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Hollywood - The Jet Repulsion/Propulsion Laboratory

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10th Jan
Oh dear, France - what have you done! Judge a person by the company they keep.
Why is this bitch comparing "dating issues" with "industry rape"? What a water muddying WHORE.
Catherine "ROMAN POLANSKI" Deneuve! What an evil BITCH!
She is so closely associated with "child drugged sodomy rape" Polanski - that anything she has to say IS LESS THAN WORTHLESS.
Do you think women like her are suitable persons for addressing this issue? NO, is the obvious answer.
"And Satan Calls the Turns" - "And Satan Leads the Ball".
Polanski's Rosemary's Baby was about "Faustian deals" being made to gain progress in the Hollywood film/TV industry!
Satanic Jew Polanski is a "mentor" of her's  - always has been. Both are abuse apologists, predators, and satanists.
She did her part for "lesbian propaganda" via Tony "homosexual/911 programmer" Scott in vampirical "The Hunger".
Roman "Fearless Vampire Killers" Polanski - his film with the "paedo film director" (MacGowran) -
from The Exorcist - and via US psychological warfare, Blatty.
Such esteemed company you keep, Catherine!
Cannes - Canaanites - Canis. The Jewish/Masonic Sirius/Dog Brotherhood.
Jews pull her strings - they put all that food and all those awards on her table too!
The film industry CANNOT be allowed to regulate or evaluate itself - it is too far gone - hence these types of apologist cover-ups.
October 2017. California artist Marianne Barnard has come forward with new accusations against director and convicted child rapist Roman Polanski, alleging that he sexually assaulted her when she was just 10 years old.
March 2017

This was never about "hitting on women" - it's about institutionalised film industry abuse and abuse of power!
If finding this sort of abuse is considered "puritanical" - then I'm the biggest puritan in the world!
Deneuve is just SICK, and a Zionist Jew industry pawn. Obviously Hollywood's "Me Too" club is also unsuitable for addressing these issues, I do understand that. They're hypocrites too. I'm calling-out HYPOCRITE Denueve, and her overt defence of paedo rapists, and her (industry backed) water-muddying. She is one of the least qualified to make statements in respect of this issue.
Brigitte Lahaie (Thanks go to JP).

Move aside Deneuve - you have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY. You are the OLD GUARD.
Time to clear away these COMPLICIT industry LIARS. These crimes ARE NOT sex crimes, as many erroneously believe!
They are crimes of VIOLENCE.

It never rains - it pours!
James Franco...
From one Franco to the next!

11th & 12th Jan

Franco Zeffirelli is NOW implicated, allegations of being a persistent ABUSER. (link)
Are those "adopted Zeffirelli men" - adopted as children or lovers?
That's who Bruce Robinson parodied in his film "Withnail and I" - via Uncle "Zeffirelli" Monty (Griffiths).
Bruce Robinson's film has scenes (with Marlowe, the "I" character) that sound EXACTLY like what happened to Schaech.
"Burglary" - as in forced anal sex (effectively rape).
Zeffirelli - another SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL and abuser - wow, what a surprise! With "Nail" and "Eye".

Talking of HOMOSEXUALITY and alleged ABUSE - it's Stan "mass homo programmer" Lee.
X-Men "gender bending" mass propaganda via Jew Hollywood, Iron "POOF" Man etc.
You may think this output is entertainment - but I tend to see it as a form of 'barely veiled/coded' deviancy programming.
Hot-dogging with the pink weiner/wiener.
I recently mentioned him (Lee) in respect of (paedo) Brian Peck, & linked suspected gay paedophile Bryan "Spacey" Singer.
Paedo Peck who was employed by (paedo) Charlie Sheen on Anger Management.
When not abusing people, they're  programming the "dumb mass and children" with homosexual/gender bending propaganda!
IRONS (poofs), QUEENS (queers) & ACDC (swing both ways). Gay "Iceman" for a frosty (cum) finish.
The (sexually) Randy "donut" (asshole) exiting - Iron "POOF" Men. This is where it gets quasi-Freudian.
Iron = Poof/Gay (slang). Jackson aka the "quarter(s) pounding" man.
Iron "poof" Man & "Trying ring-O and real hard."
(Jackson - also heavily marked with "9/11" ciphering via A Time to Kill, Die Hard 3, Exorcist 3, & Long Kiss Goodnight.)
Jackson - the Snake Planer, Shaft-ing, and Black Snake Moan, man. He likes snake-shafting Ring-O.
He's a "bad mother fucker", literally - maybe he had more success with fucking his father!?
Pulped Ass Friction's - Ring-O is Mr Orange (Fruit/Queer), Roth. Mr Tin "Sheriff's badge" Star (the asshole).
Not forgetting - Jack Rabbit's Slim "twisting dirt hole" - via gay "Greased, Back Doors Crying" Travolta -
& the clockwork "ass watchersButch/Capt Koons/Cheeks. :)
"As 'queer' as a Clockwork Orange." Mr Orange Fruit Queer & "Pump (k) in" the Ring-O (Ass) Starr.
From 'Ring-O' to the 'Sheriff's Badge'. It's Orange Queer, Sheriff Roth. "Coming Soon" via the "rusty Sheriff's badge".
Hollywood - The JEW. S. of GAY.
FRUIT cellar, hollow-eyed mother/bird stuffer, Psych-O. Perkins and his Tin Star 'Sheriff's Badge''.
You can call me "Hitch" but hold the "Cock". Gouging eyes, peeper holes and overdrawn climaxes (See Hitch-cock, 2012).
The "eye" stabber/gouger/striker and plugger via plated "ANL trading", Crane. Chocolate/blood, plugged, twisting eye holing.
The plugged "twisting black (sphincter/eye) hole" - via PECKERS (birds-women/cocks) & BOTTOMS (ass, and actor).
"Hairy Black Holing" just like Stephen "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy black holes" man.
Psych-O stabber "peeper holes" Perkins, probing The Black Hole & via Bottoms. He wouldn't hurt a "fly" - but he might just unzip them - ahem! Twin Peaks' Truman (Forster also featured), see his Jack Rabbit's twisting time hole.

Hairy Black Holing with "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy black holes" man.

Look what else popped-out today! Prof. Ironside - Stephen "probing hairy black holes" Hawking.
I wonder if his favourite planet is Ur-anus, or does he prefer the "rings" of Saturn/Satan?
Anal-lise This! What ideas could they be? Hawking (selling) sodomy as science?

So, why does the same Hawking article also drop a reference to the "Twin Towers"? Almost desperately so:
It's the "11th September" - Theory of Everything:
Choo, Choo. Cambridge "bum boys" - what, what. Stephen "cheek twitcher" Hawking.
Top comment - LOL.

From Hawking "Big Banging via Hairy Black Holes, and 11th Sept to "9 & 11' Tower Trumping...
Baaaaaaaaa!!! Trump's 2010 commercial for "beds".
11/9 (2016) - the actual month/day the result was finalised  (Nov 9th). He wore the same outfit as seen in the 2010 commercial!
Recall that he purchased "Back to the '911 struck tower' Future" linked Delorean's Bed-minster estate.
(Also see Trump in Home "WTC" Alone 2, see previous post).
Bedminster/Lamington (below). Purchased exactly one year after 9/11/01. Delor(ean) = pain and suffering (Delor).
Is it the White House, Trump/Delorean's Estate, or the (struck) Clock Tower?
Struck Towers that lead to a "future" FIERY 9/11
9-11 FIRE and into the "cinema" via "Rev John Crump" or "Donald John Trump"? The Delorean Bed Minster or Minister?
"You're Fired" - The (Sorcerer's) Apprentice.
Back to the "Biff/Trump/Delorean" Future 2 - "You're Fired"
Trump's "struck Manhattan tower" via electrical fire - and only a few days ago. Card 16 (XVI).
I was calling Trump a "walking tarot card" around two years ago! (Update. There was a tower fire in April too!)
He announced his presidency run - 16th June, 2015. That's the BTTF 2 (future) timeline year.
Biff/Trump and their "phallic" towers. Baby Got Back (to the Future).
The Tower (trump card). Here also is a key to the mystery of sex. The tower is supposedly filled with gold coins which,
showering out (ejaculating) in great numbers from the rent made by the lightning bolt, suggesting potential powers.

Biffing/Striking/Punching the "shit" via the "pink surfingrogering rabbit time/dirt tunnel".
Pink surfing with Foxy Marty/Mike, & Ooh, La, La aka G(r)ays Almanac. Doc-(king) with Brown.

With a "shit Biffing" Thomas and via "the rogering rabbit/eye stabber" Lloyd - aka Doc(k) Brown.
Back to the "Atomic/Plutonium" Future.

The Enola Gays Atomic/Plutonium Manhattan Almanac.
The Enola GAY.  This aircraft also featured in the 2nd bomb attack on Japan. A Fat Man and a Little Boy.
See the "linked" atomic "Manhattan Project." Little Boy's (Hiroshima linked) USS Indianapolis was found Aug 19, 2017.

Announced presidency run June 16 2015 - his 'wiki page' for the campaign uses the (Trinity) July 16, 2015. New Hampshire  shot.

Atomic-nuclear (Manhattan HQ) Towering Biff/Trump.
(He's since been involved in nuclear disarmament and peace deals with North/South Korea though.)
The final instalment - Back to the Future 3 - featured the (atomic/nuclear) Bockscar.
Bockscar (Train) - as in Boxcar (phallic) Willie. The Nagas-aki (nagas/snake) bomb.
Bock (ram/male-goat) and Scar. "Bock" can also translate as "to jinx". Bock is also a colloquial term for 'Lust' (German).
Doc Brown was a 'von Braun' (Brown) - as in Werner 'Nazi / Apollo' by Braun.
A Bockscar/BOKscar/Boxcar Train at the end of the line/tracks
Atomic/Manhattan Trump - via the HoBOKen "end of the tracks" train crash (Sept 2016). "Hoboken Vegas shooter" (June 2016).
The Trump "Vegas Shooter" - from Ho-BOK-en. Linked to 'ground zero' Manhattan (Project).
I recently mentioned the strange link with the two Vegas hotel shooting events (2016 & 2017), see previous post.
'BBC Robot Wars' and hearing voices, Michael Sandford boy. The Hoboken train crash - 11th Jan 2018!
The (Trump-linked) young man/kid from Hoboken.
The "Ho-BOK-en" link to the "Little Boy". The 'NJ Hoboken' ultimately gained its name from Hoboken, Antwerp.

I've mentioned a few of these aspects before, but I've fashioned them a bit differently this time. Crazy, isn't it!?
Recall that "bock/bok" also relates to male-goats (kids).
The "little boy" (Kid) from Hoboken. The following is the very first line! (here)
Michael - just like "end of the line, uprooted tracks" Bockscar/BOKscar Train rider - "little" Michael J Fox, and Michael Sandford.

Yes, even crazier!
A different example. Hoboken - Little Boy, TIME, and 1955! (here). Fox in the 3rd film wears the atomic vector shirt.

1955, TIME-Travel, radioactive plutonium, (Manhattan 9/11) struck towering, & the Atomic (Bockscar) Kid (Little Boy).
Two Explosive 'Ground Zero' based Skyscraper Manhattan Projects.
 The Manhattan borough had at least 10 (Manhattan Project) sites, all but one still standing.
They include warehouses that held uranium, laboratories that split the atom, and the project’s first headquarters -
a skyscraper hidden in plain sight right across from City Hall.

Little Boy via Enola Gay, and Fatman via Bockscar.
Atomic Trinity Lynch - "Little Boy (via fire, Truman & giant), Fat Man (via desert Dune), & Trinity Gadget (white sands desert)".
Lynch's Dune (which featured atomics) opened in the Year: 10,191 - uttered by Virginia "Sept 11" Madsen, the Manhattan terror date.

