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The Exorcist - Satan, Serial Killings, Child Abuse and Hollywood-MSM Monarch/Mkultra Mind Control - Part 2

A continuation from Part One
I've now broken the post into two parts, due to the sheer size and length of the content.
Warning, very extreme content and some relating to trauma based mind control.

"One of the founding tenets of the OTO is to shape and manage American popular culture" 
Craig Heimbichner - OTO Blood on the Altar.

Gemini...The Lovers (Twins)
 The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, there is a 'twinning' of the characters - Karras/Gemini. Gemini, was actually mentioned in the original Exorcist film, it is given via the astronaut.
Twinning (as we've previously mentioned) an aspect of trauma-based mind control. 

The film actually opens with heavy references to The Rose & The Cross (Rose Cross)
The above is an opening sequential shot...from the rose to the cross.

The film begins with the point of view of someone wandering through the streets of Georgetown (alluding to Gemini/Karras) , a voice informing us:
"I have dreams... of a rose... and of falling down a long flight of stairs."
 Original film, Regan stabbing herself 'sexually' with the crucifix, the 'bloody red/rose cross'.

  The Rose Cross can be linked to regeneration 'the sex act' via the phallic & yonic symbols of the rose & cross.  

Perhaps, this is why there is a porno picture alongside Hall's rosicrucian cross, Exorcist 3 (the pic below). 
 Regan's 'skull scans' (above) seem to connect to this imagery from the 3rd film.

As if by magic(k)...Rose Cross (of masonic Manly P Hall) is shown in The Exorcist 3!  
The Hall 'Rose Cross' is referenced here...

Dr 'TEMPLE'...what an apt name, considering the decor in his office!
 Eliphas Levi's Sigil (top centre, above the trident), The Ancient of Ancients (as seen in Hall's Secret Teaching of All Ages) and Crowley's OTO mission statement...Liber Oz, man as God etc.
Ancient of Ancients links directly to the sephiroth/tree of life. 
 Crowley's OTO Liber OZ...sits directly beneath it! (see above & top right)

Ancient of Ancients (pic above, see head):
"In the hollow of His skull is the aerial membrane of the supreme hidden Wisdom and His brain extends and goes forth by thirty-two paths." (32 paths of wisdom on the sephiroth/tree of life).
The head aka Kether (the crown), the entrance point of Creation, or the Reception Point (aerial receiver).

It's interesting that 'aerial' (and skull) is referenced in respect of this 'ancient of ancients' image.

In both The Exorcist and The Exorcist 3, mention is made of 'old people' communicating via aerial related  'radio' (this is more apparent in the 3rd film).
The 'demon' possessed Gemini Killer, occupies the bodies of old people to carry out killings and there seems to be a link via aerial-based radio. There is no actual 'radio' pictured (empty hands) which is also interesting and potentially suggestive.
Radio controlled...the same woman (Mrs Clelia) possessed by Gemini.
The Gemini killer literally has 'old friends' who allow him to escape his cell.

Exorcist III's (zodiacal) Gemini, is inspired directly by The Zodiac killer (as was Scorpio in Dirty Harry).
Andrew 'Scorpio' Robinson went on to feature in Clive 'OTO' Barker's Hellraiser, the series that contains many Crowleyian aspects.

The Zodiac killer, which 'seemingly' has links/similarities to Berkowitz's own death cult.  The Zodiac killer (himself) would reference The Exorcist...calling it 'the best satirical comidy (sic) that I have ever seen.'   We're getting overlaps here...secret society occult symbolism (Masonry/OTO etc), but linked with organised 'cult-like' serial killings. Links to Son of Sam and Jeffrey Dahmer, as you'll see.

The 'demonic' Seal/Hex of Solomon
The Excorcist (Crowley's Liber Oz) 3....
Left-hand path (evil). Twinning with (Zodiac) Gemini. A reference to OTO/AA Crowley's sigil?

 Eliphas Levi's Sigil (as seen in Exorcist 3)
Levi's seen in connection with the Son of Sam(ael) killings.  OTO-type encode.
 Berkaial (Berkowitz),  A-mas-a-rac (a sam, a car...Sam Carr). OTO-like reference on the letter?

Son Of Sam-ael...Elephas/Eliphas Levi
Levi - Baphomet, Samael, Lilith, Leviathan

Recall that Eliphas Levi was the occultist who rendered the image of baphomet, shown earlier.
The Hebrew writing (points) surrounding the baphomet head (right) represents Levi-athan.

"In the hollow of His skull is the aerial membrane of the supreme hidden Wisdom and His brain extends and goes forth by thirty-two paths."
The head aka Kether, the entrance point of Creation, or the Reception Point (aerial receiver).

 Berkowitz - The Chubby Behemoth - "Different Wave Length - Programmed To Kill"
Behemoth, suggested identities range from a mythological creature to an elepha-nt (Elephas/Eliphas), hippopotamus, rhinoceros or buffalo. Leviathan is identified figuratively with both the primeval sea 
(Job 3:8, Psalms 74:13) and in apocalyptic literature - describing the end-time - as that adversary, the Devil, from before creation who will finally be defeated. Leviathan (film 2014) and Job, critics compare the story to the more similar biblical story of Nabo-th's Vineyard (Nabo/Nabu/Nebo/Nimrod). Naboth connecting to King Ahab, which ties-in to Moby Dick (whale) and Capt Ahab.

In the divine speeches in Job, Behemoth and Leviathan (see above) may both be seen as composite and mythical creatures with enormous strength, which humans like Job could not hope to control. The Monster (Beast) Beelzebub (the Devil) & Behemoth. Note the similarity of this above image to The Ancient of Days.

Now...look at the following:
"When one of the authors of this book, Fritz Springmeier, began working with Programmed Multiples, he was told by several independent of one another that they had problems with spirits, which they called Legion, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathan and Behemoth. Occasionally Hanan (Baal) was mentioned."  
"In the hollow of His skull is the aerial membrane of the supreme hidden Wisdom and His brain extends and goes forth by thirty-two paths." 

The Ancient of Days is the manifestation of the Ancient of Ancients within Creation.
 It refers to the most primary ("ancient") source of Creation in the Divine Will Keter ("Crown/Kether"). One is also reminded of the masonic compass.
Is this a 'suggestive' reference to a type of 'divine' (or otherwise) aerial/antenna?
  Berkowitz - The Chubby Behemoth - "Different Wave Length - Programmed To Kill" 

Berkowitz claims to have been a Satanist at the time of the murders, and suggested that he was part of a violent cult which actually perpetrated the crimes. There was a 1979 attack on Berkowitz's life. Berkowitz refused to identify the person(s) who had cut his throat, but he has suggested that the act was directed by the cult he once belonged to. Berkowitz reportedly invited the former priest and exorcist (finally, an exorcist pops up!) Malachi Martin to visit him to discuss his past occult involvement.

"I, David Berkowitz, have been chosen since birth, to be one of the executioners for the cult"
 The Ultimate Evil - Maury Terry
 OTO/A.A. Note that the majority of the killing/shooting spree took place in '77 (1977)
 The policeman Joseph Coffey, who took Berkowitz's confessions recently died aged 77.

Quoted in Blasphemous Rumours, p 212.
The last paragraph particularly piqued my interest, imo showing a profound understanding of the (satanic) elite and their type.

Berkowitz claimed that he did not act alone in the killings: he says he was part of an occult group which sacrificed animals to Satan and which ran a child pornography racket (the paedophilia link).
This is the type of thing that Manson accused the Polanski group of being involved in, drugs/paedophilia etc.  Berkowitz also claims that he is not the "Son Of Sam" shooter, but merely one of the many look-out men. In his claims he puts the blame on John "Wheaties" Carr as one of the shooters, as well as Carr's brother, Michael, whom he claimed to be the shooter in the Queens disco shooting. Sam was the name of the father of John and Michael Carr. John Carr lived in a house behind Berkowitz's, and owned the Labrador that Berkowitz had claimed to be a high demon. The weapon used in all the events was a .44 bulldog.

"In the Hermetic-masonic tradition the secret identity of Satan is the cosmic force represented in occult lore as emanating from the star Sirius, the so-called dog star, alpha Canis majoris (the masonic all seeing eye). In the secret tradition of the Freemasons, Sirius is overwhelmingly identified with a single primary attribute, the bringing of civilization to earth."  
(Michael A Hoffman)

 The Hound(s) of Hell. 
The rottweiler in the film, actually uses a form of mind control on the suicide nanny.
The Process Church have links to scarificing dogs around this same time (German Shepherds).

 Cassara's German shepherd (Harvey, who Berkovitz shot) was a noisy dog and howled frequently. The neighborhood dogs howled back. In David's diseased mind demons lived within the dogs and their howling was the way they ordered David to go hunting for blood -- the blood of pretty young women. Berkowitz was driven to the edge: "I'd come home to Coligni avenue like at six-thirty in the morning. It would begin then, the howling. On my days, off, I heard it all night, too. It made me scream. I used to scream out begging for the noise to stop. It never did. "The demons never stopped. I couldn't sleep. I had no strength to fight. I could barely drive. Coming home from work one night, I almost killed myself in the car. I needed to sleep....The demons wouldn't give me any peace." 

Berkowitz parole hearing 2002:
Berkowitz replied, "Ma'am, I'm sorry. I don't know. I don't understand what happened.It was a nightmare. I was tormented in my mind and in my spirit. My life was out of control at that time and I have nothing but regret for what happened."

"What was this torment," she probed.

"It was just my mind was not focused right. I thought I was a soldier for the devil and all kinds of crazy things I had things like the satanic bible that I was reading. I just got stupid ideas out of it. I'm not pushing the blame on anything. I take full responsibility, but I just at the time things got twisted."

Berkowitz 1999:
I got out of the service in 1974 to start life again as a civilian. All my friends that I knew before had either married or moved away. So I found myself alone and living in New York City.

In 1975, however, I met some guys at a party who were, I later found out, heavily involved in the occult. I had always been fascinated with witchcraft, satanism, and occult things since I was a child.

When I was growing up I watched countless horror and satanic movies, one of which was Rosemary's Baby (LaVey, as technical advisor and likely Satan stand-in during Rosemary's ritual rape). That movie in particular totally captivated my mind.

Now I was age 22 and this evil force was still reaching out to me. Everywhere I went there seemed to be a sign or a symbol pointing me to Satan. I felt as if something were trying to take control of my life. I began to read the Satanic Bible by the late Anton LaVey who founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966. I began, innocently, to practice various occult rituals and incantations.
(He clearly states his evocations, but this was likely as part of a wider group, imo.)

 Woof, woof...Dog-ma and Ritual High Magic - Levi 
 "In David's diseased mind (or controlled mind, my emphasis) demons lived within the dogs and their howling was the way they ordered David to go hunting for blood -- the blood of pretty young women."
Levi's Goetic Circle of Black Evocations and Pacts. It can be used by the sorcerer/magickian to commune with demonic dark forces (including the devil etc), the occult side would say that this is also related to the magickian's own self/psyche.

Sam(ael) & Carr (amasarac) overlaps...
Sam Carr, in David's elaborate delusion, was the host of a powerful demon named Sam who worked for General Jack Cosmo (perhaps a reference to Jack Cassara, Berkovitz lived briefly at the family home). When David called himself the Son of Sam, it was the demon living in Sam Carr to which he referred. David warned people that they should take him seriously. "This Sam and his demons have been responsible for a lot of killing." Unfortunately, in David's scheme of things, only God could destroy Sam at Armageddon. At various times in David's mind, Sam was the Devil. 

Sam Carr's daughter Wheat, worked as a dispatcher for the Yonkers Police (a very interesting link, wouldn't you say?). Berkowitz joined the Army in the summer of 1971 and stayed there for three years. He was an excellent marksman, particularly proficient with rifles. During his time in the Army, he briefly converted from Judaism to the Baptist faith, but then lost interest.

 A likely Son of Sam ritual site (Maury Terry)

It is interesting to note that the OTO is commonly considered the mother cult of Satanism to western society. Scientology was derived in significant part from the O.T.O. The Process came in significant part from Scientology. Another escapee-group from the Process was the notorious Son of Sam cult.
    The Son of Sam cult had cells that spread all over the USA. Since 1976 about 15-20 cult killings were committed by the sect in the New York-area, especially of young girls. The leaders in New York were among others, David Berkowitz and the brothers John and Michael Carr. They killed "to bring this era to an end." At David's home the police found the telephone number of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, Scientology's main secret level training center. David explained to the police, that the Son of Sam cult was an escapee from Scientology, though, there is no proof of David personally being close to Scientology.  Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide.

What Terry revealed was that the murders attributed to the Son of Sam, the Manson Family, and numerous other interconnected killings (including possibly the Zodiac murders) were not what they appeared to be.  While these killings appeared to be the random work of serial/mass murderers, they actually were contract hits carried out for specific purposes by an interlocking network of Satanic cults .....In other words, these were professional hits orchestrated and disguised to look like the work of yet another 'lone nut' serial killer. Which is, of course, exactly what Henry claimed his crimes to be, several years before investigative journalist Terry published his convincingly documented work. There's Something About Henry by David McGowan

Ernest '33rd Degree Freemason' Borgnine as the Satanic High Priest, The Devil's Rain
 Anton LaVey worked as 'technical advisor' on The Devil's Rain (1975), it featured Ernest 'Masonic' Borgnine, William 'Star Trek' Shatner, John 'Gay Scientologist' Travolta and Tom 'Alien/Gay Top Gun' Skerritt. LaVey is also mentioned in respect of Rosemary's Baby. The Shatner face cast, that was used for this film (Don Post), would form the basis for Shatner's (soon to follow) Star Trek 'face mask', the ones that would be altered to create the mask for Michael 'Halloween' Myers.
It was on this film that Travolta, was given Hubbard's book Dianetics (disguised Crowleyism) and his journey into Scientology began, they seemingly shaped his career form the get go.

Scientology progenitor Hubbard, certainly understood the potential of "celebrity" in advancing his and the church's goals.
I mean that from a direct POV (celebs in the church) and in a wider societal sense - "the cult of celebrity".
Homosexual Travolta's breakout film would be Carrie (Stephen King) and directed by DePalma.
The film centres on Carrie, who has telekinetic powers (telepathy is also referenced in the film).

He confided to the teacher (Scientology), Sandy Kent, that he (Travolta) was about to audition for a television show, Welcome Back, Kotter. After roll call, Kent instructed everyone to point in the direction of ABC Studios and telepathically communicate the instruction: “We want John Travolta for the part.” At the next meeting, Travolta revealed he had gotten the role of Vinnie Barbarino—the part that would soon make him famous. “My career immediately took off,” Travolta boasted in a church publication. “I would say Scientology put me in the big time.”
(Above is both a cover story and church ruse. He got the job by giving executives sexual favours - homosexual ones.)

 Recent Scientology news, 7th Apr '16...Tom 'Top Gay Gun' Cruise

Also this from the end of April '16...Homo Cruise used to have major dealings with Miscavige:
Scientology is a DANGEROUS mind control cult and one founded on Crowley and Thelema.
The degenerate Will 'child sexualisation/gender bending' Smith and family, love Scientology.

At Berkowitz's home the police found the telephone number of the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, Scientology's main secret level training center. Berkowitz explained to the police, that the Son of Sam cult was an escapee from Scientology, though, there is no proof of David personally being close to Scientology.

Scientology 'auditing' aka mind control and an effective system for gathering intel and the inner secrets of the members, secrets which can then used as leverage (blackmail) for control.
Berkowitz and Mind Control
"I am utterly convinced that something satanic had entered into my mind and that, looking back at all that happened, I realise that I had been slowly deceived. I did not know that bad things were going to result from all this. Yet over the months the things that were wicked no longer seemed to be such. I was headed down the road to destruction and I did not know it. Maybe I was at a point where I just didn't care anymore." (Berkowitz)

"I am utterly convinced that something satanic had entered into my mind and that, looking back at all that happened, I realise that I had been slowly deceived.

Slow-motion Satanism and Scientology.

"Scientology was derived in significant part from the O.T.O. The Process (church) came in significant part from Scientology."
Occult/Nazi Mind Controlled Manson. The Process Church was allegedly linked to the German Democratic Party.
(Lucid View - Aeolus Kephas)

As a result of its enormous influence on the elite, the OTO has inaugurated and cemented the transformation of the masses -- working in Hollywood, the corporate business world and within the US government
-- spreading the "energy of Satan" across the planet, in the words of 'Frater Aussik 400' 
(Kenneth 'Crowley' Grant), outer head of the OTO.

Manson family member Bobby 'Tate/La Bianca' Beausoleil was involved with the OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising soundtrack...the illuminist 'eye and pyramid'.

Led 'OTO/Degenerate' Zeppelin
Page's cameo in Lucifer Rising...with 666 Crowley
It was former girlfriend of the Rolling 'Satanic/Devil referencing' Stone's Brian Jones and Keith Richards, that being Anita Pallenberg, who financed OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising.

John Bonham...Do What Thou Wilt

The shocking events did not stop there, however, as a group of roadies continued to use and humiliate the woman (who was a likely willing participant, my emphasis) at another location. Appice recalls wanting to leave, had the activity not been taking place in his room. The following day, Appice related the story to Frank Zappa, who immortalized the grim tale in his 1971 song The Mud Shark.

"I'm the devil's advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called 'groupies.' Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god."
(Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17) ----Frank Zappa

Just another military/industrial/entertainment MKULTRA type marionette, like most of them!
I've tried to tell you, that these 'corporate degenerate pawns' are nothing but 'establishment' assets...hence, why they end up behaving/emulating their degenerate establishment idols. These celebs/stars ARE the 0.1% and below, they're a form of 'nouveau aristocracy'.

And as Barry Miles noted in his Zappa biography, Frank’s daughter Moon “recalls men with straggling beards, body odour and bad posture who crouched naked near her playthings …” Also, the “Zappa children watched porn with their parents and were encouraged in their own sexuality as soon as they reached puberty. When they became teenagers, Gail insisted they shower with their overnight guests in order to conserve water.” Because, you know, apparently the Zappas were having a hard time paying their water bill. Zappa's father Francis, was a chemical warfare specialist assigned to the Edgewood Arsenal, the facility has been cited in respect of MKULTRA. Young Frank would spend his formative years (until 7 years old) living on this base.
See Dave McGowan and his LC series.

Savile's interview in the Process Church (mind control) magazine issue #4 aka Sex.
The Process connects to Manson, 60s artists (Beatles/Beach Boys/Polanski) and Scientology etc.

