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True Detective - Season 1

The Hanged Man - via True Detective Season 1

I've decided to allow my True Detective occupy its own space (earlier stuff, got cross-pollenated with other aspects) which I think it truly deserves. It allows me to expand 'going-forward' and centralises this important piece of TV work.

  From the standard critic is probably one of the most accomplished TV shows that has ever been made and I don't usually heap praise on anything, so this is to be taken as a massive compliment.  It is a brilliantly constructed 'layered' piece of work, from the script, casting, cinematography, music/sound design and beyond...many filmakers could learn a thing or two from this series and I never thought I'd ever say that about TV.

McConaughey & Harrelson both excel in their roles...and I'd say that it is easily the best work that either of them have done, better even than McConaughey's recent Oscar turn.  Make no mistake...this series is a landmark in TV.  Rarely do I come across TV shows of this depth and I mean that in the 'character' sense too, even most of the smaller parts are brilliantly played...DeWall (shades of Orson Welles) & Errol's sister being a couple of my highlights.

If you think that this type of in-depth research is either a waste of time and/or irrelevant, then you have obviously not heeded the words of the creators of  TV series' like Lost etc.
 Lost....straight from the horses mouth(Lost Encyclopedia)
I've approached True Detective (and other media) in a similar manner!

 Concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories, and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life, which doctrine has been preserved in toto among a small band of initiated minds since the beginning of the world. Departing, these illumined philosophers left their formulae that others, too, might attain to understanding. But, lest these secret processes fall into uncultured hands and be perverted, the Great Arcanum was always concealed in symbol or allegory; and those who can today discover its lost keys may open with them a treasure house of philosophic, scientific, and religious truths.
Manly P Hall

Matthew McConaughey & the Lincoln MKC advert...reviving the Egyptian Gods, this being Osiris (aka the model for the masonic hiram abiff, the masonic hanged man).

Thanks to Uncle Bingo for putting me on to this commercial....otherwise I might have missed it!
Thanks for putting me onto this TD series is ideal blog material.

"I think that's (Ol' Cyrus) Osiris"...word play, Osiris the immortal Egyptian god-king...

...who absorbed the aspect of Apis (the sacrificial bull) via become Osiris-Apis...the 'horned' Apis bull was a manifestation of Memphis dwelling Osiris. Osiris IS the horned bull god. Likewise Isis (wife of Osiris) took on 'cattle resonance' by being fused with Hathor. The Apis (Osiris) Bull would be ritually sacrificed at the age of 28 (usually via a well), the age at which Osiris (an archetypal hanged/fallen man) was said to have been vanquished by Set.

Apparently these ads were unscripted. Of course, the ad still works in the straight forward sense using Ol' Cyrus, but this is just too close (phonetically & symbolically) and I believe that something else is likely being implied on the subliminal.

Give 'em their dues...these 'mystery religion' folk who populate media, certainly have skills!


Watch the commercial again, but now with these above images and with the
Ol' Cyrus/O-siris phonetics in mind!

The Bull also evokes Mithraism...and of course, the horned god.
 The TAU cross was inscribed on the forehead of every person admitted into the Mysteries of Mithras. When a king was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries, the TAU was placed against his lips. It was tattooed upon the bodies of the candidates in some of the American Indian Mysteries. To the Qabbalist, the TAU stood for heaven and the Pythagorean tetractys. The Caduceus of Hermes was an outgrowth of the TAU cross. (See Albert Pike.)  Mithras was crucified like Christ and he also rose after 3 days.

Lincoln & Osiris (via association, McConaughey & Cruise)
Thanks goes to a recent commenter.

 There is a reason that Osiris (Sgt) is decked out as being 'Black' (beyond the film's narrative)
The Osiris-Apis Bull was commonly black in colour...Lazarus for the 'raising/resurrection' aspect ala Osiris and for some Christ overlaps.  The Black Memphis King...evoking Dr Martin Luther King, the black man who was killed in Memphis.

 True Detective...Cohle's 'left eye' mirror...the Horus left eye (eye of thoth) and of the moon.
This above 'eye' shot (and theme) will be further cemented by Hart's daughter pulling at the 'right' eye of Hart...seconds before cutting to this actual shot.  The right eye reflects solar, masculine energy, as well as reason and mathematics. That's both right and left covered.

According to legend, the left eye was torn from Horus by his murderous brother Seth (Set), and magically restored by Thoth, the God of magick. After the restoration, some stories state, Horus made a gift of the eye to Osiris, which allowed this solar deity to rule the underworld. The left eye reflects fluid, feminine, lunar energy, and rules intuition and magick.

The 'Osirian' Lincoln Lawyer & his Lincoln...with the cross

The Hanged Man's symbolism points to divinity, linking it to the Passion in Christianity, especially The Crucifixion; to the narratives of Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Mithras in Ancient Persian mythology and Roman mythology.

 Jackson and Osiris

 More bovine resonance via the 'Bullock'...this one being Sandra
McConaughey with Jackson, 'the hanged man' of A Time To Kill, presiding judge 
Omar Noose...cough, cough.  White supremacists violently rape and beat Tonya and dump her in a nearby river after a failed attempt to hang her (from a tree); she survives, and the men are arrested.

Sit Back...Snakes on a Spine (Caduceus)...Samuel L Jackson
The plane could be 'the etheric'...note 'veil of the abyss' (right image)

Messenger of the gods...and reputed author of the Egyptian Book of the Dead
The druidic/greek operative god man, Thoth/Mercury are other epithets of this god

 The horned god, whether as hunting deity, wild huntsman or forest spirit will always be with us. He is a part of us. He can be ignored or spurned, but he will not go away. Even after so long he still finds new ways to appear. He is the horned god of the hunt and of the forest, lord of the sabbat and of the underworld. He is the embodiment of wild nature and the male principle. Numerous cultures integrate figures with horns into their mythology, including Cernunnos, Herne the Hunter, Pan, and many others.


The Horned God is linked with male tendencies, including virility. He is often associated with the forest and with wild animals, and in many cases he is linked with hunting, as well. He alternates with the goddess of the moon in ruling over life and death, continuing the cycle of death, rebirth and reincarnation. (note Osiris/Isis...leading to Thoth/Hermes). Known to the Druids as Hu Gadarn, God of the underworld and astral planes. The consort of the great goddess. He was often depicted holding a bag of money, or accompanied by a ram-headed serpent and a stag. (as was Hermes also)


After watching...
True Detective influences...The Wicker Man, Eyes Wide Shut, Kill List, Twin Peaks, Blair Witch Project, Angel Heart, Lovecraft, Ligotti, Nietzsche  etc.  McConaughey's 'nihilistic cool' reminds me of some of Norton's narration from Fight Club, his 'intuition' evokes an Agent Cooper who has been through rehab. It seemed (at least in places) 'Lynchian/Coen Brother-esque' with its stylistic & noirish elements.

Matthew 'True Detective' McConaughey...and heavy crucifix/hanged man (Jesus/Osiris) thematic, from the get go! The earlier Lincoln Ol' Cyrus/Osiris is still relevant here...the advert evokes his character Rust 'Crucifix' Cohle from True Detective.

True Detective is flooded with instances of 'the cross/crucifix' (even the intro titles alone) many, that I don't have the time to show you them all.  Take my word for it...'cross heavy' is an understatement.

 "Days like lost dogs..." (dog days ala sirius, perhaps)

 Interestingly a band called Lightning Tree released a tune called Days Like Lost Dogs...
the 777 lightning tree of lifeMask of Stars and Lost Dog Days...could it be sirius?

Hart: Ask you something? You're a Christian, yeah?
Cohle: No.
Hart: Well, then what do you got the cross for in your apartment?
Cohle: That's a form of meditation.
Hart: How's that?
Cohle: I contemplate the moment in the garden, the idea of allowing your own crucifixion. (the hanged man, self sacrifice)
Hart: But you're not a Christian.

 Luke 22:39-46
 Christ, before his arrest and subsequent crucifixion, prays in the garden, he could have escaped, but ultimately decides that he needs to allow this to happen, as it is God's will/plan for him.

Nic Pizzolatto (commentary)
"It's set up from the first episode, not that there's a Christ parallel with Cohle (although overall, clearly there is imo, my emphasis), but that he understands 'sacrifice', that he has no problem with sacrifice and the notion of (self) sacrifice...which is something no one understands anymore."

The Hanged (Living Tree/Cross) Man 'tarot', The Garden & The Tree of Life

The Hanged Man & Eden (Tree of Knowledge/Sephiroth)
In all of these archetypal stories, the destruction of self ("the idea of allowing your own crucifixion", shown above, although perhaps pertaining in the ego sense) brings life to humanity; on the card, these are symbolized respectively by the person of the hanged man and the living tree (the garden, Eden, tree of knowledge) from which he hangs bound.  The head of the tree of life 'hanged christ man' is situated over the 'veiled' 11th hidden sphere aka 'Da'ath' (Sirius/Pluto).

  'The hanged man/men and the living tree' (Sinister, 2012)
The drawings evoking an upside down aspect...Hawke suffers a damaged lower leg from falling
The Hanged Man meme/theme (via nooses and ankle suspension) is everywhere...

Cohle's Chest Tattoo...the inverted cross of the hanged man.

The ritually slaughtered and 'bound' Dora (opening episode)...was found at the base of an oak tree (Dora = God's Gift). The Father God of The Mysteries was often worshipped in the form of the oak, The Goddess principle in the form of the Cypress...which the show's Carcosa was originally meant to depict in its tree design (the 'brides path' fits the female too). The body seemingly posed in prayer and wearing a crown (antlers)...the tree of life/sephiroth is topped with 'the crown' aka kether.  

Yes it's all visually a bit Shawshank Redemption!
The Hanged Man (Brooks)  'Christ archetype, the hanged cross god-man'
Red will end up in this same location, where the 'hope cynic' will chose life and visit the tree.

 Oak, Ash (aluminium & ash) & Thorn (the crown of rose thorns, switchgrass etc)
Of course, 'aluminium & ash' (beyond the literal) also subliminally relates to Cohle's cigarettes and beer cans. All aspects are a part of the opening episode.

 Put fresh 'ash leaves' under your pillow to stimulate psychic dreams (the ash)
Dora Lange's corpse was originally intended to have 'wings' an angel (images of winged children, as seen in the school ) and like the king in yellow, see Chambers' book.

Yggdrasil aka the World Tree and Odin

I found a '777 cipher' linked to Crowley in True'll see it later.
 Christ...the hanged 'lightning struck' tree of life man...777 is also a number of Christ.
The Tree of Life 'lightning flash/flaming sword' that starts from crown/kether (path #1 the fools path) and ends at earth/malkuth sums 777.

 As above, so below
 It is interesting that the cross should be both a symbol of life and a symbol of death. Many nations deeply considered the astronomical aspect of religion, and it is probable that the Persians, Greeks, and Hindus looked upon the cross as a symbol of the equinoxes and the solstices, in the belief that at certain seasons of the year the sun was symbolically crucified upon these imaginary celestial angles.
 The fact that so many nations have regarded their Savior as a personification of the sun globe is convincing evidence that the cross must exist as an astronomical element in pagan allegory.

 As it is in the heavens, so it will be on earth (as above, so below)

The ancients were wise enough to appreciate the 'veiled nature of a literal text' (understand its deeper and multi-faceted meaning and cosmic import) yet today we live in a time, where these kind of ideas are still seen as a form of heresy.  The job of 'organised religion' (that preaches solely the literal) seems to be mainly about keeping people ignorant...ignorant of the larger cosmic context and subsequently its true meaning and import. 

 A later victim was found hanging/suspended...evoking crucifixion
Kordish...kord/cord aka rope-like.

There may well be an alchemical aspect to the featured victims and their deaths.
 Dora Lange (earth), Rianne Olivier (water), Stephanie Kordish (air) Marie Fontenot (fire?)
The INRI formula (see Christ Crucifixion) is an "elemental" formula in that its four letters can be validly equated to Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

The Hanged Man, Sulphur & Alchemy...
 The 'literal' Hanged Man (Ledoux)...noose, hands behind back etc  This Ledoux hideout is situated in Sulphur (yellow)The Hanged Man 'imagery' forms the inverted symbol for sulphur.  

The symbol of sulphur is often used as an identifying symbol by Satanists (note, 666), due to sulphur’s historical association with the devil. The al-chemists used to associate the 'goats head' with sulphur (see Ledoux's back).

Literal 'Mad chemist Reggie'... 666 is also an aspect of the 777 sephiroth/tree of life via chokmah/zodiac 
 "Time is a flat circle" (Friedrich 'Anti-Christ' Nietzsche)

Cohle sending out a message to his interrogators and to their compromised bosses.

(Eps 5) LEDOUX: I know what happens next. I saw you in my dream. You're in Carcosa now with me. He sees you.You'll do this again. Time is a flat circle. (foreshadowing Cohle's future battle with Errol).  Considering he already has Cohle's image as a tattoo, who are we to doubt's almost as though Ledoux expected him!?

From the scene above from earlier...opening episode Hart & Cohle
Cohle: "We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, this accretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody when, in fact, everybody's nobody."

Materiality (the physical world) as a temporary probably being implied here. Everybody's 'no-body' (literally having no body) the immortal soul that resides in the mortal flesh (meat).
"To yank a soul out of non existence, into this, meat" (the spirit, trapped in flesh/meat)

Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is rewarded by the achievement of self-realization. (the unreality of the material world...which IS illusory, according to this text...this is what is being implied!)

From a consideration of all these ancient and secret rituals it becomes evident that the mystery of the 'dying god' (hanged man) was universal among the illumined and venerated colleges of the sacred teaching. This mystery has been perpetuated in Christianity in the crucifixion and death of the God-man-Jesus the Christ. The secret import of this world tragedy and the Universal Martyr must be rediscovered if Christianity is to reach the heights attained by the pagans in the days of their philosophic supremacy. The myth of the dying god is the key to both universal and individual redemption and regeneration, and those who do not comprehend the true nature of this supreme allegory are not privileged to consider themselves either wise or truly religious.  
TSTOAA, Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity, Manly Hall
 "According to the secret doctrine, man, through the gradual refinement of his vehicles and the ever-increasing sensitiveness resulting from that refinement, is gradually overcoming the limitations of matter and is disentangling himself from his mortal coil. When humanity has completed its physical evolution, the empty shell of materiality left behind will be used by other life waves as steppingstones to their own liberation. The trend of man's evolutionary growth is ever toward his own essential Selfhood. At the point of deepest materialism, therefore, man is at the greatest distance from Himself."
(the last line is of relative import, considering how we and the masses generally live our lives, almost entirely based around the partaking in and the worship of materialism).

None of this is to suggest that 'materiality' is totally irrelevant (your physical body is the vehicle of the spirit) far from it. It is appreciating the nature of this 'materiality' (in the greater scheme of things) that seems of import.

 A particular belief in the 'mystical tradition', is that you have to go through a 'form of hell' (via gnosis) in order to change. In True Detective, this 'hell' (the change agent) is symbolised by Carcosa, it is a depiction of hell aka hades...operating for both 'us' (as spectators, in the macro sense) and Cohle (as the protagonist/initiate, in the micro sense).

 The most precise description of its (Corcosa) location given is that it said to be located on the shores of Lake Hali in the Hyades. Hyades (Hades) also evokes the celestial world (taurus/bull constellation), which going by TD's climax and the constant mantra of 'black stars rising' is also very appropriate. (Chambers, The King in Yellow). TD's Carcosa was originally intended to have the Cypress Tree as a theme. In Greek mythology, the cypress is associated with the underworld, grief and mourning. Ancient Roman funerary rites used it extensively.

Dark Night of The Soul...

Twin Peaks...Season 2 Eps 9 (Arbitrary Law)
 "This is the long, dark night of my soul (see text above). Time to seek that tiny, flickering flame within." Ben Horne

 Another Lynchian reference...It was Lynch who did the vocals on this particular track!

 The 'Hanged (Cooper) Man'...Twin Peaks

Harold 'The Hanged Man' Smith (Twin Peaks)

The Hanged Man is suspended from a 'living' tree...Schwarzenegger aka the 'Austrian Oak'
The Hanged 'Sully' Man (suspended by the ankle) aka Twin Peaks' David Patrick Kelly


 The line from Kubrick's The Shining...Ben & Jerry (ice-cream), "you like ice-cream Doc?"

In most modern tarot decks, Temperance stands between Death and The Devil.
Both aspects (above) are very much 'on point' for Twin Peaks and its narrative scope/plot
Temperance, he or she (traditions vary) guides the souls of the dead to judgment.
Thanks go to 'anon' for the know who you are. :-)

 Laura's Angel...she, who guides her into the afterlife, FWWM ending.
(erm, she is already dead at this point, clearly it's 'otherworldly'...what else can it be!?)
 Donna’s father, Dr. Will Hayward, tells Laura her fate, which is ultimately shown in the final moments of Fire Walk With Me. Hayward tells Laura that her prescription is actually a secret message: “The angels will return, and when you see the one that’s meant to help you, you will weep with joy.” (Missing Pieces)

In some traditions, Temperance does the judging. In those schools, the cups in Temperance’s hands are the functional equivalent of scales, and Temperance, like Maat, an Egyptian goddess of wisdom, judges the soul’s worth before passing it on to the beasts of the underworld.

 The Horn of Judgement
In the Mythic Tarot deck, Judgement is depicted by Hermes/Thoth (who features later)

 In those schools, the cups in Temperance’s hands are the functional equivalent of scales

"In some stories, Maat both judges the souls against a feather and protects the scale from being tipped by Set. If the soul is heavier than a feather, it will be fed to the eater of souls."
The Shining...note, feather & heart (ala Ma'at) Jack as tipped scales, posed as above/so below (tarot devil) and the hand meant either as 'Set' or 'Ma'at' protecting the tipping!

"If the soul is heavier than a feather, it will be fed to the eater of souls."
Devilish Bob (literal beast of the underworld), feeding off Windom's Soul...
Bob 'the soul eater' (Ammit)

The veil to the black lodge...lightning struck Sycamore (sacred to Isis/Hathor and it is Crowned Cattle Queen, Hathor/Heather Graham who first enters with Earle) Twin Peaks...

The Tree & The Crown...Beyond Life & Death
The Sycamore Tree....the Egyptian tree that 'stood between worlds' 
("one chants out between two worlds"...the material & the etheric)
The Sycamore is also known as the Plane-tree  (etheric planes and the astral etc) 

The Convenience Store 'etheric' location 
 FIRST WOODSMAN: We have descended from pure air.
MAN FROM ANOTHER PLACE: Going up and down. Intercourse between the two worlds.
BOB: Light of new discoveries.
 MRS. TREMOND: Why not be composed of materials and combinations of atoms?
(Spirit entities contemplating the taking of material form, my emphasis)
MRS. TREMOND'S GRANDSON This is no accident.
MAN FROM ANOTHER PLACE: This is a formica table. Green is its color.

Isis...her sacred star is Sirius, Sothis, Sopdet, Canis, Sept.

 Count de Gébelin considers the great star to be Sothis or Sirius; the other seven are the sacred planets of the ancients. He believes the female figure to be Isis in the act of causing the inundations of the Nile which accompanied the rising of the Dog Star.

 Assyrians take their name from the star Sirius (which they termed 'dog of the sun').  Syria's modern state was formed after World War I, there are historical connections to ancient Assyria, including some similar territory. There is a relationship, but only in a limited geographic sense.  The phonetic similarity between Syria & Sirius is fairly obvious.

 In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot the priestess is veiled, a reminder that the full countenance truth is not revealed to uninitiated man.

 Isis, The Veil (x3) & Syria (Sirius)
  The 3 Veils...via Isis in Syria, The High 'Isis' Priestess (with veil behind) and Isis Un-veiled.

 Other variants on the High Priestess card associated the woman with the Virgin Mary, Isis, the metaphorical Bride of Christ or Holy Mother Church.

Veil of the abyss...Da'ath, Sirius, Pluto
 The Portal Grade Signs..
"Closing of the veil...has the same movements in reverse." 
(A.A. elemental grade sign) Astrum Argentum aka Sirius

"Our world is a magickal smokescreen"
The 'reverse/backwards' Red Room

  Rending The Veil...curtains and material-(ity)
Twin Peaks FWWM: "the man with the mask is hiding under the fan"

Materiality (the physical world) as a temporary illusion.

 The Lost Keys (Keys, the senses) of Freemasonry - M P Hall

 Neo: What truth?
 Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo.  Like everyone else you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. 

"They wander in darkness seeking light, failing to realize that the light is in the heart of the darkness"
 The Face/Mask as a Veil...
TD will feature aspects involving 'the face' throughout...from multiple masks, masking and veils, to physically tearing it off.  Cohle (the little priest) will be asked to take off his 'mask' when he enters Carcosa.

Spirit (eternal) trapped in matter (temporary)..."Prisoners of light and/in matter"

This extended (deleted) scene with Theriot is ABSOLUTE GOLD!
Materiality as a veil (separating us from the divine) and the 5 human/animal sense organs, as the potential limiting factor, in our understanding (or lack of understanding) on this very issue.
Man's failure to master his 'animal' emotions (and the assumption that materiality is the be all and end all of existence) has perhaps closed off his 'very access' to the divine.

"I want you to remember this truth-this is as indelible as the sun and the sky, and the ground beneath your feet
...this world is a veil, and the face you wear is not your own.

The Unreality of the mortal sphere, Mardi Gras & The Mask
The zero card--Le Mat, the Fool--has been likened to the material universe because the mortal sphere is the world of unreality. The lower universe, like the mortal body of man, is but a garment, a motley costume, well likened to cap and bells. Beneath the garments of the fool is the divine substance, however, of which the jester is but a shadow; this world is a Mardi Gras--a pageantry of divine sparks masked in the garb of fools. Was not this zero card (the Fool) placed in the Tarot deck to deceive all who could not pierce the veil of illusion?

"This world is a veil" (Theriot)
"This world is a Mardi Gras (masked pageant)" (Manly P Hall)

 Cohle: "Had a very rural sense of Mardi Gras, uh, you know, the men on horses, animals masks.
Hart: "Courir de Mardi Gras."

Yet another exceptional performance (Shea Whigham) and from a minor character...the dialogue is electric (this is some of the best script writing/casting, I've ever seen via TV).

Nic Pizzolatto
"Cohle & Theriot are 2 sides of the same coin, a different Cohle could've been a great preacher"
Theriot and Cohle both employ a very  similar methodology...imo.

 "He absorbs their dread with his narrative. Because of this, he's effective in proportion to the amount of certainty he can project." (Cohle in regard to Theriot).
Watch the Cohle 'confessions' (subliminally overlapping with the religious variety) and see how he does exactly the same thing!

He absorbs the dread of the suspect (Cohle's narrative "it's not your fault, you're dragged down by the weight" etc) and this narrative, then convinces the suspect (via a form of trust/understanding), which therefore gives Cohle the ability to project a form of cetainty. If you watch the confession scene with the 'guy who has to tug one out, at every crime scene'...after his interrogation, you'll see Cohle place his hand (laying of hands) on the head of the suspect, like an ordained priest would. (right, as seen in Anderson's There Will Be Blood 'confession scene'.)

