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The Dumb UK Electorate - I TOLD YOU SO - Re-upped For Those That Missed It.

Re-upped - originally posted July 2018

 I NO LONGER live in the Zio-Nazi Marxist/Communist Zone that is Europe.
Thank FUCK for that. I told you ALL to get out (if you were able).
The UK is FINISHED. You ALL have my sympathies.
I will never write on these pages ever again. I now have a new life.
TRUTH is a WORTHLESS commodity in the UK...and this post was/is the proof.
The UK is a Marxist soaked DICTATORSHIP completely beholden to the 
Thanks for listening/reading. Uncle Bingo you are still a legend...I Miss Ya. :)

Oh, BTW. Respect to the French Yellow Vests who are dismantling EU Rothschild lackey Macron (Micron).
The British could learn a thing from the French, but they'd rather watch reality TV and soap operas (zombie mass mind control).

Now it's MY TIME to gloat. I had to tolerate abuse over my prior thoughts/opinions. 
Let's compare with the unfolded/unfolding 'actual' reality. 
Just to show you how accurate my UK political forecasting really is. 
And all before anything even happens!

From my March 2018 post:
The Tories have NEVER had any intention of leaving the (Soviet style) Marxist EU communist state. That's why Cameron sodded-off immediately after the vote. That's why they installed NWO globalist puppet May as his replacement - to front her BINO (Brexit in name only) complete capitulation. This latest event (Skripal/Russia Novichok) will obviously play into their "EU/UK togetherness" agenda.

June 2016
My musings very soon after the UK's EU "Leave" vote result...
Here I mention the actual Leave result as being the mere "beginning" of the battle.
You had Brexit "hard" or "soft" MSM-based mind control soon after  - there was/is no HARD or SOFT.
There was only leave or stay. Exiting = leaving the single market and the customs union, those issues were never a doubt. The sheep bought into the "hard/soft" BS though, just as I'd expect. Typical of the (complicit and criminal) MSM to help in twisting the logic of these (formerly established) issues to suit 1% elite ends.

My post from February 2018 (incorporating the previous year 2017):

The UK masses have NEVER been so DUMB - they'd win any Olympic events in respect of dumbing-down!
If the UK had any semblance of intelligence - I wouldn't have just witnessed the wanton destruction of UK PLC over the last few decades - and all underwritten by the dense UK electorate!
Shame on you, UK citizens. Get your goddamn SHIT TOGETHER - you mind bombed fools! :)
I don't call the UK electorate the most "apathetic" and "establishment compliant" for nothing - I say it because it's TRUE.
Only a completely degenerated shit-hole would still have a (sick) Monarchy in 2018.
The Windsor family underpin the entire establishment class in the UK - they are criminals too (see Windsor/Savile).
I don't say this for fun or from just behind a keyboard - I would say all of what I write to their faces.

Corbyn's Marxist Labour have now done a U-turn on Brexit - they want the customs union (EU OWNED).
It could well be that another General Election scenario develops out of all this mess now. We'll have to see.
What a political shit house the UK really is. Democracy isn't just dead, it's been buried too.

Compare my thoughts - very soon after the Brexit vote . June/July 2016, and compare with what has transpired!
This was all written BEFORE "remainer puppet" May was even installed as Prime Minister...
Of course, a few crazy things happened in the interim - the out of the blue General Election, Farage departing etc.
My current belief is that May (or whoever oversees this) will find a way for the UK to both be "out" and "in" - at the same time.
Effectively, you'll be left with the WORST OF BOTH WORLDS. Even worse than BEFORE the EU vote.
That is very likely what will transpire. They WILL NOT stop mass immigration (if you're wondering) - and you can BANK THAT.

The electorate had the chance to vote for UKIP, (deserting them in 2017) and putting ALL of their faith in the traditional parties instead - Tory and Labour. The same parties that have systematically destroyed the UK for decades. Admittedly, UKIP has been a shadow of its former self, but without that 'anti-EU pressure' the established parties have been able to make hay. Tory supporters have bought in to Remainer May's "Brexit means Brexit" (bullshit), whereas Corbyn's promise to uphold the electorate's wishes has now been "sold out" (see customs union). If Corbyn (and Tory rebels) can force another General Election - there won't be an alternative choice (unless May moves aside). It'll be either Remain-centric Tory (under her) or Remain-centric Labour. There really IS NO LIMIT to the stupidity of the masses - and what luck for our elite controllers. I can't say I'm surprised though, I knew what these loons were like long before any vote scenario. Just as I know what the electorate are like too.

