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HAL 9000 (2001) - Gomer Pyle (FMJ) - Major Malfunction

 Logic Memory Center (The Brain)

The numbering 1-6 and 7-12 on HAL's 'logic memory center'...

Mirrors the numbered targets at Parris Island 'firing range' 1-6 & 7-12.

    left, Parris Island, Pyle on the rifle range....right, Bowman in HAL's 'logic memory center' with screwdriver
Pre-cognition of brain breakdown and's the same gun that Pyle blows his brains out with.  Pyles gun pointing to 7-12 and Bowman's screwdriver in the 9 spot, closing down HAL.

They are each using a tool on the numbered objects, Pyle aiming with his rifle, Bowman aiming with his screwdriver and in a similarly constructed shot, with both men coming in from the left side and an over shoulder view.

Pyle is 'pre-cognitively' (or foreshadowing) blowing his own 'logic memory center' out...on the range, as a throw back to HAL's breakdown and destruction, coupled with his own to come.

This 'firing range' scene is where Hartman compliments Pyle on his shooting..."Outstanding, Private Pyle."

note...for some reason Pyle's wrist bandage (seen above) is missing from the top shot (over the shoulder angle) and it is all the same scene...lasting 30 seconds or so.

Hartman mentions something about Pyle being 'born again hard' and Bowman will soon be getting 'born again' too...Bowman also gets a literal birth back onto the Discovery via the airlock, which plays like a birthing.

 Pyle's death is immediately followed by 'the hooker scene'..."me luv you long time" for a death & rebirth touch.

Holey Shit! :-)

I like it when Hartman says to Pyle in the 'head'...

As if Pyle is the broken AE-35 unit and/or HAL from Discovery and note that Bowman fiddles with HAL's head (brain) after his malfunction, whereas Pyle fiddles with his own....and the above quote happens in the 'head' in FMJ, then bang!

The 'supposedly' malfunctioning AE-35 unit, that after inspection leads the crew to believe that HAL is the major malfunction!

Maybe its a allusion to the fact that Pyle is now virtually a machine and a broken one at HAL.  When Pyle goes into his 'drill mode' in the 'head' he comes across as an automaton like machine with his recital.

Pyle even adopts the 'cyclops' eye of HAL in this 'head' scene, one of his eyes virtually closes over.

HAL's Cyclops 'eye' in Full Metal Jacket

Both Head's Logic Memory Centers

From what I understand, I think R Lee Ermey said it...on FMJ with the lighting in the 'head'...Stanley apparently spent several days just lighting it to look this way...there seems to be intent to create a similarity to HAL's brain chamber imo.

Hartman to Pyle...

"Didn't Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?"

This bit fits in with what happens with HAL too, remember we're in BOTH 'heads' now, HAL's & Parris Island barracks 'head' ..Hal gets his memory center plundered and then regresses to a child like state 'Dasiy, daisy...' Pyle acts childish in parts of his scene. It works like a double reference...and both brains (Hal & Pyle) end up getting destroyed too.  Both parties commit murder before they get closed down and exit by differing methods, but the result is the same...brain death!

2 'Heads' are better than 1...screwed up 'childlike' brains, in the process of destruction.

Pyle could be singing 'Charlene, charlene...' the name of his rifle, instead of Daisy.

Receptacle Made for Number 2.

Charlene, Charlene...give me your answer do,
I've gone crazy and I'm totally in love with you,
I look like a stylish savage,
And I'm gonna create some carnage,
But we'll look sweet, upon the seat,
of a receptacle made for number 2.

Well...he is 'in a world of shit' and I like the deliberate pun of that phrase, considering his location!
And talking of 'shit' that is the term used by troops when they are in combat...'in the shit'.

Don't forget they are 'married' to their rifles now and Pyle has been talking to his one, Charlene!!!
HAL's 'Bicycle Built For Two' about a marriage proposal.

Hartman:  You're married to this piece, this weapon of iron & wood! And you will be faithful.

The 'Head' as a double construct. 

