Wednesday, 14 August 2019

666 Trump - Zionist Anti-Christ of Jew S of A

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices
 ― George Orwell (The Road to Wigan Pier).

Trump - as the (666) Zionist Anti-Christ of Revelation.
Little Horn of (related) Daniel's vision.
 33 Christ - 33 Anti-Christ. Satan being the 'ape' of God.
Fox made The Omen series. The same Fox that has heavily backed Trump. The remake via 06/06/06 and the Twin Towers.
9/11 predictive programmers, Fox. Fox, 'the jackal' (anubis) - a la Damien Thorn. FOX, is 666 in Pythagorean gematria.
Fox also produced the TV series titled Lucifer. Damien (TV series, 2016) also involved (Disney linked) Fox.
The moment (Zionist fraud) 9/11 happened was the exact moment that you should've STOPPED listening to all Zionist US govts., their propaganda arm the Zionist mass media, and beyond etc. Those that haven't only have themselves to blame. Harsh, but fair.
20th Century '666' Fox/Anubis. Recall the famous 'trumping trumpet sounds' of their film intros!
The Trump-Pence (Trumpets) of Revelation.

Military Academy Cadet. Just like Damien '666/Anti-Christ' Thorn via David-son (the line of satanic Israel's David).
Trump has recently upped the (satanic Rothshild) Israel ante (Golan/Embassy, etc). Omen 2 opens in Acre (Israel).
 Christ, and Templar Knight related D. John Trump. Acre (Israel) is heavily linked to the St John Templar Knights. Apocalypse John.
DT, initials. Donald Trump/Damien Thorn (6 letters x2, 5 letters x2). Trump and T-horn. Two 13 year-old cadets.
Damien and Donald mean "one who rules/subdues". Both made rich via inheritances, each the younger with an older brother (but a cousin who's like a brother in Damien's case) with each dying and leaving them free to rise and take over. Both with vast corporate multi-national business enterprises, both rise to political power by deceiving the masses. Both buy real estate all over the planet, both operate construction companies while linked to politics. Both linked to Rome, Anti-Christ Damien born there, and Trump an alleged Knight of Malta - masonically linked to Papal Rome.
Pope (Rome), Trump, and the Anti-Christ theme/meme. Feb, 2016.
The cadet academy's horns are blowing (trumping) when Damien discovers his Anti-Christ identity.
 The 'corporate' Omen 2. Mark, and the Beast (Damien). Opening shots...the trump/trumpet (a little horn).
The Trump-ets (Trump/Pence) of Revelation.

Damien, Omen 2: "Yep, the Whore of Babylon. She represents Rome." (See the beast, Daniel/Revelation.)
   The 'seven headed' and 'ten horned beast' ridden by the 'whore'. Trump is well related to the 'whore' - see Stormy Daniels. 
"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings, who have no kingdoms yet; but will be granted temporary power by the devil. 
His names are carved there. The Spoiler. The Little Horn. The Desolate One."
Lines spoken by Charles Warren (Thorn museum curator). His name is based on (key freemason) Charles Warren, who conducted the first major excavations of Jerusalem's Temple Mount! Omen 2 opens in St John and Templar linked, Acre! Charles 'JUWES' Warren was a founding Master of the (prestigious) Quatuor Coronati Lodge. Also heavily involved in the (masonic) Jack the Ripper (whore) murders as head of the Met Police. It was Chicago in Omen 2 (with a N.Y. link via Yigael's wall). Previous POTUS Obama was from Chicago.

Yigael and Yigal. Omen 2 even makes a sly reference to James A. de Rothschild via Yigal Yadin, and his work:
 'The James A. de Rothschild Expedition at Hazor.' The expedition to Hazor in the mid-1950s under Yigal Yadin (via de Rothschild) was the most important archaeological excavation undertaken by Israel in its early years of statehood. James' father (Edmond) was key in the Zionist movement and in establishing the new Jewish homeland. Note from earlier, that a Richard Luke Rothschild (very likely related) worked on Damien: Omen 2, (mass mind control based) The Truman (10,911 days) Show, and The Path to 9/11!
The Rothschild dynasty sponsored the creation of modern (impostor/satanic) Israel via the Zionist UK (see Walter 'Balfour' Rothschild).

Devilish Towering, Donald '666' Trump - CADET BONE SPURS. Donald Trump/Damien (t)Horn.
A Cadet (just like Damien). Bone Spurs - aka little horns! Little Horn is believed to link to Papal Rome.
 A 'Trump' is also a type of 'Horn' - (trump-et) 'trompette', small/little horn, literally. Trump/Horn and T-horn.
The Trump-ets (Trump/Pence) of Revelation. The Trump of Doom.
(Trump is already heavily implicated with Israel - and that means all things Temple Mount!)
Trump, a 'little horn', Old French tromperto blow a trumpet". A "horn" - also consider the "horned devil".

  Daniel Chp 7. Little '666 Trump' Horn...a mouth speaking GREAT things, literally. Snap.
A 'TRUMPING Elephant' Republican. Blow/Trump your Little Horn. Trumpety-trump, like circus Nelly. (thanks to Uncle Bingo!).
Well, Republican 'Little Horn' Trump (Trump-Pence/Trumpet) does live in an Ivory Tower, and with a hanging garden.

Babylon, mother of Harlots. The Whore of Babylon (via Little Horn, Trump). Daniels (Daniel's/Revelation) Whore.
The Whore is hated/vanquished by the ten kings (Revelation). Similar to the fate of the (hated harlot/whore) Daniels herself.
Omen 2 (The Whore of Babylon): Why is she riding him? - I don't know. But it wasn't to be for long. The book of Revelation says the ten kings: "shall hate the whore, and make her desolate and naked, shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire."
Recall the NXIVM connect to Daniels, and via a likely 'branding' mark - fire burned, and literally.
 Book of Daniel(s), Seven (headed beast), Revelation(s), and the (porn) Whore who rides the 666 Beast (Little Horn, Trump).
Talking of riding The Beast, and literally....
The Beast and Trump via Cadillac One. An ideal automotive choice for the (666 Trump) Anti-Christ of Revelation.
Satanic, George W Bush's Presidential Cadillac originated 'The Beast' title (a vehicle part based on a Cadillac DeVille/DEVIL).
'The Beast' appellation (car) reference continued under Obama, and now it's with 666 Trump.

Strange how the Kennedy compound recently had a '666' numbered emergency vehicle outside - for the OD!
Zionist fall guys via (Jewish) masonic-satanic Kabbalism/Cabbalism.

"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings, who have no kingdoms yet; but will be granted temporary power by the devil.
His names are carved there. The Spoiler. The Little Horn. The Desolate One."
"Little Horn arises after the ten."
Daniel 7:24. "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall arise after them
(the 11th, Little Horn); and he shall be diverse from the first (Trump Rep., JFK Dem.), and he shall subdue three kings."
'Subdues three kings.' - Damien and Donald mean 'one who rules/subdues'.
(Note, if a wider script is being followed, it stands to reason that Hillary Clinton could not have possibly become 2016 POTUS!
She is female and would've been viewed in terms of being a 'queen' - not a male 'king', the latter being the scriptural requirement!)
 "Little Horn arises after the ten." The eleventh (POTUS) king after the ten. Little Horn, Trump. First King is JFK of Camelot.
Recall, patriarch (masonic) Joe Kennedy was the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James - like The Omen's Robert Thorn.
 William 'Richard Thorn' Holden (Omen 2) was the best man at Ronald '666' Reagan's actual marriage to Nancy.
Towering Inferno, Holden. Damien: '666' Omen 2 uses the "internal struck tower" theme via an elevator shaft.
Travel attempt to floor 16 (as per Tower card 16) and via floor 27, the Tower pathway (27th) on the kabbalist tree of life.
As used in (satanic) Harry '9/11' Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 27 is titled The Lightning Struck Tower.
  In Luke 10:18 - Christ says: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”
666 Fifth Ave (formerlyTishman building) was built by Tishman, he was also construction manager for the Twin Towers!
Trump, The Masonic Cornerstone of the Pit of 5th Ave. Hell...via 666.
The US population has, and is, being satanically and ritually processed...of that I have literally no doubt.
Zionist Warner Bros. had their HQ at 666 Fifth when The Exorcist II film was shot - as seen in the film.
(Thanks go to 'EnterTheStars' for the above video and research.)
Did you notice the 'Sandy Hook' boat? 666 is also the magic square of the sun (aka sol).

Twin Towers via 'construction manager' (Jew) Tishman...the same man who built 666 Fifth Ave. 
Yep, the Whore of Babylon.
She represents Rome.
"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings,
who have no kingdoms yet; but will be
granted temporary power by the devil."
His names are carved there.
The Spoiler.
The Little Horn. The Desolate One.

Read more:
It's thought that the city of Babylon was founded through Kush by his son Nimrod. Jared means 'descend/decendent', literally a descendent of Kush. The Trump family (via 666 5th Ave. Kushners) is also in the process of building a $666million tower at One Journal Square – with a reported height of 666ft. Trump's NY tower is alleged to be 664ft, but has been cited as 666ft. Trump's grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump died on June 6, 1966 (6/6/66). Christ/Anti-Christ. Christ - 'trumped' - and literally. Did Donald's uncles/aunts used to call (his grandmother) Aunty Christ (lol)? She's matriarch and founder of Trump real estate business - now known as the Trump Organization. Some claim June 6, 1966 is the likely birth date of (Roman Polanski's New York born) Rosemary's (satanic) Baby. 'Anti-Christ' Damien  is born on a June 6 date at 6:00am (6/6/6). Former world's richest private citizen John P. Getty (American) died on the same day as the release of The Omen (6/6/76). Trump is also linked to The Devil's Advocate (film), as you'll see.
 What a head spinner!
The 2(0)16 (6*6*6 = 216) Primaries and Trump '666' via the Ides of March (15th Mar. 2016)
May 2016 Primaries - and Trump (Little Horn) via 66.6%.

 The Corporate Beast
 American Psychos. US Corporate Satanists. Anti-human SCUM. Destroyers of humanity and earth. "Have a nice day!"
 US Corps. and their 'God' - fallen angel Lucifer. Corporate scum Trump and his (Goldman Sucks) admin.
(Satanic) Wall St. Feb. 2 2018, and the 666 point drop during Trump's tenure. Biggest drop since June 2(0)16 (6*6*6).
Note, currently we're in the longest-running 'bull market' in the index's entire history - but one ultimately built-on sand. 
The '666' point drop was the worst day for stocks since President '666' Trump took office.
 The very next trading day (Mon. 5th Feb.) then saw the largest single day's point drop in history - the 1100 pt. drop.
Instead of limiting this Zionist/CB fomented bubble (as he formerly identified) Trump has now taken ownership of it!
Trump claims that not voting him in for 2020, will cause the mother of stock/economic crashes. Now you know it's fucked!

   In Luke 10:18: “I saw Satan fall like (electrical) lightning from heaven.”
General '666' Electric...recent history.
On March 9, 2009, the S&P 500 Index hit its bear market low of 676. The index dipped as low as 666 that day.
Just 4 days prior (March 5, 2009) GE closed at $6.66. This was all during the previous financial crisis period.
Rumours abound that General '666' Electric is in dire trouble. Massive accounting fraud is being cited. Time will tell.

Re: China, and Trade.
US multinational corporations (aka hell in business form) moved the production jobs from the US to China. The Chinese forced NO-ONE, or forced no US corporation to set-up shop there. When's he going to take-on these satanic US corps. - rather than support them - you know as he promised before he got elected? First thing Trump did when he obtained office is give these (sick) corps. huge tax cuts! Cuts that have largely just led to more corp. stock buybacks - not investment in infrastructure and the like. What luck for the US elite that American electorate cannot, and does not think. Trump's LOW-INFO and LOW IQ verbal bullshit will only fool the brainwashed, and those that know nothing about economics and/or geo-politics (that's most US citizens). Internal sales inside China by the affiliates of these (sick) US corporations dwarf the exports that actually come from these same companies via the US.
It's the US consumer that pays for the tariffs on any imported goods - not China. It's YOU that will get hit in the pocket.
Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR. China's middle class (circa 300 million) is almost the size of the entire US population.
Chinese have seen their wages triple/quadruple over the last 20+ years. What's happened to US workers wages? Oh, dear.

Keep believing Trump's LIES via Tweets about any China progress too - and do so at your peril. (Phase 1 isn't an effective deal.)
"We're close to a deal" - "We're making good progress." - "China looking to make a deal." Just fodder for the corrupt markets and the US zombie economy. Trump is the leader on the backfoot. Watch-on as China make mincemeat out of him as he goes into the election cycle. China doesn't need the US. It's the US that needs China. Who's got an election that they desperately want to win in 2020? The economy is the ONLY thing keeping Trump in the game. Who can sitback and watch-on as the US election cycle mess starts-up again? I mean the election that is decided by Israel. Deconstructing US politics/economic insanity like this is a walk in the park.

I'm not a financial/economic expert, but I studied Accountancy/Finance at the degree level - late 80s/early 90s.

 "We won with the POORLY EDUCATED. I love the POORLY EDUCATED." Ahem. That's most of his base!
I wonder why the student debt levels are way beyond a trillion $$$$$? Why did Trump University fold? :)

Zionist fomented Talmudic usury...via the JEW (Rothschild) Federal Reserve.
Circa $23 trillion as of now. Debt Apocalypse. The coming collapse will dwarf the Great Depression.

Trump campaigned referencing unsustainable debt bubbles (economy/markets), and that unemployment was understated. Now he's owning the very things that he earlier (legitimately) criticised. Ballooned markets and high employment, etc. This spells certain disaster going-forward. Trump has since turned the markets into his own type of 'approval rating' index. The stock market is NOT the economy!
 He was stating the truth in 2016. He's been LYING since, and he is LYING now. Pressuring the Fed for IR cuts.
Govt., corporate, personal debt (etc.) are at insane levels. Upward rates to normalisation will collapse the house of cards.
The Fed already know this and Trump also knows this. The Trump/Powell reality show stand-off is for suckers only.
With his 2019 rate cut pressure, and his Sept. 2016 'raise/bust' admission - he's obviously still cognizant of the bust threat.
Again, if the economy is in 'boom land' - why the need for cuts and more Fed pumping? Yup, it simply doesn't gel.
Who better to take this 'central bank horror roadshow' back to 0% (+NIRP and QE) than the POTUS King of Debt?
 It is beyond fixing. Unless he means 'fix' - in the nefarious sense...wink, wink.
Watch the 'bond mkt' (2/10 yr - yield curve inversion) that typically precipitates a drop. This is a (fiat) debt-based collapse.
We'd normally allow for the lag in the event of a bond yield curve inversion FED are manipulating the curve (buying debt).
Trump's now showboating a (zombie) economy as 'the best ever' - the prop for 2020, and manipulating things for this end.
China is being used as the scapegoat for mass Zionist economic fraud. America = Zionist Central Bank endless money printing/QE, stock buybacks, collapsed rates, weakening purchasing power, stagnated wages, mass consumer/corp. debt, student debt, it's endless. These are the Zionist crimes, and not the doings of China.

The Normalisation of Economic Fraud
Low-info and/or Low IQ Trumptards are now lost in how great he has made the (zombie) economy. Madness. Donald 'bankruptcy' Trump has also ballooned the deficit (as of 2019). It's actually all getting much worse - not better. His tax cuts for corps. and top percentiles has been a costly exercise, as has his massive spending. Debasing currency to this magnitude - in the event of the likely coming falling rates and QE4 - could (and will) lead to hyperinflation/implosion. (Note, this also a global issue). Americans have been living way beyond their income capacity (hence the debt based economy) and for a considerable time. The longterm pattern being that the nation consumes far more than it produces. Typical American workers have simply used debt to replace their drop in purchasing power, rather than fighting the (Zionist) corporate/banking/political forces that have caused it! It's these very same Talmudic/satanic banking forces that have (deliberately) drowned you in debt - all to enact a mass transference of wealth (still ongoing) and to enslave you via debt (thru recent suppressed IR policy).

There is also another major inflationary time-bomb out there for USA. The Petrodollar/reserve currency. A US abused privilege.
 As other nations increasingly divest themselves of $ trade in energy, etc. Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, EU, and others. (Note how many of the former nations have, and are being demonised/sanctioned by the US). Divesting due to the weaponisation of the $ by the degenerate/imperialist USA. Then these $ - that must sum in the trillions - will ultimately be reabsorbed back into the US econonmy. It is only then that the (delayed) inflationary effects will be felt - and severely. Trillions of reserve currency $ that exist externally of the US, but without any of the typical internal US inflationary effect - due to them existing in the foreign/external market place. The quicker, and more these nations divest out of $ denomination energy trade - the faster and stronger the US inflationary pain will be felt.
Do not underestimate this aspect.

A lot of the current systemic debt issues stem from the dropping of the (limiting factor) gold standard under Nixon in 1971. Look at the national debt expansion graphs since '71, credit card launch, etc. Coming-off the gold standard was all at the behest of (Zionist) USA, and with the (Zionist) UK quickly following. The FED could never 'unwind' this CB debt monster - they never really intended to. Which is why we're now seeing a policy reversal - a policy that will take us back to 0% and likely NIRP. Nevertheless, the mega-bust will come - and regardless of their tinkerings. This outlined scenario (above) will all ultimately lead to fiat debt going parabolic (a function of the ponzi - over time) and with fiat money becoming worthless - a complete fiat collapse.