"Transference of fear and self-loathing (via Cohle's confession dialogue, deflecting personal blame/responsibilty) to an authoritarian vessel (to Cohle, himself). It's catharsis." (resulting in the suspect's purge).  Catharsis...the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.

 Theriot: "In the end, we will find ourselves at the beginning, and we will at last know ourselves, and our true faces will weep in his light and those tears will feel like a warm rain.”

"In the end...we will at last know ourselves"
 Cohle's tears...warm rain (the ending)

Cohle's tears (weep)...and 'the light'. The alpha/omega (ala Christ) aka beginning and end. Cohle is rendered as a form of Christ (that is undeniable) and Theriot (typically) waxed lyrical about Christ throughout his sermon. Cohle found God (or spirituality, or whatever you want to call it) through coma/sleep...a form of silence. as near to God (as he could) and it was via a similar theme...silence.

Theriot: "Because, I ask you, how could the father forget his children?"

Cohle (the father) remembering his child/daughter
 Cohle: I could feel, man, and I knew, I knew my daughter waited for me there. So clear. I could feel her.

Cohle/Theriot overlaps...
  Cohle: ‘the ontological fallacy of expecting a light at the end of the tunnel, well, that’s what the preacher sells, same as a shrink’
The irony being, that in the final episode, it is Cohle who seems to reach this exact same type of destination (via his comatose state) the same destination that he poured scorn over in the above Theriot scene!  It won't be Theriot who changes, but Cohle himself and it is through the gnosis of his own journey.

 The Face/Mask as a Veil...

The King In Yellow...Act 1 Scene 2

Dewall: "You got a demon, little man, and I don't like your face."

Cohle: "And they'd cut around your face, grip your scalp, yank down, rip your face off."
 Cohle: "One time, famous case, guy, he cut off his own face on that shit."

 Cohle: "The scars on the giant, were they-- were they on his face?" 
Kelly: "His face, his face, his face"
 This scene plays the exact same musical piece as seen in Sgt Pembury's 'face removing' scene from Silence of the Lambs, Bach's Goldberg Variations.  Both scenes take place in a mental asylum or a makeshift mental asylum (in Lecter's case).

Hannibal..Mason Verger aka Masonic Priest
"Lecter gives Mason Verger (Gary 'Sirius/Draco' Oldman) PCP and tells him to peel off his own face with a piece of broken mirror."

 Mason, The Mask & The Face...see from 1min 37secs
Mason Verger...the literal Hanged/Hanging Man

Cohle True Detective & Guy Francis... 
 "That's what I'm saying. PCP. Stuff makes a man crazy. One time, famous case, guy, he cut off his own face on that shit." (he must mean Gary 'Mason/Hannibal' Oldman, lol)

Face-Off Update...29th July 2015 
A few months after I wrote all this 'face/mask' stuff! Proof of how these related themes permeate media, I had already linked True Detective to the Hannibal/Silence Of The Lambs universe (via the mask/face) and look what has followed!
Glenn Fleischer, Errol 'True Detective' Childress as Cordell 'Hannibal/Face-Off' Doemling....

Cordell is Mason Verger's personal chef and physician!  Cordell will feature in the 'face removing' scene...he is supposed to surgically remove Will Graham's face and graft it onto Verger's.

A freed Lector stops it and sees to it that Cordell's 'face' (Errol 'take off your mask' Childress) actually gets placed onto Mason Verger. See 'gif'...Mason wearing Cordell's (Errol) face!

Hannibal TV Series Season 3 Episode 7 'Digestivo'

A 'Brick Mason' (evoking the masonic builders) is the 'actual' storyboard artist for True Detective.  He was an uncredited 'storyboard artist' for Silence of the Lambs too!

 The discovery of Rianne Olivier's body evokes the finding of Frederica Bimmel's body in SOTL...both 'case-breaking' bodies pulled from the river.

The Mask & The Hanged 'Mason' Man...
Lecter: "Now Mason, let's say you had to hide that kindly, fictitious mask?"
MASON:  "I showed him my toys, my 'noose' set-up among other things - where you sort of 'hang yourself' but not really.  It feels good while you - you know." (auto-erotic asphyxiation)

 The Hanged (Old)Man

The Hanged Men...Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal & Red Dragon 

Sheldon Kopp's The Hanged Man is among Lecter's reading material...we see it fall over.

The Slaughtered Lamb aka Jesus Christ and the road to Golgotha...via Memphis

Most Hollywood directors...have evolved from the school of Roger Corman.
 "She's mad as hell, Jack. Paul Krendler's over here from Justice. She's asking him to take over in Memphis." This above scene then segues to the Washington Monument aka phallus of Osiris.

Lecter...The Hanged 'Memphis' Man ala Memphis dwelling Hanged Man Osiris
Top, Osiris slain pose (tau). Bottom, Osiris risen pose (crossed arms).

Sgt Boyle will be slain and 'hanged' from Lecter's makeshift cell, at the climax in Memphis.

 Even the Hannibal Rising film will make a veiled (noose) reference to 'The Hanged Tree Man'!
Dortlich bound to a tree with this rope (around his neck)...which decapitates him.

Lecter's museum talk (Hannibal) is all about 'the hanged (god) man' from Jesus to Judas.
Some of this is foreshadowing Pazzi's impending hanging, but it's Hanged Man overkill, imo.
"Make my own my gallows"
Dr Fell...more like Dr Fall!  Pazzi, The Hanged Man and 'hands bound' behind him.

 Hannibal citing Dante!

Dante as a Rosicrucian (rose cross)
"According to Masonic writers, the Order of the Rose Cross is expounded in a major Christian literary work that molded the subsequent spiritual views of the western civilisation, The Divine Comedy (ca. 1308–1321) by Dante Alighieri. "

The Hanged Tree of Life Man...Lecter
"Make my own my gallows"
 Clearly inferring that a man's own body (via sin, avarice etc) becomes his 'actual' gallows.
Pazzi will evoke Judas...via his $3 million reward scheme, the counting of money segues to Lecter's lecture on the hanged man.

 Lecter...Hanged & Crucified
Hannibal...TV Series
Season 2, Episode 5

 "Avarice, hanging, self destruction..."
 "The destruction of the self brings life to humanity"

In some decks the figure carries under each arm a money bag from which coins are escaping. Popular tradition associates this card with Judas Iscariot, who is said to have gone forth and hanged himself, the money bags representing the payment he received for his crime.

Jack 'X Files/King Kong' The Hanged (Judas) Man, X Files D.P.O (s3 eps3)
The Judas coins...lay in front of him, bent leg and one hand behind his back.

 Kill List...The Hanged Judas (Wo)Man.  She is wearing a dress made from bank notes.

Horror seems to have a habit when it comes to The Hanged Man...similar instances can be found via The '666' Omen series.  A Hanged Man example in all the first 3 films.

The Omen (The Hanged Wo-Man)  Self sacrifice..."It's all for you Damien"

 Looking like a person standing with outstretched arms, the Ankh Cross is a looped Tau Cross and an old Egyptian hieroglyph meaning life. For many civilisations using this symbol, the loop represented the sun and it was held by many gods including Atum, the sun-god of Heliopolis. The loop is also a perfect symbol that has neither beginning nor end, so it represents the eternal soul.
The entire symbol is also a key, to unlock hidden mysteries in the Kingdom of the Dead and was often used in funeral rites. The symbol also represents the Tree of Life, with its trunk and foliage.
 Another theory to connect this hieroglyph (ankh) to life, is from the symbolic representation of a sandal's thong with a loop going around the ankle. In old Egyptian, sandal thong and life had the same pronunciation (homophony). Deciding on a hieroglyph for sandal thong was relatively easy; they simply drew what they saw. But deciding on something for the less tangible life, was a challenge. So they used the hieroglyph that had the same sound. This occurs frequently in non-phonetic languages and is known as the Rebus Principle. (The English word ankle is derived from Indo-European ank.)

Suspended via the Ankle/Ankh-le...
Damien:Omen 2 (The Hanged Man with Ankh cross, suspended)

 Anubis...the 'celestial jackal' and Damien Thorn...born of a jackal! seen in the 06/06/06 remake.  The inverted cross a la the hanged man. (St Peter)
Rome's St Peter, 1st Pope and The Omen series will start off in Rome, with the birth of Damien.

Omen 3 : The Final Conflict.
  Cable Street priest hanged via a cable, suspended via ankle
The Megiddo dagger which features the crucified Christ (Hanged Man) on its design.
 The Egyptian aspects (like Anubis, shown above in Omen 2 pic) from the same 'Hanging' scene
Christ, The Tau Cross (see card) The Hanged God Man.  Sam 'Masonic Park' Neill as Damien, the 'literal' Thorn in Christ consciousness...Christ's crown of thorns.

From one Damien (Thorn) to the next Damien (Karras)
The same is equally true of 'the demonic' Exorcist series of films...the most notable being Blatty's The Exorcist III (aka Legion).  Interestingly, it was Jeffrey Dahmer's absolute favourite was even playing in his apartment when the police went there, after (near victim) Tracy Edwards took them to the scene.  The film seemed to make Dahmer go into an altered trance-like state. There are some overlaps between the film and Dahmer's actual activity and the film's release seems to coincide with his most active period of killing (late 1990 and 1991).  The other movie cited in relation to Dahmer, is Return of the (D)Jedi...and I will be covering aspects of that film later.

The film actually opens with heavy references to The Rose & The Cross (Rose Cross)
The above is an opening sequential shot...from the rose to the cross.

 The film begins with the point of view of someone wandering through the streets of Georgetown (alluding to Gemini/Karras) , a voice informing us:
"I have dreams... of a rose... and of falling down a long flight of stairs."
(the rose and the constitution of man's health, the stairs represent 'the ascent/fall' a la Dante)

This film does feature Brad 'Blue (Rose Cross) Velvet' the Gemini Killer.
"Thank you Raymond..." (a quote, one for Lynch fans)

Gemini...The Lovers (Twins)
The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, there is a 'twinning' of the characters...Karras/Gemini.

Rose & Cross....Father Dyer at the hospital

  The Rosary...a huge aspect of The Exorcist series...
(Latin: rosarium, in the sense of "crown of roses" or "garland of roses")
Literally, the rose and the cross.

As if by magic(k)...the Rose Cross (of Manly P Hall) will been shown in The Exorcist 3!
The Hall 'Rose Cross' is referenced here...

The first film would have Regan (Blair) stabbing herself 'sexually' with the crucifix.
The 'bloody red/rose cross'.  The Rose Cross can be linked to regeneration 'the sex act' (and also spiritual regeneration, of course) via the phallic & yonic symbols of the rose & cross.  Perhaps, this is why there is a pornographic picture alongside Hall's rosicrucian cross, in the Exorcist 3 screenshot (the picture above, before this Regan 'gif')?

The Exorcist 3 is very much an overlooked film...The Exorcist 2 was so bad and did so appallingly at the box office, that it even affected the 3rd in the trilogy (as Blatty himself feared and hence why he insisted on the studio dropping the 'exorcist' tag for 'Legion', advice that they failed to heed).
Dr Strangelove star George C Scott is a 'tour de force' for most of the film and his performance here oozes intensity & depth, a rarity for this genre.  On the flipside, Exorcist 2 did feature Scott's fellow Dr Strangelove actor, James Earl 'Darth Vader' Jones.  Blatty's direction is also surprisingly good, doing away with cheap scares and opting for a more longer and lingering type of atmospheric horror...something he does remarkably well.  Studio (Morgan Creek) interference is also a factor that needs considering, as Blatty was forced to add parts to the film...the tacked-on final 'exorcism' is one example.

The 'WTF' Dream Sequence..."calling earth" (etheric message)
Dream Sequence Scene...Jesus & The Hanged Man (sequential shot)

 Dream sequence 'Tarot'...The Emperor, Judgement & The World

The Tarot Dealer...
Patrick '33' Ewing...who plays The Angel Of Death (The 'Black' Death Card).  
He played for The (K)nicks...'Old Saint Nick' being an appellation for The Devil.

Watch it is positively Lynchian!  Clearly evoking the afterlife.
 Note how The Hanged Man card is referenced multiple times...flipped over and over.
Some of this 'dream scene' is Kinderman's pre-cognition of Father Dyer's death, the 'angels with wings' aspects likely tie into It's A Wondeful(l) Life (theme) and angels with wings etc.  The film that Kinderman & Dyer watched...Dyer's favourite film etc.

Samuel L 'The Hanged Man' Jackson
Look who turns up in The Exorcist III's Dream Sequence, which heavily references The Hanged's Hanged Man regular Samuel L Jackson, an early role for just a few seconds!
"The living are deaf" (Hence, the afterlife, Jackson's one line is dubbed)

Blatty (2015) & The Afterlife

 Legion (the basis of Exorcist 3)

Blatty's only other directorial effort...The Ninth Configuration
Self-sacrifrice a la The Hanged Man! (The Ninth Configuration)

 Blatty posits that the random chance of existence, is far more unlikely, than there being an actual God/divine plan!  Random chance is the long-shot!

Opening narration...
In order for life to have appeared spontaneously on earth, there first had to be hundreds of millions of protein molecules of the ninth configuration. But given the size of the planet Earth, do you know how long it would have taken for just one of these protein molecules to appear entirely by chance? Roughly ten to the two hundred and forty-third power billions of years. And I find that far, far more fantastic (meaning unlikely) than simply believing in God.

The entire movie is based on the question of whether or not there is a God, and how to prove it to a non believer. Killer Kane proves it by one selfless act for his fellow man. (the act of self-sacrifice)

Viddy this my fellow Droogs...
 Someone's been channeling Kubrick...the eye/sun in the pyramid

The Hanged Man (self-sacrifice) "The destruction of self brings life to humanity"
A Clockwork Orange...and The Hanged Man (man in a dress)
Climax...Ninth Configuration
It seems that both of Blatty's directorial efforts...evoke the same types of concepts.

The Exorcist 3 cont...
Of course, 'the dream sequence' isn't the only heavy handed reference...we get a lingering shot!
Same card is (later) seen again in Dr Temple's office.  Temple is being 'used' by Gemini.

Blatty would first approach John 'Hallowe'en' Carpenter for directorial duty, but he turned it down.  He would've been suitable (imo) and he is another that has 'Hanged Christ' aspects within his own body of work, including his breakout film Hallowe'en.

Annie, as a crucified Christ...Jesus, the 'carpenter/tekton' from Nazareth
that 'Annie shot' is quickly followed by the 'hanging/suspended' Bob-man.  
Christ & The Hanged Man

 Hallowe'en & the Resurrection

You may even recall his film Christ-ine...the car of 'resurrection' a la Christ. penned by Stephen 'The Shining' King 
The (Dark) Tower, The Rose and The Hanged Man...Stephen King
  A "gunslinger" and his quest toward a tower, the nature of which is both physical and metaphorical. (a la the Tarot.)

Dr Hanged Man 'TEMPLE'...what an apt name, considering the decor in his office!
 Eliphas Levi's Sigil (top centre, above the trident), The Ancient of Ancients (as seen in Hall's Secret Teaching of All Ages) and Crowley's OTO mission statement...Liber Oz, man as God etc!  

Ancient of Ancients links directly to the sephiroth/tree of life. 
 Crowley's OTO Liber OZ...sits directly beneath it! (see above & top right)

"In the hollow of His skull is the aerial membrane of the supreme hidden Wisdom and His brain extends and goes forth by thirty-two paths." (32 paths of wisdom on the sephiroth/tree of life)

 At the heart of the Western understanding of the Tree of Life, is the little document titled "The 32 Paths of Wisdom". Usually, this document accompanies the English editions of the "Sepher Yetzirah" and is seen as an explanation or clarification of the S.Y. However, the concept of 32 Paths of Wisdom stems, not from the S.Y., but from the Torah, Genesis, Chapter One. According to the Jewish tradition, the 32 Paths of Wisdom concept is derived from the 32 times that the name "Elohim" is mentioned in Genesis, Chapter One.

Note the similarity to the 'Ancient' image below....The Bull, The Lion, The Eagle & Man
The Ancient of Ancients & Tarot, The World both seem to be signifying the same concept!

As seen in Exorcist 3 (screenshot) above...far right
Levi's seen in connection with the Son of Sam killings.  

 Exorcist III's Gemini, is inspired directly by The Zodiac killer (as was Scorpio in Dirty Harry).

 The Zodiac killer, which 'seemingly' has links/similarities to Berkowitz's own death cult.  The Zodiac killer (himself) would reference The Exorcist...calling it 'the best satirical comedy that I have ever seen.'  David 'Se7en' Fincher would direct his own version of Zodiac (2007), with Gyllenhall, Gary 'Sirius/Hanged Man' Oldman was originally cast as Melvin Belli, but it went to Brian 'Hannibal Lecter' Cox.  Philip 'Magnolia/Caduceus' Hall would feature, he also featured in the 2005 film.

The lightning struck crown/head...
"The head of the Ancient of the Ancients is cleft like that of Zeus to permit wisdom in the form of Athena to emerge therefrom." (Zeus & the lightning struck crown/head, Athena = wisdom)

"A fortified tower in the face of the enemy" (from Psalm 61:3)
The Tower, The Rose, The Cross & The Stairway

 The Exorcist 3...climax, Kinderman crucified and the accompanying lightning a la Christ

 Kinderman has rediscovered his faith:
"you cannot believe in the devil, he tells Patient X, without also believing in God": (duality)

“I believe in death. I believe in disease. I believe in injustice and inhumanity, torture and anger and hate… I believe in murder. I believe in pain. I believe in cruelty and infidelity. I believe in slime and stink and every crawling, putrid thing… every possible ugliness and corruption, you son of a bitch! I believe… in you.”

An actor from both Omen 3 & The Exorcist 3 tie both series together, Don Gordon. 
Both these films 'HEAVILY' reference The Hanged Man (see the images) & both will feature the 'suspended via the ankle' Hanged Man. 

Don Gordon

Notice how Don Gordon starred in The Towering Inferno (aka The Tower aka card 16)! 
William 'Omen 2' Holden...also features

Gordon also featured in Lethal '9/11' Weapon...another Richard 'The Omen' Donner vehicle.
Omen 'director' Donner acted as 'producer' on Omen 3.  Grand L Bush featured in The Exorcist 3, he also features in Die '9/11' Hard, Lethal '9/11' Weapon and Lethal '9/11' Weapon 2...the latter film's main events taking place on Sept 11!

The film that opened with a young women (Amanda) jumping from the International Tower

The Omen series also features heavy references to The Lightning Struck Tower!
The Tower card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it.
Donner's 666 film runs for us 777.  The 777 lightning pathway.

Omen 2...The Tower (Dr Kane, canis & the jackal blood) an internal tower and falling.

Dr Kane...resides on floor 23, wants the 16th Floor (a la The Tower card 16) ends up on 27th
  Path 27 on the Tree of Life is The Tower.  "The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation"...he finds jackal blood in a human blood sample!

 Path 23 (=hanged man), Path 27 (=the tower), Path 26 (=the devil)...all converge at sphere 8 aka Hod.  This then leads on to Path 30 (the sun), 666 the magick square number of the sun.
777...the lightning pathway.

 Yup...even Omen III: The Final Conflict (with Don 'The Tower' Gordon)

 Omen 3 featured Sam 'Masonic Park' Neill as Damien...
'Masonic Park' Spielberg's Close Encounters heavily referenced The Devil & The Tower
via Devil's Tower, Wyoming (note the similarity of the rock bases).  The UFO acts as 'the crown'.  Dreyfuss, was the main player in Close Encounters, we saw him as The Fool earlier, in Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

The Fool & his Dog...on the precipice/ledge.  2006 (remake) & 1976 (orig)
When we're first introduced to Damien's via hill walking into the sun, with dog, the fool's journey.  Peck on the precipice with dog...parents suspect Damien has fallen/dropped.  The later rottweiler will add to this 'canine' mix (fool/dog).  The Tower (card) is another huge feature for the Omen series, as we've already seen.

 The zero card--Le Mat, the Fool--has been likened to the material universe because the mortal sphere is the world of unreality. The lower universe, like the mortal body of man, is but a garment, a motley costume, well likened to cap and bells. Beneath the garments of the fool is the divine substance, however, of which the jester is but a shadow; this world is a Mardi Gras--a pageantry of divine sparks masked in the garb of fools. Was not this zero card (the Fool) placed in the Tarot deck to deceive all who could not pierce the veil of illusion?

 The 'Day of the Fool' referenced in True Detective (Guy Francis' suicide)

The Fools...searching for GOLD

  Jodie 'Silence of the Lambs' Foster would feature with McConaughey in Zemeckis' 'wormhole' film Contact...where he plays God's Diplomat (a type of religious guru/priest/author) Palmer Joss.

 In front of the Washington Monument...aka the phallus of Osiris!

The following scene is very seemed to predict our obsession with the internet, before it actually happened...this film was from 1997, before mainstream and widespread use of the internet.

God's Diplomat...
 "The question that I'm asking is this: Are we happier as a human race? Is the world fundamentally a better place because of science and technology? We shop at home we surf the web.. but at the same time we feel emptier, lonelier, and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history. We're becoming a synthesized society.... In a great big hurry to get the next......We're looking for meaning. What is meaning? We have mindless jobs, we take frantic vacations, deficit finance trips to the mall to buy more things we think will fill these holes in our lives. Is it any wonder that we've lost our sense of direction?"

Rather evocative of Fight Club & American 'Rose Cross' Beauty and their similar underlying narratives.

 The human body/face as a 'material' veil...Donnie Darko
The human body as a cloak...

 "A cloak, with a hood and a mask..." (aka concealment)
Where the rainbow ends...the crown (head)

42 'The Rainbow Connection' -  Level 42

From one 'rainbow head' to the next...Eyes Wide Shut to Mission Impossible 2
Level 42  is the exact same location that Dr Nekhorich (Mr 'Rainbow Fashions' Milich) injects himself with the virus (we're shown this in a later flashback).  We even see the 'rainbow spectrum' multiple times inside the building on Level 42, when Hunt (Tom 'Rainbow Ends' Cruise) destroys the remains of the virus.  All of the above takes place in OZ (Australia).

Which way to OZ...?
Rainbow Fashions (Eyes Wide Shut). Under & Over The Rainbow with Milich's underage daughter (Sobieski)...she shares the same birth date (June 10th) as Judy 'Oz' Garland

Rade 'Nekhorvich/Milich' Šerbedžija Vs Tom 'Hunt/Harford' Cruise...via The Rainbow
Double-take...Mission Impossible 2 (2000) v Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Dr Harford's name was based on Harrison '42' Ford's own name, hence Har-Ford.

 Dr. Nekhorvich (Rade 'Mr Milich' Šerbedžija) meet Ethan Hunt (Tom 'Dr Bill' Cruise)
 "A cloak, with a hood and a MASK"

Mission Impossible 2 was directed by John 'Face/Off' Woo.  The film about a rogue terrorist called 'Castor Troy' (Nic 'World Trade Center/ 9-11 Knowing' Cage)...which also happened to reference the Sept 11th date via Eve's diary. The above 'diary shot' is Castor 'Cage' Troy (wearing Travolta's face) reading Eve's diary. The first Mission Impossible film was directed by Brian (born on 11th Sept) De Palma...the film where Cruise references "the Russians standing at 9 and 11 O'Clock."