 Hartman: ‘What are you animals doing inside my head?!’ 

(They're certainly animals, Kubrick has their heads shaved with 'animal clippers' at the start to labour this point and they are given fake names, to assist in the destruction of the old self.)

A pun & double consruct...'head' mentally and in the 'place' sense. 

 Joker enters his symbolic 'head'

Maybe we can read 'the head' as in one aspect being Joker's 'head'...for he is the one who enters 'the head' and perhaps, its his own head (psyche) we're/he's going into.

Pyle may be an avatar for his humanity, that is being destroyed by the process of dehumanization...led by Hartman.  This happens on the last day/night of training, they are now marines and this is the last scene from that whole first section of the film.   The head scene therefore depicts Joker's complete transformation (via Pyle symbolically killing the cause, Hartman) from human to killing machine.

Joker's head (as Pyle says) is full of a result of the dehunanizing process.

Joker even uses this term at the close of the film during his monologue...

"I'm in a world of shit...yes.  But I am alive.
And I am not afraid."

Then comes the child-like 'Mickey Mouse' chant, perhaps echoing back to Pyle?
I find it interesting that Joker uses that Pyle did and it can only add to the idea that Pyle was a construct of his (psyche) innocence & femininity etc.

Joker & Pyle are inextricably linked during the film and we even see Joker literally 'mothering' Pyle in several scenes...Pyle behaves like a child (as I mentioned earlier with the reference to Hal regressing) and Joker attends to his needs, making the bed, adjusting his clothes etc, like a mother Pyle is Joker's 'humanity' and 'feminity' which must be destroyed to create a killing machine.  Hartman calls them 'ladies' from the outset and this aspect must be eliminated.

Dream Logic - And - Logic Memory Center

The beating of Pyle scene may also be symbolic of this dehumanizing process...the scene is bathed in the same kind of light and atmospherics that we see in the 'head' shooting incident and both occur at night (sleep).  When the beating stops Cowboy says to Pyle...

Joker is the one individual who seemingly has increased anger towards Pyle during the beating, he hits him about 6 times or so...he is beating himself up...literally, psychologically, symbolically and internally, with the help of  I think this is really why we see Joker like this in the next shot.

It's all inside my own head!!!

My innocence, my humanity and my femininity, have and are being destroyed...

I am 'reborn to kill'

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Stanley Khufu-Brick

Direct Walk Like An Egyptian.

I've done this post to keep all things blatantly Egyptian, in one place.
You'll see that it is quite deep.

 2001:ASO...Sun/Eye over the Pyramid minus capstone.

Isis in the Pyramid, Pyramid as 'missing' Golden Phallus of Osiris penertrating the virgin Isis (Lucy).  Alex as Set & Horus....Set with the 'gouged out' eye (on cuff) and the knife for doing it, Horus because Alex's right eye is accentuated and is probably a reference to the right eye of Horus, which represented  the sun (a literal clockwork orange).  The entire Egyptian 'trinity' in one image!

Walking around the sun and pyramid with sun apex.

 Alex as Osiris Risen @ base of Pyramid & All Seeing Eye/Sun-risen.

"Thoth was also prominent in the Osiris myth, being of great aid to Isis. After Isis gathered together the pieces of Osiris' dismembered body, he gave her the words (first was the WORD!, geddit?) to resurrect him so she could be impregnated and bring forth Horus."

That is what is happening here...Alex IS Osiris Risen (or soon will be) the magic of the viddy screen is going to resurrect Alex into his new self...he will be Horus (who actually IS Osiris Risen/Resurrected!).

 Jack:  But I didn't just kill ya. I cut you up in little pieces.(Osiris' dismembered body, Jack as Set/Seth)

ACO...Light Pyramid with sun/eye @ apex

ACO...pyramid and egg @ the base (eggywegs)...Djoser, Saqqara step pyramid

ACO...Pyramid Attic

ACO...Cat woman (sphinx) posed as a pyramid (with cat sphinxes around her) with light near the apex...2 for the price of one.