My musings from early 2018 (see link)...wall-st-and-voodoo-economics.html
There's been a 25% increase in the DJII over the last 12 months (as of Jan 2018, at the time of writing). Perhaps we're in the "up phase" before a likely coming "bust" in the future. (Update, the market was down the most in a decade for 2018! There was a major bottoming of the market near the close of 2018. Worst market performance for a decade was the net result of that year. Recovery gains have since followed, but likely via plunge type protection, money printing, etc.) The late Dec. major market bottoming was a peak behind the curtain - revealing the house of cards that reisides underneath (one which I identified in advance!). Corporate America is a gigantic criminal enterprise. These are the powers that brought you the 2007/8 housing collapse. There has effectively been NO RECOVERY phase since 2007/8 - just corporate/CB fraud (see QE stock market pumping/buybacks/collapsed IR to expand debt) and a constant kicking of that debt can down the road to oblivion. The former was obvious as early as 2011, and I personally stated as such. There is also simply no real price discovery left - such is the nature of this corporate-socialist zombie economy. Mass and cheap debt has swelled typical asset classes (and beyond) to insane levels. Capital has flocked to the riskier asset classes, as opposed to traditional safer havens. Pension funds are also at risk, etc. The elite set-up is in-place. 2008 was the likely dry-run for the mega-collapse to come (think the Great Depression, but on acid). Stock market numbers and other instruments are not a reflection of the economic situation of the typical American citizen. Top percentiles own most of it.

 "For the love of money is the root of ALL EVILS." No-one loves money more than Little Horn, Trump.
I previously dissected Aronofsky's PI (1998) the links to '666/216' - Hasidic Jews and the stock market! 1998 (666+666+666).
Understand that these kabbalistic satanists seemingly (often) use and implement Revelation like a type of virtual script!
Revelation has always been heavily connected with the (Babylon) Mystery Schools. Old hat.
 1998. Biblical via Genesis. Hotter than HELL! Donald Trump the Next President? (Jared appears in Genesis, Bible).
The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Genesis to (apocalypse) Revelation.
Interestingly, Trump-linked 'The (apocalypse) Dead Zone', and (apocalypse) 'Damien: Omen 2'
 - both feature scenes that involve ice hockey deaths. Falling through ice/drowning. See back-to-back gifs below.
Both films also link to THE RAVEN. and (potentially) 666. The Dead 'Trump/Stillson apocalypse' Zone.
The Dead Zone, opening lines: "And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting.
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming..."
"And the Raven, never flitting,
still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas
just above my chamber door,
And his eyes have all the seeming
of a demon's that is dreaming,

Read more:
Rev. 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and receive a mark (666) in their right hand, or foreheads.
The (666) 'OK' hand sign (a la Trump) very briefly shown (via school uniform), and while Chris reads aloud The Raven.
Relevant media written by (Seltzer/King), produced by (Bernhard/Donner/Hill), and primarily directed by (Donner/Cronenberg) JEWS.
Don 'Omen 2' Taylor's wife (Hazel Court), her last ever film was Omen 3: The Final Conflict.
 Oh, look. It's (actor) Simon '666' Craig...aka Chris from The Dead (666 OK) Zone! Sp666ky, huh?
FWIW, I know The Dead Zone's Cronenberg was linked to Kenneth '666 OTO/Lucifer' Anger in his early years.
 The 'Apocalypse' (Now), 'West Winging', & 'Dead Zone' nuclear POTUS. Do I mean Trump, or Stillson/Sheen? You decide.
 The Trump Zone. We're all still waiting on that Tump/Stillson moment. (top right, my spoof tweet.)
The Antichrist has authority to rule for 42 months. Trump presidency began 20th Jan. 2017 - taking us to 20th July 2020.

Anti-Christ, (St. John) Templar linked '666' Trump and '666' (delegates) via the Ides of March (15th March) 2016.
Christ-church (NZ) and the false flag mosque shootings via the Ides of March 2019, Templar blessing linked Tarrant, and 666.
Ides & 666 Donald 'You're Fired' Trump. Ides & 666 Brenton 'Fire' Tarrant. 666 down-under (geddit?).
I'm not buying the hand sign as a white power symbol. The elite in recent years have built bunkers in NZ! Christchurch, the usual crap - multiple shooter refs., .223 semi, phoney looking footage, gun control agenda, anti right-wing leverage, anti white leverage, stinks of Mossad, and a satanic soundtrack via the Crazy (hellish) World of Arthur Brown (devilish tune, Fire). 'Welcome to Hell' on his rifle. A prominent NZ muslim leader (Ahmed Bhamji) has blamed Israeli Mossad as being the driving force behind the attack. Tarrant apparently posted on, and a member of a masonic forum, and visited Israel in 2016. This dumb fuck (supposedly) thinks muslims executed 9/11, and stuff like the (kabbalistic Grande) Manchester bombings. Christchurch's rugby team 'the Crusaders', like the crusading Templars. Yawn. It's all very Norway shooter, Freemason/Templar Breivik, and shades of Port Arthur, Aussie/Tas.shooter, (patsy) Martin Bryant.
"Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

Q, KEW, and the Hegelian Dialectic Fix.
"It is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op (understatement). In one aspect designed to maintain
- the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix (or likely worse). The Hegelian Dialtectic."
 Make of that what you will.

Q/KEW, Trump, (satanic) Freemasonry, and (potential) military psy-ops? Q-ANON.
I'm reminded of former Church of Satan, now Temple of Set head, the satanic Lt. Col. AQUNIO.
AQUINO. Mr 'Satanic' US Military....Mr PSY-OP to (satanic/masonic) MindWar (see masonic square/compass).
Q-ANON. A - Q - NNO. (A Kew No). Satanism is acceptable in the US military top brass! US military IS satanic!
It's likely that the real source of this dumb Q psy-op is satanic Israel itself. Hence, Israel last (aka never at all).

Have all the Trump-tards and Q-tards left the building? If not, they soon will! :)
Build The Wall - 1990 Predictive Programming.
 Stop those illegals and drugs (see 'opiate' wall, below).
"Mass media (satanic Jew) programming and the cult of celebrity are the opiate of the (dumb) masses." horseloverphat.
If you go to the link there's a comic page that (imo) evokes the Twin Towers and with a flying jet aircraft.
"Heavy Metal" - you know, like Jewish Def Jam's (Death Jam) Rick Rubin(stein), the backer/producer for Slayer.
Def/Death Jam, satanic Jew Rubin(stein), who was also linked to OTO Gay-Z's The 'Sept 11. 2001' Blueprint.
  'Do what thou wilt' - Lucifer, Jay '9/11/01' Z. '666' Crowley's ritual elemental grade sign 'fire' via 9/11.
Jew S. of A - absolutely DRENCHED in corporate elite sponsored Satanism, and for decades. An inter-generational epidemic.
 Son of Samael/Satan - occuring in the shadow of the release of (Jew satanic/sodomite) The '666' O-Men (Summer, 1976).
Channelling Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn, and 666 Crowley via Rocawear Ciara, (Lucifer Jay-Z linked) Three 6 Mafia - 666.
 American Satan. Brothas in the G Hood - (masonic/satanic Jew) Brotherhood.
Satanist sell-outs, Aunty and Uncle Tom. Beyonce throws-up satanic horns at the same time Lucifer Gay-Z hand signs 666.
A nation lost to (Jewish fomented) satanic chic and worship. The nation's #1 hobby.
One nation under God? Oh, dear. It's a pity that most don't understand that the 'god' of the nation - is Lucifer/Satan.  (American mass media based satanic/masonic programming)
666 Jew Rubin founded Def Jam (former CEO). 666 Gay-Z also tenured as CEO. Guess who made these satanists millionaires?
You don't have to be a member of a satanic secret society to be INDOCTRINATED. Absorbing via spectating will do.
Other notable Def Jam Jewz include Lyor Cohen, Bill Adler, Glen Friedman, and Julie Greenwald, to name just a few.
The history of hip-hop doesn't primarily revolve around blacks (Afro-Americans) - it's always been about JEWS.
Folk who think (linked) Kuntye 'Blueprint' West is a conservative cheerleader - need locking-up. West/Kardashians are all satanic filth!
Baphomet 'androgynous' Bruce, and an 'ass' obsessed (likely paedophile based) family who promote mass self loathing.
666 Masonic/Lucifer, Carter. "Do what thou wilt" - Gay-Z pulling the (666 Crowley) HOTGD//OTO/A.A. ritual fire sign.
The same satanic Jew Rubin(stein) whose Def Jam contact number contained the satanic '666' kabbalist cipher.
USA - aka The Great Satan. Satanism, America's fastest growing, most popular, and adhered to religion.
The fact it's been achieved via mass media programming, cult of celebrity, and false idol worship is lost on most people.
It has satanically programmed the masses - and regardless. Dumbing-down also went nuclear.
Americans (and beyond) are completely strung-out on corporate sponsored satanic chic. Totally absorbed by it.

GERMANIC Drumpf, Merkel, and Hitler...via (Fire & Water) elemental grade signs:
 As used by (Germanic/masonic) OTO, Crowley's A.A., and HOGD.
A side-order of the previous POTUS. Surely you remember (masonic) Obama?
Such uniformity in symbolism - that you'd never think that it's by random chance. Ahem.

Forrest '666' Trump..."lyfe iz lyke a bocks of McNugetz". Born with a silverspoon in his mouth.
Trump, a genius! "Mental stability, and being, like, really smart." (LOL).
"Like, really smart". That sounds like Kardashian valley girl talk! The Dunning-Kruger Effect! Lol.
What sort of GENIUS surrounds himself with a (so-called duplicitous) team with many of them subsequently fired - a dumb ass?

Bonfire of the VANITIES. Yeah, his own. LOOOOL. I wonder why Trump University folded? :)
Trump: "I lyke reeding Tum Wulf, hiz buks r tha bestest." Even though he obviously hasn't read them! Comedy gold.

Trump: "I'm a genius. I'm a roaring success. I have never failed. I am GOD. I have the biggest penis..."
OMG, how f**king embarrassing - the man is an overt NARCISSIST. Such a "confirmed genius" that he hired Steve Bannon for his team - howl! What sort of idiot publicly does this kind of saddo "alpha male" type thing? MACA - "Make America CRINGE Again". America's enemies will be laughing their pants off! Trump has some sort of severe personality disorder - I truly believe this now. Perhaps like some sort of wizened version of Patrick 'American Psycho' Bateman. Does Donny still think his own daughter is 'hot'?
Maybe he wants to commit incest, maybe he already has.
Trump's 2016 strategist. Goldman SUCKS, Bannon. Why's he been so heavily linked to (DEN) Brock 'BitCoin/Disney' Pierce? Pierce (below 2nd left), from the nest of DEN 'Chad's World' paedos. From Singer to Collins Rectum (Rector), etc. Small paedo world, hmmm?
Trump's admin/circle is full of ex-Goldman Sucks cronies. Ha, drain the swamp. Yeah, whatever.
Another shady character that's been linked to Trump is George Nader (suggestions of campaign help). Nader also had former interests with Bush Snr., and the Clinton admins. Also connections to Erik Prince, and the Estee Lauder heir. Nader attended a Dec. 2016 meeting in NY between UAE officials and president-elect Donald Trump's associates Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, and Steve Bannon. Nader was sentenced in the 1990s for transporting child porn publications, and imprisoned in 2003 for sexually abusing ten boys in the Czech Republic. June 2019, he was arrested and charged with transporting porn depicting child sexual abuse and bestiality.

I see the USA and Israel, soon backed into a global corner, and with NO ESCAPE. Let's hope so!
Kushner is the Zionist Jew mole at the heart of the Trump administration. The American population may be content to allow their warmongering governments, and giant lawless corporations to destroy this planet  - but I wouldn't say that this is the case with the "rest of the world". Sit on your apathetic "couch potato" asses and wallow in sick, degenerate and dysfunctional Zionist/American media, but it will come at a cost. It's longtime coming that the American people appreciated that there is a world beyond the USA
- a world that is getting increasingly pissed off!

(Update 2019. We are seeing this already. USA will soon be globally isolated and universally hated. Watch it unfold.)

This American man understand this more than most - LISTEN TO HIM!

You know what. Both sides of the American politic spectrum have seemingly been played to a tee!
It's almost as though the whole sorry "theatre of it all" is a deliberate ploy to set both sides off against each other. I am suspicious!
There was a type of "messiah complex" attached to Obama, Trump seems to have his own brand of devout cult followers.

'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn't lying — 
and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.' Harold Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny, 1976.
Satanic/Talmudic Usury. Zionist monetary hell on earth. The PRIVATE (Jew-owned) Fed.

Zionist 9/11 WAS the opening salvo of the 'overt' sick, Zionist-US, New/Jew World Order.
A Zio-NWO with a sideorder of Zionist NATO/EU. Those still waiting for the NWO have already missed the bus.
This is a MILITARY and FINANCIAL (see Talmudic usury) form of Zionist global enslavement. The two are symbiotically joined.
It also has corporate tech fascism at the heart of it. Post 9/11 and during the 'war on terror/terre' era - we saw the mass expansion of the Zionist/US MIC. Further US military expansionism into more corners of the globe, especially the mid-East. We also see NATO/EU enchroachment in respect of Russia (see Ukraine), etc. This Zio-US MIC expansion has effectively ALL been ultimately built on mass govt./corporate financial fraud - in this post-911/2000s era. See corp. banks, the Fed/CB, fiat/debt expansion, currency debasement, criminal I/R policy, endless money printing. What we've actually seen (and are now increasingly seeing) is a blow-out of the US financial system - but one that was always designed to fail. The collapse of the existing monetary system being a prerequesite for the introduction of their Zio-US NWO (beast) globalist financial system. But it doesn't end there.
To reiterate. I think the NWO idea was - that thru expanded global US military dominance, powered by this criminal financial blow-out as outlined above. That the Zionist US would then be able to enforce their tyrannical tech based one-world financial system on the planet. The spanner in the works has been the unexpected success in terms of resistance to this very US MIC exanpsionism and $ driven financial terrorism (aka NWO). For the former see Russia, now an established military force to be reckoned with (also see their halting of US activity in Syria). And for the latter see primarily ($ divesting) China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, et al. It's this foil to the Zionist/satanic NWO that is now seeing their (military dominance to financial dominance) NWO project on the brink of ruin.
A collapsing US/Western financial system, but now without the necessary military might and/or necessary geo-strategic gains
to enforce their global dominance. Therefore unable to subsequently enforce their (satanic) diabolical tyranny
of financial global enslavement. The US drive to war (to cover for their collective fuck-up) now looks inevitable.
Using the 'trade war' as the front for this coming US economic depression will make desperate, but predictable viewing.
Trump playing 17D chess? As some of his (hopelessly indoctrinated) supporters dream? Howl. :)

A former American soldier who actually GETS IT! From years ago, but I've only just discovered it.

What a f**king hero. A rarity in this world of shit. I could watch this on a loop. Such is the power of his exacting words.

 Hong Pong. Spot the Zionist US/UK fomented unrest in Hong Kong via these RIOTERS. They are not Pro-democracy.
 The puppet strings are showing, dumb fucks. Liberate? What, like the Zionist USA liberated the Mid-East! OMG.
Fake US democracy won't save these paid imbeciles. It's already too busy destroying the Jew S of A.
Sum Ting WONG? Very likely. It's (Vietnamese) Joshua 'US/UK Intel provocateur asset' Wong.
Why do you think this annoying little Wong fuckwit is given free airtime on Western Zionist mass media?
"I even went to Washington several times, so what's so special about meeting a US consul?" Wong told the Standard.
Why are the protesters being promoted in a positive light (pro demoracy) by Western/Zionist MSM? They're rioters.
D'oh! Seeing as though HK was criminally annexed by the (sick) Zionist UK elite and its criminal banking forces.
You'd expect China, over-time, and according to the hand-back, to increasingly reabsorb HK into its fold.
These HK drones have likely been brainwashed in schools and universities (as is typical). Elite programmed monkeys.
The sick Zionist UK destroyed the Chinese population via the mass production/import of opium. HK was to rinse the profits.
Liberate? Did these HK youths learn nothing from the Zionist/British opium wars, and their criminal banking cartels? Nope.
HSBC are probably the BIGGEST drug money laundering entity (currently and historically) in the history of the world. 
"How Hong Kong youth are indoctrinated to hate China." Update, good to see my ponderings supported, after the fact.
Work those Afghan poppy fields, USA. Now then, which nation now has a mass opioid epidemic & all in-league with US corp. pharma?
Corporate satanists - Johnson & Johnson, Purdue, Teva. The Antichrist (see The Omen) as the head of a US corp. multinational?

Speaking of which: "The power of evil is in the hands of a (satanic Zionist elite, hand-picked) child..."