See below. This was before my account was CLOSED by the (Nazi) Daily "1%" Mail.
I was tearing their establishment-based propaganda to shreds (which is easily done), so they SHUT ME DOWN.
65.7% voted TO LEAVE in Stoke-On-Trent. Yet this same (DUMB) constituency elected REMAIN (Marxist) Labour?
There IS NO LIMIT to the electorate's insanity - none whatsoever. I told them it would come back to haunt them - & it has!
Dumb Northern Tories (wtf?) splitting the vote and allowing REMAIN Labour in, scuppering UKIP.
Outsmarted by Labour and the Tories, as usual. Oh look, there's my take on "immigration" too - where's my prize? ;)
The sort of "immigration" that has destroyed indigenous earning power in places like Stoke (cough, cough).

Clearly, Brexit Farage has had a hand to play in the ongoing developments, albeit somewhat indirectly. His UKIP departure (leaving a vacuum, both on the stage and in respect of his party) has helped pave the way for Tory and Labour, both of whom are beholden to the EU. It remains to be seen if Farage will return to the arena, if he does then it's a potential big game changer. If UKIP had still been under Farage (up to this point), I think the electorate that voted "out/leave" would now be flocking to them in their droves. This is why I think that both the electorate and UKIP have scored a bit of an "own goal" over all this (to put it mildly), but it is what it is. UKIP were Farage, and unfortunately they've been no kind of political force without him.

UK Wrecking May's 2017 Manifesto and GE. Note, my comments below are now 14 months old.
(updated, they're now nearly 20 months old!)
I hate to say "I told you so", but I did tell you so.
The Daily Fail - spinning yarns about "globalist stooge and REMAINER" May.
(Update, so what happened recently over at the Daily Mail? A new REMAIN CENTRIC editor from late 2018!
So predictable - that it's actually boring.)
Where was the outrage? The sheep just nodded!
"They'll foul up Brexit too." Wow, I'd never have GUESSED.

As PREDICTED and aeons in advance. May IS delivering the WORST of both worlds.
The White Paper. The one designed/overseen by Fuhrer Merkel. Merkel ratified it before any UK politician got to see it!
Will May survive this?


If you want to see the proof - just pop over to Tory Central - The Daily Fail/Mail.

Horseloverphat Quote:
"Effectively, you'll be left with the WORST OF BOTH WORLDS. Even worse than BEFORE the EU vote.
That is very likely what will transpire. They WILL NOT stop mass immigration (if you're wondering) - and you can BANK THAT."
The worst of both worlds, two years pissed away, a basketcase nation, and a bill for circa £40 billion.
There hasn't been a bigger UK political fuck-up than the 2010 (and onward) Tory party.
The worst government ever, and the worst PM in UK history. Hands down, no contest.


 Oh dear. It looks like MILLIONS of people have been played for fools.
The same ones that thought May and the TORIES would deliver. Is there a cure for their insanity?

Trump: "Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a SEXIST, a RACIST, a XENOPHOBE."

The same ones that believed that they DIDN'T NEED (so-called RACIST) UKIP.
(I'm not endorsing Trump. The man is s Zionist sock puppet.)
 It was like taking candy from a baby.

Sad really.

Almost as SAD as the dumb electorate themselves.
OK, who the fuck voted for this POS?

WTF? Threatening everyone if they don't go along with her dictatorial ans sell-out ways? It's NOT her Brexit!
The ONLY time May grows a set of balls is when she is trying to destroy the UK!
Watered down? Brussels and Herr STASI Merkel designed the fucking deal.
Is this the Tory way of getting destroyed and handing over to Corbyn? So they won't be left holding the baby?

"We can't let Labour in they'll destroy the economy"
(Probably, but that's also exactly what the Tories have been doing! It's has no basis as an argument.
Labour and Tories are BOTH neo-liberal/cultural Marxist and globalists. I did also try and tell you this!)

Seen the size of the national debt - have you?
Seen the decimated infrastructure on the back of mass auterity - have you?
Mass austerity has led to a virtual 3rd World UK for the 99%. And nothing to show for it!
And it is rapidly getting worse. NHS on its knees, joke police, joke military, huge violent crime wave, mass immigration, evaporating public services, low wages, zero hour contracts, mass debt as progress, a criminal Bank of England, PC mind control, LGBT cancer in schools, swathes of programmed and self loathing liberal/Marxist lefties, inverted racism, pro-Israeli and pro-Saudi policies, etc., etc.

