Monday, 25 July 2016

Hollywood: The Cinema of Sodomy

Hollywood is the sodomite capital of the world, all it does is employ sodomites (plus other LGBT elements) and make output that is sodomite affirming. THAT IS ALL THEY DO. This is all genres and all age groups, yes even children are being programmed with LGBT and sodomite-based Hollywood funded mass programming. I have BUSTED the ENTIRE THING, there are no more excuses! Hollywood wants to destroy, and is destroying heterosexuality, that is its PRIMARY FUNCTION. There are no 'pro-hetero' films, film-makers, actors or actresses, it is all governed by LGBT and for LGBT. This is a programme that has been generations in the making, now you will finally understand why the homosexual/LGBT EPIDEMIC has happened, and is happening. It's been achieved via mass corporate, celebrity-based, sodomite programming, and almost totally under the aegis of Zionism/Judaism, and it's vice-like grip on the entire film/TV industry. Does it show that I'm FUMING and PISSED OFF? ;)

Sodomy and child abuse are institutionalised within the (sick) Hollywood machine.
Sodomite programming central.

Expanding on Shutter Island. I'm not going over recent events, terrorists, shootings etc. There are examples of these events everyday, and it is all just going over the same old ground anyway! If you don't yet appreciate that Corporate MSM (media) is a form of global cancer, then I don't really know why you're reading this!

Attention: This post contains very extreme sexual content and extreme coarse language (a necessity of the subject matter), some things just formed and mushroomed while I was writing them. Some of the stuff I uncovered is just simply 'insane', even by my standards, so please understand this. So, please be advised, and do not continue if you are easily offended or sensitive to this subject matter. There are also some flashing images. Thanks.

I just happened to recently catch a viewing of Scorcese's Shutter Island (on 16th July) or Shut-(ter) Eye-land and for the first time. A film that I immediately recognised as playing into these same types of 'nazi mind control' themes.

Set in 1954, which is inside the Paperclip window and the related mind control programmes. There's a 'twinning' aspect with (DiCaprio) Daniels/Laeddis. 'Butterfly Nabakov's' Lolita Haze was called Delores. Delores (pain/sorrow) - is the name of Daniels' wife. DiCaprio featured with De Niro, in (abuse oriented) This Boy's Life (1992), he played Toby Wolff and the story is set in 1955! It was De Niro that hand picked DiCaprio to feature and from 400 actors. It's also been alleged that DiCaprio made "gay porn" under another name.
Lolita/Foster pictured with 'the butterfly' in Scorcese's Taxi 'assassin' Driver (with 'monarch' Hide & Seek, De Niro), we've already tied her to the 'nazi thematic'. Is Shutter Island an avatar for Plum Island (off Connecticut, aka mind control central), the same Plum Island mentioned in Foster's Silence of the Lambs (SOTL). A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur, is the book that Ellie Arroway reads (who Foster played) in Nazi Contact.

Lecter: "Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center, sounds charming."

Jack, The Shining (apt nazi pupil): "All work and no play makes Jack a Dull(es) boy."
With Kubrick and Harlan's nazi links, King's Shining/VW driving Apt Nazi Pupil (Jack) and Paperclip on US soil, then why not? It was the German Adler (with double eagle reference) on which he wrote this text! The one we also related to Jack writing Apt (Nazi) Pupil, as King did in reality.

Human animals most likely, at least at some point. SOTL has heavy 'bird resonance', Starlings, Terns, Pigeons (breeding deep/high rollers etc). Bill kidnaps a Senator's daughter (political), Travis (Taxi Driver) Bickle was primed (or primed himself) for a political assassination hit. Could the famous 'mirror scene' ("You talking to me") also be a potential mind control based aspect? I've noted the Reagan assassin 'Hinckley' and the Jodie Foster links in earlier posts. John 'assassin' Hinckley, was allegedly linked to the US Nazi Party (some claim he was a member). At his trial, mention was made of Hinckley meeting up with a Nazi ideologue. Some researchers have mentioned author Thomas Harris, being linked to the CIA.

Mind control-ville...

Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter: "Was it a butterfly?" Starling (Foster): "Yes, a moth."
The 'butterfly' reference dropped as they first approach 'the Island' and by the undercover doctor.
Ruffalo plays the duplicitous fake sidekick, he's really an undercover doctor. Ruffalo, would feature in Fincher's Zodiac, the serial killing film which I recently wrote about, and in respect of 'nefarious authority' programming.
Scorcese was involved with a filmed 'Madam Butterfly' production in the mid 90s. Directed by (none other than) Frederic 'Sarkozy' Mitterand (gay), the subsequent French politician who was allegedly implicated in paedophilia. Oliver Sarkozy is currently dating one of the 'programmed' Olsen 'twins' (wink, wink).

I just mentioned (German, Adler aka Eagle) via The 'monarch' Shining. There is an Adler Hollywood link, that might be of interest, Stella Adler. Among her early students were Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Elaine Stritch, Mario Van Peebles, Harvey Keitel and Candice Bergen. Others to pass through her doors include : Nick Nolte, Salma Hayek, Eric Stoltz, Deidre Hall, Sean Astin, John Charles Jopson, John Ritter, Cybill Shepherd, Michael Richards, Benicio del Toro, and Mark Ruffalo. She was descended from Jacob 'Yiddish Theatre' Adler aka The Great Eagle.

The title "Shutter Island" is an anagram of both "Truths and Lies" and "Truths / Denials"
'RUN' is also a familiar command for running (computer) programmes.

The 'Island' creates programmed assassin\killers for black-op type functions. Daniels (DiCaprio) is drawn into an elaborate charade (from the outset), in that Wicker Man type way, everyone is in on it, except himself! The 'Medea' wife theme (a la True Detective), is likely his programming framework. The framework that will (unsuccessfully) be used to attempt to manipulate him into becoming a programmed killer. Daniels already underwent the same process 9 months prior (see head scar), that mission also failing, we see the very next programming attempt, one which also fails. This is why he HAS to be zombified at the close, it is his choice (he knows he is being set-up) and he choses the lesser of two evils (die a good man, rather than living like a 'programmed' monster etc).

Dr Naehring to Daniels: "And wouldn't you agree, when you see a monster, must stop it"
Which is exactly what Daniels does, he stops the monster.

There are 'Oz' and 'red shoes' type overlaps too. DiCaprio (who once played Toby Wolff) also references the wolf (raised by wolves) another potential German/Nazi link. He was in (Scorcese's) the Wolf of Wall St, it was certain Wall St connections that helped fund Hitler (see Anthony Sutton, Thyssen etc). Jack Torrance (The 'nazi' Shining) plays the 'wolf' when he is terrorising his wife and child. DiCaprio gets strong 'bear resonance' from his Oscar turn in The Revenant, ' the bear' another Germanic symbol. Paedophilia is also linked via bears (Teddies), as noted in The Shining.

Shutter Island really had big 'Silence of the Lambs' overlaps (lambs/wolves - slaughter), both in terms of content and personnel. There was even a scene that copied Starling's (Foster) asylum corridor walk, one which Daniels takes. Nazi/Moth (Butterfly) resonant SOTL/Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), his death's head (totenkopf) moth (in nature) invades bee hives (the collective hive/hive mind). Buffalo Bill/Levine played Shutter Island's 'SS/Nazi-like' warden (see below). Levine also featured in the 'mind control' resonant remake of the Manchurian Candidate.

It's 'moth/butterfly' Buffalo meets 'chasing butterflies' Ruffalo!
Nazis, Butterflies (moths) and Monarch...Teddy and Ted
(Re: Buffalo Bill) Yes, a moth. The 'totenkopf' (death's head, nazi resonant) moth
Death's head to Death's Bed(spread, swastika). Below, transformed moth/butterfly-like wings/imagery
Alter personality, mannequins etc

"Our Billy wasn't born a criminal, Clarice. He was made one through years of systematic abuse."
Years of systematic 'nazi-based mind control' abuse. Lecter also (obliquely) mentions sodomy during this chat. Lecter himself was irreparably traumatised by the Nazis, Hannibal Rising, they fed his sister to him (1944). It's all 'seemingly' inter-related, even connecting to Lecter and Red 'phoenix' Dragon.
Nazi 'Red Dragon' Norton and Nazi 'Red Dragon' Fiennes.
Red Dragon's Keitel will link to paedophilia (Foster, Iris' pimp) and the butterfly via Taxi Driver.
Fiennes, with his death's head (totenkopf, a la the moth/SS imagery), and where Fiennes featured with Ben 'Nazi Shutter Island' Kingsley. Norton took the lead role in American (nazi) History X, it was offered, but passed over by Joaquin Phoenix. Norton was also Nazi-fied (with wolf) in uber-masonic Grand Budapest Hotel.

Recall that Red Dragon (2002) was a remake of Michael Mann's Manhunter (1986). The same 'Manhunter' that closed-out with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, by IRON BUTTERFLY (Nazi/monarch mind control)! Mann would have both Levine (Buffalo Bill) and Noonan (Tooth Fairy) in his film Heat (DeNiro). In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, meaning In The Garden of Eden (creation).
Wiki shows the GERMAN cover and it was recorded at LONG ISLAND (wink, wink).

 Iron Butterfly perform and in respect of a serial killer and his death climax.

Tooth "are you implying that I'm a queer?" Fairy - a fairy, effeminate/gay. A Red DRAG-on (drag, cross-dress), recall that Buffalo 'homosexual' Bill also displays male/female transient behaviour. Iron Butterfly- nazism has the 'Iron Cross' as a key symbol.
Note that the term 'iron' (slang- iron hoof, poof/gay) has potential resonance. You will see how this, and other similar terms, function during the body of this post.

Michael Mann, who made The (Nazi) Keep (1983)
The Keep featured Apt Pupil Nazi, McKellen and Scott 'Silence of the (Nazi) Lambs' Glenn,
FBI Crawford, who leads the search for Buffalo 'nazi/moth' Bill. Glenn plays Hermes in The Keep, Foster played Iris (the female Hermes) in Taxi Driver.
Glenn, Glaeken Trismegestus (a rendering of Hermes Trismegistus) is 'twinned' with The Keep dwelling Molasar (Set/Satan), whose facial features were sculpted to resemble Glenn's. Immortal Glaeken casts no shadow, Molasar is Glaeken's shadow-self, one that he defeats (in the keep abyss) with his staff (caduceus). It's seemingly implied that he is granted mortality as the reward/result. Glaeken initially sets off from Greece (ala Greek Hermes) and awakens at the exact moment that Molasar's 'seal' is broken (being herme-tically sealed) by the Nazis. The seals are 'tau cross shapes', the tau to which Hermes and the caduceus staff relates. Glaeken even has green (emerald) blood, evoking Hermes' green emerald tablet. Glenn starred in 'The Right Stuff' (Nazi Von Braun space travel), did they mean 'fascism'?

Ian (Nazi Apt Pupil/The Keep) McKellen, would also play Richard III in a Nazi Third Reich/fascist version of a play/film of the same name, see gifs. Brian 'Lecter/Manhunter' Cox would appear in McKellen's original hit play version, it toured for six years to sell out crowds.

The Nazi referencing Boys From Brazil Chile/US, Slayer, would record a version of this 'Iron Butterfly/In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' tune (Less Than Zero, soundtrack). The same Slaytanic Werhmacht that penned 'Angel of Death' (Illumi-Nazi Mengele) all via masonic-Zionist Rubin's Def/Death Jam label. The latter Slayer song's lyrics actually contained dialogue from The Boys From Brazil.

The Lightning Struck 'Phallic' (Nazi) Tower

The Tower (tarot) is a key to the mystery of sex. The tower is supposedly filled with gold coins which, showering out in great numbers from the rent made by the lightning bolt, suggesting potential powers. This is clearly an allusion to male ejaculation (showering gold coins). In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot the tower is a pyramid, its apex shattered by a lightning bolt.

Openly gay McKellen, played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings (possible sexual connotations), and The Hobbit.
A butterfly/moth attends Gandalf and 'eagles' (a nazi symbol) are subsequently summoned as a result.
The last film in the trilogy is The Return of the King (a monarch).
McKellen also starred in the 'gay' Bryan Singer series (of gender bending) X-Men films.
Wood (Elijah), Ring(s), Swords and (phallic) Towers...all chasing after ring and ultimately destroying the ring via the 'mount'. Real fellow sodomites lording it over the ring, with wood! The Two Towers is a potential 'spit roast'!

Are you Fonda (fond of) riding the (penis) chopper via the 'iron' (poof) butt-erfly.
Easy 'chopper' Rider ends with a 'middle finger' and an exploding fiery chopper. Flipping the bird/middle finger gesture is ancient, it historically represented the phallus, in Greece it also represented someone who submits to anal penetration.

Iron Butterfly & Heavy/Heaven Metal, their first '68 album was named Heavy.

Recall Burgess/Kubrick, A Clockwork (Nazi) Orange (mind control). The novel was published in 1962, we've previously mentioned the Mk-ultra, (Nazi) Paper-clip and Fort Bliss links:

Heaven metal? More like heavy metal!
Alex, re: Beethoven's 9th (music).

Steppen-WOLF were the first to use the lyric 'heavy metal' (Born To Be Wild, 1968), a wolf link.
"I like smoke and lightnin'. Heavy metal thunder. Racing in the wind. And the feeling that I'm under."

Nicholson, riding easy on the chopper/penis...the ASS aka the back door(s) to hell via Rodgers (fuck).
Baphomet, Sodomy and The Devil...back door(s) to hell. The Shining and Danny's ass rape.

"I like smoke and lightnin'. Heavy metal thunder. Racing in the wind. And the feeling that I'm under."
Could that (Born To Be Wild) verse be programming oriented? The tune featured in Easy Rider, which starred Jack 'The Shining' Nicholson, Easy Rider was co-written by Terry 'Dr (Nazi) Strangelove' Southern. Southern features on the Sgt OTO Pepper cover, along with Burroughs. Easy Rider, riding easy on the chopper (penis).

Corman would feature in Silence of The (Nazi) Lambs, as FBI director Hayden Burke.

An early use of the term in modern popular culture was by writer William S. Burroughs (who was an OTO adept!). His 1962 novel The Soft Machine includes a character known as "Uranian Willy, the Heavy Metal Kid." Burroughs's next novel, Nova Express (1964), develops the theme, using heavy metal as a metaphor for addictive drugs: "Heavy Metal People of Uranus wrapped in cool blue mist of vaporized bank notes—And The Insect People of Minraud with metal music."

Burroughs' texts seemingly and potentially allude to very suspect (mind control/occult ritual) related ideas and concepts. Euphemisms, Ur-ANUS, Uranian Willy (ass/penis), insects/bugs (human brain), drugs. The other Uranian connection is the 'Isis Uranian' linked Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Nirvana, Over The Rainbow via the butterfly (OZ based mind control) and a bug-headed creature.
CIA linked Burroughs was a sodomite and an OTO practitioner, he even links to 'grunge metal' gods, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. I've read things about Cobain, and linking him with strange sexual practices (likely sodomy based) ones potentially involving Burroughs.
It's Dave 'Nirvana' Grohl at the 11th Chrysalis awards, the butterfly. What's was good for Kurt (mind control), was good for Grohl and Novoselic. Nirvana, evoking a 'disconnect, non-self/emptiness' state of mind.

In a recent post, I showed Nic 'WTC/911' Cage at one of these events and with the Monarch butterflies (a caged monarch). Cage would star with Manhunter's Joan 'Dollarhyde' Allen, in 'identity switching/twinning' Face/Off (she played Eve Archer).
Face/ Travolta and Cage "over the rainbow"

The film with Eve's '11th Sept' subliminal diary that Cage (terrorist Castor Troy) reads. She has featured in the Bourne series of films, mind control programmed assassins, Bourne/Damon who escaped the Nazi's in Private Ryan. In the Bourne series, Manhunter Allen, featured with Silence of the Lambs', Scott Glenn, respectively they played CIA Deputy Director and Director, the Nazi flavoured CIA. Allen began her acting career in 1977 with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company via John Malkovich.

 Some think Courtney Love is another programming victim, her (intel linked) father (Hank Harrison) could potentially be a programmer. He links to the (CIA) Grateful Dead, another mind control resonant act.
OTO Burroughs was referenced by David 'Videodrome/Mass Mind Control' Cronenberg in his film, Naked Lunch. Cronenberg's early career was apparently inspired by Kenneth 'OTO' Anger. Easy Rider's Dennis 'Blue Beetle-bug Velvet' Hopper (his father was OSS/CIA), has also been linked to OTO Anger. Nazi 'US' Paperclip was under the aegis of the OSS.

Butterfly, Angel of Death, Mengele and the Psyche/Soul/Butterfly
Ron Patton - Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control

Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Atlantic label 7" single, had 'Soul Experience' on the B-side.
The Satanic aspect comes from Blake's Red Dragon (painting) and its link to biblical Revelation.

WW2, The Nazis, The British, Monarch, Enigma and computers.
One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This was one of the key creatures that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically. This is clearly a kind of 'passed on' type of genetic reproduction/imitation.

I recently watched (Nazi Enigma) The Imitation Game and noted something in the opening.
Gay Alan 'computer' Turing, it's a Zionist Weinstein production.
Being 'Horseloverphat', I couldn't help but notice the following and during the opening dialogue!
The image (below) is the one we see in conjunction with these specific opening lines.
"Are you paying attention? Good. If you are not listening carefully, you will miss things. Important things." Replace 'listening' for 'WATCHING' and there is a potential 'crypto' reveal! These lines are uttered as we pass over Turing's butterfly collection! It's as though the film deliberately tries to focus your attention on listening, when the visuals are the real key! Should have expected it really, it is a film about high-level crypto-encoding and decoding!

We also pass over some 'pine cones' too, which I often relate to the brain and the 3rd eye/pine-al. 

Benedict 'homosexual' Cumberbatch played 'homosexual' Turing. We also see the butterflies when Turing is having one of his breakdowns and discussing his medication! I only mention this due to the Nazi Monarch (mind control) link and Turing's place in the entire scheme of WW2. For me, WW2 was a 'useless eaters war' and one fashioned by the globally connected elite bloodlines. As clever as Turing may have been, he clearly never worked that aspect out! Maybe if he'd realised that the British aristocracy were/are 'nazi' in their way of thinking (see the Cliveden Set), he might've had a clue!

Who knows what really went on with Turing and whether he was subject to any major programme?
With a hotbed of spies and intelligence (around it all), we'll never know. Even if Turing was, his superior mental ability would've been no foil in regard to any mind control programme, even brain box Turing wouldn't know! What I do know is that 'artificial brain' designer Turing (which led to the modern computer), is the likely reason as to why I am actually typing these words, and in the here and now! I just wanted to raise this point, it's possible that there might be nothing to it.

Back to Manhunter
Dollarhyde: "You are privy to a great becoming..."

Manhunter: Red Drag-on, Wings...Red Dragonfly (overlaps)
It's interesting that (Manhunter/Red Dragon) Dollarhyde aka Tooth Fairy, uses 'film media' as an aspect/methodology of his serial killing activities. His red wings are evoked at death, as Iron Butterfly play.
Notice the overlapping and similar (wings/transformation) imagery for both serial killers.

  Will 'Manhunter' Graham:
"You think that what you do will make you into something different. You are becoming. What is it you think you're becoming? The answer is in the way you use the mirrors. What do the mirrors make you dream you're becoming?" (trauma/mirror programming and becoming/transformation).

Transformation, becoming and metamorphosis...MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra and Monarch
Lecter (SOTL): "The significance of the moth is change (metamorphosis). Caterpillar into chrysalis or pupa, from thence into beauty. Our Billy wants to change, too."

Some researchers even claim that Mengele was not only Illuminati (launched/funded by Rothschild), but that he could've been of the Rothschild bloodline itself, the same has been said of Hitler.
Slayer, Angel of Death: "sadist of the noblest blood."

The In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida LP was the first ever album to be awarded platinum status. It was the biggest selling album for the year 1969, in the USA. It has sold over 30 million copies.

The German single and recorded via Long Island
The Hamptons is a massive celebrity hangout, is this so they can be near to programming central?
Even Julianne 'Hannibal/Lecter' Moore, has a Montauk cottage, the same Moore who got (Montauk/Eternal Sunshine) Mark 'Shutter Nazi Island' Ruffalo back onto the Hollywood bandwagon!

 Bringing us nicely back to 'chasing butterflies' via Shutter (Plum/Montauk/Long) Island
Former Orion executive, Medavoy, was also involved in producing Shutter Island, his film company (Orion/Osiris) produced the 'mega hit' SOTL. SOTL's Egyptian linked theme, comes from aspects being set in Memphis (seat of the original Memphite Kings). Chasing butterflies...
Shutter Island, Max (The Exorcist/Diving Bell & Butterfly) Von Sydow (not Von Braun!) plays the 'Paperclip' resonant 'nazi mind control' linked overseer, Dr Naehring. The 'diving' bell-end (penis) and the (monarch) butterfly programme. I recently linked The Exorcist series to the 'butterfly/monarch' theme (including the original), one even via Paul 'Taxi Driver/Exorcist Dominion/Cat People' Schrader. Dominion also had a big Nazi theme too! Nazi's via Karl, are mentioned in the original film. Exorcist author Blatty worked for the CIA, and as a senior USAF psychological warfare expert...wink, wink.
Ben Kingsley as Dr Cawley (the 'mind controlled ass-ass-in' programmer). Leo (German ancestry) DiCaprio aka Daniels, there are 'nazi flashback' scenes that relate to his character (WW2, Dachau). his head Dr Cawley (Kingsley), right inside his HEAD! That's where all the nazi-based experiments take place. I also noticed tower/lightning type resonance.
I noted a 'statue' of sodomy based 'Pan' (at Cawley's), shown at the moment of Daniels' first (migraine) breakdown and with accompanying 'lightning flash' imagery (all mind control related stuff). He is then dosed with pills. In mk-ultra circles, the sodomy employed is said to impact the spinal base nerve endings, causing light flashes in the victims brain response.

Jack 'incest' Torrance, maze chase with his chopper (penis):

"I'm coming Dan, I'm right behind you" (anal sex)
Jack attacks the (rainbow 237/42 linked) 'meat packing' Scat-man (scat, shit) aka Dick Hall-O-rann with his 'axe' (chopper, penis)

Kingsley, who notably featured/narrated in Spielberg/Harlan's version of Kubrick's A.I. (The Shining 'teddy' paedo/rent boy overlaps), Swindler's Mist, Harem (Kinski/monarch mind control heavy) and Zemeckis' WTC film, The Walk. Talking of The Shining, teddy bears, Dan/Daniel and paedophilia, DiCaprio is called Teddy Daniels.

'Eyes Wide Shut' link...Zio-Nazi Kubrick's EWS aka Traumnovelle (Dream/Trauma Story)
Harford/Cruise wears the 'butterfly' resonant mask and is seen with 'butterfly imagery' in the (Germanic) Wolf-gang Amadeus Mozart (requiem) coffee shop scene. The same scene where he reads about the sacrificed (high-end fashion model/sex slave) Mandy. The same Mandy that links to (Germanic named) Ziegler, the Illuminati honcho.

In terms of sodomite (LGBT) 'color-coding' we'll be dealing with: 
Orange (a fruit), Purple (gay related, lavender), Banana Yellow (fruit banana benders) Pink (gay pink).

Saturn (Satan), EL. The "purp-EL" Lord of the Rings
The Purp-EL Satanic/Saturnic RING Lord. "Where the rainbow ends" - end of the rainbow - purple/violet.

Cat/Kitten programming...with demonic purple overload!
The inlaid ritual mask design resembles the shape of a butterfly...monarch/butterfly
Kubrick...Steven 'Zio-Nazi/Illuminati' Spielberg's mentor.
The Purple Ones via Zio-Nazi Werner Bros.
Eyes Wide Shut, the Illuminati 'monarch system/elite sex slave' documentary film. Sex slaves that link to the world of high fashion (a la Neon Demon). The stylised "satanic/saturnic" ritual orgy at the (Illuminati progenitors) Rothschild mansion, features Red Cloak, who (according to the film) is also a high-end fashion designer (see the Lucky To Be Alive newspaper). 'Model Mandy' is the victim at this orgy.
Interesting content in the above piece, including 'sexual habits and rape' in respect of butterflies.

OTO (sodomite) 'Nazi propagandist' Crowley, Moonchild, rituals @ the Villa aka The Butterfly Net. 
SS/skull imagery (see right lettering). Actual 'butterfly chaser' (with net) 'Lolita' Nabokov, versus Lolita 'butterfly' Zio-Nazi Kubrick and the literal 'moonchild' (starchild, as seen at the close of 2001, written by homosexual Clarke). Surely you recall the 'boner' throwing monkey/ape? Phallic Nazi rockets to the moon (ass) via 'the eye' a la Jonathan 'paedo/Simon Cowell' King!

High-end fashion models and mind control...purple programming overload!
Refn, who did the 'Osiris' Lincoln ad(s) with Texas 'Illuminati assassin' Chainsaw, McConaughey. It's the original Texas Chainsaw film (which was connected to real elements of mafia/organised crime, Bryanston), that is the entire basis for Refn's film-making inspiration. The film series that links to Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein (is he the mk-ultra serial killer role model cast?). Even SOTL's Buffalo 'moth' Bill is related to the Gein mythos, as is (heavy bird resonant) Psycho. Elle 'Neon Demon' Fanning's sister Dakota, was in (monarch butterfly) 'Hide and Seek' with De Niro, playing his 9 yr old daughter. A literal Monarch Hand-ler.
It opens with De Niro finding (The Color Purple director Spielberg's ex-wife) Amy Irving, dead in the bath tub. It was 'split-mind monarch' De Niro, who murdered her, there are clear abuse/programming overtones (monarch butterflies, dolls, caves, split/twinning etc) in respect of father/daughter.
Elle's sister Dakota, did the Jodie 'butterfly/moth' Foster 'Taxi Driver' paedo-chic photo shoot, with Keanu 'Neo(n)/Sirius/Knock Knock paedo/Lolita' Reeves.
The Eye and the Pyramid/Triangle...I wonder if Refn is also from a Nazi-based background?

Cat/Kitten programming (Cat People)...the master symbol of the Illuminati 'eye and pyramid'.
You know, like his cinematic hero...Stanley 'Zio-Nazi-Harlan-Illuminati' Kubrick. 

"As QUEER (homosexual) as a clockwork orange" Burgess
Cock-work Orange, one-eyed phallic pyramid and stabbing/piercing the 'brown-eye' (see below)
Recall that C(l)ock-work Alex smashes/kills the 'cat lady' with Makkink's giant sculpture penis.
Mak-kink...Butterfly 'grinding/crushing' Penis Mill. These are the only two images on his wiki page.
Highly suggestive 'monarch-resonant' imagery via Dutch (aka the orange men) Makkink, and also connected to A Clockwork Orange, mind control etc.

An orange/fruit gay man with a huge rocking cock alongside gay purple/lavender.
A symbolic 'orange fruit (gay) cock man' killing the cat lady (killing female pussy), note that Alex's huge milky facial climax (huge cock and huge cum) ultimately occurs with MEN. The scene plays out like this, cat/pussy death - to milk facial and outside near the sphinxes (sphinx/sphincter, see below).
Even Alex's Durango "DAV 485Q" car is sexually resonant - a Probe model - wink, wink. The car that takes him to the (sphinx/sphincter, seen above) Cat/pussy women and which results in her death.
The successor model would be the Probe 2001 car, released around the time of the film. Probing with DAV(e) Bowman via the 'go Greek' 2001 Odyssey and with a rainbow/eye stargate (ass), a one-eyed cyclops and a probing phallic/boner Discovery ship.

After the Ludovico cinema (brainwashing) treatment, orange fruit Alex can no longer act on female sexual desires, he ultimately has to suppress and reject them! This seems to be a potential metaphor for having been 'homosexualised' by 'ludovico cinema' programming (albeit this all being part cryptic and symbolic).
John 'foot fetish dominatrix' Clive, the post-ludovico stage tormentor man is clearly a screaming queer. Just before Clockwork Orange, he played 'a dandy' in Carry On Henry, but the scenes were deleted.
They don't get much 'gayer' than Orange fruit Clive, I remember some of his roles over the years.
He played the first openly gay character in a Carry On film, (below) as Robin in Carry On Abroad (1972). Williams, Hawtrey and Howerd were all major Carry On 'queers', there are many others.
Pink camp Clive, was in Carry On Dick and Abroad, Queen Kong etc, also played a character called Phil/Fill the Greek (go greek, anal). Yes, now think about the UK Queen and husband 'Phil the Greek' aka Duke of Edinburgh! Clive voiced the 'animated' John Lennon in Yellow 'banana' Submarine. John Lennon - "Show business is an extension of the jewish religion"
The (gay) Pink Panther Strikes Again (as Chuck) at the Queen of Hearts drag club, with fellow Kubrick actor (Strangelove/Lolita) Goon/Gooning 'masonic' Sellers - the 'Any Old Iron' man (iron = poof).

Gay Clive was also in Revenge of the Pink Panther too. Clive played numerous camp/gay roles, his stock-in trade. Pink (gay) Panther via Blake 'Julie Andrews' Edwards.

Gender-bending '666 witch' Andrews and Blake 'pink' Edwards. The devil is always in the details, which is why they usually put the references there!
Gender-bending via gay hustlers and in Gay Paree, subtle - not.

Julie 'lesbian/gay icon' Andrews is a gender-bending satanist, like her (now deceased) film-making (brainwasher) pretend husband Pinky gay Edwards.
Strangelove (sodomy) climax...'cowboy Kong' Pickens back-ward riding the exploding phallic bomb into dirt, with ring/hoop. Kong who reads 'Playboy' - the sexually resonant rabbit dirt holers.
Accompanied by the sound of 'We'll Meet (MEAT) Again'

A (mass male) cream-pie climax was Kubrick's original intention, the Sellers facial. Symbolic bomb/cock rider - as we saw with 'pussy killer'  Orange Alex and the huge cock followed by a huge (male) milk facial.
Even the term "Hi there" can be linked to homosexuality, it's obscure, but I did find a reference.
The other phallic missile/bomb is called Dear John(son).

Cat 'incest' People 'Orange fruit' McDowell who ass fisted a man in elite incest-linked Caligula.

Another Kubrick (sodomite) groupie...Ben Wheatley, any relation to Dennis 'Crowley' Wheatley?
Are you getting a 'Cock-Work' High (phallic) Rise? The phallic 'High Tower'. 'Eye and pyramid' Jeremy 'M-Butterfly/Lolita' Irons (irons aka poofs), the 'Miller' and Tom 'homosexual' Hiddlestone. Yes Tom, that transparent and quietly desperate hook-up with 'monarch' Swift, only fools dumbed-down sheep, Eton buggery is the norm. He just won male 'Rear (ass) of the Year', must've been all those block votes from his sodomite-ladened industry! The film opens with Hiddlestone 'spit roasting' and 'doggy-style'. Is that a Danny 'sodomised' Lloyd (Shining) reference beneath him, in front of the elevator and mirroring? Produced by a 'Thomas' (penis) and written by a 'Jump' (fuck), principal filming took place in Bangor (banger). Hmmm?

Anyway, Refn's Bronson, was a type of homage to Kubrick's (eye and pyramid) A Clockwork Orange. The film about 'nazi cinema mind control' and linked to the 'real' MK-Ultra experiments. When Bronson is released and returns 'home' for the first time, the scene is very similar to Alex returning 'home' after his treatment/incarceration.

'Winding' like Clockwork (geddit?)
Ultra-violence, which is arguably what Refn's Neon Demon contains, fetishized ultra-violence. The sort of stylised fetish that homosexual Tarantino made popular.
Tom 'Battyman' Hardy. I wonder if prisoner 'perma-caged' Bronson, was a black-op type (mind control) experiment of sorts (a la Alex Delarge), there are 'twinning/splits' (male/female) aspects at play in this film.
I recently linked a character called 'Bronson' to Nazism, see previous post. The real (actor) Charles Bronson featured in 'mind control' based Telefon. Russian deep-cover programmed sleeper agents all over the US, spies so thoroughly brainwashed that even they did not know they were agents, and can be activated only by a special code phrase: 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'. The phrase is referenced in Tarantino's 'Death Proof', note via character 'Butterfly' (below).

Death P(r)oof and Inglourious Bas(h)-terds 
Death's Head (totenkopf/sig rune/lightning). Not forgetting Inglourious (Zio-Nazi-fest) Bas(h)-terds.
Lawrence Bender (produced), Michael (F)ass-bender featured etc. Death Poof, under Grind-house too, Planet Terror starred Josh 'Gooning/Gaynies' Brolin.
Telefon (mind control assassin) Bronson, famously appeared in Winner's Death Wish films.
Monarch and mind control (ending, Death Wish II). The close has Bronson undercover at a psychiatric linked hospital. There's an electrocution of Nirvana (gang thug), ring resonance, radio resonance and an out of place prolonged shot of the Hollywood sign. A "putting up buildings" theme and we end with Bronson's shadow superimposed on the 'Monarch building'. Jimmy 'Crowley/OTO' Page did the soundtrack, Matrix (mass mind control), Morpheus/Fishburne also featured. Bronson also starred in Winner's 'The Mechanic' (a clockwork/mechanical assassin), with Air-Wolf star Jan-Michael Vincent. Bronson gets Nazi resonance from the Dirty Dozen, let's hope that the latter isn't another sexual euphemism. Tarantino called 'Inglourious Bas(h)-terds' his Dirty Dozen.

Bronson is known for 'digging dirt tunnels' in The Great Escape/Ass-cape - sodomy/rape Death Wish 2
Glass cat, the 'catatonic' daughter character, who was sexually assaulted in the first film (then played by another actress) and viciously gang raped in the sequel. With a 'MONARCH' writ large ending, these things have to be considered. Robin Sherwood, who played Bronson's daughter Carol (above right), would never work on another film again. It is rumoured that the original cinematographer and his crew left the film early on, due to these squalid scenes.

Winner's Death Wish II, imo is an example that pushed the (mk-ultra/monarch) envelope with its prolonged (around 3 minutes uncut) 'gang sodomy/rape' ultra-violence a la A Clockwork Orange. I remember the controversy at the time regarding those graphically repulsive scenes. These Death Wish II (monarch/mkultra) aspects equally relate to 'macro' (societal wide) mind control and psychological degradation. That is why I have mentioned the controversy, it's a 'frozen in time' moment in the history of Hollywood mkultra, another degeneracy expanding example. My enduring memory of this piece of filth, was that it was a squalid and grubby film, an early example of torture porn. The sort of torture porn that is now a common place staple. When are folk going to realise that 'Hollywood mk-ultra' is a progressively ongoing and realtime phenomena, before or after 'snuff TV' becomes a reality!? (Thanks to Uncle Bingo, for the info and connect. Bingers does it again!).