Cat Woman - The Sphinx...the sphinx who guards the pyramid and the mysteries (just like ISIS does, with her veil!)

Full Metal Apron

Anubis & Amemet/Cynocephalus - Underworld Judgement

Ma'at, Anubis...Anubis & Amemet/Cynocephalus....Thoth.


Eyes Wide Shut...Judgement in the Underworld scribed by Thoth/Hermes.

ACO...The Emerald Tablet of Thoth/Hermes. This scene plays exactly like the maxim 'as above, so below' it and see, the camera pans down from the roof (above) and settles on the stage (below).  As above, so below...are the first words written on the tablet.  "The Theivimg Magpie" plays in this scene...Hermes (who is Thoth!) was a god who was a protector and patron of travelers, herdsman, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and some myths he is a trickster.  That describes this scene perfectly, music and've got to admit Stanley was good...insanely good with these riddle/puzzles.
Thoth/Hermes is literally 'The Thieving Ibis". (ibis is a bird, see pic on right).

Now, it's possible that this scene could also in fact, be an allusion to the God's begatting 'off-spring' with the daughters of man, as seen in the Bible.  We have 'as above, so below' (that's a given) and pan from the image of a God (above) to the stage below, where we see a number of men raping a woman.  So the God's came down from above (and then down to earth) and procreated with the daughters of man below.  The Nephilim stories...etc.  But imo, that should really read Knephelim (from kneph, hermes/thoth...see 2001:A Space Yesodyysey post or text below).

In art, Kneph was depicted as a Ram (sometimes as a serpent, circle of kneph), the animal symbolic of the ba, a major aspect of the Egyptian notion of the soul; the Egyptian word for "Ram" was "ba". He was also depicted wearing a uraeus (serpent), symbolic of his authority, as creator. In his hand he always bears the ankh, symbol of life.

The Circle of Kneph (and its serpent allusion) was one of the many epithets borne by Hermes and whose followers, the astronomers or seers, were called Nephelim or Knephelim. (see genesis/ gene of isis) It was in effect the solar ecliptic, the sacred circle, in which was wrapped up the Hermetic doctrine of the zodiac or circle of months, weeks and days. He who sat upon that circle, the ecliptic, was and is the Sun.
Comyns Beaumont

bringing us nicely to...

Parris Island 'Troop Sphinxes' vs Karnak 'Avenue of Ram Sphinxes

The door to the Temple of Amun/Ammon is behind both of them in each pic.  The ram (aries) was sacred to Ammon & to Hermes/Thoth...they are one and the same, according to some scholars Hermes' full name was Hermes Par-Ammon.  This is the ubiquity of Hermes/Thoth/Ammon (the thrice great hermes)...and it is tricky keeping tabs on him, in effect he was more important than all the other deities combined because he was the only 'operative god'...he was the liaison between gods & man, the messenger.  

This Karnak temple above (according to Plunket) was oriented to the first point of Aries, the ram...Plunket claims 'the world was reconstructed (after the flood) when the sun was in the 1st degree of Aries'...before the flood, Cronos-Saturn (old father time) was the arbiter of time, but not anymore.

Now that we understand that Hermes/Thoth/Ammon was connected to the 'ram' and that he was also considered to be the 'hierarch' or 'high' druid god...this is where the freemason's derived their own version of him via Hiram Abiff or Hi-Ram...geddit?  The prefix 'Hi, Hu or Hy' etymologyically denoted high, noble, great.  The ram epithet was also utilised by the Rama's/Ramah/Rameses and is also found through Abraham via Ab'Ram (son of the ram)...and there you have an A.C.Clarke tie-in with his Rendezvous With Rama book.

Clarke's...Rendezvous With Rama (Midnight & A Rendezvous, The Shining)

Is that a 'wormwhole/vortex' or the 'subterranean underworld tunnels' from the Egyptian myths.
(I know it's a  cylindrical spaceship, I've read it...but that's just the cover story.)