Theresa 'POS' May will be HATED even more than Blair ever was.
As big a CUNT that Blair was, there was a spell during his tenure when things were not too bad (on a surface level, at least). You cannot say that about May (or predecessor Ca-moron). OMG, what a mess!

 OK, so I gloated and humuliated the f**k out of you all.
But that is not the ultimate purpose or reason. The purpose is to expose their mechanisms, expose their control, to demonstrate how Mockingbird media owns your thought processes - and how you are manipulated. It's thru my OWN undertsanding of this phenomenon that I was able to accurately project, what would, and has transpired. And so can YOU.

Learn from this. That IS the message.


The good news? If you can call it that...

 There's much fun to be had watching the sociopathic Tories destroy their own party on the altar of EU communism. May's tragi-comedy turns in the HOC (and beyond) are now the stuff of legend. We've never seen anything like it. Contempt of Parliament (aka LYING), pulling the (dead) deal vote at the eleventh hour (to save her own skin), throwing away an inherited majority (deliberately), alienating the DUP who prop-up her MINORITY govt (£1 billion+ pissed away), played-out begging to the EU nations (many who were liberated by Britain post WW2), destroying the Tory party, reneging on 2017 manifesto promises, betraying the UK's largest single issue democratic vote, a completely divided nation (two years + onwards) due to REMAIN centric policy - even though Remain LOST, pretending that 'no deal' is a disaster (it's NOT), and failing to use this 'no deal' as a bargaining just goes on and on. 

£39 BILLION for a worst of all worlds deal, and a (deliberately mismanaged) deal that is clearly REMAIN in a very bad disguise - plus all with NO REPRESENTATION at the Euro table! Some deal, HA! 'No deal' hurts the EU MORE than it does the UK (UK is the 2nd largest net contributor), and it has always been the case. No-one buys MORE from the EU than the UK! The 1% elite and their sick propaganda organs - Sky, BBC, CH4, UK press etc - have BRAINWASHED you all, and predictably so has (sociopath) big corporate business. The Tories made ZERO contingency plans for 'no deal' - and that tells you ALL you need to know. They won't let 'no deal' happen, if you're wondering! May's deal is PURE SHIT (written by the EU) and she OWNS that deal (the one she said she negotiated) - she is ENTIRELY to blame. You can forget the deliberate RED HERRING that is the Irish border/back-stop too (fuck EU mafia stooge/homo, Varadkar), and the Bank of England's 'never been right about anything' Mark 'POS' Carney aka Captain Project Fear, not forgetting Phil 'TWAT' Hammond...all played-out CRAP. The UK is overtly politically and morally BANKRUPT. The 1% elite OWN the UK mass media (mind control) and I've stated this for years. I was 100% correct about the Daily Remainer Mail/Fail (see previous posts).

This DELIBERATE global humiliation under treason Theresa Re-May-ner is almost complete. This insane cow is caught-up in a sea of lies of her own making. The UK is now no better than a banana republic. The "rest of the world" is probably crying with laughter at the UK. I think she's hated more than Blair - and already. Just another "I told you so" moment - given long in advance.

Treason May is stalling for time in deferring the deal vote so she can push the entire issue to the wire. With Project Fear on constant repeat and the clock running-out she'll hope to push the (EU loving) MPs into accepting her SACK OF SHIT 'fix' deal (the one that sells the UK down the river), rather than a clean (no deal) Brexit. Yawn.

You CANNOT negotiate with a totalitarian EU dictatorship and anyone with a brain already knew this. Cameron was sent packing by the EU, that's the only proof you need. 'No deal' should have ALWAYS been the default starting point for the UK in terms of (potential) leave negotiations. The EU (by default) HAVE to punish the UK for having the temerity to vote 'leave'. They cannot afford to see a departing nation make any progress 'going-forward' - for what are obvious existential reasons! Only a dumb-ass would think otherwise.

You are witnessing the END of the (fifth column, neo-liberal/Marxist) UK Conservative Party. :)
A party that has always been pure SOCIOPATH. 
The shit-house party that began the UK's demise from the mid-70's via EEC (Europe) with Tory PAEDOPHILE PM Heath.
See how the UK was absorbed into this Euro totalitarian communist nightmare via the 'common market' - then further emeshed into a Germanic-led Euro hell (without any true democratic underwriting) which has then subsequently and conventiently made leaving it an near impossibility.
If it is this impossible to leave - then none of the former (above) should have been allowed to transpire.
Are you enjoying this played-out Establishment/EU fix? The one I identified from day 1?