Johnny Joanie... 
"They had animal faces. That's why I decided it had to be a dream. They had animal faces, well, it had to be a dream."
(In one sense, think of that beyond the literal narrative and how it may 'materially' apply to us all.)

"You will kindly remove your mask"...Eyes Wide Shut (aka Dream Story/Traumnovelle)

"I don't want to dream any longer..."
 From Eyes Wide Open Your Eyes (aka Vanilla Sky)
Cruise (again) Vanilla Sky (2001) 
 He's got plenty of previous...cough, cough. (including Mission Impossible)

Falling Tower Man, The Fool on the precipice ledge...cyclical existance 'the alpha/omega Fool' 
 The Fool's Vanilla/Yellow that plays is 'The Nothing Song'...aka zero aka The Fool.
Cruise plays The Fool in Eyes Wide Shut...the opening line references Bill losing his wallet/money...a fool and his money, are soon parted.  In Vanilla Sky it should be a fool and his Monet (the painting that relates), are soon parted...see what I did there?

 "I'll see you in another life"...cyclical death/rebirth

David (Cruise) tries to hold onto his wealth/power ridden 'earthly existence' by being cryogenically/cryonically frozen (after an accident).  He spends much of the latter half of the film in an induced dream state and via physical suspended animation.  Ultimately his dream state is failing and driving him crazy. He is effectively trying to cheat death and is not allowing himself to die. Only when he 'finally' lets go ("I want to live a REAL life, I don't want to dream any longer") and allows for his own destruction (death) does he find what he is looking for.

 Masked Cruise...linked up with The Mask's Cameron Diaz (with Jim Carrey)

Suspended via the ankles...The Mask's Jim 'The Hanged Cable/Tower Man' Carrey

Cruise was The Hanged 'Tower' Man (suspended via the ankle) in MI:Ghost Protocol
The Hanged/Suspended Man...Mission Impossible 2 opening (bent left leg)...when Hunt (Cruise) reaches the summit he will receive his orders from Anthony 'Hanged Lecter Man' Hopkins!
The same Anthony 'Hanged Lecter Man' Hopkins, who'll feature with Gary 'Hanged Mason Man' Oldman in Scott's Hannibal.  These same two 'Hanged Men' also paired-up in Coppola's Dracula. 

The Hanged (Old)Man & The Fool (Dreyfuss, gesture of the fool) & the Hanged Man

Two Faces via Batman (Commissioner Gordon) and the 'hanged Ledger man' Why So Sirius/Serious 'mantra'. This death, is likely evoking ego death (imo) as opposed to physical death...ego death is an aspect of Da'at/Sirius/Knowledge and crossing the abyss. (dissolution of the ego).

 The Mask...he also played 'The Widow's Son' too aka Ned Kelly.
 Joker Ledger even produced his own 'Hanged (Bat)Man' in the same film
The Hanged Man & The Fool (aka Joker)

You know, Batman aka Christ-ian 'Batman/Bateman' Bale...Salvation via the Terminator!
Old JC...not Jesus Christ, but John Connor.
Salvation...rendered as 'Christ' via titles...The Hanged T600 Man (ankle suspension)

 The Hanged T600 Man...suspension via the ankle

You might recall that Sam Worthington also played The Hanged (Crucified) Man

The Machinist...The Highway To Hell or The Road To (Terminator) Salvation?
Discovered by Steven 666 Spielberg...The Hanged /Machinist-Tekton-Carpenter Man ala Christ
Room 666 Spielberg...discovered Bale for his film, Empire of the (666) Sun.

  Christ-ian 'Reznik' Bale...
Reznik..."he used to hang"

The 'tarot based' playing cards & the 'Hanging' Reznik (Bale)

Yup, he really used to hang...
The Hanged The Hanged Bat(e)man

Batman...and 'The Fall' (of man) 

 Bale, Tree of Life Malick & The Tarot...seeking The Grail via The Knight of Cups.

The Knight of Cups (Malick) and The Tree of Life (see promo, above) & Dante's spheres to Paradise and Ain Soph via The Solar World and World Tree.

Batman/Bateman...The 'multiple' Hanged Man & Behind The Mask x2 

Bateman (American Psycho)...the face you wear is not your own
 He first views his reflection along with Les Misérables (the miserable ones)
American Psycho..."There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, 
but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory...I simply am not there"
(in the slightly oblique sense, this evokes the illusory nature of the material world, the face as a veil etc).  The 'psychopathic' element is clearly Bateman's obsession with materialism (the killings/violence are purely in his own mind and not reality), it doesn't border on IS insanity. 

 Batman Begins...'Symbolism'

Why the antlers? (lol)

Why the antlers?

Ledoux...The Hanged 'Antler' Man

Marty: "What do you got the cross for in your apartment?" Cohle: "Thats a form of meditation."
Marty: "How's that?" Cohle: "I contemplate the moment in the garden. The idea of allowing your own crucifixion."

Da'at/Knowledge/ and the same
The 'crucified' tree of life 'Christ's head' occupies the 11th hidden sphere
(da'at/knowledge/sirius) aka 'Veil of The Abyss'

 The Hanged Tree of Life Man...Trayvon Martin

 The Masonic Hanged Man...noose and leg (rolled)

 Tracy Martin

 The Hunger Games & Game of Thrones. Dylann Roof was arrested in Shelby, in South Carolina. The cast and crew of The Hunger Games used Shelby as a base. Much of the Hunger Games was filmed in Shelby. Elliot Rodger was the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Game of Thrones was filmed in Shelby, where Dylann was arrested.  In The Hunger Games, children are chosen to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match...yes the overlaps should be hitting you right now!

"The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case."
Dylann Roof's Manifesto...awakened by Trayvon Martin.  The Martin case looks like a masonic hanged man pageant for public ritual purposes (the body is ritually posed a la The Hanged Man).  Roof (via the manifesto) may have been inspired by a 'masonic' type of ritual the first place!!!! Or the writers...thought to include another 'masonic sleight of hand event' as the the ongoing played out story!

Black on White Crime...of the tessellated (lodge floor) variety?

The Hanged Man's symbolism points to divinity, linking it to the Passion in Christianity, especially The Crucifixion; to the narratives of Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Mithras in Ancient Persian mythology and Roman mythology. In all of these archetypal stories, the destruction of self brings life to humanity; on the card, these are symbolized respectively by the person of the hanged man and the living tree from which he hangs bound.

Note that The Hanged Man (2007) film was released by Osiris Films/Entertainment!

 True Detective & The (Jungian) Book of Symbols

 An archetype, as you may know, is an ancient and universal unconscious pattern or image in the  collective unconscious of every human being. They are psychological impressions that Carl Jung  believed we are all born with.  This is the reason they tend to show up cross-­‐culturally in our myths and fairytales—the wise old man, the trickster, the hero, the crone, the warrior, the Damsel in   distress etc.  Psyche means “soul,” and “Image,” according to Jung, “is  soul  making.” In other words,  he believed the psyche, the soul,  the unconscious,  is mostly comprised of  these archetypal images.  “As early as 1909 I realized that I could not treat latent psychoses if I did not understand their symbolism,” he said. “It was then I began to study mythology.”

Matthew 'Osiris' McConaughey as Christ...Christ/Osiris 'archetypal' hanged men
 The 'crucifix' (forehead)...the negative shot (right), shows the cross more clearly

 I'm still deciding if Cohle's 'body wound' is supposed to evoke 'the spear' in Christ's side

Cohle did get previously shot/ the side!

 The ceremonial altar at Carcosa (place of the skulls) where Cohle will face near death

Christ was crucified on Golgotha (place of the skull).  It is said that the skull of Adam was buried here (although surely this infers a metaphorical concept). Even the deer/stag (antlers) can be related to Christ, the stag is a symbol of Christ, the stag/deer aka Hart (Hart & Cohle).

"You boys gone done taken a wrong turn" (Deliverance, lol)
"He said that there's this place down south where all these rich men go to, uh, devil-worship. He said that, uh they-- they sacrifice kids and whatnot. Women and children all got-- all got murdered there, and, um, something about someplace called Carcosa and the Yellow King. He said there's all these, like, old stones out in the woods, people go to, like, worship."

 This aspect of the TD series (carcosa) also evokes 'druidic' Bohemiam Grove/cremation of care imo and the political links etc. The owl that features there is often cited (it is not moloch/molech, who was a phoenican/caananite bull deity). Owls feature in Twin Peaks & True Detective (via the 'Crowley charged' burnt out church).  The Owl connects to wisdom Sophia/Minerva (yes they connect to witchery too)...Cohle's daughter was called Sofia.

Have you seen this 'child molesting' man?
 The Green Man (True Detective) & Black Lodge Bob (Twin Peaks)

 Foreshadowing the climax etc...was a common feature of Twin Peaks, the same is seemingly true of True Detective too...Nadine's 'curtains and oil' theme (ala glastonberry grove)...foreshadowed the veil to the lodges.  

Cohles 'circular' aspects are legion...from his crushed can (4th dimension) to the 'circular wicker sculpture' in the oak tree (see below). 

The closing episode very much reminded me of the climax of Twin Peaks...both charged 'tree/forest' locations (Corcosa/Glastonberry Grove) and both with a 'portal' to another dimension...recall in Twin Peaks that FEAR and LOVE opened the door/portal to the Black Lodge, in TD (Corcosa) this place of 'epic pain and suffering' also had a portal appear, perhaps as a result of this uber concentration of spiritual blackness etc. (pain and suffering opens the door/portal).  The Interstellar wormhole was related to Saturn...the Twin Peaks 'wormhole' relates to Jupiter/Saturn.

Cooper & Cohle will both be wounded (in the abdomen) via a knife blade at the close of each.

 McConaughey plays a 'Cooper' in the 'wormhole' related Interstellar.

 Cooper (MacLachlan/Atreides) travelled through a space/spice 'wormhole' in Lynch's Dune.

 Interstellar aka 'space'...Twin Peaks and the message from 'space'...via Blue Book Briggs 
 The source of the transmission is the transdimensional realm of the Black Lodge

 Coma (sleep) & Awakening

Space Message...Cooper x3 & 666 from Twin Peaks (Coma aka sleep, S2 Eps2)
Don 'Briggs/Stargater' Davis featured in Omen IV:The Awakening...the 666 film.  Coma/Sleep and Awakening via 666.

 The weird thing is...the Coma episode (s2 ep2) is the one with the log-lady citing the hermetic maxim...As above, So below (the macrocosm/microcosm being the same thing etc)

Lynch's Dune...The Sleeper (Cooper/MacLachlan/Messiah Paul) & Awakening

"Fear and the doors" (Briggs, Twin Peaks)
Fear and Love (Donnie Darko)

The Torus & The Wormhole
 "other times I thought I was mainlining the secret truth of the universe."
Horseloverphat (lol)
Well...Jake's father, Stephen Gyllenhaal did direct Twin Peaks' 27th episode aka 
The Path to the Black Lodge! (Aspects from this episode feature heavily in this post, Briggs and his 'Lodge' access etc, shown later)

Oak of the Sun was used in celtic mythology to start fire. In Celtic mythology, it is the tree of doors, believed to be a gateway between worlds, or a place where portals could be erected.  LSD is also a huge factor to this story...based on ergot of rye (cereal crop) and this psychoactive substance is known to open 'mental doors' etc...perhaps aiding the magickian etc, see Huxley. Cereal & Serial...'cere-al' from Ceres goddess of the field, who is associated with the Empress, card III.

Imo...there is no doubt that Cohle saw this 'actual' portal...and it's not one of his drug related visions,
Errol himself, even mentions his own 'ascension' (maybe thru this sacrifice practice) and reaching 'infernal planes' (another magickal etheric/astral dimension).  These same type of ideas are used by Clive 'OTO' Barker and his Hellrasier series that use 'faustian pacts' and 'pain and suffering' to reach other dimensions.

Writer/Director/Producers...from the horses mouth (no mention of drug visions etc)

Errol Childress

 Charlie 'Carcosa/Yellow King' Lange aka Brad Carter features in the new Ascension TV series.
Not seen any Ascension yet, but he put in a great performance in True Detective.
 Ascension is inspired by the real-life Project Orion that existed under the administration of President John F. Kennedy. Orion...the celestial tomb of Osiris, 'Killing of the Trinity King' JFK the 'Hiram Abiff/Osiris' dying god/hanged man...'symbolically' murdered by the 3 ruffians.

The Twin Peaks Plane Tree (aka sycamore) that led to the etheric lodges...

  Twin Peaks, Hawk:
There is also a legend of a place called the Black Lodge ... the shadow-self of the White Lodge. The
legend says that every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection.
  There, you will
meet your own shadow-self.

My people call it "The Dweller on the Threshold." But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.

The Dugpas (black sorcerers) in Twin Peaks cultivating evil for evil's sake (& exponentially) and feeding off of pain and suffering (via harvested garmonbozia, yellow creamed corn).
Green Giant (sweetcorn) brings together 'the green man' and 'corn'.

White Lodge v Black Lodge (aka Good v Evil, Light v Dark ala True Detective)

 Extra-dimensional entities that feed off of human pain and suffering!

 In Twin Peaks this mainly centred around the abuse and murder of Laura 'prostitute' Palmer...she was found, not at the base of a tree, but next to a huge log.

 Incest...ala Twin Peaks 
 Errol: Couldn't you tell me about Grampa? Mmm.
Sister: Ah! Mmm. I was in the cane fields, and he caught me when I was alone.
And the dirt was warm. I felt the dirt warm on my back.

Grampa Sam Tuttle...banging her ('missionary position') in the cane field, is the obvious implication!
They are no doubt, reliving the experience...via Errol's finger banging (shown above).  
All adding to the burgeoning 'tree' thematic...this being the family version.

 Vortex Spirals...that connect to the cult 'sign' and probably the 'wormhole' too (true detective) and the lodges (twin peaks via Owl Cave). Parental child abuse is also an aspect of both series. 
The King in Yellow has, as an aspect...a concept of 'the yellow sign' which is likely related, as perhaps are the hurricanes (Andrew, Rita etc) that are vortices.

The Yellow King, Black Stars Rise, Cassilda & Camilla....blood red grafitti (bearing these words) covers the inside of the cabin.  The King in Yellow is clearly central to Errol Childress and his works.
He talks of 'ascension' and reaching 'infernal planes' ala the ether/ the father (in the cabin) being set up for a 'killing of the king' (ala Frazer) type ritual?

Frazer...The Golden Bough
The mediaeval poem, ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’, and the symbolic beheading of the Oak King links these tales with the well-known ritual sacrifice of the old king in the oak-grove of the Nemi which forms the argument of Frazer's The Golden Bough.

The sacrifice at Nemi took place at Summer Solstice, which brings us to the battle between the Oak King personifying the waxing wear, and the Holly King, who ruled the waning year. At Midsummer, as the year began its turn towards the dark again, the Holly was victorious, but at Midwinter, the Oak King defeated the forces of darkness (Dora killed @ midwinter) once again, revealing himself as a Vegetation God who must die each year so that Life can be renewed. It is not surprising, then, that images of the Green Man carved in wood and stone in mediaeval churches most frequently show oak leaves growing out of his ears (green ears) and mouth.

Cohle: All right? Like we're totally green.
Why green ears? I mean, assuming that's our guy.
My thinking was it was probably leaves of some kind, you know, 'cause we do know that he came at her through the woods.

 The inspiration for the TD 'Yellow King' is clearly via The King In Yellow (book)...this TD altar-like structure seems to imply that this IS The Yellow King and his 'sacrificial altar' both the yellow cloak/drapes & skull(s), black stars etc.  In the literary concept, it is apparent that 'Carcosa' exists in another dimension or plane (ala Twin Peaks' Black Lodge) and that The King in Yellow (an actual story within a story) induces a state of madness in its reader (which imo, evokes choronzon the chaos demon of the abyss, who can drive adepts mad etc).

 Louisana Confederate Flag...
The Confederate flag also features a saltire commonly referred to as a St Andrew's cross, although its designer, William Porcher Miles, said he changed it from an upright cross to a saltire so that it would not be a religious symbol but merely a heraldic device. The Florida and Alabama flags also show that device.

Re: devil nets/bird traps:
 “something for children to do, keep them busy, tell them stories while they’re tying sticks together”.  Dialogue spoken during this tied-stick cross shot...wink, wink.  A 'barely veiled' dig at organised religion etc, perhaps aimed at the 'bible literalists'.

He may have been an asshole...but he wasn't technically guilty (just weak), which is perhaps why he is adorned with the tau. (acquitted, see text).  Geraci also gets to see the Fontenot video, via the hoo-ha with the missing person report etc.

We've already done Cohle as the crucified Christ at Golgotha (place of the skull)

St Andrew (Apostle of Christ)...'Crucified man with X' (see Yellow King X, above)
KJV Bible...The skull of St. Andrew, which had been taken to Constantinople was returned to Patras by Emperor Basil I, who ruled from 867 to 886. Above, Texe 'Bohemian Grove' Marrs!

Of aspect of the Yellow King, may be suggestive of  The Sun (a yellow king in itself) and Osiris is a major Sun King. Osiris is also a 'green man' too.

 Skull and bones...the skull/bones of Osiris/Hiram Abiff...Osiris the god of resurrection/rebirth
The symbol has been connected to both Osiris/Horus & Christ.

 The skull and crossbones is also an important emblem in Masonry, where it symbolizes the transience of the material world, and is used in initiation rituals as a symbol of rebirth. It may also symbolize the sephirah daath (which the head overlays) on the kabbalistic Tree of Life, the gateway to the higher realms of understanding only achievable through spiritual death and rebirth.  In hermetic kabbalah, the skull and bones are related to the Chi-Rho, symbolizing time, death, and rebirth.


The Chi Rho via Alex's prison (Wands-worth) and the issue of his 'free will'
The 'literal' Hanged Man (an actual man in a dress) A Clockwork Orange

 Anthony 'A Clockwork Orange' Burgess & The Tarot

The Tarot & Thoth (Hermes) via Crowley

Know Thyself...the maxim of Hermes/Thoth
The hermetic maxim of 'Know Thyself'...True Detective & The Matrix (oracle)
 Hence, the Oracle of Delphi proclaiming to know thyself, for within each of us, all is contained.

 Cooper (Leland's death scene, Twin Peaks):  Know Thyself

Leland, the time has come for you to seek the Path. Your soul has set you face to face before the clear light ... and now you are about to experience it in its Reality, wherein all things are like the void and cloudless sky, and the naked, spotless intellect is like a transparent vacuum,without circumference or center...At this moment, know yourself and abide in that state. (gently places two fingers on his carotid artery), Look towards the light, Leland, look towards the light.

Remember Christ-ian Bale & The 'Hanged' Machinist?
 Reznik is ultimately chasing himself (he's hiding from his own sin) 'know thyself' will lead him to discover this.

"I Know Who I Am..."

Angel Heart (Alan Parker)....visits similar themes to True Detective and it is also set around New Orleans (Brooklyn too), dabbles in the occult, sacrifice, voudon and santeria....just like True Detective does! The fate of souls via lucifer...lucifer (an avatar for hell) as the change agent (as we outlined earlier)...for the purposes of gnosis. The Green Man itself (as an entity) is often related to this practice of gnosis, literally as a teacher/guide.

Note...the above clip has since been removed...if you want to see it, follow this link:

Angel Heart is an underrated film and imo it is one of Rourke best performances as an actor, you'd be hard pushed to find a more natural performance, that his turn in this film.  The film has an effective noir-like nightmarish atmosphere and a decent soundtrack too.

  Similarly Twin Peaks and Hawk's quote, outlining the same idea (gnosis):

There is also a legend of a place called the Black Lodge ... the shadow-self of the White Lodge. The
legend says that every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection.  There, you will
meet your own shadow-self.  My people call it "The Dweller on the Threshold." But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.

 It is also interesting, that the senior Krusemark was involved in the film's original pact (shown near the close)...Johnny stealing Harry's soul etc.  Ethan Krusemark actually used the name Edward Kelly (early part of the film) when transferring Johnny from hospital.

Mystery Religion folk will recognise this name...he was the scryer for John 'Enochian Magick' Dee...he of 'Language of the Angels' fame. (Angel Heart/Harry Angel).  This same Enochian system is one that underpins the magick of Crowley...his Enochian tables/calls etc.  L Ron Hubbard (Scientology) & Jack Parsons (JPL) also used this same type of magick in their workings. (Hubbard's included soul cracking).  Krusemark's as witches/sorcerors...and using the name Edward was certainly no arbitrary choice!  Dee received this magickal system via Rabbi Loew of Prague.

Louis Cyphre (lucifer)...Louis(iana) Cyphre
"Some religions think that the egg is the symbol of the soul. Did you know that?"
 "The flesh is weak...only the soul is immortal"

De Niro seems to act like a form of ammit (egyptian devourer of souls aka the heart, see ma'at) returning Johnny/Harry (Rourke) back to the duat (mortal/earthly sphere) via the escalator to the depths, hence why he owns HIS soul, as De Niro states at the climax.  This is an earlier scene, foreshadowing the climax.

Ammit...eating the heart of the deceased (return to the duat/earthly plane). The heart was synonymous with the soul.

Hannibal 'Multiple Hanged Man' Lecter as Ammit...devourer of hearts/souls

 De Niro played the Hanged Man in both Cape Fear (ankle suspension x2) & Frankenstein

"You already sacrificed me, counselor!"

 Suspended via ankle, sacrifice (the hanged man) "bound for the promised land" (Hymn, On Jordan's Stormy Banks) and speaking in tongues (religious).

 He is also associated with the same theme in The Mission...The Fall(s) & The Hanged Man
The Jesuit Christ Men & Redemption (De Niro)

Huge thanks to Uncle Bingo...for the Frankenstein find, top work.
 In both Cape Fear & Mary Shelley's ankle/leg thematic (ala the hanged man) is present, as is lightning.

Why is Heath Ledger posed as The Hanged his last two films before his death? 
 Batman: The Dark Knight & Dr Parnassus

Hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in homage to Hanged 'Masonic' Man Calvi...Dr Parnassus
These each evoke Heath 'Hanged Man' Ledger and his 'hanging/lightning' appearance (as Masonic Calvi) in Dr Parnassus (from Python Gilliam).  Of course, Batman himself hangs upsidedown (ala the bat) and the same 'Hanged Man' imagery is also employed via Ledger. Python Cleese featured in Frankenstein.  Frank 'Shawshank Redemption' Darabont co-wrote the script!

Gilliam's fellow Python, Cleese and The Faulty Tower(s)...overlapping with the 'lightning struck tarot variety. Episode above 'Fawlty Tower' is The Builders...which is also a term for the masonic fraternity.  This episode is where the hotel might fall down, with heavy script references to No. 16

 The 'struck' Tower (literally)...Python's Life of Brian from Orion (Osiris) Pictures.