Now go back to Eyes Wide Shut and recall Bill visiting the ritual at Somerton (in Somerset), Somerton was the sacred place of Hu Gadern (the Hi Gad, tribe of Gad/Cush, this tribe were expressly the sons of Ham or Ammon, so therefore of Hermes, Hu Gadern is the British version) was here that he made his first settlement (near to the ores in that region) and he can also be equated to Hermes/Thoth/Ammon.

Hermes/Thoth/Ammon and his relationship to the British Isles should not be flippantly dismissed...Comyns Beaumont has written plenty about that and that was 60 or more years ago!

Bill is visiting Hu Gadern's or Hi-ram's settlement...Hermes/Thoth/Ammon.

Clarke's Rama book has been touted as a possible project for David 'Se7en' Fincher in association with Morgn Freeman...who synchronistically played the role of 'Somerset' in his film Se7en!!!


The Overlook as a 'Glacial Giza'...The Snow Cat (cold) vs The Sand Cat (hot).

Ma'at Judgement in the Underworld...Scales, Heart & Feather.

Pyramid within a pyramid...Overlook, which is what the eye does.

 Pyramid Hill...Barry Lyndon

Another Barry Lyndon Pyramid

Full Metal Jacket...Pyramid with sun/eye @ apex, at the rear.
The other suns/stars perhaps the belt of orion...that also relate to the 3 main pyramids in Egypt.

Spartacus as 'Osiris Slain'...Osiris who was murdered by Set and chopped into pieces.

'All seeing eye'

Mason as 'Osiris Risen'....Lyon as 'the all seeing eye'

Danny's All Seeing Eye

The Golden (Missing) Phallus of Osiris, Egypt.

Eyes Wide Shut...Alchemical Marriage of the Sun & Moon


Tom's Pyramid nose...Nicole's Eye.

The Shining...The Hall of Two Judgements & The Afterlife.

ADZE - AHNETJER - For Jack's 'Opening of the Mouth Ceremony'

The adze is shown in ancient Egypt from the Old Kingdom onward. Originally the adze blades were made of stone, but already in the Predynastic Period copper adzes had all but replaced those made of flint. While stone blades were fastened to the wooden handle by tying, metal blades had sockets into which the handle was fitted. Examples of Egyptian adzes can be found in museums and on the Petrie Museum website.
A depiction of an adze was also used as a hieroglyph, representing the consonants stp, "chosen", and used as: ...Pharaoh XX, chosen of God/Goddess YY...

Opening of the Mouth/The Hall of Two Judgements (combined bottom half)...Overlook Lobby Hallway 'End to End'...Ahnetjer one end, 'monolith judgement doorway' other end and the result is not 'the afterlife' but Jack reborn back on earth (the duat).

The Shining...Azde/ a composite of both the above!

The ahnetjer depicted as an adze-like instrument, was used in the Opening of the Mouth ceremony, intended to convey power over their senses to statues and mummies. It was apparently the foreleg of a freshly sacrificed bull or cow (minotaur/maze) with which the mouth was touched.

Jack gets 'freshly sacrificed' in the maze as a version of the minotaur (bull) and he is soon to have his mouth opened.

Monarch 'bull' lower half of pic on left side, bulls head in the rightside rear pic....and the labyrinth maze.


Jack's Azde/Ahnetjer...Wendy's Open Mouth

 In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

 2001:ASO  'Wormhole-stargate'

 THE OPENING OF THE MOUTH CEREMONY - EGYPT  (Azde/Ahnetjer, left black rod in front of pharoah)

Ha, ha...astute people may have already picked up on the 'black rod' term I just used...for the United Kingdom's 'opening' of its own State Parliament, is a ceremony involving the use of the 'black rod' rod & opening together! This political 'ceremony' (ceres & moon/ceresmoony) must have its basis from Egyptian sources.  The purpose of the Egyptian version is so that the dead can breathe and speak (hence opening of the mouth!) and in the UK version, its purpose is so that Parliament (parlez, to speak!) can open and then the MP's can speak in the chambers!!!

 The UK's Ahnetjer/Black Rod to 'open the mouth' of the State Parliament.
Knock 3 Times.