If the Tories had followed the referendum result they'd be riding the crest of a wave. 
 So why didn't they? Answer, they are ALL Globalist Elite/EU owned.
Do you still think that Jo Cox was murdred by a far-right zombie just before the vote?
I've always known that Jo Cox's 'so-called' murder was all elite and mass media driven fakery.Your political systems (Tory/Labour) and 'mass media' (Sky/BBC/Press) are a corporate totalitarian SHIT HOUSE, and always have been.

Meanwhile, the 'nation state' destroying TOTALITARIAN EU is continuing in its typical (and predictable) meltdown mode...Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece etc. Existential's only a matter of "when" - for the complete collapse of the Neo-Liberal/Zio-Communist and German/Franco-centric EU (4th Reich). If the UK leaves on a 'no deal' the EU will not be able to make-up the shortfall of the UK's contribution...and that has ALWAYS been the case. The EU need to have their huge BLUFF fools no-one in these quarters. The EU fear a 'no deal' more than ANYONE! (bye-bye Homo/Corporate shell Ireland, lol). You can bank this...the EU are BLUFFING re: no deal. It's a piss poor bluff too. The UK could go "ALL IN" and DESTROY the SICK EU by going for the 'no deal' option. 

No Deal, however, will be shut-out by the EU 5th columnists (aka UK MPs and their globalist sponsors) and they will likely never let it transpire. This has all been planned out and long in advance - a pantomime. A 2nd (FIXED) referendum is now possibly on the cards (after an article 50 extension) - one that will likely overturn the 2016 democratic 'Leave' vote. Those that stuck with Tory/Labour to deliver are (indirectly) to blame - that's most of the UK electorate btw! There will now be NO APPRECIABLE BREXIT (for the reasons stated herein). If the 2nd referendum/Article 50 extension doesn't occur then the 'deal' will likely be a version of (EU slave) May's 'BINO deal' (Remain, or worse, badly dressed-up as Brexit) - the one that was recently and roundly defeated. That aside, if May (or whoever oversees this) splits the Tories (ERG) asunder (increasingly likely) or completely alienates the DUP (with their shennanigans) then a General Election is a possibilty. A GE is also possible via (a successful) opposition 'no confidence' vote, which requires Tories to vote against their own govt. The latter's chances being dependent on a Tory attempt to take the UK out with a 'no deal'. A snap election can't be ruled-out either. This has ALL turned-out (or will likely turn-out) very much as I said it would/will, and given aeons in advance. Hence, 'THE DUMB UK ELECTORATE' - given and used as the post title. You ALL had your chance in leaving the EU and you blew it in spectacular style by backing your (Neo-liberal cum Zio-Marxist) 5th column, EU subordinate core parties. You even had the chance to effectively trash these core parties, but you deserted (Farage's) UKIP in exchange for more of the same. You've been slow-played into this deliberate mess. This is the price of nationwide mass political naivety. I've little or no sympathy for UK citizens. Hell, very soon after the 2016 vote I even stated that the signing of ARTICLE 50 - "wouldn't mean much" - seems I was possibly correct about that too (or am possibly about to be)!

 2017 comments below are now rapidly heading towards their 2 year anniversary!

Where is my prize?
There are no prizes for stating the TRUTH in the UK - nor will there ever be!
LIES are the ONLY viable political currency. LIES that the UK electorate happily swallow.

Did you know that Tory Amber 'POS' Rudd (reinstalled to cabinet by Europhile May) has a brother that is behind organising the so-called "Peoples' Vote" (2nd referendum)? POS Rudd, who has one of the slimmest constituency margins in the entire HOC.

The sick charade of UK politics (along with its 1% mass media propaganda arm aka CORPARATE FASCIST MSM) and its overt sham democracy - continues. Regrettably, so does the dense UK electorate who slavishly follow it and empower it all. The UK electorate are STILL suffering from mass STOCKHOLM SYNDROME in respect of the political establishment (Tory and Labour). A situation that is ultimately self inflicted - the result of WEAK thought processes, succumbing to establishment brainwashing - and all coupled with a lack of any (real) intelligence. Thank FUCK I got out of the BACKWARD nation that is the UK. The 'clusterfuck' that is the UK will be UNGOVERNABLE after all this is over. Civil unrest is very, very likely to follow this (likely coming) betrayal of the democratic 'Leave' vote, especially now that the UK is OVERTLY a 1% dictatorship. That said, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE...I've emigrated. I now live outside (shit house) UK and (shit house) Europe. :) Germany slips into recession:
The only continent that is experieincing slower growth than Europe (EU) is Antartica. Maybe the EU could fashion a trade deal with the South Polar region...but only after decades of negotiating with penguins, of course.


