't be totally anti-media, he uses it for his own work) be a very deadly weapon towards a mans free will. News can induce fear into a populace, commercials can implant material desires/wants and yes, even violence can desensitize someone and make them more suggestible towards violence.

 Dr. Oblivion would have us believe, that these hallucinations that Max has throughout the film are consensual; everyone who has seen TV has them in one way or another, as we all wish to live out the fantastic adventures of romance, violence, and sex seen on the tube (television is the retina of the mind). Oblivion and his daughter believe that Max's visions are far from imaginary and that the world that exists within this 'consensual television fantasy/virtuality', is the next step in human evolution - the new flesh.

"The television screen is the retina of the mind's eyes, therefore the television screen is part of the physical structure of the brain, therefore whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it, therefore television is reality and reality is less than television"

 a comment on television used intentionally as mind control and a desensitizing device?

 The Battle for the mind of North America

The battle of the Mind is taking place in front of the TV Screen (& computer screens). 'Reality' can, in fact, have different feasible definitions and one of these definitions can usurp the other, depending on how our perception of this 'reality' can be influenced and/or manipulated.

Cronenberg: "I tried to make a film as complex as Reality is for me. I believe the film to be very ambiguous, it feeds from different energy sources and it is very complex. I wanted the film to be like that because Reality is like that…"

O'Blivion's conclusion is that 'public life on television' is more real than 'private life in the flesh'...he is saying that his 'electronic TV image' is ultimately more real that his 'actual real physical body'. O'blivion's preferred discourse is the monologue via videotape, thousands of them in fact, he doesn't need or require a physical body because he only exists as 'an electronic image' via the tapes (he is dead in reality, as per the film) yet death is not 'the end' as he lives on inside 'public life on television'...which as we already established, is 'more real' than 'private life in the flesh'.  This 'cathode' version of O'Blivion (as the film implies) is 'the new flesh'. His Cathode Ray Mission project (in the film's literal sense) allows those without access to the 'media mixing board' (accessed exclusively through TV) to partake in the larger 'media-sphere' which they are otherwise cut off from.  The derelicts go there to get their 'reality/virtuality' they can patch into the given 'existing reality/virtuality' that everyone else is immersed and wired into.

Brain (not Brian) Oblivion
Internet usernames etc...mine is horseloverphat, what is yours?

Cinema as Plato's cave...
Han Solo: "This is no cave"'s the 'opening of the cinematic wormhole'...

Film is not really a single medium like song or the written word, but a collective art form with different individuals directing color, lighting, sound, acting, speaking. The press, radio and TV, and the comics are also art forms dependent upon entire teams and heirarchies of skill in corporate action. The movie, as much as the alphabet and the printed word , is an agressive and imperial form that explodes outward into other cultures.

 The movie is the total realization of the medieval idea of change, in the form of an entertaining illusion. Physiologists had very much to do with the development of film, as they did with the telephone. On film the mechanical appears as organic, and the growth of a flower can be portrayed as easily and freely as the movement of a horse. If the movie merges the mechanical (now more so digital) and organic in a world of undulating forms, it also links with the technology of print. The reader in projecting words , as it were, has to follow the black and white sequences of stills that is typography, providing his own sound track. He tries to follow the conoturs of the author's mind, at varying speeds and with various illusions of understanding. It would be difficult to exaggerate the bond between print and movie in terms of their power to generate fantasy in the viewer or reader.

The business of the writer or the film-maker is to transfer the reader or viewer from one world, his own, to another, the world created by typography and film. That is so obvious, and happens so completely, that those undergoing the experience accept it subliminally and without critical awareness. Cervantes lived in a world in which print was as new as movies are in the West, and it seemed obvious to him that print, like the images now on the screen, had usurped the real world. The reader or spectator had become a dreamer under their spell, as Rene Clair said of film in 1926.
McLuhan Understanding Media

Videodrome - Long Live The Nu Flesh

The Creation...the beginning
Nu (bottom figure) holding up 'the creation'...Nut sprouting from the head of receive the the sun (light) via Kheperi/Khepri (beetle)

kheper meaning to 'develop' or 'come into being'.

Before 'the creation' there existed a watery abyss...a boundless primeval water and one that was shrouded in darkness. It remained this way for a considerable time, although still containing within it, the germs of the things which afterwards came into existence in this world, and the world itself.  The spirit of the 'pimeval water' felt the desire for creative activity, and having uttered the word (via Khepera), the world sprang into being in the form which had already been depicted in the mind of the spirit before he spake the word which resulted in its creation. The next act of creation was the formation of a germ, or egg, from which sprang Ra, the Sun-god, within whose shining form was embodied the almighty power of the divine spirit.

Ra, the sun god, was evolved from the primeval abyss of water by the agency of the god Khepera, who brought this result about by pronouncing his own name.

 Osiris, "the primeval matter of primeval matter" is indentical with Khepera in respect of his evolutions and new births. The word rendered 'evolutions' is kheperu, literally "rollings" ; and that rendered "primeval matter" is paut, the original "stuff" out of which everything is made.  Men and women came into being from the tears which fell from the "Eye" of Khepera, that is to say from the Sun, which the god says, "I made take to up its place in my face, and afterwards it ruled the whole earth.

 Sgt Khepera's (it even rhymes) Lonely Hearts Club Band...The Beetles
 The ground dwelling beetles/beatles...the circular drum as the Sun and 'Beatles' pushing it from below (from the earth literally)..."welcome the (beatle/beetle/scarab) rolling sun stones", see the doll. The horned beatle gods (french horn/english horn) and the horned beetle & horned scarab gods. Gold Beetle Bug Poe virtually at 12 O'clock. Sonny (Sunny) the first image from left...tecnically the 'black sonny' (black sun)...Temple (doll, last image right) The Black Sonny/Sunny/Sun Temple.

 The Beatles appropriately started their rise from the Cavern Club in Liverpool...a cavern is a large underground dwelling or cave.

 Khepera's Lonely Heart
The scarab amulet was literally placed onto the deceased's chest, as a magickal means to imbibe life, symbolically.

The word rendered 'evolutions' is kheperu
Khepera is connected to both 'revolution' (rolling/revolve) and 'evolution' from the creative act!

Revolving x2

 You say you want a revolution. Well, you know we all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution. Well, you know. We all want to change the world

Revolving at 33 1/3 rpm...the 33 vertebrae of the spinal the temple of the head!
It was Columbia who introduced the 33 1/3 rpm LP in 1948...the colum/dove.
 You say you'll change the constitution.Well, you know. We all want to change your head 

Hey Jude....more like Hey Dewed
(see the Stepford Wives, remake and Bette Midler)

kheper meaning to 'develop' or 'come into being'.
or to 'create'...from the Greek 'kreas' meaning 'flesh'

Cronenberg seems to be particularly fascinated with exploring the spread of information through media and the effect this spread of information has on the human mind and body. In Cronenberg's films, information in the form of memes has a mutating effect on the body as well as the mind. This effect in turn often causes a kind of paradigm shift regarding perceptual distortions of reality. The mutations of the body lead to a perceptual awakening to the nature of reality.

Long live the new kreas
The 'tumour' firing gun to his own head

The 'word' and the sun (light) pushing brain beetle(s)
 The Shining Sun Beetle Breakfast (Kubrick) and The Naked Beetle Lunch (Cronenberg)

The 'creation' as outlined primarily in Gene-of-Isis (Genesis)

And the 'Word' was made 'flesh'...
Note...that it is 1:14

Inside the church that is....The Cathode Ray Mission

Video/TV...'the video word made flesh'...the head, the brain and mass media.

 ...a new part of the brain.

 A 'mass media' TV/Video form of 'virtuality'
A great piece...some aspects of which I've utilised.

Jorge Luis Borges, in his story “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,” first published in 1940, tells of a fictional world, Tlön, created by a group of intellectuals who disseminate bits of information about it in various books, magazines, encyclopedias and dictionaries throughout the world so that as people begin to learn about it, it gradually imprints itself on the real world, re-writing reality with  its own  paradigm. What  began as a  minor entry in an obscure encyclopedia becomes more and more ubiquitous, the more that people read and learn about it. The fictional world of Tlön spreads over the earth like a virus, a virus composed of information, mutating reality (Borges 3-18). David Cronenberg has been exploring similar themes in his films since the late 1970s, beginning briefly with The Brood (1979), and then fully withVideodrome(1983), his adaptation of William Burrough's Naked Lunch (1991) and eXistenZ (1999). Cronenberg's films show a fascination with  media, information, and their power over the human body and mind.

 Cronenberg seems to be particularly fascinated with exploring the spread of information through media and the effect this spread of information has on the human mind and body.   In Cronenberg's films, information    in the form of memes has a mutating effect on the body as well as the mind. This effect in turn often causes a kind of paradigm shift regarding perceptual distortions of reality. The mutations of the body lead to a perceptual awakening to the nature of reality.

Videodrome, Naked Lunch, and eXistenZ in  an  attempt to understand Cronenberg's ideas on the impact    information has on the body and how these information viruses or “memes” mutate the body and move the mind to a higher state of  perception or consciousness.

What are Memes?  To begin with, it is important to understand what exactly  memes are and how they work. The term “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in his book  The Selfish Gene: Examples of  memes are  tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool  by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense can be called imitation. If a scientist hears, or  reads about, a good idea, he passes it on to his colleagues and students. He mentions it in his articles and his lectures. If   the idea  catches on, in can be said to propagate itself, spreading from brain to brain. Additionally, Blackmore says, regarding  memes  that: “the human language faculty primarily provided a selective advantage to memes, not genes. The memes then changed the environment where genes were selected, and so forced them to build  better and better meme spreading apparatus. In other words, the function of language is to spread memes”. 

Memes are ideas that spread like a virus from person to person. The fictional universe in the Borges story mentioned earlier functions like a meme that re-writes the rules of reality. Regarding the psychological   aspects of  memes, Brodie says:“ the memes in your head cause behavioural effects. Likening your mind to a computer, memes are the software part of your programming; the brain and the central  nervous system produced by your genes is the hardware part”,_Uqbar,_Orbis_Tertius

No physical body...but an electronic/digital one

The Medium is the Message

The VIDEODROME title experiences a TV white noise distortion.
Air Sea Battle (Atari)

  The Atari 'rainbow' through to purple/violet. 
The video rainbow

Atari (Videodrome)
Finding and hitting the target...for immediate capture.

Both Max & Carol-Ann are seen to be in the process/state of being captured...Max by Videodrome (TV), Carol-Ann by the 'TV people'. The same can also be said for Neo (The Matrix) & Truman (The Truman Show).

 Note the common theme of background static...Videodrome, Poltergeist, The Ring.

 It also featured appropriately in Blade Runner with the 'capture of replicants' as the main theme. 
You can follow her 'white rabbit' via the voice of Jessica Roger Rabbit.

TeleRANGER (& Atari)
A 'virtuality' version of reality

Before Atari's official incorporation, Bushnell wrote down several words from the game go, eventually choosing atari, a term which in the context of the game means a state where a stone or group of stones is imminently in danger of being taken by one's opponent. In Japanese, atari is the nominalized form of ataru (verb), meaning "to hit the target" or "to receive something fortuitously".

 in Atari

 Go (game)
 Sente: A play that forces one's opponent to respond (gote), such as placing an opponent's group in atari (immediate danger of capture).


Enter the Matrix is the first video game based on The Matrix series of films. It was developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Atari.

"You were looking at the woman in the red dress" (matrix, left...videodrome, right)
Both were 'agents' and both were 'video hallucinations'(we're even intorduced to Nikki via video)
The Max-trix
In fact, the first time we see Nicki Brand is via a suggestive 'video screen image' and this 'chat show' scene is immediately preceded by Max being exposed to the 'videodrome signal' for the first time...suggesting that this is Max hallucinating, as Nicki is already dead in reality, this stated by Bianca O'Blivion, near the film's end.

 In the first section of the film...Max is exposed to the 'videodrome show' twice and each time this is directly followed by 'time spent with Nicki'.

From CRaM...back to Max's place and more 'videodrome'

More 'videodrome' induced hallucination...Nicki goes away after this scene etc.
 Torture, murder (simulated or otherwise)...consider the flourishing of "reality" tv - instant access pornography on the net/made to order porn sites/live video feeds etc, as well as the debasement of popular culture (TV/Film) and promotion towards these types of activities...just how far away are we from 'snuff tv' you think that there is a market for it?

We are in a universal lapse into a state of immaturity, a true indicator that we are in some sort of 'era of the child' (aka age of horus). Hypnotized by computers, TVs, DVDs, CDs, palm pilots, Prozac, Paxil, & pot, the average zombie has left behind the considerations of others, as though 'others' were a TV show which one could laugh at (see Simon 'Brother' Cowell's 'cult of humiliation' via his shows) and switch off. Zombies rise in the morning, watch morning TV shows , scan the newspapers and receive new programming, go to work, and come home to passively watch more programming. If the zombies have an original thought, it is almost invariably a selfish one. But the absurdity is that even the selfish thought reflects cradle-to-crypt programming from the television, that other Eye of Set.
Blood on the Altar - Craig Heimbichner

Piercing the veil/breaking the 4th wall...of the cinema/tv screen
'They're here'....aka The TV People

 Film is not really a single medium like song or the written word, but a collective art form.
The movie, as much as the alphabet and the printed word , is an agressive and imperial form that explodes outward into other cultures. The movie is the total realization of the medieval idea of change, in the form of an entertaining illusion.  It would be difficult to exaggerate the bond between print and movie in terms of their power to generate fantasy in the viewer or reader.
 Understanding Media (excerpts)- McLuhan

Prof Brian O'Blivion

Channel No. 83 (1983, the release year) & Cable No. 12 
Cable/Channel 12
"They're here"...via Cable/Channel 12.

 Shooting for Videodrome began on October 19, 1981.

 Steven Spielberg worked on Poltergeist and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial literally back to back. Principal photography on Poltergeist ended in August of 1981, then Spielberg took a few weeks off and began work on E.T. Spielberg also supervised the visual effects for both films simultaneously (which were produced at Industrial Light & Magic under the supervision of Richard Edlund and Dennis Muren).

Adam & The Brain of God/3rd Eye
CheRubiM/CerebRuM/CeRebelluM/ brain circuitry...the thalamus, the pineal, the

Once post production work on Poltergeist began in early 1982, Spielberg was in total control. He was responsible for the editing of the film (Spielberg's usual editor Michael Khan edited this film while Carol Littleton edited E.T), the final sound mixes and loops, the supervision of the visual effects, and the selection of Jerry Goldsmith as the composer of the score. Poltergeist and E.T opened to theaters nationwide only a week between each other during the summer of 1982, Poltergeist on June 4th (1982) and E.T. one week later on June 11th.

Videodrome would be released about 6 months after Poletergeist/ET, February 4th 1983.

Videodrome and The Brain of God
Adam & God (Videodrome)
This one wears specs!
A Lens (convex) in front of the lens and God-Adam-Brain/3rd Eye

 The head of Spectacular Optical, Barry Convex (Leslie Carlson), has been secretly working with Harlan to get Max exposed to Videodrome and to have him broadcast it, as part of a crypto-government conspiracy to morally and ideologically "purge" North America with fatal brain tumours to "lowlifes" fixated on extreme sex and violence.

Sept 30th 1983
Brainstorm 'The Hat' v Videorome 'Accumulator Bug-like Helmet'
Both act as brain/computer interface recording devices.

1983...Walken & Cronenberg/Cronenbug...battle in the video arena
 Walken & Cronenberg (as Max Renn, briefly!) wearing the bug-like helmet.

 Recall the 'brain beetle(s)' the thalamus....they resemble 'eggs' too.

The 'arm of god' being the 'corpus callosum', the 'pineal gland' in the 'finger/thumb' naturally on both hands of god...the other touching Adam.

 The epi-thalamus is a (dorsal) posterior segment of the diencephalon (a segment in the middle of the brain also containing the hypothalamus and the thalamus) which includes the habenula and their interconnecting fibers the habenular commissure, the stria medullaris and the pineal body. Its function is the connection between the limbic system (which is primarily responsible for our emotional life, and has a great deal to do with the formation of memories) to other parts of the brain.
(text reproduced to show the link with the 'epi-thalamus' and the 'pineal gland' (3rd eye)

Awakening the 'dead zone' of the brain
Walken/Cronenberg The Dead Zone (again in 1983 and again in Toronto) based on the novel by Stephen King, synchronistically also author of The Shining.  Tbh...most Cronenberg films are set in Toronto.

Opening 'school scene'...POE
Poe/The Gold Bug Beetle & Walken's VW Beetle/crushed brain 'beetle/thalamus' damage. The 'gold bug' (thalamus) through the 'eye' to the brain. Walken actually reads from Poe's The the above opening scene. Soon after, he crashes his VW bug into a milk truck.

POE - Dr Stranglove  

The eggman (Alex, A Clockwork Orange) being smashed in the head with a milk bottle

The 'crushed beetle' Kubrick's The Shining...under lorry, like The Dead Zone.

This 'Poe' aspect I've picked on before...Poe/Poe-try and 'bugs/beetles'...Donnie Darko & Silence of the Lambs, to name just two.

Darko's axing produces water in the school and Jack's 'gold bug' drives alongside the watery lake.

“If the beetle moves one of your men, does that still count?
 Silence of the Lambs (Poe & Gold Bug/Goldberg variations)

"Clarice....your case file"
This same part of the film (Lecter's temporary cell in Memphis) also had Lecter hand over Clarice's 'case file'...the case file has a hidden reveal!  This scene is followed by Clarice (Foster) walking through an airport!

 The sequel to Silence of the Lambs is Ridley Scott's Hannibal...released pre-9/11 2001.
 The eye/brain (ala Poe) still being worked...barely anyone knew who Bin Laden was, let alone what he looked like at this point in least imo.

The closing shot onboard an aircraft...the last words are as good as 'open your mouth' (eat brain)
'the opening of the mouth'...the Lecter 'Poe eye' fade to black.

Osama, brain/eye on a plane, Mason Verger (masonic priest) masonic ritual death of Pazzi, nearly 8:55 (aka 9 and 11) grandfather clock/brain surgey etc.The film's (Hannibal) climax is on July 4th

Throughout this post you will see just how many examples there are of bugs (insect and vw vehicular) and the WTC-9/11 theme.

SOTL...bug in head etc 

The Goonies (Spielberg/Donner) 'one eyed skull' thematic

 Tom 'Eyes Wide Shut, now One Eye Open' Cruise
Spielberg's 'bug through the eye' (ala Poe) from Minority Report

 Another film that heavily utilises this same concept is Cronos (1993) the feature debut of  Guillermo del Toro

The evoking of the Egyptian scarab (khepera) self explanitory!
The wings, eggs, underworld dwelling/overworld flying, sun pushing, resurrection etc The scarab amulet was literally placed onto the deceased's chest, as a magickal means to imbibe life, symbolically.
There is the Saturn reference via Kronos and 'time' (Chronology etc) The cronos device is mechanical/clockwork. The Kronos/Saturn aspect of devouring their own offspring, perhaps reflected in the grandfather being tempted by his grandaugher's blood, before then sacrificing himself.

Opening...concerns a medieval Alchemist, who fashioned the 'cronos bug'
(AL-KHEM  AL=Light KHEM=Dark/Black) Eygpt was formerly known as Khem/
to the following...the hollow eye of the archangel (the device is hidden in its the base)
then we're presented with the literal 'gold bug' (scarab)

opening credits...heavily emphasizes the VW Beetle
The 'fried egg sunny side up' thematic and beetles (VW)...evoking The Shining aspects we've covered!

the VW Beetle driving Jack Torrance...Beetles and eggs

Finding the 'gold bug' in the 'winged' archangel/arc angle
The eye as the window of the soul & god/brain thematic (a window of God, on cue!)
The eye as a route to the thalamus brain beetle.

After winding the ornate, golden, scarab-shaped device, it suddenly unfurls spider-like legs that grip him tightly, and it inserts a needle into his skin which injects him with an unidentified solution. A living insect — entombed within the device and meshed with the internal clockwork — produces the solution. (a secreting beetle, perhaps like the thalamus)

Post beetle/scarab unquenchable thirst (putting aside vampiric aspects)

Watering the brain beetles/eggs (plus the Jesus/Xmas overlaps)

Going beyond the literal script la Guardia & his nephew Angel (Guardian Angel)
The 'device' is the human brain and the 'insect' is the 'thalamus (filter/switchboard/hub)
 Thalamus (mind of God) and the filter

 The thalamus has multiple functions. It may be thought of as a kind of switchboard of information.

On the surface of the thalamus is a thin layer of cells called the nucleus reticularis which regulates the transmission of this information by its inhibitory influence upon all thalamic nuclei. It is said that the nucleus reticularis plays an important role in the focusing of attention and has the task of filtering out the numberless sum of impulses that come flooding into our brain at any given moment. It assures that all messages are prioritised and regulated, as if acting like a valve or control device.

A Bug Bear?
 Appropriately the cronos scarab device will be stored inside the neck/top of the spine of the bear.

  The Rosicrucian connection...Fez
Beetles and 'rosicrucian aspects' will be seen in Lynch's Blue Velvet (later)
There is a big 'fez' theme in the Lucas/Spielberg Indiana Jones series, as previously indentified! hat worn by the Shriners. The legendary figure Christian Rsenkreutz, alleged founder of the Rosicrucians, is said to have deepened his knowledge of Occultism in Fez, Morocco.

Jesus Gris (Grey Jesus) is pushed in a vehicle over a cliff and is killed...whilst his body awaits cremation he escapes from his coffin, this after being resurrected by the cronos device, reflecting a literal Christ/Osiris risen.  

closing and opening of the mouth...animating the mummfied in the afterlife
Post Jesus' rising, he then goes on to cut the stitching that has sealed his what could be desribed as a literal and symbolic 'opening of the mouth' moment.  For the remainder of the duration Jesus will appear like a reanimated corpse.

In fact, dating back as far as 4300BC and connected to 'Chapters of Coming Forth by Day' a green stone scarab (after having magickal words recited over it) would be laid in the breast of the deceased (replacing the heart) and this amulet would then perform for him the 'opening of mouth' for the words of the Chapter word be 'words of power'.

 The following will lead to his final death...
Crushing the beetle...a theme that will soon be common in this post.

We've covered these same 'opening of the mouth' aspects extensively in other posts...
...particularly relating to The Shining.  The one above is from Poltergeist II, coupled with Alice and the rabbit hole via the 'overlapping' bath scene.

The Overlook Hotel was based upon the Ahwanhee Hotel and Ahwanhee means (in Miwok) 'land/place of the gaping/open mouth'!

 Pan's Labyrinth 
 Evoking The Shining maze/labyrinth and goat-headed Pan versus goat-headed Baphomet...
Jack's pose in the closing photo
(thanks go to vigilantcitizen/ for some content) 

Pan's Dan's Labyrinth

 Horned Pan with child...Horned baphomet Jack with child

Jack the minotaur/bull of the Overlook Labyrinth...the minotaur/bull and the horned Pan overlaps

baphomet the androgynous (male/female) entity

Morpheus (god of dreams/sleep) as baphomet...The Matrix

Matrix...meaning 'womb' and its root being from Ma'at (Ma'atrix) meaning mother/matriarch etc.

The horns (phallic) and the womb (female)...androgyny

The Labyrinth
“Labyrinths and mazes were favoured places of initiation among many ancient cults. Remains of these mystic mazes have been found among the American Indians, Hindus, Persians, Egyptians, and Greeks.” – Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Pan's Dan's Labyrinth

The child and the labyrinth...Danny (backwards/forwards overlay) and Ofelia
The maze/labyrinth head/brain overlaps

The tale revolves around the juxtaposition of the harsh and oppressive nature of the real world with the magical and sometimes disturbing fairy tale world of the little girl. The faun (named Pan in the English translation) is a horned beast that guides Ofelia through her initiation process and shows her the way to depart from the absurdity of the material world to re-enter the glory of the spiritual plane, where illuminated beings live: the Underworld.

At the beginning of the movie, Ofelia is almost instinctively lead to a mysterious monument depicting the faun with a missing eye.  She finds the missing eye and places it back into its socket.
(all obviously evoking Cronos and the 'Poe bug eye' seen earlier)

  An insect bug suddenly appears: Ofelia’s magical quest can begin.
The bug in the mouth theme, as seen in Silence of the Lambs.

The Osiris the labyrinth 
The horned god/apis bull/osiris/pan etc
The bug rests on top of the faun/pan/baphomet head...another bug-headed reference!

The Osiris aspect fitting well with Jack 'Osiris/Labyrinth/Maze' Torrance
Jack's Beetle...Orion-Osiris & Betelgeux (beetlejuice)
Betelgeux/Beetlejuice....the shoulder of Orion (ala Blade Runner)

The axe/club wielding (like the Orion/Osiris constellation) Overlook caretaker.

Labrys Axe!

The word labyrinth is derived from ‘labrys’, a double-headed axe – shaped like a butterfly, and thus representing transformation, but also linked to ‘labia’ (entrance to the female sex organs). Note also the serpent spine in above image!

 the winged with labrys double-headed (geddit?) axe with serpent
Yup....looks like it is symbolizing the same thing, the human brain/thalamus!

Labrys (imo) also evokes the rosy-cross and the caduceus

 Lynch's Blue 'Bug' Velvet....Double Ed and the 'double headed' axe

The word labyrinth is derived from ‘labrys’, a double-headed axe – shaped like a butterfly

 Butterflies...and the imminent (labrys) axe, which breaks through the door, a few seconds after this shot!

 Jack & axe....appropriately at the Labyrinth (Labrys axe)

Pan's Labyrinth
There is a great importance placed on eyes and sight in the movie and this scene tells the viewers, right from the start, that Ofelia’s quest is occult in nature as not many have the “eyes to see” the invisible world she is about to experience.

The importance of the Eye is of the utmost importance in occult symbolism and can be dated back to ancient Egypt with the myth of Horus’ eye being restored by Thoth. While the right eye is associated with the perception of concrete and factual information (male side of the brain, the sun), the left eye of Horus perceives the mystical, the spiritual and the intuition (the female side of the brain, the moon). By placing back the eye in its place, Ofelia restores the all-important balance needed to embark into her alchemical transformation.Ofelia soon realizes however that the adults surrounding her certainly do not believe in what cannot be physically seen, making her quest quite a lonely one.

The mandrake for the male/phallic aspect of androgyny

The 'hands-up' gesture being made concurrently with Sellers exclaiming Mandrake

The mandragora officinarum, or mandrake, is accredited with possessing the most remarkable magical powers. Its narcotic properties were recognized by the Greeks, who employed it to deaden pain during surgical operations, and it has been identified also with baaras, the mystic herb used by the Jews for casting out demons. In the Jewish Wars, Josephus describes the method of securing the baaras, which he declares emits flashes of lightning and destroys all who seek to touch it, unless they proceed according to certain rules supposedly formulated by King Solomon himself.
The occult properties of the mandrake, while little understood, have been responsible for the adoption of the plant as a talisman capable of increasing the value or quantity of anything with which it was associated. As a phallic charm, the mandrake was considered to be an infallible cure for sterility. It was one of the Priapic symbols (of, relating to, or resembling a phallus) which the Knights Templars were accused of worshiping. The root of the plant closely resembles a human body and often bore the outlines of the human head, arms, or legs. This striking similarity between the body of man and the mandragora is one of the puzzles of natural science and is the real basis for the veneration in which this plant was held. In Isis Unveiled, Madam Blavatsky notes that the mandragora seems to occupy upon earth the point where the vegetable and animal kingdoms meet, as the zoophites and polypi do in the sea. This thought opens a vast field of speculation concerning the nature of this animal-plant.
Manly P Hall - TSTOAA

 Once she has arrived at the war camp, Ofelia meets with her new step-father, the cruel and sadistic Captain Vidal. On a philosophical level, representing the oppressive material world most people abide in without questioning which prohibits the full emancipation of the being. This phenomena is known as the “Cronus Complex”, Cronus being the Greek god of time, death and harvesting.


 “The Cronus Complex is not a murderous tendency per say, since Cronus did not just got rid of his offspring, but a destructive ingestive process which hinders the child’s capacity to exist separately and autonomously from the parent. In consuming his child, Cronus does not only aim to annihilate him but does so by making him part of himself. According to Bolen, since ancient times, the Cronus Complex is a tendency through which male oriented cultures have maintained power. That is evident is systems such as Fascism, one of the most radical mutations of patriarchy.“
- John W. Crandall, The Cronus Complex

There are tie-ins with Lynch's Erase-rhea-d (Rhea being the consort of Cronus/Saturn) and the 'baby mashing/head popping' Henry.

