Sunday, 21 June 2020

In the Mouth of (Masonic American) Madness

Am segueing the close of the previous post into this new one. I can then expand if needs be.
(Note, this should be read in conjunction with the previous 'Black Swan' posts.)

Are we already 'In the Mouth of Madness'?

"Sporadic riots continue to hit Eastern cities & reports of violence from Boston and Philadelphia are now coming in." (ITMOM, script)

 Violence and EPIDEMICS.
 "What began locally has now broken out into a global epidemic. An epidemic of monumental proportions...
- of senseless, seemingly unmotivated acts of violence. (ITMOM, script)

In the Mouth of Corona/Kobe/Floyd Psy-ops Madness.

 Love-CRAFT. (Masonry aka 'the craft', and 'witch-craft'). "Lived any good books mass media lately?"
Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness - based on H P Lovecraft and the 'Return of the (Great) Old Ones'.
The title is derived from Lovecraft's 'At the Mountains of Madness' - story contains the basis of Carpenter's The 'virus' Thing.
Film plot. It's 'horror fiction' programming - coupled with the loss of distinction between 'fantasy and reality' (ahem).
 - that precipitates the return of the Lovecraftian Old Ones (and mass breakdown). Carpenter's final apocalypse trilogy film.
It details the masses: (quote) "infected by an epidemic of violence" (led by violent youth - who then infect the elders).
 The (Big) Black Man. Gathering legions of followers, who lose global awareness, with undertones of world collapse. (sound familiar?)
Nyarlathotep - a 'Messenger of the Old Ones' (Outer Gods) - a malign deity, perhaps comparable to a Black Hermes.
Love-craft, The Dreams in the Witch House (1933) - Nyarlathotep appears as 'the Black Man' linked to witch Keziah Mason.
Lovecraftian In The Mouth of Madness (below) - societal breakdown, reality skew, and a recurring scene of police brutality. Very topical.
I Can See (graffiti). We all saw George Floyd. "Reality 'aint what it used to be." A pertinent quote from the film for these times.
Carpenter gained recognition via Assault on Precint 13. Recall any police precincts (linked to police brutality) recently assaulted?
A WHITE-HOT night of hate. Carpenter's film details police brutality on a ghetto gang (leading to a riot on a police precinct).
"Lived any good books mass media lately?" (see In The Mouth of Madness)
Gang destroys the precinct and every cop in it. Yes, that about nails it. Also reads like a current BLM/leftist rally call.
His (linked) Prince of Darkness (Devil/Satan & Blackness). Nyarlathotep, a black malign deity, an avatar of the Devil.
John Carpenter made They Live - the elite programming the population via mass media. Also Lovecraftian The 'global virus' Thing.
 Sam '666' Neill played 'The Prince of Darkness' in 'St John's apocalypse based' Omen III, year before The 'apocalypse' Thing.
Halloween III (1983) outlines nefarious TV broadcast programming aimed at youth - coupled with microchip-based full head masks.
Interestingly the first 'PC computer virus' was written in 1982, Elk Cloner. The same year as the release of The 'cloning/virus' Thing.
If someone said the following: "Apple, Mac, Windows, & replicating/cloning type virus spread - would you think that they were talking about computers? ALL are also aspects of The Thing (film): Apple II & MAC (Apple-Mac), Windows (via communication, a character), & a replicating/cloning type virus spread. First PC "in the wild" virus, Elk Cloner, was via Apple II (1982). Masonic 666 (Lucifer) Apple.
  Note that all this filth comes out of California (tech, film & msm, etc). COMMIE-FORNIA.
Technocratic/Transhumanist, masonic-satanic SCUM. 666 Apple to Eugenics/Vaccine Gates & 666 Microsoft:
The Plan-demic has seen the technocracy strengthen and concentrate their powers even further.
Oh, look. It's 'G-Male' MASONIC-JEW 666 GOOGLE. Architects of 'mass masonic mind control'.
 Oh, look. It's MASONIC-JEW FAECESBOOK. Group Think mass control has never been easier.
 Literally ALL American tech and tech firms are drenched in masonic-Jew PROPAGANDA. Do the sheep know?
This makes (masonic-Jew) mass mind control of the hypnotised sheep (who are oblivious) - a literal walk in the park.
The same sort of masonic-Jews that have programmed the masses via Zio-Hollywood, TV, News, music, etc.
Masonic Jew, Spielberg. Whose father was key in creating 'BASIC' - the PC language that built the empires of Jobs/Gates.
Carpenter putting Sam '666' Neill in his ITMOM. The same Neill who features in 666 Spielberg's Jurassic Masonic Park.
The 'virus' Thing. Lead MacReady (aka MAC) is introduced by the (cloner/virus linked) Apple II chess PC/game scene.
The Thing - Apple linked Mac (via Windows) fighting an "in the wild" virus type spread, one that replicates/clones (year 1982).
In some sense - virus/Apple-linked Mac (above) is playing Sargon x2. A bearded Sargon look-a-like playing Sargon chess.
Start: Mac (as White) defeats/stalemates the (electronic virus linked) Apple chess machine (as Black) by pouring-in whiskey and ice.
End: Mac (White) stalemates the (organic virus linked) Childs/Thing (Black) by pouring whiskey into him - to both ice freeze.
Below, the literal 'computer/virus' - a computer (based) virus image. The replicating/cloning 'Thing' virus (and spread).
Memes - a type of virus of the mind and contagiously transmitted. Meme derived from 'mimeme'. Greek, meaning 'imitated thing'.
 Dr Blair's cellular PC screen (above left). It's interesting that Brimley (Blair) is linked to a contagious meme via a (covid-linked) disease.
Anyway, Carpenter was also heavily involved in 'mass 9/11 predictive programming' via output. Covered in other posts.