OMFG...what an absolute tool! FUCKING SAD.
The slow-motion car crash that is Theresa 'POS' May...the EU 'trojan horse' muppet and Brexit destroyer!
She's like a terminally ill dog that needs to be put-down.

 Read in conjunction with my former post....
'Theresa May is a PIECE OF SHIT' from late 2017.

My 'UK EU Vote' post from June 2016. The Brexit battle.

Adolf '4th Reich' Merkel (The Girl from Brazil) from very early 2016.

NEWS FLASH - Nov. 2019
Brexit Farage has now been exposed for the elite Tory plant that he always was.
TORY BOY Farage is now on-course to completely FUCK-UP Brexit.

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Q-Anon - July Update - Joint Treason via USA & UK Cabals.

A July Update. Taking us up to 27 July 2018.

 Update. That said, it is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op. One designed to maintain the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix. That doesn't make much of the content outlined herein null and void. (Regular readers will know of my longterm work in this type of field. The majority of it pre-dating anything Q, and over the long-term.) It does change the overall picture in respect of Trump/Q being some sort of establishment cure, though. The Trump/Q movement has gotten noticeably more 'cult-like' over time, and it all very much has a quasi-evangelical sort of dynamic to it. The latter being the most concerning aspect. OK, just wanted to make this clear. I do not espouse the generally recognised Trump/Q miracle. The following is still written from a pro-Q POV, if only to make sense of the drops and to attempt meaningful decodes, etc.

 Update 2019.
Trump/Q is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. BEWARE. Yes, it is a dumb PSY-OP, as suspected.
Q-Anon: US and UK JOINT TREASON, and via Pedowood and the Paedoph Isles (UK).
 July 25th 2018. Q.

But first it's another - I TOLD YOU SO - moment

For years I have been "outing" sick UK linked Kubrick - only to meet a wall of wilful ignorance from the masses.
The sort of masses that erroneously think 'Eyes Wide Shut' is an anti-Illuminati piece. D'oh! They couldn't be more wrong.
Confirmation? Oh dear. Revealed early July 2018. (link)
 Kubrick's only personal win of an Academy Award was for his work as director of special effects on 2001: ASO.

 Enty is allegeing that he (Kubrick) was one of the WORST of all. Hey, no shit! Worse than Allen and Polanski.
Last paragraph is clearly 2001 (film). Friends of his daughter Vivian, who briefly featured as Floyd's daughter.
We already knew that (associate and 2001 author) Clarke was a homosexual paedophile.
I trust Enty, not all of it, but I trust this. Enty citied NXIVM and Mack 6 years before the typical public domain!

The films mentioned in the blind/reveal are obviously Lolita (Sellers), and 2001:ASO.
 Lolita. Sue Lyon, who played Lolita, is the girl in question. Raped/abused by Kubrick/Sellers, used to procure others.
2001. The reveal is alleging that Kubrick raped/abused/filmed his daughter's friends. Vivian was 7/8 years old at this time.
All this sick and 'mockery drenched' output. Nose-thumbing of the most warped kind. Masonic base insanity.

Where's ALL the SYNCHRO-MYSTICS with their ZEN bullshit?
 They tried to derail this blog (over recent years) with their CRAP, but Horselover-Phat resisted them!
Where are you now?

 Kind of fitting that I post this on JULY 16, 2018.
Kubrick's (mockery based) 'Eyes Wide Shut' being released JULY 16, 1999.
The latter is very same day that JFK Jr's plane went down and his apparent death. 
I'd wager that the EWS film was playing when the plane went down.

Will sick Khazar Spielberg (Kubrick was his mentor), be next? Tick-tock.

Note, from this point, the post content and post date is from July 27 onward.
(Incl. are older Q drops/older content to give context and a wider understanding.)

Isaac Kappy...late July

What are we to think? Will reserve judgement until more is known. These claims are not exactly new.

The Khazar Kiddy Fiddling and Rape Club...Tom Hanks, Meryl 'Weinstein is God' Streep, and Spielberg.

Here's the woman who was (allegedly) sold to Tom Hanks as a child...sold by her sick parents:

She's is seemingly a victim of trauma based mind control for the purposes of operative use.
 Yeah, General 'pizza-gate' Flynn follows a lot of people, but one of them just happens to be Sarah. I believe her story.
I've been aware of these sorts of stories for more than 15 years, so it's not like it's a new concept for me.

