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Flight(s) of Oz - Malaysia MH370, Lost, Twilight Zone, Asiana, Crowley 777, Oso, Oscar(s) & MSM Mystery Religion

 Work in progress...I do know that all this is a lot to take in, but persevere.
I'm like everyone else....just searching for answers, while we spin around on this rock!
The post has now expanded to quite a big size, incorporating masses of tarot, tree of life and many other elements. You take what you need and can cope'll just have to run with the rest.

Just wanted to separate out the Malaysia MH370...from my previous post and expand on it.
There are crucial aspects mentioned in the previous 'OTO/HipHop/Hollywood/MSM...see link.

This post (and all the others too) is being approached from the angle of the MSM/cryptocracy...manipulating & influencing the 'group mind'...this time the 'mystery' of Malaysia Flight MH370 is currently processing the masses!  What I am saying here, is that MSM content, appears to act as a 'carrier signal' for another form of content...and I believe that 'the other form' is what can generally be termed as 'mystery religion'...mystery religion by stealth, if you like. The exact purpose of this phenomena is still to be ascertained...but I do believe that certain 'artists, personnel and players' are deliberately promoted by the MSM controllers...for this very purpose.  Thematics seem to stradle a very wide forum and also interconnect/relate/echo between MSM and its agents (MSM meaning most TV, news, music, film etc)...this can be years or even generations in the making...and imo, it is only via a form of religion, that something of this magnitude, can effectively be accomplished!

That is the general attitude that I have adopted...and hopefully it will make this easier to understand.
As I recently said in the comments section of this is as though we're being goaded into pulling back the 'faux reality' curtain (prompted and fuelled by certain events that are unfolding in the MSM, which imo have been an increasing phenomena since 911) so we can see the wizard and he can wave at us...something like that, at least!  These things are difficult to verbalise, but hopefully you'll understand.

The 1st 'Winged 777'
 From Aleister 'OZ' Crowley

  To the Boeing 'Winged 777'

Book 777 &  Book 370
Crowley....Winged #777 &  Winged #370

777 & 370
 The Winged 777...& (MH) 370

  Capricorni (see book 370)...capricorn and tropic of, I wonder where that line is on a map and what areas it passes through?  (sarcasm)
 Oh right...there near Crowley's OZ, might've guessed!

the 'alpha & omega' of Liber 370 (CCCLXX)
My emphasis in brackets!
0/Zero) Gnarled Oak of God! (penis) In thy branches is the lightning nested! (lightning flash of creation/life force or soemthing?) Above thee hangs the Eyeless Hawk. (penile glans). I think the book is mainly referring to 'sex magick' male/female.

The last verse of (liber) 370
39) So therefore the beginning is delight, and the End is delight, and delight is in the midst, even as the Indus is water in the cavern of the glacier, and water among the greater hills and the lesser hills and through the ramparts of the hills and through the plains (planes?), and water at the mouth thereof when it leaps forth into the mighty sea, yea, into the mighty sea.

Yes...quite an interesting last verse, don't you think?

 Thanks go to 'anon' for the 370 Crowley excellent link.
The model and now flight number...can each be related to Crowley works, if we're inclined!

22 Paths 10 Spheres...

Liber OZ & 77 (LXXVII)
 Crowley disciple...Jay Z?

 Jay-Z protege...via Def/Death Jam
Rihanna herself has recent heavy 777 resonance, of course!
Yes this 'above part' was written before the Malaysian 777 plane went missing and I tackled this in more depth, on the earlier Videdrome post.

Rihanna announced she would be embarking on a 7 day promotional tour for her upcoming 7th studio album. The tour visited 7 countries around the world, both in North America and Europe. Rihanna invited 150 journalists representing 82 countries and a selected group of her fans to join her on the road. To add to the theme of the tour, Rihanna flew on a private Boeing 777 to each date

777  kabbalism x2
O2 as a rendering of OZ
Preceded by the O2/OZ Tour...OT-Two/OTO(O)

The Watery O2/OZ
The Loud Tour video runs for a 'kabbalistic' 111 mins

The 'winged' 777...via Isis/Rihanna

I wrote about 'The Flight of OZ' (aka Asiana Airlines Flight 214) in the recent Videodrome post (now updated to include MH370) and the accompanying kabbalism...the first recorded incident involving a 777 aircraft...7/6 (Jul 6th US time) 7/7 (Jul 7th Korean time, origin of flight).

Djed pillars & atef crown either the left/right pillars (aka jachin/boaz) also seen on the 'tree of life' graphic below (left) and referencing 777, in both!  Above, winged sun disk perhaps relating to the sphere marked 1 (below, tree of life) Kether aka the crown...the 'atef crown' is just below.  Basically, the above image can be overlaid and made to fit on the tree of life!

The classical derivation of 777 is to sum the paths that the Lightning Flash of Creation travels along or, in the case of Gimel, crosses on its journey from Kether to Malkuth on the Tree of Life. Another way to derive 777 is to add 359 to 418, as suggested by Aleister Crowley’s comment on chapter 3, verse 74, of the Book of the Law.

I like to utilise The Truman the film plays with the concept of 'the world being a stage' and it does so rather also plays well from the POV of awakening too.

The lightning flash (of creation) & aircraft...Truman aka Mr Sirius '23' Carrey
Recall that the 'sirius spotlight' is said to have fallen from a jet plane...that is the reason given!
If sirius IS 'the blazing star' (aka all seeing masonic eye) then the pics make sense!
He gets 'Oz' resonance from Me, Myself & Irene....where he is seen dressed as Dorothy. 

 Oz's Toto...supplying the necessary 'dog' element and the rainbow (bridge) connecting to Sirius via Alice Bailey. 

Truman...The Fool & His Dog...beginning his journey
He gets more Sirius/Dog resonance from The Mask (green man ala Osiris) and the mask is a depiction of Loki, the Norse god of darkness and mischief. (Sirius is known as Loki's Torch).
The transformative powers, perhaps a reference to 'sirius influence'

The Fool Carrey & His Dog...
Green man aspects ala Osiris...
'Eternal Sunshine' opens with the song Rain Dogs and Jim.

he's a dog catcher in 23 and that film also features Dr Sirius/Canis!
There is also a subliminal spinal theme. 


The Number 23 (film)
In the Qabalistic Tree of Life the 23rd path is associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Card.
Get used to this particular 'card and imagery' it runs heavy throughout this posting, as you'll see.

the lightning flash of creation

The masonic 'blazing star' aka Sirius...between the pillars, evoking Isis (tarot) and the veil
the left/right pillars of the tree of life.  Perhaps denoting sirius influence (as the middle pillar, equilibrium)

Jim as a deity...
He got massive 77 resonance from Bruce Almighty, starring alongside Morgan 'Se7en' Freeman!

Truman...the fool (and his sirius dog spotlight and pluto dog) on his journey

777 - The Zig-Zag Lightning Flash of Creation
777 & 93
93 is the number of Thelema (will) & Agape (love)

Lightning Flash of Creation and The Fool are crucial here (and throughout this whole post) because the point where the lightning first strikes (contacts) the top of the tree (above) at 1,Kether (crown), follows pathway number 11 (from spheres 1 to 2, above), the pathway of the fool, this is where the first 'zig' of the lightning bolt 2, Chokmah, (wisdom).

Lodge settings...Black Lodge/White Lodge...the pillars.
Under the (isis) Sycamore Tree...with Hathor (Isis) Graham
 Lynch's Twin Peaks, a recurring pattern...also seen in Eraserhead
Number 7 is also a Lynch motif! 

 This 'red room' gif will show you what I mean!

Mel Brooks called Lynch 'Jimmy Stewart from Mars', maybe he was being literal, as in 'off world'!
The zig-zag and the pillars...Mary X plays (Judy) Garland 'UFO' Briggs' wife in Twin Peaks!

I'll see you again in 25 years...that ACTUAL 'future' date has only just transpired (or it is about to, today the 27th Mar 14) ) in is either 25th or the 27th (according to informed sources)   Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) also played the 'good Oz witch' in Wild At Heart!

Amazing co-incidence...that this is all seemingly coming together like this!
Twin Peaks literally launched the new format for the 'TV Series'...I doubt X-Files, Lost etc would ever have been the same phenomena, if it wasn't for Twin Peaks setting the mold...just my humble opinion.

Twin Peaks' Major Briggs aka Don S Davis...was in Omen IV (ala 666)
The Awakening...cough, cough  

Garland 'Blue Book UFO/666 message from space' Briggs...also in Stargate series and X-Files!
 Twin Peaks, COMA Season 2 Episode 2 aka 22...That is Brigg's finger...aka Don S Davis

Twin Peaks in Oz

The 777 Flight of OZ... Asiana OZ-214
Crashed 777 on 7/7 (Korean Time) where the flight originated from, there were 77 Korean passengers on board (out of 307 passengers) and the plane was 7 years old. This was the first ever crash of this particular model.  Flight number OZ-214 (2+1+4=7). This was the 6th July in the US.

Even the company's logo appears to reference a form of the number 7...
7 is considered lucky in that part of the world. 

Now that we're going through mass 'group mind' processing relating to the missing 777 (Malaysia flight 370) within the last week or so...the above incident 'Flight of Oz' (and accompanying kabbalism) becomes even more pertinent!

the missing (lost) 777 & Aus/Oz
Aus/Oz takes centre stage

Lost's 777 & Aus/Oz
The original Lost 815 flight left from Aus (OZ) Sydney on 22nd Sept 2004...from gate #23
Flight was bound for the city of 'Lost Angels' aka Los Angeles. Crash cause...explosive decompression caused by electromagnetic pulse.

 Thanks go to 'Enterthe5t4rz' @ youtube for the spot and linkage (video above)
between Lost (pilot) & The Twilight Zone (The Arrival) 

Also worth checking out... 
I've heard King's Langoliers (book/series) and The Event (series) mentioned also in respect of  MH370...these both had '22' aspects too, The Event 22 episodes & Langoliers series has 2 episodes of 2 hours.  

The Event...(episode #1)
 Sean boards a plane and pleads with the pilot, Leila's father Michael (Scott Patterson), not to crash it into the President's press conference in Miami. As the plane approaches the press conference site, it flies into a vortex in mid-air and vanishes.

The Event last episode (episode #22) is 'synchronistically' called Arrival (like the T Zone episode)
At the end, the portal succeeds in transporting the entire alien planet into Earth's orbit. Looking into the sky, the President's son asks his mother Christina: "What is it?" She replies: "Home"... suggesting that she too was a sleeper this entire time. (Sleeping Dorothy in Oz, There's no place like home...cough, cough)

Again...I've not watched the above 'show', I've just outlined the 'alpha/omega' aka the beginning and the end.

Lynch's Dune...Twin Peaks' Agent Cooper (bottom)

 Lost (pilot) & The Twilight Zone 'The Arrival' (season 3, episode 2)
 Exactly 43 years apart...and both referencing aircraft/missing passengers etc.
I believe that the Lost writers deliberately used the same date (22nd Sept) to release their pilot show, perhaps as a homage to The Twilight Zone and covering similar content (between shows).  The Twilight Zone has been a massive influence on TV and culture.  

 'Sept' is the star of Isis.
 In the heavens, her (Isis) symbol is the star Sept (Sirius).

The Fool's Journey...
The '22' element may also likely relate (in one aspect) to the 22 paths on the Tree of Life aka 'the journey of the fool'. 10 spheres/stations...connected by 22 paths, 22 tarot cards and 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet.

Outside of that 22nd Sept is around the 'autumnal equinox' point...where the sun is exactly above the is literally the 1st day of 'The Fall' (aka Autumn)...'the fall' a word to conjure with imo. Crowley referenced 'Equinox' via his writing...and it means 'equal night'....the last post showed him using the grade sign Nox-Vir.  Some claim that the Sphinx was built so that it points directly towards the rising sun on the day of the vernal equinox (March 20/21).  The equinoxes are switched around...if you reside in the Southern hemisphere!

JJ Abrams the main man who created the initial Lost mythos, the original concept being from Lloyd Braun (who was head of ABC) back in 2003. Abrams totally dominated the pilot episodes, as can been seen.

Lost & Twilight Zone

Abrams is also heavily involved with Spielberg associate 'Brother George Lucas' via his Star Wars franchise!  Episode 7...cough, cough.  Lucasfilms were recently bought out by Disney!

Invoking Yoda
Recently we identified Lucas' 'Yoda' as being an aspect of ceremonial magick connected to the Templars (baphomet, top left)...Yoda (green man) was voiced by Frank OZ!  Yod is the root of all hebrew also relates to the concept of 'open hand'.

Twilight Zone...."one of the larger influences of his (Abrams) career"

Just like Spielberg & Donner you'll see!
Spielberg & Donner...666 meme
Note the 'Cannes' (Canis/Dog root) 666
They made the Goonies together...'one eyed willy' (penis of Osiris) the skull/bones Osiris pirate
Imo...If it wasn't for Omen & series...666 and the devil, wouldn't be such a strong idea/meme!

Donner's old 666
 Donner's first 666 reference that I could find was back in 1961...via X-15 about aircraft/spacecraft and made heavily in association with NASA/Pentagon.

The military have previous, & 'military charged' Boeing  likewise...the Old 666, Lucy/luci-fer.
(aka Flying Fortress). Old Nick is a term for the Devil...actually that term is used in Omen 3.

If you take The Omen's main kabbalistic meme '666' and add it to the kabbalistic running time '111' get '777' 

...recall 777 & the lightning flash!
I can also remember Donner mentioning something about planes that were used...

some ACTUALLY struck by lightning...Omen folklore stuff! 
The 'lightning struck tower' is also featured in the film...
Dr Who (Troughton) the death of the priest!  The devil card is clearly a 15/16.
  This card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and is considered an ill omen by some.

The last factoid on the above list...makes me think of Hoffman (revisionist historian) and 'beheading, covered bridges & the masonic 9th degree!'  There is a beheading scene in the actual film.  You'll see that 'the fool/dog' and 'the hanged (wo)man' also feature.