Oh, dear. Sent or ordained by God? WTF is wrong with these people? Mental illness is ugly.
It's this type that will get the ultimate wake-up call (incl. Q-tards). They will go even more insane when the truth outs. Bank it.
Their faith in all things (Rothschild's) 'Satanic Israel' will be their ultimate and complete undoing. A fitting end.
Wilful ignorance will soon = pain. Evangelical Christian Zionists (and their charlatan preachers) make me vomit.
Speaking of which. Any so-called (impostor) Zionist/Jewish messiah will obviously be the 666 Anti-Christ.
  Good little American slaves of satanic Zion. Fat boy, Dumb-peo.
"Raised up" - a la (sodomite) Freemasonry.  Trump possibly sent from God (meaning Lucifer) to help save the Jewish people?
Esther, aka Ishtar/Lucifer-Venus. Androgynous and hermaphroditic (homo/hermetic) men were heavily involved
- in the cult of Inanna-Ishtar (Esther). Yup. These people are clearly INSANE. Is this a 3rd (masonic) Temple move? Probably.

Update...Aug 21, 2019. More grist for the Antichrist mill:
 Trump tweeting Root's words. The Jewish Messiah Complex - The King of Israel - The Second Coming of God.
Root's initials (coincidentally or not) actually reads as 'W.A.R."
Never go full retard, Donny.
"The Antichrist will deify himself -- just like the Caesars did. He will proclaim himself to be God.
He will demand that he be worshipped and will establish himself in the [3rd] temple of God. (2 Thess. 2:4)

Why doesn't he just fuck-off to Israel and run that nation instead? I thought he was the US POTUS? :)
Anyone for another dose of (faux) Russian collusion? Israel doesn't just collude - it runs the entire US shit show!

"When the Jews return to Zion..." (see The '666/Antichrist' O-Men.)
 666 Trump, the Zionist Antichrist. There is literally no doubt. It's all too well constructed for this not to be the case!

(Third) Temple Prophecy Coin. (Zionist) Balfour/Rothschild Declaration Centenary. How 'in your face' can it get!?
Zion Cyrus of (666) Babylon. 70yrs vs. 70 AD (2nd) Temple. Jerusalem embassy move coin. (O'Cyrus/Osiris).
Temple Mount is currently the site of the Al Aqsa mosque. Which obviously makes things extremely tricky.

Zionist Satan-yahu and Trump (Stolen/Golan) Heights. Trumpstein Heights? Trumpberg Heights? Trumpman Heights?

They still want Iranian regime change. I called this out aeons ago.
The Jew S of A is a sick, evil, relentless war machine. A global satanic angel of death.

It just goes on, and on, and on...
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday (18th Nov. 2019) announced the U.S. will break from decades of policy
- and will no longer view [ILLEGAL] Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank as "inconsistent with international law."

What a surprise, not. It just gets worse and worse!
Hasn't this ORANGE APE read any of their disgusting RELIGIOUS HATE TEXTS? Their SHIT completely stinks.
I don't follow a religion that has institutionalised 'GOYIM HATE' - that's the preserve of these Talmudic satanists.
The Zionist Antichrist DOES what he is told. Good little kosher-owned doggie - now go fetch.
Maybe it's time to revisit the issue of the separation of CHURCH & STATE? 1919 to 2019.
A blatant attack on the US constitution - the first ammendment. Q/Trump-tards will cheer as he suppresses free speech. 
Judaism is a NATIONALITY? WTF is this bullshit? Make (imposter Jew) ASHKENAZIS Great Again.
 The word “Judaism” does not appear in the Tenak, Mishna or Talmud. The concept doesn't effectively exist!
Ashkenazis/Khazars are not from the semitic race, period. This is how dumbed-down the masses have become.
Trump is attempting to make any form of criticism against satanic Jews and/or Rothschild's Israel impossible.
Feel free to HATE on Russians, Iranians, Chinese and whoever the fuck else - with no restriction.. What a joke.
Don't forget to BOYCOTT sick, satanic, Rothschild's evil ISRAEL, folks. It's your human right.

Update Dec. 2019. Trumpstein - the 1st JEWISH POTUS. Yup, this is sinply more overt Zio-Jewish mass mockery.
Hell, if you're a non-believer (as is your right) then all this talk of 'chosen ones' - is total meaningless BULLSHIT.
Their supremacist mindset via self-annoited 'chosen one' status automatically places you into (lesser) non-chosen status!
This is a REVOLTING form of Zio-Jew driven TOTALITARIANISM. When is 'ISRAEL-gate' being launched?

Quote from original post body: "They still want Iranian regime change. I called this out aeons ago."

Update Jan 2020
Yeah, we're ALL really shocked by these PREDICTABLE developments. Yawn.

Who'd have guessed? The Jew S of A - aka the world's number 1 terrorist nation/society.
Trump committed a WAR CRIME by having Soleimani assassinated. Trump is a busted Zionist flush.
 Soleimani was actually on a diplomatic mission in Iraq (at their invitation). Seeking to ease tensions between Iran/Saudi.
Trump's actions have cause and effect. Large parts of the Muslim world are now uniting against US/Zio aggression.
Now both Iraq and Iran want the WARMONGERING ANIMAL USA out of their lands. About fucking time.
Sick JEW S of A are only in Iraq due to the Zio-911 fraud and WMD lies! They are effectively occupying Iraq!

Recall this from the previous post...
Anyway, all three films that seem to reference Trump: Dead Zone, Gremlins 2, and Back to the Future 2
- all have an end of the world and/or dystopian societal theme. Which is interesting in itself.
That said, the true meaning of the 3rd Temple is likely not largely 'physical' - although a physical element will be an aspect.

Let's hope that Trump's reference to striking 'cultural centres' - isn't some type of a precursor for the following:
Quote: "Temple Mount is currently the site of the Al Aqsa mosque. Which obviously makes things extremely tricky."
Talking of which. "I Pet Goat II" - Zionist Predictive Programming? The Third Temple.
Plunging Markets - War Coverage. Followed by the bombing of a ringer for the Al Aqsa mosque (Temple Mount).
Not forgetting this. More confirmation that 'God bothering' Trumptards ARE insane!
 I told you these 'dosed' evangelical apocalypse types were NUTS - didn't I!? (here).
 Some Evangelical Christians (also see induced Q-tards and related) consider rebuilding of the (3rd) Temple to be a prerequisite to Armageddon and the Second Coming. It's this Christian-Zionist type that is the most dangerous of all. Completely programmed by Jewish/Christian dogma, and who actually long for the end of the world! It's quite simply a form of induced religious mental illness!
It's also very much a way for these programmed drones to absolve themselves from any, - and all responsibility
- in respect of their lives and what they've done with them. A gigantic form of self-imposed COWARDICE.
You know, the exact same types that have made the (satanic) US Zionist corporate elite - their masters.

Bible literalists (the insane) are induced by predictive programming. Surely the Bible itself has to be the ultimate classic in terms of predictive programming - a giant of the genre. A dogma tale (based in Jewish religious supremacy) that starts with "And in the beginning..." and ends with complete and total global collapse. Think of all this when you consider the mental construct of Evangelicals/Christian Zionists, and their longing for the destruction of ALL -  but themselves.

I invite any 'Q-tard/Trump is God' junkie to challenge what is written and outlined herein. Feel free to leave a comment.

Now watch the SCREAMS of "antisemitism" from the Khazars. (Which have come since my original writing in Jan 2018).
Without any shadow of any doubt - the Jewish people are the most defended of all peoples.
Their mentality seemingly built on a type of self-anointed "religious superiority".
I will not apologise for posting this - no one gets to define or design my experience of reality!
I do not, and will not ever be brainwashed with this "neo hate speech" mental slide. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct.
This is NOT about ALL Jews. This is about the impostor Khazar/Ashke-NAZI/Zionist SLAVS!
The "perpetual warmongering" synagogue of Satan.

Satanyahu...Fink's/Sphinx Bar:
 Yep, that's their satanic Jew mentality on display for all to see. Compare the above - to what has subsequently unfolded.
USA is the most COMMUNIST nation on planet earth. Jewish fomented communism - see Masonic Jew Karl '33' Marx/Levy.
US corporate induced totalitarianism. USA is a one-dimensional corporate/socialist fascist state. There is no capitalism.
The vast profit growth has long been privatised and the mega losses (see Zio banking collapse) have been socialised!
REAL price discovery has been totally destroyed by criminal CB policy. You have socialism for the rich (0.000001%).
There is no real COMPETITION. All a zombie corporate hell. Propped-up on printed money. The US is bankrupt.

Sick Israel's "mass (American) sacrifices" to their god Lucifer/Satan. Like the following example: Zionist 9/11.

Hollywood Babylon...literally a Zionist form of Hell on Earth
The Crying 'transsexual' Game, and Pulped '666 ass' Friction, Weinsteins. Bought-out by sick, satanic Disney.
Jew, Bob 'Epstein' Weinstein's first release for Dimension/Miramax - 'Hellraiser 3 - Hell On Earth' via Sept 11 and Twin Towers.
 Jew, Clive 'homo/OTO' Barker's (S & M) Hellraising 'satanic cube' series. This 11th Sept release featured the Twin Towers.
Barker's Candyman also had an identical 11th Sept 1992 (premiere) via TIFF. It starred Virginia 'born Sept 11' Madsen
 Similar in the masonic/Jew Templar horror series 'Friday the 13th' franchise. See Part 3, and Takes Manhattan.
Weinstein gofer, Brad 'abuser' Grey, eventually became CEO of (masonic) Friday 13th, Paramount.
Opening dialogue with Twin Tower imagery: "You can't get the adrenaline pumping without the 'TERROR' good people."
(Homo, twink Jew) Emmerich's Godzilla film also has heavy 9/11 subliminals via 9/11 Broderick. Also see Emmerich's 'The 9/11 Patriot', and 'Independence 9/11 Day'. F13 Part 4 is connected to Corey 'Hollywood paedos' Feldman (9/11 Gremlins), and to Crispin Glover (Back to the 9/11 Future). Satanically processing the GOYIM (via horror) under the guise of entertainment. It's more like entrainment!

"As if by MAGIC..." The symbolism. Trump Tower Jan 8th 2018. Trump's ideal for mystery religion based mind control.
Towering Trump Cards. Electrical fire at the apex/crown. The Electric Lightning Struck Tower/Fire of Heaven.
The Tower (tarot) is one of the major arcana trumps. The fire (and fury) of heaven. It's 9/11 Manhattan-ville.
Babel Towers and destruction via God or The Sun. Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of (sick and inhuman) "corporatism".
Rider-Waite (his tarot, above) was a Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn adept, as was the deck's illustrator.
Back to the "9/11 lightning struck Clock Tower" Future, and the 1989 sequel. Striking and BIFFING the apex.
Trump bought (film franchise linked) DeLorean's Bedminster estate exactly one year after 9/11/01.
Back to the Future Spielberg's Gremlins franchise - also spawned "towering" Clamp (Trump) in Gremlins 2.
Twin Tower imagery and 911 ciphering are seen in Clamp (Trump) Gremlins 2, shown earlier.
We get the Neptunian (devilish) "trident" in BTTF via the "Enchantment Under the Sea". (Neptune, crown of the tree.)
The Tower card follows the Devil card in all decks that include it. The Tower, "the fall of man" - lower world materialism etc.
Don't forget the Zionist destroyed (Babel) "World Trade Center" and its "Neptunian/devilish" trident/fork design.
Larry '666' Silverstein (Jew) - Mr "WTC 7 Pull It". Leaseholder and developer of the new and rebuilt complex.
 Give Larry a call on his 666 phone number. Of course, 666 Larry also has projects linked to Hell's Kitchen.
1776, code date for the formation of Rothschild's Illuminati. The profane graze on this date being independence related. Sigh.
Would all go well with Zionist, Jared "Towering 666 Fifth Ave. via Manhattan" Kushner. Both built by (Jew) Tishman.
All these kabbalist Jew/satanic '666' cipher references/encodes are just by mere chance - right guys? (sarcasm).
It's just mere chance that Lucent (Lucifer) were based there (666 Fifth) with their RFID (mark of the beast) chip.
Most Americans have NO CONCEPT of how innately satanic they are, or how they've been satanically programmed.
They are seemingly blind to this obvious reality! Your entire way of life is now seated in this wanton satanic degeneracy.
Here he comes...the Jewish King of Filmic Corporatism:
America's Zionist "golden boy" - 9/11 predictive programmer, agitator, and Jew satanist - Steven "666" Spielberg.
Spielberg is linked to 9/11 programmer, Dick "666 O-men" Donner (Schwartzberg) via The (paedo/sodomite) Goonies.
The (sodomite) O-men runs for 111 minutes. A 666 film via 111 = 777. The satanic/kabbalist 'lightning' tree that sums 777.
Terrorising/mocking the "GOYIM SHEEP" for decades via sick/degenerate Zionist output. Mount the devils (phallic) tower.
666 Ring-O-Men. Devilish (phallic) rainbow towering via close(t) turd (third) contact. Steven 'Rosebud/Sphincter' Spielberg.
 The top degree in (masonic) 666 Crowley's OTO centres on ritual homosexual anal sex, that has to be appreciated.
Rosebud (ass) pleasure doming (via the penis glans) and erecting a (phallic) tower in Xanadu via Kane, and a snow shaker.
Do they think that their inter-generational, cryptic based, mass sodomy programming via media is unbreakable? It isn't!
Anyone seen Swindler's Mist? Spielberg's schmaltz-ridden, lie filled propaganda piece (see link).
"There's no business, like Shoah business". Holocaust guilt programming and mass (schmaltz) sympathy programming.
From the horse's mouth.

"Theoretical Cabbala embraces only secret teachings about God and nature.
 But practical Cabbala (such as Frankism) attempts to affect earthly matters. It involves the use of amulets and magic numbers (gematria etc) as well as the conjuring of evil spirits. Both the Talmud and Midrash contain Cabbalist information."
 Ancient Oriental and Jewish Secret Doctrines, Leipzig, 1805.

That's their Talmudic (satanic) magick right there, and it's been secreted into Hollywood/MSM output, en-mass.
9/11 - Sapphire (September birthstone) XI (11). Gremlins used Back to the '9/11' Future's courtyard square!  
Radio-Active (plutonium). Atomic Kid and 'nuclear' resonant Back to the Future.
Rosebud Spielberg (via Jew 'Twin Towers" Zemeckis) - Mr Back to the "Twinned 9/11 Struck (Clock) Tower" Future.
(Blue-bird a la the mind control programme. And a link to Bluebird's DMC, Campbell).
 Hell Valley via Biff  'Tower' Tannen aka 'Towering' Donald '666' Trump. Trump, now owner of DeLorean's Bedminster.
9/11 - JEW. S. of A. - Lightning Struck (tarot trump) Tower(s). Sequel 'Twin Towers scene' set in 2015.
In Luke 10:18 - Christ says: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”
The 777 Lightning Flux (911) Capacitor and the Kabbalistic Lightning Tree of Life - bottom 4 spheres. Neptune's trident (top).
Channelling the Lightning (energy) of Lucifer/Satan via the satanic '777' (666+111) kabbalist tree, and Thelemic 93.
Pluto-nium (via the veiled sphere - aka da'ath). Marty (Fox) impersonates Darth (Da'ath) Vader in the film.
 As seen in The Fifth 'Masonic/Kabbalistic' Element. The Fifth 'oral tradition' Element. Kabbalah, the oral tradition.
Bruce 'mass 9/11 resonator' Willis. Bruce 'orange queer' Willis...with (homo) Chris 'Epstein's Lolita Express' Tucker.
Quite simply Zionist/Masonic, predictive programming and kabbalistic, satanic sorcery via mainstream Hollywood/TV output.
Kabbalah '33' tree of life, 666 Trump. Recall, he bought DeLorean's Bedminster estate exactly 1 year after 9/11/01.
Ashke-NAZI 'atomic' Kubrick's motif - CRM 114 - opens the (Spielberg-linked) "Back to the '911' Future" film.
666 Spielberg's mentor, 666 Stanley '9/11 Monolith' Kubrick...who died 666 days before Jan 1. 2001.
A kabbalistic "2001 GOYIM Odyssey" - processing the mass media sheep/apes. The Satanic/Saturnic black cube.
The 2001 film (33 years prior to 9/11) has kabbalah as its basis/framework, as I noted in 2009.
Ashke-NAZI Jew Kubrick, who married into the Nazi 3rd Reich's top film propaganda dynasty - see the Harlans.

Revelation of the method, the externalization of the satanic hierarchy a la 2001/Lucifer Clarke's Childhood's 'demonic' End?
Devil's Advocate (1997). A prolonged time-lapse shot of the 'Twin Towers' and (2001) Monolith.
An Arnon '9/11' Milchan (Regency) release. Zionist Milchan, again!
Devil's Advocate, the (ground zero) 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel can be seen - above on the lower left.
The Matrix (1999) - Devil's Advocate, Reeves. The Sept 11th 2001 Matrix passport via the transsexual JEW Wachowskis!
Some have claimed that Reeves' rise to fame was due to his being a piece of Geffen fuck candy! Worth considering.