Manhattan Project/Little Boy linked USS Indianapolis was found Aug 19, 2017. The ship that left in the hours after Trinity.
Less than two months earlier (25th June) Twin Peaks: The Return (eps 8) heavily featured the Trinity bomb (gadget) explosion.
There was also a ManhattanNew York skyscraper (linked to Trinity Bob/Coop) which featured the 'glass box'.
The "surveilled" glass box that (likely) featured the Manhattan/Trinity "entity/experiment". Long Lines rumoured NSA surveillance.
The Twin Peaks "Manhattan Tower" is likely CGI'd. Possibly modelled on the former AT&T Long Lines Tower.
Bell (telephone) linked AT&T. The Tower was a major "long distance telephone switching station".
The (Trinity linked) Convenience Store had a "telephone box" outside. Bell-shaped switches involving electricity also featured in S3.
The "430" Atomic/Radioactive 'ringing alarm call' Fireman.
Twin "atomic Trinity" Peaks - lodge ether transport via "electricity" and "telegraph lines/utility poles".
Twin Peaks: "fireman/giant" Tower Theatre (L.A.), Manhattan Project-ed 'Trinity' Cinema & "bell-shaped electrical switches".
AT&T/Bell Long Lines - the first long-distance L-carrier coaxial link in 1936 connected Philadelphia and New York City.
Mr C (Doppel-Coop) instigates "telephone/electric" havoc at Yankton.

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone and founding the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885.

Liberty Bell, Philly. Where "Phil(ly) Jeffries" was electrically flashed to Cooper/Gordon - FWWM.
Phillip (Greek, lover of horses), "Philly/Filly" phonetics linked to horses, Jeffries linked Judy 'white horse' etc, etc.
 Bowie, aka electric Tesla 'transported man'. He left Philly via (electrical) intercom ether travel.
S3 'machine/bell/teapot/oil-can' Phil(ly) Jeffries. Phones were an electronic transit device in The 'Trinity/911' Matrix.
Dr Who traversed time, the galaxy, and dimensions in his Tardis (Telephone Box). Bowie, primarily a radio rock star & recording artist.
Western Electric HQ in Manhattan. The Longlines Manhattan Tower (Church & 33 Thomas St) - a telephone exchange or wire center building which contained three major 4ESS switches used for interexchange (long distance) telephony. The first digital electronic toll switches introduced by Western Electric for long-distance switching. My Prayer (church).
Note that Lucent succeeded AT&T. Trump linked Kushner family own the 666 building on 5th Ave. It's home to Lucent (Lucifer) Tech. and its (Radio linked) RFID microchip (Mark of the Beast). Lucent has technologies called Inferno, Styx and Limbo. The 666 building appears in the movies Exorcist II: The Heretic, it was the Warner Nros. NY HQ at the time. 666 was in the Peaks original run via the Black Lodge linked message from the woods/space. Evil is incarnated via the Thomas St. building (with experiment/mother), and via the linked record player (below) which leads to evil infestation.
Western 'Manhattan HQ' Electric served as the primary supplier to (Bell linked) AT&T from 1881 to 1996 (Telephony etc).
Electricity and telegraph-lines/utility poles are a means of lodge spirit aether travel.
Western Electric stylus//platter. The Radio Station track that was broadcast, and the broadcasting "radio-active/atomic" woodsman.
"Electricity" - note the "lightning bolt(s)" on the record disc/statue. Western Electric (Bell) - Spirit of Communication/Genius of Telegraphy/Electricity - the symbol of AT&T (& former Western Electric) since 1914. Originally located in Manhattan. The above covers literally all of it. Western Electric/Bell - for electricity, transistors, broadcasting, & tele-communications etc, Westinghouse for electrical infrastructure & 'formica' (formica table, more on that later).
The "My Prayer" and radio-active woodsman's broadcast that was 'listened to' via transistor radios.
Made possible by the "transistor" (inside the atomic vector, above) invented at Bell and manufactured by Western Electric.
The 'Western Electric via Bell' 9A Reproducer (diamond) - reproduction a la "birthing" - Laura, a counter creation (of Bob, egg hatch).
Part 10 "July 16, 2017" was just over a month before "Little Boy/USS Indianapolis" was found (Aug 2017).
The introduction of the 33​1⁄3 rpm vinyl LP "album" in 1948 & 45 rpm "single" in 1949 led to a new multi-speed record player with the required smaller-tipped "microgroove" stylus. Sapphire and diamond (CRYSTALS) then became the standard stylus tip materials.
"Chryst-a (Crystal) Bell" (another recording artist) plays Tammy 'blue rose' Preston. Chryst/Christ aka The Trinity.

Laura's crystal ball/orb via arm (fallopian tube) over 'magnetic earth'. Magnets are also a feature of the gramophone stylus head.
Note the Fireman's "horn/funnel/arm" and gramophone "horn/arm". "It's in OUR house now." (White Lodge in control).
PEnnsylvania 65000 - Telephone number of a Manhattan Hotel - the Hotel Pennsylvania,
the owner claimed it to be the oldest continuing telephone number in New York City (via Bell). Ring-ring:
Telephone - PEennsylvania 65000 (Manhattan hotel).
The "crystal stylus/platter", Leland/Bob, (possessed) Sarah, Laura's (orb) picture. 'Cooper's dream' was immediately after -
Leland's 6-5000 scene. The 6-5000 scene contains all the seeds of Coop's dream that followed - we were pre-dosed.
Leland spins counter-clockwise (reverse) with the image of Laura - "0005-6 ainavlysnneP" dribeulB.
The 'Cooper dream' is filmed/performed backwards, but presented forwards.
Coop's "dream scene" and multiple ears. The ear in the mound of dirt, Laura's ear whisper, and his ear to the phone receiver.

  Antler buck-horns (see below), 'the horn' - a slang term for the telephone.
Not forgetting the brass horn and gramophone Fireman/Giant etc. Coop's hair is also set with a distinct tuft/horn.

Leland starts the whole thing with his finger clicking and "PEnnsylvania 6-5000 hotel" ringing phone track -
& Cooper finishes it with his finger clicking (via Dance of the Dream 'clicking' Man), & phoning Harry to meet at the 'hotel'.

Pennsylvania Bell(s), telephones & rings x2. Coop's pre-cog dream about Jeffries showing up.
Pennsylvania, like Fire Walk With Me - electric (a)ether travel and the Liberty Bell. (see bell pic next to Coop's head)
Above (Eps 17), Mr C is led to the Fireman's Tower (tricked via co-ordinates), trapped - and then ejected into Twin Peaks town.
Telephone Box at Atomic Con. Store, Eps15 - we also see Jeffries use it to eject Mr C from the Dutchman's (via Con. Store).
"Dutch" might also possibly work as a link to Manhattan (of Dutch origin),  both the location and the Project.
The lever pulling/switching woodsman (with a platter/record) that takes Mr C to (recording artist) Bowie/Jeffries.
Laura was the literal "(corn) meal on wheels" - a 'garmonbozia platter' for Black Lodge consumption.
Recall that (Eps 8) 'radio-active' Woodsman made the original radio broadcast via a platter. Gas (petroleum ether) Stations.
Sarah was "infected/possessed" around the cusp of when "transistor radio" was exponentially increasing into homes.
Transistors were also commonly used in telephony and exchanges (Bell etc).
Alexander Graham (Gray-ham) Bell. In late 1963, Bell installed its first (exchange-based) electronic transistor switching system
Radio receivers are also linked to crystals. "6-5000" Leland/Bob went "gray". Bluebird 6-5000 music written by Jerry Gray.

Leland 6-5000 hotel that leads to - (dream) "Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song and there is always music in the air."
Ringing & clicking (fingers/line-clicks) a la (Bell) phones. Hotel based Coop, post-dream - finger clicks & grabs the phone.
Pilot reality - Sarah hears of Laura's death after telephoning Leland/Bob at the hotel, & via (atomic) Truman.
In 'Blue (In Dreams) Velvet' Jeffrey (MacLachlan) wears an ear-ring in his left ear (wink, wink).
HMV gramo-phone (like the Fireman's), Manhattan '6-5000' Hotel (by Gray), Bluebird and Fox Trot.

"Great Scot/Great Scott"

Scot Alexander Gra(y)-ham Bell who patented the first practical telephone and who founded AT&T in 1885.
Gray vs Alexander Gra(y)ham Bell (link)
Gray(s), Bell, Western Electric - transistors, gramophones/crystal-electromagnetic turntables, music, bluebirds...
It was a "Gray" that actually co-founded "Western Electric" - a man and company both closely linked to Bell.
 Atomic cowboys and indians - "Western and Electric" flavoured "Back to the Future 3"
Electric/Atomic "rock n roll" Marty originally found Doc via the 1955 telephone directory/book.
Fox's Trot, Blue-birds (Hotel/Motel), and Grays. 1885 was the timeline for "Hill Valley Telegraph' linked BTTF3.
Bell who founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885.
Twin Peaks S3 "Manhattan Long Lines Building" is linked to AT&T (Communications Inc) -
the latter founded 1984, and with a Bedminster HQ! John "Bedminster" Delorean:

Grays - like the BTTF 2 'Grays Almanac'. Bluebirds, Bells x2 (ring-ring), Telephones, Electricity, (6-5000 Manhattan) Hotel/Motel:
TWIN 'Bluebird-linked' Hotels and Motels - Bluebird Fox's Trot: "Smell those TWIN (BLUE) PINES & (Douglas/Dougie) FIRS"
Fox, Twin Pines, and Bluebird! It's Back to the (TWIN Radio-active/Terrorist, Manhattan Project) 9/11 Tower Future.
"Mr Sandman bring me a dream" - the first song Marty hears in 1955. Dreamer Coop' aka Muad'Dib the dreamer sandman (Dune).
Into the "Radio-active/Atomic" Projected Cinema (Atomic Kid) via Bluebird, and the "Electric Lightning Struck" Tower.

The 'orb' Fireman is a "God/Zeus" composite. The (God/Zeus) Lightning Stru(y)ck(en) 'Atomic' Tower - Twin 'Blue-birds" Peaks:
Lynch's Mulholland Drive (the same Tower Theatre, with lightning) - William Mulholland, born Sept 11 (9/11) 1855.

Peaks' Tower (Silencio) Theatre (no words are exchanged). "No Hay Banda! "It is all a tape recording..." (audio/video playback).
The Mulholland Dr. 'Silencio' scene is Betty's (Watts) reveal that she is dreaming - "it is all an illusion" - internal playback.
We know the Fireman/Giant exerts a form of control via dreams. It's he that drops in the Mitchum bros. dream to save Coop.

The Tower, place of the 'mike' broadcasting Magician, "Crying" (Del Rio), & a brass trumpet/horn player, & the found sealed box.
Dutch Struycken (Fireman), Dutch and Holland (Mul-Holland), The linked Dutchman's and atomic Convenience Store.
"No hay banda! (There is no band!). Il n'est pas de orquestra! This is all a tape recording. And yet - we hear a band."

Fireman/Giant, Struycken - debuted via "Sgt Pepper" (1978), it also featured "World Spins" Droolcup (hotel waiter), his earthly host.
The word tuba (tubus) Latin for trumpet/horn. A lonely 'heart" (like Laura) - hearts, clubs, diamonds (Lucy), spades (hole digging).

I know it's relevant because lyrics from "A Day in the Life" are used by Freddie Sykes (who's linked to The 'orb' Fireman) Eps 14.
2017 was the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt 'Tuba' Pepper, (LP) as well as the "25 years later" Peaks Return.
Winged "bluebird" McCartney (a la 'struck towering/bluebird' BTTF, & winged Delorean), and 9/11 (Sept 11).
Delorean - from 'Delor' - pain and suffering. Which evokes 'garmonbozia' aka psychic pain and sorrow.
Beatle Macca - who was at JFK airport (near Manhattan) on the morning of 9/11. Billy 'Macca' Shears - see Sgt Pepper film.
 Pepper/Bluebird McCartney's lines from 'A Day in the Life' recited by Sykes: "Woke up/Got up...Dragged a comb across my head..."
The song line segued via a 'ringing bell/alarm'. Macca records under "The Fireman" pseudonym! With 'Youth' (Glover) of Orb.
I'm not sure if Beetling Paul's "Frog Chorus/Song" is related (frog & bug), but the tune's via a bear (Rupert) - see Sarah and bear.