Lived any good mass media lately?
"Many officers have been physically attacked...and more than three hundred eighty people...male and female, have been -
jailed in New York County. Two officers in Boston were hacked to death...amid jeering crowds in an attack last night.
What is this horrible, unexplainable madness...that is gripping our lives? What in the world is happening?" (ITMOM, script).
9/11. Carpenter's Escape From New York (with The Thing's MacReady, Russell) the most resonant.
A film concerning a locked-down Manhattan (as a giant security prison) which is rife with crime.
 Latest...New York.
Yeah, overlaps with NY's Corona situation and recent widespread criminal outbreaks. (EFNY link).
The 1%? Oh, they mean the bad guys from They Live. Kurt Russell & Carpenter have been very busy - haven't they? ;)
Drifter: "I've been hearing something on the streets the last couple of weeks. Weird stuff. Some sort of epidemic of violence
- is what they've been saying. Told me they got some sort of cult up there. End of the world kind of stuff." (They Live, script)

"No independent thought". Oh, they mean the 'group think sheep' whose reality is largely designed by elite masonic forces.
They Live: "There is a signal broadcast every second of every day, through our television sets.
 Even when the set is turned off. The brain receives the input..."
Transmission: "They are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor.
(The US economy was a debt corpse even before Corona. The masses/govt. in mass debt, no savings, industries outsourced, continued destruction of the value of human labour, etc. You recently witnessed the corporate pillaging of the 'bail-out' funds. Small business was always destined to be rinsed, many will be stalemated into oblivion overtime. Trillions have been plundered by the 1%. Many jobs won't be coming back, those that do will be augmented. The plan-demic has been perfect cover for their ongoing plans.)
Transmission cont: "We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery. Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices.
Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance.
They've made us indifferent to ourselves, to others. We're focused only on our own gain. Keep us asleep...selfish, keep us sedated."
Hong Kong, a literal 'Little China' with 'Big Trouble'. "Some people pick the damndest places to start a fight."
Another Carpenter film. Uncle Bingo, I know you know a lot of this Carpenter/Lovecraft content and stuff. It's crazy!
They give themselves away. You might recall that Zionist MSM painted the Hong Kong rioters as 'protesters' - even when they were smashing-up the city and killing people. The BLM/Antifa 'mob rioters' have been painted similarly.
Even the masonic NBA supported the protests via what unfolded in HK. The NBA are a huge aspect of these recent mass media driven psy-ops/frauds. Leftists and BLM would support the Hong Kong rioters. Even though Hong Kong youth plead for the return of their COLONIAL MASTERS. Yes, this highlights the insanity/double-mindedness of the Leftist/BLM's 'anti-colonial' thought processes.
It's called induced mass mental illness. It would be funny if it weren't so serious.
I wonder if this post has the potential to go viral?

That's right folks, and as I noted very soon after the Zio-masonic '9/11 false-flag'. The Zionist MSM news services are all owned by the Zionist Hollywood (Pedo-wood) studios. The same people who make and influence your so-called 'News' - also make all of your degenerate and so-called fictional entertainment. A conflict of interest that has never been addressed - and it likely never will be. There's likely far more 'fact' - in (so-called) fictional entertainment - than there is in so-called 'factual' shows like news/current affairs. Bank this.

 ATLANTA & the 33rd Degree (°)
The latest site for the on-going Zio-masonic, mass media driven 'psy-op(s)'. Atlanta via the (masonic) 33rd degree parallel.
 Ha, and you thought you were all "33'd out" via (masonic murder in the 3rd degree) GEORGE '33' Floyd.
 Recall all the Freemasons from the George Floyd event, etc. - there's too many to list. A lot of 'George-ing' going-on.
 So many of the same masonic fingers in all the same masonic pies. 33° Atlanta:
 33° Atlanta, Georgia. Scene of the Brooks event. Georgia, the place linked to the infamous 'guidestones'.
The father of Martin Luther King Jr MLK Sr (1900-84) – was a member of the 23rd lodge in Atlanta, Georgia.
Masonic King, who allegedly died via (masonic) Memphis, the original seat of the (masonic 'dying god' King) Osiris.
Freemason asset, Martin Luther (Osiris) King, was born on the 33° parallel via Atlanta (Georgia).
Cue '33°' Atlanta via Brooks. Lance Bottoms, the face and Mayor of 33° Atlanta:
 Major to Mayor. Major Lance (father) set up a new label, Osiris (via Memphis), with former drummer Al Jackson
Anyone for Kobe's mamba chopper? Major Lance's 7 inch via the Osiris (masonic) eye. His daughter, Lance Bottoms.
The masonic strings are showing, as per. Yawn. Might've known that he came thru via masonic entertainment.
Convicted for COCAINE possession (served 4 years) and a want-away father to another child. What a guy! Barf!
Lance Bottoms? That's what sodomite Freemasons (via the anal Osiris/Horus eye) so thoroughly enjoy - lancing bottoms.
Lance, a thrusting pole via mounting. Bottoms, the ass/buttocks (plural). Where's George 'porn star' Floyd?
Brooks/Floyd: Lance Bottoms & (w)AYNEL SEX(ton). Gay shootings via Colons treated with Lube. The US of GAY.
I wonder if there will be an attempt to make (masonic-sodom) Lance Bottoms, Biden's VP runner? Time will tell.
(Update, early July. Scrub the above. Atlanta has turned into 'shoot-up' Chicago. BLM protesters shooting kids!)