Gilliam, again...The Fisher King (featuring Robin 'The Hanged Man' Williams)
The Tower (Of Power) Progressive Architecture (page 33)....where the Holy Grail Cup resides
"nudge, nudge, wink, wink...say no more"

Python Cleese...The Architect (GAOTU) & Freemasonry
Notice how in the 'Architect' sketch...references are made to joining Freemasonry.
The Great 'Architect' of the Universe (GAOTU) an appellation for the masonic god.
You'll also find the 'struck tower' within the sketch too! (as you can see from the preview, above)

Anyway, Python Gilliam won't be the only director who paid homaged to Masonic Calvi. featured in Coppola's Godfather 3
The God, The Father...Hanged (suspended)

Hanged Man 'De Niro'...featured in The Godfather 2 as Vito Andolini (Corleone)

The key here (Angel Heart) is that Rourke (Johnny Favourite) has vague but persistent memories of  'a previous life'...this seems to evoke the idea of a form of cyclical existence, at least, it does beyond the literal narrative/plot (he's Johnny, but with Harry's soul etc). Johnny is ultimately presented with the reality, that it is HE who is guilty for the murders that he is investigating (various occult murders, the ones he has been tracking for Louis Cyphre) and 'ironically' it is 'himself' that he's been searching for all along!  The murders are probably (in one aspect) a 'metaphor' for the way Johnny has led his life, Cyphre is the 'initiator' for Johnny's hellish journey of self discovery...but Johnny is found wanting and is returned to the mortal sphere, as depicted by his 'descent' at the close.

"You are reborn but into the same life that you’ve always born into. I mean, how many times have we had this conversation, detectives? Well, who knows? When you can’t remember your lives, you can’t change your lives, and that is the terrible and secret fate of all life. You’re trapped, by that nightmare you keep waking up into.” (ma'at & the duat, Egypt)

 Crowley (who received the book of law via the Great Pyramid) himself referenced 'past lives' as a magickal phenomenon...see 'past life regression'.

Here is True Detective's Maggie (Michelle Monaghan) in Duncan 'Bowie' Jones' Source Code, the film that deals with an 8 minute cyclical time-loop and which also features Jake 'Darko' Gyllenhaal.

 Cyclical existence loop...

Gyllenhaal has his own 'time tunnel/travel' aspect in Donnie Darko too.  He featured with 'multiple' Hanged Man Ledger in Broke-Back (spine) Mountain.

 Donnie Darko
 Source Code

Donnie Darko, The Time Travel Book...and the heart chakra (lotus/heart)
As above, so below...wormholes in the macrocosm & microcosm?

David 'Hanged Man' Bowie

Duncan 'Source Code/Moon' Jones' father is David 'Lightning Struck Crown' Bowie...
Bowie & The Tree of Life & 777..."from Kether to Malkuth" (Station to Station)
Kether to Malkuth is the 777 lightning struck crown pathway.

 Lightning struck crowns x3.  Palmer, Potter & Bowie

Bowie, entering via the elevator on Floor 7
Bowie, the musician/actor who featured in Lynch's Twin Peaks film and who directly connects to the 'lightning struck' Twin Peaks lodges.  The Elephant Men....Lynch & Bowie.

Under the 'lightning struck' Isis sycamore (tree)...the '777' tree of life aspects, can be inferred.
The lightning bolt floor pattern...for the truly blind.

 Dancing 'zig-zag' man x2

The Lightning Struck 'Crown' Tower...Mulholland Drive
Silencio is the real 'ACTUAL' Tower Theatre in LA
 ...the 'literal' Lightning Struck Tower!

The Tower Crown Lightning & the Tree of Life Crown (kether) are symbolically related
The crown being struck by both.
 The final shot of Lynch's Twin Peaks series is...'the struck Cooper crown/head'

Bowie features in the Twin Peaks FWWM scene that references the 'Green Formica Table'
The Green Table ala The Green Table(t) of Hermes.

Recall...we spotted a reference to this very 'table/tablet' recently via Katy 'Phoenix' Perry
The Green Tablet of Thoth/Thot...Perry as 'the scribe' ala Hermes/Thoth

Thoth (Hermes) as seen in the film...As Above, So Below (with Thoth, see top left pic)
Even Eiffel himself (The Tower), was a member of the masonic brotherhood.

I think the 'monolith' in Kunrick's also a rendering of the Tablet of Hermes (Thoth).
See previous posts.

You’re trapped, by that nightmare you keep waking up into.”

 'Trapped' unless you transcend beyond the 'material universe' perhaps...something Cohle doesn't mention, but maybe he comes to realise this, after his hellish near-death epiphany. 
 If the deceased (the deceased aspect could well infer being spiritually dead, not physically...hence the double aspect, The Book of The Dead & The Book of Coming Forth By Day, supposedly penned by Hermes/Thoth, the operative god) successfully passed these unpleasant demons, he or she would reach the Weighing of the Heart. In this ritual, the heart of the deceased was weighed by Anubis, using a feather, representing Ma'at, the goddess of truth and justice. The heart would become out of balance because of failure to follow Ma'at and any hearts heavier or lighter than her feather were rejected and eaten (symbolic of being returned to the mortal sphere, to repeat) by the Ammit,  the Devourer of Souls. Those souls that passed the test would be allowed to travel toward the paradise of Aaru.  Thoth (Hermes) is situated on the far right....the scribe of judgement of the soul.
 Hart & Cohle...more like Heart & Soul
Maybe Cohle should take comfort from the next 'eternal' dimension (the one he encountered near death) where these people have no power...his 'self sacrifice' should put him there...permanently.
The after-life and paradise via Thoth/Hermes (judgement & weighing of the heart/soul) to Osiris and the blest (fail the scale and you're reborn into the mortal sphere again!).

 Cohle: "This kind of thing does not happen in a vacuum."

 Obviously...all this is beyond the scope of True Detective's direct narrative, but then these pieces are not made in a cultural and/or religious vaccum.  I've pulled out a great deal of the TD  'mystery religion' subtext already...and in this light, it is fair game imo.

Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut...The Hanged Man(dy) and Thoth...bill x2 (Ibis & Tom Cruise)
ostrich feather (head piece) ala Ma'at/Thoth and judgement.

The Hanged Man(dy) & the 'tower' via Mentmore (mansion).  

The Tower follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it

The sex orgy at the Rothschild mansion...Somerton (settlement of druid Hu Gadarn/Hi Gad/Hi Ram)
Red Cloak and the circle...Red Anubis and the (circular) wheel
At the start of this aspect, watch as the gathered 'masked revellers' all turn their heads 'in judgement' like Ammit (waiting on Thoth) in the weighing of the soul imagery (ammit, see The Shining, below)

The Masked Ball...
Compare the shot @ 2m 32s with The Shining 'Gif' below....the exact same type of quick zoom shot has been employed in can actually make them synch!

Derwent (gent in tuxedo) told Roger (dog/bear) that "if he came to the masked ball as a doggy, a cute little doggy, he might reconsider;" that is, he might have sex with Roger. Although no actual sex scene between Roger and Derwent is described in the book, such a scene does seem to take place in Kubrick's film, albeit obliquely.

 The Ammit/ a sexually compromised position

"I'm coming Dan...I'm right behind you" 
(abuse via buggery, if we want to read it that way)
 The 'weirded out' scene (above) that will overlap with Danny & the Doctor (backwards/forwards).  Note the identical arm positions of the Doctor and the suited dog/bear, there is a definite echo between these two bed/bear scenes.  Wendy is present in both.

I know both these scenes precisely overlap...because I tried it myself...watching backwards/forwards.
 The backwards/forwards overlay...right on the money!  (What are the chances?)

 The rotting 'avatar' for his abuse on Danny.  The same 237 location where Danny was 'actually' attacked.

Incest...Why Parents Sleep With Their Children (Playgirl, Jan 1978)
All (perhaps) suggestive of Danny's sexual abuse at the hands of his father. 

 Room 237 is where the abuse of Danny takes place. 2*3*7 = 42, the rainbow connection.
Danny also relates to 42 in numerous instances within the film.
The old crone is (in one aspect) an avatar for the degraded/rotten sexual abuse of Danny.

"Don't you want to go where the rainbow ends?"
The 'wormhole' is obviously the 2001 rainbow chakra stargate to the crown and ain soph. 

Referenced in The Shining's opening credits... 

Scales of Ma'at...The Feather & The Heart
 The Shining featured Ammit (dog/bear suit) & Eyes Wide Shut featured Thoth (Hermes)

The Scales, The Feather & The Heart
The Weighing of the Heart against the (ma'at ostrich) Feather...subliminally shown in The Shining.
Scales, heart & feather

Note, I've flipped the 'The Shining/Ammit' stills to match the Egyptian myth iconography

 Ra, the god of the sun (a shining thing!), had three important aspects. As the Creator of the universe he was symbolized by the head of a scarab (beetle) and was called Khepera, which signified the resurrection of the soul and a new life at the end of the mortal span.
This reincarnation/cycle idea is encapsulated in Kubrick's The Shining...with Jack's 4th July reincarnation ending photo shot (bottom right, the ending of both The Shining & 2001:ASO synched). The 1921 alpha/omega...the road he travels at the beginning started construction in 1921 & we end with 1921. Jack's 'judgement' the feather/heart (see woman behind, left) and his body rendered like a tipped scale.

Reborn...a rendezvous between Jack & the Star Child
 The Shining & 2001:ASO....endings overlay synch
The Shining/2001:ASO...rebirth Synch

Jack reborn on the 4th July, he also adopts the sign for 'as above, so below' (ala Baphomet).
The 'as above, so below' maxim that is found on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes/Thoth. (see above)

(Re)born on the 4th Jack 'The Shining' Torrance (both starred in A Few Good Men)
Live, die, repeat...reincarnation/rebirth

 Born on the 4th July...The Wormhole (lol) and literally.

 Cruise (bottom) and Dafoe (top)

Rob Rein(er)carnation...A Few Good Men & Judgement
 Truth aka Ma'at.  Cruise & Nicholson both a member of Club 237.
2*3*7 aka 42 the rainbow connection...the 'Genesis Rainbow' is connected to God's judgement.

"Judgement/Judgment...For there are few good men"
'A Practical Discourse Concerning A Future Judgment.' By William Sherlock, D.D dean of St. Paul's, master of the Temple, and chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty

"I'll see you in another life..."

 Death & Rebirth...with Tom 'Eyes Wide Shut' Cruise & Michelle 'True Detective' Monaghan...Mrs Hart kick starting Ethan's 'heart'.
Mission Impossible 3...The Resurrection of Hunt/Cruise

 The rebirth of man...2001
via the 'renaissance hotel room' aka 'the re-birth hotel room' 

 How is a person born/created here on earth...via the sex act, of course. 
Cruise is introduced via music from 2001:ASO...Also Spoke Zarathustra overlaps with the image of Phillip Seymore Hoffman pacing next to the old man (Robards/Partridge) in the immaculate white bed, similar to the bedridden Bowman at the end of "2001".

 The same pairing from Mission Impossible III...

All these films (ones that I'm discussing/relating) were released in 1999

"It's not going to stop. Till you wise up" (Aimee Mann)

The Magnolia as the 'unfolding' Lotus/Heart/Rose Cross etc
Oh all makes perfect sense!
Have you seen all the biblical/religious references within Anderson's Magnolia? I know I have.
Anderson met with Kubrick during the making of Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Cruise being the common denominator for both 1999 releases.

"In the Occident, the rose and lily occupy the position of the lotus"

Gator's wife is called ROSE & Partridge's former wife (who died) was called LILY (Lotus-like)
Both names/flowers can be related to this burgeoning theme. Both men are suffering with cancer.
The Lotus parallels the symbolism of the Mystic Rose

Johnny 'OTO/From Masonic Hell' Depp...with daughter Lily Rose...he ties into these same themes.

unfolding the Magnolia (lotus)
Ala...the opening of the rose (heart)

The 'magnolia' flower is actually related to the HEART chakra!
The flower is so ancient, that it existed before the was pollenated via 'beetles' (khepera)

 Vanilla Sky's Cameron Crowe...who included the same song in his film Jerry Maguire.
Which featured Tom 'Rainbow' Cruise...Pocketful of Rainbows.

Colour Chakras & The 3rd Eye of the 'Rainbow' Peacock (eye feathers)
Do those 'rainbow trees' resemble the feathers (eye) of the peacock?

 The ladder that will be climbed...immediately after the 'rainbow ends' dialogue

Frank TJ Mackey aka Jack Partidge...Jacob and the Ladder
"Wise up"...wisdom and the peacock (the Partridge Pea-cock).  Respect the Cock (geddit?)
 "the peacock was accepted as the symbol of wisdom"

 It may 'vaguely' resemble an aspect of the Partridge bird, but to me it SCREAMS Peacock, especially via the rainbow colours and feathered eyes.

 Macy (Quiz Kid Donnie) works for 'crowned'  Solomon & Solomon (the wisdom of King Solomon). Lightning-struck Donnie Smith...
"Have you ever been hit by lightning? It hurts. It doesn't happen to everyone.
It's an electrical charge. It finds its way across the universe...and it lands in your body and your head!" Yes, Solomon & Solomon do 'electronics/electricals'...'Solomon & Solomon Electronic' as Molina (Solomon) actually calls it.

Gator's wife is called ROSE & Partridge's former wife (who died) was called LILY (Lotus-like)
 “Thus the whole parable of the Song of Solomon finally refers to the object of our rose-cross
'I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the field'” (R. Fludd, Summum Bonum, Frankfurt, 1629) 

This is Magnolia (the 8&2 film) would be a huge oversight not to consider Song of Solomon 8:2

The Masonic Lodge itself, is a rendering of The Temple of Solomon

Judaism & Egypt...Isis & her TORA.
The doorway/house of Isis (Ma'at/Matriarch/Mother) and the pomegranate (veil)
The pomegranate veil as a rendering of the spheres on the Tree of Life/Sephiroth.

These two pillars can be seen in every Masonic lodge. They are Joachim and Boaz. These are the two pillars King Solomon built in his Temple to God. Joachim means strength, and Boaz means Mercy.

 The High Priestess is refrenced in Eyes Wide Shut via Isis/Alice, the pillars and the veil/curtains.

House of Isis?...well, we've already got a House of Anubis! (lol)

 Did Moses not attempt to smite the Egyptians (Pharaohs) via plagues and in league with God?
 You can't reference Exodus 8:2 without factoring in the Egyptians...and Anderson doesn't disappoint, as you'll soon see. (Moses on Jacob's Ladder, Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket/Karnak).

Some researchers suggest that Pharaoh Akhenaten (monotheist) might've been Moses (monotheist)...
Full Metal Karnak (Kingdom of Akhenaten)...the Avenue of Ram Sphinxes

The Peacock...
 In all probability, the phœnix was the swan of the Greeks, the eagle of the Romans, and the peacock of the Far East. (Magnolia/Lotus, the Far East). To the ancient mystics the phœnix was a most appropriate symbol of the immortality of the human soul, for just as the phœnix was reborn out of its own dead self seven times seven (7*7, see Carrey, Bruce 'God' Almighty), so again and again the spiritual nature of man rises triumphant from his dead physical body.

That is Cruise now linked to both the IBIS (Thoth, Ostrich Feather, Bill x2, Eyes Wide Shut) & the PEACOCK (Magnolia) and via two films both released in 1999!  The Eyes Wide Shut 'judgement' scene Hanged Man(dy).  The robe that Cruise wears, it was suggested by Milich's daughter to be made from Ermine, Ermine directly relates to Hermes/(H)ermine.

Hermes/Thoth...Scribe of Judgement

 Here's Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow referencing Iris (the female Hermes) and the rainbow (colour bars). Where the rainbow ends. Like Hermes, Iris carries a caduceus or winged staff, both are winged messengers of the gods.

Both the peacock and the ibis (hermes/thoth) were objects of veneration because they destroyed the poisonous reptiles (could also be suggestive of spinal kundalini snake/reptile, my emphasis) which were popularly regarded as the emissaries of the infernal gods. Because of the myriad of eyes in its tail feathers the peacock was accepted as the symbol of wisdom, and on account of its general appearance it was often confused with the fabled phœnix of the Mysteries. There is a curious belief that the flesh of the peacock will not putrefy even though kept for a considerable time. As an outgrowth of this belief the peacock became the emblem of immortality, because the spiritual nature of man--like the flesh of this bird--is incorruptible.

Magnolia is ideal for this type of blog, it already appreciates strange phenomena etc
(Above text, Chicago Tribune, 23rd Jan 2000)

 Did you know that Magnolia begins with THE HANGED MAN (x3) Green, Berry & Hill?

The Hanged (Tree of Life) Man...Hanging from the Living Tree

Not forgetting the falling 'frogman' (frogs, geddit?) in 'a tree' and the falling 'Tower' man, the fool on the precipice ledge...about to jump off.


The Hanged Man...& Know Thyself
The symbol is used in US medicine, hospitals etc...where Cohle ends up at the climax.
 The Caduceus of Hermes was an outgrowth of the TAU cross. (See Albert Pike.) The Tau as featured in The Hanged Man tarot card.

PT Anderson who had Heather 'Hathor/Isis/Twin Peaks' Graham in his Boogie Nights film.
Hathor Graham, who went beneath the Isis Sycamore Tree and gained access to the 'etheric lodges'. 

What Do Kids Know?
Begins with 'masonic' references and cues!
It is the 33rd season of this show and this episode will be broadcast at 3:30.

Opening of the veil (again) The masonic farewell given before the curtain pulls open!
Cruise plays Frank TJ Mackey...Mackey's History of Freemasonry is also shown in the film, as is a book on Templarism. We also see television personnel exchange a 'masonic farewell' (see left pic)
Books on weather and rainfall are also present and ones on weird phenomena (Charles Fort etc) Stanley is expecting this rainfall, as can be gleaned by his 'pre-cognitive' book collection!  He even mentions the weather when he arrives at the studio...but the adults respond in a patronising way.

If folk aren't happy to take my word for it, perhaps they might be persuaded by Anderson himself.
 (Above text, Chicago Tribune, 23rd Jan 2000)

You see...I don't have to make any of this is ALL already there within the body of the film!
I don't make it so...I am merely the messenger.

"I know. I know things. I know... I know...I know I have to go to the bathroom and I asked..."
All said while his head overlays the caduceus.... 
Stanley & the Caduceus (of Hermes/Thoth).  Hermes, who taught 'KNOW thyself'
What Do Kids KNOW?  The caduceus just happens to have Stanley's head overlaying it!

 The symbol situated next to the the set of Scales (ala Thoth/Hermes)!
Both symbols relate to Hermes (caduceus) Thoth (scales)....he of Know Thyself fame, in a 'masonic' gameshow called What Do Kids aka baby goats, baphomet tie-ins.

 This quote...which concurrently overlaps with the Quiz Show

Thoth, the scribe of judgement via the feather of Ma'at
 Another studio image from the facade, is the feather, which can also be easily related to Thoth (Hermes) via the Feather of Ma'at. (as featured at the close of The Shining).  Another 'scribe' (paint) aspect is situated next to it.

A potential 'ringer' for the masonic Square & Compass...the film also relates to 'pi' π and has a running-time of 3hrs 8mins 39secs, which is 188.65 minutes aka 3.14, in terms of hours!

 PI & PI-Rameses & biblical plagues of Egypt
Ram-eses...the ram (sacred to Hermes/Thoth).

Quiz Kid Donnie Smith & Stanley Spector...their lives clearly overlap, Stanley is the future Donnie Smith (in waiting), he will be, if his life continues in the same way.  Parents who vicariously live through their children and for their own personal financial gain.  Donnie won $100,000 back in 1968, he shouldn't have had to work he can barely keep a job down.

Donnie does indeed understand this...
 "The sins of the father laid upon the 'Merchant of Venice'. But borrowed from Exodus". 

Stanley is the ONLY one in that studio who appreciates/understands wisdom, a goddamn child has to teach adults the value of wisdom!
So..."What Do Kids Know?" (that is the question, and one which we're seemingly given an answer for, an answer for those with eyes and hearts to see!)

Baker Hall (Gator) is superb underrated.

Ravel?  More like...Un-ravel, with Gator falling apart!

 Notice that at the end of this clip (above) we'll see Robert Downey Snr and hear him say 
"Go to the card".  

Downey Snr being Robert Downey Jnr's father...we picked up Robert, as Sgt Lincoln Osiris earlier!

So...still think I'm reaching, hmmm?  Can we find a reference to Egypt, to tie this all together? 
Of course we can, this is subliminal synchro sphere!

"Maintenant je suis en Egypte/Now I am in Egypt"...yes literally we are!

Stanley (Magnolia, What Do Kids Know?)...and the caduceus of Hermes/Thoth 
Stanley...the genius boy. Stanley Kubrick. The toilet aspect, the toilet scenes ala Kubrick.
The 'passing of water' (urine) and the burgeoning 'rainfall' (theme) that is about to unfold!
Stanley seems to be 'the Moses' of Magnolia to Dixon's Aaron.

 This same pairing will be seen in Ridley Scott's latest biblical epic Exodus, which features Jesus Christ's doppelganger aka Christ-ian Bale as Egyptian raised Moses.  Note the 3rd eye brain serpent on his helmet.

The same Scott who brought us the 'truncated' Tyrell Pyramid and All Seeing Eye via Bladerunner. 
The missing capstone being a symbol for The Great Work, as seen on a dollar bill etc.

The film that featured Harrison '42' Ford aka another multiple Hanged Man.  The carpenter/tekton from Chicago, not Nazareth. Indiana Jones who sought The Grail via The Last Crusade.

Ford...The Hanged (D)Jedi Man...suspended via the ankle.
  All occurring while Leia 'strangles' Jabba The aspect of hanging/choking via a noose.
Skywalker is also infused with The Hanged Man meme...and Hanged Man regular Samuel L Jackson did feature in the more recent sequels.

Death & Rebirth...
Han Solo (Ford) as Osiris (Orion) risen...from the carbonite coffin ala Osiris' tree coffin, raised by Leia as Isis...symbolically via the Djed Pillar.  Djed(eye) & Jedi.

Through the wormhole with Harrison Ford...via the Falcon (Horus)
Ford will be linked to the same 'Falcon' meme in the Indiana Jones series...the Falcon 'hawk headed' staff of Ra.  

The Tanis dig, dwelling place of the Ark/Arc which heavily featured Anubis, the celestial jackal/dog

As above, so below...
The Fool & His Orion/Osiris & Sirius/Anubis

Gary 'Anubis/Sirius' Oldman...Anubis aka Dog of Osiris (a la Fool & his Dog)
 Hanged Man regular Bale featured opposite Gary 'The Hanged Man' Oldman in Batman...the same Oldman who is heavily infused with the Anubis meme via both Dracula (from Hanged Man Coppola) & Harry Potter (as Sirius Black Dog aka Anubis). 

 Depicted as a protector of graves as early as the First Dynasty (c. 3100 – c. 2890 BC), Anubis was also an embalmer. By the Middle Kingdom (c. 2055 – 1650 BC), Anubis was replaced by Osiris in his role as Lord of the underworld. One of his prominent roles was as a god who ushered souls into the afterlife. He attended the weighing scale during the "Weighing of the Heart," in which it was determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead.