Omen 2...the Tower?

  Elevator shaft (internal tower) and falling!  The elevator goes to the top and then drops!
 The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation...
Dr Kane, remarkably finds jackal blood in a supposed human blood sample!
Iron Maiden would reference 666 (heavily)...bassist Harris was 'inspired' by Omen 2.
Connecting the 666 meme to aircraft.  

Like the film series that honors the date, Templar suppression aka Fri 13th & 666 to Hel(sinki)

Anyway...  According to the book Sex & may have been Frank Malina (GALCIT) who first introduced John 'Babalon/OTO' Parsons (JPL pioneer jet & rocket scientist) to the UFO researcher  and debunker, Jacques Vallee, who was the role model for the French scientist in Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind!  Remember Parsons used to do his rockets tests by the Devil's Gate Dam. We shouldn't need to mention the UFO 'tie-ins' for this subject area (Parsons etc), they are well known (Roswell) is Spielberg's interest in all things UFO & Alien related.

 Spielberg picks up further 'devilish' resonance from Close Encounters...and the Devil's Tower, all very much evoking the tarot cards and sequentially.  The devil precedes the tower in ALL tarot decks!  Effetcs by Doug '2001' Trumball...who recently worked on Malik's The Tree of Life (cough. cough) and after a 30 year absence! You might recall the 'Devil & Tower' from Brother Usain Bolt (lightning bolt) 216/666 @ the Moscow World Championships 2013...see earlier posts.

Further resonance can be gained from the films opening scenes...In the Sonoran Desert, French scientist Claude Lacombe and his American interpreter, mapmaker David Laughlin, along with other government scientific researchers, discover Flight 19, a squadron of Grumman TBM Avengers that went missing more than 30 years earlier. The planes are intact and operational, but there is no sign of the pilots. An old man who witnessed the event claimed "the sun came out at night, and sang to him."

Close Encounters opening...
Cough, cough...does he mean the '33' number references (strategically placed) a double meaning?

Bob Balaban as David Laughlin, Lacombe's assistant and English-French interpreter. They meet for the first time in the Sonoran Desert at the beginning of the film. His former position as a cartographer allows him to interpret the alien signals as coordinates leading to the meeting at Devils Tower. (contact cordinates)

Balaban...2010: The Year We Make Contact

The dialogue above (33 aircraft pic) is spoken by the actor who played Dr Chandra in 2001 sequel...2010: The Year We Make Contact (from Peter '666 Stay Tuned' Hyams, starring Jaws' Roy Scheider). Chandra launched Hal's 'regeneration'  programme 'Phoenix'...33 with rebirth/masonic/sirius tie-ins! Not forgetting contact from an advanced intelligence or lifeform.  Balaban (Babalon) who plays Chandra and also Laughlin (Close Encounters) comes from a very prestigious 'film & TV' background! Hollywood royalty, It all reminds me of Jack-Jacob 'The Jackal/666/Fenix' Black...from X-Files 3.3 (s3 ep3).  Previously I've tied-in '2010:Contact' with Zemeckis' (Spielberg associate, Back To The Future) 1997 film...Contact, starring Jodie Foster!

 I haven't even mentioned the 2010 '999/666' emergency broadcast that precedes Bowman (appropriately) returning via a TV announce 'something wonderful' is about to happen!
Starts with sound of 'barking dogs' (canis) to the TV 2001 Orion clipper ship Orion/Dog
With Twin Peaks actress Mary Jo Deschanel, Dr Heywards 'wheelchair bound' wife Eileen
Dr Heywood Floyd is a character from 2001 and 2010 (Roy 'Jaws' Scheider) the mission overseer!

33 the masonic 'phoenix based'...eagle
33 the crown chakra...probably relating to the kether/crown!

Balaban...33 33 phoenix wings...
'Regenerating' Hal...2010: The Year We Make Contact

Rebirth of a new sun (star)...sirius 'the sun behind the sun', which is also an aspect of 2010, shown at the end. .It all looks to be suggesting the 'rebirth of sirius'...yes it is already there, but a kind of rebirth in the 'conscious sense'!

17...The Star Tarot (evoking Isis/water & Thoth/Ibis)...Crolwey's AA/Silver Star (Sirius) and 7's...Babalon is also present.

Connecting Phoenix to Sirius....via 23
 The Number 23 (film) and Dr Phoenix/Dr Sirius...Madsen walks the staiway to Dr Sirius/Canis, her brother Michael starred in Reservoir 'Rainbow' Dogs!

Gary 'Sirius Black Dog' Oldman
Same...via Harry Potter
Sirius-Phoenix/Oldman starred with Keanu 'Ma'atrix 911 passport/Dogstar/Sirius' Dracula. Reeves starred with 'the phoenix' (River) in My Own Private Idaho

The WTC Manhattan 'Ground Zero' Monolith & Sirius Buildings (WFC)
If you go back to some of my earlier'd see the WTC site and the 'sirius glyphs' (WFC buildings) overlaps. WTC/911...which I termed 'sirius rising' and connecting to Kubrick's 2001...and the monolith, both from the film and @ WTC ground zero...the Hilton monolith hotel! 

Sirius 'the dog star'...and 9/11
We also get the 'sirius-dog' aspect...given via the death of the police labrador/dog, Sirius...on 9/11!

 Spielberg/Donner & The Twilight Zone

Spielberg owes a good deal of his career (especially the early part) to The Twilight Zone (he even made the film version in 1983, known for the fatal chopper crash and Vic Morrow's premonition!) particularly via writer Richard Matheson...Matheson wrote the screenplay for Spielberg's first film Duel and he also wrote The Twilight Zone episode Little Girl Lost...which Spielberg lifted to make Poltergeist.  Matheson penned the original TZ's Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Donner directed) and this was used in the Spielberg TZ Movie, as the final segment (Miller directed). The final segment would feature an aircraft & a 'wing gremlin'...evoking Spielberg's subsequent Gremlins franchise. Matheson passed away last June and he was mentioned 'in memoriam' at this year's 86th Oscars ceremony.  For all of Matheson's Twilight Zone scripts (12 in total), he also wrote the introductory and closing statements spoken by creator Rod Serling.  'Poe resonance'...He adapted five works of Edgar Allan Poe for Roger Corman's Poe series, including House of Usher (1960), The Pit and the Pendulum (1961), and The Raven (1963).  

I've been over the POE/Corman stuff in earlier work...a must read.

Richard '666/Omen' Donner has been involved in directing Twilight Zone episodes...appropriately 6 in total. Both of these directors/producers can also be heavily linked to the 9/11 meme current previously identified.

For more on Spielberg/Lucas/Donner et al and 'mystery religion'...see here:

Gate #23 (Lost) Hangar 2.3 (The Twilight Zone)

Flight 107...
An 'East' just like the 'eastern' based Malaysia Airways then!
A plane missing all it's passengers...references to 'mass psychosis/manipulation'

The law of has some potential, at least

MH370 disappeared on March 8th 2014...'synchronistically' very soon after (8 days), Lost would appear in the MSM again!  All while the story of MH370 was flowing through the MSM.

Lost tv series 10th year anniversary March 16th 2014 @ 7pm (the ideal time imo)

In recent years 'Brother 666 Spielberg' has been heavily involved with Lost creator JJ Abrams.  Abrams even carried out work for Spielberg (repairing 8mm film spools) as a teenager, after Spielberg read about him.  They made the film Super 8 (as in 8mm) together, a few years back.

Abrams & Spielberg...

I notice that the guitar case...can be related to both Spielberg (his very first release, a short Amblin' 1968) and to the TV series Lost.

 Spielberg's Poltergeist & 23 (machine reacting to the sirius/canis stairway)

Spielberg's Poltergeist....42 'the rainbow connection'
You'll see the Lost 'OZ' stuff later! 

 It ends inside the human thalamus 'brain eye' (via optics) and connects to Sirius (rainbow bridge)
Cruise climbs the stairway to Ziegler...right after his 'rainbow' chat with 2 ladies.

Lost's Rainbows...
Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow 6' is featured in episode called 'Orientation' 9 (@ swan hatch)
42 'mega number' rainbow and the sun (light)

JJ Hiram...Ab'ram(s)
From my very first post on this blog, 5 years ago...connecting to Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut via Somerton Ritual Orgy (Hugh Gadarn's original settlement):

 The prefix Hu/Hi/Hy...meant in english 'high' and Gadarn (Tribe of Gad) was seen as the Cymric Ab'ram/ doesn't take much stretch of the imagination to link Hu/Hi/Hy with 'ram', for the ram associated both with Abraham & Hermes (Thoth)...which leads to Hyram/ in Hiram King of Tyre and of course, the masonic myth of Hiram Abiff.

He is also popular among British Israelites, some of whom identify him as the Biblical Joshua, while others identify him with Jesus under the name Hu-Hesus, an idea originating with Iolo's Barddas.
Kubrick dropped a homage to Karnak via Full Meta-L Jacket...the avenue of ram sphinxes!

Brother Spielberg also has previous...particularly through his (vertically flipped) 'masonic tracing board' built into the Jurassic Park Visitors Center!

Jurassic Apron...Sirius (masonic blazing star) radiates from the doorway
T-Rex as the dead hiram/osiris (dying god). Apron (top right) shows rainbow arc over sirius/eye!
Indiana 'Osiris' Jones 'masonic coffin escape'...shown to demonstrate that the thematics are on-going! Harrison '42' Osiris/Oziris the prototype masonic 'hiram abiff'

A Clockwork Orange (Sun)...scene plays as death/rebirth
Prior to the scene...Dim says to Alex "well, well, well, well, well" (pun, as in water!)
Prior to this scene, we see them (droogs & Alex) walk towards the sun, the only time it is shown!  After this trial...Alex goes to the Alexander home (in a storm/lightning) and is held in the upper attic-like room...he soon jumps off ala the tarot 'Tower' card!

Back To The Lightning Tree of Life...The Flux/Lux (light) Capacitor
 Spielberg & Zemeckis...with Michael J Anubis/Fox 
I've mentioned the 9/11 'twin pines' 'dog/canis' and 'terrorists' in earlier work...likewise with the sequel and the WTC.

If I wanted to push further...Abrams penned the awful script for the film Armageddon...and that has been identified in respect of WTC/911 too!

Malaysian/Malaise(ian) phonetics...
Malaise...A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.
Sound relation to this story?

A general feeling of discomfort, illness or unease...."whose exact cause is difficult to identify."

Not found...aka LOST aka MISSING

I noticed this phenomena in The Blair Witch the beginning, we see that Mike lives at number 18404 and the 'mythos' is that the protagonists go missing and are not found (ala 404)
Blair Witch was certainly an early internet phenomenon...and this (18)404 aspect may have been a deliberate subliminal clue! There is even a 'hanging skeleton' ala 'the hanged man' adjacent.

The first Malaysian Airways incident...

Comparisons to the network TV series LOST...should also be born in mind!

1977 ties into Lost too...The second (timeline) continues the original timeline, which takes place on the mainland after the Oceanic Six escape, and follows their return to the island on Ajira Airways flight 316 in 2007 (three years after they escaped). Some passengers on the Ajira flight land in 1977 and some remain in 2007. 

The ones who land in 1977 reunite with the other survivors who have lived for three years with the Dharma Initiative and attempt to change past events in order to prevent the Oceanic plane from crashing in the future. (I mention this only in passing and for thoroughness) 

 Enter 77...and episode released on March 7, 2007
 Primarily a reference to entering the numbers 7 & 7 into a computer, should the need arise.
The title of the episode ("Enter 77") foreshadows the characters' eventual jump into the year 1977...this (in one aspect) likely relates to the other Lost aircraft Ajira 316 etc.

77 & Aircraft (Par Avion) overlap...
What makes this interesting re: the very next episode that followed...Par Avion
 Par Avion...french meaning "by way of air"...also a term for 'air mail'.

Par Avion is also an alternative branding of Airlines of Tasmania...situated just off the coast of Aus/Oz.

Lost, 777 Oceanic 815 & Australia (Oz)
Many of the passengers on Oceanic 815 either hailed from Australia or had connections there through business or pleasure. In particular, some of the passengers seemed absolutely fated to spend time in Oz, the outcome of which resulted in their being booked on a flight destined to change the course of all 324 passengers' lives.

(above text is lifted directly, word for word, from the 'Lost Encyclopedia', where Oz is used!)

Missing (aka Lost) aircraft...777, Aus (Oz) etc
 The TV 'Lost' plane is supposed to be a 777 model...for the purposes of the series. 
A former excellent safety record (save these recent issues) The 777 has been involved in three confirmed hull-loss accidents as of March 2014; the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 accident in July 2013 was the first fatal crash of the aircraft in 18 years of commercial service. So for a vast majority of people...the first major incident/accident involving a Boeing 777 actually occurred via the TV series Lost (Sept 2004)...and not directly through reality. All occurring from the very opening of the series.

OZ is also written on the 'oceanic water bottle' via 'fluid ounces' OZ.

Aus/Oz takes centre stage

 The Aussie military launched 'P-3 Orion' aircraft to carry out initial searching and they've been used to search for some debris, based on the Chinese satellite info.

On September 22, 2004, Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) awakens disoriented in the jungle and notices a yellow Labrador retriever (Madison) darting through the bamboo forest. Following the path it came from, Jack runs haphazardly through the jungle to a beach, where he is confronted by the carnage of the airplane crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

  'the awakening of Jack/Jacob'  
 Some may recall the opening segment (outlined here previously) with Fox/Shephard (Anubis), the eye and the dog (cough, cough).  