 33 Atlanta/Masonic 33 Atlantis
 “A Colombia(n) Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis… and all Challengers shall be destroyed.”
Recall we mentioned NASA/SpaceX's recent rocket launch via Gemini. The phallic ship docking with IS(i)S.
Twin astronauts launched @ 3:22 p.m. EDT, May 30. Hurley, one of the twin astronauts, was also aboard
- Atlantis' final (2011) mission (33rd, see above). This was NASA's first human launch since that 2011 mission.
It's - "we only do masonic space rituals" - 666 Masonic NASA - via Osiris and the (linked) Bennu (phoenix).
 Osiris Rex - King Osiris via the Bennu. Note, each wears the 'atef'. Launched by an ATLAS V (Atlas, Atlantean, etc.)
On 12 December 2019, NASA announced the chosen landing spot, known as Nightingale (a male night-song bird).
It is expected to return with its sample to Earth on 24 September 2023. (Note the pyramid mission patch
- and the probe's bird-like shape). If successful, OSIRIS-REx will be the first U.S. spacecraft to return samples from an asteroid.
Ha, (Osiris Rex) Bennu asteroid looks like two capstones joined at the base. (The masonic 'great work' & '3rd temple' etc.)
 The bird deity Bennu, which was probably the inspiration for the phoenix, was venerated at Heliopolis,
- where it was said to be living on the Benben stone or on the holy willow tree.
 The (primeval mound) Benben stone (also known as a pyramidion) is the top stone of the pyramid.
 The Benben is thought to have been the prototype for later obelisks and the capstones of the great pyramids were based on its design.
 33 Floyd. Above left. "Is that a pyramidal base - minus the capstone?" Above right. Is that the masonic phoenix (bennu)?
Quote: "The bird deity Bennu, which was probably the inspiration for the phoenix."
Other cities developed their own myths of the primeval mound (Benben). 33 Floyd to 33 Atlanta via Memphis:
 At Memphis, the god Tatenen (a Memphite deity), an earth god and the origin of "all things in the shape of food
- and viands, divine offers, all good things", was the personification of the primeval mound. (source)
Atlas, who supported the globe/world on his shoulders - acting as a column. 33 vertebra spinal column via Atlas.
ATLAS - the bone (vertebra) that supports the globe of the skull/head. The head/globe that contains the world.
 '33 masonic degrees' to the crown/temple of the head via the '33 vertebra' spinal column.
It was an Atlas launcher that sent OSIRIS REx on it's Bennu (33 phoenix) mission via masonic NASA.
OSIRIS REx (name) was chosen for this mission as asteroid Bennu is a threatening Earth impactor.
Perhaps they should've named it Tyrann-Osiris Rex? Osiris as the 'tyrant (green skinned) lizard/serpent king'. Ahem.
When Green Tyrant Lizard Kings Ruled The Earth:
The 'dinosaurs' getting wiped-out by asteroid/comet impact is a well-known theme - see 666 Spielberg's Jurassic Masonic Park.
Deep Impact, Spielberg. Some researchers believed that Osiris (the dying god) was wiped-out similarly. See Comyns Beaumont.
Tyrannosaurus Rex 'masonic apron' (inverted) in the museum entrance. O-saurus/O-siris. Note the masonic eye of radiance.
Tyrann-Osiris Rex (aka masonic Hiram Abiff) in the bones coffin (bottom right). Tyrann-O-saurus Rex bones (see bottom left).
Atlantis, the (prehistoric/mythological) civilisation that was destroyed by flood/swallowed by the sea. (by impact?)
It's possible that the masonic apron 'rainbow' (in one aspect) might act as a reference to the biblical flood (Genesis).
 The masonic USA is even referred to as a type of 'New Atlantis' - see (masonic 33) Bacon, etc.
It's masonic POS, Rosebud Spielberg, who was a key force behind 'Aunty Tom' (simpleton) - Oprah 'Lesbian' Winfrey.

 Masonic-Jew Cult of Lucifer...the HEX (seal) of 666 Solomon. Lodges are built in the image of Solomon's temple.
“Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”
 - Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

SICK MASONIC JEWS who formed the KKK.
Imagine being as dumb as a rock - and not understanding that Jews/Masonic Jews formed the KKK.
 Financed by (ADL) B'nai B'rith which is simply just another masonic front instigated by Jewish Freemasons.
33° Albert 'Lucifer is God' Pike was instrumental in the formation of the (masonic-Jew created) KKK.
The EXACT same sort of Jews who own/control US mass media, news services, music, US govt., US banking, etc, etc.
The exact same sort of masonic-Jews that created/financed/produced 'Roots' and '12 Years a Slave'. Ahem.
IGNORANT and PROGRAMMED Afro-Americans should be blaming Jews/Freemasons for their woes, induced or not.
Homo-Jew, Smollett, knows all about MASONIC-KKK CABLETOWS (nooses). Wink, wink.
Recall Trayvon 'masonic' Martin (via JEW, Zimmerman) and his so-called body being posed as the (masonic) Hanged Man.
Smollett, from Daniels' 'Empire' (Queer-pire). Homo Daniels who hepled cement the (fraud) Gay Pulse shooting narrative.
I wonder why LGBTQ are a main engine of (Jew Soros') BLM movement? BLM was formed by LESBIANS.
Don't forget to 'taste the (gay masonic) rainbow' via engineered racial agitation - see (masonic) Trayvon 'Skittles' Martin.
 TRAINED by Freemasonic (satanic) Jew Marxism. Oh, dear. Does she know that masonic-Jews also own deviant hip-hop?
That's BLM exposed as an extremist and insane political movement. It was never about racial justice.
When are Afro-Americans going to wake-up to their (RACIST) Jewish masters who hold their chains?
I wonder why Zionist-Jew Hollywood (Pedo-wood) has spent billions gloryfying sodomy and mass deviance? Ahem.
How about wheel-outing another millionaire/billionaire celeb to lecture the mass about how racist they are?

The Zionist Elite's M.O. for Marxist Rule By Minority....written late 2017.
 Back of the net!
Zionist Jew Soros finances BLM - and it was founded by (hetero-hating) LESBIANS, you say? Who'd have guessed?
All these simpletons who've been induced to rage - don't seem to notice that the economy is imploding.
Brainwashed in universities with Marxism - the place where they're concurrently (and ironically) rinsed by the most extreme form of  predatory capitalism via course fees/loans ($50K +). All by the same ones who are brainwashing them and on their $.
You really can't make it up. Such is the inherent sickness.