'The Live Life Show' (the prototype reality TV show)

Predictively Programming The Masses (The 99% Sheep) - BBC 1968 
That is a potted version of what has literally been unfolding (in recent years) and made some 48 years back, and prior to reality TV. This pretty much describes the TV/media world that NOW exists and which most inhabit! Anyone still think that they (the PTB via MSM) don't know what they're doing?  It featured Leonard '2001/Barry Lyndon' Rossiter and Brian 'Lecter' Cox.

Anyway, Bronson's mind control sleeper film, Telefon/Telephone, featured Patrick 'Clockwork Orange' Magee (below, in orange) from Kubrick's mind control based film. He's the one who tortures (mind controlled) Alex/McDowell with Beethoven, after his Nazi Ludovico treatment. Kubrick the 'monarch twin' evoking director.

When Clockwork Alex arrives at the house (shown above), a lightning/thunder storm is in progress. Soon after, Alex is drugged and falls asleep.

Kubrick's Barry Lyndon is also linked, pro-homosexually speaking, as is homosexual Clarke's 2001. The only two characters in the entire Barry Lyndon film, who showed any genuine modicum of feeling and or respect for any another human being, were the two homosexual officers. The scene where Barry steals one of their horses and dispatches. Everyone else (by comparison) was shown in a negative behavioural light. Kubrick, another (hidden, now exposed) sodomite and clearly a 'mass media' sodomite programmer.

Pulped Ass Friction via a Die Hard Tower
Orange Juice, and blueberry/purple pan-cakes. Butch (a gay related term) discovers the 'asshole watch' is missing, she forgot to pack it and left it at his apt. The same apt where he finds (gay) Travolta having a dump, and where he next runs into 'orange Wallace', just before the gay sodomy gang-bang 'under the stairs'! Orange fruit (gay) and 'juice'. Willis, really did get a 'thrill' with 'Blueberry (up)Hill' in 12 Mo(o)nkeys.

Surely you remember Orange Rhames/Wallace (with Butch/Willi-s) getting sodomised by 'Zed', Z 'sleeper/lightning' in Tarantino's Pulped Ass Friction?

Mr Orange Rhames, Pulp 'Gimp' Fiction (under the stairs) and 'Gimp' People Under The Stairs
Craven's The (S & M) People Under The Stairs...he popularised the serial killing child molester, Freddy 'Gay Willie, V Alien' Krueger. A gay Nazi Willie visitor, alien to the V (vagina). Craven also did early work on torture porn, his Nightmare on Elm (Wood) St is related to gay programming. The Hills Have Eyes - now takes on sodomite resonance - (up)hill stabbing via eyes. The Elm St sequel (which he was not involved in) is the gayest horror film ever made, even more so than The Lost (Gay) Boys.
 Elm (Wood) St 2 - The 'man of your dreams' via Spring-wood and a Jesse via a Nancy (both gay related names)! No wonder Bruckheimer's 'Caribbean Butt Pirate - Nancy's boy' Depp, debuted in the original, sexually suggestive named 'Rod Lane' played the other male teen role opposite Depp. Willy Wanka, chocolate pipe and chimney stacks, one-eyed Willy & semi sweet with nuts, Depp!

Note, onomastic/toponomic (names/places etc) type 'word game play' are key areas for 'stealth programming' by our Illuminist/MSM programmers! You will soon see how this aspects functions.

 I also think 'Pulp Fiction' Rhames is another homosexual, didn't he star in Mission(ary) Impossible (geddit?) with gay Cruise? The MI:2 sequel references Eyes Wide Shut and the rainbow connection (with #42). Cruise played a one-eyed Nazi in (ring cycle referencing) Valkyrie, the film from gender bending X-men (gay) Singer.

The Fifth 'Pink' Element (Boron)
The 'actual' 5th element in the periodic table - Boron (pink atoms). Chris "Epstein's Lolita Express" Tucker.

The 'uber-camp' Fifth 'pink' Element with Orange Man - Cab driver, Willis.
It's been alleged that Willis was formerly a "male escort" and that he has an interest in boys.

Big Jerry Butch Cab (Pulp Fiction). Willis was born in West Germany, to a German mother and military father. The British were 'Tommy' and the Nazis were 'Jerry' (Tom & Jerry). Mr 'cleaner' Wolfe (Keitel) also features.
Willis and Jerry (again) and literally 'in the cab', Die Hard 3 and surfing a big dump via a sewer tunnel/pipe, "tearing up the tube." Die Hard - Yellow Cab/Beautician Jerry relates to the dump(ster) surfing in the sewer pipe. Pulp Fiction - Yellow Big Jerry Cab relates to 'the (boxing) ring'. Super-Mario look-a-like (Jerry) who references Chester A Arthur. (Elementary School) Die Hard 3, released 8 mths after Pulped Ass Friction.

Super 'gay' Mario and going down the 'sewer/shit' pipe(s) a la Die Hard/Shawshank (geddit?).
Going down the warping 'shit-pipe' with U R Mr Gay and looking for a pink Princess (ass) Peach.

Plumber Mario was originally a carpenter (wood) who was called Jump-man (jumping men, sexual slang). He first appeared in Donkey (Ass) Kong, Donkey/Ass barrelling. Plumbing the shit sewer pipe with gay Mario.
Super Mario Kart: Don't you want to go where the gay rainbow (ass/star) road ends?
Nint-End-O and Super 'Mr Gay' Mario, the stereo-typical moustachioed gay-me character.
Searching for a pizza-ass and chasing 'twinkling stars' (assholes) in his biker cap, Mari-O. It's the twinkling stars that spell out "U R MR GAY".
Wii Sports (lol), don't you get it? Wii (wee/piss/urine). Water Sports! Gay brothers? That's incest!

There is absolutely no doubt (imo) that Mario and lover-boy Luigi are sodomite avatars! The sodomite programme covers ALL forms of media. More on Mario later, you'll soon see how this has been encoded into computer games, and functioning on a euphemistic, innuendo heavy and metaphorical type level.

Top US film that year was Schumacher/Burton's 'uber-camp' Batman Forever - with Val 'Top Gay Gun/Anal Intruder' Kilmer as Batty-man.

Bruce with 'rainbow road' Mario/Gerry - Pink Element and Pink Element-ary
Pink Elementary - Thing is, his grandson 'Gavin Arthur' was very active in the early 'gay liberation' movement! 21 from 42 (presidents riddle), 42 aka the (gay) rainbow degree connection. The school has the fridge with temp. setting @ 42f. The (dummy) bomb fridge which turns out to be just syrup, not just any kind, but 'pan-cake' syrup.

The Porn Shop...Pulped Ass Friction
A Die Hard 'high rise' struck rock-base Tower, Willis runs by the phallic (WTC) Towers with Zeus/Jackson in Die Hard 3 and with Irons (iron hoofs/poofs).

Rock Mounting O-lympus - The Tower (tarot) relates to Zeus.
Shoving a bolt up the ass! The (Greek based) Olympics are known for their 'rings'.

Covering ass (cover/covering - 'mating' a la horses) and getting fucked.

Iron Mask Men - with Simon (Jeremy Irons)
Simon (re: John/Zeus) "I had two pigeons, bright and GAY, fly from me the other day. Why was it that they did go? You cannot tell. You do not know."  response: "You mean McClane." (and Zeus, the two 'bright and gay' pigeons).

Re: 'Iron' Simon - "Sounds like a secret admirer, John."

"Yeah. Maybe he'll send me flowers."
"Everybody knows you like pansies."  (likes pansies, effeminates, gays)
Gay 'purple' Pride and lavender 'homosexual' boys (more on lavender later). Lavender/LGBT.

Alternate ending...
The (gay) Lavender Up-Hill Mob via Irons (poofs) and phallic towers.

Simon (Irons) and McClane - have a bit of a 'romantic flirting' type history:
Camp Simon, seemingly wants to 'pound/fuck' Butch/John...maybe even while he's wearing a dress. An actress who played one of the female detectives was called Colleen CAMP. Colleen "Asspocalypse Now" Camp.

A dump in the pipe, Willis dump trucks it down a sewer pipe (with fools gold) while he chats with 'camp' High Rise (tower) Irons. [on the phone] "John... in the back of the truck you're driving, there's 13 billon dollars worth in gold bullion. I wonder would a deal be out of the question." [on the phone] "Yeah, I got a deal for you. Come out from that rock you're hiding under, and I'll drive this (iron dump, tunnel travelling) truck up your (Irons) ass."

Foreman: "A dozen idiots tore ass up the tube."

Which we're informed, is not what they're supposed to do! Wink-wink. Pulp Fiction and Die Hard 3 are both inextricably linked!
Simon/Irons: "Rear guard, you can close-up now"

Dump tunnel surfing and poking around inside Simon's tunnel/hole. The dump truck (with a John) is actually carrying 'iron' (gay), the gold is replaced! An 'iron loaded dump truck' thru a pipe/tunnel via Butch 'chopper' Willis and Irons. McClane even gets 'ejaculated-out' in a water spurt/fountain.
We're informed that a number of dump drivers "tore ass up the tube", don't forget the 'coins' (quarters, ass) for the toll-bridge (showering coins) and a following 'buttock/quarter-pounding' loving Zeus. Camp Gruber is also dispatched via the 'chopper' and by 'Butch chopper riding/flying' cowboy John (Willis). Brown gold mining Willis, 'drilled' an 'ass-teroid' in Armageddon, with Mr Pink Buscemi, Abrams and Bruckheimer were both involved in that film. Following the 'Tower' is the 'Star and Moon', I sense symbolic sexual links with all these three cards.

Porn 'sodomy' shop...'Cac' aka shit, dung etc (Irish, Gaelic, gaylic). Historical accounts (maps, documents, letters) refer to "the land of the Tann-assy" meaning 'creek' (creek/cac-shit, up tann-assy shit creek) via stars. Willis' father links to Irish ancestry, Tann-assy born Tarantino, his mother was from English/Irish ancestry,

Willi-s may not have got sodomised in that gimp scene, but he still literally 'sat on' and 'took' sodomite Zed's 'chopper' (penis) bike (Geddit?). It's crucial that it's a 'chopper' and not a 'motorcycle'. "Whose chopper is this?" Look at her position, behind Butch!
Zed's Super Gliding (lubed)!
Queen-tin Tarantin-O
Sodomy Key-O-Ring, OZ, Pan, Z/77. Didn't Thurman also reference L7 with Travolta, another (77) encode!

The Brown-O - Brun-O (German, brun/brown and O)
Return of the (Moon-lighting) Brun-O - not brown heavyweight boxer Frank, but boxer Butch/Willis. Note, (homosexual Jew) Cohen and his 'gay' Bruno aka Brown-O and back, he also played Ali (masonic) G. Cohen's output is 'sodomite propaganda programming' disguised as satirical comedy, badly disguised. Ass ring (aka Brun-O) had an adopted baby called O.J. aka Orange Juice (fruits/gay).

A hard tower and a hollow. The name 'Gruber' derives from an "earth/ground pit or hollow depression".

From 'ring to ring to ring' - via the 'asshole watch' and (spinal tap) 'bell ring/boxing ring' segue.
It's like a bell and ring fest - camp-anologists, lol.
Even Die Hard tower faller 'camp Gruber' and Willis (with wife) - links to a rolex watch strap!

OZ & Ring Punching...with Butch Willis

Wallace: "The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting." The 'in the ring' sting!
Moon-lighting (moon/ass), Butch/Brown-O/Willis also went 'in the ring' for Wallace, where he was supposed to go down. The 'Titans' (Zeus/Zed) boxing fight takes place at the same location where they filmed the concert scenes for This Is Spinal Tap (tapping the ass, sodomy, geddit?).
 --- Spinal Tap plays Big Bottom---
  --- at Fidelity Hall, Philadelphia ---
Tapping and playing a 'big bottom' via a 'fidelity hall' (fidelity, sexual loyalty) and...
Phila-delphi-a. "Fill-a (gay) Greek snake hole" (Delphi, the Greek snake hole, going greek), geddit?
Philadelphia - literally means "city of brotherly love".
How's that for back-to-back related singles. 
Others include Bent For The Rent (rent boys), Nice 'n' Stinky and Hell Hole.
Butch, aka Bruce "Twinkie" Willis is even compared with Homer (go Greek, homo-erotic) 'donut and duff' Simpson. (the duff, buttocks/rump/ass). Duff Beer or Duff Queer? Homer-erotic, literally.
Even the current 'Bridget Jones's Baby' film might reference this same idea...she loves it up the ass/duff!
Obviously I know that it is a pregnancy related phrase, but it also potentially has 'sodomy' resonance. Zellweger's breakthrough was via Texas 'Illuminati' Chainsaw - Next Generation, with McConaughey.

It works similarly to the saying 'taking her up the aisle' (marriage and sexual), a type of double-entendre. American (Wedding) Pie 3, Pie (vagina), up the aisle (slang doggy-style, ass) and via a 'ring' - wedding. Directed by a Jesse (effeminate/homo), co-produced by a Bender. A 'Cheek' featured, as did a 'Stif(f)-ler', who goes into a 'gay bar' and he's in and out of closets...hmm?
Jim's finally taking her up the aisle (via a ring).

Looks like the American Pie/Wedding stuff really is homo-resonant, as I was intimating, look at this!
American Ass Pie, Stif(f)ler (S.W. Scott) - who just happened to appear in CHAD'S WORLD.
A pilot put out by GAY industry PAEDOPHILES (and investors) of Digital Entertainment Network (DEN). Scott played Chad's brother's boyfriend. It's simply just sodomite/pederast propaganda (mind control) posing as entertainment.
DEN implicated in the systematic abuse of young males minors - convicted paedophile Marc Collins Rector et al.
Jews, Bryan 'sodomite' Singer, and David 'sodomite' Geffen (linked to Spielberg) were both original investors in DEN.
Jew Singer likely worships Jew Spielberg, Singers Bad Hat Harry productions is lifted from Jaws (Jews).
"The Usual (Sodomite/Paedo) Suspects"
Chad's (sodomite) World was actually filmed at the same mansion where "abuse parties" were being held in reality! These are the same activities that Bryan "Twinkie/sodomite" Singer (top right) was also implicated in - sodomising young boys by dangling fame carrots, or with threats of violence and right under their noses. This is all tied to the Michael Egan accusations - see documentary "An Open Secret" (2014).

Update 2019.
4 more victims come forward citing rape/abuse at the hands of Bryan 'SODOMITE PAEDOPHILE' Singer!

BRAD RENFRO was clearly mixed-up in all this criminal debauchery at the hands of connected industry satanists, paedophiles and sodomites. Recall that Renfro debuted via Joel 'SODOMITE' Schumacher.
Please stand-up BRYAN 'Spacey' Singer! The Super-QUEERO mass programmer of children!
 Singer could've been collared while making Apt Pupil, but everyone was shutdown by this sick industry.
Ian 'Ring Lord' Mckellen, was Renfro's co-star in Apt Pupil - Ian 'SODOMITE' McKellen. (SICK).
So, why did Renfro spiral into drugs, drepression and self harm? I think we have the answer!
Where are the A-List? Where is the cry of paedophile rapist from the Neo-Liberals that champion (sick, satanic) Hollywood? Where are the sick stars in condemning Singer? That's right, they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND - they are all complicit in this. That said, it is now extremely likely that Michael Egan (another victim) was telling the truth about Singer and the DEN circle! Not that I doubted him of course.

I've stated that Hollywood and corporate entertainment is nothing but deviancy programming on a mass scale.
(Sodomite) McKellen features in Peter 'Sodomy Song/West Memphis 3 defender' Jackson's LOTR series. They all promote SODOMY!
Peter 'Ass Ring Lord' Jackson - The Sodomy Song
Sodomy Jackson helped get the West Memphis 3 out of jail. The WM3 murdered, sexually abused, and mutilated those three 8 year-old boys!
Hollywood (et al) conspired to get them freed. The cult of celebrity sheep bought into it. Johnny 'satanist/homo' Depp was another key backer.
Paedophile rapist Singer has filled his (sick) children's content with homosexual affirming mind control!

The Weinstein scandal has just been unleashed too. (I'm updating here Oct 2017).
Two recent Harvey linked mega-storms.
Of course, Kevin "attempted child rapist" Spacey was heavily linked to Bryan "twink" Singer.
"The Usual Suspects", for which Spacey won his first O-scar, was one of Spacey's breakout roles. The other defining role is "American Beauty" with it's (Lolita) child sex angle, mixed with homoeroticism and a Nazi flavour. All aspects which seem to closely link to Spacey's own real life. Kevin has had cottaging incidents that went awry. Spacey's name is on the Epstein "Lolita Express" lists, along with Bill Clinton, and Chris "poof/5th Pink Element" Tucker. One of Spacey's early roles was "Working Girl" (slang, prostitute), a Mike Nichols film. Nichols was another sodomite film director, but posing as a straight man. Working Girl's lead Melanie Griffith at 18, dragged 12 year old Tatum O'Neal to an opium fuelled orgy.

Weinstein Bros releases (Miramax and Weinstein Film Co.) are some of the films that I've dissected here. Tarantino's "sodomite" Reservoir Dogs/Sods and Pulped Ass Friction. They were involved in The Crying (Tranny) Game, Hallowe'en reboots, Asspocalypse Now - Redux, Inglorious Bas(h)terds, etc. The Weinstein's got started through the music business - promotions etc. Their first Miramax release was Rockshow (1980) with Beatle Paul McCartney (and Wings).

In September 2009, Harvey Weinstein publicly voiced opposition to efforts to extradite Roman Polanski from Switzerland to the U.S. regarding a 1977 charge that he had drugged and raped a 13-year-old, to which Polanski had pleaded guilty before fleeing the country. Weinstein, whose company had distributed a film about the Polanski case, questioned whether Polanski committed any crime, prompting Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley to insist that Polanski's guilty plea indicated that his action was a crime, and that several other serious charges were pending.

Donuts, Duffs and Queens..."Well, better an old queen than never a queen at all"
Spinal 'sodomy' Tap featured The Simpsons' Harry Shearer aka Mr 'Gay/Queen' Burns/Smithers. Coco & nuts. He voices other characters too. You're lucky to be getting this, I've never actually watched an episode of the Simpsons! I know of it and have seen a few minutes, but that't it.
Leave It To Beaver, Shearer? More like 'Leave The Beaver', Shearer. Pink glazed and sprinkled, spinal 'tapped out' donut ring Burns, Homer or Homo? Tapping the donut hole (ass). Greasing (lard) the lad's ring and with sprinkle glaze! Homer/Homo 'duff/donut ring' Simpson, he doesn't need butter, he's got 'Marge' (boom, boom!)

Spinal Tap film: They don't want to 'exit' (the spinal tap ass) - they want to enter it.
Tap, tap, tapping (the ass) - to the 'shit'.

Derek Smalls - spinal ass tapping Burns (Shearer), also voiced Otto, the bus driver who likes the tracks 'Iron (poof) Man' and 'Purple Haze/Gayze'. The Gimpson's would do an (OTO) Otto Show special in the 3rd series, it just happened to feature the Spinal Tap members.
(A Greek epic) Homer 'donut and duff' Homo and the OT(T)O spinally tapped-out ass.

Butch 'pink element' Willis and the 'doughnut hole'. 
Hudson Hawk, 1991. He takes on the mafia (Super) Mario Bros (gay nintendo characters).
Duets with Aiello (below) with 'Swinging on a Star' (to swing both ways), a track called 'Hawk Swing' too.
The coffee is a recurring aspect. Unmasculine, so he's got a thing for Feminine - Euro Coffees (Brown Men)

"That doughnut-hole-eating, son-of-a-bitch, take-it-in-the-(r)-ear-for-a-beer, rat bastard!"
Doughnut-hole...with a perfect foamy ring finish.

Some might recall that Willis and Travolta crossed artistic paths in the Look Who's Talking film series. Gay (scientologist) Travolta spent time with Mia Wallace, down (sexually resonant) jack-rabbit's slim 'twisting hole'. Their waiter is gay resonant Mr Pink (Buscemi), the 'big dick, dirt tunnel digging' referencing gangster, he was also one of Willis' fellow Armageddon 'ass-teroid driller' team. Tarantino's works are crammed full of various euphemism-based 'crypto-veiled' homosexual propaganda.

Jack Rabbit's 'slim twisting asshole'..."the next best thing to a time machine" (geddit? A watch!)
Watch (time machine), Pulped Ass Friction, Butch. Yup, these guys like spending 'time' there.
Up the twisting asshole and via Cheeks (Koons). The Dutch is fair game, due to homosexual Tarantino's overt Orange programming shtick!
 A C(l)ock-work Orange - A watch stuck up the ass, which is exactly where Alex suggest placing the 'watch' during his final psyche test. Walken and (germanic) Wagner sodomising each other via Wood (Natalie), on that boat, eh guys? Wagner, One-eyed (cock) and #2 (via the ass) in Austin Powers.

Butch's 'boxing/ring' kangaroo (Oz based, a jumper), a phallic tail piercing the 'cheeks asshole watch'.
McClane's actual Die Hard 3 line is:  "I was working on a nice fat suspension (sexual euphemism) smoking cigarettes (fags) and watching Captain Kangaroo." I told you both films were inextricably linked, didn't I? :)  He already likes 'pansies' and now he's singing/talking about 'fags' (cigarettes) and more flowers. Back to "bolt up the ass/Ring-O' Zeus/Jules:

"Do you know what they call a 'quarter pounder' with cheese?" A sodomite, is the answer.
Pounding the quarters (hind-quarters, buttocks/ass and pounding) and with a cheese topping! (geddit?).
The quarters, pounding, buns/meat and cheese (cum), they're literally 'buttock/quarter pounders'! With Robby Krieger aka Frank 'The (back) Doors' Whaley, "I'm a backdoor man via the end (penis)" and 'ride the snake' Morrison. Recall Any Given Sun-GAY's Oliver Stone, had Val 'Top Gay Gun/Anal Intruder' Kilmer, as Jim in his (back) Doors film! Morrison who died in France, buried Paris, like the Parisian Royale with cheese.
Paris aka 'Gay Paree' (Gay Paris) as in the well known phraseology. Originally meant in the 'happy/joyful' context, but linked to social, artistic and sexual excess.
Big Kahuna Whaley - would feature with "Maverick' Cruise, in Stone's Born on the 4th July. The film uses the song 'Moon River', the ass/moon river channel. Cruise's love interest is Sedgwick, the wife of 'JFK' Kevin 'homosexual resonator' Bacon. 'Kahuna/4th July' Whaley played an Os/Ozwald imposter in Stone's JFK. Stone's 4th July, The (back) Doors and JFK were all released sequentially and within the space of 2 years.
'Gay Bacon' (porking) - Bacon played Willie 'gay jail ass bitch' O'Keefe in Stone's JFK. It had some heavy 'gay' elements, including Clay Shaw/Bertrand (Jones) and his refined, but perverted 'all male sex orgies'.

Pulped Ass Friction, Big Kahuna Burger to the 'Cruising' Born 4th July 'Donut Burger Hole/Ring'!
Pulped Ass Friction's 'Big Kahuna' burger man, Whaley (right). Stone's Krieger (back)Doors man, he film debuted in Batty-man Nicholson's Iron-weed before doing this role. Whaley also featured in the Red 'gay' Dragon (Lecter) film. Jerry 'Teen Gay Wolf' Levine as 'donut hole' Boyer, his Teen Wolf debut would soon be followed by Iron (poof) Eagle. He would direct an episode of Family Law called The Gay Divorcee and has directed TV episodes for Ringer and Hawaii Five-O.
The pink and brown meat O ring
Well, well...what do you know?  Cruising with 'Mr Top Gay Gun', a piece of meat, pound(ing) and 'plugging a donut hole', hams/buns, a pickle-puffer and a money shot! "Mmm, this is a tasty burger!"
Meat donut hole pickle-puffer. Top 'Gay' Gun, "Respect The Cock" Fagnolia man Cruise. 
Ron "penis, penis, big fucking erect penis, Mom! Penis! Penis!" Kovic, via Oliver 'Any Given Sun-GAY' Stone. 
Miniskirts - the ass is good for he pats her ass.
Followed by Cum and Back!

There's a 'Willie to fuck' in the film too.

Boy-er Burger - Meat Donut Hole to the Randy Donut Ring...via quarter-pounding/kahuna loving Jules

Jules/Fury Sam (furious anger) 'Die Hard 3' Jackson...exit that 'Randy' donut hole/ring, Iron (slang, poof) Man.
'Randy'- (Eng slang) as in the 'sexual heat' sense. The Randy Ring is in Ingle-wood, CA.
Want something recent? It's Dope (2015) via the Randy Donut Hole (Ring) and 'Bottoms'! The 'Randy 'brown' Ring' has a prominent place (a pivotal monologue) in the film and is also seen during the end credits. Dope was co-produced by Poof 'Get Him Greek Style' Daddy and Forest 'Crying Tranny Gay-me' Whitaker, the latter also narrates. Pharrell Williams was also involved, he's likely a homosexual too - the "Happy" (gay) brown-hatter. The film characters live in a neighbourhood of Ingle-wood, CA called "The Bottoms," (yup a potential 'ass' reference, as usual) where crime is frequent. 'Bottom dwellers' and literally, 'the eye' (below). Tyga (cat programming) also features, the 'obviously gay' Kylie Jenner linked rapper. He recorded a track called 'Dope' (2013) that featured Rick 'masonic' Ross, he's worked with Justin 'rent boy' Bieber too.
Pharrell 'faggot' Williams produced Frank 'kabbalah/pyramids' Ocean's Orange Channel (LP)!
The 'Happy/Gay' brown nerd/terd hatter. I've also noted his visit to see a super-fan called QUEEN.

Pink Matter via Orange fruit 'channelling' men and (wood) Forrest 'homoerotic' Gump (dump).

It's Donut (ass ring) Time...via 'Tangerine' (2015), transgender hookers, donuts and pimps.
Orange Donut Time
Clearly this is an overt LGBT release, its got additional sexual euphemistic elements (donut time overload) and the 'typical' colour-coding, so that's why I've included it. It opens with a meet at the donut shop and ends with the shop too.
It's Donut-hole Time and Fucking

Just so you fully understand the reference.

 "Jim's (male) sticky brown donut (anus) ring." (San Andreas GTA)
Randy's inspired, plus the 'sticky' brown ring - Tuff Nut(s) 'balls' (GTA, SA)
The (rusty) Old Badge aka the 'drenched' donut hole...City of Heroes (game)
The Drenched (and glazed) 'GAY PINK' Donut Hole/Ring/Badge

Randy's Donut Ring featured in (monarch) Batty-man/Willy Wanka Burton's Mars Attacks!
Via Kans-as(s), an 'Oz' reference...the film used 'Donut World' as the name.
The donut hole...driving thru the Randy Ring. Earth (dirt) Girls Are Easy (above). The donut hole was punctured by a runaway car in Julien 'gay resonator' Temple's 1988 film. Temple was key in the early 'punk' scene, including the phallic 'Sex Pistols' with their accompanying 'bollocks', punks (slang) aka jailhouse ass bitches.
Wayans with his gay rainbow cap, dirt girls are easy. Playboys (dirt tunnel rabbits).
Damon 'gay Beverly Hills Cop banana man' Wayans and Jim 'Illuminati/Agent Orange/ Fruit Roll' Carrey, with The Fly's 'donut-demo man' aka Jeff 'Blue Alien' Goldblum.
Candy Pink transformed aliens. Randy donut hole punching, queer overload and orange programming shtick. 
Randy's is also seen in Landis' Into The Night, which stars 'donut' Goldblum.
Naked Goldblum is trapped and joined with 'a fly' via the trans-porter teleport pod, is this symbolic? 
The Fly - Goldblum: An 'Orange Crush' - 'fly/zipper' man with glaze drenched ring donuts.
Mr Frost, aka Goldblum.The 'trans-ported/trans-forming' ring donut and vomit glaze man, which in this context appears suggestive. "Oh, that's...that's disgusting" as he says (sorry it's unpleasant, but it goes with the territory). He again featured with Geena 'earth/dirt girl' Davis. I recall that there were comparisons made to Brundle's (Goldblum) 'deteriorating condition' as being comparable to AIDS. Goldblum did also play one of the 'gang rapists' in Winner's first Bronson/Death Wish film. We just saw the 4th July, Boyer 'plugged donut hole' Burger,  John 'The donut Fly' Getz also featured in - Born 4th July.

Different example, Moving Violations, bashing and 'violating' the tail end, driving thru the donut hole.

From 'Exiting' The Randy Donut Hole to Die Hard: Donuts, Twinkies and Towers.
We jut saw Die Hard 3 Jackson in Iron 'poof/Randy's Donut Ring' Man, as shown above.

Ride 'em cowboy 'Rogering Roy' aka Butch-Willis/McClane and with a creamy filling.

Donut Men. Butch/Wallace, car crash precedes the sodomy. Wallace is carrying pink boxed donuts.
 Hitch-COCK, the scene is a homage to Psych-O (where Janet Leigh stops at the lights).
Psycho aka Norman Bates (gay Perkins), the dead bird (mother) stuffing loon, a gay and (female) bird - mother stuffer!
'Flowers on the Wall' playing. Pink Donut Wallace, uses "mother-fucker and eyes" in this actual 'Psycho' moment!
 Wallace's own 'eye' is just minutes away from being fucked!
Is (Bates stabbed) Leigh's 'eye/twisting bloody plughole' a symbolic reference to a sodomised ass (a la mother)?
The blood used for the shower scene was actually a type of chocolate. Crane was beheaded, not stabbed in the novel.
'Rear Window' Hitch-cock - Plug-hole, plugging the hole (eye).

Below, the 'strikes your eyes' dialogue overlaps with the cop watching from across the street.

Striking the eye(s) and hollowing out the eye(s)...all this imagery/dialogue is symbolically tied together.
The black hollowed-out dead eye(s) x2. The cop was played by Mort (death) Mills (death and grinding).
Male pecked/gouged-out eyes and via 'Peckers' (aka birds and penises), bedroom shot in pyjamas.

The cop (questioning her earlier in the film) who watches over the car lot - her current plate has 'sodomy' resonance:

Plating (sexual slang) and ANL/ass, the AN(A)L Canyon. Leigh and the 'stolen money' ends up in the trunk of the replacement vehicle (she literally 'trades in the ANL') and is deposited into the muddy swamp.
Dumping out $40,000. A clue to the missing money (via Lila) is found in the flushed (dumping) toilet.

I think that's settled the issue! Hitch-cock, striking/hollowing eyes, stabbing, chocolate/blood twisting hole/eye-plugging and ANL. (Thanks go to Vermillion J, you legend!). 

(The closing of Van Sant's Psycho remake use the song 'Weepy Donuts', so now I'm even more certain!)

The 'stabber' Myers - 'across the street' school/station wagon shot (daughter Jamie), Hallowe'en!

Myers wants to 'stab' (his sister) Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) with a Bates type knife, a potential sexual euphemism a la Psycho. This also creates a potential incest aspect that also echoes Psycho (Norman/mother, sexual repression and jealousy). Hall-O-ween and (orange) pumpkin - pump and kin. Carpenter would make Dark Star and Ass-ault on Precinct 13 before Hallowe'en.
Hallowe'en - classroom/car scene (as above) and teacher - 'Samuels, book and fate' a la Marion Crane!
Teacher : "...and the BOOK ENDS, but what SAMUELS is really talking about here is fate."
The opening of Hallowe'en features an accomplished and well known 'crane shot' pulling back from 'stabber Myers' as a boy. Even Laurie being partially stabbed and failing down the stairs - evokes Psycho and Arboghast's stab/stair fall. There are Loomis links between both films and also the 'Chambers' names (nurse Marion/sheriff) are other obvious homage aspects. Psycho victim Leigh and daughter (psycho victim) Jamie, featured together in Carpenter's The Fog, where this same Myers wagon featured (above). They also appeared together in Halloween H2O. Leigh (parodying Crane) would drive the actual Psycho 'swamp' car in this very H2O film (more about this car, below). Curtis would also appear in 'orange/gay resonant' (Toilet Trading Places) a few years later. She's currently appearing in Scream Queens (queens/queers) as (androgynous resonating) Dean Munsch.
Subliminal sexual overload - A Fly (zipper), crypto-sodomy and beaver. (Leave Beaver)
Crane's 'ANL trade' - to the swamp car...from the Beaver to the (ass) Psycho. Harry (Spinal Tap-Gimpson Burns) Shearer, who featured in the Leave It To Beaver (pilot), would follow this 'Beaver' role with an appearance in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and then came an absence from TV/film for 20 years!

Hallowe'en uses the Myers 'bo(o)geyman' thematic...the 'bogey' term which historically related to sodomy.
Michael Myers is a sodomite (and incest) avatar a la Bates..."the night he came home."
Bogey/Bougre - bougar - bugger/buggery (sodomy)
The 'boogie' term is (phonetically) linked, a type of 'rock n roll' dancing, but also a euphemism for the sex act. 
According to the shooting script, when going to collect Myers - "purple lawnmower" dialogue is used during his escape. 
Mowing the lawn (slang term for the sex act and via gay-linked purple/lavender?). 
It's not used in the film, but it was written in that shooting script.

Halloween - the 'rabbit in red' is also likely resonant, the dirt tunnel hole borrowing (sexually resonant) rabbit. Nurse Chambers' book of matches, which 'Great Escape - dirt tunnel' Pleasance finds. In the remake it's a 'strip club' in (rabbit resonant) named Warren County, one bouncer was called 'Boggs'. The 'dirt hole' Rogering Rabbit and Red (Zemeckis, see Roger Rabbit and Jessica). Actress who played murdered Judith Myers was a Playboy Bunny. 
Psycho Myers and the Rabbit in Red, Psycho Norman and the Rabbit in Bed.

Catching and striking the eye(s) and 'gouged-out' eye(s)

There's a victim in The Fog with both his eyes gouged-out, directly relating to Jamie (Elizabeth), the victim is Dick Baxter (door opening, gouged eyes Dick and via the back). The scene with the doubly related 'eye catching' story and recounted by character Nick Castle (played by Atkins). Actual actor/dancer (Boogie, geddit?) Nick Castle played Myers (the shape) in the original Hallowe'en.
Catching the eye (a la 'striking' Psycho) and with Dick 'gouged-eyes' Baxter. (gouged by a pirate)
The same 'Dick Baxter' (name) that is suggested as dating material for Laurie (Jamie) in Hallowe'en!
Psych-O stabbing, pumpin' kin and gouging eyes. Recall that Myers' wears a Willy Shat-ner mask.

