Wednesday, 11 September 2019

007 Sheriff Pooper Pepper's - Lonely Hearts, Diamonds, Spade's-Club Bond.

9/11 - 18th Anniversary.
The Age/Aeon of Horus - reaches adulthood. Childhood's 'Lucifer' End.

Masonic Horus (Sirius)..."the energy of Satan that will permeate the earth during the present cycle." (see satanic USA/UK).

Attention. This is very tough content. Do not read if easily offended. Thanks.
If you want to read about the world (as it is presented by MSM) then you're in the wrong place.
The (satanic elite) western MSM is the ultimate perception problem that humanity faces. Let this post be testament to that fact.
Thanks go to Uncle Bingo for many of the additions and valuable contributions that made this post possible.

"A giant form of satanic-homo Hollywood, Entertainment, & Tech induced, mockery based,
- slow-playing of the sheep with a (interrelated & expanding) rancid matrix of evil programming."
 horselover phat

"The world consists of three types of people. First, the smallest group - those who put plans into action.
Then the second, slightly larger group, who see what is happening.
Last, the great majority [that's most of you reading] who never knew what happened."
Nicolas Butler, Former President of Columbia University in New York.

The Thelemic 'Book of Law' (Sgt Pepper Crowley's bible) was written via the Giza/Geezer Pyramid, Horus, and 666.
Sodom/Pyramid, masonic 33° Crowley (body/arms/head) shaped as penis/glans - background  'sirius silver star' (A.A.) - the asshole.
Horus eye/pyramid. OTO 11th°: 'Oh, how superior is the eye of Horus [sphincter] to the mouth of Isis! [vagina]'. (666 Luxor Crowley).
The satanic secret of 'sodomy' is reserved for the highest 11th° degree. Didn't you know? Sodomy and satanism.
Crowley's Boy of red lips: How the fond ruby rapier glides and slips [penis]. 'Twixt the white hills thou spreadest for me there; [ass]

The 6th Hebrew Letter - Phallic Vav:
 Vav/hook and the penis. The number 6 (vav) evokes a hook shape. (Many thanks to Uncle Bingo!)
VW. Vee, Double Vee (Vav, Vav, Vav). 'Vav' - the 6th (satanic) Hebrew letter. VW = Vav, Vav, Vav = 666.
666 OTO was originally formed out of Germany. The 'Hamburg' VW Beatles. Bugs who like their 'meat and buns'. Love Bug-gery.
 Dung/Shit Beetles/Beatles. via OTO Beetling/Beatling Germany. (911) Porsche and 'father of Israel' Hitler. Mein Campf.
Ass covering via a gas/shit tail-pipe (sphincter). Recall their famous Camper van. VW logo evokes upward sexual penetration.
Isn't it also odd, how Hitler's 'Nazi salute' is identical to the (OTO Crowley, Golden Dawn) Zelator salute.
Hitler also utlised the OTO/HOTGD elemental grade 'fire sign' - as used by Crowley, satanist LaVey, satanist Jay-Z, etc. Ahem.
Linked Freemasonry is wholly JEWISH. It's Jewish kabbalah that underpins ALL these magickal systems (incl. OTO).
The sun wheel/swastika, another masonic emblem. It's alleged that OTO Crowley wrote pro-Nazi propaganda (Fatherland pub.).
Playing both sides. Crowley is also allegedly the source of Winne (the poo) Churchill's (Nazi/Zelator salute opposing) 'V sign'.
The 'V' (Victory, or peace/piece) finger gesture, or the No.2. The inverse of this V finger sign meaning: 'fuck off and/or up your ass'
- and No. 2. in US sign language. The thumbs-up gesture related to both 'up your ass' or as an affirmative response (see here).
The middle-finger (bird) is also a gesture/insult relating to anal submission. (See Easy 'chopper' Rider).
Winnie 'the poo' Churchill's Victory V sign (or No.2) was linked to Beet(le)hoven's Vth (5th) and 'knocking on/at the door'. Ahem.

'Someone's knocking at the (back) door. Somebody's ringing the (campanology) bell/bel.' Inside Thing (Let 'Em In), with 007 Loo-Loo.
 St John's Revolution/Revelation #9 - The EMI 'Antichrist Thorn' OTO Bea(s)tles. (See Thorn:EMI).
 Homo Jews and homo EMI. The Hellish - Crowley: 'Do What Thou Wil(s)t' - Sodom Apple O-Men Queens.

Jewish dominated - Great 'Sodomite/Fag' Britain. Abbey 'b&w masonic penis' Road:
"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
John Lennon׃ "Show Business is an extension of the (sodomite, masonic/luciferian) Jewish religion."
 Erecting phallic columns via Mary-line/(Cefalu) Abbey Road (St John's Wood). Men-Love Ave. and up the Old Dirt Road.
Masonic 33° Past 'SEX-tant' Masters via 'Love Me Do/Love Me Doo' - and with a mouth organ.

 Temple Black (Shirley), the Pyramid, and masonic #2 Crowley's penis via (homo) Lonely Hearts and horn blowers.
Sgt 'Pyramid' Pooper & HELL(p) - Meat the Beatles, Get Back, and Cum Together via the Ring-O (ass) Star(r).
Fixing A-Hole. Men-Love, Lennon. Satanic '666 Crowley PENIS/Dung' Beatles via (sodomite/masonic) OTO & grade signing.
A dozen or so Freemasons on the cover. 3 ranked 33° (Crowley, Marx, Wells). 3 OTO adepts. 3 Temples (3rd Temple).
Sgt 'Lucifer' Pepper - via McCartney's & (Eton homo) Fraser's Indica Mason's Yard. Right next door to the 33° Supreme Council.
The Importance of Being Eton: "...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order..."
Eton homo Fraser's Swinging London. Macca's (linked) International Times shut-down due to running homosexual contact ads.
Luci-LSD. Day Tripper. Macca's first LSD ref. was via Queen (a snooty fashion mag.) owned by Etonian, Jocelyn 'royalty' Stevens.
 Mason's/Lucifer's Yard. Where the Beatles' link to the (satanic elite) Gettys were made - likewise with OTO, Ken 'Lucifer' Anger.
It's OTO satanist Anger that introduced The Beatles and (Satanic Majesties) The Rolling Stones to Crowley.
It's Eton homo 'Pepper' Fraser that regularly housed Anger, and he'd arrange for the showing of Anger films too.
Antichrist Beatles. Winged (Crowley) Beatle, McCartney. Mr (homo) Apollo. The ultimate CORPORATE ELITE musician.
 Sgt. (military) Pepper. EMI (Beatles) was of the military and led by (homosexual Jew) Sir Joe Lockwood. Homo Jew, manager Epstein.
Lockwood partnered with (Jewish) Thorn Electrical Industries (see, 'Jewish' O-men 2) during EMI's rise. (Thorn:EMI).
So many Jews and sodomites! Homo 'apple' Fraser was one of the first UK celebrity types that died of AIDS (1986).
AIDS. Yes, mass homo sympathy schmaltz via the complicit 'sodomite industry' has certainly aided them. Rainbow poofs.
Apple (fruit) bottoms. AL-BUMS spinning at the masonic rate of 33 1/3. The ROTTEN Lucifer Sodom Apple(s).
The (jail sodomised) Punks, likewise. EMI Sex 'Penis' Pistols with their 'Bollocks' via God Save the Queen (poof, not the monarch).
Sid & Nancy. Anarchy in the UK, by EMI's Dark Side of the Moon (ass) producer, Pink 'rainbow pyramid' Floyd (EMI).
Legendary 'filth and fury' interview - the Pistols were stand-ins for Queen (EMI), arranged by EMI Jew, Eric 'Killer Queen' Hall.
Penis Pistols managed by Jewish homo, 'masonic chaos' McLaren, who also popularised (LGBT icon) Boy 'tranny' George.
Toff queen McLaren, was implicated in photographing very young girls in states of undress. (Also see Bow Wow Wow).
 McLaren also tried to launch a magazine called (uber suspect) ‘Chicken’, formerly named ‘Playkids’.
Homo, Julian 'Sex Pistols/Randy Donut Hole' Temple directed (homo) Culture Club's 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'.
Filmed at Dolphin 'elite abuse linked' Square (see Carl 'Harvey Proctor' Beech, initially abused by his military step-father, etc).

  The stereotypical/classic (hyper-masculine) butch-homo moustache look. See Freddie 'God Save the Queen' Mercury (Hermes).
The album's lyrics were printed in full on the back cover, the first time this had been done on a rock LP. 
The OTO Beast-les: "I'm fixing A-Hole where the rain gets in....I'm filling the crack(s) that ran through the door..."
"Quietly turning the backdoor key." (Backdoor/asshole via a phallic/masonic key - written over Harrison's penis/groin.)
A backdoor key. The Dick Star-Key. Ring-O Starr's actual real name. Ring-O also originally married a Cox (Cocks).
Just like Jim 'military industrial complex' Morrison. The 'back' Doors (via LSD Huxley). A Backdoor (anal) Man.
Under HG 'Pepper' Wells' tutelage, Pepper Huxley was introduced to Pepper Crowley, who initiated Huxley into the Isis-Golden Dawn.
Morrison, the Snake Rider, Back Door Man via Willie Dixon (Dick-son) and Wang Dang Doodle. 7 inch or 12 inch?
Pepper cover (toilet resonating) W.C. Fields. Strawberry Fields and linked [Spend a] Penny Lane (toilet trading).
Strawberry Field - a Salvation Army (Sally Army) children's home close to John Lennon's (Men-love) childhood home.
Sally boys (homos). Homo Apollo, 'masonic 666 deceivers' NASA put the first American woman in space - lesbian 'Sally Ride'.
STAB to Ring-O Starr. Apollo Macca introduces Ringo as Billy Shears/Shakespeares. Willy Shake-spear(es) - sexual innuendo.
 The 331/3 (masonic/anal) groove. 'Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,...' a la stabbed Caesar (Shakespeare).
Ring-O 'COCK-er' Starr. Ringo's 'With a Little Help...' Famously covered by Joe 'Something's Cumming On' Cock-er (EMI).
 Billy Shears/Willy Shake-speare. Hence, Jane 'Henry 8th' Seymour in Macca's Live and Let Die, & Baron 'Willie Shakespeare' Samedi.
Not forgetting (black Jew/Israelite descended) Yaphet 'Royalty/Queen Victoria' Kotto, and Yoko 'Japanese aristocracy' Ono.
Paul 'Jet/Wings' McCartney linked to 007 Roger Mo(o)re & Sheriff 'revolver' JW Pepper via Live and Let Die.
 10 Pepper-band fingers playing on the Fender (guitar)...literally. The 8th Bond film and the 8th Beatles LP.
 Mr Big/Kananga's cavern dwelling: 'Oh, an underground monorail.' Cavern dwelling Beatles: 'Oh, an underground monaural (band).'
 Louisi(ana) in the Sky with Diamonds. Sgt/Sheriff Pepper's Lonely Hearts (life) and Spades (death/black) Club(s) Brass Band.
Picture yourself in a boat on a river. Picture yourself on a train in a station. Mr Kite. Made the bus in seconds flat.
A spade's club.(afro-american). Filet/Fillet, a cloth band/headband of Soul. Fillet of Sole - 'Sole' - alone/lonely (solitary/Solitaire).
Solitaire, Jane 'Willie Shakespeare' Seymour. It's dying/resurrected Baron 'Willie Shakespeare' Samedi (Saturn-day).
Continuous Entertainment. Live and Let Die opens with a brass band funeral. Pepper LP cover shows a brass band funeral.
Fillet of (Rubber) Soul. Fillet sign has decorative touches resembling the drum. The plant arrangement on either side likewise.
A Filleted Soul (stabbed) and into a coffin. Macca's tombstone (below). 'Names (epitaphs) is for tombstones, baby.'
Ring-O drum. 1 ONE IX  HE DIE. 1 ONE IX = 11/9 Euro-date, aka 11 Sept (Sept 11). Two faces (prosthetics).
Live/Die. The 'Paul is dead/alive' & 'prosthetics' thing, etc. Voodoo (living dead), what better conduit?
Mr Big's face-removal is preceded by Bond being lowered by a trap door via the Live and Let Die (spade's club singer).
The only example of a Bond theme being performed within the body of any of the films. First film not to use John Barry music.
'Spades, James, every one. ' Black suit cards, and a 'Spade's club(s)' in the black Afro sense, as per the film's narrative.
 The Live and Let Die double-decker bus becomes a single-deck bus - like the single deck bus/coach of MMT.
 Magical Mystery Tour. Black carnations symbolize mourning and, therefore, death. Spades for grave-digging. White suits.
 (The core of Magical Mystery Tour was shot between 11 September and 25 September 1967. 11 Sept like the drum.)
White Suits - Magical Mystery Tour - BOXING Day. Boxed-up like a corpse? An - A Paul Corpse.(Apple Corps.)
Sgt 'grave' Pepper was released 26 May 1967. (Apple's debut) Magical Mystery Tour exactly 7 months later 26 Dec. 1967.
Baron 'Saturn' Samedi (centre coffin), voodoo god of cemetaries, the man who cannot die.
 Abbey 'Beetle/Beatle' Road. 281F. John leads in a white suit. Paul out of synch and barefoot a la burial. Churches/Abbeys.
Last month saw the 50th anniversary of this shot (8 Aug. 1969). 50th anniversary record re-release 27th Sept. 2019.
Fillet of Soul x2. Harlem & New Orleans' 'brass band'. Band leader's wide stride pattern evokes Abbey 'Beetle' Road.
Opening, Abbey Road-style VW Beetle on N.O. funeral brass band St. A funeral band that turns into a rock n roll band!
After playing the morose 'Just a Closer Walk with Thee' - the band then breaks into New Second Line (Joe Avery's Piece), ahem.
 Beetling/Beatling via Fillet(s) of Soul - New Orleans & Harlem. Four instances of the German Beetle. Hamburg Beatles.
 Red Beetle/Beatle around the side of N.O. Fillet of Soul for the 2nd funeral (cop Strutter). Coffin passes-by.
The Orleans funeral brass band that then turns into a rock n roll band - a la Pepper 'funeral' Beatles.
2nd funeral scene (above) which leads to Mr Big via 'Live and Let Die' club track (via the trap-door) and his two-faced unveiling.

On 17 April 1954, Ringo's mother married Harry Graves. Graves, an impassioned fan of big band music and their vocalists.
On Christmas Day 1957, Graves gave Ringo a second-hand drum kit (with bass drum). Yaphet 'Mr Big' Kotto featured in Drum.
A 'Rolling Stone' sweater wearing doll to the right of the circular drum/tombstone a la the 'rolled stone' from Christ's tomb.
N.O. Fillet of Soul basement like the underground cavern of the (overground) Pepper burial cover. Recall the Revolver booth, Harlem.

'Big Apple' Jet Wings - 'Sept 11' Macca was at JFK, Queens, NY. on 9/11/01. 1 ONE IX.
Live and Let Die - via Twin 'Sept 11 CIA' Towers. Jet Wings Macca via 'Sept 11' - and 'Destruction in Art' via 'Sept 11 DIA' Yoko.
Lennon met Ono, 9th Nov. 1966 (9/11 Euro-date) and via 'Apple/Sgt Pepper' Dunbar-Asher-Miles-Fraser's linked Indica. Crazy!
Jew Tishman was the construction manager for the Twin '9/11' Towers. He did the same for 666 5th Ave.
Mason's Yard. Pepper cover, Fraser art-directed, Blake/Haworth staged the scene. Haworth worked on OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising.
Pepper all came out of Supreme 33° linked Indica. Macca, Fraser by his exhibits. Dunbar, Miles, and (Apple) Asher - Indica owners.
Dunbar married Marianne 'Lucifer Rising/Stones' Faithfull. Connected Asher the brother of Macca's former girlfriend Jane.
Faithfull linked (witch) Pallenberg, who was involved with Keith Richards acted as the producer on OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising.
The Stones appeared in OTO (LaVey linked) Anger's Invocation of My Demon Brother, just 3 days after Jones' death.
Peter Asher inducted both Beatles manager Brian Epstein, and Stones manager Andrew Oldham into the R'n'R Hall of Fame.
It was Jane and Peter Asher's mother (Margaret 'Guildhall School' Eliot) that taught George 'Beatles' Martin as a student.
Karl 'masonic Sirius' Stockhausen, who is on the Pepper cover, talked about 9/11 being the greatest ever work of art:
(Sept 16 2001) "I said that such a plan (Big NY Apple 9/11) appeared to be Luci-fer's greatest work of art.
Of course, I used the designation - "work of art" to mean the work of destruction personified in Lucifer."

Here comes - Yaphet 'Sirius-Boxer Sonny' Kotto!
Sonny Boy, Kotto's childhood nickname. Kotto's acting break via The Great White Hope, a boxing play. Sonny 'boxer' Liston.
Sonny 'boxer' Boy, Boxing 'White' Day, and Pepper boxed burial. Great White - see the shark, and Jaws. Alien Parker, Kotto.

Recall, the core of Magical Mystery Tour was shot between 11 September and 25 September 1967.
The Beatles cut their debut track - 'Love Me Do' - on 11th September, 1962. Final recording 1st April, 1970 (The Fool, see Macca).
Also recall Macca at JFK airport on 9/11/01, and Sgt Pepper, 9/11 Sirius Stockhausen.
"Yaphet 'royalty' Kotto grew older with a purpose to establishing himself in the film industry, and revolutionized the image of Afro American men on screen forever because he claimed the ‘Elders’ of the Sirius Star System who sent him to earth wanted a change in the image of Afro American men. He claims his birth is that of an Avatar. The divine descent into human form." WTF? Here.

 Some might recall a 'Sirius' dog (dog star) that died on 9/11. Recall The 'Sirius' Truman 'staged set' Show, and Day 10,911 onward.
The 'Sirius' Truman 9/11 Staged Set BBC Show. Lightning-struck, Truman/Carrey. Sirius, the star of the Lucifer Freemasons.
9/11 was an inside job. Americans were brainwashed (prior to, during, and in the aftermath) by satanic corp. entertainment. The war on terror has been a gross lie and thousands upon thousands of people have been murdered by the US MIC. The global chaos that has since followed lies at the feet of the satanic/homo Jew S. of A. The masses are lost like infants in a matrix of nefarious programming - and care not to free themselves.

THE WAR ON TERROR LIE. The satanic Zionists are the architects of this global suffering via the US MIC.

A rare hero in a world of complete shit. This is YEARS old, but LISTEN to this man!

 Luke 10/18: "I saw Satan fall like [electrical] lightning from Heaven."
  The world's first ever live TV drama was broadcast on Sept. 11, 1928 via W2XB (owned by General '666' Electric's WGY).

 Sept 11/911. CIA/DIA Twin 'struck' Towers via Construction/Deconstruction in Art - and literally.
Live and Let Voodoo Pepper Tarot. The High Priestess (Seymour) & her Twin Pillars (masonic Boaz/Jachin).

 007 MI6/CIA Secret Agent(s). Jet 'McCartney/Bond' Wings, via the 'phallic' Struck Tower(s), & 'destructive' Twin Tower 9/11.
The Tower also symbolises an ejaculating penis. Note how the card reading starts. 'A man cums. He cums quickly.' Pan-Am.
007 Bond 'jets' into JFK, NY. Where 'Jet Wings/007/Spies Like Us' McCartney was on the very morning of 9/11/01.
 Zoom shot of CIA/South Tower is about 50 secs after card reading. 'Tarot of the witches' deck. DIA/9-11 Destruction in Art, Ono.
Readers will know of my writing re: NY Towering Trump, Donny. The walking tarot card. He likes swing states and Camp David.
Satanic Jew, Lord Grade owned the Beatles' back catalogue from 1969, Northern Songs. Media mogul, Lew 'ITC Sept. 11' Grade.
Grade's ATV and Sony merged and owned the catalogue. 1995, Macca-linked Peter 'Indica' Asher became VP of Sony Music.
The Grade Bros. allegedly had a stranglehold on UK showbiz. Delfont even went on to head Thorn:EMI (1979).
Baron Samedi (Geoffrey 'The Wiz' Holder). Joel '9/11' Schumacher's film version had the Twin Towers as the Emerald City.
Holder featured in (Woody 'paedo' Allen's) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* before this Bond film.
Bond is compared to 'The Fool'. Paul 'Fool on the Hill' McCartney. The Fool did the original Pepper cover.
Revolver booth Bond draws the Fool seconds before seeing Mr Big for the first time, who then gives the revolver 'waste him' order.
John & Yoko - The (Naked) Lovers and (revolver) Death. They lived at the NY Dakota (Rosemary's 'Farrow' Baby). 'All of Them Witches'.
Bond screenplay by Tom 'Rosebud' Mankiewicz. It also features an actor from 'Shaft'. 1st Bond film to use the word shit.
Yoko 'Bottoms/Cox' Ono. "Jew-Jew (Ju-Ju) Eye-ball" - from 'spinal cracking' Cum Together. JuJu, as in a type of witchcraft.
 Similar hat style (bowler/brown derby). Sept 11 linked MMT. "The Magical Mystery Tour is DYING to take you away."