On profile it almost appears like a bug/brain composite

 Opening credit sequence...Eye & Wings (winged eye)
The Eye & The Butterfly (from a bug cocoon)...The Winged Butterfleye

Literal  human/insect bug-brain resonance!
Homo Imitantia (human imitator)
note...this Del Toro Mimic image is certainly a beetle and not a cockroach.

This Latin homo- is related to humus, "earth" or "born" and so it is said to mean "earthly being" or "born of the earth" (like beetles) and it refers to all of humanity. Imitantia pleural Imitans...1) representing, expressing, portraying 2) imitating, copying, counterfeiting.

Del Toro references the spine/djed etc...

Mimicking...the human winged bug
The ladder/stairway and lights suggestive of ascension (this ladder/light aspect is also seen in The Shining)

It could be attempting to evoke the spine...

Another human as a beetle-beatle...Beatle/Beetle mania
"And we all shine on" Beatle Lennon...source of The Shining (title), according to King

 " should've seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe" (I am the Walrus)

 The Gold Bug Beatle/Beetle and the eye

Sgt OTO Pepper...diagonal mirrored (top left to bottom right) cover 'pyramid' (with Poe too)
The 'Guru' conjoined head at the final apex
 "One of the founding tenets of the OTO is to shape and manage American popular culture"
Craig Heimbichner The Thelemic/Thalamic Beatles/Beetles

 There will not be many, who are not aware of the 'cultural shift' that The Beatles caused, even in the USA...this phenomena following in the shadow of the Kennedy assasination...The Killing of the King rite...played out in full view, for the purposes of transforming the group mind.

François Rabelais, who in the 16th century, used Thélème, the French form of the word, as the name of a fictional abbey in his novels, Gargantua and Pantagruel. The only rule of this Abbey was "fay çe que vouldras" ("Fais ce que tu veux", or, "Do what thou wilt"). In the mid-18th century, Sir Francis Dashwood inscribed the adage on a doorway of his abbey at Medmenham, where it served as the motto of The Hellfire Club.  "Do what thou wilt" (Fais ce que voudras), evokes an ancient expression by St. Augustine of Hippo: "Love, and do what thou wilt." The expression of Rabelais was later used by the Hellfire Club established by Sir Francis Dashwood, and by Aleister Crowley in his The Book of the Law (1904): "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

The Wizard of Oz...Oz = Strength
LXXVII = 77 

 Ringo Starr...was born on 7/7 (1940) 
thanks to anon commenter

The winged orb/sun and 777
777 and the two towers/djed-atef

The classical derivation of 777 is to sum the paths that the Lightning Flash of Creation travels along or, in the case of Gimel, crosses on its journey from Kether to Malkuth on the Tree of Life. Another way to derive 777 is to add 359 to 418, as suggested by Aleister Crowley’s comment on chapter 3, verse 74, of the Book of the Law.

 777 & 93
93 is the number of Thelema (will) & Agape (love)

 Flights & 777
 Isis/Anubis (industry puppet) aka Rihanna.

The 777 Flight of OZ...
Crashed 777 on 7/7 (Korean Time) where the flight originated from, there were 77 Korean passengers on board (out of 307 passengers) and the plane was 7 years old. This was the first ever crash of this particular model.  Flight number OZ-214 (2+1+4=7). This was the 6th July in the US.

Even the company's logo appears to reference a form of the number 7...
7 is considered lucky in that part of the world. 

Update!  (14/3/14)
Now that we're going through mass 'group mind' processing relating to the missing 777 (Malaysia flight 370) within the last week or so...the above incident 'Flight of Oz' (and accompanying kabbalism) becomes even more pertinent!

Malaysian/Malaise(ian) phonetics...
Malaise...A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.
Sound realtion to this story?

Discomfort, unease...."whose exact cause is difficult to identify."

The Sky News '30 minute special' (broadcast 15th March) thought it was good form to use part of the score from Batman: The Dark Knight its accompanying music, odd considering the film opens with a 'hoodwink' and an aircraft being hi-jacked!

Liber Oz (do what thou wilt) is 77 
The pyramid head...eye of horus in the brain
WTC...77th and 93rd floors 
911...Flight 175 hit the 77th floor and Flight 11 hit the 93rd floor
Flight 93 (crashed in Pennsylvania) and Flight 77 (supposedly hit the Pentagon)

Tree of Life Towers
 The Sun at the centre of the TOL and the WTC. The outer 2 pillars of TOL & the Twin Towers
(thanks to greatdreams and

The Silver Star (A.A.) aka Sirius (da'ath/veil of the abyss on the TOL)!
(WTC Ground Zero referencing Sirius, will be seen later)
Babalon 77/7...Liber 49 (7*7)
The Tower of Babalon/Babylon overlaps and the WTC etc.

 Outright Terror...Bold & Brilliant
7/7/2005 (2+5=7) = 777
The Tavistock Square bus...The Tavistock Institute coming out of the RIIA and funded by Rockefeller.
The Tavistock Institute are well known in 'mind control/military' circles...note the 'terror subliminal/elite calling card' via film The Descent aka The Fall (of man).  The Descent was first shown the day before 7/7 on July 6th (via Dead by Dawn) and the official release followed the day after 7/7 (8th July) so the film literally straddles the event of 7/7. The plot, had as an aspect, people being trapped underground...cough, cough.

I have even read of claims that Crowley may have worked on behalf of the Tavistock Institute!

They'll be more 911/TOL/Sirius aspects later
Moving on...

Consider the egg (beetle body) shape of the OTO badge itself & the wings/eye!
The Winged Beetle...a literal 'gold bug' by Crowley 

Remember that Crowley's magickal system was originally developed out of Germany and that the Beatles would start there rise via Hamburg, West Germany. 

The VW Beetle Bug itself was commissioned by Hitler and the work was carried out by Porsche. 
If inclined, we could extract 666 from the VW logo via the Hebrew 'vav' which equals 6 (3 V's)
Anyone also spot the 'sexual' allusion within this VW logo?
 The logo for the DAF, parent to KdF and a Nazi trade union, was a swastika surrounded by a cog.
 The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit, svastikah, which means 'being fortunate': SVASTI-, can be divided into two parts: SU- 'good; well', and -ASTI- 'is'; -ASTIKAH means 'being'. 

Sol(the sun)-Om (Aum)-On (Osiris)
 The masonic swastika. The symbol connects to sanskrit (Hindu, as seen above) and has been used by many ancient cultures (incl neolithic) from India, Persia, Asia, Greece, Navajo Indians etc. According to Kveldulf Gundarsson, it is: "the sign of the sun’s strength as the unstoppable whirling might of Will. It is one of the holiest and oldest signs in the world, known in almost every tradition"

 Aiwass (I-wass/Eye-wass)
Aiwass/Aiwaz (ala book of law)...I WaS...iWoz (with rainbow)...H-Awass

Interesting that the current keeper of antiquities at the Giza plateau (where the aiwass book of law was received) is called Zahi H-awass.

Crowley predicted the 'Aeon of Horus' the age of the Crowned and Conquering Child and he said that it must come, overthrowing the 'Aeon of Osiris' the age of the Dying God. The New Age announced by Crowley is one in which God the Father is thrown off by Horus the Child, a rebellious and developing youth culture, reckless and dangerous, but from Crowley's viewpoint - essential to evolution and control - since the OTO-led Left-wing rebellion would spark an OTO-led Right-wing reaction. The parallel between the OTO initiate and the American populace is remarkable. 
Blood on the Altar - Craig Heimbichner

The Magickal Mysteries Tour
The magical rainbow and walrus wings...see pic.

 tessellated masonic wizards

(left) Magickal Mysteries Tour (The Beatles)
(right) "Four red monks carrying a black goat across the snows to nowhere"(Crowley)

OTO/A.A. grade signs...posing as semaphore.

Apple and Apple
Recall we identified Wozniak's allegiance to Scottish Rite Freemasonry in a recent post. 
 Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer is a sworn member of the Scottish freemasons. Wozniak describes his impetus for joining the Freemasons as being able to spend more time with his wife at the time, Alice. Alice belonged to the Order of the Eastern Star, [which allows female members and is] associated with the Masons.
(note Eastern Star is Venus/Lucifer, my comment)

'Gold Bug Poe' can be seen on the Sgt Pepper cover...The Beatles as eggs!
I am the walrus, I am the eggman (thalamus/beetle)...they are the eggmen (thalami/beetles).
Ruth Gordon (Minnie, another car) outside The Dakota...Lennon's home and where he was shot/crushed! Written by Ira 'Stepford Wives' Levin, film by Roman Polanski.

 Ruth 'Rosemary's Baby' Gordon...Harold & Maude

 Outside with the Dakota's...early publicity still.

The (Cefalu) Abbey Road...Beetle/Beatles

 The Beatles 'Code Love Bug' (in the shape of a beetle/thalamus)
Love 'mirrored through the centre' = Code......"Code is the law...code under will"

Annie Hall ending...beetle and eggs (like Jack Torrance!)
 "Doc, uh, my brother's crazy.  He thinks he's a chicken." And, uh, the doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" And the guy says, "I would, but I need the eggs." Well, I guess that's pretty much how how I feet about relationships.  You know, they're totally irrational and crazy and absurd and ... but, uh, I guess we keep goin' through it because, uh, most of us need the eggs. (the last lines!)
The only other 'egg' reference in the film is a sexual aid...'love egg' aka 'love bug'.

 Annie Hall even featured Shelley 'Wendy' Duvall, Jeff 'The Fly/Body Snatcher' Goldblum & 
Paul (Call Me Anno Lucis) Simon. 

 So we can see that both Christopher Walken & Jeff Goldblum would both appear in the above Allen early break in both their careers. 

Walken & Goldblum would also both play in versions of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The skull and the 'hollow sleepy eye' (ala Poe). Recall Washington's other 'sleep based' story...Rip Van Winkle.

Allen is firmly attached to the 'WTC Tower' thematic...I can list quite a few examples...from Antz, Manhattan to New York Stories (Storeys).

They (Walken/Goldblum) both starrred in The Sentinel, 1977 (which was also the title of the short story that the film/novel 2001:A Space Odyssey was based on...Clarke's The Sentinel!) 

The 'sentinel' IS the monolith!

The Sentinel also has quite a big WTC Tower aspect..they are seen 4 times, the protagonist Alison realizes that she is living in the gateway to hell.  Winner's Death Wish also featured the WTC on a number of occassions (and Goldblum's debut was in that Death Wish film!) does Winner's The Sentinel (1977).  

Try not to forget the blatant 'Monolith' (aka Sentinel) that was built at the WTC location!  Winner's 'The Sentinel' also stars John 'OTO' Carradine.

Winner's Death Wish 2 'soundtrack' was performed by Jimmy 'OTO' Page...Laurence 'Morpheus' Fishburne also featured in Death Wish 2.

Another aspect worth appreciating is Clarke's contribution to TV satellite technology (I've mentioned it before) 

 British intelligence asset Arthur C. Clarke, through the command dogma embedded in his immensely influential “science fiction” work, Childhood’s End, attempts, through self-fulfilling futurism, to make inevitable the end of serendipity and wonder, after sufficient processing by modern technology and mental viruses.
Michael A Hoffman - Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare


Clarke's 'extra-terrestrial relays' (1945)

From Blood on the Altar -  Craig Heimbichner
Nor is it an accident that much of science fiction has propagandized our culture with Thelemic and Kabbalistic themes. Heinlein's books, such as 'Stranger in a Strange Land' are pivotal, but the highest initiate within the genre is probably Arthur C Clarke, who has been called a 'prophet in his own future'. Clarke created a mass psychological test of the hypnotic trance-state of the populace by prophesying the gradual acceptance of the rule of Satan in Childhood's End, a novel in which the reppellent-looking Overlords come to be accepted by the people of the earth as their inevitable leaders.

Clarke's novel Rendezvous with Rama (1972)
 ...has one of the earliest 'Sept 11th' references that I can find!

  "At 0940 GMT on the morning of September 11 in the exceptionally beautiful summer of the year 2077, most of the inhabitants of Europe saw a dazzling fireball.... Somewhere above Austria it began to disintegrate.... The cities of Padua and Verona were wiped from the face of the earth, and the last glories of Venice sank forever..."

Satellite to prison bars visual metaphor.
The narrative of Videodrome unfolds purely from the perspective of Max Renn. He is in every scene of the film except for one tiny part where we see the satelite dish moving to pick up the videodrome signal.

Talking of Extra Terrestrial...was Steven 'ET' Spielberg making a (barely veiled) comment with the close of his film Poltergeist (throwing out the TV set)... & released within a week of ET?

Before you see The Dead Zone 'beetle crash'...first see Annie Hall (Woody Allen) with Walken

Annie Hall
At the clips end, its raining (just like Dead Zone) and Walken drives a Porsche, designer of the VW beetle)

  Duane: Can I confess something? I tell you this as an artist, I think you'll understand. Sometimes when I'm driving... on the road at night... I see two headlights coming toward me. Fast. I have this sudden impulse to turn the wheel quickly, head-on into the oncoming car. I can anticipate the explosion. The sound of shattering glass. The... flames rising out of the flowing gasoline.

Now watch this from The Dead Zone...a few minutes into the film.
Walken plays a 'beetle driving' teacher, as did Nicholson in Jack Torrance (an ex-teacher)
Both drive VW's a the start of the film and both are referencing the bug/thalamus imo.

Not that the Woody Allen link ends there because it clearly doesn't!
 Sleeper (1973)...and the VW Beetle
The action takes place around Denver, Clorado...which is the home town of VW Beetle driving Jack 'The Shining' Torrance & Shelley 'TheShining/Annie Hall' Duvall.

Walken & Allen in more 'bug resonance' shocker!
 Synchronistically...they both featured together in the 'bug inspired' Antz, Walken with wings.

A Dream Works (Spielberg's company) production that featured the WTC buildings
Kind of like We're Back...but that was via Spielberg's Amblimation.

The almost synchronistic release pattern...and same thematic.
Antz is the first animated film, as well as the first CGI-animated film, by DreamWorks Animation and the second computer-animated film released in the United States after Pixar's Toy Story and before A Bug's Life, another Pixar film, also featuring ants. The film was originally released to theatres on October 2, 1998 (almost two months before A Bug's Life).
Antz even featured Dougal '2001/Hal 9000' the voice of the evil computer. 

The bug-eyed aliens, contact and the WTC. Recall Steiber also wrote The Wolfen, which is one of the heaviest WTC resonating films that I've come across.

A Love Bug? (see the hearts!) Tha-LAM-us
 Of course...the classic alien grey is very evocative of Crowley's Lam.
Lam...The Way or (lower case L) '(l)am The Way' or 'I am the way' is likely a self portrait of Crowley's 'psychic self'.

A memorable 'bug' image from the film  

The Dead Zone 
opening...'Walken on sunshine'
The rollercoaster winged sun (3rd eye)...pre-cognition to imminent 'thalamus damage'!
We see him get a bit distressed (dizzy head etc) on the rollercoaster, prior to the crash. 

The Egyptian winged orb and sun pushing (brain) beetle (thalamus) & serpents (uraei)

After Johnny's (Walken) accident he is left in a coma for 5 years!
Johnny with Brooke 'Body Snatcher' Adams.

The thalamus also plays an important role in regulating states of sleep and wakefulness. Thalamic nuclei have strong reciprocal connections with the cerebral cortex, forming thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits that are believed to be involved with consciousness. The thalamus plays a major role in regulating arousal, the level of awareness, and activity. Damage to the thalamus can lead to permanent coma.

Cronenberg/Cronenbug...Crushing the beetle
Crushed (brain) beetle-typewriter Naked Lunch (Cronenberg, 1991) 
Naked Lunch was written by Burroughs and he also features on The Beatles' Sgt Pepper cover.

 The other side of the (Dead Zone) 'Poe' blackboard lists Irving Washington being The Legend of Sleepy Hollow...Walken's Dead Zone character also references this same story during the film. 

Synchronistically Tim Burton's film version would star Christopher Walken as the actual Headless Horseman, where he also seemingly evokes the POE skull (head) thematic again!

Burton's Sleepy Hollow (hollow sleepy eye) Dead Zone Johnny meets with Johnny (Depp/Crane)
16 years later...he is in the role.  

The mind's eye...
The Poe 'brain bug' aka thalamus.

the mind's eye

The 'beetlejuice' and 'head'...and the road to Oz.
 Of course...Tim Burton has his own 'Beetle' thematic via Beetlejuice 
(betelgeuse, also a star in the Orion constellation) The film starred Gina Davis who featured in Cronenberg's The Fly (1986).

The 'winged beetle(juice)'

 Here is 'Winged Beetle Batman' Keaton..further developing his 'bug thematic' in Herbie Fully Loaded

Here is Beetlejuice Keaton in Burton's the 9/11 & 11/11 doorway.

 The 'WTC' Squeeze....with Keaton and Joe 'Matrix/Cipher' Pantoliano

The Dream Team (1989)
 with Christopher 'Back to the 911 Future' Lloyd & Philip 'Trading WTC911 Places/Working WTC Girl' Bosco.

"You see those two towers? World Trade Center. I was an architect working on them. First they just wanted to build one but I said, 'Hey, fellas, we're here - What the!?, let's throw another one up'. Turned out pretty well, didn't it?"

 The van carrying Keaton (who plays a pathological liar) stops at this garage in NYC

 The TV and static theme

Recall in the previous post we mentioned Damien Omen II...Damien Poe-man II (lol)
and the Re/Ra-ven and the 'uraeus 3rd eye' aspects etc.

He read The Raven during the opening of The Dead 14 years later, he does it again in 1997. 

Vincent 'the raven/egghead' Price would star in the 1963 Corman film version of Poe's The Raven.

 Roger 'Poe' Corman would cameo in Silence of the (Gold Bug) Lambs as FBI Director Hayden Burke. Corman would also set up New World Pictures, later acquired by Fox/Anubis.

 The Egg
The 'pine-al cone' (a la Osiris) the 'amenta afterlife beer' and the 'crook/stick' 

Based on the 1932 version...
 The 'open mouth' (and head) over the pyramids...the scarab/beetle being directly linked to the 'opening of the mouth'

 The brain 'sun pushing' scarab (thalamus) and the opening of the mouth

 The Mummy...the scarab/beetle, sun and fire

 Fire and the sun...the scarab/beetle is plucked from the sun...and tries to reach the brain

Not so much 'under your skin' but 'under your cranium' the scarab/beetle reach the brain (thalamus) via the heart...subsequently he crushes the scarab/beetle!

Karloff also sports the 'rosicrucian fez' in this film

1963...The Ra/Re-ven (and a ring of fire)
You might recall the 1963 film The Raven (Corman) and 'winged head'...which featured Jack Nicholson and the 'egg head' (brain beetle) thematic. Boris 'Egghead/Sacarb Mummy' Karloff as Dr Scarabus aka Dr Beetle...wink, wink & Vincent 'Egghead' Price.

Corman ties a lot of this stuff together...from Coppola/Scorcese to Nicholson etc and beyond, a real Hollywood lynchpin. We can list from the 'Corman school' at least the following names...John Carpenter, Francis Coppola, Jonathon Demme, James Cameron, Joe Dante (who is also trying to make a Corman biopic), Ron Howard, Curtis Hanson, John Sayles, Martin Scorcese, Peter Bogdanovich.  Cronenberg even had dealings with him when trying to get Shivers off the ground.

 The thalamus has multiple functions. It may be thought of as a kind of switchboard of information.

The 'winged' brain beetles/bugs/eggs/stones...thalamus/thalami

The Shining 'winged calumet head'...
 Gotta have the wings...
Mmmm...Stovington, winged beetle/eggs/thalamus
Stovington Academy...the book's teaching academy.
A fire (stove) and smashed in head theme (to stove-in/stave)

The Shining (Jack 'Egghead' Nicholson)

The 'egg pushing beatle/beetle/scarab'...brain bug/egg aka the thalamus.

 One singular thalamus has the 'v-shape'...2 together make the 'w-shape'.
The literal peoples car...Volks-Wagen....'STUVWXYZ' (VW alphabet order and XY 23 chromosomes)

W = 23 (chromosomes) 

 The yellow VW beetle bug (like The Shining) in Spielberg's Poltergeist

Nicholson/Karloff's The Raven co-star...
 Vincent 'Egghead' Price...Batman (tv series) and 'wings' (batwings)

From Burton's Sleepy 'Walken' Hollow and Batman (tv series) Burton's Batman Returns, 
Walken as Max '3rd eye' Shreck...eye and the pyramid.
 Working the 3rd eye (thalamus/pineal) thematic again!

 Walken also starred in the 007 Bond film A View To A Kill (1985) as the baddie Max Zorin, who tries to corner the 'microchip' market (see The Stepford Wives). Zorin's (Walken) escape vehicle is an 'airship' that looks like a giant floating egg (lol). The film was made at 'Pinewood Studios' (pinewood/pineal) where the large 007 sound stage is.

Alvy Singer: Right. Well, I have to – I have to go now, Duane, because I, I’m due back on the planet Earth.

Remember...Walken starred in Annie Hall
and synchronistically it features a scene (at clip end) with the 'media prophet' Marshall 'Videodrome/Brian O'Blivion' McLuhan....and synchronistically this all happens in the queue for the cinema (the retina of the mind's eye)!

Marshall McLuhan v Prof Brian (Brain) O'Blivion

Jack Creley as Professor Brian O'Blivion. Professor O'Blivion was based on Marshall McLuhan. As a young man, Cronenberg attended the University of Toronto; first studying science, but eventually gaining his degree in Literature. McLuhan was a lecturer in media studies at the University during the same time (the early 1970s), and is often credited as an influence on Cronenberg's ideas for Videodrome.

 The Medium is the Mass-Age

The business of the writer or the film-maker is to transfer the reader or viewer from one world, his own, to another, the world created by typography and film. That is so obvious, and happens so completely, that those undergoing the experience accept it subliminally and without critical awareness. Cervantes lived in a world in which print was as new as movies are in the West, and it seemed obvious to him that print, like the images now on the screen, had usurped the real world. The reader or spectator had become a dreamer under their spell, as Rene Clair said of film in 1926.
McLuhan Understanding Media
An appropriate quote for this blog!

October 21st 1983 (released 3 weeks after Brainstorm)
Brain injury/trauma thematic (cerebral cortex in promo pic) and psychic powers...

With his new brain power...he is able to 'psychically read' people by 'touching' their hand etc.

In his mind he has the power to see the future...
 In his hands he has the power to change it.

Awakening the 'Dead Zone' (of the brain)

The hand & mind of god
Videodrome would be released about 6 months after Poletergeist/ET, February 4th 1983.

 Last month, we reported that shooting on Gil Kenan‘s remake of Poltergeist was set to begin in Toronto this September. Synchronistically...Toronto is where Videodrome is set!
 The 'pine(al) needle'

The Matrix...Alice in Wonderland and the 'eat me' red/blue pill.

"Like a 'splinter' (wood) in your mind..."
You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is but it's there, like a splinter in your mind driving you mad.

The 'pinewood' pinecone...pineal/3rd eye...the 'pinecone staff/rod of Osiris' 

The 'pinewood splinter'
2001 A Space Odyssey filmed at Shepperton, as was Dr 'CRM' Strangelove

find pic

 2001 'pod' coded CRM 114

Head on a stick(spine)...the '3rd eye' pod?
 The literal film 'journey of Discovery' to the 'stargate/wormhole/rabbit hole'.
Bowman in his 'eyeball-like' pod.

 The film that our iris/pupil/retina/brain is reacting to, as we watch...

A multi-coloured rainbow/light journey into the rabbit hole/wormhole/stargate

Eyeball '3rd Eye' Gnosis and the kundalini spine.

Alice and Alice (Kidman, through the looking Eyes Wide Shut)

 Eyes Wide Shut was filmed at Pinewood Studios

Doing the 'pineal gland' thematic to death!!! (Stepford Wives)
Pincones/Pine-al Gland (which is pinecone like) and it secretions melatonin/metatonin etc (DMT based).  The 'BIG JEW'...I think, (beyond the obvious religious meaning) is alluding to DEW...JEW/DEW and the 'dew-like' secretions of the pineal gland itself!  Here it states 'pinecones, big jew/dew and snow (water)'...I'm sold!

The pine-cone staff of Osiris (left) & The winged 'caduceus' of Hermes/Thoth (right)
They are both obviosuly symbolising the same thing!

"You are the wind beneath my wings" Bette Midler
The 'pinecone staff' of Osiris (typically a pinecone would accompany the coffin/mummy too) and the 'Pine-al Gland' (brain/3rd eye) activation meme...and on the end of a simulated penis/phallus ala Osiris. Christmas and the Christ/Osiris overlaps, death and rebirth of the sun/son at the solstice etc.

  A possible rosi-crucian link
...the unfolding of the rose (on the cross) linked to the opening of the 3rd eye/thalamus etc
Produced by Aaron 'Rockefeller/WTC Trading Places' Russo (Russo = Rosso = Red)
Also starring Harry 'Alien/David Lynch' Dean Stanton

Kidman & Walken (with his Biloxi Blues co-star Matthew Broderick)
Shhh...Silence of the Stepford Wife

 The remake of the 1975 release, that 'synchronistically' featured Donnie Darko's therapist (played by Katharine Ross) in the lead role as Joanna.

 We'll start with the Wizard of Oz motif...that coming from the film's director...
Frank 'the muppets/Yod-a' Oz

One voice that I know he did was that of 'The Cookie Monster'
Crushing the 'beetle gold bug' and the WTC.

Recall...he also plays the voice of Yod-a in the Star Wars series. 

 What if you were to learn that a ‘yoda’ is a mystical teacher, the highest master and dispenser of knowledge in Freemasonry? I have interviewed master mason Jordan Maxwell and have seen his videotapes where he mentioned this fact. If you put ‘yoda’ in Google, you will certainly find that little Star Wars’ character. But, if you put in ‘yoda freemasonry’ and search, you will discover a few pages that confirm what Maxwell has written and stated. Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas went to the same film school very early in their careers. It is not a stretch to imagine they have been groomed for success and a part of Secret Societies. THEIR movies get made and get funded. Coppola, whose father is the Godfather of Corleone, was given the assignment of making ‘The Godfather.’ Spielberg was given the propaganda films ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘ET.’

 Cathy O'brien a mind controlled slave for the US govt states in her writings 'Trance formation of America' that George Lucas [of Star Wars fame] is merely a front for the NSA/NASA.While the kids are all fawning around under the spell of Luke Skywalker and other Masonic pseudonyms

Frank Oz also played in Trading 'WTC/911' Places (we've just mentioned Aaron 'Trading Places producer Russo!), followed directly by directing The Muppets Take Manhattan.  He gets 'maze/labyrinth' resonance from featuring in Labyrinth and Indian resonance from directing The Indian In the Cupboard!

The dog (canis) at the top of the stairway/starway to Sirius...the dog tumbles down the stairs, perhaps alluding to the need for reprogramming (sirius guidance/augment spine etc)

 Another 'staircase faller'

July 4th x2
Faulty programming...stuck in an endless loop (death/rebirth) on July 4th
"You've always been the caretaker" (Grady)
"Forever and ever and ever" (as said by Jack & Grady Twins)

 Opening of the

Remotely controlled humans

The 'shell' body...for the newly reprogrammed brain

 AI chips to control the brain

Nicole 'Alice's Eyes through the Rabbit Hole via Stepfordland' Kidman
Alice through the looking glass, CERN (sunburst)....Alice through the looking glass, Eyes Wide Shut. (sunburst flower on right).  Same name...same 'octagonal' geometric shape!

Follow the Alice CERN white rabbit (far left) and both the octagonal Cern ruby jewel & EWS Alice mirror

 Deja-vu anyone?
Alice & the rabbit (worm) hole...'through the looking glass'

 Jason tells her about a comic book he is writing called "Rabbit Hole", which is about parallel universes (wormhole connected) and gives it to Becca to read who thinks it is wonderful.

There's a 'brainstorm' in Stepford...with Walken & Fletcher
 The two main researchers on the Brainstorm 'interface hat' have business in Stepford.

 Christopher 'Stepford/Brainstorm/Dead Zone Brain Trauma' Walken...Mike Rosoft (lol)
Microsoft, Nasa, Disney, AOL etc...yup the usual corporate spooks!
'Sugar' the only identifiable additional ingested aspect from the dialogue.