Led 'OTO' Zepp and Jimmy 'Paedo, linked to the Process Church' Savile
Zepp would provide the basis for Top of the (paedo) Pops (Whole Lotta Love) theme. Next came Yellow Pearl (Lynott/masonic Ure), and then Hardcastle's track 'The Wizard' (wink, wink). Elite paedo Savile, would host the first and last editions of the BBC show.

Society still 'worship' these sort of people - you do understand that, don't you readers? We've witnessed and still witness the collective worship of some of the most 'depraved, sick and degenerate' (controlled) people, that the planet can produce! I'm glad that this degenerate Bonham cunt is dead, best place for someone like that. Same goes for that cunt Zappa. It's easy for me to say these things, primarily due to the fact that the 'cult of celebrity' has had a very limited impact on my psyche. I've never been that phased by the 'all singing and all dancing, crap of the world'. Others don't appear to have been so fortunate, many appear destined to be forever in love with their programming and corporate servitude - in that 'only too familiar' Huxleyian way!

Kabbalists Page & Crowley and (77 & 777) edition of 666
Lucifer Rising, Page's 2012 limited release tribute...channelling Crowley's A.A. (Silver 'sirius' Star)
Emanating Fist Electronics Lucifer Rising (The Torch Of Baphomet) - Super-Alpha Overdrive

Guitar effects, based on the 'rotosound' ones used by Jimmy 'OTO' Page...note the 'Aleister' (Crowley) box.
'Musical luciferic magick' for the masses.
Osiris Rising, Page and the 'LVX sign' for Osiris Risen...actual 'magickal working signs' in action

Led 'OTO' Zepp's magickal symbols...Page's 'zoso' symbol is likely related to Saturn.
The first three parts of the sigil or symbol also resemble the word "Zos" as found in the magical philosophy of Crowley's associate Austin Osman Spare known as 'Zos vel Thanatos'.
Bassist John Paul Jones' symbol, which he chose from Rudolf Koch's Book of Signs, is a single circle intersecting three vesica pisces (a triquetra). As featured in the iconography of the Charmed series.
Rose 'Scream/Children of God' McGowan would also be raised in a Children of God (paedophile based) commune (like River & Joaquin Phoenix), her father was head of the Italian branch. Personally, I think she might well be airbrushing the 'child abuse' issue, you have to if you want to progress in degenerate Hollywood, see what happened to River Phoenix. She was involved with the cult during the time (circa 1974-83) when the 'paedophilia' activity and claims were likely at their height. David Berg the head of 'The Children of God' was a chronic paedophile (and child sex promoter) and his own son (adopted) was abused at his hands...Ricky Rodriguez. The Phoenix (death/rebirth bird of the mysteries) family were also involved, River being a victim of child abuse (from aged 4), his father was known as the Archbishop of Venezuela, see previous post.
 Scream's McGowan has been linked to overt Satanist Marilyn 'Charlie referencing' Manson.
I wonder if her tenure in the Children of God, marked her as a suitable dating candidate?
Butterfly (above), Charlie Manson, of course, is somewhat of legend, in terms of mind control.
Manson, the butterfly, disassociation, (paedo) Children of's all very mind control resonant.
The song references a time in the summer of 1998, in which Manson was provided with Ketamine from his then girlfriend Rose McGowan who also took the drug. Further details can be found in an interview where Manson explains why "Disassociative" is his favourite track from Mechanical Animals. Writer, Marilyn Manson, composer(s), Twiggy Ramirez (Night Stalker), Madonna Wayne Gacy (gay serial killer clown), Zim Zum (kabbalah reference).

When history repeats...
Oh look - it's Manson (Marilyn), The Process Church and Soundgarden x3.
Updated July 2017. Soundgarden lead singer (from Seattle) found dead in May 2017.
I've previously linked (suicided) Seattle's Kurt "Nirvana" Cobain to 'OTO' and William S (OTO) Borroughs.
Some have alleged that OTO/CIA Burroughs and Cobain's meetings involved 'strange sexual activity'.

OTO 'Hollywood' Parsons - disciple of Crowley.
According to authors such as Craig Heimbichner (Blood on the Altar), Martin P. Starr (The Unknown God), and John Carter (Sex and Rockets), Dennis Hopper and John Carradine, were both members of Parsons’ Agape Lodge of the OTO, alongside, actor Dean Stockwell, and science-fiction writer, Robert Heinlein. Scientology/sci-fi Hubbard was also linked, and likely Ray 'sci-fi' Bradbury too. According to Gregory Mank in Hollywood’s Hellfire Club, John Carradine and John Barrymore (grandfather of 'messed-up' Hollywood Drew) were also members of the so-called “Bundy Drive Boys,” who engaged in such practices as incest, rape and cannibalism. The book alleges that (son) John Drew Barrymore (father of Drew) had an incestuous relationship with his half-sister Diana. Actor Robert Carradine's brother was David Carradine of Kung Fu fame, who later died in what appeared to be a ritualistic murder. Robert Carradine also tried to kill both himself and his wife in 2015, via crashing his car. Martha 'transient' Plimpton, daughter of Keith Carradine featured in The Goonies - the one-eyed Willie (penis) and booty seeking (homo programming) film via satanic O-Men Donner, and Rosebud Spielberg.

Scream, Drew 'Two Coreys' Barrymore, another likely Hollywood mind control victim.
Barrymore's own career (especially the early part), was very similar to Linda 'Regan' Blair's.
Scream was a watershed moment for modern horror, its MTV-style production values giving it a broad appeal.
It very much helped fuel a renewed interest in the genre and studios rapidly expanded 'horror based' output.
It would, of course, feature a cameo from Linda 'The Exorcist' Blair

Scream: A boy and his cousin in Los Angeles obsessed with the film murdered his mother by stabbing her 45 times; a man wearing the mask shot and killed a woman in Florida; a boy in France killed his parents while acting as Ghostface; and in England, a pair of boys repeatedly stabbed a third one, claiming the film had prompted them to do it.

Butterfly woman in the background (right)...Barrymore and Feldman.
It's Feldman that now has a huge 'butterfly' tattoo on his chest!

While Feldman was having innocent fun with Jackson, the scene was different at a soda pop nightclub in Los Angeles frequented by Drew Barrymore, Ricky Schroder, Christina Applegate and, of course, the two Coreys. Feldman doesn’t name the club (note, it was Alphy's Soda Pop Club).

Feldman and Haim’s girlfriend at the time, actress Alyssa Milano (above, as the butterfly), co-hosted the first party. One night, passed out at the home of one of the club’s proprietors, Feldman writes that he woke to find the man “on me.” “I pulled up my pants and ran ... back to my dad’s apartment, and cried for the rest of the night,” Feldman writes. He said that it took time for him to realise “that many of the people I had surrounded myself with were monsters.” (

Corey Feldman with Scott Grimes , Alyssa Milano and Alphonse Riberio

It was through Alphy's, that many of the teen stars eventually ended up 'strung-out' on drugs. We can only speculate as to whether sexual abuse occurred there, but it is a possibility (very likely) and one that I'm not discounting. Feldman says that his first date with Drew Barrymore was arranged by her mother (who was also Barrymore's manager at the time) when Barrymore was 10 and Feldman was 14, Feldman was told that Barrymore had a huge crush on him. Feldman and Barrymore later briefly dated for real in 1989, when she was in her mid-teens. He says that at the time, he was heavily into drugs and she was trying to stay sober after multiple stints in rehab.

You need to be asking yourself, why are all of these kids, supposedly with the world at their feet and with the envy of their peers, are such total and utter 'drugged out/sexually deviant' screw ups?

Scream's Barrymore is the first dispatched (with boyfriend), after getting the Templar Friday 13th question wrong. Barrymore was discovered by Zionist propagandist Spielberg (at aged 6), he is her godfather.
 Craven would seed the popular Freddy 'Child Molester' Krueger series Nightmare On Elm St.
Proof positive that 'child molester/murderers' can be popular among the masses!

Nightmare On Elm Gay St 2 - Freddy's Revenge (note, not directed by Craven), might be the 'gayest' horror film ever made! It even tops the Lost 'Gay' Boys for homoeroticism and that takes some doing!
It's not even really a 'gay subtext' it is just straight-up Gay, with a capital G.

Set in the town of spring-wood (to gain an erection)
The man of your dreams...geddit?

A Nightmare On Queer Street - Child molesting (via Freddy) and homosexuality
A music track featuring Fonda Rae...more like 'fond of Ray' (Raymond).

Jesse (Patton) English slang a 'Jessie/Jesse' is an effeminate,weak, even homosexual boy/man.
Patton, was pissed off that he was exploited in this way, and has strongly stated as much. He soon quit acting.
No Chicks...on the other side of the door is a pic of Kate Bush, more like Hate Bush!
It must've been a 'No Checks' sign, one that they specially augmented with a letter 'I'.
Coming out of the closet...Jock Itch spray, Nancy's (nancy boy, gay) diary via a Jesse, a game of PROBE!
Is it Freddy's child molesting and probing cock?
At the gay bar, gay bar...Schneider, the uber gay sports teacher. The actor from (homo) Stand By Me (sodom Reiner).

Nightmare creator Craven, would also make the infamous Last (torture) House On The Left, one of the original video nasties from the 70's. Produced by Sean S Cunningham, the director/producer of Templar/Masonic resonant Friday 13th.
It's Only A Movie...

Billy & Stu (Scream) and 4th wall reveal...what a pair of fags:
"Watch a few movies, take a few notes. It was fun!"
"Sid, don't you blame the movies, movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative."

The 'real' Billy and Stu...Adamcik and Draper

"We're gonna be just like Scream except real life terms..."

This is a excerpt from the video they made, outlining what they were going to do. The murder was directly inspired and modelled on the Scream franchise, they even wore similar masks to the ones used in the film. They entered the isolated house and stabbed Cassie Stoddart 29 times, she was a friend of the two boys. There was no motive, a la Billy to Sid (Scream) "See, it's a lot scarier when there's no motive." The boys even filmed Cassie on the morning of the murder (at school) and also recorded footage immediately after executing the murder. This really was a 'copy cat' type killing and one inspired by a film franchise.

This from 'chocolate & paedophilia' Belgium

Chocolate Factory 'homo' Dahmer
Scream was loosely based on the (real) Gainsville Ripper killings...the actual perp being Danny Rolling.
Scream, title lifted from a Michael 'Pan homo/paedo' Jackson track, and written by a homosexual, Williamson.
Rolling claimed to have been heavily influenced by horror films, particularly Exorcist 3 (which he viewed the week of his killing spree).  Rolling also shifted all responsibility for the murders onto an evil side of his personality that he called "Gemini." While happy with Rolling's confession, the investigators didn't buy the "evil Gemini" aspect of his story, as they knew from their investigations that Rolling had watched the movie Exorcist Part 3 during the week of the Gainesville murders. (Quite why this was summarily dismissed, considering Dahmer's marked obsession just a few years earlier, is unknown).

Rolling: "The murders were like being in a movie - a horror movie. Gemini the puppet master  was pulling the strings and I was the possessed leading actor."

Dourif (Exorcist 3) was both 'possessed' Gemini and the voice of 'possessed puppet/doll Chucky. Rolling, viewing The Exorcist 3 on the week of the murder spree, seemed to have a significant and strange reaction to seeing the film, as he describes in his own words:
(Making Of A Serial Killer - Danny Rolling, Sondra London)
Notice that he claims to have referenced him before the film was made.
Rolling confessed to the murders, yet he still insisted on the 'Gemini' aspect, perhaps investigators likely saw it as Rollings way of influencing an insanity plea, however I'm not so sure. These words of Rollings (via interviews and which seem particularly detailed and fleshed out) were given after he was convicted and incarcerated, he was executed in 2006. It's just that I'm getting 'potential mind control vibes' from Rolling, it's like he knows there is something wrong, but if he was a programmed split/dissociative (triggered by the visit to see the film) , then that would go some way to explaining his lack of awareness. Understand that this is all speculation, but warranted (imo).

Brad 'Gemini Killer' Dourif - The Exorcist 3. Note the multiple 6's.

Dahmer was another with an interest in Exorcist 3, (aka Legion) watching it before carrying out murders. A plot point of Exorcist 3 is that killer Gemini (evoking the zodiac killer) is injecting his victims with drugs (a la serum 114, Clockwork Orange?) that make them virtual living (but incapacitated) zombies. Dahmer himself drugged and virtually lobotomatised some victims with chemicals via the skull. The film stars George 'Strangelove' Scott & Brad 'Cuckoos Nest/Dune/Blue Velvet' Dourif.  Kubrick's Strangelove also featured James Earl (Darth Vader voice) Jones, who starred in The Exorcist 2. Kubrick made 'ultra-violent' A Clockwork 'cinema nazi mind control' Orange, which featured David (Darth Vader body) Prowse, the film has been cited in respect of 'copycat' violence, rape and murder (in reality). It actually led to the film being pulled by Kubrick, up until his death in 1999. Kabbalistic Kubrick would die '666' days before 1st Jan 2001.

A key scene of a sleepwalking Regan about to wander off a rooftop (see below) was filmed in New York City, atop 666 Fifth Avenue (where Warner Bros. offices were then located).
"Millions of people had enjoyed watching a child being tortured in The Exorcist," wrote Boorman in his autobiography Adventures of a Suburban Boy. "The Heretic would be the antidote, a film about goodness rather than evil. I should have known better. Kubrick told me that the only way to do a sequel to The Exorcist, is to give them even more gore and horror than before. No one is interested in goodness.” (signs of Kubrick's sociopathy, society's or both? My emphasis)

Film pulled by Kubrick due to copycat violence, rape and murder (which the film depicts).
Kubrick's film was (imo) 'corporate Hollywood/MSM' (and its accompanying military/industrial complex apparatus) carrying out an MKULTRA-type experiment in realtime and reality (as is true of much of his work). With Veit 'Nazi propagandist' Harlan's nephew Jan, working as assistant producer on Kubrick's 'mind control' based film, I don't think that any of what I am positing, is 'off the wall', far from it, in fact. If Hollywood film-making IS a form of (micro and macro) MKULTRA, then this all makes sense! With typical societies 'universal cognitive dissonance' mindset and with literally no member of the human race ready to admit that they're brainwashed by Hollywood/TV/MSM, I don't see the masses waking up to this, anytime soon.

In an interview about screen violence and influence etc, and in respect of the film, Kubrick summarily dismisses any direct responsibility in respect of Hollywood Film and TV in influencing 'reality based' sex/violence/degeneracy. Yet, only a year later, he makes the sole decision (he had total control over the film) to pull A Clockwork Orange from the UK market. If there are no links, influence, responsibility or whatever, why is he pulling the film from the screen?
Talking of Copycat (and serial killings), the 1995 film was in association with Arnon 'Zionist 9/11 Med-jew-usa Touch' Milchan. He co-produced and his Regency Pictures, made the film. I shouldn't have to remind folk of Kubrick's work in relation to 9/11, see the Milenium Hilton

Clockwork...a la 'mind control/human machines'
Spartacus/Illuminati Kubrick...the master symbol of the Illuminati the 'eye and pyramid'

As outlined earlier, in March 1972, during the trial of a fourteen-year-old male accused of the manslaughter of a classmate, the prosecutor suggested that Clockwork had a sinister relevance to the case. The film was also linked to the murder of an elderly vagrant by a 16 year old boy in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, who pleaded guilty after telling police that friends had told him of Clockwork "and the beating up of an old boy like this one" (the boy didn't supposedly see the film, just that it was referenced to him, so clearly it's an indirect link). The UK press also reference the rape of a 17 year old girl,  in which the attackers also sang "Singin’ in the Rain".
4th wall...Cinema as mass mind control, outside of the film's literal narrative, Alex represents man, in the same way that the 2001 'monolith watching apes' also represent man (aka useless eaters, sheep, apes etc). This is how Zionist elite filth like Kubrick saw the 'Goy' (an attitude that is also prevalent within the aristocracy) this tends to go with the territory, if your a sociopathic Zionist and corporate pawn.

Anyway, Brad 'Exorcist 3/Gemini' Dourif would also play (voice) of 'the possessed/obsessed' Chucky doll, from the Child's Play series. Chucky aka serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Dourif).
There's an underlying 'black magic' theme, using evocation and soul transference etc.
The film would also feature Dirty Harry's, Andy 'Scorpio serial killer/Hellraiser' Robinson. Chucky/Dourif also plays the 'beetle juice' drinking Pieter DeVries in Lynch's Dune. Child's Play 3, has been implicated in the death of toddler James Bulger, by two school children (age 10) in 1993.
The Bulger murder happened in Bootle, Liverpool. Liverpool, where the Beatles originated.
Sgt 'OTO/Crowley' Pepper...
And there, in the far right corner, is a slouching Shirley Temple doll, wearing a striped sweater (see Chucky) that says, "WMPS Good Guys Welcome the Rolling Stones." The Rolling 'Sympathy For The Devil - Baphomet Head Soup - Her/Their Britannic/Satanic Majesties Request' Stones.
'Saturn/Satanic Majesties' was accused of being a (psychedelic) derivative of 'Sgt Pepper', and with  similarly fashioned cover (which also features them), the releases were spaced about 7 months apart.

The 'OTO' Bea(s)tles...
Mystery Religion grade signs (OTO/AA/Golden Dawn)...posing as semaphore.

Magickal Mysteries Tour...left, The Bea(s)tles, Four Red Magickians carrying a Black Goat
right, Crowley's  Four Red Monks carrying a Black Goat across the Snow to Nowhere

"WMPS Good Guys Welcome the Rolling Stones." The Beatles were considered to be the 'good guys'!
Shirley 'industry paedo-bait' Temple and Chucky.
'With a Little Help from My Friends' - side 1, track 2. Good Guys - "He wants you for a best friend".

Just another weird synchronicity woven into the fabric of popular culture and reality! I'm not stating the above aspects, as a deliberate or connected chain of played out events, or anything like that (not in this instance), if you were wondering? This is more just an example of pure Jungian synchronicity type stuff.
should their parents have been in the dock?

Similarities and overlaps
Chucky/Bulger, blue paint splashed in face and eyes (check), Chucky/Bulger mutilated and battered to death (check), attempted battery insertion into Bulger's rectum (check), Good Guys (a la Chucky) doll powered by batteries (via the rear). A ghost train and track features in the 3rd film's death climax...Chucky 'abducts' the youngest military cadet and tries to kill him under the wheels of this train, a cemetery is also an aspect. It is Chucky (who gets splashed with blue paint earlier in the film) that ends up mutilated. The Child's Play 3 video was the last one rented by Mr Venables before James was abducted, tortured, splashed with blue paint and killed (near a cemetery) and left on railway tracks, for a train to run over him. They were released (under a life license) after just 8 years in custody by Butler-Sloss in 2001, and with new identities. Butler-Sloss, who quit from the Savile inquiry (due to pressure) is sister to Robert Michael Oldfield Havers, Baron Havers, QC. Havers, who along with others was responsible for burying the Dickens' (UK govt/dignitaries implicated in organised child abuse) Dossiers, the ones that 'paedo' and Elm Guest House attendee, Leon 'Thatcher's Home Secretary' Brittan, conveniently mislaid!

