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Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Richard Donner, Robert Zemeckis et al - Symbolism, mystery religion & connections to 9/11

Back to the Future, Gremlins 1 & 2, Poltergeist series, The Goonies, Hook, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Room 666, The Money Pit, Munich, Deep Impact, Men In Black, Twilight Zone, Richard Donner, Zemeckis, 666, Joe Dante, Kubrick, Heather O'Rourke, Scatman Crothers, The Shining, Robin Williams, Superman, Rosemary's Baby, James Cameron, Schwarznegger, Jack Nicholson, The Native Indian, Indiana Jones, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Big, King Kong, Landis, Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, 9/11 & WTC, 42, The Rainbow Bridge, Stairway to Heaven/Sirius, Sirius/Dogstar, Freemasonry/Mystery Religion, Roman Polanski, Mia Farrow, Woody Allen...etc, etc

Note...this blog isn't about some kind of 'zen' like idea of synchronicity...this is really about Hollywood magickians nefariously tinkering with the minds of the populace...and all without any word (to you) of what they are really doing.  That's 'brainwashing' to most folk...because this is exactly what it is and most of it is seemingly subliminal/subconscious in nature!  A 'trojan-like' programme, operating in the background undercurrent of Hollywood productions and other related media, including TV, music etc.

 Brothers of the 'giant cultural imperialist lodge'...aka Hollywood

 Likely a centralized practice (it's a small world, as you'll see) of semi-perverting 'the mysteries'...for the purpose of processing the 'group mind' via ciphers, thematics, archetypes etc...inter-woven in extensive 'meme-like' patterns, that stretch over the long term and interrelate within media and across various forms of media...basically a kind of 'occultizing' of the masses and of the 'group mind' via forms of 'popular culture'.

To achieve these ends (as outlined above) it seems likely that a good deal of preparation and planning must go into the 'practice' that we're examining and that there must also surely be a careful selection process involved too...we can only wildly speculate on such matters.  The extent to which the 'players' (meaning actors) know of these programmes and the apparent applied ciphers, thematics and archetypes that accompany their 'film' also something that we can only speculate on. Suffice to say that some, perhaps must be limited with their career influence and control and it is the core Hollywood studios and their senior level personnel (directors/producers etc) that are running the show.  No definitive answers can be given...we can only speculate and guesstimate!
first up...

Jurassic Park 1993
Visitors Center Entrance

T-Rex as death (Hiram/Osiris) at the base of the steps...T Rex aka 'terrible lizard king' (the green lizard king Osiris)...4 pillars & Sirius 'radiates' from the door.
A small stairway to Sirius...the T Rex vertebrae evoking the ladder/spine

Stairway (correct orientation) and 3 pyramid-like structures, 3 like the belt stars of Orion/Giza
The Kong reference

Want another Goldblum primate reference...and one connected to genetics?
 Not McFly, but The Fly
 Genetic transformation

Jurassic Park
The DNA - genetic reference

Independence Day (1996)
It's Goldblum that opens the (eden/apple/gene of isis) laptop in Independence Day to deliver a subliminal!
Oh look the masonic 'skull and bones'....the crossed crook/flail of Osiris (see also 'hiram-osiris' coffin on apron)

  David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), a satellite technician for a television network in Manhattan, discovers transmissions hidden in satellite links that he realizes the aliens are using to coordinate an attack.

Extra-terrestrial Relays...ala Arthur C 'Satellite'
Oh look another connection to TV broadcasts, as a way to contact/attack earth!!!

Manhattan, the Kong meme (Jurassic Park) and 9/11 aboard the aircraft (cough,cough).
Also a satellite techie for a TV network...(again cough, cough).
9/11 aboard an aircraft
Man as GOD 'mantra'...more on that later.

1993 (same year as Jurassic Park)
 Manhattan...The WTC and WFC...and the sirius glyphs.
"Wish for (on) a dinosaur (star) and watch all your dreams come true" 

 Millions of years in the past, Rex was a savage and frightening creature who terrorized smaller dinosaurs; he is seen giving chase to a Thescelosaurus. His rampage is interrupted when a futuristic aircraft arrives, and he is then greeted by a small green alien-like creature named Vorb (Jay Leno) who lures him into the craft and force feeds him "Brain Grain", a cereal that increases a creature's intelligence. Rex is given his name and introduced to other dinosaurs that have been fed Brain Grain.

 Green man allusion (Osiris)....third eye (brain grain/pine-al) allusions...Pine-cone Staff of Osiris

Landis' Into The Night (1985) with Goldblum
See You Next Wednesday (SYNW)...the 2001:ASO Kubrick/Landis link
Goldblum now 'charged' with SYNW and with the 'kong' meme attached later, via Jurassic Park...he is now a full member of Landis' SYNW/Kong Club!

John Landis appears in the film himself as the mute member of the quartet of Iranian henchmen.

Cameo's from...
 Jim 'Sirius/Rainbow Muppets' Henson
David 'Videodrome/The Fly' Cronenberg (who would soon team up with Goldblum).
Jonathan 'Something WTC Wild' Demme . Carl 'I co-wrote and cameo'd in Jaws' Gottleib!
Dan 'Trading WTC 9/11 Places' Aykroyd features in a full part. 
Bowie is also in this film...connecting him directly to SYNW and Landis.

2 David's...Bowie/Bowman and his Space Oddity/Odyssey.
We saw in the previous post how Bowie's son, via Moon, pays homage to 2001 and the sequel 2010.
C U Next Tuesday is a slang rendering of places like the UK, a term of abuse.
See You Next Wednesday, is possibly a play on that phrase...9/11/2001 was a Tuesday!

Bear all this in mind with the Hilton Millenium Hotel (Monolith) overlooking Ground Zero and that we're dealing with the year 2001!
The prehistoric rock transformer
Sam 'Jurassic Park' Neill
The 666 reference...Damien Thorn aka the Anti-Christ 'the thorn in Christ-consciousness'

A Spielberg one...this time himself! wink, wink
In Cannes no less...

Comes from the word Cahen (or Caan), known even in the Mexicos, as meaning Serpent or Priest. Today we have Cohen. This is the Hebrew line of temple Priests. It also gives Canaan, called by the Patriarchs a land of Serpent worship. The worshippers of the Serpents were the Stellar or Sidereal Cult, which preceded the Solar, Lunar and Saturnian Cults. The Stellar Cult were renowned as the keepers of the great wisdom, as masters of the zodiac. This is the reason why we even hear Christ reminding his disciples to be as "...wise as serpents." However, it became imperative that the later Church Fathers utterly remove from history or theology any mention of their existence. The Indian or Persian term Khan, comes from this Can also. The place in France called Cannes, is named so because of it being a place of the Stellar Cult. It is not by chance that the film festivals are held there. Almost all the film production companies use sabean symbolism and the personages behind them, regard themselves as the new priests of the Gnosis. (See; Industrial Light and Magic, Dreamworks, Touchstone, Paramount, Columbia, Universal, Orion, Lion's Gate, Viacom, Hollywood Pictures, Tristar, MGM, RKO, CBS, Arista, Gramercy, Castle Rock, Trilogy,  CTS, Cannon, Starz, FOX, Meridian, etc, etc, etc,) "Hollywood," has that name for a reason. In ancient times the Druids of the Stellar Cult used to cut their magic wands from only one kind of tree. The wands were made from only one kind of wood, the wood from the Holly Tree. So we still find that those magi in the movie business are putting their "spells" on us. The makers of cinema know all about the libido, sexuality, desires and drives of the human beings that they are trying to pacify and control. The fact that "programs" are called "programs" is fascinating in itself. Programs are what one puts in a computer. They see the human mind as a computer and have been installing their virus-ridden programs every day for decades.

 Etymology - Key to the Past - Michael Tsarion

British intelligence asset Arthur C. Clarke, through the command dogma embedded in his immensely influential “science fiction” work, Childhood’s End, attempts, through self-fulfilling futurism, to make inevitable the end of serendipity and wonder, after sufficient processing by modern technology and mental viruses.
 Michael A Hoffman - Secret Socieites & Psychological Warfare 

Marriage of the sun and the moon...logo idea stolen from Michael Jackson!
 A lobster catcher?

Industrial Light & Magic (Magick)

 In ancient times the Druids of the Stellar Cult used to cut their magic wands from only one kind of tree. The wands were made from only one kind of wood, the wood from the Holly Tree. So we still find that those magi in the movie business are putting their "spells" on us.
Michael Tsarion

In addition to their work for George Lucas, ILM also collaborates with Steven Spielberg on most films that he directs, and for many that he produces as well.  The Illuminated Illuminati?

In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired ILM as part of its purchase of Lucasfilm.
666...the D in Disney is a backwards 6 as well.
A 3 and a backwards 6. A barely hidden encode in the Disney/Pixar 3D kids animation logo for three 6's...666

So mote it be...Brother Walt
Recall Rainbow Road to Oz on 9/11 1957 (44 years before 9/11/01).
Brother Walt and the tessellated lodge floor design, under the book that he's about to give the programmed mouseketeers and the viewer.
 The sirius rainbow/arch in this logo

Recall Jolly 'Osiris' Roger again

1991 & 'skull n bones piracy'
The film acts as a sequel to J. M. Barrie's 1911 novel Peter and Wendy, focusing on a grown-up Peter Pan who has forgotten his childhood.

Hook obviously evokes Peter Pan...recall the Disney cartoon from 1953
Opening of the mouth/wormhole with Capt Hook (maker hook-ahnetjer adze)
The mummified dead would require the ritual 'opening of the mouth ceremony' so that they could speak and eat in the afterlife.

Hook...with Robin 'wtc/sirius alien' Williams
Oh look....the rainbow bridge, archer/bowman and the pyramid (male/obelisk/osiris) and the ben ben (female/isis).
Rainbows, stars, the moon and the egg.

You might recall from the Batman TDKR post...that this (Hook) was Nathan Crowley's (related to Aleister) debut!
 Nathan Crowley...was then a junior set designer
The reason I mention it is down to the fact that the second shooting occurred in Sandy Hook...and you'll recall the 'sandy hook' reference from the map!

The eye and hook
The skull and bones...the hook (crook) and flail of Osiris
Osiris...Egypt, desert sand & crook/hook...aka Osiris' and his 'sandy' 'hook/crook'

Steven 666 Spielberg with Richard 666 Donner...ha, ha.
I see the 'abyss' towards the top rear left and obviously the skull. 
I also see 'the white rabbit' Bugs Bunny popping out of the Warner Bros logo.
 So that's Spielberg, Donner & Kubrick all imbibed with the 666 meme!
Donner also used a 'barely veiled' 666 in his very first film on his spacecraft X-15.

In association with 'alphabet soup' agencies NASA etc

 Close Encounters of the Devilish Kind
666 magic square of the sun
The debut of The Dark Knight Rises 'star' Christ-ian Baal...Christian Bale aka Jim/James/Jacob
2001 : A Kabbalistic Odyssey...Died 666 days before Jan 1 2001

 the (clockwork) sun
 Not forgetting the 666 references in A Clockwork Orange & The Shining etc. 
Also A Clockwork Orange being 'the sun' and therefore 666 square number of the sun! 

 666 Pulp Fiction
the magic square combination number of the...
It contains 'the sun' literally! The 666 (Magic Square) Sun. Aka the number of the beast. Tim Roth's armed robber says, after looking in... "it's beautiful" (like the sun).

The ma'at scales?
Anhk aka Anhk-or/Anchor

The Astor's have come up with various origins for themselves and those for or against the family have added more ideas. One strong possibility is that the Astor's are descendants of the Astorga family found in Southern Italy before the 1600s. The most likely meaning of the name is that both Astorga and Astor are variations meaning “Astarte” who is the mother of the occult. Her name is also Semiramis. In Babylon the trinity was Nimrod (the sun), Semiramis (the moon), and Tammuz (the morning star). (Note Nimrod 'the sun' the Elgar piece 'Nimrod' was used by Danny Boyle to open the Olympic Games). In Egypt, these gods were called Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The pictures and statues Isis and Horus were renamed by the Roman Catholic church as the Virgin Mary and the Christ-child.
Fritz Springmeier

An ancient Semitic goddess of love and war, being the Phoenician, Syrian, and Canaanite counterpart to Ishtar. In the Bible, her name sometimes appears in the plural, perhaps referring to a group of goddesses. Also called Ashtoreth.

 A fertility goddess worshipped by the Phoenicians: identified with Ashtoreth of the Hebrews and Ishtar of the Babylonians and Assyrians.  Assyrians take their name from the star Sirius...aka the blazing star in the lodge.

 Oh yes...the penis, guess whose?
The one-eyed trouser snake (willy/willie)...penis of Osiris

While we're on the subject of Steven '666' Spielberg & Richard '666' Donner how about the following to factor into the mix?  Donner's breakout was The Omen (1976) and Spielberg's breakout in the previous year was Jaws (1975)

Finding Jaws/Nemo/Omen
I've flipped the word Nemo and flipped the D/backwards 6 in 3D
 Finding the Jaws Omen

Bruce the Great White (Finding Nemo)
Albert 'Twilight Zone' Brooks voices Nemo's father.
They're all wearing shades (sunglasses) too...the angel in The Omen promo has blacked out eyes, making it appear that it's wearing shades! 

The Great White shark in Jaws was known amongst the crew as 'Bruce'!