Now then, if the sick Zionist elite used 'mass media' predictive programming (and related) to brainwash the public re: 9/11. 
What's to stop them (using the same) in brainwashing you about (Anti-Christ) Trump? Nothing - is the answer!
(Most, if not all people - CANNOT even begin to understand or process the mass deception(s) at work in all this!
They have ALL bought-in to the industry's own copy - and ONLY see this nefarious programming as entertainment.)
 Devil's Advocate, Pam Garrety (Debra Monk, right): 
"Donald Trump was supposed to be here tonight, but he had a business emergency. Probably Mort Zuckerman."
A MSM full page attack on Trump by (Zionist Neocon) Mort Zuckerman portraying Trump as the Anti-Christ.
This is the Eddie Barzoon party (in the film). Barzoon, aka (convicted paedophile) Jeffrey 'Ferris Bueller' Jones !
Mort 'Epstein/Lolita Express' Zuckerman and Trump had business issues in the 90s.
But all these references are for the ongoing larger script (imo).
Trump attended many Epstein dinner parties, inluding one that Epstein hosted for Prince Andrew, where the guest list also included Ron Perelman and Mort Zuckerman, among others.
 2016 (6*6*6 = 216)
Trump and Monk (via the Devil's Advocate). Trump and Monk via Curtains (aka The End).
The DEVIL'S Advocate...features a rich MURDERER who owns Trump Tower.
 Sequential Devil & Tower, tarot trumps. The Tower is also linked to the penis - an ejaculating one.
 Reeves between (masonic) pillars 'Jachin/Boaz' in Trump's penthouse. (Recall, Trump & Home 'Twin Tower' Alone 2, etc).
Reeves - aka Mr Dogstar (Sirius) - star of the 'brotherhood of (satanic) buggery' - the Freemasons.
In the film rich murderer (Cullen/Nelson) uses Trump's penthouse on Fifth Ave. Trump via gambling - the '666' roulette wheel. 
 666 Trump's Devil's Advocate 'masonic' penthouse. The Devil and The Tower via TRUMP(S).
Apollo in the Trump Tower. Son of lightning-bolt Zeus. See the (Zeus) lightning-struck Tower (tarot Trump).
Ya think Donny's a (lucifer) freemason? I mean. What the f**k do we have to go-on? I don't see nothing. ;)
Son-in-Law, Jew Kushner owned (related) 666 Fifth Ave. 'Twin Tower' (and Trump-linked) Tishman built it.
 It's not as though (satanic Jew) Hollywood/MSM has loaded-up Trump with 'devilish' avatars (sarcasm).
In Luke 10:18 Christ says: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”
 Double-struck Towers. Move along...nothing to see. :)
  Trump and TAROT, ROTHSCHILD'S Economist (2017), Taro(t)/Tora(h), The 'struck' Tower, and Judgment.
TRUMP cards that also relate to (and overlay) the Zionist/Masonic, Kabbalist Tree of Life.
Also recall the 'struck' Grenfell Tower (via Jacobite UK, 2017) - which I tied to The House of Cards (BBC original trilogy).
And (faux) Parsons Green - via (Babylon bunch named counterparts) Parsons, 666 Crowley, Hubbard, Liddel (LIDL), and Satan
Theresa 'ZIONIST POS' May(er). The special 'Zionist Rothschild relationship' (Jew S. of A. and Jew-K).

Q: "SYMBOLISM will be their downfall." 
Ha! If that's the case then Trump is absolutely fucked! Walking tower tarot card, and masonic 666 Trump.

The Economist must've deliberately overlooked the related 'The DEVIL' card - with TOWERING Trump!
Anti-Christ, Damien 'Little Horn/666' Thorn. Oops, I mean Anti-Christ, Donald 'Little Horn/666' Trump.

Recall, Rothschild slave, Zionist Macron. Sacre bleu, SNAP! Via (satanic) Rothschild, 666, and Horns. 66.6% vs. 66.06%.
LCF/LuCiFer, Macron. The Louvre PYRAMID reflects the 666 number...and via former masonic president, Mitterrand.
Masonic/Zionist (ISIS false flag) Paris Friday Nov. 13th (2015) was under Freemason linked, Hollande. France's 9/11.
Don't forget the 'first tower strike filming' Naudet '911 Fix' Bros. were French (intel) nationals, and linked to TV.
France(berg) just had 'Towering Inferno' via Notre Dame. The Virgin Lady, code for ISIS (the masonic goddess).
It's claimed that the (resonant) Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount) had a fire on the same day!
The Eiffel Tower was designed/built by a (Jew owned) Freemason. Bataclan was linked to (11 Sept referencing) Israelis!
Even the Crown of THORNS got a look-in via Notre Dame. Speaking of Trumps and T-horns (a la Damien, and Christ).
666 'you're fired/fire and fury' Trump (little horn) mentioned Notre Dame (fire) while in BURNS-ville, Minn!
Trump's (Babylon) Tower less than a quarter of a mile from (Babylon) Kushner's 666 5th Ave.
 Trump and 'Sympathy for the Devil' via his rallies. The Stones track that came about via Lucifer/OTO Anger.
I've seen claims that this track also plays in the elevators of (Kushner linked) 666 5th Ave., but I can't confirm it.

Trump Definitions:
trump (v.1) “surpass, beat,” 1580s, from trump (n.). Related: trumped; trumping; trump (v.2) fabricate, devise,” 1690s, from trump deceive, cheat (1510s), from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.), from Old French tromper to deceive,” of uncertain origin. Apparently from se tromper de “to mock,” from Old French tromperto blow a trumpet.” Brachet explains this as “to play the horn, alluding to quacks and mountebanks, who attracted the public by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying.” Related: trumped; trumping; trumped up false, concocted (first recorded 1728); trump (n.1) “playing card of a suit ranking above others.”

 Jew S. of A. and 666 NASA
 Satanic '666' Deceivers, NASA. Backwards writing/reading satanic (impostor) Jews. See NASA reversed gematria.
 Apr 2017. The (666) MARK of the Beast. "No one is touching her (666) mark..." A phone call, 666 Peggy with 666 Trump.
 Imagine how many TRILLIONS of (taxpayers) $ has been wasted on this NASA monstrosity cum fraud!
President Nixon used the telephone number 666-6666 to connect with cosmonauts of Apollo on 20th July 1969.

Jew, Peter '666' Hyams made Capricorn 'Space Hoax' One. 666 Kubrick's 2001 - a propaganda precursor to (fraud) Apollo?
Lucifer Hyams' Stay '666' Tuned featured a (666 linked) Crowley character (satanic Jew programmer) Eugene 'sodomite' Levy.
Jeffrey 'Devil's Advocate/Bueller' Jones...also featured in Lucifer Hyams' Stay '666' Tuned, as Mr Spike!
Mr. Spike (Jones) appears at the protagonists door, offering a new high-tech satellite dish system with 666 channels.
John Ritter, the star of Stay '666' Tuned, died on Sept 11. 2003. Ritter's (problem child) transsexual daughter born Sept 11. 1998.
Sept. 11, John 'Problem Child/Problem Child 2' Ritter...aka Mr '911' Healy. Problem 'satanic' Child.

The adoption agent for 'problem child' Satan is Gilbert 'Beverly Hills 9/11 Cop 2' Gottfried (see below).
Gottfried missed-out on a Golden Raspberry award for Problem Child, beaten by Donald '666' Trump, playing himself!
Home 'Twin Towers' Alone 2, baphomet Culkin, read for the lead part as Satan. Home Alone 2, where Trump also cameos.
 Above 9/11 flights screen is (Jew) Gottfried's! BHC 2...where the main action takes place on a Sept. 11 date!
Above film (BHC 2) directed by Top 'gay' Gun's Tony 'Enemy of the (9/11 terrorist) State' Scott.
Problem '911' Child 2 was released on the exact same day as Terminator 2: Judgment '911' Day.

I told you - virtually ALL American corporate mass media (via spectrum dominant Jewry) is SATANIC programming!
Why is it that satanic Jews (less than 2% of the US pop.) own, control, and produce ALL your so-called corporate entertainment?
They also completely dominate your political apparatus too? I mean, what could go wrong with a monopoly like this? (sarcasm).
Atomic Nazi/Jew, 911 Kubrick's: CRM 114 - SERUM 114 (Adrenochrome/Immortality Serum).
Illuminati '237' Spartacus, Kubrick. Star Babies, Serum 114, Molok(o)/Moloch, ADRENOCHROME...Illuminati Card #237.
 MOLOK-O (Moloch sacrifice) 'drenchrom' milk drink - via connected ADRENOCHROME (brain) and ultra-violence.
The sort of thing that the sick Khazar/Ashkenazi monsters like the Rothschilds enjoy snacking on via victims. 
Adrenochrome is also thought to be obtained from aborted fetuses. See Planned Parenthood, etc.
2001 Star Baby - segued into (Drencrom drinking) Alex '666' DeLarge, Korova Milk Bar...and via the "eye". Babies & milk.
The ending of 2001 - followed by the opening of (Kubrick's very next film) A Clockwork '666' Orange.
 Devil's Eyes (see Halloween) and 666 eye/ass stabber (queer orange) Alex/McDowell.
2001 author 'Lucifer' Clarke was a homo-paedophile, Lolita/2001 (Nazi/Jew) Kubrick another alleged chronic paedophile.
They sacrificed thousands via 911 (and the 'war on terror' aftermath), why would they balk at anything!?
I even recall the blood donations for 9/11 "going missing". In the shadow of the 9/11/2001 event itself.
Could all of that "missing donated blood" have actually contained released hormones - as a result of the terror event?

"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
 Satanic Kabbalah - the underlying framework of (Jewish) Luciferic/Demonic (OTO) Freemasonry via Solomon's '666' Temple.

A FIERY Clockwork '666' Orange Sun...via Drenchrom Molok(o) and babies. SACRIFICE.
Weinstein, Epstein, OTO Steinem, Kubrick, Spielberg, Rothschilds, etc. - so-called JEWS/JUDEANS. That's what I call accuracy.
Why is sick Femi-nazi Jew, Steinem, flashing the (satanic) OTO fire grade sign in relation to abortion (sacrifice)!?
Is this hideous form of wanton murder (dressed-up as pro-choice) still being promoted by mass media satanists like Jewish Steinem?
Steinem also had a 4 year relationship with Mort 'Epstein/Lolita Express' Zuckerman! (See earlier, The Devil's Advocate, etc.)
Even 'Church of Satan' founder - Anton 'Fire' LaVey - was of Jewish descent. Jew-ISH, as in like, but not the original.

Reinstated by Judeans via one of the last Kings of Judah. Manesseh/Manasseh, a King of the House of David.
The cult of Inanna-Ishtar (Esther, see Pompeo) may have been introduced to Judah during the reign of King 'Baal' Manasseh
Manasseh/Manneseh. I used to speak to a David Manasseh (a football agent) via my previous job. True story.
Son of David, aka Satanic 666 Talents of gold (masonic) Sol-omon. What group historically sacrificed their first born?
Moloch is also comparable with Cronus/Saturn (Satan) - who devoured his own children. Satur(n)-day Sabbateans.
'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn't lying — 
and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.' Harold Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny, 1976.

 "Moloch, a Satanic-Baal deity [fire god] to which people were sacrificed..." 
The Wicker Wicca Man - via Jacobite/Masonic Scotland. Wicca, aka witch-craft. Jacobite/Jew Masonry - the craft.

Star of (Judean) Moloch and (head chop) Sacrifice via Fire (and the sun).
Marked useless eater Jews sacrificed by symbolic fire (holo-caust) to Moloch via (Rothschild's) WW2, leading to Israel 2.0.
The Wicker 'Moloch Burning' Man was written by Anthony Shaffer, who was from a Jewish family.
Linked director Hardy, a St. Clair. As in the Scot/Freemasonic St Clairs (Sinclairs). See Masonic/Solomonic Rosslyn.

How about serial pederast/rapist - "A DRUG DEALING PEDERAST, ACTUALLY" (see Se7en) Kevin 'Epstein' Spacey.
It's alleged that he attended Bohemian 'Presidential' Grove, but now expelled (allegedly filming his sex escapades there).

House of (Presidential) Cards. Based on the original BBC trilogy. Crow-(ley) of Elysium. Spacey, a total satanic queen.
Old Vic (old queen), London park 'dogging/cottaging' Kevin, was playing homo/satanist '666/O-Men' Getty when allegations broke.
I don't think so, Kevin. Speak for yourself. The Usual (paedo/satanic) Suspects via Bryan 'Twinkie/Paedo' Singer.
Satanic MSM/Hollywood just programmed everyone with dumb, theatrical satanism, but some know what real satanism is.

A Solomonic temple of (Moloch) sacrifice on (Jew) Epstein's 'LOLITA Island' - adorned in the Zionist Israeli flag colors?
Former Israeli PM, Ehud Barak, was one of Epstein's assets.
The same Barak that was conveniently on (Zionist) BBC News when 9/11 broke - with his pre-packaged terror agenda.
Jeffrey 'Jew' Epstein with (co-abuser and procurer) Ghislaine 'Jew' Maxwell. (see Trump, Epstein, and Maxwell, below).
Maxwell's father was (criminal) Robert 'UK media mogul' Maxwell, the latter was MOSSAD. Epstein, and Ghislaine are also Mossad.
Plea bargain, Trump former Lab. Sec. Acosta: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone”
Robert 'Mossad' Maxwell's death (1991) was likely a hoax. The vast financial black hole (Mirror Group) revealed subsequently.
He allegedly fell from his yacht (named Lady Ghislaine) off the Canary Islands. One 'canary' who won't ever sing.
The daughter Ghislaine probably recruited Epstein. Father, Robert, even formerly supplied the Israeli Air Force.
Epstein. These are obvious pointers to Mossad 'blackmail traps' (using paedophilia) that control their dignitaries/poltical assets.
Perhaps Epstein/Maxwell also link to the (Anglo/American Zionist) Bronfmans? The latter heavily implicated in NXIVM.
President Bill 'Rhodes/Rothschild' Clinton allegedly flew 26+ times on Epstein's plane, sometimes without security detail.
Slick Willy, with (sodomite, Singer linked) Kevin 'abuser' Spacey. Dershowitz is also listed multiple times on the flight lists.
Some of the interesting names in the little black book of Jeffrey Epstein…
Donald Trump (several phone numbers); Ivana Trump; Ivanka Trump; Evelyn de Rothschild; Jessica Rothschild (probably the daughter of Evelyn); Hannah Rothschild (probably the daughter of Jacob); Edouard de Rothschild (probably the son of Guy). David Rockefeller; Peter Soros (nephew of George); Henry A. Kissinger; Rupert Murdoch; White House; Alan Dershowitz; Ehud Barak; Tony Blair; Duke of York (Prince Andrew); Duchess of York (Fergie); Prince Bandar; Michel Prince of Yugoslavia; Princess Olga of Greece; Peter Mandelson; John Paulson; David Koch...
 If Trump washed his hands of Epstein in 1999 (Mar-a-Lago; Florida), why is he seen with him in 2000, at his Mar-a-Largo (left pic),
and with Ghislaine? Prince Andrew was in attendence too - same party!
Brainwashed Trumptards/Q-tards rely on Trump throwing-out 'underage girl seducing' Epstein in 1999! :)
It's alleged that Trump's plane was used by Prince Andrew when he flew to meet Epstein in Florida (2000), likely this event!
Trump has flown on Epstein's jet. Epstein's brother Mark has confirmed it.
Donald 'Israel' Trump likes the (satanic) Windsors, as witnessed in June 2019. UK royals are simply a Rothschild front.
The Windsors who were heavily implicated with (paedo/satanist) Jimmy 'BBC/Israel' Savile (via paedo Mountbatten).
Virginia Roberts (Giuffre) claims to have been “recruited” at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Miami
 by Ghislaine Mawell, Epstein's girlfriend, who ran the paedophile sex ring with Jeffrey.
 2010 trial. Epstein refuses to answer.
Roberts/Giuffre has testified that she also had sex with Zionist lawyer Alan Dershowitz on behalf of Epstein and that the FBI has caught her on tape. Dershowitz was once introduced by Trump’s good friend Lynn Forester (“Lady” de Rothschild) to Epstein.
Trump and Epstein were the only two guests (with 28 girls) at a 1992 “calendar girl” competition at Mar-a-Lago. (link).
 Oh, dear. Maxwell at Mar-a-Largo, too. Check-out the video with buddies Donny and Jeff eyeing-up young cheerleaders. (link).
It was JEW Dershowitz and (Jew owned) Prince 'Freemason/Rothschild' Andrew that put pressure on Epstein's original case.
Dershowitz (see pic further above) and the Prince both lobbied the US govt. against Epstein being originally prosecuted!
Dershowitz defended Epstein when charged with unlawful sex with minors, 2006. Wow, conflicts of (Zionist Jew) interest on acid!
Recall, that Trump and Prince Andrew were both present at an Epstein dinner party (Manhattan, 2003).
Yeah, that's a very dated photo. Ahem.