The youngest successfully prosecuted murderers of the 20th Century...March 1993.

What prompted two 10 year old children, to go out and commit this most awful of crimes? James Bulger, who was a month away from his 3rd birthday, had 22 injuries to his head, and another 20 to his body, inflicted with a 22lb iron bar and 27 bricks (bricks and stones). It is thought that the only reason as to why the boys ultimately stopped the attack, was through the sheer physical exhaustion in carrying it out, they were too physically expired to finish the victim off! The savage assault began with the boys pouring the stolen paint from the mall into James’ eyes. They pulled off his pants and underwear, mutilated his foreskin (note these are sexual aspects!) and inserted batteries into his anus. They kicked, threw bricks and eventually smashed his skull with an iron bar. When they believed James was dead, they laid his body on the tracks, covering his bleeding head with bricks and rubbish, making it look like an accident. It's obvious that they must've seen the film(s), possibly they watched them all, perhaps even more than once. The father rented stacks and stacks of ultra-violent videos in the years before the attacks. In the same year (1993) gang victim Suzanne Capper, 16, was also taunted with lines from the film as she was murdered in Manchester.

Crowley's 1909 statement: "I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong."

 Two months later (May) in Thelemic '93...93 the number of Crowley's Thelema.
The US would see the West Memphis 3 child killing spree. Demonic Damien and Case File No. 93050-666
Damien '666 Crowley/OTO' Echols, Jason 'mutilator' Baldwin, and Jessie 'true confessions' Misskelly.
Sodomy and satanism. The top degree in the (satanic) Crowley OTO system primarily centres on homosexual sodomy!
Damien Echols and 666 - just like the satanic film series, The Omen. 666 Sodomite O-Men, literally.
Echols ALWAYS had an interest in black magick, satanism, and Aleister '666/Sodom' Crowley worship, he still does.
It's very, very likely that Echols/Baldwin were involved in a Black Magick cult (Misskelly also attended meetings).
This satanic POS was talking about the 'New Aeon' (Crowleyian term, Age of Horus) at around the age of 12.
Masonic Memphis and 'Memphis Rites' a la Crowley.

As a result of its enormous influence on the elite, the OTO has inaugurated and cemented the transformation of the masses -- working in Hollywood, the corporate business world and within the US government
-- spreading the "energy of Satan" across the planet, in the words of 'Frater Aussik 400' 
(Kenneth 'Crowley' Grant), outer head of the OTO.

The ONLY reason those WM3 are free is due to (sick, satanic) Hollywood and the cult of celebrity!
Johnny 'sodomy satanist' Depp, Peter 'Ring Lord/Sodomy Song' Jackson, Marilyn 'Crowley/OTO' Manson, etc.
Sodomy deviant Peter 'Ring Lord' Jackson even put-up Echols in his NY apartment!
POS Jackson (and wife) massively helped in pressuring for their release, as have HBO's dumb Paradise Lost series (vomit).
THE WEST MEMPHIS 3 WERE ALWAYS GUILTY...all can be found in Misskelly's multiple confessions and the Laxton issue.
Satanic/paedo Hollywood has made sure that (satanic) Echols and Co. have been made into HEROES.
HOLLYWOOD is SATANIC SODOMITE CENTRAL - just as I have been imtimating - and all along. 'Cult of celebrity victims' (of which there are hundreds of millions) have been BRAINWASHED by these monsters, but then that's just standard for Hollywood and the sheep that remain entirely under its satanic spell.
Sick Baldwin cut-ff the testicles and de-skinned the penis of one of those 8 year-old boys (Byers).
Just like the Bulger killing - sexual assault (which including bondage-like tying) was a significant aspect of this crime.

It's Elm St. Nancy's boy (queer) aka Johnny Depp...he debuted via the child killer/molester Freddy Kruger series.
Speaking of child killers/'s Damien Echols. Echols and Elm St. Depp share matching tattoos.
Child murderer Echols with Johnny 'Hollywood RENT BOY/satanist' Depp. Satanic ass bandits - one and all.
Found guilty by TWO JURIES and they pled GUILTY at the Alford Plea (2011). They ARE guilty - the end.
The fact that they are free is all part of the sickness of the Hollywood-led 'cult of celebrity' aka satanic/deviant mass mind control posing as entertainment.

The Bulger Killing...
Most people don't go out and torture/murder, after having just recently watched a horror film, understand that I am aware of this.  However, not everyone is the same or reacts the same to this sort of stimulus, it is still very much an unexplored and grey area (particularly in respect of minors). Tbh, there is no real serious research into this phenomena (media exposure, accumulative effects etc), and for what I consider are obvious reasons. Imo though, TV/Films etc are a very powerful form of propaganda, television/cinema is the most devastatingly powerful propaganda device, that has ever been created...see Network, 1976 and Videodrome 1983.

Network...Powerful 4th wall type stuff.

Television as mass mind control..."the all singing, all dancing crap of the world"

"Whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it, therefore
...television is reality, and reality is less than television"

Yes, it all very (Videodrome) Brian/Brain O'Blivion an avatar for media guru McLuhan. The Videodrome programme (in the direct narrative sense) induces physiological changes (types of tumours) in the brain of the exposed/viewing subject. A brain mutation that causes hallucinations to occur in the subject, a type of simulated hyperreality is induced. Again, this needs to be appreciated in an oblique and 4th wall type sense, perhaps even a corporate/public manifesto of sorts and one of revelation and intent. I'm not looking to evaluate this film, as a piece of entertainment in the standard manner, there are a million websites for that kind of thing.

Kenneth 'OTO' Anger and David 'Videodrome' Cronenberg
Cronenberg's 'do it yourself' approach to film making was influenced largely by underground art film directors working in New York at the time. Cronenberg says “our inspiration really was more from the New York underground filmmakers: Kenneth Anger and Ed Eschwiller and Jonas Mekas and the Kuchar Brothers” (Cronenberg 14). Author J.G. Ballard, whose novel Crash would later be adapted into a film by Cronenberg in 1996, says that in the 1960s, “there was a major change in the way the mass media began reshaping reality”. This change that Ballard speaks of seems to relate to the ubiquitousness of television in the homes of people all over the world and the effects that rapidly disseminating information, like the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald and nightly reports about the war in Vietnam, had on people who were largely unaccustomed to seeing such violent images at all, and then suddenly to have these images beamed into their homes: a saturation of information. It seems as though this saturation of media influenced a lot of Cronenberg's own ideas on film making and storytelling.

"We're entering savage new times..."

Videodrome...Harlan: (any relation to Nazi Veit or nephew Jan? lol)
"North America's getting soft, patron....We're entering savage new times, and we're going to have to be pure and direct ."

Jan Harlan's brother-in-law aka Kubrick, had a regular cinematic motif - "CRM 114"
Videodrome - Nazi, CRM and 1:14 (John)
A Clockwork Orange -  Nazi cinema scene (ultraviolence programming) Serum 114 (Serum/CRM)
Veit 'Nazi propagandist' Harlan's nephew Jan, worked as assistant producer on Kubrick's 'mind control' based film. I find the overlaps with Videodrome and the fictional video technician 'Harlan', who also provides the 'mind control signal' for test subject (guinea pig) Renn, a strange synchronicity.
(Ashke)Nazi research based mind control?
CRM 114 was also seen in 'Back to the 9/11 Future', during the opening via the amplifier.

“Andy was back real skorry, waving the great shiny white sleeve of the Ninth, which had on it, brothers, the frowning beetled like thunderbolted litso of Ludwig van himself.“ (Clockwork Orange, novel)
Beet(le)hoven's Ninth Symphony (Revolution #9) is a major aspect of Alex's brainwashing/mind control. The 'cinema scene'...Alex is shown 'ultra-violence' as the stimulus that will ultimately cure him of his violent tendencies (not to encourage/develop/influence or to desensitize etc). Kubrick's scene kind of  plays like a 4th wall type 'literal inversion' of the likely reality.

Lewis was told by his source what A Clockwork Orange was about:

....the mind-control experimentation conducted by Dr. Ewen (MKULTRA) Cameron at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, between 1957 and 1963, and the Remote Neural Monitoring facility that operated out of Fort George Meade. The CIA were funding controversial research programmes into electronic brain stimulation.

Burgess' book was inspired by his real-life involvement in CIA-run mind-control experiments...
 If not for Kubrick's film version, Burgess would've been an unknown, as would his piece.

Time to stop viewing Zionist-masonic pawns like Kubrick, as being someone who exposes these elite/establishment programmes, quite the opposite, in fact. It is patently clear (to those who are objective and relatively free of 'awe') that he was actually involved in the extension of these very same elite-based (mind control) intel programmes, ones which act/acted against the interest of wider society. Programmes which include, of course, his contribution to the mass 9/11 propaganda ritual, popularizing 'paedo-chic' (Lolita), fetishizing ultra-violence and acting as a Hollywood 'poster boy and propagandist' for the Illuminati etc, etc.

The human brain, with its (thalamus) 'winged beetle/scarab-like' physiology.
I've compared the Videodrome accumulator helmet, in terms of its beetle/bug-like/insectoid appearance (see Videodrome post from a few years back). The beetle-like thalamus/thalami.
Mind Control: Film/TV/MSM 'violence, sexual violence, snuff'. All potentially 4th wall type stuff!
Videodrome was released when 'video' was exponentially expanding into homes, as was content.
Barry 'Videodrome' Convex: "None of our test subjects has returned to...normality. They all need intensive psychiatric care. You seem to be functioning reasonably well, so far. I'd like to find out why. And I think an analysis of one of your hallucinations would be the right place to start. You might slide in and out of a hallucinatory state afterwards. If you do, just relax and enjoy it. It will soon go away.
S&M show, effects of exposure to violence on nervous system, opening brain receptors...allowing mind control to 'sink in/bind'.

Max Renn: - Am I going to have to hurt you?
Barry Convex: - Afraid not.  You don't have to hurt anybody. You just have to think about it.
Convex: - Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?
Max Renn:- Business reasons.
Convex: - Sure, sure... what about the other reasons? Why deny you get your kicks out of watching torturing and murder?

Videodrome (1983) - Accumulator Helmet (virtual reality)
Video-drome Cronenberg to Video-drone Zuckerberg.
Video-drones (2016) - Corporate Suckerberg and (Spectacular) Oculus (virtual reality)
I think Jew Zuckerberg could 'potentially' be linked to the Rothschild bloodline.
Corporate cut-out and stooge...Facebook's Suckerberg. Keeping a "masonic" eye on the world.
Jew/Masonic Faecesbook and masonic tubal-cain (two balls and a cane, penis).

Update July 2017 - Facebook Live.
"Why deny you get your kicks out of watching torture and murder?"
Corporate media lemmings - programmed and damaged by exposure to uber degenerate output (US popular culture).
We've seen live streaming content that resembles the "videodrome" TV show broadcast of torture and snuff.
We've seen Facebook instances of 'live' murder (snuff) too.

Network (1976)
"And when the twelfth largest company in the world controls the most awesome, god-damn propaganda force in the whole godless world, who knows what shit will be peddled for truth on this network."

'This is no longer a nation of independent individuals. It's a nation of some two hundred odd million transistorized, deodorized, whiter-than-white, steel-belted bodies, totally unnecessary as human beings and as replaceable as piston rods. Well, the time has come to say is 'dehumanization' such a bad word?' Whether it's good or bad, that's what is so. The whole world is becoming humanoid, creatures that look human but aren't. The whole world, not just us. We're just the most advanced country, so we're getting there first. The whole world's people are becoming mass-produced, programmed, numbered, insensate things." (Howard Beale, Network)

Bulger Murder, Liverpool
Venables and Thompson could've both been open to suggestibility, influence, been desensitised and maybe even prone to copycat type behaviour (it is a more common phenomena than people think), one possibly driven by exposure to violent film (as minors!). Understand, that I myself, am positing that Hollywood Film/TV and MSM...ARE a 'mass form' of MKULTRA!

The author Blake Morrison obtained notes from an NSPCC case conference on the Thompson family. "The Thompson report is a series of violent incidents," he reported, "none of them in itself enough to justify the kids being taken into care but the sum of them appalling. The boys, it's said, grew up 'afraid of each other'. They bit, hammered, battered, tortured each other." The report is full of violent instances, with details of such incidents as Ann (mother) taking her third son Philip to the police station after he had threatened his older brother Ian with a knife. Ian, aged 15, subsequently asked to be taken into care and when he was returned home he tried to kill himself by overdosing on painkillers. The notes record that Ann and Philip had also previously taken overdoses.

Child's Play 3
Both these children were very violent as youngsters (juvenile delinquents), threatening and throwing stones at pensioners, torturing cats etc. Torturing animals is very much in keeping with the 'type' that carry out torture based murder and serial killings, it's a common precursor (this was true of Dahmer). Before they took James on that fateful day, they tried to entice another little boy to walk in front of busy traffic. What made these children become the 'monsters' that they were? There are potential aspects of 'disassociative type' behaviour involving Thompson having an obsession with troll-like dolls (dolls a la Chucky), they stole one on the day of the murder, along with the blue paint and some batteries. On the day before Thompson's arrest, his younger brother mentioned (when later talking to police), that both he and Robert, had gone to take flowers (in memory) to where the toddler was killed! That is so fucked up, so stone cold!

'They pulled off his pants and underwear, mutilated his foreskin and inserted batteries into his anus."
From 2010, could there be a 'direct' monarch/mkultra (child abuse) link to both Venables and Thompson? It's worth considering, at least. It's more probable that it's the wider public programme of mkultra (as already mentioned) through 'mass corporate entertainment degeneracy' and coupled with an abusive social background, that are the likely reason(s). That said, Venables clearly has an interest in child pornography, he was actually caught attempting to destroy his hard-drive by police. I think the sexual aspects (including sexual humiliation) during the Bulger murder were downplayed, even though evidence was there, as stated above. On Venables' stay at Redbank (secure unit) and at aged 17, he was accused of having sex with a female care worker, although their were no criminal charges, she was suspended and never returned.

The Devil Boys and Child's Play. A relative of the boys revealed their mum let them watch the 18-cert slasher film at aged just 'six or seven'. It's ultimately proof of nothing, I mention it in connection.
They two boys attacked, tortured, sexually abused and sexually humiliated the other two boys for 90 minutes, they even filmed some of their activities on a mobile phone.

Child's Play was linked to the murder of a South London teenager Cara Burke, 17, in Brazil, 2008. Her killer boyfriend Mohammed Dali Carvalho dos Santos, 20, had a tattoo of Chucky on his back. He also had a picture of the doll on the mobile phone he used to film himself cutting up her body. Tasmanian Martin Bryant, 28, who gunned down 35 people in 1996, was also a fan of the film. His ex-girlfriend said: “Martin loved Chucky.”

Directed by CIA/Psychological Warfare Blatty, The Exorcist 3 - Legion. 
I expect most of you thought, that he was just a typical 'got lucky' author and occasional film-maker and that this 'cinematic cultural shift' all unfolded in a seemingly random and unconnected manner?

"Some background on the author and his technique in the book and film tend to explain the effect of Blatty's work on a mass audience. After graduating from Georgetown University, Blatty worked for the CIA in Lebanon in the 1950's, under US Information Agency cover. Later, he returned to Washington to become Policy Branch Chief of the Psychological Warfare Division of the US Air Force." (Counter Spy magazine).

Let's look at the mass cultural (psychological) impact of Blatty and Friedkin's original film...

Even the most cynical of readers, must appreciate the film's huge cultural and psychological impact and in the 'mass group mind' is undeniable!

Blatty's 'subliminal' denial is worthless and it is easy to appreciate why...he didn't even direct the original movie, Friedkin did! Friedkin, who clearly admits that he utilised subliminal aspects, they cannot both be correct, Blatty is patently lying. Friedkin..."I saw subliminal cuts in a number of films before I ever put them in The Exorcist, and I thought it was a very effective storytelling device."
Blatty doesn't get to decide what constitutes true sublimity and what about the massive subliminal child abuse theme, eh Blatty? Lies come easy to these types of 'military/industrial' complex folk.

Friedkin's 'tweet like' relating to suspicions of being connected to MKULTRA

Recall Friedkin's references (in his biography) to Dr Louis Jolyon West, the infamous 'mkultra' practitioner and experimenter.

The activities of Dr. West are rather legendary in some circles, and he is featured prominently in Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion, by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, about the untold story behind the hippie drug culture. According to a biography courtesy of Parascope, West once injected an elephant with a lethal dosage of LSD. Then, in 1964, Dr. West examined Oswald's assassin Jack Ruby in his jail cell, and concluded that Ruby, who was claiming a right-wing cabal was responsible for JFK's murder, was paranoid and mentally ill. He placed Ruby on "happy pills", which left Ruby quite unhappy. He died of cancer two years later, after claiming he had been injected with cancerous biological material. In the seventies, West formulated plans for the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, originally proposed by then-Governor Ronald Reagan. West described the program as an attempt to predict occurrences of violent behaviour in specific population groups. (The latter, sounds like the Ludovico treatment from A Clockwork Orange, my emphasis).

Perhaps it's best to let an expert on CIA inhuman behavior, Alex Constantine, describe what is among the worst of Dr. West's "experiments" (at least known about), performed through the Stanford Research Institute:

"Apart from monitoring the health of the subjects, according to SRI spokesmen, Dr. West conducted his own experimental studies of the "phenomenology of dissociative states," or multiple personalities, at the Institute. Dr. Colin Ross, a specialist in dissociative disorders, offers that Dr. West's work for the CIA centered on the biology or personality of dissociative states. Many victims of the CIA-anchored experimentation have been left with multiple personalities induced at a young age, and it is certain that the CIA can trigger induced multiple personalities electronically from a remote source to commit any act on cue, the ultimate Manchurian Candidate."

I'm sorry people, but the facts speak for themselves, we've writer/producer (writer/director 3rd film) Blatty as CIA/Psych Warfare and Friedkin as a 'Dr MKULTRA' referencing and tweet liking director.
The Exorcist (Dec '73) and A Clockwork Orange (Dec '71), both films (imo) heavily relating to mind control, that's potentially direct covert programmes and in the wider sense, from societal mass exposure. Arguably, both films also had a marked and significant psychological-based cultural effect, particularly on their release.