A crushed and bloodied Beetle (VW) is seen via a supposed suicide at the beginning of (Lennon/Ono Dakota linked) Rosemary's Baby.
We get the story of head witch Adrian Mercato's near death via the entrance and lobby - just as with Lennon's actual death.
The Dakota 'arch' entrance a la the masonic arch of heaven.
  God is Dead! Satan Lives! Written and directed by (satanic) Jews. LaVey's CoS formed 1966. DIAS Sept 11th 1966.
"To 1966! - The Year Is One!" I consider this to be an industry 4th wall example.
(Yoko '1966 witch' Ono lived in the same Dakota building (see pic above) on the 7th floor - just like the '1966' witchy Mercatos!)
The story is built around Rosemary and 'actor' Guy. An actor seeking advancement thru satanic cult membership! Roman Castevet claims to be the son of a Broadway producer (that would be Scottish Adrian) who worked with such figures as Forbes Robertson, Modjeska, and Minnie Fiske. Mention is also made of him knowing legendary actor and (Jerusalem Lodge 197) Freemason Sir Henry Irving, the main inspiration for Stoker's Dracula character. The film's supporting cast is made up of a variety of established 'old school' Hollywood names. DIAS Ono, and Lennon, also occupied the 7th floor of the Dakota, a la the (witchy and entertainment linked) Castevets. Rosemary's (demonic) Baby was due to be born 28th June 1966. On that day in "reality" - the Beatles would play their penultimate live show in LA. The very next day (29th) would be their last ever live tour show at Candlestick Park, SF.

Tony 'Pepper cover' Curtis featured in 'Rosemary's Baby' - the 'voice' of the Baumgart character blinded by the cult.
"Blinded by the cult" - am I talking about Rosemary's Baby witches, or the victims of Beatlemania (cult mass mind control)?
Sgt Devil's Pepper via Rosemary's 'satanic Dakota' Baby. All of them Witches.
Guy places the 'All of Them Witches' book on top of (OTO Crowley/Anger linked) Kinsey's sexual volumes (sex magick).
Of course, let this post be testament to the mass (and covert) sexual programming of society via satanic/sodomite Jew Hollywood.
All of Them Witches - a 'tail chasing' drag-on creature in the shape of a ring. Paedo Kinsey visted Crowley's Abbey with OTO Anger.
 Next to Sammy 'Satanist' Davis Jnr's bio 'Yes I Can'. Davis, a member of LaVey's 1966 born church of (homo) Satan.
One of the Castevet coven was played by (degenerate) Ryan O'Neal's mother, Patricia. For Farrow/O'Neal, see Peyton Place.
Imagine, aka Lennon's COMMUNIST HELL piece. Masonic 33, Karl 'Pepper' Marx. The Beatles loved Jewish satanist, Marx/Levi.
Macca's former wife Linda. Both her parents were Jewish, the Eastman family's original surname was Epstein.
Farrow involved with the Beatles via India. It's known that satanic Jew Polanski and (military intel linked) 'initiated witch' Tate, visited (Beatle) Indica late 1966 and on several occasions. The Indica linked to the Supreme Council 33° (Jewish/satanic freemasonry).
The Woodhouse and 'witchy' Castevet apartments (Dakota) are joined by a broom cupboard.
Peppering the Brown-eye (hind-quarters) via Witches, (phallic) Bed-NOBS and (phallic/yonic) Broomsticks.
Bed(k)nobs Lansbury's grandfather was leader of the Labour Party (UK). Her children were linked to Charles 'Beatles' Manson.
Wicker/Wicca Man Christopher '3 witchy nipples' Lee, and Ekland, both featured in Man with the Golden Gun.

Man With the Golden Gun [Roger Moore, trying out a gun]: "Also lost his trigger. It is housed in the butt. Squeeze it.
The sights are a bit off. You have five fingers. The butt is balanced for the pressure of three. That's why you were one inch too low."
Bottoms Up and Roger Mo(o)re - some of the scenes were shot in 'phonetically resonant' Phuket Bay.
Wicca/Wicker Man, Gold-gun (gold member) Lee was actually Fleming's step-cousin.

Wicca - 'to bend'. SWitchcraft eye-holing and Get Bach. We all live in a (phallic) yellow 'USS Wayne' rainbow submarine

Switch-hitting Wayne and SWitchcraft Bach. At one point, she even tries to pass herself off as a male via the sub.
 Sphinx, Pyramids, yellow submarines, and Ring-O's wife, Bach, feature in (under sea Octopus-sy's garden) Spy Who Loved Me.
The (submerged) golden phallus of Osiris. This 'Rogering Moore' film was kabbalistcally released on Ring-O's birthday, 7/7/77.
Sgt. Khepera/Pepper 'rolling dung/sun/stone' Beetles. Hermaphrodite, underground creatures self-begat via faeces.
 Rogering More Pussy Galore! Spy XXX Bach, and hubby Ring-O's Octopus-sy's Garden Under the (Atlantis) Sea. Wet pussy gardens.
(Octo)Pussies (with eggs) and Sacrificial Rings via Apple Ring-O, his wife, hard-core 'Triple X' Bach/Back.
10 armed Kali via Octo-pussy and HELL(p). Jew directed Help! was a direct spoof of the Bond films.
The 'watery lotus' Kali. The watery Lotus being the car in (related) The Spy Who Loved Me. Car boats x2.
Apple Ring-O's first wife was called Cox (Cocks), linked Yoko Ono's first husband was Tony 'Bottoms' Cox (Cocks).
Moon-raker, with (prickly) Holly Good-Head. Ring-O was close to drummer Keith 'The Who' Moon. Moon via a Roger, as in Daltry.
Tommy (tank/wank, see Ring-O). Pin and Ball Wizard. Sniffing balls from (gay) Soho, to (gay) Brighton via a pin and with a twist.
Tommy, with Moon as Uncle 'paedo' Ernie. Written by paedo-linked Townshend, produced by homo, Epstein linked Stigwood.
Directed by uber queen 'White (penis) Worm', Ken Russell. The Who, managed by suspected homo/paedo Kit Lambert.

Moon (ass), and the (Dick Star-key) Ring-O (ass) Starr. Ringo's son still performs as The Who's replacement drummer.
1978. The night Moon died he watched a film about Buddy Holly who also died young (at 22) in a freak plane "accident".
"On 6 September, Moon and Walter-Lax were guests of Paul and Linda McCartney at a preview of a film, The Buddy Holly Story.
Even Linda's mother (wife of Lee Epstein) was killed in a plane crash, 1962. After dining with the McCartneys at Peppermint Park,
- Moon and Walter-Lax returned to their flat. Moon, dying later. The flat was owned by fellow musician Harry 'Lennon/Ringo' Nilsson who purportedly didn’t want to rent it to Keith because he supposedly believed it was cursed. This is the exact same flat where Mama Cass Elliot was also found dead (or murdered) in 1974. Elliot and Moon both died aged 32, as did Son of Dracula, Led Zep's Bonham. Nilsson, who died of heart failure in 1994, aged 52. Sons of Dracula - Ringo, Nilsson, Moon, and Bonham.
Lennon, Nilsson, Moon, and Starr all joined Alice Cooper's club the (rainbow homo) Hollywood Vampires.Yeah, WTF!?
2015, transient Cooper formed a supergroup named after the club with (Nancy's boy) Johnny Depp and Joe Perry.
Their debut studio album, Hollywood Vampires, released on September 11, 2015.

Witchy Ono's Destruction In Art (DIAS) 'Pyramid/Eye' via Sept. 11. A three day run from 9-11 Sept., 1966. Pyramid Macca.
The Apple of my masonic pyramid (ass) eye...via Sphinx/Sphincter/Bottoms Ono, Cox/Cocks, and Albert's homo 'ring piercing.'

Ring-O Starr (and the Beatles) were interested in making 'Lord of the (ass) Rings' - linked to Camp Climax, and 'eye/pyramid' Kubrick.
Middle-earthing via rings and phallic tower(s) - literally. Anyone for Helm(et)s Deep spearing via Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson?
 Orange (queer) Brown-eye stabber and with 'milk'. See Bed-nobs. The lavender, 'bent rainbow cock' lolly-eater (Lolita).
Birthing Lucifer/Satan babies via 1968, paedo Jews, Kubrick and Polanski. Lucifer birthing in 2001 sequel, 2010.
9/11 Kubrick worked on Bond films. Jimmy 'paedo/showbiz/royalty' Savile acted as the compere for The 'Crowley/Sodomite' Beatles.
'Camp climax' Kubrick's 'anal rosebud' - see Eyes Wide Shut & 'Nipped in the (Rose)Bud' flower shop via Cruising 'rainbow end' Tom.
 Dick Ringo Starr. Much of Starr's career has been built around his 'sacrificial ring' - see HELLp/O-Men's, McKern (#2/rump-pole).
 Lords of the (Ass-Eye) Ring, and Porking with The (homo) Flies, via dung & Willy (Golding). Ring (ass-eye) via snow-shaking.
The pilot/beast ejecting from a cock-pit. Lord of the 'Beelzebub' (Zipper) Flies. Harry Hook's film had (satanic) Getty as lead.
Jewish scholars interpreted 'Lord of the Flies' - as a way of calling Ba'al a pile of dung & comparing Ba'al followers to flies.
Ring Lord Saturn/Satan. LOTR series via Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson. It's The 'Willie' Goonies via 'Ring Lording' Astin and 007.

Masonic 'one-eyed Willie' Spielberg was a major 'Sept 11' and (related phallic Tower) predictive programmer - via his output.
 Rosebud Spielberg and Dick 'O-Men' Donner's The 'booty pirate' Goonies. The cop a boning key of one-eyed, Jolly Rogering, Willie.
The film where 'pizza' Chunk gets locked in the closet - with a stiff. A stiff that falls all over him.
007 Tom 'Rosebud linked' Mankiewicz even wrote scenes for The 'One-eyed Penis' Goonies, and War 'back-door' Games.
Mankiewicz scripted Dick 'O-Men' Donner's Superman, with (Pepper) Marlon 'Tango sodomy' Brand-O, 'pop-eye' Hackman,
- (camp butt-fucked) Beatty, and Christopher 'Rosebud Houseman' Reeves. Dick 'Beatles' Lester directed Superman II.
John 'Too Much Johnson/Rosebud' Houseman also mentored Robin 'pop-eye/rosebud' Williams, same year as homo Reeves (1973).

Rosebud/Kane, Too Much Johnson, Houseman. The Naked (phallic) Gun, and  'camp fire' storyteller via Spivey Point (The Fog).
Citizen 'Rosebud' Kane by Her-man Mankiewicz, who was Tom 'Live and Let Die' Mankiewicz's uncle.
 Erecting (phallic tower) stately Pleasure Domes (penis/glans) via Xanadu Kane. Rosebud via the hairy hole.
Rosebud and a literal busted (snow-shaker) pleasure dome via (phallic) Kane. To a burning (buddy) iced Rosebud sled (slip n slide).
 Ass ring (star) fuckers, rosebud sphincter (glans) pleasure doming, and via too much (Johnson) Cock. SICK.
The ENTIRE (satanic/sodom) American-Jew entertainment industry is sickness. A mass societal cancer.

Nice of the film-makers to put a sledge-hammer 'Quiet Please' reference in - when the industry is being outed, ahem.
The Faculty (1998): "Where do all these movies come from anyway? How do we know [ROSEBUD] Spielberg, Lucas, Sonnenfeld, Emmerich haven't been visited by aliens? Maybe they're aliens themselves. Maybe they're simply preparing us for what's to come.
[You know what, Casey, it's fiction. Okay?] - It's science fiction. - Exactly. Everybody gets hung up on the science part,
 which has nothing to do with it. They're getting at us through the fiction." (Ring Lord via mounts, Elijah Wood).

 Scream QUEENS. Films via (((Jews))). The 'Dimension' Queens - aka The 'camp-fire' Burning, Weinsteins.
See how this 'sodom sewage' is embedded via (homo) script writers. Scream title via (homo) Michael 'pan/paedo' Jackson.
The Faculty, above written by Kevin 'homo' Williamson. His lover was in Iron POOF Man 3. Imagine my surprise. ;)
It's ALL (Jew/Hollywood fomented) homosexual mass mind control posing as entertainment. Nancy/Jesse Craven linked Williamson.
Faculty 'homo' Williamson also wrote the Scream series, and involved in (boogey/buggery-man) Halloween H20.
Josh 'rent boy' Hartnett is the link between both films (H20 and The Faculty). Hartnett, as homo Myers' nephew.
Loomis (a la Psycho/Halloween) in Scream. The film is nothing but a homage to homo/sodom horror programming.
Male resonating Sidney as the lead female (via 'craft' Camp-bell), lesbian Drew Barrymore as Casey.
Casey was a male in the (homo) Faculty, a female in (homo) Scream. Gay ET, Barrymore, the satanic Barrymore dynasty.
Weinstein McGowan, from Children of (paedo) God, Courtney Cox, O-Men Schreiber, O-Men Warner (in sequel).
Family jewels in the chocolate, Jew Winkler, Mr "sit on it - Cunning-hams." And Scooby (scat) Doo, Shaggy/Lillard.
Scream 2 opens via TOILET STABBING - with (lesbian) Pinkett. Features homo O'Connell from (scat King's) Stand By Me.
Sodom programmer Williamson also wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer Bummer, camp-fire, seaman, Hook tails (see Pan).

 The King of Victimhood Programming. The Jews - the ultimate put-upon victims - via mass media that they own.
Oh, look. Spielberg's adopted (and predictably mixed race) daughter was sexually abused growing-up. (link)
She wants to be a porn star and is supported by her paedophile/sodom loving adoptive father. Hey, no shit.
Of course he supports her. Degenerating the Goyim via their sick Hollywood/porn industry is their stock-in-tade.
Sick JEWS own/control both paedo Hollywood (and linked TV) and the Cali porn movie industry. Ahem.
So, where were her adoptive parents when all this child abuse was going-on? Answers on a postacrd, please.

Does Daddy (Rosebud Spielberg) Love Her Rosebud? Sodom-incest - brought to you by the industry JEWS.
Satanic Jew S. of A. is beyond sick. This is the only proof you need. Promoting ass sex with your own daughter! WTF?
Rosebud via the shit creek & incest. Where's deviant Jew, Eugene '666/Rosebud' Levy? Is he bangin' ass?
Of course, Heather 'anal trauma' O'Rourke and her child sexual abuse - all centres around Spielberg, et al.
It's Pan/Hook, sodom Jew, Rosebud (Anus), One-Eyed Willie (penis), 666 Spielberg...Mr Barb-Asol.
Slip 'n Slide (via the seat) up the rosebud (asshole). Is your iced rosebud now burning?
Rosebud '666' Spielberg. Rosebud/Spud - the Devils potato-penis rainbow Tower via Close(t) Turd Contact. Mount the Devils Tower.
Via Lard Assing, chopper/pop-eye sik balls, Dick 'looking for a stiff' Dreyfuss. These deviants are goddamn coding masters!
 Closet Case 'homo' Encounters via Loos, Nerds and Turds/Terds (1980). Parody via Pyramid, a Rogers and a Corey (penis).
 Closeting via 'Deep Throat' Jaws, Star 'homo' Wars, and Robert 'Rosebud/Gay Divorcee' Wise's warping Star 'rainbow' Trek.
Closet Mouth? Hey, Gooning one-eyed Willying, Corey 'mouth' Feldman - this was a role that was made for you!
The gender-bending TV and CLOSET (homo/paedo industry programming) people are here...
 Orange CLOSET flesh orifice via a HOOP-er (Tobe) & Spielberg. 'Rainbow Brite' Poltergeist, made 1982, as was (homo) closeting ET.
Ars(e) Gratia Artis, (masonic) MGM. The roar from the 'closet beast' (Poltergeist) is used as the (sphinx) lion's roar of MGM.
'Ars' - also linked to 'Ars Goetia' - the demons of black 'sodom' magic. See 'Black Illuminati Vegas', the sphinx, black pyramid, etc.

GAY-lien Probing, Phallic, Extra-Terrestrial (TV) 'Closet/Drag' Encounters...via a Full-Moon (ass) cycle and the gay rainbow.
 A one-eyed Willie Knicker-bocker 'Dildo/Finger' - via a Thomas and (homo Michael-Angelo's) parthenogenetic creation of Adam.
 Coming Soon. Script by Harrison '42 rainbow' Ford's former wife Melissa 'Coppola' Mathison, and Color 'homo' Purple Spielberg.
 Penis breath, your anus, EllioT/ET, with lesbian Barrymore. Cum-back, goblin (gobbling), sausage (without fishes) pizza.
Frogs & transience in ET, like (shit-fisting) jurASSic PARK's frog DNA sex-changing dinosaurs via an orange fly. ET was Gay (link).
Beatle/Wings '9/11' Macca & the Frog 'Bum, Bum, Bum' Chorus. Nut-wood, Bear/Bare (1984). 2017 cover by Michelle McManus.
Frog Prince Kermit via Pork & gay 'rainbow connection'. 9/11 Spielberg's Goonies opens with: "Oh, bummer." via Ring Lord, Astin.
One-eyed Willie, Ring Astin, & Corey Feldman. Feldman played a transient Frog Bros. in 9/11 Schumacher's The Lost 'OTO' Boys.
This goes well with 'Sept 11' Paul 'Frogman' McCartney - via Beatle/Harrison linked tranny Idle. 9/11 Awakenings, Robin.
9/11 Awakenings via Marshall, who prior made '9/11 Big'. Big, co-written by Spielberg's sister - what a small world.
 Fairy-Tailing via Rainbow-homo, Hook Williams and 'Sept 11'. Dragfire Robin, The 'Iron (Poof) Henry' - transient Frog Prince.
 Teri 'Closet Encounters/Mr Mom' Garr. Fairying Transient Tails via 'Pop-eye', Shelley 'The (Baphomet/Pan) Shining' Duvall.
Pan/Frogman Spielberg, Trannying 9/11 (radios). Closet Encounters, and transforming 9/11 Beetle/Beatle 'Gremlins'.
(Recall all the 'Sept 11/11 Sept' cues via The Beatles. First recording, Pepper drum, DIAS event, JFK Macca via 9/11/01, etc.)
Michael 'Pan/paedo' Jackson recorded with 'bum-bum-bum' 9/11 Macca (Say, Say, Say) see video as (phallic lube) snake oil conmen.
Those who've made these satanic Hollywood deviants 'gods' - will have to answer for their crimes. Tick-tock.
Gay Cruise-ing via the Cock (Hook/Vav) in Fagnolia. His Top 'Gay' Gun - Cock via the Tail (Cock-tail), Citizen Dildo:
 Vav, Vav, Vav (VW) = 666. Hebrew 'Vav' (6) and the Hook/Penis. One-eyed Willie. Hook, Hook, Hook = 666
666 Spielberg's Hook (Vav). 'Jolly rogering/Rosebud' Spielberg - his Hook film was full of seamen.
Barb-asshole. Steven 'HOOK/BARB' Spielberg. Booty-pirate, One-eyed Willie's 'screw bottom' thick (DNA) cream.  Peter 'puffer' Pan. 
Pan via Fairies with Cum in, Orson - Robin 'Rosebud/Pop-eye/Mrs Dragfire' Williams, and Tootsie 'homo/gaylord Focker' Hoffman.
A BEARD Buster. Well, I've certainly busted your 'gay bearding' here - homosexual orientation is concealed no more. Fairy-tails.
 Shit-fisting, '6 inch' middle-toe hooking, (Barb-Asol) screw-bottom DNA cream...One-eyed Willie Spielberg's jurASSic PARK.
The entire homosexual Jew owned industry is nothing but crypto sodomy and gender-bending programming - this aimed at children.
Homo Peter 'sodomy' Pan via 'lost boys', hooks, eyes, rainbows, Oz, phallic bell-ends, mount(a)in-g, & booty pirate fairy-tails.
666 Damien/Omen, Old Nick, Neill in JP. Pan/Baphomet fairying 'Hook' opens with a Santa/Satan Date Nut 'swing batter' (homo cum)
- (curve ball) third base baseball game. Hook story by '(Old) Nick' Castle, the Bo(o)gey/Buggery orange stabber, and Dark-Star man.
Myers back-seat 'Nancy' stabber, Nick 'The Seat Filler' Castle (ahem), he co-wrote Escape from NY, with one-eyed Snake Plissken.
Myers/Pan-Hookman, Seat Filler, Castle - who gets 'closet eye-stabbed' (Halloween) via a (straightened) hooked coathanger.
Flying Boy, Tap, & Hook, Nick Castle (a Devils Tower, literally). The 'Nick Castle' Fog via Jolly Rogering (Satanic) Hooks, sea-men,
- Mrs Spinal Tap Curtis, Nick Castle 'eye-catching' via eye-gouged Dick, and transient (phallic lighthouse) Stevie 'tranny-radio' Wayne.
Blue 'homo' Oyster, 'reaper hook' Carpenter and anal rosebud '666' Spielberg majorly linked via (Choccy Dahl tail twisting climaxer)
- Dean 'Camp Rock/Devil's Jaws/Satan's Cheerleader' Cundey. Hook via Try-Star. Masonic warping Star 'rainbow' Trek.
Devil's Rain Myers Shatner, linked to satanic Twinky/Banana Splitter/One-eyed Willie, Dick 'O-men' Donner via Twilight Zone.
Carpenter's closet Bo(o)gey/Buggery man (Nick 'Hook/Myers' Castle) based on 'Luci in the Sky/Devil's Rain' Willy Shat-ner.
 Myers Shatner, TJ Hook-er. 1967, a la Sgt Pepper. The Trans-formed (rainbow homo) Man. His worm-holing warp factor is infinite.
He likes (ass) star (romantic) dates (via Bones) and a trek via the (rainbow)-bridge with his nudged captain's log & (faecal) cling-ons.
Star 'rainbow' Trek - The 'MOTION' Picture (pass a motion) via warping worm-holes, directed by Robert 'Rosebud/Kane' Wise.