'Orange queer fruit' - 'brown eye gouger/stabber' McDowell that would play Loomis in the later Hall-O-Wiener remakes!
Orange (queer) resonance is heavy with this Halloween series.
A male (Myers) freaking out over heterosexual couples 'making out', so that might also be worth considering.
Dick (witch) Warlock played Myers in the sequel. In original Hallowe'en 2 (ending) - Myers has both of his 'eyes shot/gouged' by Laurie, and with 'Great Asscape/dirt tunnel' Pleasance and gas (more on Great Ass-cape later). Charles Cyphers (from 'sodomy rape/monarch' Bronson's Death Wish 2) featured in Hallowe'en (plus sequel) and The Fog. John-son Carpenter (wood) and Hill.

Black eyes with twisting/spiralling holes

Oh look - Psycho Perkins/Bates featured in the 1979 Disney release 'The (twisting) Black Hole'
This was '666' Disney's first ever PG release, all prior films were certificate U.
Probing the black (dark) twisting hole with Bates/Perkins and Bottoms, literally! Yes I know, it's like we're back into ass-fucked, black Wallace territory via Slim's twisting hole, - again! Robot voices by Slim 'Strangelove penis/bomb-riding climax' Pickens (via We'll MEAT Again), and Roddy 'gay' McDowall. Also features Joseph Bottoms, brother of 'chopper wielding' Sam Bottoms - aka 'hairy surfing' Lance Johnson (lancing penis via bottoms), from Apocalypse 'Ring Cycle-Village People' Now. Bottom brothers - Black Hole and Ass-pocalypse were both released in 1979! The Nung/Dung brown River (via bridge) to the "asshole of the world".
All with (Gay Paree Tang-O) sodomy Brand-O (below), and sodomy rape Fishburne.
Willard/Sheen and with the (back) Doors via choppers and (an end/penis) The End!

Brand-O and the asshole (of the world).

Gabriella Pierce and David Wil-cox:
The '666 sodomy code' - Wil-COX and Pierce - the BROWN 'twisting/spiralling' 666 asshole: 
666 Ass Park-ing Avenue...via a Lost '666' John-son Locke aka O-Quinn!
Hitch-cock changed the name Mary Crane to Marion, likely for this (kabbalistic) reason. 
Official given reason for the change, will be for public consumption purposes only. A 'Mary' - a term for a gay man.
Crane's newspaper - 'OKAY' word is constantly displayed and deliberately made prominent.
Is this another aspect of the '666' sodomy encode? Note that 777 is the sum of both gematria values, the 418 swamp car (number) plate relates to this same #777 (imo). Crowley's 418+359 = 777. 418, a 'chariot' (car evoking) related reference in he Book of Law. Even the related Hallowe'en franchise originally referenced 666 (and Thorn/O-men) via the 6th film, as did Kubrick in A Cockwork Orange.

Don't forget it's Butch/Willis who is the symbolic 'Crane' - in the Psycho-Pulp scene.

Okay twists, Psycho evoking 'Pulped (666) Fiction' - Butch/Willis was in The Sixth (666) Sense - 1(999). O-scars.

The red gas balloon (knot, ass), the 'magic shake' (euphemism), purple tunnels with chucky/chucking cheese. Twisting/spiralling stairs and trapped in the dung-eon via busting doors and popping the balloon knot (slang, balloon knot - asshole). A Philly 76ers cap and 'greek' dunking in the hoop ring. Now we know why this 'gas balloon and knot' traveled up the spiralling asshole stairway and got popped! You MUST watch the clip!

Both tracks - Head by Tin Star and Unknown Rider by Second Coming feature in the (sodomy) stairway scene. Space Cock-tail is also on the limited soundtrack!
Right after the (sodomy) stairs scene and the subsequent medical exam (wink-wink) with Dr Hill, played by 'satanist/sodomite/programmer' Shyamalan. The next time we see Cole/Osment:
 Bedtime man/boy and tales/tails...adding 'twists' and 'stuff' via the purple/lavender Oz boy aka Cole.
Moon-lighting Willis played a 'Cole' in 12 Moon-keys, the 'up' Blueberry Hill thrill loving man!
6th Sense: '666 OKAY Twists' right on the cusp of the (troubled) boy's secret revelation!
Gas balloon knot/popping, spiral/twisting stairs, dung-eon, purple overload, twisting tails/tales and (ass) gas.
Gotta cover all the's the eye(s).

Sodomy programming via kids! Watch the 6th Sense scene. OMG this is EXACTLY what this is, it's probably the most degenerate 'sodomy programming' example that I've found! There are 'gay purple' programming cues everywhere, it even opens with one! The film's entire 'troubled child syndrome' is a euphemism for an 'anally abused' child a la Kubrick's The Shining. I noted that the Spielberg linked Kennedy and Marshall (producers) were involved in this film. M Night Shyalaman is a filthy 'paedo-sodomite' programmer! Hence...
Pedia (paedo) Ease...wink-wink! Shyalaman is famously known for his 'tale/tail twisting' endings.

Linking the "6th Sense" to "Psycho":
Above, Toni Collette from Oz, as Coles mother. She also played Psycho, Hitchcock's secretary in Hitchcock (2012).
The biopic film that is entirely centred around Psycho. With "Iron Man", Johansson, and "Queening" Mirren.
Iron pyrites, Hopkins, as Hitchcock: "You call call me 'Hitch', but hold the 'cock'." - to the Psycho (gay) Perkins (actor)

This Hitchcock film literally opens with a - "Peeping Tom, gouged eyes, and a climax" reference.

Even the fact that '6th Sense', Cole  is called (female linked) 'Haley' - also resonates sexual switch-hitting:
Cole Sear to Ed Cole - Osment starred in Sex Ed (Sexed) where he plays another 'Cole'...Cole (above) with his banana bender (gay) cock. There is a major scene with Cole trying to procure sex from a prostitute, a prostitute who actually turns out to be a man. A connected strip club is called 'Odyssey 2001' - the 'go Greek' gay Odyssey. The film was edited by Christopher GAY.
Like the Oz (Aus) 'banana benders' that come from QUEENS-land.
Sex Ed - opens with the Bagel shop (donut/asshole visual euphemism) and 'fucking the bagel' overkill dialogue etc. The opening is simply ridiculous and off-wall, it's because it is all about crypto-sodomy, as per! Opening lines via: Cock, bagel/donut hole (ass) bathrooms/toilets, quarter-backing etc.

man: "Look, man, we wanna fuck in the bagel bathroom. You just tell me what that's gonna take."
Cole (Osment): "Nothing. You can't."
man: "I'll tell you what. Give me every fucking bagel you got. I'll buy you out, and then I'm
gonna bang in the bagel room."
Cole: "I really..."
man: "She wants to eat a bagel off my cock."
Cole: Guys, I'm sorry, but this isn't gonna happen.
woman: "I want a cock bagel."
man: "She wants a cock bagel, man. Sympathize."
man: "Eat Dick, Bagel Boy."

Philadelphia - literally means "city of brotherly love"
Phila-delphi-a (greek snake hole, again!) and with ring. Is this why OZ-ment was in Spielberg/Kubrick's paedo AI (the A-level hole and eye) with a (gay) gigolo sex robot (Juden Law) and in a similar timeframe? We also got a (go Greek) '2001 Odyssey' link via Sex Ed.
Die HARD and 'filling a greek snake hole' via Philadelphia

Let's call these people what they really ARE, not what you imagine them to be or the image promoted by slick (but transparent, imo) corporate propaganda. These people are degenerate sodomites, satanists and mass programmers. If corporate media wasn't a gigantic lie machine, you'd likely already know or would've at least worked it out!

The 'dead people' (6th Sense) are THE AUDIENCE (typical narrative aside, that's the 4th wall joke!). Propagandising about their crimes and in 'plain view' is clearly a part of the overall programme. They think they can bury this stuff in entertainment media and that people won't find it or work it out!? The entire corporate (primarily Zio-Jewish) Hollywood/US entertainment media behemoth, is run/owned by gay paedo-sodomites (a real and actual form of satanism, not the dumb promoted theatrical kind). It's not my fault, that I'm practically impervious to (much of) this type of corporate mass-hype propaganda, it's just the way I am!
Hollywood needs BURNING TO THE GROUND and the celebrities/personnel that help spread this degenerate filth need to be brought to account! They think that they're SO SMART (with their crypto-sodomy programme), that's why they take the collective piss out of you and everyday, for decades and decades! The put this shit right under your nose, take your money, laugh at you - and all while the masses worship them like Gods! The USA, is going to collectively implode over all this, eventually! Sodomite-centric TV, film, music etc - has destroyed the US (and beyond) mass mind.

I'm not done with 'incest/gay/necro' Psych-O yet:
The iconic (chocolate/blood twisting plug hole) Psycho shower scene is frequently spoofed, given homage to and referenced in popular culture. See Burton's 'suspect' Charlie and the (willy) Chocolate (ass) Fuctory with (Nancy's boy) semi-sweet with nuts - Depp. There's a Mike TV song, that references the shower scene, see it here.
A 'TV kid' in the shower with a naked woman...down the Willy chocolate tunnel in a pink drag-on.

TeeVee (TV) - the switch-hitting '42' and transvestite (aka a TV). TV Mike, who is only seemingly impressed by Willy's 'Fudge Mountain' (fudge mounting/packing), and one that's mined for chocolate by the Oompa-Loompas.  Christopher '007' Lee, played chocolate Willy Depp's - father, he was also the original choice for Hallowe'en's Dr 'psycho' Loomis, but declined.  Dahl's original name for Mike TV was Herpes Trout (herpes mouth/lip). This 'huge sodomite phenomena' is a form of complete mass mockery and on acid!

Oh look - it's Charlie "Chocolate Fuck-tory" Bucket - as Norman "Psycho" Bates. (Freddie Highmore).
Master Bucket plays Master Bates. (I'd never have guessed!)

OTO sodomite Gay-Z's protege - "Isis/Illuminati" Rihanna - Bates Ho' Tel, not Motel. Rihanna as Crane.
"Screw this shit" - ahem. That's all doubt put aside. Bates Motel (series). Chocolate and blood, peeper hole/stabber Bates.
Bates, Freddie "Chocolate Factory" Highmore - he prefers stabbing men & busting bathroom rings.

Janet "Psycho" Leigh's then husband was Tony 'gay Spartacus' Curtis, both parents of Hall-O-Wiener 'Scream Queen' - Jamie 'spinal ass tap Guest-ing' Lee, from Toilet Trading Places. Psycho (birds) - phoenix and crane,  Bates 'stuffing dead birds' (also a euphemism for shafting his mother), Crane eats like one, Bates 'pecks' at his bag of candy corn, birds-eye camera shots etc.

Bates/Mother - closing dialogue also mentions 'a fly' - potentially the zipper kind?

Stuffing Wallace and mother via the eye(s).
He prefers to stuff dead birds (mother), he's not into stuffing foxes, chimps, dogs and cats (bestiality). He hates the look of beasts when they're stuffed, as he states! Beyond 'peckers gouging out eyes' Can Hitch-cock's 'The Birds' (English slang, females) in a symbolic sense (mass terror via birds), also be seen as a 'fear of the female' propaganda piece? There are homosexual subtexts in his works (Rope etc), Hitchcock's sexual interest in men, is highly likely, at least imo. 'Spartacus Kubrick' references Beethoven in both Eyes Wide Shut (Fidelio, fidelity/sex) and Clockwork 'fruity' Orange (Alex and the 9th).

Beethoven's EROICA -- AN(A)L - ERO(T)ICA
Crane's (Leigh) license plate is one letter away from 'AN(A)L', Bates' (spiralling) record disc (shown near the end) is one letter removed from 'Ero(t)ica' (Eroica). Discovered after Marion's sister (Lila) finds Norman's childhood memories room, and just before finding 'stuffed mom'. In the novel, Bates has an interest in the occult and pornography. This Beethoven piece was originally dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte, 'bone a part' (geddit - fucking, anyone?). Napoleon, was one of Kubrick's major unrealised projects. Part of this symphony has (appropriately) been used at funerals/memorials.  See also Jack Rabbit Slims 'twisting hole/rpm record disc dance-floor' (Pulp Fiction).

A well stuffed dead (female) bird -
The dead 'passive' mother.
Indeed, but it didn't stop you stepping in - as the lover replacement.

What about the FRUIT cellar? Fruits aka homosexual/queers.
The dialogue even contains potential elements of 'necro-incestuous' sexual suggestion (fruity)
Fruits , Drag-me (drag, TV/transvestism). Norman/mother, mother/Norman
The music score was provide by a resonant Herr-Mann (female/male)
Mrs and Master Bates - in that dark and dank fruit (gay) recess - with gouged female eyes.
The Psycho 'fruit cellar' thematic is heavily used in Sam "Oz/Spartacus' Raimi's Evil Dead (via male/female Henrietta).

Van Sant's Psycho featured Boogie (bloody donuts/Ring-O searching) Nights and Fagnolia's - Macy, Moore and Baker Hall.

The track that closes Van Sant's Psycho film is "Weepy Donuts"?
Yes, no lie - weepy donuts! I'm sure you can see where this is leading!!!
The Psych-O ending swamp scene - 'ANL trading' Crane in the trunk of the swamp car. Gay propagandist Van Sant's Psycho - is not an identical copy of Hitchcock's film. The film continues after the swamp car is pulled out (the point where the original ends) and for a few minutes with 'Weepy Donuts' playing, wink-wink. It's like it was deliberately tacked-on just to play this track and drop the reference! Weepy Donuts (weeping ass rings) was also used in gay propaganda film Milk (weepy donuts and cum), Good Will(y) Hunting and Van Sant's To Die For - with Nicole 'dirt rabbit holing/Cruising' Kidman.

Psycho Weepy Donuts - to 'Psycho referencing' pink boxed donuts Pulp Fiction - to Psycho:

Butch's car 'backdoor' flies open after the 'Psycho homage' Wallace impact. It's a Honda model.
The fact that we're informed of this fact likely means that it has significance, and it does.
Knots, Hitches (cock) and Loops. Willis even featured in the 2012 film Looper!

Honda - the 'circular lasso ring' with a knot. Ride 'em cowboy - 'Butch Rogering Roy'.
He crashes his (orange/blueberry) girl's Honda (loop) and departs on 'sodomite' Zed's - super-gliding chopper (penis).

Butch/Willis is the symbolic 'Crane' - in the Psycho-Pulp scene. If Pulp 'Psycho' Fiction and Die Hard 3 are so interconnected, is there a Psycho type reference in Die 'tearing ass up the tube' Hard 3? Possibly!?
The literal 'crane' and 'winch' via the car/pickup and bridge! A Ram vehicle - ramming via Crane.
The specific scene is actually officially called 'grabbing onto Crane'. To reach the 'iron' filled Irons ship!
Winching and Craning like the car that contains the body of Crane.

Willis/Shyamalan again - 'The 666th (sodomy) Sense' to 'Unbreakable' - (purple gl-ass and bones)
The Donut Club. We already had Hudson 'Donut Hole' Hawk. Unbreakable, Philadelphia (again) and where Willis featured with Samuel (Randy Donut exit hole/Ring-O) L Jackson! Mr Gl-ASS and BONES, the camp purple one.
Mr Camp, Mr Gay...effeminate make-up and gay purple programming, he looks like a bitch!
Yes, he (Wallace) does, especially when Zed is riding him rodeo-style 'yeehaaaw'.
Wallace spent most of the film looking and behaving like a faggot bitch...he fucks like one!
Wallace, spending all his time with a 'chopper-riding Butch man' and talking about 'going down in the (spinal tap) ring'.
hard hitting the ass pipe...
I don't doubt it...with a pair of queers, hmm I mean pliers and likely with his blowing torch!
Yeah, fucking via (Gay) 'Pride' (geddit?). Feel that (ring) sting big boy, says Butch (gay term)
When you're stinging the (ass) ring via fucking...naturally you've gotta fight through that shit!

This 'crypto-stealth' FAGGOT promoting piece of propaganda won the Oscar for best screenplay!
Oscar or O-scar? Zio-Nazi sodomites...aka The Academy.

From the Pulp Fiction O-Z ring to the Land of OZ
Friends of Dorothy, Judy Garland Associates (caterers) also worked on 'gay' 'No-talent-tino' films.
He even featured in The Muppets Wizard of Oz aka Sodz.
Death FIST 4 - Deadly ASSE(T)S with his 'sword' and 'the GAY rainbow'. FIST4/ASSE(T)S line up visually. A one-eyed Porker, gay cliche leather biker/rider. Programming children with sodomite propaganda.
'Fist 4 Ass/Asses' via the pistol and sword. His Muppet Oz scene concerns: What to do about the 'Wicked Witch of the West', a likely euphemism for a woman (women, the wicked vagina witches of the west, USA). Taranto (the likely origin of his name) is related to the Spartans (Sparta/Spartacus) and they likely practiced sodomy, it is at least suspected. Sodomite Kubrick's Spartacus (also an Weishaupt/Illuminati link) had homosexual scenes/references. Muppets Oz also had As(s)hanti, (lesbian) Queen Latifah, Kelly 'Bull-Dyke' Oz-bourne, dogging via Kans-ass, a magic biker cap, Tatty-poo the Good Witch, Spotted Dick, Old Tom and a STAR hunt? Original Oz had munch-kins and a (friends of Dorothy/gay) spiral road.
Recall Jack Rabbit's 'slim twisting hole' with gay Travolta and Batty-man Thurman, it's a (sexually resonant) 'Jack Rabbit' twisting hole at the centre of a spiralling vinyl record (rpm). Rocking and a rolling (euphemism, sex act), Vincent (to conquer) Vega, (a star). A 'star' which now has sodomite overtones, star-fishing. Sirius (dog-star) is linked to Vega, it is star 'Sirius' that relates to the anatomical anus, 'physiologically' speaking it's the 3rd eye.
Back to Kans-as(s) via dogging (toto). If Oz relates to sodomy, the spiralling Oz yellow/red brick/prick road must be the twisting ass sphincter! The whole Wizard of Oz mythos is a giant realised form of (crypto) sodomite programming, it's obvious! That's why all things 'Oz, Dorothy and rainbows' are so heavily related to homosexuals and LGBT etc! Uber Nazi aka Oz director Fleming - would also make Gone With The Wind (same year), which again seems potentially very suggestive, speaking of which:
Wind - not forgetting the 'dirt twister' (wind) that is also highly suggestive in this type of sexualised context.
The Oz dirt twister rips (what looks to be) one of the 'back doors' off.
They have/are seeding stuff (in respect of the young) with this type of mass propaganda!
Gay Elton 'Yellow Brick Road/Butterfly' John - aka Capt Fant-ass-stic(k) and the Brown Dirt (Ass Road) Cowboy!

Friends of 'twister' Dorothy...Mr Orange
Made In Britain, Trevor (Roth). Pulped Ass Friction had 'Rainbow Reservoir Dogs' Roth as Pump(k)in/Ring-O (pumpin' the O-ring) 'the bandit', with Honey Bun(ny) Plummer/Plumber. Roth played Mr (clockwork/nazi) Orange (Mr Fruit) in Reservoir Doggy-style. The rainbow and diamond/sirius dogs (toto).
Oranges/Fruits aka homosexuals/gays/lesbians
Yes folks, 'Orange is the New Black' is corporate LGBT programming, jailhouse (no)cock, unless you include Laverne COX. A bit like BBC's  'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit' (lesbian). A Fruit (gay/lesbian).
Queer Orange Fruits...Cock-working Orange Fruit (gay brown-eye) Stabbers


Like this 'Hetero-relationship hating and male hating' propaganda piece from Werner 'Sodomite' Bros, and Spielberg.
The Color Purple, written by lesbian Alice Walker, and with (BLACK) lesbian performers.
 Goldberg/Winfrey, a real 'sister act' (geddit?). All lesbian/gay authors, and media populated primarily with lesbians/gays.
Color Purple (W)Hoop-i Goldberg and Swayze - Ghost (from Jerry 'Top Secret Anal Intruder' Zucker, see below).
Goldberg plays a Brown connected to a Willy (Lopez). The famous unisex 'phallic' clay cock scene.

Zucker's Top 'bottom' Secret (I'll return to this later). For now let's just say that Zucker's Top Secret is a total gayfest! Ghost (1990) - Bruce 'ass watching' Willis was originally offered Swayze's role, his wife butch Molly/Moore looked very, very 'boyish' in this role (also see GI Jane). Swayze playing/gooning with her she-male cock via brothers (Righteous). Hermetic Her-man's "Henry the 8th - I am, I am." She won't have no Willy or a Sam (they get killed), she's a symbolic lesbian. Swayze uses dyke Goldberg's body so he can have a slow dance with her (stealth type lesbianism).
The only time a Willy (Lopez) got near Molly's pussy (cat) he got wrecked! A 'Boggs' features, as does a McQueen and a 'Root'. A man called 'Orlando' (trans resonant), possesses Whoopi Dykeberg's body, as does Sam (Swayze). There's a lot of purple resonance all-round, the 'new musical' is purple overload. It's been alleged that Swayze was a homosexual too. In Donnie Darko, Swayze plays a paedophile.

42 overkill - the gay rainbow connection, subway trains and tunnels with drag-ging fags (cigarettes).

With 'Dirt(y) Dancing' Swayze - there are other 42 references and a 2*3*7 (42) one too.

 Anything for a drag with a fag? Swayze (below) majorly 'dragged/queened' in To Wong Foo (1995) or is it To Wang Poo?
It's Chris 'Reservoir rainbow Sods' Penn who tries to rape him/her! Literal Agent Orange Snipes (right).
The 'drag' ghost gets pissed off with Swayze, thinking he doesn't believe someone 'did him from behind' (pushed). 
Cuckoo's Nest Schiavelli, where he featured with 'back door to hell' Nicholson and the Scat-man.
'42 rainbow Jack' and ring-hoop dunking chief, the first words chief says are 'juicy fruit' - fruit (gay).
A film heavily involving Michael "Streets of San Francisco" Douglas, and via Kirk "Spartacus/homesexual" Douglas.

Recap - In terms of (LGBT) color-coding we're be dealing with: 
Orange (a fruit), Purple (gay related, lavender), Banana Yellow (fruit banana benders) Pink (gay pink).

 It's purple Mace Wind-U...

Burger bun munching Jur-ASS-ic PARK-ing Jules/Jackson, at the restaurant and in the middle of a robbery. Landis' Cumming To America 'restaurant robber de-ja vu' Samuel L, with Eddie 'gay' Murphy and Arse-nio 'gay' Hall. Most of the male cast are gay men, if not all! Gay Arse-nio Hall is currently shooting with Adam 'gay Jew' Sandler, how appropriate!
It's your fellow ass sodomising buddy Eddie Murphy! You've merely 'traded places', now you're the bum (ass), Mr Jackson.

The Golden Arches...
A 'tossed' pink milkshake cum shot with gay Murphy between the 'ass buns' arch, McDowell's with gay Arse-nio. Murphy also plays a Randy, Hall a Semmi (semi/partially erect). The arch even resembles 'bent bananas', see below. The actual restaurant in the film was situated on Queens Bvld.
Queens Boulevard (ass alley/road) via randy sexual chocolate

Two queens. Murphy looking for his 'queen' in 'Queens, NY'...surprise, surprise.
 Murphy as Randy 'Sexual Ass Chocolate' Watson...chocolate and queens. Soul Glo or R Soul Glo?
Queening it up in Queens with (purple/violet background) cock-tails and Arse-nio orange juice.
Cumming To America to Toilet Trading Places...director Landis. The 'orange' Duke bros. featured in both.
(below) Randy to Willy 'lover' Valentine...
The Concentrated Orange (fruit/queer) Men...pork bellies (porking the guts/belly).
Landis who uses Clockwork Orange Kubrick's Odyssey line 'See You Next Wednesday' in his output!
Not forgetting the crucial  - Clockwork Orange Crop Report!

Brown-eye stabbing C(l)ockwork Orange 'fruit/gay' Men

Queer Cock-work Orange (fruits) and banana benders...McDowell's (see below, geddit?)

Murphy does the 'banana tail-pipe' trick in Beverly Hills Cop, (see further below).
I-Spy - Murphy/McDowell - Murphy goes 'down in the ring' and for the first time.
There's a fight/ring with 'Uni-cum' drink advertising. (uni-sex cum in the ring?)
He also fights a (Mr Purple) Blake the Blade Lirette (who lives on Queer Street) in a fight. It has a key scene with the (Gay-e) song 'Sexual Healing' (Gay sexual healing) and ass biting. We also get the line "You bet your pink ass I'm right!" from Murphy. A 'Zwack' name is actually linked to the higher echelons of the original Illuminati (Xavier von Zwack, second-in-command), there might be a connection. More on 'gay purple Eddie' later.

Trading Places - Mr Orange
"Section 4 (the quarters, 4 sections, hind-quarters/ass) that's the orange (fruit/gay) section".
Clarence 'ass-fucked banana/gorilla/orange report man' Beeks, he was even in The Breakfast Club (geddit?)! He also uses the sex act term 'fuck off' (at a nosey women) when making this call. Beeks aka Die Hard's Dwayne T Robinson (Gleason).
Orange Dwayne - dealing with 'the hard tower' and 'ass watching' Butch aka 'Cowboy Rogering Roy' (McClean/Willis), however the FBI move in and takeover with the 'chopper riding' Johnson's. One called Special Agent (Nam referencing) Big Johnson, played by Davi, the 'one-eyed Willie' related Fratelli brother (Goonies).

'Nam referencing' Special Agent (fruit/gay) Orange - Murphy
Orange Overload and right from the start via 'orange hoody wearing' Willy - the bum/ass.
A-gent Orange, an orange gent (fruit). Murphy played a Jeff Johnson who got double-crossed by a 'Dick Dodge' in The Distinguished Gentleman (1992). It also had a Van Dyke and a Homer (go Greek/homo) as characters.

Toilets and traders (geddit?). Willy (penis) Valentine was a 'bum' (ass) in 'Toilet Trading' Places.
A toilet is where the "trading" Duke's (one is named 'Randy') original deal gets settled/busted!
It's an odds-on certainty that Ameche and Bellamy were both old queens. Murphy (Willy 'loverboy' Valentine) in a toilet cubicle 'sucking on a joint', toilet trading (places) - to illicit gay sex via toilets (cottaging) with a bum (ass) called Willy. All the original marketing/promos (shown below) featured the 'toilet', it's been changed over time.

Murphy as a 'bum' (English, ass). An ass, as in a 'donkey' a la Shrek, with Donkey/ASS (bum) Murphy!
Drag-on and burning asses...Coming Soon. A (gay) Fairy's Tail or a Fairy Tale? There's a Gingerbread Man too, 'ginger' (slang - ginger beer/queer).
The Ashgate Research Companion to Queer Theory (Michael O'Rourke) :
Shrek, Eddie 'Gay/Tranny' Murphy aka the Ass/Donkey (Equus africanus asinus), and with Drag-ons
Shrek: Oh, yeah. You're right, Donkey (ass). I forgive you - for stabbing me in the back!
The 'twitching brown eye of the ass' notice someone looks to the 'back end' of the ass/donkey after the phrase, subtle not! I've not seen this cartoon/film, but it likely contains much crypto-sodomite programming. Mike 'stabbing the donut' Myers aka Austin 'sodomy' Powers as the voice of Shrek.
Landis' Toilet Trading Places, Bellamy and Ameche, were both probably old queers (in reality). Ralph 'Rosemary's Baby' Bellamy. Jamie Lee 'Trading Places' Curtis' father (Tony 'gay Spartacus scene' Curtis) was blind Baumgart in (sodomite) Polanski's film. Denholm 'Coleman' Elliot was also a homosexual in reality. Aykroyd, will likely be the same probably a faggot! Landis even ties into Murphy and Beverly Hills Cop series by his direction of the third film. His American Werewolf In London (trans-forming beast men via a 'moon' aka a 'bared ass'), will be yet another 'gay' propaganda piece.
Don't forget the 'time crucial' (Clockwork) Orange Crop Report, via Beeks aka the (Die Hard) banana gorilla/gorilla suit man who gets ass fucked! Fruits, queers, banana benders etc.

Murphy- Orange/Banana Trader and 'rear axle' (gay) banana ass/tail pipe jamming via Hill Copping.  It's Toilet Trading Places' Jamie Lee Curtis - who is married to Christopher 'Spinal (ass) Tapping' Guest!

Spinal 'sodomy' Tap and the Electric Banana (banana benders)
From the opening lines: In 1966, I went down to Greenwich Village, NYC to a rock club called the Electric Banana...I heard a band that for me redefined the word 'rock and roll'. That band was Britain's now-legendary Spinal Tap. In Spinal Tap folklore, there is a memorable long list of dead drummers, the first being John(son) Stumpy Pepys (Peeps). He mysteriously died in a gardening accident. (I wonder if it was of the uphill variety?)

Queer As Folk's Russell T (BBC) Davies' 'erection hardness' Cucumber and Banana, LGBT. 
From Ch4. BBC linked queer Davies, the same BBC that did Oranges Are Not The Only (queer) Fruit

British Buggery Corporation aka BBC
'Mass gay programmers'...even programming children with their corporate degeneracy!
Teletubbies, Tinky Winky (small penis), the 'gay' rainbow, gay-linked 'purple', an inverted triangle, a pink tutu and a handbag. The inverted pink triangle is a Gay Pride symbol. Two characters were voiced by 'resonant' Toyah 'punk' Wilcox and Jim Broad-BENT (he of 'Crying Tranny Game').

Beverly Hills Cop. Stephen 'Cockwork queer Orange' Jerkoff (lol) played Mait-land.
 It opens with gay Murphy in a 'fag' cigarette truck chase, a faggy truck tail-ending cars.
A faggy truck which we're informed should be 'pounded'.
Ronny 'Deliverance sodomy' COX co-starred, as did Fudge Mine-gold (lol) aka Billy/Willy Rose-wood (rising wood).

Talking of 'gay rising wood', in recent weeks I was forced to watch some dire TV, Fox's 'Rosewood' was one of those dire shows. Lead Chest-nut is gayer than a cock flavoured pink lollipop.
Rose-wood with Chest-nut and Anal-ised (Annalise)

Synchronistically - Chest-nut was in John 'Rose-wood' Singleton's Boyz In The Hood.
 Ha, more like Gayz In The Trunk and via Ingle-wood! (geddit?). Shaft directing (wink-wink) Singleton clearly has an obsession with boyz/boys. Singleton's Rosewood (film, 1997) - featured Ving 'ass fucked Wallace' Rhames and Don 'Iron (poof) Man' Cheadle. Gayz In The Hood - featured Ice 'Fuck The Police' Cube (literally, lol), Larry 'sodomy rape' Fishburne and Cuba 'Cruise/Money shot-Cumming To America' Gooding Jnr, they are all faggots and faggot programme promoters!
Singleton - even directed for the Empire TV series...Empire is QUEER OVERLOAD, it's the black version of Glee! Gay propaganda shows posing as a form of entertainment. The series creator Lee Daniels is a homosexual, he is a mass gay propagandist. This goddamn super-faggot Daniels, even did 'reinforcement propaganda' for the FAKE and UBER GAY Orlando shooting, what a cunt! His Empire show is just gay, gay, gay, gay, infinity! The above was just a random image grab, I can tell that they're all homos. TV (tranny-vision) aka 42 (T=20 V=22) the gay rainbow connection.

Gayz in the Trunk, Death 'sodomy rape' Wish 2, Ass-pocalypse Now, The (gay) Color Purple -
The purple/lavender man...and 'rabbit dirt holing' via The (tranny Wachowksi) Matrix - with (gay) Reeves aka Geffen's piece of gay fuck candy! Fishburne has also been in the 'gay linked' Nightmare on Elm St series. Just another Afro-American serving and servicing Zionist Jew cock, like them all.
Homosexual Fishburne. Is this why he wore 'pink specs' (pink vision) and a brown hat (brown hatter) when he sodomised that woman in Death Wish 2? His TV 'Cowboy Curtis' ventures with Pee-wee (gay) Her-man are also most suspect! Pee-wee who married a 'fruit salad' (gay) in one particular episode of his show. Some of the Pee-wee programming was heavily aimed at children, these degenerates spread their filth everywhere and to all age groups. Most of the masses are TOO DUMB to understand how the (Zionist sodomite) programming functions and usually cheer-on from the sidelines - oblivious!

Dirt rabbit holing via the color purple (red + blue) and Oz Dorothy! He can only "show you the door".
 Buckle up gay boy...over the rainbow with friends of Oz Dorothy.

Beverly upHills Cop: Jenny runs the Hollis BENT-on Gallery. Tony 'Top Gay Gun' Scott did the sequel.

We saw (gay) rainbow 'yellow Wayans' and the Randy donut hole just earlier, BHC was his film debut.
Beverly (up)Hills Cop, Wayans, the 'gay banana man' and banana tail-pipe jamming' via rear Axel Foley aka Johnny Wish-bone. Gay 'banana bender cock' ass (tail-pipe) probing. There was also 'lemon fruit twist' uber-gay Serge at the Bent-on gallery. 
"The old banana in the tail-pipe trick" (trick, slang a sex liaison) and with a 'winkie'.
Copping Beverly (up)Hill
Above - Ronny Cox (Cocks) knows exactly what to look out for. Cox played 'Lt Bogomil'. 
Notice how the Bogomil name is ultimately related to the origin of the term 'buggery' (aka sodomy).
See Deliverance (below) where (Bogomil buggering) Cox featured with Burt 'gay bandit' Reynolds, 'pretty mouth' Voigt and Ned 'sodomised' Beatty.
Porking the that a canoe in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
With mountain/mounting men, written by a Dickey and directed by a Boorman/(pig)Boar-man/Bore-man. 
Writer Dickey played Sheriff Bullard and a character called Arthur Queen was his deputy. 
Dick-ey and The Eye

Update June 2018. I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you so! CDAN blind that revealed Dickey.
It's definitely James 'Deliverance' Dickey. An incestuous paedophile/paedophile, sodomite, and animal fucker.
No wonder they have ass-fucked Beatty squeal like a pig!

Is this the '666' sodomy code gesture - again?
"Morning, gentlemen. Coffee and doughnuts? - What?- Coffee and doughnuts. There he is.
Morning, officers. You the second team? We're the first team. We won't fall for a banana in the tailpipe. You won't fall for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother, like this. "I ain't falling for no banana in my tailpipe. It's more natural for us. You've been hanging out with this dude too long. I'm sorry, I'm just fucking with you." Brown coffee and donuts with gay bananas in your tail-pipe. 