Knock, Knock, Knock...on Apt 3, with an 'open mouth'.

Parliament & Overlook Lobby

"The title is derived from the staff of office, an ebony staff topped with a golden lion, which is the main symbol of the office's authority."

The opening of the mouth ceremony (or ritual) was an ancient Egyptian ritual described in funerary texts such as the Pyramid Texts.

Funerary magic

The ritual involved the symbolic animation of a statue or mummy by magically opening its mouth so that it could breathe and speak. There is evidence of this ritual from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Period. Special tools were used to perform the ceremony, such as a ritual adze, an arm shaped ritual censer, a spooned blade known as a peseshkaf, a serpent-head blade, and a variety of other amulets. A calf's leg was also held up to the lips painted on the coffin.
The ancient Egyptians believed that in order for a person's soul to survive in the afterlife it would need to have food and water. The opening of the mouth ritual was thus performed so that the person who died could eat and drink again in the afterlife.

 Danny's Opening of the Mouth...The Lift/Elevator is a version of 'the mouth' the dials above are the eyes (the word mouth originates from the Egyptian word Ma'at, as does the word Mother (Mouther, geddit?), Ma'at is reflected in Matriarch, Wendy is the 'matriarch' and she sees a similar vision to Danny.  In fact, when Wendy sees the 'rivers of blood' it happens just when she passes by the 'ahnetjer' in the hallway (complete with the strange incantations on the soundtrack), which obviously makes sense.

Danny: "He's a little boy that lives inside my mouth"

 Danny's Open Mouth

Manager: "He ran amuck, and uh, killed his family with an axe.  Stacked 'em neatly in one of the rooms of the West Wing, and uh, then he, uh, he put, uh, both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth."

Grady Twins - Azde/Ahnetjer

Doctor: "If you were to 'open your mouth' now, could I see Tony?"

Hallorann: "I can remember when I was a little boy.  My grandmother and I could hold conversations entirely without ever opening our mouths."

Jack & Wendy - Mouth Openings & Azde/Ahnetjer - Jack through a door, he'll travel through another door for his own 'mouth opening ceremony' via the Overlook's lobby hallway after he gets mummified in the maze.

Bowman's 'Opening of the Mouth/Way' through the stargate/wormhole!

  In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

Lolita's 'Opening of the Mouth' judgement...with the 'all seeing eye' and with 'heart' sunglasses for the weighing on the scales of ma'at.  The lolly has a stick within it and I wonder if this lolly was heart shaped, like the glasses?

Pyle's 'Opening of the Mouth' and an echo of amemet/cynocephalus, devourer of hearts/Hart-man?

Amemet/Ammit/Cynocephalus...devourer of hearts that fail the test, note the lion characteristics.
Pyle's name is Leonard (sun sign leo, the lion) and he symbolically eats the heart/donut of is a jelly donut and therefore filled with red jam/blood.

 Pyle's 'opening of the mouth' happens along a homage to the Ram Sphinxes of Karnak.
Remember the 'Drill Instructor' (above) that Pyle kills is called 'Hartman' (Heartman!) 
 Is Pyle the cynocephalus (symbolically), who in his own version of judgement, decides to kill Hartman and his eating the donut/heart, is a direct reference to that?

Ullman: "then he put both barrells of a shotgun in his mouth"  
 Jack : "you chopped up your wife and daughters with an axe and then you blew your brains out"

Pyle with a rifle (his own ahnetjer) in his mouth...blowing his brains out.

Alex's 'open mouth'...while he symbolically represents Osiris Risen (birth of Horus), in the straight jacket @ the base of the pyramid.  It almost looks like he is having his 'eyes' torn out with that device fitted...In some myths Horus had both eyes gouged out by Set, during a battle to avenge Set's murder of Osiris.  (Synchronistically McDowell got a badly injured eye whilst making this scene and filming had to be stopped for a while.)

Viddy well my brothers...the 'gouged' eye(s) of Horus and the knife for gouging it out!