'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'. 'Rosebud-666-9/11' Spielberg via (shit Biff-ing) Bob '(Get) Back to the 9/11 Future' Zemeckis.
Drag to the Future 2, Forest Dump/Rogering Rabbit Zemeckis' debut film, & 'Hook/barb-asol' Spielberg's first as Exec. Producer.

 Rose and Ass-eye(v). Both 1978 releases. Sgt 'ESP' Pepper via Robert 'Greece/Saturnday Night (Homo Odyssey) Fever' Stigwood.
 Using the 'NERD' (Turd) genre for brainwashing society with homosexuality? It's back-door Eddie 'Nerd protoype ' Deezen.
Rosebud Spielberg's Beatles production featured Nancy 'Twin Towers/Dressed to Drag Kill' Allen, and WarGames' back-door Malvin, aka Eddie 'Greeced/Rosebud/Sphincter' Deezen (see left pic). Nancy Allen, from Iron Butt, Robocop. She was married to Spielberg's director friend, Brian 'Born Sept. 11' De Palma. Mary-land, homo 'Ring-O' Deezen is a Beatles expert! Saturnday Night (Greek Odyssey) Fever Badham's War 'Back-Door' Ga(y)mes. Hard/soft-ware with back-door penetration via Proto(Rogers Blvd)Vision,
- and a WOPR (whopper) via rainbow Apple #2. Rosebud/spud-potato head Malvin (Deezen) and Jim STING via back-door tricks.
WarGames, Apple Beatle Lennon was earmarked for the Falken role, but was (seemingly) assassinated at the Devil's Pepper Dakota.
Sgt. 'Billy Shears' Pepper (film) features Alice 'transient' Cooper, as the mind-controlling cult leader, Father Sun (King), and Aero 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' Smith via the (masonic) Tyler. Aerosmith played as the (Pepper stand-in) Future Villain Band. Both these acts would also feat. in the Wayne's Queen World series. Cooper featured with 'Halloween Boogey/Buggery-man' Pleasance in Sgt. Pepper, likewise in (St John '9/11' Carpenter's) Prince of (satanic) Darkness. Shep 'Carpenter/Prince of Darkness/Pink Floyd/Alice Cooper' Gordon is heavily linked to Wayne's Queen Worlding, (boogeyman/buggeryman resonating) Mike 'Austin 007 Powers/Beatle' Myers.
Comedian, Apple Beatle-linked,  Mike 'toilet humour' Myers. Mr Shrek via 'tranny' Murphy (the ass). Sodomy in children's output.
Mr 'Myers' Sandman bring me a dream. Shrek = DreamWorks FILTH. See sodomite/satanists (closet) Spielberg, Geffen, et al.
Jolly Rogering, Capt 'Sodomy/Pan' Hook via Poison (Lucifer) Apple & Cyclops (Greek one-eyed penis monster) slamming the 'O'.
I've not seen any of the Shrek films, I don't need to. Industry satanic-sodomite programming is uber uniform and predictable.
Orange toilet trading, banana tail-piping, Nutty Professor, Queens 'Randy Sexual Chocolate' Blvd, Camp-us Ho' - homo Donkey/Murphy
The twitching (donkey) ASS-EYE via the rear. All the typical rotten sodomite source materials - (degenerate/homo) FAIRY TAILS.

Homo and gender-bending (satanic Jew) programmer Spielberg is one of the most sucessful film-makers in the history of cinema.
Some would argue - the most successful. The cinema going audiences have made this deviant, satanic Jew - a filmic GOD.
In my writing of all this satanic Hollywood, sodomy decoding - understand that I KNOW THAT I AM CORRECT!
It's Spielberg that is the (film-within-film) director of the (Mike Myers) Austin 'Ass' Powers lifestory in Gold-member.

Here cums the son. Templar, Rogering '007' More: "No point going in half-cocked..." Hooks via seamen.
Jolly Meat Hook Rogering via (Sodom Baphomet) Fairy-Tailing Pan. Live and Let 'Butter Hook/Watch/Croc' Die.
 The Hook (urban legend), as told in Meat-Balls via campfire by Stay Poofed/Twinkie Murray. (Ivan 'Private Stern Parts' Reitman).
Phallic meat hooks. Also see OTO homo Barker's 'Candy(ass)man', via eye stings, toilet hooks, and bruised eyes.
Barker's 'Hellraiser' does likewise with S&M 'hooks into flesh' via 'sting in the tail' Frisco Scorpio, Andy 'Dirty Harry' Robinson.
Campfire Tales (Tails) opens with The Hook legend, also see (sexually suggestive) Lover's 'Hook' Lane, and (seamen/docks)
- I Know What You Did Last Summer Bummer, which (predictably) opens will the 'tail/tale' around yet another campfire.
Hook/Jaws Spielberg. A Double 007 - Sheriff Pepper/Chief Brody HALF-ASSED autopsy - via  Louisiana and Sportsman's Paradise.
Not so much a knife Filleted Soul/Sole (fish) via 007/Louisiana, but a knife filleted Tiger Shark (fish) via 007/Louisiana. Hauling ass.
A Closet Encounter of the Turd Kind via a colon & a Dick (Hooper), 'trans-pac seaman' Dreyfuss. A rainbow Devils Tower man.
Before performing the autopsy they leave Brody's wife, played by Gary (slang, shitter) behind at home. Jaws opens with a campfire.
Meat Hook, Deep Throat Jaws. Just what did they mean by that "wife's holiday roast" and via hooks sinking into meat?
Barrelled twisting blood hole via a phallic pistol - 007 Roger(ing) Mo(o)re. Camp Blood. Lucifer ass-bonding.
Stabbed Tiger '007' Shark. 'It's got a 'Deep Throat'. 'End of the - barrel my ass.' Jaws featured Gay Head lighthouse.
R. Soul (Rubber Soul), Sgt. Pooper, Revolver, Hap-penis is a warm gun, Lennon/Beatles. A sex (penis) pistol.

SIN-EMA/CINEMA. Cumming soon...a film with a tail-twisting climax. Anyone for 'Shaving Ryan's Privates'? Man-eating?
Her-man Melville's, Moby 'Sperm Whale' DICK was a major influence on (Orca) Jaws. Gregory 'Ahab/O-Men' Peck.
Linked satanic O-Men,  Dick 'one-eyed Willie' Donner, was involved in 'whale riding' Free 'Jesse' Willy.
Deep 'HOOK' Throat. "You stuff your friggin' head in there man, find out if it's a man-eater." "Hammer-heads, blues, white-tips..."
Steven '666' Spielberg, Deep Throat - Jaws. The Devil in Miss 'Reemed' Jones. Dick Nixon & Water-door-gate (via the sea), literally.
 Private Dicking. Stiffs, blows, hairy bottom cases, and full moons (asses). Hairy/Harry 'gay icon' Reems.
Reem - to bore wider holes. Lovelace, aka Linda Sue Bore-man. Recall 'camping' John 'Deliverance sodomy' Boor-man, 1972.
See how interchangeable this mass sodomite Hollywood programming is. I can do this breakdown at will, and off the cuff.
 It's sodom Dickey's 'Deliverance Camper' - Ronnie #2 Cox. Dick Jones (Robocop). P K Dick's Cohagen via Iron Arnie and Ironside.
#2 Toilet Trading in orange Queerhoven's Robocop (Nancy 'drag' Allen). "Iron butt, boner, asshole." Yup, the three things for sodomy.
Beverly Uphill Copping, Cox. Lt. Bogomil (buggery). Bent Banana (ass-pipe) tail-pipe probing via a rear Axl/axel 'trick'.
'Orange agent' Eddie 'Toilet Trading Places via a bum/ass' Murphy - with (rosebud Mankiewicz's Drag-netting), 'stay poofed' Aykroyd.
Stay Poofed/Twinkie, Aykroyd even has a 'battered eye' in the toilet promo shot above. It's how the film was originally marketed.
The orange queer Duke traders settle their $ bet in the toilet. Maybe somebody really did: "tear Aykroyd a new asshole"?
This is some real crypto-Freudian type shit! It's not easy quantifying/defining what this is, but I'm sure some can follow.
Don't forget to pack your (seaman/semen) rubbers...
'It's got a Deep Throat'. Jaws/Jews. Jew, Dick 'barrel my ass' Dreyfuss helped with Jew Reems' 1973 obscenity court-case!
Reems' successful case was handled by Jew, Alan 'Epstein' Dershowitz!
Sean S. 'Camp Blood' Cunning-Ham(s). Mr Friday 13. Mr Hairy Bottoms via Reems, stiffs and full moons.
'Jump the shark' - via Jews, Fonz/Winkler, Hein(y), and (Queens born) Howard 'Private Parts/rear' Stern. Jump, to fuck.
As in 'White Men Can't Jump' (fuck) - via a Woody and ring/hoop dunking. Think Magic Johnson and Rim Wedgies.
  Sit on it, Cunning-hams. Family jewels in chocolate, shark jumping, Winkle(r). 'Back-Draft' Howard, Henry 'Wind-Cheater' Winkler.
Homo 'shark jump' Howard's brother, Clint, plays the (multi-cock) Johnson radar man in the (anal) Austin 'Evil/Ass' Powers series.
Gentle (Clint 'Johnson' Howard) Ben, a boy's relationship with a male Brown-O (Bruno) bear. Bears, heavy-set homosexuals.
Hairy, full-moon bottoms via stiffs, Sean S. Cunningham. He helped seed/launch both porn and horror.
The latter via Wes 'Hills Have Eyes' Craven, Mr Freddie 'Nancy's boy/Jesse boy' Krueger, via Spring-Wood.
Friday 13th series implicated in 9/11 predictive programming. See Part 3, and Takes Manhattan.
Masonic Friday 13, Final Chapter - with Corey 'one-eyed Willie' Feldman. Jason and 'Camp Blood' chopper eye-stabbing.
'Ass-dogged' Feldman of 'Chopper/Pop-eye' sik (sick) balls fame - via Dick 'Jaws' Dreyfuss, in Lard Assing, Stand By (Behind) Me.
Young boys looking for a stiff. Is this why Dick (Hoop-er) sees the fisherman's popped-eye when probing Gard(e)ner's boat in Jaws?
Shitshank Redemption, with worm-holing Freeman. A film via Jew, meat-heading, Rob 'shitty pipe dreams' Reiner.
The (sodom Lucifer) apple can be blighted with worm-holes. The space theme just a vehicle for subliminal sodomy programming
 Shit pipe 'rosebud' fantasies...via jailhouse rocking and digging dirt tunnels. The schmaltz suckers have been mind raped.
Now you know why satanic Jew, Stephen 'The chopper/cock Shining' King also penned as Dick Back-man (Richard Bachman).
It was Shitshank Reiner's father, Carl, that wrote (iron box) Richie/Dick 'Rosebud' Petrie for the Dick van Dyke Show.
Dick van Dyke was famously in Chitty, Shitty, Bang-Bang. A 'Vulgaria' story by Ian '007' Fleming, with Goldfinger.
Tom 'Rosebud linked' Mankiewicz did write/influence a lot of these 007 'Roger Mo(o)re' scripts.

The Devil's Tower in Miss Jones's Rosebud...
Speaking of 'rosebud' pleasure dome fantasies. Robin 'Spielberg' Williams was linked to Orson Welles and 'rosebud'.
Orson 'Too Much Johnson/Rosebud/Big Homo (Br)Ass Ring' Welles. Mrs Dragfire, Frisco rainbow tunnel, Hook/Pop-eye Williams.
666 Steven 'Devils Tower' Spielberg's first film - 'tail-end' Amblin' debuted with Otto 'Rosebud' Preminger's Ski-doo.
Rose and AssEye(v), Beatling Spielberg. Skidoo was co-written by Rob 'shit pipe dreams' Reiner.
Preminger, with both a Rosebud film, and a Skidoo film. Rosebud, a sled (a snow-mobile). Ski-doo, a snow-mobile.
 A Rosebud via a chopper, the O'Tool(e), and jurASSic PARK Dickie. Skidoo and sexual sledding a la Citizen 'Rosebud' Kane.
Ski-doo, 'homo' Hustler (Gleason via Butch Newman). GAYLORD via the Am Trans back-door bandit, Alice (homo) mooning.
The 'smoked ass banditry' series with Burt 'homo icon' Reynolds, Mr Camp Butt-Fuck via Dickey and Cox linked Deliverance.
Apple/Lennon/Ring-O linked Nilsson soundtracked Skidoo. His last soundtrack was for 'iron/oil' Pop-eye (rosebud Williams).
Back to the 'Biffed Shit' Future, Jackie. Homo 'Gaylord/Alice Mooner' Gleason was close to Dick 'Deep Throat/Doors' Nixon.

The Deep 'Throat' Jaws.
The Deep/Jaws. Peter Benchley x2, and Robert Shaw x2. The Jaws promo evokes phallic and vagina dentata imagery.
Bruce, the Jaws shark's nickname. A name historically associated with homosexuality. A queer hammer-head.
Bruce 'Philly/homo' Springstein, Bruce 'Trans' Jenn(d)er, Bruce 'Buttman/Dick' Wayne, Butch/Nancy Bruce 'Pulped Ass Friction' Willis.
 Jaws + Deep Throat. Your Anus (Uranis) Pictures via sexploitation, The 'screwing' Dick-tator, and 'Deep Jaws' (1976).
Jaws plate, Deep Blue Sea (1999) via Tiger shark. Renny 'Bruce-Die Hard 2' Harlin. Mr Freddy 'Nancy/Jesse' Krueger, Part 4.
A Jaws homage film, with 'quarter-pounding/Ring-O', Shafting-Black Snake Moan, jurASSic PARK, Jackson.
And 'buggery archetype' - Ronny 'Deliverance sodomy, Ball-linger/banana tailpiping, Bogomil/Star 'homo' Trek/Dicking' Cox (Cocks).
Buggery Myers linked LL Cool GAY featured, as did Saffron 'LESBIAN' Burrows, and Boogie/Buggery 'Ring-O' Nights, Jane.
The Deep (film 1977) had 'opium/morphine' as a major plot-line. As did Live and Let (shark) Die. Live and Let Die/Rosebud linked Mankiewicz largely rewrote The Deep for the screen. Robert 'Jaws/The Deep' Shaw was a 007 Bond villain in From Russia With Love.
Jaws' Quint, Mr Submariner via sub-torpedoed USS Idianapolis. The bomb(s) via Enola Gay, a Fatman and a Little Boy.
Syd Cain, designed the watch, an assistant art director for (sub, Spy Who Loved Me) Kubrick, and a prod. designer for Hitch-cock.
Psycho was the first film to show a toilet (shitter). My, how far we've come since 1960. Janet 'Curtis' Leigh.
Beatles' A.A (double A single) Eleanor Rigby (w/Yellow 'penis' Submarine) was built around Herr-mann's (tranny) Psycho score.
Poof Hitch-cock, & gay Perkins. 'ANL trading' and plated Crane via struck eyes and the (stabbed) plugged eye hole. Leigh was in
'camp fire' via rosebud Houseman, The Fog, with daughter Jamie. Halloween, the bo(o)gey-buggery man & 'closet eye-stabbing' film.
Plugged eye-hole, Psycho. Bates 'shit screwing' Motel. Pulped Ass (Psycho) Friction - chopper-rider, 'ass watching', Butch Bruce.
Master Bates' Motel/Ho-tel (series). The 'symbolic bathroom Crane' - Gay-Z linked Illuminati '777' Rihanna: "screw this shit".
Bird-stuffer, Pecker Bates. Fruit cellar recess, a hollow-eyed mother(fucker/stuffer). You can't drag her away - said tranny Perkins.
Slashed-eye via tranny Bates, Arboghast (Balsam), featured in (color-coded) Pelham 123, with Robert 'Jaws' Shaw.
The 'Jaws' (villain) joined 007 in 1977. The submarine film with Ring-O's wife, Bach/Back, with Air on a (massonic/knicker) G-string.
Jaws, Hoop-er: You screw-around with these (compressed-air) tanks and they're gonna blow-up. Innuendo in a removed context.
Robert '007/Jaws' Shaw. "Little [phallic/sodomite] brown eel swims in-and-out of the hole." (via rope/knots).
Live and Let Die. 007 Rogering Mo(o)re chair fishes off the back of a boat (a la Quint/Shaw) and in the vicinty of sharks.
The GREAT WHITE Hope (Boxing) - see Pepper boxer Sonny Liston, and 'Sonny Boy' Kanaga/Mr Big, boxer Kotto.
Live and Let Die ends with a 'shark scene' and 'compressed-air' exploded 'Mr Big' villain. Like the ending of (related) 007 Jaws.
A compressed-air 'shark gun' pellet.
Roy 'All That (J)Azz' Scheider killing the shark with his rifle/gun and hitting the compressed-air tank. Submarine story, 007 Jaws.

Gold (Yellow Submarine Penis) Member.
It's Rosebud/Hook/jurASSic PARK/Deep Throat Jaws, 'closeting' Spielberg, that is the (film within a film) director
- of the lifestory of Austin 'Mike Myers' Powers in ( yellow sub-merged gold penis of Osiris) Goldmember.
Who else, eh? Couldn't be anyone more fitting. Powers played by Tom 'Citizen 'rosebud' Dildo/Respect the Cock/Penis, penis, great big erect penis/Cock(&)Tail/Top 'homo' Gun' Cruise - via Dixie Normous (enornmous dicks), Austinpussy. Wagner (ring-cycle) linked cruising 'Nipped in the (rose)Bud' Tom. Homo, John 'Greased/Greek Back Doors Crying/Satan's 'back' Alley/Saturnday Night Greek Odyssey Fever' Travolta, as Goldmember. (I've not seen this film). Film by Jay 'Meat the Parents/Fockers' Roach. Mary Stiller, etc.
Old Vic (old queen), Jeff Epstein-linked Kevin 'dogging/cottaging' Spacey, Mr American Booty, as Dr Evil. Very appropriate.

Carpenter's buggeryman, Michael/Mike Myers - derives from a British film distributor involved with his Ass-ault on Precinct 13.

During the filming of the third Austin Powers film, (gold/yellow penis sub key) Goldmember, 2002 (see story on UltimateClassicRock.)
Myers allegedly received the last letter that Beatle, back-door key Harrison ever wrote. (I expand on this later in the post.)
Yellow/Gold Penis/Member (Homo-Pinky) Submarine...via No. 2
Full of seamen for your (queer No. 2) GoldenEye only. 'Bum, Bum, Bum...eye-eyeing' - transient Frog-man/diver, Macca (geddit!)
Thunderballs, a (Hello, sailor) Moon-raker, & moore 'golden bottoms up' Rogering. The OK 'diver/frogman' 666 gesture:
 Austin 'O-Ring/Ring-O' Powers via No. 2 and Asher.
Tom 'O-Ring ' Arnold (below left) played a GAY caveman in Homo Erectus. See Ring-O 'Caveman via Bach/Back' Starr.
Austin 'Ass/Evil' Powers (via one-eyed No.2) and 'submarine heavy' Goldmember - directly links the penis to the key.
A literal 'gold penis' (a man with a golden phallic gun) and inserted directly into a device via Preparation 'hemorroids' H.
The penis and the back-door. Goldmember (via sub) produces a gold penis key: "Look, my [gold] winky [member] was a key."
 Sgt. Anal Pooper...Back-Door Keys:
Yellow 'Ring-O Starr' Submarine Beatles. I'm not through with 'backdoor key' Harrison, yet! Harris/'Arris - a slang term for the ass.
Dick (Ring-O) Star-key. The OTO Beast-les: "I'm fixing A-Hole where the rain gets in. I'm filling the crack(s) that ran through the door..."
Linked 'She's Leaving Home': "Silently closing her bedroom door...." via the pointed/phallic finger.
"Quietly turning the backdoor key." Backdoor/asshole via a phallic/masonic key - written over Harrison's penis/groin.
Pepper LP cover. Notice how 'backdoor key' Harrison is next to gender-bender/drag icon - Marlene 'Master Key'  Dietrich.
OTO Anal Crowley concealed between the Temple - Do(o)rs. O-Scar 'homo' Wilde behind Crowley. Dietrich, to the left.
Dietrich - Male first name, meaning master key, pick-lock, a key that can open all doors.
Fixing A-Hole, Backdoor (penis) Key Harrison, next to (Master Key) 'drag' Dietrich. Sodomite Crowley between the Temple Do(o)rs.
Dors' father headed a masonic lodge. A canoe in her/his dress? See arrow. The Dietrich penis bulge. She/he dresses to the right. :)
With a name like Dietrich - she/he just had to have a (penis) key somewhere - and we've found it.
 Twinkie Ghostbusters: "I am the gatekeeper." "I am the keymaster." Yup, clearly sexual. Busting makes me feel good.
Drag-netting, Stay Poofed, battered-eye toilet trading, orangeman, keymaster-linked Aykroyd, via Key-hole 'Spies Like Us'.
 Spies Like Us, the single that followed door-knocking Macca's Nut-Wood 'Bum, Bum, Bum - eye-eyeing' transient Frog Chorus.
(Phallic) Snake oil salesmen 'Say, Say, Say' (with Pan-paedo Jackson) was followed by (Pan penis) Pipes of Peace' (via the seat).
Pan/Sodomy Penis Piece Pipes (via dirt trenches, see music video) & the Hole in the Seat (literally). See Pan/Hook 'seat filler' Castle.
Pan Jackson, who owned 50% of the Beatles back-catalogue. Rainbow Moon-walker ends with Cum Together.
 Pan Jackson was a child molester/abuser. When not doing that - he was programming the dumb mass with homosexuality.
Hence, trans-forming via a full-moon in toilet-trading Jew, Landis' Thriller, via uber queen The (zipper) Fly man, Price.
Homo 'Beat It' (masturbation), love songs about 'Ben', 'Can You Feel It' (Frisco rainbow-bridging). The Wiz friend of Dorothy.
Cottaging Jacko, see his link to Ful-ham (homo cottagers), & Exeter (go Greek/Grecians) via bent spooning (sexual spooning) Geller.