Osiris films...
An American Zoetrope Osiris Films Production....
 Appropriately (and to tie-in with the Anubis overkill) Osiris Films/Entertainment actually produced (with Columbia/Zoetrope) Coppola's Dracula!  Yes, the same Osiris company that distributed the 2007 film, The Hanged Man.  With Dracula's 'immortality' as a theme, it is apt that Osiris (Films)  'the immortal god' would produce.

Oldman's Sirius (the celestial jackal, aka Anubis) & Oldman's Draco(nis) (Dracula/Dragon)...
via The Great Pyramid.  Orion/Osiris & Alpha Draconis link to the King's (Osiris') Chamber, Sirius & Ursa Minor link to the Queen's (Isis') Chamber. The Hanged/Hanging Green 'Osiris' (Bat)Man
In a film co-produced by Osiris Films.

Yes...a literal suspended 'Hanging/Hanged' Bat-man (Oldman played Gordon, Batman series)

3 Hanged 'Bat-Men'...Oldman, Ledger & Bale...The Dark Knight
Above pic, The Fool (joker) & The 'archetypal' Hanged (Bat)Man/Bat(e)Man
 Above pic, The Fool (gesture/Dreyfuss) & The Hanged (Old)Man.

'Sirius' Oldman & Why So Serious/Sirius Joker (Fool) Ledger. 

Jim 'Sirius/Truman' Carrey was in Batman Forever, as the green Riddler Man.
 Sirius Carrey & The Hanged (wo)Man (ala Jesus/Osiris)...Schumacher's The Number 23
Path Number 23 on The Tree of Life is The Hanged Man.

Recall that Keanu 'Sirius' Reeves (Dogstar aka Sirius, is his musical band!) played Harker (Dracula) and opposite Oldman, in that legendary wooden performance and with his amusing British accent.
 Anthony 'Hanged Osiris/Memphis Lector Man' Hopkins featured as Van Helsing!  Mina/Elisabeta was played by Johnny 'Hanged Man' Depp's former partner Winona Ryder.  Depp was offered the Harker role, but turned it down!

Reeves' Dogstar (Sirius/Anubis) & Osiris (ship) The Matrix

   The Caduceus of Hermes/Thoth (The Matrix series)
 Gnosis...knowledge, to know.  Caduceus bearing Hermes (Thoth) taught 'know thyself'

What Do Kids KNOW?
 Caduceus...Know Thyself (as taught by Hermes/Thoth)

 Bellucci & Reeves..."Whoa, Deja-vu."
There is a scene in Dracula where Reeves (Harker) is seduced by the 'brides of Dracula'.
One of the brides is Monica 'Persephone/The Matrix' Bellucci...the same woman who requests a kiss from Neo (Reeves) in The Matrix Reloaded!

Persephone herself is compared to a "vampire that seeks after emotions" by actress Monica Bellucci.
Dracula Oldman will travel from Transylvania to England on-board the ship Demeter (see below)

Persephone daughter of Zeus (Jupiter) & Demeter (Ceres)
 Yes....she is gorgeous, isn't she!?

 Persephone...The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies - Part Three (Manly P Hall)
 "The physical nature of man...the source of all sorrow and suffering...If he does not rise above ignorance during his sojourn here, man goes at death into eternity to wander about forever, making the same mistakes which he made here"

 "Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light"
Dante's Inferno & Milton's Paradise Lost...Fincher's Se7en
Para (meaning 'near') Dis (meaning 'god')

Ol' Cyrus (Osiris) McConaughey...
 "into eternity to wander about forever, making the same mistakes which he made here."
Cohle's speech will also reference 'eternity'. 

 The rites of Eleusis, with their Mystic interpretations of Nature's most precious secrets, overshadowed the civilizations of their time and gradually absorbed many smaller schools, incorporating into their own system whatever valuable information these lesser institutions possessed. Heckethorn sees in the Mysteries of Ceres and Bacchus a metamorphosis of the rites of Isis and Osiris, and there is every reason to believe that all so-called secret schools of the ancient world were branches from one philosophic tree.

Persephone in Hel (Hell)...the 'lesser mysteries'
"Those who made no endeavor to improve themselves during their physical lives, passed at death into Hades (Hell) where, lying in rows (see pods pics, below), they slept through all eternity as they had slept through life."

"The physical nature of a tomb, a quagmire, a false and impermanent thing..."
 Man in the inferior/lower world...evoked by the 'endless fields of (soul) slumbering humans'
The superior world resides outside of the mortal sphere.

Morpheus: What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world (metaphor for the mortal sphere, my emphasis) built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this. [holds up a Duracell battery, which obviously tends to be read as enslavement]

 You see...this 'battery' aspect can be viewed in two very 'diametrically opposed' ways.

We can look at this as 'control', for the purposes of human bondage to the machine/system, or 
alternatively, we could also view this as a metaphor for 'actual' enlightenment/gnosis!
The battery could be viewed from a positive angle (every battery has both a positive and negative connotation!) hence, why the battery body is 'black', yet the head is 'gold' (enlightenment).
Reflected in the dream of the biblical Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, feet of clay/head of gold.
Clay is 'base' (lower realm) and relates to the feet, Gold is 'pure' and relates to the head/enlightenment (higher realm).

Nebuchadnezzar....Mark 3 (III)  Chapter 11 (No. 11)
Thou art the Son of God (him = Jesus) aka The One

It would be remiss, if I didn't reference Neo's 9-11-2001 'passport'...we baulk at nothing.
Particularly when we're discussing the mortal sphere as a type of construct!

First meeting Neo/Trinity...The Trinity, followed by 'Jesus'.
The Trinity aka the three-fold nature of man "one God in three persons". 
Father, son & spirit, the three persons are distinct, yet are one "substance, essence or nature"

Christ-like Neo

 The 'Sirius' Brothers...Gary & Keanu.  Oldman was getting his 'sirius' resonance as far back as 1992 (via Dracula/Anubis).  Years later he would play Sirius Black.  Reeves' Dogstar (Sirius) band formed in 1991.

Coppola's Dracula opens in Constantin-ople (a la Constantine, who it is named after)
Vlad (Oldman/Dracula) defends the Church against the Muslims, kills hundreds and impales people to die slow horrible deaths in the name of  (hanged man) Christ.

BISHOP:  She has taken her own life.  Her soul cannot be saved.  She is damned.  It is God's Law.
(The Bishop is Anthony 'Hanged Lecter Man' Hopkins, "damned" like Judas/Della Vigna, Hannibal)

DRACULA:  Nooo!  Is this my reward for defending God's church?
 I renounce God!  I shall rise from my own death (resurrection) to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness!

 Dracula stabs at the altar cross with his sword, blood pours from the cross, from the eyes of statues,
                     and from candle flames. Dracula fills a chalice with the blood and drinks it

DRACULA:  The blood is the life and it shall be mine!
(the above dialogue is translated)

The Bloody Red Cross and a type of blood communion/grail  
(drinking from the bloody chalice)

Hanged Man Oldman, appropriately played the role of Rosencrantz (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead). The name literally means 'Crown of Roses'

Original mission statement...
 DRACULA:  The Order of the Dracul...the Dragon (aka Draconis) ancient society pledging my forefathers to defend the church against all enemies of Christ.

Reeves had a Jesus/Christ-like role in The Matrix...Neo

see him crucified and the "it is done" dialogue ("it is finished"), Christ, Gospel of St John. 
Christ's last words on the cross... 

Manly P Hall...The Fool
 The zero card--Le Mat, the Fool--has been likened to the material universe because the mortal sphere is the world of unreality. The lower universe, like the mortal body of man, is but a garment, a motley costume, well likened to cap and bells. Beneath the garments of the fool is the divine substance, however, of which the jester is but a shadow; this world is a Mardi Gras--a pageantry of divine sparks masked in the garb of fools. Was not this zero card (the Fool) placed in the Tarot deck to deceive all who could not pierce the veil of illusion?

(The original film The Matrix/La Mat-rice, "the real world as an illusion". Hall's text contains the exact same elements!  As does Rev Theriot's speech in True Detective, "this world is a veil")

Le Mat(rix)/La Mat-rice...
Like the spiritually hoodwinked and bound neo-phyte, Le Mat (The Fool) is about to enter upon the supreme adventure--that of passage through the gates of the Divine Wisdom.

Inside Le anomaly
Note, in Le Mat (Fool/Marseilles tarot) The Fool is accompanied by a cat.

 Reeves' relevant star...Sirius (the dog of Orion/Osiris, the shepherd)
Matrix (meaning womb) is out of Ma'at...a la Isis the virgin matriarch/ma'atriarch, so the Osiris ship is certainly not out of place.

Was not this zero card placed in the deck to deceive all who could not pierce the veil of illusion?
 "Welcome to the Desert of the Real" (piercing the veil of illusion)

 "Like the spiritually hoodwinked (aka blindfolded) and bound neo-phyte"
After Neo becomes blind (Matrix Revolutions), he can see the supposed real world in gold light.

This is likely denoting a form on enlightenment...lower perception in exchange for a higher one.
 The tau/crucifix/cross "it is done/finished" (Christ/John)
The Matrix 'mouth'...aka Deus Ex Machina (god from a machine) Coppola's Dracula, Oldman (Dracula) will also utter "it is finished"
the dying words of Christ, this takes place at the climax. 
Dracula: "Where is my God? He has forsaken me. It is finished. Give me peace."
First part of quote is lifted from Matthew 27:46 & Mark 15:34, 'it is finished' from John 19:30.   

This statement ("It is finished") is traditionally called "The Word of Triumph" and is theologically interpreted as the announcement of the end of the earthly life of Jesus, in anticipation for the Resurrection.  These last words of Christ, are seen as a quote of victory, not dereliction...a magnum opus complete!

The ship that crash lands in Machine City...Christ aka The Logos.
In Christology, the concept that the Christ is the Logos (Greek: Λόγος for "word", "discourse" or "reason") has been important in establishing the doctrine of the divinity and morality of Jesus Christ and his position as God the Son in the Trinity as set forth in the Chalcedonian Creed.  The concept derives from the opening of the Gospel of John, which is often simply translated into English as: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." In the translations, "Word" is used for Logos (λόγος),

Recall that Coppola's Dracula opens in Constantinople (Constantine)

Dracula Reeves...
Reeves featured in Constantine (Constantinople)...with the inverted cross of The Hanged Man, not forgetting the Red Cross of CONSTANTINE.

Red Cross Breast Jewels...likely worn around the heart area.

Constantine Masonry

Reeves...Constantine (note, I've not seen the film)
 "Into the light I command thee! Into the light I command thee!" aspect we saw in True Detective and connecting to A Yellow King (Sun/Sol)?
 The 7th Angel of Judgement (again!) Gabriel
The marriage of mercury/sulfur (spirit & soul) the spiritual goal of alchemical work...evoking the same concept as The Hanged 'Cross' Man.  Levi, Re: The Hanged Man, the figure thus forms an inverted symbol of sulphur and, according to Levi, signifies the accomplishment of the magnum opus

The Hanged Man & Sulphur (location) True Detective,  Yellow King (in one aspect) linking to the Sun/Sol.  The location of Sulphur wasn't a mere arbitrary choice, imo.

 True Detective & The Rose Cross...Masonic 18th Degree (self-sacrifice)

The Light v The Dark

Gary 'Sirius/Dogstar' Oldman....Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves

 "Into the light I command thee! Into the light I command thee!"
The Alchemical 'Speculum Veritatis' (Mirror of Truth)
Alchemical image from Nicola D´Antonio Degli Agli....from a Golden Dawn Website!
Note how the symbol is used in conjuction with the Sun (Sol).

The Mirror of Truth (Speculum Veritatis)...The Matrix
This scenes leads to Neo's actual rebirth...rebirth into the truth.

 The Rose Cross, The Pyramid & The Sun

This shot reminds me of Crowley's Nox sign...Attitude of Pan

Crowley was with The Golden Dawn for a while, but he ultimately left them.   
Crowley's thelemic bible aka The Book of Law, began its life via his meditation inside the Great Pyramid, the same one shown below.

That's Keanu 'Sirius' Reeves covered....

Moses, who was schooled by the Egyptians...'Hanged Man' Bale

The Exodus 'Magnolia' moment...The Plague of Frogs

The rap from Dixon ...that contains the elements of the truth, which are again ignored by the adults, mainly via Christian Jim (the cop, John C Reilly).

Dixon's rap: "When the sunshine don't work, the good Lord bring the rain in."

 Hence...the torrential rain/rainfall of frogs, acting both like a message and a solution from God.
  The Frog, which also relates to resurrection (via horus, as heqet) in mythology.  If you study the Magnolia promo poster/covers you might notice that the centre of the magnolia, is made up of hundreds of frogs.

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:" (John 11:25)
Heqet/Heket/Hekat...a fertility and birthing goddess, which nicely overlaps with the 'rainfall' (water) and the inundation of the Nile (fertility).

The entire Christian 'After-life' concept (perhaps) seemingly lifted from Egyptian theology (it at least owes it a theological debt)...reaching Osiris in the after-life to consume bread and aspect which contains the essence of communion (bread/wine).

Dixon's rap: "When the sunshine don't work, the good Lord bring the rain in."
 Hence...the torrential rain/rainfall of frogs, acting both like a message and a solution from God.

The film suggests that the players are wrapped-up in a form of bondage/slavery...
Evoking Exodus 8:2...the film is drenched in 82 references, yes drenched (forgive the pun). 
  The 82nd Masonic Lodge is located in Magnolia, Arkansas. 

The following is a great summary...which I found.

  I suggest reading the rain of frogs theologically as a moment of divine irony, an in-breaking of the divine into the human that renders all human efforts to rectify or destroy life ineffective in comparison to the power of a transcendent, eschatological reality. The rain of frogs does not merely have symbolic power; the frogs actually change the physical reality of the characters.

This is a benevolent “disaster,” or to use more biblical language, a divine judgment. Whether Anderson realizes it or not, his portrayal of divine judgment is far more biblical than most Christians preachers. God does not judge these frail, broken lives by destroying them—the “lake of fire” motif, for example—but by saving them. God rescues people, instead of leaving them in their misery or threatening them until they shape up. God does not wait for the characters to “wise up,” because as the film shows, people usually never do. (The ignorant are liberated through necessity, the wise through choice, see text below). We need something outside ourselves to bring us to ourselves. This is the essence of divine irony: that in the midst of human self-destruction, God acts to save; God chooses not to abandon creation but to enter into it—both in Jesus Christ and, as Magnolia portrays, through painful grace.

Wise Up...

Note that it is Stanley who utters "give up" and then the rain begins!

 The spirit within the body awaits liberation and this freedom of the rational part from the irrational form must be achieved in one of two ways. The ignorant are liberated through necessity, the wise through choice. So, in the fables of Egypt, those who leave the body and the sleep of death come forth by night and wander in the darkness, but such as were accepted into the Mysteries were instructed in those secret disciplines by which the reasonable nature is emancipated from its bondage without the ministration of decay. The true philosopher, liberated from his own darker part, is translated like Enoch without tasting of the bitterness of death. Of such an illumined and regenerated one it was declared: "He has come forth by day." Thus, the Mysteries were regarded as the substitute for death and also as the second womb from which the Initiate was born into the sphere of wisdom.
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - M P Hall

Magnolia infused Mobil...Exodus 8:2 (the frogs) and the coming frog rainfall
 Via Standard Oil...hell, we'll be segued into There Will Be Blood, at this rate!
The Winged Horse (pegasus) with potential overlaps into the hippocampus (winged brain horse)

 Anderson...The Frog as 'the rose, the lotus, the tower' aka the constitution (spiritual health) of man!

 The Tower card is popularly associated with the traditional fall of man. The divine nature of humanity is depicted as a tower. When his crown is destroyed, man falls into the lower world and takes upon himself the illusion of materiality.

 "But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will plague all your country with frogs."
The film suggests that the characters are suffering and via a form of bondage, Exodus 8:2
A similar theme is evoked in The Shawshank Red-emption...escape from bondage

What Do Kids Know, Hall (in Magnolia) & Jackson (in Hard 8)...both played a character called Jimmy Gator in PT Anderson releases, both met in the 'movie-sphere' via Hard 8.
The Jimmy Gator's...and the Caduceus
Hard 8, of course....has the playing card/gambling theme, cards based on the tarot.
Stanley's walking around the studio (Magnolia) a homage to Danny walking around the Overlook!

 2001 and There Will Be Blood both start off in a desert like region with no dialogue.
 The Cross, in both...right, is the Orion clipper leaving the sun cross (wheel)

It is at this point...that you should realise that Anderson is of a similar 'genius' to Kubrick, Anderson makes sublime films that tackle the human condition ala Kubrick and he clearly utilises similar aspects, as we've been discovering. I'll say this about is one of the greatest films that I've ever watched, rarely does cinema serve up this kind of power and rarely is it constructed, in such a brilliant way.

Plainviews "I'm finished" ending...evokes the biblical Christ Crucifixion maxim "It is finished"
 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished."
With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. (John 19:30)
 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." - Milkshake (a drink)
 Plainview's 'drink' to his 'I'm finished' (ala Christ).  Of course, this also overlaps with all the earlier 'waterhole' themes ala 2001 and 'getting your share' at the expense of others etc.

 Daniel begins as a desperate, primal figure crouching in silence on a barren landscape quoting Kubrick’s “The Dawn of Man” and ends by clubbing his enemy in reference to the same sequence in the same film (the discovery of tools; the waterhole). The ending is integral and very much in key.
Anderson, a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s films, wanted the bowling alley to have a Kubrickian symmetry and menace. “Paul wanted to paint the walls white and turn the room into a white cube, like something out of A Clockwork Orange,” says Elswit. “There’s no character to the lighting at all; it’s just a white box. Paul kept marveling at how Kubrick did things, and I would say, ‘But Paul, Kubrick built sets. He didn’t come walking into a place like this!.”
January 2008 edition of American Cinematographer

 Anderson on Kubrick...via The Master (film)
  ...where Joaquin/Leaf PHOENIX featured.

 Anderson's There Will Be Blood, featured music that was virtually the same as Kubrick's The Shining.  Penderecki style...he of Awakening of Jack/Jacob fame.
 Danny Plainview-Day Lewis/Danny Torrance-Lloyd 
& Here's Johnny, Jonny 'Radiohead' Greenwood

The Awakening of Jacob...plays in this vision scene

 The blood ripping up through the elevator shaft, like the oil ripping up through Plainview's oil well. 

Jigsaw: "Oh yes. There will be blood"
"The clues of their order can be found over the rainbow"
Saw 2 & Over The Rainbow...237 aka 42, the rainbow connection
Room 237 & 237 North Hyde Crescent...the 'presumed' place of Jigsaw's video feed, searching for Dan/Danny.  

Saw 4...Wahlberg (Eric Matthews), The Hanged Man...and via a broken ankle theme.
 His brother Mark famously featured in Anderson's Boogie Nights.
 Suspended/Hanged and with the ankle/foot thematic

Saw 2, 2001, There Will Be Blood, The Shining...head beating via baseball bats, bones and bowling pins.

Jack's dead physical body...prior to his journey through the Overlook's 'hall of judgement' and his 'cyclical implied rebirth in the duat (earthly sphere).


 You want the Hermes/Thoth element to go with Ammit (The Shining)?

 Dies Iraes...Day of Judgement (Hermes/Thoth, scribe of judgement!)
 The Day of Judgment/Judgement...The Last Trumpet (see party horn blower pic)

Summoning souls, yes Jack's...a funeral mass, yes Jack's.

The Horn of Judgement...'the last trumpet'
Angel Gabriel who is considered to be the seventh angel, who announced the coming of judgement day.  As the card symbolizes resurrection, it can also be interpreted to herald the return of individuals from the past. The card also represents the Christian God's promise of life after death.

 The Day of Judgement...
More precognition of judgement before the inevitable end scene, from the woman of 237 bathroom.
Tarot card...note how they're naked, surrounded by water, just like in a bath tub...why those vessels they are standing in, look like bath tubs!
 The woman is also an avatar for the sexual abuse of Danny...keying into Jack's impending judgement
The horn of judgement blowing above her.

Mythic Tarot...'messenger of the Gods' Hermes (aka Thoth, scribe of judgement) is depicted.
Note the stairway/ladder that he is situated in front of.

The Horns of The Awakening (Dream) of Jacob (5 f horns)

 This 7 minute composition is loosely based on the Bible passage Genesis 28:16, therefore trying to resemble being in the desert on a ladder to heaven, while the angels are ascending and descending.

 Ascending and Descending...the stairway

 The ladders...
as featured in Eyes Wide Shut & Full Metal Jacket 

 Angel Gabriel is considered to be the seventh angel, who announced the coming of judgement day.
Gabe aka Gabriel (Culkin) leading Jacob (Robbins) into the light via the seven rung ladder

It's not the first time that Kubrick posed someone as baphomet (as above, so below)
 The Shining & Paths of Glory...the shining 22 paths on the tree of life/sephiroth to glory (geddit?) 0-21 (22 cards) are the tarot equivalent of these same sephiroth paths. 2(00)1.

The Tarot as the Tree of Life (Sephiroth)

Perhaps people might now start to appreciate the relationship that Kubrick's The Shining had with Lynch's Eraserhead (one of Kubrick's favourite films) the film that Kubrick chose to set The Shining's mood etc.  Also recall that Lynch's very next film would be The Elephant Man (a creature that never forgets!).

John Hurt aside, who else featured?  Anthony 'Hanged Hannibal' Hopkins...
Hannibal aka the elephant 'riding' man. 

Lecter as Ammit...devourer of hearts/souls @ the Ma'at Judgment...Lecter's first victim had the surname Hart/Heart, see Silence of the Lambs.

The Two Jacks (Jakes)...
Hannibal (series) & The Shining...double-take

"Welcome to the desert of the real..."
Jack & Baphomet x2...Jack (Torrance/Nicholson) Fishburne/Morpheus (Jack Crawford)

Trapped in the duat aka earthly sphere...via "It's all forgotten now" (his previous life, geddit?) The Al Bowlly track that plays during this & dialogue alone, cannot decipher this message, all aspects of media need to be considered.

"I'm sorry to differ with you sir, but YOU are the caretaker. You've ALWAYS been the caretaker. 
I should know sir - I've ALWAYS been here."
(the 'forgotten' cyclical nature of death followed by rebirth aka reincarnation) 

"When you can’t remember (it's all forgotten now) your lives, you can’t change your lives"
An 'erased head'..."it's all forgotten now" (geddit? surely now you do!).

The Secret Fate Of All Life
"You are reborn but into the same life that you’ve always born into. I mean, how many times have we had this conversation, detectives? Well, who knows? When you can’t remember your lives, you can’t change your lives, and that is the terrible and secret fate of all life. You’re trapped, by that nightmare you keep waking up into.”

True Detective v Interstellar
Populated with the spirits of Perfected Men who have lived many previous lives; every time they were reincarnated, they elevated their degree of personal perfection, so that they can come to the aid of the Perfected Men in the Lower World who were currently "working out their own salvation" through participation in the rituals of Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. (see Man with X text)
Note...I have not even seen Interstellar yet!

Nic Pizzolatto  (Episode 5 commentary)

 "If people try to blow this monologue off as's bullshit."