"Hawk in the expansive sky..."  (horus mythos)
Horus was originally 'Lord of the Sky'
 The horus/hawk tattoo, the spinal (kundalini) surgeon aspects etc etc.
Stranger In A Strange Land...novel by Robert 'OTO' Heinlein 

Jack Shephard...who embodies elements of Osiris, Horus & Anubis 
 The Spine Surgeon ala Djed...with Red Cross (rosi-cross) & Caduceus of Hermes/Thoth

The Djed Pillar being raised (angle of the earth 23.5)...backbone of Osiris
Symbolic of Sirius/Dogstar (raising) pushing at the spine (belt) of the celestial heavens!
Jack is candidate 23 and heavily connected to the number, Psalm 23/Shepherd etc

  In the Qabalistic Tree of Life the 23rd path is associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Card.
This card connects to 'sacrifice' and the Jesus/Osiris myths.  Jack apparently sacrifices himself to save 'the island' he equates with that too, the hero  (heru/horus).  Father was called Christ-ian.

the snake on the cross...
 referencing the same thing!

As seen on the Two of Cups

Sit BACK...'Snakes on a Spine'
You might recall this appropriate 'aeronautical' 2006 release from Samuel L...son of Jack/Jacob
He also featured in Masonic Park...I mean Jurassic Park!

Zeus, thunderbolt & tower(s)
Recall his WTC/911 subliminals from Die Hard 3 & A Time To Kill!

Numerology, gematria, kabbalism etc...seems to be a large part of the Lost mythos!
 23 & 42 are shown on the above ID card....42 principles of Ma'at/42 Books of Thoth and the angle of the rainbow, as are all the numbers, which factor 108 (1080/2160 etc)

 Lost Scale (42) and the Ma'at Scale (42 principles/books)...anubis 'guardian of the scale of ma'at'.

The Fool's Journey...
0/Zero, the alpha & omega...beginning and the end (hence the identical 'start and end' of Lost)

The 'fool and his dog' (tarot) at the base of the tree 0...Jack/Jacob stares up into the canopy. 
Jim Carrey is usually the champion of 'the fool and his dog'...Fox is surely playing catch-up!
Carrey also ties-in to the 'spinal/dog' thematic(s) via film The Number 23 (ala Jack '23' Shephard)

Sirius/Anubis (dog star) follows Orion/Osiris in the celestial heavens...
likewise, the dog follows the fool via the tarot.

If the 3 belt stars of Orion (Osiris) are equated to the 3 pyramids...naturally we could equate the sphinx with sirius/canis 'the dog'.

 Lost...opens via the eye of Fox (Jack-al/Anubis)
The Fox/Anubis (Shephard)...with Ankh (originally used to tether sheep by the Egyptians and a symbol of life) bottom right, Winged Anubis with the shepherding ankh...sheperding the (lost) souls into the afterlife

The ankh was also used during 'opening of the mouth'.(as well as the ritual blade adze/ahnetjer) giving the breath of life...performed here by Anubis.

See The Shining (Jack) & Opening of the earlier post I made.

Anubis/Fox/ the breath of life/opning of the mouth (CPR) and saves a life, pilot 
Opening of the mouth is also referenced in Silence of the Lambs...for a shepherding tie-in, not forgetting the Memphis resonance too! 

Another Lost character can also be connected to 'opening of the mouth'
 Ben Linus (Lost) who murders Jacob...also plays Zep (Saw)...Michael Emmerson
Amanda's trap... Saw 'opening of the mouth' and 'ritual blade/scapel'
"The device you’re wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaws. When the timer at the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open."

The key to opening the mouth...

 Opening of the mouth/way/wormhole...via TV 
With Danny 'Color Purple/Lethal '911' Weapon' Glover! 

Mouth 'opening wide'...with hooks. (recall the ankh is also used)

I think Jacob lived here for a while...
 Lost's Egyptian Taweret and ankh...Jacob means heel/leg puller!

The ankh (guitar case) also connects to Jacob...who later claims that it is needed to save Sayid (more breath of life resonance). 
Lost's Jacob (Pellegrino) also featured in the film '23' (with a Jacob reference too) to match with Lost's Jack '23' Shephard.  

 Pellegrino was also in Mulholland 'OZ/911' Drive (hitman @ Oz inspired Winkies) and uses ladders (ala Lost) as part of his story arc...Jacob's Ladder!  Their thematics traverse media, as you can see with Pellegrino, obviously same with Carrey too.

Is Orion...the grail cup?
W=23 (Shephard/Jacob via The Number 23)
Psalm 23 aka Palm 23 (in the hand/palm)...the lord is my shepherd, my cup runneth over (Psalm 23:5 like the earth's tilt ala Djed pillar!)

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: 
(Anubis/Sirius, dog of orion dictated the fate of souls, the 'blessed' would join Osiris in the afterlife)

Over-flowing Orion?

Don't forget that Orion is also known as the True Shepherd of Anu (bis?)
below, Sirius/anubis is rendered as 'sothis cow' (composite sirius/hathor-isis)

Dendera Star Map...(portion)
We previously identified Tru(man) Burbank as a rendering of the 'True Shepherd of Anu'...via that film and with the rooster....the same can be found with Indiana Jones, his shepherd staff, rooster riding and anubis/sirius @ Tanis. See Spielberg/Lucas 'mystery religion' post for more on that!

Quite man (Orion/Anu) and his dog (Sirius/Anu-bis), some might remember the BBC shepherding show!

At least one more character from Lost appears in Mulholland Drive and another who is directly connected to Oz/Winkies...Patrick Fischler (aka Mulholland Drive's Dan) who played Phil!
Lynch regularly references 'the dog' in his films (even toto Oz, via Dune/Wild At Heart)...and he has a thing about the number 7 too! 

The Lynch/Lost connection doesn't stop there...a character from each show will straddle both the Twin Peaks universe (Hank Jennings) and the Lost Universe (Mike)...Chris Mulkey, he featured also in JJ Abrams Cloverfield.

Jack Shephard/Matthew Fox's Wings...
 Appropriately and the age of 25, Fox made his career debut on an episode of Wings.
Evoking the caduceus wings...

 Seen here with the rosy-cross (red cross, rosicrucian)

 Gets further 'cross' resonance, from the latest Alex Cross film vehicle! 
Morgan 'Red' (via Shawshank) 'Lucius Fox' Freeman...played Alex Cross

Blue 'Rosicrucian' Velvet
The fool & his dog, beginning the journey...on the precipice (ledge) with open gesture

The Fool & his Alice too!
Twin Peak's actors Everett McGill & Wendy Robie (aka Ed & Nadine) would feature in Wes 'Scream' Craven's People Under The Sta(i)rs...a film loaded with tarot, particularly 'the fool' (main characters name!) Wes 'Serpent & The (42) Rainbow' Craven.

Lynch's massive OZ resonance...
There is more on Lynch & Oz in other posts!  See Mulholland Drive post and Lynch Motifs posts!
Mulholland Drive opens with the OZ connected Jitterbug...before entering the dream world (ala Dorothy)!
Blue 'In Dreams' Velvet features Dorothy Valens (Rossellini)...from 'deep river' like MD's Diane!

Wild At OZ
 Oz/Toto etc...with Laura 'Jurassic Park' Dern as Dorothy, guest starring Willem 'Osiris/Orion' Dafoe, Bobby 'bunny jumping around the hole' Peru!

Don't forget the 666/Anubis/Fox/Jack-al overlaps...and Liber Oz
Some may even recall that Edward Fox played 'the jackal' in Day of the Jackal.

Lost Omen Fools...beginning the journey with canis

 Donner's original film...
When we're first introduced to Damien proper...its via hill walking into the sun, with dog, the fool's journey.  Peck on the precipice with dog...parents suspect Damien has fallen/dropped.  The later rottweiler will add to this 'canine' mix (fool/dog).

 The Hanged (wo)Man

The Fool can also be seemingly related to 'opening of the mouth' also and I spotted it via David 'Se7en' Fincher's The is how:

You could watch this and The Truman Show as a related double-bill!!!
The 'CRyStal' Pyramid Head (crystal skull)
The first picture we see on Douglas' 'psych test' is a circular maze. (evoking the brain)
Feingold (his psych test conductor) evokes 'find gold'...find the fools gold!

The Fool's Journey...
He lives at 2210 Broadway...those two numbers are analogous to the 22 paths & the 10 spheres of the 'journey of the fool along the tree of life' (sephiroth)
(As described near the start of this post, wiki gtaphic Liber 777)

Just as Douglas thinks that there is no game (he thinks he's  been rejected) he finds a clown (fool) on his driveway! This is setting it up for the fool's journey...rather than the film's initial opening, although some party clowns, are briefly referenced near the start, on Douglas' 7th birthday! 
Literally all the clown scenes, plus his father's fall occur at 2210
The fool on the precipice...aka Falling Down, another Douglas film!

The opening does reference 'the clown/fool stepping off too, falling off the precipice' via his father's building suicide fall, the 'driveway clown' he finds is in the position that his dead father was at 2210, just in front of the entrance and two pillars...amyway, it also evokes the tarot tower card #16.  
The film is bookended with Douglas taking a similar fall (stepping off) off a tower, at the film's climax...fool/alpha/omega etc. Plus an early scene with dogs, one dog snagging his trouser leg too

Fincher has previous with 'towers' & 'opening of the mouth'...his Fight 'WTC' Club and ground zero ending!  911 is referenced in Se7en...Lust scene.
Opening of the mouth (transition point)...via the pistol in Norton's mouth, which is also how the film started, (zero x2) alpha/omega etc.  Norton connects to Hannibal Lector and the opening of the mouth (used in SOTL & Hannibal) via Red Dragon.

"I'm am Jackal's complete lack of surprise..." (lol)

Anubis performing opening of the mouth...with ritual blade/hook, sometimes the ankh is also used!
Symbolically animating the dead...via the breath of life.

The ritual blade/adze/hook @ the clowns/fools mouth...
 Running concurrently with this is a talking 'news anchor/ankhor'...the ankh (anubis) and opening the mouth again, like Lost above!  The 'ankhor' even says "You going to spend the rest of the evening prying at that clown's mouth?"The 'news ankhor' then introduces Douglas to The Game!
NEWS from the cardinal points (North, East, West, South) and Anhk-or. 

The 4 sons of Horus became associated with the cardinal compass points, so that Hapi was the north, Imsety the south, Duamutef the east and Qebehsenuef the west.

The key (geddit) is pulled from the clown's mouth...before the ritual blade/hook is applied
 (the key to opening the mouth)

re: 9/11 & WTC subliminals...
Douglas memorably played Gekko in Stone's Wall St...I just viewed it for the first time today (28th March)...I now think it is perhaps the most resonant of all films that can directly & subliminally via imagery and connected to Sept 11.  I was blown away by what I saw and heard etc...and as you may imagine, that isn't easy to do!  The overlaps and connections are crazy too! I'm going to write a separate extended post on it, very soon! Its fucking what they pulled off, as you'll soon see!!! 

Fincher's sister featured in Lynch's Twin Peaks series...just one scene, the appropriately named 'Hook Rug' (a lovely little tune too) flashback scene...with the Horne boys and a flashlight.  The Game was co-produced by Propaganda films...the same company behind Twin Peaks (and other Lynch output).  

 Formed 1983, Fincher was one of the original founders, as was Michael Bay.
By 1990, the company was producing almost a third of all music videos made in the U.S

They also produced Candyman, which has an 'opening of the mouth/hook'thematic...
 It starred Dune & 23 actress 911 Madsen. Agent 'Dune, opening of the worms mouth' Cooper (McLaughlin) was originally attached to play Douglas' role in The Game...Jodie 'Alice/Contact/SOTL' Foster, was also attached and Silence Of The Lambs also has the heavy 'opening of the mouth' aspects!

The Game cont...
As befits the fool, Douglas does (symbolically, at least) get relieved of all his money (fool and his money etc)...basically he becomes materially dead...but seemingly to be symbolically reborn!

the very next scene...
Douglas has his own '3rd degree' ritual...raised from Hiram's coffin (into the light) at a Mexican cemetery!  Douglas then heads back home...all very similar to A Clockwork Orange's Alex who is immersed in hiram's coffin (seen earlier). The dazed Alex wanders the countryside before then coming to the home of the writer Mr. Alexander. Note...some might recall that Michael's father Kubrick the directing job on Spartacus (aka Weishaupt)...after previous director Mann was fired!

Douglas is kidnapped and finds himself buried alive in a coffin-crypt in a Mexico cemetery...he escapes into the dawn light. Nicholas (Douglas) pounds his way out of a COFFIN, looking wildly around, eyes blood-shot...a red rose (regeneration etc) on his jacket!  He ends up boarding a bus...the number is 22 (paths) and goes back to find the white rabbit (song).

 "I don't want money. I'm pulling back the curtain. I'm here to meet the wizard"
The Game will reference 'OZ' too...via Douglas dialogue near the end!

Fincher directed Alien 3...and I've previously linked that series to 'the opening of the mouth' etc...and the film's climax sees the 'alien' covered with molten lead (ala Osiris' coffin).
 They form a plan to lure it into the foundry's molding facility and drown it in molten lead by trapping it by closing a series of doors. The subsequent water kills the Alien.

Indiana 'Orion/Osiris/Djedi-Falcon/Tru Shepherd of Anu' Jones...Anubis via the 'lost ark' at Tanis
From Spileberg/Lucas...symbolic death and rebirth...just like Indiana 'Osiris' Jones and his lead-lined (ala Osiris/Set) coffin/fridge escape!  Crystal Skull...see the masonic coffin, crossed skull & bones! The scene is constantly ridiculed, but mainly due to lack of understanding about the real meaning being implied!
Ford gets Oz resonance from Working 'Isis' Girl...where he whistles an Oz song!

the 'acacia' coffin of Osiris/Hiram Abiff

Spielberg has this regard, as we've already seen!

This is also seen in the Kill Bill series, Uma Thurman escaping the '3rd degree' coffin & into the light!
From Quentin 'Pulp Fiction-666/Sun' Tarantino...recall how in earlier posts I connected the Carradine's to the OTO movement?

The Game & Pulp Fiction would both reference 'the white rabbit' too!
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) The Game...
Home...message from clowns mouth (again!) choosing 'eternal sleep' (sound familiar?)
 White Rabbit plays again, in final scene. When he sees that Christine (Unger) has left the party, he follows her outside to her cab. He asks her to dinner, and she offers to share a coffee with him before her flight takes her to her next game assignment in Oz-tralia!

