Thursday, 30 November 2017

Theresa May is a Piece of Shit

I don't regularly do "politics", but the time has arrived for comment.

Let's see how one of my predictions fared, and from July 2016, some 14 months ago.
July 2nd 2016
That's right folks - Theresa May. The EPIC FAIL of a so-called politician. I made my judgement just before May was installed.
I made the call then, and I knew I was CORRECT from the get-go.

Put this with my correct calls about Trump winning the US election (given a year in advance), the UK leaving the EU (which I knew even longer in advance) etc. These outcomes were virtually "impossible" according to (lying) MSM.

Of course, Article 50 was signed, but I doubt it'll mean much. The Tories have tried to sabotage leaving the EU at every opportunity. I expect they'll manage to find a way for the UK to be "out" - yet still "remain" - the worst of both worlds. The "shock" election was also something that no one saw coming. The Tories going for an election before all the "bad news" (via gatekeeping MSM) became readily apparent, at least to the masses. The dumb UK electorate, of course, voted for the wrecking Tories - thinking that they would deliver. A type of group electorate naivety/amnesia that flies in the face of all available evidence in respect of the Tories. I don't know of any Tory successes in recent years or decades, so Lord knows where they got that idea from? I did actually predict a "hung Parliament" (the so-called shock result), but not via this blog. An easy call based on the worst Tory manifesto that's ever been written. If that election had come a month or two later the Tories WOULD'VE been wiped out.

More than £1 Billion to the DUP to prop-up this shit-house of a failure government. £50B+ for the EU.
There's a never ending money supply to keep Tory criminals in government, surely you've learnt that much?

Popular "dumb ass" thinking likes to project the idea that the UK is "in the shit" due to Brexit. A laughable claim seeing as though the UK HAS NEVER recovered from the 2008/09 banking collapse. It's just been papering over the huge cracks since then. At that point the EU vote wasn't even an aspect of the equation. Dumb remainers can always been relied upon for their insane views, and in the face of verifiable facts. There is no Tory UK economic success, neither will there be. There is only a GIANT BUST on the horizon, one which the UK will not ever recover from. All part of the elite plan. The insane Tories think they can rest their complete "fuck up" (in respect of the UK economy) on the Brexit issue - that won't wash in these quarters, not by a long chalk.

I actually said in 2008/09 - that the CRIMINAL banks should've been left to go bust - which would've been sound economic action. That's what should happen to financially reckless entities. You don't let criminal destroying banks survive, if only for the reasons that they cannot do similar criminal action again. Remove the cancer, lest it return and more virulently. Labour gave the entire industry a free pass - and the nation a bill circa £1 trillion. Criminal politicians that have enabled these said banks just so they could continue their criminality unabated. And here we are nearly ten years later - the masses destitute and up to their eyeballs in debt. A Goldman Sachs stooge occupying the seat at the (criminal) Bank of England. Bankers should've been jailed and their wrecking businesses destroyed. Any that were saved could've also been tied into vast repayments (to the UK taxpayer) as a penance for their criminal activity. Banks have been in clover in the time since the collapse, but that is not the case with the wide economy or the people within it. None of this is by chance, quite the opposite.

If the Tory party were a private company  - they would've gone out of business years ago!
It's only in this British shit-house of politics that these failures are able to flourish, but flourishing at our expense.
None of them have any credibility, save in their ability to wreck.

POS, May
Totally capitulated to the EU superstate - which to anyone with a brain was ALWAYS going to happen.
This is a CRIMINAL GOVT - of that there is NO doubt. Don't listen to what they SAY, watch what they ACTUALLY do!

It's POS May's SICK TORY government that have been doing deals with the EQUALLY sick Saudi Arabia regime.
A round of applause for Theresa May - MURDERER OF CHILDREN
Another slow-clap for Theresa May. Your TAX £'s helps assist in the murder innocent children.

The REAL SICKNESS that infest the UK and its establishment - one it pretends isn't even happening!
In the last few years arms/munition sales to the SICK Saudi Regime have risen EXPONENTIALLY.
Sales being made by the SICK UK ESTABLISHMENT.

The USA is no different in this regard helping arm the Saudis in destroying peoples.
Trump certainly HASN'T stopped the arms sales. Trump won't denounce the JEWS either.
He's very likely in the back pocket of the Jew powers, sorry, but it certainly seems this way.
US/Jew foreign policy over the last near 20 years has been DIABOLICAL. A foil to this insanity MUST arise.
I'll only change my opinion when I see Jews being criticised so until then, then.
Saudi Arabia are a BIGGER threat to the world than Iran. Of that there is NO DOUBT.

The biggest crime syndicate in global existence.

Sick May even had the gall to PRETEND that something should be done to help the Yemeni people?
She's the HARPY who has enabled the destruction of this SAME COUNTRY! This is unbelievable in terms of OVERT DUPLICITY!
The SAME SICK Saudi regime that funds huge amounts of fundamentalist terror!

This is what real HATE CRIME looks like - it has a Tory face.
This is what REAL HATE CRIME is - not BULLSHIT spun through JEWISH OWNED news channels that FORGET to hold May and her government GULITY OF MASS WAR CRIMES.
The UK has been subject to NUMEROUS terror events since POS May was installed.
What is she doing to safeguard the UK. NOTHING, ZILCH, ZERO, NADA.