"When the twilight is gone and no songbirds are singing...My prayer is to linger with you. At the end of the day in a dream that's divine. My prayer is a rapture in blue. With the world far away and your lips close to mine."

Glenn "PEnnsylvania 6-5000" Miller actually recorded a version of "My Prayer" (1939) and on the Bluebird label.
Buck Ram produced The Platters' version of My Prayer, he was one of BMI's top five songwriters/air play in its first 50 years, alongside Paul Simon, Kris Kristofferson, Jimmy Webb, and Paul McCartney.
A Western Electric turntable dropped the Peaks Platters tune. We saw BTTF "western electric' in the 3rd film.
In terms of the 'Back to the Future' narrative, it was 'plutonium' Marty that invented "electric" Rock n Roll.
Not via the "Great (Jimmy) Scott" Electric Enchantment Under the Sycamore, but via the Electric Enchantment Under the Sea.
Back to the Atomic/Plutonium Twin Pines/Peaks Future-Past. 
Radio-active - in TWO ways. Broadcasting and Atomics. Atomic Kid, Marty/Fox the creator of electric rock n roll.
Twin Lightning Struck (Atomic) Towering
Twin "Zig-Zag Lightning Struck" Manhattan (BOB) Project Peaks
Blue Rose
Like mother, like daughter. Red rose bed clothing.
The (red) rose doorway to another dimension.
FWWM. The Palmer House "picture portal" - that leads to another dimension (con. store/dutchman's lodge).
The Palmer home itself is in the "Dutch Colonial" style. The Fireman/Giant, a Dutchman.
The lodge - same location as Red/Blue Diamond (crystal) Motel (Mt Si) - where Laura, Ronette, & Teresa hosted sex parties.
Leland/Bob visited here in FWWM, the Tremond/Chalfont (jumping) boy, overhead utility lines and a caravan.
Mr C walks through the same door that Laura did in her FWWM dream via the picture frame.
The (Chalfont/Tremond) pic just 'opens it' for Laura. We see Mr C in the same location in S3, Ep15 - red, blue and yellow roses.
Mr C's trip to Jeffries, to ask about Ray's hit on him, and for Judy info.
It's his lack of awareness (re: Judy) that ultimately leads to Jeffries recognising him as the doppel-Coop.
The entire Palmer house is linked to (Black) Lodge portals. The house could (in some way) even occupy the same 'etheric' space as the Con. Store. It's Sarah that has the "strange turn" at the local Con. Store (and with sounds from the 'FWWM' Con. Store scene).

Compare the shots of the stairway and descent. Atomic cloud on the wall - of what might be Sarah's bedroom.
The 'electric fan' was a main point of 'black lodge' entry, Judy included - & who seemingly operates thru Sarah.
Jumping Man exits what might be the couple's bedroom. Is this why we see Sarah's face in the stair descending Jumping man?
Sarah is closely linked to the jumping 'convenience store' man, also see below.

Nuclear detonation spikes - The Return also featured (Black Lodge asset) Ike the Spike.

Sarah's visage in the 'stairway descending' Jumping Man's face. Spike nose/faced atomic linked entities.
Bob's earthly incarnation was a product of Trinity (mother). Leland/Bob's window entry evokes the frog-bug's entry.
That said, Bob (as Mr C) doesn't seem to be aware of his maternal origin, he lacks knowledge in respect of Judy etc.
The broadcasting platter/turntable disrupters - the smoking Woodsman, and chain-smoking Sarah.
"And there's always music in the air". There was a radio receiver in the FWWM Convenience Store.
During the Jeffries/Bowie "convenience store" retelling - we see electrical activity and (radio-activity) dial tuning.
The same type of (electrical) box arrangement is seen in S3 (Eps 15) and FWWM.

Convenience Store - both S3 Eps 15, and FWWM electrical lever pulling scenes affect the Jumping Man.
This scene at the table (below) is very likely the contractual arrangement that leads to Laura being sacrificed.
The radioactive Woodsman's radio broadcast that led to parasitic infection.
The (radioactive) Woodsman who descended from air - and who then went "on air" (radioactive) and instructed to "descend".
Sarah's drugged drink leads to the Leland/Bob's window entry (a la the frog bug) to Laura's bedroom. (FWWM)
"Drink full...and descend"
(Drugged drink) Followed by descending the stairway that led to Judy (S2), Maddy's murder (The World/Platter Spins).
The horse is the white of the eyes...and dark within. The horse that we saw in the "lightning lodge" in 'The Return'.
Sarah, host (via parasite) of the master entity that is Judy. Her literal "darkness within".
The summoned pale/white horse entity on and around the (garmonbozia gathering) murders. Her cognisance in respect of parasitical hosting is unknown - it could be similar to Leland/Bob, not knowing when it's in control etc. She medicates via spirits too (alcohol).
Robert "BOB" Oppenheimer was the wartime head of the Los Alamos Laboratory and is among those who are credited with being the "father of the atomic bomb" for their role in the Manhattan Project. "Gotta Light?"
"Robert's son" - a type of son of Robert "Trinity" Oppenheimer. The test that led to "Little Boy".
Robertson (via 'little boy' Leland) and 'Greys' with (atomic) Harry S Truman
It's alleged that "Jet Propulsion Lab" Parsons (who is an aspect of Twin Peaks' mythos) had something to do with Manhattan Project Trinity via Jumbo. The "bottle-shaped" experiment at Ground Zero. Jack "Mother of Abominations" Parsons.
 Radio-active Trinity & Jumbo (experiment). Jumbo, like "elephant greys" (Elephant Man/Men).
Green Trinitite
Parsons' (alleged) atomic Trinity experiment was also referred to as the (Crowleyian moon-child) "man(n)ikin".
Parsons and Hubbard allegedly carried-out the "Babalon Working" (moon-child ritual) - which culminated in 1946.
Babylon (Mother of Harlots/Abominations). Sarah Palmer "mother" of the "whore/harlot" Laura.
Jumbo Experiment, Manikin/Elemental/Experiment/Mother - Japan and America. Experiment via the Trinity Convenience Store.
The Convenience Store was an aspect of the Manhattan (Trinity) Project explosion. The store where we saw the "Formica Table".
Formica laminate is a laminated composite material invented at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the United States in 1912. Originally used to replace mica in electrical applications.
Green (Atomic) Formica Tables - "CRYSTAL skulling" Indianapolis 'atom bomb/Roswell' Jones, via the Teapot/Ivy MIKE tests.
Indianapolis "Atomic/Crystal Skulling/Roswell" Jones - 
as the (fridge bottled/sealed) Parsons nuclear infused "experiment/man(n)ikin/mannequin/elemental".
As well as atomic bomb blasts, both "media" also link to Ros(e)-well (alien greys/blue book) and "electro-magnetism".
1947 Roswell - to Jeffries/Bowie - "radio rock-star" who was born 1947, the same year Babylon/Moonchild Crowley died.
"Formica" Westinghouse Electric was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1886.
The firm became active in developing electric infrastructure throughout the United States. (link)

A 'lightning struck' crown and a (cracked) 'struck bell'.

The Return often spent time in Las Vegas.
Recall in a previous post how I mentioned the two "same shaped" Vegas hotels (Mandalay/Treasure Island) both linked by "shootings" - mass shooting via Mandalay/Luxor Black Pyramid (Harvest), and the Trump attempted assassination via Treasure Island, with Hoboken, Sandford.

Part 7 on the one-year anniversary of Trump, Treasure Island. S3 scenes were all shot before any of these events.
"There's A Fire Where You Are Going"
They just happened to show both these hotels and edited sequentially back-to-back, and with a glimpse of the Luxor.
Eps 11, Coop's Vegas ride to the scene where he narrowly avoids being shot (he's bearing 'treasure') like Treasure Is. Trump.
Oddly, "ZZ Top" (and horses) were both an aspect of Back to the "end of the line/Bockscar" Future 3, and Twin Peaks S3 (Eps 15).

Hoboken based 'Vegas Sandford' - HoBOKen "boxcar train crash" (Sept 29, 2016) 3+ months after Trump/Vegas attempt.
Twin Peaks S3 'Vegas' casino is the Silver Mustang - a silver/grey horse that you might put in a paddock.

A "Sleeper" a literal "ZZ(zzzz) Top" - Peaks S3  'eps15' with "ZZ Top" - just after (character) Steven shot himself (suicide).
It's "They Live" (We Sleep) Cable 54 asst. director, Holly Thompson (Foster) who gives Coop his casino coins!
Peaks icon "Laura Palm-er" was killed inside a boxcar train. Hoboken boxcar crash had "one death" (there's a body all right).

The "Y-shaped" hotels - Y-shaped like the Back to the Future "flux capacitor".
This just came out today referencing the Vegas shooting.

I've previously mentioned the "Y-shaped" imagery below. Including the RADIO VLA, not far from Trinity 'ground zero'.
Radio-active x2, & electro-magnetic "disks/discs" x2 via Ros(e)well - Paul "Atomic Indianapolis/Micro-soft" Allen.
Back to the 'Atomic' Future, Indiana(polis) Jones, 'Little Boy/Indianapolis' Jaws, Spielberg. His computing father, Arnold.

Trinity produced radioactive glass (from the fused desert sand) aka "Trinitite".
Silicon, Silicadesert sand, atomics, and micro-chips. Albuquerque linked "Microsoft" (Altair Basic Allen) near to Trinity site.
This is the water, and this is the "well" via the "blue rose". Micro-chips, desert sand/silicon, and "crystals".
Albuquerque 'Micro-soft" and Altair Basic (Allen) - the first programming language for personal computers.
Ground Zero, VLA "radio contact", 'electromagnetic disc' Roswell, & (Trinity) USS Indianapolis 'electromagnetic disk' linked Micro-soft.
"I am the ARM." - "Where we're from...there is always MUSIC in the air." - "Let's Rock."
The first working silicon/germanium transistor via Bell Labs Jan 1954.
The first commercial silicon transistor via Texas Instr. in 1954, - Gordon 'Bell Labs" Teal, an expert in growing crystals of high purity.
Twin "Platter Disc via Radio, Radioactive Manhattan Project & Roswell" Peaks. Indiana 'Magnetic Disc Roswell/Crystal' Jones.
The Magnetic/Magnetite Antenna Crystal Skull via Caltech (3rd eye overlaps).

The first practically implemented transistor invented in 1947 - Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley. (1947, like Roswell).
The (Indy) "Mike Test Blast" used significant refrigeration. Indy's "nuke fridge", and Han's carbonite coffin/fridge.
The box? The "Indiana(polis) Atomic Ice Box/Jumbo Bottle" (manikin/experiment), or the "Roswell" grey chiller box?
Crystal derives from Latin for "ice" (frozen water crystals) - similar in appearance to the hard quartz skulls.
Indy Ford builds an exploding 'fridge/ice maker' called (nuclear evoking) "Fat Boy" in (insect antenna resonant) Mosquito Coast.
Crystal (radio-active/Roswell) Skull is also linked to "ant-enna and for-mica" (For Mike) - via Formica/Ants!
Texas Instruments (Dallas) & Industrial Development Engineering Associates (I.D.E.A.), from Indianapolis, Indiana,
were behind the unveiling of the Regency TR-1, the world's first commercially produced transistor radio.
Crystal 'Ant' Skulling - John 'Alien/Elephant Gray Man/VLA, TV Alien "Earl Grey" Contact' Hurt.
Bring-on "Alien Ant Farm" via 'moon-child' Mike (Jackson) and "Are you OK, Annie?" - Twin "How's Annie?" Peaks.
Michael "Indiana" Jackson! In her last eight years, Anna "Crystal Skull" Mitchell-Hedges lived in Chesterton, Indiana.
Alien Ant (& Dec) Roswell Autopsy - (via 'Byker Grove', not Glastonbury) with Carl 'abducted' Rodd, "Alien" Dean Stanton.
Antler horns - which might also work as a potential link to (Black Lodging) "Buck-horn". Horn, a slang term for phone.
Buck Ram produced The Platters' version of "My Prayer". Laura met a Buck in FWWM, at the Roadhouse.