Walken in OZ...via Frank Oz, the Director
with Nicole 'Alice's Eyes Wide Shut, down the Rabbit Hole & through the looking glass via Stepford to Dog-ville' Kidman

Dog-ville to Dog Star (Sirius stairway)
Atari...meaning 'immediate danger of capture' (via Go game) just like Carol Ann
Poltergeist...237 Sony TV and Atari
 The 'dead' (or TV people) enter the Freeling household via the 2:37 TV

The dead bathtub woman in Kubrick's The Shining ...came from room 237

237 is also 42 (2*3*7) the light angle of the rainbow.

Poltergeist/The Shining 42/Bear & TV
 T (=20) V (=22) = 42
The 'bear/child' motif also featured earlier in Cronos and it appears in Spielberg/Kubrick's AI also.

 Jack finding the old woman in 237 is juxtaposed with Hallorann watching Channel 10 on his TV
The Shining (backwards/forwards overlay)
Overlaid...the Hallorann TV set fits the bath set (almost perfectly). It even looks like she is stepping out from the TV set.

 The above almost looks like a kind of 'overlay' retro version of The Ring.

Killer media...videotape...betamax (Videodrome) vhs (The Ring)

Stephen King was briefly approached to write the screenplay, it would have been the first written by King directly for the screen, but the parties could not agree on the terms. None of this The Shining/Poltergeist relationship is even remotely far fetched. In Poltergeist, the same night (but earlier) we see this same TV but @ 1:14 (another Kubrick motif ala CRM-114) and then the very next time we see the is 2:37 scene (ala the Overlook).  
 However, this is not all...when we see the TV @ 1:14 we see that a film is playing and that it is A Guy Named Joe (1946). 
We see a scene with Spencer Tracy (who has died and gone to heaven, but doesn't know it) meet another man...that man is none other than Barry Nelson, the man who 34 years later would play the Overlook Hotel manager Stuart Kubrick's The Shining!  A Guy Named Joe also evokes the 'afterlife' aspects from the ending of The Shining.

217, was the room in the novel, Kubrick changed it at the behest of the Timberline Lodge
Kubrick's scribblings on a copy of the novel...before it was changed to 237.
 Spielberg's Poltergeist captures a 217 hotel room as the camera zooms out at the start of the credits. The Freelings finally escape to this hotel and it's the last room that we clearly see.

 We need a Cronenberg 237 reference 'to tie it all in'...Scanners (1981)
237 are Scanners...and exploded brains...Brain/Brian O'Blivion
Children born (augmented via drugs administered during gestation) 'gifted' and  'psychic/paranormal powers'...not disimilar to Danny Torrance.

The exploded brain tv...retina of the mind's eye

3rd eye
 Scanners Revok (Ironside) and the 3rd eye....Pattinson (star of Cosmopolis) recreates the reference, in a photo shoot!

'The head' thematic

Scanners will blow your mind...

 Brainstorm v Videodrome
Videodrome...system backed by nefarious Spectacular Optical (Corporate/NATO)
Brainstorm...system backed by the military in redeveloped and nefarious Project Brainstorm  

To esoteric initiates the thalamus, known as the Optic Thalamus was regarded as the real ‘third eye’ - not the pineal - although the pineal gland (male-related in esoteric correspondences) is indeed associated - as is the pituitary gland (female). Esotericist, Alice Bailey, tells us that Roger Bacon, a Rosicrucian, and whom many believe to be the man most likely to have written the plays attributed to Shakespeare, regarded the soul to be at the centre of the brain, and again, this could only be the thalamus. It was believed to be physical counterpart of the winged orb we see ascending from the 'tree of life' in ancient depictions - an orb of light - the soul of a person - the travelling 'third eye' or 'eye of sight'.

Christ-of-er 'Stepford Wives/Dead Head Zone/Deer Hunter' Walken
Blow your mind with Nicky (Walken) & De Niro
Blow your mind with Nicki (Harry)
Blow your mind via the 'Iris' (Foster) with De Niro (Travis, Taxi Driver)
 The cinema/tv screen...the retina (via pupil/iris) of the mind's eye!
The Convex (lens) tumour-shot between the eyes/lenses (literally)..with the 3rd eye/god allusions behind.

Ullman: "then he put both barrells of a shotgun in his mouth" 
  Jack : (in the head/toilet) "you chopped up your wife and daughters with an axe and then you blew your brains out"

"Well they call me the joker..."
From The Joker (Nicholson/Batman) to The Joker (Modine/FMJ/Batman)

Entering the head...
...where the rainbow ends (see gif and then next pic below)

Full Meta-l Jacket...Full Meta-Cortex
'The Head'...The Shining

 In the 'head' (toilet/brain overlap) literally blowing your brains out.

Strangelove...Jack D Ripper in the head/bathroom blowing his brains out!
The 237 Hotel

"Bash your brains in..."
 backwards/forwards overlay... 'delivering eggs while passing the location of the end rebirth photo and the brain crown chakra damage'

"Bash your brains in..."

The FMJ 'head' as the brain...evoking the interior of Hal's brain

"Right the fuck in!"
Hal....boxing glove, Bowman will bash Hal's 'faulty/buggy' brain in literally!

Bug Head?
This is actually David Cronenberg (as Max Renn) under the 'accumulator helmet' (You can tell from the exposed mouth, that it is definitely him!) Woods apparently wouldn't put it on for any length of time...according to Cronenberg, at least.

Or, as I this Cronenberg deliberately making a statement about the film itself?
Some may assume that we never see it removed (which we don't)...and that we're possibly entirely immersed in Videodrome from this point.

Recall from earlier posts how we talked about 'beetles/bugs' concept and the 'brain' (thalamus/beetle)...some of it including Cronenberg's output.  The 'accumulator helmet' (I think) adds to this mix and can probably fall into the same category. I've replicated most of the relevant Cronenberg material below, but you can see the previous work by following this link:

"The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (encoding, perhaps another CRM possibilty), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire
 Manly P Hall TSTOAA

The Naked Lunch bug-drug is called 'pyre-thrum' and 'pyre' is a well known term for fire

Firing the brain beetle bug (the damaged Clark Nova beetle typewriter)...Naked Lunch

"It's a Kafka feel like a bug

 Meta..."going beyond or higher, transcending,"
 The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.
 A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.

Cronenbug utilised the services of Jeremy Irons in his 1988 film Dead Ringers (and in M. Butterfly too!)...Irons himself would star as 'bug man' Kafka in Soderbergh's film, 3 years later (1991).  

the bug man Kafka and eye
Synchronistically the film also features Ian 'Naked Bug Lunch/Alien' Holm.

 When searching for Edward in the "Cafe Continental", as he exits, some of his friends ask Kafka: "What are you working on?" He (Irons as Kafka) replies:" A thing about a man who wakes up and finds himself transformed into a giant insect!" This is a direct reference to Kafka's novel: "The Metamorphosis".

 The Clark Nova typewriter/beetle being fired and transformed. 
Nova...a star that suddenly increases its light output tremendously and then fades away to its former obscurity in a few months or years. The Nova evoking the sun (a star) and the overlaps of the increased activity of the thalamus (of the protagonist).

Naked Lunch...the opening image...door number 42 (2 partly obscured) 
Where the rainbow ends...42 degree angle of the rainbow

The head overlaid on the 42 doorway...the eye hole overlaid on the shadow skull
Opening...knock, knock, knock...(Bug) "Exterminator"

 Ending..."brain bug extermination"

 -Burroughs (author Naked Lunch) was famous for having 'accidentally' (debatable) shot his wife Joan, fatally, in the forehead, at a party in Mexico, (for which he was never imprisoned) in 1951!

 some other interesting details of Burroughs' life:
- at 15 he was sent to a Masonic training camp known as 'ranch school'.
- he was also a known member of the occult order the OTO

 — Robert Williams had arranged with Dr Christopher S. Hyatt from the Golden Dawn and owner/operator of New Falcon Publications to initiate William S. Burroughs into the 'Caliphate'. Breeze gave Hyatt a "special charter" to do so though Hyatt was supervised from a distance by James Wasserman (now a dedicated 'Caliphate' member) from Falcon. Williams and Hyatt discussed this with Burroughs and it was decided to decline the 'Caliphate' offer.

- had connections to Kurt Cobain too...very strange ones!
Like Joan, Kurt would have his brains blown out.

A more believable theory about Cobain's death suggests he was the victim of a CIA mind control experiment. An individual claiming to represent 'a private network of researchers' contacted me about this and arranged a meeting in the Temple Church on Fleet Street. Once I'd settled in a pew, a very nervous young man seated himself beside me. According to my contact, the CIA is deeply concerned about the subversive influence of popular music on young people, that's why 'they murdered Brian Jones, John Lennon and Jim Morrison'.  Apparently, the CIA got hold of Cobain when he was still unknown, then using drugs, hypnosis and medical torture, they broke his will and rebuilt his personality. 'Most of the time he'd act relatively normal,' I was told, 'but all it took was a few key words spoken over the phone and Cobain would carry out the deeds he'd been programmed to enact.' My contact was convinced that the singer had been brainwashed into committing suicide at the peak of his success because the CIA figured this would reduce his potentially rebellious fans to complete despair. However, the conspiracy theorist admitted several of his fellow researchers thought Cobain had taken his own life as the only means of breaking free from the influence of his controllers. If this is the case, then the rock star is a hero rather than simply a victim, and his death provides grounds for a fresh outbreak of teenager rebellion.

Kurt Cobain committed suicide on April 5, 1994. He was “obsessed with Anton LaVey” (Mojo Magazine, Sept. 1999, p. 86). Anton LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan and the author of the Satanic Bible. So obsessed was Cobain with Satanist Anton LaVey that he sought to enlist LaVey by having him play cello on Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” album. LaVey worked as technical advisor on Rosemary's Baby and is rumoured to have played satan during the ritual copulation scene.

Cobain’s love of the occult would eventually lead him into developing a relationship with another notorious military intelligence occultist-CIA Assassin William Burroughs. Stephen Davis, the biographer of the Led Zeppelin saga “Hammer of the Gods”, compares Burroughs to Satanist Aleister Crowley, stating:
“Like Crowley, Burroughs was an urbane and genial human Lucifer, a modern magus, a legendary addict, and an artist whose influence extended far beyond literature to music, painting and film” (Stephen Davis, Hammer of the Gods, Ballantine Books, New York, 1985, p. 237).

 Courtney Love’s father is Hank Harrison, a clandestine MK ULTRA programmer and handler.
Harrison was no hippy drug addict pothead burnout. He always looked clean. In fact he was a trained shrink. The first time I saw him he was wearing a Searsucker suit and a bow tie and was carrying an attaché case. I could venture a guess that Harrison was a CIA operative or a Saul Alinsky graduate in charge of organizing bands like the Grateful Dead. -David Crosby, Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Hank Harrison had been the first manager and the clandestine U.S. Military Intelligence handler of the Grateful Dead (formerly Warlocks). “The truth is, these Warlocks’ legendary concerts have always been nothing more than MK Ultra-inspired rituals. No other band sets the stage so carefully; the lighting, the free LSD, the Robert Hunter lyrics. To what end? Well I’m sure they don’t call Grateful Dead fans “Dead heads” for no good reason.”

 Where the rainbow ends

 Another Criterion 'rainbow color bars' Videodrome.  Where the rainbow ends x2...the beginning (42 head) and the end...the color bars.

The scarab/beetle-like right/left thalamus (inner chamber, Greek), below is the CeRebelluM
CerebRuM are the 2 large hemispheres. With the assistance of the cerebellum, the cerebrum controls all voluntary actions in the body.

Khepera (Khepri) is often seen represented as a scarab, or a scarab headed man, holding aloft the morning sun.
A bug-headed man...directly seated in front of the Sun(glasses) special...a head pushing at the sun.

 Some of the it's (thalamus) functions are the relaying of sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex and the regulation of consciousness, sleep, and alertness.

The name ‘cere-b-ru-m’ is a composite of Ceres meaning ‘cross’ and RU  associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)...CERE-B-RU-M

As the cerebrum is a gross division with many subdivisions and sub-regions, it is important to state that this section lists the functions that the cerebrum as a whole serves. See main articles on cerebral cortex and basal ganglia for more information. The cerebrum is a major part of the brain, controlling emotions, hearing, vision, personality and much more. The cerebral cortex is the outermost sheet of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain in some vertebrates. It covers the cerebrum and cerebellum, and is divided into left and right hemispheres. The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.

 In humans, the cerebrum surrounds older parts of the brain. Limbic, olfactory, and motor systems project fibers from the cerebrum to the brainstem and spinal cord. Cognitive and volitive systems project fibers from the cerebrum to the thalamus and to specific regions of the midbrain. The neural networks of the cerebrum facilitate complex behaviors such as social interactions, thought, judgement, learning, working memory, and in humans, speech and language.

 The Head Jack
We've seen 'Metamorphosis' via Kafka...this is 'Meta-morpheus-is' via Fishburne. 

"Buckle up Dorothy..."
 Morphues, morphine, Oz and Dreams

The Matrix...Neo's place of work.
  Meta- Webster's defines as "going beyond or higher, transcending," and -cortex, which is "the outer layer (boundary) of gray matter surrounding the brain." Thus, Metacortex is "transcending the boundaries of the brain."

Neo's Cortex - Neocortex
 Neo's synaptic-like wormhole to his 'matrix pod'

 From Neo's 'cortex head jack'
Crucified (cross) on his back ala Jesus 

 "Jesus Christ that thing's real" The belly worm/bug hole
"Apoc, lights. Lie back. Lift up your shirt." 
"What's that?" 
"You're bugged."

'Head jack' to 'Jack's bugged head'
Jack in his 'beetle' on the way to the Overlook Pyramid Hotel

 "In one week, I can put a bug so far up her ass, she don't know whether to shit or wind her wristwatch." (the brain bug and time ala Cronos)
 Cuckoo's Nest...cuckoo's famously having their own nest/egg arrangements

Nicholson & Hopper, Terry 'Easy Rider' Southern (who is on the Sgt Pepper cover)
ties it together by co-writing Kubrick's Dr Strangelove!
Easy riding bug men...

The Brain Beetle Bug & Mass(a) (Inter)Media
 The eye of horus in the brain and the thalamus brain beetle/scarab...pine-al gland near.

The two lobes of the thalamus are connected together by a tubular bundle of nerve fibres at their centre, called the massa intermedia or the interthalamic adhesion - it looks like the nucleus of an "egg". The thalamus also looks like a scarab beetle body, as we've been describing.

Mass(a)  (inter)Media

 The dreamy thalamus eye...eye/pyramid-nose (pyramid, the head/brain, as you'll see later)

Ayin/Eye (eye in the triangle) is one of the most basic Masonic figures, exoterically the All Seeing Eye of God, but esoterically the Eye of Set-Sothis(Sirius) represented astronomically as Sirius and anatomically as the anus.

 Hopper (noun)....terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping
"In Dreams...I talk to you"

 It is said that the destruction of the thalamus (brain beetle bug) causes inability to dream, which reveals that along with the hypothalamus it is indeed a kind of “gateway” or “gatekeeper” between the conscious-self and the subconscious realms.

 The 'ear' as a route to & from the brain and the thalamus...via mass(a) (inter)media
 All one and the same!

The thalamus and mass media (massa intermedia)
 Blue Velvet
(note the partly labotamized yellow man and the smashed tv set)

Welcome to (S)Lumberton (in dreams etc)
Beetles can be commonly found in wood and tree bark...aka lumber

Opening...Beetle-juicing and the stairway (right)
Watering your beetles...the pineal dew
Not forgetting Dorothy (in Oz) Valens living at 'Deep Water Apts' & schedulled for 'bug spraying' 

Closing...Beetlejuicing and the stairway

Winged beetles/beatles...
Lynch/Badalamenti/McCartney mash-up

 Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been / Lives in a dream / 
 Waits at the window...

"Eleanor Arroway (Jodie 'Starling' Foster)...enters a Yourself Storage, where Buffalo Bill has been"

...wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door

Silence of the Lambs with Jodie 'South Carolina Bugsy' Foster...which has many aspects set in Baltimore, MD...Baltimore (no not 'nevermore' or 'cellar door') the place of Poe's death and grave and also the museum, his house was based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Poe Country...
 Lynch always said that he invented the town name of Lumberton...we can see that he wasn't being is right there on the map!  Notice Poe's house location (Fayetteville) is also surrounded by a couple of 'Pine' references too!

Which takes us to Wilmington, North Carolina and where Blue 'Bug' Velvet was set! 
 Want a Stephen King, David Lynch, Drew 'Darko/ET/Firestarter' Barrymore and James 'videodrome' Woods combo...via Wilmington, NC.  Cat's also starred Dune's Baron Harrkonen (Kenneth McMillan)

"Through the eye of the cat, a twisted tail of macabre suspense from the author of CARRIE, THE SHINING, and THE DEAD ZONE."

The Cat's Eye story concerns the eponymous cat and his journey from New York City to Atlantic City to Wilmington, NC [side note:  Wilmington was Dino De Laurentiis central (i.e., BLUE VELVET) and home to such King adaptations as MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, SILVER BULLET, THE NIGHT FLIER, and FIRESTARTER)]

 A plate of deviled/devilled eggs in Wood's segment

Beatles/Beetles, Rain & Head (in the opening line)
"If the rain comes they run and hide their heads."

 "Rain, I don't mind. Shine, the world looks fine. Can you hear me, that when it rains and shines,
(When it Rains and shines.) It's just a state of mind?"

Dune..."Never one drop of rain on Arakis"
 Lynch (Dune) & Winged Beatle/Beetle McCartney

The Dune Beetle and the VW Dune Beetle/Gold Bug (the actual model name)
Beetles are commonly found in and around wood, but they're common to sand dunes too!  

Dune...The spice harvester...beetle-like bug.
 (in the film, David Lynch plays a cameo as the vehicle's driver)

 You might recall the 'opening of the mouth' (opening of the way of the serpent) from Dune...I covered it in the past!
The maker hook to open the mouth/way...

Opening monologue from Virginia '9/11' Madsen...the Dr Sirius '23 Djed' stairway walker!
The beginning is a very delicate time. Know then that it is the year 10,191.
"The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness.
Born on 9/11...just like William Mulholland (Drive) 

Madsen walks the 'sirius stairway' to Dr 23.

It was Paul Atreides actor Kyle MacLachan who found the 'cut off ear' in Blue was Michael 'Virginia's Brother' Madsen who cut off the cop's ear in Reservoir Dogs!

Virginia 'Dune/23' Madsen's brother Michael...ear cutting
Virginia's Dune co-star MacLachlan (Paul Atreides) finding the cut ear in Blue 'Bug' Velvet

 She picks up more 'bug' resonance from Candyman...based on Clive 'Hellraiser' Barkers story.
 Dune's Madsen...The 'bug and eye'...the 'opening of the mouth' and 'hook'!
 It also evokes the 'bug via the mouth' aspect too

Dune - opening of the mouth (to go with the hook/worm mouth opening)
...just like the Candy Man image above!

  Talking of Hellraiser and 'Candy Man' Barker.
..a look at the WTC Hellraiser 3 dvd cover. 

Pin Needle Head or Pin(e) Needle Head 
 Towers in the promo and released on 9/11

Virginia 'born on 911' Madsen starred in Electric Dreams...1984
One eyed Edgar...AI runs amok

Virgin-ia in a Virgin film...
'Virgin/Isis' credits begin with an aircraft smashing through the screen.
 Likely to be referencing Branson's newly formed Virgin Atlantic...but interesting nonetheless.

 The film opens in an airport...
with Twin Peaks actor Lenny Von Dohlen

 Twin Peaks...Harold 'Hanged Man' Smith....aka Lenny 'Electric Dreams' Dohlen

 One Eyed Edgar 'the computer' is purchased in a 'pinecone' box..cough, cough.
Geddit...the 'pineal pinecone' as the brain's 'personal computer system'?

Within the opening few minutes...
Virginia is introduced on the back of the 9 & 11 clock.

 There is also a collapsing buildings thematic....contained within the film, the protagonist is trying to design a brick that will be resistant to earthquakes etc.

See the clip & particularly 2:22 Virginia walk the stairway again and see what happens!

 One eyed Edgar...

 Edgar's Bug...

...aka the 'pinecone pc'and he references VW & the Beetle

Firing the phoenix...The Phoenix Theatre and 'One Eyed' Cloud 9
You might well recall that in '23' Madsen starred with former husband Danny Huston who played Dr Phoenix. Followed by her visit to Dr Sirius (Phoenix/Sirius overlaps)...via the stairway!

  "The spice exists on only one planet in the entire Universe (the head)." 

The film (Eraserhead) was financially supported by Sissy 'Carrie' Spacek (directed by Brian 'born on 9/11' De Palma) she helped get it completed.

Spacek would star in Lynch's Straight Story with Richard 'Misery' Farnsworth. Spacek would also star (in Carrie) with Twin Peaks actress Piper Laurie and Blue Velvet actress Priscilla Pointer. The memorable ending scene...with Carrie reaching from the grave and it is Amy Irving's arm that is grabbed.  Irving was dating Spielberg in that same year (1976) and they married in 1985, but split a few years later.  Spacek is married to Jack Fisk...who played the man in the planet in Lynch's Eraserhead and has worked on numerous Lynch projects (inlc. Mulholland 911 Drive)...he has also worked for Terrence 'Tree of Life' Malik. The film (Carrie) also featured Nancy Allen.

Born on 9/11 De Palma would direct Dressed To Kill...The characters played by Nancy Allen (De Palma was also dating Allen at around this time!) and Keith Gordon have a drink at Windows on the World, the restaurant on the top of the North Tower of the World Trade Center (near the film's close). During this scene Gordon talks about a 'sex change' operation (male to female) and recall the left and right pillars on the TOL....appreciate that they can also represent female (left/moon) & male (right/sun). Keith Gordon would star in Carpenter's version of King's Christine...playing the lead role, he also featured in Jaws II.

A desolate, dry planet with vast deserts (the human brain imo). Hidden away within the rocks (cortex) of these deserts are a people known as the Fremen (freemen), who have long held a prophecy, that a man would come, a messiah, who would lead them to true freedom.

 the synaptic worm and electrical (brain) activity...the desert cortex
the worm comes up from below and engulfs the spice 'beetle' harvester
the desert worm synapse (electrical activity prior to appearance) and the 'thalamus' spice bug (crushing the beetle spice bug)


Fremen 'secret' water caches

Dune...rain via the eye/brain

 The Dune 'Djed'
 ...remember (to many people's astonishment) Lynch was approached by Lucas to direct 
Return of the (D)Jedi (eye)

 dream thematic etc 

 Paul drinks the 'water of life'

...made by the young spice worms

 We've ascertained that the thalamus (brain bug beetle egg) is seemingly connected to the process of dreaming (see previous text) and in Lynch's Mulholland Drive (9/11 Mulholland himself heavily connected to water, see below), we open with a bug (jitterbug/Oz) and then we're immersed into Diane's dream world.  Yes it is a dance, but is charged with 'bug resonance' via The Wizard of Oz.

William '9/11 birth' Mulholland was responsible for building the city water infrastructure of Los Angeles and providing a water supply that allowed the city to grow into one of the largest in the world.

"I just came here from Deep River (like Dorothy), Ontario...and now I'm in this dream place!"
 Jitter (nervous, uneasy, fidget, jumpy movements)
Bug (an insect)

A number called "The Jitterbug" was written for the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. The "jitterbug" was a bug sent by the Wicked Witch of the West to waylay the heroes by forcing them to do a jitterbug-style dance. Although the sequence was not included in the final version of the film, the Witch is later heard to tell the flying monkey leader, "I've sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them." The song as sung by Judy Garland as Dorothy and some of the establishing dialogue survived from the soundtrack as the B-side of the disc release of Over the Rainbow.
 The opening 'jitterbug' scene...which (appropriately) leads us into the 'drug infused dream world' of Diane.

Jittering the head bugs/beetles/eggs....into dreams

 Image generation during sleep seems to differ from that during imagination and recall. In particular it seems to involve a few well defined areas of cortex and considerable activation of the posterior thalamus.

There is no band...
the illusory nature of dreaming...

 Oz & Mulholland Drive
 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

The Tower Theatre (Broadway, LA) IS Silencio
  • The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation.
  • Epiphanies, transcendental states of consciousness, and Kundalini experiences may result. 
  • In the Triple Goddess Tarot, the card is named "Kundalini Rising".
  • The Tower further symbolizes that moment in trance in which the mind actually changes the direction of the force of attention from alpha condition (pointed mindward) to theta condition (pointed imaginal stageward). 
  • A Theta condition (especially in waking versions of theta states) is that moment when information coming into the ego-mind overwhelms external or sensory stimuli, resulting in what might otherwise be called a "vision" or "hallucination."
The above is self explanitory imo!  You might recall that Crowley protege and Scientology brainwasher L Ron Hubbard uses the term theta(n) within his nefarious 'thelemic' philosophy!

Jitter-bug dreams and watering the thalamus/bugs
 Crying and water 

The blue box was secreted in a 'hat box' (under the hat) where the head would was opened with a moon-key (moon/water/dew). 

Mul-hell-land Drive...on the way to Silencio, where they discover the box
The 'bum and box' behind Winkie's evoking Clive 'Candyman/Hellraiser' Barker...

S & M
Hellraiser and its infleunce on the development of S & M/self harming culture...should not be underestimated or dismissed out of hand...this filmic treatment, is perhaps a form of fetishization in itselfIt should be noted that Barker is openly gay.

"Jesus Wept"
Yup...clearly life imitating art!
Would this fetish even exist, if it were not for Hellraiser type driven imagery? Do these zombies even realize that their wants/desires have been seeded, manipulated and encouraged via MSM media? 

Arguably, one of the biggest areas where we can see the direct influence of media on society is perhaps through the exponential rise in 'plastic surgery' procedures...celebrity has truly led the way in terms of this type of body augmentation (Hollywood was using cosmetic surgery back in the 50's).  Swathes of media product aimed at seeding inadequacy in the viewer (via over produced and impossible imagery)...followed by the magickal solution of augmentation via products and plastic surgery procedures. I mention this because I think it is easily one of the simplest 'media driven' examples that exists!
Here is the Hellraiser 'derelict puzzle box guardian'
Appropriately he also eats insects/bugs...these being 'crickets'

 Barker and bugs (with Lynch's Dune star Madsen)...another that you've only just seen.
  As influences on his writing, Barker lists Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, William S. Burroughs, William Blake, and Jean Cocteau, among others.

Box and 2 bugs...Lament Configuration etc.

Masonic Barker....and 'raising'?

If you research the origin of these connects to Barker and Philip LeMarchand (fictional character via The Hellbound Heart) and this 'fictional' realm is soaked in 'masonic propaganda'!
The Abyss (Labyrinth), The Masonic key-stone, Tetra-grammaton, Pan-demon-ium...Illuminati (yawn) etc.
The library also contains several of Clive Barker’s novels: Imagica being a highly recommended read for those wanting a modern tale that brings more magick to the table than just about any other fiction on the market now or in Crowley’s time. 

Hellraiser sequel...Hellbound: Hellraiser II
 This is the labyrinth/leviathan heavy film...Pyramid Head (see pic) Crowley Nox/Vir sign 'attitude of pan etc'

Very evocative of the film The Sentinel & the WTC, a gate-way to Hell...seen earlier.
The Ghostbusters film (with a heavy tower/gateway thematic & features the WTC) & series is another that uses this kind of concept.

X-fade to Manhattan, the 2 boxes also resemble a 'looking down view' of the twin towers

Hellraiser III....Crowley aspects hove into view again...

also via the red/rosi-cross and Jesus/Osiris Slain
Recall the Lam (alien grey drawing) reference from earlier. 
Lam...The Way or (lower case L) '(l)am The Way' or 'I am the way' (a la Jesus)

Maybe this (I am the way & Lam drawing) could be viewed as a type of declaration from Crowley of his 'arrival' in a sense.

Anyway...there won't be many who disagree that Crowley was a literal 'hellraiser'
 Liber LXXI (71)

Which would go well with Lynch's Blue 'Rosicrucian' Velvet
The unfolding of the rose on the cross...which also has heavy sex magick allusions too! 

Pin(e) bald, a trait very much associated with Crowley.
 As mentioned earlier...this (imo) is likely a 'magickal' self potrait of Crowley and not a literal Alien/ET.

 Crowley 'the pyramid dweller' & The Book of Law
This Barker/Hellraiser connected page... note 'the pyramid' and 'the box' references
this is the gallery that is shown in Hellriser 3...the 'Manhattan' Pyramid Gallery

Pyramid (head) and pyramid shaft crescent moon-key...kept under hat, where the head would be!
Jitter-bug dream Box (dreams/thalamus/brain bugs etc)

From the jitter-bug (opening) to the death of the brain-bug (ending)
Diane's suicide...the dream is permanently over.