Some might remember this, relating to the Ninth Circle satanic cult, Fiona Barnett and Australia.
Kidman accused of being a paedophile/programmer type and involved in larger/connected rings.
Dr Antony Kidman (from the penultimate Eyes Wide Shut post)
Nicole, the butterfly, she is famously known to suffer from lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies etc)
Nicole had a role in 'bearding' for homosexual (former husband) Tom 'Scientology' Cruise.

What was he (Dr Antony Kidman) doing studying psychology at Sydney University while MKULTRA Hypnosis experiments were carried out? Can you please explain why he was at Sydney University the same time as Dr. Leonas Petrauskas, Fiona's Nazi perpetrator? Can you please explain why he was involved with research at St. Elizabeth's DC - John Gittingers & the CIA's manchurian candidate stomping grounds? Can you please explain why he had a 30 year working relationship with Dr. Martin Seligman - The CIA's Torture Program founder & expert? Can you please explain his relationships to numerous other perpetrators? Can you please explain why he financed 'The Pillowman' 2008 - A play about sadistic child abuse and murder (At a venue connected to many other perpetrators). Can you please explain why he was a colleague of Dr. Aaron Tim Beck, a director of the False Memory Syndrome foundation?  Can you please explain why he lived next door to an Australian Army Colonel who spent 40 years + in the medical corps?

Can you please explain why his daughter (Nicole 'Eyes Wide Shut/Stepford' Kidman) was brought to fame by Liz Mullinar - the only woman to run a Satanic Ritual Abuse clinic in Australia?

Blair with (programmer?) Rick 'Superfreak/Torturer/Rapist' James...1982
Stepford, Connecticut...Connecticut raised Linda Blair's showbiz career took off when she started modelling commercials in New York at the age of five.  The turning point came when she went to audition for The Exorcist.  'I came out from the interview and I said to my mother 'That was the filthiest piece of paper I've ever had to read!'  Linda followed The Exorcist with a number of meaty roles in television movies like Sara T - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic (where she played a young girl who takes to the bottle to escape family problems) and Born Innocent (Where she gets thrown into a juvenile detention centre and is raped with a [witchy] broom handle by fellow inmates!).
The abuse and savage humiliation of  a young girl in detention

Those movies consolidated her reputation as the most put-upon screen teenager of the Seventies and also seemed to convince many pundits that The Exorcist hadn't done that good a job on getting the devil out of her. Her private life seemed to back this up: she ran the predictable route to Hollywood maturity through the sex-and-drugs-in-the-headlines syndrome, the gossip columns dining out on her coke bust at age 18 (Dec 1977) and nude photo set in Oui magazine.

1991, Singer Rick James, the Grammy-winning King of Funk of the 1980s, was arrested with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Friday, for allegedly imprisoning and torturing a 24-year-old woman with a hot cocaine pipe over three days at James' (Mulholland Drive) Hollywood Hills home, police said.

James (43 at the time), who with Prince spearheaded the '80s merger of funk and rock music, was held in lieu of $1-million bail at the North Hollywood Division jail of the Los Angeles Police Dept.
Monarch Prince...with torturer/programmer Rick 'Linda Blair' James.
Prince, at one time was the opening act for the Rick James Tour, there was major rivalry between them. Prince managed to steal James' artist 'Vanity' from him, for Prince's copycat girl group.

This from 16th May...Sinead (Prince) O'Connor:
Hall and Murphy often worked together...Arse-nio Hall is yet another homosexual and more camp than a row of pink tents!
MSM entertainment is clearly sodomite central! Hall and Murphy featured with James Earl (Vader/Strangelove/Exorcist 2) Jones,
- in degenerate Landis' Cumming To America. Queen's 'Randy Sexual Chocolate' Blvd via buns.
Two queens (toilet trading places bum Murphy, and Arse Hall), looking for a queen via Queens.

Rick and Eddie 'Monarch Butterfly-Golden Child' Murphy...the usual hand signs.

Rick with (likely) Monarch Pia 'Butterfly' Zadora, she reminds me of Linda 'Exorcist' Blair

With Stacy Keach, who incidentally landed The Exorcist 'Father Karras' role (under Blatty), only for Warner Bros to buy out his contract and then install Jason Miller.

James, Rolling Stone: “I can’t believe people are gullible enough to buy Prince’s jive records. [Prince is a] a mentally disturbed young man. He’s out to lunch. You can’t take his music seriously. He sings songs about oral sex and incest.”

Back to Rick James and his crimes...
James, who with Prince spearheaded the '80s merger of funk and rock music, was held in lieu of $1-million bail at the North Hollywood Division jail of the Los Angeles Police Dept. James and Hijazi were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, forced oral copulation, making terrorist threats and furnishing narcotics, police said. The singer and his girlfriend met the unidentified victim, who apparently was unemployed, at a party and offered to put her up at their house, police said. (sounds like a potential sex slave arrangement, my emphasis). This wouldn't be the only instance, in 1992 James and the same girlfriend were accused of similar, both allegedly slapped a girl to unconsciousness, dowsed her with water and James also attempted to choke her. All in, James got 5 years and his girlfriend 4 years. More here.

Blair, after seeing a picture of Rick James became immediately smitten and they got together, was this not the naturally occurring relationship, that we might first assume? If Blair is 'mind controlled', she could've been controlled to (seemingly) select her boyfriends (but actual handlers, in reality)?

This wouldn't be the only relationship that Blair would have with a man called Rick.
 When She was 15 years old, Blair dated 25 year old Rick 'Jessie's Girl' Springfield. They were together from 1975-77. Is there a 'cocaine' connection with Ricky Springfield? I only say this, due to the film Boogie 'porn whitewash' Nights, where his track 'Jessie's Girl' famously plays in the background during the 'memorable' cocaine heist.

"Meanwhile, up in Toronto, Neil Young and Bruce Palmer were playing in a band known as the Mynah Birds – a band fronted by an AWOL Navy man (military cough, cough) known as Ricky James Matthews, who would later morph into funkmeister/torturer/rapist Rick James, but whose real name was James Ambrose Johnson, Jr. The Mynah Birds broke up in March of 1965, just after authorities came calling on Matthews (Rick 'born in Buffalo' James) and tossed him in the Brooklyn Brig. Now in search of a new band, Young made the curious decision to head out to LA, for no better reason than that he had what Palmer described as “a hunch, a feeling that … Stephen 'Buffalo Springfield' Stills was in LA.”"
(Dave McGowan, Weird Scenes/LC Series)

Rick 'torture/programmer' James, who was in The Mynah Birds (band, with Neil Young).
"Minor birds" (minors and birds, young/underage girls - cough, cough).

Shattered and split/disassociated minds/personalities (twinning etc)

The Exorcist, Dr Barringer (Peter Masterson) - his daughter is Mary Stuart Masterson, who featured in Stepford Wives (her debut, as one of the children) she was also in John 'Home (WTC/911) Alone 2' Hughes', Some Kind of '911/NWO' Wonderful...with Lea 'Back To The 911 Future' Thompson.
A New '9/11' World Order (a la Poppy Bush's 9/11 NWO speech)..Mary Stuart (Stepford) Masterson
Cinema Mind Control...Masterson, Father and Daughter

Stepford Wives, written by Ira (Rosemary's Baby) Levin. Katherine Ross, recall she co-starred in this film with Masterson/Dr Barringer from The Exorcist. For Ross' 'satanic link' see The Legacy.

A shattered mind...Oz Kidman featured in the Frank Oz remake:
Can you please explain why his daughter (Nicole 'Eyes Wide Shut/Stepford' Kidman) was brought to fame by Liz Mullinar - the only woman to run a Satanic Ritual Abuse clinic in Australia?
Shhh...Silence, Harpocrates (Horus). Satanic '666 Beast' Crowley's A.A. (Silver Star/Sirius)

Anyway...back to The Exorcist 3
Yes, there really are some strange 'reality overlaps' with Dahmer and Exorcist 3. Dahmer being a homosexual, as were most of his victims, he actually had an obsession with The Exorcist 3. I wouldn't be surprised if he was almost watching the film on some sort of  loop! It was Dahmer's absolute favourite was even playing in his apartment when the police went there, after (near victim) Tracy Edwards took them to the scene.  The film seemed to make Dahmer go into an altered trance-like state. There are some overlaps between the film and Dahmer's actual activity and the film's release seems to coincide with his most active period of killing (late 1990 and 1991).  The other movie cited in relation to Dahmer, is Return of the (D)Jedi.

Yep...another one of those WTF moments? This was when he was around 15 years of age.

Talking of the White House...

Recall there's a White House 'dinner invite' in the first Exorcist film. Actor Reagan was probably a homo, wife was a Nancy.
It's Poppy 'Boner' Bush and Babs, in bed with some illuminati pyramid on Poppy's lap!

 Dahmer's trial. Exorcist 3 and Lucas' Return of the Jedi were cited as direct inspiration!
Sodom Dahmer's Temple/Altar...Dr Temple featured in Exorcist 3.
Dahmer's 'temple' (evoking Skulls & a Temple of Doom) and Lucas' Return of the (D)jedi.

recall this...from a previous post:
Cathy O'Brien a mind controlled slave for the US govt states in her writings 'Trance formation of America' that George Lucas [of Star Wars fame] is merely a front for the NSA/NASA.While the kids are all fawning around under the spell of Luke Skywalker and other Masonic pseudonyms.
George 'Altamont/Rolling Stones' Lucas...he was present (as a then unknown cameraman) during the Rolling Stones' free Altamont concert in 69...the concert that would feature the 'snuff killing' of  Meredith Hunter, who was killed during the playing of the Stones' Sympathy For The Devil. All other versions that cite 'Under The Thumb' are deliberate misdirection caused by 'the chopped up and out of sync' Gimme Shelter (fiim). Too many people are quick to defend The Stones and they don't seem to mind being lied to either re: Hunter and the Sympathy For The Devil track etc.
On December 6, 1969 (969, Saturn), temporary Laurel Canyon residents (OTO Anger linked) Mick and Keith, along with permanent Laurel Canyon residents Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the Flying Burrito Brothers, all gathered at a desolate speedway known as Altamont to stage a free concert. By the time it was over, four people were dead and another 850 concert-goers were injured to varying degrees, mostly by members of the Hell’s Angels swinging leaded pool cues.
Saturn-day 6th Dec...Santana or Satana/Saturnalia?

The Angels had, of course, been hired by the Stones to ostensibly provide security. That decision is almost universally cast as an innocent mistake on the part of the band, though such a claim is difficult to believe. It was certainly no secret that the reactionary motorcycle clubs, formed by former military men, were openly hostile to hippies and anti-war activists; as early as 1965, they had brutally attacked peaceful anti-war demonstrators while police, who had courteously allowed the Angels to pass through their line, looked on. It was also known that the Angels were heavily involved in trafficking meth, a drug that was widely blamed for the ugliness that had descended over the Haight.

Perhaps less well known was that more than a few of those biker gangs had uncomfortably close ties to Charlie Manson, particularly a club known as the Straight Satans, one of whose members, Danny DeCarlo, watched over the Family’s arsenal of weapons. At least one of the performers taking the stage at Altamont, curiously enough, also had close ties to the motorcycle clubs; as was revealed in his autobiography, Crosby “had friends in every Bay Area chapter of the Hell's Angels.”

Stones, Saturn (top left) and Satanic Majesties...
Most accounts claim that Hunter was killed (via stabbing) while the band performed Under My Thumb. All such claims are based on the mainstream snuff film Gimme Shelter, in which the killing was deliberately presented out of sequence. In the absence of any alternative filmic versions of Hunter’s death, the Maysles brothers’ film became the default official orthodoxy. 
Of course, someone went to great lengths to insure that there would be only one available version of events; as Rolling Stone also reported, shortly after the concert, “One weird Altamont story has to do with a young Berkeley filmmaker who claims to have gotten 8MM footage of the killing. He got home from the affair Saturday and began telling his friends about his amazing film. His house was knocked over the next night, completely rifled. The thief took only his film, nothing else.”
(see above link, for more mad links/connections involving lime green Meredith Hunter)

Some of Lucas' Altamont (more like Altar-mont) footage was used for Gimme Shelter, including the silhouette-like images of the concert goers etc.

Bringing us to John 'Mamas, Papas and Kids' Phillips (aka industry based paedophile and programmer) and his incestuously abused and drugged-out daughter, Mackenzie. It's been alleged that Mama Cass Elliot knew both some of the Manson family, and Polasnki and his circle (victims) Frykowski, Folger etc. They are all tied together.
Oldest daughter Mackenzie began her acting career at the tender age of twelve when she landed a role in what was to be George Lucas’ breakthrough film, American Graffiti. 
Just a few years before, it will be recalled, Lucas had been an unknown cameraman at the Rolling Stones’ notorious Altamont concert. During filming of Graffiti in 1972, John Phillips, who I’m sure had lots of important business to attend to and therefore little time to look after his daughter, signed over legal guardianship of Mackenzie to (American Graffiti) producer Gary Kurtz. Kurtz was George Lucas' partner in making the first two Star Wars films, but they had a huge falling-out after Empire Strikes Back. I think Kurtz got annoyed by Lucas making 'toy merchandising' the most important factor, resulting in the film aspects being given less and less attention. It was all about the $$$ with Lucas and 'cheese dollars' at that! Kurtz would also produce the 1985 film Return To Oz, the place...not 'Yoda' Frank! Return To Oz would happen to feature Nicol 'Exorcist 3' Williamson, in the role as the Nome King. :)  Some excerpts from Dave McGowan's LC series.

Lucas, effectively stole/reworked the Flash Gordon (series) idea and 'morphed it' into his Star Wars franchise. Lucas' Emperor was inspired by the villain Ming the Merciless from the Flash Gordon comic books. The 1980 Flash Gordon film would soon follow, with Max 'The Exorcist' Von Sydow, in the role of Emperor 'masonic square and compass' Ming. The lightning 'flash' bolt a la Zeus.
A 'ringer' for 'Church of Satan' LaVey...Ming's police wear a stylised masonic square and compass.
General Ka(bba)la(h), erm, I mean General Kala, also sports a related masonic hex (seal of solomon).
"Charge the lightning field...erm, I mean the truncated masonic/illuminati pyramid" :)

This 1938 film/plot contains the basis of the 1980 release. Note, a High Priest, Osiris and the sphinx/bast.

Trojan War, Ajax's prayer to Zeus to remove the fog (see film, cloud that Flash/Zeus and the hawk men hide behind, before battle) that has descended on the battle to allow them to fight or die in the light of day has become proverbial.

Prince Vultan: "Flash...when the ship (Ajax) hits the force-field you'll be killed; this is suicide!"
Flash, on-board the rocket ship 'Ajax', crash lands into the 'lightning pyramid' killing Ming...Ajax (Greek mythology) was a great grandson of (flashing) lightning-bolt Zeus.

Dahmer, Rolling, (D)Jedi Lucas, The Rolling 'satanic' Stones...
Gemini (Legion/Exorcist 3) and Emperor Palpatine (Jedi) were his (Dahmer) favourite characters...
Dahmer even bought yellow contact lenses to achieve the look. 
Gemini references 'old friends' and the Emperor references 'your friends' in respect of Skywalker.
"An entire 'LEGION' of my best troops awaits them..."

Image (below) is the one that hangs in Dr Temple's office...Gemini Killer is Temple's patient.
Notice any similarities with the 'ancient of ancients' and 'emperor', etheric power via the HANDS!?
The griffin (part eagle/part lion) was an aspect of Dahmer's altar, there's an eagle/lion in the image.
The Ancients has his feet on the sky, a skywalker, directing his power (via hands) downward. 
From His hands pour the Mother and Father Rays, by which existence comes into being.
Doctor, court video: "...zapping people with energy beams of some to manipulate them"
Father Rays
Etheric forces via the hands...please do not immediately rule any of this out! You'll soon see why, when I soon show you something else relating to the 'ancients' image and Dahmer.

Original Star Wars trilogy began with episode IV. The Emperor, the 'father figure' of the tarot.
The 'enthroned' Emperor (tarot), symbolizes the top of the secular hierarchy, the ultimate male ego. The Emperor is the absolute ruler of the (material/inferior) world. The parallel, 4th Major Arcana card in the Osho Zen deck is called The Rebel (rebel alliance, Star Wars), and carries some similar connotations.  Jedi's Emperor also clearly doubles as an avatar for (rebel resonant) satanic-like evil.
The Emperor and the 'sceptre' (Was) aka lightsaber, the Death Star as the orb, shot above precedes the visit to the Emperor's throne room. Was sceptres were depicted as being carried by gods, pharaohs, and priests. Often parallel with emblems such as the ankh and the djed(i)-pillar. Pseudo Egyptian Tarot, figure is in profile wears a Masonic apron (see the emperor/McDiarmid in Inspector Morse, below). Not forgetting Osiris Solo and the Millennium Falcon (aka Horus). White/Black, light-side/ is all masonic-based dualism.

In the Mythic deck, the Emperor is depicted by (electric lightning bolt casting) Zeus.
The head of the Ancient of the Ancients is cleft like that of Zeus. (the overlaps are clear, imo)
The appearance of the Ancient of the Ancients is that of the Aged of the Aged (old people, old friends, Exorcist 3), who has been before the beginning and whose throne stands upon the firmament.
The same Emperor card is dealt in the 'dream scene' by Patrick 'death' Ewing, Exorcist 3.
So, 'the emperor' is literally an aspect in both of the films that heavily influenced Dahmer!

Dr Temple's office...see 'ancients image' (top far right)

Directing his power (via hands) downward...from His hands pour the Mother and Father Rays.
Now see this! I've cropped the relevant aspect of the pic and flipped it for comparison purposes!
The similarities just simply speak for themselves!
Trust me, when I discovered this weird similarity, even a chill went down my spine! 
There is absolutely no doubt, that Dahmer was involved in weird satanic activity, the altar is proof of that.
Don't forget Crowley's Liber '666' Oz (thelemic mission statement, do what thou wilt etc) is situated below the 'ancient of ancients' in Dr Temple's office. Also see Levi's demonic pact sigil (top centre).
Update July 2017 - I was the researcher that discovered this 'satanic' Dahmer/Ancient of Ancients link. 
I am also the researcher that then linked all this to the Pizza-gate (Clinton) Podesta brothers (Tony/John).
I've written about Podesta/Clinton in other posts...there's even a few cannibalistic overlaps (Dahmer/Podesta).