Finding Nemo (Jaws/Omen)
Bruce, a great white shark; Anchor, a scalloped hammerhead; and Chum, a shortfin mako shark,
Bruce, Anchor (ankhor) & Chum
 Another synchronistic aspect I've picked up on is Murray Hamilton as the Mayor of Amity (see above pic). 
He also starred in the 'title resonant' The Amity-ville Horror (1979) which had demonic aspects and ones not that far removed from The Omen. James 'Amityville' Brolin's son Josh featured in Donner/Spielberg's The Goonies.

 In 1959 Hamilton made a memorable appearance on Rod Serling's television series The Twilight Zone, starring in the episode "One for the Angels", playing Mr. Death, opposite Ed Wynn...this was officially the 2nd episode ever aired.

The Amityville Horror
Their (the main protaganists) research at the library and at the county records office suggest that the house is built atop a tribal burial ground, and that a known devil worshiper named Ketcham had once lived on the land. It also starred James 'Planet of the Apes' Brolin and Margot 'Superman/Ubermensch/Black Christmas' Kidder.

The Black Clockwork Death of the Sun 
 The death of the sun at the solstice...which returns as the new sun/son.
 Superman Kidder (zodiac behind her) would appear alongside Keir '2001 David Bowman' Dullea in Black referenced in A Clockwork Orange Top 10 chart, as is Cyclops aka Hal 9000 (2001).

Hell...Why leave Stanley '666' Kubrick out of Nemo?  I'll find his Nemo/Omen too!
James 'Nemo' Mason...aka Humbert in Kubrick's Lolita
Effects people (for the squid) from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea...would help make the Jaws shark in Spileberg's film.  The film would also factor in Kubrick collaborator Kirk 'Spartacus' Douglas.

As above, so below...
That's Fleischer/Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea vs Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (Spielberg/Miller Twilight Zone Film)

The Ubermensch/Overman/Superman...ala Nietzsche
Nietzsche posited the Übermensch as a goal for humanity to set for itself in his 1883 book Thus Spoke Zarathustra (German: Also Sprach Zarathustra).

Imo the above is signifying Man as God...hence Nietzsche's 'God Is Dead' mantra. seen in Rosemary's Baby 1968
 Roman 'paedophile' Polanski...Satan 666 in Year 1 aka 1966 (set in year 1966)
Arthur C Clarke who wrote 2001 : ASO (the book about this other baby aka star child) was also a known paedophile!
 Zarathustra ties the Übermensch to the death of God. While this God was the ultimate expression of other-worldly values and the instincts that gave birth to those values, belief in that God nevertheless did give meaning to life for a time. 'God is dead' means that the idea of God can no longer provide values. With the sole source of values no longer capable of providing those values, there is a real chance of nihilism prevailing.
The Anti-Christ
The Ubermensch
Whereas Nietzsche diagnosed the Christian value system as a reaction against life and hence destructive in a sense, the new values which the Übermensch will be responsible for will be life-affirming and creative.
 The above (yellow text) signifying the insanity of our so called rulers...the road to hell being paved with good intentions.  Man as the 'ape' of God, is more likely to lead to a form of 'hell on earth' researchers like Michael A Hoffman have already pointed out!

 the new values which the Übermensch will be responsible for will be life-affirming and creative.
Values decided by who...these man-gods who peddle lies and propaganda in the guise of truth!?  

 VANITY is my favourite sin.

God Is Dead
 Remember this from earlier?

Our controllers probably think they ARE GODS and therefore by definition they would be 'all knowing' (as a god)...I beg to differ on many levels. 

I wouldn't get too concerned with 666 and the Satan angle...the 'anti-christ' is really more about a state of mind (man as god, is literally the anti-christ, the total negation of god) than an actual individual person....not that it will stop the controllers creating one for public consumption.  

Donner has done a lot of work 'brainwashing' people with his Omen franchise and turning the 666 (number of the sun) motif from kabbalism into theatrical satanism and imbibing us with his 'demonic child' propaganda...when it is a 'blatant veil' to what they're really doing to US!!!!
(All imho...of course!)

 Shaping the masses via Holly-wood programming...
 1968 Babies...aka YOU (the masses)  the 'useless eaters'

Interesting that Guy Woodhouse (Rosemary's Baby) should be in the profession of acting...and involved with covens that will ensure his progress!

Interesting that Kubrick used (fellow director) Pollock to play a seeming 'head' of a nefarious secret society that was tracking his (Tom Cruise) every movement etc...cough, cough.

Interesting that Kubrick should get the Spartacus job on Friday 13th and that Weishaupt's Illuminati codename was Spartacus...cough, cough!

He (Kubrick) saw me on television in Munich. He called my agent and hired me. I met him at a studio, and then he went to an enormous masked ball where I was performing. He was the only one without a costume. He was quite baffled. He found a cousin of mine to help find me.

  1968 Babies...aka YOU (us, the masses)  the 'useless eaters'
Being shaped by these film makers and their 'mystery religion' soaked backers.
I shouldn't need to spell it out for you...your masters already have!!! wink, wink
Yes....and they don't mind telling you either!
 Yup...what a to be one of Hollywood's chief 'programming' assets...or was!  
Along with Michael Crichton etc. Most of the above is centred around programming afterall!

In the film...Rosemary would be called 'Ro' and at times even 'Rome'.
The name alchemy is strong...with Polanski being a Ro and Rome (Roman) too!

Gregory peck would star as Mengele (MKultra/Monarch overlord) in the Boys From Brazil
He would also star as the adoptive father of 'the anti-christ' in The Omen 666...via Rome (Holy Roman Empire).

God Is Dead
Zarathustra ties the Übermensch (the 'super-bowman') to the death of God.

 Keeping the 'meme' alive...with an in-joke!
Now...seeing as though New York is Metropolis and that Superman flies around the city. 
We'd expect shots of the skyline you'll have to factor that in.

1978 (Donner)
  1980 (Donner/Lester)
1983 (Lester)
1987 (Furie)
A flying Isis (Liberty) and the WFC (Sirius Glyph) still under construction

1984 (Szwarc)
 Super Girl would also star someone from Die '9/11' Hard...remember coke snorting Ellis?

"Eh John Boy"
 Ellis (Hart Bochner) would play Ethan in Supergirl
Here he is...
 Do not forget this particular pic'll understand why later, trust me!
The American Football Dodgem...The Rams (horn/arch) & 11, the other car shows 33
Butterfly theme going on too. Selena (Dunaway) plays a witch herself, but it doesn't stop there!  

Get ready for the mindbomb....guess who else was in this same movie Supergirl?
 Mia 'Rosemary's Baby/God Is Dead/Ubermensch' Farrow!!! As Supergirl's mother
Rosemary's Baby...Mia on left reading Time

Mother of the 'anti-christ' and now mother of the 'supergirl/uberwomensch'

Just to hammer the 'meme' point home, she was also in this remake...on 6/6/6

More 'parental' like allusions to being 'mother' of the 'anti-christ/ubermensch'. Here she is mothering Damien
 The Omen 666, where she was a 'guardian/nanny' of the anti-christ...with matching satanic attire
Rosemary & the cross...the rose(mary) cross.

 Look what Mia's 'actual' father wrote...he was a producer/director in Hollywood.
All this makes me recall Woody Allen and his known paedophilic tendancies.
They'll be more on Farrow, Polanski & Rosemary's Baby later in this post...

The 'ubermensch' over the WTC...the 'offing of Christ' (christ-opher) Please note that I am not a committed Christian, Muslim, Hindu or anything like that.
This has nothing to do with my own religious belief...if indeeed I have any!

The hand that takes...inside the moon?

O Superman - Laurie Anderson

O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.
O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.
Hi. I'm not home right now. But if you want to leave a
message, just start talking at the sound of the tone.
Hello? This is your Mother. Are you there? Are you
coming home?
Hello? Is anybody home? Well, you don't know me,
but I know you.
And I've got a message to give to you.
Here come the planes.

So you better get ready. Ready to go. You can come
as you are, but pay as you go. Pay as you go.

And I said: OK. Who is this really? And the voice said:
This is the hand, the hand that takes. This is the
hand, the hand that takes.
This is the hand, the hand that takes.
Here come the planes.
They're American planes. Made in America.

Smoking or non-smoking?

 Smoking or non-smoking

And the voice said: Neither snow nor rain nor gloom
of night shall stay these couriers from the swift
completion of their appointed rounds.

'Cause when love is gone, there's always justice.
And when justice is gone, there's always force.
And when force is gone, there's always Mom. Hi Mom!

From Brian 'I was born on 9/11' De Palma (sorry couldn't resist)

So hold me, Mom, in your long arms. So hold me,
Mom, in your long arms.
In your automatic arms. Your electronic arms.
In your arms.
So hold me, Mom, in your long arms.
Your petrochemical arms. Your military arms.
In your electronic arms. 

 A live performance of "O Superman" was recorded in New York City the week following the 9/11 attacks. In this context, certain lyrics appeared to many to take on a more topical significance: "This is the hand, the hand that takes / Here come the planes / They're American planes. Made in America / Smoking or non-smoking?" The 2001 live performance appears on Anderson's 2002 album Live in New York.

 In 2004, DJ Earworm created the mashup "Stairway to Bootleg Heaven". Mostly based around Dolly Parton's version of "Stairway to Heaven", it starts with speeded up portion of "O Superman".

 The video game World of Goo features a character named MOM who is likely a reference to this song. MOM is a massive supercomputer that controls almost every aspect of life on the planet featured in the game, who seems personable and warm but really is manipulating the world through cold commercialism and later has a hand in an apocalyptic event. This parallels several themes in the song. Finally, one of the songs of the game's soundtrack is entitled "Are you coming home, love MOM", which directly mirrors one of the lines early in the song.

Even the b-side has 9/11 resonance!!!

 The Dog...Sirius and the WTC
Oz, Toto/Sirius, Yellow Brick Road & Over The Rainbow
 The Gremlins Dog and Mrs Deagle...scenes which play exactly like Mrs Gulch and Toto from the Wizard of Oz
Miss Gulch and Toto (dogstar/sirius)
Wanna see the 'stairway/starway to heaven/sirius?

 There's no place like (Deagles) home...
  Mrs Deagle...going up Jacob's Ladder....the Stairway to Sirius

1984 & 1993
The 9/11 radio in the scarab/khepra car...I mean vw beatle.
Sapphire (birth stone for) = September XI = 11

It's set at there is your death and rebirth of the sun (Osiris)
 This 'death' at the solstice is renacted in this allegorical scene.
Both Gremilns films came out of Spielberg's Amblin studio and were directed by Joe 'inferno' Dante
The moon and the alien

 Tsadie is the Eighteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Tsadie is also the number "Ninety".

  It is the first completed film shot by Steven Spielberg on 35mm.
 "As the pair reach the beach, the guy frolics in the surf and the girl checks out the contents of his guitar case: a suit and tie, toothpaste, mouthwash, a roll of toilet paper and a copy of Arthur C. Clarke's The City and the Stars."

Oh's the emerald city of Oz, (the city, NY/The Wiz?) and the star(s) sirius/orion
Yes an Arthur C Clarke reference in his first film!

British intelligence asset Arthur C. Clarke, through the command dogma embedded in his immensely influential “science fiction” work, Childhood’s End, attempts, through self-fulfilling futurism, to make inevitable the end of serendipity and wonder, after sufficient processing by modern technology and mental viruses.

The virus embedded with the ritual murders of John F. Kennedy and the victims of “Unabom,” (now add in 9/11 etc) are in the tricksy, punning lingo of the Hermetic fraternity’s Camelot, “once-and-future” tales possessing the intention of self-fulfilling prophecy; what I term, “inevitabilism.” This inevitabilism is disseminated within literary and cinematic representations, sometimes as part of the genre and imagery of science fiction, (“sci-fi”).

The “virus” containing this meme (“contagious” idea pattern), infects the host with the sense that it is:

• Useless to resist central, establishment control.
• Or it posits a counter-cultural alternative to such control which is actually a counterfeit, covertly emanating from the establishment itself.
• That the blackening (pollution) of earth is as unavoidable as entropy.
• That extinction (“evolution”) of the species human being is inevitable.
• That the reinhabitation of the earth by the “old gods” (Genesis 6:4), is our stellar scientific destiny.

 Michael A Hoffman - Secret Socieites & Psychological Warfare 

The Phoenix

Lost (JJ Abrams et al)
Lost (TV series) Ankh/guitar case...Jacob (and his ladder/stairway)

It's Dogen who smashes the ankh that contains a scroll, Dogen (Dogon/Sirius dog tribe) the name similarity is certainly worth considering, seeing as we're dealing with Egyptian ankhs and the following...
 Taweret (a kind of amemet/ammit/croc-baboon-like statue that relates to judgement, sirius isis/thoth etc) that has ankhs in both hands.
Numbers that we also saw in Poltergeist...23 & 42
Added together they equal 108....108 fahrenheit is 42 degrees, the temperature point when body organs begin to fail...the number crops up elsewhere in Lost. The main characters must enter the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 into a mysterious computer every 108 minutes.

 The distance of the Sun from the Earth divided by the diameter of the Sun and the distance of the Moon from the Earth divided by the diameter of the Moon is approximately equal to 108. The internal angle of a pentagon is 108 degrees...there is even a relationship to the golden ratio...see wiki for more.

23...the chromosomes, 23rd Psalm...'the lord is my shepherd'/Jack (Jacob & ladder, spine surgeon etc)  The show opens with the 'awakening' of Jack/Jacob and the dog (sirius) is present too.