The UK House of Commons
Trump is guilty of so-called racial/extremist HATE CRIMES, yet the UK Tory government isn't guilty of some of the BIGGEST CURRENT WAR CRIMES being committed? It preoccupies itself with the concept of "HATE", yet concurrently ignores its OWN ROLE in the mass destruction of a peoples and their lives! I know what REAL HATE is - and May and her Tories are IT!


Fuck your "HATE CRIME" BULLSHIT. You sit in the commons allow minorities to flood the nation then turn around and say "RACIST" if anyone makes any comment. This is a nation that has an infrastructure that is FAILING in ALL ASPECTS. Homelessness rapidly increasing, schools overcrowded, hospitals failing, prisons failing, roads crumbling, armed forces decimated, police decimated, prisons in a mess. Enough reasons to make any sane human being HATE MAY and her CRIMINAL TORIES.

A fucking 'HATE SPEECH" House of Commons debate, yet ALL WHILE THE MURDER OF CHILDREN HAPPENS, and ALL UNDERWRITTEN by this SICK TORY GOVT! What a FUCKING OUTRAGE. Worrying about TWEETS - when children lie in their own blood?


How's the UK economy going under the Tory party, Theresa?
The Tory economic miracle (read "nightmare") laid bare.
She is not just a FAILURE - there has NEVER been a bigger POLITICAL FAILURE in UK history.
Even Gordon Brown had more about him as a PM, and that is a joke in itself! Cameron was equally as appalling - the entire Tory party are an unmitigated disgrace. When this is all through the Tories will likely be unelectable for generations. Their philosophy was always bankrupt - pandering to the wealthy, and the fewer and fewer, and ignoring the many. They were always destined to back themselves into a political corner. If you want someone to blame for this UK/EU vote mess, blame the Tories who enacted the referendum.

AUSTERITY is a LIE - for the purposes of removing wealth from the masses.
Years of austerity have resulted in a decimated country in ALL aspects.
So how come the 1% have never had it so good? Austerity was ONLY ever for the 99%, and at the behest of the 1%.

The net result of years of Tory austerity.
If austerity was meant to improve the situation, how come it now looks like this!? The nation has gone BACKWARDS!
The only thing the Tory party can offer the UK - is DECLINING STANDARDS OF LIVING.
The British people are voting to be made poorer? OH, YES! You better believe it.
Read it and weep. The Tory party are the party of the economy?
Anyone know any other jokes? More EPIC FAILURE.

There used to be a guarantee for UK workers. If you worked very hard, saved carefully, and were sensible -
there was every chance you could pull yourself out of poverty. This no longer applies.
The elite have now pulled-up the drawbridge on that concept. This spells certain disaster going-forward.

Free Market in her speech - but Marxist Socialist in her actions.
Theresa May's speech about "Free Market" capitalism is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen. An insult to anyone with a functioning brain - she should've been laughed-off the stage. The woman is clueless - a political and fiscal pygmy. This shit-house Tory party wouldn't know "free market" economics if it bit them on the ass.

The Tories have done nothing but meddle/fiddle the entire system. They actually live in fear of the real and actual "free market". Propping up property prices, and at the expense of the entire wider economy. Printed endless billions in "quantitive easing", all hoovered up by the 1%, and watering-down everyone's purchasing power etc. The banks have driven interest rates to virtual 0% (robbing pensioners of income), no incentive to provide interest rates either due to (criminal) funding for lending. And now it's all a giant bust just waiting to happen. The profligate enabled every step of the way, as if it were normal. There is a cost to this "dangerous and collective naivety" - and it won't be a pretty one. The masses are also strung-out on insane levels of personal and credit card debt, and with falling earning power and living standards. (From my own POV, I don't have debts. I'm not dumb enough to fall into that trap). The economic rulebook was thrown-out of the window long ago - this IS the era of "Voodoo economics".

Western (Jewish owned) central banks are giant criminal enterprises - they've distorted the entire asset class market.
Stocks (particularly US) are completely detached from economic reality - multinationals have been buying their own stock (on cheap borrowed money) to inflate their value. Property prices are in an insane bubble due to criminal longterm interest rate policy (Cantillon effect) and more reckless lending. Fractional reserve banking is at the core of the entire criminal enterprise. Former Fed Reserve chairman Alan "Jew" Greenspan was the architect of 0% money, he was followed by Jew Bernanke, current chair is JEW Yellen. A hat-trick of JEWS.
The JEW S of A. Destroying the goyim thru (Rothschild) banking & money - decade after decade.
Once the shackles of "Jew mass mind control" are thrown-off - actual reality soon begins to make sense!
This is WHY Jews seek to own ALL media and seek to be the ONLY storyteller! Christ, this is easy!
This is why the Jew MSM actively functions to deny actual reality and cry "anti-semite" at every turn - IT HAS TO!
Hell, US monetary policy is just as INSANE as their (Jew influenced) FOREIGN POLICY! Wrecking all in sight.
Why is there a HUGE overrepresentation of JEWS in US public life? They are a MINORITY.
The SAME powers that control your news and so-called entertainment - all majority Jew owned.
I'm really sick of HOLOHOAX propaganda films. The ones that paint Jews as the ultimate victim!
How about a film about Khazar Jews, which shows how they destroy nations via their warped banking systems?
"There's no business, like Shoah business". These monsters are a CANCER, a pox on the world.