Some might recall that Preston Nichols, made references to Lucas employing 'psychic adepts' while filming the first Star Wars film. Psychic adepts who were apparently utilised during filming and used to 'psychically imprint' the film stock as it rolled through the camera.
Preston Nichols - Music Of Time

Let's be fair, Star Wars' popularity is certainly not down to the quality of film-making or anything like that. It has awful scripts and dialogue, very poor acting (save a few performances) and a plot that is fashioned like 'dungeons and dragons in space'! Not that any of this has been any kind of a barrier to its huge success, you understand. Special effects work was obviously very key to the success, but I would cite the score/soundtrack as being the strongest aspect overall. The plot angle of Luke being Vader's son, is akin to some type of cheesy child's fairy-tale. It's no wonder 'sick' Disney have ultimately taken over, lol. :)

 At Dahmer's and with Edwards, Officer Mueller opened the refrigerator to reveal the freshly severed head of a black male on the bottom shelf. The Exorcist 3 features a very heavy 'decapitation' thematic throughout, with actual examples. Heads (skulls) were ultimately being collected for Dahmer's altar.
This type of shot from Exorcist 3...the crucified/beheaded black boy and connecting to a Police Boys Club. There are overlaps with some of Dahmer's young (decapitated) black victims, one who was (believe it or not) returned to Dahmer (by the police) after he escaped Dahmer's clutches! The police took an escaped 'partially tortured' victim (Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14 years old) and returned him right back to Dahmer's apartment! Un-fucking-believable...with police like this, who needs goddamn enemies, Konerak was heavily drugged and bleeding from his rectum! One of the officers 'Balcerzak' eventually ended up becoming President of the Milwaukee Police Association (2005-09), is that for services rendered, yes most probably?

"In the Greater Holy Assembly it is written of the Ancient of the Ancients that He is the Concealed of the Concealed Ones, the Eternal of the Eternal Ones, the Mystery of the Mysteries."

In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot the figure (The Emperor) is in profile, he wears a Masonic apron...
Ian McDiarmid played 'the emperor' in Jedi, for resonance sake and a few years later (1990), he also played the 'master masonic antagonist' (pictured top left) in TV series Inspector Morse (as in code!).
Masonic Mysteries, Brother Mozart's 'masonic based' opera The Magic Flute, is a major part of the narrative. 
The Magic (Flesh) Flute aka 'penis' (sex magick a la square and compass). 
This Morse episode was directed by a 'young' Danny 'OTO/Masonic-Zion/Olympics 2012' Boyle!
Sodom Apple resonating Boyle. He made Jobs (Apple, Big Jobs) with Ring-O loving, (F)ass-bender.

Anakin Skywalker (Vader) is clearly meant to be a 'stealth' Aleister 'OTO' Crowley
Jedi ending, has Vader's ritual cremation, perhaps evoking OZ Crowley's own ritual cremation.
The overlaps are only too clear...Vader/Crowley, the 'black brotherhood' beast men who chose evil.
Sgt OTO/OZ Crowley Pepper...the 666 apocalypse referencing beast.
Lucas would drop from the making/directing of Apocalypse Now, which ended up a Coppola film.
Col Kurtz's Lonely Hearts Club of Darkness.
Crowley OTO, Beatles 'Sgt Pepper' cover, Brando...'beetle head' Kurtz, the 666 apocalypse (now) beast.
Mirrored (diagonal reveal). The "Ring-O" drum is potentially the symbolic "ass starr", the flowerbed the "penis".
Dirt hole digging, Pepper (see cover). The album also features Fixing A Hole - 'Fixing A-Hole' (Asshole) a la Sodom Crowley.
 Lennon was raised on Men-Love Avenue with Aunt Mimi.
Apocalypse Now, featured Star Wars' Harrison 'Osiris/Horus' Ford as Col Lucas and Marlon 'Sgt Pepper' Brando as Kurtz (the latter evokes Gary Kurtz, Lucas' Star Wars/Empire producer). ' Gary' is also a slang term for the asshole. Walter Murch (who worked extensively with both Lucas and Coppola) would create the 5.1 cinema surround sound on Apocalypse Now. Murch would co-write/direct, and Gary (Star Wars) Kurtz would produce the film, Return To Oz (1985), mentioned previously.

 Recall Cathy O'Brien:
"George Lucas [of Star Wars fame] is merely a front for the NSA/NASA.While the kids are all fawning around under the spell of Luke Skywalker and other Masonic pseudonyms.
Lucas' 'Yoda'...ceremonial magick connected to the Templars, Yoda voiced by Frank 'Stepford' OZ. Yod, the root of all Hebrew relates to the 'open hand'. Yod is also the smallest of all Hebrew letters.
left, image of the djinn/entity 'Mephistopheles' (Jota/Joda/Yoda) from masonic Hall's "Secret Teaching of All Ages (baphomet, left), allegedly showing Eliphas, occultist, conducting a demonic conjuration ritual, invoking a demon into our spacetime.  Levi lived during the 19th century.
Master Jota/Joda (Yoda) is seen as a masonic master teacher, an intermediary. A Djed-i (see Djed, Egypt), Djedi was the name of an ancient Egyptian magician, 4th chapter of a story told in the legendary Westcar Papyrus. He is said to have worked wonders during the reign of king (pharaoh) Khufu (Giza pyramid, which contains the djed pillar/spine of Osiris). Lucas' 'corporate' Star Wars films are a pile of shit anyway, a dumbed-down 'masonic soap opera in space', yawn.

Dahmer...aka the Jedi obsessed 'decapitator'
“There's a commoner named Djedi, living in Djed-Sneferu. He's a simple citizen, but 110 years old, eats 500 loaves of bread, a shoulder of beef and drinks 100 jars of beer every day (coincidently, Dahmer was a huge alcohol consumer). He is capable of resurrecting decapitated beings. Djedi/Dedi, he who endures, perhaps dedi-cation is a related word.
 "Is it just me or does the whole 'Jedi Order' seem extremely Masonic, with it's levels starting from 'Apprentice' (Entered Apprentice, first degree in Freemasonry) to 'Jedi Knight' (Knights Templar/of Malta) to 'Jedi Master' (Master Mason), to 'Jedi Council Member' (much like Masonry's Supreme Council of the 33rd and other Masonic councils) and the final level being... "Grand Master of the Jedi Order". The term 'Jedi' apparently comes from the 'Djedhi', an ancient Egyptian group of Serpent Mystery Cult priests who wore hooded robes and used a ritual staff (the lightsaber replaces the staff as the phallus/wand for the fictional Jedi in Star Wars) which fits with the Masonic Egyptian themes (which is all tied together with Kabbalism and the origins of occult belief systems)." thanks to pseudo occult media
Egypt, formerly Khem (Black) Vader and the Sphinx (to grip/strangle) Vader uses a psychic choke.
The sphinx at Giza, the Great Pyramid where Crowley received the Book of (thelemic) Law.
The Obi Wan switch (Obi Wan aka The Hermit, tarot)..."That's no space's a moon"
Saturn's moon Mimas and the Death Star. Saturn occupies Binah on the tree of life.
The tarot aspects also directly relating to this same tree/sephiroth and pathways.

I've often mentioned Star Wars, masonry and the kabbalah, via Darth Vader aka Da'ath (E)Vader, see tree of life/sephiroth, da'ath (da'at). An initiate who avoids (evades) and fails crossing the sphere of da'ath, is said to become a black (evil) brother of the left-hand path. The ancients image relates to the 32 tree paths (as below). Da'ath (the usually hidden kabbalistic sphere, is also 'sirius' the masonic star, the da'ath star)
Ancient of Ancients...
"In the hollow of His skull is the aerial membrane of the supreme hidden Wisdom and His brain extends and goes forth by thirty-two paths." The 32 paths on the sephiroth/tree of life. The head aka Kether (the crown), the entrance point of Creation, or the Reception Point (aerial receiver).
Remember, Gemini's demonic spirit occupies the bodies of 'old people' at the hospital, he uses them to carryout the horrific murders, while he securely remains in his jail cell. Understand that I'm not referencing this example for the benefit of the film's accepted overt plot/narrative. I'm suggesting to look at this more from a 'euphemism/4th wall' type perspective, in terms of potential mkultra and mind control, ones that might relate to Dahmer.

 Mind Control via film...the final (near) victim, who escaped
Dahmer then led him into the bedroom, where the two sat on the edge of the bed and watched the film ``Exorcist III``, while Edwards said Dahmer seemed to go in a trance-like state ``chanting . . . like a slow `uuhhmmm,`. . . and rocking back and forth.`` Sometime later, Edwards said he hit Dahmer in the head and escaped. The serial killer in ``Exorcist III`` roughly parallels Dahmer. Both killed 17 people, both did their killing near a Catholic university-the ``Exorcist`` killer near Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Dahmer near Milwaukee`s Marquette University. Dahmer told Detective Dennis Murphy, to whom he made his confession, that he had bought a videocassette of the film and watched it two to three times a week for six months. ``He felt the character in the movie was driven by evil, and he felt he could relate to the character because he felt he was driven by evil,`` Murphy told jurors. (Chicago Tribune 1992)

Are we seeing direct MKULTRA overlaps in plain view and that Dahmer himself was possibly a victim of this that used satanism and one that might've heavily employed Hollywood 'movie' mind control, at least as an aspect?  People should be aware of Dahmer and his 'neuro-scientist' father and also Dahmer's claims of having access to the White House!  In Fritz Springmeier's work, an element of MKULTRA programming is mentioned and makes reference to 'Legion' (ala The Exorcist 3) a system of putting in a series of 'demonic alters' into a victim.

Recall the following...
"When one of the authors of this book, Fritz Springmeier, began working with Programmed Multiples, he was told by several independent of one another that they had problems with spirits, called Legion, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Leviathan and Behemoth. Occasionally Hanan was mentioned."  We saw Beelzebub, Leviathan and Behemoth with Son of Sam and Berkowitz, with Levi's sigil.

Danny 'Legion/Exorcist 3/ Gemini' Rolling: 
"The murders were like being in a movie - a horror movie. Gemini the puppet master  was pulling the strings and I was the possessed leading actor."

Original The Exorcist a (bit part) actor involved in serial killings (a la Dahmer)...Paul Bateson
Thanks again to hobus/gorilla/guruilla
This is Paul Bateson. Paul was a 38 year-old x-ray technician at NYU Medical Center where the arteriogram sequence in The Exorcist was shot, and landed himself a bit-part in the film as the radiologist’s assistant.

In his free time, Paul enjoyed picking up men in local gay bars, and, after sleeping with them, mutilating and dismembering their bodies. In 1979, Paul was convicted after confessing to the murder of film critic Addison Verrill by crushing his skull with a frying pan and then stabbing Verrill multiple times in the heart. While in custody and awaiting trial, Paul bragged of killing other men “for fun,” dumping the bagged remains of his victims in the Hudson River.

Paul was sentenced to 20 years in prison and while detectives were satisfied with his confessions, he was never actually charged for all six of the murders that terrorized the New York LGBT community and to this day still remain technically unsolved.

After reading about the events in the paper, William Friedkin then arranged to meet with Paul at Rikers Island Penitentiary
- a big change from their last encounter on the set of The Exorcist.

After interviewing Paul and learning the facts of the case, Friedkin went on to direct Cruising (gay propaganda). Released in 1980 and starring Al Pacino, the film was inspired by the series of “bag murders” of ‘77 and '78. Paul Bateson was released from prison in 2004.

Pacino would do his part for 'transgenderism' (sexual reassignment) via his turn in Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon (1975).
Chris 'Sirius Dog Day Tranny' Sarandon was in the Child's Play film series, the former husband of Susan 'Rocky Tranny Horror/Lesbian Louise' Sarandon. He featured in The Sentinel (as a demon) with John 'OTO' Carradine. Before Sarandon's (tranny) turn in Dog Day Afternoon, he featured with his former wife in (TV movie) The Satan Murders (1974). Sarandon has also featured in (Queer) Orange is the New Black (LGBT mind control).

Bateson was the assistant to a neuroscientist at the Neuropsychiatric division of the NY Medical Center (he was caught because the body parts were wrapped in NYMC bags). Friedkin met him "by chance" at the Medical Center. Friedkin claims that Bateson told him he only has memory of committing the first of the murders, he confessed to eight. (mind control/amnesia, anyone?)

Picking-up men at gay bars, sleeping with them, killing them and then mutilating/dismembering their bodies?
Um, that is exactly the same M.O. as Jeffrey Dahmer! The same homo Dahmer who we heavily linked to Exorcist 3.
Their is even a connect to a neuroscientist too - a la Dahmer's neuroscientist father.

Friedkin's film Bug, has also been cited (in reality) in respect of murder.
The film clearly had an impact on Izaga, of that there is no doubt. ALL public domain type stuff, I don't have to make any of this up!

I have yet to see and evaluate Friedkin's film Killer Joe (2011).
From what I can gather it appears to be another mk-ultra based, paedo/sex torture resonant pile of satanic excrement.
Matthew 'Illuminati Chainsaw' McConaughey as Killer 'paedo rape' Joe via Juno Temple (playing a 12 year-old).
I recall his role in Chainsaw 4 - his portrayed violence towards women was squalid and sick. A transsexual leatherface too.
Temple, daughter to (homo) punk pioneer Julian 'Randy Donut Hole' Temple. Mr Earth/Dirt Girls are Easy.
Killer Joe Friedkin subliminally suggested that 12 year old Regan (The Exorcist) was sexually abused by a film director.
McConnaughey had an interest in young girls in (breakout) Dazed and Confused.
Another woman performs forced violent oral sex via a chicken leg (penis) - chickens aka young gay men (twinks).
Dallas (homotranny) Buyers Club, True 'paedo spiral' Detective, McConnaughey - who co-starred with Woody 'Twinkie' Harrelson.
 Fucking Twinkies, literally (young gay men). 'Enjoy the little things' (young, cream-filled, twinkie ass).
Food porn (see above) is a very real and very active part of the coded phenomenon - see Pizza Gate (am updating here).

Juno 'Killer Joe raped' Temple is the daughter of Julien 'punk ass receivers/Sex 'penis' Pistols - Bollocks' Temple.
Mass sodomite-centric pop programming under the aegis of corporate (elite) mass media...a type of cultural imperialism.
The Sex Pistols recorded on Branson's Virgin, a label whose rise was assured via the original Exorcist (Oldfield soundtrack).
 The Sex Pistols' infamous TV appearance was arranged by (homo) Eric 'Killer Queen' Hall.

 Pistol/Penis, Bollocks, and (sodomised) Punks. Manager McClaren was an obvious sodomite toff.
Sodomite programmer Temple was also involved with The Scissor (lesbian) Sisters - see Mary (pop video), aka Mary poof queen,
and (gender bending) Boy/Girl George's 1st UK #1. God Save The Queen (queening via punks) was his 1st pop credit.
Boy 'gender bender' George was chosen by McClaren, for his band 'Bow Wow Wow' before Culture Club.
Sodomy resonant punk rock was quickly followed by new wave/romantic - effeminate men in make-up and with girly hair.
Juno Temple's  'punk poof ' father, Julien, directed Earth/Dirt Girls are Easy. With Candy Pink (homo) transformed (g)ayliens
- faggot Jeff  'glazed donut fly' Goldblum, banana faggot Wayans, and Illuminati orange queer Jim 'moon/ass man' Carey.
Jullian 'punk ass' Temple's Earth/Dirt Girls Are Easy featured the pierced Randy 'donut hole' (symbolic asshole).
As seen in Iron (Poof) Man 2 - An Iron (slang) Poof Man via ACDC (swing both ways) and QUEENS (queers).
A randy one-eyed exit (withdrawal) from the iron poof donut (ass) hole. Sam '(rear) quarter pounder with cheese' L Jackson.
 (Homo) Earth Girl orange (queer) crush via a (cum) glazed/frosted donut hole - The (zipper) Fly.
TRANS-formed via The Fly. David 'Kenneth OTO/Sodomite Anger' Cronenberg via Mel 'FAG' Brooks' film company.
Jeff 'Mr FrOst' Goldblum - the satanic, sodomite, randy, donut hole (cum) froster.
The Easy (Randy Donut Hole) Dirt Transformed Girl - via Candy Pink.
Rosebud Spielberg's JurASSic PARK shit man. Satanic O-Men (male O-Ring) stabbers and frosters.
 666 O-Men Donner made 'One-eyed Willie' based The Goonies in association with 'rosebud/asshole' Spielberg.
666 Sodom O-Man Crowley - his top OTO degree (XI) centres on ritualised homosexual sodomy.
Tracy Letts authored both Bug (seen earlier) and Killer Joe. He also authored Superior (Super Rear) Donuts (ahem).
See Voodoo 'blue paedo spiral' Donuts to see this phenonemon in action. Cum in pink boxes, magic is in the (ass) hole, etc.
The Brown (Super Rear) Ring.
This is (uber subversive) archetypal, euphemistic, and symbolic (Freudian) type deviancy programming on a mass level.
A huge (satanic) subliminal, sodomite brainwashing agenda is in operation via mass media - one that spans generations.

(That aside...researcher Dave McGowan has done a lot of work exposing the links of 'serial killers' to the authorities and military/intel/govt programmes...I highly recommend his book Programmed To Kill and his Hollywood connected Laurel Canyon series, for links to 'intel' and the mass 'Hollywood' programming of society.)

Satanist and MK-Ultra victim/programmer Friedkin's wife is Sherry Lansing.
A former CEO of Paramount Pictures, and when she was the president of production at 20th Century Fox, she was the first woman to head a Hollywood movie studio. In 1996, she became the first woman to be named Pioneer of the Year by the Foundation of the Motion Picture Pioneers, and she was the first female movie studio head to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
"Multinational Corporations genocide of all starving 'sovereign' nations..."
The corporate globalist cancer...laid bare and in the late 80s
Coca Cola, IBM, McDonald's, Ford, BP, Unilever, Nestle...the usual FILTHY SCUM
Governments come and go, but these CUNTS would survive a nuclear Armageddon!

Ridley 'Masonic Zionist stooge' Tony directed fag fest Top 'homo' Gun.
Orwellian Apple and the i-sheep
The Orwellian nightmare made real...Apple i-drones (Shanghai, China)
i-slaves for the i-sheep...useless eaters helping to create their own (and others) corporate slavery.