 Douglas is also connected to the 'white rabbit' (and blade) via Fatal Attraction...bunny boiling! 
He also uses 'pulling the (white) rabbit out of the hat' dialogue playing Gekko in Wall St.

 Twisting down Jack (White) Rabbit Slim's hole, Pulp fiction...the 'Alice wormhole'

This white rabbit (ala Alice) phenomena is everywhere...Donnie Darko, The Ma'atrix, Platoon etc
The portal to another world/ referenced via Wonderland.

 Yes...even Lost (connecting to the looking glass & alice)

Douglas would co-star with Sheen in Stone's Wall Street...I can bring them both together in Wall St for a double 'opening of the mouth' pairing!  See next clip...

Platoon...from Orion Pictures (cough, cough)
Down the white rabbit wormhole...location 'the underworld' with The King (David), Chris(t) (Horus/Sheen), Ra with staff/goddess (Quinn) and Elias (Willem 'Christ-AntiChrist/Osiris' Dafoe!)
 Opening of the mouth...
The grunts operated out of fox-holes...Barnes (as Set) murders Elias (as Osiris/dying god) as per the myth and avenged by Horus (Sheen).  Barnes/Set injures Chris/Horus' per myth!  Sheen plays Buddy Fox in Stone's Wall St.

 Don't forget the other Platoon...white rabbit/bunny!
"You see that head come apart...I aint ever seen brains like that before"

This is also referenced in the sequel Born on the 4th July...and again with Dafoe, swallowing the worm!  Also a big theme in Poltergeist II...the same kind of thing!

 Thurman gets 'fox' resonance from Pulp Fiction...Fox Force Five (FFF=666)
Green (wo)Man resonance from Poison Ivy...Batman. 
Tarantino gets 'dog resonance' from Reservoir 'Rainbow' Dogs! 

Thurman danced with Vega (a star system)...Douglas married a 'celestial star' via 'Zeta' Jones!

As above, so below...
 The sirius dog, lepus rabbit, colum dove and Orion (the hunter)
As it is in the sky, so it will be on earth...hence the proliferation of these 
'creatures/symbols/constellations' throughout various forms of media.

From the coffin dwelling 'fox/jackal'

20th Century Anubis...proudly presents:

We're first introduced to the 'jackal theme' by the Priest (Patrick Troughton)
 The Omen.(1976) The jackal/anubis/fox at the graveyard...evoking anubis lord of the dead, underworld, mummification etc The attacking dogs heighten the 'canis' thematic. In early work we also connected the baboon (safari park) to thoth.

The remake (2006) film uses this convey a similar 'anubis quality'

Damien: Omen II
The anubis-jackal-fox...blood type & 23 (Dr Kane/Cain..canis & blood)
Jack-al & 23...just like Jack '23' Shephard!

The Ra-ven & The Shephard (Elizabeth 'Joan Hart' Shephard)
Robert Fox-worth also features as Paul Buher

Remember the 'Egyptian Gods' from the Thorn museum?

Charles Warren (curator, Omen2) v Charles Warren Masonic Templar (Temple Mount)
Warren's gate...the ark of the covenant etc. He also connects heavily to Jack The Ripper.
 Opening of the Warren mouth via ankh cross...Omen 2

Dogs & Foxes..The Hunt (Orion the hunter)
 Omen 3 (1981) Sam '666/Jurassic Park' Neill  (Donner produced)
The 'star trinity' aspect evoking the belt of Orion and accompanying sirius/canis/anubis 
We get 'the hanged man' aspect TV studio, burning priest suspended upsidedown.

 Lost has played the '777' about further connecting it to 666?

666 Park Avenue was cancelled on the winter solstice date (death of the 666 sun) 21st Dec
The pythagorean spiral, FOX = 666, in pi numerology, Fox as in Fox Force Five

Yes...un-locke-ing 666....just like the briefcase from Pulp Fiction, which contains 'the sun'!
Samuel 'Snakes on a Spine' Jack-son.

The Color Purple...sirius light?
Jackson is a D-jedi too, of course...via the prequels.  I'm not sure if he'll be in JJ Abrams Star Wars VII, we'll have to see!

Tarantino & OZ...
 Rainbow Reservoir 'Diamond' Dogs & Pulp 'Oz' Fiction 
The diamond could be a reference to Sirius too...sirius the 'brightest diamond in the night sky.'

 Tarantino in Oz with the 'green frog-man' Kelly Oz/Osbourne as Dorothy...should've expected it!

Lost in OS...
This Abrams designed opening...a homage to Twilight Zone (mentioned earlier)
We pass through Oz/Os everytime...via the opening titles

 A reversed 'OZ' is a part of the Twilight Zone title card

777 Flight out of OZ/AUS
Home of the world's greatest 'mysteries' (aka 'the mystery religion)
I've written a few things about Lost in earlier work...see here:
Although...I must confess that I've never watched the series!

Lost & OZ


Crowley...the literal Wizard of Oz (strength)

 OZ hebrew...strength (aka great and powerful)

 Another series...that obviously made no secret of its inspiration
Opening track predictably uses 'a dogg'...soon followed by Snoop Dogg in Oz (toto/sirius-canis)..even a 'pharoahe/pharoah' gets a look in...talking of 'pharoahs' 

Juicy 'Memphis born/666 mafia' J pops up via 666 mafia (666 horus, stele of revealing, Cairo) and we recently spotted him as 'black bull deity' Apis/Osiris (Memphis seat of the King) in Katies Perry's 'Memphis located' Dark Horse/Horus!  He rapped about Ma'at and the eating of the per the scales of judgement.
Red/Black Bull...666
Red Bull (666 winged sun) gives you wings!
 Diodorus Siculus "every year red bulls were sacrificed by the Egyptians" 
(their resemblence to Set/Typhon)

Will Smith's Hancock seems to subliminally reference this idea it and see.
The bad guy is red-headed (and has a hook) Smith is a 'hero' (heru/horus) and has the winged head motif...the eagle imagery is overkill!  Smith 'overtly' even references a 9:11 aspect...via a cash register, during a robbery, perhaps to embellish his already burgeoning WTC/911 (subliminal) thematics. Those come mainly through MIB & Independence Day.

(below) His Great Uncle 666 Aleister...dabbled with the 666 Horus Stele of Revealing/Revelation!
Surely you recall that Aleister's great nephew Nathan Crowley works as a 'production designer' in mainstream Hollywood...he worked on Batman: The Dark (Templar) Knight Rises?

Red bull...burns your wings ala Icarus 
("we need to build better wings"  Kubrick)
 Christian 'discovered by Spielberg/Bat(e)man' Bale/Baal (Empire of the 666 Sun)...plays the lead

The Machinist...
We've had Willem 'Christ/AntiChrist/666 merc ad''s Christ-ian/AntiChrist 666...Bale. 'Opening of the 666 mouth'. 

 Christ-ian Bale played John 'Terminator' Connor (JC) in Salvation (also evoking Jesus)
  we even get a crucified Sam Worthington scene...Christ-ian meets Christ! Connor basically can been equated with Jesus Christ (JC).

Christ-ian...manipulating the Osiris (dying god/jesus overlaps) Spinal Djed!
John/Jack/Jacob Connor (Christ-ian)...and his spinal ladder!

 The Machinist (Wood Machinist ala carpenter Christ)  Christians (aka followers of Christ)
I'd rather be fishing (after car hit, self sacrifice)... There's the VW beetle bug again!

Christ...'the fisher of men'and 'seeking the grail'
 Seeking...The Holy Fisher Grail Cup Orion King...via the (Carpenter) Starman!
(Gilliam/Python...Kundalini spinal snake, Life of Brian/Brain, Cleese Faulty 'Tarot' Towers etc)
 I've always liked Monty Python and the humour & I do find Gilliam to be a fascinating filmaker  

As below! The celestial rabbit hole to the grail?
Leaping (python) white rabbit and grail orion cup! A big wooden rabbit also gets thrown, leaps/lepus

As per the imagery (below)...the literal grail the sky (Orion?)
From Tri-Star (Orion)...Bridges in front of the WTC/WFC
The Fool & The 'lightning struck/flaming sword' Tower (path summing 777)

The '777' Flaming Sword-Lightning Flash of The Tower (The WTC) & The Fool
 The Fisher King 'Fool' 0/Egg/Alien Mork Rainbow Williams...with The '911 Big Lie-bowski' Starman (Bridges). The King 'WTC' Kong 'dude'. Robin '911 Awakenings' Williams...via that film of the same name. Pinocchio...for the 'star' (wish upon a sirius star)

Heaven or Hell...Ignorance or Enlightenment?
The Machinist...Road to (Terminator) Salvation (lol)

Christ-ian's Hanged Man
The Hanged Man's symbolism points to divinity, linking it to the Passion in Christianity, especially The Crucifixion; to the narratives of Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Mithras in Ancient Persian mythology and Roman mythology. In all of these archetypal stories, the destruction of self brings life to humanity.

 We see the hanged man 'motif' in Ridley Scott's Hannibal and in a religious setting...
 the death of Pazzi by is certainly a 'ritual death' (like the ancestor before him).

Note the above tarot card...showing the 'tau cross' shape, that suspends him...
symbolism points to divinity, linking it to the Passion in Christianity, especially The Crucifixion;
Lector in the 'crucifixion/tau' (osiris slain) Mason Verger's (masonic priest) estate
He was about to be sacrificed to the hogs. the narratives of Osiris in Egyptian mythology,
Silence of the Lambs...he is taken to Memphis (Seat of the Apis/Osiris King) as Osiris risen (crossed arms). He's gets people chasing the fool's gold (iron sulfide/louis friend) in this scene!

I noticed Scott using 'tarot cards' in his debut The Duellists (1977)...we see some actual cards etc.
The omega (end) shot...Keitel as the fool (literally, he learnt nothing) on the precipice...back to the egg 0!
A stunning visual shot...ala Barry Lyndon.

Beatle 'back to the 0/fool egg' McCartney's...(literal) Fool on the Hill!  007...Live & Let Die Tarot

Back to the 'winged' egg (brain)

 Beatle Ringo Starr's wife (Bach/Back) featured in The Spy Who Loved Me (with opening of the mouth aspects, see opening of the mouth posts for more)...released on a kabbalistic date... 
7 July 1977...or 7/7/77.

 Back to the Bond Egg (faberge 33)...and the 'alpha/omega' fool (Octopussy)
 The Fool and the faberge (egg/0)...opening scene, 009 clown/fool chased by blade throwers!  End scene Bond (clown/fool) disables bomb or whatever. The balloons, a rendering of the sun, see card
French Zero/0 = Ouef aka Egg!

Heath Ledger v Johnny Depp

The Hanged Man card was also featured in the occult film The Ninth Gate aka The Ninth 666 Gate!
Ninth Gate Depp was in  Dr Parnassus (Gilliam)...with Heath 'Joker/Fool' Ledger (he died during shooting & its his final film before his death) Ledger actually turns into Depp  

Both these films are infused with heavy 'tarot' resonance and faustian deals/pacts...the latter aspect, (from the filmakers pov) perhaps as a 'veil' to conceal the true intention...that intention, being 'gnosis'!  The positive/negative view on that, is down to the individual.

Gilliam's Dr Parnassus opens with Anton/Garfield as Hermes (thoth/mercury) with his Dr P travelling masonic lodge show...soon we're introduced to Ledger via the hanging scene...where he is shown as dead.

Accompanying the 'hanging scene' is lightning and the pillars...
 The necessary dialogue "the 'lightning flash'...there was a shadow, those pillars over there!"
plus all the 'masonic overtones' via Calvi!

as we've seen earlier with the 777 'lightning flash/strike of creation' (Truman Show/Back To The Future etc).
The Tower card and the 3 pillars seem to have a relationship...via the symbology and even some meaning.

The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation. Epiphanies, transcendental states of consciousness, and Kundalini experiences may result. In the Triple Goddess Tarot, the card is named "Kundalini Rising".

Yes...Kundalini/spinal serpent...erm, PYTHON (snake/serpent!) geddit?

Pythons/Pi-thons/Pyth-agoreans...Life of Brian...'striking the tower/pillar'
 and falling Brian/Christ whisked away by green one eyed space gods!
The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation...etc

 Dr P...Opening of the Shepard's (Ledger) Mouth...his hanged body is taken down
 Lily Cole performs 'CPR' on Ledger...ala opening of the mouth (breath of life).  We discover via Parnassus that his name is Tony Shepard (the shepherd meme again!).

 The 'opening of the shepherd/shepard mouth' thematic will be reinforced by the following...during CPR etc.
 A metal tube...flies out of Ledger's mouth

A little while later...
Parnassus..."He's been sent to us for a reason, I know...the cards don't lie" (look what follows!)
Free Dvd The Ancient Egyptians (with Pharaoh Ankh-naton!)
Ledger reading about himself...he is the 'missing' in the news story...his pic, on the right

 Dr Parnassus and The Ninth Gate overlaps...the devil x 2
 In Parnassus...the film follows a travelling theatre troupe whose leader (Dr P/Plummer), having made a bet with the Devil, (the faustian pact) takes audience members through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations and present them with a choice between self-fulfilling enlightenment or gratifying ignorance.
(see Bale, The Machinist, mentioned earlier)
Ledger is hanged from Black Friars (dark monks) Bridge in a homage to Calvi (P2 masonry) found hanging from this bridge in the 80's...Calvi was a banker (aka God's Banker), they used 'ledgers' back then. Calvi was found with bricks in his pockets aka masonry (the pocket bricks are also referenced by Gilliam too)!
Using this location...Gilliam can infuse the hanged man and the 777 lightning flash/pillar elements together.

 The Hanged Man...also seen in Cronos (Del Toro)

 We know that 'the hanged man' evokes the (dying god) Jesus/Osiris myths...
 and we should include the masonic Hiram Abiff too...imo, another rendering of Osiris.  Depp (with Hathor 'Isis/Sycamore' Graham) would reference Hiram Abiff in From 'masonic' Hell...the film would also reference the '3rd degree' ritual too! Masonic Templar Charles Warren would also feature

 This 'tarot' version references the Ankh...Shepherd's Cross/Anubis/Life etc.