 From late June...A Facebook pedo survey.
I informed blog readers of this very threat more than two years ago. Paedo normalisation, primarily via LGBT/Hollywood.
The (complicit) Liberal/Left have been supporting this (whether the know it or not) they support any minority cause, and blindly.
Talking of Facebook. It's POS Khazar Jew 'cut-out' Zuckerberg. You're going-down boy.
Satanic Deep State organs posing as social media. Orwell on acid and sold as a virtue. Sucker-borg has a Chinese wife.
Alphabet soup agencies have likely pulled-out. Facebook's Chinese venture now looking still-born.
China have probably reversed course because they know what's coming re: Facebook and Zuckerberg.
Suggestions of Facebook angling for the human organ market - a billion+ donors and all their intimate details?
 Yes, Facebook et al - companies I outed more than a decade ago as nefarious data mining and 'group think' mass mind control.

"We are under attack....WAR." Q. (youtube military video link)
Recall the related (nefarious deep state) missile attack on AF1 and POTUS to stop the Singapore summit on June 12.
 "We are under attack....WAR." Apr. 3, 2018
Why is Twitter seemingly being linked (juxtaposed) to the military helicopter crash from April 3, 2018?
Twitter and CIA (Clowns). Operation Q-T2810C. T2 denotes 'Terminal 2' (in the Q drop), like airports.
810C is linked to military design and test limits (810C was mid-1970's).
T2810C is also an Eclipse titled electronic hand-held 'terminal/device' for media.
Much to ponder. Note, the Eclipse device/terminal officially has no wi-fi or blue tooth capability (just USB).
"We are under attack....WAR." Yes, a very active period covering just a few days.
Zuckerberg (to step-down and out of the US?), and Jack 'Twitter' Dorsey in all sorts of shit! We live in hope. :)
Just who was funding Twitter (for years) when it made no profit? Yup, another Deep State cut-out.

Back to very recent drops and events...
Mockingbird MSM go Defcon 1 mode and all for a conspiracy LARP? Facebook and a BIG DROP?
Something BIG is about to DROP. Ouch, that's a chunka change. Twitter got similarly hit following day (27th July).
"Somenthing BIG..." was mentioned just two days prior. "Future proves past."

It's "BIG" Tom Hanks...and pedo-comedy.

 This is ONLY funny if you are MENTALLY ILL and/or SICK. This IS mass media-driven conditioning!
Kimmel is very likely a paedophile too, hence this (sick) skit on his so-called show.
Sarah Ashcraft has some interesting things to say about you, Tom.  You have anything to say in response?

Who wants to visit Zoltar at the fayre and on Sept 11? 'Big' even had a quasi type of child sex subtext.
Regular readers will know ALL ABOUT Hanks and how he is also massively tied to 9/11 predicitive programming.
See BIG, Mazes & Monsters, Extremely Loud, etc. Just like his close assocoiate (and likely paedo) Steven '9/11' Spielberg.

Likewise with Stanley 'paedophile' Kubrick - see the Hilton '2001 MONOLITH' Hotel at Ground Zero.
Which brings me to Fiona 'Kidman' Barnett. A victim at the hands of (Eyes Wide Shut) Nicole's father Antony.
 Club Horned Baphomet.
The She-Devil Wears Prada (link). Hanks is involved in producing Streep's (complete shit franchise) Mama Mia.
She is related to (Jew) Mike Nichols (deceased), who was a friend of (sick) Kubrick. Nichols was a lying homosexual.
Even Nichols' The Graduate is quasi type child/teen sex propaganda, Hoffman and Bancroft.
Bancroft was married to Mel 'FAGGOT/PAEDO' Brooks. The latter I suspect as being a major player in the larger op.
I actually think that Brooks could've partly been behind the rise of  (paedo/satanist) Weinstein.
 The usual suspects and the typical signs.

Other 'cited' potential industry paedophiles in the recent news...

James Gunn, Sarah Silverman, Lloyd 'Troma/trauma' Kaufman, Dan Harmon, 
Patton Oswalt, and Seth Green. Many others too.

See here - NAMBLA - vis Gunn & Kaufman. Homosexual Hollywood (MEN-tored) paedophiles:
 Man-Boy Love. Oh look, it's Lloyd 'Troma/Trauma' Kaufman with Tony 'Dahmer' Podesta.
Even (sick) Spielberg had links with Troma. See his (paedo) The Goonies and Toxic Avenger.

Wanna know something kind of odd? 
I worked out that Kaufman was very, very likely Gunn's sugar daddy. And before the link was actually made!