 If we'd gone to the dark side? Yeah, right. That issue, imo, is no longer in dispute. Dark side, and all the way.
Talking about John in the 'present' tense? Well, there was a link to Double Fantasy via his (supposed) Dakota death.
Devil's Pepper Fungus. LSD Beatles. Catcher in the Rye, Chapman. LSD, synthetic ergot of RYE, - a fungus.
 Jew Epstein's NEMS management. The Beatles (Dakota Lennon, far left) with Billy J Kramer and The DAKOTAS.
Of course, there was also an alleged link between Chapman and 'Beatles/Indica Fraser' linked OTO/Lucifer Anger.
Six weeks before Lennon's (8 Dec. 1980) murder, Chapman met with Anger (in Hawaii) offering him a gift of live bullets.
The 'final' version of Anger's Lucifer Rising premiered at the Whitney Museum in New York - late December of 1980.
The film that was soundtracked by Bobby 'Manson/Hell-ter Skelter' Beausoleil (via Anger). The link to Manson's Family.

Son of the world's former richest man, (satanist/paedophile) John Paul Getty Jr, was OTO Anger's key patron.
The same Getty Jr that funded Anger's Lucifer Rising. Robert 'Mason's Indica' Fraser held screenings of OTO Anger's films in his flat.
 Stones/Anger linked witch Faithfull at Indica, who played Lilith in Lucifer Rising. Devil Sympathising, Marianne.
Pepper cover - art-directed by Eton homo, Indica/Supreme Council 33°, Fraser. It's ALL just coincidence, right readers?
The head of EMI (Lockwood) being a homosexual also has no bearing on anything. Or their homo Jew manager. Ahem.
 Through Sgt Pepper's Robert 'Indica/Eton' Fraser, Lucifer Anger was introduced to Getty Jr, The Beatles circle (primarily Macca and Lennon), as well as 'Devil Sympathising' Jagger and Richards. Anger moving-in with Jagger and Richards (for a time) leading to the recording of the 'Sympathy For The Devil' track. Getty Jr's close friend, Etonian toff (and Jagger linked) Christopher 'Swinging' Gibbs, was also a close friend of (fellow Etonian) Robert 'Pepper/Indica' Fraser. Homo art dealers Gibbs and Fraser are the two credited with inventing Swinging London. Getty Jr's father, the world's former richest man, died on the release date of Dick '666' Donner's
- The 'Devilish' O-men, 6/6/76. Getty Jr Trust chairman, Gibbs, was also a godfather to one of Lucifer Jagger's children.
Anger was also linked to Jimmy 'Crowley' Page, and Donald 'Crowley/Demon Seed' Cammell, both an aspect of Lucifer Rising.
Anger's Lucifer Rising cameraman, Michael Cooper, then known as a still photographer, shot the cover of 'Sgt. (Crowley) Pepper'.
More coincidental findings (sarcasm) - diagonally mirrored Pepper. See 33° OTO Crowley's 'Magick and Theory in Practice'.
Masonic/OTO Pepper Pyramid. A Penis rose(bud) flower bed. Ring-O Drum/OTO lamen, No. 2 Crowley(s) at the apex.
Gay rights/liberation icon - Harry Hay - was also a member of (sodomite) OTO. An organ-ist. No comment.
Brit, Ozzy Osbourne directly channelled Crowley via his Mr Crowley track. Liber Oz/77, Crowley. Also see Led Zeppelin.
It's alleged that OTO have had an enormous (yet largely hidden) role in influencing US popular culture.
If this is in fact the case, then you've actually been getting primarily programmed (via exposure), and not entertained, per-se.
The programming is the primary driver. Entertainment is the packaging by which to sell the (nefarious) programming & rinse it thru.
 Worth considering. 'Do what thou wil(s)t' Lennon's own sketched face. Aleister 'OTO/666' Crowley via the Mysteries.
 Magic(k)al Mysteries Tor (Tour) via the EMI Crowley Bea(s)tles. Sept. 11 linked MMT.
Jeni or Genie? Genie Crowley. Her only film credit. Jeni Crowley also worked at the (sodom) Apple Store.
Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn/OTO/A.A. grade signing via 'sacrificial Ring-O ring' HELL(P).

Backwards writing a la witchery/satanism. "Let him learn to speak backwards, read backwards, listen to phonographs in reverse..etc."
A paper 'Back Writer' (backwards writing), credited to Ian Iachamoe, whose name played backwards = Paul McCartney.
It's the b-side 'Rain' that contains an 'actual' backwards vocal (near the end) from Lennon.
Ian Iachamoe, a pseudonym of McCartney. The same Iachamoe (McCartney) that helped fund the 'IT' publication.

Sodom '777' Crowley. Mr Sgt '666 Devil's' Pepper via "Eh Ma I" (EMI). Macca and backwards (moon) walking, '777' Jackson.
Iamaphoney 'Rotten Apple' series (likely insiders). The Lucifer Rotten (Crowley Rites of Eleusis) Sodom Apple(s).

 The Beatles - the 'mark' and  '666'.

Get Back with the satanic/homo O-Men via the Antichrist Beatles' Sgt Crowley Devil's Pepper & the 666 Ring-O (ass) Starr.
The Fifth Beatle - Billy '666' Preston, who played Sgt 'Get Back' Pepper in homo Stigwood's 1978 film.
Tutti 'sodom good booty' Frutti, Little (Dick) Richard linked Billy 'Get Back via the Organ' Preston.
Ringo/Harrison linked, Sgt (pointing) Weather Vane Preston, died 06/06/06, on release of the reboot of The '666' Omen (2006).
We mentioned similar in respect of (satanic) Getty Sr, who died (in Guildford) on the release of The O-Men, 06/06/76.
His son closely linked to homo, Mr Swinging 60's, Robert 'Sgt Pepper' Fraser, swinging Gibbs, and Lucifer Anger, et al.
 Move along, nothing to see. Move along now, there really is nothing to see. There is no 'mass media' driven satanism.
In no way were Thorn (Electrical) Industries linked EMI - the model for corporate Thorn Industries in The Omen series (sarcasm).
 Billy Shears (Willy Shaker), Peter 'Alive' Frampton - the lead in Sgt Pepper's (film, 1978). Billy '666' Preston as Sgt Pepper.
 More Masonic (666/33) propaganda via the Billy '11 Sept 1966' Shears book releases.
Latest book edition is the Nine (9) After 9-09 (another kabbalistic encode.) Any offers on the author being a Freemason?
You see folks, I DON'T CARE if McCartney is Paul or Faul, or whatever - the issue is bigger than that.

 PRICK Up Your (R)EARS...homo Joe 'Beatles' Orton. A recording of 'A Day in the Life' accompanied his coffin.
 Aug, 67. The day Orton was due to discuss filming options at Twickenham Studios - he was found dead. It was never made.
A 1997 BBC radio version (with Beatles music) was made - and narrated by Leo 'O-Men/Hell-p/Rump-pole/No. 2' McKern.
Oldman (cottaging Orton), masonic Sirius Black, Winnie 'the poo' Churchill, (jail sodomised punk) Nancy's boy, Sid.
Molina (Halliwell), Boogey/Buggery 'Ring-O/Star(r)' Nights, Wonderland (Alice), Jess(i)e Girl Boy poof. El CID (Campeador).

Harrison formed Handmade Films, the name coming from (underpants based) toilet paper via suggestive (witchy) Wookey Hole.
(Sexual) Scrubbers, The Missionary (position), (sexual) Privates on Parade...With Nail and Eye, the "I fuck arses" - cottaging film.
 Bruce 'With-Nail & Eye' Robinson. "G'day Bruce, via Oz/Aus. (Monty 'homo' Python). More like G-(d)ay Bruce. Ahem.
I Fuck Arses. Two Queens. Forced to Camp. Cottaging via homo actors. Butter-drips from (gay) crumpet(s). Poof on acid.
'I'm a [Cross-dressing] Lumber-Jack' via choppers and wood, snake Python. Harrison financed Life of 'Biggus Dickus' Brian.

 The Beatles and Weinstein...
Harrison's Handmade also UK distributed (degenerate abuser) Weinstein's first feature film, The Burning (1981).
Is that 'Willy shaker' Billy SHEARS, The Burning? Or is it a scissor sister/brother?

 More camp blood. Camp fires and Cropsy 'anal' Bo(o)geymen via sodomite Jews and sodomy programmers, the Weinsteins.
Carry On Camping. Camp Blackfoot, Camp Stonewater, sex with a Sally via camp fires. Campers via Devil's 'shit' Creek.
A total 'camp' fest. And folk wonder why the Weinsteins were involved in The Crying (Tranny) Game, & Pulp(ed) 'ass' F(r)iction.
Weinsteins, via Lord of the (ass) Rings, too. The 'camp' Burning co-written by Weinstein's former gopher Brad 'homo' Grey.
Edited by Sholder of gay Elm St 2 fame. Homo Jesse and Nancy boys via 'the man of their dreams' and Spring-wood.
Miramax/Weinstein's first foray into the industry coming via Paul 'Live and Let Die' MCartney and Wings - via (1980) Rockshow!
What a small, masonic/satanic Jew entertainment world. Jet Wings, Masonic Paul '11 Sept - 9/11/01' McCartney.
Jews owned/controlled The Beatles - homo Epstein, to Lew '11 Sept' Grade, to Sid 'US' Bernstein, to Sidney 'Hitch-cock' Bernstein.
Satanic cube Hellraising. 'Will end on earth'. Masonic, sodomite, Jew Hell on Earth via Twin Towers and Sept 11.
Debut release (11 Sept. Liverpool McCartney linked) Weinstein Bros. via their Dimension horror arm, Liverpool Sept. 11 Barker.
Satanic/saturnic 'hooks into flesh' via both films, both had Sept 11. 1992 releases, both created by OTO Barker.
 Hooks via toilets and bruised eyes. Tail stings via the (ass) eye. Liverpool Barker - Mr Sept. 11 x2. Virginia 'Born Sept 11' Madsen.
Chicago's Willis Tower features heavily in Candyman, zipcode 60606. 666 5th Ave. Tishman, see Sept 11 Twin Towers.
Sept 11 Madsen's Candy-ass-man co-star (Beetling Lemmons) was in Silence of the Tranny Gein Lambs.
Andy 'Scorpio/Dirty Harry' Robinson, in Hellraiser. A sting in the tail via "My, that's a big one." Frisco Alices/rainbow tunnels.
They wanted toilet-trading, banana tail-pipe, Queen's sexual chocolate Blvd, 9/11 Murphy (as Candyman), but couldn't afford him.
Many thanks to Uncle Bingo for the Barker connect. A Crowley image is seen in Hellraiser #2. Pinhead, a Crowley avatar.
Sequel male lead (Cranham) appeared in (homo) BBC's Orange's Are Not the Only Fruit (queer/lesbian propaganda) soon after.
Hellraiser (original trilogy) all three run for 93 mins. Source BBFC (wiki). Thelemic 93. Rituals, but posing as entertainment.
Barker's original (satanic/sodom) Hellraiser film had the sodomy scene removed. OTO Barker, a satanic shit-stabber.
Sept 11. Madsen (Candyman), her brother Michael was in War '911-Backdoor' Games. Which was supposed to feature Lennon.
Horror Carpenter (and likewise with the Weinsteins) was heavily involved in 9/11 predictive programming via their output, as was
- (homo) Spielberg. Carpenter/Spielberg were perhaps two of the biggest players in Hollywood 9/11 predictive programming, period.

If mass media didn't brainwash/influence people - billions and billions of $ wouldn't be spent on corporate advertising. D'oh!
The only copy you've ever heard (re: Hollywood, etc.) is from brainwashed fame junkies and the implicated industry itself!
USA and UK are both slave colonies of the satanic/masonic, Khazar Jews. This is beyond any reasonable doubt.
Miramax were also involved with Python-linked 'The Secret (masonic) Policeman's Other Ball', US distribution.
Harrison's & Handmade financed and made Python's 'The Life of Brian', Pink Floyd funded Holy Grail (also see The Rutles).

 Sgt. Devil's Floyd Pepper Fungus...Pink 'drag balls' Floyd via Pepper. Back-door key, Fixing A-Hole, Hey JEWED.
Mia 'Beatles' Farrow, appeared in Rosemary's (satanic showbiz Jew) Baby, and remake of (666) The Omen. Pregnant Farrow, Muppets.

 Masonic/satanist, Lew 'Sept. 11' Grade. Mr 'Sept. 11' Beatles, Mr Muppets/Sesame Street via his (Sept. 11) ITC/ATV.
 Masonic satanist, Manhattan Dakota Lennon's last ever public performance - a tribute to Masonic Brother, Muppet Grade.
The final track (via Mother Fucker Brothers) being Lennon's 'communist fantasy hell' - Imagine. NY Big Apple, Lennon.
"Imagine I'm not sitting in a mansion, with a Roller parked outside. Sitting next to aristocratic Yoko. It's easy if you try." :)
Grade's ITC (ATV) formation date '11 Sept. 1958' - was altered (to the 10th) several years back. I took a hard copy.
Grade helped bankroll Arnon '9/11' Milchan via 'jet and tower colliding' The Medusa Touch. Directed by Jack 'Jew' Gold.
The (satanic) Masonic Jew 'Hidden Hand' via Telly(mindcontrol)Kinesis, the Jew Tower and (terror gorgon) MedUSA.
Jew Grade's nephew big at LWT, the BBC, & Channel 4. Michael Grade would've dealt with Beatles/BBC Savile.
ITC-ATV, (Zionist/Masonic) Muppets Take Manhattan. Also see 'camp blood' (masonic) Friday 13th series. Mary-land Henson.
Rosemary/Farrow's sister, Prudence, the inspiration for the Beatles song 'Dear Prudence,' - also worked on Muppets Take Manhattan.  
I Am the Walrus, Carrey. In an 80s turn on The Tonight Show, Muppet Carrey ended his act with a rendition of 'Rainbow Connection.'
- imitating Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo (with the aid of a banana). 9/11 'Hotel Satan' Carrey, a homo, rainbow, banana-bender.
Swinging cookie-keys, Grinch. directed by Ron 'Back-Draft' Howard (sit on it, Cunning-hams), co-written by Peter Seaman (semen).
It also features Austin 'ass' Powers' multi-cock radar man, Johnson - aka Clint 'Apollo mooning' Howard, Ron's brother.
Nice to see the Zionist Jew series really working the '9/11 Tower-Planes' thematic, ahem. Muppets World Trade Center.
Transient FROGS via BUTCH PORK. Rainbow 'homo/sirius' Connecting via the 'lovers' and the 'swamp'. A-TV, and literally.
Homo Big Bird, bed-sharing homos Burt and Ernie, porn-resonating Gonzo, transient Frog-man, Butch Porked Pigs, etc.
Frog-men - a la (Bum, Bum) Sept 11 Macca. It's (anus) Rosebud Welles (as Muppet Grade), Mr Too Much Johnson.
Rainbow, Pink drag balls, Floyd/Pepper (via EMI & Macca's IT) . Many thanks to Uncle Bingo for all this Muppets stuff!
Thames ITV (UK) had a 70s/80s Rainbow series, with a homo hippo via a zipper (zippy), plus Rodding - Jane & Freddy.
They seemingly love seeding rainbow homosexuality, trannyism, sodomy, and terror programming via CHILDREN'S content. 
Rosebud was the term for (Hearst actress) Marion Davies' asshole. Media mogul, William Randolph 'Citizen Rosebud Kane' Hearst.

Sirius/Luci-fer 'Luci in the Sky' had its world premiere 11 Sept. 2019.
2019 has seen Beatle resonant film releases: Yesterday, Lucy in the Sky, and (Manson/Beatle linked) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
Danny 'Masonic' Boyle directed 'Yesterday', which has a global black-out as a main plot device. Big Jobs Apple, Boyle.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, (homo) Tarantino's first film not to be released by the (sodomite) Weinsteins, and which features homo RENT BOYS DiCaprio and Pitt. Tarant-homo's and Bender's 'Pulped (Ring-O) Friction' being, imo, a landmark release for 'barely veiled' sodomite/homosexual programming. The entire film being literally 2+ hours of covert/overt anal programming - mistaken for art. You see folks, it's OK to disagree with 'Hollywood, et al' and their mass sodomy/terror agenda etc., and their degenerating sewage posing as entertainment. In fact, it's a very healthy thing to do. No-one has to acquiesce to this SICK, centralised, establishment programming. It's a choice you make.

Anyone for a tail-twisting climax via 'splatter' and 'slashers'? Slash/Slasher, being penis (excreting) related.
Watch as I completely destroy this degenerate multi-billion $ genre for the crypto homo-satanic vomit that it has always been. 
Cumming via U.S. homo horror archetypes Nancy-boys, Jesse-boys, Orange Queers, Camp 'chopper' Blood, & Closet Eye-Stabbing.
 Nightmare on Queer St. Mr Freddie 'Nancy's boy/Jesse boy' Krueger, the man of your dreams (swoon) via Spring(ing)-Wood.
"One, two...Freddy's CUMMING for you." You better lock your (back) door. Heather 'Nancy' Lagen-kamp.
In the extended TV version of Halloween, a scene at Laurie Strode’s house is filmed at 1428 North Genesee Ave.
This house was also Nancy's in (homo) A Nightmare on Elm (wood) St. See Nancy-ing Halloween.
Hallo-wiener, pumping-kin, 'closet eye-stabbing' (with heavy sexual breathing) - the Boogey/Buggery-man is CUMMING. Orange queers.

Willy Orange queer 'devil's (brown) eye' stabbers. (Psych-O) Sam Loomis/C(l)ockwork '666' Alex, via donut hole driller Kubrick.
Oct. 31 JPL, Jack 'Sodom/incest' Parsons' (Hollywood/Sci-Fi linked) OTO Lodge was on 1003 South Orange Grove Ave., Pasadena.
Halloweening 'Pan' Jack raised on (elite) Orange Grove Ave/Blvd (link). Buggeryman Halloween was filmed Orange Grove, Pasadena.
Pan-avision, Halloween. The Doyle and Wallace houses that both heavily feature in Halloween are both on Orange Grove Ave.

 S-cream QUEENS, CLOSET Bo(o)gey/Buggery Men, & SWINGERS (Schwing both ways).
The sci-fi-horror/comedy genres - the most fertile genres for mass crypto-sodomy programming via satanic/masonic Jew Hollywood.
Camp Weinsteins were heavily involved in the 'Orange GroveHalloween franchise. Talking of camp fire 'Anal stabbing Bo(o)geymen'.
It's Queening 'orange queers' - Mike 'Austin Powers' Myers via Dana 'Halloween II cameo' Carvey. Had-on Field, (be had/fooled).
Double Mike Myers linked Carvey. The Myers sodomy/buggery man & Wayne's Queening World - 'donut stabber' (see donut, Rhames).
This is all fair-game - seeing as though (cinematic anal archetype) Psych-O Leigh, was the mother of transient Halloween, Jamie Lee.
The Bo(o)gey/Buggery Man is Cumming - and via Closet Eye-Stabbing. Spinal Tap Curtis, daughter of ANL trading Crane/Leigh.

Mike Myers' Dr 'Pinky' Evil being a version of Mike Myers hunting Dr Loomis Pleasence's 007 Blofeld, You Only Live Twice.
Charles 'Tranny Horror Show/YOLT' Grey plays the role in Mankiewicz scripted (homo henchmen) Diamonds Are Forever.

H2 features two actors from 'Deep Throat' Jaws series. Halloween closeting Cundey opted out of (closet orifice) Poltergeist to shoot H2.
Halloween No. 2. Nancy Stephens: "Michael Myers is here get your ass over here now!"  Immediately followed by the climax.
Dick Warlock (Myers) has both eyes penetrated by bullets, with repeated 'come on' dialogue & stabbing via gas. Sick fucks!
A 'Gary (shitter) Hunt', a Budd Scar-lotti, & Dr Rogers. Actors Nancy Stephens, Nancy 'back seat stabbed via keys' Loomis.
Halloween opening has Laurie (Curtis) drop-off a set of keys at the old Myers' house. Home of the buggeryman.
A giant form of satanic/homo Hollywood induced, mockery based, slow-playing of the sheep with a rancid matrix of evil programming.