Robert Maxwell was linked to the (NXIVM) Bronfmans.
In 1988, Robert Maxwell and Charles Bronfman became major shareholders in the Israeli pharma company Teva.
1989, Robert Maxwell and Charles Bronfman tried to buy the Jerusalem Post newspaper.
In the late 1980s, Robert Maxwell also worked with the NXIVM-affiliated Edgar Bronfman (father of NXIVM Sara and Clare)
to make a deal with the Soviet Union on mass emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel.
In the spring of 1989, Robert Maxwell (far right) and his daughter Ghislaine hosted a party on his yacht -
in the presence of Donald Trump, former US senator John Tower (involved in Iran-Contra), and ex-navy secretary John 'PNAC' Lehman.
Not only was Roy Cohn’s protégé Donald Trump present, but also (Jewish) Cohn's long-time law partner Tom Bolan, and two of Cohn’s closest friends - journalists William Safire and (Jew) Barbara Walters. Walters and Trump, both heavily connected to Cohn.
'Jew' Walters who shut-down Feldman when he was quasi-outing powerful Hollywood (Jew) paedos on The View (2013).

Donald Trump IS a (Zionist/Mossad controlled) PAEDOPHILE. Just like his Zionist Jew mentor, paedo Cohn. (Epstein/Trump and their abuse of young girls - on record!).
Now you know why they faked (Maxwell linked) Mossad Epstein's death - and all on (Epstein linked) Trump/Barr's WATCH.

 The Zionist Jews killed JFK. Likewise they carried-out 9/11, USS Liberty, enacted the Federal Reserve, etc. etc.
Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, was allegedly on the board of Bronfman linked PERMINDEX (who planned the JFK hit).
As was (Zionist, masonic sodomite) L.M. Bloomfield, the Bronfman family attorney who outwardly headed PERMINDEX.
Homosexual, Clay 'JFK' Shaw (who was tried by Garrison) was also a senior board member of PERMINDEX.
Jew, Roy 'homosexual paedophile/blackmail traps' Cohn, and his Queens protégé Donald 'Israel' Trump...see pics.
I think that's Barbara 'Cohn' Walters (in pink) behind Cohn and Trump (above, top right). Opening of Trump Tower, 1983.
Trump's mentor and personal lawyer was a sodomite paedophile. Alleged to have been a key operative in the JFK hit (link).
Zionist/Mossad PERMINDEX via Bloomfield and (Trump mentor) paedo Cohn. Bloomfield, Bronfman family attorney.
 "Young boys joined the party and engaged in sexual activities with Hoover, Cohn, and her husband, according to Rosensteil."
Cohn, known for his links to Joe McCarthy. "Tail-Gunner Joe" - likely a homo/sodomite 'tail-gunning' encode. Ahem.
Bronfmans heavily implicated in NXIVM. Cohn was close to (tranny pederast) FBI Hoover, incl. paedo/homo hotel orgies (above).
Homo Cohn heavily linked to (masonic Jew) B'nai B'rith. Sodomite Masonic 'G' Men via Freemason/Shriner Hoover.
Clintons were close to the Bronfmans, and Trump is tied right into the clan via (Bloomfield linked) mentor 'homo Jew' Cohn.
It's long been thought that the JFK hit was steeped in Masonic (Jew) symbolism, see M.A. Hoffman.

Bloomfield was a Anglo-Zionist asset (out of the SOE) who headed FBI Division 5 (under deviant, Hoover).
While heading PERMINDEX (late 50s), Bloomfield was heavily involved with Edmund De Rothschild, via PERMINDEX!
The Rothschild link to the JFK hit. It's also alleged that Bloomfield acted as E. De Rothschild's attorney.
Bloomfield (Order of the British Empire) was also OSS (pre-CIA) and he help train the Israeli army in the 1930s.
According to Bloomfield, (Romanian Jew) Georgio Mantello (33° Freemason) was the genius behind PERMINDEX.
Bronfman right-hand man Bloomfield was masonic Order of Malta, and a rumoured homosexual like JFK related Hoover/Shaw/Cohn.
Like Bloomfield, Shaw was also (masonic) Order of Malta (SMOM), cogent to the masonic (UK Royal) Order of the Garter.
Bloomfield/Shaw - the only two men in America who were both on the boards of Permindex, and CMC (aka World Trade Centre).
Bacon (rent boy Willie O'Keefe) JFK. Truest line in the film. Porked Bacon. Mr 'masonic' Friday 13th via Camp Blood.
 CAMP St (JFK). Ass pounding (Zionist) masonic sodomites. Permindex, Shaw, dressed as (masonic) transient Hermes.
Sodomite orgies and the Zionist elite, involving blackmail traps. Shaw had Ferrie compromised (ahem).
Jew, Oliver 'WTC' Stone, made JFK (1991). Funded by the Rothschilds, and made via star-fucker Mossad '911' Milchan.
 Pickle filled meat holes with buns. Stone's pink/brown 'pickle-puffed' meat O-Ring via Cruising 'rainbow/homo' Tom.
BCI (Mossad bank) was also chief money launderer for the (linked) crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky,
business partner of Sam 'King of the Jews' Bronfman, an associate of Louis Bloomfield and the Rothschilds.

Zionist/Mossad PERMINDEX (via World Trade Centre), and '9/11 WTC' via Zionist mass media (Mossad Milchan, etc.).
David 'Epstein' Rockefeller who developed the WTC NY complex lifted his actual World Trade Center name from Permindex!
NWO Rockefeller collaborated with (Zionist) Permindex/CMC to speed up development of his (NY) WTC organization! (link).
Above picture (on the right) is two days before the JFK assassination.
Permindex Bloomfield (OSS, pre-CIA) also corresponded with (CIA) George H W Bush, who was in Dallas for the JFK hit.

 Masonic/Zionist '666' Trump and the Twin Towers via (masonic) 33.
The (masonic) Kennedys/Bronfmans were BOTH made - and beholden to - the (Rothschild) Anglo-Zionist elite! See bootlegging.
Trump, is simply an asset of the sick, satanic Zionist mafia  - and he ALWAYS has been, When's RUSSIAGATE ISRAELGATE?
Lynn Forester is on the Epstein flight lists - as in Lynn (Forester) de Rothschild.

Another (Epstein) dinner reported on by New York featured billionaire Mort 'Zionist' Zuckerman, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, magician David Blaine, Donald Trump, Les 'Victoria's Secret' Wexner, and a former British Cabinet member Peter 'Rothschild' Mandelson. Another cabinet member, (Trump's Commerce Secretary) Wilbur 'Rothschild' Ross, also reportedly socialized with Epstein shortly after his release from prison in 2011.

Some have claimed that Wexner was Epstein's mentor. Trump and Epstein at a (Wexner linked) Victoria's Secret party:
The 81-year-old CEO of L Brands, Leslie Wexner, which owns (modelling based) Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, was once the “main client” of Epstein’s money-management firm, according to Bloomberg. Wexner, the only known client of J. Epstein and Co.
Epstein linked (model agent/scout) Jean-Luc Brunel claims to have launched the career of Candace 'Victoria's Secret' Swanepoel.

Mossad paedo blackmail trapping Ghislaine, with Zionist paedo Trump (with Knauss), and Epstein/Brunel linked Campbell.
Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel (MC2, French model scout), who is alleged to have supplied girls as young as 12.
According to (victim) Roberts/Giuffre: "Brunel ran some kind of modeling agency and appeared to have an arrangement with the U.S. Government where he could get passports or other travel documents for young girls. He would then bring these young girls to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, including Epstein."
It should be noted that (model) Naomi 'Weinstein' Campbell is listed on Epstein's flight lists! MC2 via Tel Aviv.
(Also note that Hollywood [sodomite satanic paedo] Polanski drugged/raped Geimer via French Vogue.)
It's alleged that Epstein gave Brunel $1 million to found MC2 in 2005. Brunel was also a force behind Karin models.
“60 Minutes” investigated Jean Luc Brunel in 1988. The program interviewed nearly two dozen models who had been sexually assaulted by Brunel and/or his fellow agent, Claude Haddad. CBS spoke 5 models that had been drugged and raped by Brunel and/or his friends. Producer Craig Pyes said that “Hundreds of girls were not only harassed, but molested”.

 Giuffre, aka Virginia 'Prince Andrew' Roberts...a major plaintiff in the Epstein case.
Ray 'Epstein' C-Handler (a victim/procurer) is heavily involved with modelling/scouting via (NY) Midland - for teens. (ahem).
Part basis of Zionist '666/911' Kubrick's (Manhattan) 'Eyes Wide Shut' was (mind controlled) fashion model sex slaves
- used in elite, satanic orgies. All filmed via actual (Royal) Highclere, and Rothschild's (actual) Mentmore mansion, UK.
Rainbow Fashions' Lolita. A high-end fashion designer (Red Cloak/Vitali) leads the satanic, ritual orgy - in Eyes Wide Shut.
 Magic circle. Zionist 'Eyes Wide Shut' Kubrick made Nabokov's 'camp climax' Lolita. A landmark event for overt paedophilia.
Roberts/Giuffre: "The third time I had sex with Andy (Prince Andrew) was in an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I was around 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls, and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English. Epstein laughed about the fact they couldn’t really communicate, saying that they are the “easiest” girls to get along with. My assumption was that Jean-Luc Brunel got the girls from Eastern Europe (as he procured many young foreign girls for Epstein). They were young and European looking and sounding."
Epstein jetted into RAF Marham via his trip to Royal Sandringham.
Epstein was close enough with Andrew that he was invited to the Queen’s birthday party in 2000
and was a guest at Sandringham, Balmoral and Windsor Castle, the Sunday Times reported.
Even the time-frame for a lot of this stuff overlaps with the general release of Eyes Wide Shut (Jul. 1999).
There is a girl in both party scenes in EWS; named Nuala Windsor. It's implied that she's a model.
 Masonic Jew, Ziegler (Pollack). Who owns one of the plushest townhouses in Manhattan, and attends ritual orgies.
"Pollack was allegedly involved in buying arms and military equipment for Israel during the 1970s
 and, according to (Mossad) Milchan, knew just what he was getting into." That's Zionist 9/11, Milchan. (link)

Sound familiar? ALL ultimately working for Rothschild's, satanic Israel.
"The daughter Ghislaine probably recruited Epstein. Father, (Mossad) Robert, even formerly supplied the Israeli Air Force."

Mr political blackmail traps...Cohn.
Trump's mentor, homo-paedo Cohn, is cited as having had an instrumental role in (Zionist 9/11) Murdoch's US success.
Murdoch, like Trump, was also one of Cohn's clients. Cohn is credited with introducing Trump and Murdoch, in the mid-1970s.
 Murdoch's propaganda channel Fox News is a Trump cheerleader squad.
Bronfmans had major stakes in MGM, Time-Warner, and Universal. Warner produced Kubrick's (Zionist mafia) Eyes Wide Shut.
Edgar 'Permindex' Bronfman Sr. and Jacob Rothschild have also been cited as being instrumental in Murdoch's rise.
"Bronfman Dynasty - The Rothschilds of the New World" (book). Peter C. Newman (Oct 21, 1978).
Crypto-Zionist '9/11' Murdoch is heavily involved with Zionist/Mossad/Hollywood's Arnon '9/11' Milchan (Fox/Regency, etc).
Of course, Zionist Murdoch and Zionist Maxwell were both media mogul rivals in the 1980's UK (Jew K).

Robert 'Mossad' Maxwell's death (1991) was likely a hoax. The £440 million pension fund black hole revealed subsequently.
He allegedly fell from his yacht (named Lady Ghislaine) off the Canary Islands. One 'canary' who won't ever sing.
The daughter Ghislaine probably recruited Epstein.

Epstein's accountant 'seemingly' swore under oath that Epstein's source of money was (Robert Maxwell via) Ghislaine.
Epstein's accountant: "...her father was very wealthy...and that's how he started his own money."
This likely suggests it's the money from the Mirror Group pension fund!
The looted by Robert Maxwell fund (knowledge of which only became apparent post-death)
 - then siphoned to his daughter - before his staged 'Lady Ghislaine' Mossad exit.
It's reasonable to suggest that this could have ultimately been the source of Epstein's own wealth (hundreds of millions).
Wow, a filthy Zionist Jew stealing thousands of pensioners' money - then used to form a Mossad blackmail trap op!

Dershowitz and the Prince both lobbied the US govt. against Epstein being originally prosecuted!

Trump's Labor Sec. (Acosta) who oversaw the original plea bargain deal with Epstein. The US govt. made Epstein untouchable!
The plea bargain gave him (and his circle) immunity, but a bargain arranged without the knowledge of the victims.
It's why Epstein's co-abuser and procurer (not under arrest, Ghislaine 'paedo' Maxwell) is free from any prosecution!
The US DOJ - an extradition arrangement for (US war crimes) Assange is a walk in the park. Arresting Maxwell can slide!
 In 2009 Trump's now current Attorney General, William Barr, began working for Kirkland and Ellis (law firm) who represented Epstein in 2008 (hence Barr's recusal). K & E represented Epstein until 2011, while Barr worked at the firm. Epstein deal linked Acosta also previously worked for Kirkland and Ellis. Implicated Dershowitz was also on Epstein's legal team (2008) and via Kirkland and Ellis!
William Barr's father (Jew, Donald) hired Epstein to teach (children) calculus at Dalton, though Epstein (aged 20) wasn't qualified!
The Manhattan house, the island, the billion $ hedge fund - are ALL simply part of Epstein's Mossad FRONT.
Under Zionist Trump's admin, William Barr was made Attorney General, and 'plea bargain' Acosta was made Labor Sec.
Yup, Trump is up to his neck in all this (like Clinton) - they ALL are. Dems or Reps - it's ALL the same.

After Barr-linked Dalton, Epstein was recruited by Bearn Stearns' Chairman/CEO Alan Greenberg. Greenberg met Epstein via Dalton as his daughters attended there. Epstein swiftly moved up to become an options trader, and then advised the bank's wealthiest clients, such as Seagram president (Zionist/Permindex/Maxwell linked) Edgar 'NXIVM' Bronfman, on tax strategies.
The very same Epstein  hiring Greenberg who would go on to fund Donald Trump's first wholly owned casino and first venture in the public markets! A total of over $350+ million worth of mortgage-backed bonds, issued by Bearn 'Epstein' Stearns. So it's Stearns' Greenberg that got both Trump and Epstein up and running. Greenberg was clearly key in Epstein's rise through Stearns (1976-81), and Trump's 80's and 90's success and rise. Trump would also purchase the NY Plaza, handled through Bearn Stearns in a $250 million bond sale. Trump also had two margin accounts opened and maintained on his behalf via Greenberg and Bear Stearns.
Epstein hiring Greenberg was Trump's personal stockbroker.

 Trump appointed Acosta, acted as the 'cover-up' merchant for Epstein's's undeniable. Trump IS a Zionist!
Epstein was NEVER going to stand trial. If you think that he was - then I've a bridge for sale.
10 Aug. ALL TOO PREDICTABLE. Epstein has likely been given the Mossad treatment a la (linked) Robert Maxwell.
For services rendered to the Zionist elite. These types operate way beyond the law. Surely you understand that much?
What's important (to the Zionist elite) is that MSM grazing sheep (most humans) think that he is dead.

On 8 Aug, just 2 days before Epstein was found dead, he signed his last will and testament, putting all of his assets
- in the new '1953 Trust'. It was filed at the court in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Ahem. A public will, but a private trust.
Therefore it remains unknown as to who/whom the beneficiary behind it is. (His former will had Mark as the heir.)

Allegedly 'hanged' in jail while on (variable) 'suicide watch'.
 Will it be hanging/asphyxiation via 'sinking to the knees' inducing loss of consciousness, etc. A la Fred 'paedo' West?

It all kind of reminds me of (UK based serial killer) Fred 'paedo/torture/snuff video' West. Hanged via jail/suicide watch.
A ligature constructed from a blanket and tags via a door/window. frederick-west-found-hanged-in-cell.
John West (brother) - an active part of Fred's group hanged himself (or suicided) on the eve of the verdict - child rape trial.

West claimed that sadistic parties being held in Bristol were the cause of the bodies buried at his property.
(Excerpts below from 'Fred and Rose: The West Murders'. 2001 Doc.)
 "Prepare a defence..." I wonder if these might be 'well-to-do' type parties - involving dignitaries, etc?
West's claims (above) were the final time that he was interviewed in respect of any of these details.
"West would never be quizzed team advised to refuse further interviews..."
(Note. West was in no way innocent. He was a satanist, paedophile, torturer, and murderer. That is beyond doubt.)
On New Year's day in 1995, he was found hanged/asphyxiated in jail, and while under 'suicide watch'.
West seemingly operated in this depraved way both in (Jacobite/masonic) Scotland and Gloucester (Bristol).
The Scottish link is largely unknown. West even references 'meeting stars' via clubs, and Rena in Glasgow, Scotland.
The Scottish connection elements (Anna/Rena) followed West from Scotland to Bristol/Gloucester.
Note how victims were lured and procured in Gloucester. This was all before meeting (wife) Rose.
"And she [Rena] had other girls with her which went to these parties, in the end never seen 'em (them) no more."

"Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

Jacobite (Jew) Masonic/Satanic Scotland
According to West associate (Scot, paedo Gallogley) - via a dossier - they were originally involved in a paedophile ring
(also linked to 1996 Dunblane paedo/shooter, and Freemason Hamilton) where allegedly politicians/dignitaries were an aspect.
West was based in Scotland (early 60s) and drove an (abuse linked) ice cream van, Mr Whippy. Ideal for a BDSM fiend.
Why did West (regularly) not return his Wall's Whippy van to the depot until around 3:00am? Chilling, pun intended.
UK Sunday Mail has this dossier. Since publication in 2006, the hoax claim headline (re: Moira Anderson) was disproved!
Note. It is Fred West (not either of the two Scots, Gallogley or Gartshore) who seemingly provides the Crown Office contact.
 Dossier excerpt. If true it suggests that West was very active in Scotland. It's perhaps where his killing career began.
Seemingly, implicated masonic police (particularly Scottish, see Buchanan) have helped bury the dossier and its contents.
It is established that Glous. police used the sex services of 25 Cromwell St. (Perhaps including underage activity).
(Note. Sunday Mail dossier article incorrectly states that MacRae was a member of The Untouchables. Poor journalism.)

  "Fred reassured us that these people we had met were from the Scottish Crown Office." (aka COPFS).

Claims that SNP activist Willie MacRae was murdered by UK intelligence (suicided, 1986) before he could expose The Untouchables (incriminating photos). MacRae, whose car was originally found crashed, was later found (post mortem) with a bullet wound behind the ear. A recovered .22 gun had been fired twice! The gun was not fingerprinted and/or forensically tested, and has since gone missing! MacRae's tyers had been slashed earlier in the day, delaying his departure, which meant night travel on isolated/deserted roads.
Article from 2016, implicated COPFS say the case is closed. Ahem. Anyone might think that they're complicit :). Lord Advocate (COPFS) said similar in 2006. I-will-sign-affidavit-tying-MI5-to-McRae-murder. His death came months after Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens handed his infamous paedophile dossier to then Home Sec. Leon Brittan (suspected Jew paedo) – only for it to be lost/destroyed.
 Showering with the "Young Ones" at (paedo) Elm Guest House via the (gatekeeping) Zionist British Buggery Corp (BBC).
O Twist. Thatcher/Dickens. Tory homo/paedo linked Elm Guest House - linked to Spartacus, Capital Gay, and TORY literature.
Linked to Labour too, primarily via PIE - Harriet Harmon, Jack Dromey, etc. (See picture, below).
"...allegations of child assault at the [likely masonic] ceremonies of religious cults and sexual indecencies at a children's home."
Nightmare on Elm Guest House St.: "I'm Spartacus. I like my cock in young ass, and man/boy love via elite protection.".
 PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) was co-founded by Ian Dunn/Michael Hanson in 1974. Prior to PIE's formation (circa 1970) paedophile Tory Nicholas Fairbairn was  made vice-president of SMG (a gay rights group) headed by (PIE) Ian Dunn.
It is alleged that (murdered) MacRae also caught Perth linked (paedo mason Tory MP/Elm Guest House) Sir Nicholas Fairbairn,
and a top Scottish legal official (very likely Robert Henderson QC) - with a 15 year old girl at the Balmoral Hotel (Edin.).
 It was PM Thatcher who appointed (paedo) Fairbairn as Solicitor General, the deputy of (Her Majesty's) Lord 'COPFS' Advocate!
Fairbairn, and Henderson have both since been implicated in the abuse/rape (from aged 4) of Henderson's daughter, Susan, along with Sheriff Andrew Lothian QC, and advocates Raymond Fraser and Lawrence Nesbit. Parties involving sex, drugs, and adults were also an aspect. High-ranking legal officials and paedophiles Fairbairn, Henderson, and Lothian were all also members of the (masonic) Speculative Society. Fairbairn was also linked to (Jew) BBC childline advocate Esther 'Bernato/Rhodes' Rantzen.

Note, it was 'Crown Office linked' implicated paedo and co-abuser of Susan Henderson, Sheriff Andrew Lothian QC, 
that got George Farquhar - a masonic Dunblane/Cullen whistleblower - sectioned in a mental hospital, 2003 (here).

Scottish Connection: "Fred reassured us that these people we had met were from the Scottish Crown Office." (aka COPFS).
If anything came up about us, we would be looked after and never end up in court. That was a promise."

West-linked Gallogley's 'The Untouchables confession' - was transcribed by Peterhead inmate Keil into the dossier.
Keil wrote to the Scottish Crown Office letting them know that he had a full confession. Rather than showing any interest,
- the Scottish Crown Office (implicated masonic COPFS) refused to see Keil. They rejected all five of Keil's interview requests.

There's also a link between masonic abusers Fairbairn, Henderson, and Nisbet - with the child serial killer, Robert 'dossier' Black.
Fairbairn, who is the un-named paedophile in the article below, was provided an alibi via (complicit) Henderson and Nisbet.
An alibi for when Fairbairn was interviwed by detectives about the (1983) abduction of 5 year-old Caroline Hogg.
This led to Fairbairrn being eliminated as a suspect. Robert Black was later convicted of the girl's murder.
Is it possible that Black was 'fitted-up' by the ring to take the rap for Hogg's abduction/murder, hence the alibi? Or could Black have been used by the ring as a type of child procurer? Could this abduction/murder have involved Fairbairn and his (masonic, COPFS and QC loaded paedo) circle, and using Black as the sole fall guy? It's a type of link to 'dossier named Black' and the wider Scottish ring. It's already established that Henderson's daughter (Susan) was horrifically abused by Henderson, Fairbairn, and Nisbet - from age 4. It's already established that 'dossier Gallogley' and (West-linked mason) Gartshore abducted Moira Anderson, abused her, and that she subsequently died. Dossier confessor Gallogley also stated that West had abused Moira. The dossier - in many regards seems legit.

Note, the records on Robert Black are sealed for 90+ years - very similar to the Dunblane files (100 years).
Not to protect any victims imo, but clearly to protect the sick, implicated, freemasonic establishment edifice!

Re: Alex 'Moira' Gartshore (circa 1992): Police questioned Gartshore extensively but, even though four abused nieces agreed to give evidence against him, the Lord Advocate refused to bring the case to court.

 PM Thatcher appointed (masonic paedo) Fairbairn Solicitor General, the deputy of the Lord 'Crown Office/COPFS' Advocate!
As Scotland's second most senior prosecutor he would have taken decisions on the prosecution of other sex offenders!

West and Paisley: "Each morning (Mr Whippy) Fred travelled across the city to a depot in Paisley, where he collected
- an ice cream van decorated with four large blue beacons. (West would also mention Bristol parties in respect of Gloucester).

Dossier: "It is believed to list vehicles and safe houses in Glasgow, Monklands & Paisley where children where hidden before being taken to sex parties." (Note, potentially linked Dunblane Hamilton attended parties in Perth. COPFS paedo Fairbairn was a Perth MP.)

Using ice cream vans as a front for criminal activity is not unusual in Glasgow. Ice Cream Wars.
In the 1980s several ice-cream vendors also sold drugs and stolen goods along their routes, using the ice cream sales as fronts.

Fred 'Mr Whippy' West - Margaret 'Mr Whippy' Thatcher
BDSM Whippy & I Scream. Knicker-bocker Glory. A political urban legend that comes in handy. Both linked to Mr Whippy.
  West, Scotland/Gloucester. In 1959, Wall's doubled capacity by opening a purpose built ice cream factory in Gloucester, England.
Thatcher/Windsor Scot-linked 'peedo' Savile and (his lover/co-abuser) Peter 'Mr Whippy/King of Cornets' Jaconelli.
 Stoke (bent, slang) Man Devil(le) - spinal (sodomy) unit and Satanism. Fix-It 'Medalling/Meddling with kids' Savile, and Jaconelli.
Mr Whippy vans used to play Greensleeves - the urban legend involves Henry VIII, with sexual/prostitute connotations.
Child/girl lover overlaps - for pleasure seekers - Mr Whippy - after my nuts - phallic wall bangers - with balls. Porked, literally.
By Royal Approval. Wall's Meat and Wall's Ice Cream (UniLever). Wall's 'Phallic Banging/Meating' via Balls and Cream. (here)
There's Something About Mary (Poof) via Balls. Ben 'Poolander-Balls Models/Gaylord Meating Focker/Tony Poof Wonder' Stiller.
 An orange balls, gaylord, parent meating, poof circle, closet queer, balls deep in starfish, poolanding, cock/wang pizza pie, Mary.
 Stiller's Tropic Thunder. Booty Sweat - Tap Into Some Ass. Coming Soon, Bust-A-Nut via Gay Monks up Satan's (Anal) Alley.
 Broke-back Mounting. Iron 'Poof' Man, Downey Jr, up Satan's Ass. Iron, via Queens & AC/DC. A one-eyed, Randy donut exit man.
It's not just barely veiled, mass 'sodomite/deviant' corporate programming badly disguised as humour - or whatever.
It's also mass (Jew) crypto-mockery. See 'Naive' (Stiller  x2) and 'Mug-At-U' from Poolander. Backwards writing, satanic/masonic Jews.
 Recall, Stoke (meaning bent/gay) Man Devil(le) via sodomite/satanist 'Uphill Love' Savile.
Iron (poof) Savile, iron lover, Jaconelli. Iron Lady, Thatcher. Jacobite Scots drink soft queer orange - IRON Bru/Screw.
COPFS Solicitor Gen. paedo Fairbairn, a VP of gay rights SMG - headed by Glaswegian (paedo) Dunn, Mr PIE (suggestive acronym).
 Iron Willie AG Barr. :)

Anyway, enough of that 'related' diversion, which I hope you understood:
Whippy/BDSM West allegedly claimed that his clique was protected (in some regard) by the (royal) Scottish Crown Office.
Established West author, Howard Sounes, remarked that West would boast in respect of a Scottish connection.
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) - is a very august and establishment connected entity. 
 Headed by Her Majesty's Lord (Devil's) Advocate, and appointed by the Queen. (Her son is Prince 'Epstein' Andy).
West was a known Freemason (Gloucs. Round Table), and a known police informant. Dunblane/QVS Hamilton, another Freemason.

In Defens via (implicated) COPFS and In Defens via (implicated) QVS. SNAP!
(Above, more abuse allegations) Daily Star, March 3, 2005. Also see whistleblower George Farquhar.
Recall that the dossier linked West's ring to that of the ring connected to Dunblane paedo Hamilton.
Hamilton was connected to a Military of Defense based school 'QVS' (Scotland) - abuse by VIPs allegedly took place.

Hamilton, according to the dossier, was a regular driver for the ring (abuse parties in Perth) and linked to a top policeman. It's alleged that QVS Hamilton would also regularly make use of a Crown Officer's car. It's also been cited (see Lord Burton) that Dunblane was connected to the (elite) Freemasonic Speculative Society (formed out of Edinburgh Univ.), many of whom also had an interest in QVS  (incl. Cullen). Dunblane Inquiry Cullen (who buried the Dunblane files under a 100 year order) was a Speculative mason! (The same Speculative Society that we earlier linked to 'abuser' QC's: Fairbairn, Henderson, and Lothian.) There are claims that the Dunblane/Hamilton ring was linked to New Labour (blackmail traps, etc.), with allegations that Gordon Brown, and (homosexual) Peter 'Rothschild/Epstein' Mandelson were paedophiles (and known to intelligence). New Labour's Lord 'NATO' Robertson (another Speculative mason) was believed to have helped (Garrowhill Freemason) Hamilton in respect of obtaining firearms. 

See former housemaster, Glenn Harrison, (a must read) who was quickly ousted by implicated QVS freemasons. (Also here).
Harrison tried to inform/alert everyone - from Esther 'Fairbairn/Childline' Rantzen - to the NSPCC and beyond. Zilch!
 Circa early-mid 90's. Oh, look. It's Prince 'Epstein' Andrew Windsor via QVS, masons, and institutionalised paedophilia!
Whistleblower, QVS housemaster Harrison refused to sit by the side of the Prince (Duke of York) due to the ongoing abuse situation! 
QVS senior housemaster, Ben Phillip (deceased, who introduced Harrison to Hamilton) was a mason and QVS paedo. 
Hamilton linked QVS Phillip's abuse, only came to light in recent years (2017). See here. Harrison, was seemingly unaware.
Recall, Epstein/Windsor linked Trump went to Military/Cadet School.
"Meanwhile, police in Kent have launched a review after a parent of an ex-pupil at the [related]
Duke of York's Royal Military School complained that the force failed to robustly investigate a historical allegation." (source). 

Freemasons, Lanarkshire-linked West, and Lanarkshire Hamilton, procured victims via social services, care homes, 
and schools/boys clubs. Hamilton even exchanged correspondence with the Queen. Duke of Edinburgh patron of QVS. 
The Queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent is the titular head of global (Zionist) Freemasonry via UGLE.
The overlaps are there in respect of West/Epstein. West was likely suicided (or forced into it) though, unlike Epstein.
As for the (satanic) Windsors. Their links to prolific 'BBC, satanic paedophile Savile' are well established.
Scottish linked Savile was a type of 'untouchable'? History has shown that he was - regardless of what was known.
Princes Philip, Andrew, Edward, and Charles all schooled at Gourdonstoun, Scot. Founder Hahn a German Jew.
To round off. MacRae, a former aide to (alleged paedo) Mountbatten, the latter of whom brought Savile into the Royal fold.

 Phuket (Fuck It) via Bang-kok, Randy Andy and 'friends' of Ghislaine Maxwell, surely Epstein being one of them. (Hell-o mag).

 Blackmail Wars...via the Zionist Maxwell(s).
Seemingly, someone tried to blackmail Robert Maxwell in an attempt to gag him from exposing more about (paedo) MP Proctor.
 1986. The People was owned by Robert Maxwell's Mirror syndicate. His daughter's dirty laundry.
Ghislaine Maxwell, 23 at the time, had been caught in compromising photos with the son of the Duke of Rutland (aka David Manners).
These photos were supposedly held out as blackmail for the tabloid's investigation of (incriminating) photos of Tory MP Harvey Proctor (subsequently found guilty, 1987) - with naked boys whom he had beaten with a cane. Terry Allen (Proctor's former lover) gave an interview to The Sunday People confirming that Proctor took photographs of naked boys. Allen would procure these boys for Proctor.

2003. Proctor became the private secretary to David Manners, (now) 11th Duke of Rutland, at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire.
The same David 'Ghislaine Maxwell photos' Manners, as above. The man allegedly compromised with Ghislaine, went on to employ (formerly compromised) Proctor. Proctor retired in 2015 due to (paedophile) sexual allegation fall-out. Proctor was the last living person under investigation by Operation 'elite cover-up' Midland. When Proctor's own place was searched, 2015, his 'grace and favour' abode was within the estate of the Duke of Rutland (how convenient). Is there any living human that believes the hoo-haa with Carl Beech (Westminster paedo ring) was anything other than a complete played-out Zio-masonic establishment stitch-up?

Proctor IS a violent paedophile, and that is already beyond doubt. What a lame cover-up!
An S&M fiend via rent boys too. Hence (BDSM) J-anus magazine, and a 'cane company' funding his original defence!

Proctor linked, The Duke and Duchess of Rutland, are two names that are recorded in Epsten's little black book.
Tory Proctor has also been linked to Elm Guest House (rent boys, etc.), as has Thatcher's protege Sir Nicholas 'child rapist' Fai(r)bairn.
Charlotte Fai(r)bairn (daughter) in Epstein's book. Did her (sick) father pass her around like freemason friend, Henderson, QC?
 COPFS Solicitor General - a homosexual pressure group promoting, PIE-linked, child raping, masonic, Knighted paedophile.
The (Zionist/Masonic) UK establishment IS PAEDOPHILE CENTRAL. Likewise with the Zionist/Masonic USA.
The Special (Zionist Jew/Rothschild) Relationship via paedophilia, sodomy, blackmail, satanism, and freemasonry.

Bucking-hams. The Queen, Phil the Greek...Randy Andy. PM is a Johnson. Court of St James's to Little St James, Epstein.
 Laugh it up. Satanic, paedophile, (Jew) Freemasonic Windsors. The Untouchables. Get a (pass) grip...Halloween Johnson.
Johnson, a typical Etonian schooled 'bum boy'. Anyone for spotted dick? Fag Eton, right next to Windsor 'An(n)us Horribilis' Castle.
A devilish Windsor Castle Inferno via a 'horrible ass' ref. Latin (annus horribilis/horrible year) repopularised by the Queen.
Murdoch's Times. PM Johnson's 'biggest COCK-UP' - via a tale/tail - about homo lovers Edward II and Gaveston. Then sacked.
  Eton Johnson. Nick Fraser, The Importance of Being Eton, 2006. An O-scar 'homo' Wilde reference.
Re: Etonians:"...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order, or at the very least,
- as Alan Bennett puts it, exotic creatures beyond the comprehension of lesser mortals educated at state schools”.
Remember 'Eton pig porker' David 'Gay Witch, Hunt' Cameron? Less than 1% of UK pop. had a say in Johnson becoming PM.
PM Johnson/Cock, defeated a Hunt Cunt. Hunt, a Bullingdon boy like his Oxford contemporaries Cameron and Johnson.

The C**T word was actually associated with the Wests. It's alleged that it featured on her bed headboard.

The Wicked Witch(es) of the West(s)...
Witch-masonic-craft. Recall they had a 'Black Magic' (bar) in their home. West, cremated via COVEN-try.
I'll just leave this 'meme' here. Sept 2014. Retweeted by Trump (or media team). Tricked? You decide.
Dominic 'The Wire' West (who played Fred, Appropriate Adult) has recently compared Trump to West.