Elk "antlers" at the bar where Sarah males her 'game' kill. "9 point" for the antler spread.
Recall that Leland/Bob's killing of Banks was linked to Deer Meadow.

Likely foreshadowed by Cole's sketch, he has his Laura "ghostly vision" immediately after.
Formica - invented at Westinghouse Electric Corp. (Pennsylvania). PEnnsylvania 6-5000, Leland/Bob.
Recall that the Fire Walk With Me - (electric) "Philly" (Pennsylvania) scene was interspersed with the "conv. store/formica" scene.

MICA- The mica group of sheet silicate (phyl-losilicate) minerals includes several closely related materials having nearly perfect basal cleavage. All are monoclinic, with a tendency towards pseudohexagonal crystals, and are similar in chemical composition. The nearly perfect cleavage is explained by the hexagonal sheet-like arrangement of its atoms. Used electrically for capacitors/insulators.
Recall that Trinity produced radioactive glass (from the fused desert sand/silicate/quartz) aka "Trinitite".
Atomic desert/des(s)ert "green for-mica Tables" x2. Electrical usage formica/mica. The Hermetic Emerald Table(t).
Twin Peaks 'convenience store' Table via Trinitite Trinity, NM. Indiana 'Atomic Doom Town' via NM and Mike/Teapot.

Nuclear Donald "Delorean/Biff" Trump - 7/11 (7 = Sept). There were Gray/Grey type beings in Crystal Skull.
It's Grays (Millennial terminating) Almanac - from "Blast from the (atomic Manhattan) Past" shop that ties all this -
Back to the 'struck 9/11 tower antenna' Future! 10:04 (10/4 radio copy). Western (auto) Electric.

Ground Zero (Manhattan) - the struck 9/11 broadcasting ANTENNA North Tower. Literal TV destruction via TV.
Atomic Indiana - Harrison "Manhattan, Working Girl/Babylon Whore" Ford - and via the (9/11) World Trade Centre (1988).

One-armed - just like "disc record players and single (crystal stylus) arms".
In the early 80s, Lucas actually approached Lynch to direct his of Return of the Jedi, but Lynch declined.
Ford, he flies around in the Millennium "Atomic" Falcon - via Han(d) Solo (one-arm), and has brushes with BOB-afet.
The Millennium "Atomic/Radio-active B-29" Falcon. (Little Boy - Enola Gay/Fat Man - Bockscar 77).

After the war, (Fat Man) Bockscar returned to the United States in November 1945 and served with the 509th at Roswell Army Air Field (yup, Roswell!), New Mexico.
Antenna Indiana(polis) Jones, from Roswell interrogation scene - to his rocket train to Atomic Doom Town, NM. (Crystal Skull).
The Mitchell-Hedges (quartz) 'crystal skull' is also known as 'The Skull of Doom' - Temple (head) of Doom, geddit.
Crystal 'antenna' Skull. A.C. Clarke - author of (monolith) 2001:ASO. His "Rama" referenced devastating impacts - Sept 11 (2077).

Radio-Active "Ground Zero" 2001 Millenium Monolith/Hotel. A 2001 radio-emitting monolith. A North Tower broadcasting antenna.
The hotel on "Church Street". Trinity Church, and Trinity Place are close to Manhattan WTC ground zero.
The (overlook) hotel on the edge of the 9/11 pit. The film's petrified monolith aka the pre-historic transformer.
The monolith that is shaped like the dimensions of a cinema screen - the Mono-lith (lith, photography) Star-gate.
THE (monkey/ape) primate 2001 Monolith - Han (Indiana) has his primate Chewwy. In-Diana, in (the) moon (goddess).
The 2001 (Millennium year) renaissance hotel based Monolith that Bowman passes through at the film's climax. Chillin' with Ford:
Nuclear Ice Fridge/Frozen Man - Millennial 'Star-gating' Falcon, Han. Star Wars (1977) linked The Empire Strikes Back (1980).
The petrified/frozen monolith (Han/Ford). Placed in there by atomic "Strange-loving" Vader/Zogg (Earl Jones), not Indiana(polis).

An "Atomic Jones Trinity". Jones (Earl), Jones (Indiana), and Jones (Davy, Bowie) - I'm all Jones'd out!
David "Space Oddity" Bow(ie)-man. Let's 'atomic' Dance/Let's 'atomic' Rock. Tin Can/Tin Machine, Bowie/Jeffries.
It's "Atomic, Strange-loving" Kubrick - 2001 monolith music (Ligeti, Requiem) meets Twin "Trinity" Peaks.

Some might say that the Twin Peaks "glass box tower" in Manhattan, is how you could describe the Millenium 'monolith' Hilton.
Black Lodge/Black Lozenge. Plenty of related "hotel" overlaps too.
I linked Twin Peaks to Greek myth & the 'Odyssey' years ago (here). Long before S3. The first Blue Rose case was linked to Olympia, Washington. Twin peaked (Greek/Zeus) "Mount Olympus". Coop/Richard is linked to Odessa in the final episode via Laura/Page.

Foxy, FBI Denise "Duchovny" Bryson - and the monolith via X-Files.
Season 10 started in 2016, and began with a 1947 crashed alien craft in New Mexico - evoking Roswell.

S10 E1. "My Struggle" (all a bit Mein Kampf, and Hitler). Mulder shares his theory with Scully that the conspiracy is a group of "über-violent ultra-fascists" armed with alien technology attempting to subvert democracy & assume power over the world. O'Malley and Mulder believe that 9/11 & the conspiracy Mulder investigated were "false flag operations". 2001 Kubrick, who was linked to the Nazi 3rd Reich, Harlan filmmaking dynasty via marriage. X-Files relaunch "My Struggle" was followed by "Founder's (monolith) Mutation".
The episode which features 2001:ASO - with "ringing ears" and related monolith overlaps.
A familiar reaction. Duchovny's in the Manhattan/WTC matrix via "Working Girl", mentioned earlier via 'carbonite monolith' Ford.

It was the X-Files spin-off "The Lone Gunman" that featured the (remote controlled/hi-jacked) aircraft which almost collided with the Twin Towers - March 4, 2001. 191 days or six months before 9/11 happened in our reality.
This same pilot aired in Australia two days before 9/11.
January, 30th 1934 is also mentioned in this pilot, the date that the Nazis effectively took over Germany.
Some of this ties-in with Don S Davis - Twin Peaks (Briggs), X-Files (Scully's father), and Star-gate man. Briggs whose head we saw floating in space in The Return - the head that ended up in The Tower (theatre). Don't forget, it was Eileen Hayward (Deschanel, from the original run) who picked up the (monolith originating) "electric Bowman" TV message in 2001 sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Still in progress

Explaining the NY Glass Box.

This is ALL about the Black/White Lodge battle over Coop - when he drops into non-existence and falls thru space.
The Venus statue (aka black lodge doppel-arm) which could also contain the essence of the 'Mother/Experiment""
Many seem to have overlooked these aspects, but it's positively crammed with action and events - and in a very short timespan.

The box-linked scenes are not sequential - but are cut-up and dispersed across the film body. Primarily Eps 1, 2, & 13.

Looped film via glass boxes (New York and Sarah's TV at home). Buffalo, aka a city in New York.
The TV box-ing fight is a looped piece of film, followed by electrical static/interference - and which we see loop 8 times.
Both are examples of "looped film", both similarly represent "to box" - and both via an 'electrical' glass-type viewing box.
The NY glass box guard is an actual professional MMA fighter (boxing) - 'cauliflower left-ear' Michael 'The Count' Bisping.

"Out - for The Count"

There's no security guard when Tracey visits Sam a 2nd time, and when he leaves the glass box room (Eps 1&2).
Sarah briefly leaves the lounge in her home during the boxing loop footage. We don't get the "boxing" element until Eps 13.

Sarah's TV watching of the (attacked via the head) buffalo comes immediately after Coop is released from the box (Eps 2).

It's as though it shows us what "should've" happened to trapped Coop, but she's foiled, hence it coming after.

"It's a goddamn bad STOR(E)Y, isn't it, Hawk?" Eps12. (black lodge evil 'storey' in a NY tower). It may work re: the top storey of the 'convenience store', the scene relates to her 'turn' at the local 'con. store' - where she remarked: "the room seems different."
Game hunting at the "Elk's 9 Point Bar".
Attack and death via the head area. Sarah aka Grace "We hunt buffalo now/Wild(Life) at Heart" Zabriskie.

Leland/Bob "shuffle off to Buffalo" Palmer - the idiom relates to someone's impending departure/death - Leland's via the head.
BuffaloNEW YORK. It's also a song from (Manhattan) 42nd Street - via a sleeper train car on its way to the falls (Niagara).
Head trauma has always been a Peaks theme (since the original run) and S3 is no different, save that there's lots more of it.
Some kind of (a)ether access via her TV is being implied, and tied into the complex electrical set-up of the glass box.
We know that (electric) TV is a Black Lodge travel/conduit, that's why Leland/Bob (FWWM) smashes the TV in Teresa's trailer (above), just before he murders her. It's literally the first thing we see at the film's opening. Closing down electrical access for his off-plan killing (at 'charged' Fat Trout), & where Leland/Bob "stole" the corn/garmonbozia for himself. This is also why her "ring" was removed. Banks was actually blackmailing Leland/Bob, which is the likely the main driver for her killing.
Glass Box Mother's handiwork shown via TV. "The Box" is an old term for the TV.

The NY glass box was clearly set-up to capture the 'lodge exiting' Coop - and by Black Lodge.
When captured, Coop should've been destroyed by the entity, but he is freed (by White Lodge) during his trap-box suspension. We hear a loud "sonic pop" when Sam/Tracey are outside the room (Eps 1) - this was the point at which Coop was freed. We only actually see Coop's release from the box in Eps 2. Although we see Sam/Tracey killed in Eps 1, partial bits of footage from their scenes are used again in Eps 2, mixed with Coop's release.
The entity kills Sam and Tracey (via the head) when they enter the room (Eps 1), and when they're "making-out".
Black Lodge contingencies were in place, should Coop escape. The hitman with rifle, and linked car bomb etc.

A sonic pop - like a punch on the ear.

The 'big guy fighter' with the 'cauliflower ear' - the same (left) ear as the floored (by the right-hand) boxer.

"Oh, the right-hand catches the big guy by the ear! And he finally goes down, hangs onto the ropes.
The gentleman asks him if he's okay. Looks like, uh, round number one and two under way.
Now it's a boxing match again". [bell clangs, cheering on TV] [static sputters].

Looped fully for 7 times. The 8th loop omits: "Looks like, uh, round number one and two under way."
Bisping technically fights in an "octagon" (8) - is this a hint to why the 8th round is different?
The White/Black Lodge "box/boxing fight" occurs over Eps 1 and 2 (rounds one and two).

Some of these aspects also symbolically link to (Fireman/Giant) Freddie 'big right-hand' Sykes -
& Bushnell 'Battling Bud' Mullins (ear & bud). Mullins, aka Don "Radioactive Dreams/Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" Murray.
Mullins who relays the Coop (post-recovery) message ensuring that they all make it to the Sheriff's station to defeat Bob.
Grounding/earthing "electric Bob" via (insulator) rubber gardening gloves. Freddie 'A Day in the Life' Sykes.
"Woke up, fell out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head...Somebody spoke and I went into a dream. (Fireman/Maccas last words).
Recall that McCartney records under 'The Fireman' pseudonym - and with 'Youth' (from Orb) aka Martin Glover.
Alien/Gray "Glover/gloving" via "DESTINY". Bugging Jingle Bell/Dell. McFlying insects/bugs/beetles and Firemen.
"Electric BTTF" McFly/Crispin Glover, & Sykes were both visited by a (radioactive) man from space/another time/dimension.
The Glove(r) and the knock-out punch/biff (recall Biff's fist cane). He played a one-armed man/bellhop in Hot Tub Time Machine

Cocteau's Orphee/Orpheus (1950) - the gloves, the mirror, the zig-zag, the ringing sound - penetrating the underworld.
Orphee also spends time hunched over a car radio that whispers cryptic codes from the afterlife in search of artistic inspiration.