Staging Racial Hate Crimes via Masonic-Jew Mass Media:
 Homo, Jussie 'fake noose' Smollett. Very timely. Masonic-Jew theatre (US mass media) delberately sowing chaos via FAKERY.
 It's Jussie Smollett 2.0. Corporate sport getting-in on the action. This will be FRAUD too. ALL are owned.
Black NASCAR driver? He looks like mixed race to me (ala Smollett). Why only reference his black genetics?
Where is the PROOF? The security footage from the restricted area? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
NBA masonic faggots - 'cult of celebrity' fucktards allover these masonic mass media crimes. 'The mob' worship them.
 More STAGING of FAKE racial hate crimes.  The Freemason soaked George Floyd event (via NBA 33° Jackson). Kaboom!
 "(Jewish fomented) Freemasonry and (Jewish fomented) Communism are one and the same..."
 Abiff's grave above demonstrates the symbolic act of 3rd degree raising (from the darkness/coffin).
You can see the 'hoodwink/blindfold' on the candidate. Floyd's so-called murder originally cited as 3rd degree.
Widow's Son Productions proudly association with Zio-Masonic Mass Media...The Hoodwink Special:
Storyboarding (in advance) the psy-op fix to come:
FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD. A retarded child could destroy this blatant fakery. But then Americans did buy 9/11!
Maybe if (programmed by Jew mass media) Afro-Americans weren't so reactionary - they might have a clue?
Simply a Zionist mass media plant (Frazier). It was ALL staged ala (masonic Jew) 32° Zapruder.
ALL you need to know is the following: The masses are wrong about everything - and by mass media design.
 Another from the Smollett Lie Club, Sept. 2019. These things are more common than people think. (source)
NAACP co-founder, Dubois, was a freemason (probably 33°). Medgar Evers, the NAACP activist assassinated in 1963, was a 32° freemason (Scottish Rite). Thurgood Marshall, the first black member of the US Supreme Court a 33°. Affiliated to NAACP for 25 years.

And the CHAOS continues...over the (20th/21st) weekend:
 33° Atlanta - 'drive-by shooting' near the Brooks location. Wendy's, which was recently turned into a blazing inferno.
 Minneapolis Mass Shooting - early hours Sun, 21st June. Multiple shooters are being cited (multiple shell casings).
'Multiple shootings' - and from just a few days earlier. Has 'law and order' completely broken-down in Minneapolis?
That's 20 people shot in just two narrow time periods and within days of each other.
Seattle. (Update, a 3rd shooting has since occurred.)
It's going well in the police-free zone, isn't it? The brainwashed protesters preventing police from accessesing victims.

We have an almost perfect toxic mix out there. Covid, mass unemployment, psy-op driven racial tension, a collapsing economy, jails emptied (via Covid), legal system on freeze, police morale completely destroyed (due to BLM), defund the police mantras everywhere, and 'the violent mob' rampent. Crime is spiking in many, many cities. None moreso than those cities that back 'defund the police' - who'd have guessed? (sarcasm)

 In the Mouth of Madness (ending broadcast): "l'll try and continue this emergency broadcast as long as we can hold out here.
Um, the city is almost completely deserted now. There are only a few stragglers left on the streets. There are no emergency services.
Fires continue to burn out of control. This incredible epidemic of random mass killing has spread to every country in the civilized world.
Every hour, more people are becoming infected...being driven to senseless acts of extreme violence."

The Violent Marxist Mob continues to rage...
When do these programmed drones start burning their $20 bills?
I know it's 'toilet paper fiat' - but I am willing to help 'Marxist brainwashed' rioters who wish to offload them. :)
You know, help them smash the state etc.. Eh, comrade. LOL.

 Afro-American CHICAGO. Obama's old haunt. Where are Black Lives Matter?
 106 shot over one weekend?  5 dead children. Another DEMOCRAT run shit-hole ala Minneapolis, Atlanta, etc.
Barely a word about this has been aired on MSM TV News. I wonder why that might be. (sarcasm)
Where are Marxist BLM? Oh, it only applies when it's so-called white on black crime.
We know that the biggest issue is BLACK ON BLACK crime, but that doesn't fit the ongoing Marxist mind control narrative.
We're the 'devil white folk' - isn't that right? Crime by blacks on whites is exponentially higher than the reverse. FACT.
This is what can happen when literally an entire race are SOLD "gangsta thuggery as a lifestyle choice" via Zio-Masonic Jew run entertainment. Coupled with an induced racial perma-victimhood mentality via Zio-Masonic financed/produced SCHMALTZ output (see Roots, 12 Years A Slave, Oprah, anything by Spike Lee, etc.). Degenerated into a complete dysfunctional and retarded mess, etc.
A Zio-Masonic corporate music industry that has totally fetishized criminality, satanism, & hyper-sexualised youth/children.
Brides of Androgynous Baphomet. Billions spent on this. WHAT A SICK, FUCKING, MASONIC-SATANIC MESS!
"Do what thou wilt" 666 Crowley. From the '666 Horus' linked Thelemic Book of  the Law. United States of Babylon.
 Lucifer Gay-Z. Knowingly or not - SATANISM is the number 1 pastime of American citizens via mass media/tech.
Jewish owned hip-hop made this obvious - and right from the start via (Jew) Def Jam founder, 666 Rubinstein.
Who wants to see a 5 year-old (sexually) 'twerk'? A tween pull gang signs on social(ist) media? The same has happened thru Zio-Masonic Hollywood/TV and their pornography arm - beastialising the masses with rotten and sodom-based output. The Jews 'Uncle Tom'd' you into this state of affairs. I stand by every word written. You'll just have to: "pop a cap in my ass" - if you don't like it.
Generation Wigga. 666 Satanic Role Models for the 'cult of celebrity' zombified mass. Sad, isn't it?
 Don't forget that they also completely own Donald '666/Freemason' Trump. Zio-lover, Donny.
It's impossible to say which is worse - Rep or Dem. It's all the same Zionist team.
If only programmed Americans could get beyond the left/right paradigm fix, but that's never gonna happen.