 Like this Ankh from Damien Omen 2...with Charles Warren (not same one above, but same name)
 Charles 'masonic hanged ankh man' Warren..the ankh is featured in his death scene!
Omen 2 featured Lee 'Mulholland Drive' Grant

As also seen in Eyes Wide Shut...The Hanged Man(dy)
'Sacrifice of self brings life to man', an adage of the hanged man card..."take me, let him go"
We later discover that she dies from a drug overdose (likewise Ledger did too!)

Mirror, mirror...Ledger (Thoth/Shepard) & Alice (Kidman/EWS) through the looking glass
Through the looking glass...

via...the Matrix looking glass
 Via Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves...

Woof, woof...You cannnot be sirius...
With the Double 'Dog-Town' (ville = town) Oz/Aus dwellers...Heath & Nicole
Dogville's Elm St versus Depp's Elm St...with Freddy aka Robert 'Visitors/Sirius B' Englund
Tumble with Aussie Nicole & the sirius stairway dog...through Stepford via OZ (Frank/director)

Tumbling down  Oz/Aus Kidman's/Alice's Rabbit Hole....
It's two faces...she's with Harvey 'Batman' Dent

Dent aka Two-Face with the Joker Ledger...the fool from Oz/Aus.

One Joker to the next...Burton Batman Joker\Fool...Nicholson
Beetlejuice...Keaton who played Batman (opposite Jack), was originally slated to play Jack 'Anubis/Fool' Shephard in Lost!  Both former films by Tim 'Depp' Burton.

Keaton...The (crumbling/lightning struck) Tower(s) & 911 door (Batman)

Beetlejuice opening...the fool & his dog on the precipice, they drop off & into the afterlife journey!
 Beetlejuice (evoking the star on the shoulder of Orion & imo the thalamus) with Batman '911 doorway' Keaton...Alec '911/WTC Working Girl' Baldwin/Geena 'Long 911 Kiss G'Night' Davis.

Jack 'Torrance/Joker' Nicholson...'the fool on the precipice'...'juices the vw beetle' (on the precipice, into the shining sun etc) to the Overlook, during The Shining opening!  

The Joker/Fool as his dog...and 'the hanged man'

 Opening of the Chief's mouth (yes, literally & figuratively) with Joker Fool Jack...referencing fool! The first time Chief talks...or opens his mouth!
 " fooled them, you fooled them all"
In the film...McMurphy has his card an aspect.

Cuckoo's Nest...was literally Michael Douglas' film and it came via Kirk too!
Recall Michael Douglas and opening of the fool's mouth (The Game)

Cuckos' Nest's The Chief (Will Sampson, above) featured in Poltergeist II 
with its 'opening of the mouth/wormhole' aspects and alice down the rabbit hole combined!

You can find Jack Nicholson's 'opening of the shining mouth' in my early work!
It's what started this whole 'mouth opening' (ala Egyptians) theory of mine!

 Jack 'The Shining/Baphomet' Nicholson
The Tarot 'devil card' above, so below etc

To Johnny 'Alice/Baphomet/Ninth 666 Gate' Depp...with his Kenneth 'OTO' Grant resonance
...Batman Burton's Alice, white rabbit and the mirror

Down Depp's 'White Rabbit' Hole...x2 (Alice/Fear & Loathing)
Recall Platoon (& The Game) Depp (Lerner) featured in that film that 3 in total now?
Gilliam again too! I sense blades/metal pipes and threats of throat/mouth insertions too!
He played Edward 'ritual blade' Hands!

Depp's white rabbits...
Ledger becomes Depp...when he passes through a 'masonic Alice mirror' (see earlier promo shot)

Double-take...Depp (right) is one actor who stood in for Ledger, after Heath died during filming!

  Through the Darko Alice mirror...follow Jacobs white/grey (lepus) rabitt

 Via Heath & Jacobs (broken spinal djed) Ladder

 To Juda (meaning Shining/Illustrious) 'brokeback' Law, he plays a version of Ledger in Dr P!
 Law got 'spinal treatment' (djed spinal ladder resonance) via Existenz...scene references God too.
Spinal bio-port (fusion of the flesh and tech) fitted by Willem 'Osiris/Djed/Christ' Dafoe...the Platoon/4th July 'white rabbit wormhole opener'!
This bio-port spinal hole (Spinal Tap, lol) that will link him to 'the game of existenz/existence' troubles Law at first, worrying about having an open hole/wound on his body...his co-star (Jennifer Jason 'Twilight Zone/Vic Morrow's daughter) Leigh, laughs and sarcastically opens her mouth, suggesting a safe example. Interesting that this could 'subliminally' link the 'spinal djed' and literal 'opening of the mouth' aspects together, Dafoe's presence adds even more obviously.

Existenz director Cronenberg...opening of the (videodrome) mouth via TV
Cronenberg...I've always found his work fascinating!

Jude Law also attempts a ladder climb in Dr Parnassus! The 'jacobs (spinal) ladder' to heaven, enlightenment.  Yes this time...the literal artistic rendering of the 'outer version' of Jacob's Ladder...a ladder in the heavens, as opposed to the internal spinal one.

 Jude...yup he's at it again!

  Jude 'Ladder' Law...this time with the Horus Hawk(e) & 3rd Degree Thruman!

 We've had Kubrick's homage to Karnak...Full Metal Jacob and his ladder to God.
A biblical name reference, to one of the climbers! Moses (who some equate with Ankh-naton)
"Get off my obstacle"..."You'll will learn by the numbers I teach you" etc
Said by drill Sgt aka R Lee Ermey...he featured in Se7en, ruled floor 7 in Full Metal Jacket and flew with squadron 7 in Apocalypse

Y its...Jim/James/Jack/Jacob's...'23 DNA spinal ladder' to the moon...via the Sirius I in the sky!

 Osiris/Horus were also associated with 'the ladder to heaven'
E.A. Wallis Budge

Jude 'Shining' Law featured in Spielberg's (formerly Kubrick's) A.I. and with the submerged WTC towers and opening of the mouth aspects!

Opening of the AI (tollgate) Mouth...
 Law with Os-ment/Oz-ment, who resonates with Bruce '6th Sense' Willis & his massive Die WTC/911 Hard elements.

Parnassus, The Anubis solar barge...Depp (as Ledger) shepherding souls and the dead
The pyramid, the heart (judgement/maat scales) evoking the ferry crossing to Amenta...
Join Osiris and paradise in the afterlife.
Ledger will also feature with Morgan 'Lucius Fox/Jackal' in The Dark Knight
Heath's "Why so serious/sirius" (anubis) & playing Commissioner Gordon, Gary 'Sirius/Phoenix' Black-dog Oldman!

Tony (played by Johnny Depp) guides a rich woman through her fantasy world, three boats appear bearing the pictures of Rudolph Valentino, James Dean and Princess Diana, three public figures who died prematurely. Tony urges the rich woman to follow their path and to embark on a gondola bearing the head of Anubis, the god of the Dead. 

The woman sees the pictures and says: “All these people … they’re all dead.”
Tony replies: “Yes … but immortal nevertheless. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are … forever young. They’re gods … and you can join them.”
“Your sacrifice must be pure.”  (hanged man etc)
All of this is said by Johnny Depp, the actor who replaced Heath Ledger after his premature death. 
(obviously this is all 'post' Ledger's death)

The Joker/Fool (Ledger) needs his... Dog (sirius/canis/anubis) resonance, seen earlier
 ...via Colombia (dove) Tri-Star (Orion/belt). He won the 'phoenix/sirius' (anubis) award Best actor!
Lord of the dogs...Anubis/dog, lord of the dead/underworld/guardian of the ma'at scales! of the scales (see next image)

He'll connect to his fellow Oz dwelling com-patriot...Mel 'Lethal 911 Weapon'
 Scales...The '911' Patriot..from Roland '911/WTC' Emmerich. Putting Ledger into the 9/11 matrix!

They also had Heath play 'The Widow's Son' aka Ned Kelly....the widow obviously meaning Isis, after Osiris/Abiff was murdered by Set/3 Assassins...the masons aka 'the sons of the widow'

Egypt infused...
From Four Egyptian infused feathers to Three...

featuring the Black Prince (Purefoy)...he of the 3 Ostrich Ma'at feathers!

Wearing (ibis headed) Thoth/Hermes looking mask...both (Ledger/Depp) actors wear it.
 A feather also makes up his the early scenes...evoking the thoth/ma'at feather.

  Same mask/feather, spotted in Eyes Wide Shut (Kidman), masked ritual...'the hanged Man(dy)'
  Ostrich feather headpiece (ma'at feather)...she redeems (self sacrifice) Cruise (aka Bill, geddit bird bill/beak/ibis) and is led away by Ibis/Thoth (scribe of the judgement scales). 

Released very close together in 1999...Ninth Gate/Eyes Wide Shut
Masked rtiuals...Blindfolded (see piano player) 'hoodwinked'.  Both drive a virtually identical Range Rover too!

Marked men...Depp (Ninth Gate)
Ledger also has the 'all seeing pyramid eye' (sirius) on his forehead in the Hanged Man shot. The 'all seeing eye' is a heavy motif throughout. Phi is also referenced...golden ratio/pi-ramid etc

Casting Ledger as the 'Archetypal Fool'...The Fool on the precipice or Ledge(r)
The Fool (Joker) the alpha/omega...beginning and the END!
The fool & Dorothy on the road to Oz with Toto.
Ledger will get his 'Oz' resonance by being born in Perth, Oz-stralia (an aspect of MH370!)

Ledger as the Fool x 2 (Joker/Clown) Batman The Dark Knight & Dr Parnassus

 The Dark Knight was his last fully completed film before Dr Parnassus, the fool to the hanged man!  Ledger died even before the editing on Batman TDK was finished. 

Send in the clowns...
 The Dark Knight opens with a bank robbery scene and clowns descending on lines...the fool(s) dropping in as the alpha! Joker Ledger, right pic...beginning his fools journey, at the start!

Bank robbery with a twist..."a fool and his money, are soon parted!" 

Bale starred with 'Joker/Fool' Ledger in the Batman series...featuring 'why so serious/sirius'
Matthew 'They Call Me The Joker/Fool' Modine (Full Metal Jacket) plays DC Fo(o)l-ey...
in TDKR.

Just incase there are one or two doubters, about the intent to cast Ledger as 'the fool'...then I give you this!
Ledger's first ever film role IS the fool...Clowning Around aka Fooling Around
Set in Perth, Oz, he delivers the final lines of the film...the alpha/omega (beginning & end)
This is closely followed by a role in 'Paws'...for the fools dog, its about a jack russell terrier...'Blackrock' (an element of Lost) sits inbetween these releases.

The tale of the Knight...

The 'Dark Knight'
The Black Armoured Knight aka Death

The Dark Knight Rises...Bale as the hanged man (to go with The Machinist)
Christ-ian Bale hangs from a rope in this film...tackling the pit, broken back/spinal Djed!
Ledger gets 'spinally infused' via Broke-Back Mountain, opposite Jacob(s) 'spinal ladder ' Gyllenhaal...Donnie 'alice mirror/white rabbit/42' Darko

The Dark Knight...Bale suspends Joker Ledger on a single rope/thread ala the hanged man!
All overlapping with Dr Parnassus (Ledger/Depp) & Depp's Hanged Man, Ninth Gate!

The Dark Knight Rises...
That film opened with a 'hoodwink' (masonic term, levelled at the profane) and the 'hi-jacking'/'take over' of an aircraft. Not forgetting the Aurora/Sandy Hook tie-ins etc.
Some have mentioned this is respect of AWACS (a military plane) which, of course
phonetically evokes Aiwass (A-waz/Oz/Crowley, the dark oriental templar knight)

Two actors from the TV series Lost would also feature in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
 Brett Cullen (Goodwin Stanhope) & Fredric Lehne/Lane (Edward Mars)...the latter (above) connected to 777 Oceanic 815 and Aus/Oz...he is also connected to 'Bin Laden' via his role in Zero Dark Thirty.

 More 'OZ/OS' based news running just prior & concurrently alongside MH370...
a 'group mind' overdose!

 The Oscars ceremony (Hollywood) was only a few weeks ago, of course...March 2nd (6 days before MH370)

PTAH- SOKAR - (anagram, OSKAR)
From the Old Kingdom, he quickly absorbs the appearance of Sokar and Tatenen, ancient deities of the Memphite region. His form of Sokar is found contained in its white shroud wearing the Atef crown, an attribute of Osiris. In this capacity, he represents the god of the necropolis of Saqqara and other famous sites where the royal pyramids were built. Gradually he formed with Osiris a new deity called Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. Statuettes representing the human form, half-human, half-hawk, or simply in its falcon form will be systematically placed in tombs to accompany and protect the dead on their journey to the West.  Ptah's symbols are the 'djed' and 'the bull' (memphis/apis). An ancient Egyptian name for Memphis, Hikuptah, which means "Home of the Soul of Ptah".

 Oscar Pistol-rius...The Blade Runner overlaps...seemingly quite obvious
The February 14th St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Pris' (Daryl Hannah) incept date is 14th Feb 2016

Bladerunner Deckard's job (Harrison 'Osiris/42' Ford)...was shooting replicants dead, an assassin. I've linked Scott's Bladerunner film to 'opening of the mouth' too...the ritual blade that runs on the mouth/lips...Gaff (aka Hook) via Olmos.  His 'opening of the Alien mouth'...sledgehammers this concept home!

 The biggest 'OZ' meme generator out there (bar the films/books) this gentlemen!
Ozzy and Sharon are usually surrounded by dogs..Randy Rhoads (guitarist, Blizzard of Ozz) died in a plane crash in 1982 aged just 25...about 18 months after the albums release. 

Outside of that there is an 'OZ mythos' surrounding the Kennedy assassination...OZ-wald & Ruby etc...The Killing of the King, head wound ala hiram abiff (osiris overlaps) and the 3 ruffians/tramps aka the 3 juwes.