The White Lodge "big guy" - Fireman/Giant probably "takes him out" (guard). He gets "lamped", also see his screen (below left).
"Out - for the Count." He had to be out of the way, as did Sam, so Coop's release could happen unimpeded.

"Ding-ding" (bell).
"Looks like, uh, round number one and two under way. Now it's a boxing match again".
[bell clangs, cheering on TV] [static sputters].

**Still putting this part together - so hang-in there.**
33 Thomas Street (AT&T) - versus - 708 33rd Street, Everett, WA (Palmer home).

When Coop is released he continues his space fall - segued into Eps 3, and into the mauve/purple zone (between worlds).

This is where he finds a way back to the earthly world via the space junction box/switch and Naido etc.

All seemingly White Lodge assisted - after the original Lodge release/exchange of Coop is thwarted. This doesn't stop the 'mother/entity' continuing to chase Cooper down - we hear it hammering from within. Naido's lever/switch pull buys him some time.
Coop is eventually sent thru portal 3 (for Eps3), not portal 15. As a result of her action, Naido falls into non-existence. She is only required later for the Blue Rose Judy plan and must be kept safe. That's likely why right after Naido's fall we see Briggs float by uttering "blue rose". She returns Eps14. This is to align her with (Dougie) Coop who will be fully activated in Eps15 - via another electrical socket. Fully activated to enact the Judy plan (involving room 315) - which up until this point has been kept under wraps.

It's as though (released) Cooper was always meant to be Dougie, at least for some duration.
The Dougie phase was seemingly crucial to the overall dynamic of the entire plan. Things that Dougie-Coop needed to do. He effectively served as a type of trouble-shooter in the real world etc. I think the real Cooper ends up residing in the newly created Dougie, the one who then adopts (original Dougie's) family. The 1989 dream reinserted Cooper serves to rewrite Laura's original fate, but also to tie-up the loose-ends of that re-authoring in the augmented present, as Richard (Coop), visiting the Palmer home with Page/Laura.

"Oh, the right-hand catches the big guy by the ear!"

"Catching the ear" - via boxing/TV, telephones, and the dream whisper.
The "ear" is a constant Twin Peaks/Lynch/MacLachlan theme - particularly the [key] Coop whispered left ear.
Buffalo (NY) is linked to Erie (phonetics) and the Erie (Eary) Canal - speaking of which:
Lynch's Muad'Dib (MacLachlan) - his Dune adopted name. Sandman dream bringer & "big-eared" (Muad'Dib/jerboa) desert mouse.
Blue (Rose) 'In Dreams'  Velvet - the finding of the severed "left ear" - the same ear placed in the dirt mound, see Coop's dream.
The circle of 12 candles and the '"ear" - there are 12 hours on a circular clock-face. (see below, clock-face & ear)
In 'Blue Velvet' Jeffrey (Kyle) wears an ear-ring (left ear). Ending scene (with Sandy, Dern/Diane) zooms-out from his ear canal.
We hear the "ringing" sound in this phase, associated with the Fireman/Giant, as heard in the original run when he visited Coop.
Eps 17 Sheriff's station. Note Cooper's "left earwaggling/moving - and only the left ear. The original 'dream' ear.
"Oh, the minute-hand catches the big (FBI) guy by the (left) ear!" It happens right on the exact stroke of 2:53. (Oct. 2)
This is just before Cooper re-enters the 1989 timeline - via the Great Northern "room 315". The same room where Coop had the original "Laura, 25 years later, Red Room" dream. I do wonder if Coop's original Room 315 dream occurred at 2:53 (a.m.), and that this S3 waking dream uses p.m. to reflect that. It would be a nice touch. 2:53 was also the Coop/Mr C swap time from the beginnings of S3. Even then we had Coop being lodge released at night (see Hawk in the woods), but Mr C's return set in the afternoon. Anyway in Eps 17, Coop is reinserted into the 1989 FWWM timeline - where Laura will recall seeing him in her own Feb 22 dream. His insertion happens via a composite Great Northern Room 315 - hence the need for the symbolic "key". Again very fitting, as this was the place of his original dream.

Big right-hand (Fireman linked) Freddie, whose defeat of Bob sets up Coop's insertion (via the dream) into the past.
(via a ringing alarm clock) "Found my way upstairs - [smoked Bob] - and somebody spoke and I went into a dream."

The head super-imposition comes at the moment Cooper sees Naido, who turns into the real Diane. For the final phase.
NAID(o) - (o)DIAN. The former Diane was a 'tulpa' - so Naido must've been an undercover (real type of) Diane all along.
All likely part of the "sub rosa" Judy plan - literally "secrecy" under the rose.

The Judy Plan
Oct. 1 and Oct. 2 - two dates. Oct. 1 for the Jack Rabbit visit (for Naido, & the plan guide). Oct. 2 for executing the plan.
Briggs' "chair message" that led to Jack Rabbits. The location that took Andy to the Fireman, and reintroduced Naido.
2:53 p.m. Oct. 1. Andy is placed in a "chair" at the Fortress - where he is given the "Judy plan" guide sequence.
The Fireman's Tower/Fortress - accessed via Jack Rabbit's "spiralling/twisting" (dirt/soil) hole.
It even "warps" time! The slim 'twisting hole' to the Fireman's Fortress - the one with the gramophone/record player.
Don't forget, Andy literally insists to the others: "You never can tell" (anybody about what happened). Speaking of which:
"They had a hi-fi phono, boy, did they let it blast. Seven hundred little records, all rock, rhythm and jazz." :)
Jack Rabbit Slim's - twisting dirt hole (via a 50's spiralling record) with (starry) Vega - the next best thing to a time machine.
Chuck (Glaston) Berry's song is also called "C'est La Vie" - Eps 14 also contains the Paris (France) dream.
It was Chuck 'scat' Berry & time-travel in 'Back to the Future' series, with the (rogering rabbit) time-tunnel and Oh, La, La!
It's the original Marty McFly (Stoltz/Lance) who helps Vega revive Mia from the overdose, and after the twist win.
Vega and Mia make a pact to "never tell" about what happened, particularly in respect of Marsellus.
There's a "666" connect too - the Pulp Fiction '666 briefcase', and the Twin Peaks '666' (original run) message from Space.
The '666 Cooper' message that's found together with the Jack Rabbit message. It just goes to show that you never can tell!
Pulp '666 case' Ringo (star) Roth (Mr Orange/Pumpkin via Honey Bunny) - aka Twin Peaks' HUTCH (homes for rabbits).

Bobby 'Jack Rabbit hole" Briggs - to Lynch's "Wild at Heart" and Bobby "Jack Rabbit, dirt/soil sex hole" Peru.
A Gary Hutch. I didn't even mention the Pulp Fiction (watch/time machine) up the twisting hole (ass/Gary).
Gary (slang for "up the shitter"), Ring-O, Orange queer/fruit, Tin Star rusty Sheriff's badge. Talking of the law & 666 "eye stabbing":
Case # 666: This is the water, and this is the - "well, well, well, well, well." Alex on his way to a water dunking.
A Clockwork Orange - The 666 (clockwork) Orange (Sun) and via a Warren (Clarke), another home for a holing rabbit.
It was the Twin Peaks "police" that were at Jack 'soil hole' Rabbits via the devilish '666' linked message, & exact timing (clockwork).
Orange Hutch's partner Chantal (J.J. Lee) filmed for Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" - the scenes were removed, scheduling conflicts.
"Roth" means "red" - the Hutching, Mr 'queer' Orange, Ring-O (star)/Pumpkin, Honey Bunny, Red Rabbit Man.
Pump(ing)-Kin. The Devil's "666" Eyes - via "orange eye stabber" McDowell. Sheri MOON (ass) Zombie played Mrs Myers.
Where Sin Lives. The Psych-O Bogeyman - the Bogomil (Bougre) BUGGERY Man. Alex "It's a sin" Delarge (McDowell/Loomis).
I don't enjoy writing about these (sodomite) aspects, but it would be a type of "crime" not to mention them.
Alex in the "cinema chair of psychological torture programming".
Halloween and Twin Peaks. I think the opening titles from both 'Halloween III', and 'FWWM' have thematic overlaps (TV).

"Please turn on your magic beam. Mr Sandman, bring me a dream." Laurie, and Laura.

Twin Peaks' Andrew Packard (Dan O'Herlihy) played Conal Cochran, the Halloween III warlock.
Like the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn - which opened lodge doors.

That brief excursion is now over - time to move onto the dynamics of the Judy plan.
Andy's vision via the Fireman gives us the "guidebook" to the unfolding Judy plan.
Images from this vision will key us into its success.

Jack Rabbits to the Fireman's Tower/Fortress and Andy's vision:
An outline of past events.
Trinity that led to Black Lodge incarnating on the earthly plane etc.

Events to come, present (see Naido), past events (to be rewritten).
Utility lines that relate to Mr C's trip to Jeffries, the Laura story that is to be (retroactively) altered, two Coopers etc.

Events to come, Bob's destruction, Naido as a key player in these events, and (future) utility pole scenes (post 430 miles).
The (6,6,6) utility pole imagery (outside Page/Laura's) tells us that Coop is still on the correct bearing for the plan.
We wouldn't have been shown these images if that were not the case, that's why they're included.

The Judy plan is outlined by Cole. He describes himself, Jeffries, Briggs, and Cooper being privy to the plan.
In their pursuit of Judy - Jeffries, Briggs, and Cooper all vanished, Cooper leaving advice to come find him.
What the Judy plan sets out to do is to manifest the "between worlds" reality, and then to ultimately  draw-in Judy for destruction.
IOW, the actions that we experience at the close are ones that are (likely) instigated by White Lodge, as opposed to Black.
Remember, this was all preceded by Coop's "dream" intervention - where we literally go 'between worlds' (via Mike's speech).
The Fireman/Giant is a fundamental operative in the entire plan and since the beginning.

"to be continued"


Below is strictly "work in progress" stuff.

"Formica" inventors - Westinghouse Electric - founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1886.

The firm became active in developing electric infrastructure throughout the United States.
Beyond 430 miles and the buzzing of electricity - we enter an alternate world with Richard and Linda (Coop/Diane).
The radio station "broadcast antenna/spike" that led to the radioactive woodsman's (spike/jumping frog-bug, primary hosting) radio broadcast.


The symbol/entity "under the moon" of Twin Peaks - the Log Lady's last message to Hawk.
The egg (via Mother) which literally hatched 'under the moon' - and led to (mother Sarah's) parasitic infection.

FWWM - Cooper's precog dream about Jeffries arriving in Philly materialises - it is preceded by strange CCTV anomalies.
Note the "TV static" (cosmic background electromagnetic radiation/CBR) mixed-in with the Convenience Store scenes.

Old analogue TV could pick-up this static/CBR - an aspect of which is related to the 'Big Bang' (the universe, not Trinity).