 Let the cheating begin...
Kabbalah Tree, Zionist Messiah, King of Israel, Anti-Christ '666' Trump - Fist Bumps Her (Masonic) Maj.

Freemasonry - aka "The Craft" (witchcraft). The (Sorcerer's) Apprentice. Orange man, phallic towering, Trump.
MAGA. "Maga", from the Latin word for WITCH (sorcerer/sorceress). Note, the cognate words MAGI, MAGUS (wizard).
 Double WITCH whammy! I think he's (indirectly) talking about himself: "bad and conflicted people".
It's a (MAGA) WITCH HUNT. Yeah, and you're literally the chief "hunting maga/witch", Donny!
So in some sense a "MAGA hat" is also a literal "witches hat".

Even Donald '666' Trump - Mr Masonic/Kabbalah tree award - has keen business/personal interests in  Scotland.
Anyway, you CAN'T get away form these FACTS. Trump made these appointments - Epstein-linked Acosta and Barr.
Likewise with (Zionist) Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams, etc.
Anyway, any doubts regarding Trump's status as a SLAVE of Israel have now completely vanished.
 Does anyone think that he's completely OWNED by Zionist Israel? I mean, what do we have to go-on? (sarcasm).
Backed by (uber Zionist) Adelson, backed by Satanyahu, backed by Rupert 'Zionist' Murdoch, etc.
Zionist Trump is now stating (March 2019) that the USA should recognise Israel's sovereignty over the (STOLEN) Golan Heights.
Land Stolen by impostor satanic Jews (from Syria) during the 1967 war. The Usual Zio Suspects. Oh look, resources.
No wonder satanic Rothschild wanted Assad "Hit hard" - via his mouthpiece propaganda rag The Economist!
 An ILLEGAL occupation. Make Israel Great Again. The usual 'Synagogue of Satan' suspects.
As Trump was signing the Golan decree, Israel launched attacks on Gaza (March 25, 2019).
The Golan decree will be a timely boost for under pressure (and indicted) Satanyahu who is up for re-election.

Israeli puppet Donny, dance! 26% of Congress hold dual Israeli citizenship. JEW S of A.
No wall built in Mexico (illegals are pouring in), but building settlements in occupied (foreign) Golan is a breeze. :)
 Let's build Trump Heights on STOLEN LAND. The Golan Stolen Heights. Israeli criminal Satanyahu, see far right.
This will make an ideal bombing target when the satanic Zionists and USA are permanently put to sleep! Coming soon. :)
As for the recent shootings - just more Zionist Deep State false-flag ops.
As I regularly pointed out over the years. They will continue these frauds until you've been effectively disarmed.
Why all the hoo-haa about shooting deaths? More people are being destroyed via the (deliberately) fomented OPIOID CRISIS.
The illegal US invasion/occupation of Afghanistan, also gives them control of its poppy fields/opium supply.
Another 'Made in America' crime. USA. 5% of the globe's population, but around a 80-90% global footprint in terms of pharmacological/pyschotropic drug consumption! Wow. A nation of drugged-out zombies who live in an open air asylum.

 Multiple Shooters - which is OBLIGATORY in ALL these Gladio style, Zionist fomented fake-outs.
Even the El Paso Mayor 'initially' claimed that there were 3 suspects in custody via MSM.
Until it ALL quickly vanished down Orwell's memory hole - the standard MO. EL Paso. EL, saturn/moloch, etc.
You won't be seeing this on your Zionist-vision TV news services. Zionist/US MSM is complicit in all this!
Video here, but it will likely soon vanish.
There was NO firing from law enforcement in El Paso! She is referencing the multiple shooters.
A quadruple-whammy win for the Zionist/US deep state though - via El Paso.
Immigrant mass sympathy schmaltz, huge racial agitation, huge gun reform pressure, and a distraction from Epstein.
When the collapse of the US comes (rapidly approaching) the Zionist Deep State don't want you fully, or effectively armed!

Not quite as blatant as the (multi-shooter) Zionist/Masonic 'Illuminati Black Pyramid' Vegas event - that's hard to match.  (a warning given 45mins before attack).
 A mass shooting via the Illuminati Black Pyramid (see above, and below) - and Monarch (via UK) mind control.
Illuminati game card text re: multiple shooters: "At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you…have a nice day."
 Why have half a dozen (or more) shooting witnesses (some multi-shooter referencers) since turned-up dead?
Weishaupt chose the 'eye/pyramid' as the emblem of the (Rothschild sponsored) Illuminati/Sabbatean-Frankist Jews.
We need to look at 'Monarch' from multiple POVs. Butterfly mind control, Royalty, etc., and both micro and macro.

Dec. 2019 UPDATE

MK-Ultra (Monarch) via alleged Epstein/Andrew victim, Giuffre! Butterflies and MK via (butterfly/MK) Allred!

Epstein victim(s) are fronted by deep state mind control asset, Gloria Allred. So f**k knows what's really going-on?
Virginia Giuffre is represented by POS lawyer David 'Weinstein' Boies. These are not names you want connected to this.
A type of carefully 'played-out' public-ritual drama, or a form of establishment control? Many think he was murdered, lol!
Epstein is not dead. It's obvious that he was repatriated back to Mossad Israel (like linked Bob 'Mossad' Maxwell).
That's why you were shown a body via MSM. They let you see. It's called brainwashing the watching programmed sheep.
MONARCH mind control. JEW Allred with 'quasi-faux' victim (monarched Golden Child) Charlotte 'thousand yard stare' Lewis.
Jewish handlers Gloria 'butterfly' Allred and (daughter) Lisa 'butterfly' Bloom.
Ashkenazi deep-state gatekeepers against an Ashkenazi/Mossad paedo ring. Ahem. Also formerly involved with Trump victims.
From the (paedo/establishment) BBC via Panorama and alleged victim Giuffre/Roberts.
 Oh, dear. I suspected something might be off. Butterflies and Chains! Arguably all very (monarch) MK-Ultra.
MK belt and butterfly/chain shirt. MK, as in Michael-Kors (Mind-Kontrolle). I'll leave it for the reader to decide.
It's not what you'd want to find, though. Likewise with (Weinstein) Boies and (butterfly) Allred.
 "In 1979, Allred’s debut in the mass media spotlight was with the infamous and highly classified CIA- MK ULTRA mind controlled Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) Soldier, Patty Hearst. That's some very deep, creepy, heavy and high level CIA-U.S. Military Intelligence clearance and classified - TOP SECRET stuff to open a career with." (Link, see near end of the post body).
Also see: monarch-golden-child-charlotte-lewis.html. And my 2016 post: mk-ultra-monarch-msm-us-election-special.html
Surely you recall Sandy 'Monarch' Hook via the monarch butterflly and Anderson 'CIA Mockingbird media' Cooper?
 That's the MONARCH species right there (see cushion). The butterfly Hockley's (ahem).
Over the Monarch Butterfly Rainbow via (faked) Sandy Hook. Mind control marker overload.
 Sandy Hook was named-checked in Batman:TDKR. The film that was also linked to the false-flag Aurora (Joker) shooting.
Crowley-linked TDKR. Batman/Joker - whose mythos is linked to the Monarch Theatre.
See Crowley and the butterfly-net. Monarch features in the new (shit-house) Joker film via homo (masonic) Phoenix.
Hollywood/MSM IS one of the biggest problems facing this world. It's nothing but satanic hell & evil mind control.
Hollywood/MSM was the key conduit for programming American sheep (and beyond) with the 9/11 false-flag. 

Zionist/Illuminati Antichrist - Donald '666' Trump. The Vegas Black (Illuminati) Pyramid, as seen on the game's box.
Satanism and Sodomy (via popular culture) - two-sides of the same coin.
 Harvest event sponsored by (masonic) Sirius XM. Sirius is the masonic eye in the pyramid.
U.S. of Gay. The world's number 1 and leading continent for mass satanic sodomy programming via Zionist Jew domination.
For YEARS I warned about Zionist, Satanic Hollywood and it's satanic sodomy brainwashing of the masses.
All I've seen is dumb U.S. sheep double/triple/quadruple down on this Zio-Jew fomented sickness. Insanity writ large.
MGM=33/TM=33. Masonic, Lion (Loin) Kings of Judah. Sphinx/Leo/Anubis. Masonic sphinc-ter G males.
M(ale) G M(ale). Can you feel the (anal) love tonight? Elton 'faggot' John did music for (sick sodomite) Disney's The Lion/Lying King.
Ars(e) Gratia Artis. Satanic, obelisk/cock worshippers via a (gripping sphinx/sphinc-ter) pyramidal Giza (geezer/man).
'Arse by favour...' Artis (genitive of ars). The Latin phrase interpreted as (Art for Art's Sake), but that's for the sheep.
Homo Erectus. MGM Rainbow Oz. I wonder why it's called (satanic) Sin City? I do a line in sarcasm. I think I've earned it :)
(Trade) Mark of the Lion/Beast. Jew S. of A. - also see the masonic/homo Washington Monument 'penis' o-bel-isk/o-baal-isk.
Palm trees. Ram sphinxes/sphincters. Satanic/Masonic sodomites. Aerial shot, linked MGM g-RA-nd as an inverted cross.
The Thelemic 'Book of Law' (Crowley's bible) was written via the Giza/Geezer Pyramid, Horus, and 666.
Sodom/Pyramid, masonic 33° Crowley (body/arms/head) shaped as penis/glans - background  'star' is the sphincter/asshole.
Horus eye/pyramid. OTO 11th°: 'Oh, how superior is the eye of Horus [sphincter] to the mouth of Isis! [vagina]'. (666 Luxor Crowley).
The satanic secret of 'sodomy' is reserved for the highest 11th° degree. Didn't you know?
Crowley's Boy of red lips: How the fond ruby rapier glides and slips [penis]. 'Twixt the white hills thou spreadest for me there; [ass]

 St John's Revolution/Revelation #9 - The EMI 'Antichrist Thorn' Bea(s)tles. (See Thorn:EMI).
 Homo Jews and homo EMI. The Hellish - Crowley: 'Do What Thou Wil(s)t' - Sodom Apple O-Men Queens.

Jewish dominated - Great 'Sodomite/Fag' Britain:
"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
John Lennon׃ "Show Business is an extension of the (sodomite, masonic/luciferian) Jewish religion."
 Erecting phallic columns via Mary-line/Abbey Road (St John's Wood), Men-Love Ave. and up the Old Dirt Road.
Masonic 33° Past 'SEX-tant' Masters via 'Love Me Do/Love Me Doo' - and with a mouth organ.

 Temple Black (Shirley), the Pyramid, and masonic #2 Crowley's penis via (homo) Lonely Hearts and horn blowers.
Sgt 'Pyramid' Pooper & HELL(p) - Meat the Beatles, Get Back, and Cum Together via the Ring-O (ass) Star(r).
Fixing A-Hole. Men-Love, Lennon. Satanic '666 Crowley PENIS/Dung' Beatles via (sodomite/masonic) OTO & grade signing.
A dozen or so Freemasons on the cover. 3 ranked 33° (Crowley, Marx, Wells). 3 OTO adepts. 3 Temples (3rd Temple).
Sgt 'Lucifer' Pepper - via McCartney's & (Eton homo) Fraser's Indica Mason's Yard. Right next door to the 33° Supreme Council.
The Importance of Being Eton: "...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order..."
Eton homo Fraser's Swinging London. Macca's (linked) International Times shut-down due to running homosexual contact ads.
Luci-LSD. Macca's first LSD reference was via Queen (a snooty fashion mag.) owned by Etonian, Jocelyn 'royalty' Stevens.
 Mason's/Lucifer's Yard. Where the Beatles' link to the (satanic elite) Gettys were made - likewise with OTO, Ken 'Lucifer' Anger.
Antichrist Beatles. Winged (Crowley) Beatle, McCartney. Mr (homo) Apollo. The ultimate CORPORATE ELITE musician.
 Sgt. (military) Pepper. EMI (Beatles) was of the military and led by (homosexual Jew) Sir Joe Lockwood. Homo Jew, manager Epstein.
Lockwood partnered with (Jewish) Thorn Electrical Industries (see, 'Jewish' O-men 2) during EMI's rise. (Thorn:EMI).
So many Jews and sodomites! Homo 'apple' Fraser was one of the first UK celebrity types that died of AIDS (1986).
AIDS. Yes, mass homo sympathy schmaltz via the complicit 'sodomite industry' has certainly aided them. Rainbow poofs.
Apple bottoms. AL-BUMS spinning at the masonic rate of 33 1/3. The ROTTEN Lucifer Sodom Apple(s).
The (jail sodomised) Punks, likewise. EMI Sex 'Penis' Pistols with their 'Bollocks' via God Save the Queen (poof, not the monarch).
Anarchy in the UK, by EMI's Dark Side of the Moon (ass) producer, Pink 'rainbow pyramid' Floyd (EMI).
Legendary 'filth and fury' interview - the Pistols were stand-ins for Queen (EMI), arranged by EMI Jew, Eric 'Killer Queen' Hall.
Penis Pistols managed by Jewish homo, 'masonic chaos' McLaren, who also popularised (LGBT icon) Boy 'tranny' George.
Homo, Julian 'Sex Pistols/Randy Donut Hole' Temple directed (homo) Culture Club's 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'.
Filmed at Dolphin 'elite abuse linked' Square (see Carl 'Harvey Proctor' Beech, initially abused by his military step-father, etc).

  The stereotypical/classic (hyper-masculine) butch-homo moustache look. See Freddie 'God Save the Queen' Mercury (Hermes).
The OTO Beast-les: "I'm fixing A-Hole where the rain gets in....I'm filling the crack(s) that ran through the door..."
"Quietly turning the backdoor key." (Backdoor/asshole via a phallic/masonic key - written over Harrison's penis/groin.)
Just like Jim 'military industrial complex' Morrison. The 'back' Doors (via LSD). A Backdoor (anal) Man.
The Snake Rider, Back Door Man via Willie Dixon (Dick-son) and Wang Dang Doodle.
STAB to Ring-O Starr. McCartney introduces Ringo as Billy Shears/Shakespeares. Willy Shake-spear(es) - sexual innuendo.
 'Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,...' a la stabbed Caesar (Shakespeare).
Ring-O 'COCK-er' Starr. Ringo's 'With a Little Help...' Famously covered by Joe 'Something's Cumming On' Cock-er (EMI).
 Billy Shears/Willy Shake-speare. Hence, Jane 'Henry 8th' Seymour in Macca's Live and Let Die, & Baron 'Willie Shakespeare' Samedi.
Not forgetting (black Jew/Israelite descended) Yaphet 'Royalty/Queen Victoria' Kotto, and Yoko 'Japanese aristocracy' Ono.

Paul 'Jet/Wings' McCartney linked to 007 Roger Mo(o)re & Sheriff 'revolver' JW Pepper via Live and Let Die.
 10 Pepper-band fingers playing on the Fender (guitar)...literally. The 8th Bond film and the 8th Beatles LP.
 Louisi(ana) in the Sky with Diamonds. Sgt/Sheriff Pepper's Lonely Hearts (life) and Spades (death/black) Club(s) Brass Band.
Picture yourself in a boat on a river. Picture yourself on a train in a station. Mr Kite. Made the bus in seconds flat.
Filet/Fillet, a cloth band/headband of Soul. Fillet of Sole - 'Sole' - as in Alone/Lonely (Solitary/Solitaire).
Continuous Entertainment. Live and Let Die opens with a brass band funeral. Pepper LP cover shows a brass band funeral.

A Filleted Soul (stabbed) and into a coffin. Macca's tombstone (below). 'Names (epitaphs) is for tombstones, baby.'
Ring-O drum. 1 ONE IX  HE DIE. 1 ONE IX = 11/9 Euro-date, aka 11 Sept (Sept 11). Two faces (prosthetics).
Live/Die. The 'Paul is dead/alive' & 'prosthetics' thing, etc. Mr Big's face-removal is preceded by Live and Let Die (spades club singer).
Fillet of Soul, NY. and New Orleans' 'funeral brass band'. Jet Wings 'Sept 11' Macca was at JFK, Queens, NY. on 9/11/01.
Live and Let Die - via Twin 'Sept 11 CIA' Towers. Jet Wings & Macca via 'Sept 11' - 'Destruction in Art' via 'Sept 11 DIA' Yoko.
Lennon met Ono, 9th Nov. 1966 (9/11 Euro-date) and via 'Apple/Sgt Pepper' Fraser's linked Indica. Crazy!
Tishman was the construction manager for the Twin Towers. He did the same for 666 5th Ave.