SNAP! Two nations owned and run by Khazar JEWS.
UK. A Goldman 'JEW" Sachs stooge heads the Rothschild Bank of England. Consumerism run amok, champagne lifestyles, but on beer money. The UK masses have used "debt" to replace lost or non-existent economic growth. The economic growth that they've foregone by voting for charlatans. It's also a nation drunk on the insidious "cult of celebrity" - a type of societal cancer. Being amused to their own collective cultural deaths - is a fitting description. Nothing but signs of a broken and dying system, at least for the major majority. Theses things are merely extensions/aspects of the "elite" wealth transference system - and the data backs this up! Debt is merely a means of control - put the masses in a permanent cycle of debt and you have them under control.

Zionist/Khazar mass control and agitator propaganda via mass media.
The UK is so JEW OWNED. When the BBC wanted to do the complete history of Great Britain, you'd think they'd let a proper British historian write it. But, oh no! It was actually done by Simon "JEW' Schama. What a fucking JOKE.
JEWS even write UK history!

JEW BBC Marxists actively promote RACISM - it has now been clearly institutionalised!
When they're not raping kids they're raping the "group mind" with lame and transparent propaganda.
No WHITES need apply.  Imagine seeing a UK job advert saying "No Irish, no Blacks".
The BBC would've spent months investigating that - at least until every white person felt a form of shame.
This is such TRANSPARENT "hate Whitey" mass mind control that I actually laugh at it.
Promoting/inducing widespread "white self-loathing" via programming etc - is a full-time job for the Beeb.
Same is true with being "straight"! Their programmes are full of uber blunt LGBT mind control too.
It's the "Hate Whitey" club. Afro-Americans who are OVERTLY racist. They should be in prison.
Primed by Khazar Marxist media , Hollywood, TV, Soros' BLM (aka uber transparent corporate mass mind control),
but don't even know it. Ha, ha!
This is how sick Khazar/Zionist Hollywood Jews rot the group mind of the US and beyond.
Agitator propaganda to generate a sense of entitlement in dumb Afro-Americans who think they've been victimised, yawn!
Certain 'induced victim based' Afro-Americans then turn around and say "See, it's the Devil white man"
- all whilst ignoring the full spectrum dominant JEWS who are pulling their emotional strings and dosing them!!

12 Years A Slave - A "Hate Whitey" programming special produced/made by sick ZIONIST JEW, Arnon 9/11 Milchan.
The Khazar/Zionists also OWN Afro-American "hip-hop" - a type of Jew induced "neo-Uncle Tom" phenomena.
This is why JEWS must be and are the ONLY storyteller - are you getting it yet?
Propagandised non-stop about "equality", but an "equality issue" that will never shine a light on the media owning Jews!

The MSM Khazar Puppet Masters. Rupert "POS/Hillsborough" Murdoch and Arnon "POS/911" Milchan.
Murdoch largely controls the UK "group mind" via mass media - of that, there is very little, if any doubt.
This is why this sort of full spectrum dominance via media should be made ILLEGAL.
Murdoch is a crypto-Jew. Linked Milchan was heavily involved in predictive programming for 9/11 (via his output).
Milchan's Regency films is also implicated via Fight Club, A Time to Kill, Pushing Tin, The Devil's Advocate, etc.
Linked Murdoch's Fox produced the single most resonant TV show (The Lone Gunmen) in respect of 9/11 predictive programming.
Fox are also implicated via 9/11 predictive programming in The Simpsons, Towering Inferno, Wall St., Big, Die Hard series, Working Girl, Home Alone 2, X-Files, Independence Day, Grenlins 2 (via Eric 'Fox' Shawn), and others.

Yes, these Khazars helped programme the 'mass mind' (& steer it n the aftermath) for the world's biggest inside terror job!
Most people DO NOT have the mental capacity to deal with, or even register this sort of elite mass crime, I understand that.
9/11 Milchan was bankrolled by UK TV/film mogul Lew "Khazar" Grade - via The Medusa '9/11" Touch (shown above).
Zionist Jew, Grade was the architect of UK television's ITV.
Jew Grade's 11 Sept. ITC. It's alleged that Milchan was mentored by (Jew) producer Elliot Kastner during the 1970s.
Mossad "Star Fucker" Milchan - I wonder which "star" he is really referring? The anatomical kind. Ahem.

Khazar Jews - promoting sodomy and socialism - & using a KGB (slide) to cover for their SICK programming!
Grade was literally the creator of UK ITV (via 11th Sept, ITC), his fellow Khazar, Bernstein, ran Granada TV.
Tory PM Cameron was Head of Communications at Carlton TV, when Universal sold Grade's former ITC to Carlton TV!
Cameron's only job outside politics. Linked Michael Grade was heavily involved with LWT, CH4, and the (Khazar) BBC.

It's the "WTC Building 7 has fallen, oh hang on" BBC. The (Jew) elite that controls the masses via (sick) media:
BBC (Jew) TV - The Modus Operandi for mass control via this 'overt' MANIFESTO - from 1968.