 Q comes back from a 20 day July absence with drops on the same day (July 24) that Clare 'NXIVM' Bronfman is arrested.

Updating on July 25 2018

With Clare Bronfman arrested (now bailed) just how deep will this go? Tick-tock.
The Bronfman family have been all-over corproate entertainment in recent decades.
We know that Mack named names (BIG names) - will Clare do likewise?
 Also charged were Bronfman's long-time mentor and NXIVM president Nancy Salzman,
her daughter, NXIVM executive board member Lauren Salzman, and former NXIVM bookkeeper Kathy Russell.
The family has also been massively tied to the previous posts have outlined. (Below with Edgar Sr.).

NXIVM Group President Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year. Also worth adding, is that NXIVM's Mexican affiliate is/was headed by Emiliano Salinas, the son of  Mexico's former president.

The Bronfman Gang - aka Murder Inc. The Hofjuden family, created by, and beholden to the Zionist UK.
All linked to Permindex and the Dallas Int. Trade Mart. The organisers/executors of the JFK hit.

Bill "Rhodes/Rothschild Scholar" Clinton (via Oxford, UK). An agent of the (sodomite) Zionist UK empire.
We know of the Clintons and their links to Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild. The above e-mail quote (Sept 2010) was in respect of
Tony 'former UK PM' Blair, Hillary requiring his services, when he was due to meet the Rothschilds.

Victor Rothschild was a major mover in UK intelligence circles. Heavily linked to the Cambridge Spy Ring, and recruited by MI5 during WW2. Victor's flat in London was shared with (homosexuals) Burgess and Blunt. He was close to PM's (satanic paedo) Heath, and Thatcher, both of whom were linked to (BBC satanic paedo) Jimmy 'Royalty' Savile. (Satanic Anglophile paedo) J P Getty Jr was also close to Thatcher and the Tories, he even helped fund them.

Have a look at this. It's Bronfman, FBI, and UK Intel linked! (From Dope, Inc. EIR.)
UK's Commonwealth Canada. Permindex director, Bronfman right-hand man, and Bronfman family attorney Louis Bloomfield, was first and foremost an agent of the most secretive branch of Her Majesty's Intelligence service, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The SOE was an expansion of MI Section D, (D for Destruction), and was supposed to be the most secretive branch, it was.instigated by Churchill. Bloomfield was recruited to the SOE by its director, Sir William Stephenson, in 1938. Stephenson, appointed
Bloomfield as the recruitment officer and "agent handler" for the newly created counterespionage/espionage branch of the
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), known as Division Five. Like some kind of stealth UK Intel army at the FBI.
We know Bronfmans were made by Zionist UK aristocrats etc. Patriarch Sam Bronfman was known as the "King of the Jews'.

This from Jan 2018. FBI agents and texts. Assassination involving foreign allies.
AS THE WORLD TURNS. JFK assassination reference (AS, Schiff & Scalia). An Obama/Nixon link too.

The reference to ASSASSINATION and a foreign ally nation being involved etc!
They released those (FBI Strzok/Page) "texts" and on the SAME DAY that they've released more JFK files.
That CANNOT be a coincidence! I wonder if Obama is mentioned in any of them? :)
The same Obama who was OUTED as a Zionist UK intelligence asset by Sherman 'Chicago' Skolnick in 2004!

 Update July 25th 2018
 'No name' aka John McCain visited UK in March 2016. Yup, it's suggesting that the UK were also jointly involved in attempting to sabotage the 2016 US election. "Hand-in-hand with the Hussein admin...!". A fake (Russian collusion) intel dossier compiled by Christopher 'Ex MI6' Steele. The dossier then used by the Dems and deep state to construct their 'Russian collusion' narrative. Followed by PS and LP (FBI Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) who might be linked to "shared texts" that mention both Russian collusion and assassination attempt(s) on the POTUS. Q:"What if the texts suggest that foreign allies were involved?"
Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Loretta Lynch, Hillary R Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barrack Hussein, +22. This is crazy shit.

McCain is also a product of the (Zionist) Bronfman network via Arizona. (See Q-Anon Trust The Plan post).

JFK files released on April 26, 2018. On that very same day (Apr. 26) the UK announced Trump's UK visit (for July 13, 2018).

Just one day later - we got this Q drop.
I believe that this was the pointer to the "text reveal" (likely linked to Strzok/Page) on JFK file release day Apr.26.
 Palpable shock at high levels is the arguable impression. National crisis, national security issue - it led to "buying time".
It is a huge crisis if the details outline a conspiracy via Obama Admin (in-league with UK network), and cabal Reps (McCain).