His (Horus) right eye was white or red and represented the sun (Alex's right eye is the one marked with accentuated lashes, it IS the sun, a clockwork orange!) ; his left eye was black or blue and represented the moon.  Horus lost either his left eye or in some myths had both eyes gouged out by Set during a battle to avenge Set's murder of Osiris.  In the myths where both eyes are lost, light disappears from the world until Hathor drips gazelle milk into the sockets so that two new ones grew in their place.

 Dim smashes the 'milk' (hathor/cow) into Alex's eyes and he is temporarily blinded!!!
Alex is about to change after this...he will have new eyes!

"There is nothing new under the sun."

The Alexander Home...Mr & Mrs 'with closed mouths'...Alex with his suggestive protruding long nose.

Alex returns to the scene of the crime, Mr Alexander has his 'opening of the mouth' moment, after it was closed during the attack and exacts his revenge on Alex.

The ritual involved the symbolic animation of a statue or mummy by magically opening its mouth so that it could breathe and speak.
 Jack's frozen like a statue and with a mummified looking body.

Danny:  You wouldn't ever hurt Mummy & me, would you?

  Danny:  Mummy, Mummy...  (end scene coming out of maze)

The Spell
My mouth is opened by Ptah,
My mouth's bonds are loosed by my city-god.
Thoth has come fully equipped with spells,
He looses the bonds of Seth from my mouth.
Atum has given me my hands,
They are placed as guardians.
My mouth is given to me,
My mouth is opened by Ptah,
With that chisel of metal
With which he opened the mouth of the gods.
I am Sekhmet-Wadjet who dwells in the west of heaven,
I am Sahyt among the souls of On.

In order to live for all eternity and be presented in front of Osiris, the body of the deceased had to be preserved by mummification, so that the soul could reunite with it, and take pleasure in the Afterlife. The main process of mummification was dehydrating the body using natron, a natural material found in Wadi Natrun which is a combination of baking soda and salt, to preserve the body. The body is drained of any liquids and left with skin, hair and muscles preserved.  The 70 days (process of mummification) are connected to Osiris and the length the star Sirius/Sothis/Sopdet was absent from the sky.

Holly Salt...for dehydration. (Natron)
Holly, a wood used to make magickians wands (penis)...Holly-wood.

Baking Powder/Soda...for dehydration. (Natron)

Remember it's Jack who is being prepared for we see at the end!

Full scene...Judgement and the Afterlife, Osiris 'God-King', far right.

Weighing of the heart scene, with en:Ammit sitting, from the book of the dead of Hunefer. From the source: "The judgement, from the papyrus of the scribe Hunefer. 19th Dynasty. Hunefer is conducted to the balance by jackal-headed Anubis. The monster Ammut crouches beneath the balance so as to swallow the heart should a life of wickedness be indicated.  Anubis conducts the weighing on the scale of Maat, against the feather of truth. The ibis-headed Thoth, scribe of the gods, records the result. If his heart is lighter than the feather, Hunefer is allowed to pass into the afterlife. If not, he is eaten by the waiting chimeric devouring creature Ammit, which is composed of the deadly crocodile, lion, and hippopotamus. In the next panel, showing the scene after the weighing, a triumphant Hunefer, having passed the test, is presented by falcon-headed Horus to the shrine of the green-skinned Osiris, god of the underworld and the dead, accompanied by Isis and Nephthys. The 14 gods of Egypt are shown seated above, in the order of judges.

