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The Rose Cross - Rose Croix

"In his Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, Dr. Franz Hartmann describes the Fraternity as "A secret society of men possessing superhuman--if not supernatural--powers; they were said to be able to prophesy future events, to penetrate into the deepest mysteries of Nature, to transform Iron, Copper, Lead, or Mercury into Gold, to prepare an Elixir of Life, or Universal Panacea, by the use of which they could preserve their youth and manhood; and moreover it was believed that they could command the Elemental Spirits of Nature, and knew the secret of the Philosopher's Stone, a substance which rendered him who possessed it all-powerful, immortal, and supremely wise."
The same author further defines a Rosicrucian as "A person who by the process of spiritual awakening has attained a practical knowledge of the secret significance of the Rose and the Cross. * * * To call a person a Rosicrucian does not make him one, nor does the act of calling a person a Christian make him a Christ. The real Rosicrucian or Mason cannot be made; he must grow to be one by the expansion and unfoldment of the divine power within his own heart. The inattention to this truth is the cause that many churches and secret societies are far from being that which their names express."

 Blue Velvet

The Rosicrucian 'Rose Cross' 'Rose Croix' of Enlightenment.
The petals unfolding like the development of the initiate, to the gold (consciousness) in the centre. 

Cross & Heart

Cameron's Titanic (Titan) Jacob (Jack) & The Rose Cross...literally.
Add in the 'Heart of the Ocean' for Heart, Rose & Cross!!!

Leo Again...Red Cross, dagger through rose adorned heart...The Red/Rose Cross

Red Rose Dagger/Cross


Mendes (Goat of) - American Beauty - The Rose Cross

 A Crossed Rose - The Rose Cross

Barry Lyndon - Snaking Troops & The Red Cross - Alfa Romeo Snake & Red Cross

The Red (Rose) Cross

Guns N Roses - The Rose Cross

The Rose/Red Cross  - An Appetite For Destruction (Jesus)

The Rose/Heart Cross

Nirvana Heart Shaped Box - The Rose Cross

 Umberto Eco - The Rose Cross

 The Stone Roses - The Rose Cross (of Jacob) Union of Jacob/Jack

Seal - Rose Cross

 Alex Cross (X) - Roses Are Red - The Rose Cross

The Rose Cross

Doubt has always existed as to whether the name Rosicrucian came from the symbol of the rose and cross, or whether this was merely a blind to deceive the uninformed and further conceal the true meaning of the Order. Godfrey Higgins believes that the word Rosicrucian is not derived from the flower but from the word Ros, which means dew. It is also interesting to note that the word Ras means wisdom, while Rus is translated concealment. Doubtless all of these meanings have contributed to Rosicrucian symbolism.
A. E. Waite holds with Godfrey Higgins that the process of forming the Philosopher's Stone with the aid of dew is the secret concealed within the name Rosicrucian. It is possible that the dew referred to is a mysterious substance within the human brain, closely resembling the description given by alchemists of the dew which, falling from heaven, redeemed the earth. The cross is symbolic of the human body, and the two symbols together--the rose on the cross--signify that the soul of man is crucified upon the body, where it is held by three nails.
It is probable that Rosicrucian symbolism is a perpetuation of the secret tenets of the Egyptian Hermes, and that the Society of Unknown Philosophers is the true link connecting modern Masonry, with its mass of symbols, to ancient Egyptian Hermeticism, the source of that symbolism. In his Doctrine and Literature of the Kabalah, A. E. Waite makes this important observation: "There are certain indications which point to a possible connection between Masonry and Rosicrucianism, and this, if admitted, would constitute the first link in its connection with the past. The evidence is, however, inconclusive, or at least unextricated. Freemasonry per se, in spite of the affinity with mysticism which I have just mentioned, has never exhibited any mystic character, nor has it a clear notion how it came by its symbols."

 The Rose Cross (Emily Rose)

The Red/Rose Cross

 "Let the Adept be armed with his Magick Rood (cross/penis) and be provided with his Mystic Rose (vagina)"

"Lick me"
"Let him drink of the Sacrement (menstural blood) and let him communicate the same"
 Crowley - The Star Sapphire

The Exorcist's Pazuzu & Levi's Baphomet
As Above, So Below

 The Rose & Tau Cross

The Rose Cross

The Flowery Red X

The Red Cross of Constantine

 666 The Cross inlaid in Red (Red/Rose Cross)

  Dali - Madonna & The Rose Cross

The rosary (from Latin rosarium, meaning "Crown of Roses" or "garland of roses")
The Rose Cross

The Rose Cross

While pursuing his studies, he (C.R.C) heard of a group of mystics and Qabbalists abiding in the mystic Arabian city of Damcar. Giving up his desire to visit Jerusalem, he arranged with the Arabians for his transportation to Damcar. C.R.C. was but sixteen years of age when he arrived at Damcar. He was received as one who had been long expected, a comrade and a friend in philosophy, and was instructed in the secrets of the Arabian adepts. While there, C.R.C. learned the Arabic tongue and translated the sacred book M into Latin; and upon returning to Europe he brought this important volume with him.

Red/Rose Cross - Madonna/Mary Magdalene - The Virgin - ISIS

The Heart at the Centre.

 Madonna Rosi-ciccone  

 Madonna Rosi-ciccone...Jacob's DNA (MDNA) Ladder  

Serpent on the Cross and Caduceus


Madge...with the 'lyre' of Apollo (Thoth/Hermes)

Outside of these references consideration should also be given to the 'rose' and 'cross' in respect of sex magick...the cross (rood) is the 'phallus' and the rose is the 'vagina'.



Stealing Fire from Heaven:The Rise of Modern Western Magic

With that in mind...perhaps in one instance, the snake and the cross are two phalli and relate to the homosexual rituals of OTO sex outlined above.


A sly one...using the poppy, as a substitute rose.
These are for you MK... :-)

Crucified...and so is the sun/son.

Russell's Lisztomania (another vehicle for Daltrey)...Daltrey on the Lyre.

 Russell's Lair of the White Worm - Snake on the Cross.

The lair of the white worm (penis) is either the female vagina/or the male ritually performed during these types of practices.

Red Cross & Serpent/Caduceus (Medical Insignia)

Chi Rho Cross - Rho-chi-crucian, lol

The Rho Chi & The Sun Cross - Vatican City

The X & P....of the Rho Chi and the cross in the windows flag.

13 & 33 Cyphers

Apple....would you Adam & Eve it!  Serpent entwined around the tree of life.

As below.
Virgo/Ceres/Virgin/Isis/Mary/Eve etc.

Coma Berenices....Bayer also mentioned Rosa, a Rose, or a Rose Wreath; but he figured it on his plate of Bootes as a Sheaf of wheat, in reference to the Virgo Ceres close by; indeed, Karsten Niebuhr, at Cairo in 1762, heard it called Al Rusat, the Arabic term for that object, or for a Pile of Fruit, Grain, or Wood.

The number of the beast 666...The Serpent/Satan (beast 666)