Banana tail-pipe probing and donut/ass...Tony 'Top Gay Gun' Scott's Beverly (up)Hills Cop 2.
It's 'gay' Murphy who wants to change the plans and build a donut!
The 'Donut' house...Fuck it, asshole and something needs 'straightening out' (wink, wink)
Soon followed by "Just think Johnny Wish-bone and I come." linked with a Johnson and having people's 'badges'. Rear Axel/axle Foley.

 Notice how the key 'foreman' (before the donut dialogue) is playing/fiddling/signalling with his ASS!

Living in the (sexually resonant) ass/donut? You think that's a crazy idea?
This 'Iron' (gay/poof) Man seems to like Jackson's 'randy' donut/ass ring exiting request.

Jackson also played 'John(son) Shaft' - 'private dick eyeing with shafting' and 'exiting randy donut ass with iron men'.
Shaft was a (gay) John 'Rosewood/Boyz in the Trunk' Singleton film.
A remake of the 1971 release with Dick (woody) Round-tree...the purple shaft-er.
Deep Shafting Harlem back. Jackson and Murphy met via Cumming To America and burger McDowell's - with it's bent banana arches and 'Queens'. Now they're Randy Donut ring exit brothers!

'Randy resonant' Murphy and Randy's Donut 'exit' Hole via The Golden (mon-arch) Child.
He's such a Queen, he really is...they just had to get the 'Randy Donut Hole' in there somehow!
It's shown in the opening titles (as is 'the all seeing eye'), from an 'open' sign edit cut - we zoom from inside the donut hole and outwards (literally exiting the randy donut). The film followed after (toilet) Trading Places and Beverly (up)Hills Cop, but just before Coming/Cumming To America.
Made Special For Pink's (gays)
Pink's (gay pink dogging, as seen in Mulholland 'pink' Drive) and via Mr Fruitty, with Drag-ons and Boggs.
Chunky Asses - Yup, Murphy's 'butt referencing' opening lines to The Golden Child, Ed in a purple shirt.
Chunky Asses! The Golden Child and The Nutty Professor (above)

In Golden Child - Murphy's nemesis is Charles 'camp/lavender' Dance, his directorial debut, above.
Purple 'eye spying' with 'pink ass' and the 'uni-cum' ring
Dreamgirls - which is very color heavy on purple and orange, also with Steamin 'gay' Willie aka Foxx.
SNL, I Wanna Be A Ho, well Ed' you've hit a home run!, the purple camp-us Ho.

Gay purple and ass overload...Eddie just wishes that all those asses belonged to pre-op transsexuals, lol! (above) Nutty Professor (Nutty - as in nut/cum). Lavender Uphill boy overload.
Norbit (below, left). Purple Murphy even gives the 'Rodger-ing Purple Prince' a run for his money!
The Gay Purple One (Raw), the gesture of sodomy resonant baphomet?
McDonald's or McDowell's? Ass winding u via the purple (penis) mace and Djed-eye.

Purple Mace Wind-u: "A 'quarter pounding' Royale with cheese or a Big Kahuna, muthafucka!" :)

Restaurant 'stick-ups'. Vega wears a 'Cruz-ing Banana Slug' in the restaurant (below)
Mr Orange (Fruit) aka Pump(k)in Ring-O
Pistol pointing...he's 'trying' Ring-O and giving it real hard!

Pump(k)in Ring-O and O-Ring Pumpin...
We already had the OZ (key) Ring connected to actual sodomy and with a chopper, earlier in the film!
John 'Blowout' Travolta...we just saw him with Jules and Ring-O!

Ring-O surfing and dogging with the (Mr) Orange queer fruit brute! 
Orange Roth's undercover cop (Newandyke), his fake anecdote (commode story) takes place in a toilet.
One full of 'camp' policeman. It's Mr Orange (fruit) who takes the shot in the guts.
Recall that gay Vega/Travolta gets killed by Butch 'ass watch seeking' Willis when he's in the toilet taking a shit.
This is just before Butch runs into Wallace again, and the imminent 'porn/pawn shop under the stairs' ass fucking.

Orange fruit 'up someone's ass' - he also mentions watching 'uber gay' The Lost Boys.
The Fruit Brute cereal with the werewolf on the pack, wolves (and even werewolves) are linked to homosexuality (sorry, but they are!), man transforming into a beast when he sees a 'full moon' (ass).

Travolta: Greased (Lightning) 'Back Doors' Crying via a Hot-Rod!
'Grease' - is also phonetically the exact same as 'Greece' (go Greek etc)

Gay Travolta (Vega) calling on the phone...and via a 'fruit'. Better help, or it's ass-fucked Wallace time!
Grease is the word. Gay Vega will be a 'fucking grease spot', does he mean his ass, lubing up for Marsellus?
Mills' Fruit Brute, 'Butterfly Effect, Miller paedo' Orange Stoltz, 'joint sucking' Lance (lancing), is even suggestive.
"A stabbing motion" Lance, who supplies the 'needle/prick injection' for 'gay scientologist' Travolta. And via a fucking 'black magic' marker, and I don't just necessarily mean the pen!
Scientology being Crowley magick linked.
Penises. They look like a couple of Penises.
Dorks/Dicks, Ass-ass-ins. Their naked 'hose-down' (blood covered, after Vega literally blows head).

Vega, take a Cruz-ing (phallic) Banana Slug to your guts...he likes a banana split, 'banana-man' (homosexual slang). Jules likes to bite on Big Kahuna buns and (burger) meat.
Dorks aka penises, these are the same outfits they wear when 'Pump(k)in Ring-O' tries to rob them.
A Banana-man (a homosexual, a fruit) "Sometimes Nutty" and rocketed from the moon (ass) to earth. The character first appeared in UK comic Nutty, (gay) phallic Bananaman originally lived in Nutty-town (nuts and nut/cum). The character also appeared in The Dandy (a dandy, gay connotations), BBC made a series with 'muppet' Henson.

Talking of Banana Splits, how about (director/producer) Dicky Donner.
The Free Willy, Gooning/Goonies, Ass-torian, One-eyed Willie, booty seeking, phallic lighthouse with buns 'n' meat, and the '666' O-Men purveyor. Dicky directed the first series of the children's show (Werner Bros') The Banana Splits. His O-Men, was with Moby Dick, Peck-er, and Superman with Marlon 'Tango sodomy' Brand-O, and (suspected to be gay) Christopher Reeve. Gay Bryan Singer (who is linked to the Donners) is now involved in the Superman franchise. Donner, making (suspect) kids shows and overt films about demonic child possession, and in the same era.
Banana Splits had a 'Drooper' (flaccid) and a Snorky (gay elephant, trunk, ass and phallic). 'I'm Gonna Find A Cave' was a feature tune and sung by Ricky (Dicky) Lancelotti (a lot of lancing dick). The Banana Splits theme song was covered by punk (homosexual related) band The Dickies in 1978, their version featured in Kick-Ass with a Hit-girl (in a brutal fight scene). Most of the Banana Splits characters and music were played by and involved the 'Winkles(s)', which is almost like 'winkles' a child's term for a penis. The only other character was generally played by someone called 'Towers'. There is 'struck tarot tower' imagery in the O-men series of films. More on Dicky Donner later, but crazy stuff, just bizarre, I better not start on Woody Woodpecker or Big 'Gay' Bird or (gay couple) Ernie & Bert (Sesame St) etc!

Laptop: Scared, O-men and Packard? More like 'scarred' (demonic) O-men ass via packing-hard!

O-men to O-(Super)Man
Punching/fisting the O. Laurie 'lesbian' Anderson (1981), via Werner Bros, Walking The Dog on b-side.
Werner/Warner distributed O-men Donner's Superman (1978), he has worked extensively with them. Richard 'Lethal (911/Plane, exploding building) Weapon' Donner.

Although Anderson had, almost two decades before, dropped the song from her performance repertoire, she revived the piece in 2001 during a concert tour that included a retrospective look at some of her older pieces, an idea conceived by her (likely gay) companion, Lou Reed (note, this was arranged just before 9/11). A live performance of "O Superman" was recorded in New York City the week following the 9/11 attacks. In this context, certain lyrics appeared to many to take on a more topical significance: "This is the hand, the hand that takes / Here come the planes / They're American planes. Made in America / Smoking or non-smoking?" Anderson gave an actual scheduled live performance (including O-Superman) on 9/11/2001 at Park West, Chicago.

Anyway back to Tarantino, I bet the Reservoir Dogs cast spent time arguing over who got the Mr Pink role, although the film tried to show otherwise! A film associated with the Weinsteins.
Queen-tin: Butt-ing Mr Brown...which likely involves getting close to (mr) shit.

"As bent as an iron hoof - poof"

The IRONS aka 'Poof/Gays' and their fat male asses and girly heels (MoneySupermarket - UK TV Sept 2016).
The (Aguilera) song 'Dirrty' plays during this advert, her video for the original song was 'ring' based - the dirty ring.
'The Irons' vs 'The Pipe Hitters'
Iron hoof - poof squatters and (ass) pipe hitters with hard helmets. Are those circles (near The Irons) the symbolic assholes? This entire series of ads has been openly gay-centric, so it's of no surprise. The first of these (fat assed male) ads was in association with Sharon 'Oz' Osbourne. Oz - like OZ sodomite chopper riding Zed, speaking of which...

Irons (poofs) and hard hitting the ass pipe...
English football team West Ham (Hams/buttocks) are called 'The Irons'. 
They now also link to 'going Greek' via their new home - the former Olympic (rings) stadium. 
They were originally called Thames Ironworks, some workers featured in the early teams.
Iron '666' Maiden (maidens - virgin females) founder Steve Harris ('arris aka the arse/ass) is an overt West Ham fan.
"Cum on you irons" - the hammering irons (poofs) and 'forever blowing hammer bubbles' (lol).
Elijah (destroying rings via the mount) Wood was a West Ham (iron thug) in Green Street.
The Gimpsons - donut (ring) and duff (ass) Homer with 'The Irons' and 'purple' resonance.
West Ham were the first Premiership club to feature on the Gimpsons, we should've guessed!
The room of a boy - (camp/glam resonating) T Rex (a la purple Barney) who moves in next door.

Purple Quentin and Reservoir Cats via The Gimpsons

Gripping Tails from the Darkside, Bender's Pulped Ass Friction and Reservoir Doggy-style Sods
Pulp Fiction supplied the 'ass'...Reservoir Dogs supplied the 'dicks'

Tarantino (Mr shit butting Brown), originally planned to shoot the film on a budget of $30,000 in a 16 mm black-and-white format, with producer Lawrence Bender playing a police officer chasing Mr. Pink, "ooh chase me." A 'bender' chasing Mr Pink, why didn't they cast Tom 'gay scientologist' Cruise on minimum, was he over qualified?

Reservoir 'rainbow' Dogs..."Don't you want to go where the (gay Cruising) rainbow ends?"
Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (gay) Rainbow. I'm singin' in the rain via a clockwork orange sun.

Reservoir Sods - 'Stuck In The Middle' (With You), literally!
Well, well...Tarantino's Reservoir Doggy-style/Sods opens with 'Mr Pink' talking about BIG DICKS and nothing but big dicks, and via Uncle Bob's Pan-cake House. Yeah folks, pan-cakes with maypole syrup. Interestingly, the film also contains key elements similar to those found in Ring-O Lam's 1987 film City on Fire, a literal ring of fire! Reservoir 'rainbow/Mr Orange' Dogs also plagiarised Zio-Nazi Kubrick's The Killing.
We had Mr Orange (Roth) as 'Pump(k)in Ring-O', in the restaurant breakfast scene in Pulp Fiction, where Jules (Jackson) and Vincent (gay Travolta) eats, Vega having pan-cakes.
Mr Pink: Big dicks...'Time-out' Greenbay' (bull) shit packers.

The very first words in the film: "Like A Virgin is all about a girl who digs a guy with a big dick." Read that back, until you can see that it can easily be read/construed two ways! The script uses 'dig' (not like or loves etc), dig can mean to penetrate/burrow etc.  '...All about a girl who digs a guy (in his ass) with a (strap-on) big dick!' It can be read this way if inclined, and boy are we inclined, considering the track record and the overall 'crypto-homo' context! We also appropriately get 'True Blue' and 'Lucky Star(fish)'. You can even relate 'Toby' to homosexuality, there are references (Toby, road/highway)

Stacking like pan-cakes...ALL OF THEM ARE/WERE FAGGOTS (in actual reality!)

A script writer with a 'dick' obsession via Mr Pink!
'Dirt tunnel digging' Bronson pops up and in relation to 'big dick' and all via Mr Pink
It's made to sound like 'anal sex', that is what's implied. Chewing on Toby.
It's also where they have an argument about not giving the waitress a tip (the tip) geddit?
Mr Blonde and Mr Pink, no 'dick' (tip) for her (waitress). Is the Mr 'faggot' Pink's violin playing, a form of '666' sodomy gesture? We do get 'ass fucked' Wallace's '666 briefcase' in Pulp. Buscemi features in both films, he's the waiter at Jack Rabbit's with the slim twisting hole. Pulp Willis did his 'tunnel digging' turn in Hart's War, escaping the Nazis.

Bronson aka Danny the 'Tunnel King' - The Great Asscape. A Willie (penis) the 'Tunnel King' too, wink-wink. The three tunnels are named Tom (Thomas), DICK and Harry. Cinematography by Fapp and Rim-i. (lol)
Brown dirt tunnel digging Willie and Danny. It's Willie Dickes - the (dirt) tunnel king to be exact! Don't forget Mc-Queen and Dickie 'gay Pinkie Brown' Attenborough.

Death Wish and Charles Bronson, guess who's playing Bronson's former Paul Kersey role...
It's Bruce 'Mr pink element, donut hole, pulped ass watching' Willis. Who else, eh? 
Guess who plays his brother? It's Vincent 'donut toilet hole/pooh bear' D'Onofrio. 
Yes Bruce..."That doughnut-hole-eating, son-of-a-bitch, take-it-in-the-(r)-ear-for-a-beer, rat bastard!"
 Donut drilling. Vincent 'jelly donut eating, world of shit, toilet/head' D'Onofrio aka Gomer 'piling the privates' Pyle. 
D'Onofrio's donut hole, jellying the donut via a hole (mouth) - with male (sexually suggestive) push-ups. 
Full Metal Jacket Pyle, had a 'Death Wish' of his own - he blows his brains out with a phallic rifle!
Death Wish remake by Eli 'Bash-terding' Roth, it's in pre-production. Bash-terding via Queen-tin and Bender.

Mr Purple...

Mr 'gay Pink wants to be Mr 'gay-linked' Purple!
Purple Nice Guy 'Ass Sex' Eddie...the Lavender (up)Hill Mob man.

Koons (Vic's parole officer) and the office scene...sodomy overload:
Gay Travolta as Vincent Vega (with veiled sodomy), this is 'Free Willy' Madsen as Vic Vega, but with overt sodomy!
Madsen would feature alongside 'Butch Willis' in Sin City.

It's butt pirates, punks, jail ass bitches and taking loads in the ass. A total 'ass fuck fest' with nothing but men!
Koons (meaning cheeks, Dutch), Vic's parole officer and the job via 'the docks' (hello sailor). Koons/Coons also works in the 'black/afro-american' sense and via gay cheeks, read the text!

Slit eyes (slopes) and assholes. Capt Koons is the 'Butch ass watch man' from Pulped Ass Friction.

True Bro-mance, Holly (prickly) Wood (erect penis) or is it Holey Wood?
Top Gay Gun meets Pulped Ass Friction...
The only 'True Romances' these deviants are interested in, are GAY/HOMOSEXUAL ones!
Truth be told, this film was a rehash of Lynch's Wild At Heart, a type of copycat version.
I noted an overload of 'leopard print' in this film (it's everywhere), cat programming resonance, purple car etc.
The Arquette's appear to be a mkultra/monarch based family, Patricia was married to monarch Cage, who featured in Wild At 'Oz' Heart.

Tarantino - Jack Rabbit Slim's 'twisting (dirt tunnel) hole'

Lynch - Jack Rabbit Bunny 'jumping all around that (dirt tunnel) hole'
Wild At (Over The Oz Rainbow) Heart

Taste the (gay) train subway/tube rainbow...
Mr Pink Train thru a brown tunnel with Travolta, Washington and Guzman (Boogie Nights/Fagnolia).
Pelham Travolta recorded a track called 'Rainbows' in the 70s, the b-side of the Sandy track (Grease).
Swinging (with Sandy) and purple/violet advertising. It's not a 'gay Paris' quarter-pounding royale with cheese, but a phallic wiener (cock) jumping into buns (ass) and all via Grease/Greece. Rainbows on the b-side (wink-wink).

With Greeced/Greased (zeus) lightning and his 'back doors crying' via a hot-rod.
It's amazing that Travolta can even sit down in this Sandy video. :)

Tarantino, explicitly said in reviewing Pelham 123, that he stole the colour-coded idea for Reservoir Dogs.
And he used the word "stole," not "homage." The original had Mr Blue, Mr Grey, Mr Green and Mr Brown.

Here's Mr Pink Travolta as Mr/Mrs Purple...
Purple John - Hairspray with lesbian Queen (Latifah) and 'ass watching' Walken.
Where the 'gay/tranny' rain-bow ends to the color purple.  Gay 'purple' Travolta in gay Prince's Purple Rain role?
A sodomite Werner Bros. idea that was soon quashed, but interesting nonetheless.
Recall there was a (gay) rainbow over Paisley Park after Prince's death.

Pelham 123 (tube trains stuck in tunnels) was one of the first films to use colour-coded characters. Tony 'Top Gay Gun' Scott did the remake with Travolta, although the original's character colour-coding wasn't used (the colours were put in using a different method, as you can see). However, there is very, very suggestive dialogue in Scott's film, particularly via Travolta aka (cock) Ryder. Dogs shitty asses, assholes, his jail ass bitches, an 'ass model' ('an ass model' likely slyly meant as a type of structure/example, geddit?) etc etc, watch it and hear!
All with Denzel 'Fill-a-delphi-a' (fill a gay Greek snake hole, geddit?) Washington.
The city of "brotherly love". Recall that O-scar winning piece of gay propaganda (Philadelphia) that featured (gay) Hanks and 'mustachioed' Washington. It also starred Fagnolia's Jason Robards as Hanks disapproving boss. From Silence of the Lambs' (gay) Demme, who heavily links to Corman. The film was the first Hollywood big-budget, big-star film to tackle the issue of AIDS in the U.S. (following the TV movie And the Band Played On) and signalled a shift in Hollywood films toward more realistic depictions of gays and lesbians. This mass media gay/homosexual programming is decades in the making, as you can see!
Recall that (Jewish) Bruce Springsteen penned the Philadelphia film's theme tune.
Philadelphia, the "brotherly love" Greek snake hole and the back alleys (streets).
Springsteen leads with his ASS! Springsteen: "We took a lot of different types of pictures, and in the end, the picture of my ass looked better than the picture of my face, that's what went on the cover." What's his other hand doing, playing with his cock or is he about to piss on the 'goy' US flag?

The Gay Mafia...Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert over 'anti-LGBT' law.
What if the majority of the public (in this location) don't agree with this degenerate movement?
Like these idiots even care, they're 'minority rule' cheerleaders, democracy is something they don't understand!
Queers Bash Back...yup, they sure do! They're always smashing the back alley!
That settles it, Springsteen is a dirty corporate Zionist shit stabber, one who pretends to be straight. Another 'gay' Jew who surrounds himself with iconic American paraphernalia and 'faux' machismo. A Jewish funded fraud, no wonder the (gay) Zionist-led industry promoted him so heavily! Springsteen recently covered Purple Rain in concert and as tribute after (gay) Prince's death.

Talking of the back alleys and streets...The Backstreet (gay) Boys/Backdoor Boys, they were managed by Zionist homosexual paedophile, Lou Pearlman. It's likely that he sodomised most if not all the young members (although Nick Carter may have suffered the most). He did exactly the same with N-Synch (Disney's Timberlake etc), sodomised them and stole their money. His bands were modelled after New Kids On The Block. Timberlake linked Britney Spears, is a mind control monarch-like slave, of that I am certain. Disney are insidious 'gay and paedo' programmers, I've always been 'creeped out' by Disney output, even when I was young. The concept of hardcore porn frames being inserted into Disney films is not an urban myth, it was/is an actual reality, I've had this confirmed by an insider who knew someone that carried out this practice and in Hollywood. (see Fight Club).

This scene probably amused a lot of people, but they don't realise its significance.

Homoerotic Fight Club. The 'masonic' Tyler/Tiler - Fag (cigarette) burns and inserting big cocks.
Homoerotic from the start...dildo in his luggage.
Recall it also featured 'bitch tits' and gay 'chopper rider' Meat 'Rocky Tranny Horror' Loaf aka the batty-man out of hell. Also (sodomite programmer) Burton's then wife Helena 'Rothschild' Bonham Carter and Jared 'pretty gay boy' Leto. Norton and Pitt will be 'ass whores' too. No one gets a free pass. Pitt was likely one of the most popular 'rent boys' in Hollywood. One of his early roles was as a 'cowboy hustler' in (lesbian) Thelma and Louise, with Geena 'dirt/earth easy donut girl' Davis.
Making a gay 'pass' - with the ass or crotch.

Wel-cum to the Pleasure Dome...'pleasure dome' (in this context) meaning the penile glans/helmet:
One of the biggest and most successful UK pop bands of the 1980s was Frankie Goes To HOLLYWOOD.
With Holly (prickly) Johnson (a euphemism for the penis) as the lead singer. The 'gay sex act' as a song, Relax.
Banned by the 'paedo-ridden' BBC, which of course ensured its place in pop history.
Produced by Trevor Horn, who also produced the Pet Shop (Rent) Boys. It's Gay MTV:
Gay pop promoter/producer Horn's 'Video Killed The Radio Star,' launched the USA's MTV channel, MTV aka an Empty V (empty vagina). MTV, which is effectively a giant form of media degeneracy, and written large.

Denzel 'Boner Collector' Washington

Back to 'gay rainbow' Pelham...Travolta (Ryder) and Washington (Garber):
Straight from an 'iced Lithu-an(al)ian ass model' - into a dog's shitting asshole via 'tooling' the glacier. I'm merely only describing as written, this is how the programming is encoded and inserted! It doesn't stop there, we then segue into 'shit dumping issues in jail' and 'Garber as Ryder's jail ass bitch', like I said a total and literal 'ass model'. No wonder 'Queens' gets mentioned twice in the opening, the internal train-car scenes were shot in Ass-toria, QUEENS! Wasn't there also a theme about Garber bringing home 'milk' at the climax - for a milky finish? Ho, ho, guys are so goddamn funny and original (sarcasm).

Queening with Denzel and John. Queen Country - just drop the words 'for' & 'and'!
Washington is just another one who has down the 'dirty Zionist deal'.
He is rewarded for propagandising the population with the Zionist driven 'mass sodomy/gender bending' programme!
The case was eventually dropped, the plaintiff was obviously (imo) paid-off by Scientology.

And that folks, is how your (Goy hating) Zionist/Jewish dominated film/TV/media industry operates!

Travolta got the 'Welcum Back, Kotter' role by blowing cocks at the audition! I've noted that (now deceased) uber-faggot 'Garry (ass) Shandling' also wrote scripts for this Kotter show. It was 'Iron Man' Shandling who had 'Haley Joel Osment' on his show and in one of his very first appearances. His other appearances at this time (1994) were Thunder Alley (series) and a part in (suspect sounding film) 'Mixed Nuts'. His film debut was in (wood) Forrest 'paedo-related' Gump, as Gump Jnr. The film's title now being a euphemism (slang) for taking a shit (dump). Gump's mother was played by Sally 'smokey ass banditry/back door/Ring-o' Field, the 'monarch/multiple' Sybil aka the 'go Greek snake holers'!
Bi-curious 'gay' banana cock and spanking the curious banana monkey? Nothing can be ruled out!
Zemeckis put in a potential 'crypto-sodomy' reference via "biffing/punching the shit"! (see Back To The Future).

The Sex-ed - 2001 Space Odyssey referencing bagel and banana cock/tranny ho - man.
The Kubrick linked (A-level/eye) A.I. robot boy with an accompanying gay gigolo. Double Saturn Award winning Osment.

We've already covered gay Travolta's 'cruzing banana slug'...
Gay Travolta - was in Grease (Greece) and met with the '2001 Od(d)yssey' in Saturn-day Night Fever.

Blue (gay) Magic and the odd fellow (queer) 2001 Odyssey/Odd-yssey.
This disco/club was obviously 'gay' in a covert sense during the 70s. A 2001 'disco' disco-very via an odyssey and club.
Greece is the word via the (go Greek) Homer-erotic (boner) 'club' rainbow Disco(very) Odyssey.
Discovery 'boner' ship, recall this club/bone (below) transforms into a space vehicle/ship in that edit!
The penetrated rainbow star-gate eye. It is literally the rainbow - leading to the end and a rebirth.
One without the agency of any female (aka parthenogenetic). Written by 'gay' A.C. Clarke.
Clarke's planet in 2001: A Space Odyssey (novel) was Saturn aka the literal planetary 'Lord of the Rings'.
It was Jupiter (Olympus Zeus) in the film, this ultimately creates a potential double reference.
The (Crowley based) Scientology 'rainbow faggot double team' Travolta and Cruise.

Fagnolia - Cruising with the cock and (go Greek) 2001 Homer-erotic Odyssey:

 In the late 80s "2001 Od(d)yssey" club became an 'overt' gay club called Spectrum (rainbow).
Sequel "Staying Alive" - (Tony/Travolta) passes the '2001 Odyssey Discothèque', his former Saturday night hangout. Now a gay nightclub, he realises how much his life has changed (wink-wink).
Tony decides to take a shot at replacing the male lead of "Satan's Alley" (euphemism for the ass channel) and asks Jackie to help him practice the number.

Don't you want to go where the 'gay rainbow' (spectrum) ends?
Bill talks with one of the models and mention is made of her getting something lodged in the 'eye'.

Gay Pelham Scott's Top 'Gay' Gun...via 'Zionist butt pirate' Bruckheimer and Simpson
Gay innuendo overkill...check-out the script excerpts.

Cock-pit Goosing with Cock-tail 'Cruising Pink Team' Cruise via Top 'Gay' Gun

He's right on Cougar's tail. (the Russians are clearly straight, they're interested in the cougar!)
No way, Goose. He'd have fired already. He's trying to piss us off. Maverick, get down here and get this asshole off me.
Easy, Cougar. Bring him back. Hard right. Help me engage.

I'm looking! Got him! He's on our tail! Coming hard!

Don't worry, Goose. Two of your snot-nosed jockeys...did a flyby on my tower at over 400 knots!
I want their butts! Damn it! That's twice! I want some butts!

Top 'Gay' Gun via the Cock-pit...
Cock Fighting School - Cruising Maverick
TJ Mackey (Fagnolia): 'Respect the cock!' - via a blue danube river and a 'go greek' (2001) odyssey

Remember, Cruise was soon shown the 'brown/pink meat and plugged pickle donut hole' trick - in (Stone's) 'war resonant' 4th July, although I very much doubt if he needs any guidance in this regard. Don't forget, even Cruise's love interest in this Top Gun (McGillis) is a lesbian and in reality.
Meat plugged donut hole 'Stone' would work with (gay) Tarantino on Natural Born Killer's.
It's Tarantino who gives a lengthy 'total gayness' monologue in respect of Top Gun, in the film Sleep With Me (see below).

"You want subversion on a massive level..." 

The sodomite Hollywood "modus operandi".
Homosexual filmmakers (like Tarantino) from 'gay mafia' Hollywood, and with a license to brainwash entire sections of society...with gay crypto-stealth programming! Notice how reference is first made to the spine.

My 'No-talent-tino' version: "You know what my entire film output is about man? It's about brainwashing dumb filmgoers with degenerate sodomite based propaganda and sexualised forms of fetishized ultra-violence. I still pretend that I'm not a degenerate homosexual, but I think everyone knows that I am one. After all, my scripts are all sodomite based. It's my job, I have to do it cos I'm up to my neck with the Zio-Nazi, Hollywood/MK-ultra (paedo/sodomite) mafia. I had to suck and fuck a lot of corporate executive cock to get to where I am. It's all done under the guise of so-called typical entertainment, and we do it cos the masses are dumb fucking animals and we hate them all. Hell, most of them can't wait to pay us to brainwash them and make us filthy rich in the process, go figure?"

Take that you degenerate ass whore! :)

Tarantino probably jacks-off watching Top 'gay' Gun, no wonder he did that homage via the film 'Sleep With Me' (shown above). Death Poof was originally titled Thunder Bolt. Pulped Ass Friction also had the scene with the 'watch stuck up the ass'.  These guys like spending 'time' there, geddit?

Mr Orange Pumpkin - Tim 'Reservoir/Pulp/Nazi' Eli 'Zio-Nazi' Roth via 'No-talent-tino'.

Nazi-based cinema/TV mind control (symbolism)
Inglourious Bas(h)-terds, Nazi Mind Control (4th wall in-joke)'s likely why Manson has his!
Inglourious (Zio-Nazi) Bash-terds, copycat 'induced by degenerate media' violence, just like A Clockwork (Zio-Nazi) Orange. A case involving torture, crow bars, eating cat faeces etc. 'No-talent-tino' had similar outcomes with his co-scripting of Stone's Natural Born (Copycat) Killers, dozens of examples of (media induced) copycat violence followed that release. His (mk-ultra based) sexual fetishization of ultra-violence (with 80s high-end corporate style advertising chic) is of most concern. When Tarantino gave an interview (a couple of years ago) to Ch4, he was challenged on the 'violence' in his films and their potential effects. He simply stormed out after saying "I'm shutting your butt down!" Ha, most of the time he's opening butts up! He can't really say anything cos he knows (as we do) that his output is 'Hollywood mk-ultra'! Most of us know that NBK's Juliette Lewis is a monarch type mind control victim, we've seen Cape 'paedo/ultra-violence' Fear, with monarch De Niro.

Talking of clockwork orange (fruits) and nazi based (cinema) 'ultra-violence' mind control...
Kubrick and (nazi propaganda linked) Harlan 

There's also the '666 and sun' reference in both Pulped Ass Friction and A Clockwork (fruit) Orange.

The 999 Police (officers 665 & 667) and 666 Alex. Perhaps (ass fucked) Wallace's 'sunlight filled' case/trunk lock is a type of demonic sodomy cipher/combination. Orange fruits - one and all.

666 Kubrick's - Eyes Wide Shut? More like his faggot 'eye' wide open!

Team switch-hitter, pink team, faggot, butt brothers, fudge-tunnel faggot, exit only, San Francisco, Mary.
Insults from Yale boys - Yale aka 'the closet' homosexual resonators (see American Psycho).
This above scene happens just after he passes the Pink Pussy Cat - seemingly a gay lingerie/sex shop. Just a normal night-out on the town for gay Scientologist Rainbow Cruising Tom.
On this same 'gay overkill journey' (just before the Yale abuse) he also passes 'flower shop' Nipped In The Bud - nipped in the 'ass rosebud'! Roses and buds, there's a couple 'making out' and feeling-up ass too. Rosebud - the puckered asshole/sphincter (the above definition is from the gay slang dictionary). One of the Yale hater boys mentions 'a rose' and a Mexican 'LAP DANCE' (wink-wink) seconds after we see this shop, as they run into Tom. Pink cruising Tom literally "nipped in his rosebud asshole'.

A close-up of Kane's hairy "rosebud" hole...
All this might make you think of Orson Welles playing 'newspaper magnate' Citizen 'Rosebud' Kane. The film was based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. "Rosebud" - Kane's dying word and a 'snow globe' (a white shaker) - all of which could be potentially sodomy related. At the films close (Kane's) childhood sled is revealed bearing the name Rosebud, it is then burned (a burning rosebud ass). The sled was what Kane was playing on the day he was taken from his home (as a child, to be raised by a wealthy banker).  A sled, which is something on which you sit (relating to white ice/snow) and slide. The young boy Kane was played by 'resonant' Bud-dy Swan. Bernard 'Psycho' Hermann did the music for this film. A rosebud end - it may all be sexual euphemism/innuendo (elite sodomy programming), it can't be discounted. If you want to barf, just put 'rosebud porn' into a search engine!

Welles himself playfully claimed (via Mankiewicz) that 'rosebud' was William Randolph Hearst’s own term for the most intimate part of his mistress's anatomy (aka genitalia). I doubt that her (Marion Davies) 'vagina/clitoris' is being referenced here, it's far more likely that it's a coded term for her (rosebud) anus/sphincter. Hearst produced for Davies in some films.

So, this is an incest (role play) and ass rosebud related release! Giving inspiration to Daddies who want to ass fuck their own daughters via the rosebud. How fucking sick is the US, Hollywood and the closely related porn industry!?

I also noted distinct 'freemasonry' elements (see pyramid, rosebud gif below) within Citizen Kane, all seeing eye (window) and the lodge pillars/floor (doorway).  Charles F Kane:
Kane evokes the masonic 'Tubal Cain/Kane' and the (sexually resonant) linked 'two balls and a cane'. 007 Dee/Fleming - someone has even compared the (intel ridden) Facebook 'f' with this masonic imagery.

Citizen Kane - opening newsreel directly quotes from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan", which tells of the title character's erection of a 'stately pleasure-dome' in the city of Xanadu. (wink-wink)

On a private mountain/mounting...(mounting with your privates)
"Erecting a pleasure dome"
(the penis IS a literal 'pleasure dome' - the penile glans/hemet)
Busting the rosebud via a (pleasure) dome (domed snowglobe) and the hairy rosebud mouth hole.
To a burning rosebud slip-sliding (ass) frosty sled climax. Note the masonic pyramid (see globe gif).

Hollywood programmer, Zionist 'Mossad 9/11' Milchan is referred to as the 'star-fucker'. Likely implying anatomically. Ahem.
Rosebud (ass) pleasure doming (via the penis glans) and erecting a (phallic) tower in Xanadu via Kane, and a snow shaker.
Rosebud/Kane linked 'The Big Ass Ring' got made via Apocalypse 'Asshole of the World/Ring Cycle' Now connected Hickenlooper.
The Big (Br)Ass Ring, about an old political advisor to Franklin Roosevelt, a homosexual named Kimball Menaker. Ahem.

Gay pleasure doming via Hollywood...
Gay propagandists Frankie Goes to Hollywood - referred to the (Coleridge) poem in the title track of their (Horn produced) debut LP - Welcome to the Pleasure-dome (gay glans). The LP rocketed to #1 in the UK charts in its very first week in 1984. Going Greek via Grease - Olivia Newton John covered a track called Xanadu. Newton John's own father was in military intelligence (MI5) and he was heavily involved with the British Enigma programme at Bletchley Park. Enigma, as we mentioned earlier in respect of gay Turing and The Imitation Game!