He (JJ Abrams/Ab'ram) wrote and directed the Paramount supernatural movie Super 8, while co-producing with Steven Spielberg and Bryan Burk; it was released on June 10, 2011.

Manhattan & the WTC Twin Towers
Gremlins 2 and the 9/11 'ciphers' plus...Eric Shawn as a character (holding 11) and Eric Shawn as a Fox (Anubis) reporter for Fox TV on 9/11/01....11 years later!!!

 The Stanton Twins starred in these 2 films back to back...both films have 9/11 ciphers. Geddit?

James Cameron
In Arnie's True Lies (1994 starring with Jamie Lee 'Trading WTC Places' Curtis)

1994 (James Cameron, again using ciphers)
In True Lies....The dog is called GIZMO (a gremlin/mogwai)...geddit?

 The next day, Harry gives the snow globe to his daughter Dana (Eliza Dushku) and tells her that she's late for school, and not to forget to feed her dog Gizmo. After Harry leaves, she tells Gizmo that the snow globe is lame and throws it away.

NWO Propaganda - True Lies
 Harry's latest mission in Switzerland reveals the existence of an Islamist militant organization group known as the Crimson Jihad, led by Salim Abu Aziz (Malik).  Harry soon learns that Aziz has kidnapped their daughter, Dana, and with the remaining terrorists has taken over the top floor of an under-construction office building in downtown Miami.

 Art Malik 'the crimson jihadist' from True Lies
The first WTC bombing in 1993 involved the FBI supplying the bomb making equipment FFS!!!
Another 'inside job''ve far more to fear from your OWN government than any outside can take that to the bank!!!

Priming the 'group mind' for the inside terror job...courtesy of Hollywood.
A programme that has been running for decades!

XX chromosome
9/11 'cipher' in The 6th Day. Happy Birthday (9/11)

2001 A Space Odyssey

Back to the Future with Robert '9/11 WTC' Zemeckis...
1985...with Michael J Anubis
The Twin reference....terrorist reference and the flipped 9/11 reference

  Back To The 'WTC' Future 2
Lorraine's TV window and the WTC

                  Back at the McFly house, Lorraine is changing the scenery on the window.

Lorraine: I can't believe this window is still broken. (cough, cough)
                         She changes it from an Eastern garden to a sunset to New York at night 

                                     (with the World Trade Center towers!) to a mountain.
Marlene: Well, when the scene screen repairman called Daddy a chicken, Daddy threw him out of the house and now we can't get anybody to fix it.
Lorraine: Look how worn out this thing is!

prescient dialogue when factored in with everything else!!!
Not forgetting 'the temple' tower

Is that a white monolith on black September?
23. Black September

 WTC (added by cgi)
  "Ultimately nine of the eleven Palestinian men originally targeted for assassination were killed, including Ali Hassan Salameh in 1979."

9 of the 11 palestinian terrorists where killed (9-11) 

Spielberg has been criticised for this's blatant NWO propaganda, reinforcing the fake version of the events that we were brainwashed with and linking it all via Islamic (and the oppressed Palestinians) terrorism.. 9/11 was an inside job and imo probably connected to Israel intel Mossad etc!!!

Yes...I said it ISRAEL
 Where is Obama on the day of the 10th anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq?

Get ready for some crazy weirdness...
Although the following is credited as being Tobe Hooper directed....Spielberg literally made most of the film himself...Hooper was just necessary baggage and a way for Spielberg to make this, under another director's name.

One of the rare films where Steven Spielberg has a writing credit and Spielberg's 's first film as a producer. 

Poltergeist (1982)
Note the channel number...42 and the bear (The Shining).
In the film the channel is 12, but this promo makes it look like 42. O'Rourke died at the age of 12.
Note..."They're here" via the TV set!!!

Poltergeist and Kubrick's The Shining

Bears x 3
 Spielberg's Poltergeist, Kubrick's The Shining & Spielbergs' rendition of Kubrick's AI.
Carol Ann & Danny watching channel 42

The house that the family live in is numbered 4267
 Maybe the roof is at an angle of 42 degress...certainly in that area?
"Go in to the light" "the spectral (spectrum) light"

 Cuesta Verde...Green Slope (green angle)

The Sun (a clockwork orange literally) + Rain = Rainbow
Reynold's (Singin In The Rain) would give birth to Carrie 'Isis/Under The Rainbow' Fisher!

Barry Lyndon
The colour white....and the white rabbit (Alice)

 Eyes Wide Shut...Alice (for the rabbit connection) is in the next room with Szandor.

Eyes Wide Shut

2001 ASO
The Iris (rainbow) of Bow-man...through the stargate wormhole...going through the colours/chakras etc

Douglas Trumball
Douglas Trumball...the godfather of special effects....would produce the 'stargate' sequence for Kubrick's 2001 : ASO, Spielberg's Close Encounters, Star Trek : The Motion Picture, Blade Runner, The Andromeda Strain, uncredited work on The Towering Inferno and after that, also developed tech for theme park rides like Back To The Future.  He would also direct 2 features of his own...Silent running & Brainstorm.

 He would return from a 30 year absence...cough, cough
Jacob's Ladder on the tree...the stairway to sirius

After nearly thirty years away from Hollywood, Trumbull contributed to special effects work on Terrence Malick's 2011 film The Tree of Life. Reportedly Malick, a Trumbull fan, approached him about the effects work and mentioned that he did not like the look of computer-generated effects. Reportedly Trumbull asked, "Why not do it the way we did it on 2001?" 

2001 'rainbow' Stargate...via Bow-man's Iris (meaning rainbow)
 Douglas was born in Los Angeles. He is the son of Donald Trumbull who created visual effects for the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz as well as later movies including Silent Running and Star Wars.

Somewhere over the rainbow...all linked to 'homosexuality' too (Friends of Dorothy).
Visual effects by Donald Trumball...keep it in the family (bloodlines), eh guys?

Adam's (prototypic man) Monolith
42 the answer to everything...but what is the question?

 The stairway to sirius...the rainbow bridge
Compare with The Shining & The Overlook Color-ado Lounge Stairway

‘Among the many titles ascribed to Osiris, one frequently used is “the god of the staircase”.
In Chapter XXII of the Ritual the deceased prays that he may “have a portion with him who is on the top of the staircase,” and there are any number of illustrations of a stairway of seven steps’.

Ancient Landmarks XIX Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Set. Theosophy, Vol. 15, No. 10, August, 1927.

 23 (chromosomes/dna ladder)
Note this is the reading given, when the camera points to increased activity on the 'stairway to sirius'..cough, cough!
32 vertebrae that lead to the 33rd...the rainbow dna ladder
The Djed 'Osiris' pillar, spinal allusions and the return of the Djed-Eye
Raising Osiris (Han) and Raising Hiram Abiff/Cain

The sun, the ladder/stairway & sirius at the summit
 See this drawing here...the 'blazing star' (sirius) at the top of the stairway.
There is a rebirth aspect going on within the film too, towards the latter part.  Carol-Ann being pulled through the vortex with Diane (moon goddess synonymous with Isis) and the rope (umbilcal cord), covered in what looks like 'birthing matter',

The film opens with the following 'veiled' reference...
 The film opens by pulling back from the TV screen with the 'Star Spangled Banner' playing
The Dog (canis) is then seen coming into view and he seems to respond to the TV and then visits eash of the remaining family members upstairs...he finally settles on Carol-Ann and she walks down the stairway to meet the 'TV People'.

 As we saw in The Truman Show...the dog (pluto) and the star, Pluto the planet associated with kether (the crown) on the tree of life and top of the stairway/starway to Sirius.

Zelda Rubinstein as Tangina Barrons...1981 (one year before Poltergeist)
Tangina 'the stairway to sirius' and under the rainbow...the rainbow bridge.
Zelda Rubinstein as IRIS...with Carrie 'Isis' Fisher & Chevy Chase.


Synchronistically Under The Rainbow & Wolfen were released back to back and within one week of each other...both from Orion.

 Recall Albert 'Wolfen/Green Man' Finney
 from my previous post and all the allusions to the WTC, demolished buildings etc...
Star of 1960 film Saturday Night & Sunday Morning.  
In that film, he can be heard using the 'see you next Wednesday' line, the same phrase that crops up in Kubrick's 2001:ASO and is also stuffed into Landis' work.  Finney uses the line.

I wouldn't have included this reference, but for the Wolfen (WTC) and Under The Rainbow (Sirius) strangeness...those aspects 'retrospectively' magnify it!!!

Wolfen & Albert Finney
 A 'twin towers-a-thon'
 When Wilson and Neff are cornered in Van der Veer's penthouse by the Wolfen pack led by its white alpha, Wilson smashes the model of the construction project that threatened their hunting ground, to communicate to them that the threat no longer exists and he and Neff are not enemies. The Wolfen consent, and just as the police barge in, vanish. Wilson claims the attack was made by terrorists. 

 Wilson's voice is heard, explaining that the Wolfen will continue to prey on weak and isolated members of the human herd, as humans do to each other on social and economic scale. The Wolfen will continue to be invisible to humanity because of their nature; not that of spirits, but superior predators, who are higher on The Food Chain than men. (a barely veiled subtext, in yellow)  

If this Finney 'see you next Wednesday' phrase is connected...we may have the original source for Kubrick's 'See You Next Wednesday' and it is spoken (in 1960, 8 years before 1968, Kubrick 2001) by a character actor that will have connections to WTC/911, the moon, Sirius and the green Man (Osiris).

Not forgetting the 'Native America' content in Wolfen and the prescient opening!

Fisher who was married to Paul 'Call Me AL' Simon. Paul 'Call Me Light Year' (AL = anno lucis/masonic light year).
 Simon...with Chevy 'I'm in this movie too' Chase.
Call me anno lucis...aka masonic light year.
Like 'Buzz Anno Lucis' (light year) from Toy Story

 In their ceremonial or commemorative proceedings, Freemasons add 4,000 years to the current Anno Domini calendar year and append Anno Lucis (“Year of Light”) to the Gregorian calendar year (for example, 2013 AD is 6013 AL)

Under The Rainbow...from our favourite topical studio...Orion.
 In Greek mythology, Iris (pron.: /ˈrɨs/; Ἶρις) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other,[1] and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.

Iris is a genus of 260–300[1][2] species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species.
 Tangina ascends the stairway to sirius (jacob's ladder) and Steven says ""So, what side of the rainbow are we working tonight?" (Munchkins song Wizard of Oz) Someone scripted that timing perfectly imo.

 The iris (plural: irides or irises) is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina. The color of the iris is often referred to as "eye color."

 The word iris is derived from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, due to the many colours of the iris.
We saw this before...with Jodie 'Contact' Foster in her role in Scorcese's Taxi Driver...Iris as a female counterpart of Hermes/Thoth.

Zelda (Tangina) was also the voice for the Skittles brand...'taste the rainbow'
Note this resonant 'twin towers' ad post-911 from Ad Agency Minerva, UK.

Minerva is  a roman moon goddess, like Greek Athena...both will have their origin from ISIS.

During the making of the film...Poltergeist
Zelda Rubinstein also had an experience when a vision of her dog came to her and said goodbye to her. Hours later, her mother called her and told Rubinstein that her dog had passed away that very day. Yes...its gone Sirius again!

Working the 'eye' meme to death...Iris, Oz, Rainbows...Oz-iris etc.
Bigas Luna...for a moon reference...eye gouge for Horus mythos.

Anguish's main story concerns Alice Pressman (Zelda Rubinstein), a grasping, overprotective and psychotic woman, and her crazed son, John (Michael Lerner), a serial killer who Alice controls through hypnosis and some never quite explicated paranormal domination. Her son is extremely myopic and progressing toward blindness. Alice believes that collecting eyes will mend her son's vision, and believes her own fantasy that he is a well-respected ophthalmologist (he is actually an orderly employed at an ophthalmologist's office). She sends him to collect eyes from living victims, which he does at a local theater showing The Lost World
Zelda's Aids campaign references Spielberg's Jaws (1975)
The quote is made by Quint...the umbrella perhaps signifying rain (rain/bow)

"A portable shower or a monkey cage?"...the moon-key meme from Quint.

LA cares like...a mother.

"Don't tell me....don't tell me. 'Mother.' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
 The USS Indiana-polis (in-diana city, moon goddess)

 Indiana obviously adds to the 'Native American' aspects understand the word Americana, this is Indiana!

Major T. J. "King" Kong

 "We delivered the bomb...the Hiroshima bomb"

Animal 'Mother'
I am become death...destroyer of worlds (Oppenheimer post explosion)
James Earl Jones has his own Native Indian ancestry...his Grandmother was Cherokee.
 James Earl Jones in his debut role as Zogg...he would become the voice of Darth Vader
He is now imbibed with the Kong meme and will meet up with fellow Kong enthusiast Eddie Murphy in Coming To America

Quint uses the term 'Chief' and Halloran is the Head Chef (Chief)...Nicholson will use 'Chief' in Cuckoo's Nest
Communication breakdown....3 people trapped in the pyramid Hotel & 3 people trapped on a boat
 "You've got 'city' hands Mr've been counting money all your life"
The pyramid beer (Jaws) & The pyramid hotel (The Shining)
Indian Tribes...Narragansett (Jaws) Navajo (The Shining)
Ceremonial pipe aspects in both...a picture of one (left) and a Calumet is a ceremonial pipe
 Quin(t) & Quin...Captain 5's.....quin (5) and in 1975.