Media weirdness/foreshadowing...MH370

Thanks to and a couple of comments posted there.
The 'dog' thematic continues...from June 2012
For more on Pitbull's (a literal dog star) 'mystery religion/masonic' credentials, see previous post relating him to the 'sirius' (dogstar) meme!

Get It Started (lyrics)....Pitbull featuring Shakira
Malaysia, two passports, (No Ali)

10th March...
  Mr Ali, two passports (pair) and Malaysia...'red herring' huge cough, cough!
Introducing fantasy (Monarch victim Spears right) juxtaposed next to the story...when I went to view it...randomly generated marketing, of course. 

A mystery Iranian called “Mr Ali” bought tickets for two passengers who used stolen passports on the missing Malaysian plane, it has been revealed. “Mr Ali” purchased them - in cash - from a travel agent after insisting he wanted “cheap” flights. There was still no sign of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which has disappeared without trace with 239 people onboard.

Authorities admitted the incident was an “unprecedented mystery”.  The FBI are now involved after a Thai travel agent admitted she had arranged the travel for the two suspects via an Iranian customer she only knew as “Mr Ali.”  Grand Horizon (Horizon = Horus Risen, Grand Horus Risen) travel agency owner Benjaporn Krutnait said she had been asked to book inexpensive flights for Europe on March 1st.

Thai authorities tried to contact this “Mr. Ali”, but it turned out, that the number he left at the travel agency was fake (aka a fantasy).  Mr Ali is what is known as a red know, just like Bin Laden etc. 'Red Herring' is even used in the text/picture above...relating to the FBI and the Chinese Martyrs Brigade!  The FBI give a 'red herring' to replace another 'red herring'!  All very fishy...mmmm?

I found 'Omen' in 'Finding Nemo' I find 'A Lie' in 'Mr Ali'
I've seen relation to aircraft before and one that certainly raised a few eyebrows!

 Or as I prefer...A Li(e) 
Above...Pushing Tin out of 'mystery religion central' aka the Hollywood shithouse, priming minds for the WTC-9/11 ritual mindfuck!  In this context, I mean 'a lie' as in the 'reasoning & perps' behind it...given to us by the authorities.

Another Jet Lie?
Want to see another 'synchronistic aspect' potentially involving aircraft, lies & MH370?

Hollywood/Pinewood gets a look in...
 You must be Ju Kun (joking)....A literal Jet Li...Jet (aircraft) Li(e)
Hollywood (magickians wand) & Pinewood (brain pineal pinecone ala satff of Osiris)

Another Chinese aspect...perhaps suggestive of lies and mirages...?
Now the Chinese have sent in their military plane, Ilyushin IL-76 in search of Flight MH-370!
Let's look at the phonetics there 'Ilyushin'...Il-(y)-us-shin...Illusion! Worth considering, at least!

Yes...we're still in the 'Twilight Zone'!

Fuck me...if this stuff just doesn't write itself!!!
I've only just been made aware of the US mudslide event...within the last hour (17:00 uk time, 25th March).  I vaguely heard something about it prior, but didn't catch the place name and/or the details etc!  I've certainly never heard of this particular Washington town before.

 It's not my fault....but the place name mentioned falls 'synchronistically' within the realms of this post and the OZ/OS/AUZ renderings and phonetics!  It even gave me a huge WTF moment and in I 've been piecing this whole post together in the last 24 hours!


 Then look what followed...via this BBC report....keeping in mind L(OS)T & OZ etc.

Yes...108 aka 4+8+15+16+23:42 = 108
108 is the seemingly the number of reports that authorities have claimed to received!
I just heard this re-iterated on the news (27th Mar) a sledgehammer, '108, 108, 108 reports'
Up to 108 'missing' or 'lost' and in OS-O
Yes..seemingly something else to add to this current 'potent' media mix!
A 'Lost' plane near Aus/Oz...and up to 108 'Lost' people near OSO/OS-O 
The mountain is unbelievably called 'Cascade' (as in tumbling down).

Jacob/Jack and the dog...
27th I read that 'r'escued' Jacob' has been re-united with his mother! (pic from 7/7) 
and that a chocolate labrador dog (canis/toto in Oz/Oso) has also been rescued!

There is an entire 'Jacob & Mother' story aspect to Lost.
His birth mother (ma'at/matriarch) is Claudia, who is killed by the women (mother) above and she susequently raises (cough, cough) the twins.

LOST-AMA Bin Laden

Re: Washington DC...and 77 resonance
The 77 plane is historically known as the hi-jacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11

 I almost didn't mention the OS-AMA name!

The World Trade Center in the land of OZ (The Wiz, 1978)
 The OZ inspired 'The Wiz' film used the WTC as a set! 
The Number 23 director Schumacher...would work on this film.

Not forgetting the subsequent (Al Qaeda) and 'analogous' July 7th...7/7/2005 (2+5 =7) or 'media termed' 77 bombings...on the London underground.

 This from 2012...we started with 777 and we'll finish on the same.
7/7...and 7 years ago
Or is it just another excuse for the MSM to air the kabbalistic  '777' meme?


I just found a shed load of comments in the 'spam folder' idea how they got there or why...if you've left a comment over the last few weeks/months (not just this post, but any), I apologise...I will try and get around to answering some.  Thanks for the support.

31st March, follow
I honestly had no idea about the below...until 'anons comment'!  Thank you anon. Only found out in the last few hours...all the sirius/phoenix related stuff, was put there before I was even aware...amazing!

The Yellow Submarine...The 'watery' Phoenix...The Abyss

Phoenix/Sirius...and the Abyss (below) 

Remember...the phoenix is heavily tied into the themes of regeneration too, as well as the celestial aspect!

Coupled with the searching Orion aircraft...we've got Orion & the dog aka the fool and his dog...

Orion & Sirius (canis dog/anubis/phoenix)
As above (as it is in the heavens) so below (so it will be on earth)
I'm aware that it is April Fool's day tomorrow too!  It would've been quite difficult to get 'a dog' connection any other way (we're at sea!)...unless 'the matrix' referenced an 'old sea dog'!  I'm sure you get my drift.

'Abyss' type deep-sea submarine
Three deep-sea submarines used to search for wreckage of the crashed Air France Flight 447 have also been sent to aid in the search for MH370. The three "Abyss" type submarines can dive to depths of 6,000m and stay submerged for up to 24 hours.
Crossing the abyss...the sirius (phoenix)/gnosis wormhole through da'ath on the tree of life.  The crossing that the adept has to make and one apparently fraught with potential danger 
(as per Crowley etc). I've written about that and given countless examples in the past (via Hollywood...Matrix, Bladerunner, Star Wars etc) it even features in Twin Peaks...and quite heavily too!  It has that...'leap of faith' ('I must not fear' ala Neo) element to its mythos too.

 777 & The Abyss
The lightning flash passes directly through the veil of the abyss sphere of da'ath/sirius/pluto

The Veil of the Abyss...aka the hidden/veiled 11th sphere  da'ath/sirius gnosis wormhole 
The 'dying god' (Christ Crucified/Osiris Slain) on the (Rosi) Cross...the dweller on the threshold (daath/abyss/head)...ala Twin Peaks lodge mythos, "under the sephiroth tree"

666 light and the 1080(p)...HD TV's aka 42 (T=20 V=22) light emitting resolution
1080 x 2 = 216(0) aka great year...6*6*6 = 216 

Now, from the above graphics...we can see and appreicate where the 'veiled sirius/da'ath' aspect is situated on the tree of life (TOL)...remember this all ties into 777 (Crowley) and his tree of life/lightning flash of creation...the pathway summing 777.

Recall Back to the Future and the '777, lightning flash temple' and 'TOL flux capacitor'! 

The capacitor being a ringer for the bottom 4 TOL spheres!  
The veiled 11th sphere and pluto via the planets on the tree of life...BTTF, the plutonium!
Perhaps the '88mph time wormhole' represents/embodies the veiled 11th sphere.

The veiled 11th sphere...pluto, da'ath, sirius all occupying the same sphere.

Check your clock...last contact 01:19

The 119 canis/sirius watch dog, the terrorists, the '116/911twin pine' reference...
The planet 'pluto' (Disney's dog and Carrey's dog, Truman Show and not forgetting Doc's 9/11 sirius/canis dog, above) also sits in the same position as 'sirius/da'ath' on the TOL...plutonium 239 was USED to power the flux/lux light capacitor!  The reset button (left pic) is the nuclear symbol, but it is also the symbol of 'the demon of the abyss' aka per Crowley etc! 

I found this on the net...Back to the Future & pu239
Doc is pulling out a tube of plutonium which he got from a group of Libyan nationalists after he told them that he would make a bomb from it. One problem with this scene is that weapons grade plutonium and reactor grade plutonium are two very different isotopes. Weapons grade plutonium (Pu-239) has a percentage of fissile isotopes of 93% (93 number of thelema) in a material while reactor grade plutonium only has 50-60%. The weapons grade plutonium is inefficient at producing power while the reactor grade plutonium is a more suitable alternative. If he had been given weapons grade plutonium (to make the bomb, since reactor grade plutonium is almost never used to make a bomb) then he wouldn’t have been able to put it into the DeLorean and use it to power the nuclear reactor and the flux capacitor (which is also a scientific anomaly since a flux capacitor can never exist, flux is a defined as a vector field continuous in a region...)

 So Pu-239 firmly connects to the Back To The Future mythos, its use is implied...Pu 238 would've been more suitable (its used in spacecraft, a half-life of 88 years, 88 on the speedo) so represented both ways.

Plutonium aka Pu analogous with the passenger/crew numbers of flight MH370!
239 people...on the 777...the winged 777 Crowley & lightning flash Tree of Life

We've just picked out the TOL 'daath/sirius/pluto' connection for Back to the Future...lets now move onto Neptune (aka Poseidon) and the TOL related kether crown!

Poseidon/Neptune is now connected to 777 MH370
The god of the Sea Neptune (Roman) & Poseidon (Greek)  carries a TRIDENT.

The Malaysian Airlines Logo has a TRIDENT aspect.

The POSEIDON aircraft (literal air & craft 'the craft') is searching for the wreakage of MH370.
 TRIDENT Security loaded cargo on the plane

The bottom 4 spheres (tol) are already represented by the flux/lux capacitor formation
We get 'plutonium'...see, pluto/daath/ Neptune aka 'top of the tree' Kether aka Crown! 
(like Neptune's crown/trident)
 So you'll want some physical evidence...yes?

Neptune/Poseidon/Trident...Back To The Future
 The McFly....and The Enchantment Under The Sea...appropriately!
"You are my density....erm destiny." Remember Anubis Fox pretended to be 'from outer space' when he first meets George. Having this god in the film is clearly not situationally unlikely...given the setting etc.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that Crispin 'Wild At Heart/Friday 13th' Glover is responsible and hi-jacked the plane.  I find the links and connections interesting and relevent...particularly as BTTF is seemingly heavily conneted to 911 predictive meme programming shown, albeit subliminally.

That said...Zemeckis' latest film...the appropriately name 'Flight'...also has elements that obliquely connect to MH370.

 Flight #227...cough, cough.
227 passengers...cough, cough

227 passengers perished on the 4 flights of 9/11
227 passengers are missing from flight MH370 

666 (216th day) Sun King William's child George was born on 22/7, PI like his fathers old forces insignia badge which referenced PI in its symbol!

22/7 = PI my 666 post, I showed how PI seemed to also relate to the 'magic square number of the sun' and the kabbalistic 666

Pluto/plutonium is the 'Tree of Life' link...the Back to the Future TOL...IS the kabbalists/qabalists tree, same as Crowley's tree, obviously.

777 Crowley...The Lightning Struck Tower(s)...the eye of horus
From the 'hermetically' named Ram-sey (ram/hermes)...vir/nox (horns ala ram) attitude of Pan
Floor 77 Babalon & Floor 93 (number of thelema)...flight 77 hitting pentagon, flight 93 Pittsburgh!

I'm not really into predicting (I've mainly spent time 'reverse engineering' MSM media games & 911), but I am aware of the chatter regarding the plane...ideas that it could be used as a flying nuclear bomb...connected to terrorists. By terrorists...I mean the MSM media type constructed bogeymen...ala 9/11!  As you can probably tell from the blog...I'm fully in the camp that believes 9/11 was ultimately sanctioned and delivered by 'industrial/military/msm' authorities...MH370 may leaves us thinking, that this could be a similar production, from the same sources  that brought us 9/11, who knows!?  This bomb aspect had to be raised and discussed.

If the 1985 production of Back to the Future (and sequel too) can show us so many elements that worringly connect to WTC, terrorists & 9/11 (subliminally)...what else can the MSM show us, and how much are/have we been subliminally processed and for what purpose!?

Back to...Twin Peaks, Major Garland 'UFO/666/Stargater/X-Files' Briggs
(he disappears mysteriously and comes back dressed as a plane pilot!) 
The show seems to imply that he successfully 'crossed the abyss' (reaching enlightenment)
There he is in paradise...above pic. When he returns...he is also marked with the nuclear symbol (Pu239, as seen in Back to the Future, above) aka the symbol of 'abyss dwelling' Choronzon!
I've heard of suggestions that choronzon may also relate to being a part of the 'self' etc

From my previous post on 666... The Abyss
  In December 1948, Parsons (OTO) took “the Oath of the Abyss” in a ritual conducted before W.T. Smith. This is tantamount to willingly suffering the “long, dark night of the soul” that is common in artistic and psychological literature. While most occult initiations can be “given,” i.e., passed on through ritual and the laying on of hands or some other appropriate ceremony, the initiatory levels of the “Abyss” and beyond cannot be imposed by human intervention, according to the tradition of the western mystery schools. In this case, all of creation is seen as the Qabalists’ “Tree of Life,” a diagram containing ten spheres connected by twenty-two paths. The top three spheres and the bottom seven spheres are “separated” in this instance by the Abyss, a place where one’s ego is destroyed… or not. If not, then one becomes a “black brother,” (like Darth Vader/Da'ath Evader) or “magician of the left-hand path,” that is, an evil magician and source of pestilence. If one has successfully passed the Abyss, however, then one attains greater spiritual glory.
Peter Levenda - Sinister Forces Book One:The Nine

This all reminds me of...the Lucas Death Star/Da'ath Star (aka Sirius) and the Da'ath/Death Star trench (scene) aka Abyss, Luke the light shamen (Skywalker) the X-Wing (aka Cross). 
Get prepared to see Star Wars from a whole new and oblique angle...forget about the literal, for a moment...understand I do still appreciate the traditional idea of viewing films.