Black intelligentsia went AWOL - and all while the Zionist Jews degenerated your people for decades with this filth.
 "We're victims, we're victims. We've not been brainwashed by (Zionist fomented) gangsta thuggery or ultraviolence."
 BLACK youth fragging a homeless man with a firework - and FILMED by an equally degenerated accomplice.
 I saw something like this back in the early 90s.
A Tim Westwood (hip-hop) event in Vauxhall, London. Violent black youths regularly throwing fireworks from the back of the queue -
into the front/middle of the same queue (and onto their own) - causing people to scatter and flee. Wigga Champ, Tim:
Westwood's voice: "From back in the day. We're dropping some pure fire, dub phat allegations in the house."
Multiple allegations. I discovered the above (by chance) very soon after writing the former! I'm adding this in now. (article)
 Zio-Wood Babylon (here). The same industry that supports Marxist BLM. It lectures the mass on how racist they are.
A millionaire/billionaire ridden criminal industry that brainwashes the weakminded serfs -
with masonic-satanism, fetishized ultraviolence, hyper-sexualisation, and Marxism. This is pathetic.
In other Zio/Pedo-wood news - satanist, Joel 'Pedo POS' Schumacher died - so it's not all bad news.

 More racial hate fakery! They obviously LIED about the "N-Word". The school of Jussie 'fake noose' Smollett.
 A (C)rapper from Michigan. Look who filmed his brother making the sick attack - via Zio-masonic Facebook:
 FT QUAY. Convicted PEDOPHILE (link) and criminal POS...AKA Damar-QUAY Jovan Palmer. (article)

Lived any good mass media lately?
 666 Prince of Darkness. Sam 'Masonic Park/ITMOM' Neill (via Covid) desperately squeezed into the mix. Who else, eh? :)
The Jurassic Masonic Park sequel was announced as the first major film to get back to work after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Just In...23rd June
 The before - and the after. This hasn't aged well, ahem. It's Bubba Smollett or is it Jussie Wallace? OOPS!
Thousands taking to the track to spew sanctimonious crap about faux hate? Oh, dear. Cringe.
Fake News/Fake Noose. Black LIES Matter. Anyone for NOOSECAR? Remember this?
Quote: "It's Jussie Smollett 2.0. Corporate sport getting-in on the action. This will be FRAUD too. ALL are owned.
Black NASCAR driver? He looks like mixed race to me (ala noose Smollett). Why only reference his black genetics?
Where is the PROOF? The security footage from the restricted area? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

FFS. It wasn't even a noose (a looped rope door pull), and had been there since last year. Wallace should be toast!
How much hay did this f**ker make out of this FRAUD? RACIST CNN creamed their pants over this BS.
10.1m subs? CNN are nothing but c**ts. Defund BLM-NASCAR. Fabricated racism on demand. That's what it is.
106 shootings with 5 dead children (one aged 3) in Chicago (one weekend) - and 15 FBI agents wasted on this SHIT!
Overplayed, manipulated, schmaltz emotion triumphs over logic - and everytime. What a f**king disgrace.
White America is so racist that hate crimes have to be fabricated. And CNN are happy to help. Sorry, just venting.
NBA Freemason-satanist, racial agitator, and (Bubba 'POS' Wallace) fake hate crime narrative assisting:
Who'd have guessed? Um, just about everyone. Baphomet horns too - thanks Bro. Blubber 'Freemason' Wallace.
POS Wallace and CNN still insist on calling it a 'noose' - even after exposure. Why am I not surprised?
DEFUND BLM, NASCAR, CNN, Hollywood, NFL, NBA, etc....the Zionist/masonic-Jew shit list is endless.
Oh, and fuck the English Premiership and (Freemason) F.A. too. Marxist promoting filth.

 SHAMEFUL ACT. Blog post captures CNN MOCKING and RACE-BAITING it's viewership with LIES.
 "...verbally accosted by A GROUP OF (RACIST) BLACK STREET PREACHERS who were shouting insults..."
I believe that this 'live televised' arrest (of a minority) was staged for effect and agitation purposes. CNN have form.
I saw the arrest in realtime. Arresting officer was fed the arrest order from a superior via earpiece. It's ALL BULLSHIT.
Zionist CNN are an enemy of the people of America - all of its people. A HATE CHANNEL. My disgust is immeasurable.
 Who can tell the difference? CNN = INFANTILE, RETARDED, DUMB, BASE.
Sesame Street (CTW) - another shit-house MASS MIND CONTROL platform. Keep your children away.

 Remember this?
The Corona - 'I Can't Breathe' - Multi Psy-ops and Mockery Club

 (As I mentioned in the previous 'June 6 post', see below. The virus that causes serious issues with breathing. Ahem.)
 I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. Houston (Tx) holding Floyd protest at the city hall & with 60,000 people (early June).
Corona hospitalizations in Texas have doubled the last month. In Greater Houston area, they've tripled over the last 4 weeks.
 The young. Whose entire existences have been immersed in (sick) Zionist fomented mass media - from the cradle.
They've known nothing else. A new breed. Raised on 'inadequacy lie' celeb worship, social media, & narcissism as a virtue, etc.
 The risks were already known and accepted. The elite induced racial psy-ops have clearly helped spread the virus.
Anyway, the virus is also exploding in California, Arizona, and Florida. Cities like Atlanta are also spiking.
4% of the world's population, but over 25% of all cases and deaths! It's called EPIC FAIL on the global stage.

