Friday, 24 August 2012

Dark Knight of the Sol - Aurora/Tony Scott - Fire & Water

This all seems to play into the inherent themes that we're being processed with recently....centering around British film directors. Nolan (Batman) Boyle (Olympics) & Scott (bridge jump).

These phases have been occurring around the 'dog days' (sirius) July thru August.
Feeling crazy today?

Ancient authors said that the day this star first rises in the morning, the sea boils, wine turns sour, dogs begin to grow mad, people get bilious, febrile, hysterical and crazy, and animals grow languid. How do you feel so far? The days are usually hotter in the Northern Hemisphere, so this was probably the reason for their superstition.
Both acts...of Holmes & Scott could be considered to be CRAZY!

The Aurora (Dawn) incident invoked a 'fiery dawn' and Scott & Gallagher invoke 'a watery end'...perhaps aspects of duality and opposing forces at work.

Holmes 'opened' FIRE at the Aurora.

Fire & Water - Hades & Persephone...Solar Fire & Lunar Water

Golden Dawn/A.A. elemental grade signs....Fire (left) Water (right)

Tony Scott - & the bridge.

Nurse Gallagher - Okojobi (the lake) means 'great water'.

The Joker's...and The Joker dressed as a nurse.

Fire in Aurora apartment building kills 2, injures 15...a block from Holmes' apartment.

2012...has seen aspects of water and death throughout.

The Costa Concordia. 

Whitney Houston's death. 

The centenary of Titanic sinking.

Did anyone even consider the possibility that this (Tony Scott) was a case of "masonic apoplexy"? A self sacrifice after having served the cause. His major 'propaganda piece' was Top Gun (probably in league with the Pentagon), which did more for military recruitment than literally any other film FFS! The 'homosexual' subtext in Top Gun seems to have totally flown by (pun intended) most folk too. Tony & Ridley was and are blatantly 'masonic' film makers....perhaps two of the most obvious, in fact!
When I was researching in the archives of the 1832 "Penn Yan Anti-Masonic Enquirer" at Olin Library at Cornell University, a certain phrase repeatedly cropped up, "Masonic apoplexy." It referred to Masons who committed suicide after perpetrating crimes. Do the job, then kill yourself; that's the program and has been for hundreds of years. Michael A Hoffman
Recent events have had well known British film director's completely in the cross-hairs...

Batman Shooting/Holmes - Chris Nolan
2012 Olympic Ritual - Danny Boyle
Bridge jumping self-sacrifice (imo) - Tony Scott

 Prometheus, where Tony Scott was a producer... and brother Ridley director.

One Engineer stands on a cliff side by a waterfall; his mothership in the background taking off, abandoning him on the desolate planet. In ceremonial fashion he drinks a mysterious ooze and while his body decomposes, falls over the cliff side into the water. We watch his DNA blacken, unzip, recombine, and begin a new chain of events. One man to fill a world with life.
 I shouldn't need to point out the prescience of this opening's death & rebirth oriented and has echoes of Scott's real fate.

"bridges have deep esoteric meaning"

Bridge symbolism....
Never Bet The Devil Your Head. This is Poe's most gruesome portrayal of Masonry and has some parallel to a well-known Masonic story - Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King" in which esoteric bridge-symbolism forms an important backdrop. The man does not take the advice Poe's story offers and looses his head on a covered bridge. Royal Arch Masonry is obsessed with bridge symbolism (Princess Diana was murdered under a covered bridge*) to the same extent that the Masonic grade of Ninth degree is up to it's neck in decapitation ritual.
(Masonic Assassination, by Michael Anthony Hoffman, Library of Congress Cat. Card # 78-57277)
 *sacrificed on the 109th anniversary of the first Jack The Ripper killling @ an old Merovingian sacrifice site!

Which is partly why the controllers hanged Calvi (P2 masonry) off of Blackfriars Bridge in the Early 80's and stuffed his pockets full of bricks (masonry).

Oops... In the 2009 film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the character of Tony, played by Heath Ledger, is found hanging (alive) under Blackfriars Bridge, described by director Terry Gilliam as "an homage to Roberto Calvi".

Cough, cough...I wonder what happened to Heath? ;-)

Ledger was in the previous Batman movie 'The Dark Knight' as 'The Joker' or more fittingly 'the fool' of the tarot and in Gilliam's film just before his suspended body is found the 'hanged man' card is shown by Dr Parnassus, this was his last movie, which obviously makes sense.

The Fool

Under Blackfriars Calvi. (P2 called themselves 'frati neri' or 'black friars' geddit?) Notice the all seeing eye on his forehead!

Prescient tarot.

A 'mystery religion' wankfest...certainly looks that way.
 “Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is rewarded by the achievement of self-realization.”
- Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

They also had Heath play 'The Widow's Son' aka Ned Kelly....the widow obviosuly meaning Isis, after Osiris was murdered by Set...the mason's are also known as 'the sons of the widow' for that very reason.

He was earmarked for the role of Hiram Abiff/Osiris in Disney's upcoming new movie 'Where's The Bloody Architect?'....but of course, I jest.