Hooper: "That's a 20 footer"
Quint then adds 5!
Quint: "25...three tonnes of him"

The Law of Fives is related to the significance of the number 23 and the 23 Enigma in the Illuminatus!-trilogy, as 2 plus 3 equals 5. (wiki)
 Quint in Jaws has his drink and crushes the can, while tension between him and Hooper continues.
 Quin in Barry Lyndon has a drink thrown at him by Barry, while there is continuing tension between them (over Nora).
 Duel (1971)...Spielberg & Kubrick Barry Lyndon (1975)

On a two-lane highway in the California desert, he encounters a grimy and rusty 1955 Peterbilt 281 Tanker truck...1955.
 5th Day (V in NO.V=No.5) Year 1955

 Christ-opher Lloyd giving us a tie-in to One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Back To The Future
 Cattle Moon (Moontana) Queen aka Hathor-Isis

Hooper (Dreyfuss), 2010 Scheider, and the Mayor - the hand that points.
"Now why don't you take a long close look at this sign. Those proportions are correct."
Fins aint what they used to be and the July 4th reference.
Of course, the veiled interpretation is spot on (an in-joke)...the pyramid is proportionally correct!
At the pyramid hotel

July 4th

 The 'eye gouge' ala Horus...left eye/moon

She (Carrie Fisher) must also find "a funny dog" (to play Dorothy's dog, Toto)...thats Sirius 'the dog' taken care of!  On the train across America, we catch sight of the assassin (Robert Donner), but he never gets a shot at the Duke.
 Robert Donner...was in Mork and Mindy as Exidor.
Taking us to the rainbow, sirius & alien meme again!

Back to the egg...0 the fool
Alien & the cracked egg...Poltergeist

Moon, star, rainbow, cracked egg & alien
Hook (1991) Rainbow, bow-man/archer, pyramid (osiris/male/sun), ben-ben (isis/female/moon)

Death To Smoochy (2002)
Williams as Rainbow Randolph Smiley

Happy Feet (2006)
Happy 'rainbow' Feet
This (and the sequel) would be directed, written & produced by George Miller (director of Nightmare At 20,000 Feet segment, in Spielberg's Twilight Zone movie)...who would direct Jack Nicholson in another of his 'devilish/satanic' roles, in his film Witches of Eastwick, 1987.

Even Robin Williams tried out for the Jack Torrance role in Kubrick's The Shining, but was rejected!  He also nearly got Nicholson's role in Burton's Batman (1989), claiming he was offered the part.
 Dan-u, Dan-u
He did play alongside The Shining's (1980) Shelley Duvall (Olive Oyl) in the Popeye (1980) film.

He (Miller) would also team up with Sam '666/Jurassic Park' Neil and Nicole 'EWS Alice In Stepford Land' Kidman via Dead a producer and 2nd unit director.

EWS 1999
Under The Rainbow...Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut 
Milich and his Lolita daughter 

 Magnolia (1999)...The 2001 reference...Cruising for cock
 The 'penis' of Osiris reference...the regenerative cock worshippers & Strauss!

Magnolia & 2001 : ASO
The opening from Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra...also plays over the deathbed (transition like the old man in 2001) of Earl Partridge (a bird)...Cruise's father.

Earl Partridge is a TV producer/magnate...his company's logo evoking the NBC peacock and therefore the rainbow and regeneration etc.
Judy 'over the rainbow' Garland and Leelee 'under/over the rainbow' Sobieski - same birthdate June 10th
More Oz resonance via the tornado

 Carol Ann (Heather O'Rourke) The Rainbow Brite Girl
 There is a rainbow on the wall in the Freeling's bathroom...under a magazine with 'home' in the place like home.
 Danny's Rainbows (bathroom in Denver)...The Shining  and Snoopy too, we also see Carol-Ann with Snoopy.  The dog (dog star) and the rainbow.
Rainbow in the Japanese edition
Japan....Liberty (Isis) and The Rainbow Bridge

The Shining 1980

Poltergeist 1982
 A spot to 'overlook' the valley?
The burial idea is expounded upon in the next installment...Poltergeist II

Although not actually an Indian Burial Ground (it's 19th Century folk in Poltergeist II)...there are however, a few suggestive 'Native Indian' elements that crop up to add to the subliminal mix and in both films.
The man in the black t-shirt is a 'Native Indian/American' Sonny Landham...he also starred in Predator (1987) as a Native Tracker/Mystic and is apparently Cherokee/Seminole...also starred in the adaptation of Stephen King's (author The Shining) Firestarter and co-starred with Drew Barrymore (who also auditioned for Carol Ann role in Poltergeist, but was rejected) who starred in Spielberg's other 1982 summer hit ET...they were released within one week of each other and some filming for both overlapped and the set locations were literally on top of each other!

The man on the far right (Lou Perryman) who Diane calls Bluto (as in Belushi, Animal House) was 'randomly' murdered within the last few years in 2009!  He was an assistant cameraman on Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre and appeared as a radio jock in Texas Chainsaw Massacre II!
Another strange incident in light of Poltergeist so-called 'curse'...Perryman was actually killed on 1st April with an axe...all fools day, the tarot and the fool (clown on the tree).

Stephen King (The Shining) was briefly approached to write the screenplay (for Poltergeist). It would have been the first written by King directly for the screen, but the parties could not agree on the terms.

 Talking of  'land lots'...that we've just been going over....
 Salem's Lot - Jeru-Salem's Lot - Jerusalem's Number (lot)
 The moon and vampirism
To further add to this 'heady mix' King also wrote (Jeru)Salem's Lot (1979), which would be made into a 2 part made for TV film , directed by none other than Poltergeist's Tobe Hooper!

Bonnie 'Die 9/11 Hard' Bedelia. With Ellis...who we saw earlier in Supergirl/Uberwomensch

Same author...different set!
It would also star Kubrick's Lolita lead role James Mason (who funnily enough kidnaps a child in this)...alongside David Soul...recall we saw Mason as Nemo (Omen) earlier.
right, James Mason visiting the set of Kubrick's The Shining and meeting Jack (for child abuse tips, in the film sense?)...there could've been a concurrent time overlap whilst making these two films (1979/1980)

Jack's prescient  'Overlook lobby' reading material...
"Midnight, the star-sky and you" - "Incest: Why parents sleep with their children".
I'd give my goddam Soul just for a meeting with Hutch.

The Star-sky and the (rabbit) Hutch...wink, wink.

Anyway the inclusion of the 'native American' in the scene connected to digging the pool (the ground where bodies are buried, as we see later) seems resonant and suggestive.

When Carol-Ann sits in front of the TV in her parents bedroom, the time on the TV-set shows 2.37. This could very well be an homage to the Overlook hotel-room 237 in The Shining.

Not forgetting 2x3x7 = 42

237 and grabbing hands (above)...recall in Kubrick's The Shining that Danny was sexually abused and choked in room 237.
In this film Robbie is choked/strangled by the clown

Dominique Dunne would be strangled to death by a jealous boyfriend at the age of 22 in 1982, the year of the film's release.

The yellow VW Beetle (scarab/khepra) in Poltergeist & The Shining

 Moving chairs anyone?
The chairs in the games room and the monarch twins
 Moving chairs in the Gold Ball (the sun) Room
There are countless other examples of moving chairs/furniture in The Shining.

 Recall that in 2001 Floyd touches the monolith, which is probably a visual metaphor for the cinema screen itself...see earlier posts and pic below!
The butterflies in the bathroom...and in Lolita & The Shining
The word 'climax' and its sexual connotations, next to the butterflies, Lolita
Eyes Wide Shut...butterflies and wings

A shit load of buttefly references were found in the Sandy Hook 'group mind fuck'!!!
Monarch 'mind control' is obviously worth considering.

The Shining ending...
 July 4th...
...Poltergeist opening
The song gained popularity throughout the 19th century and bands played it during public events, such as July 4th celebrations.

At the start of Poltergeist we see the TV programming finish for the night...anyway, for a good number of years...viewers in the USA would see the following...after the Star Spangled Banner.

 The Indian Head

The test pattern became familiar to the large TV post-war Baby Boom audiences in America from 1947 onwards: the Indian Head often would follow the formal TV station sign-off after the U.S. National was curtailed in the late 70's.

It is not actually shown in the film (because it was stopped a few years earlier) but is interesting nonetheless...I bet some viewers would have subliminally thought of the Indian Head, when the Star Spangled Banner finishes during the opening of Poltergeist!

The Navajo Rainbow painting in The Shining...far top right
Indian head...Head Chef/Head Chief

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 1975
Nicholson (The Shining's Jack Torrance)...extending his own 'Native Indian' meme...Indians in Easy Rider, Indians in The Shining and Indians in the above, "put it in the basket chief"...Will Sampson who will go on to star in Poltergeist II.

The sequel obviously adds to this 'native American' mix  and the connection to the disturbed spirits (buried bodies).
Taylor & Carol-Ann
 It opens with a very heavy Native Indian enitire scene.
 But first we see megalithic 'Twin Towers'...Towers upon which they will perform a 'shamanistic' ceremony...smoke & fire (cough, cough literally!)

Note the Tower imagery of the final installment too...part III.

 Tangina Barrons 'the rainbow' mystic also returns.
 Later in the film...Steve refers to Tangina as "the magic Munchkin."  For a topical Oz 'over the rainbow' touch.

Native Indian Taylor & Tangina
 The hole under the house and leading to a cave/cemetery.  We also see a resonant ladder protrounding through the hole...Jacob's (sirius stairway etc)

Kane had taken his followers down there, after he made a prediction date for the end of the world etc.
They all died, after it never transpired.

1986 appears that Spielberg wasn't directly involved with this release...but the thematics and other elements will continue.

 The Freeling family, Steven (Craig T. Nelson), Diane (JoBeth Williams), Robbie (Oliver Robins), and Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke), has relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and now live in a house with Diane's mother, Jessica "Grandma Jess" Wilson (Geraldine Fitzgerald).

A phoenix tie-in..sirius and rebirth
There is a whole Kane (Cain/Cohen) angle with the preacher (the beast) in the sequel, but I can't be bothered!

As can be see from the above promo poster...the telephone acts as a way for spirit communication, the Freelings won't have a TV in the house!
 The phone fits in with the existing thematics by being a 'rainbow coloured phone'...rain water drips onto the phone and makes it chime, this alerts Carol-Ann who answers it.

Communication to the 'other side' and a resonant ET (phone home) Adam/God parody poster.
 Communicating with god and/or ET.
The 'butterfly' motif is present again and there is another example on the bathroom shower curtain (recall the bathroom example from the first film too), that I haven't shown.
Safe to say that many of the same thematics continue (some are amplified like the native Indian)

I also noticed in Poltergeist II that there is also a scene referencing 'the wormhole/opening of the mouth'. 

In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where
the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open
the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

Opening of the mouth/wormhole...
A real gross-out scene...drinking the mescal worm and vomiting out Kane 'the beast'

This scene is inter-cut with Carol-Ann & Diane in the bath and Carol-Ann is talking about Alice (in Wonderland) getting back home...evoking the white rabbit.  It also evokes the scene from Platoon, where Elias is talking about Chris' 'worm turning' and putting the rifle barrel in his mouth (wormhole) while White Rabbit (the song about Alice) is playing!

 Another allusion to the first installment.

This gives a further tie-in to The Shining where you might recall 'the opening of the mouth' aspects that I wrote heavily can be seen here below.  The above effects in Poltergeist II would be done by Giger...who would popularize the 'opening of the mouth' thematic with his 'mouth invading' Alien creation.

 Giger's 'opening of the mouth' with 'ahnetjer/maker-hook' face huggers!
Alien D2 or Alien 42 (D=4)

It was Cain/Kane (John Hurt) who was initially attacked in Scott's Alien (Giger) 
 It was the Preacher Kane (Julian Beck) in Poltergeist II (Giger) that is regurgitated as the worm!

Birthing the 'sons of cain/kane'
 Mother 'the Alien ship's computer' can be the Ma'at-riarch (mother/mouther)
Nostromo will tie-in to the Nemo theme!

John Hurt's Merrick has lost his serpent-like elephant trunk that would be over his mouth
Giger's 'elephant-like' space jockey (left) has his!

 Merrick will take a journey to the afterlife...when he dies and goes through his own wormhole, at the film's close!

Hopkins will add to his 'elephant' thematic via Hannibal (Ridley Scott again!)...aka the 'Elephant riding' miltary commander.

 In Poltergeist III...Tom 'Alien/Contact/Dead Zone' Skerrit will's a small world!

The slaying of Halloran in the Ahnetjer Hallway
The tool (ahnetjer maker hook) used to open the mouth/wormhole

All the following happens inside 20 hectic and violent seconds...

3 Open Mouths
The 'Ahnetjer Hallway'...Jack rises (after hearing Danny scream) so his head/mouth overlay the 'ahnetjer' in the Hallway of  Two Judgements...just as would be for a mummy entering the afterlife, to animate symbolically!

The 'What's Up Doc' motif for Danny (The Shining) satisfying the rabbit (bugs bunny) aspect and his bugs bunny top.

Opening of the mouth/way/wornhole Platoon.

"Then the worm has definitely turned for you man?" 
(While White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane plays)

The 2nd in the Stone trilogy...Jack is Re-born on the 4th July (The Shining)

Willem also turns up in this film, as well as Platoon...and look what he is doing, when we first meet him!