Now go look at the state of UK television and compare it to this - and from nearly 50 years ago!
It's only the entire mould for what we now call "Reality TV", although TV rarely does reality, as we've learned.
Written by Nigel Kneale. BBC's Year of the Sex Olympics. The same BBC that Jimmy "ISRAEL" Savile worked for.
BBC Khazar/Ashkenazi Ukrainian descended Jew, Michael Grade, was key in making CH4 degenerate.
You can degenerate a society by simply enveloping it in forms of sick media - which is CLEARLY what has happened!
Programming the goyim with destructive and degenerate media...pornography for mass control.
De Mol is an Orange Jew. Complete with the Jewish/Masonic "all seeing eye" (masonic sirius, the anatomical anus).
BORE-HAM(S) with WOOD. Get them strung-out. That'll stop the goyim understanding that Jews rot them via their sick media.
WTF is this SHIT? Even amoeba watch content that is more challenging. The all singing, all dancing crap of the world.
It's like a giant turd has been dropped into the collective brain! If this were food, it'd be a piss soaked Twinkie.
INFANTILE TV. The infantilization of the sheep via mass media broadcasting. An active form of mass retardation.

UPDATE (May 2019) 
Yes, it's yet another - "I TOLD YOU SO" - moment from Horselover Phat.
Videodrome: "Why deny you get your kicks out of watching torture (psychological or otherwise) and murder?"
 "A small elite control the media, keeping the lower classes docile by serving them an endless diet of
Love Island suicides June 2018, and March 2019. Kyle suicide May 2019. (I wrote this piece late-2017.)
 Performing monkeys...The all singing, all dancing (TV/mass media) crap of the world.
Does this disintergrating world NEED more vapid celebs, fame junkies, plastic musicians, and narcissist actors?
THE (ZIONIST/MASONIC) CULT OF CELEBRITY - The globe's number 1 (induced) religion (mental illness).
 Still think it's harmless fun and solely about entertainment? Think again.

Also add Levi Kereama (Australian Idol, Season 1), and Kate Cook (Australian Idol, Season 9).
ALL OF THESE SHOWS ARE SHIT (as originally stated). ALL based primarily around U.S./U.K. (so-called) popular culture.
Homosexual JEW, Simon Cowell, is a huge force behind this societal cancer. "Idol" series was his vehicle.
Zionist/Masonic JEW owned/controlled Western popular culture (degeneracy).

 And another...recall this?
 "Written by Nigel Kneale. BBC's Year of the Sex Olympics. The same BBC that (paedo) Jimmy "ISRAEL" Savile worked for."
Kneale, the architect of the framework for reality TV (including death for amusement). A reality that was to come.
Programmed to your OWN cultural deaths via (sick, satanic, Zionist/US) TV:
Just another - "I TOLD YOU SO" -  moment. Yes, yet another one! :)
 Programmed To Suicide. Originally posted here... Back To The 2016 Presidency Future - "Who Knew?"
I wrote the above over 4 months BEFORE the release of (sick corporate programmer) Netflix's "13 Reasons Why." (Mar. 2017).
As I stated, I was NOT joking. Isn't it strange how 'the soon to come reality' - confirms my musings!? Even 9/11 Fox got a look-in.
Nigel - Hallowe'en '9/11' 3 (via TV mass mind control), and Prince of 'satanic' Darkness - Kneale. (see John '911' Carpenter.)
Kneale, the actual architect of REALITY TV (incl. public deaths for amusement) - see BBC's Year of the Sex Olympics, 1968.
 Certain researchers are claiming a spike of over 28% in respect of the above.
So, if the BBC, and BBFC (censor) KNEW of these (potential) apparent dangers in respect of TV programming
- one's that centre around teen suicides, and over 50 years ago (incl. reference to the COPYCAT EFFECT).
Then why have these shows been made some 50+ years later? And made as though they're ignorant of all the former!

 Jay '13 Reasons Why'
In February 2018, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators announced that it
had expelled Asher in 2017 following allegations of sexual harassment.
(An ideal type for authoring children's and teen's books, ahem. I'm sure he disputes the allegeations, they ALWAYS do.)

Anyway, moving on. I just wanted to update. (End of May 2019 update.)

What are my credentials in respect of politics? 
Besides a few posts on this blog about the subject - EU Vote, US 2016 Election etc. I've only ever produced one piece of academic work in respect of politics. It was during my first term, and first degree year (a politics module), at a London University, very late 1980s. I had to write an essay on a particular nation's political system. I chose Japan. I had never written anything about politics prior to this. I only had my own thoughts and personal discussions with others. I knew nothing of Japanese politics either, so naturally I buried myself into books and combined that with my own type of wisdom. That said, I did get a first class A grade for the essay. That's the straight-up truth. I left soon after, never to return. I have always paid attention to politics, even from when I was a child, not to any extreme degree, but enough to get a handle on things and the machinations etc. :)

This is the SAME Tory party that back in 2011 said that ALL WOULD BE SORTED by 2017/18.
Now we're told/advised that nothing will improve for nearly 60 years? This is how CRIMINAL TORIES enable the CRIMINAL JEWISH BANKS to rinse the masses of wealth. It's not complicated. These psychopath/sociopath politicians are VERY TRANSPARENT.
(Don't get carried-away with the increase in low paid, unskilled employment. Decades of elite fomented wage depression still need addressing.)