The Palmer home (Sarah) and the Convenience Store (Spiked, Jumping Man) potential shared space/overlaps.
The insectoid (spiked, frog/bug) primary hosting (of Sarah) was ALL "broadcasting" related.
See Puppet Masters, The Brain Eaters, Alien, The Faculty etc - parasitic type hosting examples. This doesn't make her "Judy" - she is the earthly conduit for Judy - the (etheric) evil master entity who occasionally manifests as the pale/white horse (Judy).
Spike-face, stairway Jumping (wo)Man, earth conduit Sarah, when drugged - she crawls/slithers like the frog-bug.
Mrs Tremond/Chalfont aka the old woman (with boy) from the film and original run (note the static).
The woman who gives Laura the 'portal picture' and leads her through doorways (to obtain the ring). In FWWM they both stayed in a caravan at Fat Trout (as Chalfont) - where Banks lived, and where Agt Desmond found the ring. It's possible that Leland/Bob placed the ring there, he removed Banks' ring before he killed her at this location. Tremond/Chalfont - although these characters/entities are somewhat ambiguous, and both were present at the convenience store meeting, I think they are likely altruistic in the sense of the larger story. The portal 'dream' also gives us Annie, who relays the "Good Cooper is lodge trapped..." for her diary. S3 Log Lady's clue/message, one of the missing pages found by Hawk, its contents revealed in S3 Ep7. Leland (Bob) seemingly having found and hidden them (toilet door) while at the station, likely to cover for future activities (in respect of Coop) that were to follow. The pages would've revealed Coop's involvement (and lodge trapping fate) before he set foot in Twin Peaks.
It's the FWWM Chalfont 'dream picture' (portal) that leads to Laura finding Leland/Bob at home - the catalyst for his uncovering as her actual abuser. Pierre tells Laura that "diary seeking and page tearing" Bob (Leland) is at home - under the fan. 
Anyway, Mrs Tremond & Pierre (boy) seemingly do not like "creamed corn" either (see Pierre's trading card, he detests it, and her creamed corn refusal). These entities (that can perhaps materialise, as/when necessary) are also likely involved in getting the "dream diary page" from Harold. A page that reveals that Coop/Laura shared the same dream (the key Cooper dream, S1 Ep2). The same dream that is instrumental in changing Laura's fate in S3. The page is then passed to Donna/Cooper via a different, but same named Mrs Tremond. [The materialising entities likely assume the identity of the real occupiers, hence a different Tremond, on Donna's return a few days later]. Laura had been visiting the Tremonds since 1988. (Note, dates are from the show's own narrative/timeline).

Alice Tremond, and Chal-font. Chalfont, derived from a (chalk/white) water-well or spring. Tre-mond(e) perhaps a coded type reference to he 3 worlds (white, black, and in-between). Possibly Tre-mont, three mountains.
Yes, it's almost as though it HAD to be her own TV - that's what I call a type of giveaway.
That'll be Sarah's "wildlife show" and the "boxing" TV set, then. There were only two given instances.
The (atomic) electric/static/telegraphing Convenience Store - interspersed with imagery from the (TV static) FWWM intro.

The opening moments of the very beginning - via FWWM (1992), to the closing moments of the very end, The Return (2017)
What we see at the close of The Return is the "electrical discharge" of evil. The Palmer home being the centre of it all.
An evil that was able to manifest and magnify itself through broadcasting, and one that used Sarah as its host.
Gif below, it's almost as though the frog-bug broadcasts its own signal - one that causes sleep induced Sarah to open up.
Alien (demonic) horned bugs and arthropods...
The (devilish alien) non-magnetic metallic (pupa-like) craft draws power from the broadcasting equipment, and its influence is magnified. The power cables that string into the craft (via the electric Central Line, at Hobbs End) fully activate it for the first time, and glowing and humming like a living thing it starts to draw upon this energy source. It utilises the readily available electrical energy to manifest itself over (London) houses.
Destroying/discharging electrically magnified evil (alien/martian) into the wet earth (via iron).
Quatermass and the Pit (aka Five Million Years To Earth).

A crystal based drilling device leads to the alien craft's opening - one loaded with insectoid/arthropods encased in crystals.
When the craft is being uncovered hominid skulls are found. (crystal and skulls).

Recall that Bob is "grounded/earthed" by the rubber (insulator) glove and pushed into the ground.

Quatermass and the Pit
The craft apparently draws power from the broadcasting equipment, and its influence is magnified. The streets of London erupt into violence as those affected go on a rampage. Quatermass falls under the alien control, but is snapped out of it by Roney, who is unaffected. The two men realise that a small portion of the population are immune. The psychic energy becomes stronger, ripping up streets and buildings, and the spectral image of a Martian/Demon towers above the city, centred on (electric Central LineHobbs End.  (Old Hob/Hobb, an antiquated term for the devil).
Recalling stories about how the Devil (Hobb/Hob) could be defeated with iron and water, Roney theorises the Martian energy could be discharged into the earth. Roney climbs to the top of a building crane and swings it into the spectre. The crane bursts into flames as it discharges the electrical energy, killing Roney, but the image disappears.
Tying this all back to Twin Peaks - "Convenience Store" Chalfont/Tremond (Bay) & Hobb's End (In The Mouth of Madness).
Carpenter's ITMOM, lead played by devilish Old Nick, aka Sam 'The Omen's, Prince of Darkness' Neill.
Devilish Sooter/Sutter Cane, & Frances "Chalfont/Tremond" Bay via Hobb's End. She's linked to moving pictures in both films too.
Well, it is an incarnation of a Tremond (via a Chalfont) who answers the door at the (former) Palmer home.
A "Carpenter" is a literal "Woodsman" (wood-worker).
Carpenter's 'ITMOM' - John & Linda, take an electric/aether car ride to Hobb's End, where darkness turns to day on arrival.

Ep18 - Coop/Diane (Richard/Linda), at 430 miles take an electric/aether car ride (headed for Twin Peaks) - day turns to darkness.
Carpenter's Prince of (Radioactive/Devilish) Darkness. Old "Axing/Door Knocking" Scratch, stopped via the (iron) FIREMAN.
Twin "Atomic Green" Peaks vs Prince of "Sub-atomic Green" Darkness. Both featured a Cooper, Dale and Alice.
Priest: "He lives in the smallest parts of the atoms. Smaller, invisible. He lives in all of the sum of its parts."
Old Scratch referencing Lisa Blount - is linked to Sarah Palmer via the factory in "An Officer and a Gentleman" (see clip).
The filming location of Esther (Grace Zabriskie) and Paula Pokrifiki's house was 1003 Tremont in Port Townsend, Washington.
Zabriskie and Blount (and Dean Stanton) were also involved together in the 2005 film, Chrystal.

Washington State (WA) bound Laura/Carrie...Washington "Old Scratch/Woodsman" Irving.
Like Sam Lanterman (Log Lady's husband) who met the devil in the woods, & the S3 'horse whinny' radioactive woodsmen.
The Devil (Old Scratch) and Tom Walker (Washington Irving). Old Scratch appears as a lumberjack or a woodsman chopping trees. Old Scratch eventually tosses (his victim) Tom Walker on the back of a "black horse" and disappears in (zigzag) lightning. All his assets become worthless, and his great house burns to the ground. The tale even links Old Scratch to "door knocking".

"Recalling stories about how the Devil could be defeated with iron and water"
Iron, magnetism (electro-magnetism) and horseshoes.
The Devil and the (Iron) Horseshoe
Horseshoes have long been considered lucky. They were originally made of iron, a material which was believed to ward off evil spirits, and traditionally were held in place with seven nails, seven being the luckiest number.
Iron Horseshoes and the (cloven-hoofed) Devil
One reputed origin of the tradition of lucky horseshoes is the story of Saint Dunstan and the Devil. Dunstan, who would become the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959, was a blacksmith by trade. The story relates that he once nailed a horseshoe to the Devil's hoof when he was asked to re-shoe the Devil's horse. This caused the Devil great pain, and Dunstan only agreed to remove the shoe and release the Devil after the Devil promised never to enter a place where a horseshoe is hung over the door (link).

Another theory concerning the placing of horseshoes above doorways is to ward off Faeries; the theory being that supernatural beings are repelled by iron and as horseshoes were an easily available source of iron, they could be nailed above a door to prevent any unwanted, otherworldly guests.
Horseshoes, Laura/Cooper, Silver Mustang Casino, & Lucky 7. To shoe-off (shoo-off) the Devil.
The Horseshoe also closely resembles (Greek) Omega Ω aka the end of everything (linked to time), death etc.
Hellooo-O-Mega Jackpots. Christ (the Trinity) the Alpha/Omega. Coop hits "777" jackpots, a number of Christ.
There's no place like Home(r). A (Greek) Odessa/Odyssey to the Twinned Peaks (WA, and Olympus).
Death rides a white horse (tarot), whereas death rides an (apocalyptic) pale horse in Revelation.

Laura (Carrie Page) working at Judy's Diner in the changed timeline.
The Final Dossier asserts that after Laura had survived, she ran away/vanished, and that Leland committed suicide soon after.

Hawk, who visits Sarah (S3), played by Michael Horse
Phillip Jeffries linked to Judy, and Phillip (Mike) Gerard linked to the pale/white horse. Phil(l)ip (Greek) meaning lover of horses. Phillip 'Judy' Jeffries, who was linked to Philly (filly, female horse, phonetics), and (silver) Argent-ina. Windom 'Black Lodge' Earle (original run), who Sarah channelled in the S2 climax - was disguised as a horse when he captured Garland 'Judy' Briggs. Linked Leland started to sing Mairzy Doats - "Mares eat oats...etc" - after his mane went grey/white.
"Pennsylvania 6-5000" via (linked) "Shuffle off to Buffalo" - the train-car on its way to the falls (Niagara, and linked Horseshoe).
I'm even starting to wonder if Leland/Bob's: "we have to dance for Laura" (breakdown via the gramophone) can retrospectively be seen as a type of 'call for help', but from Leland. His dancing and psychological collapse immediately preceded Coop's dream (it contained the dream contents too), all which ultimately results in the "help" that Laura needed.
New York, Philly, Pennsylvania, Buffalo, & Horseshoe Falls...I threw-in the "Erie/Erie Canal" (Ear-y) too.

Tibet, Cooper - "Two birds, one stone" (see gif). Save Laura, and destroy Mother/Judy via (location) Twin Peaks
Sky Iron. The indivisibility of form and emptiness is a perfect metaphor for the image of a meteorite or "stone fallen from the sky", manifesting out of the voidness of space as a shooting star or fireball, and depositing a chunk of fused "sky iron" on the earth below.
Iron Vajras. Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond.
Laura, encased in a crystal ball was the literal falling star/ball sent to earth (see Fireman etc), & post-Trinity (fireball).
Lee (Laura) played the "meteoric" floating to earth crystal ball (via electricity) aka the "Good Witch" - in Wild at Heart.

Meteoric iron or "sky-iron" is the supreme substance for forging the physical representation of the vajra or other iron weapons, since it has already been tempered by the celestial gods (see Fireman) in its passage across the heavens. Many vajras held by deities as weapons are described as being forged from meteorite iron, and Tibet, with its high altitude, thin atmosphere and desolate landscape, received an abundance of meteorite fragments. Tibetan vajras were often cast from meteorite iron, and as an act of sympathetic magic a piece of the meteoric iron was often returned to its original site.

The Devil is also known as "old scratch" - linked to the scratching sound, record needle (repeating), and the "scratched" Ace.
The 'horned' malevolent entity linked to Judy.

Ace in the hole (spade digging) - the dark rabbit-hole (portal) which very likely exists between the Twin Peaks.
Tibet and China
(left) The actual card that was used - China. In the early FWWM drafts 'Judy' was (Chinese) Josie Pac-kard's sister.
Jiaodai (as a singular word) translates as "to explain" - which encapsulates Cole's described plan.
Ju Di - housing. Jiao Dai (trad.) suggestive of looped tape/belts, perhaps also a cue for the 8 (infinity loop).

  Scratching of Fireman's old gramophone. Heard in the woods (ep17) as Coop releases Laura's hand, & her scream/vanishing.
The scream/vanishing - a foreshadow for the ending scream, and her extraction from the lodge.
The scratch in the woods is the sound he has to listen-out for. The opening scene is the basis of the Judy plan.
When he hears the scratch sound the Judy plan goes into operation, which is what follows and segued from eps 17 to 18.
430, Richard/Linda, two birds - one stone, etc. The latter is a phrase Coop used in respect of the Judy plan, hence: "I understand."

Knock-knock...The Old Scratch-ing (sound).