 Janet 'Anal Archetype' Leigh...mother of Halloween, Jamie Lee 'Spinal Tap' Curtis, and wife of tranny/homo, 'Rosemary' Tony.
 A 'ringer' car, Halloween (1978) & The Fog (1980), the exact same model. It could be the same car.
Is this why (mother) Janet 'Anal' Leigh (The Fog) rides in the same seat as Michael 'Buggeryman' Myers? I say: Yes.
A version of Leigh's 'swamp car' (NFB plate, traded for the ANL plated car) from Psycho is seen with her in Halloween H20.

Sgt./Dr. Pepper - Devil's Peppering via 1978
(I Am) The Walrus and the Carpenter. Pepper Carroll, the Alice sodom/dirt-hole man. Slurping oyster via wood & a horny walrus.
Ltd. record release. All by chance, right readers? Sgt/Dr Pepper and 'Closet Devil's Eye-stabbing/Hook-ing' via Hallowieners.
 'Devil's (Eyes) Pepper' Fungus. See Rosemary's 'All of Them Witches' Baby, with Curtis' father, Some Like It Tranny, Tony.
Blinded-eyes, Tony. Hook-eye, Nick 'Myers' Castle via Dr/Sgt Pepper drinking, trans-formed Luci Shat-ner. Rainbow logging, Willy.
The seminal Scream Queen. Orange Toilet Trading Places - with Rosemary's Dr. (Bellamy), Stay Poofed Aykroyd, & tranny Murphy.
Willy 'Myers' Shat-ner. A Motion Picture: Capt's Warped Rainbow Log Edition - Star-Cruiser Battle in the Cling-on Trench. (I jest).
 The Buggery-man Myers mask has a link to 'trans' Shatner's role in Devil's Rain (Reign). A film linked to CoS 1966, LaVey.
Shatner's face cast from the aforementioned film was the basis for the Star 'homo' Trek mask that was used for Halloween Myers.
Pop-eye via the old dirt road, rainbow vampire Nilsson. Dr O-Boogie (Man) Lennon, up the old dirt road, via men-love avenue.
Homo Travolta debuted in Devil's 'Myers Mask' Rain. Greased Backdoors Crying, Travolta, penis key Goldmember, via Mike Myers.
Star 'homo' Trek IV (film) feat. the Frisc-O 'rainbow(ass)bridge' - and probing via (Moby Dick) Hump-Back whales. Sick fucks!
Satanic/Saturnic Hook-man, Nick 'Seat Filler' Castle - the Myers/Shat-ner closet, eye-stabbed, 'cumming' Buggery-man.
 Oct, 2019. Luci(fer) in the Sky, Willy (Dildo), TJ Hook-er. Sgt 'Luci' Pepper Haworth worked on Lucifer Rising. Satanism & sodomy.
Devil's Rain/Myers Shatner, the first celeb to endorse resurrecting homo Lucifer (Rising). Devilish Lucifer via Hell & 'the Fall'.
Dr (Devil's) Pepper involved in (ACDC/Queens) Iron 'poof' Man No. 2, a film with Pepper Potts & Randy one-eyed donut-hole exits.
Pan Buggery-man, Nick 'Hook/Seat Filler' Castle via Sgt/Dr (Texas) Pepper. Myers/Shat-ner Castle, Mr One-eyed Snake Plissken.
The band's 'Hook' name was inspired by Sawyer's eyepatch and a reference to Captain Hook of the Peter Pan fairy tale (fairy tail).
Dr (Meat) Hook via the one-eye. Sloppy (sexual) Seconds. Formed 1967. Line-up included George Cummings, and Popeye Phillips.
One-eyed Dr Hook, Sawyer. The family in Texas 'Tranny Gein' Chainsaw were the Sawyers. Meat-hooks via the back, Leatherface.
If western mass corporate entertainment is (crypto) mass satanic/sodom programming - d'ya think the (satanic) industry would lie?

 Herr-mann's tranny Gein/Psycho score via Hitch-Cock, Eleanor 'Psycho' Rigby Beatles, & Silence of the 'Beetle' Lambs.
 Yellow 'Penis/Sea-men' Sub other A-side of (Psycho) Eleanor 'JAR FACE' Rigby via funeral. SOTL, jar face via hearse.
IRON Sulfide, Bill. "Did he sodomise you?" Transsexual Billy/Willy. A film by homo 'Philadelphia' Demme. Red Drag-on, Harris.
Bozman - involved in (Deep Throat linked) Texas 'tranny Gein' Chainsaw & also key in 'Gein' SOTL. Homo Philadelphia Bozman.
Tranny 'Gein/Meat-Hook' Leatherface. (Leat)HER-FACE (geddit?) A female (her) face - which he often wears.
German Beetling (Beatling) via Sodom Tranny Horror. Ashke-NAZI Hollywood Jews.

John 'Deep Throat linked' Carpenter...see MAFIA 'Deep Throat/Devil in Miss Jones' Bryanston.
It's interesting that (porn establishing) Deep Throat is viewed by some as the most successful independent film of all time.
Much as Carpenter's (closet Buggery-man) Halloween is viewed as the most successful independent horror film of all time.
 Without mafia Bryanston's (mainstream porn birthing) Deep Throat, there's no tranny/homo Texas Chainsaw. Psych-O TRANNY Gein.
Tranny 'Gein' Leatherface, Sawyer. Mr Meat-Hook via the back. Chasing a SALLY with his wood saw, and with head cheese.
Tranny, Master Bates (Gein), he/she wouldn't even harm a (zipper) fly - but might just stab (sodomise) a stuffed 'hollow-eyed' bird (mother). No Deep Throat, then no TCM, and likely no Devil's Rain (with Myers Shatner), - or (orange Kubrick' resonant) Dark (Ass) Star. The latter being 'closet buggeryman' Carpenter's debut. Wow. Camp Climax (Lolita paedo) Kubrick's Go-Greek Odysseying 2001, probing the rainbow-eye via the moon and an ass-stargate, and Strange-loving homos (Merkin, Iron/Pink masonic Sellers, etc.) Halloween Michael Myers' middle-name is the female resonating name 'Audrey'. Myers, the buggeryman who keeps on coming.
Sodomite horror archetypes that 'freak-out/kill' - a reaction that's typically driven by hetero couples making-out.
Too much camp counselling. Just as with (homo-masonic) 'camp blood' Friday 13 Cunningham and his double-element via extreme porn and extreme horror (extreme in terms of the paradigm shift of the time) - and during the same era! Masonic/Templar (baphomet sodomites) Friday 13th. Cunningham, linked to both Deep Throat Reems, and (porn) Marilyn 'Behind the Green Door' Chambers, she feat. in his 2nd film. Cunning-ham(s) worked with (homo Krueger creator) Wes 'horror-porn' Craven during his time with Chambers, just before her explosive porn rise. This was homo 'rainbow penis/serpent' Craven's film debut. Chambers, another character from (sodomy) Hitch-cock's Psych-O. Chambers name used in 'complete Psycho homage' buggeryman Halloween. Satanic-homo programmers Cunning-ham(s)/Craven both made torture-porn horror pioneering 'Last House on the Left', very soon after. Cunningham, as outlined earlier was also linked to 'Deep Throat' Reems (which sounds like a Freudian driver phrase in itself) - via hairy full-moons, bottom cases, stiffs, and private dicking. Watergate, Nixon - Doors, Deep Throat, and Dick. Also worth considering is (mk-ultra/psycho warfare linked) The Exorcist. It has explicit underage sexual content (incl. simulated penetration/anal refs.) mixed with extreme horror. The 3rd film was linked to serial killers (Scream-linked) Rolling, and (satanic-homo) Choccy Dahmer, the latter would 'trance-out' - watching it.
They are ALL sick deviants, programming the dumb mass with gender-bending, satanic sewage - and for decades/generations.
The reward is untold wealth, adoration, and worship from the former dumb mass. The sci-fi/horror genre - the sickest and most TRANS-HOMOSEXUAL resonant genre of them all. Folk have even idolised these (homo avatar) horror icons - it's almost funny. They probably think they're tough guys, when they've really been worshipping these queer heroes and getting obliviously BRAINWASHED. How's that for 'cognitive dissonance' in respect of the watching/hypnotised sheep film junkies? Perhaps some may now begin to understand (to some degree) the gravity of this (engineered) fucked-up, global-corporate entertainment programming situation.

If we are able to assume that hardcore porn exposure does have a significant (and/or devastating) effect on the viewer, from a manipulating 'sex energy POV' - something which it clearly does (imo). Then surely the same could be said of the horror film, which places the viewer in a (comparable) heightened state (via fear). Perhaps even more damaging than the former, seeing as it is typically extreme violence oriented. (This setting-up an effective state in the viewer which allows the crypto programming to embed, see homo Cronenberg's Videodrome.) And especially when the horror genre (arguably) has seemingly been placed inside a (practically hidden) framework of psychic-driving, Freudian based, degenerating (and satanic) crypto-sodomy. The very type that I'm exposing here!

 "We're living in a world - where SEX and HORROR are the new GODS." Holly 'homo' Johnson.
Homo programmer Carpenter's career was launched in association with the mafia. See Tony 'Deep Throat' Peraino, whose (mafia) Bryanston distributed his debut film Dark (ass) Star. So, it was the Deep Throat men that let the world see Buggeryman Carpenter's first ever film. The same Bryanston/Peraino that literally created hardcore porn via both (Jaws linked) Deep Throat, and the Devil in Miss (Reemed) Jones, etc. The same 'Deep Throat' Bryanston that owned (Tranny/Psycho Gein resonating) degenerating 'horror porn' archetype film - Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The latter being a 'Daddy' of the entire sick, snuff emulating horror genre. A film that has been described as 'the pornography of violence' - an exacting comment. Wow, a small 'porno-horror show' Hollywood world!

To make this degenerate Hollywood 'porno/horror show' world even smaller. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bryanston, after they bowed-out in the mid 70's (via faux bankruptcy), the TCM film was picked-up by fledgling New Line, and purhased for peanuts. That's Robert 'Homo Freddy Krueger' Shaye's New Line. New Line, who made homo programming based, middle-earthing, 'Lord of the (ASS) Rings'. Spear-throwing, Helm(et)s Deep, homo Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson and his Ass Lording Rings/Phallic Two Towers - via (video nasty) 'The Burning/Cropsey/Buggery-man' and the McCartney/Harrison linked, Weinsteins. Ahem. The Weinstein's 'The 'camp' Burning' ultimately owes it success to Halloween and the 'slasher/bo(o)geyman' genre that the latter arguably created. The Bryanston Perainos were very likely cleared aside by the Hollywood hierarchy (Perainos being lower-level), and their operations absorbed. See the hit on the Perainos (here). The Hollywood names are the Zionist mafia, or if not, sponsored by them. Major homo-satanic Hollywood names, incl. Deep 'Jaws' Throat, Dreyfuss, that helped with Reems' obscenity case. With Jew paedophile Dershowitz helping them all win the case, etc.

Bryanston Distribution
Establishing and normalising hardcore porn and horror/video nasties for the legitamate studios & the masses.

Deep Throat, Devil in Miss (Reemed) Jones, The Devil's 'Myers/LaVey' Rain, Dark (Halloween/Carpenter) Star, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, homo Warhol releases, etc. Anthony 'MAFIA' Peraino originally put up $25,000 to produce 'Deep Throat' the most successful pornographic film of them all. Peraino owned 'Deep Throat' in its entirety. Mafia Peraino's 'Deep Throat' had made circa $25 million (as at 1975). The figures are astounding. It's claimed that it ultimately grossed $600m (circa $3.6b adjusted!). More conservative claims cite around $100m ($600m adjusted). You can argue that (Hollywood linked) organised crime were the original pioneers of hardcore porn and the video nasty genres. Genres that seemingly (and symbiotically) went hand-in-hand over that same time period. Degenerating genres that did not even effectively exist until these aforementioned crminal elements became involved. That said, these types are still small fry in the larger, criminal enterprise that is (sodom/Jew hell) Hollywood. We might call them footsoldiers of the established studios, the latter having to be careful in this developing 'porn/horror show' era, as it was deemed obscene/sick. Which it is, of course. Spielberg linked Universal were quick to take-on (TCM) Tobe Hooper et al, after the making of their 'horror show' (tranny-linked) TCM film. The same Spielberg that used Tobe 'tranny Gein' Hooper to front his homo, rainbow closeting, satanic Poltergeist film.
Recall, Homo Travolta feat. in Devil's 'Myers Mask' Rain. The same Travolta that cameod as (penis key) Goldmember, via Mike Myers.

As mentioned, 'backdoor key' Harrison, connected to (Liverpool linked) Mike 'Wayne Camp-bell's Queen World' Myers, 007 spoofing.
Austin 'Peter Asher' Powers. The same Peter 'McCartney' Asher who was a co-owner of Indica. Mike 'Wayne's Queen World' Myers.
Dr Pinky Evil. Myers just featured in Bohemian 'Queen' Crapsody. USS Wayne, anyone, via The Spy Who Shagged Me?
Peter 'Indica' Asher's father was Dr. Richard Asher who was a practitioner of sleep hypnosis. Oh, dear. (Think handlers).
Mike 'Powers' Myers, a ringer for (son) Peter 'Indica' Asher, was also an aspect of ITV/TV-AM's Sound ASLEEP Club! (here).
Indica was owned by John 'Faithful' Dunbar, Barry 'McCartney biographer' Miles, and Peter 'McCartney/Austin Powers' Asher.
It was Jane and Peter Asher's mother (Margaret 'Guildhall School' Eliot) that taught George 'Beatles' Martin as a student.
Many of the linked establishment names likely 'the handlers' in respect of these artists etc. The Ashers handling Macca.
Ono, also being a controller of Lennon. It's believed that Indica Dunbar set-up Lennon with his handler Yoko 'witch' Ono.
Indica, where (Fraser linked) Lucifer/OTO Anger spent time, and where (satanic) Getty progeny sponsored UK artists.
Recall that Sgt (Devil's) Pepper, Haworth, also worked with 'Hollywood Babylon/LaVey' linked Anger on Lucifer Rising.
Lucifer Rising was funded by the satanic/paedo Getty family, the original lead was Bobby 'Manson' Beausoleil.
OTO/Freemason, Crowley linked Lucifer Anger. Crowley/masonic linked Beatles (see all my finds), 33 Supreme Co. linked Indica.
Anger claims, that as a child, he once 'danced' with Shirley 'Pepper' Temple-Black. Likely meaning that he fucked her!
Indica Macca dated, and was briefly engaged to Indica Asher's sister, Jane. All circa 1964-68. Macca lived at the Asher house.
Like Beatles manager Epstein, Dr Richard Asher (aka Dr Sleep) reportedly committed suicide (25 April 1969). The exact circumstances are unclear, his family thought he'd left the house, but he was discovered some time later hanging in the basement.
In 1968, son Peter Asher headed-up Apple Corps A&R department, where he signed James Taylor (Apple), and went on afterwards to produce acts such as: Linda Ronstadt, Cher, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, Diana Ross, Kenny Loggins, and even Robin Williams. Asher went on to become VP of Sony. The same Sony/ATV (see 9/11 Grade) that owned the Beatles back catalogue.
Sept 11 Grade, literally created ITV (UK). I do recall Myers from 80's UK children's TV via ITV's TV:AM Sound Asleep Club.
 Lennon's "How Do You Sleep At Night." was about Asher-linked Paul. WTH? Recall this...Sleep, Awake, Sleep, Awake:
This goes well with 'Sept 11' Paul 'Frogman/Asher' McCartney - via Beatle/Harrison linked tranny Idle. 9/11 Awakenings, Robin.
9/11 Awakenings via Marshall, who prior made '9/11 Big'. Big, co-written by 9/11 Spielberg's sister - what a small world.
 Fairy-Tailing via Rainbow-homo, Hook Williams. Dragfire Robin via Idle, The 'Iron (Poof) Henry' - transient Frog 9/11 Prince.
One of Dr Sleep/Richard Asher's students was Oliver Sacks. Homo Sacks wrote Awakenings which became a film starring
- Robin 'Sept 11' Williams. Penny '9/11 Awakenings-9/11 Big' Marshall. 9/11 Macca linked, Dr Richard 'Sleep/Awakenings' Asher!
It's 9/11 Williams who plays Dr Oliver (Asher) Sacks in (Big 9/11 transforming) Marshall's 9/11 Awakenings.
Awakenings features characters named Paul(a), Eleanor, Lucy, and an actor named George Martin.
Dr Sleep Asher, lived opposite Dr Steven 'Profumo/Astor' Ward - the link to the Victor Rothshild's (homo) Cambridge spy ring.
'Dr Sleep' Asher stopped all medical practice when 'frogman' Paul '11 Sept' McCartney moved into his home (1964).
Live and Let 'Twin Tower' Die. CIA/DIA, 9/11 Ono. Do also recall that The Beatles cut their debut single track 11th Sept. 1962.
Asher's student Jew Sacks, a cousin of Abba Eban, an Israeli diplomat who'd worked for Chaim '1st President of Israel' Weizmann.
Eban worked for British Intelligence in WWII and later Israeli intelligence after the 1948 Israel mandate.
Dr Asher also described and named Munchausen syndrome (1951). A Munchausen film came via Python, Gilliam.
It featured (Williams frogman) Idle, and Robin Williams, the latter playing 'King of the Moon'. Peter Asher produced for Williams.
Interestingly, Robin Williams' career was also very much helped by Bennett 'Ben' Tramer (writer). Also see Saved by the Bel(l).
Ben Tramer is a character from (9/11 Carpenter's) Halloween (1978), Laurie's boy crush. He is mistaken for Myers in H2.
H2 Cundey, worked with Williams/Halloween linked Tramer on the film Without Warning (1980). Homo Tramer one of the co-writers.
The Ashers claim to be descendants of Richard III (Plantagenets). Or is it Dick the Turd? Anyone for (willy shaker) Billy Shears?
Peter 'Apple/Indica' Asher was also a part of the group that opened the Roxy Theatre (LA, West Hollywood), which premiered
- The Rocky (Tranny) Horror Show (musical). The US show that led to the film. An uber transsexual propaganda piece.
Tranny Horror Show's Meat 'chopper rider' Loaf, was in Wayne's 'Queen' World, as was faggot Canadian Chris Farley.
Wayne's World director Spheeris was asked to direct homo Reiner's Spinal 'sodomy' Tap. One-eyed #2 Wagner, see A Powers.
Gayne's World also feat. gender-bending Alice Cooper. Dick 'ring cycle' Wagner linked Alice, who soundtracked Camp Blood, Jason.
And Rob 'rent boy/#2' Lowe, plus Colleen 'Asspocalypse/Rosebud/Die 'homo' Hard 3' Camp, who married the grandson of
- (queer) 'ars(e) gratia artis' MGM founder, Samuel. Myers also featured in John & Yoko: A Love Story (1985) as uncredited delivery boy.

Get Back, Cum Together, Please Please Me, like I pleased you last night (reciprocal oral), Ticket to (prostitute) Ride.
Yellow 'golden penis' Submarine via the Ring-O Starr. Hap-PENIS is a warm gun. Here Cums the Son. Love Me Doo.
Fixing A-Hole. You've Got to Hide Your (Homo) Love Away. Switch-hitting, and cross-dressing Ob-la-Di Ob-la-da, etc.

 Rainbow Chopper/Penis Enlargers via Apple Fruit Bottoms. Camp 'Swing' Powers...
 Apple's Magic 'Rainbow Penis' Alex. I wonder were homo Apple Computers got their Apple corporate identity from?

 Rainbow Frisco Homos. Masonic '666' Apple. Masonic Apple x2 Lucifer Bea(s)tles and Lucifer Jobs.
Recall that F-assbender played Big Jobs in Steve Jobs (2015). Directed by masonic programmer Danny 'Yesterday' Boyle.
(I wouldn't be surprised if Boyle's bloody '28 Days Later' is a sly, Freudian coded reference to the female menstrual cycle. )
"Everybody loves Ring-O." The Lucifer phallic serpent and apple (ass). Don't forget (homo) Rainbow '666' Apple's Ring-O Camp-Us.