It's not just the Tories though...oh no.
This Labour FAGGOT (Umunna) is no better, yes, he's a 10 on my gaydar.
Another minority goon who is powered by "cultural Marxism".
The UK is effectively now a MARXIST STATE...Tory and Labour are the same in this regard.
Labour's Jeremy "Das Kapital" Corbyn - is another Marxist POS, along with McDonnell.
Cultural Marxist EU GROUP THINK - aka poorly veiled mass mind control.
Nation states are a HATE CRIME according to these DRONES.
Calling terrorism - "TERRORISM" is now racist? No, it's just describing reality as it is.
Another MARXIST. A minority Islamic Mayor.
Don't let this happen to you USA. They will flood your nation with muslim minorities, then call you racist for complaining.
Good luck, though. Trump is totally ZIONIST OWNED. Uber Zionist Adelson funded Trump's 2016 run!
Trump ISN'T even in control. Zionist Bolton is the one calling the shots. Like the U.K,, Zionism controls the U.S.
Corralling the sheep by shit and complicit 1% MSM (blatant propaganda) - painting pictures that don't exist.
Quick let's sell her as Maggie 2.0 before everyone works out that she's nothing but a weak, puppet/stooge!
I know the UK electorate is thick as concrete shit - but that poll is incredulous.
Destroying MSM propaganda is like taking candy from a baby - as easy as shelling peas.

The Daily Mail/Fail terminated my account - it was simply due to the fact that I was tearing apart their propaganda.
And like a hot knife thru butter! Naturally they couldn't cope. :)
Let's cut police numbers and leave the country wide-open for terror attacks.
"Crying wolf"? No, they were just stating the bleedin' obvious. How did this policy work-out for you, Mayer?
In fact, let's not bother with ANY form of immigration control at all. Hardly surprising with her track record!
Hey, let's also accuse the indigenous of being RACIST (and in league with the Marxist London metropolitan elite)
if they complain about being flooded with migrants.
Don't worry Tory faithful - most of the sheep are still fuming about Blair, and all as she destroys the UK further!
I'm doing the JOB that SICK British MSM should be doing, but then they're just (painfully obvious) 'PAID LIARS'.

May's record was appalling even before she was made PM. Certain parts of the UK media were fashioning her as the new Maggie Thatcher. Howl! No wonder I openly mock the MSM.
This is how they continue to use Islam as the conduit for (certain) establishment-driven terror events!
The UK DOES have a terror problem, but Khan/Cunt doesn't see it, or thinks the risk is worth taking!
These people are insane CRIMINALS in suits. Of course, mass uncontrolled immigration also serves to lower the living standards and earning potential of the indigenous - the data backs this up! Just a typical political and corporate sleight of hand trick that only fools sheep. The UK talking head media - that seems to consist of about 70-80 so-called current affairs experts (I'd destroy them in seconds!) - are nothing but paid lackeys attempting to uphold a failing 1% centric paradigm.

Sick UK political establishment - the same type of establishment that fomented "colonialism" in the first place, and which greatly benefited from it. It now turns around and uses a reverse form of "colonialism" on its own masses! "Sick" just doesn't do it justice. Schools and universities now seem to be a hotbed of cultural Marxist programming. Churning out politically naive, self-loathing types that have been induced (brainwashed) to view "one-worldism" as the "progressive" and only way. UK indigenous are made to feel like second class citizens within their own countries. Accused of being "racist" if they complain about their communities being decimated. This is all upheld by the criminal 'group think' MSM, the Twatterati etc, and the London metropolitan (PC Marxist) elite.

MINORITY RULE CHAMPIONS! This IS minority rule and how it is enacted.
The same is seen with LGBT - minorities bending the will of the majority thru criminal MSM.

Theresa "JEW" MAYER.
May dined with the Chief Rabbi on the eve of her being installed as PM.
What about BRITISH VALUES, MAYER? Oh right, they don't count.
Its's the JEW-nited Kingdom aka the Union of JACOB.

What contributions? Constructing a counterfeit mass media world? A sick degenerate media, and warped entertainment that is actually mind control? Murdering Palestinians on the back of the Balfour "GIANT FRAUD"? Creating a sick Israel nation state that has done nothing but tear apart the entire Middle East? How about endless hand wringing about the HOLOHOAX, and shedding tears for JEWS ONLY? A Rothschild controlled monetary system that is nothing but a giant "wealth transference" system? Yes, those JEWS really are a special kind of people. VOMIT!

At Last A Jewish Prime Minister

The JC reports that May has worked closely with the Community Security Trust, a Jewish organisation that cares for the security of one ethnic group that believes itself to be chosen. May had committed another £13.4 million of government money to Jewish security measures and had made her intentions towards the community clear.
If Theresa May is destined to be our second Iron Lady, maybe she should attempt to stand up to the Lobby and serve the interests of her people. After all, she is going to be the British prime minister rather than merely queen of the Jews.  
"Chosen" - yeah, chosen by Lucifer/Satan. That's what the Khazar Jews are!
They'll never stop with their JEWISH SUPREMACY belief! All very, very innately SOCIOPATH.
This certainly isn't a first in terms of a Jewish loving PM, many have been, if not ALL in recent history.
That's why so many PM's come from JACOBITE/JEW (stronghold) Scotland!