The M-Brane monologue foreshadowed with physical/material decay via Marty & the mirror

M-Brane, all very much related to 'string theory' and interestingly 'spaghetti' (which is a large aspect of TD) is derived from the word string/cord.  Plural of spaghetto "string, twine," diminutive of spago "cord".

 "M" Theory
Edward Witten proposed M-Theory in 11 dimensions, one more than Superstring theory, as a sort of umbrella theory that includes all five Superstring theories and Supergravity; here is a diagrammatic representation of M-Theory.  It includes "branes" that are multi-dimensional extensions of Superstrings that came out of M-Theory.  Essentially, a zero-brane is a point particle, a 1-brane is a Superstring, a 2-brane is a membrane etc.  It is theorized that we live in a 3-brane (three spatial dimensions)  that is embedded in a higher dimensional space.  The extra, eleventh, dimension may or may not be compactified like the six extra dimensions postulated in Superstring theory.  The Randall-Sundrum model, discussed in the next section on 5-Dimensional Warped Geometry Theory, is a somewhat simplified version that considers the three-space plus one time dimension we perceive, plus one extra dimension that is not compactified. 

Superstrings & Branes
We have already indicated that there are two types of string; open ended and closed loops.  In the Brane World scenarios, the ends of open strings are tied to the branes.  Those that end on "our" 3-brane manifest themselves as the familiar fundamental particles and forces.  Not all strings are fixed to the brane.  Gravity is usually represented by closed loops that are not restricted to the brane but move freely in the bulk; that is in the extra dimension.

Time & Eternity
Cohle: "See, everything outside our dimension that's eternity, eternity looking down on us."
"In eternity, where there is no time"

"Time is the differentiation of eternity devised by man to measure the passage of human events."
Compare with Manly P Hall's Lost Keys of Freemasonry (aka The Secret of Hiram Abiff)

This following is the very last monolgue that Cohle gives via his interviews...
the one referencing cyclical rebirth.

"It's like in this universe, we process time linearly forward but outside of our spacetime, from what would be a fourth-dimensional perspective, time wouldn't exist, and from that vantage, could we attain it we'd see our spacetime would look flattened, like a single sculpture with matter in a superposition of every place it ever occupied, our sentience just cycling through our lives like carts on a track. See, everything outside our dimension that's eternity, eternity looking down on us.

"Now, to us, it's a sphere, but to them it's a circle."

 Flat circle (Empyrean) looking over the '9 concentric circled' planet...from another dimension
(the aether)

 The Empyrean was thus used as a name for the firmament, and in Christian literature, notably the Divine Comedy, for the dwelling-place of God, the blessed, celestial beings so divine they are made of pure light, and the source of light and creation.

You may think this rosicrucian stuff is tenuous, but there is much more to come! 
 Dante, Inferno (Divine Comedy) & The Rose Cross which heavily featured in Se7en (7 planets/chakras etc) along with Red (Alex Cross) Morgan 'Shawshank Tree' Freeman.  

 The structure of the three realms (hell, purgatory & paradise) follows a common numerical pattern of 9 plus 1, for a total of 10: 9 circles of the Inferno, followed by Lucifer contained at its bottom; 9 rings of Mount Purgatory, followed by the Garden of Eden crowning its summit; and the 9 celestial bodies of Paradiso, followed by the Empyrean containing the very essence of God.

Preceding the 9th the 8th (the fixed stars)
For a recent take on this type of thing, see Circle of Eight, 2009.  It contains the same type of themes and the building that the film is set in, is called The Dante (City of Lost Angels aka Los Angeles).  The film is clearly another 'afterlife' type special (via Jessica, the female Jesus) and the themes also connect to Mountain Dew (drink). Evan (Heaven) acts as her guide (the Virgil role) to her Dante.

The Rose features from the start (barely veiled). When Jessica travels in the elevator to her room on the 8th'll see 'a rose' appear and disappear (attached to a picture frame) as the lift travels upwards.  It was the rose appearing and disappearing that alerted me to its presence.

Basically, Jessica is 'stuck in a loop' (cyclical existence) on the 8th floor of The Dante, she needs to allow for her own destruction, but keeps running away from it.  Only when she finally lays down and dies with Evan, does she ascend.  Evan is her access to Heaven.

Hence....references to her repeated failed attempts (a file room full of failed attempts) to ascend the mortal sphere. We're shown attempt number 903,258 of this cyclical 'groundhog' loop.

Circle of Eight is both attached to Para-Mount (near mount) & Para-dis(e) (near God)

Rosicrucianism & Dew (Ros)
Doubt has always existed as to whether the name Rosicrucian came from the symbol of the rose and cross, or whether this was merely a blind to deceive the uninformed and further conceal the true meaning of the Order. Godfrey Higgins believes that the word Rosicrucian is not derived from the flower but from the word Ros, which means dew. It is also interesting to note that the word Ras means wisdom, while Rus is translated concealment. Doubtless all of these meanings have contributed to Rosicrucian symbolism.

The 'suspended' via the ankle(s) Hanged Man is shown in Circle of Eight.  We see the protagonist chain his own ankles and  he then hangs upside-down.

I've covered Potter, Rowling & 777 in other posts...
Rowling clearly being familiar with the workings of the tree of life and its pathways.
 Potter & Kether (the lightning tree, struck crown/head) 
The jewel in the crown (Potter book)...aka the pineal gland (a receptor for the dew)
You might notice that the 'jewel/stone' is Red (Rus-set/Ros-so)

 A. E. Waite holds with Godfrey Higgins that the process of forming the Philosopher's Stone with the aid of dew is the secret concealed within the name Rosicrucian. It is possible that the dew referred to is a mysterious substance within the human brain, closely resembling the description given by alchemists of the dew which, falling from heaven, redeemed the earth. The cross is symbolic of the human body, and the two symbols together--the rose on the cross--signify that the soul of man is crucified upon the body, where it is held by three nails.

The Three Nails...Crucifying The Christ/The Hanged Man (Tarot, Book of Thoth)

Dante made the Primum Mobile the ninth of the ten heavens into which he divided his Paradiso.
It (primum mobile) seems to act as Kether, which leads to ain soph/mind of god (empyrean)
The tree of life (above right, that shows the primum mobile as kether/crown) with the lightning flash of creation...that sums 777.

 "As the soul climbs the seven steps (ladder) of Purgatory it is cleansed of the seven mortal sins, and it then ascends through the seven spheres of the Ptolemaic universe."

Paradise is depicted as a series of concentric spheres surrounding the Earth, consisting of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Fixed Stars, the Primum Mobile and finally, the Empyrean. It was written in the early 14th century. Allegorically, the poem represents the soul's ascent to God.

Series creator Nic Pizzolatto will mention Se7en in relation to TD via the DVD extras...

Two Se7en stars (Freeman/Pitt) other 'Se7en' related releases

 Brad 'Malick's Tree of Life' Se7en (Dante)
Jack 'David Lynch' Fisk worked on Malick's Tree of Life, he is married to Sissy 'Carrie' Spacek, she helped in financing Lynch's Eraserhead. David 'Se7en' Fincher's Propaganda Films produced Lynch's Twin Peaks. 

The Tree & The Ladder...
Tree of Life Penn (Jack, another Jacob and with ladder) featured in Fincher's The Game...which also has tarot/tree of life aspects.  

Douglas '2001 A Space Odyssey' Trumball
After nearly thirty years away from Hollywood, famed special effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull contributed to the visual effects work on The Tree of Life. Malick, a friend of Trumbull, approached him about the effects work and mentioned that he did not like the look of computer-generated imagery.

The (777) Tree of Life & 2001 A Space Odyssey
Trumbull asked Malick, "Why not do it the old way? The way we did it in 2001?

True Detective and Se7en (777)
A scene in the final episode of True Detective...Errol's cabin, that has his father tied to the (imo) a homage to Se7en (and sloth) we even see scented Xmas trees at Errol's, like we see in Se7en.
Both characters cannot has his mouth sewn shut and the other is missing his tongue.

I also noticed a couple of hat tips (during the series) to the Coen's No Country For Old Men film, which featured Harrelson (and Tess Harper, the woman who plays Dora's mother).
He's referring to Anton Chigurh, not Errol!

It is TD's Tess Harper who listens to Tommy Lee Jones (Bell) in the NCFOM dream scene ending!

"Then I woke up" (dream) spoken at the close of both TD & NCFOM
Cohle & Sheriff Bell will both mention their father.  NCFOM is an absolute belter of a film too!

The Lone Star (of Bethlehem)

In the 'mysteries' the pelican is the symbol of self sacrifice (ala the hanged man) 'piercing its own breast' and it can also relate to the phoenix (death/rebirth) via the iconography etc.
 The pierced breast/abdomen (after his tower fall)...Alex, A Clockwork Orange
You may appreciate that Alex himself is a 'sacrificial victim' at the hands of the authorities.

 Spaghetti faces...x3
The Spaghetti
 True Detective, A Clockwork Orange & Se7en

The Louisiana State Seal...the one that Cohle spends all his time 'in front of' during his Police interviews. The seal contains the iconography of the Rose Cross (Masonic18th Degree) Rose Croix.  

 Oh's Abernathy (Marty Hart/Harrelson) with the firey phoenix/bennu from The Hunger Games, to go with Rust's Pelican! Released on JFK's 50th assassination annivesary. (Later, you'll see how Harrelson ties-in to JFK via his estranged father).

The Hunger Games is merely a re-working of Battle Royale, The Running Man & Logan's Run, that type of thing...not original in any way.

Katniss as the flaming phoenix (mocking jay)

The Phoenix & Androgony
 The Myth of the Phoenix: According to Classical and Early Christian Tradition. R. Van den Broek

 "The perfected person is one who unites both the male & female aspects into one."

Johnny & Joanie..."male & female aspects into one."

 I give you....Conchita 'Androgynous' Wurst and the 'androgynous' Phoenix...2014
The Eurovision logo is a 'white cross inside a heart'

"Rise like a phoenix out of the ashes
Seeking rather than vengeance, retribution
You were warned, once I'm transformed
Once I’m reborn, You know I will rise like a phoenix"

Channelling American 'Rose Cross' Beauty?

"Once I’m reborn, You know I will rise like a phoenix"

Pelican/Phoenix of death & rebirth...
 Final episode...'the taxman' (Cohle) locates Errol via tax records, ones that related to a customer of his.  Note, the home is called Renaissance Place aka place of rebirth.

INRI is regularly shown in pictures of Christ's crucifixion, the rosicrucian image is topped with a crown.

The cross is symbolic of the human body, and the two symbols together--the rose on the cross--signify that the soul of man is crucified upon the body, where it is held by three nails.

 In the previous post I outlined this same type of 'Rose Cross' thematic via Cameron's Titanic.

 Lucille: "They were quite charming (bridesmaid dresses), but I think you'll agree, my dear, that together we've created something of a phoenix from the ashes."

'Rose Cross' bow scene follows from dialogue, that references a 'phoenix arising from the ashes.'
 "I'm 'flying' Jack" (the rose, the cross & the heart)
The Titans and their fall (against the Olympian gods)...the stern is her fall (she hangs from it) and the bow is her salvation, hence the literal 'Rose (Dewitt-Bukater) Cross'.  

Winslett's former husband Mendes directed American 'Rose Cross' Beauty, which featured Kevin 'Rose Cross/Se7en' Spacey (see right pic). See previous post for a more detailed version.

 The Rose & The Heart

 The Rose & The Cross (of Christ)
 Materialism perfectly explained 

 American Beauty...yet another 'afterlife' special, Spacey narrates post-mortem.
 His speech is given post-mortem.  This means that the film believes (or suggests) in a form of life beyond material death....hence his waxing lyrical about his stupid (but relevant) little life...
he has wisdom now.

Morgan 'Se7en' Freeman, The Shawshank Red-emption (salvation) via Stephen 'Rose Cross' King. God Almighty (Freeman) and The Red Cross...with Tim 'Jacobs Spinal Ladder' Robbins.

  Red to Gold (buried treasure) ala the chakras...via the Tree of Knowledge/Life 
 Alex 'Roses Are Red' Cross...from James 'The 3rd (masonic) Degree' Patterson  
Cross (Freeman) was searching for the Rose (Megan) in Along Came A Spider
Deja-vu overload!

  Robbins guided along Jacob's Ladder (stairway) by the Angel Gabriel (Gabe)...into the light.
The Se7en Runged Ladder to Heaven

You know what he (Eckart) said? The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you
that won't let go of your life; your memories, your attachments. They burn
'em all away. But they're not punishing you, he said. They're freeing your soul.  

Okay, other side. (other side, wink-wink...double meaning, the body and the ether.)

"The soul's travel after death..."

 Jacob is already dead, it's another after-life special, it is seemingly implied that he's currently in purgatory/hell and looking to ascend (hence Jacob's Spinal Ladder).

Jacob's 'Spinal' Ladder...
He helps JACOB and repositions him. Again he pushes and the spine cracks.
(The human spine as 'the spiritual ladder')

LOUIS   (the spinal doctor)
Wonderful. So the way he sees it, if you're frightened of dying and holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace then the devils are really
angels freeing you from the earth. It's just a matter of how you look at it, that's all. So don't worry, okay?

Jacob's Spinal Ladder To Heaven

Jacob's Ladder is alluded to in Lynch's Mulholland Drive via Lost's Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) who plays the hitman Joe Messing, the bungling hitman (Joe/Jacob) who escapes via 'ladders'.  

The Tree of Life (itself) contains the aspects of Jacob's Ladder, as we saw earlier.  
Lost's Jacob (Joe) and his a show that references the 777 aircraft.

 Lost & 777
Most peoples first experience of tragedy involving a 777 came via FICTION...the TV show Lost.

Which all evokes the 'LOST' MH370 Boeing 777 from March 2014....'The Winged 777' (x2)
  So, Lost referenced disaster with the 777 model, long before it ever happened in REALITY.  TV series Lost also referenced Aus (OZ) as did the MH370 incident.  OZ being thematically important to all things 777 & Crowley.  Book 370 has references to the Indian (Indus) Ocean.

OZ (Aus) would soon get another dose of '777' via the Martin Place terror/hostage event...
and I couldn't help but notice the 'triple 7' references from MSM news.  The Lindt coffee shop is in and around the area, where many parts of The Matrix (1999) film were shot.

Update...30th July 2015
MH370 is in the news again....wing component debris (believed to be from a 777) has been found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Reunion Island...I said last year that the MH370 incident was far from over, so let's see what transpires...I was firm in my belief that it would be found.  Nothing concrete yet, but interesting nonetheless. See 'Flight(s) of Oz' post (from last year) for more on all things MH370 & 777.  Last year I specifically mentioned the 'heavy' rebirth aspects that were connected to MH370, including 'the abyss'(tree of life/sirius/da'ath), 'the phoenix' (rebirth/sirius) and 'orion' (osiris, god of rebirth/resurrection), all overt aspects of the recovery mission.  The fact that debris has now washed ashore at a place called 'Reunion' also adds to the potent mix, in the event that this turns out to be from the plane.

My post from last year also made clear reference to the 10 Year Reunion of the TV series Lost...
Reunion and Malaysian Flight 370 via Lost...8 days after the plane vanished.

 this 'Reunion' occurred 8 days after MH370 went missing...right in the heart of the entire story, and its unfolding!

Back to Lost's Jacob...
 Mark 'Jacob's Ladder' Pellegrino...also featured in The Number 23, he played Kyle 'JACOB' Flinch.  That's three potential references to Pellegrino and Jacob (Ladder) and all via different media.

 Walt was held at Room 23 by the Others some point after they took him off the raft. According to Ben, Jacob (Mark '23/Mulholland Drive/Lost' Pellegrino) wanted Walt there because he was important and special.

 Jacob/Pellegrino wanted Walt in Room 23
Now see this...Room 23 (Lost) & Jacob...Jacob & The Number 23 (again!)

The 'Jacob' message features in Room 23 (The Number 23)
The Room 23 video is a reference to The Ludovico Technique (Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange)
Alex's room number in the prison where he is held before being removed for the Ludovico Technique is 23.  Path number 23 on the Tree of Life is The Hanged Man.

The Hanged wo-Man, features in the film, The Number 23. The Hanged Man (dressed as a woman, features in A Clockwork Orange, Alex cell 23)

Lost's Alpha/Omega...
The Fool & his Dog, The Awakening of Jacob (Jack' Anubis' Shephard)...a mobius loop. 

 What was Jack Shephard's occupation...he was a spinal surgeon ala Louis (Jacob's Ladder)
The Red Cross (Rose Cross) and the 'spinal' Caduceus of Hermes...Fox (Shephard) would even go on to feature in the new Alex Cross series of films!

The Awakening of Jacob...
Jacob's Ladder &  (Jack/Jacob, The Shining)

Renderings of Jacob's Ladder can be seen in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut & Full Meta(l) Jacket, see Moses climb the ladder. 

"The tabernacle not made with hands"....likely meaning it is a inner spiritual (non-material) concept!

 Well...I never!  The EXACT same track and composition!
 The Awakening of Jacob (Lynch's Inland Empire).  
This track is 'sometimes' referred to as The Dream of Jacob.  Other 'The Shining' tracks also appear.
 Again...well I never!  The Secrets Of The Life Tree- Inland Empire 
(Secrets of The Tree of Life)

 Laura 'Rambling Rose/Blue Velvet/Wild At Heart/Masonic Park' Dern featured.

Spielberg's...Masonic Park aka Jurassic Apron
6 stepped altar, T-Rex (death) at the base in the Osiris/Hiram role aka the 'archetypal hanged man' and sirius (all seeing eye) that radiates from the doorway.

Jurassic Park featured multiple Hanged Man...Samuel L Jackson and Richard 'The Hanged Man' Attenborough.  Dickie would play the (literal) Hanged Man in another 10 inspired release, Ten Little Indians.

I found this Jurassic infused photo...evoking Dern as The Hanged (wo)Man 
...and I've found her 'mask' thematic too, via the film of the same name, The Mask (with Stoltz)

Laura 'Rambling Rose/Wild At Heart' Dern

The Rose Cross is also alluded to via Mulholland Drive's Camilla Rhodes (Rhodes, the Isle of Roses) and 'Rita', St Rita being the patron saint who relates to 'the rose and cross'.
Rita & Rhodes...The Rose

Jefferey 'Blue Velvet' Beaumont: "Why is there so much trouble in this world?"
 Not forgetting Twin Peaks' David 'Rose Cross' Lynch...via Blue 'Rose Cross' Velvet set in Lumber-ton and his Wild At (Pierced) Heart, that also featured Rambling Rose aka Laura Dern

The Tarot is undoubtedly a vital element in Rosicrucian symbolism, possibly the very book of universal knowledge which the members of the order claimed to possess. The Rota Mundi is a term frequently occurring in the early manifestoes of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross. The word Rota by a rearrangement of its letters becomes Taro, the ancient name of these mysterious cards.  

Rota, Taro, Tora(h)
Tora also fits...Isis holds a version of the 'tora' in the card (scroll, see above)

 I actually have a set of the Twin Peaks 'tarot cards'...I picked them up, at the recent Festival that took place in London late 2014.

 Glastonbury's King Arthur, the (12 zodiacal) Round Table & The Rose & Sun (apex)
Even Arthur (the original man/concept) can be related to Orion, see Comyns Beaumont.

 The Holy Grail 'mythos' is clearly an aspect/subtext within Twin Peaks.
 (Glastonbury Circle of 12/Arthur's Head Wound/Camelot etc)
The Holy Grail is a symbol both of the lower (or irrational/material) world and of the bodily nature of man, because both are receptacles for the living essences of the superior worlds. Such is the mystery of the redeeming blood which, descending into the condition of death, overcomes the last enemy by ensouling all substance with its own immortality. To the Christian, whose mystic faith especially emphasizes the love element, the Holy Grail typifies the heart in which continually swirls the living water of eternal life. Moreover, to the Christian, the search for the Holy Grail is the search for the real Self which, when found, is the consummation of the magnum opus.

The Grail & The Flaming Sword

 Like the sapphire Schethiyâ, the Lapis Exilis, crown (kether) jewel of the Archangel Lucifer, fell from heaven. Michael, archangel of the sun and the Hidden God of Israel, at the head of the angelic hosts swooped down upon Lucifer and his legions of rebellious spirits. During the conflict, Michael (see flaming sword, above left and compare with Arthur, right) with his flaming sword struck the flashing Lapis Exilis from the coronet of his adversary, and the green stone fell through all the celestial rings into the dark and immeasurable Abyss. Out of Lucifer's radiant gem was fashioned the Sangreal, or Holy Grail, from which Christ is said to have drunk at the Last Supper.

 The Holy Grail...The Fool, The King and The Hanged Man (Robin Williams)

The Holy Cup can be discovered only by those who have raised themselves above the limitations of sensuous existence (another 'beyond materialism & senses' example, like the hanged man, my emphasis). In his mystic poem, The Vision of Sir Launfal, James Russell Lowell discloses the true nature of the Holy Grail by showing that it is visible only to a certain state of spiritual consciousness. Only upon returning from the vain pursuit of haughty ambition did the aged and broken knight see in the transformed leper's cup the glowing chalice of his lifelong dream. Some writers trace a similarity between the Grail legend and the stories of the martyred Sun Gods whose blood, descending from heaven into the earth, was caught in the cup of matter and liberated therefrom by the initiatory rites. The Holy Grail may also be the seed pod so frequently employed in the ancient Mysteries as an emblem of germination and resurrection; and if the cuplike shape of the Grail be derived from the flower, it signifies the regeneration and spiritualization of the generative forces in man.

"The Rosicrucian rose was drawn upon the Round Table of king Arthur"
Twin Peaks...Arthur, Glastonberry (Glastonbury) and 12 Sycamores (12 Knights of the Round Table). Briggs with Arthur's head wound/camelot. The Round Table being a rendering of the zodiac of 12 houses itself.  The 12 candles evoking the same and it's the 'ear' from Blue Velvet (Cooper/Beaumont) inside the circle.

I've already related 'the Blue Velvet ear' to the human brain (in previous work) and the internal brain eye (of horus) aka the thalamus. the brain and the 'brain beetles' aka thalamus/thalami (which resemble beetles)

The Blue Velvet Beetles...Lumbar-ton would be fitting too, the top of the spine (lumbar) where the thalami (beetles) are situated.

 Guillermo del Toro's - Cronos (suspended) The Hanged Man & The Beetle (Khepera/Scarab)

The Shining Winged Beetle Brain...
The Beetle Pushing At The 'Shining' Sun x2

Mystery Religion (aka The Mysteries)...
 The Mysteries of Love (Blue Velvet)

 Opens with 'the veil' (ala Twin Peaks/Glastonberry)

The Fool & His Dog...on the precipice/ledge

the 'rose cross' opening that leads to...

The rose and the heart...father's heart attack

The Blue Rose (FWWM) via Red (Lil's Dress, the one that is specifically discussed) & the Lightning Flash of Creation.  The Red Rose via Blue (Velvet).

As we've previosuly pointed out...the unfolding of the rose (heart), is a metaphor for the unfolding of the 'christ spirit' inside.  The Hindu/Egyptian Lotus blossom represents exactly the same thing!  