The virus will continue to expand in the USA. Re-opening without meeting the criteria and mass Covid spreading BLM rallies (via youth) have seen to that. The latter I forewarned you about. Some authorities are not allowing testers to ask people if they've been to protests. Ahem. The US never succeeded in having an effective lockdown (for the vulnerable) or national response. The curve hasn't been flattened, period. That's not the case for most nations. Europe now looking to block US entries. The US will likely get isolated over this. A 2nd shut-down is now looking more inevitible. There's a lag with deaths so expect more to come based on what's unfolding. Many if this goes exponential. Most at risk are diabetics (millions), the obese (42%, wow!), those with hypertension, lung issues, underlying conditions. This could get very, very ugly. Trump's been floundering with this for months. He is a laughing-stock outside the US.
This spells certain economic death for the masses and the nation as a whole. Folk who are expecting a quick return to normal will soon be getting the ultimate wake-up call. I can only see rapid societal breakdown from here. I'm sorry to say the US is in a complete and total mess (has been for decades). Morally, economically, politically, militarily, spiritually, behaviourally, criminally, sexually, racially, etc. The likes of which people (incl. the rest of the world) have never witnessed before. Yes, this is a PLANDEMIC (cover for financial collapse, etc.), but that doesn't mean the virus is a total hoax (imo it's not). Do not get sucked in by the retarded (masonic) Q psy-op.
The scam/fraud is how the virus came into being (see Gates et al) and the Draconian measures - coupled with mass corp. tech surveillance, MSM-induced panic, bail-out fleecing, etc. - then put in place to deal with it. The lockdown should only have ever been about the vulnerable. There was no need to implode the entire economy - that needs to be understood. However, the elite's sick plans could never have come to fruition based on a limited spread/lockdown - which is why we're at this juncture. 
 There is no light at the end of this dark tunnel - it's an on-coming freight-train. Civil war looms (based on what I'm seeing) and war with China also looks increasingly more likely. Ready for mass conscription? Imho, I think the virus was unleashed by the USA during the Military Games, Wuhan (Oct. 2019). The reason most are blind to this is because people no longer understand 'nuance'. It's all absolutes. A failure of logic. The US has failed to flatten the curve (now it's getting worse) and circa $5T spent to end up worse than where you started!

The USA has never been 'exceptional' - never been 'great'. Championing that you are has no bearing on the reality.
You're seeing the degenerate USA laid-bare. A virtual 3rd world health system (see Europe for 1st world healthcare), poor leadership, an entitled and non-empathic population, a nation collectively in very poor physical and mental health, one that only knows warfare and dishing-out global suffering (see decades of warfare/sanctions). A nation lost to mass narcissism (all age groups) and the insidious cult of celebrity - bread and ciruses on acid. A nation completely dominated by corrupt central banks, US oligarchal corps. and the US technocracy - ALL enabled by the programmed (corporate and technocracy loving) sheep masses. The same ones who then blame their ills on ALL but themselves. Sorry, but the USA is ripe for total collapse. I do not pull punches. I've seen this coming for 20 years.

Inject disinfectant. It will magically disappear - it's a miracle. Summer heat will kill it. No masks. A hoax. It's under control." (WTF?)
"Team Hopium". Those that think Covid is ALL an attempt to derail Trump (ala Q) = THE SADDEST & MOST LOST OF ALL.
Trumptards & Q-tards are 'zombie believers' drunk on MAGA Kool-Aid. Trump is their new Jim Jones - bringing death.
The 'cult of personality' (re: politics) - rather than policy - has totally taken-over. To call it cult-like barely describes it.
Folk still on Trump's bandwagon - aren't just lost - they're beyond insane, beyond saving. WWG1WGA? Yeah, to their collective doom.
Everyone is 'deep state' - except Trump, eh guys? LOL. Trump's not just a terrible POTUS - he's a terrible human being.
They have to cling to the idea that he's the 'infalliable chosen one' - if he's not then their entire world caves-in.
Freemason, Zio-Antichrist, Donald '666' That said, Trump is still a better option than the uber-insane Dem./left.
 JULY 2020. A timeframe that is rapidly approaching. Let's see if any of this plays into what's unfolding.

Anyone for a V-shaped recovery via 2020, masks, a 2nd civil war, anarchy, and virus pandemics?
When's the election? NOVEMBER 3, 2020. Results in on NOVEMBER 4th, 2020.
 Sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it? Note, I've not seen this film. "Remember, remember the 5th 4th of November."
Writer Alan 'Lovecraft' Moore - of From 'masonic' Hell fame. Moore is a known kabbalist/ceremonial magickian.

"Lived any good mass media lately?"
V For Vendetta. A Zionist film (2005) that heavily involved the Wachowski Bros. Sisters. See - The '9/11/01' Matrix.
A film where the form/nature of 'The Matrix' - a neural-interactive simulation (cough) - is explained via a television (ahem).
 That's funny, I also recall "9/11/01 Bro. Reeves" in Bro. Trump's penthouse via The Devil's (666) Advocate.
9/11/01 to 3/11/20 = 999 (inverted 666). Where's Donald '666' Trump? Final tally will be known on the 4th.
Recall that 'Towering 911 Trump' secured his 2016 presidency after the results came in on 9/11/16 (Euro-dating).
Will the US even make it to election day? Currently it's looking like a longshot. US 'idiocracy' has gone full-blown.

 This is for you Uncle 'the legend' Bingo...
Floyd's so-called struggle lasted for 8mins 46secs. The first (inside job) 911 plane hit at 8:46am.
Twin Towers to Twin Cities. 8:46 is now their number for police brutality. 911 is the police/EMS number.
Anyone for 20/20 vision and some hindsight? Is this how you make a ($20) paper plane via 9/11?
United and America(n) - AKA the 9/11 airline planes that struck Twin Tower, NY. The $20 Man Behind the Mask & via 2020:

 The irony. It was ($20 resonating) Andrew 'freemason' Jackson that smashed (Illuminati Rothschild's) Second Bank of the US!
Jackson believed that Rothschild was behind the attempted assassination on him (which failed). Jackson folded their bank.
(See here). The same Zio-Rothschilds that sponsored and formed (Weishaupt's) Illuminati movement.
Also recall the Illuminati 'eye/pyramid' seal on the (masonic Washington) $1 bill.