 The da'ath star/sirus/gnosis wormhole...the head overlays it on the tree of life!

The (CE)REBEL(LUM) Attack Plan
 I've done similar with Kubrick's The Shining...Jack & the 'ce-re(d)(b)-rum' door/brain axing! 

 The ce-rebel-lum (Latin for "little brain") is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control. It may also be involved in some cognitive functions such as attention and language, and in regulating fear and pleasure responses; its movement-related functions are the most solidly established.

The cerebellum does not initiate movement, but it contributes to coordination, precision, and accurate timing. It receives input from sensory systems of the spinal cord and from other parts of the brain, and integrates these inputs to fine tune motor activity.  (exactly like the brain tools that rebel Luke successfully employs!)
Rebel Attack Plan...(subliminal brain synapse)
Descending into the Abyss...(two-fold, the brain cortex outer layer & the death star surface)
 Getting the better of Darth (Da'ath) in the trench/abyss...
Shooting the light torpedo...through the (exhaust) the da'ath/sirius/gnosis exhaust vent/wormhole
X-crossing the Abyss...The leap of faith (literally in the character's sense & the subliminal esoteric theme sense)...Luke turns off his targetting computer, remember!

 Would 'sci-fi' cinema have been the same...if Kubrick's 2001 hadn't set the scene?
Would Star Wars have ever been made or as popular?  Unanswerable, but worth pondering.

So via Kubrick...we get:
Kubrick who died 666 days before 1st January 2001...the year that is encoded via his 2001:ASO
2001 (Jan 1st) the REAL first day of the new millenium...and not the faux 2000 version.
Got Spartacus job on a Friday 13th and Spartacus was Illuminist Weishaupt's codename...and this was via Kirk Douglas too.  I sense a potential 'encode' in the above!

2001...Kubrick & 777
2001:ASO is also seemingly kabbalistically encoded with 777 too...the gematria (A=1, B=2 etc) of the 3 insert cards (for the 3 distinct phases of the film) for the entire film...sum the total of 777.  
So if beyond the infinite (ain sof, limitless space/mind of god etc) takes the viewer/Bowman to 777, we've reached the sum total of the lightning flash (via the fool's pathway) on the TOL, again! 

 Malkuth (earth sphere) relates to the 'ape' narrative (on earth) at the film's start. So we travel from bottom to top (via the tree's central spine) to the kether crown (via bowman through stargate) aka the point of lightning contact on the top of the tree! I had noticed this gematric 777, as far back as of the first things I discovered, in relation to this type of thing!
Crossing the Abyss...the 2001 stragate!

Bowman...through the 'veiled 11th sphere' aka the da'ath/sirius/ Kether!

Jay Weidner has written a piece about 2001 containing the 'central spine' (cough, cough) of the 'kabbalistic tree' (from malkuth to kether)...Alchemical Kubrick, he wrote that a number of years ago. Persoanlly I think Weidner is generally correct in his hypothesis.

666...Shining like the 666 solar number of the 'shining' sun...May 1st mentioned etc
It is coming through the windows behind Jack while he signals (albeit, artificial light) 

Previously...I've heavily connected Kubrick's The Shining (1980) to Spielberg's Poltergeist (1982) 

 The lightning flash of creation tree and the fools pathway
Now the 'lightning tree & the clown fool' (location/situation) in Spielberg's Poltergeist makes total sense. 'Clue'....yes indeed, put there to be found!

Back to the (alien, see poster) Egg...Zero/0/Oeuf...The Fool
The clown (fool & alien egg) sits near the window by the outside 'lightning tree'...the tree gets struck and the boy (Robbie) is sucked into the tree (da'ath/abyss). The dog aka 'sirius dog' who in the films opening (after STAR spangled banner) ascends the stairway to sirius...stairway/ladder, as per the masonic tracing board images etc.

The Fool on the lightning tree pathway...the fools '777 lightning flash' 11th pathway...TOL
Kether (crown) to Chokmah (wisdom) Binah (understanding) then through the abyss (da'ath/sirius)

Darth Vader poster behind...Da'ath the abyss (swallowed into tree 'abyss' etc)
A wormhole (to another world) even opens up inside the house too.
I've mentioned this before, the whole bedroom is a rendering of the tree of life (subliminally!)
Robbie also gets attacked by the (lightning illuminated) clown/fool later to connect them even futher. It is clearly referencing (albeit indirectly/subliminally) the 'fool on the 11th pathway'...the pathway of the 777 lightning flash of creation and the abyss aspect again!  Add in Spielberg/Zemeckis BTTF...and we're really 'alchemically cooking'! 

Here we go again...the lightning struck 'Tarot/TOL' tower
"They're here...the TV people" (Erm, meant literally, ya think?)
We get the 'lightning struck tower' via Poltergeist 3!  
You know this isn't just mere coincidence...and so do I! 

 Thanks go to a poster at David Icke's forum called 'tortle'...who provided me with this next great example below, having not seen the film myself, I wouldn't have found this one, so well played.

Remember this from the beginning of the post...David 'The Game/Fools Journey' Fincher's Se7en.
Arrival time...EXACTLY 7 O'clock

It's Gywneth Paltrow's head...that is inside that winged box, she featured in Se7en.
 So that's Gwyneth 'Se7en Winged Boxed Head @ 7 O'Clock' Paltrow...Two years later she starred in the 1998 release Sliding Doors

7 O'Clock Se7en head on her way to catch a tube train, but not just any old tube train...the 777 tube train and this occurs at the opening of the movie, so fits the generic 'fool's journey' beginning that we've been looking at.

Sliding Doors...777 Lightning Flash (Electric Tube) Fool's Journey Opening...

 See the opening here...

 The 'mind the gap' resonance conveying the concept of 'the abyss' we've also outlined here with trenches and chasms between buildings or land or whatever.

Helen drops an earring in the lift and it is picked up by James. This mirrors the start of the film, where James picks up Helen's earring on the lift after Helen is fired from her job. The closing mirrors the start...Zero/0 alpha/omega aka the fool.

Final song listed on soundtrack is Andre Barreau - "Call Me a Fool"

It is no secret that Paltrow is a adherent of the Kabbalah school.

A bit of a WTF moment...that woman on her way to the 77th floor, the South Tower floor was the one that took the direct hit from flight number 175...obvious ramifications if she didn't miss the train etc.  Don't forget this is yet another '7' cipher for Gywm via add to all the rest!

Then there is this....another spotted by tortle. I've not seen the film...with Denzil '227 Flight' Washington!
Unstoppable about a 777 (train) based on the real Crazy Eights incident CSX8888
The 777 hurtling down the track/ Sliding Doors, maybe it even opens with the 777?
Check the alarm clock...for waking @ 7:00, just like 7:00  Se7en head Sliding 777 Doors Paltrow!
The X-crossing element (for the abyss), the chevron fronts of the trains evoking the zig/zag
This was Tony Scott's last film before his suicide (masonic apoplexy?) bridge (abyss) jump!
It's a 777 train with a payload like a bomb/chemical bomb.

Just outright fucking weird, spooky and then some... Anyway you wanna slice it...some of the workings of this filmic stuff...seems to be almost like a form of encoding genius, and that's even whether I want to admit it or not!

The Ma'atrix...Neo 'the fool on the precipice/ledge'
His fools journey literally begins...after his first telephone contact with Morpheus
He doesn't need his dog...HE IS ONE, literally! Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves!

  Meta-cortex...Going beyond or transcending the outer layer (boundary) of the brain!
Crossing (Jumping) the Abyss...The Ma'atrix, with Keanu 'Neo/Sirius-Dogstar' Reeves

"Free your mind...You have to let it all go Neo...fear, doubt, disbelief"
"There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" Morpheus
Neo doesn't fully make it this time, but he does later.

The matrix is expiring...dissolving
Matrix...Neo passport, expired 9/11 (11th Sept 2001)

The Abyss & Rev 9:11

The top three spheres and the bottom seven spheres are “separated” in this instance by the Abyss, a place where one’s ego is destroyed… or not.

You want a watery film 'tie-in'...then it's Cameron's The Abyss...James '911 Terminator' Cameron.
Cameron's 'fire and water' (ignis/aqua)

"When you get there, you'll understand"
The sirius/da'ath tree of life...gnosis (knowledge) wormhole.
There is a sea dwelling alien-like watersnake...for a kundalini aspect.

H. G. Wells was the first to introduce the notion of a sea alien in his 1897 short story In the Abyss. The idea for The Abyss came to James Cameron when, at age 17 and in high school, he attended a science lecture about deep sea diving by a man who claimed to have been the first human to breathe fluid through his lungs.

 777 Lightning Flash...yes again!

This just in from the 'meme sphere'...story printed today. (31st March @ 13:49)
Plane out of Holland...Boeing 737
As usual...I've just randomly noticed it, when I went to the Daily Mail website.

It never pours!

The next thing I found...going through the Daily Mail or is the Graily Male (Jesus, lol)
Published today @ 13:55 (March 31st). 6 minutes separate these 2 news articles!

"gifted to Spain by Egyptian Royalty"
Yes...Orion/Osiris aka Indy 'Stargater/Falcon/42/' Jones...gets a mention!
The cup metal on the lips, Egypt...ritual blade etc

From a few days ago....earlier in the post body

This pic...I put up yesterday, the grail as Orion/Osiris (grail cup shaped)...just to embellish the other grail stuff I'd done via Lost/23 Psalm/Palm etc...I added mainly Gilliam content yesterday!

Of course...I've not been writing about 'the grail' being a 'physical object' (per se) but clearly something else!  Perhaps...something far more valuable than that, I like to ponder these know, allow for some lateral thinking, at least.!

  Just to recap...Re: 777 Crowley and 'the 22/10 travelling fool' (pathways/spheres) on the tree of life (but still bearing in mind 777 MH370, in the unlikely event that something pops up or whatever) the first contact point on the top of the tree (where the '777 sum' flash strikes) the bolt travels along the 11th pathway...the pathway of the fool.  Over the next few days, lets see what happens (if anything), with the 'phoenix/sirius, watery abyss dwelling, yellow submarine.  

As above (celestial heavens) So below (on earth)
We have Orion (above, planes in the sky) and the accompanying (watery) 'phoenix/sirius/dog' below him, in the abyss/water...the Orion (fool) and his Sirius/Phoenix (dog)
Sirius' presence during its heliacal rising, heralded the inundation of the Nile and was venerated, in this aspect...the watery sirius (phoenix) sub, still makes thematic sense!

I post this in the early hours of April 1st 'Fool's Day'...have a good one.
that's all for now.

 April 2nd...circa 01:30am

Just heard about the South American Chile, I think?  Sky's first breaking report referred to a 7.7 magnitude quake, I found this ITV reference...

...minutes later (on Sky, live btw) it was changed to 8, but I watched it break and the matrix said 7.7.  I just mention it, would've been 1st April in that time zone, at least I think so? 
It also reminded me of this connection...see the following:

Chilean mine story from a few years ago...

Los 33/The 33...Chilean 'Fenix/Phoenix' Miners...beginning 5th Aug 2010
Death (darkness underground) & Rebirth (raised to the light) of the 33 Fenix/Phoenix (Sirius)

 In association with NASA...the space ritualists!  Apollo 13 seemed like a coded symbolic death/rebirth re-enactnent too...see William M Cooper. the 3rd degree coffin ritual...mentionrd earlier etc. All 33 'raised' by Fenix
A symbolic and literal 'raising' (via symbolic fenix coffin) of 33 men...from the darkness to the light
Fenix 2 almost like a kind if symbolic (death/rebirth) coffin descending/raising from an abyss! 
33 hiram's (osiris') raised to the surface via his symbolic coffin...a bit like we saw in The Game, Kill Bill, Indy Crystal Skull etc.

 Some claim this sign could represent 'the hand of death'...taken on day 17 and rinsed through the MSM . If so, that would make thematic 17 is still during the 'death phase' of the underground ritual death/rebirth.  The 17th is allegedly the day on which Osiris was murdered.

 It ended after 69 days...and as I've suddenly just 'synchronistically' realised (appropriately) on 13th Oct (2010) aka 10-13 (masonic) Templar suppression anniversary...the original Friday 13th templar reference. 10-13 is UFO inspired X Files creator Chris Carters production company and also his birthdate. Kubrick got the Spatacus job on a Friday 13th date, sometime in 1959.  Previous post, I remember mentioning Beyonce's recent album being released on Fri Dec 13th 2013, Dec is the root of Sept is also a root of 7 etc.

Contact & Close Encounters of the 33rd Kind
remember the 2 related 'via sci-fi contact' scenes w& same actor (Balaban) from way back?
  2010: The Year We Make Contact/Close Encounters films (ala phoenix 33)
Think about that film title/concept and about what you've just seen...spooky, no?

33 the masonic 'phoenix based'...eagle
33 the crown...probably relating to the kether/crown!

Balaban...33 33 phoenix wings...
'Regenerating' Hal...2010: The Year We Make Contact

 Anyway...the latest Chile quake and all the recent Orion/Phoenix-Sirius/Abyss themes that I've discussed...reminded me of the Chilean miners and their virtual ritual, in plain view.
...just the usual Twilight Zone stuff, nothing out of the ordinary...;-)

 April 2nd 2014

Well...this one had passed me by too (too much happening concurrently, to keep track!)...conveniently it popped into the 'meme sphere' (matrix) within the last few days!