 Old scratching gramophone, Fireman: "Listen to the sounds. It's in our house now." (In this respect meaning Judy).
(old) scratch is also heard just after they finish walking away from the house too - listen very closely at 1:03 to 1:06.
It's as though they both couldn't be too aware of what they were doing ("it all cannot be said aloud now"), such is the necessary secrecy involved. Necessary for the plan to succeed, Judy being the all seeing and all hearing (via electricity) eyes and ears.
Even at the end they seemed like shells on a type of autopilot, but ones on a mission.
As mentioned, it's Laura being given the picture that leads to her outing Leland/Bob as her tormentor. She next hurries home and finds him in her room. When he leaves the house she sees Leland. Even in this scene Laura yells out an ear ringing scream.

Jiao Dey/Dai/Dei, Jowday (Judy) - the "extreme negative force" - "Jiao" - to call-out.
Jiao De (translated) = Screams. The Scream of the Homecoming Queen.
Ep18. It's Sarah's "Laura" fan/stairway call-out from the pilot (also seen/heard at the start of Coop's S1 room 315 dream).
Good Coop, in the 2:53 Judy plan dreamscape, was segued via the ceiling fan - and into the actual FWWM narrative to change Laura's fate. Jeffries sends him (and the viewer) thru the very heart of Black Lodge evil into the existing FWWM dynamic. Coop intercepts Laura from death, by ultimately being placed in the woods. He's successful because she recognises him from their shared dream (Laura's occurred in the early hours of 22nd Feb '89, Coop's a few days later).

Abused via mother Carrie at the 'White house' - it might evoke De Palma (Palmer), the mother/house collapse ending, Carrie (1976).
Carrie White (Spacek) is Lynch's former sister-in-law. Carrie's mother, was Piper "Twin Peaks" Laurie (Catherine Martell.)
Carrie x2. A Prom Queen (with telekinesis/broadcast telepathy) and a (Washington) Homecoming Queen via abusive mothers. (Spacek was instrumental in financing Eraserhead.) Grave finale (shot backwards) - segued via a ringing phone,  Carrie's bloody arm reaches and grabs Sue (Irving), causing her to wake up from her recurring dream/nightmare, screaming.

"Is it the story of the little girl who lived down the lane? Is it?"
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)
Her terminally ill father & abusive mother divorced long ago. To stop Rynn being returned to her mother's custody after his death, he moved them to an isolated area & made plans to allow Rynn to live alone, then committed suicide in the ocean so his body would not be found. He also left Rynn with a jar of potassium cyanide, telling her that it was a sedative, to give to her mother if she ever came for her. Rynn (the little girl) coolly recounts how she put the powder in her mother's tea & watched her die (matricide).

Jodie Foster (1976, again!) played the lead role in 'The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane'. Note the 'spade'.
It's Jodie "Contact" Foster...inter-dimensional "contact" via (alien encoded) broadcasting/recording etc.
Jodie/Jody - a name derived from Judith/Judy. Foster's real first name is Alice/Alicia, like Tremond who answers the door!
Scott Jacoby was (Judy) Foster's co-star in this film - the one she reveals her secret to. Just like Laura's - Dr 'spade' Jacoby.
I'm not sure if that's Phillip Jeffries (the teapot), but we can't rule anything out. (sarcasm). :)

"What year is this?"
Pilot, Bob's reflection in the mirror (below, top right). Entity in mirror S3 Ep2. All very suggestive of chrome reflection and access portals. That really does look like the blanket/throw from the pilot episode - and some 25 years later.

Just before asking "what year is this?", and the "electrical discharge of the house" - Cooper does the following:
It seems to be his composite/between worlds self looping back to opening the door of (dream) room 315, the origin point of the plan.
The cue for Carrie/Laura to end their (lodge trapping) loop - via the scream - and destroying/discharging Judy (Mother).
This would explain the foreshadowing of (screaming) Laura's instant Lodge extraction in Ep2 and Ep18.
There's no seated Laura (next to Gerard), or Judy (whitehorse) in the Ep18 (lodge replay scene).
Laura saved (via a retro-intervention/rewrite), Judy vanquished (discharged), and Coop released from the Red Room loop.

"There's no place to go, but home." (Twin 'Oz/Red Shoes' Peaks)
The smashed "Homecoming Queen" picture frame S1 Ep2, and S3 Ep17.

It was Sarah that ultimately caused the original smashing of Laura's picture (S1 Ep2), as you can see.
The S3 wailing/moaning and the "Homecoming Queen" picture smashing is likely due to the rewrite of the night of Laura's fate - which came immediately before. If Laura doesn't get killed, Leland doesn't have to grieve and dance with her picture. Past events as they previously existed no longer apply - it's all rewritten via changing the actual story of FWWM. The S1 pic smashing event is symbolically relived, but I see it as Sarah (Judy) lamenting. A type of lamentation in respect of retro-actively removed garmonbozia (Laura's), that has now manifested due to the changes. Perhaps a type of 'psychic removal'. "The past dictates the future."

The Judy Blue Monkey/Monkee...
Davy "Equine/Monkey/Judy" Jones x2 - "Doppelganger!"
The Bluebird Monkees...
"oh, what can it mean - to a daydream believer, and a [Judy destroying] homecoming queen."
Judy/Monkey/Monkee via Bowie (aka Davy 'Philly Phil/Equine' Jones), and Monkee, Davy "Equine" Jones.
Monkee, Davy "Equine" Jones featured on a track called "Judy Get Down" - via 80s act Jakko (like Bubbles monkey, Jacko!)
Moonwalking Jacko, Twin Peaks, Mo(o)nkeys, and Mo(o)nkees - How's Annie? Are you OK, Annie?

More "work in progress" - but not entirely along direct narrative lines - esoteric stuff.

Wow, Bob (Robert), Wow.
Extraterrestrials and Grays/Greys. Twin Peaks is linked to (grays/greys) Roswell (NM).

The Wow! Signal, Robert (Bob) 'Wow' Gray, The BIG Ear, Palmer, NM VLA, Horses/Zebra, & Horselover Fat/Phat.
A potential encode of 'Equus' (horse) in the (Bob Gray linked) Wow! Signal. Gray's "Wow" book is via Palmer.
VALIS, Zebra (a black/white striped horse, see Judy horse and zig-zag). 6, was the Black Lodge electric-ether travel number.
The Wow! signal appeared to come from Sagittarius (horse) & bore the expected hallmarks of extraterrestrial origin.
The Starman Who Fell to Earth. Judy Jeffries, aka David "Eric Lampton/Valis" Bowie, and Philip K 'Zebra mimicry' Dick.
Mr C quoted 'Mother Goose' at Yankton, via the phone - "the cow jump over the moon".- and linked to Argentina (a la Jeffries).

Wow via Big Ear, Gray (Grey) Bob, Palmer, and New Mexico VLA.

Recall, that the Twin Peaks "PEnnsylvania 6-5000" track (linked to Leland, and the red "wow" dwarf) was written by Jerry Gray. The "telephone ring-ing" resonant Miller track. The telephone being heavily linked to Alexander Graham (Gray-ham) Bell (Bell/AT&T), and Elisha 'Western Electric' Gray (as we outlined). Black Lodge 'Bob' (Leland) being another "gray/grey" Bob/Robert.

"Oh, the right-hand catches the BIG guy by the EAR."

It was Jerry Ehman who ultimately picked-up the (Big Ear) Wow! Signal, but Robert 'Bob' Gray is the "Mr Wow! Signal".

The Wow! signal was detected by the Ohio State University Radio Observatory (also known as Big Ear) on August 15, 1977. The signal was so pronounced in the data, and so similar to a radio signal rather than a natural source, that SETI scientist Jerry R. Ehman circled it on the computer printout in red ink and wrote "Wow!" next to it. After hearing about the Wow! signal a few years after its detection, Gray contacted the Ohio team, visited Big Ear, and spoke with Ehman, Robert S. Dixon (director of the SETI project) and John D. Kraus (the telescope's designer).

In 1980, Gray began scanning the skies from his backyard in Chicago, using a 12-foot commercial telecommunications dish. He operated his small SETI radio observatory regularly beginning in 1983 and for the next 15 years, but did not find a trace of the Wow! signal. In 1987 and 1989 he led searches for the signal using the Harvard/Smithsonian META radio telescope at the Oak Ridge Observatory in Harvard, Massachusetts.[13] In September 1995 and again in May 1996, Gray and Kevin B. Marvel reported searches for the signal using the Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope in New Mexico, becoming the first amateur astronomer to use the VLA, and the first individual to use it to search for extraterrestrial signals. The VLA was, until the end of the twentieth century, the most powerful radio telescope ever built.

Mimicry - Laura Palmer was closely linked to Waldo the 'mynah mind' - a creature famous for its mimicry.

Philip "Horselover Fat" Dick, was writing about his "VALIS/Zebra principle" in 1977, the same year as Wow!
Dick claimed that VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) used "disinhibiting stimuli" to communicate, using symbols to trigger recollection of intrinsic knowledge through the loss of amnesia, achieving gnosis.
1977 was the year of Lynch's first full feature release, Eraserhead (an erased head, like amnesia).

Dick's Zebra Principle. The idea is that the sophisticated mimicry that we find, say, in the insect world (where an insect might look exactly like a leaf, or twig etc), might also exist on a higher level or on a higher scale. In other words, some kind of higher intelligence may be present in the world, but be hidden through the cunning of mimicry. When in a herd the zebra's distinct stripes merge into a big mass and make it hard for predators to single out individual animals.

Zebra, and Houston Paige. A Texas city and Paige. Laura/Carrie was an Odessa, Texas-based "Pa(i)ge".
Some of you might be thinking about Carpenter's The Thing, or the Wachowski's The Matrix, after reading this. I know I did.
Monica "Twin (Dreamer) Peaks" Bellucci was in The Matrix sequels, as was the "Trinity".
Computer-based downloading into the Matrix, but using electronic telephony for extraction.

Don't forget Beatle/Bugging, Macca - "The Fireman" & The 'Abbey Roading' Beatles - ZEBRA.
Recall that the Twin Peaks 'Fireman' (Struycken) debuted via the Sgt Pepper film (1978). That's him (Brute) with Frankie Howerd.

"True white" horses are rare. White horses are born white and stay white throughout their lives. Most horses that are commonly referred to as "white" are actually "gray" horses (another Gray/Grey link) whose hair coats are completely white and may be born of any colour and gradually “gray” as time goes on.

"Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song, and there is always music in the air."
The Judy plan message came with the (Cooper, Cooper) message that was sent into space & picked-up by deep space monitors.
6 (Q) and 7 (U) giving the largest radio reponse (Z, being the highest). 6 & 7 were the Twin Peaks aether travel numbers.
The day after the (Sagittarius/horse-man/Equus) "Wow! signal" registered, "The King of Rock n Roll" Elvis Presley died.
Aug 5th, 1956 was the Twin Peaks "radio broadcast" date. Around the time of the exponential rise in household transistor radios.
Elvis played Tampa on that Aug 5th date. 1956 was the year of Presley's commercial breakout and commercial debut release.
It was the first rock and roll album ever to make it to the top of the charts, and the first million-selling album of that genre.
Lynch used the Elvis angle in Wild at Heart, via Nic "Love Me Tender/alien Knowing" Cage.
Is that Elvis in his "zig-zag" lodge shirt?
There's a (white horse) stud sire called Elvis White Diamond.
Judy Jeffries (Space Oddity/Tin Can/Machine) Bowie and Elvis were both born on the same day of the year.
Elvis and Bowie have links to Egypt too - Memphis (for Elvis), Crowley/Sphinx/Iman (for Bowie).
SETI linked to both the Egyptian Pharaohs, and the search for extraterrestrial life (like the Wow! Signal).

Wow! Via the lodge waiting room, with a red dwarf (sun), Jupiter (gas) Giant, Venus, a Saturn fly-by, and Kyle (Cooper).
The Wow! Signal. It was used in a 2017 Super Bowl commercial. An "Eyes Wide Shut" Kubrick/Illuminati flavoured one.
Super Bowl LI was played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Sagittarius/Equus/Horse-man/Archer (Bow-man) - "6EQUJ5/6EQUUS" Wow! Signal.
It's only the centrepiece of the entire commercial! A commercial that I've only just become aware of.
Kubrick and the moon landing hoax is a conspiracy staple.