In the underworld the deceased’s spirit must compete with gods, evil creatures and gatekeepers to reach Osiris and the Hall of Final Judgment. After the dangerous journey through the underworld, the god of the dead, Anubis, would lead the dead to the Hall of Two Truths, where the deceased stand in front of 42 judges and Osiris. The Book of the Dead helped the deceased say the right words to the judges. The deceased is led to a set of scales where their heart was weighed against the feather of truth, which symbolizes Maat the goddess of justice. The fate of the deceased would be decided - either entrance into the perfect afterlife or their heart would be eaten by Ammit, the devourer of the dead. If the deceased passed the test the judges in the Hall of the Two Truths pronounced the following divine order.
The final judgment is a meeting with Osiris. Osiris, lord of the underworld, sits on his throne, represented as a mummy. On his head is the white crown of Lower Egypt (the north). He holds the symbols of Egyptian kingship in his hands: the shepherd's crook to symbolize his role as shepherd of mankind, and the flail, representing his ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Behind him stand his wife Isis and her sister Nephthys. Isis is the one Together. Osiris, Isis and Nephthys welcome the deceased to the underworld. The afterlife was similar to the ordinary life, but more pleasant and enjoyable. The deceased would become a god and be accompanied by other gods. There was no evil and shabtis do any necessary labor. Poor people are wealthier and the old are young again.

 The Summer of 42.

Alex's 'opening of the mouth/way' where he looks almost exactly like a 'mummy'...prior to HIS final judgement...geddit?  He's mummified just like Jack is, or how Jack is represented to be!!!


Left...Alex as a mummified looking 'Osiris Risen' and right looking again like a mummy, for his opening of the mouth/way...before his rebirth....see next pic.

The rebirth through the sex act and/or the 'afterlife' as imagined in Alex's head.

"I was 'cured' alright."   (a play on words, in one aspect!)

Cured as in...embalmed, dehydrated (natron), mummified... in order to live for eternity and be presented to Osiris...salt is used for 'curing' & preserving (exactly like the mummification process), just like Jack's 'Holly Salt' from earlier...geddit?

There is a Ridley Scott...tie-in, via the Alien series.

Opening of the Mouth

 Giger's Azde-Ahnetjer

 Early artwork depicting 'opening of the mouth'.

 Opening of the Mouth...Cain (as in a 'sons of cain' aka 'tubalcain' aka 'freemasonry')

Ash's 'Opening of the Mouth' with Ripley.

Back to the egg...eggywegs...0...The Fool.

In early versions of the script the eggs were to be located in a separate pyramid structure which would be found later by the Nostromo crew and would contain statues and hieroglyphs depicting the Alien reproductive cycle, offering a contrast of the human, Alien, and space jockey cultures.

Alien creature and Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaten.

Prometheus - Ridley Scott
Prometheus...Canopic Jars (Ampules/Urns)

Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife.  By the Nineteenth dynasty each of the four lids depicted one of the four sons of Horus, as guardians of the organs.

Weyland Pyramids minus the capstone...flipped.
You get 2 pyramids the correct way up, but lots more if you vertically flip it!

 Giger's Pyramid Egg Silo.

 Prometheus - Who Stole Fire From The Gods.

What if we imagine that Prometheus was in actuality a 'volcano' (vulcanism) then we'd find the ingredients (sulphur, carbon & salt petre = flying fire) for making 'fire' inside it's belly...hence giving fire to the people.

In fact, there is an actual Prometheus Volcano on Jupiter's planet IO, but I don't refer to this...I mean one on earth (so that it could give 'fire' to mankind, literally) above, so below.

Ridley Scott managed to find one...
Exterior shots of the alien world were shot in Iceland, where filming occurred for two weeks. It commenced on July 11, 2011, at the base of Hekla, an active volcano (see above) in southern Iceland . Speaking about working at the volcano, Scott said that the filming in Iceland comprised approximately fifteen minutes of footage for the film, and that the area represented the beginning of time.

 Fire & Water amalgamation...Prometheus @ Rockefeller (falling rock) Center, New York.
 A Sunken Plaza...he's on top of Olympus and encirlced by the Zodiac.

Inscription by Aeschylus reads:
 "Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends." 

 Hermes/Thoth, as an inventor of fire, is a parallel of the Titan, Prometheus.

Anyone fancy an Ouroboros?

Prometheus & 2001:ASO flipped.

Hermes/Thoth, as an inventor of fire, is a parallel of the Titan, Prometheus.


Now compare the 'crescent head piece' of Hermes/Thoth above with the Prometheus/2001:ASO 'crescent' pics just above.