Oy Vey - It's Theresa MAYER
I will criticise Israel as much as I want. This low-grade mind control won't work on myself!
Jewish/Israeli religious SUPREMACY is BIGOTRY/RACISM you cow, and WRIT LARGE, one that is unchecked!
Fuck Israel and fuck British-Israelism. Don't ever sing Jerusalem!

The UK - A Vassal of JEW MASONIC/MARXIST SCUM! The nation state wreckers.
Communism was a WHOLLY JEWISH/ILLUMINATI creation. Jew Levy/Marx, Jew Weishaupt, & Jew Lenin.
A one-world "prison planet" requires the destruction of nations & family units, all which have been worked on via Marxists.
Likewise capitalists too. Hence sewing (Marxist/liberal) sexual identity confusion via MSM - for family destruction purposes etc.
JEWISH Freemasonry has a major controlling hand in UK affairs, Jew masonic foot soldiers, and in a bad disguise.
Marxism is what POWERS those SJW leftist/liberals and other DELUDED FOOLS! Tragic, really tragic.
Marxism is the party line of the UK Tory/Conservative's, not just Labour - THEY ARE ALL CLEARLY MARXISTS.
Marx was sponsored by ROTHSCHILD'S JEW/ILLUMINATI! I'd laugh, if it wasn't so serious!
FILTHY JEWS interfering in the political apparatus of entire nations! This is VERY LIKELY TRUE.
We just saw comparable with Tory, Pritti "Israel" Patel. Israel trying to sponsor her as a PM candidate! (covering bases).
Russia seem to have thrown-off the chains of JEW control - that's not the case with Jew S of A or Jew-nited Kingdom!

Don't worry - the MARXISTS are now FAILING in every regard. It was bound to happen.
Their "group think" is failing, as is their mass mind control thru JEW MSM.
The sick Khazar JEWS have spun LIES so large, that there is now no way of ignoring any of it!
The lie is simply becoming too big, too cumbersome, and too transparent to maintain.
Even in the event of the insane "One World" conspiracy being enacted (the ongoing plan) - the Marxists were ALWAYS earmarked for complete destruction - something they've patently FAILED to appreciate. The One World government has only one dimension in that respect - it is to be LUCIFERIAN, and only Luciferian. The Marxists are/were only an Illuminati tool to usher in this giant global FIX.

How's the inquiry into elite child abuse going?
The UK establishment is JEW CONTROLLED "PAEDOPHILE CENTRAL". That's why nothing is happening!
It's the sodomite Bilderberg, Masonic Jew, JEW-Luminati.

It was PAEDO SATANIST Edward "Tory" Heath that signed the UK into to the MARXIST/Bilderberg EU!

The sodomised elite. I know you've all been ploughed in your formative years. So that's that issue settled.
Apparently it's a "rite of passage" - pun intended.
A political establishment power base built on "ass fucked" toffs. ALL of them are damaged goods.
Long, long ago I put this type of so-called "upper class" in the "shit bin" - respect is EARNED not given.
Same goes for the Windsors. A degenerate family and a cancer on the UK, they prop-up the entire sick elite system.
Male royals rarely fuck vaginally (save for procreating) - the reasons are obvious.
Put that in your craw you flag waving drones - Royalists make North Koreans look free.

The WORST Prime Minster in the history of the UK. Wow, and that's against some of the stiffest opposition! :)
Even inanimate objects want her gone - so kindly "F OFF"
They even signpost it!

Why hasn't the UK population stormed Downing Street and removed this WICKED WITCH?
Are they waiting until she's destroyed the entire UK? She's well on her way to achieving it.

Now, where is the emergency Parliamentary session to discuss the IMPLOSION of the UK, and under the tenure of the Tories? Where is the huge debate about May and her Tory government destroying innocent children? This is what should be at the forefront of the UK people, not BULLSHIT about "NON-HATE CRIME".

When you're all out of ideas - blame the Russians.
Re: USA/Russia. Can anyone tell me how any potential Russian interference could've, and has led to influencing voters?
Without the former, this argument is actually completely redundant. How has actual voting behaviour been influenced?
A bankrupt government, both monetarily and morally.
Fire shots everywhere accusing others - all while you head the worst British government in the nation's entire history. A very old, and very TRANSPARENT tactic. Blame EVERYONE but yourself for huge collective failure. The Russians are one of the only moderate nations left on planet earth. They completely shame the UK political apparatchiks - oh, the irony.

This is the SAME UK population that has helped the corporate elite destroy unions and workers rights.
Corralled by the elite and their propaganda organs to view worker's rights as selfish, greed-based nonsense!
Spot the correlation between Tory rule, weakening worker's rights and rapidly depressed wages.
The Tory (part New Tory Labour) economic miracle nightmare made real! 2007 - 2015, & it's getting even worse for the 99%.
The Tories have NO IDEAS, no ideas on wealth expansion for the masses. No idea on affordable homes, no idea on decent wage paying work, no idea on mass immigration (we're at record levels), no ideas on the NHS (save destroying it). No ideas on the military - which is now "Dad's Army" made real. No idea on law and order - lawlessness is the new game in town. All they have is corporate fomented thievery from the masses.