If I recall correctly there's an idea that Strzok and Page have visited London (see mid-May Q drops).
The UK is FUCKED if this is true. It's already fucked enough as it is!
  I added above text on the 26th July - on the 27th July (next day) - Q drops this! Strzok and Page in London!
A horizontal flip of the blue London Eye (below left) would gives us a Q.
When does a bird sing? When it is compromised (a la Page). A "bird" is also a common British term for a woman.
Page was cited as a co-operating witness in late Apr. We were told in early May that they had received her testimony.
"Keep your promise." Which is more likely a message to Deep State (re: singing Page) than for us or herself.

We were told that Theresa May was "neutralised", UK intel was being cleaned-out, and that the Queen
and (other?) monarchs were "seeking shelter" (above). All out of view - in a public sense, of course.
Well, save Trump's meet with the Queen and where Trump dominated that particular event. :)
 "Those who are the loudest." Q.
Who's the daddy? Trolling the satanic Queen, which had the brainwashed sheep and Twatterati wetting themselves. :)
The Jimmy 'paedo' Savile linked Windsor crime family. Prince Charles just got in another scrape via priest Ball.
There's no shortage of Royal flag waving drones in the UK, it's simply a form of induced mental illness.
Nearly two years have elapsed and the UK MSM are still hammering Trump. I think they protest too much.


July 25, 2018 (above) & June 11, 2018 (below).
 London pics likely linked to Strzok/Page who got surveilled (as above). Early pics also showed a Winter Wonderland.
This drop seems directly aimed at UK intel - letting them know what they have and with an offer.
UK/SIS (Intel) in-bed with Obama White House, CIA, FBI, and DOJ. Wow! Joint treason.
UK/SIS - good agents offered chance to get onboard or go down - contact window [good] - but a limited window (kill boxed).

 "What if the texts suggest foreign allies (note allies) were involved?" Jan 22 2018.

 Look at this FBI text from Strzok to Page. Insurance policy? Oh dear, not looking good is it? She didn't respond.
Strzok claims it's in respect of the Russia collusion narrative, but it does have the word 'die' after the insurance policy ref.
How's that workimg-out for ya? Suggestions that they had contact with the Clintons too.

Recall, a year prior, May went to the US to meet with Trump - and was the first foreign leader to do so. (Jan 27 2017).
I suspect that discussions about "UK/US trade" were very likely low on the agenda (ahem).
The UK has spent recent months involved in sad and transparent (anti Russian) novichok poisonings (all faked imo).
Oh look, a Hillary connect to Chris 'Orbis/MI6' Steele and the dirty dossier via Pablo 'Skripal' Miller. Hillary and the DNC retained
Fusion GPS (Apr. 2016) who then hired Chris 'Orbis/MI6' Steele (Jun. 2016) to research any Russian links to Trump (aka falsify them).
The was NO RUSSIAN HACK of the DNC was a LEAK. Leaked by DNC Seth Rich, who was then murdred!

4D Chess...recall this from my first Q-Anon post in April:
"It's nice when you can - Work in peace (piece)". A coded phonetic reference to a chess piece (and working it in).
Sessions, who's hopefully been working on the demise of criminal lesbian and pedovore Hillary 'rotten' Clinton.
Work-in piece. It's followed by (Clinton hunting) AG Sessions and a 4-d chess link. Sessions IS the "piece".
It's possible (FBI, SC) Mueller is also a Trump team chess piece. Trump meeting with him one day before becoming SC.
Mueller, who is trusted by the cabal and able to draw them in, could well be in the plan. ("disinfo is necessary").
If so, he is likely being leveraged by Team Trump to bury them (the cabal). If not he needs taking-out. Time will tell.
If Mueller is 'team Potus' then Rosenstein is too, that's what we were told. It's hard to know the true "optics". (Disinfo necessary).

Update...July 27 2018
Strange coincidence wouldn't you say? "What are the odds?" Q (July 27 2018).
If Mueller is team POTUS - it would mean that the nefarious deep state is absolutely f**ked. :)

That said....this is ALL likely Zionist fomented bullshit! Standard fayre for Jew S of A.

Bear in mind that ALL this Q stuff is just mere conjecture on my part.
I am NOT endorsing "Q-Anon's trust the plan". 
I've applied a distinct BIAS to demonstrate the phenomenon.
I think Trump is owned by Zionist Israel, as is typical. 
And that is never a good thing. Not from My POV.