It is said that the destruction of the thalamus (brain beetle bug) causes inability to dream, which reveals that along with the hypothalamus it is indeed a kind of “gateway” or “gatekeeper” between the conscious-self and the subconscious realms.

The Ring and its heavy water themes...which appear throughout.

Not forgetting the insect theme...via the tape.

The Tape...insects, water, wells and an 'opening of the mouth' theme

Killer 'reality warping' media...

Winkies & (jitter)Bugs
 March of the Winkies/The Jitterbug Song (often seen as a combo) 

Winkie's...Oz and sleep aka 'the winkies' (subconscious)
En-trance...To put into a trance/hypnotize etc. Hence why Dan & D(i)an(e) (she is both) both react strongly to this 'entrance' notice, as you'll see if you watch the film.

The following a 'dream within a dream' (sleep referenced twice)...Diane's (Watts) dream composite of Camilla falls asleep (at Aunt Ruth's) and we then enter this scene:

 Dan/D(i)an(e)...winkies (sleep), dreams & eggs

The egg and the sun

Naomi Watts....the egg thematic
She played the wife of the Kafka 'bug man' Tim Roth

Mulholland Drive...the bookcase at Adam's house (pointing to familial abuse)

One book was Sagan (again) Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors...part of which deals with man and his primate based nature etc.

The 'cowboy' as a subconscious guide...(inside Diane's dreaming mind)
Perhaps a form of en-light-enment...the light of the horned skull shines when he enters & off on his exit.

Cowboy: There's sometimes a buggy. How many drivers does a buggy have?
Adam Kesher: One.
Cowboy: So, let's just say I'm driving this buggy. And, if you fix your attitude, you can ride along with me.

Driving the buggy bugs...Indian & Cowboy style

 It is said that the destruction of the thalamus causes inability to dream, which reveals that along with the hypothalamus it is indeed a kind of “gateway” or “gatekeeper” between the conscious-self and the subconscious realms.

 If we compare the opening of Lynch's Mulholland Drive and Kubrick's The Shining they seem to appear to be a 'night version' and 'day version' of the 'fool on his journey' along the precipice...
Post MD's opening crash, we see 'the fool' Camilla/Rita (dream composite in Diane's mind) descend from the precipice at night (like the fool stepping off) then down through the Hollywood Hills. The 'water based' Mulholland Drive (see earlier pic) and The Shining 'going to the sun road' next to the 'watery lake'

 Jack 'The Fool' Nicholson famously has his own place on Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive runs right alongside it...highlighted in yellow.

Of course...Jack met all things watery and in the same location via Polanski's Chinatown. 
Bruce Glover (father of Back to the Future's Crispin 'McFly/Bug Pants' Glover) also features, as does Faye 'Network' Dunaway & William 'Towering Inferno/Omen II/Dead Pool(e) Sunset Blvd' Holden.'s William '9/11' Mulholland again!
The characters Hollis Mulwray (Zwerling) and Noah Cross (Houston) are both references to the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, William Mulholland (1855–1935)—the name Hollis Mulwray is partially an anagram for Mulholland. The name Noah is a reference to a flood, to suggest the conflict between good and evil in Mulholland. Mulholland was the designer and engineer for the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which brought water from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles.

Recall in Mulholland Drive (drive, appropriate for golf)...Adam (Theroux) smashes the Castigliani Bros limo with a golf club...just like Jack did himself and in reality.

The MD 'hit limo' license plate reads... 
 2-GAT-123....a 'gat' is a pistol or revolver (gatling etc)
Which also showed up in Beverly Hills Cop 2 & Traffic...both appropriate, don't you think?
 Traffic on Beverly Hills (Hollywood) fact, the traffic accident on Mulholland Drive (Beverly Hills) is a huge aspect of MD. All 3 films have blatant 9-11 subliminals too!!!  I've shown them on this blog already! The plate has shown up in other films too...LA Story, Go etc.

Its not the only thing they have in common!
Beverly Hills Cop 2 & Mulholland Drive both open with a black limousine and both opening events take place in Beverly Hills.  In MD the driver has the gun, but in Bev Cop 2, the passenger has the gun! 

The Beverly Hills Cop 2 limo has the license plate 77

Thing is, Lynch has his own massive thing about the number 7 too!

 Beverly Hills Cops x2 (Mulholland Drive)

Beverly Hills Cop 2 (with Trading '9/11' Places Murphy)
Recall 'the clockwork orange report' from Trading 'WTC' Places...see 'Why So Sirius' post.
Also recall that Judge 'Gremlins 9/11' Reinhold features in this series. 

Follow the white rabbit...

The Beverly Hills Cop 2 car...ends up just like the Mulholland drive limo!
A few minutes after the vehicle is totalled...we see it again (magickally repaired), taking our protagonists to the lawyers view the 9/11 computer screen! 

 Synchronistically...Beverly Hills Cop II will feature a couple of Lynch regulars...Dean 'In Dreams' Stockwell and Jurgen 'Dune/FWWM' Prochnow (as Maxwell '9/11' Dent)! 

 "We live inside a dream"

Prochnow featured in the 'off the map' dream sequence via David Bowie in Lynch's Fire Walk With Me (FWWM) is an ideal pairing with his Dune co-star Dean 'In Blue Velvet Dreams' Stockwell!  

Resident Alien...Al-ien. Most of the film takes place on Sept 11th and as a sub-plot, 
terrorists rob the federal reserve!  The final showdown concerns robbing a race track (Empyrian Fields) on 9/11. Empyrean meaning 'relating to heaven' or the 'highest part of heaven, thought by the ancients to be the realm of pure fire.'

 Paul 'Resident Alien(s)' Reiser
 Well...the film was directed by Tony 'I'm Ridley Alien' Scott's brother!

The Beverly Hills Cop II computer screen..the next similar screen shown (in the film) 
refers to Oil & 911!
 911...Traffic from Kafka 'bug man' Soderbergh
Traffic features Miguel 'Twin Peaks' Ferrer

The MD 9/11 ciphers and themes...not forgetting William Mulholland, who was born on 9/11

Lynch on 9/11

The hitman...
"Gat (Get) out of the car"...on 9/11 Drive (Mulholland's birth)

"Let's hit the fucking road..."

Ending...ear canal to the robin and love bug...
 The Love Bug...beetle and wings

 David Lynch & Friends...the eggs, lol

Many will be aware of Lynch and his recent forays into trance-ndental meditation.

A bugs life....with Macca

The Love (Code) Beetle Bug

with the 'cricle of the sun' the scarab pushing the 'circle of the sun'!

The exploding 'love bug' VW

Cirque Du Soleil...Ovo (egg) 'Eggs & Beetles'

Paul 'Winged Beatle/Beetle' McCartney

Eggs...sunny side up (see middle pic above)

Just how I like 'em...and with huge doses of deja-vu.

Flying with wings...
 Apollo the winged sun god...a god of music, prophecy etc...and an archer (bowman too)
Sirius...the sun behind the sun

The Sun Chariot of Apollo...left
The Chariot/Cycle of Shining Danny/Apollo

Flying with wings...and the apollo archer

the winged sun/orb
"Gives you wings"
Apis-Osiris...the Bull/Sun, the minotaur and the labyrinth (Jack in the maze etc)

'baphomet horned' minotaur bully of the maze...Jack

Buffalo Bill/Bull
Buffalo 'winged' Bull SOTL and Jack

Killing the King Bull/Apis in Memphis...SOTL
As he now represented Osiris, the bull (the Boyle) was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony (ceres & moon combo)..which took place in Memphis. 

 Even has pyramids...the view from above.
Lecter sent from Baltimore (where Poe died etc) to Memphis

All occuring with POE(try) and Goldberg/Goldbug playing...and in Memphis (seat of the king)

The POE infused...thalamic/thelemic beetles/beatles

The egg men...thalami
John jumping with wings...I am the thalamus (not walrus)

 The eggheaded Beatles

It is the 'winged brain beetle' aka Egyptian winged orb
left above pic, Ridley Scott's Alien Nostromo crew badges

 Not forgetting that the Alien-linked Prometheus...utilised the 'head' theme and rather heavily!
It also seemed to utilise Egyptian style 'canopic jars' (containers for viscera)

Fire (Prometheus stealing fire from the gods, giving it to man) & the head 

"The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (encoding, perhaps another CRM possibilty), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire
 Manly P Hall TSTOAA

Scott's 237's and computer/brain interface

The Overlook...home of 237
the (flatbed body) sphinx-like snow 'cat'
 237 feet (some claim, others say 240)....length of sphinx...2*3*7=42

Something to 'sphinx' about...

 As above, so below...the macrocosm & the microcosm
The Thalamus/Beetle Brain Bug...again!!!
The Light-Lux/Pyramid Prism optic '42 rainbow connection'
The internal chambers of the great pyramid and overlaid with the sphinx head/human head. 
The scarab/beetle-like right/left thalamus (thalamus meaning inner chamber, Greek)

The Kings Chamber (Stephen King, lol)...also resembles the Djed '23' Spine
In of King's writing pseudonyms is Richard Bachman/Back-man. 

Pyramid Mines...
Mining the pyramid...our pyramid/brain!

You may well remember that Arnie was a literal political 'running man' in the 2003 Recall elections...cough, cough!

Bachman/King The Running Man
The opening scenes of The Running Man uses footage from King 'WTC' Kong 1976

The Butcher of Bakersfield...Arnie 'T2-911' Schwarzenegger
Bachman's/King's book The Running Man (later made into an Arnie film) ends with the plane crashing into the tower, resulting in the deaths of Richards and Killian. Richards makes a suicide run on the Games Building in New York, killing Killian and everybody inside. The novel comes to a close with the description, "...and it rained fire twenty blocks away." The film altered the location to LA.

 The 'twin towers' of an augmented MGM HQ! (see below)

A truncated pyramid-like building
 The ICS television network headquarters' lower eight floors, seen at 13:40 (in the film), is the pyramid-like Filmland Corporate Center in Los Angeles, the home of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1987. (now owned by Sony, who also purchased 'the orion inspired' Tri-Star pictures)

 The thalamus has multiple functions. It may be thought of as a kind of switchboard of information.

Don't forget 'The Sgt Pepper/Khepera' cover Pyramid

The (Aiwass) Book of Law was dictated after Crowley meditated inside the Great Pyramid!

 The thalamus is generally believed to act as a relay between a variety of subcortical areas and the cerebral cortex. In particular, every sensory system (with the exception of the olfactory system) includes a thalamic nucleus that receives sensory signals and sends them to the associated primary cortical area. For the visual system, for example, inputs from the retina are sent to the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, which in turn projects to the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe. The thalamus is believed to both process sensory information as well as relay it—each of the primary sensory relay areas receives strong "back projections" from the cerebral cortex.

Juicing the beetle bug on the 'going to the sun road'...The Shining

Juicing its way to The Overlook 'pyramid' Hotel and mountain

We can trace the ideas the Egyptians held about the scarab/beetle (appropriately) as far back as the time of the building of the Pyramids, and there is no doubt that they represented beliefs which even at that early period were very old. The scarab or beetle itself possesses remarkable powers, and if a figure of the scarab be made, and the proper words of power be written upon it, not only protection of the dead physical heart, but also a new life and existence will be given to him to whose body it is attached. moreover, the scarab was the type and sybol of the god Khepera, the invisible power of creationwhich propelled the sun across the sky. Khepera himself being 'the creation' and so therefore he begat Ra (the sun god), Khepera's position cannot be underestimated in the great scheme of things, it was via his will/word that creation came into being!

Danny watching TV, The Summer of '42...42 the angle of the rainbow

At the (hub of) the wheel
In the 'beetle bug' with mass media & massa intermedia, literally! 

The ‘ancient shamanic priesthood’ may have placed so much emphasis on the thalamus, because, like the centre of the earth, the thalamus is smack-bang at the centre of the brain. But not only this, the thalamus is the major sensory and motor relay nucleus in the brain; it is our “central control box” and is our interface with the reality around us. In other words, it acts like the hub of the whole wheel. The thalamus is the 'Bridal Chamber' as spoken of by Jesus, it means inner chamber in Greek. When one part of the neocortex – one “spoke” of the “wheel” – communicates with another; it does so via the thalamus – being the centre of the whole sphere. If there were anything in the physical body that would represent the centre of consciousness itself, it would be the thalamus at the centre of the brain. This is also the opinion of many of today’s neurologists, and we would suggest that an ancient prehistoric culture – a shamanic ‘serpent cult’ or priesthood (the Shining Ones) also understood this.
Gary Osborn

The Shining Ones

Mass Media
The Great pyramid is literally at the exact centre of the Earth's land mass...the thalamus is at the exact centre of the above, so below...microcosm and macrocosm.

Recall that the speed of light is encoded into the latitude of the Great Pyramid...see 666 post! 

 You see? It's ok...he saw it on the televison (cinema screen)

The thalamus is the major sensory and motor relay nucleus in the brain; it is our “central control box” and is our interface with the reality around us.

The Monkees Head...A Jack Nicholson production...wink, wink.
The Monkees being the US version of the British Beatles/Beetles 

'Winged Beetle' McCartney played on Glastonbury's Pyramid stage...back in 2004, the other sun/stone rollers aka The Rolling Stones played on it this year 2013.

Jack's Head...Jack Nance (Henry) who is influenced by Jack Fisk (the man in the planet)
Jack's love interest Mary X will play wife of Garland 'Oz Judy' Briggs in Lynch's Twin Peaks. 

Labyrinth men...The Two Jacks (The Two Jakes)

Head & Bug
The Shining cast were apparently shown this Lynch work during the making of the film!  
It was one of Kubrick's favourite pieces at the time and Eraserhead was used to set mood etc.

The Blue Monkey's Head (Oz & Fire Walk With Me)
The head of the blue 'moon-key'...for the box, hidden under a hat (where the head would be)
Crescent moon and pyramid (head)

Monkey's Head

The Temple (head) of Doom

Head bug beetle (thalamus0


The 'beetle/bug' thalamus
The 'yellow beetle bug' in Poltergeist (left) & The Shining

 Abbey Road

 1967...single released on 7/7/67

"All you need is love bug...1968"

Crushed Dakota beetle/beatle

"And we all shine on..."

Crushed beetle...& Eggs Sunny-side up

Beetle and Eggs
Allen's wife Farrow spent time with the Beatles in India with the Guru.

 Sleeper (Woody Allen, again!)

Sleeper...crushing the beetle bug (and water, again!)

 The beetle bug...and water (thalamus dew)

Trying to crush the beetle...self harming and suicide, from the Golden Gate Rainbow Bridge

 Cronenberg's The Dead Zone (Crushed Beetle) 'brain beetle damage' that leads to psychic powers...starring Annie Hall's Christopher Walken.

 Another from the Cronos (scarab/beetle) collection

 Beetle power...not Austin Power..."Oh...behave"

The bug and water (River's Edge, 1986) and with Blue Velvet 'bugman' Hopper!
McFly in the bug...with Neo/Sirius 'Dogstar' Reeves (who himself got bugged in the matrix)

The Skull Brothers...
Reeves' brother (in the film) is Tim aka Joshua Miller (see pic) he would make his screen debut in Hallowe'en 3 (above, left), as Dan Challis' son...he is the real son of Father Damien 'Exorcist' Karras (Jason Miller) and half brother of Jason 'Lost Boys' Patric.

Tim (Miller, far right)) River's 'Bug' Edge

Miller would link up again with 'Bug Pants/Bug Driving' Glover (and Brad 'Dune Bug/Blue Velvet Bug/Exorcist 3' Dourif) in the OZ evoking Wizards of Gore (2007).

Hallowe'en 3 featured the 'bug theme' and the 9/11 cipher during the TV test broadcast. Reeves himself gets direct 9/11 resonance from his 9/11/2001 Matrix passport and Glover will get it directly via Back To The Future I (9:11/11:9 clocks) & II (WTC tower).  Dan Challis actor Tom Atkins will (again) get 9/11 resonance by featuring in Lethal '911/Plane/Exploding Building' Weapon! You'll see all these 9/11 examples as we progress.

Blood Simple (Coen Bros, 1st feature)...bug with wings 

The Bug Lebowski
 The exact same car from Blood Simple...used again in the Coen Brotherhood's The Big '9/11' Lebowski

 The Big Lie-bowski

"There it is again"
The 'dented yellow/gold beetle bug'...The Truman Show (dir, Peter Weir)
The beetle appearance alerts Truman to strange goings-on and mental awakening between days 10,911-10912

There it is again, again...
  The Truman Show director Peter Weir's VW Bug...The Cars That Ate Paris/Eat People (1974)
Prickly (pine) needle a porcu-pine.

 The above...make me recall this!
 The 'spikey' Beetle-juice!

There it is again, again, again...with Jim (Truman) getting out.
 The 'sunshine' pushing Gold Bug...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Light up the bug...gremlins/bugs in the system

Spielberg/Dante's Beetle Bug 9/11 (Sapphire XI/September 11) radio
Spielberg & Dante were involved in making the 1983 'Twilight Zone' movie...8:55 (9 and 11) clock on exit, during the opening credits. I also found this 'subliminal' skull/bones (osiris pirate) and pyramid within the 80's tv series opening titles.

 Landis was also infamously involved in the above film, director of Trading 'WTC 9/11' Places (he gets 'see you next wednesday' into his segment in German)...Dan 'Trading Places' Aykroyd features in the movies opening intro segment.

Futures...the same year and related personnel and the same type of clock setting!
This is obviously inside the WTC complex itself...namely Four World Trade Center

Trading Places opening....The 119/911 Super Tramp

 Looks like these guys (below) did too....Breakfast in America

UP= flipped 911 cipher over the towers. A composite liberty/isis with orange juice over the mock the right time of day. Note this is actually the view from an aircraft window!

We see the protagonists (Eddie 'Bev Hills 9/11 Cop 2' Murphy, & Dan '911 Twilight Zone' Aykroyd) arrive in the 110 'love taxi' in front of the Towers and with the 'unbridled carnage' dialogue etc...The Clockwork Orange Report, that was to be delivered by Clarence 'Die 9/11 Hard Dwayne T Robinson' Beeks (Paul Gleason)! Die Hard Sgt Powell who drove the 110 'police car' that the 'tower falling body' landed on. All that and I never even mentioned Bruce 'WTC/911' Willis!

Trading Places - A Polish 'illuminati calling card' Promo
 The pyramid/eye and the rainbow (head)...the reptilian allusion that connects to the pyramid brain.
An inverted 911 cipher.  
Annuit cœptis: "He approves of the undertakings" or "He has approved of the undertakings"

Yes it really feels like someone is taking the piss...perhaps an aspect of major film productions used as a 'carrier signal' for 'military/industrial complex/secret society insider chatter/communications' (for want of a better description) and one that also subliminally washes over the masses and places 'subliminal trojans/triggers' within the subconscious mind of the mass viewership...shaping/influencing a reality going forward and possibly therefore even manipulating potential responses etc...I'm just thinking out loud etc.

Not Sapphires ala Gremlins, but Diamonds of the Lucy variety...
The shining diamond in the sky (lucy/lucy-fer/lux/light) aka Sirius
 The horizontal mirrored Pepper drum...1 ONE 1X or 1 1 9- 9 1 1?
1 ONE 1 10 (X) 1111(0)
HE ^ DIE...which could as easily say HEADIE..

'Gold bug' Poe in the top centre, alongside Jung...Mass(a) (inter)Media (note the tv set below)
The underworld (underground) subterranean dwelling beetle/beatle...hence the hole in the ground...'fixing a hole'. The scarab/beetle amulet would replace the heart of the deceased...
therefore...the Beetle IS the Heart!

The unfolding lotus (3rd eye) and guitar (see flowerbed guitar, next to statue) 
 "Seated on a dew drenched Lotus, dressed in red silk, bedecked in gold, Lakshmi was the very embodiment of affluence, abundance, and auspiciousness."
 Lakshmi (like Nu upholding creation beneath the scarab/beetle, see Pepper cover) inside the Lotus, its unfolding evoking the opening of the thalamus/3rd eye.  

 The Third Eye (pyramid/eye)

Winged Beetle Crowley...and his buddy Ian Fleming

The Pine(al)-wood Bond
 Ringo's wife Barbara Bach...'triple x' (xxx) which in pythagorean terms is 666 (lvx/light)
Roger Moore (Roger magick, lol)

The 7th of the 7th '77...You might recall that Ringo's wife (Barbara Bach, Bach like Goldberg variations) was inside the 'watery lotus' in The Spy Who Loved Me (Kubrick worked on the film)...the one with the grey submarine and white submarine lotus, not the yellow one...that her husband sang on!  Not forgetting that Macca & Wings did the theme for Live and Let Tarot...which starred Alien's Parker aka Yaphet 'Running Man' Kotto, the film adapted from a Stephen King story.

Spirit of the Lotus (Lotus Esprit)
I covered the 'opeining of the Bond mouth/wormhole' and The Spy Who Loved Me in earlier work.
This film was followed by Moonraker (moon, source of dew) and then For Your Eyes Only...for a related mystery religion pay-off!  Moore himself also has 'Templar' resonance from playing Simon 'the saint' Templar.

Triple X & Bond's escape pod...from Atlantis
 Bach (back, geddit?) to the egg ...the escape pod

  The original actor who played M in the Bond films was Bernard Lee
...his Grandson is Jonny Lee Miller, who played in the 1995 film Hackers...with Angelina Jolie.
Hence his constant Sean Connery impressions in the film that followed Hackers...Trainspotting!

 Hackers- Dade Murphy's (Miller) plane from Seattle matches the Flight Path of American Airlines Flight 11. Both planes were 767's. The North Tower passes underneath the plane and turns into an electronic component just as the "Hackers" title drops into the frame from the audiences P.O.V.
Miller is given a New World Order lecture by Fisher Stevens.

Crash and Burn buildings
Computer screen subliminals in a still capture

 Angelina Jolie herself will also get massive 911 resonance from Pushing Tin!
Along with John '666 Rosemary's Baby' Cusack (as Horus) and Billy Bob '911/Armageddon' Thornton...who coincidently was born on day 216 aka (6*6*6).
Miller & Thornton would both be briefly married to Jolie....who is now married to Brad 'WTC-Fight Club/911-Se7en' Pitt.  Jolie herself having a strange relationship with 'blood'...using Miller's blood to write his name inside her wedding dress and carrying around a vial of Thornton's blood around her neck!

More Bond related...
Surely you remember Mike 'Hallowe'en' Myers spoof...The Spy Who Shagged Me?
Back to the egg...Swinger? More like (s)Winger.
The 'time travelling' (cronos/time) VW Rainbow Beetle Bug...with Hathor 'Isis/Sycamore' Graham

Back to Abbey Road...I'm sure you'll understand the reference!

 Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation aka LASER
The Death (Da'ath) Star or The Alan Parson's Project...Eye in the Sky aka Sirius
The 3 masonic lights...sun, moon & sirius. 

 One of the most familiar Project tracks is Sirius, perhaps best known as the Chicago Bulls theme and featured at countless NBA games. P.Diddy (Puff Daddy) also chose Sirius as the backbone for the title track of his multi-platinum-selling CD, The Saga Continues. In 2000, Sirius was featured in an IMAX documentary movie about Michael '23' Jordan. Jordan synchronistically spent most of his formative years in Wilmington, NC...his family moved there when he was a toddler and he went to Emsley A Laney High School!

Alan 'Beatles' Parsons
 One of his first jobs was at an EMI tape duplication facility in West London. At this time he was fortunate enough to experience the master tape of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album and that boosted his determination to become a recording engineer. Says Alan, "I couldn't wait to find out the secrets behind the album. It left me totally in awe of the talent of The Beatles themselves of course, but also the work behind the scenes in the studio". His timing was perfect. He landed a post at the then not-so-celebrated Abbey Road Studios and garnered significant experience on the Beatles' Let It Be album, and actively participated in the famous Apple rooftop session. The Abbey Road album (released before Let It Be but recorded later) helped Alan to make his mark with the Fab Four, although he was only an assistant engineer at that time. Still, it resulted in Alan going on to work as a full-blown engineer with Paul McCartney on McCartney, Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway, including the singles Hi Hi Hi and C Moon. Alan adds "I couldn't have asked for a better grounding in recording - after all not many engineers got to work the greatest rock act of all time". He also helped out on George Harrison's All Things Must Pass album both as an assistant and as a mix engineer.

The brain egg, serpent (mid-brain) and Poe

The Project debuted in 1976 with Tales of Mystery and Imagination, a collection inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe.

Talking Poe, eyes and viewing..A View To A Kill with Poe infused Walken.
 Don't forget Walken on Sunshine's egg shaped the Golden Gate Bridge...wink, wink
Followed by 'crushing the egg/bug' at the golden gate.

 Octopussy...The Faberge '33' Egg...'splash it all brut''s a bug/egg literally!

The Fool and the 0 (egg)

 Octopussy opening...the fool (clown) and the egg (faberge)...009 (not 007)
The balloon maybe evoking 'the sun'...this is a night shot. 
(the egg has just rolled from his hand and you can see it at the forefront)

 007 will become the fool at the ending...the fool 'the alpha & omega' beginning & end!
 Moore starred with Steven 'Clockwork Orange Sun Egg' Berkoff...a Kubrick regular.

Star Trek Deep Space 9
 Berkoff & CRM114...A Clockwork Orange/Barry Lyndon/Beverly Hills 9/11 Cop.
It is seemingly fitting to have a Kubrick reference in the episode, as guest star Steven Berkoff (Hagath) played Tom in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, which starred Malcolm McDowell, who also happens to be the uncle of DS9 actor and episode director Alexander Siddig.

 Octopussy/Oto-pussy...'Opening of the mouth'....croc/ammit

the fool, the egg & the 'bloody red hand' cross

 The Magickal Mysteries Tour/Tor (Hill)

The Hooker (Hookah) Who Loved Me...for 'opening the mouth'

"All you need is love"

 The hookah (maker hook) pipe and the opening of the mouth etc...not forgetting Lewis 'Alice' Carrol and the catepillar (bug/worm) smoker.

 According to published comments made about the album cover shoot, the trophy that appears above the "L" in "BEATLES" spelled out in flowers is one of Paul's old rugby trophies that he brought along to the shoot. It certainly looks like a rugby trophy - after all, there aren't many games played in Great Britain that use an oval ball.

Rugby is commonly called 'egg chasing' due to the shape of the ball itself 

The Gold Bug
 Lennon's 'gold egg bug'...given to him by 'bug-eyed aliens'
I shit you not!

Tree of Life
 The Mexican Metepec Tree of Life (Arbol de la vida) ...just to the left of the 'rolling temple stone' doll's foot.

The last Wings album and their first in association with Colum/OTO Dove ...Columbia
 Back to the egg is 'wings x2' over Paul...there is a 'winged bird' over the FIRE-place.
It could be the Goddess 'widow of Nimrod' Semiramis (Isis/Mary/Ishtar etc) this LP being directly connected to the dove.

The Goddess...take your pick
Those that can't cope with the 9/11 apects...then this blog is certainly not for you.
I include everything I can, regardless of my own views and I look unfavourably on those who shun this idea or who put it in the realms of paranoia.

The brain beetle thalamus...the living stone!
 Gold Beetle Bug Poe...and the (David) Living-stone (thalamus) who gazes directly at him, maybe he is (Fred) A-staring at him...Astaire just to Poe's right, with Naked 'Bug' Lunch Burroughs below him and appropriately 'synchronicity' guru Jung to the left of Poe. There is a Weissmuller below Living-stone...Weissmuller meaning the 'knowing-miller or white-miller' and millers have always used stones.  Welcome the Beetle Rolling Stones. see how interconnected the two 'supergroups' of the 60's are...The Beatles & The Stone Rollers (The Rolling Stones)

Talking of Stones...the five fabled Sankara stones in Indiana Jones
 which appropriately starred The Shining's Delbert Grady...Philip Stone.

Temple (Head) of Doom...The stones & the skull
 The stone at the summit/apex of the spinal ladder! (see ladder, snake & wings, further down)
the philosophers stone(s)/eggs/beetles/thalamus

We just saw Laksmhi (Hindu goddess) with 'the beatles' above...The Hindu goddess Kali will be referenced in Temple of Doom, as will 'the brain beetles'!

Spielberg & Lucas...Temple (head) of Doom
Mmmm...thalamus bug surprise

Chilled monkey (our) brains...Food for thought.