Revelation (revealing) 666...666 Crowley's source for the Thelemic Book of Law
iWoz (evoking Crowley's 666 Horus spirit aka Aiwass) iWoz - (a)iWass
Brother Paul 'Apple' Wozniak (aka the Wizard of Woz) a Scottish Rite Freemason. He and Jobs are/were types of cut-out/front men for the elite-based intelligence services, just like Page and Brin (Google) and Suckerberg (Facebook). All just imo, of course.
 Baa, baa, baa...the 'i-sheep' serpent cult followers (eden, the apple, the serpent and 666).
They don't even realise that they've been quasi-religiously programmed
July 1976, Apple I. Byte into the edenic 666 serpent apple...this was about 1 month after Donner and 20th C. Fox released 'The 666 Omen', the film that would place the '666' meme into the mass public consciousness. Also see 666 stele of revealing/revelation, and iWoz/iWass. Byte into the 666 apple and then log-in to the 'intel/NSA' created social media platforms...Facebook, Twitter etc. Baa, baa, baa.
 They even tried to tell you or goad you!

"Think masonic..."
Over the masonic 'gay/sodomite' rainbow...the bridge to Sirius. Zionist Kabbalism 666

The Apple Flag (1984) The 'masonic' Skull and Bones (eye) of Osiris (father of Horus)
The apple of my eye (i)...'So Mote It Be'...Jobs. Flown outside their HQ on the 40th anniversary, April 1st 2016.
  Jolly rogering (rum, sodomy and the lash). Jobs was a Teutonic Knight (Templar mason linked and related).
Steve 'Syrian/Sirius Brotherhood' Jobs (sirius is 'the eye/i' in one aspect)
It's Ashton 'Jewish kabbalah, monarched freemason' Kutcher as Jobs.
Ass-bender aka F-assbender also played the character of Jobs.

How appropriate...Goebbels is the 'godfather' of western based corporate MSM
Processing the masses with stinking and filthy corporate media...
Of course, you won't believe the 'lie' if you simply remember the fact that it was always a 'lie' in the first place!
No amount of lame Zionist-based propaganda will change my view, repeat it forever and waste your time - and mine!

Ashken-NAZI Zionist Jews...

Dennis (a rare true genius) Potter...Rupert 'the cancer tumour' Murdoch
I couldn't even post the TV interview clip that this text relates to (Jewtube bastards have blocked for copyright!). It was given in Potter's dying moments, literally days from his death. Potter is one of my favourite writers and has been for decades. Some of his TV work/writing is the greatest in the history of television, and that means TV anywhere and everywhere.

Murdoch is a fucking 'cancer tumour', a societal pox, of that there is literally no doubt.

Dirty, Ashke-NAZI, 9/11 linked, Zionist Paedo enabling sewage...fucking hurry up and die already!

This is the sort of thing that Murdoch is involved in...MASS LIES and defence of the sick establishment and its sick apparatus. Black is white, and white is black.
ALL LIES, LIES, LIES...Murdoch is a CUNT and with the blood of thousands and thousands of people on his hands! Yet, people still drink his MSM kool-aid, like it's champers!
Notice the difference...this is how these Zionist cunts pulled off 9/11, a barrage of MSM driven lies, establishment fakery and a Zionist controlled operation, operating the US govt/military apparatus like a barely veiled hand in glove.

Twisted and totally faked propaganda like this, is one of the main reasons as to why it took 27 years for any justice to prevail. The goddamn sordid 'masonic police' and their masters! Kelvin 'Piece of Shit' McKenzie was The Sun's editor at the time, I hope he burns in hell, along with Murdoch.

 Murdoch just married that horse-faced Texan whore/groupie Jerry 'Mick Jagger' Hall.
Fuck Jagger, fuck Hall, fuck Murdoch...they are all satanist/masonic-based degenerates!
I noticed his (UK) Sky channel just finished showing Childhood's End (3 part series) based on Arthur C '2001/Paedo' Clarke's novel. It was Murdoch that stopped a story on Clarke's rampant paedophilia in Sri Lanka...the same Clarke who posited the geo-stationary communications satellite (a la Sky TV) in 1945. Clarke certainly ended a lot of childhoods, for many Sri Lankan beach boys!

Of course, the Sky shown TV series contained the usual 'mystery religion' ciphers.
 The main character Karellen is clearly Lucifer...played by Charles Dance
When the Overlords first make contact, they do so by occupying (various) bodies of the dead, a kind of possession that allows contact, but without full revelation. Mankind needs to be processed, before full acceptance and full revelation. 

"As we wait to see our Guardian Angel" 
(HGA, holy guardian angel a la OTO/Golden Dawn)
Karellen's first word to humanity is..."Hell-o"
 It takes 15 years for the Overlords to make their appearance before mankind.  It seems that a certain 'processing' of the masses is necessary, before their unveiling (hence 15 years).
Baphomet (benediction) and 'programmed' (by mass media) children
The aspect with the children (telepathy/enhanced powers etc) is evocative of The Midwich Cuckoos, Village of the Damned. Carpenter's 1995 film featured Superman Reeve and Scientology Alley.

Now see Michael A Hoffman...from his seminal 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare':

British intelligence asset Arthur C. Clarke, through the command dogma embedded in his immensely influential “science fiction” work, Childhood’s End, attempts, through self-fulfilling futurism, to make inevitable the end of serendipity and wonder, after sufficient processing (processing of the masses, see above) by modern technology and mental viruses. (likely implying exposure to MSM content and programming, my emphasis).

The virus embedded with the ritual murders of John F. Kennedy and the victims of “Unabom,” are in the tricksy, punning lingo of the Hermetic fraternity’s Camelot, “once-and-future” tales possessing the intention of self-fulfilling prophecy; what I term, “inevitabilism.” This inevitabilism is disseminated within literary and cinematic representations, sometimes as part of the genre and imagery of science fiction, (“sci-fi”).

How many people have given thought and mentioned that the 9/11 event, was like watching a movie?
Kubrick's 'mono-lith' was the same dimensions as a cinema screen, 'lith' also being a type of film.

Kubrick and Clarke's 2001...the mother of modern 'sci-fi' 
Hollywood's very own modern day Adam 'Spartacus' Weishaupt aka Stanley 'Spartacus/911' Kubrick
Zionist masonic programmer Kubrick and 2001: A (9/11 Ground Zero) Space Odyssey.

The virus containing this meme (“contagious” idea pattern), infects the host with the sense that it is:
• Useless to resist central, establishment control.
• Or it posits a counter-cultural alternative to such control which is actually a counterfeit, covertly emanating from the establishment itself.
• That the blackening (pollution) of earth is as unavoidable as entropy.
• That extinction (“evolution”) of the species human being is inevitable.
• That the reinhabitation of the earth by the “old gods” (Genesis 6:4), is our stellar scientific destiny.

1615 Rosicrucian manifesto, “Confessio Fraternitatis,” or “Confession of the Laudable Fraternity of the Most Honorable Order of the Rosy Cross.”
Hoffman has perfectly described typical 'modern man' aka 'the corporate following sheep'

Just take a look around at society...example 'paedo programming and child sexualisation'
"The western masses enter thralldom and bestiality with enthusiasm. They cheer programming and suppression of dissent, they volunteer for digital surveillance, they idolize their executioners and exterminators, they celebrate their new, swinish identity."
Childhood's End (via Sky)...
Milo: "The Golden Dawn (lucifer/venus, son/sun of the morning) comes shining from the eyes of God...want to hear what I found in this text, the Corpus Hermiticum?"
Via the 'corpus hermiticum'...which translates as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
It links to Hermes/Thoth, Aleister Crowley and John Dee etc. During the Renaissance (rebirth) these texts were believed to be of ancient Egyptian origin and even today some readers believe them to date from Pharaonic Egypt.

 The Golden Dawn, The Golden Age (code for elite priestcraft rule)...The Golden Child
 The Golden Child, Charles Dance (as another demonic entity, Sardo Numspa) and media 30 years apart...snap, notice the similarities! Circles, caged children, demonic entities and mind control.

 Dance gets 007 (Fleming/Dee) resonance from Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only'
Oh's the original Bond, Sean 'eye, masonic square and compass' Connery, in John 'Chinatown/Incest/Polanski' Huston's The Man Who Would Be King.

 The Golden Child...opening
 Eddie '911-WTC Gay Tranny' Murphy...the eye and the pyramid, horned devil (right)
The letter 'i' (eye) in quickdraw. Charles 'elite connected deviant' Dance, another likely sodomite.

The film was produced by Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic (ILM/Illuminati)

A 'child' is kidnapped by a satanic-like cult, one that is overseen by Dance (Sardo Numspa), yes Dance in a 'satanic overlord' role and some thirty years prior. This will relate to monarch mind control.

The Golden Child and the 'monarch' butterfly. 
 One of Dance's henchmen, throws dead monarch butterflies (mind control) at the Golden Child
The Golden Child is able to bring life to the dead monarchs (butteflies)

The film would feature Charlotte 'Polanski/Sheen' Lewis, another likely mk/monarch-like victim!
Sheen would feature with 'monarch' Kinski, in Terminal Velocity (1994).
Lewis (in Paris) and the 'dead' Lewis (monarch) resurrected.
In 2010, Lewis claimed that Polanski raped her when she was 16 years old.
Why does her lawyer/attorney Gloria 'handler' Allred have the butterfly on her lapel!?
She is clearly a piece of shit and works for the controllers, hence her work in LGBT equality.
The G and A 'motif' looks like the pyramid and masonic 'G'.

The Golden (Masonic) Child...
 Eddie 'Gay Tranny Fucker' Murphy...don't take my word for it! Eddie '911/WTC' Murphy.

Tranny Murphy and Tranny Dance

Charles 'Tywin Lannister' Dance...via Ali 'Jewish/Zionist' G...the masonic 'G'?
Ali G In Da House. Spot the 'mk/monarch' programming allusions!
Ali G is married to ex Home and Away actress Isla Fisher, Home and Away actor 'Julian McMahon' 
He would also feature in the US TV show 'Charmed', which we mentioned earlier.
(who was briefly married to Danni Minogue) featured in Childhood's End as Dr Boyce, he is the son of the former Prime Minister of Australia William McMahon. (Sir William McMahon). Home and Away seems to crop up in this particular field, two former actresses from the show, would feature in Lynch's Mulholland 'mind control' Drive.

The series implies procreation between 'gods and man/woman'
The mother (of the hybrid star child) is impregnated (a la biblical Mary) by the Overlords.

The 'star child' (a la 2001 and The Visitors) is called Jennifer, but Djinnifer would make more sense!

 Illuminati 'all seeing eye' overload...and with 'conspiracy 101' resonator the $ bill.
Multiple instances of the 'illuminti' eye and pyramid (the usual and typical stuff).
Jennifer: "I see all...I am all."
Yes, the 'all seeing eye' literally, this scene also uses a 'triangular' piece of mirror/occulus. 

The 'all seeing eye' aka 'the eye in the sky' (in one spect this is sirius, star of the brotherhood)

Note, the Overlords used a Ouija board for a type of communication (for Amy and her unborn child), as seen in the 'hellish and demonic' The Exorcist.
 Childhood's End, channeling 'Illuminati/Spartacus/Lolita' Kubrick's Dr Strangelove...

 The Four Season's 'hotel bedroom' evokes the Renaissance 'hotel bedroom' in Kubrick/Clarke's 2001. Recall that the 'pyramid' (of the illuminati overlords) was the original 'monolith' in Kubrick's film.
A single 'guest' in a hotel room with a bed, facing a 'veiled' alien (demon) and alien (monolith)

A Four Seasons hotel room, happened to be where David 'Oz' Gest was recently found dead...
Oz resonant...David 'Not Dead' Gest dies.

David Gest Is Not Dead was due to start in July
David 'Oz/Garland/Minelli' Gest...the coffin with the Big Brother reference.
 The All Seeing (masonic) Eye...of the big brother(hood)

Tiffany 'Big Brother' Pollard...who debuted via Flavor of Love,which was a spin-off based on Flav's 'Strange Love' show with Brigitte Nielsen.
She 'mistakenly' thought David Gest (and not Bowie) was 'dead' back in Jan 2016!
Gest was in the Big Brother bedroom, hidden under the covers, like a corpse.
Well...they're both apparently dead now!
 David 'Twin Peaks/Red Shoes' Bowie, Over the rainbow..."put on your red shoes"
 David 'Oz' Gest with 'gay icon' Liza 'Garland Oz' Minnelli and Michael 'The Wiz' Jackson
Gest was very likely a 'friend of Dorothy' (gay). There is no real pre-2001 media footprint for Gest, he produced Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Celebration and soon married Minnelli in 2002.
All very 'Silence of the Lambs'. I wonder if he (Gest) acted as a 'handler' of sorts, but I don't know.
Clearly, I am saying that Jackson, was yet another likely monarch mind control victim!
Kadir Nelson's cover to Michael's posthumous 2010 album release...the specific 'monarch' butterfly
Jackson also utilised the '777' kabbalist marker (a la 777 Crowley) for the HIStory release.
Looked more like a funeral, than a wedding...suspiciously familiar hand gestures too.
Liz Taylor's former husband Burton featured in The Exorcist 2 and Medusa '911' Touch.
 Oz-based The Wiz (script by Joel '911/OTO' Schumacher) had the WTC as the Emerald Oz City.
Quincy 'monarched Kinski/The Wiz' Jones...Jones/Kinski had a 3 year relationship and child.
Jones, was of course, instrumental in the career and success of Michael Jackson.
 Jones is also a direct descendant of Edward I of England; Edward's ancestors included Rurik, Polish, Swiss, and French nobility.
Quincy Jones' daughter Kidada, dated Tupac '(K)Illuminati' Shakur, in the few months before his death in 1996...he died on the masonic/templar resonant date Friday 13th. Tupac aka Makaveli, Machiavelli who infamously faked his own death. Tupac and Kidada were staying at the (resonant) Luxor Hotel on the night he was shot. Kidada's mother is (Jewish) Peggy Lipton, the woman who plays Norma 'RR Diner' Jennings in Lynch's Twin 'demonic incest' Peaks.

  The symbol of Weishaupt's Illuminati...the eye and pyramid

We're in (according to Crowley, Grant etc) The Aeon of Horus.

 Nothing to see, all coincidence....move along folks
The BET Music Awards (2015) 
The Lightning Struck Pyramid (Tower)
 Masonic/Kabbalist Isis Madge
 Daft Punk Junk - "Je suis Freemasons"
 MK'd/Monarch Gaga
 Katy 'Masonic Monarch' Perry
Masonic Beyonce
Masonic RiRi

Umbrella, Hackney 2012, Brit Awards 2008
Masonic 'mind controlled' Minaj
 Azalea 'masonic/disney mind control' Banks

 Disney 'mind control' Britney...MK'd monarch with 'hit me baby' (S and M) programming chic!
I'm A (mind controlled) Slave 4 U (yes, literally...below, this is another 4th wall example!)
Zionist-Masonic 'marionettes' - one and all. For the purposes of degenerating/programming the 'goy'!

Ke$ha (Die Young), the woman who cites that she has a rapist for a manager!

Justin 'Monarch/Illuminati pawn' Bieber
Where are you now (2015) usual!
We (the Illuminati) Made It
It's 'eye and pyramid' overkill
As you can see...
Degeneracy 101
Is this 'double mockery'? Against the masses, and outing he served his masters?
Forget 'useless eater' BS, about fans 'solely' contributing to this video, only a fool would believe it.
The 'related' Selena Gomez is also clearly 'owned'...playing her part, in Illuminati 'paedo chic'.
Are there any 'coincidence theorists' left...or have they all exited the building?

"What's the Illuminati?"
 Programming the 'goy children'...with LGBT mind control 'message'

Hyundai...the pituitary gland and the illuminati via 'the grandmaster' (see radio)
777 (343 aka 7*7*7) and the masonic 'connected' Grand-master (a little red pyramid too, lol) 
The record was originally by Grandmaster 'Flash' (a la lightning and 777).
The 'androgynous' masonic being. Left pillar (FEMALE), right pillar (MALE) via the (middle) pillar of equilibrium.
3:47 is also shown - the area code for QUEENS (slang, homosexuals). William Drive = Willy (penis) Drive. 
Driving the 'willy' via Queens.
Well, well...look who features in the 'illuminati' Hyundai ad!
Jazz 'Zionist masonic corporate sponsored mind control pawn' Jennings!

 The pituitary gland and the illuminati. Jennings holds a purple 'dumb phone' - Hyundai ad.
Purple, the crown (pituitary gland) chakra...and the rainbow

'Over the purple rainbow' Jazz 'transgender' Jennings. This is ALL about sexualising children!
The Color Purple...Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation (Jennings co-founder)
'Jazz Hands' can have homosexual connotations. 
Whoopi 'Color Purple' Goldberg (on sodomite/paedo Polanski)..."it wasn't rape, rape"
Lesbian Alice Walker, Oprah (law of reversal, Harpo-crates, Horus) Winfrey featured in Zionist/Masonic Kabbalist Jew Spielberg's film of the same name.
Oprah is likely a lesbian too (her lover Gayle King, above). Lesbian (with a bisexual front) Walker was married to Jewish Civil Rights attorney Leventhal. Zionist/Illuminati pawns for the purposes of Zionist 'gay/transgender' indoctrination of the 'goy'...minority fascism.

Nefarious and mind control based 'gender brainwashing' is prevalent in the UK too. 
Places like Brighton, where the 'gay and transgender mafia' (that tiny sliver of the population, who are dictating to the majority) have likely infiltrated all aspects of life, including local government etc.
Brighton, of course, where 'international gay icons' Abba had their Eurovision victory.

The backlash is starting to form...this LGBT mafia need stopping in their tracks, flooding schools and children's minds with their filthy brainwashing agenda. Since when has it been standard policy to indoctrinate children with LGBT sexual programming, shouldn't they be concentrating on academia?

Was the Aids/HIV epidemic, a potential manipulated agenda that led to 'mass induced sympathy' for this said community? A sympathy (a la the WW2 Jews) that has been forced down the 'collective throat' and allowed them to launch/dominate with their nefarious programme? It's only the Illuminati (1% and below) and the LGBT community that have made any real progress in the last decade (they've never had it so good). All while the rest of the 'collective mass' has gone backwards, backwards culturally, economically and spiritually.

Is Jennings another 'monarch' (see purple queen, below) for the purposes of dissemination?
 Purple Rain(bow)...cue pint-sized 'mind controlled' (homosexual) Prince!

The 'masonic' 3rd Eye...3RDEYEGIRL. Prince's backing band from his 2014 return to Warner Music until his death in 2016. Yup, shit-producing corporate degenerate Zionist Warner Bros.
Prince 'Rogers' Nelson (double entendre anyone?) Purple Rain and Love Symbol (covers) 
"My name is Prince and I am funky Illuminati" (note his masonic LDS/Mormonism)
1999...The Eye(s) & 666 (law of reversal)
 The 'masonic' Watch Tower Pyramid next to Jehovah's Charles 'freemason' Russell's grave.
Pyramid 'illuminati Prince...and The Jehovah 'pyramid/masonic' mote it be!