 It is now obvious as to why Cohle was depicted as a 'Christ' especially at the close of the final episode.

 The Rose Cross...and hanged man via the titles

The INRI (nature is renewed by fire) formula is an "elemental" formula in that its four letters can be validly equated to Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

There may well be an alchemical aspect to the featured victims and their deaths.
 Dora Lange (earth), Rianne Olivier (water), Stephanie Kordish (air) Marie Fontenot (fire?)
The INRI formula (see Christ Crucifixion) is an "elemental" formula in that its four letters can be validly equated to Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

 This is the deep meaning behind the Latin INRI - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (By fire nature is restored in purity), or pure matter is restored by spirit; the Rosicrucian motto signifying that the working of the inner fire of the spirit, when operating free and unchained by its surrounding veils, reduces these veils into oneness with itself, so that pure, complete, or original nature is restored to its primordial essence. Thus, in its application to the human being, when a person lives entirely in the light or fire of the spirit or god within (the internal christ consciousness), all his veils of consciousness coalesce with the inner fire, so that his original spiritual being is restored and he becomes a god-man.

 It's interesting that Martin Luther's seal has all the aspects of the rose cross, albeit a white rose.
The rose itself represents the 'heart' (Martin & Heart/Hart).  The next Lutheran General Assembly (held triennially) will be held in New Orleans (2016).

 One of the most popular Rosicrucian scenes of all time is a Mother Bird with her young pecking at her breast, being showered with her blood from her self-inflicted wound. Three birds depicting the Mother are used interchangeably in these scenes: Phoenix, Pelican, and Swan. Since the entire KJV Title Page depicts the Five-Steps To Immortality according to Rosicrucianism, it is fitting that the Kabbalist creators used the Swan with her brood pecking her breast, since the Swan represents one of the stages toward immortality for the Rosicrucian Perfected Man.

"The pelican feeding its young from a self-inflicted wound (self sacrifice in Cohle's case) in its own breast is accepted as an appropriate symbol of both sacrifice and resurrection. To the Christian Mystic the pelican signifies Christ, who saved humanity (the baby birds) through the sacrifice of His own blood. The pelican may also be considered as representative of the Sun, whose rays (blood) are the life of the seven philosophical planets (see Dante's steps, above) depicted as the pelican's brood. In the Mysteries, the pelican represents the resurrection of the candidate from the dead (being raised). The mother bird signifies those divine institutions which passes the secret doctrine, which is the spiritual life of man." 
(translate baby birds, bird traps/nets and the little victims that have been saved)

McConaughey (Palm-er Joss) featured opposite Foster in Contact...she played Ellie Arroway, which literally translates as 'the light arrow-way.'
 Light of the Way school (where victims were farmed) is situated on Pelican Island.

 Somewhere between 1992 and 2002...It's been turned into a 'mini-carcosa' including the rising black starsErrol and his gang have been making hay, over the ensuing years

 Cohle visits the location twice, first time (1995) he sees Errol on his lawnmower, subsequently (2002) Cohle finds a stash of 'bird traps' on this 'bird infused' island (see above). Marie Fontenot, Rianne Olivier & Johnny Joanie all went to this school, it closed in 1992. Marie & Johnny both formerly attended the Shepherd's Flock 'pre-school' (which closed in 88 and re-opend as LOTW in 1990) where they were drugged and abused by masked men (and where Errol, DeWall & Reggie were also seen). It is perhaps implied that 'blackmail' traps were employed (taking of photos etc) in the operation of this pre-school/abuse scenario. In the reality sense, this evokes aspects of the McMartin 'pre-school' case and Franklin from the 1980s.

 Pelican on a nest...evoking an island. (surrounded by water)

 "It's like you eat your fuckin' young"
(On the back of the Medea scene, the women who kills her 3 babies.  In TD, the mother/father 'pelican' roles seem to be reversed).

"It was the ancient belief that three days (like Christ, risen after 3 days) after the father pelican had killed his own young, the mother resurrected them by wounding herself and permitting her blood to flow over their bodies. In Masonic symbolism the blood of the pelican stands for the Secret Work by which man is 'raised' from the slavery of ignorance to the condition of freedom conferred by wisdom (the owl). As the Rose Croix degree is based upon Rosicrucian and Hermetic symbolism, it follows that the pelican represents one of the vessels in which the experiments of alchemy are performed, and its blood that mysterious tincture by which the base metals (a metaphor for human ignorance) are transmuted into spiritual gold (enlightenment)."

"Long is the way. And hard, that out of Hell (Hades/Hyades/Carcosa) leads up to Light."

The Resurrection....
 Lafayette...which can translate as Little Beech (tree)

Like John carrying Jesus...Cohle is raised from (near) death to salvation, Hart says 'Jesus' as he picks Cohle up in this scene. The 'nihilistic cynic' Jesus/Osiris archetype has developed hope and been reborn through self sacrifice.

 "Jesus. Oh. You know what? I'd protest, but it occurs to me that you're unkillable." (immortal)
 True Detective will finish with the battle of Light & Dark...all whilst referencing & observing the stars.  From Darkness to Light is a well known masonic maxim, especially in the 3rd degree where the candidate is blindfolded and then raised (literally & symbolically) into the light...the masonic hanged man.

 Se7en - Milton's Para-dis(e) Lost (Para=near  Dis = God)
Don't forget 7 O'Clock Se7en head aka Gwyneth '777/Kabbalah' Paltrow!

 Some of Somerset's philosophy/quotes (Se7en) are kind of similar to Cohle's...
First up...the sin of being a father.

 "Think of the hubris it must take to yank a soul out of non existence into this... meat, to force a life into this... thresher. So my daughter, she spared me the sin of being a father."

 "How can I bring a child into a world like this? How can a person grow up with all this around them?" I told her I didn't want to have it, and over the next few weeks, I wore her down."

"Anyone who spends a significant amount of time with me finds me disagreeable. Just ask your husband."

"Sometimes I think I'm just not good for people, that it's not good for them to be around me. I wear 'em down."

 Bruce '7 News' Almighty...with God (Morgan '7' Freeman)...who is free on the 7th at 7:00

 Morgan as God...Carrey crucified and resurretced
Carrey had his God/Jesus role (ala McConaughey) in Bruce Almighty.

 Carrey & The Hanged (wo)Man (ala Jesus/Osiris)...Schumacher's The Number 23
Path Number 23 on The Tree of Life is The Hanged Man.

Here comes....Jim 'Sirius/Hanged Man' Carrey:

How amusing and synchronistic is it, that Jim 'Sirius/Anubis/Hanged Man' Carrey would parody this very same series of Lincoln adverts via Satur(n)day Night Live. Sirius (the celestial jackal) that follows Orion/Osiris in the night sky? Freeman played the jackal/fox with light in the Batman series

The celestial Dog (sirius/anubis) & Shepherd (orion/osiris)

Jim SIRIUS Carrey...Orion is the celestial abode of the soul of Osiris!
Carrey is regularly associated with 'the dog' especially via his film output, including 23, where he plays a dog catcher.

 The Mask thematic...the one we've already identified in True Detective
The Mask is another that references the dog heavily...its sequel included Loki/Dog and Loki's Torch is a name for Sirius itself.

Carrey is all 'dogged out' via film!  Yes...even via his latest release.

"Alright, alright, alright..."

Dazed & Confused - Led Zeppelin
 Page & The 'Tarot' Hermit...from The Song Remains The Same

This is clearly a reference to the 'founding fathers' and to Washington's 'masonic affliation'...although this apsect does tend to get overplayed in conspiracy circles.  I've posted Washington's 'Masonic Apron' here many times, particularly via Jurassic/Masonic Park and the 'museum entrance' (a flipped masonic apron) from Steven 'Alien' Spielberg. The 'alien' word is thrown in, perhaps to evoke the 'Sirius (dog star) worshipping brotherhood' aspect aka Freemasons 'celestial brothers'. The 'dollar bill' aspect is conspiracy 101 stuff, so I won't bore you with that.

 The anubis/dog hand gestures are a regular occurence in the film and its promos (see dvd cover)
Anubis 'the black dog/jackal' Lord of the Dead/Underworld/Embalming...the film title Dazed & Confused is lifted from Led Zepp...'The Hermetic' Led Zepp IV opens with the track...Black Dog (sirius/anubis).

 Twin Peaks (FWWM) The Black Dog Runs At Night 
(suggestive of sirius traversing the night sky)

 Anubis....the Egyptian Pluto.
Jim 'Sirius' Carrey...will feature with both Sirius (spotlight/dog) & Pluto (dog) in The Truman Show.  Sirius aka 'the dog star'.

Sirius (between the pillars) the star is sacred to both Anubis & Isis

Robert 'Led Zep' Plant's 'symbol' is 'the Egyptian feather of maat'
Maat is very much an aspect of Isis...the Matriarch or Ma'at-riarch. 
  Maat was both the goddess and the personification of truth and justice

 One of the most popular Rosicrucian scenes of all time is a Mother Bird with her young pecking at her breast, being showered with her blood from her self-inflicted wound. Three birds depicting the Mother are used interchangeably in these scenes: Phoenix, Pelican, and Swan.
  The grace and purity of the swan were emblematic of the spiritual grace and purity of the initiate. This bird also represented the Mysteries which unfolded these qualities in humanity. This explains the allegories of the gods (the secret wisdom) incarnating in the body of a swan (the initiate).

 Jimmy 'OTO' Page...Osiris Risen

 Babalon 777/77...A.A. (Crowley's Astrum Argentum/Silver Star aka Sirius)

 The 'fifth symbol' that is connected to Led Zeppelin IV (aka untitled) 
is via Sandy 'Battle of Evermore' Denny
The Veil of the Abyss...
 "Beyond that nothing is known about it" (I beg to differ!)
Choronzon...demon/guardian of the abyss (tree of life) or perhaps an aspect of 'the shadow self/holy guardian angel'. We've tied this to the 'nuclear symbol' too...via Twin Peaks, Back To The Future and 777 Unstoppable.

 "I was night fishing with ... Agent Cooper. There was a light ... a guardian beyond it. I was taken ... but my mind ... still I recognized the signs."

 The 'lightning struck' Major Garland Briggs...who seemingly 'crossed the abyss' 
 ...and made it to the White Lodge (spiritual perfection)
 Major Garland 'Bluebook/UFO' Briggs...Godhead Briggs
 The mark of choronzon (shadow self/demon) Briggs immediately touches his neck, after first examining/touching a tree! (wink, wink).  Appropriately the 'log lady' also has one of these marks.  It is Briggs, after his etheric travel aspect, that provides the information to access the Lodges....the meeting of Jupiter/Saturn and the door opening.  

I've already covered the source of 'dweller on the threshold' via Bulwer 'Rosicrucian/Golden Dawn' Lytton's Zanoni. Note, the rosicrucian Rose Cross.

'Dweller on the Threshold' would not be being used, if it didn't at least, have some relevance.

All very fitting, when you consider that I've already covered Blue 'Rose Cross' Velvet etc.

The final episode of Twin Peaks...Beyond Life and Death (Da'ath)

The Dweller (initiate) on the Threshold of Da'ath
Where Jupiter & Saturn Meet (on the Tree of Life...straddling the wormhole!)
Sirius/Pluto/Da'ath...all occupy the same sphere on the tree of life, the sphere that resides over the abyss.  Choronzon (it is thought) is the 'ego destroying' dweller in this abyss.

 Proof of Briggs' (palpable) spiritual superiority...and one of the best scenes from Lynch's Twin Peaks, perhaps it is TP's greatest scene, full stop!

 Don Davis (Briggs) also appropriately featured in the Stargate TV series...& X-Files.
The stargate logo...which evokes the masonic square & compass
the sirius stargate aka the da'ath/pluto wormhole

 Twin Peaks, Orion, shown as they discuss 'the opening' of the door to the lodges (etheric plane)

The 1994 film Stargate...the 'mother' of this same TV series.  

The Bow-Man...Orion (Osiris)
It used Egypt & Orion (constellation) as the basis for this interstellar travel gate.  You might recall that Kubrick's 2001 (the mother of all stargate films) utilised the Orion clipper ship to take Dr Floyd to the moon.  

The Bow-Man (Keir Dullea) went through the 2001 stargate.

You might notice that Kurt 'The Thing' Russell had the lead in Stargate which heavily references the Great Pyramid at Giza...likewise he featured with the same Pyramid in Starman Carpenter's The Thing (see left pic).

The Thing...more 'Alien Contact'
Not forgetting the Hanged (Blair) Man...the huge Norse theme also playing into Odin, the archetypal Norse Hanged Man.

The Female Wizard Chess Computer...situated opposite the Giza pyramid poster (The Thing)
Isis...The High Priestess (JB/BJ aka Jachin/Boaz pillars) and the veil. 
(Grain via the rye whiskey & the veil pome-gra(i)n-ate)

The Thing opened with 'the dog' (Jed/Djed) being chased by the helicopter...

...the shape shifting-dog that relates to shape-shifting Norse Loki (sirius is Loki's torch).
Sirius/Anubis (dog) that follows Orion (Osiris) and is sacred to Isis

McConaughey picks up 'celestial' resonance via Robert 'Back To The 911 Future' Zemeckis' film Contact, featuring opposite Jodie Foster...the film relates to 'aliens' in the star system of Vega.

 A stop off at Sirius FM...check.

 You can use the brilliant star Sirius – and the star Vega – to imagine the direction our sun and solar system are traveling through space. The sun in its orbit is traveling away from Sirius and toward the star Vega.  The Sun's path on the Milky Way...the solar apex, both stars map the journey of the sun

 The Lyra of Orpheus/Apollo...Lyra 
(I raised the lyre/orpheus/apollo in the previous post...via Billy 'Back To The Future' Zane)

We travel the 'rainbow chakra' wormhole in Contact.

 Zemeckis' Contact was released when the star of Vega was at its peak (back in early July 1997) and this was clearly a deliberate and symbolic act.  Contact will have aliens inserting 'contact tech' into TV broadcast signals...cough, cough!

 The same Zemeckis (who along with Spielberg) made 'the tree of life/sephiroth' (777 lightning flash of creation via the tower) a huge 'veiled' aspect of Back To The '9/11' Future via the Flux/Lux Capacitor. (see earlier work)

 The climax shot (alongside The Clock Tower) 9 & 11 (flaming)

 The Lightning Struck (WTC) Tower(s)...with Zeus/Jackson (Die '9/11' Hard 3)
"and i will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger" (Pulp Fiction)

 Jackson in the 9/11 matrix
The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996, year after Die '9/11' Hard 3)
Jackson: "You're telling me that you're going to fake some terrorist thing" (WTC, mentioned)

Talking of Pulp Fiction...that briefcase!
Combination unlock number is the kabbalistic 666
Yup...inside is an uber heavy-handed reference to The Sun (666, square number of the sun)
  Samuel L 'Hanged Man' Jackson...with Tim 'Hanged Guildenstern Man/Reservoir Dogs' Roth

The Hanged Man of A Time To Kill (via Judge Noose)...with McConaughey
Both films (Die Hard 3 & A Time To Kill) will reference 911, as does Back To The Future.

Jackson and the tarot...Red Violin, which features The Hanged Man, his story arc centres around the Death Card.  Starts and ends in Montreal for the alpha/omega. There is clearly a thematic link with 'devilish' Nicolo Paginini (The Devil's Violinist) and his violin.

 Not forgetting The Exorcist 3, which we saw earlier.
Jackson 'coincidentally' relates to The Death card (like in Red Violin) and The Hanged Man.

Samuel L Jackson, The Hanged Man...Lakeview Terrace

The 'bent' and 'broken lower leg' theme...goes into overdrive
Kingsman : Secret Service (killed/hanged by a prosthetic lower leg)'s Jackson & The 'suspended by the ankle(s)' Hanged Man (again)!
 Levi likens the hanged man to Prometheus, the Eternal Sufferer, further declaring that the upturned feet signify the spiritualization of the lower nature.

Tarot-ino's Django Unchained....evoking archetypal 'Hanged Man' Prometheus (Unbound)
Prometheus who was crucified and chained to a mountain...for giving fire to mankind.
  Jackson as Stephen...who walks in on the scene, the upside down Hanged 'Django/Foxx' Man
I've not seen the film, but a cursory search led me to the find. (as usual!)

The Hanged Fox/Foxx Men...Michael & Jamie, geddit? (lol)
 Even Marty McFly played The Hanged (Tower) Man...Back To The Future 3 by Zemeckis

 George McFly played the 'upside down' Hanged 'WTC Tower' Man in Back To The Future 2
The BTTF 9/11 aspects have been extensively covered in other posts.

The falling 'Hanged' WTC Tower Man

 From one Lightning Struck the next:
The Biff Struck Tower...Biff, meaning to strike/hit via the fist (geddit!?)
This 'Tower' thematic is further solidified via the the alternate timeline 'The Clock Tower' has been turned into Biff's Tower.  This same location now has an 'actual' tower. Biff and Lorraine reside on the 27th floor...after Marty gets his 'skull cracked' (struck crown) from Biff's henchmen he wakes on the 27th floor, as described by Lorraine.  The Tower (tarot) is the 27th path on the tree of life.

When Marty begins his time travel...the first thing he sees is 'The Scarecrow'...likewise with Dorothy on her way to Oz.

"Which way do we go...which way to Oz?"

Zemeckis in Oz...he has been formerly linked with a 'Wizard of Oz' remake.
THIS WAY TO OZ (Contact/Wormholes) & OZZY WIZARD (Back To The Future)

Matthew 'Wormhole' McConaughey...True Detective, (Zemeckis') Contact & Interstellar
Black Stars can see them inside the vortex/hole.
True Detective's 'wormhole' seems suggestive of a negative energy vortex (etheric channeling of the nefarious variety etc). Of course, a black star very much evokes a black hole too...where light cannot escape and time is an almost meaningless concept etc. It is during this TD climax scene (and aftermath) that Cohle finds some kind of connection with the 'otherside' via his 'near death' experience and a connection with his deceased daughter. McConaughey will revisit similar themes (wormholes and contact) in Nolan's latest film Interstellar.

True Detectives...Aunt D
  "You know Carcosa? Him who eats time. Him robes it's a wind of invisible voices. Rejoice. Death is not the end. - Rejoice. - Death is not the end. You know Carcosa? You rejoice. Carcosa."

 Black holes/wormholes (vortices) can literally be capable of 'eating time' (time dilation) and we do see a comparable 'vortex' inside Errol's Carcosa lair, as he attacks Cohle, shown above.

The related 'robed' Yellow King sculpture/altar implies the 'He/Him' aspect
("Him's a wind of invisible voices").

Aunty D (nanny) was a Tuttle employee for a good while, maybe she was given some low-level 'cult conditioning' and perhaps she still reacts to some 'cult' stimulus? She was in pretty poor shape mentally, judging from what we see and are told. 'Death is not the end' is also likely 'cult related' perhaps an aspect of their overall mythos and maybe relating to ascenscion/transendence. In cognitve dissonance terms, this could also relate to Cohle's own 'transcendence' via his comatose epiphany...death not being the end, the 'contact' with his daughter etc.

Contact would reference a form of 'time dilation' via Foster's wormhole trip...which lasted 18 hours (for her) but only a fraction of a second for those observing on earth.

Carl 'Contact' Sagan...The Father of the Wormhole.  His ideas from the 1985 novel, outlining that there are minute wormholes forming/decaying on the quantum level.  It seems that CERN and the LHC are also keen on these same ideas, at least judging from recent news.

See the overlaps...
 Sagan..."Our high-energy particle accelerators don't have enough energy to even detect the phenomenon at that scale, much less do anything like holding a wormhole open"
CERN as a 666 (magick square number of the sun/light) resonator

Cern & Cern-unnos aka The Horned God

2001 A Space Odyssey & CERN 
2001 (left)  CERN (right)
I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss these overlaps with reality...I am noticing these instances more and more.  

 Higgs Boson (the god particle)
"To me it's really an incredible thing that it's happened in my lifetime," Peter Higgs, the leader of the group that first theorized the particle in 1964 and after whom the particle is named, said during a press conference Wednesday (July 4th 2012).

4th July

Evidence for the new particle was reported today by scientists from the world's largest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Researchers reported they'd seen a particle weighing roughly 125 times the mass of the proton, with a level of certainty that all but seals the deal it's the Higgs boson. The Higgs represents the last undiscovered particle predicted by the Standard Model, the reigning theory of particle physics.  Physicists involved in two experiments called CMS and ATLAS taking place at the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), reported evidence of the particle at a seminar and press briefing today.
"All these worlds are yours....EXCEPT for Europa, attempt no landing there."
 Only recently there was a 'real' tie-in to Jupiter's moon known as Europa and overlapping with the same phenomena that was raised in 2001 sequel 2010 (The Year We Make Contact)! 

Europa, screenshot...2010 directed by Peter '666' Hyams.
Of course, the message from that 2010 film, was to actually 'avoid' landing there! (see above)
The monolith (one stone) residing in a primordial-like Europa.

The monolith (2001) Millennium Hilton Hotel, which was literally unveiled at Ground Zero...
via the 2001 9/11 terror event.  It resided right on the edge of the WTC post-terror pit.
It was modelled/scaled on Kubrick's own version from the film.

A 'literal' Journey of Discovery x2 (Cern & 2001 ship) geddit? the wormhole

The 'literal' Alice x2 (Eyes Wide Shut) & through the looking glass. (Sunburst, left & right)

 Sagan..."Our high-energy particle accelerators don't have enough energy to even detect the phenomenon at that scale, much less do anything like holding a wormhole open"

Ah...but do the latest model(s) have enough energy...Sagan's quote comes from decades ago!
I mentioned this type of thing back in blog posts around 2012.

Old Al Crowley...aka The Beast aka 666 'magick square number of the sun'

Crowley: "You can call me little sunshine"
Revealing aka Revelation...Revelation, The Beast & 666 (see the bible)

Nolan's Interstellar has Kip Thorne & Linda Obst reuniting again, they were both involved in McConaughey's film Contact. This is the same Nolan whose film 'Batman TDKR' is linked to both the Aurora shooting (the midnight showing in July) & Sandy Hook (see screenshot, with Gary 'Sirius' Oldman) shooting from 2012.

 The same Batman series that has Nathan 'related to Aleister' Crowley as Production Designer.

Love is the law(n)...
 True Detective, inter-generational/incestuous abused cult killer (Childress/Tuttle) & Crowley
777...7 (miles) 7*7 (49)...777

The energies of 7 on this Path are three times magnified: and 777 (the grand scale of 7) is a number which Crowley describes as “a dangerous tool”; one which represents “the flaming sword which drove Man out of Eden”; a number whose power is only available to those in whom the snake of “Kundalini energy”, the energy of “the female magical soul” has been awakened (Crowley, 777, 49). 49 the mystical number of venus.

Getting somewhat creative and rather tenuous...16 is The Tower 
(that relates to 777, lightning flash) Card 17, the next in sequence, is The 'Lone' Star, the other aspects which surround this 'lone star' (sirius) are the planets of the ancients.
 "You just got to be honest about what can go on up here, a locked room (the head/crown overlaps) but then again, I'm terrible at cards."  (cards, that are based on the major/minor tarot arcana). He then next removes the crown/head of the '16' beer can with a knife.
Yes...of course, this is really stretching it!