Too much NEGATIVE stuff - even for myself. Now I change course for the remainder.
(Also a stand-alone piece - see latest post.)

Someone was asking me about Westworld (in the comments). I've not seen it, but have pulled this out:
A lot of the S3 opening title imagery can be related to WAR. (link)
Symbolic Ajax (Warrior) in the promo, above left. Greek, great-grandson of Zeus. Related to: "lifting the fog of war (battle)"
Ajax 'falling on his sword' (suicide) - 'conquered by his [own] sorrow.' That's the Dubai skyline (top left).
"Free Will-(iam) - Is Not Free." William (Harris), in the finale is killed by a replica of himself (symbolic suicide) in Dubai.
 Flash 'Zeus' Gordon (1980) via war rocket Ajax and "fall on your sword" (masonic) Ming.
Zeus Gordon who suicide crashes into Ming's palace via Ajax - after "lifting the fog/cloud of battle."
Delos (Westworld Park operators) - another link to mythological Greece. (Also bear in mind Greek Prometheus.)

Westworld - Janus and the 'Gates of War'. A Roman god of beginnings and ends.
I've not seen the series, but I get the idea that there's a lot of reference to "narrative programming/reprogramming" (ahem). S3 finale seems to reference city riots/breakdown (appropriately via Incite) - and was released just a few weeks before the Floyd riots etc.
 Janus - two-faced 'god of gods'. The two faces/sides of good (god) and evil (devil). Book (right) Jay-nes or Ja-nus?
Julian Jay-nes (Ja-nus). Julian, from the Roman name J(uli)anus, which was derived from Julius.

The Creation of Adam - God as The Brain. (Evoked in S3 titles, and S1 E10, below).
 I covered a lot of this in 2014. The 'Masonic Rainbow Connection' (posts).
Icarus, the son of Labyrinth Daedalus. The maze/labyrinth an aspect of the series and via the skull.
Labrys and the 'double-headed axe' (heads/brain hemispheres) of Zeus. The Labrys linked to the labyrinth.
The maze structure itself evoking the pathways/ridges of the brain. Westworldbrain shaped maze & 3rd eye (right).
Dr. Lecter's brain surgery via the 4th of July and FBI (below). The FBI warned of terror attacks on this date last year.
I wouldn't mention it save for the fact that (9/11) Bin Laden is shown via the FBI's most wanted in 2001 film, Hannibal.
 Religion and the (god) brain...Hannibal. Grace, the father (god) and apostle Paul: 

Westworld based on Michael 'Jurassic/Masonic Park' Crichton's 1973 film. Creation of Adam (Spielberg's E.T.).
Westworld (film) and Jurassic Park have the same backdrop. Amusement Parks that go malfunctional/dysfunctional.
In both 'parks' (a metaphor for the real world) the inhabitants (metaphoric humanity) are genetically tampered with etc.
 Prometheus (Ridley 'Weyland' Scott) and The Creation of Adam. Prometheus - the creation of humanity from clay.
Building Better (West)Worlds - via androids/replicants. Ford (Hopkins) is another Tyrell, see Scott's Bladerunner.
Slay your maker: This is likely why Ford (Hopkins) is executed by his creation (Delores) ala Roy Batty and Tyrell.
Alien, Scott. Ian 'Alien android' Holm links to a lot of this - the Holm who recently died. Divine being, see Fifth Element.
Hopkins/Ford: "It was a DOCTOR who noticed the shape of the [Michelangelo human/god] brain." Hopkins, DR. Lecter:
Dr. Hannibal 'Michelangelo' Lecter. Silence of the Lamb(s of God). Christ, the 'Lamb of God' via St. John.
 "The Crucified/Hanged Man". Note, it's not from the Pilate episode, or is it?. ;) Another series that I've never watched.

33 Christ/33 Cantos. The failure of transcending materiality (which binds). The flesh (and sin) dominates.
Hence, I made my own home (flesh sinning material body) be my (literal) gallows. The Hanged/Crucified Man.

The early Church believed that "the life of David [foreshadowed] the life of Christ; Bethlehem is the birthplace of both;
- the shepherd life of David points out Christ, the Good Shepherd.
 Paul's biblical statement that Christ was: "born of a descendant of David according to the flesh"
 Alien Scott's Hannibal. Hopkins played (Adam to Noah linked) biblical patriarch Methuselah in Aronofsky's Noah. 
Alien/Elephant Man John Hurt, and Elephant Man/Hannibal Hopkins - linked via The Lord Is My Shepherd (Elephant Man).
Ridley 'Prometheus' Scott directing both 'elephant men' - Hurt in Alien (1979), and Hopkins in Hannibal (2001).
Alien-Elephant Man, Hurt (above), who found the (Promethean) elephant space jockey. Hurt played the 'jockey' in Champions.

Elephant-man Hannibal who took war to Italy (Rome). Elephant Man Hopkins in Hannibal invades Italy (via Divine Comedy, Dante).
The elephant that never forgets. "I've been in this room for 8 years...what I want is a view. I want a window...":
Elephant-man Hannibal Lecter - via Ivory (literally). James Ivory's A Room with a (Duomo) View - via a window.
A room with a [window] view of the Duomo (Florence) x2. The End - Duomo window shot, A Room with a View.
See Merchant/Ivory's Howard's End for  Hannibal 'a room with a view' Hopkins, and A Room with a View, Bonham Carter.
The view of the tree (via the window) see Hannibal Hopkins in Merchant Ivory's Remains of the Day.
Ivory/Elephant-man Hopkins and Hannibal-linked, Oldman - The Fifth Element Elephant.
Terrestrial matter was made of the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water, but celestial bodies were made of quintessence, a 5th element.
 Alchemists believed that small amounts of quintessence were also found terrestrially. Divine language, Leeloo:

Like the Prometheus myth - humanity from clay (dust/water). Adam (metaphorically) stealing God's fire, the fifth element.
Michel-Angelo (Michael Angel) & Arch-Angel Michael - who guarded the tree via the flaming sword (fire, see text).
The Creation of Adam Leeloo (video). Alien, Scott. Ian 'android' Holm links to a lot of this - the Holm who recently died.
Holm (Alien, Ash) is the guardian priest (The Fifth Element). Dallas was the Nostromo capt. Willis plays Dallas.
 Willis, the 12 Monkeys Tribes of Israel 'virus man'...via virology Peters (Morse). The (alien) Contact entity via Foster/Hurt.
12 Monkeys by Peoples - the same Peoples who wrote (replicant/android) Blade Runner. Sheep-linked Blade Runner.