Well, this is 'fair game' when you pen songs that can also double as a potential incest reference!
Even more so, if you factor in 'purple programming' - J 'masonic' W's and monarch mind control.
Above, a shot of 'lavender boy' (gay) Prince in basketball attire - he loved to dunk in the ring-hoop (wink, wink). Recent news suggest that Prince was sexually active as a minor. Mynah (Minor) Bird, Rick 'programmer' James accused Prince of being sexually active with his own sister!

by Prince

I was only 16, but I guess that's no excuse
My sister was burnin' to love me and loose

She don't wear no underwear
She's so lonely, gets in her hair
And it's got a funny way of stoppin' the juice

My sister never made love to anyone else but me
She's the reason for my, uh, sexuality

Showed me where it's supposed to go
A blow job doesn't mean blow
Incest is everything it's said to be

Dirty Mind (LP, 1980). Also released on a 12 inch promo - "Head" and via Warner Bros, 1980 (like The 'incest' Shining).

Purple Prince, 'monarch' butterfly...New Girl. Deschanel, her mother featured in Twin 'demonic incest' Peaks!
Deschanel, would of course, feature in the 'Oz' (rainbow) based series Tin Man as DG (analogous to Dorothy 'Garland/Oz' Gale), it also featured Alan 'Eyes Wide Shut/Over The Rainbow' Cumming.
Post-2014 Super Bowl eps, it pulled in 25 million viewers. The 'monarch butterfly constantly follows him around. I only started added the Prince stuff in the last week or two (13 Apr, my original post date, before splitting this post) and before he died.

Sister (verse 2)
I was only 16 and only half a man
My sister didn't give a goddamn
She only wanted to turn me out
She took a whip to me until I shout
Oh, motherfucker's, just a motherfucker
Can't you understand?

(Incest - sister and mom most likely! WTF!?)

Sexy Muthafucka and the butterfly (again!) via Prince and MTV ''.
This is a seemingly resonant oddity - considering all aspects raised thus far! An HIV/Aids awareness drive.

 Over The (MTV LGBT) Rainbow. There have been some rumours in respect of Prince having hiv/aids.
MTV - an "empty V" - phonetics, an empty V(agina).
Prince and the Rainbow, one appeared over Paisley Park, hours after Prince's 'official passing'.
Prince - The Rainbow Children
"Don't you want to go where the rainbow ends?" (Homosexual Prince and Cruise)
Coincidentally or not...Eyes Wide Shut's Rade Serbedzija (Milich, who pimps his rainbow 'Lolita daughter', above) is currently featuring in Sky's The Five series (Harlan Coben).
 He plays he paedophile/serial killer (Jakob). The show also features abducted children and trapped 'sex slaves' (a la Eyes Wide Shut) and ones that relate to the entertainment industry via a successful record producer.

Children and (subliminal) Sex (Eyes Wide Shut), seen on Bill's return from the elite orgy, painted by Christiane Kubrick
The Harford's daughter Helena...the one who is (likely) abducted at the climax, via the elite cult.

Veit Harlan. The only major film director (of the 3rd Reich) to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Arguably, the Nazi's most successful propagandist. As we mentioned in the EWS post, the elite control the major aspects of  'both sides'. Kubrick and the Harlan's combining (Jan/Christiane, one who works/worked on major corporate film productions, the other also involved in film and the arts, as a painter), smacks of this very concept, particularly in respect of propaganda.
Illumi-(ashken)-nazis. The master symbol of the Illuminati (eye and pyramid) and Veit's son.

Kubrick/Harlan's - MKULTRA linked and 'Nazi resonant' - "A Clockwork (Eye & Pyramid) Orange".

Warner Bros and Monarch...
Kubrick (imo) shouldn't have worked with (and inter-married) the close relatives of 'top' Nazi-based film-makers/propagandists (see Veit Harlan). Propaganda work that led to the hatred and deaths of thousands of 'useless eater and expendable' Jews. Hooking-up with Harlan, makes Kubrick and his circle 'fair game' in respect of 'mass mind control', and potentially (Zionist/Nazi based) monarch mind control too!
The 'Shining' (Twinned) Monarchs. Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' has been cited as being a 'driver' of reality-based violence and mayhem a la Veit Harlan (Kubrick pulled the film).
Only 'enthralled' fanboys and apologists would 'overlook' these crucial and pertinent overlaps, links and facts.
Zionist degenerates aka WB, made (monarch) Eyes Wide Shut/The Shining and (monarch) Batman.
Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining would also both use the 'butterfly' motif (see Eyes Wide Shut post).
Monarch Joker Prince, did the OST for this Zionist Warner Bros' film (Batty-boner-man), with The 'Monarch' Shining's Jack 'incest' Nicholson as the Joker. Burton's 'Monarch' Batman...the Monarch Theatre
A cinema called 'Monarch'...are you also sensing the 4th wall type overlaps?
The film also contained a 9/11 subliminal cipher, Batman (Keaton) at the 9/11 door, below.
So, anyone still wondering why (likely Freemason) Zionist BBC agent Icke, is gushing over Prince?
Researchers like Icke have absolutely no idea (or no interest) in appreciating (or letting you know) how this 'mass' nefarious Zionist MSM propaganda campaign operates. He's is a gatekeeper!!!

"I've gotta go home y'all...
I've gotta go back to America
I've gotta go get ready for the bomb
Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb
America... you better watch out... 2001"

Prince's "Bin Laden, bomb and 2001" reference - in concert, Utrecht, December 1998.
The groove was (in part) linked to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - theme from Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey (film)!

2001 : A WTC - 9/11 'ground zero' Goyim Odyssey

2001 - Kubrick and Prince. Both were heavily involved with (mass corporate programmers) WARNER BROS!

Prince, 9/11...Bin Laden, Bombs and 2001
The clip, supposedly recorded at his show in the Netherlands, Dec 23, 1998...
Prince wasn't revealing for our benefit...he was mind controlled (an elite marionette) and this was likely an aspect of the wider (Zionist) processing/mind control (predictive programming) of the masses. Monarch mind control isn't just designed for these celebrities, it is also designed to manipulate the enthralled masses! Those folk who think Zionist MSM and Hollywood will save them (Prince as a truther etc), probably want locking up for their own and our safety, they are clueless and still thoroughly brainwashed by the 'cult of celebrity'.

Monarch Cinema Burton...Michael '911 Batman/WTC Squeeze' Keaton 

Robin 'Rainbow' Williams would 'try-out' for the role of Jack Torrance (played by Jack 'Joker/Batman' Nicholoson) in Kubrick's The Shining...known for its myriad of rainbow and 42 references (a monarch reference via the twins).  William's starred with Wendy 'Shelley Duval' Torrance in Pop-eye, his first starring film role.
The 'monarch' connection...Williams with an 'actual' monarch butterfly. Likely another homosexual.

This is of course, yet another potential link to mind control...the monarch system.  To some, these things are not exactly new, certain aspects may also relate to such concepts as 'over the rainbow' and 'rainbow type programming'.  I have already mentioned Williams (in earlier work) in regard to the concept of the rainbow, it featured very, very heavily in his career, almost as much as cocaine!

This is where things get a bit weird...there seems to be a connection between the The Fisher King (film) and the 1991 Luby's shooting (the 3rd largest body count shooting in US history), which was carried out by George Hennard.

Shades of Aurora?
The Aurora shootings, which relate to a midnight showing of Batman: TDKR
Luby's shooting occurred about 1 month after the film's official release.  Above, indicates that Hennard saw The Fisher King, not long before he carried out the shooting, within a month of it's release.

None of this would be relevant, but for the fact that a 'restaurant shooting' (similar to Hennard's) literally forms the main basis for The Fisher King's actual plot! Williams playing a basket case.
The Luby's reopened five months after the shooting, but closed permanently in September 2000. As of 2006, a Chinese-American buffet occupied the location. (note the Fisher King Chinese eatery!)

Gilliam's The Fisher King is a film that is full of trauma...
Some years ago, Jack Lucas, a popular "shock jock" radio talk show host (Bridges), inadvertently goaded a psychotic caller into committing an act of extreme violence: he shoots 7 restaurant patrons. One of the 7 victims is Parry's (Williams) wife. Lucas, after the events, disappears inside himself and breaks down. A few years later, he ends up working in (or owning) a video rental shop. Eventually, Lucas and Parry's (who now, is mentally disturbed bum) paths cross, and after Parry saves Lucas from thugs, they form a bond.

The Restaurant Shooting...The Fisher King (shown in flashback - from 2 min 15 secs)

The Fisher King starred Robin '911 Awakenings' Williams and Jeff 'Sept 11/Kong-WTC' Bridges
9/11 Awakenings and The Big 'Sept 11th' Lie-bowski. The Fisher King features a 9 & 11 hands clock.

The Fisher King (Hennard) and The Exorcist 3 (Dahmer), both featured a 'hyperreal' sequence that was filmed at or represents Grand Central Station, both play-out as dream-like fantasy.
Two completely different films, each with a 'weird' link to real life serial killings and a mass shooting. Each with a 'fantasy scene' depicting Grand Central Station? The films were released one year apart (1990/91).

Grand Central Station, a subliminal/indirect aspect, a Zodiac...Backward (law of reversal) Universe!
Grand Central was depicted/used in The Exorcist 3 and The Fisher King
Is there any relevance to both of these 'hyperreal' scenes depicting GCS (Exorcist 3/Fisher King)? Jeff 'Sept 11/Kong WTC' and Robin '911 Awakenings' Williams featured in Fisher King. There's a 9 & 11 link via the GCS evoking  'dream scene' in Exorcist 3, as you'll see very soon.

The 'actual' Zodiac killer(s) called The Exorcist film "the best satirical comedy that I have ever seen".
It's almost as though the release of The Exorcist (original, Dec 26 1973), has some relevance to the 'final' Zodiac letter being sent. Nearly 3 years passed between the previous 'Pines' letter and The Exorcist referencing note being sent, and just over one month after the film's general wide release. 
The Mikado is a comedy that deals with themes of death and cruelty. This works only because Gilbert treats these themes as trivial, even lighthearted issues.

"The point is that the Manson Family had numerous affiliations with an array of Satanic groups. In fact, Terry's evidence indicates that the Family was (and is) a Satanic cult itself, a faction of the Process-spawned Chingon cult and a sister group to the New York chapter responsible for the Son of Sam slayings. The Family was, appropriately enough, deeply involved in drug trafficking, as Henry Lee Lucas claimed his cult to be. It's likely not a coincidence that Ottis Toole was known to have paid visits to the Process Church headquarters in New Orleans. Further evidence presented by Terry indicates that another sister group was in operation in the sixties and seventies in the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area, with this interlocking network quite possibly responsible for the Zodiac murders as well." (There's Something About Henry, Dave McGowan) 

In respect of the above, when the Zodiac Killer supposedly made the televised call to Melvin Belli, the caller asked to be referred to as SAM. (Oct 22, 69)

Originally, Zodiac's unsigned notes announced himself as "the killer". But soon after, he was compelled (if not convinced) to create an identity. Following letters featured a circle with crosshairs and the name "Zodiac", it was soon discovered later that the image and name combination was directly borrowed from the Swiss watch brand of the same name and same logo. Zodiac watches were the only known source where both were used. Although the crimes were never officially solved, the prime suspect (to this day, Arthur Leigh Allen) did own a Zodiac Seawolf watch. It wasn't a very common brand to own and many other clues have linked this man to the murders.
The prime suspect's watch...Zodiac Sea Wolf and cross-hair (also see below) symbol (Fincher's film)

Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, in 1953 he worked as a sail maker at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, Calif. In 1957 he enlisted in the US Navy, he was dishonourably discharged in just under two years. In 1968, and now as a teacher, Allen was fired from his job for child molestation (one of his students). In 1974 Allen was arrested (pleaded guilty) and eventually served time (in a state hospital) for molesting another child, he was released late 1977.
The sea, diving, skin diver (as in stabbing), Zodiac...Leigh with the (sea) Naval/Navy links!
It's self-windng (clockwork, mind control) and 'ultra smart' (encryption), a literal 'sea wolf'.

Fincher's Zodiac film...there's a 9:11 clock reference in Fincher's Se7en. Fincher's Fight 'Arnon 911 Milchan' Club, features the 'twin collapsing towers' via 'ground zero' at the climax. There were Se7en known and accepted victims (5 deaths, 2 survivors) of the Zodiac killer. 
Exorcist III's, Gemini, is directly inspired by The Zodiac killer. 

The (Forwards/Backwards) 9 and 11 to Elsewhere 'Dream Sequence''s 'time' resonant
(Sorry, clip has since ben removed.)

The 'reversed ceiling zodiac' (gemini) Grand Central Station resonating...reversed footage/speech!
The (9 relevant) station board is 'reversed' "The 12:18 to Elsewhere now departing from track 11"

These are the first words of the 'backwards/forwards' dream scene..."Your attention please!"
The Exorcist 3 - The (Backwards) flipped 9-11 to Elsewhere (Dream Sequence)
Tbh...I should've expected this New York 9/11 link...the dream scene features Samuel L Jackson, in an early cameo-like role, he is the character that utters "the living are deaf." 
Jackson's career heavily links to 9/11 ciphers...A 'Sept 11' Time To Kill, Die Hard With A '9/11' Vengeance, The Long 'WTC'/911' Kiss Goodnight. Samuel 'The Hanged Man' Jackson (see other posts).
WTC/911 Jackson...Bruce Willis is another Hollywood '9/11-WTC matrix' regular
Above, the Twin Towers, below, the scene before the subterranean terrorist explosion near Wall St.

Jackson, The Long Kiss Goodnight (year after Die '9/11' Hard 3), director Renny 'Die Hard 2' Harlin.
The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction - Mark Dice
Shane Black, who scripted "The Long (Terrorist WTC) Kiss Goodnight" also scripted "Lethal Weapon" - which has a 9/11 cipher, one which is coupled with an aircraft and an exploding building scene. I've shown it here a few times before.

In Renny Harlin's Exorcist: The Beginning, the female lead, Dr. Sarah Novak, (Izabella Scorupco) deals out three tarot cards twice in succession. They are La Mort (death), La Mason Dieu (the tower), and Le Diablo (the devil) which basically spells out what is going on in the plot of the movie. 
In this instance the Tower card is represented by the church (where we see the inverted 'hanged man' imagery, also seen in Dominion too, lower shot). A church being unearthed in a place where a church should not be. Considering its age to be 5 A.D. and where Christianity was not found in that part of Africa at that time according to fallen priest, Father Lancaster Merrin (played by Stellan Skarsgård).

Max 'The Exorcist'/Father Merrin' Von Sydow. Playing chess with the Black Angel of Death.
Revelation 'opening of the seventh seal' etc. Sydow, featured in the 9/11 referencing film 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' (2011), with Tom '911 Big/Twin Towers-Mazes & Monsters' Hanks. Sydow also played a hitman in 3 Days Of The 'WTC/CIA' Condor, which opens with a CIA backed massacre that links to a 1911 model pistol.

Ciphers, Tarot and Zodiac...the Zodiac Killer heavily employed ciphering/cryptograms
Exorcist 3: Black Angel of Death (aka 'Twin Towers' Ewing), 'hanged man card' features in the 'dream scene' via Patrick '33/Nicks' Ewing (Nick aka the devil). Hanged man card is seen Temple's office too.
Tree of Life and the Tarot. Note the clustering of  the relevant 'devil', 'death' and 'the (struck) tower'.
Recall, Exorcist:The Beginning, La Mort (death), La Mason Dieu (the tower), and Le Diablo (the devil), it's the same tarot pattern.
Some may recall the 'devil in the smoke' from 911, it was even mentioned/shown on CNN.
The Tower follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and is associated with sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change.

Patrick 'Nick/Devil, Angel of Death, NBA Twin Towers/WTC Twin Towers' Ewing
Patrick '9-11 dream Exorcist 3' Ewing...The New York skyline will never be the same!
Twin Towers Reduced To Rubble...Ewing and Cartwright
Twin Towers (tall man 'double team') terminology was so ingrained in the fabric of the NBA that, in hindsight, many of the headlines relating to its usage are more than a little cringe-worthy. A 1987 NY Times article recapping a 125-98 Knicks loss to the Hawks, in which the Knicks' duo of Patrick Ewing and Bill Cartwright (Twin 7 footers), were shut down and was given the unfortunate title: "Twin Towers Reduced to Rubble."

NBA 'Twin Towers' Ewing and Cartwright and WTC Twin Towers, notice his bent leg in pics.
It's almost like he was a type of foreshadow, for the 'falling man' of 911!
It's Ewing (as death) in The Exorcist 3, that deals the tarot (WTC/911 resonant) Hanged Man Card.
The Falling Man aka The Hanged (911-Towers) Man...inverted, leg crossed and hands behind back!

Ewing's WTC/911 theme reminds me of this...Twin Towers, terrorist attacks, crumbling down etc

Fisher (Luby's/Hannard) King linked Jeff '911/Big Lie-bowski' Bridges starred in King 'Twin Towers' Kong
Director Guillermin - made resonant "The Towering Inferno" (1974) before King "Twin Towers" Kong (1976).

Taking us all the way back to William 'The Exorcist' Friedkin's breakout film: The French Connection.
The 1971 film, is often cited as being the first (or one of the very first) to feature the WTC Towers on film. Directed by The Exorcist's Friedkin, the Boorman sequel would briefly feature the WTC. During filming the Twin Towers were in the process of being built. A few months ago, we saw a real 'French 911 Connection' with the (templar/masonic resonant) Friday 13th Paris terror event - since compared to 911. 

Hackman aka Popeye 'French Connection' Doyle...Enemy of The State, the building he occupies (in this scene, below) will soon explode and collapse, very soon after the 9/11 date discovery.
Directed by Tony 'Beverly (Sept 11) Hills Cop 2' Scott...

These overlaps and connections are simply INSANE! Can this all be put down to just 'mere coincidence' and/or the ravings of an internet blogger? Or is there something deeper and more sinister at work? I noted a Lt Col. from Fort Hood was among the Luby's victims, but it might not be relevant.

Born in 1956, the son of an Army surgeon, Hennard was a handsome, outgoing child. His early life was an unsettled one, because his father’s work at military bases in San Antonio, Germany, France, Thailand and New Mexico meant they never stayed in one place for long. Soon after high school, Hennard joined the Navy. The same is true of the Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, as we noted earlier - Navy etc. (The almost obligatory military links, see Dave McGowan's Programmed To Kill, my emphasis).