Anyway, Gay Tom (Bill) got his 'rosebud nipped' and one linked to uber-heavy homosexual references.
During this 'cruising' street walk he soon goes off with a prostitute, he 'symbolically' doesn't manage to 'make it' with her either. He gets interrupted by a 'rabbit dirt holer'. (Alice, below)

Eyes Wide Shut - The first scene begins in the toilet with 'Rabbit (dirt) Hole' Kidman aka Alice.
Cruise is obviously a homosexual (the worst kept secret in Hollywood), Kidman is a lesbian.
I wonder if she just finished having a 'dirt hole' dump in this opening scene - pinching a loaf with her rosebud?
First few seconds of this scene, before the party date - Alice: "Now listen, we're running a little late." The white rabbit "late for a date" - Alice (in Wonderland) and spending time down the (sexually resonant) rabbit 'dirt' hole (kind of like Pulp Fiction jackrabbit, twisting hole and linked ass watch). 'Time' and the 'Nut-cracker' are also mentioned in this opening scene.
There's also literal and 'iconic' Alice (Harford) - 'Thru The Looking Glass' mirror shots in the EWS film.
Above - Alice thru the looking glass via drugs and (naval intel) programming memories.
Disney - It appears as though the watch is (at first) linked to the rabbit's own tail-end/behind. 
When Alice follows (the rabbit) down the brown dirt hole she leaves her 'pussy' behind, they wave goodbye.
Beware of the mad (brown) hatter etc and the QUEEN of Hearts with pink flamingoes for mallets (hammerheads), bent cards for hoops and prickly hedgehogs for balls. All very, very suggestive and all very, very suspect. Lewis Carroll was believed to have had a sexual interest in children.

From Wonderland to Oz
Under and Over The (gay) Rainbow with the 'friends of  twister Dorothy' - Cruising Tom/Bill and with Milich (milch/milk). Milk - evoking Clockwork Orange and 'eye gouger' milk drinking Alex. Bill even has trouble getting through the 'rainbow' door initially, similar to Alex's door trouble at the 'Singing in the Rain' gang rape address. Bill even briefly plays with Milich's head in this rainbow scene moment. The 'rainbow shop' Lolita (Sobieski) shares the same birthdate as Judy 'Oz Dorothy' Garland. Soon, two cross-dressing Asian men will be found by Milich in the 'rainbow room' behind them. We get 'Oz/Aus' resonance from Nicole and 'Sydney' via Pollack. The rainbow arch store.

The rainbow arch store...

Gay purple/lavender...'brown-eye stabber' Orange Alex, bent rainbow arch lolli-cock and with rainbow chart...blowing/licking the 'fruity' BENT gay rainbow penis.
Cyclops (Greek, one-eyed monster), The Blow Goes and The Humpers - listed at The Chelsea Drug Store.
The (go greek Odyssey) 2001 soundtrack record is also on view.  In the film the 3-some is made to appear as consensual, in the book Alex viciously (ass?) rapes them! Why the references to the 'bent gay rainbow popsicle/cock' and via an orange fruit and brown-eye stabbing (gay) man!? There is also talk of 'uncles' and the playing of devil trombones (see link - playing the rusty trombone).

A Cockwork 666 Orange Satanist/sodomite Jack 666 Black's Tenacious D - P(r)ick of Destiny.
Via a devilish "Rusty Trombone (j) AZZ Club". Just another sell-out Hollywood satanist poof!
Playing the (gay ass) Rusty Trombone...Mr 666-AC/DC Black, Mr Low-hanging FRUIT (queer).
With Ben 'faggot' Stiller, Tim 'shit pipe buster/donut' Robbins and Meat 'faggot chopper rider' Loaf.
Oh look - Orange (fruit) County too...what a pair of fags.

Low Hangin' Queers/Poofs/Fruits...the video is totally gay! Purple lavender fag Black with lover-boy!

Licking peach (male) ass and riding phallic bananas (benders) with pink lyric references - faggotsville. This is an 11 out of 10 on my gaydar reading! Is that fat old queen Black's sugar-daddy?
Orange Fruit Black - Poo Rize - yeah a sexual rise via poo. More stealth propaganda disguised as comedy.

Below - Clockwork Orange, more cock worship overload and cocks entering ass - "Ouch that's great"
With dodgy/busted elevator doors and male sodomy we'll soon segue into Danny 'The Shining' Lloyd.
Riding Dim's orange cock and in the same location!? Yeah, I mean, it's not like it's uber-gay or anything!

Cumming via the 'gay rainbow' - at the hotel and with two queers (Tom and Alan/Anal 'Oz' Cumming)
Tom/Bill is inquiring about a Jazz bird (Nightingale) with bruised cheeks.
Lavender decor walls, rainbow costume bag. Clearly this also links to the sodomite (237/42 rainbow) hotel in The Shining. Two queers (bear suit and costumes - geddit?). Baphomet 'incest' Jack: "I'm cumming Dan, I'm right behind you." The reception desk even resembles the Overlook.

Sodomite programmer Kubrick certainly enjoys a good ol' 'Camp (gay ass) Climax'.
Driving carefully in the hoop/ring with (pre-teen) Lolita via a catty Lyon (lion) called 'Dolores Haze' (pain and hazing, literally). With a paedo Mason and a camp pink panther (cat) "any old iron" masonic Sellers.
Clare (female resonant) Quilty (bed/blanket ref.) Sellers who likes 'TRANS' Drome (camel/hump) cigarettes - 'humped trans fags'.  It's a play on 'Camel' (cigarettes) - drome-dary (a hump via fags).
"I think it was your cherry pies." "Wednesday she's going to have a cavity filled by your Uncle Ivor"
Pork (porking cock) covered with mayonnaise etc! All innuendo based.

Lolita's - Shelley "Burt Lancaster" Winters. Winters and Lancaster were intimately linked.
The woman below (Sara Mason) actually mentions James "Lolita" Mason's son in her stage show.
Sara Mason's stage show - "Burt Lancaster Pierced My Hymen (When I Was 11) in Hollywood."
Briefly, Sara is a woman that was raised in Hollywood by her "psychiatrist to the stars" father. Sara alleges that movie legend Lancaster attempted to rape her at 11 years old at a Hollywood party. At this same party he also - after having molested Sara - went on to molest/rape her 9 year old brother. The brother went into a coma after the attack and was hospitalised. He died from drugs in his 40s. The family were told that no one would stand against Burt Lancaster in this town. Wow! Search youtube/vimeo for video of her show.

Strange Love with Lolita. Sexually resonant - three phallic missiles (one spent) and three l-O-lita holes.
A double-bill. Talking of which it's Bill 'rainbow lolita' Harford

EWSPink cat Tom literally "nipped in his (rose)bud asshole' and 'cumming' via the gay rainbow!
Cruising with the pink 'Cock and Tail' with Oz Brown (Bryan). Where the (gay) rainbow ends:
(Hershey) Highway to the danger zone (wink-wink) with Log-gins.

He's gonna get behind us! I'm not leaving my wingman. I'm on his tail.
I'm going for it. I'm going for the shot right now. Roger, engage!
I've got radar lock. I'm taking a shot! Fire! -Bingo! Wash that sucker!

 Stay with him, Mav! Take the shot! Nail him! Ice, I can't get a tone.
Shoot, Maverick! I can't get him off my tail!

Go get him! He's going for the hard-deck (dick). Let's nail him first, Mav! No way, Jester. You're mine.

IRON-side aka Jester:
Get your butts above the hard-deck (dick)...and return to base. (that's the craftiest example, imo!)
Yes, sir. Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby. Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the (phallic) tower. [Sonic boom] Yee-haw! Ha ha! Great balls of fire! Note, Johnson (penis) is the tower's air traffic controller!

Jester (Iron-side) - Butts to the 'snake' office.

We did. We got Jester.
Below the hard-deck (dick) does not count.
Hard-deck (dick) my ass. We nailed that son of a bitch.

Iceman: You guys really are cowboys.
Moooo...Cow-boys. Top Gun to a Bottom Secret!
The booted cow...which takes one in the ass (Nigel, as the ass end). Nigel aka 'gay/camp' Villiers.

Top Gun Kilmer - An Ice-man for a frosty finish: Top 'Nazi Anal Intruder' Secret!
It had C(l)ockwork Nazi Orange's - Dim the droog/officer #665 (Clarke, seen above) as a Nazi! 
Kilmer's debut- Jail House Rock (literally) he's a type of Elvis composite character, rock n roll is a euphemism for the sex act, men only 'jailhouse rock', well, I'll leave you to work that one out.
The exterior prison shots used Rockingham Castle (rocking the hams). Skeet Surfing shot at Holywell (holey well) Beach. Why did Elvis go to a party at the 'male' County Jail and for some Jailhouse Rock-ing? The Gey/Gay Hotel:
"Gey Schluffen" - a Yiddish distorted version of the German phrase "Geh Shlafen," - "go to bed."
Tutti Frutti performed @ Hotel Gey Schluffen - is preceded by nut-cracking (The Nutcracker). Gay/Gey, going to bed, nut-cracking, porking bellies, tutti frutti and a flaming balls climax!?
At the Gey/Gay hotel - after singing (gay) "Tutti Frutti" - Rivers gets his hog/pork 'great balls of fire'
Top 'Gay' Gun - Cruising and buzzing the (phallic) Johnson tower with 'great balls of fire'

Batty-man Kilmer - Skeet Surfing at the holey-well via Tutti Frutti - Rivers (geddit?)
Skeet - is also a term for male ejaculation (withdrawing and shooting your load).

A 'tutti frutti' (slang - fruit, homosexual).  Little 'Tutti Frutti' Dick (gay Richard).
Booty, tight, grease and rooty (rooting, not "all right"!). In addition to Penniman and LaBostrie, a third name 'Lubin' is credited as co-writer. (Yeah, Lube-in aka easy grease!).
Elvis covered the song, so did the Beatles - during the massive Get Back (get ass) sessions a version of "Tutti-gay-Frutti" was recorded. Fagfest - In 1972 Ringo Starr (drumming on the Ring-O star via Bach/Back, his wife.) drummed-on, and produced a brief version with Elton 'gay Oz yellow prick road, brown-dirt ass cowboy' John on piano and 'camp-glam' icon Marc Bolan - T Rex aka 'Try-anal-sore-ass Rex'! (boom, boom!). Queen also covered this track, as did The Swinging Blue Jeans.

Nick "How Silly Can You Get" Rivers - chorus:
How silly can you get? yeah! yeah! how silly can you get? ooh, yeah!
I never have meant to stray but when you looked at me that way
the night was young and gay Paris made me forget.
(Kilmer - singing this at the Gey/Gay 'go to bed' Hotel)

Rivers/Kilmer also does the McQueen 'Great Asscape' homage on his motorcycle.

'Lesbian Bars' Bottom Secret! - even had Hammer's Peter 'Star Gay Wars' Cushing in a role, more 'Cushing for the pushing' - Hammer-ing the eye, a 'backwards scene'.
Directed by David 'Orange Juice Simpson' Zucker, he of Airplane, color purple Ghost and The Naked Gun (penis) fame - Naked Gun to Top Gun:

He's on us! He's on our tail! Shit! You haven't lost him! He's still with us!
What are you doing? You're slowing down! I'm bringing him in closer.

Engage, damn it! He's on our tail! Watch out! Shit, we just flew right through his jetwash!

Val 'Top (gay) Gun with a Top (gay bottom) Secret!' Kilmer aka Iceman:
The jailhouse rocking anal intruder man!

In deep shit, through the shit jetwash...via (gay) jailhouse rock.
Geddit? Brown dirt tunnelling via jailhouse rock with his hammer-head!?
Remember that Goose (to pinch the buttocks) is the one who sits directly behind Cruise (who's in the receiver position), he gets killed and replaced with (moon and star) Merlin - Tim Robbins. Shawshank, it's usually a woman that covers his jailhouse 'dirt tunnel' (even the hetero women resonate with sodomy). It's a 'literal' jailhouse rock (stone) that busts the jailhouse shit pipe. Down the brown dirt (jailhouse rock x2) tunnel and through the shit pipe. In The Player - he's with Private 'drilled donut hole' Pyle (Vincent 'The Cell' D'Onofrio, cell/prison), who also 'literally' lived in a world of shit (see further below). D'Onofrio once even played a character called "Pooh Bear".

Rob 'spinal ass tapping/stand behind me' Reiner - The Shitshank Redemption:
'Rainbow boys' Cruise and Ford. More on 'shit pipe busting' Shawshank and Robbins later.

Iron (poof) Man
Cage and Cruise were both linked to the Iron 'AC/DC' Man role, and Tarantino was approached to write and direct the first film! How equally amusing and sick it is, that there are millions of people that think 'No-talent-tino' is a cinema legend! Sad and brainwashed 'cult of celebrity' victims.
An AC/DC 'Iron Man' with a Hot Rod
Iron = Poof (gay)
This UK book also seems suspect under scrutiny, it's known as The Iron Giant in the US. 
Vin 'homosexual' Diesel played the Iron Giant - yes, he is a sodomite too, like them all!
The Book - an Iron (poof) Man (pink cover) who challenges a Drag-on who crash lands in Aus/Oz. Tom (likely gay) Baker read it for the BBC, Pete 'The Who' Townshend (operation ore) did a musical, and was involved in the Werner Bros. animated film. Townshend has openly admitted to having a number of gay encounters and is bisexual.

In Natural Born Killers, Lewis features with Woody Harrelson and Downey Jr aka Iron (poof) Man via AC/DC (to swing both ways). Why did the world premiere of potentially gay resonant 'Iron Man' (first of a series) take place in 'gay world capital' Sydney, Oz? (see, it's Oz yet again!). They do have the 'butch' Iron Man endurance contest in Oz. In the opening of the original film, we see Iron Man fixing his Hot Rod (with Institutionalised/Suicidal Tendencies track playing), he's soon kidnaped to a cave via the 10 rings! Sequel has a Just-in Hammer(head) via a 'Moon-ing" Rock-well, he of the weapon. I also noted a 'Queen' track.

Queening Iron Man - Rockwell debuted in 'paedo' Salva's Clownhouse...
Iron 'poof/acdc' Men and Queens (homos). Iron Man 2.
 Hammer's facility (where Ivan Vanko operates from) is in Queens.
"Hey, Ivan. I got Senator Stern here. Thought we 'd swing over and look at some of the drone designs."
Queens based Vanko was played by Mickey 'gay' Rourke - "ooh, hello sailor". Rourke in his camp get-up with handbag and gay pooch accessory.
Iron Man 2 heavily features the Unisphere as a crucial plot device in a World's Fair-like showcase and based in Queens. Iron Poof Man's father ran two Expo's in Queens in 1954 and 1974.

Iron 'poof/queen' Man director Favreau, wrote/starred in Swingers: - cock-tails first, questions later.
Vince 'gay Psycho via lesbian Anne Heche' Vaughan. Psycho remake Director Van Sant, is very likely gay.
Vaughn/Van Sant also connects to 'Weepy Donuts' (track) via the Psycho ending.

Iron 'Jackson' Man (again), he's got previous! He tried pump(k)in Ring-O, now he wants a donut 'exit'!

Pulped Ass Friction's Jackson, as 'one-eyed' Nick Fury, who calls Iron Man, Mr Donut (hole).
AC/DC, Iron Man with a hot rod, exiting the Randy Donut ring (sodomy resonance) via one-eye!
The Randy Ring...

It's not just Hollywood film, it's seemingly most US corporate media, games too (as we saw earlier)!
Dunk-in' The Donut. The (shitty) Rusty Brown (Donut) Ring...a play on the Rusty Sheriff's Badge.
Pick your Brown RING, they'd prefer it if you selected the (brown donut) asshole ring, obviously!

The Rusty Sheriff's (star) Badge
5th (Pink) Element (like we saw with Butch Willis/Willies) aka Boron (Pink atoms)
The 'twisting ass' and 'rusty brown sheriff's badge' and Eastwood (listen here: Sodomy promotion via drum n bass. Other 'Twisted Individual' sodomite flavoured tracks include - Ring Worm, Soiled Snatch, Donkey (Ass) Punch, Touching Cloth, Bollock Yoghurt, Bum Troubler, Bangkok (cock).
"Are you going to San Francisco...?" wink-wink. East-wood (video above) with a Raw-hide - 'inspecting ass' with his 7-point (law enforcement) badge this why they call him Dirty Harry?
I recall a poof called 'Alice' (dirt rabbit hole) in the original Dirty Harry film. I also recall a bus driven by a 'Nancy' (nancy boy) that went through a 'rainbow tunnel' (wink, wink) with Scorpio...yes, it just writes itself, doesn't it? Camp Scorpio 'porking it' with Harry at Mount Davidson via "My, that's a big one" as Harry pulls out his piece (wink, wink). "Do you feel lucky, (jail ass) punk?"

The Swing-ing 60s
How about 'picking his ring' (a la Rusty Ring Brown) to find his 'drilled-out' moj-O?' Many a true thing is said in jest."
Ring picking, literally. Heather (Twin 'bloody donuts' Peaks/Boogie 'bloody donuts' Nights) Graham, Shag-well Powers. She even sticks a probe in Fat Bash-terd's ass, same film. How long does she spend up Austin's donut/ass (implied or otherwise)? The 'cock' loving 'Goldmember' film series.
The next best thing to time travel...diving down the twisting hole, with ya little man, one-eye and #2!
In the original film, 'ring cycling' Wagner mentions his #2 'toilet based' name and then goes straight off to the little boys room! Dr Evil's hermetic/pyramid 'ring' and via the 'moon' (ass) and a phallic "laser" (lays her), which mini-me humps!. All with 'Wood killing' Wagnerian 'ring cycler' aka the 'one-eyed' Number 2 (shit). The film is a real literal Moon-raker! FFS! Who constructed the Hollywood 'sodomy' script framework pattern, Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward? I think 'a little fella' (penis) gets sucked out of Austin's ass in the 'Moon-raker' ending. I'm also reminded of a 'space' ship which is giant cock shaped and Austin drinking 'nutty' (nut/cum) shit...wink, wink. Cock worship overload!
Let's 'swing' (both ways) baby via Dick Starkey aka the (orange) Ring-O Starr. Harris/'arris is a term for the ass/arse. Gay-ne's (Queen) World, 'schwing' with a 'hockey stick and puck' Donut shop and with a 'stabbing the red-jam donut hole man' scene!
Mikita's...Mike-eat-a (donut). Didn't 'Aer-O-smith' male donut stabber Garth, debut in Hall-O-wiener 2, with an amusing link to another Mike 'stabber' Myers? Donut-collar/ring 'Donna/Boyle' from Twin 'donut' Peaks. Twin Peaks with Heather 'Donut/Cherry Pie/Powers' Graham.

Beaver/O-reg(i)on, RING-O Cat/Pussy, Incest, Sex Offenders, Pounding her RINGO (literally)! Say It Isn't So - directed by a Rogers, co-written by a Swallow, co-starred Sally 'ass banditry' Field. Bend, Oregon/O-reg(i)on is mentioned in Twin Peaks film, North Bend, WA. is the setting for Twin Peaks town.
Heather Graham, Austin 'Ring-O/Ass Diving' Powers, Twin 'Kneed Donuts' Peaks and Boogie 'Donuts' Nights. Donut rings, cherry pie and a trip to one-eyed Jacks or a (Julee) Cruise by the Bang-Bang!

Bloody (brown) Donut Rings...It's Twin 'MK-Ultra/Incest Rape' Peaks
Twin Peaks/Boogie Nights - Heather Graham, Bloody Rings & Donuts. Bloody ring donuts from an ass-ass-inated caged 'miner' bird (mine, to dig, mine a bird) who yells Laura! In Twin Peaks film ending, Graham (Annie), is left bloodied and with the (owl cave) ring. 
As Rollergirl (Boogie Nights ending), she violently bloodies a stranger who disrespects her, the scene links closely with the bloody donut shop. Miss Twin Peaks - Miss Donuts.
Twin Peaks (twinning), one-eyed Jacks (dick) with 'manchurian' overlaps, cherry-pie (vagina), the Log 'wood' Lady, Bang-Bang club, Julee Cruise, Ben Horne/Jack Horne-r etc! This is fucking crazy!  Miss Donuts, is this a link to Graham's (real life) sodomised ass and her mk-ultra programming (probably, imo)!? She was linked to Feldman and Haim (victims) and was involved with pop-star Adam 'mental breakdown' Ant. These ARE NOT (harmless) films and TV shows, they are virtual reality-based abuse DOCUMENTARIES! There's even a 'Buck' in the Twin Peaks (film) who Boogies with raped/abused Laura!

Iron 'gay/donut' Man series featured Don (Boogie 'Where The Fuck Is Ringo-O' Nights) Cheadle.
Porno-Cowboy Buck, who ends up at the Miss Donut (shop), is he missing the donut ring, literally!?

Boogie 'Blown Head, Donut' Nights..."There Will Be Blood", digging/mining in the shaft for dark brown gold. Ending, shake your milk and smash a head down an alley via oil/grease and say you're finished, with gay 'Beautiful Laundrette man' Day Lewis. Homosexual Anderson wanted the bowling alley scene climax to be Kubrickian, like A C(l)ockwork Orange, I can't imagine why? (sarcasm).“Paul wanted to paint the walls white and turn the room into a white cube, like something out of A Clockwork Orange,” says Elswit.

Boogie Nights, it's the Miss 'bloody' Donut 'heist gone wrong' that leads to the 'Stere-O Grand O-pening'.
Fellowship of the Ring, Cow-boy Buck "Get Down, Cum Inside Us" via the Grand O-pening (and donuts)
Randy Ring, AC/DC, 'hot rod' Iron Men. Exiting the donut ring and exiting the donut ring (shop).
'Iron Man' Cheadle played Buck Swope in Boogie 'donut/ring-o' Nights.
All this makes sense and anyone reading, knows it!!! 'Iron' Downey Jnr links to Shutter Island's Ruffalo via Fincher's Zodiac, where 'Brokeback Mounting' Gyllenhaal also stars.

If there is nothing to all this and it's just random bullshit, how come the man who refuses (Boogie Nights) 'bloody donuts' Buck his bank loan (for his 'cum inside' Grand O-pening), happens to be Twin Peaks 'Horne perfume counter boss' Emory Batts?
The same Batty-man that relates to one-eyed Jacks (penis) and who arranges for (schoolgirl) store girls to become brothel hooker/slaves!?  The same Batts who has his toenails painted a la Lolita!
Twin Peaks also featured 'FBI Tranny' Denise/Denis Bryson aka David 'X-Files/Zoolander' Duchovny, an early 'gender bending' example. It may also act as an echo to FBI J Edgar (Tranny) Hoover.

Twin Peaks. One-eyed 'penis' Jack, cherry 'vagina' pies and donut 'asshole' rings and all via 'wood'.
See above, is this why Heather 'Queen (donut) Annie/Rollergirl/Ass Powers' Graham's Glastonberry 'wood' Grove, has a brown greasy/oily access hole/ring and 'lodge access' via the 'red beef curtains'!?
666 sodomy code, it related to the lodges, the same one(s) that 'bloody ring' resonant Annie is taken to via the oily brown hole and red curtains (shown above). The finger belongs to Briggs, the same actor would feature in Omen (666) IV.

Donut Lynch's (Mul-holland 'lesbian' Drive) Betty/Diane (Watts) was in 'Down aka The Shaft' and 'The Ring' (same timeframe). The Ring, with a well shaft and lighthouse etc! Her husband (Schreiber) was in the O-men remake and also gay Craven's Scream series. In MD she featured with Justin 'American (gay Yale) Psycho' Theroux, who played the (child abuse resonant) Hollywood film director, Kesher. Kesher was meant as a David 'Gay Oz/rainbow' Lynch avatar...wink, wink.

Mul-holland with 'phallic' Pink's (dogging sausage party, with abused hookers) restaurant and the Oz 'Winkies' (slang, penis) Cafe. Combined - we get (slang) 'pink winkie/pink penis'. Pink penises evoke sodomite activity, I think these are carefully chosen names, not at all arbitrary.

If we've got a 'pink winkie' - we need an 'ass' to go with it, and we get one! The 'bum' (ass) behind Winkie's!
A dirty bum/ass and via a winkie and a blue moon box. The box via Silencio aka The (phallic) Tower and inserting a phallic blue moon-key. This is why the 'bum' was connected to the 'penis' (winkie)!
And likely why we see this at the close! Box into a bag with (a small piece of) MEAT and a RING (pull).
With an 'old fella' (slang) and Irene (Eye-rene) which also relates to Erinyes (go Greek, Furies).
All topped off with 'an old fella - banging doors' and a 'blown head'. With all this in mind, it is now clear to me that Mulholland Drive is full of this type of sexual programming. All very, very suspect - crypto-sodomy etc. A tower, meat/ring, a pink winkie, a dirty bum, moon box, an old fella and door banging etc.

Kesher (Iron Man - Theroux): Pouring gay pink paint all over the 'family jewels' (euphemism, cock and balls). It may potentially relate to male and female sodomy. The scene which links to Billy Ray Cyrus, his family is likely MK-Ultra based. Cyrus has even made claims about Lynch, and that his own involvement in Lynch's film likely led to her increased (post-Hanna Montana) degeneracy, that's a claim that he has made. Oz Lynch was born in Montana. Monarch Miley is currently working with Woody 'paedophile/bananas man' Allen. Pink 'family jewels' Theroux also meets with the 'gay Cowboy' at the corral. No wonder the (gay/paedo) BBC had his cousin 'Louis' doing that Savile documentary!

The exact same Pink Team Theroux (now with Aniston) who wrote the script (see last line, below) for Iron 'gay/acdc, randy donut ring' Man 2!!!
Pink Iron Poof Cowboy Man' Theroux's last line, Iron Man 2 (AC/DC 'Hershey' Highway To Hell playing!). Donut Bros (Downey Jr/Cheadle), pricks and between the 'Garry'. 'How 'GAY' does Shandling look, he looks like a 'super-Queen', ffs!
A Stern little prick via the 'Garry' (glitter/shitter/Shandling), was it a rusty sheriff's badge! Stan 'Iron Man' Lee also created the X-Men, which is now a 'gender bending' Donner/Singer franchise.
A weird 'parody' version of Sia's extreme 'paedo/butterfly/monarch' heavy Elastic Heart. The even make parody films of their sick and degenerate child abuse.

More sheep MOCKERY from Just-in Theroux. The 'iron hoof' donut exit via annoying gay pricks man.
Wants a girls name and wants to stand behind her - badass! (Oct 2016). A fake marriage, they're gay.
He even looks like an effeminate faggot. Hell, he's wearing more make-up than she is!
It's a small (media) world. This item above was printed the day after his cousin 'Louis' - did a 'whitewash' propaganda piece (re: Savile) for the gay/paedo BBC. Savile's paedophilia was an OPEN SECRET at the BBC, yet Theroux seems to be not even aware of that OBVIOUS FACT! These sell-out elite paedo gatekeepers make me sick. The BBC are still paedophile ridden, a healthy society would've burnt the corporation to the ground! If you pay the BBC license fee, you are literally helping and promoting paedophilia! Please bear that in mind. I believe the that the BBC's action (along with the police) in respect of Cliff Richard, was a "played out" news piece for covering up EVEN MORE ABUSE! These types of assets/entertainers are UNTOUCHABLE when they're alive (see Savile).
Uphill Loving - with BBC Savile. Savile and The Duchess (his mother) reeks of a 'Norman Bates' type of link/association (incest etc).
Sodomite BBC and Royal/political asset - Jimmy 'Uphill Gardening Lover' Savile. You might have noticed that Savile's homosexual and sodomite ways have been effectively whitewashed, most people think that the abuse was related to girls, this is incorrect. Savile abused young boys too, they may even have been a preference. The establishment don't want you knowing that 'young boys' are sometimes their MAIN TARGETS and that sodomy (both male/female) is their preferred sexual act. Got to keep the homosexual/paedophilia links at bay, right folks?
Undertand that the British public school system (from where the establishment recruit) is male sodomy/buggery based and always has been.

High fashion faggotry. Pink Iron Man Theroux has also been involved with 'gay promoting' Zoolander 2 (as writer, cameo), which has caused a bit of LGBT fuss via Benedict 'gay/trans' Cum-berbatch. Zoolander, with Ben 'gay' Stiller and Owen 'gay' Wilson, yup they're obviously faggots too.
Now I know why Zoolander did the Cockwork Kubrick 2001 tribute (original film) with a huge bone/boner and Apple Orange (fruits) the iMac via Jobs (jobs slang aka shits). 2001 A Space Odyssey, a Homo/Homer-erotic (go Greek, geddit?) gay propaganda piece from Clarke and Kubrick. Hal - the 'camp' technological (cyclopian) one-eyed monster.
Orange Mocha Frappuccino...a milky orange drink via a BALLS model.
Stiller even had a cameo in Orange County. 

The Color Purple - Lavender Boys...mass gay mind control.
Gay Stiller's 2nd ever film appearance was in Color Purple Spielberg's 'Empire of the Sun', as 'camp resonant' Dainty.
With Batty-man aka (gay) Yale American 'homo-erotic' Psycho Bale.
Dodge-Ball(s). Nipple clamps and gay donut (ass) rings...via camp/gay purple/lavender overkill.
Gym (naked) Purple (gay) Cobras (snakes/penises) and with Donkeys/Asses. "Let me ride that donkey/ass".
Dunkie butting, with (gay) Vince 'Swinger/Weepy Donut Psycho' Vaughan, as Flower (Fleur), with Rip Torn (asses).
Dodgeball - debut by Thurber, who just did Central 'gay' Intelligence with a Big Johnson (big penis).
 Dodge purple Ball, with Justin - "queer bait", Lavender (boy), Jeepers 'gouged eyes via peepers' Creepers" - Long.
Dodgeball - "Beaver tranquilliser", Male (mail) order brides. Bondage outfits, and Star searching/trekking Willy Shat-ner.
Dodgeball: "Go Balls Deep"  - into the (brown/chocolate) Jamaican Starfish (asshole). "A two player swing."
Pumping Iron. The Purple Wall of (gay) White Goodman (Stiller). The "okay" (666/eye) sign.

The purple/lavender wall of Gaylord. "Meet/Meat the Fockers" - a Gaylord fucker (focker).
Stiller IS MR GAYLORD, and with accompanying lavender/purple, like we observed with Zoolander and Dodgeball.

Subversive comedy, which is actually nothing but "in your face" gay propaganda and mass viewer mockery! Gaylords and purple lavender OVERLOAD. All these actors promote sodomy/sexual transience, it's very likely they're ALL gays and lesbians (in reality). Hoffman and De Niro are homosexuals, yup! Now you know why they ALL back the Clinton/Rockefeller crime family and in 'blanket propaganda' fashion! Meeting/Meating "parents" and "gay Fockers", potential incest flavour too.

Remember 'gay rainbow' Pelham 123 from earlier...this from 1998?
 'Mr Blue' D'Onofrio aka Private Pyle, Full Metal Jacket, Donnie Wahlberg played Mr Grey, brother of Mark 'Where the fuck is Ring-O' Wahlberg, from Boogie 'Bloody Donuts' Nights.

A (Sgt ) 'Drilled Donut Hole', and literally. D'Onofrio aka Pyle/Pile, pile driving.
Eating the Jelly/Jam Donut (sexual slang) via the hole/mouth. "I am in a world of shit" (literally!).
The Joker is the 0-Fool. Private Pyle or piles in your privates (haemorrhoids?). Even the push-ups are sexually suggestive.
Gun/penis. Where the '42' rainbow ends...the 'world of shit' toilet. The rainbow (torch light arc) to the head (toilet).
Blowing your 'head' with the 'phallic' rifle and 'into a world of shit'! (in the toilet/head)

Toilets, 'In a world of shit' with O-hio State Ref, Top 'Gay' Gun Robbins and 'Donut/Toilet' D'Onofrio.
Recall in Shawshank, the 'overt gay' prisoner Bogs (bogs, slang toilets) who hits on Robbins.
Bogs (Rolston) debuted in Aliens, the marine who buddied with 'lesbian' Vasquez (Goldstein). The Player, with ass bandits Cock-work McDowell, Illuminati Pollack, chopper-riding Willis, 'gay' Burt Reynolds etc!

It also featured 'double donut - dirt girl/fly' Goldblum, aka Mr JurASSic Park(ing) 'big pile of shit' man. Goldblum, big shit triple-teaming with The Player's - 'shit pipe busting' Robbins and 'world of shit' D'Onofrio aka Mr Pooh (Poo) Bear.
Red: "This is just shitty pipe dreams..." aka shitty pipe (busting) fantasies, wink-wink.
Family Guy had a parody reference to this same idea - David C-ass-idy.
In a world of shit! Tunnelling a brown dirt hole with his hammerhead, a la The Great Ass-cape. Looks like a mud/shit bath in The Player, released a couple of years prior. Could be seen as training for the Shitshank role! Robbins/Sarandon - a former husband/wife team of donut-asshole eating/fucking sodomite degenerates! Darabont's 'insipid treacle ridden' propaganda film may have fooled you sops, but others know better. Let's all feel sorry for prisoners (who are really painted as victims) and weep over their poor lives - VOMIT!
Tim 'Top Gay Gun' Robbins and Susan 'Lesbian Thelma & Louise' Sarandon, their former marriage (like most) was for show purposes only, they're gay/lesbian.
Oh look, there's a sodomite 'Handler' (wink, wink) and a mind controlled degenerate Trashian.
Lick a 'glazed donut ass ring' in solidarity with Ariana 'Nickelodeon/Schneider paedo abused' Grande! 

Where was Sarandon, when Brad Renfro was getting his ass ploughed and mind destroyed on the set of (gay paedo Schumacher's) The Client?  She was probably rimming homosexual Tommy Lee Jones' rusty sheriff's badge! After reading this, you'll never eat another ring donut, in quite the same way again! Here's another Sarandon example:
(above) Bull 'cowboy' Durham - with Susan 'Donut Licking' Sarandon and the 'big fucking donut hole', and for 16. Co-starred with JFK Costner, she also narrates in this film, all with (former ex) Tim 'Top Gay Gun/shit pipe busting' Robbins. Sarandon links to Geena 'dirt donut girl' Davis via (dyke-fest) Thelma & Louise, and where Michael 'Reservoir Sods' Madsen co-starred.
Robbins (dream segment) half-naked, wears women's lingerie while pitching, fagging it up! Wears a Motley 'camp' Crue shirt and an Iron (poof) Maiden one too. Produced by Thorn (prick) Mount, directed by Ron 'White (Woody Ring Hoop) Men Can't Jump (Fuck)' Shelton.