Reptilian Complex of the human brain
 snake/reptile in the head

The 'head' and the 'brain'...Full Metal Jacket & 2001:ASO
 The 2001 helmet evoking the reptilian brain (snake spinal cord)...whilst inside the brain!!!

David Icke followers (or imo, people led astray by a gatekeeper) and their 'reptilian' BS probably don't even appreciate that ALL humans have 'the reptilian complex' via their brains!
 From my own POV...Icke's idea is nothing more than a poor reworking of the TV series V and/or Childhood's End. (UFO's over New York, Childhood's End and Lennon's Nobody Told Me)

It is highly possible that in the 1982 release Hallowe'en 3...that a similar thematic was being employed!

Snake (reptilian) Surprise

The 'chip' at the back of the skull
 The Wallace/Carpenter/Hill production...with the nefarious national TV broadcast from Silver 'Stonehenge' Shamrock...masterminded by Cochran (Dan O'Herlihy,  Twin Peaks' Andrew Packard)

Watch the magic pumpkin...WATCH! (the eye thematic)
The serpent/reptile from the head with accompanying bugs...

8-11, 9-11, 10-11 & 11-11 (I can't yet decipher the writing above each number)
 TV frying the brain system. In earlier posts I also noted the 8-11, 9-11, 10-11 & 11-11 number pattern during the test broadcast.

'They Live' fans may be getting more than they bargained for! 
The eye and skull thematic ala Poe...yes again!

Carpenter was another film-maker who adapted a King novel for the screen...Christine. 
 His film Escape From New York...also has relevent imagery! 

The 'one-eyed' thematic...planes attacking the skyline.
 The plane/glider, terrorists and the WTC...cough, cough.
Lynch regular...Harry Dean Stanton features too, as does a character called Cronenberg.

 Carpenter's The Fog...opens with the last two lines from Poe's A Dream Within a Dream
 It's getting all David 'Dream' Lynchian...

The pirate 'Blake' (in The Fog, above) would be played by Rob Bottin...the FX man who worked on Carpenter's The Thing

The Osiris Pirate

"Home of the buccaneers...piracy of the high frequencies"

Bottin would use the following effect in Carpenter's The Thing...the bug/spider head, which followed...

 ...directly on the back of the 'opening of the chest/mouth' (literally) of Norris.

Bottin also did special effects for Fincher's Se7en
The head in a box
"We've got your (beetle bug) head in a box" (head as in the 'bug-like' accumulator helmet)

The Lust killing...Se7en
 One of the men being interrogated is 'head damage' Andy from Lynch's Lost Highway  
The other man...literally 'fucked a prostitute to death' with a knife/weapon boner!
Fincher's (who also directed Alien 3) Se7en has a 9/11 cipher via the tape machine...
during the Lust interrogation.

 The Lust man...literally 'fucked a prostitute to death' with a knife/weapon boner! 
 Leland Orser
The Se7en man with the 'killer boner' would play the killer in The Bone(r) Collector!

The Bone Collector 9/11 references...
 Denzel Washington finds a piece of paper from page 119, and the date is 11/9, November 9th

Fincher's Fight Club...
Fight Club has the 'building collapse' theme at the climax...with the 'Ground Zero' reference!
With Tim 'Beetlejuice/Alice' Burton's wife Bonham Carter.

The Fight Bug
 "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise"

 Another bug/eye/brain aspect is shown earlier in Hallowe'en 3
Prior to this she is seen reading 'new age guru' Castenada's Eagle's Gift

The abyss jump...cough, cough.

Dan 'Twin Peaks/Robocop' O'Herlihy as Cochran...Halloween 3
The 'skull' thematic...via one of the 3 masks.
He even did voice over for the Batman (wings) animated series.

The 'test family' and captured Dan 'grail cup' Challis (Atkins) are shown around Cochran's factory
Silver Shamrock Collection...the love bugs (next to wings aka indian headress) and egg!

So we've just seen Carpenter work with Twin Peak's Andrew Packard (Cochran/O'Herlihy). Carpenter's '95 release In The Mouth of Madness (with Stephen King aspects) would see him team up with Twin Peaks actors David '666 Omen' Warner & Jurgen 'Dune' also synchronistically featured Sam '666 Omen' Neill, at location Hobb's End (Devil's end).

To top it off, In The Mouth of Madness would also feature Twin Peaks/Blue Bug Velvet actress Frances Bay (above)...the one who spots the 'beetle love bug' at the close of Blue Velvet (see left pic) and hands Laura the picture (FWWM) which is a 'gateway' to another dream world.

Poe's...The Pit & The Pendulum
She'll get direct Poe resonance from playing in the 1991 version of The Pit & The Pendulum with Lance 'Alien/Pumpkinhead' Henriksen...can you see the overlaps? Dan 'Alien' O'Bannon would work with Carpenter on his first film Dark Star! 

 You might have noticed that Laura 'Blue Velvet' Dern featured in Spielberg's Masonic Park along with Goldblum and Samuel L Jackson.
 Masonic Park - Jurassic Apron (Sirius blazing from the doorway, rainbow arch on apron)
Indy's 3rd degree coffin the Osiris 'lead lined' fridge/coffin, reborn into the light!

Scarab/thalamus in the brain (the man's head bead also evokes the 3rd eye)
Scarab/Thalamus followed by desert...

Temple of Doom already has a huge 'bug' thematic in a normal sense, just watch to see!

Are your scarab/beetle bugs (right/left thalamus) in your 'monkey (human) brain' now chilled?

If you don't like the menu above...try this instead!
Eye Soup...Son of Isis & Osiris...Eye of horus/wadjet

The winged brain beetle eye...
left eye (moon/feminine/isis) right eye (sun/masculine/osiris-horus)

Recall the earlier pyramid/head overlay...

Raiders of the Lost Ark opens with the Paramount image overlaid on a pyramid rock. 

Raiders of the Lost 42 Ark/Arc (rainbow arc) 
42 & The Rainbow...little pyramids encircled

 Ford whistles an Oz song "If Only I Had A Brain, A Heart etc..." in Working 'WTC/911' Girl,
while he wears The 42 Shining 'navajo' wrap! 

Rainbow Head....
The Shining Navajo Rainbow painting.

 Working 'WTC' Girl...set in the WTC complex itself 1988
with William 'Beetlejuice' Baldwin, Harrison 'Osiris' Ford & Sigourney 'Alien' Weaver

Plenty of cough, coughs...."we're history" 11/09....11th Sept 'euro style'  
The thalamus literally sits on top of the end of the spinal stem!!!

Where the rainbow of the head
Another implied meaning could be the rainbow bridge ending at Sirius.

Dr actually based on Harrison & Ford 
The 'eye' above the Dr Harford (Harrison & Ford combo) 'pyramid' (nose)

You might recall (after the opening) that Indy (Orion/Osiris) escapes in an aeroplane, after being chased by locals...
 he finds a snake in the cockpit and we're given a backbone (spine) allusion too!

 Snakes, backbone (spine) and wings (aeroplane)!
the 3rd eye/thalamus beetle/egg and wings...on the top of the staff/spine

Snakes & Spinal Ladders
 Temple of Doom...watching your back/spine over the abyss/ladder-spine bridge


Don't forget he (Ford) played Deckard in Blade Runner too...and he goes snake hunting in that!

Ford has previous on the spine, Djed(i) and Osiris...via another Lucas vehicle
Osiris Risen just like the djed pillar (23 degrees) and 

Raising Osiris...astronomically (as above, so below)
 The Han/Leia image...just like the astronomical version in the sky...sirius (isis/anubis) pursuing the belt stars of Orion (Osiris), pushing at his back/spine/djed and raising him!

Batty 'the shoulders of Orion' with Harrison Orion/Osiris Ford, who is over his shoulder

There is a heavy 'unicorn' aspect within Blade Runner...connecting it to more 3rd eye mythos.

Brain/beetle-eggs, chicken eggs and the thalamus/head allusion...Blade Runner
 head & eggs x-crossfade

 which came first?
 Gaff's origami chicken...

Bug eyed Batty

The 'eye' thematic is done to death in Scott's Blade it is in Kubrick's 2001!

  Here it is!
The pyramid head

The untopped (without capstone) pyramid...symbol of the on-going 'great work'
 The Shining's Overlook 'pyramid' Hotel barman Lloyd (Joe Turkel) as 'god-like' Tyrell, who resides at the top of a pyramid...death through the eyes and a crushed skull.

 The 2001 truncated pyramid..via the Monolith

Chess & 1 eye (Hal) Chess & 2 eyes (Tyrell) with Lloyd The Shining barman!
Douglas 'over the rainbow' Trumball did the FX for both of these films!
 2001...Poole (as Roesch) v Hal (as Schlage) in a game from 1910...Rossiter played Smyslov in 2001 and he was World Chess Chapion in 1957/58.
Blade Runner...Batty (as Anderssen) v Tyrell (as Kieseritzky) in the match known as the 'immortal game' from 1851.

(The chessboards used in Blade Runner are not arranged exactly the same as those in the immortal game, but it is still considered to be the game played due to the symbolism in the situation of the prodigy child and his maker.)

 Blade Runner was of course based on P K Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' and Dick also penned 'VALIS' (his last major work, 1981) acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System, Dick's gnostic vision of one aspect of God

Horselover Fat believes his visions expose hidden facts about the reality of life on Earth, and a group of others join him in researching these matters. One of their theories is that there is some kind of alien space probe in orbit around Earth, and that it is aiding them in their quest.

  They decide the goal that they have been led toward is Sophia, who is two years old and the Messiah or incarnation of Holy Wisdom anticipated by some variants of Gnostic Christianity. She tells them that their conclusions are correct, but dies after a laser accident. Undeterred, Fat goes on a global search for the next incarnation of Sophia.

 The goddess is also represented by an owl such as the Greek logos Sophia (goddess of wisdom, hence the owl link) and her counterpart Athena (not forgetting minerva etc)

 As seen in Ridley Scott's Dick inspired Blade Runner (the replicant owl and on the Tyrell badge)
Also a big theme in Lynch's Twin Peaks, including the owl message from the ether via outer space.

The Alien (Giger/Scott) head and the mid (pyra-mid) brain...AL (anno lucis/year of light) -IEN
 AL-IEN...a literal 'light-being'

Not to mention all the Alien Egyptian aspects (mentioned in previous posts) pyramids etc and the uraeus (3rd eye serpent) crossovers.
 AL-IEN Pyramid 

 “In the original story the eggs were in a pyramid silo,” said Giger, “like an Egyptian one, with hieroglyphics on the walls. I worked up the hieroglyphics which tell the story of the Alien. But it was too close, we found, to our own Egyptian culture and we thought it should be almost completely unearthly, so we designed another silo.” (wink, wink)

 Pyramid badge & shot through the brain and rainbow cap!
Harry Dean Stanton...another Lynch regular via Fire Walk With Me & Wild At Heart (lover of Lula's mother, who is the OZ/Rainbow 'wicked witch of the west') 

 The daughter has her own Oz theme...

Top of the head rainbow (like we just saw with Alien Stanton)
 The Crown Chakra/3rd eye/pineal-thalamus

 Taxi to the rainbow...Eyes Wide Shut

 Taxi (driver) to the rainbow (iris/eye)

The Arrow-way (Contact)

 Contact...Iris/Foster/Alice (Alicia her real name) & through the worm/rabbit hole...
the rainbow chakra stargate!
 The succession of colors in the space tunnel match the colors of the Chakra points as described in the New Age "religion", starting with red (materialism) and reaching gold (enlightenment).

The Bow-man (2001 ASO)
 The 11-11 rainbow stargate...1,111 seconds from the sequence start to the films end.
18 mins for the 2001 'stargate'...18 hours for the Contact 'stargate'

 The rainbow chakras

Followed by the stairway walk to Ziegler at the top...the crown.

 42...The Rainbow

Summer of 42...the TV rainbow, Summer of 42 is first seen playing on the film's 24th minute

42 vehicles (not sno-cat/sphinx) in car lot...2 VW Beetles too, like the two in the brain.

There's the 1921 photo in a wall of 21 photos (21+21=42)
A 42 on Hallorann's license plate
 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (42 characters including spaces) etc...

The Navajo Rainbow God (The Shining)

For a fuller 'rainbow/42' The Shining/Poltergeist breakdown see...

The Rainbow...with Nicki 'Videodrome' Brand (Debbie Harry)
In February 1978, Blondie released their second album, Plastic Letters (UK No. 10, US No. 78, Australia No. 64). The album was recorded as a four-piece band because Gary Valentine left the band. Plastic Letters was promoted extensively throughout Europe and Asia by Chrysalis Records. The album's first single, "Denis", was a cover version of 'Randy and the Rainbows' 1963 hit.

The Green Man (frog) & Rainbow/Sirius 

The Rainbow Connection...The Muppets
the frog/egypt/resurrection etc

 The Videodrome CRaM rainbow connection
Nicki...Debbie 'The Rainbow Connection' Harry

The 'rainbow arch' that can also relate to the crown chakra 
inside max's head...nicki is dead, this scene follows exposure.

Orion - The Hunter

3 Kings aka Belt of Orion (Osiris) and Sirius following

Egyptian pyramid mythos and the third eye

Giger...working the Alien/Egyptian mythos and 3rd eye/uraeus
Giger is connected to Poltergeist via the sequel...'the opening of the mouth' and the tequila bottle (shown earlier), as well as the opening of the alien mouth.

Pharaoh, Djed spine and chrome (chromosomes)

Gary Lachman (aka Blondie's Gary Valentine) was a former member of the OTO movement.

"I got involved with a Crowley group in Los Angeles. I was actually a member of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis). I don't know their direct lineage, but it was interesting. I did all the rituals in Magick And Theory and Practice; there's a sort of DIY manual at the back."

Kenneth Anger
Anger became acquainted with notable countercultural figures, including Tennessee Williams, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger and his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, which he involved in his Crowley-themed works, Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969) and Lucifer Rising (1972). Anger also introduced Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to Aleister Crowley, who became the owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Crowley memorabilia, including Crowley’s notorious Boleskine estate on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Ness. As explained by Gary Lachman, founding member of the New Wave band Blondie, and now author, in Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius, “tales of pacts with the Devil followed Zeppelin throughout their career, and stories of orgies, black masses and satanic rites were commonplace, mostly centered around the infamous Chateau Marmont off the Sunset Strip.”

 Anger (right) Alfred Kinsey (left) @ the 'Crowley' abbey in Cefalu

Anger and Cronenberg
Cronenberg's 'do it yourself' approach to film making was influenced largely by underground art film directors working in New York at the time. Cronenberg says “our inspiration really was more from the New York underground filmmakers: Kenneth Anger and Ed Eschwiller and Jonas Mekas and the Kuchar Brothers” (Cronenberg 14). Author J.G. Ballard, whose novel Crash would later be adapted into a film by Cronenberg in 1996, says that in the 1960s, “there was a major change in the way the mass media began reshaping reality” (177). This change that Ballard speaks of seems to relate to the ubiquitousness of television in the homes of people all over the world and the effects that rapidly disseminating information, like the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald and nightly reports about the war in Vietnam, had on people who were largely unaccustomed to seeing such violent images at all, and then suddenly to have these images beamed into their homes: a saturation of information. It seems as though this saturation of media influenced a lot of Cronenberg's own ideas on film making and storytelling.

Somewhere Colomba flies 'over/under the rainbow' to Sirius

Lucifer 'Rainbow' Rising...Kenneth OTO Anger
 A heavily Egyptian themed short film...with Osiris/Isis, Crowley, Thelema etc.

 Cronenberg (in his early career) was seemingly influenced by OTO thelemite & filmaker Kenneth 'Hollywood Babylon' Anger...he (Anger) was apparently an influence on David Lynch and John Waters too.

 Recall Valentine (a founding Blondie member) was an OTO thelemite.

 In the above 'Anger' context...some of this imagery makes more sense.
 The rainbow connection...also recall the biblical dove and rainbow arc/ark.

 The rainbow arc and colom/colum 'the dove' and the light-bearing goddess Venus & Isis etc rolled into one. Colom as seen with Sirius on the sky maps etc.

The 'rainbow' colour bars...shown at the end of the Criterion Blu-Ray...where the rainbow ends!

Whilst riding in the brain-beetle bug

Where the rainbow ends...

Where the rainbow ends...@ the thalamus beetle

Where the rainbow ends...@ the  'yellow sub' beatle(s)/beetle(s) aka thalamus/thalami

Eyes Wide Shut...Somewhere Under the Rainbow  

At this point we do also have to consider the other ramifications of these types of phrases or trigger phrases... "Over the rainbow" is also known 'MKUltra-speak' for being in a state of dissociation, the key goal of the programming and how the alters are created.  The 'butterfly' can also be thought of in relation to 'monarch programming' depends on your mindset.

We've already picked up upon Crowley & Fleming links...
Remember a few posts back we raised this very topic in relation to Sandy Hook (Over The Rainbow/OZ) and the related Aurora 'Batman' Shootings and subliminals within the body of the film The Dark Knight Rises and the accompanying butterfly/over the rainbow references that overlaps with Gangster Squad and 007 Skyfall/Aurora!  It should be noted that Nathan Crowley was the Production Designer for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Aleister would've been his great uncle.

George 'Batman' Clooney's...9/11 cipher with Nicole 'EWS/Rabbit Hole' Kidman

Even recent Batman incarnation (via Superman) Ben Affleck is linked with the 9/11 meme...
 He is asked to read the 1st and 3rd lines!

...via Pearl '911/false flag' Harbour (above)
and Arma-911/WTC-ggedon. 

 Deep Impact used similar imagery!
 Arthur C Clarke inspired (he was miffed that he didn't get a film credit!)

"Leaving on a jet plane.....with the 'lodge' Tyler"

 Daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler...yes 'wings' again!

Eyes Wide Shut...not solely the physical eye...of course!
The Opticians...A Brolley/Brolly (Umbrella) suitably 'under the rainbow'
Videodrome @ the spectacle store, a 'front' for Convex's operation.

A Clockwork Orange (Sun) + Rain (Singing in the Rain) = The Rainbow
Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the Rain) would birth Carrie 'Isis/Under the Rainbow' Fisher

It also starred Poltergeist's 'rainbow infused' medium Tangina (Zelda 'Rainbow Skittles' Rubinstein) who plays Iris (goddess of the rainbow).

Tangina....and the appropriate dialogue: "Which side of the rainbow is she working tonight"

Eye/Cyclops...A Clockwork Orange Rainbow
The 'lolly-eaters' (lolita) the 'rainbow chart' and the 'droopy rainbow arch lolly'

the eyes have it

Quite a spectacle...
Spectacular Otoptical

Spectacles over Adam & the brain of God

Lolita Lolly Eater...'Love (heart) comes in at the eye'

The 'eye'...Iris 'goddess of the rainbow' 
 The Iris (rainbow) stargate...through the rainbow chakra colours.
Hal & Bowman...(Douglas) Rain & Bow-man

"Where the video rainbow ends"
 Brainstorm (1983)
Directed by Douglas 'Kubrick's 2001 FX/Rainbow 11-11 Stargate' & my father did The Wizard of OZ FX' Trumball. (there is a prism effect between their eyes)

 Like father, like son...referencing the rainbow.

 Trumball...would produce the 'stargate' sequence for Kubrick's 2001 : ASO, Spielberg's Close Encounters, Star Trek : The Motion Picture, Blade Runner, The Andromeda Strain, uncredited work on The Towering Inferno and after that, also developed tech for theme park rides like Back To The Future.

Walken in Trumball's Brainstorm...
rainbow colours on the tape
Remember he'll get heavy Oz resonance from Oz's Stepford Wives.

 Brainstorm would star Cuckoo's Nest actress and Jack Nicholson's 'nemesis' Nurse Ratched...which would also star Christopher 'Back to the Future' Lloyd and Poltergeist II actor Will Sampson.

Nicholson, Lloyd, Fletcher
All 3 having their brains fried!

  Trumball developed tech for theme park rides like Back To The Future.
CRM 114...Back to the Future (Spielberg/Zemeckis) v Dr Strangelove (Kubrick)

Malik's The Tree of Life
FX supervised by Douglas '2001/Oz' Trumball...he returned after a near 30 year absence!
Reportedly Trumbull asked, "Why not do it the way we did it on 2001?"
Back to the Sephiroth/Tree

In the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life/Etz Chayyim (developed by Isaac Luria 1534-1572), is a symbol of both the cosmos and the soul, set in a pattern of ten emanations from the divine Adam Kadmon, called sefirot (or sephiroth), plural form of sefirah. These emanations are placed in this schema within two pillars, Severity and Mercy, signifying the Double Mind. The Middle Pillar is the secret of equilibrium and control for the kabbalistic adept. At an advanced level, the rabbinic teaching indicates that the initiate must follow the 'descent' of Abraham taught in the Zohar and therefore must explore the demonic conatined in the Nightside or negative side of the Tree. Etz Chayyim is also the title of an important works of the Kabbalah, based mostly on the teachings of Luria. The Tree of Life is completely central to the magick of the western secret societies.
Craig Heimbichner

Back to the Tree of Life

Sirius...the eye in the sky
 Truman and 'Pluto' the dog 'da'ath/sirius-canis'...veil of the abyss/knowledge
The dogs owner even looks like Walt Disney!

 The 9/11 (canis) sirius dog...K9 (11/9)

 Book of Lies - Crowley

    Death implies change and individuality if thou be
      THAT which hath no person, which is beyond the
      changing, even beyond changelessness, what hast
      thou to do with death?
    The bird of individuality is ecstasy; so also is its
    In love the individuality is slain; who loves not love?
    Love death therefore, and long eagerly for it.
    Die Daily.

COMMENTARY ({Iota-Sigma})
      This seems a comment on the previous chapter; the
    Stag-Beetle is a reference the Kheph-ra, the Egyptian
    God of Midnight, who bears the Sun through the
    Underworld; but it is called the Stag-Beetle to emphasise
    his horns.  Horns are the universal hieroglyph of energy,
    particularly of Phallic energy.
      The 16th key of the Tarot is "The Blasted Tower".
    In this chapter death is regarded as a form of marriage.
    Modern Greek peasants, in many cases, cling to Pagan
    belief, and suppose that in death they are united to the
    Deity which they have cultivated during life.  This is "a
    consummation devoutly to be wished" (Shakespeare).
      In the last paragraph the Master urges his pupils to
    practise Samadhi every day.

 The Tower x2...Crowley deck (right) shows the 'all seeing sirius eye' and 'winged colomba/dove'

The Light-ning Struck Tower
 Truman with 'sirius' between the pillars

Truman (True Man) begins to 'see' that all is not as it seems, this happens from Days 10911 and 10912 (DVD chapters 8-16)

Back to the Twin 911 Future
 Michael J Fox (fox=anubis/sirius dog) and the 1:19 sirius dog (watch around its neck)
The Twin (pine/pineal) reference and 9:11. Christopher 'Doc' Lloyd...was picked up in The Dream Team with similar references!

Michael J Anubis/666 Fox from 'Back to the 911 Future' would co-star with Phoebe 'Gremlins-911' Cates in Bright Lights, Big City...the promo features the WTC.

The towers are used at the end of the film as a symbol of hope and change.

Back to the Future II
Lorraine's TV window and the WTC Twin Towers
Marty (Fox/Anubis) as a 'hanged' falling man alongside the towers.

  Back at the McFly house, Lorraine is changing the scenery on the window.
Lorraine: I can't believe this window is still broken. (cough, cough)
                         She changes it from an Eastern garden to a sunset to New York at night 
 (with the World Trade Center towers!) to a mountain.
Marlene: Well, when the scene screen repairman called Daddy a chicken, Daddy threw him out of the house and now we can't get anybody to fix it.
Lorraine: Look how worn out this thing is!
prescient dialogue when factored in with everything else!!!

TDK Videotape...The Vision of the Future

George McFly (Glover) who was replaced with a doppelganger in the sequel, though some odd clips of him were used (to his distress and annoyance) to pad out the film etc.
Don't forget Crispin's father was Bruce Glover aka Mr Wint in 007 Diamonds Are Forever.

Crispin 'Bug' Glover...via David 'Bug' Wild At Heart!
Cousin 'Christmas' Jingle Dell and the bugs/roaches...and the Aliens from space!
Aliens controlling the 'rain fall' on planet earth...etc  (water and bugs)

A flow or flowing, The rate of flow of fluid, particles, or energy through a given surface. The lines of force of an electric or magnetic field. Constant or frequent change; fluctuation.
 Pluto (plutonium for the flux capacitor, see pic) on the TOL is simply “Gnosis/Knowledge” 
(with Daath being hidden, esoteric or profound knowledge). 

Garland Briggs (Don 'Stargater' Davis) Twin Peaks...who crossed the abyss
 The 'nuclear' a rendering of the 'mark of choronzon' demon of the abyss (pluto/da'ath/sirius gnosis).

 The 'Blue Book' (UFO etc) Briggs...
 'Stargating'....Briggs in the White Lodge
Briggs in OZ...In The Shining 'navajo' wrap...."J, J, Judy Garland?"

The Shining Paths on the Tree of Life
Back to the Future...'literally' 1988 in a 1982 film...Poltergeist, Superbowl XXII!
1988 birthed the WFC 'sirius glyph' buildings next to the former WTC towers...
seen in Working 'Isis/WTC' Girl (1988) which starred Harrison Orion/Osiris/Shepherd of Anu Ford...

 They number 88

Recall the Dendera Star maps and the fact that they encode most of the themes for Lucas/Spielberg's Indiana Jones series...see the main Spielberg/Lucas/Zemeckis/Donner post.

The above lower pic (Dendera edit) all featured in Indian Jones

Indy...Raider of the Lost Karnak (model Egyptian solar temple seen below)
Originally built with 2 obelisk pillars either side of the temple entrance.

 This was a time of great spiritual significance; the re-emergence of the Sun, the resurrection of the light, the resurrection of God. the Great Temple of Amon-Ra at Karnak, built in 1480 BC. This includes an impressive avenue of ram-headed sphinxes and is oriented to the summer solstice at sunset. The temple is designed around a long passage, arranged to permit a beam of light from the Sun to reach down to a darkened sanctuary at the end. (just like Indy is doing above, with his falcon headed staff of Ra!)

Kubrick's Full Metal Karnak

Raiders of the Lost Future...
 The light/lightning beam & temple thematic x2
Looking for the lost ark/arc/arch and striking the tower

Lightning flash on the tree/tower...88 & The Tree of Life
Jurassic Park Lodge...Spielberg's Apron

Back to the Future...Shield eyes from 'light' (flux capacitor or lux/light capacitor)

 Lux/Lvx = Light

Poltergeist...Go into the 'light' (the spectral/spectrum/rainbow light)

Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (1975)
The colour white...light, lux, lvx.
The 'shining paths' on the Tree of Life (governed by the 3 pillars)
As below
The Tarot Tree of Life

"No matter how vast the darkness, we must supply our own light" Kubrick

88 and the tree of life...again! Like Back to the Future
The Tree of Life bedroom...the tree of death outside.
In another shot we see Yoda (far left, on shelf with helmet) for Yod(a)...It is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton, the Name of G-d, Da'ath via Darth, Malkuth via egg/fool etc.

The Fool (clown) and Carol-Anne at the base of the tree (wooden bed headboard)...another tree sits directly opposite.

 Over the rainbow...
 Poltergeist 42 & The Rainbow

Tangina/Iris/Taste the Rainbow etc...Carol Anne 'the rainbow brite' girl
Poltergeist..."Which side of the 'rainbow' is she working tonight?" (Oz)

rainbow ending at Bill's (Cruise) head...

from the rainbow's end to leg-end...
Ridley & the unicorn (again) with Tom 'eyes wide shut/rainbow ends/rainbow fashions' Cruise

Ridley isn't averse to the Tarot either...his 'Barry Lyndon' copy The Duellists (his first film) utilises the tarot deck...see below for Kubrick & the Tarot.

It even had Barry Lyndon's love interest Nora (Gay Hamilton) in a role...
 Her (Hamilton) filmography notably includes Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon and Ridley Scott's The Duellists.

Gay Hamilton is the Sean Young of the period piece to her Sci-Fi...Young featured in Blade Runner & Dune, Hamilton in Barry Lyndon & The Duellists.  Of course, Scott was earmarked to make Dune, but had to stop after his brother was taken ill.

Back to the cracks!