The original US bound '777-Flight of OZ'....Asiana OZ 214
first published 31st March

In the normal scheme of things and when looked at in isolation...we wouldn't think too much of this particular news item, but with recent developments and the MSM 'brew that has been simmering' anything becomes 'potentially charged' in relation to these phenomena and the overall bigger picture!

I had to inculde it...after discovering this today.

April 3rd...3:20am 

Latest news in is the Texas army base shooting...only about this time last night I'd mentioned how yesterday's Chile quake prompted me to be reminded of the Chilean miners event...I'd even put up the flag of Texas (one with the square/compass) to show the similarity between the two.  I just found out there was a mix up with these flags (literature sent out by Atascosa County) during the time of that miners rescue...another weird synchronicity!
clearly the flags are very similar...

pic I posted late yesterday...prompted by Chile quake via initial 7.7 mag report

There is the Chile flag on the fenix capsule...NASA (out of Houston, TX) were involved, as I mentioned yesterday.

Anyway...all things considered, although its an oblique flag  link... its certainly more 'synchro-like' weirdness to contend with (on top of everything else!)

Chile to Texas, tragic events linked by 2 consecutive days and 2 similar flags.

thats all for now...

 3rd April...19:19

Thanks go to those who have contributed.whether by comments or assists.

04th April...19:42

From what I can gather...the sweeping for the black box is now underway 'off the coast of OZ' via the 'watery phoenix'.

Based on a couple of previous scenarios that I've already mentioned, those being Apollo 13 & the Chilean Miners...each of these previous events seem to have had an element of the 'death and rebirth ritual' about them.  I mean that in the 'overt, barely covert, symbolic & subliminal' sense.

The reason I mention this, is mainly due to the presence of 'the phoenix/fenix' in the MH370 story...the underwater pinger location device.  The use of the 'fenix' (via NASA) in the Chilean Miners event, coupled with the virtual 'ritual coffin/abyss'....meaning the 'death' (trapped underground miners) followed by a long and drawn-out rebirth (33 miners reborn/regenerated, like the mythical phoenix, into the light via the fenix coffin) make this 'aspect' very much worth bearing in mind, in relation to MH370...especially going-forward.

Apollo 13
A literal kabbalistic space Odyssey (the command service module) via Aquarius (lunar module)
I think Blue Danube (2001 ASO) was playing from inside the module, when the first TV broadcast with the crew was made!

We had 'seemingly kabbalistic' encodes via the number 13.
Launch of Apollo 13....13:13 CST (11th April) and the intended '3rd' mission destined to land on the moon.  Recall the the 'coffin raising' elements previously outlined...and appreciate that it is a specific ritual of the masonic '3rd degree'.  According to Cooper (see below) the explosion on the 13th April (the 3rd day) happened at 13:13 too.

The Phoenix is the higher frequency symbol for Aquarius, the Bearer of the Cup containing the Waters of Life.

 The most transparent was the faked explosion on the spacecraft Apollo 13, named "Aquarius" (new age) at 1:13 (1313 military time) on April 13, 1970 which was the metaphor for the initiation ceremony involving the death (explosion), placement in the coffin (period of uncertainty of their survival), communion with the spiritual world and the imparting of esoteric knowledge to the candidate (orbit and observation of the moon without physical contact), rebirth of the initiate (solution of problem and repairs), and the raising up (of the Phoenix, the new age of Aquarius) by the grip of the lions paw (reentry and recovery of Apollo 13). 13 is the number of death and rebirth, death and reincarnation, sacrifice, the Phoenix, the Christ (perfected soul imprisoned in matter), and the transition from the old to the new.
 William M Cooper - Majesty 12

Just doing the understand, this had to be mentioned.
That being said...who knows whether this potential 'death/rebirth' aspect will be connected to the passengers fate or of a discovery to be made...or whether it even has any relevence to MH370 at all?  Covering the bases seems sensible though, as does pondering the potentials...let's see what develops.

Something else...I picked up from Icke's forum, tortle again...with an interesting correlation.
Obviously this following 'globe' (a literal subliminal synchro sphere, lol) has to be treated in an abstract or semi-abstract sense (to the current MH370 precedings) as this type of material demands, so really no different to how you should looking at my own output.  A few bits of dialogue in the 'general film body' film may be of  potential interest...but I have yet to see the film.

The title coming from a Led Zeppelin track...Dazed & Confused (Led Zep I)
 Jimmy 'OTO' Page's band...see this from the video Song Remains The Same (this image from the Dazed & Confused track) taken at Boleskine, Crowley's old Loch Ness gaff, which Page lived in for a while etc. might recognise Milla Jovovich (below, at the globe) Milla 'Fifth Element' Jovovich.

In Dazed and Confused (1993) at 15 minutes in a student spins a globe that shows a large landmass off the western coast of Australia. This does not exist on any of our maps and atlases nowadays.
Either this is some alternate reality voodoo, or that's a very weird globe they are deliberately using when they could of use a normal one.

Yes very odd indeed...I'd say.
Dazed & Confused Globe Vs Oz Search Area
A pretty good match...don't you think?

Just off...OZ, near Perth.

Another poster there Size of Light...also mentioned something worth a look:
Definitely something to consider...a Lemurian connection

Jovovich piques the interest here...if only for her role in The Fifth Element...with an OZ connection

 The Fifth Element's...ZORG, a veiled OZ.
Gary 'sirius/phoenix' Oldman operated out of there...with the Mangalore shape shifters

The Alien god.

The key to opening the mouth and via Egypt too!
Not forgeting the film's oral tradition theme via a priestcraft...kabbalah means oral tradition! 
Oral tradition...word of mouth etc.

The 4 stones of the (terra) air (aura) fire (ignis) water (aqua)
Ian 'Alien' Holm will link two 'opening of the mouth' aspects via The Fifth Elememt & Alien!

April 5th...afternoon
This just in...

April 6th...16:02
 Anyway...if you've read this post you'd no doubt be aware of the current deluge of kabbalistic sevens or 7s

 3 days before MH370 went missing...5th March 2014
 Sunrise 7...from OZ!

 I did catch something of this at the time, as in I knew of it, but never watched it! Which tells me that it was likely pushed quite hard via the MSM.

Katy 'OZ' Poppins...wand waving

'the solar beacon', OZ/AUS, Alice, Magick Wands, Hogwarts, '33 Perth'
...& the I/eye in the pr-i-sm/pyramid tour etc

(Solar) Beacon
 A warning, signal or celebration...

The Solar Beacon map...
Thanks to the guys over at Icke (size of light & tortle etc) & Jason Barrera

via the Broom(e)

"33 for Perth" (enthusiastically) "I'm coming there" *points to ocean*.

...rough area of the current search

Right before this, with 'magic wand' in hand, she mispronounces 'Hobart' as 'Hogwarts'...
Note where her left hand is gesturing and the odd sign she makes with it at this moment.

And then after....see left pic
Before finishing with...right pic.
Yup...the usual twilight zone stuff!

Influencing the 'dreaming mind' of mass consciousness, prior to events...mmmm?

The Potter Lightning Flash of Creation...the Tower
Hogwarts and J K Rowling...more like J KRowleying
Potter has the symbol on his head, recall the TOL can be overlaid on the body, the crown of the human head would match with the TOL crown/kether...where the lightning strikes the crown top!

 Chapter 27 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

The 27th chapter is called The Lightning-Struck Tower, a reference to the Tower card. In the chapter, catastrophic events take place.  The 27th path on the TOL is the tower path!  Rowling is clearly familiar with the TOL and its pathways!


 So 3 days before MH370 goes missing...Katy/Isis goes to OZ and appears on Sunrise 7!
With Dark Horus, oops Dark Horse under her belt, she's really packing 'mystery religion' punch! 

 The Darwinian Lightning Flash of Creation!
32 (10 spheres, 22 paths), OZ/AUS, Wands, 7, 33 Perth/Darwin and potentially a 777 reference
777 search area and OZ/AUS, Perth, the abyss, the phoenix and a 777!
Creation v Darwin...let battle commence. ;-) 

Katy Perry...Who Am I Living For (excerpts, released 2010)

opening line...
 I can feel a phoenix inside of me
As I march alone to a different beat...

a bit later...
I can feel this light that's inside of me
Growing fast into a bolt of lightning
(she sings this lightning part while standing under a tree!)
I know one spark will shock the world, yeah yeah

So I pray for a favour like Esther
I need your strength to handle the pressure
I know there will be sacrifice
But that's the price

  Heavy is the head that wears the crown

 Lyrically connecting to the biblical story of Esther etc.
Plenty going on with these lyrics..wouldn't you say?

Yes...we're looking at all this from a totally abstract view point, but then that IS the point, the point of this blog etc. I need to rinse through all the potential 'charged' media aspects to try and extract what I can.  As I abstract & oblique view, but still very much with a mind towards finding patterns and making some sense of what might be going on or being communicated...blah, blah.

 Come on...let's have some light relief...for a moment. :-)
Even though this film has certain masonic undertones...let's poke fun at it anyway!

Old '666 garter half-blood' Prince/Duke 'Potter' soon to head for New Zealand!
Which isn't too far away from these precedings...just mentioning it!  
This year being 'the garter' 666th anniversary.

The anon commenter who put me onto Book 370...also mentioned about the Indus and Indian Ocean.
The rest of the Book 370 (images etc) can now be found near the beginning of this piece.

Crowley mentioned the INDUS, the great river flowing into the arabic sea. But there are no borders in the oceans, so the flow from the mountain (Tibet) to the plains, small waters and great waters etc., goes from the arabic sea into the Indian Ocean, "the mighty sea". The Indus, the Indian Ocean.
On top of that...I've just realised that Malaysia is classed as part of 'The Orient'....Crowley's OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of Oriental Templars)

I also notice the term A'ASH in the this the same 'ash' that the 'phoenix' will arise from?

here is something I found...
"Liber A'ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici sub Figura CCCLXX contains the true secret of all practical magick. The Book of Creation or of the Goat of the Spirit analyzes the nature of the creative magical force in man, explains how to awaken it, how to use it and indicates the general as well as the particular objects to be gained thereby." It is given to a Dominus Liminis and A'ash apparently means 'creation' in Hebrew.

So I wasn't too far away with my punt on 'the phoenix'...a creative and regenerative symbol.

The above book seems to have a 'sexual' connortation from what I can gather...male/female, sex magick. The horn of the goat...denoting the penis, a creative force etc.

7th April

Plenty of 'ping' (to go with the news pong, lol) related news just off the coast of AUS/OZ in last 36 hours...nothing concrete yet, but some kind of activity has been noted.

Phoenix International...

 plus they've got the 'abyss' sub too

Oh that 33 cipher again...
 The '33 phoenix' (crown) and the '33.3 pinger finding phoenix'!
 The firey double headed regenerating 33 phoenix/eagle...with 'flaming sword?'

It appears that the 33 concept also relates to the human body too...
32 spinal segments that lead to the crown/brain aka the 33rd...worth bearing in mind considering the TOL is 'lightning-struck' on the crown/head.

 We had this from only yesterday...I'm coming to 33 Perth, Oz
Thanks to the guys over at Icke, Size of Light & Tortle etc (& Jason Barrera)

Not forgetting KP's 2010 Who Am I Living For ...where she opens as 'the phoenix' literally!
"I can feel a phoenix inside of me..."
On the back of 370 signal news...we have 'Blade Runner' Oz-car back in the headlines (after the unexpected break) and in quite a big he took to the stand.

I remember when this story first broke and The Sun (Murdoch) newspapers headline...

 15th Feb...The 3 by 3 shots, starting @ seen above.

Have you noticed how I don't actually have to pull this stuff outta my own is already there!?

The death of Peaches Geldof, who had her own Crowley/OTO links, just makes things even weirder...if they can get any weirder and I'm 'all weirded out' enough already!

(I'll be honest...I had written about her in the previous post in relation to the above, but I have now since deleted that content, I just wasn't comfortable with it being there.)


8th April

I see David Icke's forum is still employing over zealous moderators...making sure that (at certain times) content is augmented for their own agenda and their role as 'gatekeepers of a certain reality'.  Thanks to those (from there) who have contributed...much appreciated.

Rant over...this isn't meant as a slight against members, I am one and do post there.
This is the only way any frustration with the 'said forum' can be direct criticism is tolerated!
I'll leave you to think about the rights and wrongs of that.

Yup...the meme just keeps coming and coming!

22nd April...
Haven't been around for the last week or two...I'd be surprised if this is the last we hear of this particular 'media event'...we'll have to see what develops from here. I may well revisit this again in the near future and will update accordingly...depending on developments.

Update 7th July or 7/7...
Something I cam across via the Icke forum...Legarde and her 7 numerology speech!

777 kabbalist running amok!

“7″ references:
1:22 – “Now I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven”
1:34 – “Most of you will know that seven is quite a number
2:24 – “2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven”
4:08 – “It will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF” (7 + 0 = 7)
4:22 – “And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, 25th..” (2 + 5 = 7)
4:38 – “It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jietters”
5:08 – “After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile”
5:14 – “We have seven strong years”
5:43 – “Now I don’t know if the G7 will have anything to do with it” (G is also the 7th letter of the alphabet)

“2014″ references:
1:18 – “The global economy and what we should expect for 2014″
2:19 – “So if we think about 2014″
2:24 – “2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven”
3:54 – “So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in may respects”
5:05 – “So my hope and my wish for 2014″

17th July...7-teen

777 MH17 on the 17th. The first ever Malaysian Airlines crash was in 1977, now we've had two 777's crash/disappear inside a few months...MH17 flying to Kuala Lumpur, MH370 flying from Kuala Lumpur.
All supposedly occurring @ 33,000 feet.

17th July...7-teen

The alpha and omega of MH17
Maiden flight 17th July 97, downed on 17th July 14...exactly 17 years later.

UK....night of the 17th & 18th, within hours of MH17

Lightning struck more than 3,000 times in two hours in the UK, as a heatwave warning remains in place for parts of the country.  Storms hit southern England overnight, and BBC Weather said the rain would move north across the UK during Friday.

The lightning flash & 777