The Tories "doubled-down" on the 2008/9 banking crisis - that's what the dumb electorate don't seem to understand. If the Tories had been in power during the Blair/Brown years the damage would've BEEN EVEN WORSE. Tories wanted less banking regulation. So, ironically you can bank that! We went thru the biggest corporate financial crime in the nation's history. Yet the Tory response was to enable this crime even further. WOW! The corporate (JEW) banks are one of the biggest criminal monstrosities that currently exists. The nation is FUCKED simply due to the growth and expansion of this banking cartel. All the UK eggs are in the sick banking sector. This is WHY the nation is, and has been getting destroyed. The City will say the opposite - but then they're INSANE. They will take the shirt off your back, and then tell you it's for your own good.

BANKS = Satanic Khazar Criminals.
I even wrote that the UK corporate banks should've been set on fire in 2008/09! That's what should've happened!
I was cursing their sort as early as 2005, and publicly.

FUCK THE UK. It's a degenerate SHIT HOLE.
It will officially be a  "THIRD WORLD" nation within 20 years - for many of the masses it already is.
There is no coming back for the UK. It's gone backwards faster than shit thru a goose.
You can ALWAYS rely on the dumb UK electorate to enable the criminal UK establishment.
They've never failed in this regard, and neither will they. Thank God I'm getting out!
Emigrating to a real "civilisation" is your only hope. Mass and rapid UK decline (save the 1%) will continue unabated.
The return to Victorian values for the majority is now unstoppable.

If you are YOUNG - GET THE FUCK OUT of the UK. It's the BEST advice I could give to anyone.
The baby boomer generation and onward have ensured your demise. The generations that had their educations paid for, but who elected parties that enacted policies that would see their own children crucified on! Wow! They voted for political choices that have seen many of them prosper, but leaving you destitute and with little or no hope. Their gain, but obtained by sacrificing your future. They were all just political vassals of the elite, programmed by MSM and corralled - but they never knew it. UK higher education has proved to be nothing but an elite scam. A generation sent to university - but for a future economy built on non-skilled cheap labour. Taking crumbs from the 1% elite (the modus operandi of the UK masses) could only go on for so long. The "crumbs" era is now over and it's not ever coming back. Checkmate.

Some will think this harsh, but I don't agree. This is what happens when you entrust your entire lives to the 1% (aka the criminal, but MSM legitimised) elite. Collectively the generations have sat back while the ONLY growth in the economy for the last 40+ years has come from trading homes like they're investment vehicles. The UK doesn't make anything - it is just a "shell" - a corporate elite shell. The Tories destroyed the manufacturing base in the 70s and 80s - all for the nation's good, at least according to warped Tory thinking. The nation's collective "Tory philosophy" (the political way of life so many have willingly chosen) has cost their own children, and dearly. Not that Labour would've been appreciably any better - you understand. The financial burden placed upon the coming generations will be so severe, that they will not have lives that are in any way comparable to what many have now. Throw-in the UK pensions, which is one of the lowest in the developed world, and wait for the inevitable.  This is the UK's 1% legacy.

You still get dumb asses carrying-on about Blair's Noo Tory Labour! FFS!
You've spent the last 7 years moaning about Blair (cunt of a man that he is), and all while the Tory sociopaths were picking your pocket, and decimating you even further! Tories have borrowed more in their 7 year tenure than the Labour party's entire historic and total combined borrowing! I guess DUMB just happens? The electorate are so far behind the curve - that it is as tragic, as it is funny!

Current Tory party supporter's thinking: "We can't let Labour in they'll wreck the economy!"
Hello! Is there anyone at home!? The Tories HAVE wrecked the economy! Clearly I am living in a country where the electorate live in a ZOMBIFIED state. Actual reality has patently passed them by! No wonder I've given up. The Tories have destroyed the economy, and destroyed the future for millions. Seven years of abject failure, a 'super quick' doubling of the national debt, austerity for the 99% - and a decimated infrastructure. The End. How did the electorate get this base, this dense? It takes a special type of DUMB to enact mass austerity and then have absolutely NOTHING to show for it as a result!

The LAST thing the UK needed after 2008/09 - was another criminal government, it needed the exact opposite.
But another, even bigger criminal government is EXACTLY what it got! And all in league with the criminal MSM.
"Jewish values will prevail."
This should be seen as OVERT treachery. On whose authority? This is a British nation, not goddamn Israel!
She'll help them in continuing to destroy the dumb Goyim - that IS the Tory sociopathic philosophy. Might is right.

LOL. This just in. The day after my post. :)
Just FUCK OFF and DIE you heartless, insane Bitch!
The 32% approval must be from Jews and their assets. It certainly won't be from anyone that is sane! :)

It's almost as though I knew the coming reality - and all before it even happened! :)
When did you ever see such accurate projections being made by the UK MSM? "Never" is the answer.

EU Ireland.
Re: Ireland (Eire). I worked there in recent years (Dublin), the entire nation has been taken over by a few multinationals.
Ireland is nothing but a giant, elite, tax dodging mechanism for criminal corporations (Google, Apple etc).
Once corporation taxes are EU levelled, then they'll clear-out. Ireland will then be truly fucked.

Ireland, like Jacobite Scotland have historically claimed to want to be free and independent!
Their idea of freedom and independence is joining the EU Marxist superstate? Wow, they really are tick (sic).
They never wanted independence, just to be EU lapdogs - the independence lie is easily exposed. I've just done so.


The following  is a (kind of linked) new post "still in progress" - I'll put it in a separate post soon.