The Spy Who Shagged Me ending, Austin Powers: "Paging, Dr Freud."
CAMP anal Powers with donut queen, Heather 'Ring-O' Graham of Bo(o)gie/Bo(o)gey 'Buggery' Nights fame.
The film with Deliverance buggery camper - Burt 'Am Trans/Back-door Bandit' Reynolds. Where the fuck is (sexual) Ring-O?
 (JB Rogers') 'pounded Ring-O' Heather via Beaver and the Oreg(i)on. Her tail-less Ring-O needed pounding.
A film via the Mary queening Farrelly 'homo/Wang' Bros. Graham was heavily linked to Adam 'dandy poof' Ant.
Insect Ant had links to both (pistol/bollocks punking) toff McClaren, and 'Punk 77 Jubilee' (homo) toff Jarman.
St John's Wood, Ant, romantically linked to Bogey/Buggery-man, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mrs Spinal 'ass' Tap, Baroness Haden-Guest.
Adam 'Pepper channelling' Ant. He likes one-eyed Nelson's (phallic) column via the square, and the Dandy man's highway.
Dandy Ant's mother briefly worked as cleaner for Paul McCartney, and as a embroiderer to homo Norman 'royalty' Hartnell.
I've not even mentioned 70's androgynous glam rock (Bowie, Bolam, etc.) or Liverpool 'queer icons' Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

The Ants were promoted by Jew Maurice 'homo/paedo' Oberstein. Oberstein spent most of his career in Britain,
- and credited as 'one of the chief architects of the modern UK record industry'. Right, with paedo/Pan Macca/Beatles linked Jackson.
Ant-linked (punk/homo toff) McLaren claimed that Oberstein enjoyed the company of young boys, after witnessing as such.
McLaren and (designer) Westwood also allegedly used Robert 'Indica/Pepper' Fraser's London flat (1980s) for photoshoots involving naked underage girls. Oberstein was huge at CBS, promoting homo Wham and George Michael, etc. Oberstein's initial break was thru (masonic fall guy) JFK, releasing an album of his speeches very soon after his assassination. (The Kennedys - assets of the Zionist/masonic elite. JFK's 'masonic elite' father was a co-founder of RKO pictures.) It was the fastest selling LP in the world at that time, apparently shifting over 4 million copies in one month! Anglophile Oberstein requested that part of his ashes be scattered at Queens Park Rangers (Queens Parking, Rangers) football ground. 1985, BPI Oberstein awarded (OTO/Crowley linked) Sting and the (CIA/masonic) Police an Outstanding Contribution Award. Ass-bandit Sting dedicated the award to Miles 'CIA' Copeland, whose son was the Police drummer. Some of this links to homo Jew mogul Sumner 'CIA/homo' Redstone of Viacom, and homo MTV fame.
A sting in the tail. Pepper 'OTO' Burroughs linked Sting, aka OTO/Crowley sodomite Gordon Sumner.
 The chopper rider. Fat Bob from Fight 'homo' Club. The film with the collapsing Twin Towers via 'ground zero' climax.
Meat 'Tranny Horror' Loaf appeared in Myers' Wayne's World. Tranny Horror Show being linked to homo Geffen/Asher (Roxy).

Mike 'Canada' Myers and the Beatles have a strange and mysterious connection.

 Myers’ parents were from Liverpool. During the war, father Eric Myers was in the Royal Engineers and his mother Alice Hind (known as “Bunny”- likely a sexual allusion) was a ranking officer in the Royal Air Force, and later became an aspiring actress. After marrying in 1955, the couple emigrated to Toronto a year later. Eric Myers died on Nov. 22nd, 1991 from Alzheimer's. Mike has a brother named Paul (Paul McCartney has a brother named Mike) and were raised in Toronto and hold dual citizenship to Canada and UK. (source)

Perhaps most curious in this tale is an interview Mike Myers gave to GQ in 2002.
During the filming of the third Austin Powers film, Goldmember. According to a story on UltimateClassicRock:
Chopper rides with Backdoor Key, Harrison? George left him on the helicopter that day? Myers was about 14 months old!?
Worringly, in the film, known (BBC paedo) Wilfred 'dirty old man' Brambell (as Macca's g'father) was on that chopper. Ahem.
Canada/Liverpool Myers: "I can't really speak of it." Why not, though? And why did Myers say that they'd never met? This all seems like coded speak. Harrison surely wouldn't be this familiar if he didn't know Myers. Dr Pinky/Frickin'/#2 Evil. 'Friggin' - an English word for masturbating, and it is also used as a euphemism for 'fucking'. (See homo Sex Pistols, Friggin' in the Riggin'). 'Four of fish and finger pie' is another sexual euphemism. Was Wayne's Queen World Myers (as a youngster) initiated into something - if you catch my drift? Throw me a frickin' bone here. Toilet humour/007 spoof/Beatles, Myers. Toilet-paper via underpants and Wookey Holes, Handmade Harrison. A hairy Wookie/Wookey (hole) and Harrison? It's all gone Star 'homo' Wars. Cock-pit Han(d) Solo and Chewy :)

 The Empire Strikes Back. Talking of Star 'homo' Wars, hairy Wookie/Wookey holes, and (wedgie) underpants.
Orange-man Luke, dumping his proton torpedo into an exhaust hole/exit pipe. The Oedipal 'darth/da'ath' star trench:
"Wedge! Pull out! You're not doing any good back there!" "Negative, negative, it didn't go in!"
(Wedge had to pull out at the last moment). Cont: "Luke, at that speed do you think you'll be able to pull out in time?"
S & M, Darth 'Dark Helmet' Vader via Space-balls, and the campest droid (C-3PO) in the entire sci-fi universe.
Dark-side Vader - a composite of Strange-loving/Cumming to America, Jones, and Clockwork 'Queer' Orange, Prowse.

Mike Myers was born in Ontario. Paul 'OPP Badge' McCartney...CANADA. Colonial Canada. Another masonic marker?
Masonic '777'. 13th Oct. aka 'masonic/templar' 10-13. Pepper/Indica was next-door to the Supreme Council 33°. Mason's Yard, Macca.
Have the dumbed-down/ignorant masses been 'completely slow-played' by satanic/masonic Beatlemania? The mold for popular culture/mass media. Hoodwinked via 'idol worship' and obliviously been satanically programmed by exposure? Yup, probably.
The 'working class' Beatles made to look like organic talent etc., but completely engineered by the masonic aristocratic elites.
The 777 Winged Beatle/Beetle. McCartney/Crowley. The (satanic/masonic Jew) kabbalist 777 tree of life lightning bolt.
 Masonic, "Do what thou wil(s)t", Lennon...and aristocratic/banking dynasty witch-wife, 'Bottoms/Cox' Ono.
Masonic Chaplin. Played by Downey Jr. Mr Iron 'poof' Man, via AC/DC, Queens, 'Pepper Potts' & Randy donut hole exits.
Pass grip(s), Lennon and a masonic Mayor (left). (See, 33° Albert 'Lucifer is God' Pike, for the masonic Luciferian doctrine).
Masonic satanist and paedophile, 'bent cane' Chaplin, co-founded United Artists, who originally produced the Bond films.
The same United Artists that introduced the US audiences to The (sodom) Beatles, via A Hard Day's Night and Help!
Tranny, J Edgar Hoover (above quote, off-screen), via UA's Douglas Fairbanks (Kline), Chaplin (Iron Man, Downey Jr), 
- and (off-screen) Mary 'Through the Back Door' Pickford, all would form United Artists. Rosebud Attenborough's Chaplin.
Trans-America linked UA were behind (iron Sellers) Pink Panther series, (homo) Rocky, (anal) Last Tango in Paris, (queer Russell's) Women in (homo) Love, War 'back-door' Games, (paedo Salva's) Jeepers 'eye gouged/pipe' Creepers, (tranny) Yentl, and (anal) Preminger's Rosebud. UA produced the first (scat) King film, Carrie, and Stay Hungry via (homo) Charles 'Pumping Iron' Gaines. And not forgetting camp based McQueen's The Great Ass-cape via digging dirt tunnels with Willie Dickes (tunnel queens), and (homo Brighton) Pinkie-Brown, Attenboro'. They distributed (anal) Lord of the Rings, (homo) Cruising, Ass-pocalypse Now, Ring-O's Caveman, and 120 Days of Sodom. Chaplin, Downey Jnr's father was active at (Chaplin linked) UA, Boogie/Buggery 'Ring-O' Nights, Downey Snr. Iron 'poof' Man, Downey Jnr sings 'Any Old Iron' in Chaplin. Gooning pink Sellers sang it as (resonant) Willium 'Mates' Cobblers.

Satanist, paedophile, sodomite, and elite programmer...Sgt Devil's Pepper, Aldous 'LSD Back-doors/Crowley' Huxley:
 (The hypnotised masses/herd) "Reduced to a state of almost mindless subhumanity." Devils of Loudun, Lucifer Huxley.
Summarising the potential of their elite tech tools (tv, radio, film, etc,) for the purposes of mass mind control programming.
This insane, satanic homo toff can hardly contain himself with the prospect of these elite toys at his/their disposal.
Disney's Alice linked Pepper Huxley. The satanic establishment's fomented 'entertainment' (showbiz) - as I myself suspect
- has ONLY ever been about nefarious programming of the (so-called) useless eater mass, aka their programmed slaves.
It was Disney who were the makers of the VW Beetle series - Herbie. Perhaps also a drug based reference (herb).

Alice/Pepper, Lucifer 'back-doors' Huxley, who was Lucifer Golden Dawn initiated by (sodom OTO) Devils Pepper Crowley.
 Hardcore Porn goes Mainstream. JEW Sod-debergh's protégé - Alice 'OTO/Sodom' Sasha Grey:
 OTO linked Sasha 'Anal Cavity' Grey via dirt-hole Alice, brown-hatters, heart Queens, A-TVS, and LEW XYPHER (Lucifer). Link.
Sodomy & satanism. Her FIRST non-porn mainstream role was in (faggot resonating) HOMO ERECTUS, with OTO Carradine
- and Gay Caveman, O-Ring, Arnold. She has also been involved with Ring Lording, Elijah 'One Ring via Phallic Sting' Wood.
See Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson. JEWISH OTO Grey also resonates O-Scar 'Pepper' Wilde via 'Grey'.

Rock n Roll was born from the (devilish Memphis) blues via (Baal) Beale St., which contains the letters for the 'Beatles'.
A key Beale St. pioneer being (vaudeville linked) W.C. 'Tools of the Devil' Handy, and there is a big link to the 'masonic' Knights of (Python) Pythias. Former Pythian Knights include three former US presidents (Harding, Mckinley, FDR), Louis Armstrong, and two former US vice-presidents, one being Nelson A Rockefeller. Masonic Memphis (Egypt & Tn.), see Sun King Osiris, and Elvis.
The devilish blues. 27 Club anchor, Robert 'pact with the Devil' Johnson. He was close to another blues pioneer Willie Brown.
Recall 27 Club, Jim 'Backdoor Man' Morrison via Willie Dixon (Dickson). 27 Club's: Brian Jones, and Jimi Hendrix, Cobain, etc.

Masonic, Monty 'Beatles/Pink Floyd' Python...Eric 'Rutles' Idle. Python, one of the all-time most drag resonant comedy acts.
 Pink 'Lucifer Sam(ael)' Floyd. Named from blues artists Pink Anderson & Floyd 'Devil's Daddy-in-Law' Council.
Masonic Dark-side Mooning via the gay rainbow with devilish, Lucifer-Sam, sodomy Pan, EMI's Pink '666' Floyd...
Barry 'Masonic Indica/IT' Miles edited linked Int. Times, it launched via Pink (homo pyramid) Floyd. All Night (Drag) Ravers.
Pan 'seat' Pipes Macca and wife Linda recorded voice-over snippets for DSOTM, but not used. Wings' McCullough featured though.
Miles: "Arnold Layne [became] almost the anthem of the movement." (Rainbow Floyd's debut. Transvestite, drag Arnold.)
 Pink 'DRAG BALLS RAVERS' Floyd via Indica/Macca, Barry 'IT' Miles (Oct. 1966). Floyd who signed to homo EMI.
Homosexual UK media mogul, Simon Cowell, came thru via Thorn:EMI, his father was on the EMI board.
 IT was shut-down for running (illegal) gay contact ads. Arnold 'Tranny' Layne: 'They gave him [jail] time. Doors bang, chain gang.'
Pink Floyd were in Abbey Road recording '(Pan) Piper at the Gates of (Golden Lucifer) Dawn', while next-door, Sgt 'OTO' Pepper,
- 'Luci-fer in the Sky' Beatles, recorded Lovely 'made her look a little like a military man' Rita ('67). Pink 'Pan/Lucifer' Floyd.
Pink Pan (flesh) Pipers via (masonic) Lucifer Sam(ael). LP released 4th Aug '67 (day 216, 6*6*6). Old Nick Mason on drums.
Check-out, Syd 'Pink Floyd' Barrett via Pink Fairy Team John Charles 'Twink/Crowley and Me' Adler. Drag-ball ravers.
"Who's Wings?" Alan 'Roger Moore' Partridge: They're only the band The Beatles could have been! (Masonic '216' Coogan). 
 Homosexual ravers via 'Anal Dirge-Prat' (BBC 'pecker' Partridge). 33 Lady-boys, Aha! Alan. He packs a finger of fudge.
An entire music/drug scene was built on the back of Rave and Raver culture - very late 80's (2nd summer of love).
Are ALL UK based pop-musical movements based around (covert/overt) homosexuality? It certainly appears that way.
Indica McCartney heavily contributed to IT. Indica Miles, wrote Macca's bio. (Illegal) gay contact ads, IT.
1970, people from IT, led by photographer Graham 'Barry Miles' Keen, launched Cyclops, (go-Greek, one-eyed penis monster).

Is that a boxed/coffined McCartney via witch-masonic-craft and phallic, wicker Norwegian Wood?
Willy Shaker, Macca. Anyone for Shaker-speares' 'Hamlet' and melting flesh/faces via Crowley McCartney's false nose?
Thanks go to Blog of the Caverns for some of the following content. Note I've not seen Crowley/Alchemical Wedding.

 Aristocrat based EMI was formed and headed by a homosexual/sodomite...Sir Joseph Lockwood. Homo EMI.
EMI, '666 Crowley' Bea(s)tles. EMI, Iron 'Crowley 666 Beast' Maiden. Iron = POOF. Note, The Wicker/Wicca Man.
Bruce - the homo resonating first name - Dick-in-son presents Crowley. Iron 'poof' Maiden are/were linked to Crowley/OTO.
 It was Thorn:EMI when homo Iron Maiden released their self-titled debut LP. See Thorn Ind. (in sodomite) The '666' O-Men.
Winged Dick-inson (a pilot) joined Iron Maiden for the Number of the 666 Beast release. Inspired by The 'Thorn' O-Men 2.
Masonic Iron (poof) Maidens. Masonic via 22 (path) Acacia Ave., and uber masonic via (Osiris/Horus pyramiding) Powerslave.
Crowley (2008 film). The Bogie/Bogey 'buggery' Man is cumming, and immediately before (sexually resonant) Fanlight Fanny.
Simon 'queen on acid' Callow - as Haddo/Crowley. Callow, more homo than a pink, penis flavoured, cock-shaped lollipop.
Uber faggot Callow featured in (masonic Mozart) Amadeus - with Tom 'homosexual' Hulce, & Beetlejuice, Jeff 'paedo/homo' Jones.
Terry 'phallic Python' Jones was initially the one who wanted to produce this filmic Crowley bilge. Monty 'Beatle Harrison' Python.
Small masonic/homo world. Julian 'Python' Doyle ended-up directing the Crowley film. Likely another homo/sodomite too.

 A Hard Day's Night and Crowley/Alchemical Wedding - Willy Shaker, Hamlet x2 - via EMI, Beatles and EMI Iron Bruce.
Recall from earlier: "The 'Paul is dead/alive' & 'prosthetics' thing, etc." Melting flesh...via a false nose.
There's PAEDOPHILE Wilfred 'dirty old man' Brambell (above right/below left). Steptoe - Rag n Bone men.
Any old IRON. Masonic Jew, Peter 'Any Old Iron/Poof' Sellers. See Ring-O & pink cat Sellers in The Magic Christian.
 That military uniform (partially shown, right) with epulets - also looks very similar to the Pepper military outfits.
 "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt."
Templar, Rogering '007' Moore was certainly a closet homosexual, of that I have no doubt.
He was linked to Tony 'Pepper/Rosemary's Baby' Curtis. Curtis, another homo asset (see Spartacus/Some Like It Hot).
Curtis' wife was ANL trading, stabbed plugged eye-hole via Tranny Bates, Crane, in (anal) Psych-O.

British Buggery Corp. (Zionist BBC).
McCartney hand-picked Brambell for the role. During his lifetime it was widely known that Brambell was not just a closeted gay man but also a paedophile who holidayed in Thailand and Jersey in order to have sex with boys. Don't forget Hallowe'ening, prolific BBC paedo, Sir Jimmy 'Jersey' Savile, was a compere for The 'Crowley sodom' Beatles. Apple Corps. HQ was based on Savile Row.
 Homo EMI, homo/paedo Epstein, homo 'Eton/Pepper' Fraser, homo/paedo Savile, homo/paedo's endless.
'Stoke (Bent) Man-Devil(le)' Savile/Britain's No.1 Homosexual. Mr '1st edition' of Gay News. Mr Uphill Love. Spinal sodom injuries.
I think Savile was (sodomite) OTO, but cannot prove it. He appeared to have hypnotic qualities and abilities too. (see Josef Karma).
His word-play: Now, then. Now, then. Now, then (opposing words). Aspects linked to SPELLing, etc. do play a key role.
Savile had access to countless mental patients in some of the UK's top mental hospitals. (Broadmoor, Carstairs, etc.)
Norwegian Wood - phallic broomsticks and wicca witches. Halloween Savile owned a 'Norwegian Wood' cafe in Bournemouth.
This 'Pecker' has flown. Phallic wood, Men-love, drug witches. We might also compare (phallic) Norwegian Wood with Morning Glory.
The satanic, sodomite, paedo, Pan poptastic, dick jockey of the Zionist BBC airwaves...Sir Jimmy '007 Capri/Khepri' Savile.
Homo Capri. The Beatles toured Italy with Dino di Capri (from Capri/Khepri Island), Lennon used to play a Richenbacher Capri.
 German OTO, German linked Process 'Thelema' Church. Process was very likely connected to both (Beatles) Manson, and Berkowitz.
Hell-ter Skelter Manson, lived on Cole Street (SF), on the same block as the Process Church of the final Judgment. 
Manson and Process DeGrimston both shared the alias Robert Moor. Laurel Canyon stuff, see legendary McGowan.
Sir 'Uphill (Gardening) Love' Savile. Beatle/Beetle, Scarab Khepri, the asexual, parthenogenetic, homo-resonating dung beetle.
What else would we expect from a nation (Britain) that has long institutionalised BUGGERY via its elite/establishment schools?
Lennon would call Savile 'Solomon' - after the masonic '666' linked 'Djinn/Djann' Jew King. (D)Jin(n)-gle (D)Jan(n)-gle.
It's also alleged that Prince Philip would refer to Savile as 'Oz' - evoking Crowley's Oz (Liber Oz).
Wicca/Wicce - also meaning 'to bend, curve, warp'. The Masonic Craft - aka Witch-Craft. Mason's Yard Macca.
The (Masonic/Jew) Hidden Hand via Bone-A-Part. Anyone for linked Nelson's (homo) phallic, one-eyed column via the square?
The Importance of Being Eton: "...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order..."
The UK currently has a 'Johnson' for a PM. An Eton fag. Oxford, Johnson/Cock recently defeated Oxford, Hunt/Cunt.
Johnson's fellow Eton Bullingdon 'bum boy' - (former PM) Oxford Cameron, was Head of Communiations at Carlton TV
- when (Beatle) Grade's former ATV was sold to them. At the time this was (fag) Cameron's only job outside politics.
 No. 10 - 'phallic & hole' binary code. 33° Supreme Co. is No. 10., so is the pink pages Financial Times HQ, and key Chatam House.
(Of course, the Tavistock group will also be involved in all this - particularly from a mass programming psychology POV.)
"Kiss me, Hardy. I won't make it to the cabin to drop anchor in poo bay (ass star)." Rainbows and Bi-cornes. REAR Admirals.
"Hello, Sailor. You like my Poop-deck? I love able seamen (semen)." st-ARS(E) Gratia Arses. Anchor 'Poo' Bay via St-ARZ.

 Do not dismiss this. Anchor (Poo) Bay via Starz - heavily involved with closet eye-stabbing, buggeryman, Halloween releases.
Ankh-or Bay, Lions/Sphinx-Gate, or pyramid MGM, anyone? One-eyed Nelson's column, Bone-a-part, - via a Water-LOO (toilet).
Gay ABBA (gay Brighton). See homo 'black-star-man/sphinx' Crowley Bowie via Davy Jones' seaman's bottom locker/CLOSET.
Also see The Rolling 'Lucifer/Baphomet' Stones and (anatomical) single Star-Fucker, with a Doo, Doo, Doo , Doo, Doo b-side.
Brian 'satanic Stones' Jones lived in Winnie the Shit/Poo(h) A.A. Milne's farm-house. The nailing the ass with (penis) tail man.
 Poo(h) sticks via a (perineum) bridge? Nailing the effeminate ASS (bow) via tail. Penis - derived from the Latin word for tail.
Cock-aded Bicorne Nelson, linked to horn-blower. The homo cock/horn blowers and (flesh) flute/piccolo players.
Wood-wind. Bi-corne Bone-a-part, bicorne Nelson's one-eyed column, bicorne dandy Ant, and bicorne 'back-door' Harrison.
It was Ant's mother that worked as a cleaner for Paul 'St John's Wood' McCartney.

BJ pillars. Pepper cover is the masonic/satanic temple-lodge. Masonic Diana (Dors) as the lunar pillar, Sonny, as the solar pillar.