2001 & 777 (lightning flash of creation)

The basic structure of Kubrick's 2001: the central spine of the tree of life.
From sphere of the earth (malkuth/dawn of man) to sphere of the moon via jupiter/saturn (saturn as the sun, it is interchangeable, see Weidner) to 'ain soph' (the mind of god) via the stargate (the sirius wormhole).

 Court de Gébelin assigned the zero card to AIN SOPH, the Unknowable First Cause. As the central panel of the Bembine Table (of Isis) represents the Creative Power surrounded by seven triads of manifesting divinities, so may the zero card represent that Eternal Power of which the 21 surrounding or manifesting aspects are but limited expressions. If the 21 major trumps be considered as limited forms existing in the abstract substance of the zero card, it then becomes their common denominator.
 Which letter, then, of the Hebrew alphabet is the origin of all the remaining letters? The answer is apparent: Yod.

2001...Science Fiction & Religion
 "It is true that we set out with the deliberate intention of creating a myth. (The Odyssean parallel was clear in our minds from the very beginning, long before the title of the film was chosen.) A myth has many elements, including the religious ones. Quite early in the game I went around saying, not very loudly, "M-G-M doesn't know this yet, but they're paying for the first $10,000,000 religious movie."
Arthur C Clarke

2001 A Space (Y)Odyysey
2001 A Space (Yes)Odyysey  (yesod, see tree of life, sphere of the moon)

 Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (The 72 Names of God/Tetragrammaton)
2001 A Space Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (yod-heh-vav-heh = odyysey)
(try saying this quickly and you might appreciate the phonetic similarities)

Monkeys or Mo(o)nkeys?

 The 'sun/moon watching' epiphany monolith monkey, getting his share...
777 is a number which Crowley describes as a dangerous tool
Note the monkey/ape and his monolith inpsired 'dangerous tool'...the one that will turn into a nuclear missile station via that legendary edit!

Reaching infernal planes...the ether/astral etc (thanks to anon for the pic)


 The Wormhole...

"my god, it's full of (rising black) stars"

Both media (2001 & True Detective) will each evoke Nietzsche...2001 via Zarathustra (overman/ubermensch) and True Detective via Ledoux (time/eternal recurrence).  Both aspects being inter-related with each other.  Of course, Magnolia will also reference the same.

The internal (brain) eye of horus

2nd episode...ends with track (The 13th Floor Elevators) The Kingdom of Heaven (Is Within You)
Yes...familiar and typical imagery for this blog. The quote comes from Christ's teaching in Luke 17:2. I'd think about that for a exactly relates to the concepts that I've been discussing!

A Clockwork Eye in the Pyramid...Pyramid Eyes Wide Shut 
The 'gouged' eye of horus...and with the blade for doing so!

 The internal eye...the thalamus, massa intermedia/mass media.

 The '777 Crowley' directions given (above, by Childress) to the 'burnt church' in Eunice
The same church that will relate to 'the widow's son'(see below)!

Burnt Church...which almost looks like Crowley's Thelema Abbey, Cefalu.
(note the dialogue below...that relates to this church scene!)

Shades of Nun & The Solar Barque/Barge...Dora had a 'habit'
 Carla: "She called up here for you not too long ago. She come out she's going to become a nun."
Dialogue in the graphic is from Charlie Lange, Dora Lange...the horned nun.

"Widow in Opelousas leased us cheap.We left when it caught fire."
"Any idea how that happened? Your people said criminal mischief."
"If I was to lay odds, maybe one of the widow's sons wanted us off the land, but we move on."

Wink, wink...widow's sons
 The Widow's Sons (the widow being Isis)...the Masonic Fraternity!
They're seemingly connected to biker gangs (hells angels etc) 'Iron Crusaders' (another Christ aspect) which is a huge aspect of True Detective. Memphis (Egypt)...the seat of Osiris/Apis (Ol Cyrus/Osiris) The 'sacrificial' King.

Anyway...Nathan Crowley also worked as Production Designer on McConaughey's Interstellar too.
Nathan synchronistically mentions OZ (wink, wink)...his Great Uncle Aleister wrote Liber OZ (book 77), the mission statement for OTO and Thelema.  777 Aleister/777 Kubrick.

 OZ (strength) The Great & Powerful  Aleister Crowley...the 'literal' Wizard of Oz (via his output and mystery religion credentials)

Priests of Isis & Osiris...Baum (himself) another likely 'adept'.

 McConaughey recently picked up the Oscar for Best the Texas-linked
Dallas Buyers Club...this was 6 days before the MH370 incident.

Ptah/Osiris/Sokar (Oskar)...The Golden Oscar

PTAH- SOKAR - (anagram, OSKAR)
From the Old Kingdom, he quickly absorbs the appearance of Sokar and Tatenen, ancient deities of the Memphite region. His form of Sokar is found contained in its white shroud wearing the Atef crown, an attribute of Osiris. In this capacity, he represents the god of the necropolis of Saqqara and other famous sites where the royal pyramids were built. Gradually he formed with Osiris a new deity called Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. Statuettes representing the human form, half-human, half-hawk, or simply in its falcon form will be systematically placed in tombs to accompany and protect the dead on their journey to the West.  Ptah's symbols are the 'djed' and 'the bull' (memphis/apis). An ancient Egyptian name for Memphis, Hikuptah, which means "Home of the Soul of Ptah".

McConaughey's Apis/Osiris Bull

  Back to back Oscar winners...Who picked up this year's Best Actor Oscar?
Redmayne/Hawking...time and black worm-holes.

 McConaughey & Redmayne would both feature in films that specifically referenced the date
11th September.  A Time To Kill & The Theory of Everything.  

The 11th Sept date can be found on the train timetable that Hawking scribbles his equations on, I'll add the pic later, but it is certainly there!

Remember this from earlier?

Deja-vu overload...again!
Freeman...Through The Wormhole 2 via The Theory of Everything

McConaughey - Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Next Generation
 The 'light bearing' illuminati...literally!
The light that comprises the rainbow spectrum.

McConaughey (Vilmer Sawyer) travels around in a 'wrecking vehicle-truck' with ILLUMINATI written on its door! (This scene about 17 mins into the film.)

Putting the aspects clearly implies that Vilmer (McConaughey) works for the Illuminati.  The film implies that a secret Order of the Illuminati exists (mainly via the Rothman character, Vilmer's boss)...and that the 'slaughter family' are a part of that programme.

 McConaughey's True Detective (Eps 1)....juxtaposed headlines lead to the subliminal idea that the authorities are involved in these crimes!  Tuttle was a Governor and then Senator ffs!

TCM...There is also dialogue that references the FBI...and the fact that they might be listening in, to what unfolds at this location...yes all very odd, but a great way to drop in some truth (via cognitive dissonance), if you're that way inclined!

The 'blazing masonic star' (pentacle) hangs over the Sawyer (Slaughter) Family home doorway,
this is specifcally 'sirius' the 'blazing star' that hangs in the lodges.

 As worn (inverted) by True Detective's 'cult member' Ledoux 

 Cohle to Ledoux: "Why the antlers? (the horned god/crown)

 The Horned God, Hannibal (series)...with Laurence 'Ma'atrix' Fishburne

 Recall that Fishburne featured in Apocalypse Now...
 ...the journey to sacrifice the God/King (killing of the king sacrifice, which is performed alongside the sacrifice of the bull, aka the sacred Apis/Osiris bull) Kurtz, at the end of the Nung river. Lance-ing the bull, literally. Apocalypse Now also featured The Golden Bough (killing of the king) and Weston's From Ritual To Romance...reading material at the Kurtz compound. haven't already forgotten this Bull/Osiris-Apis 'thematic' from earlier?

 Eyes Wide Shut & 2001...the horned god/crown

The crown & the rainbow...
Of course...both films will also reference 'The Rainbow' (which seemingly has links to mind control aspects) aka the royal arch of heaven. EWS via 'rainbow fashions/where the rainbow ends' and Ninth Gate via the closing journey on the way to The Ninth Gate (or where the rainbow ends).

The Hanged Man...suspended via the ankle (left), hanging via the head/neck (right)

Depp as The Hanged Man...Pirates of the Carribean

Ninth many of the media here it has as a theme, enlightenment via 'devilish gnosis', it is very thematically similar to Parker's Angel Heart. Ninth Gate/9th Gate...Dante, 9 circles of the Inferno, followed by Lucifer (Depp is tracking LCF aka Lucifer).

Kubrick's Full Meta(l) Jacket...The Hanged Man via The Beast (devil/animal) & The Whore

The Joker aka The Fool and his journey...Modine played Foley/Fo(o)ley in Batman series, the same series that also references The Joker (Fool).
Where The Rainbow Ends (the torch produces the rainbow arc)...The Head

Where The Rainbow Ends...The Head

Eyes Wide Shut (visual metaphor)...the rainbow crown (head) and the 'rainbow room' (behind) where underage sexual abuse occurs with the 'Garland Oz Lolita' (aka Milich's daughter).

True Detective...Hart's daughter and the rainbow crown.
There are 'clear ominous overtones' in regard of Hart's family, both of his daughters and his wife Maggie. This is presented in a very ambiguous way throughout and I really think there is something to the idea, that they've been exposed to 'the cult', at least in some way, I'm just not sure if it is directly or indirectly! It could be 'psychosphere' bleed through. I'll expand on this aspect later.

 Cohle quoting William S. 'OTO' Burroughs

Some interesting details of Burroughs' life:
- at 15 he was sent to a Masonic training camp known as 'ranch school'.
- he was also a known member of the occult order the OTO

 Robert Williams had arranged with Dr Christopher S. Hyatt from the Golden Dawn and owner/operator of New Falcon Publications to initiate William S. Burroughs into the 'Caliphate'. Breeze gave Hyatt a "special charter" to do so though Hyatt was supervised from a distance by James Wasserman (now a dedicated 'Caliphate' member) from Falcon. Williams and Hyatt discussed this with Burroughs and it was decided to decline the 'Caliphate' offer.

Stephen Davis, the biographer of the Led Zeppelin saga “Hammer of the Gods”, compares Burroughs to Satanist Aleister Crowley, stating:

“Like Crowley, Burroughs was an urbane and genial human Lucifer, a modern magus, a legendary addict, and an artist whose influence extended far beyond literature to music, painting and film” (Stephen Davis, Hammer of the Gods, Ballantine Books, New York, 1985, p. 237).

  The same Burrough's who featured on The Beatles' (Khepera) Sgt Pepper

Hearts, Clubs, Spades (fixing a hole/grave) & Diamonds (via Lucy)
The album cover that contains a hidden homage to Crowley & OTO. (the diagonal mirror shot)
This cannot, and I mean CANNOT be mere coincidence and/or a type of anomaly.  I find it difficult to fathom how this was even executed by Peter Blake (the cover designer).

The Beatles and Elemental Grade Signs (Golden Dawn/A.A.)
George (Osiris Slain aka the cross), John (Apophis-Typhon), Paul (Mourning of Isis), Ringo (Set Fighting)

 Recall this from previous...OTO's Crowley & Grant?

Lovecraft was a big aspect of True Detective, from the 'psychosphere' to 'the yellow king':

 Kenneth Grant, an occultist who was a prominent member of Aleister Crowley’s secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O) wrote extensively on the importance of Lovecraft’s works.
For Grant, writing in 1980, Lovecraft should be praised for his abilities to “control the dreaming mind that it is capable of projection into other dimensions.” It is well known that Lovecraft often gained inspiration for his stories in his dreams. For Grant, Lovecraft received actual arcane knowledge in his dreams, which was then expressed through the Cthulhu Mythos. Grant has inspired many magicians, some of whom have moved more into the realm of Lovecraft’s fictional writings.
- Ibid.

Love & craft...freemasonry is known as 'the craftt'...I shouldn't need to explain the worldplay!

 Depp, The Ninth Gate, Polanski, OTO & Kenneth 'OTO' Grant
(left) Kenneth 'OTO' Grant....(right) Johnny Depp

Grant's Ninth Arch 'versus' Depp/Polanski's Ninth Gate...clear overlaps via multiple films?

The Ninth Arch or Ninth Gate?  Polanski's film will take the viewer through '9 gates/doorways' during the opening title sequence. The masonic 'Rainbow' Royal Arch of Heaven.

 Doritos...and the royal arch, the dorito is shaped like the Grand Chapter logo, the jukebox like the royal arch itself. The 'royal rainbow arch' is a feature of Jukebox machines seen in True Detective, Eps 7
The first proper visible song listing...starts with #22 (paths) and it is via Oz(zy) Ozbourne's 10 (spheres) track album Ozzmosis.  Oz just had to be somewhere in TD.

The rainbow arch of heaven...
 Neverland, Pan and the Rainbow (Head/Crown)...with Kate 'Rosicrucian Rose Cross' Winslet

From Hell...where Depp featured with Heather (Hathor/Isis) Graham...
the Sycamore (sacred to Isis) Tree Queen from Twin Peaks (black/white Lodge)
 From 'Masonic' Hell...Depp & Abiff (Osiris) The 3 ruffians/unworthy craftsmen...who slay Abiff (Osiris).

Beyond the literal angle and into allegory...the ruffians seemingly represent 'ignorance' which slays the internal 'grand master' (our spirit) and does so, on a daily basis. 

Some researchers treat the killing of JFK as a re-enactment of the killing of Hiram Abiff (the hanged masonic hiram)...this is true of Hoffman & Downard...who penned King Kill 33 in this light...a modern take on The Killing of the (Corn) King from ancient times via Frazer's Golden Bough.  The Corn King and Yellow King (True Detective) having some overlaps...Dora Lange found at the base of a tree in a cane (crop) field.  
The image on the cover of Frazer's Golden Bough is that of the 'Green Man'...the same entity that is featured in True Detective (& the related Wicker Man)...the 'green man' symbolising a god of fecundity (vegative growth) ala Osiris (a green man god and connected to fecundity, as was his rival and vanquisher Set),  There are huge overlaps between True Detective and The Wicker Man.

 Some researchers treat the killing of JFK as a re-enactment of the killing of Hiram Abiff
What's really interesting is Woody Harrelson's apparent connection to the murder of JFK...this coming via his estranged father Charles, who some claim to be one of the 3 ruffians/tramps (the 3 unworthy craftsmen) that was present at the scene of the JFK hit. 

The late researcher Sherman Skolnick tried (in vain) to find out whether the Rothschild's had been involved in financing Oliver Stones 1991 film JFK.
JFK was a film that Arnon 'Mossad/911' Milchan worked on as a perhaps the Rothschild link is valid, but we just don't know!  What would conspiracy researchers think about JFK (the film) being funded by Rothschilds...they'd probably have a breakdown or something!?

For a final 'small world''ll find that True Detective's Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle (one of the cult's more senior members and Uncle of killer Errol) was played by Jay O (JFK) Sanders. Sanders plays Lou Ivon, who is one of the first to get off Garrison's 'conspiracy bandwagon' after it gets too close to the authorities.  It's all relevant imo, Garrison is DA for New Orleans (Louisana, again!). Another Garrison team member (in JFK) was played by Michael Rooker (as Bill Broussard) who also starred as 'Texas based' Henry Lee Lucas (which we covered earlier) in Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer.

These were the sort of photos found in Rev Tuttle's safe...
 True Dectective...sacrifical (winter) 'Saturnalia Queens'
 The deliberately 'posed' body...the first few seconds of TD shows a cult member positioning the body at the tree and starting a fire to draw attention to the scene.  This crime is for public ritual purposes (hence the overt nature) and for processing the masses etc.

 A bit like Twin 'trees' Peaks imo...the body found in Truman's office, a sacrificial victim of Windom Earle...complete with the deer/stag head.  

The antlers feature in a few scenes.

The Wicker Man...right, Rowan Morrison, 'decoy' sacrificial (summer) 'May Queen'
May 1st the beginning of summer...True Detective 'interrogation' footage starts on May 1st.

 True Detective...Rowan (a place) will be 'craftily' be mentioned when we're shown this suggestive shot of Dora (most likely in her younger years) in the trees. 

"Why wouldn't a father bathe his own child? Ahem. (very suggestive of parental abuse and the detectives never even raised this aspect!) He died on the road. Rolled over near Rowan, Oklahoma. May 11, 1984. 

Rowan & The Green Man
Rowan is a wood that is used in magick...The word "Rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun or rogn, and might be related to the word "rune" which means "magic, secret."

Kill List
 Cult member with crown of thorns blindfold @ masked ritual sacrifice in the woods

 The cult activity climax takes place in the grounds of an opulent mansion and connecting to an MP and seemingly other people of influence etc.  The final shot shows the protagonist being 'crowned'.
The authorities as a part of the cult...the willing 'self sacrifice' victims (the actual kill list) were a Priest (the church), a Librarian (knowledge) and an MP (the state).

Kill List

The Hanged (Wo)Man at the tripod gallows (self sacrifice)...far right, is the cult's symbol and/or calling card (evoking the tripod).

The cult's mark/symbol at the Priest's Church & at the Librarian's house

Finally to the gallows (which the mark/sign evokes) at the MP's estate...for the hanged (wo)man

Which all kind of (visually) reminds me of True Detective's devil nets & bird traps (calling card)

The Fontenot Video...

There is a scene in Kill List that evokes True Detective...this being the protagonists visit to the librarian's warehouse, inside they find (via implication) paedophile/snuff films and this spurs them on in their quest.  

Just prior to this scene, we see the two men exchange dialogue about having 'a special uncle' and this is clearly a known term for an abuser.  The prior dialogue makes the implied aspects clear...they then watched a paedo/snuff film and stumbled on a part of the operation.

 This concept of 'Uncles' was also present in True Detective...via Bunny Ranch Beth

"You wanna know Beth's situation 'fore she ran out on her uncle?"
The underage working 'lolita' girl...a very suspect character, along with Maggie (Hart's wife)

 Lolita...Underage girls & Uncles...filling cavities. 
It's possible that Beth was a conduit for deliberately unsettling (his mental state and well being) Marty Hart and his marriage and therefore the case .  It could've been a set-up involving Maggie. Both of the times when Marty comes unstuck with his marriage...are timed almost exactly with major increased developments in their investigation....these occur in 1995 (just prior to them breaking the initial case) and 2002 (as the case picks up again). I'm not sure that this is mere coincidence. Maggie doesn't visit girlfriends when she has marital problems...oh no, she runs to Cohle!  She seemingly acts like a 'trojan horse' unsettling her husband and unsettling Cohle (and therefore the partnership) too. 

Then there is Audrey and her strange 'cult related' drawings and the ominous references to the tree crown. Come on people, this is all about 'the sprawl' and who knows how wide and deep it really goes!?

Hart was likely (clearly imo) sent with a list by Maggie (we see him reading the list) to obtain his new 'camera' phone (he acts like he's never been shopping before!) she may have deliberately directed him to the T Mobile (the tau cross again) store where 'cult linked' Beth was now working.  The rest played out from there...Hart didn't even initially recognize Beth, she follows him to the Fox & Hounds (perhaps as her mission), guess who is the fox and guess who is the hound!  Maggie then goes through the motions, finds Beth's picture on his phone and the rest is history, albeit somewhat ambiguously.  When Beth tracks Marty to the bar, she orders a 'dirty martini'...this 'action' is mirrored soon after, with Maggie ordering a similar drink (in seduce mode) but 'extra dirty'...dirty Martin-(i) or doing the dirty on Martini-(i)?  Of course, I appreciate that this can all be simply various plot devices and echoes, but it is still reasonable to consider nonetheless.

 Maggie is also constantly trying to find Cohle a partner...perhaps this is 'control oriented' too, one of the women (Lori) actually works at the same hospital.
We only see her in two scenes, this is the final one...Remote(ly) control(led) Cohle...geddit?
That's it...keep the 'little priest' in check...mmm?

Re: above scene, Nic Pizzolatto (commentary)
...he  specifically mentions Cohle thinking/contemplating whether Lori is an enemy or not.

When Hart visits his wife in 2012...she discovers that he has recently linked up with Cohle again. She seems very surprised by this...and what is it that she does?  Very soon afterwards she drives to Cohle's bar (where he works and who she hasn't seen for 10 years) for the purposes of extracting info out of Cohle (likely about the case), but Cohle sends her packing!  She realises that Hart & Cohle are a team again and no doubt, she is on another 'spoil mission' again...a failed one (thanks to Cohle, who gives her very short thrift).

Why is Hart's (post divorce) meeting with Maggie (in 2012) and the discussion about his children (particularly Audrey) sandwiched between Hart watching the Fontenot snuff video?  It is via these types of juxtaposed scenes, that we can perhaps decipher even more.

Audrey's art work....and the black stars
We also learn that Audrey is on 'meds' for an unknown condition too.

 Audrey's school drawings...cough, cough.  Left, it looks like Errol (when he had that beard in 95) and his half-sister, which is reflected in a shot shown in the final episode!
Another likely shot of Errol's (Flowers) half-sister (Audrey's drawing) and a winged child (victim) as seen at the Pelican Island school.

Why after viewing Audrey's school Marty & Maggie seem to follow the pictures and they make love in the exact same way, as shown in the drawings? (watch the scene)

The Hart's only ever seem to consume 'spaghetti & broccoli' for dinner...the (broccoli) green eared (spaghetti) monster.  They symbolically eat Errol's face, on an almost daily basis.
 Why is Audrey's head superimposed over the telephone, the one that we saw inside Errol's house?

Audrey/Macie...I did notice that they are discussing a road accident victim (before Hart walks in, echoes of Cohle's daughters accident), but I'm sure something else is also being implied via these similar visual shots. Butterfly/butterflies are situated on the frame of their bed, a possible nod to monarch mind control, but I'm reaching.

Behind scenes on horseback (with a young Dora Lange), right...costumed man who is a ringer for the 'cult member' in the Fontenot video! (see below)

Cohle's warehouse/lock-up at Church Point...
 Cohle: “Tuttles, the men in the video … We didn’t get them all”
Marty: “Yeah, and we ain’t gonna get ‘em all. That ain’t the kind of world it is, but we got ours”.

News bulletin...episode 8 (ending)
"In the meantime, the State Attorney General and the FBI have discredited rumors that the accused was in some way related to the family of Louisiana Senator Edwin Tuttle."

Of course.....Cohle may well capture or kill a few of the cults expendables (Errol etc), but that is all that they are (they are victims themselves) and the larger part of the operation, is still left untouched and is able to continue. Errol & Ledoux (who live in squalor) are like patsies for the higher ups...hence why the Childress connection to the Tuttles is brushed over and never addressed!  Clearly the cult's reach extends to Govt, law enforcement and beyond etc.  All the case details and relevant evidence were sent to various 'Press' etc...including copies of the tape found in (cousin) Rev Billy Lee's safe and everything else, it was all there.  It was Senator Edwin Tuttle that kept the Lake Charles (2012) murder out of the press!

Yup...the kingpins are still protected by the system...a few pastsies is all you're gonna get!
That is seemingly the message being implied.