Contact (Zemeckis)...the wormhole thematic 'above and below' (cosmos/brain)
Alien's Kane played the 'eggheaded' (bald) Hadden in Contact with Jodie 'Alice/poe bugs/bug-sy malone/iris rainbow' with Alien life (cough, cough) 

Recall Jodie's 'bugs' from Silence of the Lambs...

 Bug-sy Malone...

The premise of ''Contact'' is that a civilization somewhere deep in space is broadcasting a cryptic radio message. At the moment the message is intercepted here on Earth, the intense young astronomer Dr. Eleanor (Ellie) Arroway, played by Jodie Foster, wants to be absolutely sure. ''What do the FUDD's say?'' she asks. That is the acronym for the follow-up detection device, a specialized receiver used by real-life astronomers searching for life in space to confirm that a detected intelligent signal is in fact genuine.
After confirmation by FUDD, Ellie kisses the computer screen. ''Thank you, Elmer,'' she says.

The FUDD's and bugs...Zemeckis' Conatct
Elmer Fudd was originally called 'Egghead'!

Two members of the Alien Nostromo (alien contact) crew feature in...Contact
With Alien's Dallas Tom 'Dead Zone Bug & Poltergeist 3' Skerritt.  James 'Videodrome' Woods (far left) Foster as Ellie Arroway...the literal 'light arrow-way'.

3rd eye unicorn...
Contact also plays on the 'unicorn' we just saw with Blade Runner & Legend, its in Donnie Darko too (top left)!

 It may have been referenced in Kubrick's The Shining via Danny and his finger (near the head)
Rye (the catcher in the) wheat (bread) and uni-corn...bugs (bunny shirt/doc) and 42 (rainbow)

 Ergot (of rye) contains no lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) but instead contains ergotamine, which is used to synthesize lysergic acid, an analog of and precursor for synthesis of LSD.

Moreover, ergot sclerotia naturally contain some amounts of lysergic acid. The disease cycle of the ergot fungus was first described in the 1800s, but the connection with ergot and epidemics among people and animals was known several hundred years before that.

Human poisoning due to the consumption of rye bread made from ergot-infected grain was common in Europe in the Middle Ages. The epidemic was known as Saint Anthony's fire or ignis sacer/holy fire.

Of course...those versed in Beatle lore will know that Lennon's assassin Mark David Chapman was picked up by the police (after the shooting) whilst he sat quietly reading The Catcher In The Rye...this being 1980, the same year as the film's release. Chapman would have Disney and Oz links too.

 From The Satanic Roots of Rock:The "rock stars" are also totally artificial media creations. Their public image, as well as their music, is fabricated from behind the scenes by controllers. For example, when the Beatles first arrived in the United States in 1964, they were mobbed at the airport by hundreds of screaming teenage girls. The national press immediately announced that "Beatlemania" had besieged the U.S.A. But the girls had all been transported from a girl's school in the Bronx, and paid for their screaming performance by the Beatles' promoters.
While in Hamburg, in June of 1962 the Beatles received a telegram from their manager, a homosexual named Brian Epstein, who was back in England. "Congratulations," Epstein's message read. "EMI requests a recording session." EMI was one of Europe's largest record producers, and their role in promoting the Beatles would be key in the future. Under the the strict guidance of EMI's recording director George Martin, and Brian Epstein, the Beatles were scrubbed, washed, and their hair styled into the Beatles cut. EMI's Martin created the Beatles in his recording studio. 
In previous posts I've talked about the acronym EMI and how the meaning could also imply 'electro magnetic interference'...we could chose to consider that in relation to the human brain, if we were inclined.
I don't think I would be exaggerating if I stated that EMI literally designed the soundscape of the 60's & 70's and have had a huge influence of popular music etc.
"Like a splinter in your mind"
 Previously I mentioned the Thorn-EMI 'merger' and there we possibly have (symbolically) the 'pineal' evoked again via 'thorn' and perhaps even an aspect referencing the 'thorn in christ consciousness', as mentioned by Preston Nichols. There is also the concurrent Thorn-EMI/Iron Maiden/666 releases and the 'Thorn Industries' from Donner's Omen series...related film/reality meme overlaps etc.

Lockwood and EMI
EMI, led by aristocrat Sir Joseph Lockwood, stands for Electrical and Mechanical Instruments, and is one of Britain's largest producers of military electronics. Martin was director of EMI's subsidiary, Parlophone. By the mid-sixties EMI, now called Thorn EMI, created a music divison which had grown to 74,321 employees and had annual sales of $3.19 billion. EMI was also a key member of Britain's military intelligence establishment.

After the war, in 1945, EMI's European production head Walter Legge virtually took over control of classical music recordings, signing up dozens of starving German classical musicians and singers to EMI contracts. Musicians who sought to preserve the performance tradition of Beethoven and Brahms, were relegated to obscurity while "ex-Nazi" Party members were promoted. Legge signed and recorded Nazi member, the late Herbert Von Karajan, promoting him to superstar status, while great conductors such as Wilhelm Furtwangler were ignored.

From the beginning, EMI created the myth of the Beatles' great popularity. In August of 1963, at their first major television appearance at the London Palladium, thousands of their fans supposedly rioted. The next day every mass-circulation newspaper in Great Britain carried a front page picture and story stating, "Police fought to hold back 1,000 squealing teenagers." Yet, the picture displayed in each newspaper was cropped so closely that only three or four of the "squealing teenagers" could be seen. The story was a fraud. According to a photographer on the scene, "There were no riots. I was there. We saw eight girls, even less than eight."

In February 1964, the Beatles myth hit the United States, complete with the orchestrated riots at Kennedy Airport, previously mentioned. To launch their first tour, the media created one of the largest mass audiences in history. For an unprecedented two Sundays in a row, on the Ed Sullivan Show, over 75 million Americans watched the Beatles shake their heads and sway their bodies in a ritual which was soon to be replicated by hundreds of future rock groups. On returning to England, the Beatles were rewarded by the British aristocracy they served so well . In October 1965, the four were inducted into the Order of Chivalry, and were personally awarded the accolade of Member of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham palace.
Chapman, OZ and programming
Researchers like Fritz 'Bloodlines' Springmeier have written extensively on MKULTRA type 'OZ programming'. In relation to what I've written here, if we assume that this type of media is used to 'programme' deep cover (or whatever) follows that 'the masses' are the secondary victims of this same programming...if only due to the fact, that we view the exact same material (albeit in a totally different setting, which I appreciate)!

Conspiracy Theory (1997) Richard '666/WTC Superman/9/11 Lethal Weapon' Donner
with Mel '9/11 Patriot' Gibson...uses 'The Catcher in the Rye' thematic heavily. The film also shows 'aircraft' (helicopter) passing through (superimposed) the WTC Towers. Gibson playing a victim of MKULTRA experimentation. As outlined by Patrick 'Dune/Picard' Stewart.

 Soon after...the chair is wrecked!

Lethal '9/11' Weapon
Donner's original Lethal Weapon (with Patriot 9/11 Gibson)...the '9 & 11 sign' (except/accept 9/11) and the (well timed) accompanying aircraft/exploding building subliminal, Youtube keep removing the video!  Interesting that Hallowe'en '9/11' 3 star Tom Atkins also features in this film!  Gibson plays Riggs who is also an ex CIA Phoenix Programme operative (mind controlled assassination etc) and he has suicidal tendancies. A policeman who investigates the death of the woman jumping from a high tower at the opening (cough, cough) also happens to be the 'black' FBI Agent Johnson from Die '9/11' Hard...he dies when the chopper is blown up via the Nakatomi roof. Another Die '9/11' Hard actor is also seen, the asian/chinese 'terrorist' who eats the chocolate bar...he is the one who water/electro shocks Riggs. Don't forget Die '9/11' Hard features Paul Gleason as Dwayne T Robinson and he featured in Trading '911/WTC' Places as Clarence Beeks, with Eddie 'Bev 911 Cop 2' Murphy!!! Beverly '911' Hills Cop 2 also feature Judge 'Gremlins/911' Reinhold! You can see that this is simply getting ridiculous!

 Lethal Weapon 3 has the two collapsing/expoding buildings (opening and ending) the film the demolition work (2 collapsing buildings) is carried out by Controlled Demolition Inc (listed in credits)...the exact same company that cleared the 9/11 ground zero site!

The 'Catcher in the Rye' theme is also used in Will '911/WTC' Smith's '6 Degrees of Separation'
Just like we saw with Donner's Conspiracy Theory. 

A programming script? 
...via the retina of the mind's eye

Blowing the mind via the Iris...the winged eye!
John 'Jodie Foster' Hinckley was also related to the book...they found a copy in his hotel room, after he supposedly tried to shoot Reagan.

Awakening the sleeper...
Interestingly...Awakenings also starred Mary Alice, where she plays Nurse Margaret!
Mary Alice became the Oracle in The 911 Matrix Series, after Gloria Foster's death!

Hinckley supposedly used the same gun that Travis Bickle used!
Hinckley smacks of being a programmed patsy/assassin...he was still clicking the trigger (of an empty gun) when 'secret service' personnel wrestled him to the ground!  Many will know of the Neil Bush/Hinckley link via John's brother Scott and a planned dinner date etc.

Smith,  coming from Scientology, should be reminded that Hubbard (its founder) was a protege of Aleister '666' Crowley and considered himself to be a successor. Of course...Conspiracy Theory Donner will be well remembered for bringing us The '666' Omen film...released on 6/6/76.
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air...Bel/Baal and Air (lord of the air)

The Clockwork Orange Pulp Sun
Where the rainbow ends...the head via lvx/666 light! 
Orange Pulp Fiction...Scientology's John 'Face/Off 9/11' Travolta....Tim Roth (below with gun) was called Ring-o/Pumpkin...McDowell would go on to play Loomis in the Pumpkin inspired Hallowe'en remakes.
A crummy watch? More like a 'bummy/ass watch'
7 years up the asshole...

 I'm still not done with Kafka yet...
Even Tim 'Ringo/Pumpkin' Roth (the one pointing the gun at Jules, above) has played Kafka's 'bug man' in a mainstream production of Metamorphosis!  he starred in the 1987 TV production based on Steven 'Clockwork CRM Orange' Berkoff's adaption!

Pulp Fiction's Jules (Jackson) has his 'winged orb/caduceus' production via Snakes On A Plane

Jackson connects with Bruce 'WTC/9/11' Willis and Jeremy 'Cronenbug/Kafka Bug/Grub-er' Irons via Zeus (tower lightning) the character he plays in Die 'WTC/911' Hard With A Vengeance. 

The Tower (zeus/lightning, as per the dialogue!) and Zeus with the WTC Towers...the 9/11 ciphers. 
"They bought it...we can begin."
(in front of the WTC Towers...cough, cough)

Die Hard 3

...a carefully timed and constructed shot!
 This is occurring on a Tuesday...just like 9/11/2001
Dick '9/11' Cheney even makes an uncredited appearance as an official!

The Die Hard series is a 911/WTC fest of epic proportions...even the truly myopic might even see this have to be blind not to!

In 20th Century Fox’s 1988 film Die Hard the first lines are spoken on a plane about how to get over the fear of flying. One guy says what he has done for 9 years and Bruce Willis says what he has been doing for 11 years.

Computer game...showing the WTC and plumes of smoke/explosion

Die 'Masonic' Hard
Masonic Square & the letter M (13)

 They don't put these at the end of films for no reason!

 Bruce 'WTC/911' Willis

Heat is what makes the mercury rise...

A Clockwork Orange (Sun) + Rain (Singing in the Rain, closing theme) = The Rainbow
Tarrantino's Reservoir Dogs was a reworking of Kubrick's The Killing.  

Christ-opher Walken on Rainbow Head (Saturday Night Live)
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (on his t-shirt)

Tom 'Dallas/Alien 'mid-brain' Rainbow' Skerritt

 Sigourney 'Alien Ripley' Weaver...sirius and the rainbow

Cronenbug's The Dead Zone with Skerritt & Stepford brainstormer Walken
Both Cronenberg films released in 1983...Dead Zone, October & Videodrome, February

The actual basis for contact in Robert 'Back to the Future' Zemeckis' Contact...was hidden inside a TV broadcast. (like a background signal)
Oh look...its James 'Videodrome/911' Woods examining the 'videodrome signal'...I mean 'alien message' via the retina of the mind's eye!  The signal sent from earth was a TV broacast of Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics...sent back by ET (who had received it)

The Clockwork Orange (top left), Contact (top right) & Videodrome (bottom) Nazi connection...
there are crm 1:14/serum
 James IS the video word made flesh!

'The word made flesh' all very Jesus/John (god as the logos) and evoking the cross imo.
The Cathode Ray Mission resembles a church in many aspects, not just in name.

 The Word made flesh...114

1:14 and CRM

The 'CRM' Accumulator 'Bug' Helmet
CRM is a 'function' on the control the rear of the helmet!

A deleted scene from the film provides background on the origin of Videodrome. In that scene Convex tells Max about the "Image Accumulator," (which is the device placed on Max's head during his meeting with Convex) an experimental new form of night vision that can work in zero-light conditions. When the developers played the recorded footage from the Accumulator, they saw things that could not have been there. They conclude these phantom figures were hallucinations of the test volunteers, inexplicably recorded by the Accumulator. Further research of the test volunteers revealed they had developed a brain tumour, which externalized their hallucinations, but more specifically, granted them reality warping abilities, which Max refers to as "brain damage". The same signal used in the Image Accumulator was then used to create Videodrome.

Buggin' Out...

Bugged out...

It's not like Cronenberg hasn't been farming the 'bug world' for inspiration...he clearly has!
In David Cronenberg's commentary (The Fly), he says he was aware of the fallacies of the original movie (such as a fly's eye view being depicted as a kaleidoscope) even as a junior entomologist watching it in 1958.

 Of course, the original The Fly..starred none other than Vincent 'Bughead/Egghead/POE' Price! 

 The original Broadway production of "M. Butterfly" by David Henry Hwang opened on March 20, 1988 at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, ran for 777 performances, won the 1988 Tony Award for Best Play and was nominated for the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Tony & Butterflies...from 666 & 777 Kubrick

The 'maze-like' cerebrum/cerebral cortex
  Overlooked by Jack...while he 'shines' over Danny & Wendy

The (outlined) maze pyramid (mayan) head...from the high zoom 'shining' shot.

Jack 'the bug head'
Breakfast...eggs sunny scarab-side up...

The 'thalamus/beetle' overlaps and the 'brain/cerebral cortex/language' overlaps
 Danny 'shining' and the Overlook maze map...Backwards/Forwards overlay
 The maze/text 'backwards/forwards overlay'
'typewriter/Jack's head' x-fade: from 'breakfast' to 'lunch'...

Cronenberg's Naked Lunch (1991)
...'Bug Head' cerebrum/thalamus (brain)
 Echoed in Naked Lunch the beetle typewriter
The promo poster adding to the mix of typwriter/beetle/head/brain and thalamus.

 Whilst Lee is under the influence of assorted mind-altering substances, his typewriter, a Clark Nova, becomes a giant talking insect (beetle imo) which tells him to find Dr. Benway (Roy 'Jaws opening of the mouth' Scheider). The film will also feature Ian 'Ash Alien opening of the mouth' Holm.

CRM - Bug Head (insecticide/thalamus)
  William Lee is an exterminator who finds that his wife Joan is stealing his insecticide (pyrethrum) to use as a drug. Pyrethrum (pyre-mid) is also the name of a natural insecticide made from the dried flower heads of ChRysanthemuM.

Bug/Thalamus in the head/pyramid with mass(a) (inter)media

He believes he is a secret agent whose controller (a giant bug) assigns him the mission of killing Joan
 When Lee is arrested by the police, he begins hallucinating (just like Videodrome) because of "bug powder" exposure. William Lee sprinkles the 'spice-like drug into a 'hole' beneath the wings on the beetle's back...
like a wormhole...the macro (cosmic) and the micro (his own brain).

The crushed beetle...Naked Lunch
 Crushed 'typewriter' beetle

Another crushed beetle...the eye (hole in beetle's back) is the window of the soul (sole/shoe)
The spice-like drug similarities...that affect consciousness (the brain)

Cronenbug & Lynch

The worm-like centipede (black serpent)...Dune right, sandworm and the spice powder mining
beetle-like harvester (the one that actually contained David Lynch, appearing in cameo) us dual 'beetle' references and a spice drug.

Naked Lunch (Weller) vs Blue Velvet (Kyle McLachan) - Bug Men
Robocop Weller...who co-starred (Robocop) with Twin Peaks actors Dan 'Hallowe'en 3' O'Herlihy, Ray 'Leland Palmer' Wise and Miguel 'Albert Rosenberg' Ferrer.  Ferrer's father Jose would play the emperor in Lynch's Dune. (small world etc)

  Of course...Verhoeven would have his own 'bug' invasion thematic via his film Starship Troopers (1997)...based on Robert OTO Heinlein's book.

The Bug & Head
 General Owen: [points to a dead soldier with his head hollowed out] Here, they did it to Farley, they got into his mind. They made Farley call Head-quarters.

 He'll get Michael 'V/Scanners 3rd eye/Total Brain Recall/Machinist' Ironside...into Starship 'Bug' Troopers, as Rasczak...Ironside was considered for the role of Robocop too.

Rasczk: "All right. SPREAD OUT! Fire Teams, you see a bug hole, NUKE IT!" 

 Cronenbug's Naked 'Bug' Lunch.
Pyre/Fire and the bugs...the Clark Nova.

Ironside as Revok...Scanners, Cronenbug (1981)
Fire & the Head

"The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (encoding, perhaps another CRM possibilty, as with CerebRuM etc), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire
 Manly P Hall TSTOAA

Ironside even has an 'opening of the mouth' moment in his film history...
via Lake Placid 3 (the croc/ammit). He is always seemingly losing body parts in his films!

By now you should be aware of the 'opening of the mouth' and the 'opening the thalamus' overlaps!

 Whilst on the issue of 'fire' might be the ideal time to mention Stephen King's novel (and subsequent film) Firestarter, 1984.

 With Drew 'ET/Brain-God/Donnie 'Poe' Darko/ Barrymore...

Enhanced brain powers via govt drug programmes etc
The head and fire...the thalamus, fire and dreams (tangerine)

With...Louise 'Brainstorm/Stepford/Cuckoo's Nest' Fletcher, George 'One Eye/CRM Strangelove' Scott & Martin 'King's Dead Poe Bug Zone/Apoc Now' Sheen.

CRM with wings...

Fire and the head x2
Firestarter also featured David 'Officer & A Gentlemen' Keith...where he fails to get his 'wings' and where he co-starred with Winger, Twin Peak's Sarah Palmer Grace 'Wild At Heart' Zibriskie and Robert 'Independence Day/Lost Highway' Loggia.

Cronenbug...was one of the first directors linked to Total Recall, but the idea was dropped during the 80's and he ceased his involvement.

 Anyway...Total Recall and its 'brain frying' aspects all relevent, as is the Alien Pyramid theme.
The brain and the bug (up the nose)...based on (my namesake) P K Dick's short story
 Hauser..."Now, let's start by getting that bug out of your head."

"How would you know if someone stole your mind"
The almost obligatory 'eye over the pyramid'

The exploding head saw it in Scanners.
"Get ready for a....surprise!!!"
Rob 'The Thing/The Fog/Se7en' Bottin would do this 'head' effect too!

Ronnie 'Deliverance' Cox featured in both as Dick Jones & Cohagen

"Oh weller, weller, weller...tell me more, tell me more"
Bugman/Robocop Weller would feature in the 1988 film Shakedown...cough, cough!
Think about the title of this movie...just for a moment!


Verhoeven to Verhoeven...
"Thank you Murphy" 
"Thank you Raymond..."
Bug Man

Not forgetting Blue 'Bug' Vevet features Dune's (beetlejuice swilling De Vries) Brad 'Cuckoo's Nest' Douriff...and Dune's Dr Thelema Yuehui...the 'stargating/quantum leaping' Ben (Dean Stockwell). Stockwell and Hopper...who we linked (previous 666 post) to OTO via their assocition with Parsons' 'scarlet women' Marjorie Cameron.

 Hopper with Thelemite film-maker Anger...also Jodorowsky who was set to make Dune, but Lynch ended up doing it.

A hopper is a type of insect too...
 Hopper (noun)....terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping

 The Blue Velvet...subterranean beetles
The Rose Red Cross...CRM Cerebrum

The beetles follow the rose and picket fence cross...perhaps the unfolding of the rose (on the cross) a metaphor for the opening of the brain beetle (thalamus) itself...the opening of the 3rd eye.

The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (goddess of the field/grain), meaning ‘cross’ and RUCerebRUM (CHiram/CRM) RU – is associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)

 It is said that the destruction of the thalamus causes inability to dream, which reveals that along with the hypothalamus it is indeed a kind of “gateway” or “gatekeeper” between the conscious-self and the subconscious realms – i.e., those realms of information that the conscious-self usually cuts itself off from during the waking hours or waking half of the cycle.

"The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (perhaps another CRM possibilty), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire.
 Manly P Hall TSTOAA

 Fire & the head...the film opens with a Volcano (fire)

 A  'winged' beatle/beetle as a Fireman. (fire, wings & head)

The Magickal Mysteries Tour/Tor (hill)
Macca...The Fool on the Hill

 The Rose...he even has his own species.

The Fire Engine...Blue Velvet
 Seen immediately on the back of the rose cross (rosicrucian cross) the opening and witht the ground dwelling beetles!  Also the 'fool and his dog' on the precipice...just like Jack in the opening of The Shining!


The Shining
Fire (engine), Summer of 42 rainbow/crown chakra, the crown bashing baseball bat...all with 'Doc' aka Danny 'what's up Doc?' Torrance...bugs 'what's up Doc?' bunny!

 The Rose Red Cross...Red lipstick on the cross of the door itself and Danny saying  
Red (Rum)...the (rosicrucian) red cross
 Danny...the cherub (che-red-rum)...Che-redb-RuM
Wendy (sleeping next to the door, with headboard beetles)...the ceres...Ceres-Redb-RuM

'Shining' Danny takes the lipstick from the sideboard with the 'winged butterflies'...

The Head

The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (goddess of the field/grain), meaning ‘cross’ and RUCerebRUM (CHiram/CRM) RU – is associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)

The CR...Mpress?

Wendy as 'The CR...Mpress' (ceres field/grain goddess) on a throne/chair amidst the grain.
Reading 'Catcher in the Rye' (rye=grain). 'Grain' also evoking the 'pineal gland' aspect too.

 Danny's 'finger shining ability' perhaps reflected in the empress and her shining crown-level could also be a reference to the pineal gland cone/horn of the unicorn the finger close to the head itself!

A cereal killer...Uni-corn...rye and wheat (bread), bugs (bunny/doc) and the 42 chakra rainbow

Axe through Red Rum...Cerebrum?
After Danny has written his text...Jack will almost immediately crash his axe through this bathroom (ce-red-b-rum) he's smashing his own cerebrum/brain in...he even puts his own cerebrum (brain/head) through, in that famous shot!

 Jack's brain dies in the cerebrum/cortex snowy maze at the end

 The source of CRM 114 is Peter Bryant's book "Red Alert,"

A red alert to murder...redrum
Danny uses 'red rum' phonetics, but the D & R he writes are backwards.
Don't laugh...his thalamus 'brain beetles' are just over to the left of this door, Ceres/Wendy would normally sleep there with Jack...yes I took liberties with the D...a backwards lowercase d is a b!

Ceres & redrum
The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (grain goddess), meaning ‘cross’ and RU (anhk cross)

Immediately to the left of the 'red rum/cerebrum' doorway...where Jack sleeps.

The maze and the model maze are already 'subliminal references' to the brain (Jack's) and it's landscape imo, working externally and internally and both physically and psychologically.

The scenes of he snowed-out maze at the close, where Jack's brain will ultimately malfunction and die...lends even more grist to the 'maze as the brain' concept...the visual white colouring and softer snow contours of the labyrinth, increasing the resemblance. As does the earlier overhead maze shot...that is clearly far larger than the actual maze we see in the rest of the if to make the brain allusion stronger.

Bug Headed - Cronenbug

Poe infused Walken crashes his bug in the rain
Don't forget this POE gold bug/brain beetle aka thalamus/head reference! (Strangelove)

'Purity of essence' the pineal essence 'dew' 

It's a Plan R 'wing attack'...cough, cough.
CRM 114 OPE/POE (gold brain bug) and Wings (beetle)
The B52's obviously adding to the wing theme.

An Icarus (sun) 'wing attack'...
Building better wings (and the sun)...cough, cough!

 The Fly director commentary...right at the very end of the film itself!

"The question of technology and science and morality and ethics is often raised in my movies and there has been, of course the kind of romantic concept of going too far...that you cannot assault the 'gods'...if you fly to close to the sun, the wax holding your wings together melts and you plunge to your doom"

Of course...the Kubrick link doesn't stop there...

The Fly...Monolith
The Fly....with Goldblum, Davis and Getz.

Davis 'beetle-juicing'....just like Lynch's Dune...the sand worms and the (beetle) bugs
Geena 'wormhole worm rider' Davis...she crushes the beetle(juice)

The animated series changed the name of the town in Beetlejuice to Peaceful Pines...cough, cough!
Evocative of the pine(al) cone and the beetle/thalamus etc

Geena 'wormhole worm rider' Davis...In the Monolith building with Sagan's Contact
Note Sagan's Contact is about generating wormholes in space/time!  Brundle's tele-pods are about teleportation over space/time.

Geena 'wormhole/worm rider' Davis...from the wormhole literally, Cronenbug as the gynaecologist!  Here she is with co-star John Getz (Stathis Borins), he would appear in Stone's Born 4th July (with Tom 'EWS' Cruise)...where the same type of theme was being employed...mainly via Willem 'Osiris' Dafoe.

Platoon...follow the 'White Rabbit' (song) down the rabbit/worm hole
 with Willem 'Osiris Djed/Christ/AntiChrist' Dafoe...and Charlie 'resurrected Chris(t)' Sheen
The King (Keith David) descends with Chris(t) into the underworld...literally!

Getz...Born on the 4th July

The Fly's Getz (VW bug connection in Blood Simple) in Stone's film with EWS Cruise
 Dafoe 'wormholing' in Born on the 4th July

4th July Dafoe...he also featured in Cronenbug's Existenz (1999)
Of course...Cronenbug would use Dafoe in his 1999 feature Existenz and being Willem 'Osiris/Djed' is fitting that he installs 'matrix-like' bio ports (via the spine) in Cronenbug's film!  Dafoe fitting Jude 'Juda/AI' Law with his spine bio port.  The film also starred Jennifer Jason Lee...who initially was a cast member of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, but was eventually replaced...she was contracted to Existenz and she couldn't reshoot, after Keitel left.
See...the overlaps are just plain ridiculous!

 The horus hawk (bird) eye

Willem 'Osiris/Horus' Dafoe...even via mundane advertising!
The birds-eye (horus/hawk/bird) directly over the pyramid
 Dafoe is the voice of the bear!
Oscorp/Ozcorp...body of Osiris via Spiderman.  Osborn = born of Osiris and the 'greenman' aka Osiris. See 'Super Bowl' post for more on Willem!

The Spider-man original trailer...made before 9/11 and subsequently removed!
"Next Summer.....go for the ultimate spin" 

Spin (political) Often associated with newspapers and politicians, to use spin is to manipulate meaning, to twist truth for particular ends--usually with the aim of persuading readers or listeners that things are other than they are. As in idioms such as to put a ‘positive spin on something’--or a ‘negative spin on something’--one line of meaning is concealed, while another--at least intentionally--takes its place.
 Born on the 4th July..the wormhole theme
Willem Dafoe...'eating the worm' and 'down the wormhole'!!!

Tom 'EWS' Cruise...down the wormhole

The Fly's Getz (above, behind Geena Davis) will get 'bug resonance' via the Coen 'Raising' Brotherhood's first feature...Blood Simple, Visser's (Blade Runner's M Emmett Walsh) VW Beetle/Bug that is seen from the opening scene...

VW Beetle/Bug and rain/water

 The title is based on a phrase from the Dashiell Hammett novel 'Red Harvest', in which "blood simple" is a term coined to describe the addled, fearful mindset people are in after a prolonged immersion in violent situations.

 The Sumerian word "Ara" meant "lofty, shining." The word "aristocracy" of modern usage comes from the same root. The true leadership of nations has always derived from rule by the racial elite, with their whole life -- religious, cultural and political -- founded in the eternal values of pure blood.