"Fuckin A! You know when you're really drunk on this mescal shit...[he drinks and then swallows the worm] is when you swallow the worm and you don't even know it!"

Tom/Kovic does it too...
Down The Worm Hole

The scene that bears the greatest similarity to Poltergeist II is the one from Born on the 4th of July (reborn on the 4th July like Jack in the Overlook photo).

Recall we saw Jeff Goldblum earlier in relation to Jurassic Park, The Fly etc
If you've seen both 'The Fly' and 'Born on the 4th July' you might notice that actor John Getz appears in both...Stathis Borins (The Fly) and a Marine Corps Major (Born 4th July).
How you doing?

In The Fly there is a scene that plays like 'the opening of the mouth/wormhole' and John '4th July/Eat The Worm' Getz is present when it happens!

Getz & Davis...Opening of the mouth/wormhole
A wormhole allusion...Cronenberg is actually playing the doctor.

We'll see Geena 'The Fly/Beetlejuice' Davis in another 'opening of the mouth/wormhole' moment later!

Back to the movie...Poltergeist (1982)
Spielberg does 'necromancy'...real skeletons were used!

Now here comes the UBER weirdness!!!

The bedroom...
1988 (Super Bowl XXII) in a 1982 film!?

Why would someone deliberately put a poster for 1988 in a film from 1982???
Being 1982 an art dept must've put this together at someone's request! 

Now an explanation could's a drawing that Robbie has done for a future Super Bowl that he dreams of playing I'll leave it for you to decide on the likelihood of that.

A Rams helmet under the poster with Darth 'Lucas' Vader, the moon to the right...Carol-Ann's bed would be a few feet to the left.
Carol Ann (Heather O'Rourke) St Louis Rams helmet (probably from under the '88 poster) and with Snoopy (the dog)
We saw the Rams playing at the films start on Channel 10.

During the above scene, according o IMDB a segment was cut from the finished film.  In the deleted part...Carol Ann in her helmet whizzes across the floor (at very high speed) and the helmet smashes hard into the wall, leaving a large hole and a cracked helmet, as well as a dazed and confused Carol a ram rutting!

 The 'arch' in the rams horn
Ram/Aries/Rama/Hermes-Thoth...the 'gateway' masonic arch...the royal arch.

Masonic Astronomy and Saint Louis' Gateway Arch
(good work here)
The Rainbow Royal Arch of Heaven...Aries (Ram) 0 degrees (right) & libra far left
The 3 pillars wisdom, beauty & strength 

Scales/Libra Beauty...The Sun/solstice as Strength...and Ram/Aries as Beauty
The Arch decoded
You reach the top of the riding in a composite of 'the sun'
The Ram also brings in the Hermes aspect too...for the ram was sacred to him and an emblem.
MGM would satisfy the 'Leo' element, Twins (Grady Twins) Gemini, Taurus Jack as the bull (via maze) and Virgo 'high priestess'/'empress' (Isis) Wendy or Diane.

 In recent years...mark of the beast (trade MARK, lion beast)
Everytime you watch an MGM hear the actual beast roar from Poltergeist!
 The roar made by 'the beast' in Poltergeist is now the same roar that is heard with the current MGM intro.
The dog-star (snoopy) and the arch of heaven (rams arch)
With the chair looks like a cratered moon/planet

Don't get me wrong, but on first look, it appears that the bedroom is nothing but a giant product placement for Lucas' Star Wars toy franchise...but it is more than is full of veiled symbolism!

the rainbow could be the crown- kether
The Tree of Life bedroom...the tree of death outside.
In another shot we see Yoda (far left, on shelf with helmet) for Yod(a).
 It is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton, the Name of G-d.
 Robbie will be attacked by 'the clown' (the fool) and the tree (fool on the tree of life/death)
 Opposite this tree of Carol-Ann's bed and even that contains allusions to 'the tree' in it's design.
Fool on the tree...again

 To add to the 'tree of life' angle...there is this in the middle of their street!
The ape (moon-key) and perhaps a reference to 'man' at the base of the tree (malkuth)...the 'wookie ape' is covering the fool/clown.

Minoru Yamasaki, designer of the former World Trade Center, once stated in regards to the design of the Arch, “Being the gateway to a large city, St. Louis, I had felt from the very beginning that somehow this building should symbolize this sense of being a gateway.”

Upon entry into the gate you descend beneath the Gateway Arch in what symbolically could be perceived as the underworld or even a cave. Joseph Campbell writes, “The cave has always been the scene of initiation, where the birth of the light takes place. Here as well is found the whole idea of the cave of the heart, the dark chamber of the heart, where the light of the divine first appears.” We will return to more heart symbolism found in the gateway’s underworld momentarily, in particular the weighing of the heart. (this is very similar to the walk at Stourhead, a Barry Lyndon filming location, see that post for details)

 Scales - Mark Twain Prohibition Scales

Children weighed against each other...the lightest gets to travel the arch (rainbow bridge) first in their 'sun' capsule!
Recall from earlier posts...The feather of Maat and Judgement in the Hall...those with 'heavy hearts' would be reborn back into the Duat...the 'light of heart' would ascend and join Osiris.

 (A Space) Odyssey Theatre
There's no place like Homer
Supposedly a natural phenomena
An upcoming meme addition and another sporting reference too, this time baseball.
 Jack '42' Robinson

Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, into a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, Georgia,
Oh's Spielberg regular Harrison 'Osiris Stargater, Indy, Col Lucas' Ford...wink, wink
Who also stars in this baseball biopic...he spent a lot of time in Cairo, during Raiders of the Lost Ark! American baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era.  Number 42 has been retired for every Major League Baseball team. This meant that no future Major League Baseball player could wear it.  In 1997, Major League Baseball "universally" retired his uniform number, 42, across all major league teams; he was the first pro athlete in any sport to be so honored. Initiated for the first time on April 15, 2004, Major League Baseball has adopted a new annual tradition, "Jackie Robinson Day," on which every player on every team wears #42.
An American baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era.

 This game took place on Jack '42' Robinson's birth date...31st Jan 88, 69 years later.
At the Jack Murphy stadium
 The primary storyline surrounding Super Bowl XXII was that Washington's Doug Williams was the first African-American quarterback ever to start in a NFL league championship game, let alone a Super Bowl.

Baseball would replace football in Poltergeist II and will feature quite heavily.

OK, that poster again!
1988...6 years before 1982
The Redskins (Indian connection) won by 42 - 10
From 0-10 down...42 unanswered points to victory
Note the date for that Super Bowl...31st January 1988 in San Diego, the first time that the Super Bowl was played in that city.
 O'Rourke died four months before the theatrical release of Poltergeist III, which was dedicated to her memory.

She's almost like a female version of Danny Lloyd/Torrance
Born in San Diego and died in San Diego...and in 1988, the same year as the XXII Super Bowl and the same year as shown in the bedroom poster from 1982, that year the Super Bowl was in San Diego too!!!

1988 Super Bowl XXII
She was taken ill on the day of the 1988 San Diego Super Bowl...31st January!!!!

On January 31, 1988 (a Sunday), O'Rourke (who was 12) suddenly became ill again, vomiting and unable to keep anything down. The next morning (Monday/Moonday) she collapsed while preparing to leave for the hospital and her stepfather called paramedics. O'Rourke suffered a cardiac arrest en route to the hospital, and after resuscitation she was airlifted by helicopter to Children's Hospital and Health Center in San Diego, where she died later that day.

After the film's opening element with Carol Ann & the TV, we see the credits and we are quickly led to a TV football game, that is in progress at the Freeling house...the channel seemingly an important aspect as the 'war of the remotes' ensues...its channel 10.
 The green man (Osiris) delivering the 'beer' that would be drunk with him (Osiris) in the afterlife! Delivering to 4267 @ Cuesta Verde (green slope/angle) and entering the 'afterlife' home of the Freelings.

The dead that made it to the afterlife (Judgement of the 42 gods), would drink beer and eat bread with Osiris...very reminiscent of the Catholic communion!

Watching the 'green men' (Osiris green man) Rams (aries/hermes-thoth/arch horns)
The Rams (then Los Angeles Rams) vs. Saints football game seen near the beginning of the film, is taken from a Monday Night Football game in 1980...the 'sacker' of the ball in this clip is synchronistically called 'Young Blood'...Jack Youngblood...from Jack-sonville.
Channel 12 is the channel that the 'TV People' use to communicate with Carol-Ann.
 12 referenced twice inside the first 10 minutes.

 Diane finds the little 'tweety' dead with '88 poster in background, intercut with the football game. 
She says that she wishes that the bird waited for a school day...meaning this is probably Sunday. 
They're watching a 'Sunday' game in the lounge!
Diane disposes of the bird, but Carol-Ann notices.
I've been doing this kind of thing a while now....and even I went WTF!!!!

Makes me recall Back To The Future...with Spielberg & Zemeckis!
 "You see this book? This book tells the future. Tells the results of every major sports event till the end of this century--
Old Biff discussing the almanac with his younger self in 1955.
Almanac in window and parallel with 1982...the year Poltergeist was released...the white rabbit (Roger) to the left.

There is already an urban legend surrounding Poltergeist from Dana's death, Kane's death and Taylor's death (Native American in sequel)...the deaths of Kane & Taylor were supposedly not unexpected and Dana was murdered by a boyfriend.

Heather O'Rourke, who played the little girl Carol-Anne, and Dominique Dunne, who played the teenage daughter, are buried in the same cemetery! Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Dunne was strangled into brain-death by her boyfriend in 1982, the year of the film's release.

 Darryl F. Zanuck (1902–1979), head of 20th Century Fox studios is also buried there, as are a lot of people connected to the entertainment world. (Zanuck's son would produce Spielberg's Jaws).

Daryl F Zanuck produced 42nd Street
Notice the stairway and arch motifs

Is not the film Poltergeist entirely about the 'spirit world' !?
Is not the film The Shining centred on the 'spirit world' !?

Horseloverphat's Retro-Almanac...Forward To The Past
Redskins 42 Denver 10 

Spielberg gives us San Diego and Kubrick gives us Denver
We zoom out of an extreme close-up of the TV at the start of Poltergeist and we zoom out from close-up when we cut to Halloran's TV in his room during The Shining.

Both films already come with a 'native indian' motif and there is a The Shining reference with 237 and 42 and rainbows!

Yes...the above pic is mad, but then so is putting a 1988 poster in a 1982 film!!!
 Another version

Recall this from a little earlier?
The feather of Maat and Judgement in the Hall...those with 'heavy hearts' would be reborn back into the Duat...the 'light of heart' would ascend and join Osiris.  Jack is seen protecting his heart in the latter stages of the film etc.
"This house has many hearts"...yes literally!
Heather O'Rourke technically died from heart failure...cardiac arrest.
The heart, cow(s) and Heather. Suggestive of Heather (Hathor/Cow/Isis)

I hope the aspect with the goldfish next to her bed, isn't suggesting sleeping with the fishes (death)!!!

 Dog & heart...Ammit (amemet) & judgement heart
The 'eye' link from Tangina (Iris etc) to the 'eye' link in the following (Iris top of poster)....and the pertinent dialogue!

Lifeforce (1985)
From Tobe 'Poltergeist' Hooper. One of the writers is Dan 'Alien' O'Bannon!

It transpires that the aliens are from a race of space vampires that consume the life force of living beings, rather than their blood.

Wow...some of the parallels here are worth pondering...especially in respect of our controllers and their propaganda arm...that is Hollywood.  The fallen ones (demon/gods/aliens) use Hollywood and TV to reveal themselves to you and us...they've been doing it subliminally for decades and the revelation is seemingly increasing.  I don't think they're like the cuddly Spielberg ET though!

Lifeforce also starred...Patrick 'Star Trek' Stewart 

 No place like home...Kirk to bridge...the rainbow bridge
Arriving in 1986, the crew finds the maneuver drained most of the Bird-of-Prey's power, leaving it with enough for only one day. Hiding their ship using its cloaking device in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the crew split up to accomplish their tasks. (gates and bridges)
William Shatner (Captain Kirk) in the original series

Twilight Zone: Little Girl Lost (1962) (TV Episode)
Blonde little girl disappears into an alternate dimension inside her house, parents hear her cries echoeing through the house, but from this alt dimension.

Sound familiar?
A further link is Scatman Crothers (Halloran, The Shining)...who would star in Spielberg's Twilight Zone (the movie) segment, Kick The 1983.  
The film where Landis (on set) and Spielberg (who was on set at the time of the incident, although he lies about it!) managed to get Vic Morrow and two children KILLED in the name of entertainment...'goy' children who were working illegally!
They were killed by a crashing helicopter!

Earlier in his career (9 years earlier), Morrow was in a film called Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. There was a scene where he was supposed to fly in a helicopter. "I’m not getting up in the helicopter… I have a premonition that I’m going to get killed in a helicopter crash." 

Fonda ties in to Nicholson via Easy will Terry Southern who wrote Easy Rider and Co-wrote Dr Strangelove.

The clue phone was ringing – no one picked up.  
Hell...who needs the twilight zone tv show, when we've got it going on in real life and it's even crazier than the fiction!!!

Murrow's daughter Jennifer Jason Leigh...almost starred in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, they shot scenes, but she was replaced.

 All Seeing Eye in the Sky...Sirius
Produced by Spielberg/Landis, who also each directed a segment.