This linked 'Jenner one' is obviously a lesbian. White powered donuts, is this piece of 'news prozac' some type of code for how she takes her cocaine, you know, Stevie Nicks style (via the ass)? Via an air-port, blowing white powered coke up the donut ring hole, she also likes eating/rimming them when she's flying (aka high). Reaching I know, but we can't rule anything out anymore.
Getting high and numbing the sphincter - killing two birds with one stone. I shouldn't have to mention her circus act of a father, Bruce aka Caitlin. He's a living embodiment of the masonic androgynous 'sodomy resonant' baphomet.

Devilish sodomite 'baphomet' Jack...the easy chopper riding, back door to hell flying, batty-man! Nicholson's 'Mars Attacks' featured the Oz Randy Donut Hole. He was the horny 'Van Horn' devil with Susan 'donut licker' Sarandon in The Witches of East Wick.

Kirk "Spartacus" Douglas was the player who launched Kubrick into the big-time with (homo-resonant) Spartacus. 
It's alleged that although married, Douglas was involved in a longterm homosexual relationship with Jack "mafia" Valenti (pink teaming with Kirk, see top left). Valenti just also happened to be president of the august body 'Motion Picture Association of America', a tenure that lasted 38 years. Valenti was also a close friend of Steven "Rosebud/Gooning with pre-teen boys" Spielberg.

Here's one of their sodomite/paedo programming heroes, 'jelly donut' Kubrick, I could cite 'in the paedo hoop/ring' with Lolita, if I were inclined. Now we know why (gay Spartacus) Kubrick had that 'toilet scene' obsession, toilets were his trade! Coprophagy and shit play were main hobbies, a bit like Adolf Hitler then, who had similar interests!
The Zio-Nazi cinema treatment...Kubrick/Harlan A Clockwork (Nazi) Orange
Hell, I expect the goddamn 2001 'rainbow eye star-gate' is yet another reference to the asshole! An 'eye' pod (that leaves 'phallic' discovery) and enters the gate. Throw a bone into space and via a moon. A hard rock-based mono-lith buried deep in the moon, with Hal - the (cyclopian) one-eyed monster. The Greek (go Greek) Odyssey.

"Sit like a horrorshow cooperative malchik in the chair of torture, while they flashed nasty bits of Ultra-Violence on the screen." An aspect of this includes a mass desensitising type process etc
Alex's description is EXACTLY what recent and modern cinema-goers have been doing, en masse and for decades, and in a exponentially increasing way. The torture chair, is the chair that you sit in when you go to your real actual (Zio-Nazi, paedo/sodomite/horrorshow) cinema. Where they flash nasty bits of Ultra-Violence and (crypto-veiled) degenerate gay/paedo propaganda, in front of you!
Alex, undergoing 'mind control' at a psychiatric hospital (opens with Nazism)..."It's a sin."
Bronson, at a psychiatric hospital...'It's a sin." (Pet Shop Boys)

Pet Shop 'Sinning' (Rent) Boys.
Pet Shop Boys, caged animals (boys), both Tennant (tenant and rent, geddit?) and Lowe are homosexuals,  The group are also linked to (corporate) high fashion, they were from the outset, with their overt religious-like designer worship - Armani, Versace etc. speaking of which.

Gianni "sodomite predator and degenerate" Versace
No wonder he got "blown away" by that homosexual (could he have been a victim?) and this time I don't mean it in respect of sexual activity.

PSB - appear to be typical industry assets. Tenant was via Smash Hits, a former youth programming magazine concerning 'gay heavy' UK Pop music. Smash Hits? More like smash s-hits!
Where the gay rainbow ends. Not forgetting their Village 'gay' People cover "Go West" anthem.

Degenerate programmer Refn...
Clockwork McDowell, would feature with 'caged' Nastassja Kinski in Schrader's Cat 'incest' People (1982), whose themes overlap with Refn's Neon Demon (cat/kitten programming). The same Schrader who is linked to the butterfly via Taxi Driver and Exorcist Dominion.
Here's (monarch) Nastassja in June 2016, 'Let's Dance', Germany...the colo(u)r purple!

ILM - Illuminati
Spielberg collaborator Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic(k). Kubrick's FX man Donald Trumbull (who was tied up on Spielberg's Close Encounters) was approached to do the Star Wars effects work, he would advise Lucas to use his assistant Dykstra, for his franchise. ILM was born out of all that. It was Trumbull's father that would do 'special effects' for Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz.

Industrial light and magic(k)...Neon, advertising etc
Atomic number 10, analogous to the 10 spheres of the sephiroth/tree of life

Don't you want to go where the rainbow ends...the crown/head, the purple chakra (mind control).
Where the rainbow ends...with high fashion models...Eyes Wide Shut

Don't you think that it is a bit ironic, that it's 'homosexual men' who dictate/influence what 'heterosexual women' should be wearing? The (literal) full spectrum dominance of gay men in women's high fashion, has seen the models become increasingly masculine and likewise their bodies increasingly resembling those of pre-pubescent boys (typically no hips, bust, curves or bottom etc). I think Coco Chanel mentioned something along these lines in the past. Gay men, effectively imprinting their own sexuality into the female form. Hell, even Coco Chanel/Cocoa Channel has potential connotations, Coco wasn't even her real first name, it was Gabrielle! I actually think that these designers HATE real women and always have. I've noticed that in recent years, some of these 'so-called' models are actually what objective people might consider 'ugly'. Elle 'Neon Demon' Fanning fits into this type of mould, she is not by any measure classically beautiful, she is quite ordinary and if you walked past her in the street, you'd barely notice her.

Eyes Wide Shut, the film with the 'paedo bait' Lolita (Rainbow Fashions) and a child's bedroom with the word 'SEX' (barely hidden) written over the bed. The same child who likely gets abducted (by the elite cult) at the climax of the film. This shot is after his return from the elite orgy.

Neon Demon featured Christina 'Purple' Hendricks...
Shouldn't it be Hendrix, and not Hendricks? Purple Haze!

Neon - Neo-n - Neo. It's Keanu 'Masonic Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves, the name for the element 'Neon' is derived from 'neo' (new). Knock, Knock...was his torture porn turn, and a film with very distinct paedophilia overtones. Regardless of how the bed rape scene is set up, it still comes off as a form of paedo affirmation. Zio-Nazi Roth and his filthy degenerate output posing as entertainment, when it's all (corporate) mind control reinforcement based.

Eyes Wide Shut Cruise, would feature with Mark Ruffalo in Mann's Collateral, as a hitman. It has scene aspects that appear to be directly lifted from Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Taxi cab bribes, trip to a J-azz Club etc. It also featured Any Given Sungay's 'Steamin Willie' (Foxx). Foxx is another uber-queen.

While Mark Ruffalo was filming Shutter Island (in 2008), his younger brother Scott, was shot in the head and died after a week in hospital. Although initially it was believe to be suicide, it was soon deemed murder by an L.A. coroner. Shaha Mishaal Adham (one of two at the shooting scene, the other likely being her boyfriend) claimed that Scott wounded himself, she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but was soon released without charge.  She was subsequently found dead in 2012 (suspected OD), Adham, was the daughter of a wealthy Saudi business man. It is likely that the bullet was shot some distance away from Scott, not immediately beside his head. Actor Mark, did actually move himself and his family away from Hollywood and out to New England, after this incident. Overall, TPTB seem to want this shooting designated as a suicide event.

Mark Ruffalo, also featured in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is another heavy 'mind control' resonant film, relating to Montauk, which happens to be connected to the Plum Island area.
The (nazi resonant) VW Beetle (and the brain bug/thalamus, nazi-based mind control). On 26 May 1938, Hitler laid the cornerstone for the Volkswagen factory in Fallersleben, the VW Beetle was his brainchild. A literal 'beetle people's car'.
Illuminati (Truman mind/world control) Carrey, featured in Eternal Sunshine with DiCaprio's Titanic co-star, Kate 'phoenix' Winslet.  Talking of the phoenix, DiCaprio would replace River (Children of Paedo God) Phoenix in Total Eclipse, after Phoenix died during the making of this 'homosexual' film. In an interview Phoenix revealed paedophilia within his family group, and claimed he lost his virginity at aged 4 (Details magazine '91). He died (Halloween '93) outside Depp's Viper Club, the same Depp that starred in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (Who's, more like!) with DiCaprio. They featured with Juliette 'monarch' Lewis. Carrey would featured in Joel (Gay Battyman/Lost Gay OTO Boys) Schumacher's film, '#23' (W, double vee), which had a Dr Phoenix. The Truman Show is also full of numerous '23' references.

Vav, vav, vav (666) or 3 Illuminati pyramids, one missing the capstone (rebuilding the third temple)?

It does appear that Clementine (Winslet) wears a butterfly hair clip, it is hard to be certain, left pic is fan art that likely references this. Clementine is also a form of 'orange-like fruit'. A Clockwork Orange Sun and mind control.
Clementine...Orange, much?  Orange agents...A gent, orange/fruit.
Recall (gay) Carrey's orange overload and the pierced randy donut hole, Earth/Dirt Girls Are Easy.
The Eternal Orange (Fruit) Clockwork Sun...
Mechanical human brains...mind erasure, (nazi-based) programming and manipulation
Ludwig Van, from Hludwig, literally meaning 'famous war'. WW2, Nazis and the swastika 'fire/sun wheel'
"Viddy this my brothers...the ol' in-out, in-out (sex) and ultra-violence aka trauma programming"
Too many overlaps (via various media and concepts) for it to be coincidental.
Kubrick's CRM 114 is used in Back To The Future (Time Travel/Montauk), the film with Courthouse Square (with Project Bluebird overlaps), which is also used in Carrey's Bruce Almighty (with 77 reference). After lightning struck the Clock Tower on 12th Nov, there were 49 days (7*7) left remaining in the year.
It's also called Mockingbird Square (relating to the Gregory Peck-er film, Peck-er aka Moby Dick's, Cpt Ahab) a potential link to Operation 'OSS-Nazi-CIA' Mockingbird. Buzzing the (cock)tower, the square also featured in Top 'Gay' Gun, the Cruise/Cruising gay resonant film from Tony 'gay' Scott and Zio-Nazi Jerry 'gay, lightning tree' Bruckheimer. Cat 'incest' People producer and (jolly rogering) 'Butt Pirates of the Caribbean' producer Bruckheimer. The 'masonic/templar' series with Elm Street's Johnny 'Nancy's boy' Depp, as Sparrow. "Who killed Cock Robin? I, said the Sparrow." Disney had Jay Wolpert write a script based on the Pirates of the Caribbean, which producer Jerry Bruckheimer rejected, feeling it was "a straight pirate movie". Yeah, clearly not gay enough, eh Jerry!!! Us Brits used to call the Nazis 'Jerry or Gerry'.
So (nazi) S.S. Gerwald Strickland (Back To The Future, School Principal) relates to the Courthouse and through both films. He plays Tom 'Stinger' Jardian in Top 'gay' Gun, the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise. Cruise is in 'club CRM 114' via the Eyes Wide Shut hospital, C (wing) Rm (room) 114. Top Gun/BTTF both feature the 'buzzed/struck' Tower.

Beetle Brain Bugs

Pushing the 'internal and eternal sun spot' via the winged (vw) brain beetle (thalamus), in the mind.
The winged brain aspect (imo) also evokes the butterfly and its wings (monarch).

The Winged Beetle Brain
Germanic OTO overlord Crowley, and the 'Winged Brain Beetle' (Khepera, kheper meaning to come into being). The musical Beatles (the most successful pop act of the entire 20th century) began their rise via Germany, Hamburg (the 'My Bonnie' record release being pivotal). Sgt 'OTO' Pepper, Adolf Hitler – was modelled and visible in early photographs of the montage, positioned to the right of Larry Bell, but was eventually removed. Original Beatle Sutcliffe (who had just left the group), had a brain aneurysm/hemorrhage in Apr 1962, while still in Hamburg. The underground (Cavern Club) dwelling Beatles/Beetles, there's a VW Beetle on the (Cefalu) Abbey Road cover. One thalamus makes the V, two combined gives the W (double V). 

Autopsies tell all kinds of thing...wink, wink
Brain seizures and a 'winged beetle' tattoo...hmmm? (thanks to recent anon commenter)

2010 release, Sympathy For Delicious (Mark Ruffalo's directorial debut), was dedicated to Scott.
Mark Ruffalo would feature with Laura Linney and Noah Emmerich, Jim 'Truman Burbank' Carrey's screen wife and best friend. Small world, eh?

Two (Brain) Golden/Shining VW Beetle Bugs
Montauk/Truman Carrey featured in Schumacher's film, '#23' (W, 23rd letter), where he visits a Dr. Phoenix and Dr. Sirius. "W" which phonetically is 'double u/you' potential 'twinning' overlaps.

In recent years, Carrey has covered 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings'. Interesting imagery, internal child/external adult, splits, doubles, a fractured mind (left).
 Smashing Pumpkins, smashing heads, pumping your kin, butterfly/monarch, ass-ass-in/bullet. Combined with 'Creep' by Radiohead (geddit?). The monarch butterfly likely navigates vast distances using the sun, and a kind of internal magnetic compass.
Enough about Carrey and the butterfly, otherwise I'll segue into Mariah 'Butterfly/MonarCh victim' Carey.
Spaceman Antenna and Astronaut Helmet Radiohead
Jim 'Truman-Sirius-Radiohead' Carrey...24hr a day 'sirius light/lite' satellite TV coverage
Jim 'Sirius/#23/Truman Show/Cable Guy' Carrey

Twinning/Splits a la Monarch?
Some have remarked on Nicholson's and (Great Gatsby) DiCaprio's similarity, calling him Jack's son etc.
DiCaprio and Nicholson, Scorcese's The Departed
Purple/Violet resonance too...from Purple Joker Jack.
Yeah, Hell's Angels!
The Aviator

"Well, if it's just folks running around hearing voices and chasing after butterflies..." Shutter Island
Butterfly Carrey/Kate (Titanic 'phoenix' Rose) Rainbow head 77, 'eternal rain' and Bruce Almighty, lol.
Montauk 'time-travel, Carrey hasn't aged a bit, but Winslet looks ancient. :)
Titanic, Jack and Rose aka Kate 'Eternal Sunshine' Winslet
Butterflies, 20's party hedonism and twins...The (Shining) Great Gatsby at The Overlook Ball.
Set in the summer of 1922..."Can't repeat the past? ...of course you can!"
Summer, 1921...They're even wearing similar outfits! Partying with "all the best people".
Partying 20s style like it's the 4th of July
Ullman: "Four presidents, movie stars..." Wendy: "Royalty?" Ullman: "All the best people"
Leo did that in Titanic too, dining and hobnobbing with the major aristocracy, even JJ Astor.
The two Jacks (Torrance/Dawson): "Best goddamned bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for that matter." :)
A mix of Jack(s) and Daniels (Drink, Torrance, Dawson, Teddy and Danny). King (author, royalty) and Monarch (twins)

"Wait till they get a load of me..."
Tim 'Monarch' Burton's Batman. While originally named after the Monarch Playing Card Co - a name of the factory which contributed to Joker's birth in 1951 (tarot 0 fool/card), and used to contribute to the nature of Batman/Joker being mirror images of each other for the film (twinning/mirror images). The theatre became a prominent part of Batman's origin mythos for the comics and games. The Colour/Color Purple (mind control) and Batman/Batty-man 'gay boning'. Skull and Bones (Bonesmen/Boners) is an aspect of the Batman mythos, Wayne's ancestor founded the Yale fraternity (of Germanic origin), according to the 60s TV series! 
We covered musician Purple Prince and his links to the butterfly (see actual monarch shown above, from New Girl) in a recent post. Recall the subliminal incest/sodomy aspects that relate to monarch Joker Jack and (son) Danny in The (Monarch) Shining. Monarch Burton and Kubrick. Note, Nicholson is (in reality) a product of incest, his sister was actually his mother.

John "Buttman/Batty-man" Stagliano - probably a 'sodomite Polish Jew" under the guise of an Italian American.

It's long been thought that "camp" Batman (60s TV series) 'Joker' - Cesar Romero, was a sodomite. 
Yes, very suggestive. It's also been alleged that he used to hold "scat" (shit play) parties with certain celebrity friends. 
Battyman Joker Nicholson, choppered the "scat (shit) man" in The Shining.

Talking of the 'chocolate factory' - Nancy's boy (Depp) and Langenkamp or Langen-camp?
A Nightmare On (Butterfly) Elm St
Heather 'Nightmare/Child Molesting Freddy/Butterfly' Langenkamp
Nancy aka Langenkamp in 2012 release The Butterfly Room - child sexual abuse is an aspect! The film also features Twin 'incestuous child rapist father' Peaks' - Ray Wise. A few icons from horror film franchises (including Halloween/Fri 13th) also star.

Scissor Sisters aka Lesbians...with Nancy's boy Depp:
Burton/Depp and Edward 'Monarch' Hands. It also featured Vincent 'huge gay queen' Price in his last major film role. Burton seemed over enamoured with Price, perhaps Burton was one of Price's young lovers? (see shot below, Burton's Vincent, 1982). Monarch butterfly Michael Jackson was also connected to Price. Burton worked on the Lord of the Rings (animated film), The Muppet Movie and (gay) Pee Wee Herman output. Burton worked as an animator for (insidious) Disney in the early 80s. Recall Burton was married to Rothschild linked Helena Bonham Carter.
Vincent Price would feature in the Batman mythos by playing Egghead in the 60s TV series. Monarch linked Jack 'Batman' Nicholson would feature with Batman Price in The Raven. Battyman Burton would also make Dahl's James and the Giant (ass) Peach, which I believe to be crypto-sodomy based. I find Battyman Burton and his output to be degenerate, he clearly is more fascinated with DEATH, than he is with LIFE...which is true of so much US media output, death-centric etc. This film would ultimately launch Depp into the bigger film leagues. Depp likely serviced Burton for this role (fresh from 21 Jump Street), we know that's how the system operates, there are no more excuses.

Edward "Monarch" Hands: "An elderly woman tells her granddaughter a bedtime story of where snow (SKI Monarch, see below) comes from, by telling her the story of a young man named Edward (invented by Price) who has scissors for hands." Topiary - is a major feature of both Edward 'Monarch' Hands and The 'Monarch' Shining.
Jack "incest/child sex/gay Playgirl" Nicholson - Mr Monarch
The Twinned Purple Battyman 'Monarch' Joker
The Shining Monarch & Joker Nicholson...hearing voices and chasing after butterflies:
Monarch project and the butterfly. We also get a mirror (split/programming) and 'eagle' reference (nazi symbol), segued with the 'German eagle' Adler typewriter. It's the same mirror that we see (later) when (abused/sodomised) Danny is 'disassociating' with the lipstick and knife. Not so much QWERTY (typing pad), but QWEERTY (queer/gay). Christopher Latham Sholes invented the first practical typewriter and the 'qwerty' key layout, the first letter they successfully typed was 'W' (23).

Recall that Monarch Burton would breakthrough with Beetlejuice in the late 80s.
The Yellow (Nazi VW) Beetle pushing the shining sun and on the way to the monarch/twin hotel.
The Shining brain beetles and TV/Mass Media/Mass(a) (Inter)media. Jack, TV and inside the bug.

The thalamus (brain, bug/beetle shaped) and joined via massa intermedia (manipulated via mass media).
Brain/memory (mind control) erasure via Lacuna (meaning a missing link/gap). Note, I've not even seen this film! Meet or Meat Me In Montauk? Sexually related mind control programming? The VW badge has sexual resonance in it's design.

Montauk Monarchs?
Mind Control...Lacuna, New York, Long Island and Montauk.

Elite (mind control based) author/programmer 'Ira Levin', gets a look-in via Montauk. His (gay resonant) Death Trap, has Michael Caine's character living in (Hamptons) Montauk.
Levin wrote Boys From Brazil, Rosemary's Baby, The Stepford (Connecticut) Wives and ('global mind control' resonant) This Perfect Day.

It's US, mind control central. Look how this ALL inter-relates and overlaps!
There's Bridgeport, top left (Nazi Contact/A Connecticut Yankee etc), and New Haven, where Yale's (Nazi) Skull and Bones fraternity resides. I even wonder if the Shutter Island film's 'fire' theme, relates to the nearby Fire Island (bottom left). Is nearby Greenport, a potential subliminal link to Dr Green aka (Nazi) Dr Josef Mengele? I think some of the "alien schtick" around Montauk is cover for some of the nefarious sodomite activities.

Shutter Island or Cape Fear? Even Max Cady had sig rune tattoos, with degenerate abuse his forte.
Shutter Island, Connecticut, Plum Island, Montauk and Lighthouses.
Montauk House minus the lighthouse. 
This 'Eternal Sunshine' house disintegrates in the film, echoing DiCaprio's disintegrating home in Shutter Island. DiCaprio starred in (masonic) Boyle's film, The Beach.
He played The Man in the 'Iron' (poof) Mask, where he looked like a girl and alongside Jeremy 'Die Gay Hard 3' Irons, yes what a surprise, not! Twinned (a la monarchs, geddit!) King Louis Leo and his 'Queen' (gay). Titanic travelling Jack, "She's made of iron, Sir" (Titanic) said Thomas to 'uber-camp' (gay) Bruce Ismay!

Koh Phi Phi...meaning 'Island' and through a 'Shutter' (camera lens/photo).
It's all gone Montauk! Parallel Universe(s) and Time-Travel. Not just any old Island, but a Thai one!
Thai/Tie Island and via the Shutter...literally! The Beach - Shutter Island - The Beach.

Boom, boom! Both Island's (in each film) are also considered to be 'forbidden' and their existence is carefully guarded.

DiCaprio and Long Island
The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town of West Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. The story primarily concerns the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. DiCaprio played "The Great Gatsby" in the 2013 film. In 1929, Nick Carraway, a World War I veteran, is receiving treatment for alcoholism at a psychiatric hospital. In the summer of 1922, Nick rents a small house in the North Shore village of West Egg, next to the mansion of Gatsby, a mysterious business magnate who often holds extravagant parties. DiCaprio is literally a 'Gatsby', a 0.0000001% type, that's in reality, he is nouveau aristocracy.

Some of this stuff even connects to Howard Hughes/William Randolph 'Rosebud' Hurst, who DiCaprio channelled in Scorcese's (version of Citizen 'rosebud' Kane) The Aviator. DiCaprio resonates with both of these mogul/magnate types through these films.DiCaprio also played 'tranny/deviant' FBI head, J Edgar Hoover too!

The Wolf of Wall St. and the 'rosebud cocaine ass'.
Featured with 'get Greek him style' Jonah upHill aka Az(z)of. Also with Jon 'Swinger/Iron 'poof' Man' Favreau and Rob 'gay resonant/spinal tapping/Stand Behind Me' Reiner!

Beacon Towers! Leo's (Gatsby) place, a lighthouse is a literal 'beacon tower'.

Jay Daniels or Teddy Gatsby @ the Beacon Lighthouse Tower

Or is it with Richard, Jay or Teddy via The Beach? (Boyle's film)
All 3 films are beachside oriented, if only Titanic had one at the climax, Jack might still be alive! The (Boyle) Beach Island that slowly turns DiCaprio (Richard) mentally unstable, including hallucinations and fantasy/reality confusion, just like Shutter (Beach) Island. It's all rather 'group mind control' resonant on that Thai (Manchuria-like) Island and with 'cult leader' Sal (Swinton). The Beach also depicts shark attacks (a la Jaws), including fatal ones. A boat accident did endanger the lives of several crew members, during filming, including director Danny Boyle and Leonardo 'Titanic victim' DiCaprio. No one was seriously hurt.

Jaws: "Well, this is not a boat accident...!"
This whole (Long Island) geographical area (Montauk etc) heavily connects to Spielberg's career, from Jaws (Frank Mundus) to Close Encounters (Jacques Vallee).
Jaws author Benchley, was apparently inspired by the 1964 news story of Mundus, catching a Great White off the shore of Montauk Point, Long Island, New York. Jaws was a landmark both culturally and in corporate film-making. It would lose out to (psychiatric/mind control based) One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (lead Nicholson won best actor) for the 1976 Best Picture Oscar. Nearby Connecticut, was also referenced that year, with the release of The Stepford Wives.

Benchley, set the Amity town on Long Island (Hamptons area), but Spielberg used Martha's Vineyard for the film, his Amity was also an 'Island' (fictionally located in New England). Amity, Long Island (NY) and small Island 'mixing' (wink, wink). Jaws' Ben Gardner (another avatar for Mundus/Quint) played by Craig Kingsbury, might relate to Gardiners Island (same geographical location), it sits between the two forks of the Montauk/Plum Island peninsula.

"A portable shower or a monkey cage? Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies..."

Matt 'DiCaprio' Hooper. It was 'allegedly' in South Africa, not off Montauk or Martha's Vineyard! :)

A Hoop-er, screwing around, gas tanks, a little brown eel (brown snake), in and out of the hole/cave!
Hooper did pull the '007 plate' out of the shark's colon..."end of the...barrel my ass!"
Rocking via the seat/chair.
Quint/Shaw was in the original color-coded Pelham 123, and with Hitch-cock's (anal) Psycho Balsam.
Hitches and knots, like the Psycho referencing Willis scene with the linked 'honda loop/hoop'.
Hooper, screwing around, a brown snake (the ol' in-out, in-out) 'in and out' of the cave and hole(s). Hooper/Dreyfuss did narrate in 'spinal ass tapping' Reiner's 'purple ass larding' Stand By Me. It's alleged that Dreyfuss is either homosexual or bisexual.

Jaws, Quint: "One time, I caught a 16-footer off Montauk."
Gardiners Island even vaguely resembles the shape of a large shark (from above), at least imo.
George 'Star Wars' Lucas may also link to this (Montauk concept), see Preston 'Montauk' Nichols.

Making 'programmed serial killing monsters' on Nazi Shutter (Plum/Montauk) Island, at this rate we'll segue into 'bodies on the beach' with Jaws (a serial killing monster machine) and the Long Island Serial killing monster (Craiglist Ripper, still unsolved)...wink, wink.  Many will have seen the images of the 'Montauk Monster', imo it's likely a related 'media' elite/programming based in-joke, echoing the programme. It's the authorities who might potentially be making real human 'Montauk Monsters' (see video below).

Spielberg's war comedy, 1941. Murray Hamilton and Lorraine Gary (Gary, ass) from Jaws would also feature. Iron Cross, Christopher Lee, we recently connected him to 'occult mind control programming' via To The Devil A Daughter and The Devil Rides Out (based on Dennis 'Crowley' Wheatley's books). Lee also featured in Burton's heavy sodomite resonant 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', based on Roald 'Military Intel' Dahl's children's book. Jaws' Richard D Zanuck (and his company) would produce Burton's film and via Werner 'Zio-Nazi' Bros. One-eyed Willy Wanka/Wonka, salty nuts and semi-sweet. Chocolate chimney stacks, Gloop stuck in the chocolate pipe, packing fudge in the pounding room, etc. Dahl's BFG, with imagery of huge old men reaching into children's bedrooms is Spielberg's latest release. As I've mentioned in another post, Fleming, Crowley, and Dahl seem to be linked.

Lee was also in 007 Bond, The Man With The Golden Gun/Sun (solex), as Scaramanga. Lee was actually Fleming's step-cousin, they were also golfing partners. You might remember that it's Britt Ekland's ass/butt, that knocks the 'sun solex' power on via a switch. She spends time in the car 'trunk' too.

Golden Gun (Roger Moore, trying out a gun) "Also lost his trigger. It is housed in the butt. Squeeze it. The sights are a bit off. You have five fingers. The butt is balanced for the pressure of three. That is why you were one inch too low." 007 Piers Brosnon featured in Golden Eye.
Bottoms up and roger more...some of the scenes were shot in 'phonetically resonant' Phuket Bay

The man with the golden gun.
His eye may be on you or me.
Who will he bang?
We shall see. Oh yeah!
Love is required whenever he's hired,
It comes just before the kill
(Theme lyrics)

The ending even had 'junk and a trunk', the junk boat and Nick-Nack in a trunk/case. The 'hauling ass' Louisiana, (Sgt) Pepper Sheriff is always getting his badge out too, rusty or otherwise. It's highly likely that Fleming was a sodomite, the Bond opening 'barrelling/twisting' hole (likely overtly viewed as a gun barrel) with subsequent blooding, might also be very suggestive (sodomy wise), no matter how unpleasant you might find this. Barrelling the ass, literally.
3rd 007, Roger Moore (increased fucking). Is this why his 'pistol/cock' is the only one that doesn't fire?
 He literally needs to Roger Moore/More!? (3rd from right). 007 links to Dee and magick, the same type that Crowley utilised. Bond series had a Jaws, bad guy who featured twice, including Moon-raker. Rogering Moore was also very likely a homosexual.

British '007' Intelligence:
007 Jaws, Louisiana license plate from out of the shark's alimentary canal (colon/ass) via a Hoop-er! Louisiana again, like JW Pepper from Golden Gun, the films were released about 6 months apart.
It's in Spielberg and O-men Donner's - The Goonies, (Data, below), the one-eyed Willy 'booty seeking' film. Booty traps or booby traps via Willy...wink, wink?
It's clearly not sexually suggestive with its positioning and action, or anything like that! (sarcasm)

Robert 'The Goonies' Davi featured in 007 release Licence To Kill, as Bond villain Sanchez. 
The 'jail hanged' Fratelli (Davi) played FBI Special Agent Big Johnson (big penis) in Die (Tower) Hard, with 'Butch' Bruce "Pulped Ass Friction' Willis. The cock/chopper brothers, there were two 'chopper riding' agents called Johnson in Die Hard. They took over from Dwayne T 'banana ass fucked ape' Robinson (pic, above right), of Toilet Trading Places fame. Davi played Phil Heinemann (fill the heiny/buttocks man) in Predator 2, with Danny 'Color Purple' Glover. Danny 'Saw/Over The 237 Rainbow' Glover. Coincidentally (or not), Davi just happens to have been born in Ass-toria, QUEENS.

It's another Big 'cock' Johnson and another Dwayne! (a la Die Hard). Wanna Take A Big Johnson?
Not via the FBI, but the CIA, with The Rock Johnson and Kevin 'likely closet homosexual' Hart. Get 'in the ring' with a big Johnson. Is that 'banana yellow'? Note Hart's arm/gun position in relation to the Johnson groin.

Recall (gay) Thurber's 'purple gay snakes' from his Dodgeball, with 'gay' nipple clamp/donut ass eating.
"Grab life by the ball(s) and take(s) a big johnson"

Taste the 'gay uni-horn rainbow' via a Big (Rock) Johnson:

The Gay Kiss...Hart/Johnson (heart/love cock?)
A Big Johnson and Getting (Rock) Hard, not 'Dying Hard'. Cornrows or corn holes? Ferrell featured in the Austin Powers series.

Radar Operator Johnson...007 spoof Austin Powers:

 No one knows and understands this type of British 'toilet humour' more than 'Hall-o-wiener' resonant Mike 'stabber' Myers!

Shaving Ryan's Privates
Death and beaches (via Nazis) also featured in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, aka Matt 'Jason Bourne' Damon, who is originally pulled out of the sea (another programmed mind control assassin).
Shutter 'Nazi' Island
The Secret Cave and The Old Lighthouse (See Goonies promo pic, further below).
Piercing the eye, is this a code-like phrase/euphemism for sodomy?

Spiralling stairs from the opening seconds of the film (with credits). Near the close, Daniels finally gets to The Lighthouse and he ascends the 'spiralling staircase' to get to (pan sodomy resonator and programmer) Cawley.
 Daniels climbs the stairs in the 'The Red Shoes' (Oz/Dorothy) homage shot. The Red Shoes (film) may be Scorcese's favourite film, but I feel that even Hans Christian Andersen's Red Shoes story (on which that film is based) also relates to Oz (and programming). Chuck (Ruffalo) mentions Oz via Kansas during the hurricane/twister (wink-wink).
Fairy tales or (gay) fairy's tails? In Andersen''s yarn 'the red shoes' (that lead to death) are made by a demonic Shoemaker. Dancing and Oz red shoes imo smacks of crypto-sexuality, dancing being the euphemism for sex. Andersen was a homosexual and a suspected 'homosexual propagandist' (a la Oz Baum), The Ugly Duckling being one such example of a type of 'gay' transformation. 666 Disney are heavily linked with Andersen's works.
Masked Iron Man - Leo and the (iron?) staircase. Imo, this all resonates with (gay rainbow) OZ and the spiralling/twisting (ass) road with the red shoes. The lighthouse has both phallic and rectal (imagery) qualities. This scene also evokes ('twisting plug/ass' Psycho) Hitchcock and his 'eye/spiralling/tower' Vertigo film.

Dolores Chanal - Pain Channel (Ch-anal)

Dolores, literally means 'pain', the 'Ch-anal' needs no explanation. Potential crypto-sodomy? Lolita (child sex resonant) is a colloquial form of Dolores. Rachel Solando/Dolores Chanal 'anagram' leads to (Dr) Rachel Solando (who in one aspect) is the 'eye piercing' cave woman (from the video above).

It's Cawley that has the 'resonant' Pan (baphomet) statue in his (nazi) Island office, shown when Daniels breaks down.

Which all leads to his programmed head...where the 'actual' experiments are really taking place.

Young Leo advertising his services to the Hollywood 'paedo moguls', 666 and the eye (asshole).
I've also noted his pairing/friendship with Jonah 'Get Him Greek Style' (up)Hill.
Leopard cat programming, Spinal Rap/Tap, Calvin 'gay' Klein..."That I'm gay" Yup! (see above right)
All these types of shots of Leo are Gay with a capital G. He's not really marketing himself for fans or women, but for the Hollywood sodomy set! His opening gambit of "That I'm gay" is a likely an overt confirmation of this fact, why lead with the 'gay rumour' and with 'uber gay' resonant photo shots?

It was The Face magazine that launched Kate 'Depp/Lolita' Moss and when she was a very young teen.
She was certainly no older than 15 (imo) and the shot below is topless. More mainstream 'paedo-chic'.
Moss re: topless shot as a child was told: "If you don’t do it, then we’re not going to book you again." Lolita shots and grunge heroin chic...yeah that all sounds very healthy and worth promoting! Gay fashion designers and their photographers promote sodomy and paedophilia as a virtue.

Basketball Diaries, dialogue could read in various ways, considering the approach we're taking.
Dunking in the ring/hoop. The Basket-ball coach (played by Bruno Kirby, who links to De Niro) is a paedophile, who tries to illicit sex from Jim (DiCaprio). Jim has a fantasy where he is seen killing his classmates with a shotgun with bloody results. All the former resonates aspects of mind control programming. DiCaprio and Basketball Diaries co-star Wahlberg, are close, apparently DiCaprio was originally offered the Dirk Diggler role. Wahlberg turned down Broke-Back Mounting (Mountain) job. I've noted (very recently) that there is a drive to associate Leo with as many women as possible (boats and models), it is OBVIOUS that he is GAY, hence the desperate 'try hard' media aspects!