Elephant Man, Hopkins - who posed as Dr Fell (to fall) in Hannibal via (Eden and sin linked) Dante:
Genesis - Eve tempted by the snake (metaphor) via the tree - the deformed fruit (fallen humanity) of the original sin.
This is f**king crazy! Dr. Hannibal 'Michelangelo' Lecter to Dr. Frederick Treves via Elephant Man Hopkins.
 Lynch's The Elephant Man (1980) - see clip. "My cup overflows. My cup runneth over." Psalm 23(5).
Lamb/Shepherd, Hopkins. Westworld, Psalm 23(5): "Thou preparest a table before cup runneth over"
 Christ: "I am the vine, you are the branches" (John 15:5)
Ford: "In the beginning....[was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God]" (John, 1:1)

"A perfectly balanced world..." Yet it failed. This is just like The Matrix - the first matrix program.
Agent Smith (who compares humanity to a virus) : "Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at it's beauty, it's genius? Billions of people just living out their lives, oblivious. Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world. Where none suffered. Where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program." Suggested as a failure of programming language to describe such a 'perfect world' etc. The Matrix's Morpheus (Apocalypse Fishburne) who heavily featured in Hannibal (TV series), and 'Chinese virus' film, Contagion.

Morpheus: (God of Dreams, see Dream of Nebuchadnezzar via Daniel): What is the Matrix? Control. 
The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world (metaphor for the mortal sphere) - built to keep us under control - 
in order to change a human being into this. [Holds up a Duracell battery, which obviously tends to be read as enslavement].

 You see...this 'battery' aspect can be viewed in two very 'diametrically opposed' ways.
We can look at this as 'control', for the purposes of human bondage to the machine/system.
 Or alternatively, we could also view this as a metaphor for 'actual' enlightenment/gnosis.
The battery could be viewed from a positive angle (a battery has both a positive & negative) - 
hence, why the battery body is 'black', yet the head is 'gold' (enlightenment). 
Reflected in the dream of biblical Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (see Daniel 2), feet of clay/head of gold. 
Clay is 'base' (lower realm) and relates to the feet, Gold is 'pure' and relates to the head/enlightenment (higher realm).

Nebuchadnezzar....Mark III No. 11 - Mark Chp 3 Vrs 11:
Thou art the Son of God (Christ) aka The One. "It is done (finished)", Neo. Trinity-linked Neo literally beomes 'Christed'.
 Hopkins featured with Neo (Reeves) in Dracula - the film that closes with the (crucifixion) "It is finished" line.
Hannibal's Mason Verger (Oldman) playing the Dracula lead.
 The maze centre - the skull/head and god-brain/neo-cortex. The Dome of St. Peter. The (snake-cortex) head of Medusa.
Neo worked for Meta-cortex - which translates as 'transcending the boundaries of the brain'. Neo-Cortex (see brain).

Silence of the Lamb(s of God). See road to Golgotha (skull) drawing with lambing Clarice and the crucifixion crosses.
Michelangelo, Ford/Hopkins - Dr. Hannibal 'Michelangelo' Lecter. Medusa painting used in Hannibal series (via Lecter).
Medusa's (cannibal) watery raft and inspired by Michelangelo - particularly The Last Judgment & Sistine ceiling:
"Lost souls destroying each other." Like our own world - lost souls of materialism (pain/suffering, Delor/Delores).
Winged 'sea/water horse' Pegasus (aka Hippocampus) is (re)born from the head of Medusa via the sea. The winged brain.
Neo worked for Meta-cortex - which translates as 'transcending the boundaries of the brain'. Neo-Cortex (see brain).
The Gorgon head (via Pegasus) used to defeat the ultimate threat (Kraken/Cetus). Intellect/reason over brute force.
The beast (via Hades/Hell) is defeated by the (god) brain. Perhaps a metaphor for transcending the material self (ego death).
The (Winged Pegasus/Hippocampus) Sea-Horse of the Brain
Brain hippocampus: "The consolidation of information - from short-term to long-term memory." How appropriate.

Westworld & Janus ("god of gods")
Westworld (film) and Jurassic Park have the same backdrop. Amusement Parks that go malfunctional via computer/coding issues.
Crichton's Westworld (1973) and the [android] computer virus. Virus film, The Andromeda Strain (1971), based on his book.
 Andro-meda & Andro-id.
The strains of Andromeda (via the rock) - see Clash of the Titans, Medusa, Perseus, Pegasus, Kraken/Cetus etc.
Spielberg-linked Crichton wrote books on PC BASIC. The PC language that was linked to Spielberg's father at GE.
Hopkins featured in virus-linked Mission Impossible 2 (MI:2) - with Westworld co-star Thandie Newton.
Johns Hopkins (hospital) that collates data on the Covid virus spread is mentioned by Lecter (Hopkins) in SOTL.
In MI:2, Newton injects herself with the virus. She's then released in an attempt to start the pandemic.
In Utopia the Janus virus is [secretly] injected into Jessica. Flu virus and JANUS vaccine linked - Utopia.
 Lower text matches with my own musings. A genuine virus for a vaccine drive. I've never seen an episode of Utopia.
Roman Janus, the series references Romani peoples in respect of the Janus vaccine.

As in the uber heavy-handed 'Contagion' (film). The masses stampeding for vaccines off the back of a Chinese flu virus.