 Dors' father was the Worshipful Master at his masonic lodge. Diana 'F(l)uck' Dors. It's believed she hosted blackmail orgies.
Beatles Savile first foray in showbiz was in a Diana Dors film when he was just 21 - A Boy, a Girl and a Bike (1949).
 Prince 'Cinderella' Charming via a FAIRY Godmother, 'Pepper Masonic Pillar(s)' - Swinging Do(o)rs. Ugly tranny sisters. (video)
Adam Adam-Ant, Swinging 60's, and Toilets. Austin 'camp #2' Powers is part-based on 1966/67 series character Adam Adamant.
See frozen drilled mojo 'Spy Who Shagged Me'. It features Marvin Gaye, an Alan 'Beatles/Sirius/Pinky Floyd' Parsons Project
 - via a 'humped moon lays her' (laser), a time-travel, rainbow 'VW Beetle', and a yellow submarine trip to Pinky #2 Evil.
The US president is played by 'shit pipe busting' Tim Robbins. Lowe, and 'ring cycling' Wagner both as one-eyed #2's.
 The Spy Who Shagged Me has a scene with Powers drinking 'nutted/nutty shit'. Which needs no explanation.
One-eyed #2 'ring cycling' Wagner, from Tom '007/Rosebud' Mankiewicz's 'Hart to Hart' via Powers (Stephanie).
Mankiewicz's Live and Let Die. Roger 'SCAT' Moore, ass-bonded backseat drivers. First Bond film to use the 'shit' word.
Drag-netting Mankiewicz also did scripting for the previous Bond film 'Diamonds Are Forever'.
The film that features two homosexual henchman, with Mr 'homo' Wint played by Bruce Glover, father of McFly, Crispin. Homo Wint (Bruce) who likes a 'sting in the tail' via the back, see opening of  Diamonds Are Forever. Uber queen, Charles 'Tranny Horror Show' Grey as the villian. The homo henchmen also vanquish Plenty O'Toole - which is very fitting. Son, Crispin 'Back to the Biffed Shit Future' Glover, played homo banana bender Andy 'Camp-bell(end) Soup' Warhol in The (Back) Doors. The Doors - snake riders on the shit storm via 'the end' - with 'anal intruder/Templar/Batty-man' Kilmer. The cock-pit (jizz) Ice-Man from Top 'homosexual/Cruising/Goosing' Gun, who is always engaged in 'deep shit' via his tail.

Blue ANA(l) - Everyone's Runway via Greek Mount O-lympus (Olympics). Pansy air-stewarding via the aisle. Cruising altitude/attitude:
Blue ANAl - of the Star-Alliance. I've even been considering the homo-erotic value of penetrating 'Cruise' (phallic) missiles.
The MIC who brought the world a 'Fat Man' and a 'Little Boy' via Enola Gay and Bockscar (Willie). Anal-ogue to (I & 0) Binary.
MIC computing godfather 'Anal Turing' was an apple-chomping HOMOSEXUAL. Played by (homo) Cum-A-Batch.
 Backdoor O S_X via Rootpipes. '666' Lucifer/Sodom 'Rainbow-homo' Apple. Camp-Us Ring Frisco queers.
MS Back (door) Orifice. Oh, look. It's a US back-door tool that is clearly rendered as an ASSHOLE.
 Subversive, sugar-coated, US homo-corporate vomit. Not forgetting homo IB(u)M - their 'Gay Anthem'. Gay Pride rainbow IBM.
Sodomy and LGBT promotion is drenched in this insipid, treacle fuelled, child-like, sugar-coating appeal. Wow, just wow.
 Homo back-door (back orifice) hackers, (rear Windows/MS back-door geek Gates) cDc. Sex With Satan, cDc. War '9/11/01' Games.
 MIC Microsoft and the homo, backdoor geeks. The geeks are clearly Microsoft homos Gates (Malvin) and Allen (Jim).
US tech, like related sodom Hollywood = HOMO, GAY, POOF, FAGGOT, QUEER, SODOMITE, PANSY, TRANNY, BENT, etc.
All been unleashed (via the sodomite US MIC) to program the zombie sheep - who obliviously lap it up like camp Kool-aid.
Cali/Kali-fornia (LA/SF) needs to be obliterated - the US state is the core of Jewish/American mass, homo-satanic insanity.
(Update. Cali is now on fire. I want the entire SATANIC ELITE COMMUNIST state to disappear. Sorry).
cDc (A-cDc). The Eleet (Elite) back-door group has a masonic stink. Linked to the son of Jeffersen 'LSD' Airplane drummer
- Spencer Dryden, whose half-Uncle was (masonic) Charlie Chaplin. Psychedelic Jefferesen 'White Rabbit' Airplane.
Back-door, 'eat me' Alice - 'dirt hole' queen(s) of hearts, mad (mercury/hermes) brown hatters. Paedo Lewis 'Pepper' Carroll.
Tumble down the QUEER (rogering) white rabbit 'dirt hole' - and wave bye-bye to your pussy (see satanic Disney's Alice film).
I've ALWAYS said that (masonic) Disney is nothing but 'pure satanic vomit' - even when I was a child!
The 'LSD' (Back) Doors of Perception writer Aldous 'Crowley initiated/Pepper' Huxley was involved in (homo/satanic) Disney's Alice in Wonderland, among other projects. Is the true meaning of (sodomite) Crowley's Moon-Child, now somewhat more apparent?
I think it is. OMG! Look who turns-up in respet of Back-Door, Back (anal) Orifice, cDc.
Back-door, Back Orifice, and Tools (see Dildo-g). Beto 'psychedelic warlord' O'Rourke! (Horus) Hawk(-eye) wind, O'Rourke.
Is Psy-chedelic O'Rourke the CDC 'Psy-coe' of sick minded (paedo/anal) Sex With Satan. Probably (meaning definitely imo).
 No. 2 sex via Iron (poof) Maidens, fags (Players) & up Satan's ass. Young, Beto psycoe Bates, writing warped so-called fantasies? 
 Iron #2 666 satanic-sodom ones! Jesse Jackson held a press conf. Dec. 11, 1984, in the den of Beto's boyhood home, Kern Place.
Masonic (Peter) Kern Place (see Hoffman). O'Rourke's father, chairman of Jackson's 84/88 campaigns. Ahem.
Hoffman alleges that Freemason Kern was ritually/masonically decapitated - linked to Trinity 33. Recall the recent El Paso false-flag. O'Rourke's mother was step-daughter of Fred Korth, Secretary of the Navy under (masonic/ritual Trinity 33) JFK.
There's always 'In The Navy' Peter 'Puffer' Buttigieg too, phonetically 'ass evaluating' Booty-Judge, Mayor of South Bend.
Bending Booty-Judge looks exactly like Pinocchio! No lie. Do an image search and see for yourself. :)

As much as I'm no fan of '666 anti-Christ' Donald 'Tower/911' Trump, the Dems are a complete write-off.
They are a total car crash. So bad are they - that the 'anti-Christ' is actually a better option - politically! WTF?
The dumb Dems are still hawking their collusion fantasies, if it's not Russia, it's Ukraine. Total comedy to the informed.
It's not as though USA has interfered in countless foreign elections for the last 70+ years - insert sarcasm smilie.
Jesus! This is how bad things really are. There is no win scenario though, Dem or Rep. It's all a hellish stage show.
Trump is now carefully setting-out his stall for the 2020 run, clearly in hope of conning his 'zombie base' all over again.

God save the QUEEN (HOMO)
Not sure if it's relevant, but the very first scene strikes me as being quite strange. SONIC Death via UK, US, & Canada.
This scene takes place at the UN HQ (NY). The UN was built on land bought and donated by the (NWO/911) Rockefellers.
The UN was born out of the quasi-masonic League of Nations. So the 'masonic' origins of the UN should not be ignored.

When this sick programming phenomenon (as outlined herein) becomes increasingly more readily apparent, which it will.
That ultimately being the primary purpose of it all. The satanic/homo US (and beyond) will melt-down. It will burn.
If not by itself - then by external forces.

 007 Sir Roger Moore was famously a UNICEF (UN) ambassador...including face of the Giving Tails (Tales) programme.
I'm sure that 'Bottoms Up' Roger appreciated a 'giving tail' as much as the next homo. Tales/Tails' via homo Andersen.

'Queer fairy-tailing' icon, Hans Christian Andersen, was a key homosexual programmer on an archetypal level.
Queer 'fairy-tail' - readings by BBC Stephen 'poof' Fry, BBC David 'tranny/homo' Walliams, and Ewan 'fag' McGregor, etc.
BBC = British Buggery Corp. What next? Homosexual drag queens reading infants fairy-tales/tails? Oh, hang-on!
Friends of (Oz) Dorothy, Ugly-Duckling/Red Shoes fairy-tailing, rabbit dirt-tunnel Alice queen(s) of hearts.
What they really mean by their fairy tales/fairy-tailing via their psycho-sexual (Freudian type) mass programming:
Homo Disney (aka vomit) has literally institutionalised 'princess type programming' in the infant group.
Programming via PC (political correctness/computer), TV (transvestism/television), Trannies (transexuals/radios), & Fairy-Tails.
Masonic/satanic buggery - via the Horus 'hawk-ass-eye' - the turd eye. Tails from the Darkside. A queer Blue Oyster Cult.
Heard you're back? More like 'herd around his back' via the homo hawk-eye, (masonic) Blue Oyster ass bandits.
 Faaggot & Faaggot linked to London 'underground tubing' Trans-port/Trans-ys Blue Oyster, & 70's Pregnant Man, and Butt Kiss ads.
Satanic, Sodomite/Homosexual Hollywood (et al). Programming the masses with (Jew fomented) faggotry - decade after decade.
Blue (Homo/Satanic) Oyster Cult. As featured in homosexual-satanic Carpenter's closet Buggeryman Halloween.
BOC 'Reaper' plays while faggot Myers is 'tailing' Annie (Nancy) and Laurie (Curtis). Back-seat stabbed via keys, Annie/Nancy.
The opening of Halloween has Laurie (Curtis) drop-off a set of keys at the old Myers' house. Home of the buggeryman.

Satanic, John 'Coup De Vil(le)' Carpenter. BOC also featured in related Wes 'Nancy/Jesse' Craven's Scream, & Stephen 'homo-satanist' King's The Stand. Stephen '(sh)IT' King, the mass satanic-sodomy programmer. The 'shit pipe busting' dreamer/fantasist via jailhouse rocking ass bandit. See, jailhouse moon-cheeks 'brown/shit' pie (Green Mile) via Iron 'Queens/ACDC' Man, Mooning Rock-well.
King's The 'chopper/cock' Shining. Lolita Kubrick's 'INCEST ASS SEX' film. "I'm CUMMING, Dan. I'm right BEHIND you."
Head, Back-door to Hell, Easy 'chopper' Rider, rear chasing via chopper, Buttman, As Gay As It Gets, incest-linked Nicholson.
Why did 'Camp Climax' Jewish Kubrick use a literal choppered SCATMAN in his version of Jewish King's 'The 'Beetle' Shining?
 Shit-shank. Why did Elvis - the Jewish King of Rock n Roll, party at the (all male) jail? Ahem. Top 'gay' Gun, Robbins.
Why did (schmaltz) Dufresne bust the shit-pipe far away from the exit wall? He crawled thru more shit than necessary.
 Tim 'faggot' Robbins. Busting the shit-pipe via jailhouse rocking. A shit tunnel queen, literally. Also see Scat King's (sh)IT.
Worm-holing Freeman. Homo 'shit tunneller' Robbins was heavily involved with Susan 'lesbian' Sarandon (Rocky 'tranny' Horror).
 The Shining sequel, Dr Sleep, with Ewan 'faggot' McGregor - the 'rogue toilet trader' from 'Big Jobs' Boyle's 'orange' Trainspotting.
Giving Tails, Ewan. McGregor's uncle, Lawson, played ('pull-out' underpants) 'Wedge' in homo (orange-man) Star Wars.
Toilet Room 237. Jack only choppers the Scatman, and toilet doors in 'camp climax' Kubrick's film. Back-door to Hell, Jack.
Ferguson as Rose the Hat, head of the True (Balloon) Knot, a cult that feeds on children with psychic powers (coded 'anal references').
The 'psychic power child' - euphemism for an anally abused kid (see Kubrick's The 'paedo' Shining). Another dreamy sodom metaphor:
Scat King's 'Dreamcatcher'. Beaver death (they're homos) via the ass shit-pipe & upward penetrating 'phallic snakes' via a bloody toilet.
Lard Assing King, a Dick Back-man. Mr, looking for a stiff via a junk-yard with 'ass-dogging' chopper/popeye 'sik balls'.
Castle Rock - via Lord of the Satanic Dung Flies - Spinal Tap Reiner's company. Mr Meat-heading, USS (O)Oral Seaman/Semen.
'Stand By Me' opens with: "I knock. - Shit." One-eyed Willie, Feldman, via Phoenix/Bottom. dreamcatcher-is-a-two-hour-fart-joke.
Transient Phoenix (Bottom) died outside Nancy's boy Depp's Viper (Snake) Club on Halloween. Children of paedo God, Bottom.
(d)Reem-catcher, with 'shit pipe' chopper Freeman. Main flashback involves shit eating via a Scooby (scat) Doo, Shaggy lunch box.
Mr Gay inhabits Ski-Doo 'Gary'. Duddits gets penetrated by Mr Gay at the 'manhole/one worm' climax via Scooby (scat) Doo.
Halloween/Coup Devil(le) Wallace directed the 90's '(sh)IT' King series with 'tranny horror' Curry. The opening evokes Halloween.
It's a clown-masked 'stabber' Myers that opens (closet eye-stabbing) buggeryman Halloween. S & M - Enter Sandman.
Metal Up Your Ass (via Toilets), 'Enter Sandman' Metallica. Is (Rosebud) St. Anger a reference to Ken 'OTO/Sodom' Anger?
'(sh)IT' - sewer/shit pipe dreams, floaters, & (ass) ballon knots. Coming soon, sequel (sh)IT #2 via the 'gas' balloon (knot) & eye.
Shit-pipe King really is a complete and total satanic, deviant JEW of the highest order. Stephen 'FAECAL HORROR' King.
Sodom Jew King's only directorial effort 'Maximum Overdrive' was soundtracked by (transient/hellish) AC/DC.
Some might recall that it was sodom King who was one of the first to rate/promote OTO sodom/homo, Clive 'Hell' Barker.
 Shhh...IT. (see uber mockery example, right pic). SHIT via Floaters, Sewer Pipes, and Balloon Knots.
IT #2 2019 production involved 'ride-back' and (homo) New Line. Trans-dimensional Pennywise via the Lo(o)-sers.
"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise." (link)
Homo Kasdan's version of King's 'Dream-toilet-Catcher' was followed by his: 'The TV Set' ('set' - a group of tvs/trannys).
Kasdan, The Empire Strikes Back, via Leigh 'Queen' Brackett - aka the (Nancy linked) Sheriff in closet eye-stabbing, Halloween.
Peter Bog-danovich gets an IT #2 cameo. 'Enter the (floater) sewer' via (anus) gas balloon knots. Speaking of which:
 As for this masonic, satanic faggot - what a cunt. Gay Paree (Paris), rainbow assholes on a stick, Koons (Koons, Dutch, cheeks).
Mockery. Commemorating (masonic fix) Paris Friday 13th. Jew-owned (11th Sept.) Bataclan via Eagles of Death Metal.
He's an ideal emblem for this fucked-up world. A talentless, homo-conman. He probably serviced poof Dali.

These sick, fucking industry KIKES think they're so superior. Satanic, sodom Jew, Eugene 'Schitt's Creek' Levy.
If this doesn't OUT the entire sick phenomenon - then NOTHING will. Levy, aka Crowley from Stay '666' Tuned. Typical mockery.
'Pop' Shits Creek via the Rosebud & No. 2. No, I've NEVER watched any of this show. I just put this together off-the-cuff.
Cum in, Orson. The family just happen to stay at this motel and in the (shit) No. 2 rosebud room. Anal via a key-ring.

Anyone have any ideas as to where the 'satanic' homosexual/tranny epidemic of the last 50+ years got its traction?
Plus the recent descent into male/female mass sexual confusion that is now a rampant plague, even in infants?
Do you think that developments in mass media deliverability (tv/film expansion) over that same period has assisted?
I've had a look, but can't find anything that might explain any of these developments. I'm really struggling to understand.
Do you think the sheep masses have helped the elite class (the real owners of film, TV, music, etc.) in homosexualising this world?
The cult of fame and celebrity (elite sponsored mass mind magick) - the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world. ;)

Wow! Some good news, if you can call it that. They found a sane US judge.

WTF? 11 out of 12 jurors sided with the (mentally ill, child abusing) mother? I told you America is SICK, very sick.
Clearly these people think that (faux) induced progressivism is more important than child welfare. This IS child abuse.
As a commenter states - you can't drink until you're 21, but this madness is allowed to slide! WTF? As Israel's proxy USA has murdered millions around the world, the same Israel that (ironically) controls your tranny promoting and child destroying mass media!
FEMINISM was created by the sick masonic-Illuminati (Rockefellers, et al). Women are more prone to programming imo.
It's elite-sponsored feminist programming that has helped see the nuclear family unit literally obliterated in the modern era.
JEWISH (American) MARXIST FEMINISM via OTO/HOGD grade signing, satanic feminist JEW icon, Steinem. Sick.
2% of the US population, but 99% of the US mass media at their disposal. Are you still entertained? Think it's balanced?
Planned Sacrifice. Satanic Jew feminist whore utilises the satanic 'fire' (sacrifice) grade sign in respect of abortion, hmm?
As used by (father of Israel) Hitler, Church of Satan, LaVey, (c)rapper Gay-Z, and even (homo) Obama, etc.
Moloch (also see Jew Epstein) was a Judean god of child sacrifice (via fire) and linked to one of the last kings of Judah.
Any women want to go out into the street and celebrate the MURDER of their unborn child? Do you consider that healthy?
So many SATANIC JEWS - that I've actually lost count - such is the proliferation of these control freak monsters.

Sept/Oct 2019 - being very Beatles resonant. The Masonic Beatles (UK pop act) - meet the ISIS Beatles.
Isis - the 'masonic' goddess (daughter of satan/saturn) - wife/sister of 'masonic' Osiris. Osiris, aka Hiram Abiff of masonic lore.
The Crowley linked (masonic) Isis/Urania Golden Dawn. Ur-anus, moon goddess (Isis), phallic Crowley, and Horus turd eyes.
Cartoon bogeymen of the Zio-US MIC, just like Al CIAda, aka the base. Base of the (Isis) masonic twin pillars.

"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
Lennon: "Show business is an extension of the [masonic/satanic] Jewish religion."

 Isis Golden Lucifer Dawn. The Tory filth 'Salisbury Novichok' masonic charade - via C.Rowley and Dawn:
 A 'Muggle' is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born in a magical family. (see Harry Potter). Mockery.
It was Asst. Commissioner Mark Rowley (Mar-KRowley) who announced to the media that a 'nerve agent' was involved.
The Parsons Green exploding tube bomb - via linked (thelemites) 'explosive tubes' Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard, & Liddell (Lidl).
Isis, aka daughter of Saturn (Satan). BEL-marsh. Explosion soon after 'dawn'. Liddell (LIDL), Lucifer Golden Dawn co-founder.
Brought to you by the SODOM/MASONIC TORY PARTY. Now (cock) Johnson's closet-homo, corrupt masonic, Eton MESS.
Stick that up your masonic, sodom SPHINX-TER (sphincter) eye. Johnson enjoys spotted dick with his (homo) Eton mess.
Drop that delayed 'Mandalay trigger meme' (broadcast the day before Vegas shooting) via palm trees, Masonic Johnson. 
Johnson's (earlier) trip/gaff all coinciding with Trump's actual Presidential inauguration date 20th Jan. 2017. Man-DELAY.
666 Zionist Antichrist Trump fighting the Zio-masonic, satanic Deep State? Can he not spot the most blatant fix via Zio-Masonry?
Goyim sacrifice (see Vegas, 9/11, etc.) via the Rothschild sponsored satanic Cabbalist/Frankist Jews:
Mayer Amschel (born February 23, 1744), who was being tutored as a Rabbi, lived with his parents in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt am Main. He later took the name Rothschild. 1770: Mayer Amschel Rothschild draws up plans for the creation of the Illuminati and entrusts Ashkenazi Jew, Adam Weishaupt, a Crypto-Jew who was outwardly Roman Catholic, with its organization and development. The Illuminati is to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of the light (light/lux/lux-or). It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who convinced Weishaupt to wholly accept the Frankist Cabbalist doctrine and who afterwards financed the Illuminati. Rothschild had given Weishaupt the task of re-establishing the old Alumbrado movement for the Cabbalist Jews. (Alumbrado, Spanish. Illuminati). 

Weishaupt chose the Egyptian pyramid as the Illuminati's symbol of power. (See $ bill). Juri Lina's - Under the Sign of the Scorpion.
Sodom UK Intel via satanic Freemasonry. I wonder why they recruit from (homo) UK public shools and (homo) Oxbridge? ;)
Queening Johnson/Trump with her masonic '666 Satanic Majesty' (Anus Horribilis, Windsor) and via pass/ass grips. Sirius turd eyes.
Royal Arch (sodom rainbow) Masonry: For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular.
Jew Rosebud-berg's jurAssic Park. "Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise.
Men-love Lennon: "Show business is an extension of the [masonic/satanic-sodom] Jewish religion."

 Jewish/Satanic Talmudic HATE of the GOYIM

"Only the Jews are called human, the goyim are called animals."
(Baba Batra 114b, Jebamot 61a, Keritot 6b and 7a.)

 "Even the best of the goyim (Gentiles) must be killed."
(Avodah Zara 26b, Tosefoth.)

"All Jews are born the children of kings."
(Shabbat 67a.) 

"The property of the Gentiles is like a masterless desert; anyone who takes it has thereby acquired a right to it."
(Baba Batra 54b.)

"Humanity is blessed solely for the sake of the Jews."
(Talmud, Jebamot 63a.)

"God's name is not profaned if a Jew lies to a Goy."
(Baba Kamma 113b.)