Out of an aeroplane window...don't forget the 9/11 clock at the films opening and the gremlin/demon on the wing!
Twilight Zone (movie 1983) had a 9/11 cipher and carries the 'see you next wednesday' tag (in German) from Kubrick's 2001. 

John '2010 Raising Cain etc' Mono-Lithgow
George Miller Directed
 Gremlin on the wing?  Oh yes!

As Mr. Valentine (heart/Lith-gow) takes his seat, he notices a hideous gremlin on the wing of the plane and begins to spiral into another severe panic. He watches as the creature wreaks havoc on the wing, damaging the plane's engine, losing more control each time he sees it do something new.

 In 1983, Steven Spielberg, then riding high on the successes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), purchased the rights to the series and made this anthology film. Spielberg employed Richard Matheson and George Clayton Johnston, who scripted many episodes of the original tv series, to deliver the film’s script. Three of the film’s four stories (all but the first) are remakes of episodes from the tv series. Steven Spielberg has also brought in various contemporary fantasy directors – John Landis, who had just made An American Werewolf in London (1981); Joe Dante, who was having success with his quirky B-budget genre homages Piranha (1978), which spoofs Spielberg’s own Jaws (1975) in no small part, and The Howling (1980); and Australian director George Miller who had just had a big hit with Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior (1981).

Kick The Can
 Working the 'druidic' wood angle in Spielberg's segment...

Scatman....'kicked the can' (kicked the bucket, died) 3 years later in 1986
He was from In-diana (moon) like Jackson.
His last two film credits are 'The Transformers' & 'Rock Odyssey'

The Transformer Odyssey Rock (monolith)...cough, cough

Carter (Freeman) begins writing a "bucket list", or things to do before he "kicks the bucket" (i.e., dies). After hearing he has less than a year, Carter discards the list. Edward (Nicholson) finds it the next morning and urges Carter to do everything on the list (and adds more things to do), and offers to finance the trip for the both of them.

  Kick The Bucket...A fourth suggestion is that the phrase is related to one of the variations in the children's game of kick the can. (wiki)

Atop the Great Pyramid, looking out over the pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure, they confide about faith and family, revealing that Carter has long been feeling less in love with his wife and that Edward is deeply hurt by his estrangement from his only daughter, who disowned him after he drove away her abusive husband. (a switch from his character in The Shining, where he was the abusive husband!)
 Synchronising with The Shining and everything Egyptian, where Jack ends up mummified etc!!! (see The Shining & 2001:ASO Endings post)
With Red-Rosi-Alex Cross & Light-bearing Lucius Anubis Fox, Batman (God, Bruce Almighty & Somer-SET 'Seven')

In Hong Kong, Edward hires a prostitute named Angelica (King) for Carter, who has never been with any woman but his wife.

 Wanna see another ape/monkey/kong reference for Jack Nicholson? 

The Moon-keys/Monkees (1968)
 Co-written & co-produced by Jack Nicholson

Head's subtext makes very interesting reading...imo
 In each one, they try to deal with the fact that they are four real people in a real band that makes records for real people, but are also scripted characters in a fake made-for-television band doing nothing except exactly what the director wants them to.
The Monkees try to prove to themselves that they are free and can make any choice they want. But no matter what they try — deliberately flubbing their lines, complaining to Nicholson and Rafelson who are on the set but not part of the film, smashing through the painted paper walls, walking off the set and into the street, physically attacking other actors for no reason, and making everyone they encounter mad at them — they discover that their every word and deed was predetermined to the finest detail by the script of the movie they are in and the director directing it.

Let him learn to write backwards...
Let him learn to read backwards...
etc, etc....Crowley
 The '666' that led to Crowley's Thelemic Book of Law...via Aiwass (messenger of Horus) in Cairo.
Crowley the self styled 'great beast 666'

The monster at the end of Poltergeist is referred to as 'the beast' aka 666 by that term could be a coded reference for that 'cipher' in the film.

Remember the reversed Paramount logo sequence in Nicholson's self-directed Goin' South, from my previous post!

Monkees Head

"Reversed" cast

  • Srebmahc Yrret - Oreh (Terry Chambers - Hero)
  • Snrub Ekim - Gnihton (Mike Burns - Nothing)
  • Drapehs Rehtse - Rehtom (Esther Shepard - Mother)
  • Iksotsleh Enitsirk - Dneirf Lrig (Kristine Helstoski - Girl Friend)
  • Namffoh Nhoj - Dneifxes Eht (John Hoffman - The Sexfiend)
  • Revaew Adnil - Yraterces Revol (Linda Weaver - Lover Secretary)
  • Yelnah Mij - Frodis (Jim Hanley as 'Frodis' – a slang term for marijuana coined by Micky Dolenz)
On screen, these credits actually appeared backwards.
Also recall The Shining and backwards writing and backwards walking.

 The weird way the family members descend the stairs at the beginning of the film was created by having the actors walk backward up the stairs and playing the film in reverse. The same effect was used later in the movie during the scene showing video playback of the ghosts.

More ape/monkey resonance...

Crothers (at a stretch) can even be included in the 'Kong' meme...via Hong Kong Phooey!
Crothers with Randall P McMurphy (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest) and obviously they starred together in The Shining...Nicholson probably recommended him. 

Also played (voiced) by Eddie 'WTC/911' McMurphy (geddit?)
That's 2 'kong' references for Murphy...Trading Places (via Belushi) and this!

All the following by Landis...
yet another connection to Kubrick via Kong (Jones/Pickens) & 'love stranger' aka strange-love.
  His third Kong reference will be James Earl James (Zogg) who was alongside Major TJ King Kong (Pickens) in Strangelove and who played Murphy's father in Landis' Coming To America...which also has WTC references, including the 'towers' in the promo poster.  Bear all this in mind with Kubrick's 'monolith' at Ground Zero one seems more directly connected to Kubrick (via his output) than Landis...from 'the see you next Wednesday' tag from 2001, to the whole host of veiled and express 'Kong' references and all the rest!

The Shining, Poltergeist, Twilight Zone Movie, Trading Places...all in the space of 3 short years.  Back to the Future came in 1985, for a span of 5 short years.

 This reference linking it all together!!!
Kubrick's CRM114 (right, Strangelove) in Spielberg's/Zemeckis'...Back to the Future (left)

Pete then finds himself walking in clouds, where he first recognizes an old friend, Dick Rumney (Barry Nelson)...the hotel manager from Kubrick's The Shining!
 Poltergeist...we saw 2:37 earlier, now we get 1:14. 
A Guy Named Joe, about a man who has passed on and acts as a 'spirit guardian angel'.
 Spielberg would go on to remake this film above, under the title 'Always' (1989) with Richard Dreyfuss.

 A Guy Named Joe (1943)
Pete then finds himself walking in clouds, where he first recognizes an old friend, Dick Rumney (Barry Nelson). Suddenly becoming ill-at-ease after remembering that Dick went down with his aircraft in a fiery crash, Pete says, "either I'm dead or I'm crazy." Dick answers, "You're not crazy." Dick ushers Pete to a meeting with "The General" (Lionel Barrymore) who gives him an assignment.
 The Shining's Stuart Ullman...manager of the Overlook 'afterlife' Hotel and in A Guy Named Joe...he also appears in the afterlife. I think that is Nelson on the TV in the Poltergeist scene with Spencer Tracey...meaning he is in both The Shining & Poltergeist!

Irene Dunne...
'mystery religion' credentials...cough, cough.

 Irene Dunne also stars and has the same surname as Dominique Dunne who played the older sister (who died @22)...perhaps this is why she was chosen?

Barry Nelson featured in The Twilight Zone (episode "Stopover In A Quiet Town" 1964). In 1978, he was nominated for a Tony Award ...

...for Best Actor in a Musical for his role as Dan Connors in The Act (1977) with Liza Minnelli. (daughter of Judy 'Oz' Garland). His final appearance on Broadway was as Julian Marsh in 42nd Street (1986)...for yet another 42 connection!

Nelson's film career is very thin & that makes this connection even more interesting imo...there are 16 film references that relate to him over a near 40 year period...The Shining (1980) being the last listed.

Egyptian Tarot (the Fool 0 and 22...the beginning and the end) XXII

Arcanum 0 in most decks, it is either 22 or 0 in Egyptian tarot, and is the only other Major Arcanum besides The Hanged Man that has a different meaning when it is reversed.   Turned right side up, the number of The Materialist is 22; in the reverse, the name of the card becomes The Spiritualist, and its number becomes the symbol of spirit, 0.   According to the Egyptian tradition, the number 22 in the spiritual world symbolizes annihilation and the number 0, eternal progression.  In the intellectual world, the number 22 symbolizes atheism and the number 0, devotion.  In the physical world, the number 22 represents materialism, and the number 0 represents ceaseless cooperation in Spirit’s plan.

Before O'Rourke began acting, the family lived in a trailer park in Anaheim. Her success later allowed the family to purchase a home in Big Bear Lake, California.  In between acting jobs, O'Rourke attended Big Bear Elementary School where she was president of her class.  At the time of her death, the family was living in Lakeside, California.

The overlaps...
O'Rourke, Lloyd & Oz-ment
 The Great (Big Bear) Bear - Ursa Major

Ball at Danny's feet

 Spielberg does Kubrick's A.I.
 Released June 2001...(top) notice the ball (dot) at Oz-ment's feet

 Information from a holographic answer engine called "Dr. Know" (Robin Williams) (yes him again!!!) eventually leads them to the top of Rockefeller Center (Rockefeller/falling rock) in partially underwater Manhattan

Talking of falling rocks...

 Deep Impact (1998)
 Spielberg - Executive Producer
Rockefeller Towers...David & Nelson

 Men In Black (1997)
 Spielberg - Executive Producer and he secured Jones & Smith in the roles
 Spielberg - Executive Producer. The moon/pyramid volcano.
Spielberg was working with Hanks mlong before Saving Private Ryan (O'rion)...via Joe Versus the Volcano, The Money Pit etc...why treat the issue in an artistic vacuum?
Cast independent (independence) ball aka the moon 

The following has some parts repeated from my previous post on Sirius and the moon... 
(see the previous post for more) 

 From Brian 'I was born on 9/11' De Palma
 Not a Spielberg production etc, but posted in context of Hanks and his 'WTC/911' thematics.

Not directly related to Spielberg (as I said) but there will be an indirect connection!

The WTC street shot....towers have just gone out of view (right)
The first dialogue in Mazes & Monsters is given by Jaws 'Mayor Vaughn' Murray Hamilton
Murray Hamilton

Mazes & Monsters cont:
 In his dream, the Great Hall tells him (Hanks) to go to the Two Towers, which is in fact the World Trade Center, and he believes that by jumping off of them and casting a spell, he will finally join the Great Hall. His friends have reported him to the police while concealing their trip into the caverns, and eventually deduce his location in New York and stop him from jumping.
Mazes & Monsters
"What am I doing here?"  
(imo you're setting up a huge 'predictive meme programme' for your masters)

The first role-playing game...Mazes & Monsters
 Masonic Mazes & Monsters...the G, all seeing eye and hexes.
The devils tail (out of the h in hall) and the subliminal 'Twin Towers' with swoosh mark (out of the LL in Hall)  An excuse to get Sol (sun) in there too!
The all seeing eye and the fool
 The Moon @ the Hallowe'en Party
Tom (Robbie) gets instructed to become hermetic (physically & spiritually) the Great Hall.
Death & The Hanged Man (sacrifice)
The film opens with 911 lights and sirens and it ends with the word 'dead'.

You may also recall Big (1988) film that further increased his stock in Hollywood.
The fool, the magician, the empress, the high priestess & the emperor...crystal ball as the moon...note, Zoltar machine has been embellished after the film.
To add more to this already insane synchro-mix...Tom Hanks debut role was in He Knows You're Alone (1980, which was made as a direct result of the success of Carpenter's Hallowe'en franchise) and this film also starred 'Doppelganger' Paul (Trading 'WTC' Places & Die '911' Hard)'s a very small world.

This Mazes film also had a big 'Hallowe'en' motif too!  Happy Hallowe'en (miner bird) and the Hallowe'en Party etc...after which, Robbie (Hanks) dressed as 'the hermit' begins his journey to the WTC towers for his jump!

 Hanks' very next film, after Mazes & Monsters (less than 18 months later) would launch him to stardom, Splash..

The WTC & ISIS (liberty). A 'hooked and fishy' WTC

The actual 'money pit'...World Trade (money) Centre Pit

The Money Pit
More WTC appropriate that Brother Spielberg's name is next to the towers, as is Alien producer/writer David Giler!

Big (1988) Co-written/Co-produced by Anne Spielberg (yes his sister)
Opening words...
 "You are standing in the cavern of the evil wizard."
You can be forgiven if you thought these were the opening words of Mazes &  'WTC' Monsters!
They find Hanks' character 'dead in a cave' at the start of Mazes & Monsters...the rest of the film is told via flashbacks etc.

 In 1955, Grant formally organized the New Isis Lodge of the OTO. The "New" was a pun on "Nu," or "Nuit," a term borrowed from Egyptian mythology that symbolized absolute consciousness. It was associated with the Crowley concept of the Scarlet Woman, whose formula was "love under will." "New-Isis" or "Nu-Isis" therefore symbolized the heavenly and earthly goddess. Grant also began to work all eleven degrees of the order.