Chasing 'Shutter Island' Butterflies (Monarch)
What about Boogie 'donut/Ring-O' Nights and the 'paedo/monarch-butterfly' link?
Oh yes, the 'paedo' Colonel (military!) played by Bob Ridgely, who also featured in (gay) Beverly Hills Cop 2. The Colonel linked to the 'drugged' underage porno performer/sex slave (Lil' Cinderella), what is she 11, 12 or 13? Hollywood film and Hollywood valley porn, is there a difference. No, it's the same (Zionist-masonic) corporate linked types and personnel involved in both! Where do you think all the failed actresses go? I recently said that Anderson's film was (on one level) a giant form of 'white-wash' for the pornography industry, an industry that happily destroys people and family well being! It had sodomy promoters Nina 'Jewish' Hartley (in a role) and Jewish Ron 'OSS/CIA' Jeremy, who acted as a consultant. Andersen is a filthy Zionist owned sodomite propagandist, nothing more.

Where the sodomite gay rainbow ends...
Sodomy lock/key. 666 & The Sun, kiss a (light) bulb, taste the gay rainbow (51st State)
666 'brown twisting' ass Park(ing) Avenue via a 'Lost 666 Locke' (O'Quinn) and SUN-day, geddit!?
The kabbalistic '666' is also regarded as being the magick square number of the sun.
The Sun. Opening up for 'orange fruit' Pump(k)in Ring-O. It is butt-fucked Wallace's case, after all.
It's Goodfella 'Stacks-ing like pan-cakes with Pump(k)in Ring-O' aka Samuel L. He played 'Jimmy Gator/GAY-tor' in Anderson's (hustlin') HARD Eight (originally titled Sydney, as in the gay Oz capital). Jimmy GAY-tor was also a character in his Fagnolia, played by late Baker Hall (who played Sydney in Hard Eight), his Fagnolia Gator was a 'masonic TV host/incestuous child abuser'. In Boogie 'Ring-O searching/bloody donuts' Nights, Baker Hall plays 'porn theatre magnet' Gondolli, who likes butter in his ass and lollipops in his mouth! Gator does a deal with Horner (Reynolds). To top it all off, Jack Horn-er (Reynolds) starred and made his directorial debut in Gator/Gay-tor (1976)! Come and get him. Quentin 'gay' Tarantino, was named after Quint Asper, Burt Reynolds' character in the CBS series Gunsmoke.
Randy Donut (Do-nuts) 'Ring Exiting' Iron 'Downey' Man, with one-eyed Ring-O trier, Gay-tor/Jackson!
Recall 'big gay fix' shooting/LGBT resonant 'rainbow' Orlando, with accompanying Gay-tor and 'drag(s) child'.
Not forgetting this that followed: Dr Lube (ha, ha), Dr Cheat-ham (cheat 'em), Dr Hav(r)on (have on, trick/deceive). The first injury victim Angel Colon (colon, sphincter), he was treated by Dr Lube, and in relation to a gay shooting, "Hey this is not a drill"! (double-entendre overkill). The biggest shooting in US history was a giant fraud/fake, it never happened, it was an MSM production and one using 'sell-out' actors and nefarious elements of MSM, especially news media. The event was fomented to generate more 'mass sympathy' for LGBT and to pressure gun reform (as per).

What are the chances? Robert (Iron 'donut' Man) Downey Jr's father, featured in Anderson's Boogie 'Donut/Ring-O' Nights and 'cock respecting' Fagnolia!

Boogie Nights' Anderson, had 'Top gay Gun' Cruise, cruising and respecting the COCK in Fag-nolia. Horny Jack Horner, didn't he witness the sodomy of Ned 'Deliverance' Beatty? Ned aka O-tis from Super-O-men Donner. Burt Reynolds always had that '70s cliche' moustachioed 'stereo-typical' gay look.
Where's Ned Beatty when you need him? Burt, Mel 'Blazing (ass) Saddles' Brooks and Dom DeLuise.

Fags! This is no joke, this is 4th wall. Feldman as a 'cock-pit pilot', Brooks as a 'sailor'.
Carl Reiner was one of Mel Brooks' best friends. He is the father of Spinal "ass" Tapping, Rob.

Orange Agents. Gay Reynolds and Gay Dom DeLuise (both in the shower scene, above). Driving their Cannons and Balls up the Run (Cannonball Run). Driving their Ram Tradesman (ram the tradesman's entrance, slang - ass) Ambulance. With 007 Roger-ing Mo(o)re, chopper riding Fonda and Farah 'tapping' Fawcett.
Burt 'Hoop-er/Ring' Reynolds and the '666' sodomy code (gesture). Hoop-er and the climax spent (chimney) cock! Directed by Smoked Ass Bandit, Hal 'Cannon Ball Run/Stroker Ace' Need-ham.
Hooper - Co-starred with Air (chopper) Wolf, Jan-Michael Vincent, it featured Adam 'Gay Batty-man' West.
Produced by a Moon-jean and screenplay by Thomas Rickman (Dickman), all via Werner 'sodomite' Bros. Reynolds and Sally Field would both consecutively star together in Smokey and the (ass) Bandit (1977), and 1978 releases - The End (penis) and Hooper (ring/hoop), which we saw earlier, they all seem symbolically related.

Neil Patrick Harris, after appearing alongside Burt Reynolds on B.L. Stryker:
“As a joke at the end of one take, Burt leans over and kisses you square on the mouth,” he wrote.
“The crew thinks this is very funny, but it makes you uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and, it will ultimately turn out, gay. Burt Reynolds’ kiss makes you gay.”

Tarantino's mother allowed him to see movies with adult content (at around 8/9 yrs old), such as Carnal Knowledge (1971) and (sodomy heavy) Deliverance (1972). At 14 years old, Tarantino wrote one of his earliest works, a (barely veiled sodomy referencing) script called Captain Peachfuzz and the Anchovy Bandit, where a thief steals pizzas from a pizzeria. It was based on Hal Needham's 1977 (stealth gay programming) film Smokey and the Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds.  Smokey and the Ass Bandit, Capt Peach 'Ass' Fuzz, looking for a pizza ass? Gay Tarantino was seemingly enamoured with Burt 'gay' Reynolds and all when he was still a CHILD, he was named after him, ffs!

Looking for a pizza ass?
Gay resonant Reynolds, did B.L. Stryker with Tom 'homosexual' Selleck. There cannot be anyone alive who thinks Selleck is straight, surely? Private 'dicking' via the I-eye, with Higgins and a 'chopper' (flown by a Roger). Orson "Rosebud" Welles was the voice of Masters. Rosebud featured in an episode.
Gay-tor Burt, 'The Smoked (Tail) Ass Bandit' via Trans Am/Am Trans and the 'back doors'
There's a 'dogging hound' too!  We already did the vehicle related 'Rusty Brown's Ring', Grand Theft Auto! :) Forget the (short-lived) CB slang, it acted as a great excuse to propagandise about sodomy!
This film was a huge success, 2nd only to Star Wars on the box office lists for 1977. Orange Agent Reynold's 'bandit film' had Orange Blossom Special on its soundtrack.
Dick Feller: 'music' The (Ass) Bandit - Dick - Fella/Fellow. Dick Feller to U R Mr Gay (literally).
His only film credit, likely chosen solely due to his 'real' name.
 "I’ve got Preparation H in my rear and Smokey The Bear in my back door."
Austin 'Ring-O/Donut Gay-ne' Powers via Osiris' Golden Penis Member
I bet he did!
Dogging with Burt's back doors! "Cause the Snowman is comin' through. Hold on to your ass, Fred."
The Snowman for a frosty back door bandit finish.
They're talking about his ass ring!

Gleason's phrase. A bonus 'on the rear end' for the kids! Bum, English slang meaning 'ass/bottom'.
Gaylording 'ass banditry' - sequel: Gleason as a GAY-LORD. Jackie - "To the moon, Alice" - Gleason, (gay) Honey-mooner.

Sally 'trans ass bandit' Field - "Dogging the back doors and pounding Ring-O"

Not via 'Fagnolia/Magnolia' - but 'Steel Magnolias'! I just found this and put it together 'off the cuff'. Field was also in (Ring-O pounding) 'Say It Isn't So' with 'Donut Graham' (from earlier).
Beaver/O-reg(i)on, RING-O Cat/Pussy, Incest, Sex Offenders, Pounding her RINGO (literally)! In Say It Isn't So - Field was based in Shelbyville, in Steel Magnolias, her daughter (Roberts) is called Shelby!

(above) Fred the dog and the trans-bandit back door.
Steel Magnolias - DOGGING the BACK DOOR with Sally 'ass dogging bandit' Field:

Dogging the (oh, shit) back door - Ouiser outside (doggy-styling the pooch)
Ring-O pounding via Shelbyville - this is 'back door pounding'  to 'hammered shit' via Shelby
Dog aka 'Rhett' (as in Butler, Gone With The Wind) - Field and Roberts: "Back Door"

Field - 'back doors' x2. Followed by incessant and prolonged pounding/hammering on the door
Until it eventually gets opened - to finally:
'Ass dogging bandit/ring-O pounding' Field, back door dogging, pounding and hammered shit!
To "picking a bone" dialogue and "Listen, I have just come..."  (a crypto-sodomy scene example!)
Daryl Hannah played a character called 'Annelle', which has 'sodomite' (anal) phonetic qualities. 'Greek mounting' resonance from Olympia (Dukakis). Sally 'ass bandit' Field would famously play 'Sybil', the Greek 'sybils' directly relate to Delphi (oracle, the snake fissure hole - which on one level is seemingly a sodomy euphemism). Directed by Herbert Ross, who imo was a barely veiled homosexual.
Of course, it's not just anyone who answers the 'hammered shit' door, it's Top Gay Gun's - Tom 'Viper snake' Skerritt. Steel Magnolias, he played Drum (Drummond), the husband of (Ring-O related) 'ass bandit' Field! Skerritt appropriately followed his Top Gun role by featuring in SpaceCamp. He had a cameo in Mark 'Boogie Nights' Wahlberg's Ted.

Drumming and Ring-O
Recall Jackson (the Randy Donut ring - exit man) and the earlier 'pump(k)in RING-O' stuff with Tarantino etc and Boogie 'bloody ring-O donuts' Nights?

Randy 'Ring-O' Ringers - Jackson and Wahlberg featured together in 'The Other Guys' with (fag) Ferrell. Gay-tor Jackson meets Gay-tor Ferrel. Paul 'Donut/Ring-O' Anderson aka the Gay-tor man.
Looks like Digg(l)er Wahlberg's got a taste for the 'Randy Donut Hole' too, what a surprise, not!
The Road is Open...
Cock Tales (Tails), which is exactly what Anderson's 'porn' Boogie 'Reynolds' Nights is!

Boogying in the O-Ring/Ring-O, via a 'star part' and a giant cock...
Mark 'Basket-ball (Hoop/Ring dunkin) Diaries' Wahlberg. Dirk/Dirt Digg(l)er, another sodomite avatar!

Cum inside us...says the bloody donut - iron man.

The Ring-O Star(r)
A Ring-O/Star - LITERALLY! Where the fuck is Ring-O? It's OK Dirk/Wahlberg, we've found him!
As a result of its enormous influence on the elite, the OTO has inaugurated and cemented the transformation of the masses -- working in Hollywood, the corporate business world and within the US government
 -- spreading the "energy of Satan" across the planet, in the words of 'Frater Aussik 400' 
(Kenneth 'Crowley' Grant), outer head of the OTO.

The 'phallic' OTO Bea(s)tles, anyone? OZ Sgt Pooper (Crowley), Epstein was gay. Get Back/Fixing A-Hole(s), Come Together (wink, wink). Dick Starkey - drumming on the O-Ring/Ring-O Starr via the 007 Bach/Back, his wife! Is this why (7/7) Ring-O did the 'Thomas The Tank' (tunnelling train) narration, Tommy Tank aka 'wank' (penis).

Brand-O is also on the cover, OTO sodomite Crowley and the 'Temple/Templar' back-doors. Penis flower, the OTO symbol (with eye) aka morphed (Ring-O) drum could be the symbolic asshole. The oTo acronym is already a symbolic form of penis and balls. Crowley literally channelled Aiwass (eyew-ass) for the OTO bible - The Book of Law, an event that connected to the 'scarab' 666 Stele of Revealing (Revelation).

The underground (cavern) dwelling DUNG Beatles/Beetles - Sgt Khepera (scarab). The beetle that rolls dung and deposits its eggs (evoking sperm/fertilisation etc) literally into the SHIT. Understand that I appreciate both the potential 'symbolic' qualities of 'life giving' dung - it makes great plant fertiliser etc, and also the symbolic 'parthenogenetic' overlaps. In one aspect this example could also potentially be read as yet another 'type of euphemism/encode' for sodomite activity.
Sgt Pooper/Khepera/Pepper - the LP cover is literally the Beatles around a (filled in) brown dirt hole.
Ring-O and his (purple resonant) 'sacrificial' Ring - Help!
Ring-O, rings (via cults), purple and (burrowing dung) Beatles via Help and Dick 'Get Back' Lester.
Sellers linked Lester - who was involved in the Superman films and linking with O-men Donner. Cult leader Clang - Leo '666 O-men/Bugenhagen' McKern (aka Rump-pole) featured in Help! McKern was also a multiple 'Number 2' (aka shit) in The Prisoner series, no one played #2 more than Leo! Help! also featured 'salty nuts' Roy 'Willy Wonka & the (purple) Chocolate Factory' Kinnear.
Purple ring Ring-O. It was the Help! LP cover that contained the (encoded) Crowleyian OTO/AA elemental grade signs! Bear in mind, it was rivals Mick Jagger and the other Rolling Stones who were originally earmarked for the Clockwork Orange (film). Jagger as Alex and the others as the Droogs, ultimately it didn't materialise due to the Stones' heavy schedule etc.

Boogie Nights
"I see this thing, a sign, I see this name in bright blue neon lights with a purple outline." Blue (blue movies) and purple (gay).
Dirt Digger/Dirk Diggler: "You want to fuck with Raphael and Ring-O, that's your business."
We mentioned the 'bogomil/bougre/bugger/bogeyman/boogie' word aspects earlier, it may have relevance.

Ringo, Yoko, The Beatles and Apple Corps (label). Apple in Japanese is 'Ringo', Lennon was married to aristocratic 'Jap' Yoko Ono. 'Apple bottom' is a well known term, so don't rule this out entirely.
The corporate giant 'rainbow' Apple via Eden. Steve Jobs - in the film he was played by F-assbender.
Via the 'eye' (asshole) - McKellen wanted to 'gay-marry' F-assbender, yeah what a surprise!
Assbender's Jobs is also a potential 'shit' reference - big jobs/jobbies (English/Scottish slang, turds/shit).
A John(son) and a Ring-O via Apple (Ringo). There's even a Syrian (sirius) flavour via Jobs.
Sounds like Woz is sick of being the 'receiver/pillow biter' and now wants the reach around!
I've not even seen Masonic Boyle's film. Boyle channelled Crowley via the London Olympics!
Masonic Wozniak links to 'rainbow Oz', he's called the Wizard of Woz (rainbow iWoz wizard, see below)
A 666 'Big Jobs' ticket to ride - the first Apple (Ringo) computer had a kabbalistic $666.66 price ticket.  Apple (Ringo) II, Jobs, Woz and a 'number 2' (shit). 
i-Woz (Apple), Ai-wass ('winged beetle' Crowley) and I Was ('winged Apple Beatle' Macca)
666 the O-men related number and potentially linked to sodomy, as I've noted. Donner's The O-men was released 6/6/1976 and the $666.66 Apple computer went on sale (following month) in July 1976! Remember this (demonic) reference from earlier...O-men and Pack(h)ard for 2016 (216 aka 6*6*6).

Where the fuck is Ring-O? "Ring-O Ass and Pussy - Lost and Found" via Heather 'donut' Graham
The following is sequential and over the space of several seconds -
Lost Ringo - 'pounding' and linked Graham x2
Where the fuck is (lost) Ring-O, Heather? He's at the goddamn fucking pound!!!

By the pool, "what do you squat?"...cock-tails (margarita) and via the (safety) O-ring.

Dicky Spring-field: "I wish that I was Jessie's girl"...I bet he does! Jesse/Jessie 'gay/homosexual'.
The 'drug heist gone wrong' scene (to which the song relates) already has Molina with a young Chinese lover (banger rent boy, firecrackers). You might even recall the 'gay resonant' scenes that Wahlberg and Hoffman (Scotty) took part in. Not forgetting Fagnolia - with Quiz Kid aka Donnie 'gay' Smith, who had a major crush on barman Brad and linking with Henry 'gay' Gibson.

Orange and Purple

Ring-O, Big Cocks and Fags (cigarette)
Pink shirted Dirk: "So here I am. Could have been me that was at RING-O's place (the asshole)...when the shit went down. I know how it is. I've been there (up the ass). We've all done bad things. We've all had those guilty feelings in our head. You want to take your brain out of your head...and wash it and make it clean (brainwashing). I'm going to help you settle this. First we're going to check for holes, see what we can find (asshole). Then we're going to get nice and wet (lube)...and you're going to spread your legs. That's good. So you know me. You know my reputation, inches is a tough load. I don't treat you gently. That's right. I'm Brock Landers. So I'm going to be nice. I'm going to ask you one more time. Where the fuck is RING-O (where's the asshole)? I am a star (starfish/asshole). I am a big, bright, shining star."

But it doesn't end there...the credits and dialogue go on, all relating to fucking the 'male' Ring-O
"That's right. I just...I just want to talk to you. Raphael (male). I know where it goes (up the ass)."
Where's Ring-O...being the final word.

I will not apologise for posting their filth, by creating/promoting this output, they're automatically 'fair game'. All these degenerates give/take it in the ass in exchange for Zionist $$$, they sell the masses out as the result. They become sodomite programme assets and are subsequently involved in mass indoctrination.

Brand-O and Tang-O
Wasn't it Brand-O, who was one of the first to sodomise (using butt-er) a woman on film, Bertolucci's  Last Tang-O In Paris?  The scene (not even in the script) was allegedly the idea of Brando. He massively fell out with Bertolucci as a result of this film. Ass bandit Brand-O, also played the lead in One-Eyed Jacks (penis) and Superman's father in O-men Donner's film. Deliverance, was released just a few months before Tango, and where Ned (Superman - Otis) Beatty took it up the ass. This makes Brando and Beatty a type of interrelated 'butt brother' team!

More like - 'Last Tang-O In Gay Paree'!

Schneider is correct of course, these people are degenerates, mass programmers who are operating to undermine morality, decency, sexual wellbeing and health. This is why they had to 'trick and deceive' you into doing the scene. She even tried to commit suicide in the following and ensuing years, she died at 58. Brand-O had suicide issues with his own family! It's been alleged that he molested his daughter.

Godfather Orange Men...

Orange Tang-O Brando heavily relates to orange(s) in these clips...even orange peel in his mouth.

Tango and oranges...

You know when you've been TANGO'D (sodomised) by a (bald) Orange (gay) Man via the Cheeks!
See how 'orange man' prominently leads with his groin (behind him). This is stealth/crypto programming. 
Tango'd via the cheeks (a la Brand-O) and gay kiss...An orange fruit man crush.
This ad was eventually banned (due to public copycat cheek slapping, no joke!) replaced with:
This is the 90s UK advert that had (former Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers footballer) Ray 'BUTCH' Wilkins doing voiceover! Butch - gay related. It was bald OTO sodomite Crowley that designed the original positioning for Chelsea's stadium/ground.

Later ads featured James 'US Chat Show' Corden, I'm sure he is another 'crypto-homosexual'.

Tang-O/Brand-O - Ass-pocalypse Now
Godfather Orange Men and (Nam, Agent Orange Sun and Choppers) Apocalypse Now - Coppola.
The 'one-eyed' bald orange/fruit sodomy gods at the end of the brown river. OTO sodomite Crowley.
The (Back) Doors (13, LP) and Crowley? 

Brand-O, who featured in Ass-pocalypse Now. Sodomy resonant Brand-O, at the end of the brown Nung/Dung river, via an impassable bridge (Do-o Long, perineum). Once crossed, we're informed that we're literally "In the asshole of the world".
With a 'Lancing 'dogging' Johnson' (lancing penis, Bottoms) who gets busy with his chopper (machete), and Color Purple - Larry 'Death Wish 2, sodomy rape' Fishburne. A speared chief and a chef who gives head, literally via the lap. Attacking choppers with the Wagnerian Ring Cycle, bombing the Village People (gay) slit eyes and 'hairy' surfing. Play-boy bunnies (rabbit dirt hole) and with choppers. It even featured (chopper-based) R Lee 'donut drilling sgt/world of shit' Ermey. All three 'rabbit dirt hole' Playboy bunnies have resonance via their names - Cynthia Wood, Colleen Camp and Linda Beatty-Carpenter (wood). That's Colleen "Die Hard with a Vengeance/ass-pipe surfing" Camp.

Orange and Purple Haze via Lancing Johnson (Bottoms) just before Color Purple Clean's death.

"A journey that begins where everything ends."
Just like Apocalypse Now with its bookend aspect using 'The End' (opening and close).

Recall Lancing Johnson (Sam Bottoms) and his brother (Joseph) who appeared in 'The Black (twisting/spiralling) Bottom Hole' - same year, 1979 - which we earlier connected to Psycho.

Sexually unsatisfied ass..."I'm Army Specialist Zack Johnson on AFVN...dedicated by the fire team at An Khage - The Rolling Stones...Satisfaction."

With brown river water surfing (and hairy surfer) Lancing Johnson (with Bottoms), via dancing Color Purple Clean, Willard, Tango/Brando (Kurtz/gary) and President Johnson. That's a lot of 'unsatisfied' Johnsons! Followed by - Psy-War-Op 'Wagner Ring Cyclers' with Lancing Johnson, choppers and bombing the 'village people'.

 Air Cav: "It traded its horses for choppers (penises) and gone tear-assing around Nam looking for the shit."
Yup - out of it's typically understood context it reads just like the sodomy act- choppers, tearing ass, and shit.

Ring cycling...via the village (gay) people - slit eyes.

Sitting on helmets (glans) and not getting your balls blown off dialogue. Helmet (glans) sitters are receivers - it's the other person who literally gets his balls blown off! "That's a roger, Big Duke. OK, we're going in. We'll come in low out of the rising sun. A mile out, we'll put on the music." (Lance Johnson) "Music?"

Their PBR boat gets dropped into the (as described) 'hairy' delta passage of the Nung/Dung River.

What about The 'back' Doors?
Back Door Man to Moon-light Drive...both sodomy resonant, with 'the butterfly' (Monarch)
Written by Willy Dixon (Dick-son). Howlin' 'trans-forming, gay moon-ass' Wolf and 777 a la sodomite Crowley!

The End (an end, the penis), The Doors, penis/snake-riders on the shit storm, back door men..."I'm a back door man, oh yeah". No wonder (military-industrial-complex based) Morrison originally sang with his BACK facing the crowd, The (Back) Doors. Jim aka Top Gay Gun Kilmer and (gay) Kyle 'bloody donut/Twin Peaks' MacLachlan, both featured in sodomite Oliver (4th July donut hole/Sun-GAY) Stone's, The Doors. The other two (Whaley and Dillon) will be queer cock jockeys too! Martin Sheen in Coppola's Ass-pocalypse Now, and Charlie 'paedo/degenerate' Sheen in (gay) Stone's Platoon. Charlie is briefly seen in Ass-pocalypse, he likes two and a half men! Mr Sheen(s), do they like shining/polishing cocks? "Charlie don't surf?", yeah whatever! Might as well throw in huge lashings of Agent Orange! Ass-pocalypse, was originally a George 'Star Gay Wars' Luc-ass vehicle. That's why 'Solo Ford' is named Col. Lucas and Kurtz is named after the Star Wars producer, Gary (another term for the ass)!

Darth 'Crowley' Vader...the veiled da'ath (tree of life) star is Sirius, the anatomical asshole. Crowley, the Oz wizard king. Vader ends up cremated (a la Crowley) in Ewok wood-based munchkin land aka Endor (end door). Yes, Kurtz and Vader are obviously Crowley avatars!

If this is random nonsense, how come Coppola wanted 'dirt tunnel digging' The Great Ass-cape's Steve McQueen (queen/queer) in the lead? Coppola also wanted to originally film the jungle scenes in (Oz) North QUEENS-land? Hell, even their failed efforts relate to the same sodomy based programme!

Executive produced by Coppola...and back into the asshole of the world!
Going down the dirty brown pipe and gouging eyes - The eye peepers.
Evil is right behind you...
Peeper in the gouged eye hole - 'peeper' a childish term for a penis, yes what a surprise - not! Peepers - penises and eyes. A chopper carrying 'batty-man' via corn(holing), eye gouging and sliding down a brown pipe.
The director of these films (Salva) is a convicted (gay) paedophile, he abused and filmed the (child) star of Clownhouse (a film with a Ringmaster). Executive produced by Roman Coppola. Salva (a protege of Francis Coppola) is still making films and working with children!
Jeepers Creepers actor - Justin 'eye gouged/brown pipe' Long (gif above) was in 'Live Free or Die Hard' with Willis, also in uber-gay (lavender) Dodgeball, and he also featured in this recent 2016 release called (gay resonant) Lavender.

The Hollywood Gay Mafia...
Oh look, 'sodomite' Brand-O just happens to be one of them! Merv 'tarot/Wheel of Fortune' Griffin. The wheel/ring of fortune, it used a word play game element from 'Hang Man' (the hanged/hung man).

'Boogie Fagnolia Nights' Anderson is another 'masonic' SODOMITE brainwasher/programmer and Wahlberg was likely his bitch. No wonder Wahlberg is linked to the Ted (paedo bears) series, no wonder Anderson visited and met with 'sodomite' Kubrick. Anderson did fill Fagnolia with large amounts of Freemasonry linked content and with gay Cruise!
Wahlberg's Dirk Diggler, was a type of John Holmes composite, Val 'Battyman/Templar/Top Gay Gun/Top Secret Anal Intruder/Back Door Man' Kilmer played Holmes in (the Boogie Nights) comparable Wonderland! Alice in Wonderland, via the brown dirt (time resonant) rabbit hole/tunnel.

"Football, it's a man's gay-me.' Dick 'O-men' Donner & Oliver Stone via Werner Bros. 

Any Given Sun-Gay, with Al 'Gay Cruising/Sirius Dog Day(s) Sex Change' Pacino
Life is a contact sport...cough, cough. A spread-eagled player in the 'ring'. Grid-Iron, the 'iron' term slang and homosexual related. Yet another '13' reference, something that constantly pops up, which you may have noticed. Wood(s) provides the support, as (phallic resonant) Mandrake: "Perfect. Fuck. Ok stay here and get... butt fucked by 12 Neanderthals. Bitch." :)
Football scenes shot at the Orange Bowl (fruits), where else!?

"The six inches in front of your face (man's penis)...Now I can't make you do it. (it's forced)
You gotta look at the guy next to you. (check him out) Look into his eye(s). (brown eye)
Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. (a willing gay partner)
You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team.That's a team, gentlemen." (take one for the team)

Stone and Donner have outdone Schumacher with their overt and heavy gayness!
This is what happens when 'Zionist masonic sodomites' collectively rule the Hollywood propaganda machine!
Oliver "JF Gay" Stone could very likely be a closeted sodomite, I suspect he is.

Willie/penis (faggy Bacon/porking) "ass fucked" O'Keefe. JFK had the queening sodomite party scenes too.

It's the faggy shower scene (100% GAY), don't drop the comes the GAY-TOR!

Like I've already stated....Hollywood led homosexuality programming and on a mass level.
(with masonic symbolism)
The Eye of Horus/Sirius...anatomically it's the 'one eyed' sphincter/asshole
Popping the brown eye (asshole)...the 'eye', the 'helmet' (bell end) and 'balls'
[Steamin' Willie is lined up behind the wrong lineman] McKenna: "Hey, unless you're gonna kiss me, get your hands off my ass." Poof 'Get Him Greek' (sodomy) Daddy was marked for Foxx's Steamin' Willie (steamin' penis) role.
They've got to get Icke groupie and conman Brand aka Aldous (to the) Greek for his cum-back tour!
Ring/Hoop dunkin' Lakers. Sodomite Poof 'Get Him Greek style' Daddy to LL Cool Gay...
LL Cool Gay, took the role that was earmarked for Ving 'Pulp (gay ass fucked, Wallace) Fiction' Rhames! Cool Gay featured with 'the sharks' (again!) in Deep Blue Sea, released the same year. Any Given Sun-Gay, would feature NFL's hall of fame players, 'faggot referencing via script' Dick But(t)-kus (dick and butt) and Warren Moon (moon, to show your ass). Onomastic/toponomic (names/places etc) type 'word game play' are key areas for 'stealth programming' by our Illuminist/MSM programmers! Jim 'Strokes' Brown(eye), also happens to feature, "I don't get strokes motherfucker, I give them" (wink, wink).
The Templar Knights, 13 & 33, the eye(s), sodomy and Templarism...the brotherhood of buggery! With Zionist Donner on-board (as per)...the obligatory 'hell, the devil and 666' are all referenced!

17th Century (C17) Pirate, Captain Kidd was said to have buried treasure at the foot of the Montauk Lighthouse site around 1699 (Gardiner's Island is also cited in respect of Kidd), at two ponds which today are called "Money Ponds."

One-Eyed Willy’s ancient pirate treasure caves are underneath the Lighthouse Lounge restaurant!
 Skull and bones (death's head, but also notably a masonic symbol too), Mountauk Kidd/Kids, a C17 pirate (one-eyed Willie, sexual overlaps) like C17 Montauk/Lighthouse Kidd.the old lighthouse, the secret caves (see Shutter Island),  It's The Goonies via Werner Bros and '666' Dicky 'Banana Split/Free - Willy/Sun-Gay' Donner & Color Purple Spielberg. Moby Dick-ing with Dick Donner (exec-producer) Free Willy, it had a child protagonist called Jesse (an English slang term for a homosexual), a Jesse (Jessie/Jessy) who rides around on a big Willy (penis).
Again, it was set in As(s)-toria, Oregon, just like 'one-eyed Willy' film The Goonies! Michael 'Reservoir Sods/Dogs' Madsen featured too!
Iron Pyrites (Pirate) aka Fool's Gold...SOTL/Lecter: Louis Friend/Iron Sulfide/Iron Pyrites
Skull n Bones flag, let's all have a 'Jolly Roger' (sexual euphemism).
There are also sexual (sodomy) overtones at work here, imo. The phallic lighthouse and (burger) meat between two buns (ass). One-eyed Willy's 'copper boning phallic key' alonsgside the buns. There's Brolin pulling one off (image above), via searching for One-Eyed Willie (a euphemism for the penis). Boys seeking (pirate) one-eyed Willie's booty (ass). Skull and bones (boning). Ass tearing Ass-toria, there is a Astoria in QUEENS, NY. and an Astoria in Oregon/Oreg(i)on.
Dick '666 O-men' Donner and Steven '666' this The Goonies '666' gesture?
Feldman is no stranger to horror, he featured in (masonic) Friday 13th Part 4

Goons, Gooning and Goon Docking - all potential slang penis (and docking) related concepts, the docks for a "hello sailor'' flavour. Chunk sucking on a (fruit) banana. Chunk is the one who gets locked in with the 'stiff' - an adult stiff. falling all over him. Gooning, (slang) prolonged sexual arousal, penis edging etc. Obviously a "goon" is also a foolish/stupid person or a thug, but the term is also penis related. Peter "Strangelove/Pink Panther/Any Old Iron" Sellers was a literal a "Goon".

The Chester (child molester) 'copper (cop a) boning key' of One-eyed Willie. Jolly "one-eyed" rogering.
It's even shaped to resemble a penis - the shaft and glans/head! Is the 'doubloon' the symbolic asshole/eye?
Yup, using the booty doubloon and eye to line up the 'rocks'...get your rocks off.
Cannon (beach) and rocks. Point Break and (gay) werewolf/vampire film Twilight were filmed here.
It's also seen in Spielberg's film 1941.

Prison slang, the film opens with the jail and the Fratelli's breakout.
Prison slang

Chester Copper-pot was the last to search (dig tunnels) for one-eyed Willie's treasure. Copper pots/pans tend to have copper-bottoms. Rum, sodomy and the lash, Jolly Rogering, skull and boning. Burying the treasure (family Jewels/genitalia) in the secret place, the latter being another potential sexual euphemism. There really are Masonic-Templar-Pirate links from historical reality, there are seemingly sodomite links too.

Even (sexually suspect) O-men Donner's The Banana Splits had a related Island segment, it was called Danger Island...wink, wink! Segment was based on HB's Jonny Quest (a questing Johnson). It had a group of (jolly rogering bum) Pirates too and 'head-hunters' (cough, cough). I suspect that even the Banana Split linked H.R. Pufnstuf (Poof and Stuff, sodomy) is related, its opening was filmed in Big Bear. It featured Jack 'Artful Dodger' Wilde, a likely (mkultra/paedo) industry victim! Danger Island featured Air Wolf/The Mechanic's Jan-Michael Vincent, another who is likely a mkultra/paedo victim.

Feldman and monarch (butterfly). Family Jewels aka 'cock and balls' via sodomite/satanist Gene 'gay Kiss' Simmons. Chopper (dog/penis) and sic balls...wink, wink. (Stand By Me).
Chopper dogging the ass (of Feldman) and with sic balls, Castle Rock (tarot/Tower), O-reg(i)on.

Purple/Lavender Scream QUEEN - Jerry 'Scream//Stand By Me' O' much?
Jerry O'Corn-hole. On my Gaydar and in terms of a 1 to 10 scale, he's a 10. 
No wonder he dated Sydney (a name with more male connotations, than female) in Wes 'Gay' Craven's Scream 2, with Children of (paedo) God Rose McGowan and Jada 'Scientology' Smith. 
River 'Children of (paedo) God' Phoenix featured with Jerry in Stand By Me. He died on Hallowe'en outside Johnny (Nancy's boy, Elm St) Depp's Viper Club. O'Connell is a literal real 'Scream QUEEN'. The original Scream film (via a Woods-boro, burrowing wood and a Cox) featured 'monarch child star/victim' Drew (Feldman/Haim linked) Barrymore. Drew is yet another name example that relates to androgyny (male/female). Stand By Me also featured Kiefer 'Lost Boys' Sutherland. Lost 'gay' Boys Haim was linked to 'Iron Man' Downey Jnr (and then partner Jessica Parker), who housed Haim when he first came to Hollywood. Haim died in 2010, and at the time was living at Oakwood Apts, near the Warner Brothers' lot in LA.