 Horus (from Har, Hari, Hor or Heru) - was a god of the sun primarily associated with Southern Egypt and ancient city of Hierakonpolis ("City of the Hawk" or "Hawks"). In the earlier dynastic era he was referred to as "The Distant One." The letter "H" was used as "the" (as in orison, meaning "prayer," becoming Horizon.) Therefore Hari would really have been The Ari. Horus was "He of the Ari." The root ari, can be found in the word aristocracy, referring to a noble, enlightened elite.
Michael Tsarion

( could get Harrison as in Ford out of that)

Raising the Ari (shining) zone

Blood Simple writers Joel Coen and Ethan Coen later made Miller's Crossing (cross & the stone) which is loosely based on that novel.

 This film (above) starred Nic '911 Face-Off/911 Knowing' Cage... 

Oh is '9/11 Face-Off & 9/11 Knowing' Nic Cage in Oliver Stone's World Trade Center! With Maggie Gyllenhaal, sister of Jake 'Donnie Poe Darko' Gyllenhaal.  Their father worked on David Lynch's Twin Peaks. 

You might recall that Stone showed the WTC at the opening of Wall Street. 

Which featured Daryl 'replicant/mermaid' Hannah

A 'hooked' WTC...
Hannah gets WTC resonance from Splash...with Tom 'WTC/911' Hanks!
See the 'Spielberg Mystery Religion' post for more on Hanks.

We just saw Jude/Juda Law in Cronenbug's Existenz having spine surgey....might as well throw in his AI (Kubrick/Spielberg) WTC thematic too...note the 'opening of the mouth' in the poster.

"Hey Juda...we all shine on"

 The term Juda means the "shining" or "illustrious ones." It refers to the members of the Gaonim, or the Cult of Aton, and not to some black-robe-wearing priestarchy. It refers to the eighteenth dynasty Sun Cult pharaohs of Egypt whose descendants hide under the names "Israelite" and"Judite." So when we hear that “David” and “Solomon” (whom we now know as Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep III) were of the "House of Judah" we understand that it was a reference not to the Semites, or the Levites and their ethnicity and theology, but to Egypt's Solar Cult and their theology.
Michael Tsarion 

The Blood Simple. Bug
 We've covered the thalamus and dreaming too!!!
Hedaya even features in a 'dream scene' in Blood Simple...after he has been killed, which works like a form of pre-cognition for Getz's is Abby's dream (aka Joel Coen's wife)..

 The Beetle-Bug and wings...inside the VW

Hedaya...Ryan Ent 'dream scene'
SOS coffee & help me...with 'Dream Warrior' Badalamenti. 
Two 'hits' gone wrong...for the price of one, Blood Simple & Diane/Camilla (Mulholland Drive) also pops-up again (the same car) in the Coen Brotherhood's Big '9/11' Lie-bowski..with Jeff 'Carpenter's Starman' Bridges.  

The 'beetle bug' and 9/11...where have I seen that before?

Bridges would also star in the King 'WTC' Kong re-make with Jessica 'Tootsie' Lange...featuring the WTC Kong Towers

Now all we need is a Geena 'wormhole' Davis 9/11 example...and as if by magic, one appears!

Not only that...its with Samuel L 'Die 9/11 Hard 3' Jackson...not only that, it is directed by Renny 'Die 9/11 Hard 2' Harlin!

 The 9/11 a nutshell

Harlin was also in the frame for the following release...Nosebleed (2001) & Jackie 'Uber Corrupt America' Chan. As if by magic...Spielberg is also mentioned.
And here is WTC Kong Lange co-starring with Geena 'The Fly/Beetlejuice' Davis in Tootsie with another Sagan reference!
Geena 'wormhole/worm rider' Davis...Tootsie, the Unicorn and Sagan (Cosmos)
The film was directed (& featured) by Kubrick associate...Sydney 'Eyes Wide Shut/Ziegler/Where the rainbow ends' Pollack

Remember Zemeckis' Contact (based on Sagan's book) and the unicorn!

Contact/Cosmos Sagan acted as advisor on Kubrick 2001 film...advising about ET!

 Sydney 'EWS' Pollack...Tootsie director and actor.

Where the rainbow ends (with wings, see statue)...Ziegler at the summit.

Pollack/Ziegler...Eyes Wide Shut

Pollack's WTC soaked...
 3 Days of the (winged/eye) Condor...Eyes Wide Open
Note it is De Laurentis again!

Inside, outside...the lobby etc
Three Days of the Condor predicts the post-9/11 world: Government agencies manipulating world politics and starting never-ending wars to gain control of the oil in The Middle East. The C.I.A. (well a renegade operation within the C.I.A.) has plans to invade the Middle East. The New York C.I.A. office is in the WTC.

Producer Fight 'WTC/911' Club... 

 You can see Milchan's connection to Rupert Murdoch and Shimon Peres in the following article from the excellent Christopher Bollyn...a great piece of work.

I see 'Condor' featured Max 'Dune Worm Spotter/Incredibly WTC Loud' Von Sydow


 It's a wing attack...

 A Plan R...Wing Attack 
'As above' (the actual 9/11 wing attack) 'so below' (our brains, winged thalamus via Mass Media)

A CRM (cerebrum) wing attack via POE...

The 'raising' brotherhood


Raising Arizona (The Coen Brotherhood)
Raising POE in Arizona via the brain..with Nic 'Wild at Oz Heart' Cage

CRM 114...Dr Strangelove
 Thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits
CRM...receiver circuits/brain circuits...the cerebrum/thalamus etc.
 The thalamus has multiple functions. It may be thought of as a kind of switchboard of information.

The source of CRM 114 is Peter Bryant's book "Red Alert," Communication officer Mellows is describing the code procedure to Captain Brown:

 "To ensure the enemy cannot plant false transmissions and fake orders, once the attack orders have been passed and acknowledged the CRM 114 is to be switched into the receiver circuit. The three code letters of the period are to be set on the alphabet dials of the CRM 114, which will then block any transmissions other than those preceded by the set letters from being fed into the receiver."

The film source is Kubrick's Dr Strangelove...the beginning of it all.
 Well, well...look who showed up in the first CRM film!
Jack 'Videodrome CRM Brian O'Blivion' Creley as Mr Staines


'not an uncontrolled, undirected little bubbling part of flesh'

 It is generally believed to act as a relay between a variety of subcortical areas and the cerebral cortex. In particular, every sensory system (with the exception of the olfactory system) includes a thalamic nucleus that receives sensory signals and sends them to the associated primary cortical area. For the visual system, for example, inputs from the retina are sent to the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, which in turn projects to the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe. The thalamus is believed to both process sensory information as well as relay it—each of the primary sensory relay areas receives strong "back projections" from the cerebral cortex. Similarly the medial geniculate nucleus acts as a key auditory relay between the inferior colliculus of the midbrain and the primary auditory cortex, and the ventral posterior nucleus is a key somatosensory relay, which sends touch and proprioceptive information to the primary somatosensory cortex.

Sellers...Dr 'Being There' Strangelove
The Tree and the pyramid
Peter 'yiddle i po/yiddle eye poe' Sellers (that's a Goon Show reference)
Sellers' character Inspector Clouseau would actually be created by Exorcist writer William Peter Blatty (originally via Shot in the Dark), George'Strangelove' C Scott (pic below) would feature in the Blatty directed Exorcist 3.

A Plan R...Wing attack

Dr Strangelove....
Bull: "Your eggs, then. They are fresh?"
Man: "Oh, yes, sir."
Bull: "I will have poached eggs. And bring me some cigars, please Havana cigars."

A Clockwork Orange...back to the pyramid egg (thalamus) Is that a heart on the wall?
Pyramids and the sun (light) at the apex

Pyramid head & brain eggs
 Eggi-Weggs..."you can do whatever you like with these"

 crushed eggs (thalamus brain beetles)

A Clockwork Orange...Alex 'chair' desensistisation/serum 114
 Alex is given an injection of Experimental Serum 114
Andy Warhol once described Videodrome as "A Clockwork Orange of the '80s"

Videodrome Ultraviolence & CRM

Videodrome simultaneously suggests and discounts the widespread view that exposure to violent imagery desensitizes us, making us so emo­­tion­ally numb that we can get sensation only from pain. While much of the film might appear to support this flawed thesis...

The medium IS the message

...Cronenberg under­mines it entirely by revealing, through the character of Bianca O’Blivion (Sonja Smits), that the Videodrome signal can be run through any tele­vision transmission, even a test pattern, and not only via the torture-and-snuff “subterranean TV” program “Videodrome,” which Max Renn (James Woods), programmer of cable access Channel 83, has been shown by the station’s satellite-bootleg expert, Harlan (Peter Dvorsky). Violent sexual imagery is just most efficient for “opening the neural networks” and making viewers receptive. But even the Home Shopping Network will do the trick.
Gary Indiana 

Eyes Wide Shut CRM 114
Wing C, RM 114...and over inter-com(munication)

The Shining...
Radio/Brain (CRM) communication circuitry...114
The Overlook 'communication room' (C Rm KDK/11411)

Strangelove...'CRM' from the radio messages.

                                               Caller:    "But it's not me. It's my sister."
                                               Nikki:     "It's not your sister. It's you, lover."

Radio receiver/transmitter...Radio Station C-RaM
Holes within holes...the brain?  It's very likely Max is hallucinating (post videodrome exposure and Nikki is already dead) anyway...which adds to the allusion.

2001...the brain/computer/eye/stargate

The pineal pod eyeball...with templar (temple) cross

The Knights Templar Order was founded in 1118 by Hugh de Payens. Originally blessed by the Catholic Church, it was later suppressed when worship of Baphomet was discovered in its ranks. (see Jack's pose end of The Shining). The top degree of the mock-Christian York Rite of Freemasons is Knight Templar, while the OTO signifies the Order of the Oriental Templars.

 The name ‘cere-b-ru-m’ is a composite of Ceres meaning ‘cross’ and RU  associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)...CERE-B-RU-M

We noted Cronenbug's contribution to the Friday 13th TV series (earlier), although the TV version is not really the same as the film franchise....Vorhees doesn't even feature.

The Templar Thematic...with Cronenberg & Kubrick
The 'Friday the 13th' meme...the templar (templar/temple/head overlaps) suppression date.  Jason X (10) and Friday 13th (13) aka evoking the original  Friday 13th October 1307...this one had Cronenberg in a small cameo role.  Kubrick would break Hollywood on Friday 13th (Feb) 1959 (after Mann was fired from Spartacus by Douglas) Kubrick would get the job...that same day!  Spartacus was the 'codename' of Illuminist Adam Weishaupt. In Kubrick's Dr Strangelove the film takes place on Friday 13th Sept 1963.

 There are three crystals in the pineal gland which help with this ability of visionary capacity. The three crystals are apatitie, calcite, and magnetite. Apatitie helps with inspiration, spiritual oneness, and psychic enhancement, while calcite is for the expansion of one’s powers. Magnetite aids with mediation, visionary purpose, and establishing our experiences in the physical world. Together, all these three crystals create a cosmic antennae, which aids the transfer of signals between the different dimensional planes.

 Templar Mason Chris 'X File's Carter...aka Mr '10-13/WTC/911' Intel Asset, predictively programming the masses.

No it is not just a birthday reference...even if he says so!

The X-Files soundtrack (1988) features a cover of The Crystal Ship (The Doors). The B-side to Light My Fire.

His Lonegunmen pilot an idiots guide, in how to predictively brainwash the masses into accepting a 'terror mindset'!

I'm sure many will remember the Indiana Jones series...Raiders of the Lost Ark (Rainbow Head Arc), The Temple (Head) of Doom, The Last Crusade (Templar/Temple/Head/Knight) and finally The Crystal Skull, which speaks for itself.

 The 'crusading Templars'...Temple Mount etc.

 This Indy film features yet another 'Harrison Ford' 'abyss crossing moment' go with all the other ones I've identified from Blade Runner to Temple of Doom.

The next in the film series...but a good number of years later
The Crystal Skull (head/pineal etc)...the drinking from the grail/water (from the previous film). All the Ford 'djed/spinal' allusions and Orion/Osiris etc.

The Crystal Skull and the 'one eyed' theme connecting to the sun (see pic below)
This one (the Indy film) features psychic/interdimensional alien elements, a heavy skull theme, Area 51 etc...the Indy 'masonic' escape in the 'lead lined' Osiris coffin/fridge...reborn into the light.  The Crystal Skull theme was popularised by people like A C Clarke in the 70's/80's I think?

The reason I raise this 'Friday 13th film series' is due to the overt 'Templar' theme itself, the key date and the temple/head. 

The 'one eyed' aspect was employed from Part 2 onwards (the real start of Jason's activities) least up to Part 4 (see pic) and it is how Jason is killed (via the eye) at the end of The Final Chapter.

 A kind of 'rainbow-like bug' circles the image...the templar (head) crystal (pineal)  lake (water)

 In Part 5...the halfway house is called Pinehurst 
 In Part 6...the camp is changed to 'Forest Green'..the sign and name evoking 'the pine' and 'sun' 
Templar, pine(al), and the former crystal lake etc

 We saw 'Jason X' Cronenbug use the VW Bug, Pine Cones & Poe in The Dead Zone...

In fact, the VW Beetle Bug would appear in Friday 13th Pt 2 and Pt 3, directed by Steve Miner.
A red Beetle in 'Part2' attacked by Jason...piercing/crushing the bug.

A 'yellow/gold' Beetle bug in Part3...
Synchronistically the man (Rick) who owns the gold/yellow bug will be killed by Jason, having his skull crushed and his left eye pops out...evoking the Poe 'Gold Bug' theme.

I didn't see one (VW) in Pt 4 (save reference in the prologue from the previous films) or 5, but Pt 4 has 2 actors who are already connected to the vehicle. Corey 'Gremlins' Feldman & (retrospectively) Crispin 'McFly/Back to the 9/11 Future/Bug Pants/River's Edge Bug' Glover.
 The knifed eye socket...have to say 'dead fuck' Glover is his usual zany self in this role and he does a hysterical dance at one point.

Feldman will get even more Poe/Bug resonance via The Lost Boys...where he plays one half of Edgar & Alan Frog...The Frog Brothers, Edgar and Alan, are named after the Gothic author, Edgar Allan Poe. Referencing 'airborne' too...for a flight (winged) element.

Lost Boys was directed by Joel 'The Wiz (Oz)' Schumacher...with help from Richard 'Omen 666' Donner and Harvey 'Omen 666' Bernhard.  Feldman would star with River Phoenix in Stand By Me (with his Lost Boys co-star Keifer Sutherland)...yet another story based from Stephen King!

The 'lower case' element of Lost Boys...OTO
spotted by thunkerdrone on letsrollforums

It's interesting that Schumacher was both connected to Corey Haim and Brad Renfro (another child star who died an early death by suicide and another who was seemingly a victim of similar abuse) and who rose to fame in Schumacher's The Client (1994). Schumacher also shot the 'snuff and abuse based' 8mm with Nic Cage and River Phoenix's brother Joaquin. Schumacher would be costume designer on Woody Allen's Sleeper (mentioned earlier) and Renfro would star in Sleepers (as a victim of sexual abuse), along with Jason 'Lost Boys' Patric.

Woody Allen himself has been implicated in matters that concern abuse of a minor...the claims coming from Dylan (Satchel) Farrow...who contests that Allen sexually abused her when she was 7 years old!  This story has recently raised it's head again...Feb 2014.

Anyway...back to OTO.
The homosexual elements of the higher OTO degree system should be born in mind...we're dealing with movie personnel who are likely OTO adepts and ones that practice ritualised sodomy as part of the system!

It's also interesting that Schumacher is also a member of the 9/11 (sept 11) club via his A Time To Kill (1996)...along with Samuel 'Die 911 Hard 3' Jackson and Matthew 'Contact' McConaughey!
That's now two direct 9/11 hits from Jackson!  

Of course, Schumacher will also further his 9/11 (& sirius) thematic via his film '23'.

Jason Patric would also star in the Lost Boys and with him being the son of Father 'Exorcist' Karras (Jason Miller) really is a small demonic world! Jason Miller's other son (by a different wife) played Keanu Reeves' young brother River's Edge.

Only recently Feldman has been (very bravely) talking about his and Corey Haim's 'sexual abuse' at the hands of connected Hollywood studio types and their affliates! It is highly possible that Corey Haim was driven to suicide by this very abuse suffered at the hands of these elite perverts!  From what I can gather Haim's abuse may have started whilst on the set of the film Lucas (1986) directed by The Omen author David Seltzer.  There are also accusations that Feldman/Haim came into the hands of other child molesters via their connection to Michael Jackson...NOTE, not abuse by Jackson (none at all according to Feldman) but by elements that surrounded him (and probably without his knowledge) . Imo it is highly likely that Michael Jackson himself was a victim of this same type of MKULTRA programming.

this very recently...
Corey Feldman speaks out frequently about rampant child sex abuse in Hollywood, but the details he revealed in his new book are just downright jaw-dropping. In his new tome Coreyography: A Memoir, the ’80s teen idol describes how he and his BFF Corey Haim were groomed for abuse by predators.

Feldman said Haim revealed his own suffering when the two grew close shooting the 1986 flick Lucas, saying, "…an adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all the guys do. So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers… and Haim allowed himself to be sodomized."

In another passage, Feldman discusses a photo from his 15th birthday party where he and Haim are flanked by five men — all of whom he claims were sexually abusing them.

"Slowly, over a period of many years, I would begin to realize that many of the people I had surrounded myself with were monsters," he says. 

Roseanne Barr is another who has made accusations against Hollywood and the connection to MKULTRA programs.

  The reason I mention this is with respect to the MKULTRA angle and that these very people that I am discussing are in fact, potential victims of these very programs.  Feldman's sister was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and many researchers have cited that particular entity as being a'hotbed' for MKULTRA type activity...Britney Spears & Timberlake came via that rout.

I am virtually certain that Britney Spears is a victim of MKULTRA programming (or similar)...her interview with Diane Sawyer (where Spears' alter is brought out!) is enough to convince me of that fact!
Programmed multiple (via Disney conditioning/mind control) Britney Spears with Diane 'Handler' as Sawyer (knowingly?) launches a 'trigger phrase' (via the word spasm and hand gesture) and that this causes Spears to disassociate and switch into an 'alter'...all in plain view!!!

Part 6 has the 'VW gold bug' (again) and it is attacked by Jason.
  There is also a literal 'crushing the bug' moment the Poe-lice Station! The camp has been renamed 'Forest Green' and features 'pines' and the 'sun.

Part 7..has reference to the original Templar suppression date...Friday 13th, October. (10/13)
Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan has connections to the WTC via the imagery (as well as the cover art) and the film's opening segment  which begins with the WTC and a 'terror inspired' commentary!  

Part 8 also has a Stephen King moment...whereby one of his supposed 'pens' is given as a gift and it is mentioned that it was his.  Subsequently this 'pen' is used to stab Jason in his left 'Poe eye' and she escapes!

Part 8 also features the lightning bolt and the WTC tower!

Part 9...features (what I call) 'opening of the mouth' elements.

 The eating of the heart/opening of the mouth (ammit the devourer and rebirth) and the transference via the mouth.

Like Spielberg's Jaws...and the opening of the shark's mouth and hooks (maker hooks)
 Am(m)it-y...geddit? The mayor (Murray Hamilton) also featured in Amit-y-ville and Hanks' TV movie...Mazes & WTC Monsters!
 Hooper (Dreyfuss) 
"Now why don't you take a long close look at this sign. Those proportions are correct."

 The July 4th thematic & the veiled interpretation is spot on (an in-joke)...the pyramid is proportionally correct!

Back to Friday 13th
I couldn't help but notice that Part 3 also has a WTC/Death connection via the following imagery. 
This is right at the moment of a kill scene...the body drips blood from above onto the magazine.
The Twin Towers (with attacking aircraft) and the King Kong/God-zilla imagery and the De Laurentis film from 1976, Kong starred Jeff 'Bug 9/11 Lie-bowksi' Bridges & Jessica Lange.

McFly and the 'Back to the 9/11 Future' aspects...don't forget Glover is in Fri 13th pt4!

The McFly & the Hopper (River's Edge)

Bugman and bughead
Hopper in Super Mario Bros...the reptilian brain (even wings under the soldiers neck!), control and the WTC subliminals in plain sight!  23 chromosomes aspect is also visible.

The WTC and an 'aircraft' impact subliminal

 Hopper has previous from The American Friend (1977) by Wim '666' Wenders!
Hopper also featured in the Jack Nicholson's (Monkee's) 'Head'!

If you have yet to experience the feeling that 'they' are laughing at us....then I think there is really no hope for you tbh!

 Bugman Hopper, Bugman Glover & Bugman Reeves...a triple hit!
The bug (head, see pic) and water again, even a fire extinguisher in rear of Bug!!!
The director Tim Hunter was used to direct some of Lynch's Twin Peaks episodes.
The director of photography Frederick Elmes...worked for Lynch on Blue 'Bug' Velvet, Eraserhead & Wild At Heart.  We might even find part of the inspiration for Laura Palmer's washed up 'river body'...the same with The Singing Detective (Frost used it as a guide, of sorts)

 Glover (Warhol) would appear with Dune/Blue Velvet Bugman aka Kyle McLachlan and Val Kilmer in Stone's The Doors...

Both with an American Indian connection...The Doors/The Shining
Kilmer has the 'winged batman' thematic and the 'Templar' thematic via Simon Templar.

The Door's Glover has also been linked to playing a character in the Batman films...

Crispin 'Alice's love eye bug/bug pants/McFly/bug driving' Glover...the Knave of Hearts
Tim 'Beetlejuice/Batman' Burton's Alice In Wonderland

 An early rejected Saul Bass (Strangelove titles etc) poster

Eyes wide shut and open

The Brain & Eye
The 'cathode ray' mission...

Red (Red Heart) Cross (Rosicrucian)
Videodrome...Cathode Ray Mission
Watching the open heart (surgery)...on a TV in the red (heart) cross...Cathode Ray Mission

A type of 'TV soup kitchen'...whereby derelicts can patch themselves in to the medium of TV 'virtuality' everybody else.  Instead of the need for food, this satisfies the need to intergrate and exists in this 'virtuality'.

 In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where
the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open
the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

 Opening of the 'videodrome' mouth
 The mouth and the serpent-like entrails...I think it is supposed to be 'the brain'
Long Live The New Flesh

From 'TV red stained lips' to 'Cinema red stained 'lips'...

Recall this...the actual juice of the crushed Sapho beetle/bug that affected brain function...

Crushed 'sapho beetle'...Dune
Thalamus...CerebRuM etc 
Before I get 'lynched' by a load of Herbert junkies...yes it (Sapho) is a 'root' in the books.  Lynch created this Mentat 'mantra' (it is by will alone etc) and it was not a part of the books. Lynch seems to make the 'sapho' element 'beetle/insect/bug' like in appearance...before it is crushed, prior to consumption.

Love is the under will. (thelema/thalamus)

Sapho...Beetle (Thalamus) Juice
(Sca)Rabban...crushing the beetle/bug/insect before consumption...beetle/bug juice.
 Sappho was a Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. The Alexandrians included her in the list of nine lyric poets.

Two films...Burton's Beetlejuice and Lynch's Dune...will both feature 'beetles' 'juice' and 'sandworms' and 'opening of the mouth' aspects!

Recall Geena Davis would star in Cronenbug's The Fly alongside Jeff '9/11 Independence Day' Goldblum. The Fly will also feature 'the worm and hole' theme via the dream Davis (has see pic). 

 The final "Brundlefly" creature (referred to as the "Space Bug" by the film's crew)

Independence Day (4th July) by Roland '9/11' Emmerich...July 4th Jack pic
His Godzilla film having 9/11 aspects too...I've mentioned them in other posts.

The 'space bug' the 'space bugs' in Independence Day
 Jeff 'Sentinel/See You Next Wednesday/The Fly/Jurassic Masonic Park' Goldblum

Thalamic Bug Mothership

Recall all the 'rainbow' references (I don't want to list them again) in The Shining and also the July 4th date from the closing shot.

and recall who played the president in Independence Day!

 It was Bill 'Lynch's Lost Highway' Pullman...he starred in Independence Day with his fellow Lost Highway co-star Robert '911 Big' Loggia!

Double Take!
 Loggia is actually talking to the dream/fugue composite of Pullman (as Pete/Getty). This is the main 'fugue' part of the film.  Loggia & Pullman will brawl and fight near the ending.

Dream scene...note that there is a raging fire

Lost Highway (pathway) with his aching 'dream-head' thematic aka fugue and the raging fire!

 Independence 'Bug' Day also obviously features Will 'Scientology' is rumoured that they've (he and Jada) funded a Scientology style school! They've already lined up their children to inflict more BS on the zombified TV watching couch potato public.

Brainwash central...
A few familiar faces there...Hubbard's (a Crowley disciple and intel spook, conman etc) legacy...
A 'sci-fi' author too...Xenu etc.

Smith was a regular in the Men In Black (spooks) series of films too...

The first film shows a WTC/911 type subliminal and it is connected to bugs...AGAIN!
Watch the clip and you'll see EXACTLY what I mean! WTC night this day shot.

 This shot from the first film...the WTC and (superimposed) partner being attacked

WTC promo...
No...YOU are the scum of the universe, only 'strung-out couch potatoes' think you're worth anything... the 'cult of celebrity' (and the corporate studio system that governs it) IS a version of the 'war on terror' ffs!

 Yup....its Will '911' Smith!!!  Again!

 Not only that it is a Tony 'Bev 911 Cop 2' Scott  directed film...two direct hits for Tony Scott now!

Tony '911' Scott...via Enemy of the State and Beverly Hills Cop 2

 The 'mind-fuck programme' has to reach to all places and through all media (like a giant net)...not even cartoons are safe, in fact...they are genrally more overt than the adult material...seeding young minds!

The for all the family, adults and children alike!
Heavily promoted by media scum like Murdoch and his Sky/Fox shithouse! 
The Simpsons seem to be at the very heart of all this kind of predictive programming.

James L Brookes (who developed the show and was an executive producer) was also the producer of the Hanks film 'Big' (co-written by Spileberg's sister Anne and directed by Penny Marshall) the film which I have already linked to 9/11, the date of Josh going missing via the fairground is Sept 11th (discovered via the milk carton). There is also the '9 to 11 year old's building transformer' element that I've mentioned in relation to Big follows right on the back of the milk carton shot!

I bet they thought that they'd buried this so deep that no one would find it!
At the fairground on Sept 11th 1987 (Big)
 discovered missing (transformed overnight) Sept 12th 1987 (Big)

This next scene follows directly on the back of the milk carton shot!
The 9 to 11 year old age group and a building that transforms.
Put that in a WTC/911 context...the building(s) transformed and so did the people!

I haven't even bothered to list his (Hanks') Mazes & 'WTC' Monsters...the ending of that sees Hanks try to jump from the WTC south tower! 

Sept 11th...1987
Big....where the rainbow ends. (the head)
Opening of the mouth...via the caps.

Big Awakenings
 Big was directed by Penny Marshall and the very next film (after Big) that she directed was the 1990 Awakenings (seen earlier)! 'Back to back' 9/11 references and themes...Marshall is busted! 

Marshall was even involved with Williams via Mork & Mindy via Season 1.

Back to the Egg and the rainbow...Williams gesturing the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, thumb to thumb in this same position, representing the Hebrew letter Shin (ש), which has three upward strokes similar to the position of the thumb and fingers in the salute.  The same gesture is used by Mr Spock in the Star Trek series.


We've just seen Will '911' Smith (I've no qualms over calling him that exact name, the evidence is there for all to see, the same goes for all the others too) and his various 9/11 theatrics...The Men In Black series, perhaps being the main source.

Men In Black (animated series) 
The MIB cartoon(s)...Neuralyzer Syndrome, just like the Lone Gunman pilot episode!
Apparently...most of this cartoon series is crammed with these types of subliminals!
Coincidence Theorists...will be running for cover, they don't have a leg to stand on! 

 Note: This episode is no longer shown in America due to the events of 9/11! I would say, "this propaganda piece aimed at brainwashing young children, has already served its purpose of conditioning and is no longer required.  We'd rather that you didn't know how we have deliberately fucked young impressionable minds...and that the 'military industrial complex' is obviously the author of this series...a series, posing as entertainment!"

The MIB animated 9/11 WTC soaked series...see examples on youtube, they are being blocked! 
'wearechangenj' @ youtube is doing a great job putting these out there.
These have to be the most 'in your face' examples that are around!
 Oh look it's full of the 'usual suspects'...