9-12-87...12th Sept 1987
The Zoltar meeting occurred on 9/11
 When we meet Josh...we seemingly meet him on the day before 11th September 1987...what appears to be 10th Sept 87 (the opening of the film) we then cut to the following night (at the fairground, Zoltar), which will be 9-11-87 (11th Sept 87).  Following the granting of the wish 'to be grown up' he awakes the next morning (12th Sept 87) and is transformed...from here he goes missing from home and the date that he goes missing, can be seen on the milk carton.

 The Rainbow...a ride where you sit inside a rainbow car (see pic)
Jaws (Bruce) gets a look in too! (see hat)

11th Sept 1987...9/11
'Opening of the mouth' (see The Shining/Alien/Platoon/Born 4th July/Poltergeist II) and a 'ramp/hook-like' coin shoot to the 'open mouth'...the ramp resembling an Egyptian maker-hook ahnetjer/adze.

'Josh' x2...One of many strange synchronicities that we found in Mazes & 'WTC' Monsters (1982) Hanks' first starring role and soaked with the WTC motif...including his attempted jump from the south tower!
 Josh x2 as he walks around New York...just like Josh in Big!

'Cast a spell' jumping from the WTC Tower in Mazes & 'WTC' Monsters.
Make a wish on Sept 11th wanting to be 'big' or 'transformed'!
WTC Tom checking his 'two towers' (extended edition)

Recall this...Got Milk?

After spending 9/11 at the fairground (Zoltar)...he goes missing on 9/12/87

This milk carton image (that reveals the date)..segues immediately into the following scene...cough, cough!!!
The 9 to 11 year old age bracket and the building that transforms!!!

 Looks like WFC 3 (penis of Osiris)
A building that transforms

 These tests were conducted over a six month period using a double-blind
 format of eight over-lapping demographic groups.  Every region of the 
country was sampled, the foucs testing showed a solid base in the 9 to 11 year old bracket...with a possible (only possible, of course) carry-over into the 12 year olds.

Josh:  I don't get it.
Paul:  What exactly don't you get?
Josh:  It turns from a building into a robot, right?
Paul:  Precisely.
Josh:  Oh.
Paul:  Yes?
  JOSH:  I still don't get it.
PAUL:  What?! 
MR. M:  What don't you get Josh? 
JOSH:  Well, there's a million robots that turn into something. And this is a building that turns into a robot. So what's so fun about playing with a building? That's not any fun! 
PAUL:  This is a skyscraper. 
JOSH:  Well, couldn't it be like a robot that turns into something like a bug or something? 
PAUL:  A bug? 
JOSH:  Yeah! Like a big prehistoric insect with maybe like giant claws that could pick up a car and crush it like that!
MAN:  A prehistoric transformer?    
 JOSH:  Different sizes and things. could have them wreck a building.

 The monolith IS a pre-historic transformer
The time gap between the apes finding it on earth and man finding it on the moon, was 4 million years! 

The WTC was also 'transfromed' from a building to a pile of rubble and dust.
The people of the USA were transformed too!

 Aping Around with WTC Kong...with Heart & Soul

Just so you understand the above reference!
 Big (1988) and King Kong (1976)

Big - The Tarot Transformer

Ralph 'Rosemary's Baby' Bellamy

Interesting closing dialogue..not in strict sequence!

I went to bed one night and I was a 
kid, and when I woke up the next morning I was a grown up. (Childhood's End)

It was called a Zoltar Machine!  It had this bobbing head that looked 
just like a devil and if you got a quarter in the devil's mouth you 
could make a wish and I did!
He had a birthday.
So, what are you?  15?  16?

I'm 13.
Happy Brithday Frank (2001:ASO, 1968)
Happy Birthday Working Girl (Working Girl, 1988)
Happy Birthday Josh (Big, 1988)
All the above with the ape/kong/monkey aspect too! 
13 years after 1988 is 2001 
 Happy Rebirthday

like the monolith that transformed the apes (sheep/humans) and like the WTC towers have...with the human-sheep, at least that is how I see it.

The Indiana Jones Series
Lucas & Spielberg
(top) The 'Para-mount-ain' cross-fades into the 'South American pyramid-like mountain'
(middle)The cross-fade(Paramount/Raiders) overlaid with the pyramid
(bottom) South American pyramid-like mountain

Seen while unpacking the 'ark' for the first time...
The Maat scales...Anubis, Ammit, Thoth...Osiris (green man) waiting in the afterlife.
Fez - in the Indy series
Fez of the AMORC -  Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (Rose Cross)
Cro Maat

Chinese authorities refused to allow filming, and Lucas considered the Monkey King as the plot device. Lucas wrote a film treatment that included a haunted castle in Scotland, but Spielberg felt it was too similar to Poltergeist. The haunted castle in Scotland slowly transformed into a demonic temple in India.
 Guess who?

 Lucas desperately trying to factor in the 'moon-key' meme...don't worry it still gets in via the back door.

Monkey's Head...anyone?

Lucas came up with ideas that involved a religious cult devoted to child slavery, black magic and ritual human sacrifice.  (Yeah...and then he had to be reminded that this was a film and not a documentary involving his pals!) Lawrence Kasdan of Raiders of the Lost Ark was asked to write the script. "I didn't want to be associated with Temple of Doom," he reflected. "I just thought it was horrible. It's so mean. There's nothing pleasant about it. I think Temple of Doom represents a chaotic period in both their [Lucas and Spielberg] lives, and the movie is very ugly and mean-spirited."

The Heart - The Stone(s)

While escaping the mines with the three stones, two of the stones were lost to Jones over a large chasm when he was pursued by Mola Ram. They burned a hole through Jones' satchel and plummeted down into the crocodile-filled waters below.

Crossing the Abyss (Da'ath)
 Indy about to create Jacob's Ladder 'over the abyss'.

 The Da'ath wormhole to Sirius and the Stairway to Sirius/Jacob's Ladder
Fighting over the stones/hearts/phalli on Jacob's Ladder
 Evil (demons) descends the ladder
 Judgement...Waiting crocs (ammit) below

 The Stone/Heart in an evil hand
 Crocodile/Ammit at the base...devourer of the evil heart/stone.

Ammit/Amemet...devourer of hearts/souls/stones
The Shining & The Hall of Judgement

Speaking of Stones...
 Here is The Shining's Philip Stone (Delbert Grady) a film about stones.

Delbert Grady & Jack Torrance
"You were the caretaker here...I recognise you."

The righteous of heart (angels) ascend the ladder

Snakes descend....
He prefers ladders...obviously
The pilot responds with the following dialogue..."show a little backbone will ya"

Suitable in light of the 'spine/serpent kundalini' and the 'Jacob's ladder' 'Djed pillar/spine' overlaps.

Empire Strikes Back
Millenium Horus & the Opening of the Mouth...through the worm-hole

Ancient Near East
The Babylonian star catalogues of the Late Bronze Age name Orion MULSIPA.ZI.AN.NA, "The Heavenly Shepherd" or "True Shepherd of Anu" - Anu being the chief god of the heavenly realms.  The Babylonian constellation was sacred to Papshukal and Ninshubur, both minor gods fulfilling the role of 'messenger to the gods'. Papshukal was closely associated with the figure of a walking bird on Babylonian boundary stones, and on the star map the figure of the Rooster was located below and behind the figure of the True Shepherd...

 Looks like Horus (hawk) is following Osiris, as is sothis/cow/hathor (sirius/isis)
Looks like the Staff of Ra...leading the way

 Horus Hawk mounts the staff...the jewelled eye Osiris 'leading the way' with Horus on his staff...sun, moon, sirius.  The 'light beam' passing through the hawk's eye on the staff...obelisks (male) and ben-bens (female) abound.

Similar set-ups...a beam of sunlight & a bolt of lightening at a certain time.
 Back to the Raiders of the Lost

Ancient Near East...cont:
 ...both constellations represent the herald of the gods, in his bird and human forms respectively.
The stars of Orion were associated with Osiris, the sun-god of rebirth and afterlife, by the ancient Egyptians. wikipedia
 Dendera Star Map/Zodiac...The True(man) Shepherd of Anu aka Orion/Osiris

 Temple of Hathor (Isis/Cow/Sirius) - Dendera

Raiders of the Lost Dendera...literally!
 The above 'aspects' will feature in the Indy series...
Indy (the tru shepherd/orion/osiris) The abyss & horned Ram/Harrow

Indy's Bullwhip...
The Apis(bull/taurus)/Osiris apsect also to consider, as is the penis element (the whip is made from) the penis of Osiris

Snakes (serpents) & the raven (Marion Raven-wood, Karen Allen) nearby.
From the computer game Emperor's Tomb

Of course...I thought the rooster would be somewhere too and it didn't take long to find it!!!

Temple Of Doom
Indy 'Osiris/Orion' Jones will ride on the rooster...just like the Dendera pic!
 And look who delivers the line to's 'subliminal-synchro-sphere' regular Dan '911/WTC' Aykroyd!

Recall the one from The Truman Shepherd Show of my last post
 Twins as the 'great twins' aka Gemini (Castor & Pollux), with the Shepherd (Truman/Orion/Osiris) & the rooster

Last Crusade
Don't forget Mr Lion..Leo

Last Crusade
700 year old Knight (Templar)

As we've said before Harrison Ford (Indy) was considered for the role of Jack Torrance in the Shining (according to Stephen King) was Robin 'rainbow/42' Williams too!
Kubrick deliberately gave Tom Cruise's character in Eyes Wide Shut the name "Dr Bill Harford" is based on Ford's own name...Harford is a composite of Harrison & Ford!

Hell...all that Zodiacal stuff mixed in with it is through Jack Torrance in The Shining also (taurus-bull-maze/gemini - twins/leo-lion/dart-saggitarius/libra-scales/the sun etc)
How about the following for a synchronistic mindbomb!!!

 Some interesting symbolism at work imo..what are the chances that Mr Zodiac was a 'powers that be' asset for the purposes of terrorising the 'group mind'...just like Son of Sam was?
 Jack Tarrance/Jack Torrance
In 2007, a man named Dennis Kaufman claimed that his stepfather Jack Tarrance was the Zodiac.  Kaufman turned several items over to the FBI including a hood similar to the one worn by the Zodiac. According to news sources, DNA analysis conducted by the FBI on the items were deemed inconclusive in 2010. Kaufman's claims have later been widely discredited. He claimed to have incriminating rolls of film taken by his stepfather. The photos allegedly showed victims of the crimes. Kaufman later published some of these photos on his own web page. The photos were very small, had low resolution, and were so blurry that nothing could be positively identified. An associate of Kaufman's, Nanette Barto, who received her Forensic Document Examining certificate from an unaccredited school, claimed to have matched Jack Tarrance's handwriting to that of the Zodiac Killer. However, in 2010, the FBI's Head Document Examiner at Quantico deemed the handwriting "Inconclusive".

 Personally I think the FBI/Military etc are more interested in creating 'serial killers' rather than tracking and capturing them...see Dave McGowan's work for more on this.

Many people think it is Jack Torrance (not Jack Tarrance) and it has apparently been spelt that way on some documents...interesting parallels nonetheless!

Note the Isis wings

The Moon...In-diana (moon goddess) Indy as Osiris. Indiana also evoking Indian (native)
The Ark is stored in an Area 51 like hangar (military intel)...taking it straight into the 'alien' mythos arena
Ford gets 'X Files' resonance from Duchovny who debuted in Working Girl alongside him, this also factors in the WTC.
Karen 'Star Man' Allen (and Landis' Animal House) with Indy 'Osiris' Jones, who also 'stargates' in Lucas' Star Wars and gets the Osiris treatment (carbonite coffin) in Empire Stikes Back & in Return of the Osiris risen.  He also gets the 'coffin' treatment in The Crystal Skull episode.

In the above Indy market scene...Marion touches a 'stargate rug... as she's talking about Indy having 'alienated' her Father...wink, wink.
 Stargating with aliens
 Stargating in the carbonite coffin/monolith @ the alien hotel

Kubrick Strangelove
Kubrick's Hawk (Horus) Films...usually in association with Peregrine (Falcon/Horus) Productions!

Millenium Falcon and The Horus/Falcon topped Staff of Ra
 In Star Wars Harrison Ford pilots the Millenium Falcon (Horus)...which can stargate 
If you turn the Millenium Falcon on its side (in profile) it looks like the head, eye and beak.

Horus Falcon Hawk

Ford almost ended up playing the Jack Torrance role in The Shining!  He plays 'Jack' in Working 'Isis' Girl.

Crystal Skull
The 'lead lined' fridge coffin of Osiris...Indy is then reborn back into the light.
The coffin of Osiris was coated with lead before being thrown into the river and floating down to Byblos

Indy's lead-lined coffin-fridge, left & the coffin of Osiris (Hiram Abiff) right
The accacia symbolic of the tree the coffin was lodge into.
Crossed whip...crossed crook & flail...also seen in the skull & crossed bones.
Notice the 'subliminal' eyes/nose in Indy's hat!

The Crystal Skull...
Giving us an Arthur C Clarke connection

Just in case you have any doubt...
Raiders of the Lost Ark/Arc(Arch)

Well of Souls @ Tanis
From the film.
There is an actual ancient city in Egypt (Capital for many years) with this very name Tanis...on the Nile Delta
Typical imagery, obelisks and the probable source for the 'well of souls'

Of the actual temple little remains, but the outer walls serve well to suggest how the layout and size of it all was. The model for the temple was nothing less than the Temple of Amon at Karnak, next to Thebes.