S-Cream Queens
Ryan 'mass gay programmer' Murphy...(uber gay) Glee and Scream (poof) Queens. How many 'male teen asses' did you get to plough Ryan? Spinal ass-tapping related, Jamie Lee Curtis features.

Cannon 'Goonies' beach is seen in the Twilight series, it's Twilight's Taylor 'rent boy/gay' Lautner - Lavender Scream Queen!
Servicing cock, one Hollywood mogul at a time. Raining Purple - Lavender Lautner, the Twilight werewolf transformed by the full moon/ass. Female Twilight star 'Stewart' is obviously a lesbian, She featured with lesbian Foster, Forest 'Tranny Game lover' Whitaker and Jared 'pretty gay boy' Leto, in (gay) Fincher's 'gas filled/injection' Pan-ic Room.

Director, Rob Reiner (imo) is likely to be another homosexual, it would also explain his direction/presence in Spinal (ass) Tap. Recall that Spinal Tap Shearer (aka Smalls), also voiced 'queen Burns' and OT(T)O in The Gimpsons. OTTO likes the tracks 'Iron (poof) Man' and Purple Haze/Gayze.

Lard Ass? More like larding/greasing the ass! A 'pie' eating contest that's ironically won by a Lard Ass! They had to give him an 'ass' related name (via lavender/purple) for the crypto-gay elements to work!
Lard Ass via greasy oil (castor) and eat the 'purple pie' (gay ass) and climax with a (gay purple) blueberry facial finish. It's Willy 'Gordy cock leeching' Wheaton who recounts the 'tale/tail'. 


Raining Purple/Lavender...
The Lavender Goonie boys also featured 'industry gay paedo victim' Feldman (as Mouth), the film is full of crypto-veiled and sexually suggestive homosexuality.
Mouth and the 'pearl necklace' (slang, cum) in his 'purple ensemble' (Jacket/Prince T-Shirt)
I think Feldman is a FRAUD, even with his paedo revealing details, imo he is playing some sort of game.
Sean 'Lord of The Rings' Astin: "We gotcha you now one-eyed Willy, we're coming up right behind you."
All as "ring lording" Astin places the copper boning (cop a boning) 'penis' key into Willy's hole, and "go west" (gay).
Astin's first words in the film are: "Oh, bummer." (bummer, old English slang, homosexual) and in the bedroom.
Even in the typical 'homosexual sense' some of the overt stuff is very suspect.
Chunk (Cohen), who left acting in the very early 90s is another likely homosexual.
Is this a pink (gay) cum-shot (visual euphemism)...the Mr "stiff" Chunk pink facial?
If they didn't make suspect films about young 'gooning' boys, one-eyed Willies, seeking pirate booty and passages, with huge doses of crypto-veiled sodomite imagery/dialogue, I wouldn't be writing this.
Young guys sniffing for one-eyed Willie/Willy.
Finding one-eyed Willie's "real deep" hole or passageway. Digging tunnels and caves via the one-eyed Willie.

Sean "Ring Lord, and the Gooning one-eyed Willie seeker" Astin
Dicking with 'Gooning/Banana Splitting' Donner, and his Lethal Weapon.
O-Ring and O-Men...the "666" demonic male asshole.
O-Men via a Mocking-bird and a Moby Dicking, Peck(ers).
Talking of the "demonic" - The Exorcist's father Karras (Miller), was the father of Jason "Lost Boys" Patric. Patric was compared to Jim "Back Door Man" Morrison in The Lost Boys. Father Karras (Miller) was compared to Sal "gay" Mineo.
One-eyed Willy riding via a Jesse (homo) and 'gooning' penis/boner keys - in association with "rosebud" Spielberg.
Lost "OTO" Boys - Two Coreys. A "Corey" is also a slang term for the male penis - 'morning glory' (corey/erect penis).
The female love interest was "Star" (the starfish) played by a Jamie (male resonant name).
Lost Boy, Corey "I Aint Got A Man" Haim, who places the beaver (pussy) in the closet. Frog Bros. - "frogs" the sex-change resonant creature. Spielberg's 'JurASSic PARK(ing)' had "frog DNA" causing the sex changes in the dinosaurs.

Chris "Spinal Ass Tapping" Guest, has a longterm writing partner - Eugene Levy, the Goon and Schitt's Creek man.
Chris "Big Bottom/Hell Hole" Guest, and Eugene "American Ass Pie/Goon/Shit Creek" Levy - an ideal pairing!
Curious "banana spanking monkey" George, Levy - and Spinal Tapping, Electric "Big Bottom" Banana, Guest.
Goon, Levy as Dr Glatt. Iced (hockey) stick gooning and homosexuality - there's "orange" fruit elements too.
Goon (face) and beat your fist. Goon and lick the (phallic) finger - coming soon. Hard (stick) Gooning - Gatt's Back.
Oh look, it's Seann W. "Chad's Gay World/Gooning '69' Glatt" Scott. 'Shit Creek' - Levy plays Goon Scott's father.
Stif(f)ler - "American Ass Pie", gay closet man. Goon (2011), with O-men, Schreiber, and Am. Pie/Shit Creek, Levy.

Levy's Gooning & Schitt's Ass Creek.
Sodomy and incest are fun. Jew sodomite programmer Levy played (Crowley) in "Stay (666 Channels) Tuned".

Pop-ping "shit creek" via the incestuous ass. The Rose(bud) family - with O'Hara.
Goon (sequel), and Schitt's Creek (series), are the last two current film/TV releases from "faggot" Levy.

Recall, Gooning O-Men, Lethal '911' Weapon, and Conspiracy 'mk-ultra' Theory, Donner - also produced The Lost (Gay) Boys with '911' (gay Batty-man) Schumacher. WTC/911 referencing Gremlins 2/Home Alone 2 writer, Chris Columbus (Templar resonant), did the Goonies script. Below, Iron/Templar cross imagery (Templars were accused of sodomy practices, 'iron' slang for gay). Donner's Any Given Sungay is homo/Templar resonant too, via "one eyed helmets/glans", and the "orange (fruit) bowl" etc.
The Donner's are heavily involved with the (gender bending) X-Men series with gay/rapist Singer! Plum Island.

When the Goonies find (One-eyed Willie's) treasure map in the so-called  'sexual torture device attic', some are seen playing with purple lights.
Feldman also resonates 'purple/lavender' and with (gay battyman) Prince's Purple Rain.
The Walsh's house (the main one in the film) is next-door to this 'purple' house.
 Lavender (a pale tint of purple) is/was heavily connected to homosexuality, and even before 'pink' popularly was.
Lavender boys, a lavender convention, lavender marriage etc, mauve (similar) was likewise historically.
Brolin stealing the pink bike, he has a love interest - a girl called Andy/Andie (a name more associated with males).
He also suggests that you've have to play the 'bone organ' (boner and male organ, penis) to get out of one-eyed Willy's lair.

Mr Pink and Purple Nice Guy 'Ass Sex' Eddie...the Lavender (up)Hill Mob man/men.

The Lavender (up)Hill Mob...
With Star (Gay) Wars' Obi Wan Kenobi aka Alec 'fag' Guinness, and Stanley 'hollowing the way'. Guinness, as Dutch Holland (the orange fruit man), smuggling gold via phallic (Eiffel) towers. The film was via J. Arthur Rank, a euphemism/slang for masturbation. Recall we connected Die Hard 3 to the 'Lavender Hill Mob' via the alternate ending. With Willis, Irons and Jackson.

The lavender/purple ones...Star 'Gay' Wars.
Mace Purple Windu (wind-u via the mace), Sam 'Ring-O/Donut Exit/Iron Man' L Jackson, with his sabre...via Lu-cas(s). Luke had to dump his Death Star proton torpedo (via a trench) and into exhaust/exit hole in the original Star Wars. Darth/Death/Da'ath, the sirius star (tree of life) link and the anatomical anus, the Empire striking your back. Voice of Vader Earl 'Coming To America' Jones was Kong in Dr Nazi Strangelove. Let's be fair 'sodomy' is a very strange form of love! Picken's rides the phallic 'Hi There' (homosexual linked) bomb in the nuclear climax, and to the strains of "We'll Meat (sic) Again". C(l)ockwork Orange (fruit) McDowell rides the Makkink giant penis (Cat Lady scene) in a way that echoes Pickens' phallic bomb riding climax.
Is the following book some kind of 'gay/homosexual' code manual?
"Hi There", Gay Head and a Glee Club? (Very, very suspect, but I've not read it)

"Hi there" can be taken either way, as the opening to a monologue leading to dalliance, and it was also used as a greeting for homosexual activity, at least (allegedly) for a time. In the book that Dr Strangelove was based on "Hi There" was called Lolita! Dear John was a phrase used when leaving a lover. Strange-love (sodomy), "Hi There" (homosexuality) and Dear John-son (the penis). Don't forget that Easy 'chopper/penis' Rider's Terry Southern, co-wrote Dr Strangelove.

Recent TV show 'Glee' (from sodomite Ryan Murphy) is homosexual mass propaganda on acid! They've not been changing hearts and minds FFS, they've been poisoning and brainwashing them, and with this over processed, insipid and shiny packaged homosexual-led mind control! Murphy's more recent offering 'The New Normal' series (trying to make abnormality normal!), is just as guilty in this regard. Fuck these faggots and their 'hetero-hating' propaganda pieces, this isn't about homosexual acceptance whatsoever, what they're doing is promoting homosexual dominance, as if 'sodomy' is an actual virtue, one that should be shouted from the rooftops!!!

Star 'Gay' Wars
Luke is 'Oz Dorothy' (not Leia, as shown above), he's the lead, it's his journey. Orphan/raised by his Aunt/Uncle in a farming/rural remote setting a la Oz Dorothy. 'Gay/camp droid' 3PO is the Tin 'chopper' Wood-sman, Chewy is the Lion, R2 is Toto etc. Alec 'Lavender (Up)Hill Mob' Guinness as the 'scarecrow' or that could be Han Solo, Ford does whistle an Oz tune in Working Girl. Vadar/Anakin as the Oz Wizard, he is unveiled as a Crowley avatar in the 3rd Jed-eye film, the Ewoks are the munchkins. Frank 'muppet' Oz would voice Yoda, note that the 'Rainbow Connection' song is also a big part of the Muppet mythos. Gay muppet propaganda aimed at children, likewise with Sesame Street.

Indiana 'paedophile' Jones, Lucas and Spielberg with Kasdan. (1978) 
Brainstorming session, Indy and Marion's relationship. Harris-on Ford starred in '42' aka the rainbow degree connection. Gay Cruise's Eyes Wide Shut character (Harford) was based on Ford's name.
This was still referenced in the film (note, child), but in less overt way.
Why do Lucas (and Spielberg) have these warped ideas, is it because 'paedophilic relationships' seem normal to them? Or is it a way to insert 'barely veiled' paedophile linked propaganda into the body of their work? One-eyed Willy, booty seeking 007 Data (Goonies), featured in Temple of Doom which also had another Willie, not pirate one-eye, but Indy's girl -  'Willie Scott! Shia 'monarch victim/transforming' LaBoeuf was in Crystal Skull.  River 'Children of (paedo) God' Phoenix played a young Indiana Jones.

Is Indy banging some of his students too?
Karen 'Marion' Allen was in Landis' Animal House, which also contained 'paedophilic' aspects (the Mayor's 13 year old daughter with Tom 'gay' Hulce) and instances of the '666' cipher too. See 'gay' Landis and Spielberg's record when it comes to working with children, particularly note the death of two child actors on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Plum Island, plum is a type of 'deep purple' colour.  Spielberg would direct The Color Purple, the color/colour that we heavily relate to mind control. We recently mentioned Purple 'monarch butterly/Batty-man' Prince.
By Alice 'lesbian' Walker, another 'hetero relationship hating and male hating' piece of cinematic LGBT propaganda. It featured Donner's Lethal '911' Weapon's Danny Glover, and Whoopi 'Polanski anal rape apologist' Goldberg. Oprah Winfrey who also features, is another 'poorly veiled' lesbian. The film was produced by Quincey 'Illuminati' Jones, know for his work with Michael 'Monarch/Pan' Jackson. It's a (sodomite/monarch) Werner 'Zio-Nazi' Bros film, like The Gaynies (Goonies).

Spielberg/Zemeckis 'coprophagy/shit play' obsession:

Back To The Future...shit punching/biffing.
'Biff-ing the back-end of the shit truck', turd/terd nudging etc. In front of the Zeus 'C(l)ock Tower'
Sequel: Pink surfing down the (time/ass) tunnel to 'biff-ing/punching the shit'...'the next best thing to a time machine' (Pulp Fiction). All linking to a sexually resonant magazine/almanac. Note, coprophagic Biff, shit eating.
D.Jones, Davy Jones' locker and his 'enchanted under the sea' bottom. A Zemeckis/Spielberg film.
Biff turns the Zeus C(l)ock Tower into Biff's phallic Tower in this sequel. Hiram/Osiris A-Biff.
Zemeckis' Forrest Gump (slang - take a dump) and "biffing/punching the shit" (yes, again!)
No wonder Sally 'back door - ring-o - shit hammering' Field played his mother!

Pink Cowboy 'Sex Queen' of Moon-tana. Any Seat 50c. Michael J Fox or Michael 'Gay' Fox?
Color Purple, Spielberg: Marty (Fox) gets called Calvin Klein (after the gay Jewish fashion designer) via his gay/purple underwear. Even Lorraine wears purple/lilac. The US has millions of men wearing underpants with the name of a gay man on them! Hell, and I didn't even mention the 'retro incest' aspects of these scenes with his mother!
Pink surfing in (up)Hill Valley, he did meet the Oz scarecrow when he first time travelled.
He's pictured with Elijah 'Lord of the Ring(s)' Wood in the sequel, inside the retro Cafe 80s.

Coming out of the closet...
Fox even 'wolf surfs' in Teen 'gay' Wolf. Scott (Michael J Fox) and (soon to be rebuffed female) Boof, end up alone in the closet and Scott gets rough when they begin making out, accidentally clawing Boof's back. When he returns home (after coming out of the closet), he undergoes a strange transformation and discovers he is a werewolf (gay). He is 'turned on' by the 'moon' (ass).
The beaver (vagina) mascot logo used in the film was the Oregon (O-region, ass) State Uni Beavers's logo. In The Lost Gay Boys, we see Haim place a 'stuffed beaver' in the closet, gay programming etc.

Remember 'donut queen' Graham from earlier, not with 'purple underwear' Calvin 'Fox/Marty' Klein, but Chris Klein! As a (gay) werewolf, Fox is happiest/most virile when he is dunkin' in the ring-O/hoop! The Beavers were no good until one sampled the transforming gay moon hoop. The last game they play is against the 'Drag-ons'.
He even wears '#42' aka the rainbow connection, likewise in BTTF 2 he wears a 'rainbow cap' and we see 2*3*7 (42) on the same street that he wears it, after the sun and rain (rainbows).
He cross-dresses/gender bends in the 2015 timeline, as his future daughter. Teen Wolf, released August 23, 1985, debuted at No. 2 in its opening weekend, behind Back to the Future (two in a row, see below). The Old Lighthouse (Beacon).
 He confides his gay/werewolf secret with Stiles aka 4th July, Steve 'meat donut hole plugging' Boyer, the same guy that he 'wolf surfs' with! The entire transforming werewolf phenomenon, is nothing but a euphemism for men transforming into homosexuals and/or sodomites.
Remember, it was Eric 'Orange Werewolf Fruit Brute/Pulped Ass Friction' Stoltz, that originally played 'Teen Wolf' Fox's Marty McFly role, Stoltz would also play a literal 'fly' in The Fly 2. Teen Wolf soundtrack - "Shootin' for the Moon" (hoop/moon-ass) by Amy Holland. There is an actor who features called Jay T-arses (the coach) and a character called 'Chubby' (semi-hard) and a Vice Principal called 'Rusty Thorn', directed by Rod Daniel.
Fox actually facially resembles Stoltz, when he 'werewolf' trans-forms, I think it is deliberate.
Back To The Future. Yes, the GAY programming has continued and continued and continued...hence:
You have to be GAY to get the role, full stop! This mass gay/sodomite programming is probably MAKING some men GAY! Like I said, TV/Film tells people what to think, what to wear, what to do, what to eat, etc etc etc. It can influence sexual response too (imo) and that is EXACTLY what it is doing and via mass stealth sodomite exposure and programming. What do you think the effects might be, if all folk ever see or watch, is gay men and lesbian women, and with mass crypto-veiled sodomy? All needs to be considered (including child programming) and all in-league with sodomite scripting and imagery?

Bog-danovich, Mask (1985) with Jur-ass-ic Park's Laura 'dino shit fisting' Dern and Eric 'pulped ass friction/fruit' Stoltz. Yes folks, via the town of Azusa (Azz-usa/user) no less and with (ass) 'Moon-struck' Cher aka Rusty (Stoltz's mother). A biker gang (skull and bones Turks) and with chopper riding Sam 'gay moustachioed' Elliot. Rocky/Stoltz meets blind Dern/Diana at a 'camp' where he recites about a Greek myth (going Greek) and where rainbow colors (Rocky/Diana communication) are an aspect. It has characters called Stickman and Bone. Recall that 'orange fruit' Stoltz would follow Goldblum and play Brundle in The Fly 2. The phrase like flies on shit, springs to mind

Makes you wonder about 'Jur-ASS-ic Park', doesn't it?
Opening the brown Jur-ASS-ic 'doors'. Named after the Jura 'mounting and mountains'. Jura from 'curse', the cursed Jurassic Island.
It did have Dickie 'dirt tunnel digging' Atten-borough, Mr Brighton 'gay' Rock/Cock aka (gay) Pinkie Brown by Graham 'homosexual' Greene. I've also called it Masonic Park (after the sodomite brotherhood) in the past too, via the secreted museum apron.

Brighton, a giant glass and steel pierced donut/doughnut
Gay Brighton, even the recent (2016) construction of the new viewing tower, evokes the penetrated asshole! Brighton is the 'gay capital' of the UK, even the councils and local govt are over-run with homos.

Remember the 'Rosebud' stuff from earlier (the puckered asshole) - Eyes Wide Shut/Citizen Kane?
A rosebud end-ing. It would be 'ass parking' Room 666 Spielberg - that purchased what was thought as the only remaining "Rosebud" sled. In 1982, film director Steven Spielberg bought a "Rosebud" sled for $60,500; it was one of three balsa sleds used in the closing scenes and the only one that was not burned.
After the Spielberg purchase, it was reported that retiree Arthur Bauer claimed to own another "Rosebud" sled.

Citizen Kane
The Usual (sodomite promoting) Suspects!
Pinkie Attenborough - Welcome to Jur-ASS-ic Park: "Why didn't I build in (gay/lgbt/trans resonant) Orlando? I'll keep an eye (the eye) on it. Maybe it'll swing (swinging) south like the last one. Start the tour program. Hold onto your butts." Dicky 'dirt tunnel' Attenborough (burrow) was clearly just another typical homosexual, in that all too familiar UK 'board-treading' tradition. His Gandhi (Kingsley) was in Shitter 'butterfly' Island, the sodomite doctor. Note, they all arrive at the Island via a 'chopper'.
Oh look...Pinkie/Brown 'gay Brighton' faggot - Dick 'dirt tunnel/swinging ass parking' Attenborough featured in OT(T)O Preminger's Rosebud film 1975, with O'Toole (the tool and the O). Peter "Merv Griffin rent boy" Lawford. I see Kim 'Sex in the Shitty' Cattrall in the cast list too, she was dogging via Lassie in Porky's (Phorkys/Phorcys, going greek - sea god) the sex comedy! Porky's whoring place was based over water. It's was 'Sex in the Shitty' star Sarah Jessica Parker that dated 'Iron poof Man' Downey Jnr.

The crafty 'butter-fly/monarch link' and via masonic-flavoured 'chaos theory'
Goldblum - he's literally a 'butt-er' (via ass) and a 'fly' (via Brundle).

Laura 'rainbow/Oz' Dern - Bloody Donut Lynch's Wild at Heart with Oz fairies (gays), with Nic Cage. We saw 'Over The Face/Off Rainbow' (below) with Cage only earlier.

Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the 'TURD/SHIT' Kind", the gay rainbow. Aliens or Gay-liens?
Spielberg's UFO film did have Dick (electrical lineman) 'Hooper' Dreyfuss building a phallic shaped (tarot) tower, literally mounting/mountain the devils 'phallic' tower. The shit highway to hell via a devilish tower and a kind of turd contact!
The film had 'gaylien' rainbow communication lights too.

Julie 'I Want To Be Gay' Brown - aka Candy Pink. Transformed 'blue gay-lien' Gold-b(l)um, fly/donut hole/shit man.

Donut Dirt Girls. Dump your 'dna stew' into the shit...sodomy. Jeff (Dirt 'Randy Donut Ring' Girls) Goldblum.
We already covered 'biffing the shit' in Back To The Future. This is Goldblum - like a fly on shit:

Goldblum's 'close turd encounter'. Mr Frost aka Goldblum, the (zipper) Fly's 'vomit/cum glazed ring donut man'

A 'turd encounter' of the 'close kind' and this one involves 'contact'. Laura 'shit fisting/over the gay rainbow' Dern.
JP also featured Samuel 'Ring-O/Donut Exit' L Jackson and Sam '666/O-Men' Neill.
"Ladies and gentlemen last shuttle leaving for the dock leaves in five minutes." (shit docking)
The Triceratops shit...horn and eye. Lilac (ass/dangleberries) berries, anyone? 
From (gay) The Color Purple Spielberg. Laura 'Oz' Dern. It HAD to be LILAC, right folks?
Talking of a (Jurassic) world of shit...'Jur-ass-ic World' and Vincent 'Donut/World of shit' D'Onofrio
D'Onofrio (Jurassic World), taking place in the same Jurassic Park universe/island, but 22 years later.
That now makes "The Players' Goldblum and D'Onofrio, Jur-ass-ic linked 'donut and shit' brothers.
Well, D'Onofrio did feature as Holland Dale "Pooh-Bear" Monty (poo/pooh shit) 
with Val 'Top Gay Gun/Anal Intruder' Kilmer, in The Salton Sea
It also featured R Lee 'Sgt donut drilling' Ermey from Full Metal Jacket (seen above), Luiz 'Gay Pelham/Fagnolia' Guzman and Meat 'chopper riding/Rocky tranny Horror' Loaf. The film was produced by Frank 'Shawshank shit pipe busting' Darabont. That now links 'shit world brothers' D'Onofrio and Robbins via Darabont and thru this Poo(h) Bear film. I think Mr Pooh's (D'Onofrio) nose is destroyed by cocaine, so maybe it's also suggestive of how he ingest drugs - anally.

Shit/Poo(h) Bear and (boy) Nailing the Ass...
The word "penis" is taken from the Latin word for "tail".  Sometimes women are called 'no tails' (lacking a penis). Disney animated shot on the right. ('Tail' also a slang term for the ass, as we've shown throughout already). Piglet 'for porking' and Tigger for 'tiger' (cat programming).

MTV (Empty V)
Visual metaphor...the empty 'honey pot' (well known slang, vagina). Honey-traps are a related term.
Poo(h) stuck in the (sexually resonant rogering rabbit) dirt tunnel/hole. Just like Dahl's Chocolate Fuctory - and 'Gloop' (aka a sticky substance) stuck in Willy's brown chocolate (ass) pipe. 
There's also 'poo(h)sticks' via a bridge from House at Pooh Corner. Kenny 'Danger Zone/Top Gay Gun' Log-gins wrote the song "House at Pooh Corner", which was originally recorded by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (dirt ring).

I recall watching Winnie (at the cinema) when I was a child. Even then (at 6 or 7), I thought it strange that a child's bear was named after 'SHIT'! As I've already stated, I always found Disney creepy and even at that age!

Jur-ASS-ic PARKING: Barb-asol...phonetics, Barb (hook) and the asshole. DNA stew in the shit.
Shaving cream, the thick and rich 'DNA/embryo stew' - it screw/enters via the 'bottom', and the can literally ends up in the brown mud/shit. Hell, and you wondered why the raptors were 'smart enough' (wink, wink) to open doors!
Screwing the barb-asol (asshole) via the bottom, no wonder this fat and 'obviously' gay actor is laughing!

A 6 inch retractable claw/hook/barb/penis...for your toe (hole). Toe tapper (toilet trading, gay slang).

Tyrannosaurus - Tyranno-sore-ass - Try-anal-sore-ass Rex:
Toilet trading...Jur-ASS-ic PARK-ING 'ass parking'

Spielberg's Hallmark style, insipid and treacle fuelled propaganda may fool you, but he clearly has a preoccupation/obsession with faeces, shit, turds, stools, toilets etc. Mentor Kubrick was similarly inclined.

Original film had 'gay icon' Jackson. The 'fag smoker' (Ring-O/Donut exit/Quarter pounding) butt man.
The guy who protects the perimeter fence, to stop Dinosaurs busting the electric ring. Purple Mace Wind-u, "hold on to your (faggy) butt". The action was situated on a literal 'Cursed Monster Island'.
 Gender changes in Jurassic Park. The (orangey) amber fossilised mosquito is also a type of 'fly' - mosquito literally translates as 'little fly'.

Montauk via Eternal Sunshine, Shutter Island and potentially and symbolically some others.
Geographical area (Montauk/Martha's Vineyard etc) heavily connects to Spielberg's career, see Jaws.
Even the sequel Jaws 2, featured a prominent lighthouse ,which was specifically constructed for the film.
Opposite Montauk Point Light (which is near Plum Island) is Gay Head Light? So combined, that's Gay Head, one-eyed Willie and his 'cop a boning' penis key, with phallic lighthouse, meat/buns/ass and secret caves/crevices. All with 'gooning' young As(s)toria boys via the Docks ("ooohhh, hello sailor") and seeking the booty of Willie. Goon and docking, penis docking, butt pirate overload. Like I mentioned, Goonies Donner produced (gay) Schumacher's The Lost (Gay) Boys. Why are there all these 'homosexually loaded' references filling these works (Goonies is a children's film), albeit in a stealth/cryptic manner? Jaws' Amity Mayor aka Larry Vaughan (pic above left, but obscured), played opposite James Brolin (father of Goonies Josh) in 'family serial killing based' The Amity-ville Horror (1979), with Super-O-men Donner's Lois Lane (Kidder).
The film/house was set on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Appropriately it's situated near Babylon.

Iron Pyrite or Iron Pirate?
Mont-ana or Mont-auk? Why would Lecter use Louis Friend (iron sulfide/fools gold), as Bill's codename, was it a clue? Raspail and Bill were gay lovers, 'irons' aka poofs/homosexuals (butt pirates). Why would the authorities (FBI etc) want Lecter (a serial killing machine) residing on Plum Island (wink, wink, all jokes aside and phoney offer or otherwise)?
SOTL, Nazi/Yale, Connecticut/Contact Foster, Plum/Shutter Island overlaps. What's the betting that Lecter, already knew that the US authorities (using CIA/Nazi based mind control) were behind the creation of Buffalo Bill? This is likely why Lecter mocks authority, in the way that he does. Was Bill ultimately being used/programmed for a political like hit/purpose (re: the Senator)?
We could link 'Iron Pirates' to the Nazis, iron crosses and with skull and bones overlaps, we already have the killer with the totenkopf (death's head) moth, Nazi decor and a related (nazi) Plum Is. link. An 'iron' can also relate to sodomy, slang an 'iron/poof'. Lecter: "Did he sodomise you" (which he mixes with Buffalo Bill chatter). Masonic Pirates and sailors a la 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash' (relating to bygone British sailors). Red-rum and sodomy were aspects of The Shining, the latter being veiled. Lecter intimates that Bill has (abnormal) sexual identity issues (gay/transexual), hence his skin suit made from large/voluptuous slaughtered females. Jodie 'Yale' Foster:
(Nazi) Death's Head/Skull, Sex and Death, Dali's 'In Voluptas Mors' (Voluptuous Death). Demme was a protege of Roger Corman, Corman (who featured in SOTL) would often use Nazi imagery in his B-movie output. The (germanic/nazi resonant) Skull and Bones (Russell Trust) HQ is at Yale, Connecticut.

Nazis in Connecticut...the Southbury, Connecticut, Nazi tale.
Newtown, wink, wink (location of the Sandy Hook shootings), is also relatively close by. A Sandy Hook location featured in Nolan's Batty-man: TDKR.

Newtown, Connecticut (mind control central)

Dylan, our beautiful butterfly...Connecticut, Stepford Wives, husbands and children:
Sandy Hook and the Hockley's via the color purple (mind control) and butterflies (monarch), with Over The Rainbow (Oz programming) accompaniment. This is ALL media-driven make believe a la 'purple/rainbow' Orlando!!! Put the Hockley's in a search engine and see how much 'purple' pops out! A Sandy Hook location was featured in 'Batty-boner-man' (TDKR) and even the Aurora shooter was linked to the purple/monarch Joker via the same film.

Evan Treborn (Kutcher) and his friends, Lenny and siblings Kayleigh and Tommy Miller, suffered many severe psychological traumas that frequently caused him to black out. Traumas include being coerced to take part in child pornography by Kayleigh (Amy Smart) and Tommy's father, George Miller (Eric 'Pulped Ass Friction Lancing/Marty McFly/The Fly' Stoltz). Time-travel is also an aspect of this film.
Dylan Hockley and The (purple programming) Butterfly Effect, why is he being linked (see right) to this phraseology? The original film starring (masonic/kabbalah Kutcher) contained paedophilia links! It's all just another giant (micro/macro) monarch-fest, both the film and Sandy Hook. Kutcher via Demi 'Willis' Moore, Amy Smart is another with heavy 'purple' symbolism, she is always wearing it. They're ALL monarchs in actual reality. It seems that, literally, the entire US film/TV world is made up of these types of people. I hate to think of the devastating effects that all this (mk-ultra/monarch etc) is having on the wider societal mass mind, but it obviously won't be positive or healthy (just look out your window). Your celebrities (who've done the Faustian sell-out deal) are all a part of a gigantic corporate 'sodomite/paedo-based' abuse system aka Hollywood. This is MASS SICKNESS, writ large and with billions of people drinking it up and worshipping at its altar, children included. Paying good money to facilitate, expand and cement 'mk-ultra/monarch' as a real operational force. Who'd have thunk it?

It even appeared during post-event interviews, this one with 'GAY' Anderson 'CIA/Operation Mockingbird' Cooper.
Recall CIA (Nazi/Mockingbird) Cooper, also showed a (Connecticut) resonant Owl by Grace, it's the (occult elite's) Bohemian Grove symbol. Grace is written in type that resembles a stylised form of 'grove'. 

Shutter (Nazi) Island, Ruffalo and Elijah 'Eternal Sunshine' Wood. (wood, slang penile erection).
Interesting that 'Eternal Sunshine' also featured Maniac's (split mind serial killer/mannequin) lead, Sin City serial killer and BTTF 2 debutant, Elijah 'Frodo/Ring Destroying/Paedo referencing' Wood. Wood, destroying rings, split mind serial killing maniac, and Hollywood paedophilia? Wood/Frodo had a very close relationship (film and reality) with Gamgee aka Sean 'Goonies/Gaynies' Astin, both would debut on film via Spielberg releases. The Goonies, the 'one-eyed Willie, booty/ass pirate' film, via the lighthouse and As(s)toria. Gandalf being played by sodomite McKellen, the 'ring' and (butterfly resonant) Nazi regular.

The ring gets destroyed via the usual, all is potentially sexually suggestive.

We have the Gandalf/McKellen butterflies, is this is the Frodo cocoon?
Wood (Frodo) being cocooned (via spider Shelob) in LOTR: The Return of the King (a monarch). Is his father Bilbo or Dildo Baggins?  Is his 'condom' comment a Freudian slip? The Freud's, of course, have recently been busted as a paedophilia based family (see Clement and his surviving wife, who clearly has normalised the concept!).

Not Clement, but Clementine...Wood and Eternal Sunshine of the (monarch butterfly) Spotless Mind

Winslet featured opposite Leo (Shutter Nazi Mind Control Island/Chasing Butterflies') DiCaprio in Titanic.

Mind control programming via Hollywood...
"They're really getting us with the fiction." (4th wall example, right there!)

Casey (Wood), have you ever considered that the 'alien theme' is a form of stealth cover for the (actual and real) nefarious aspects, ones that are employed via this culturally imperialist form of mass media/propaganda? What better way to terrorise the 'group mind', than using attacking aliens as the cover (like the sci-fi based predictive programming of 911). What better way to outline and describe the nefarious activities, ops and plans, that intel-ridden Hollywood performs on its personnel (who then infect wider society), by wrapping it all inside coded 'alien' schtick?

 Where do all these movies come from? They come from vast corporate propaganda organs (aka Hollywood studios) with ties to intelligence (including military intelligence, CIA Nazis/Pentagon etc). Likely overlapping with 'mystery religion/Illuminati' based bloodlines, their corporations and linked private investors. Sci-fi's Robert 'OTO adept' Heinlein is mentioned in Casey's (Wood's) 'faculty' conversation.

A controlled release? Sorry Elijah, this isn't about protecting. Certain (and likely many) senior Hollywood figures ARE (gay) paedophiles.  I don't believe that Wood was protected from any of this abuse regardless of his claims, abuse is the price of entry.

When I was growing up (decades ago), I used to think it very strange that there was NO REAL RESEARCH into TELEVISION/FILM, and its effects on the mass audience and the mass mind. It is now clear to me (and has been for some considerable time), as to the WHY?

Shutter Island? After all this decryption, I really should've called it Shitter Eye-land.

The US of GAY
(I mean the above, in the corporate media programming sense, not a slight against all decent Americans.)

 - The Hollywood Jewish, Gay, Paedo Mafia.


28th July
Remember this from the start of the post?

"I've noted the Reagan assassin 'Hinckley' and the Jodie Foster links in earlier posts. John 'assassin' Hinckley, was allegedly linked to the US Nazi Party (some claim he was a member). At his trial, mention was made of Hinckley meeting up with a Nazi ideologue. "

I just discovered in the last 24 hours, that they're releasing MK-ULTRA (criminal govt asset) John 'Taxi Driver/Reagan Shooter' Hinckley! Looks like he's going back to his main handler, that being HIS MOTHER. All very Norman Bates.

Barred from interviews? Oh yeah, just incase someone asks him about being an 'mk-uktra' mind controlled programmed patsy/assassin, they'll want to avoid those sought of questions. :)


Shout out to Russian readers! :)