A number of hypotheses have been advanced as to the source and nature of the Wow! signal. None have achieved widespread acceptance. One hypothesis includes a rotating lighthouse-like source, a signal sweeping in frequency, or a one-time burst.
A lighthouse is shaped almost exactly like an obelisk. The signal's burst shape is also somewhat phallic and tower-like.
One even begins to wonder if it's Philip K's "horsey/zebra" dick...boom, boom. :)

Virtually all the decoding videos that I've seen in respect of this advert, miss-out the "Wow! Signal" reference.
Not that I'm surprised though, I kind of expected it.

You can see the (robed) "greys/grays" in the background, but watch very closely.
Kyle: "Oh, wow! Secret. Yep, yep." Wink, wink. :)
Avocados - lots of good healthy fats/phats too.

The obelisk being a representation of the regenerative phallus (and the petrified rays of the sun).
The avocado fruit lending itself to the concept of human gestation (9 months) and birthing (uterus/womb).
It's the avocado - Starchild. :)
 The Wow! Signal. Late author (of 2001) Arthur C. 'crystal skulling' Clarke said in a 1997 interview with New Scientist magazine:
“God only knows what it was.”

Saturday, Nov 26, 1977. 103 days after the Wow! Signal registered - the following occurred on UK Southern TV.
What's strange is that "Southern TV" was my own local ITV network. I was 8 years old at the time.
That said, I did not see/hear this original broadcast, and I don't recall it from that period either!

Vril-lon evokes "Vril" and (Twin Peaks linked) rosi-crucian Bulwer-Lytton, and his novel 'The Coming Race'.
Vril also linked to a form of controllable energy. In 'ufology' it's a class of flying saucers supposedly built by the Nazis.
I think the disrupting audio is the genuine thing, it did happen, but that was not Michelmore's voice on the video. Some youtuber has fused the audio to this footage, the actual voice is (ITN's) Andrew Gardner. Gardner was notable for presenting the first transatlantic programme using the Telstar satellite (built by Bell/AT&T). Day by Day, was a weekday local news programme presented by Cliff Michelmore, he didn't join Southern until 1980. Perhaps this has been put together to demonstrate the occurrence. It was Michelmore that introduced a 17-year-old David Bowie to his first television audience on Tonight (BBC) in 1964 (see here). Bowie was introduced as the spokesman and founder of 'The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men'.

A type of broadcast warning. I like how it segues into Bugs Bunny "Falling Hare/Hair" - via Warner Bros.
A gremlin gets the better of Bugs Bunny at a military base. Spot the 9/11 flavour too.
I've regularly mentioned Gremlins/Gremlins 2 in respect of 9/11. Aspects of this cartoon are in some renderings of Gremlins 2.

As with many Bugs Bunny cartoons, the title is a play on words; "falling hair" refers to impending baldness, while in this cartoon’s climax the title turns out to be descriptive of Bugs’s situation (a hare falling/crashing to earth).

It's difficult to ignore the comparable "2010: Year We Make Contact" - the emergency alien broadcast that interrupts the news!
It is when David Bow(ie)man falls to earth like Bugs. It is when the woman receiving the message is Twin Peaks' Eileen Hayward.
Wow, Mary Jo Des-chan(n)el, wow.

2017 was the 40th anniversary of the Wow! Signal. I mention it in a recent post. I first linked it to Twin Peaks back in 2012.
It had some mentions last year - a debunking story, but one that was subsequently refuted.

Electronic and ambient pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre designed this 2016 track around the phenomenon.
Is that the crystal and magnetic skull?

Oxygene & Hydrogen. Wow! Signal was on the hydrogen frequency (1420 MHz). Hydrogen being the most common element.
Extraterres-trail (sic) is the term used in the video, not extraterres-trial, is that a deliberate typo, or an oversight?
1977 Oxygene IV being his most recognisable track to date. Released one week before the Wow! Signal.

Segments of "Oxygène" (LP) were used as background music in parts of the 1st radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
The track seemingly has production values from the "future ether". Talking of French electronica, space, futuristic production, 1977.

This was the very FIRST record that I ever bought (a 45 single), and with my own money.
It was the summer of 1977, and I was 7 years-old. I remember it being on the Pye label. It's "Daft Punk, 1977" :)
Elvis, Way Down. Released just before the King died on 16/8/77 (the day after Wow!), it shot to No 1 as a result.

1977 also saw the launching of the NASA/JPL probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both contained the golden record disc.
Voyager 2 was launched 5 days after the Wow! Signal - on 20th Aug, 1977. Voyager 1 launched 21 days after Wow!
The disc/platter and stylus.

Pioneer 10 & 11 - the pulsar map and hydrogen atom diagram (see below) are shared in common with the Voyager Golden Record.
The Pioneer 10 (1972) and 11 (1973) craft were the first human-built objects to achieve escape velocity from the Solar System.
The Pioneer plaques were attached to the spacecraft's antenna support struts.
The Pioneer plaque appears in the booklet of David Bowie(man)'s 2016 album Blackstar, on the page for the song "Girl Loves Me".
Ziggy-Zaggy Stardust (from Mars), the Starman, the space oddity man who fell to earth.
It was Carl "Contact via VLA, New Mexico" Sagan that was instrumental in the design and contents of the golden record.
The signal picked-up by Ellie Arroway (Foster) is very likely a type of homage to the (Big Ear) Wow! Signal. It is a narrow-band signal, just like the 'Wow!' signal, and it contains detailed information on how to build a device with which to make contact with the aliens who sent the message. A message that was buried/encoded inside a TV broadcast signal.
Judy Foster, The Little (Palmer) Girl Who Lives Down the Lane - with Palmer Joss (Interstellar, McConaughey) in Contact (1997).
She's also paired with John "Alien/Crystal Skull/Lynch's Elephant Grey Man" Hurt - Mr Earl Grey. Elephant big-eared greys.
Jeffries/Bowie played the Elephant Man (on stage) during the release of Lynch's film (1980).
Foster experiences Vega 'contact', one that involves missing time. Contact via "twisting" wormholes, atomic rings, time, & Vega.

The Pioneer plaque is key in L Ron Hubbard's "Battle Field Earth" - Travolta featured in the film.
Aspects of the Pioneer plaque/probe (via Voyager 6) were also seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Star Trek V.
 The Outer Limits (revival) 'The Message'. A deaf woman was featured receiving alien signals through her cochlear (ear) implant.

The Outer Limits and Twin Peaks (see here).
The Message (first revival season) was aired 16 July 1995 - the 50th anniversary of Atomic Manhattan Project, Trinity.
It's that "map" again. :)
Twin "Bluebird" Peaks, Zemeckis' Back to the "Bluebird/Grays" Future, Zemeckis' "Contact".
Bluebird Twittering towards the Sagittarius horse/bow-man via Big Radio Ears

The film Contact (1997), features the main character using the (Arecibo) observatory as part of a SETI project.
Although never specifically named, the first lines of the Arthur C. Clarke novel '2010: Odyssey Two' strongly imply that the opening scene occurs at the (Arecibo) observatory. However, for the 1984 film - The Year We Make Contact, this scene was filmed at the Very Large Array in New Mexico, with Roy "Indianapolis"Scheider. 
The VLA is present in Contact (1997), as the location where the alien signal is first detected.
The Beatles, The Fireman Giant, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Klaatu.
The Fireman/Giant's Fortress and Klaatu's (Giant Gort's) Ship.
Both fictional worlds are built around the fear of the atomic age, with aliens determined to extinguish the fires created by this tech.
Sgt Pepper, Freddie "A Day in the Life" Sykes and The (Sgt Pepper) Fireman/Giant.
Recall we linked "Glover" (of Orb) to Sgt Pepper McCartney's The Fireman project.

Lynch's Wild at Heart - Crispin "Alien Glove" Glover. The Pioneer Plaque (right).
It's the "7/7" Ringo "Klaatu" Starr - 'Goodnight Vienna' (1974). Lock Martin (giant Gort) was reportedly 7 foot 7 inches tall.
Klaatu, Barada and Nikto were names given to minor characters in 'Return of the Jedi' by George "Star Wars 1977" Lucas.
Robert "Bob" Wise directed The Day the Earth Stood Still. Keanu "Matrix" Reeves played Klaatu in the 2008 remake.
Lennon's 'Nobody Told Me': "There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised."
In the liner notes to his 1974 album Walls and Bridges he said, "On the 23rd August 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a U.F.O. - J.L.".
'Nobody Told Me' was written for Ringo's 'Stop and Smell the Roses' release, but didn't record it due to Lennon's death.

Lennon wrote the opening and closing title track for Ringo's 'Goodnight Vienna' release. A television commercial, which featured a voiceover from Lennon, depicted the cover's flying saucer (with Starr) over Los Angeles—landing on the roof of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood (a horse in the clip too).

"Goodnight Vienna" - (British slang). Events have reached a state of completion; nothing more can be done.
"Goodnight Irene" - is also linked to the same concept. A version of which, was seen in Fire Walk With Me.
Jack at Hap's Diner (Deer Meadow) - when the FBI ask about Teresa Banks. (also see the song, Lead Belly/The Weavers).
"Now her name is IRENE and it is NIGHT. Don’t take it no further than that. There’s nothin’ GOOD about it."
Lyrics: "Irene good night, Irene good night. Good night Irene. Good night Irene. I'll get you in my dreams."

Capitol Records, again.
Their album 3:47 EST. The time listed is the time at which "the earth stood still" (3:47 pm, see film).
Twin Peaks has a "time standing still" moment via Cooper & Fireman - the 2:53 pm "we live inside a dream" event.
"Sub Rosa Subway" and "Calling Occupants of Inter-planetary Craft".
The latter song's title from World Contact Day, it would also open night transmission of the pirate radio station Radio Caroline.
Calling Occupants was also covered by The Carpenters in 1977. Released 25 days after the Wow! Signal.
Cover art by Star Trek designer Andrew Probert - he was involved in (voyager/pioneer) The Motion Picture.
They "elite greys" Live, Carpenter. Rob "The Thing" Bottin was one of the bar 'horn players' in Star Wars (1977).
Bottin was also the SFX man for Total 'Alien' Recall, based on P K Dick's short story (the 1977, Zebra/Valis linked author).

1977 saw ELO's release of 'Out of the Blue' via The Beatles linked Jeff Lynne.
The original aim of Electric Light Orchestra was to take up "where the Beatles had left off, and to present it on stage."
John Lennon praised the group, calling them the "sons of the Beatles".

John "Starman/Voyager II" Carpenter...hELOo!!!
"There's a starman waiting in the sky. He'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds."
Even Laura was a golden sphere/orb that floated down to earth.

777 Vega(s) Horseshoe Starmen - Doppelganger! (Thanks go to Uncle Bingo).
They even win a very similar amount of money, about $500K. Dougie/Coop getting help from the "lightning white lodge"
Don't forget that Bowie's "The Man Who Fell to Earth" co-star (Candy Clark) played Truman's wife, S3.
They Live's Meg Foster gives Coop his coins. Ziggy from Mars, Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars, Lynch - Jimmy Stewart from Mars.
Ziggy-Zaggy "777" Radio(active) Starmen
Kether to Malkuth - the 777 lightning pathway descending/falling from Kether/Crown to Malkuth/Earth.
Starman (song): "I had to phone someone so I picked on you. Hey, that's far out so you hear him too.
Switch on the TV we may pick him up on channel two."
"That weren't no D.J. that was hazy cosmic jive." D.J. - like Davy Jones
ELO(n) Musk elon-musk-falcon-heavy-rocket-bowie-space-oddity-tesla
Bowie played "electric" Tesla in The Prestige, the film also featured the Tower theatre.
The same one seen in Twin Peaks (Fireman's fortress/tower), and Mulholland Drive (via Silencio).
The Lightning Stru(y)ck(en) Trinity Tower
How fucking mad was all that? :)