JEWISH HATE ON ACID. And right from their OWN Satanic texts.
Zionist Jew Propaganda - Badly Posing as Neo-Liberal Progressivism (yawn).
Oh, look. Deviant programmer masonic '666' Spielberg making propaganda promoting their Zionist fomented 'ANTI HATE AGENDA'.
Guess who the mass media control freaks are? Guess who fears being outed as the ultimate in HATE? Project, project, project...
Why might this be, hmm? Do the Hollywood/mass media, satanic Zionist mafia fear being exposed? Hate Whitey, Spielberg.
Discovery Channel? The bastion of the simpleton viewer. A channel dedicated to RETARDATION. File under SHIT.
White supremacy? The Jews are the ultimate supremacists - this is undeniable. God's Lucifer's chosen. Truth = hate speech.
Sick, impostor, sodomite, deviant, minority Jews telling majority America how to think and feel. FUCK OFF, Rosebud-berg.
 It's a goddamn Zionist, Satanic Jew sponsored conveyor-belt industry. Swindler's Mist, everyone's fav. ;)
Ashke-NAZI Jew Spielberg's mentor, paedo Kubrick, married into the Nazi 3rd Reich's top film-making dynasty, the Harlans.

Lie Exposed - Anyone for a round of 'Oscars So White Jewish'? 
The Zionist 'Oscars so White' LIE (via complicit Uncle Tom actors). No-one can be this blind (re: the Jews) unless it's been engineered.
 Spot the real white minority. Looks like a Jew (and complicit Black) film industry take-over via (Marxist Jew promoted) minorities.
 Guess who promotes 'white privilege' to the detriment of ALL WHITES? Answers on a postcard, please. :)
To effectively BRAINWASH the US peoples requires virtual full spectrum mass media dominance - and they have it.
All the studios (and TV/music) are Jew strongholds and have been for decades, The same studios that make your (fake) news.
An uber over-representation of (minority) Jews in corporate mass media, why hasn't fake news 'Israel' Trump mentioned this?
 This SATANIC JEW mass mind control thru full spectrum mass media dominance is so easy to spot and pick apart. (Link).
You have to be a willing dumb-fuck of the highest order for ANY of it to work! OY VEY! We know that there is NO FREE SPEECH.
The prevailing attitudes in respect of these (satanic) Talmudic Jews proves it. Watch as the dumb-fuck USA destroys FREE SPEECH (under Jewish fomented neo-liberal hate laws) to protect the satanic Jews. The Jews that farm and degenerate them like animals. :)

Zionist fomented US mass media mind control. A MONOPOLY - this is how they managed to pull-off (fraud) 9/11.

The (satanic) Zionist Jew Mindset - The Hidden Tyranny - Harold 'Lucifer is the god of the Jews' Rosenthal.
"Took over the publication of all school materials." Now you know why US schools/unis churn-out cultural Marxist conditioned,
- self-loathing, hate Whitey infected, dumbed-down, politically/financially naive, uber indebted (via Jews) - SIMPLETONS.

Note, Zionist POS, and 'star-fucker' - Arnon 'Hollywood 9/11' Milchan - got '12 Years a Slave' made.
File under more Zionist Jew fomented, BACKWARD, victimhood based, propaganda shit. Yes, it's pure shit.
Zionist Spielberg is ultimately responsible for Oprah 'simpleton/agitator' Winfrey! A satanic whore, Jew puppet.
 Blacks need to solve their own problems, and not be the 'victimhood bitches' of Zionist Jews. Jews even own their Hip Hop.
The sick, sodomite Zionist satanists that are dosing them with this regressive form of (transparent) Jew industry mind control.
Masonic Jew '33' cultural Marxism. Same for the God awful Democrats and their minority perma-viticmhood tourism. Free yourself.
 It's masonic-satanic JEW, Karl 'Pepper' Marx, aka Levi. Masonic Jew 33, hidden hand. Left(y) masonic evil path.
Filthy Askenazi Jew scum. Communist Bolsheviks = deviant synagogue of satan Jews. Marx = EVIL, INSANE POS.
To see the true form of these HYPOCRITE (racist) Zionists - then see ethnic cleansing via Palestine and the theft of their land.
The fucking (homo) NBA gets a say on geo-political issues - and think they carry weight? WTF is this?
USA is on the brink of being eclipsed by China - there is no stopping it. Their middle class is 300+ million!
The Chinese people own their debt. The USA owes it monster debts to the Zionist private banking cartel. Ahem.
USA has pissed most of their fiat money into the bin, whereas China has primarily invested in their nation's infrastructure. Oops.
USA really is a complete shit-hole. Hoop dunkers critiquing the events in Hong Kong?
Western provocateurs are poking Hong Kong. China doesn't force its ideology onto others, how about you, USA? :)
Anyway, take you're homosexual, overpaid, over worshipped NBA club and stick it up your corporate ass.
Bread and circus assistants (NBA players) should know their place. Advising on geo-politics, yeah right.
Your expertise is in placing a ball in a fucking net, or preventing it going in! I've never watched a game - it's shit!
What next, folks? Hip-hop artists advising on US fiscal and monetary policy? Snoop Dog on the Fed. Res. board?
The cast of Goyim of Thrones (George R.R. Martin) tackle the ethical issue of human genetic engineering?
What have I told you about the 'cult of celebrity' (mass mind rot) and the all singing, all dancing crap of the world?

 As for Extinction Rebellion! They can fuck-off with their badly repackaged form of (Jewish) communism.
What these sick Jews did to Soviet Russia - has, and is now been repeated in the Jew (Marxist/Commie) EU!
Eco-Tyranny is an accurate tag. They demand that the govt. fix global warming etc.? WTF is wrong with these zombies?
The govt. cannot even deliver a democratic vote of the people, secure borders, provide affordable homes, create decent wage paying jobs, provide resonable health care, decent pensions, improve infrastructure, stop the rape of the masses by evil corporations (the ones these drones help fatten), stop the Central Bank decimation of the masses (elite wealth transfer), balance any budget, etc. Yes folks, and these dumb fucking Extinction Rebellion drones want the ultimate planetary eco fix via the same govt.!. The govts of this world are the ultimate in collective failure. It's no wonder that the entire planet is a basket-case and has already gone beyond the plot of Idiocracy. The planet will be lucky to be around, what with the current rising and impending threat of global warfare (the standard cover-up M.O. for the elite kleptocracy). What are these brainwashed simpletons doing about countering the global threat of warfare? What have they done about the global fraud of 'wrecking' corporate central banking? Threats that are even more pressing than the 'luxury' of so-called environmentalism. I'll tell you what they're doing about this. NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA, NIL.
Extinction Rebellion are the ultimate in mass stupidity - and writ large. Sigh.

 Collapse of the US $, Banks, and the Zombie Economy
 The US's corporate socialist-fascist economy that is mistaken for free market capitalism, the latter never existing.
The USA is now nothing but a gigantic, neo-feudal, corporate-sponsored slave plantation - all enabled by the dumb masses.
The divestment out of the WEAPONISED US $ continues. Russia's oil company Rosneft has now stopped denominating in $.
That's a shit-load of (hidden) inflationary pressure - as those (no longer needed) transactional $'s come home to roost.
Also, Rothschild's FED (the criminal CB cartel) are pumping-in $130+ billion a day (Repo) to keep the system functioning! (Oct).
It was the Repo issue that triggered the Lehman/Bear Stearns collapses. Their collateral was exposed as worthless shit.
A type of stealth QE4 is also in operation. Capital injections rumoured to be in the region of £60bn monthly.
See my previous post, hyperinflation. Anyway, short-term, markets will continue higher - seeing as they're ALL based on lies.
You'll only hear how great the US economy is too, in-league with illogical call for IR cuts. Ha! The debt must be expanded.
Have you heard Trump mention any of the former? Nope. Nothing. Trumptards are a special kind of stupid.
The impeachment YAWN FEST makes a great back-drop (major distraction) for the coming collapse of the everything bubble.
 Bail-ins will apply. 'debt jubilee hopers' are the most desperate of all. As if the folk who designed the current monstrosity
- that is the western monetary system, would collapse their (masses' fleecing) scam for your benefit. Dumb fucking monkeys. :)

The (satanic) Zionist Jew Mindset - The Hidden Tyranny - Harold 'Lucifer is the god of the Jews' Rosenthal. Rothschild's Fed:
Which Zionist Jew dominated western nation is hopelessly strung-out like a junkie on (Jew fomented) USARY/DEBT?
Which sheep-like nation has completely acquiesced to sick 0.1% corporatism (corporate socialism) - which has impoverished it?
USA is already under SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST control via corporate socialist fascism! That's both Dem or Rep.
All of the former can ONLY function under the aegis of Zionist mind control - a control that ultimately relies on IGNORANCE.

FAKE-OUT 'Brexit Party' Farage is now exposed as an elite plant, but hardly unexpected. Purple UKIP, aka masonic U-Sleep.
I called him out the moment he fucked-off after the 'Leave Vote'. I said it would all comeback to haunt the nation.
He 'blew-up' the UKIP Party and now has done the same to the Brexit Party. And never an MP at any stage.
BREXIT. ALL previously explained and yet again I hit the politiccal jackpot. No-one else did! See former posts.
My ONLY error was in over-estimating the intelligence of the UK electorate - SINCE my post. Played like pianos.
They will BLINDLY continue down the two-party FIX system, they know nothing else. EPIC TRAGEDY, but typical.
They ALL had the chance to change this, but voted for more of the same. I'm proud of my expatriate status.
What is it about: "NEVER TRUST A TORY' - that ex-Tory Farage (and the electorate) doesn't understand? Oh dear!
That's the END of Farage now. He will not comeback from this. Although I'm sure he's been compensated. Ahem.
So close to Zionist Anti-Christ, Donald '666' Trump, too. And that's ALL you need to know.
See this video, on his own Jewtube page! 
FARAGE'S TORY SELL-OUT and what Brexiters REALLY think of his establishment bait and switch! Yes folks. 
Cunt Farage may go down in history as the man that stopped a clean exit and delivers BINO! That or it all backfires!

His Brexit Party is crippled before the game has started, and at his own hand. Tory boy Farage. He's driven the Brexit bus off the cliff. Handing 300+ constituencies to THE FUCKING TORY PARTY!? And on the back of no reciprocal deal, all via a fucking Johnson tweet. It simply beggars belief. It does not, and will not ever wash. Now go canvass on the back of exposing yourself as a covert wing of the Tory party - dumb fuck! He thinks that the North will vote for his party when he's now got "TORY OWNED BITCH" tattooed on his forehead? None of this was a naive mistake, and/or a noble cause. It's wilful political suicide. You don't fight this for 25 years yeas and then do a flip-flop inches from the line. It's called snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. OMFG! That's taken ALL the wind out of the Brexit voters sails! Half of them now have no real Brexit candidate to vote for. How to destroy your entire brand in just mere moments. You GO BIG or you pack-up your toys and you fuck-off home. What an outrage. The Tories are a REMAIN party. If you don't know that by now - you should never be given a vote. 

This could end-up letting a Lab/Lib/SNP/etc. type coalition in - handing over the Brexit baby (something I previously made mention of) - and this fucker will be responsible for it. He's left the electorate with a 'remain vs remain' choice. That's what I call a voter disenfranchisement bomb - if there ever was one. It's now TOO LATE for his stood-down candidates to even contest their electoral seat. Deadline closed 4pm 14th Nov. The timing of this (all around the cut-off date) is no mistake either. What sort of 'fuck nothing' takes the word of a Tory on trust? A party that installed remainer May after the leave result, and where Johnson deliberately folded to allow this to transpire. Calling this a shoolboy error barely describes it. Fuck-off Farage, you didn't even have the balls to stand, and now you're telling folk to vote for the Tories. You are a dead man walking. You were told last week that there would be 'no pact' via Johnson, are you deaf as well as dumb? 

Nigel 'Let's Change Politics For Good' Farage. Eh? You CANNOT change politics by leaving half your squad on the sidelines before the kick-off. You cannot change politics by NOT STANDING. You certainly will never change politics by batting for the sodom, inbred, paedophile, sociopath TORY PARTY - and ahead of your own platform. Now we KNOW why he fucked-off after the vote and let the Lib/Lab/Con make hay in the vacuum he deliberately left. He always made it ALL about Nigel Farage - and not the party or the cause. All likely so he could steer this Brexit bus off the cliff at a later date - just as we've recently seen. So Mote It Be, masonic/Zionist Farage. How's the (homo) masonic Isle of Man, Nigel. That's where you keep your ill-gotten money. Did I also catch you promoting 'Labour are ANTI-SEMITIC, - Mr Farage? I think I did. Has Zionist Antichrist Trump, who you are so closely aligned been tickling your Kosher balls?

 These sick, satanic Zionist Jews really know how to run a Central Bank. In respect of fleecing the dumb Goyim mass!
 JEW. JEW. JEW. The Jew S of A's - Zombie 'Rothschild Zionist' Economy - built on satanic usary (aka debt slavery).
The debt has surpassed $23 trillion to date, current deficit is running beyond $1 trillion. It's actually getting much worse.
All this slides, simply due to mass financial/economic/political naivety (bordering on insanity) of the dumb, Zio programmed mass.
 'Idiocracy' (film) was a documentary. USA gives these Zionist animals billions, and yearly!
 "The world's biggest (Commie) welfare state." A great call by 'will of Lucifer' Satanyahu, ahem. Look out of your window.
Your students (and beyond) will be 'debt slaves' forever, they were sold a lie - and now the chickens come home to roost.
These Zionists are not HUMAN. They are an alien, sick species who loathe humanity, hence the current state of affairs.

The satanic IMPOSTOR JEWS have almost used you all up, USA. And soon it will be time for the great reveal.
Are you still trapped in Holohoax guilt mind control, all of which was fomented by perma-victimhood Jews?
We all thought the Zionists did a job on Nazi Germany, but the US has now surpassed the Nazis in that regard.
The German people did NOTHING to stop the totalitarian take-over, and likewise you've proved to be the same.
They were formerly impoverished though, - but you have had no such crutch and/or driver. Quite the opposite.
You cheer-on your leaders as they rape, pillage, and scorch the earth. You always have - see Zionist fraud 9/11.
Hundreds of thousands march for abortion, LGBT rights, etc. But no-one marches to stop your war-mongering, satanic establishment.
The world is tired of your SHIT, USA. You ARE HELL under the guise of a nation. The satanic-paedo, Zionist/Khazar Jews have turned you into a profoundly SICK NATION - in just mere decades. Tick-tock. Your (masonic-satanic Jew) mass tranny/sodom-satanic FILTH has contaminated the world, as has the UK's. Why is ZIONISM still virtually unheard of in the (Zionist) MSM?
Correlate the creation of satanic Rothschild's Israel (late 40's) with the degeneration of your country in the ensuing decades.
What you gonna do? Call me an anti-semite, ha!?

The UK elites and 'suicided/fake suicides' via Jewish Epstein(s).
FREEMASON....Prince 'PAEDOPHILE' Andrew. Queen E-Lizard-Breath. Her cousin is head of (masonic Jew) UGLE.
Windsor 'anus horribilis' Castle, immediately next-door to (sodom) Eton. Jeff Epstein was funded by UK Zionist, Bob Maxwell.
The Importance of Being Eton: "...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order..."
The entire satanic royal family needs destroying. Paedo/sodom Savile, paedo/sodom Mountbatten, paedo/sodom Andrew, etc.
UK currently has Etonian Boris 'sodom/cock' Johnson as a PM. The dumb UK masses just love these degenerate, sodom toffs. :)
The sodomy rape of young boys at elite Scottish QVS/MOD (COPFS) school. VOMIT. Was Randy Andy involved?
Freemason 'paedo' Hamilton (Dunblane) - all linked to the royal connected/appointed 'masonic' COPFS (highest law in Scot.).
Latest. Surely this has to be a mockery based piss-take! It just had to be pizza. PIZZA Express. Lolita (Pizza) Express.
 The victim(s) are involved with Gloria Allred, a likely deep state mind control operative, so fuck knows what's going on!
It's alleged that Allred has been involved in state sponsored mind control (MK-Ultra) and for decades. See Patty Hearst.
 Update. Alleged victim Giuffre. Fronted by Ashkenazi Jew, Allred. MK and butterflies (monarch mind control). Oops.
The lawyer (Weinstein linked) Boies, another complete POS. Weinstein(s) are also linked to Epstein!
These are NOT the names that you'd want to find linked to any of this. (End of update).
How many children's charities do these monsters front? Peter 'sodom/Hook' Pan profits go to Great Ormond St. Hospital (cringe).
Sodom Crowley's Hymn to Pan: "Give me the sign of the Open Eye [asshole], And the token erect of thorny thigh [penis], 
- And the word of madness and mystery, O Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan Pan! Pan."
Like Alice in (dirt hole) Wonderland, Winnie the (shit) Poo(h), etc. It's all barely-veiled, elite fomented, crypto-sodom programming.
The Queen is GOSH patron. Roald Dahl was also involved. Willy Wanka likes gloop (a sticky substance) stuck in his chocolate pipe.
Poo(h) gets stuck in the (rogering rabbit) dirt-hole via a Nancy, and Gay-nes. Surprise, surprise, the honey-pot (vagina) is empty.
Makes a change from 'nailing/hammering the ass with tail (penis)' - I guess. Poo likes to mix-it up.
I mentioned earlier Rupert 'homo' Bear (via Nut-Wood) and Macca's "Bum, Bum (eye-eying)" transient Frog Chorus.
Pan's 'sodom' People via Jimmy 'Peedo' Savile. Mr Royal Queen family. Mr Iron 'Thatcher' Lady. Gay News, Uphill Love, Jim.
Stoke (Bent) Man-Devil-(le), Beatling Savile. Spinal sodom injuries. Masonic Chequers uses Stoke Mandeville.
 Sarah 'Andrew paedo Windor' Ferguson. S-Peedos aka 'Budgie (Chopper/Cock) Smugglers'.
A chopper/penis (via budgies). Bend-Dicks Point via the phallic lighthouse.
Budgie/Chopper voiced by Dick Pearce (Piercing Dick). Piercing Dick? Anyone for Prince 'ring piercing dick' Albert?
Yup, they're ALL SICK, SATANIC, MASONIC-JEW SCUM. Jeffrey 'MOSSAD' Epstein.
 ABC News via parent Homo/Paedo Disney (VOMIT). See Winnie (the shit) Poo(h), and dirt-hole, goodbye pussy, Alice.
Steamboat 'Po(o)-dunk' Willie via tugging - it's Mickey 'Creepy' Mouse. Pass the sick bag, this one is already full.
ABC spiking the Epstein story. These sick, industry behemoths also MAKE your FAKE NEWS. Conflict of interest on acid!
Bob 'JEW' Iger heads (implicated) Disney, Viacom/N.A. JEW Redstone is also caught-up suppressing the (JEW) Epstein story.
Oxford Rhodes (Rothschild) scholar Bill 'Epstein' Clinton that made this current mass media concentration (Jew take-over) possible.
Rothschild/Oxford Clinton is also heavily implicated with Epstein, as is Donald '666' Trump, who worships the Windsors.

 Walt 'paedophile/sodom' Disney via Devil's Pepper 'sodom' Carroll, and Devil's Pepper 'sodom/Disney' Huxley.
 The wonderful world of Disney. Good, (w)hole-some family fun via Sodom/homo/paedo Disney.
Homo, Lucifer Huxley worked for Disney/MGM. He was an Alice in (homo/paedo) Wonderland fiend.
You see, folks. It's not how you've typically interpreted this stuff - that counts. It's the (maker's) INTENTION that matters.

Hammer that (poo) ass. Folk that ply their children with Disney should be seen as child abuse/sodom programming assistants!
Guess who said that Disney was always creepy and satanic - even as a child? Answer = me. The Alice Trans-chowskis (JEWS).
"I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like [queer] Alice. Tumbling down the [sodom] rabbit hole?"
Larry, always 'busting balls' via Asspocalypse 'asshole of the world' Now. Ring-cycling with the helmet sitters, choppers & hairy surfers. Playboy white rabbit choppers, Color Purple, Pee-Wee HER-MAN, Fishburne. He knows how deep the (sodom) rabbit hole goes.
Baphomet 'Morpheus' Pan. Mr Death 'sodom' Wish #2. Hermetic "Balls to bone." It's not the 'spoon' that bends, but only yourself.
(Homo Jew, Geller.) More bent (sexual) spooning via Lepus/Rabbits, with (go Greek, Delphi) Oracle 'snake-hole' cookies.
(Lou) Cypher's Zion 9/11/01 Matrix runs for 2h 16m. 216 = 6*6*6. Devil's Advocate, Reeves - via Jeff 'Stay 666 Tuned' Jones.
2h 16m - like Rosemary's (Satan's 666 Dakota) Baby, and (queer eye stabbing) A Clockwork '666' Orange, etc.

The Matrix expired 11 Sep 01. And we're back to Paul '11 Sept' McCartney...who was at JFK airport morning of 11 Sept 2001.

Yeah, that was all very rough. Sorry it's all been such a hellish ride, but what can you do? Needs must.
That said, PLEASE read this post in conjunction with the following 2014 post that was upped via Chris Spivey.
I've read some decently put together pieces on the net over the last 20 years, but this is DYNAMITE. Different class.
All credit to 'Spivey and crew' - I wish I'd read it in recent years, but I've only just become aware of it.