I just randomly took a look at another shooting, the shooting in 1984 that was the 3rd deadliest, but since demoted by the Luby's event. 
1984 saw the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre carried out by James Huberty. This is what I picked out, three days before the shooting (which occurred July 18) Huberty claimed to be having a mental problem. Two days later and the day before the shooting, Huberty called a mental health clinic requesting an appointment, he left details with the receptionist (who wrongly recorded the name as Shouberty). Huberty waited hours for a callback, one which never came. He next left the house on his motorcycle (destination unknown) and returned and hour later, seemingly normal. Later that night Huberty and his wife watched a film together, I do not know which film, but I'm itching to find out. The next morning and the day of the shooting, he and his wife visited a zoo and Huberty mentioned that his 'life was over' (referring to the unreturned call from the clinic), after returning home he took a number of firearms wrapped in a bundle and drove to the San Ysidro McDonald's and carried out the massacre.

I see plenty to suggest the (potential) involvement of mind control, Huberty's robotic like behaviour (waiting hours by the phone for callback) potential trigger events (a no callback, can be as an effective a trigger, as a call back, who knows what was said on the initial call?) and potential programming cues (the film). What caused him to select this particular 'mental health clinic' in the first place (could it have been a front for something more sinister)? What are we to make of the incorrect recording (twinning) of his name and whether or not he actually did give this incorrect name! Where did he go for that hour , when he went off on his cycle? All and any of the details of this are very, very murky, but yet still very much palpable.

Back to the Purple One...
Two 'direct' Monarch references relating to Prince...three if you include the MTV promo!
New Girl to Hit Girl (Kick Ass) via the color purple (crown chakra) and Nic 'Monarch' Cage.
Paedo-chic via children (of elite parents). Giant cocks and cunts? Spoken by a child? Can you say Babylon!
Signal in the sky (a giant cock) a la comic book Batty-man (bat signal)...comic book Kick Ass.
Nic 'Illuminati/Masonic' Cage...Chrysalis' 2nd Annual Night of The (Monarch) Butterfly
Nic 'Sept 11 Face/Off' (see above) Cage...he 'twinned' in the film with Scientology Travolta
9/11/01 'Knowing' Cage...who featured in Masonic Stone's World Trade Center 'whitewash film'.
All simply just coincidence and random chance, nothing to see here...yeah, right!
Oliver 'Wall (WTC/911) Street' Stone. Below, is how the film is (WTC) bookended:
Charlie 'degenerate' Sheen remarked that Stone, kept obsessively looking at his watch during filming.
Wall '9:11 Clock' Street...wink, wink. We even see one hit exactly at 9:11:00
Jumping out of windows...and calling 911 (note, separate scenes)
Templar 'sodomite' Freemason Oliver 'WTC/911' Stone...directed Any Given (masonic) Sun-Gay.
All in-league with Dick '911/Gaynies programmer/masonic-666 kabbalist/Satanist' Donner. 
Old 'Free Willy/666 O-Men' Dick 'lethal weapon' terms of 'whales', he obviously likes the hump-back!

Football, it's a man's gay-me.
Any Given Sun-Gay, with Al 'Gay Cruising/Sirius Dog Day(s) Sex Change/Faggot resonant' Pacino
Life is a contact sport...cough, cough. A spread-eagled player.
Grid-Iron, an 'iron' is Cock-ney slang for a homosexual (iron hoof, poof)

"The six inches in front of your face (man's penis)...Now I can't make you do it. (it's forced)
You gotta look at the guy next to you. (check him out) Look into his eye(s). (brown eye)
Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. (a willing gay partner)
You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team.That's a team, gentlemen." (take one for the team)

This is what happens when 'Zionist masonic sodomites' collectively rule the Hollywood propaganda machine!
Like I've already stated Hollywood led homosexuality programming and on a mass level. 
(masonic symbolism)
The Eye of Horus/Sirius...'anatomically' it's also the sphincter/asshole (eye/brown eye).
Popping theeye (asshole)...the 'eye', the 'helmet' (glans) and 'balls'.
The 'pyramid with eye' - also represents the head (glans) of the penis.
Stone, tried to get 'sodomite' - Poof 'Get Him to the Greek style' Daddy - for Jamie (likely homosexual) Foxx's 'Steamin' Willie' (a steamin' willy/penis) Be(a)-men role.
LL Cool Gay, took the role that was earmarked for Ving 'Pulp (gay ass fucked, Wallace) Fiction' Rhames. Rhames is another who is very likely homosexual (my gaydar is very insistent!). His work with Tom 'gay scientologist' Cruise, has been noted. 'Pulped Ass Friction' from Quentin 'homosexual propagandist' Tarantino, who clearly should've played Mr Pink in Reservoir 'rainbow' Dogs. 'Pulped Ass Friction' featured 'gay scientologist' Travolta. Any Given Sun-Gay, would feature NFL's hall of fame players (faggot referencing via script) Dick But(t)-kus (dick and butt) and Warren Moon (moon, to show your ass). Onomastic/toponomic (names/places etc) type 'word game play' are key areas for 'stealth programming' by our Illuminist/MSM programmers! Jim 'Strokes' Brown(eye), also happens to feature, "I don't get strokes motherfucker, I give them" (wink, wink).
Templar Knights, 13 & 33, the eye(s), penis, sodomy and Templarism...the brotherhood of buggery! 
With Zionist Donner on-board the obligatory - 'hell, the devil and 666' are all referenced!

Hollywood clearly thinks itself 'too clever' (and its nefarious propaganda too complex) to be exposed like this, but I've got news for them!

Back to Nic'd have been pissed, if I didn't find Old Nic (the devil) and 666!
666 and via 'hex' Saturn (who else!) 3.3 (masonic 33)...wink, wink.
Cage with his son...Weston 'Eye of Noctum' Cage (satanic much?).
Actually named Kal-El aka 'Voice of God'(a la Superman, the ubermensch, directed by Richard '666' Donner)

We just saw 'purple prince' and his pyramid, here's Nic 'Masonic/Kick Ass' Cage and his pyramid!
The Tomb of St Nic/Old Nic. Well, he is a 'national treasure', afterall (sarcasm)
The Masonic Eye...Cage and Moretz
Monarch Moretz? Pushing the child sex agenda...Giant Cocks & Cunts, all uttered by a violent child.
Teen Vogue, Paedo Polanski did photo shoots for French Vogue, including the teen, drugged anal rape incident.
Moretz is supposed to be playing an 11 year old girl and her mother was ok with it all!
Moretz has publicly supported LGBT equality rights. She considers herself a feminist.
I, on the other hand, consider her to be brainwashed like all these MSM marionettes!

From Purple 'monarched' Prince to Purple 'monarched' Mimi (Carey)
 Carey is now under the wing of (obvious) Illuminati agent '0.1 percenter'  Packer...her latest handler!
Masonic MonarCh, 'gilded golden cage' Mariah (alter Mimi).
Illuminati Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut aka 'monarch programming for dummies'

Eric 'Star80/Stratten' Roberts as Zeigler, the guy from Prison Break as Cruise (mask removal)
If you haven't seen and know, Eyes Wide Shut, you won't understand this obvious tribute!

Vanessa 'Monarch' Hudgens...Is she still sending naked photos to Weinstein?
If you are yet to understand and appreciate that the 'monarch programme' is overground (in plain sight, standard elite operating practice) and has been for decades, I really don't think I can help you at this blog. This 'monarch programme theory' isn't an opinion, it is a GIVEN. The vehicle for this programme IS the Zionist/Illuminist/Corporate (sociopath) owned/driven MSM/Hollywood and TV...the one that has been programming the masses for decades, from cradle to grave! If you're still trapped and enthralled by the quasi-religious 'cult of celebrity', and its apparatus, then that is your personal issue...a self imposed (albeit influenced) paradigm and one of your own making.

Amanda 'Nickelodeon Abused/Monarch' Bynes...with the 'upper lip' version of 'the pearl necklace' (ejaculate)

Horseloverphat...goes off to the MSM (Daily Fail), on a 'Monarch' mission, with surprising results.
This was from another typical 'fluff' story on Miley 'Monarch' Cyrus:
I wasn't expecting that! Oh, and Keekee, you're are boring, there is no probably! :)

A day or so before Prince's death, the 'masonic' sponsored and degenerate Kardashian freak show/circus rolled out this 'purple' number, all courtesy of Zionist owned MSM, as usual.
Then the 'purple one' goes and dies...Royal Prince 'deceased' and on the Royal Queen's 90th birthday.
Expect the standard MSM and mass sycophant/fawning, in respect of his passing. The evil Windsor sodom paedos:
The Purple Ones...Purple Reign (Purple...the Crown chakra)
British 'masonic/illuminati' Intelligence...the 'i/eye' in the pyramid, the hex/seal of Solomon.
I covered the 'royals' and '666' in earlier work...I found stacks of references.
The Future...Purple (Prince inspired) Reign (mix tape released Jan 2016)
Masonic Purple, you may recall all the 'purple' (programming aspects) shown in the previous Illuminati Kubrick's (masonic) Eyes Wide Shut post. Masonic elite Zeigler (Pollack), below.
Above, The Color Purple...The Eye (Nicole) and Pyramid (Tom's nose). Below, The Eye(s) In The Pyramid. Illuminati agent Kubrick's film, a literal guide on to how to create a 'monarch slave'.
Over the rainbow to the color/colour purple...
The Eye & Pyramid
"Pyramids" received universal acclaim from music criticsComplex Magazine named the track "song of the week" upon release.[11] Complex later named the song the fourth best song of 2012. Siân Rowe of NME compared the track to Prince’s "Purple Rain" and reported that that the song "is the kind of track you’ll lose hours and hours of your life to.  (some monarch-like imagery)
Sephiroth/Tree of Life..."She's working at the pyramid" (magickal working!)

From Jazz 'Zionist' Jennings to the Jenners...Trans-Jenn-der benders:
"Call me mind controlled"
My overtly SICK 'mind controlled' family will degenerate your family via exposure.

Is this an entire family of mkultra/monarchs? Very likely, imo.
 The 'masonic' Kardashians/Jenners are (without doubt) the biggest 'inadequacy lie' makers, that the world has ever been subjected to, at least imo.
Kylie Jenner...The Eye of Whores R Us. (eye and 'yonic' triangle, geddit!)
The 'superficial' Female Improvement System...via industry brainwashing/mass mind control.

2004 '4th wall' how the MSM/Hollywood/TV would mind control and process the masses:

A documentary, they always 'signpost' their plans in advance. 'Programmed female flesh robots'
Chris 'creepy as fuck' Walken.
What happened with Natalie Wood on that boat, eh Chris, maybe it was Natalie that caught you and Wagner going at it?
Eye and Pyramid Walken (Battyman film series)

Caitlyn/ the 'androgynous baphomet type'
Baphomet has female breasts and the male sex organ a la Bruce

 Masonic Kanye 'Kardashian' West with Horus...he is probably homosexual too.

The Butterfly
Aren't the Kardashian the 'degenerate queens of social media'?
Social Media and child rapists...Kardashian/Jenner's arguably (an understatement) promote 'paedo-chic and child sexual programming', of that there is no doubt.

Notice the butterfly-like 'dot' for the 'i'
Jenner's Tessellated Masonic Temple
 Masonic Tracing Board
I never made these people what they've become, the sick industry and it's equally sick (zero critical thinking) followers and fans have done!

Didn't that 'fat ugly hoe' Khloe Kardashian have some kind of link to French Montana, just another Masonic/Zionist they all are, fucking sellouts!

Rick 'Freemason' Ross...Lil 'masonic sodomite' Gayne, yawn.
Jay Z/Rick Ross - Free Mason

When Gay-Z claims that this is his own personal 'rocafella sign' he is BLATANTLY lying!
In reality, he is carrying out a mass form of 'thelemic sourced' ritual magick. (for his masters)
A.A./Golden Dawn/OTO elemental grade sign...Fire
Attitude of Pan - symbolising the "penis". Crowley's headwear as the penile glans and eye, arms as the shaft.

"One of the founding tenets of the OTO is to shape and manage American popular culture" 
Craig Heimbichner - OTO Blood on the Altar.

What you should be realising by now is that 'popular culture' isn't some sort of random talent 'merry-go-round', but a distinct programme. One that is launched by those with the (Zionist/Masonic-based) corporate power to deliver it. The stars and celebrities etc, that the 'unwashed masses' invest in are ultimately the creations (part creations and assets) of this same power. Creations (and assets) that act as agents for the wider 'societal' mind control via worship. The 'full spectrum dominant' MSM apparatus is able to control/influence promotion, distribution, airplay, TV spots, magazine and newspaper column inches, including online etc. Access to this system, of course, will be limited to pre-defined, pre-selected and selected agents and their immediate/related circle.'s not just American culture, oh no!

Paedos and their friends...
Simon 'EMI' Cowell, and Jonathan 'BBC/EMI Paedo' King. How's Max 'Paedo' Cilfford guys?
King used to condition his boy (sodomy) victims using 'Everyone's Gone to the Moon' (ass) references, a hit of his.

Simon 'Masonic, homosexual/degenerate, X Factor' Cowell.
This cretin (as a teen) worked as a "runner" on Illuminati Kubrick's film "The 'Cock' Shining" (1980).
His job was "polishing Nicholson's axe". Axe - aka "chopper" (slang, penis) and "polishing". 
Shine that chopper, Simon. I'll leave you to work it out!
The Shining, which featured the (gay) Play Girl magazine - one relating to "incest". 
Danny 'The Shining' Lloyd, the abused boy who disassociates via lipstick, the mirror and butterflies!
Raging homosexual (with beard wife/girlfriends) Cowell and young boy bands...wink, wink.
The Butterfly People...X-Factor Cowell's Harry 'One Dimension' Styles & Caroline 'monarch' Flack!
Harry 'OLD MAN LOVER' Styles...a mogul cock jockey and fluffer. Talentless rent boy.

De-genertion X (Factor's Rita) 'Simon (PaedoMason/EMI) Cowell' Ora
Monarched...Rita 'Butterfly' Ora
The Kabbalist Sephiroth/Tree of that the OTO dove just above it?

Homosexuals...Cowell and Elton, I'm sure they've done this sort of thing before!
Butterfly...Elton 'Craptain Fucktastic and the Uphill Brown Dirt Arse Cowboy' John
Monarch 'butterfly' Mimi with Monarch Elton
Elton, you're the programmed monarch butterfly...with Oz 'yellow brick road' programming.

There was a story in the UK (and worldwide) press recently, something to do with a married couple and one of the pairing indulging in gay threesomes and baby oil kiddie-pool fetishes. I'd love to 'furnish' you with the information, but certain authorities and degenerates, like to use the press like they own it! I am not at liberty to divulge their identity. :)

The Grande-master
The Illuminati's latest 'monarch' recruit...Ariana 'Zionist/Kabbalistic' mind controlled Grande
Break Free video has now been removed (see pic, below)
She initially rose through the ranks of 'Illuminati based' child programmers Nickelodeon.
This is one of her likely abusers/controllers...Dan 'Zionist paedophile' Schneider
Ariana 'licking donut rings' (assholes) Grande 

I'm Your Little Butterfly...
Break programming, caged and the butterfly...check!
 Cat (cat/kitten programming) and the overt 'paedophilic' overtones
Note the barely veiled sexual content...comes across like a scene from a porn casting couch!
Licking 'donut rings' (as we've mentioned) Juicing the potato (cock) and a porn-like 'gagging' moment with the water bottle. The 'spud' (potato) might also link to 'rosebud' (spud, slang, the asshole). These filthy degenerate Zionists also control the US pornography industry. Ron 'OSS/Zionist' Jeremy was one of their major assets.
 They 'sexually' programme your 'goy' children with this degeneracy!
Update July 2017 - note how the recent UK, Manchester 'terrorist event' happened at an Ariana Grande gig!

Oz: "This is the same, genuine magic authentic crystal used by the priests of Isis and Osiris in the days of the Pharaohs of Egypt..."

 Ariana...Dorothy, red slippers and Lost in Oz (standard Oz programming).
Windy twisters, rainbows, and the yellow (sodom) prick road via Friends of Dorothy (homosexuals). BARF!

Two 'Oz monarchs' in a pod
 Talking of Oz (Aus)...Ozzie Azalea
Iggy 'Monarch' Azalea...these programmed 'Zio-Illuminati' marionettes are everywhere!
Tessellated (masonic) Kitten/Cat/Leopard
 "Here...kitty, kitty."

  I wonder what the 'synchromystics' think of all this (sodomite/gender bending/paedo) masonic/oto 'monarch mind control' content within the body of degenerate 'Zionist owned/controlled' media. Are they still going to protest that there is nothing to see and it is all part of an on-going 'Zen-like' journey to enlightenment!?

So folks...when is the Zionist/masonic 'corporate system and apparatus' that literally controls and owns all these people (who, in-turn programme the masses via MSM), going to provide the viewing public, with any kind of information as to why they are programming 'mass society' with deviant masonic, illuminist style propaganda? The fact that nothing has or will be mentioned in respect of all this, is a clear indication (as clear as you will ever get) that this 'society wide' brainwashing epidemic, is one that has nefarious intentions. Programming mass society using 'barely veiled' stealth, is not the 'modus operandi' for any type of progressive society, quite the opposite, in fact!

The mass lie of anti-Semitism
What did I say about not being able to publicly criticise the Jews, Zionists and Israel?
Yes, all mentioned before the giant 'Labour anti-semitism furore' went into overdrive. Trust me, I'm no fan of Labour...all political parties are compromised, I don't even play that game.

Quick, somebody arrest this Jew hating and anti-Semitic mob...oh, hang on, wait a minute?

Since when, has criticising Israeli government policy, been an issue of race? The answer (in truth) is it never has been and it never should be! Since when, have 'all' Jews and Zionists been the exact same thing, again the true answer is NEVER, they can be two very distinct groups (as orthodox Jews know and only too well). All we're seeing is a Zionist (paedo protector Murdoch, Sky and the Zionist Paedo BBC) funded and controlled 'mass propaganda/ group mind control' campaign. Although, ultimately it is just more of the same old, same old. Take this as a timely reminder, to know who your rulers are!

No criticism of JEWS, ZIONISTS OR ISRAEL, can or will be tolerated (by mass corporate MSM), when are you 'thick and dumbed-down useless eater goy' going to understand this most basic and most obvious of facts?

That said...all you Kabbalistic/Masonic/Sociopath/Zionists (who also just happen to be Jewish) and their supporters can...FOAD!