 Vincent 'Full Metal Jacket' D'Onofrio (Pvt Pyle)

 Adam 'Full Metal Jacket/Independence 9/11 Day' Baldwin
Silence of the 'Gold Bug/911' Lambs Boyle (Napier) etc.  It is full of the typical 'bug' you'd expect with this subject matter!

 Iron Man is the same!

This is obviously an industrial sized brainwashing programme via 'MSM shit eating corporate media'.

Anyway...I found a CRM 114 reference in the 3rd MIB installment!

Men In Black 3
CRM 114 and a lunar base (ala 2001)
Independence Day also starred Kubrick's Full Meta-l Jacket star Adam Baldwin..Animal Mother!

The animal (beast) and the whore...Creme/CRM $15 (1+14)

Bill 'Lost Highway/July 4th/Rainbow' Pullman...Wes'Nightmare On Elm St' Craven
The snake, the cross...and the rainbow. (Infinity/Ourobos) 
Looks like it is loaded with rosicrucian imagery!
(see the rosicrucian post I did a while back!)

 ...the ending of Craven's Nightmare on Elm St
42....Where the rainbow ends
Ronnie Blakely...who starred in Nashville with Wendy '42' Torrance and Jeff 'The Fly' Goldblum
Freddy Krueger...played by Robert Englund....who would shoot to stradom via playing 'lizard-alien' (they are from Sirius B, cough, cough) Willy in the sci-fi series V...the plot being almost indentical to Independence Day...and Clarke's Childhood's End.

Jeff 'See You Next Wednesday' Goldblum (Landis/Into The Night)
 See You Next Wednesday (poster) dialogue from Kubrick's 2001, the last words of Poole's father! With Michelle 'Batman/Catwoman' Pfeiffer.


Goldblum's (David's) Hal 2001 computer greeting...
 Hal 9000

 David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), an MIT-graduate working for a cable company in New York City, discovers hidden satellite transmissions which he believes to be a timer counting down to a coordinated attack by the aliens.

(of course, imo this is insider chatter for what they're actually doing to US and barely hidden in plain view)

He already got his 'monolith' resonance from The Fly (remember?)

Piracy of the high frequencies and 9/11 etc

911 is the US emergency number....the 'police/emergency services' etc

The Police's lead singer...
  Dune....more insect resonance?
More 'opening of the mouth' and the 'pyramid' tiles.

During an interview with the American pornographic magazine Penthouse (January 1984), Sting, bassist and voice of Police, said he was a "thelemite" ie, a follower of the philosophy of the English black magician Aleister Crowley (1875-1947).

Now all that 'tantric sex' (sex magick) with Trudie Styler...begins to make sense! 
Stuart Copeland's (the drummer) father was a CIA big-wig....seemingly the whole 'entertainment shithouse' is an intel/spook infested hellhole.
The Pyramid Police

 Sting with the eye/skull...
 The album's title was inspired by Arthur Koestler's The Roots of Coincidence, which mentions Carl Jung's theory of synchronicity. Sting was an avid reader of Koestler, and also named Ghost in the Machine after one of his works.  The cover artwork...In the most common version Sting is reading a copy of Jung's "Synchronicity" on the front cover along with a superimposed negative image of the actual text of the synchronicity hypothesis. A photo on the back cover also shows a close-up, but mirrored and upside-down, image of Jung's book.

The Police would have one of their songs featured in the 1995 film Copycat...with Sigourney 'Alien/Ghostbuster Tower-gate/WTC Working Girl' Weaver and Holly 'Raising Ari-Zon(a)' Orion/Hunter.

The Copy-Cat's Eye
Peter Foley. (the killer) His real name was revealed on his ownership papers of a gold VW Bug, and he was identified as the killer by Andy's 'friend'. The film featured the VW Gold Bug (as mentioned above) and Foley re-enacted many infamous serial killings...including those of 'Tan Beetle Bug' driving Ted Bundy and also the Son of Sam (Berkowitz et al).

 Bundy's infamous Tan VW Beetle Bug...used for multiple killings, it was shown as a Yellow Gold Bug in the most recent movie of the story.

The Son of Sam Keenan & Denaro hit featured a VW was Keenan's car.
It was still playing The Partridge (wings/bird) Family theme via audio the scene. (the winged beetle)

 It seems a Yellow/Gold Bug was used by those connected to the Son of Sam crimes. At 2:35 AM, a man approached to within about three feet of the passenger side and fired several shots into both victims’ heads with his .44 Bulldog.  The triggerman ran into the park where he was picked up by a yellow Volkswagen beetle driven by a woman who fit the description of the sexy blonde "woman from Westchester.”  Berkowitz later told Maury Terry the infamous yellow VW “belonged to the Carrs” – an allegation confirmed by at least five witnesses, including two police officers.  “It was like a community car,” he explained.

Murder By Numbers (from the Jung inspired Synchronicity LP, we just saw)...wink, wink. 
Lets be fair...the 2001 9/11 false-flag'mind fuck', was distinctly just that...literally 'murder by numbers'! (in the cabalistic sense)

Which brings me to Karlheinz 'Sirius' Stockhause...A & B (binary star)
Accord­ing to Stock­hausen, the 9/11 ter­ror­ist attacks on New York and Wash­ing­ton that week were “the great­est work of art that ever existed”.

Turning mass murder into a form of quoted by Stockhausen....he synchronistically also features on the cover of The Beatles' Sgt Pepper!

Those who have been reading my blog will already appreciate the WTC and Sirius Glyph elements that have been raised since day one!

Once that you've decided on a killing
First you make a stone of your heart
And if you find that your hands are still willing
Then you can turn a murder into art
Murder by Numbers -The Police

999 the UK emergency services number...
 Ghosts in the Machine...aka Gremlins (bugs in the system)

Ghost in the Shell is the manga series that the Wachowski Brothers ripped-off...for their 9/11 Matrix film!

911 the US emergency services number
The Gremlins 9/11 Sapphire (stone of September) XI (11) 'Beetle Bug radio'
The OZ thematic via Mrs Deagle as Mrs Gulch etc.

Emergency Telephone



Upon arriving over New York City, Professor Neweyes instructs his assistant, stating 
"You may open the pod bay doors." (2001:A Space Odyssey)

 His (Rex) rampage is interrupted when a futuristic aircraft arrives, and he is then greeted by a small green alien-like creature named Vorb (Jay Leno) who lures him into the craft and force feeds him "Brain Grain", a cereal that increases a creature's intelligence. Rex is given his name and introduced to other dinosaurs that have been fed Brain Grain:

The 'pineal' (the grain in the brain) and 'cereal'...ceres (goddess of the grain)...the CRM element again!  The pineal is about the size of a grain of rice.

 We're Back (1993)
We're Back (a Spielberg vehicle) was directed by Simon Wells (great grandson of HG Wells, another who is seen on the Beatles' Sgt Pepper album cover) and he has a long affliliation with Spielberg projects throughout the years, from Roger Rabbit onwards, including Dream Works & Back To The Future etc.

Wells directed the 2002 film The Time Machine
(we just saw him reference Kubrick in We're Back)
 At the New York Public Library, a holographic librarian called Vox 114 (Vox 114 v Crm 114) insists that time travel is impossible, so Alexander continues into the future until 2037 (237), when the accidental destruction of the moon (237,000 miles approx distance) by space colonists renders the Earth virtually uninhabitable.

Manhattan and the WTC

Max Renn in the 9/11 matrix via Anubis News
It looks like his 'poker playing days' are over...cough, cough.

A lying sack of shit, a racist and a 'military industrial complex' poster boy!
His IQ is so high...he thinks everyone else is either stupid and/or blind!
He even mentions Woody Allen/Annie Hall...and people watching, just as well I'm watching you even closer!

Reality (fox news, although that's debatable) and Fantasy (gremlins 2)  meet...via Eric 9/11 Shawn
Terminator Twins

Of course, The Terminator series would feature Linda Hamilton...she picked up 'Stephen King resonance' from starring in the 1984 film based on his short story...Children of the Corn. Released about 6 months prior to the Terminator.
Arnie in the 9/11 matrix...
 James '9/11 Terminator' Cameron...again!

 Arnie again...

 and again...
Peter '2010 The Year We Make Contact/666 Stay Tuned' Hyams
END over the WTC...N (nine) E (eleven)

 The above evocative of Friends...the TV show.
ENDS...over the WTC

The A.I. is the window of the soul
The bug (fly) and the eye

 Keeping an 'AI' eye on the world...via the pyramid

Barry Convex proclaims Lorenzo de Medici as the author of the two famous ocular quotes. The first, "love comes in at the eye", is from a William Butler Yeats poem called "A Drinking Song". The second, "the eye is the window of the soul", is not definitively attributable to any one source. Seemingly similar variations exist in Cicero, European proverbs and the Gospel of Matthew.

Perhaps...Cronenberg selected a euphemism for the idea of 'control'?

Thalamus function...For the visual system, for example, inputs from the retina (eye, TV 'the retina of the minds eye') are sent to the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, which in turn projects to the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe. The thalamus is believed to both process sensory information as well as relay it—each of the primary sensory relay areas receives strong "back projections" from the cerebral cortex.

I'm looking for something...and a strategically placed film poster.

Something x front of 'Something Waits in the Dark'

 "I don't know.
It's soft. There's something too...soft about it.
I'm looking for something that will break through. Something tough."

Amanda's father, Professor Ernest Marvin (Joseph Cotten), a once-famed biologist, has discovered a way to transform humans into amphibious creatures and controls their every move. Rackham manipulates Marvin into performing the procedure upon both willing and unwilling participants by assuring him that his work is undertaken for purely scientific and humanitarian motives .

Max suspects he is losing his mind...

The Max-trix

Samurai..."those who serve in close attendance to the nobility,"

"You've been living in a dream world Neo"

The Matrix
The matrix is explained via a TV set (cough, cough)...the matrix is a system of control.

a brain induced 'virtuality'

A brain induced 'virtuality'...therefore a 'simulated reality'

Cristof (Christ-Off)...The Truman Show (again...a simulated reality via presentation)

A simulated 'reality'...aka 'virtuality'
Television...the dream machine (The Truman Show)
You've been living in a dream world Neo...says Morpheus 'god of dreams'
A son of Hypnos, who lived near the gate of hades (underworld) and connected to 'morphine'
Recall Morpheus offers red/blue pill drug and Hypnos being the root of the word hypnosis. 
Welcome to the desert of the REAL
A damaged Twin Tower image

Morpheus 'god of sleep/dreams'

 Wake-up Neo...The Matrix has you...follow the white rabbit.
Dorothy kansas oz quote

Wake up and the rabbit x2 (see matrix above)

 Follow the white rabbit...Dr Strangelove

Wake up Max...videodrome has you.

Sleep, sex and dreams

Johnny 'Nightmare on Bloody Elm Street' Depp
Death by TV...the one you take to bed with you.
Whatever you do...don't fall asleep!

 Bug in the mouth/head...and snakes at the feet. (all relating to the brain, like Temple of Doom)

Depp would feature in Tim 'Beetlejuice' Burton's Sleepy Hollow opposite 'brain busting' Walken...Depp being a real Burton regular. 

Walken is an 'eggman' you'll soon discover.

Elm St's Depp...
This is your brain-egg

Which leads me back to Elm Street again...because it was produced by New Line Cinema and in association with 'Smart Egg Pictures'.
..if there was ever a 'smart egg' it must be the thalamus!
'Nightmare' should clue everyone in, as to the nature of the films too...nightmares/dreams! Smart Egg, now defunct, was involved in all the Elm St sequels up to part 5.

1994 Smart Egg...rocking the 'phoenix' (sirius/rebirth) angle
Suitably made at Pinewood Sudios

Talking of 'Phoenix'...he (River) OD'd and subsequently died at Johnny Depp's Viper Room club

 My Own Private Idaho (from a poster at prison planet)
I think this is a veiled story about a mind controlled project, via the main character 'Mike' played by River Phoenix.. Mike was a narcoleptic who experiences missing time, frequently blacking out, and is constantly moved around by a handler/handlers. (narcolepsy is said to be common among mind controlled people).
Some may recall that Phoenix himself came from a 'hippy-commune' background via his parents the 'Children of God' cult.

In the movie, the life story of Mike fits the model for a mind control victim. He is a homeless teen aged male prostitute suffering from drug addiction and mental problems. It emerges that Mike's birth was the product of an incestuous relationship between Mike's brother and Mike's mother. Mike's mother was jailed for murdering a crooked card dealer who had dared rip off the mob/CIA casino that he had worked for in Reno. Mike was an infant at the time of the murder, and his mother was sent to a psychiatric facility, and Mike actually lived at the psychiatric hospital with her. Assuming she had spent a number of years at the institution undergoing 'treatment' for having committed murder, it would mean that Mike spent his entire early childhood in a psychiatric institute. So Mike may have been the victim of experiments and procedures from infancy, and completely transformed due to having spent his early life in a psychiatric institution where handlers would have had regular access to him.

It also emerges that Mike's handler, Scott (Keanu Reeves), is none other than the son of the powerful masonic mayor of Portland. Scott moves Mike from one prostitution/crime/drugs scenario to another , regularly traveling with him, with Mike suffering narcoleptic 'blackouts' and missing time throughout the film. Mike also at one point states that he has been with his handler for four years. In the film, the character Mike is roughly sixteen or seventeen years old, which means that Mike has been travelling around with Scott, being prostituted and blacking out since he was twelve or thirteen years old.

I can only speculate here, but what emerges is a picture of a mind-controlled slave who is being used alternately as a child prostitute, possibly an international drug courier, and a street thug who participates in gang muggings. Watch the film.

 Gus Van Sant may have written this film with full knowledge of CIA operations, and full knowledge of mind control and how it relates to child prostitution, drug operations, street gangs etc. The alarming thing to me is that the film would have been made to appeal to the 'in crowd' , the people who 'got it' would have loved it, but the general public would have been confused by what they were looking at. What alarms me is that people like Gus Van Sant and his subculture of financial backers and promoters etc. brazenly make films about this sort of thing, knowing that there are huge numbers of 'insiders' who will understand it, while the general public has not a fraction of a clue what they are really watching. It begs the question: how many people secretly know about this stuff? If major films can be done to appeal to large numbers of people , then there may be a hell of a lot of people capable of 'reading between the lines' in enjoying such films.
dronethunk -prisonplanet forum post

Van Sant also has in his repertoire a 'Columbine Shooting' (Dove) inspired film (the original Columbine having mkultra many of these 'barely veiled' mind controlled assassins) and also links to Willaim S 'OTO' Burroughs (Naked Lunch etc).

Remember the 'Depp/OTO Grant thematic' from the previous post...?
 As a result of its enormous influence on the elite, the OTO has inaugurated and cemented the transformation of the masses -- working in Hollywood, the corporate business world and within the US government -- spreading the "energy of Satan" across the planet, in the words of 'Frater Aussik 400' (Kenneth Grant), outer head of the OTO.

The crow/raven...allegedly from I Am Crow
 The bird on Depp's head...needs grain/seed (the brain grain)
The winged head/brain motif.

According to Grant...
"The scientist, Wilhelm Reich, was eliminated by the American authorities because the logical conclusion of his discoveries (orgone/sex energy, health and psychic abilities etc) implied the total overthrow of society as it is known today. Yet it is upon the debris of that society alone that the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (a form of Horus) may be established. The keen and persistent practice of Thelema by even a few dedicated individuals will effectively overthrow society..."

The 'winged' raven/crow 3rd eye/uraeus and 666 (666, as heavily seen in Ninth Gate!)

Ninth Gate...Where the 42 rainbow ends! (on his way to the final act/climax to the 9th Gate)
 The Ninth Gate...LVX (Light) Sun at the climax

as if by magic(k)....

In The Lone Ranger...we are shown the 42 (foot thick) Rainbow Bridge (Arch) in Utah
The Rainbow Bridge/Arch

The Elm St series has a huge 'dream themtic' as we've established.

 Dream Warriors...note Craven was not directly involved in this sequel.

 This was Arquette's film debut

A title card before the opening credits starts reads as follows: 
"Sleep. Those little slices of Death. How I loathe them" -Edgar Allan Poe-

Dream Warriors and 'head death' by TV

Elm St 3 features an actor from Blue 'Dreams' Velvet...Jeffrey Beaumont's mother played by Priscilla Pointer, who also coincidentally acted in the first Stephen King film to be made into a film Carrie (1976).  Scream would also use the 'death by TV' aspect...for the death of of the two killers.

Craven would launch the Scream series (1996)...which opens with 'King/Spielberg infused' Drew 'Darko-Poe/ET/Firestarter/Cat's Eye' Barrymore's death. She gets the 'Templar question wrong' aka 'the Friday 13th question' which leads to her murder.

 Scream features the VW Beetle Bug too...driven by Rose McGowan/Tatum Riley
She ends up crushed in the garage doors...

McGowan would also be raised in a Children of God (paedophile based) commune (like River & Joaquin Phoenix), her father was head of the Italian branch. David Berg the head of 'The Children of God' was a chronic paedophile (and child sex promoter) and his own son (adopted) was abused at his hands...Ricky Rodriguez ended up killing himself in 2005, no doubt as a result of this sick upbringing!  I've heard/read that River Phoenix lost his virginity at the age of 4 years old!
Phoenix gave an interview to Details magazine in 1991 stating that the cult was ruining people's lives.  A part of me thinks that Phoenix may have been too open about his upbringing and comments about adult/child sexual could be that his death was a way to silence him on these matters....all speculation of course!

 Billy (Scream)
"Now Sid, don't you blame the movies, movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative!"

The Scream film was loosely based on the Gainsville Ripper killings...the actual perp being Rolling, he himself claimed to have been heavily influenced by horror films...particularly Exorcist 3 (which he viewed the week of his killing spree).  Dahmer was another with an interest in Exorcist 3, (aka Legion) watching it before carrying out murders. A plot point of Exorcist 3 is that the Gemini (evoking the zodiac killer) killer is injecting his victims with drugs that make them virtual living (but incapacitated) zombies...Dahmer himself drugging and virtually lobomatizing some victims with chemicals via the skull. The film stars George 'Strangelove' Scott & Brad 'Cuckoos Nest/Dune' Douriff

At Dahmer's trial Exorcist 3 and Lucas' Return of the Jedi were referenced as direct inspiration!
Dahmer's 'temple' (skulls/temple of doom) and Return of the (D)jedi... 

recall this...

 Cathy O'brien a mind controlled slave for the US govt states in her writings 'Trance formation of America' that George Lucas [of Star Wars fame] is merely a front for the NSA/NASA.While the kids are all fawning around under the spell of Luke Skywalker and other Masonic pseudonyms

Are we seeing direct MKULTRA overlaps in plainview and that Dahmer himself was possibly a victim of this that heavily employed Hollywood 'movie' programming?  People should be aware of Dahmer and his 'neuro-scientist' father and also Dahmer's claims of having access to the I am not making any of this up!  In Fritz Springmeier's work an element of MKULTRA programming is mentioned and makes reference to 'Legion' (ala The Exorcist)...a system of putting in a series of 'demonic alters' into a victim.  There is already a massive 'subtext' within the original Exorcist film that subliminally deals with Regan being the victim of 'sexual abuse' and that 'possession' is used (partly in some way) as a euphemism.

"When one of the authors of this book, Fritz Springmeier, began working with Programmed Multiples, he was told by several independent of one another that they had problems with spirits, which they called Legion, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathon and Behemoth.Occasionally Hanan was mentioned."
  The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave
Springmeier & Wheeler 
Dahmer then led him into the bedroom, where the two sat on the edge of the bed and watched the film ``Exorcist III``, while Edwards said Dahmer seemed to go in a trance-like state ``chanting . . . like a slow `uuhhmmm,`. . . and rocking back and forth.`` Sometime later, Edwards said he hit Dahmer in the head and escaped. The serial killer in ``Exorcist III`` roughly parallels Dahmer. Both killed 17 people, both did their killing near a Catholic university-the ``Exorcist`` killer near Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Dahmer near Milwaukee`s Marquette University. Dahmer told Detective Dennis Murphy, to whom he made his confession, that he had bought a videocassette of the film and watched it two to three times a week for six months. ``He felt the character in the movie was driven by evil, and he felt he could relate to the character because he felt he was driven by evil,`` Murphy told jurors.
Chicago Tribune 1992
That aside...researcher Dave McGowan has done a lot of work exposing the links of 'serial killers' to the authorities and military/intel/govt programmes...I highly recommend his book Programmed To Kill and his Hollywood connected Laurel Canyon series, for links to 'intel' and the mass 'Hollywood' programming of society.

Dream Warriors also synchronistically stars 'god of sleep/dreams' Laurence 'Morpheus' Fishburne.

 Soundtrack...obviously includes Badalamenti

killer video tape


Head damage and bugs

A true wild at heart
 Her former husband Nic Cage...played the lead in Lynch's other road movie...Wild At Heart
Cage gets 9/11 resonance from Face/Off (with Travolta) and Knowing

The bugmen in romance (love) bugging
Arquette ties in Tony Scott (Ridley's brother), Walken & Hopper via True Romance

Bugmen Walken & Hooper...Walken is an 'egg-plant'
'Cause you, you're part eggplant.' 

Walken, the brain beetle man is part egg-plant...and that's from Dennis 'the bugman' Hopper!
'Eggplant' here in the 'literal sense' implying the Sicilian derogatory term 'melanzane' (eggplant) 'mela' meaning black/ in mela-nin.

"I'll send you a love letter, straight from my heart, fucker! You know what a love letter is? It's a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker! You receive a love letter from me, you're fucked forever! You understand, fuck? I'll send you straight to hell, fucker!"
 Another 'head shot' for Dennis...just like in Blue 'Beetle-Bug' Velvet

Angelo x2

Where's my bourbon?

 Angelo 'David dream Lynch' Badalamenti...cough, cough!

"Where's the fucking bourbon?"

Nightmare on Elm St 3 : Dream Warriors. "In dreams...I talk to you"

Literal...'Dream warriors'...the Samurai (videodrome)

Samurai Dreams 

Wake up Max...Videodrome has you.
 The 23rd x 2....23 pairs of chromosomes...Max is Mr 23

Want back up...?
Max meets Videodrome 'front man' Barry Convex (lens). the 'now being served' customer #23

23 and X/Y

 The rainbow human dna strand...the rainbow ladder/bridge

DNA ladder from ANDY and the 'eye in the sky' aka Sirius...Man in the Moon.

23...Just like our old TV friend Truman Burbank (Jim 'Mr Djed 23/Sirius stairway walker' Carrey) 
Jim 'Truman 23' Carrey and the Dog/911 thematic...

23 degrees of the djed/spine...
Fingerling/Fingering on the 23 djed/spine...Animal Control and the saxophone alluding to the spine.
The dog (canis/sirius) catcher...

 He co-starred with Dune's Virginia 'Born on 911/Sirius stairway walker/Candy Bug Man' Madsen 

The Steps to Heaven
The film 23 has a huge 'dog' thematic..and a huge 'stairway' theme too!

9-11-2001 = 23

K9 - 11 9

 Madsen's Ruby Oz slippers...she went over the rainbow bridge in Electric Dreams.
Dune 'dreams' and Electric Dreams
Sirius and the rainbow (bridge) connection...ala Alice Bailey.
The 'dog' thematic aka canis/sirius/toto in Oz.

 23 the Djed spine.

Discovery Almighty
Axis stage left and head on a stick...?

Truman starts to see all is not well between days 10,911 & 10,912

Truman on the stairway to Sirius via the man in the moon

The 2001 Monolith (hotel) 'overlooking' Ground Zero (Sirius glyph buildings/WFC 1988)

Liar, Liar...chasing 'Tower Air' on the staircase...cough, cough
Tower Air would cease trading on 1st May 2000, the year before 9/11/2001.

DNA ladder/I in the sky (sirius) in Man on the Moon, stairway, Sirius & 23 in The Truman Show, Steps & Sirius Stairways in the moving 'stairway' in Liar, Liar.

  The 9/11 (8:55) Trading 'WTC/911' Places & Twilight '911' Zone clocks!
From the opening scenes of Liar, Liar (1997) 

The Fireman...
see 0:44 (World Trade Center) see 4:46 (collapsing Twin Towers)

In Living Color...mid 90's I think.
Yes I am aware of the '93 bombing aspect.

As above (in film) so below (on earth)

TV movie...Senior Trip (1981)
A huge....cough, cough!  The WTC Towers & the 2001:ASO theme tune combined!

Life imitating art...or art imitating life, my money is on the former!

Jim '23' Carrey....ever noticed how the W (23rd letter) is shown via the lightning bolt 
(see left pic, top right) on the tarot Tower card? Like George W Bush.

All via Mass(a) (inter)Media and the thalamus
 Yes...that brain/god image again!

 Where the rainbow ends...the head

Carrey...gets 'satellite' (media) resonance from both The Truman Show (24/7 satellite coverage) and his lead in The Cable Guy, with Matthew 'Stepford Wives' Broderick!

Not forgetting that Carrey is a CRM114 club member too!
 In the movie 'Fun with Dick and Jane' with Jim Carrey, CRM114 is the name of a form to transfer money to an overseas bank. 

The 2001:ASO 'eye pod' is supposed to be coded with CRM114, but I am still trying to find the reference, others have said that it is the registry number for the Discovery ship, but it would make more sense if it were the 'eye pod'.

Eyes Wide Shut (CRM)...the hospital revolving doors, evoke the 2001:ASO revolving space station!

The Dead Pool(e)
 I think this idea may have originated from 'themaskofgod' blog, so thanks go there.
 Jim 'Dead Pool' Carrey @ the Hotel Satan...Kubrick as a '666' resonator is a done deal already!
Kubrick is a 777 resonator from 2001 via the gematric value of the title cards summing 777.

 Harold (palying dead in the pool) & Maude (Ruth 'Rosemary's Baby' Gordon)

The VW Gold Bug & Sun pushing brain beetle...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
"Meet me in Mo(o)ntauk"

The VW Gold Bug on the 'going to the sun road' in The Shining (Sun)

Truman (True Man) begins to 'see' that all is not as it seems, this happens from Days 10911 and 10912 (DVD chapters 8-16)

Neo's passport expires on 11th Sept 2001
As a 10 year would've been issued on the same day as Bush's 1000 points of light speech! 

This fact!
The Big Lie-bowski

The importance of perverted sex and perverted violence as a plot point is that it opens certain neural receptors in the nervous system that allows the videodrome signal to get in.

It's the effects of exposure to violence on the nervous opens receptors in the brain and they allow the (videodrome) signal to sink in.

I'd just like to say that I am sick and tired of people who view this work from the 'new age' 'synchro-mystic' angle...I am sick and tired of these types of people...people who obviously cannot see beyond 'the magic' of their 'media-sphere' heroes.  If I have described you in this previous paragraph...I make no apology....I am sick and tired of mind bombed....'new age synchro mystic types'...there are hundreds of outlets for this 'form of delusion'...please go and utilise those and don't clog up my page with that stuff!  I view this content from the 'intel/mind control' aspect...not via 'wishy-washy zenlike reverence' of the main players. Imo there is likely to be a 'central control system' that is working on all these aspects outlined, both in the organisational and delivery sense...I very much doubt that (most) of the actors involved and many of the other personnel don't really know what is going on, but I can only speculate. The people we're dealing with (Hollywood) and their personnel seem 'totally compromised and appear like secret society/intel controlled assets' who have been used to brainwashed (and continue to) entire societies and they simultaneously seem to 'nose thumb' at the masses ignorance!  I also do not view these issues from inside a vacuum all plays into the larger dynamic of corporate and 'secret society controlled' govt, politics, military and business and how could it not?  A Hollywood/media based 9/11 (incl. mystery religion/masonic propaganda) industrial size brainwashing program cannot and would not work in is working hand in hand with big business, govt, miltary and politics!!!  How many scripts do you think are and have been vetted by intelligence agencies and the pentagon....I'll tell is thousands!  Outside of that there is also the 'child abuse' angle to consider and the shadow of mkultra/monarch programming....many of these same areas discussed appear to be flooded with OTO & intel type adepts who bring their 'male buggery' degree based systems with them!  Perhaps now...people might appreciate what child stars like Corey Haim and Feldman have been through (in the abuse sense, that is), don't take it from me (an outsider) take it from them...they themselves have tried to bring this to light, afterall.

I just wanted to clear that up and to avoid confusion regarding my stance in these matters.
Now you know!

"I've learned that death is not the end"
The old flesh is physical...the new flesh is non-physical...hence the destruction of the 'physical' the next stage.

Max's body is a condemned vessel...just like the derelict ship notice implies.
The 'old flesh' dies...he copies what he sees (himself) from the TV screen

 No physical body...