 Sept 11/911. CIA/DIA Twin 'struck' Towers via Construction/Deconstruction in Art - and literally.
Live and Let Pepper Tarot. The High Priestess (Seymour) & her Twin Pillars (masonic Jachin/Boaz), as seen in the film.
 007 MI6/CIA Secret Agent(s). Jet 'McCartney/Bond' Wings, via the 'phallic' Struck Tower(s), & 'destructive' Twin Tower 9/11.
007 Bond 'jets' into JFK, NY. Where 'Jet Wings/007/Spies Like Us' McCartney was on the very morning of 9/11/01.
 Zoom shot of CIA/South Tower is about 50 secs after card reading. 'Tarot of the witches' deck. DIA/9-11 Destruction in Art, Ono.
Bond is compared to 'The Fool'. Paul 'Fool on the Hill' McCartney. The Fool did original Pepper cover.
John & Yoko - The (Naked) Lovers and Death. They lived at the NY Dakota (Rosemary's 'Farrow' Baby). 'All of Them Witches'.
 Bond screenplay by Tom 'Rosebud' Mankiewicz. It also features an actor from 'Shaft'. 1st Bond film to use the word shit.

Sphinx, Pyramids, submarines (yellow), and Ring-O's wife, Bach, feature in (under sea Octopus garden) Spy Who Loved Me.
The Apple of my masonic pyramid (ass) eye...via Sphinx/Sphincter/Bottoms Ono, Cox/Cocks, and Albert's homo 'ring piercing.'

Yoko 'Bottoms/Sphinx' Ono married Anthony 'Bottoms' Cox (Cocks). Orange Cox, (see Dick Cox) a type of apple (ring-o, Japanese).
Apple pyramid store Louvre, Gay Paree/Paris (link). Hard-ware, Soft-ware...FIRM-ware and HARD-coded.
'Go Greek' via Trojans entering your Apple/Ring-O or PC 'Backdoors'. Back Orifice (phallic) worm virus via a root-pipe.
A stylised (back orifice) asshole via pink. See M.S. Gates/Allen 'military backdoor homo geeks' via a WOPR (whopper) - WarGames.

Back Door Microsoft and the Military...War Games via Matthew "9/11" Broderick.

Gates, Allen, and Micro-soft were likely parodied in (nuclear) War Games (1983), the geeks. Also see Gates & "tic-tac-toe" etc.
Before the military print-out is taken to the geeks - Lightman says that they probably designed the program (wink, wink).
The computer used by David Lightman (Broderick) is an IMSAI 8080[2], a clone of the (Micro-soft linked) Altair 8080.

"Backdoor" Malvin & Jim. Malvin (Deezen) was in 'Grease/Greece' (Greek, anal) with 'Sept 11 Face/Off' Travolta.
Backdoors via tricks. "Satan's (Back) Alley" Travolta - the "Greased Lightning, Back Doors Crying via a Hot Rod" man!
Hardware vs Software. War Games, Badham directed (gay) Satur(n)day Night 'Odyssey' Fever! (I wish I was making this up!)
Linked (military) Protovision are based at 2407 Rogers Blvd. CA. 24/7 rogering the (back-door) Blvd.
Greeced Deezen was in 'The Rosebud (sphincter) Beach Hotel', followed by 'A Polish Vampire in Burbank', as 'Sphincter'!
War Games used the Back to the '9/11 Twin Tower' Future 2 "time tunnel" - for the base tunnel/entrance!
The pink surfing, rogering rabbit (dirt) tunnel, that literally leads to biffing the shitTurd (VLA) Contact, worm-holing, 9/11 Zemeckis.
Apple/Beatle Lennon was supposed to play Falken (WarGames). Based on big-banging (phallic) wormholes, Hawking.
'Back-door tricks' Deezen is also a world authority on all things The Beatles.
Gates/Allen - Microsoft Twin Tower 9/11 via (entrained) simulation.

Satanist and Zionist owned MS Gates via Epstein. I wonder if Gates is involved in paedophilia?

Magic 'Homo Rainbow/Big Penis' Alex via Beatles Apple Corps. Apple Eletronics:
 I wonder where Steve 'faggot' Jobs got his (homo) Apple ideas from? Answers on a postacrd, please. :)

Apple of Sodom - Devil's (666) Apple - Naked Adam and the (phallic) Serpent. No Eve. Original (Use) Sin.
Homo-Frisco, satanic US '666' Tech. UK Alan/Anal Turing a sodomite intel asset - poison (Lucifer) apple chomping, Turing.
Ring-O, Apple in Japanese (see homo Apple/Crowley Beatles). An apple horizontally sliced reveals the pentagram (ass star).

 Homo (F)Ass-bender as rainbow Big Jobs: "Everybody loves Ring-O." The Ring-O (ass) Starr. Lucifer Apple camp-us #2 Bottoms.
Apple's 'Frisco Camp-us Ring-O' via Foster. The Lord Foster who designed the (phallic) Gherkin, St Mary's Axe (poof's chopper).

 Foster via 6660 and the rebuilt (911) WTC complex. 1776 - the birth year of the Bavarian Illuminati.
Recall the Kubrick/Clarke linked (9/11/2001) Hilton Monolith Hotel that overlooked the ground zero pit.
666 Kubrick's (Homer/homo-erotic) 2001 'go Greek' Odyssey with a camp one-eyed cyclops (penis) computer was via (homo) MGM.
Camp Climax, Illuminati Jew Kubrick. 'Daisy, Daisy' via the seat and HAL/IBM? More like 'I-BUM'. Homo fruits (poofs).
As queer (gay) as a Clockwork Orange. Willy of Orange via his Mary Queen. Listen to the IBM 'Gay Song'. Yes, really.

An effeminate Bow-man. 2001 author 'Lucifer Clarke' was a sodomite/paedophile and keen early computer user.
Jew programmer, Steven Rosebud Spielberg's father designed mainframes for (666) G.E. Which led to PC Basic.

Lucifer 'sodomite' Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology (tech) is indistinguishable from (black) magic."

Oh, you all thought the 666 beast would solely be in a biological form - a la Church/Hollywood programming!? Oops!
  NCR - Super Mark It (geddit?) via beast number 666, and computerised cash registers. NCR/IBM the main players.
6-60-6. All via General '666' Electric. Suggestive For-Tran(s) and (phallic/hole) 1 & 0 linked Binary programming.
NCR's first TRANS-istor based computer - which came from Bell Labs (Bel/Baal). 666 transactional barcode.
It's no wonder that the (uber programmed) western world is now so homo/sodomite centric. Nefarious mass corporate programming.
"I saw Satan fall like (electrical) lightning from heaven." Luke 10:18. Devilish, Lightning-struck Towering '666' Trump.
Even RFID (mark of the beast) Lucent, formerly of 666 5th Ave., was a spin-off from AT&T's rebranded NCR.
AT&T is the parent of Warner Media. Warner Bros. HQ was formerly based at 666 5th Ave. (as was DC Comics).

The Maxwells have been wired almost since the first microchip. Ghislaine remembers her father installing computers in 1973.
'When I was 12, he was predicting the paperless office. My first job was training to use a Wang and then programming code.'

Robert 'Mossad/Wang' Maxwell, likely source of Epstein's funds, channelled (sodomite) MGM via his own corp. MGN.
Mirror Group Newspapers. His Oxford 'Isis' Utd ball team via Wang (penis). Also won the Milk Cup, beat Queens Park Rangers.
Maxwell also very nearly tookover (ginger) Sin-clair's (masonic St Clair) PC brand, see rainbow Spectrum.
Sinclair was originally incorporated in 1973 as Westminster Mail Order Ltd. Westminster MALE Order Ltd.

Jizz-lane. First job training with a wang and programming? In a Zionist/Mossad family designed around sexual blackmail traps?
Intel Inside. A penis (wang) and elite mind control (programming code) is the obvious translation. How's that for code busting!?

 Wang (Penis) - would go well with the Pack(ing)-Hard O-Men (666) Lap-top. When's the Pack(H)ard Fudge Laptop launch?
 Talking of Jew S of A and Homo-Frisco via PCs, Tech and Wangs....
 Phallic (Zionist Jew) Homo Faecesbook - Masonic Two Ball Cane/Cain/Kane - The Penis and Balls.
Programming via PC, (computer/political correctness), TV (television/transvestism), and Trannies (radios/transsexuals).

Hollywood (an elite front) was incepted by Khazar Jews to usher in mass satanic sodomy and the homosexual/LGBT epidemic.
Recall 'Masonic' Spielberg's General '666' Electric mainframe father. Anti-human tech via satanic, Zionist Jew S. of A.
Slipping and a sliding (see sled) up the satanic rosebud (666 asshole) with an (elite) pleasure dome (penis/kane).
Erecting masonic phallic Canes/(Citizen) Kanes via Orson 'Rosebud/Ass Ring' Welles. Satanic sodomite industry programming.
Close(t) Encounters of the Turd (rainbow) Kind. One-eyed Willie, Spielberg. Linked LGBT icon, Robin 'pop-eye/rainbow queer' Williams.
 Schmaltz on acid. Cocaine career, rosebud Williams. Williams' rise was via Happy Days/Gays. Jew, Henry 'sit on it' Winkle(r).
 Larry Gaye, Holes, RamRod/MeatHook via Satan (see Rosebud Simpsons), PUNKS, fly-fisherman, Cop and a (homo) Half, Winkler.
Mr family jewels in the chocolate, Fonzie. Mrs Dragfire's 'bored' Frisco rainbow/homo Williams tunnel by Cal-Trans.
(Yes, these masonic Jew deviants are high crypto-functioning, but that doesn't mean that they cannot be outed and exposed.)

 Cum in Orson...via eggs and LGBT symbolism. Orson - Rosebud/Big Ass Ring - Welles, via Tom 'Rosebud' Mankiewicz.
Williams, hand-picked by John 'Too Much Johnson/Citizen Rosebud Kane' Houseman - Welles' right-hand man via Mercury.
It's no wonder that this complicit POS (Williams) killed himself. Brainwashing kids with satanic Jew sodomy. Vomit.
I care not that I am destroying your childhood memories. Memories that were fashioned via deviant Jew programmers.
Look at how SUBVERSIVE this (sodomite Jew/Hollywood) psycho-sexual mass programming is - and how long established.
Hollywood programmer, Zionist 'Mossad 9/11' Milchan is referred to as the 'star-fucker'. Likely implying anatomically. Ahem.
Rosebud (ass) pleasure doming (via the penis glans) and erecting a (phallic) tower in Xanadu via Kane, and a snow shaker.
Rosebud/Kane linked 'The Big Ass Ring' got made via Apocalypse 'Asshole of the World/Ring Cycle' Now connected Hickenlooper.
Ass-pocalypse Now & Heart of Darkness both parodied in (Mary, Stiller's) Tropic 'Ass Tapping/Satan's Anal Alley' Thunder.
The Big (Br)Ass Ring, about an old political advisor to Franklin Roosevelt, a homosexual named Kimball Menaker. Ahem.
Ass Ring, Hickenlooper's cousin, 2020 Dem drop-out, John. 9/11 you had a Bush ('jolly rogering' tapper bonesman) & Dick Chaney.
 Wang Maxwell and (homo/paedo) Queen Elton John had an interest in ball games. As did John-linked Eric 'Fashanu' Hall.
Elton, apparently sucks on the organ. He likes a (phallic) candle in his wind. A real brown dirt cowboy.
When are you programmed zombies going to wake-up to these (Jew) deviants? After they've brainwashed/destroyed your kids?

 Don't forget your Trans-sys (homo) Blue Oyster club card for underground tube tunnelling via nearby Embankment.

 More homo/sodomite than you sphinx. Linked GCHQ - aka 'the doughnut' - shaped like a ring, designed by a Johnson.
 Zionist/Illuminati Intel via Victor 'Cambridge Homo Ring' Rothschild. Masonic 'Eye and (Black) Pyramid' UK Intelligence.
 Homo UK/US Intel. MI5/MI6. Sphinx-ters, doughnut holes, penis obelisks, and (CIA) big homo (Rock/Wood) Johnsons.
 666 Trump made Robert Wood Woody Johnson IV (g-grandson of founder, Robert) UK Amb., like the O-men's Robert Thorn.
Add all the prior charged aspects: black pyramid(s), Mandalay, monarch, multi & sleeper shooter(s), harvest, etc. To the following:

 Masonic, Boris 'Road to Mandalay' Johnson via Masonic Kipling, Trump's inauguration, and the Mandalay Vegas shooting.
Masonic (Eton) Johnson's trip to Myanmar was on Friday 20th Jan. 2017. The exact same date as Trump's inauguration.
Visiting a buddhist temple, 20th Jan, where he made the (palm tree/temple laced) 'Road to Mandalay' GAFFE.
The details of this particular 'faux pas' were NEVER mentioned in the press at the time of them happening. Man-delay.
It wasn't until - Saturday 30th Sept. 2017 - that the UK press unloaded ALL the details of Johnson's Mandalay incident (here).
The very next day - Sunday 1st Oct. 2017 - the Vegas shooting (at night) occured via the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
Some (top right) ran the story on the day itself Sun 1 Oct (see video). A masonic Mandalay meme-cue for the event to come?
A Vegas Illuminati/Masonic Pyramid shooting via Monarch, Mandalay Bay - and a witheld Mandalay gaffe (from the day of Trump's inauguration) made by now UK PM Johnson - and MSM dropped 'on the eve/day of Vegas'.
 Odd to hold-off Johnson's Mandalay gaffe from 9 months earlier and to then produce it later (out of context) 30th Sept/1st Oct.
Attempted Trump shooting at (same Y type shaped) Treasure Island, via BBC Robot Wars Sandford, also buried/delayed.

Satanic 'Microsoft' Gates and (Saudi) Al Waleed, grandson of the founder of Saudi Arabia, majority own the Mandalay top floors.
These now deleted Twitter posts (bluebird resonant) detail Waleed as source of the (military based) false flag. Worth considering.
Incidentally or not, Waleed is the 2nd largest holder (35+ million shares) of Twitter stock, even ahead of Jack Dorsey.
Also 2nd largest holder (Murdoch's) News Corp/Fox News, and has controlling stake in (formerly Trump owned) Plaza Hotel, NY.
The Saudis have long been 'partners in crime' with the USA (especially now under Trump) and likewise the UK.
Thanks to Uncle Bingo (the legend) for the original 'Mandalay' tip. It needed revisiting and breaking-down.
MGM made The Bluebird with 'Temple Black' (see pyramid) - based around Friends of (Blue Bird) Dorothy, homosexual Oz.

 Speaking of Monarch and bluebird, etc. - and bearing in mind that West and Gartshore were both (Lucifer/craft) Freemasons.
Fred 'Black Magic' West linked Gartshore. West, Rena Costello, and Gartshore ALL lived on the same Coatbridge street.
Costello, Gartshore, and (dossier) Gallogley ALL worked for Baxter's Buses. Recall linked West's Black Magic bar.
COVEN-try cremated and 'Cromwell' linked West. Cromwell, who famously was historically linked to witches.
Note these potentially 'charged' references/overlaps/markers. Black 'witch' Magic (chocs), Witch-wood, Bluebird (via Gartshore).
(Project Bluebird launched on the anniversary of Hitler's birth. Germanic Saxe-Coburg, Zionist/Ashke-NAZI Windsors.)
 Just thought it warranted a mention. Project Bluebird was an MK-Ultra type early project centred largely on multiple personality creation (split minds) and narco-hypnosis. Forms of satanism/torture have been cited in respect of MK-Ultra - and in terms of inducing split minds/amnesia walls, etc. (see Springmeier). Anyway, the Gallogley dossier alleged that (satanic witch) West also abused Moira. If legit - then we have West, Gartshore, Gallogley, and Costello all closely linked and (potentially) operating as a type of ring.

On the 1st March, newspapers reported an important ‘break’ in the case, two people, a man and a woman, had come forward to report having seen Moira on a bus near her home at 5.15pm on the day she went missing. Police said of the development: ‘It puts forward the hour of her disappearance by 65 minutes – up until now all we knew was that she had left her grandmother’s home in Muiryhall Street, Coatbridge at 4.10pm to go an errand.’ (Note, this factual info is not from 'errand requesting' Uncle Jim).

But the bus sightings didn’t appear to come to much, by March 4th The Evening Times reported that the search for Moira was now ‘a forlorn hope’ adding ‘there is little hope that the 12year old…will be found alive.’ Police too had accepted the worst. Had police detectives followed up those sightings of Moira on the local bus, they would have discovered that the driver of that bus was one Alexander Gartshore, who was on bail at the time facing charges of raping his children’s babysitter. (link)

Recall this - from just above.
Note these potentially 'charged' references/overlaps/markers. Black 'witch' Magic (chocs), Witch-wood, Bluebird (via Gartshore).

The following issue is now causing somewhat of an MSM stir...via 'the chosen one'.
The relevence here is only that the story and its meme(s) exist. The surrounding details are not effectively important.

 'Black Magic' Markers, Dorian & '666' Donald 'MAGA/Witch' Trump. Mark(er) of the Beast.
"A magic marker. A felt pen! A fuckin' black magic marker!" Pulped 'Twisting 666 Ass' Friction.
The Picture of (Hurricane/Twister) Dorian (Gray) via the eye. See O-scar 'homo' Wilde, and his homoerotic novel.
Trump has been 'magic marking' via 'black' for most of his tenure. He has if his personalized pen is anything to go by!
I only picked-up on the 'black magic marker' reference due to CNN using the phrase in their reports.
Should we be concerned - considering this 'black magic marking' is now linked to devastating weather events?
The 'marked' forecast map (above left) being circa one week old. The death toll looks likely to be high.