Google, Apple Corps, Faecesbook, BBC - shit-house social media etc

I remember when the internet was largely free from typical "CORPORATE CONTROL".
The typical establishment recording industry conglomerates were way behind the curve with MP3 etc.
It didn't take the sheep very long to be corralled into making it the ultimate centre though - in terms of corporate power.
Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo etc...I've watched on as everyone was led down the same paths - peer pressure etc.
It's effectively ended the concept of "individualism" - what we're now left with is low denominator group think!

Intel Agency Inside...folk used to laugh when I said this more than a decade ago! Some are not laughing now.
Not wishing to blow my own trumpet. I was citing these creations as giant "data mining" fronts in the early/mid-2000s!
Google's Brin and Page - dumb cut-outs (aka a front) for masonic American corporate mass mind control.
Only a "dumb ass" would believe the Brin/Page fairytale, same for sodomite Apple, Faecesbook, and Microsoft too.
Facebook as a foil against "fake news"? THEY ARE FAKE NEWS! Most Western MSM = Fake Jews News.
Faecesbook, masonic JEW Suckerberg - another front! All driven home via Jew MSM propaganda, Hollywood and TV etc.
Platforms that turn human beings into "one-dimensional" pattern mould (masonic primed) SHEEP.

"Masonic 'cock n balls' Tubal Cain" Faecesbook to the Apple Freemasons. I-Sheep/eye-Sheep please line-up!

The "Sirius" turd-eye (Masonic/Jew) "Brotherhood of Buggery" via Syrian, Jobs. Masonic Siri-us, like Apple's Siri.
Silicon/Silly Con Valley (gay San Francisco) and (homo) Hollywood need to be DESTROYED.
Nothing but filthy masonic/Jew mass mind control. Lennon spectacle wearing, rainbow Jobs.
Everybody loves "Ring-O", said (F)-Ass-bender, as Jobs. $666.66 Apple/Ring-O, don't forget Scottish Rite, Woz!
Ashton "Masonic/Kabbalah" Kutcher also played Jobs. Kutcher is just another mogul anal pincushion and fluffer!
Why else would he be in "Two and a Half Men" - men living together - Pretty Pink, Ducky Cryer (Duckies, queers)?
Demi Moore is a lesbian, Butch Willis is homosexual. Hollywood types ONLY know how to LIE!

Apple Corps
The "faeces" resonant Apple Beatles - the Jew managed, and Ashkenazi Jew (Grade) formerly owned back catalogue!
Via military/aristocratic elite linked corporation EMI. EMI's Lockwood bought-out Capitol leading to US releases.
The WWW/Internet was literally born via "666" CERN (Lee) and the US military!
The same SICK US military that regularly destroys entire nations - the same US military that created nuclear warfare!
If it weren't for sick Jew Einstein - the atom bomb would not have been built! His letters to the US made it happen!

Meat The OTO 'Dung' Beatles/Beetles. "Everybody loves, Ring-O."
Apple and the Pentagram/Pentacle - Sodomite Baphomet/Pan. Apple bottom (ass) stars.
Because it's nothing but a Masonic Jew, Satanic, Sodomite Agenda! "Hap-PENIS is a warm (phallic) gun."
AL-BUMS that spin at the "masonic" rate of 33 1/3. Or as they would say "33" and a "turd".

Multinational Corps. CEOS with their "god" - the Fallen Angel, Lucifer
CORPORATE FILTH - Destroyers of humanity and the entire planet, enabled by dosed 'materialist' automaton sheep.
If you think these SICK corporations are going to SAVE the planet, then you're CRAZIER than they are!
No one works the planet like its a giant "whore" - more than these degenerates.

ANTI-HUMAN CORPORATE SCUM. You want to see the face of the "devil" - then look no further.
It's not some mythological bogeyman solely based in literature. It doesn't have a pointy tail and theatrical horns (a la Hollywood programming). It is a real and living entity that surrounds you. It is also powered and maintained by yourselves - you are the ones that give power to the beast, in fact you've done literally nothing but! Soulless corporations, yes - they sold theirs long, long ago.
Bit, by bit - you've also been selling yours - although I doubt you know it.
Planet Earth, brought to you in association with:
Google, Apple, Coke, Amazon,VISA, McDonald's, Viacom, Disney, Exxon, Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, Oligarchs, etc
Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of the ENTIRE corporate world. They tried to clue you in via Damien Omen 2.
The "anti-christ" as head of a massive globalist corporate multinational. The "crown of Thorns".
The 'Thorn" and the "O". Aleister '666' Crowley's Hymn to Pan:
“Give me the sign of the open eye (sphincter), the token erect of thorn-y thigh (penis).”
Elite Homo-Sodomite 'god' PAN
We've tried to warn you that this shift is happening and would rapidly transpire, but were laughed at by the sheep.'
Decades spent wearing you down with 'sodomy' (via sick MSM). Naturally they've moved onto wearing you down in respect of children! The links between certain homosexual pressure groups and paedophila normalisation are strong. It's called normalising ALL taboos until we have full-blown hell on earth. Adults manipulating children, and the group mind via mass propaganda and Orwellian double-speak. This is "mechanical, power-based sex abuse"  - not caring based love etc
What next? Rights for people who want to abuse the bodies of dead children? It's just "love" - right?