Kubrick's Full Metal Temple of Amon (Ram sphinxes)

Raiders of the Lost with above.

There is a Tanis tie-in with Rosemary's Baby, via the charm given to Rosemary by the witches...Tannis (Tanis) Root and it probably has a connection to this place in Egypt too.

Tannis Root
Could there be deliberate 'word play' at work...'from the root of Tannis'?
People who have come from Tannis/Tanis etc

Rosemary's baby was due in June (6th month) 1966 for a barely veiled 666....the 28th to be exact, the real birth date of John Cusack.

The Beast?
Born June 28th 1966

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)
 Thanks to Chris 'Secret Sun' Knowles for above the reference

When Martin (John Cusack) is trying to protect Debbie's father, Grocer (Dan Aykroyd) can be heard downstairs reciting a passage from the Bible. It is from Revelation 13. "And they gave worship to the dragon, because he gave authority to the beast; and worshiping the beast, they said, Who is like the beast? and who is able to go to make war with him?"  He (Aykroyd) has a similar diatribe in Ghostbusters. ( shit!)

Yup...Dan Satanday Night Evil,  Trading '9/11/WTC' Places Aykroyd

Joan 'Working WTC-911 Isis Girl' Cusack also features.

 When Marcella tells Martin about the offer in French, about taking out a Greenpeace boat, it's a reference to the 1985 sabotage of the Greenpeace yacht 'Rainbow Warrior' in New Zealand by two French Secret Service agents.
Somewhere...colom (dove) flies over the rainbow to sirius

Recall this from earlier...? written by John Farrow...real father of Rosemary's Baby actress Mia Farrow

John 'Rosemary's Beast Baby' Cusack...6/28/66
Yes...I can't imagine what they're trying to evoke (other than Poe)

In the 1989 film Fat Man & Little Boy he played Merriman, a nuclear physicist...connected to the Manhattan Project.
His character Merriman was a composite of scientists Slotin & Daghlian...both of whom were killed by the 'demon core' (a plutonium core) which went critical in two separate accidents.  Interesting that Cusack is connected to the 'demon core' deaths via this character...this will add to his demonic/beast thematic. 

Dr Strangelove - The Atom Bomb
 Poe - P.O.E
 Caedmon/Kadmon (Adam)
 POE...Edgar Allen, The Raven & The Gold Bug (VW Beetle)

 The crushed beetle outside the Dakota...the approximate spot where Beatle Lennon would be crushed 12 or so years later!

The idea for the title of King's book The Shining would be these Lennon lyrics...Instant Karma
 Like the moon and the stars, and the sun
 Lennon (far left) with Kramer & The Dakotas

 Introducing The Beetles/Beatles...Poltergeist & The Shining...A Beetle on the road.
The Gold Bug...evoking the Egyptian Khepra/Khepri
The beetle pushing the sun...the scarab also flew in the sky and is able to borrow into the ground (underworld)

 Abbey Road...Road to The Abbey (Cefalu, Crowley)

28 IF...
The 28th (June) is Rosemary's Baby 'due birth date'

 Sgt Pooper (Crowley and coprophagy, dung beetle)
Sgt Pepper's (Crowley) Lonely Hearts (card suit) Club (card suit) Band.
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (card suit)...

 Paul as the Ace of Spades (death/tarot) in Yellow Submarine dressed as Sgt Pepper
...card suits as The Tarot.
 Under the rainbow
666 & kether horns?

Tannis Root (Tanis Egypt)...Devil's pepper

Beatles (Khepra Egypt)...Sgt Pepper & 'the pepper pots'

Bloody babies and meat
Rosemary's Baby
Blood...the day after Hallowe'en (ritual sacrifice etc)...all souls day.
 Farrow & Egypt....the pyramid 'Death on the Nile'

Satan is an anagram of Tanas and vice-versa

Rosemary's Baby is full of world play, scrabble and anagrams etc.
 The fall (of man) and the fallen ones 

Mia Farrow's real name was Maria, Mia is a nickname, and Maria=Mary; Mia as "Rosemary" = "Mary rose" from death, "Woodhouse" is "would house" and the book was written in 1967 yet just by supposed coincidence the Satanist powerful manipulator characters are named "Castevet" and Mia/Rosemary's husband ,who becomes their insider collaborator would be played in 1968 by the actor John Cassavetes. 

Name anagrams play key roles in the movie narrative and Rosemary uses Scrabble game pieces to help figure what the clues in a secretly encoded witchcraft book mean to her problems with the above people that surround her.
thanks to Beatlies @ nothingisreal

'Satan/the fallen ones' procreate with the daughters of men...Rosemary.
Not forgetting this from earlier!

More Egyptian resonance...
and with Jeff 'WTC' Daniels and Danny 'Jacob's Ladder' Aiello
 Man 'WTC' hattan...and New York Stories (Storeys, geddit?)
Manhattan didn't star is included for the Woody Allen reference, her former husband.
From Orion (Sirius) Pictures...
Who we've noted as having a seemingly strong relationship with the WTC & Sirius
Note...also stars Denholm 'Trading WTC Places' Elliott. 

 Raiders of the Lost Ark
You might also recall Denholm from this too?

Denholm discussing the fate of the Ark
 Bill Reimbold in both Raiders of the Lost Ark & The Omen...The Omen also features Bruce 'Empire Strikes Back' Boa...& Bill 'Star Wars' Hootkins (far left) in Raiders, played a fat X-Wing fighter pilot.

For further masonic like resonance...Elliott would also be noted for featuring in the Hammer produced House of Horror TV series (13 episodes)....starring in episode 3 'Rude Awakening'.
13 episode series, with episode 1 being broadcast on the 13th Sept 1980 with 'Witching Time'
Interestingly...the first episode of Hammer House of Horror would feature Polanski's Macbeth lead Jon Finch (as Macbeth, 'when shall we 3 witches meet again' etc).  It would be Polanski's next film after Rosemary's Baby.

Polanski 1971
 This would also contain questionable imagery...I may comeback to this later.

Finch narrowly missed out on the part of Kane in Scott's Alien film, he was replaced by John Hurt, after taking ill the day before shooting...he also turned down the role of James Bond in 1973, after being offered Live and Let Die!  Synchronistically he would also appear in 'Death on the Nile' with Mia Farrow and complete the circle

episode #1...13th Sept 1980...witchcraft & 'the craft' (masonry)
 A barely veiled masonic square & compass with candle/pillars...the words evoking the sex element of the interlocking square & compass

anyway...back to Elliott
Denholm Elliott plays a lecherous estate agent (eps #3) who has recurrent dreams about his seductive secretary, a mysterious house and even more mysterious encouragement to murder his wife.
It will also heavily feature the 'Friday 13th' motif...that day, being the day he supposedly murders his wife.
Friday the 13th is a key historical date reference to the Templars (simplistically forerunners of masonry) their arrest and suppression etc.
On Friday, 13 October 1307 (aka 10-13) Philip ordered de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested.

1976...working the 'Pan' (baphomet) and Green Man angle

  Julie Andrews sang one of the songs, "Once Upon a Bedtime", off-camera over the opening credits.
She helped make 'witches' a Hollywood commodity...via Mary Poppins.
 Even Tate was supposedly initiated as a 'witch' by Alex 'king of witches' Sanders, whilst in England filming the 1966 release Eye of the Devil...Rosemary's Baby was seemingly a virtual script, for what would transpire about one year after the film's release...Polanski imho possibly entered into to his own Faustian pact, in exchange for Hollywood success...the price is self explanatory.

13 Chairs aka 12 + 1...Tate's last film

The Thirteen Chairs
Shot just six months before her diabolical end. The final credits sequence...a creepy prophecy over “The End”. 

Just another WTF moment!!!
Italian actor Vittorio Gassman, who played the well-groomed hairdresser (Sebring anyone?), is suddenly turned into a demented long-haired hippie, with an uncanny resemblance to Charles Manson.

 Sebring (hairdresser) & Tate

watch the ending here...

Polanski hooked up with Tate while they filmed the Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)
At the films is Tate that is a vampire and she ironically bites Polanski.

Is the title a further play on words...and on what is to come?  
The heavily pregnant Tate would be dead within 2 years.

The Fearless Vampire (Tate) Killers?

The baby was named Paul

No this really isn't crazy at all...Lennon did his 2nd ever LSD tab at the Polanski house on Cielo Drive, in the late 60's...and that's in his own words..."Doris Day's old place"...which WAS the Polanski house on Cielo Drive!
Beatles HELL-ter Skelter via the Sky (Cielo)
Helter 'stairway to the gate of heaven/sirius' Skelter

To Beetle-juice

Footballers on the stairway to heaven/Sirius...Sirius (Isis) the consort of Orion (Osiris)

The pyramid shafts aligning the Queen (Isis) with Sirius and the King (Osiris) with Orion's belt...aka We 3 Kings of Orion Star

 The afterlife...and the opening of the mouth, serpent-wormhole
 Hathor/Isis Cow
 Tree of life/death...obelisk

Alec 'Working WTC Isis Girl' Baldwin & Geena 'The Fly' Davis
 The sandworm...and Opening of the Mouth of the serpent/wormhole

Remember her reference from 'The Fly' earlier!

Opening of the mouth/serpent/wormhole
 As seen in Lucas' Djed-Eye, Lynch's Dune & Tremors

From Burton (Beetlejuice) & his major collaborator 'Depp' his work with Polanski!

The satanic cross and released 1999 (a veiled 666)

We'd expect to find a lot of this, seeing as though the plot centres around satanism.
Most of Polanski's career seems to centre around satanism...cough, cough.

Corso (Depp) is taken the top floor of the Balkan Building and shown the private book collection of Boris Balkan (Langella).  Upon entering the elevator Boris Balkan enters a code on a special lower keypad, the elevator access code to the penthouse floor is the number 666.

When they enter the top floor Balkan tells Corso that his entire book collection is dedicated to the Devil.  Balkan enters the access Key code on the number pad to enter the environmentally controlled glass walled book room.  Again,  the access key code is the number 666.
 In the story line we are told that in the year 1666 a Venician Publisher, named Aristide Torchia, had obtained a copy of a book called the Dela-malonica

The 666 tessellated taxi to the lodge

 Evoking the Nine(Ninth) Eleven Stargate?

A gate that will be opened on the 9th Month

20th Century 666 (FOX) (Anubis/Jackal - 666)
The 6th line consists of F,O,X
 They did release this!

Working the 'piracy' skull n bones (Osiris) thematic

2003 onwards...
Johnny 'Ninth Gate' Depp...working his own piracy & Osiris thematic
Swords/Knives in the Caribbean (water)
Kind of reads like a potted version of Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken & Robert Wagner...and their boating mishap!

 Of course there is a direct tie-in between Harrison Ford & Rosemary's Baby director Roman Polanski via which Ford stars alongside Polanski's real wife, just like Depp did in Ninth Gate.

 Raiders of the Lost Ark - Well of Souls, Tanis...resting place of the ark.

Anubis and the scales of judgement

Jackal headed Anubis far left in the Underworld,Guardian of the scales, judgement and Ma'at.
Protector of the dead in the afterlife and an embalming god etc. 
 Ammit (amemet/cynocephalus) the baboon/crocodile/lion/dog composite, right

Full version
The Hall of Two Judgements (Truths)
 Thoth (the scribe of judgement) to the right of the scales, in art, he was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon and Osiris (green man, far right) awaits the soul to join him in the afterlife...should it pass the test of the scales/ma'at.

You'll recall that Jack is posed as baphomet (above/below, sun/moon) and that the pose resembles the scales of judgement and the woman (rear left) wears the heart & feather (ma'at).
Perhaps the hand is pushing the arm down as a judgement of a heavy heart. 

 Indiana literally...the Navajo designs The Shining & Working Girl
& whistling 'If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/Nerve' from The Wizard of Oz, in the Working Girl scene!

Baboon god @ Tanis...Thoth/Babi/Ammit
The baboon...the Fly
 Harrison/Indy/Han (Osiris/Horus) has his 'primate' reference too
 The Omen 1976 - Baboons
The Omen (666) 'the beast'...the anti-christ born of a jackal (Anubis)

Statue of Liberty...SOL...aka The Sun (and Isis, moon)
 Anubis on the barge near Liberty/Isis...staff in hand
Anubis...Guardian at the gates of the underworld
Reminiscent of the solar barge 

We see the setting sun (going into the underworld) prior to the lid being above, so below

Tanis, Raiders
 Entrance to the map room is underground (underworld)

Indy confronted by Anubis with 'an open mouth'...Guardian of the Scales of Ma'at
Perhaps this is why they're seen with raised arms supporting the Anubis with the scales pictured below (far right)!

Tennis or Tinnis was an ancient city in Egypt. Its modern territory is situated at 31°12′N 32°14′E, on an island in Manzala Lake, southwest of Port Said.

The city was founded by migrants from Tanis, after whom the city was named. Tennis was an important port, exporting agricultural products of Egypt, particularly textiles, throughout the Middle East.

 Tennis via Tanis?

The Shining
 Tennis via Tanis?

The Shining
 Tennis (ball) via Tanis?

 (Table) Tennis via Tanis?

You get the idea...

Yes...I know Kubrick liked actual 'tennis' for the purposes of public consumption etc.
We started in the masonic lodge...we end with a 'mason'