Friday, 31 January 2020

A 'symbolic' Black Swan event?

Continued from the previous post...
(Coronavirus aside, but in mind). A 'symbolic' Black Swan event? Many were desperately looking for one.
Killed aboard the 'chopper'. Tagged 'Mamba Chopper' - which surely doubles as a sexual euphemism. Ahem.
A strange mass media 'anomaly' - Bryant killed in a crashing/exploding helicopter (2016/2017).
End of Days via the (666) Apocalypse...which is an aspect of the cartoon's plotline. A US type apocalypse.
Stay '666' Tuned, Lucifer 2010, Apocalyptic End of '666' Days, Jew Hyams. 911/Twin Towers, masonic Arnie.
Bryant's 'End of Days' cartoon. Comedy Central (CC=33).
Kobe '33' Bryant...
NBA. It's ALL just overblown 'Bread and Circuses' for the programmed masses. Cult of celebrity bilge.
WW '33' wrestling. More corporate sport 'shit'. Divas via the butterfly belt. Monarchs (basketball), see butterfly logo.
The following (strange anomaly/oddity) just popped-out over the last few days. (See previous post on monarch).
Anyway, we KNOW that the 'JEW S of A' is a 'masonic hell' - all this is just more proof to the (obvious) fact.
33 Kobe vs. 33 Ewing...
Masonic Purp-EL (saturn/satan). (k)Nick, aka The Devil (old Nick). Inverted 'KNICKS' & pyramid logo.
Masonic G, 33, & 666
33 (Jesuit/Masonic) Georgtown via Patrick '33 (k)Nick' Ewing. Old Nick, aka The Devil. See the Tarot TRUMPS.
33 Devilish (k)Nick Ewing. Mr Georgetown University. The Exorcist is set via Georgetown. Big East or B.East (Beast)?
The Exorcist by former CIA/USAF psychological warfare policy chief, Blatty. And William 'MK-Ultra' Friedkin.
A series I've linked to sodomy, monarch programme, serial killers, & child abuse. See links. Exorcist Pt1 & Exorcist Pt2.
Patrick 'Exorcist 3' Ewing.
The TRUMP 'Angel of Death'. TRUMP(S) - The Devil and The Tower. Also see, Towering Trump 666, as in Donald.
The (demonic) Exorcist 3 - Patrick 'Angel of Death' Ewing. Mr (devilish) '33' Nick.  Little 'satanic' Nicky.
 No. 666 via NBA (K)Nick, Mitchell Robinson (player #33, in-shot). The Knicks & 666.
Corporate hell 'sport' and corporate hell 'Hollywood'. It's all the same. Mass mind rot on an industrial scale.
 I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. (Note, I have never followed this sport/game.)
 Game #666. A career-high score of 81. 66% of his team's total points. NBA's 2nd highest points score in history.
ZIONIST ENTERTAINMENT (corporate mass media) will likely be the death of the USA and its peoples.
The Devil and The Tower (Trumps). The 911 Twin Towers.
Patrick 'Twin Tower' Ewing: "The New York Skyline Will Never Be The Same." Yes, indeed.
Twin Towers "reduced to rubble" via Patrick '33 (k)Nick' Ewing. The Hanged (Tower) Man via Exorcist 3.
The 911 Hanged (Struck Tower Falling) Man. Ewing produces the card in The Exorcist 3 (dream scene).
 The World Trade (Babylon) Center/Twin Towers - The (Devil's) Trident. Linked to Larry '666' Silverstein.
The struck Tower via the lightning of Zeus/Lucifer.
 The 666(0) rebuild via Illuminati 1776 (888+888). 
Tishman did the (6660) WTC rebuild, the son of 666 Fifth Ave. and Twin Tower building, (Jewish) John Tishman.
The following '666' NBA store - the first ever - opened in 1998 (666+666+666).
First NBA store via 666 5th Ave. You can see (Game #666/666 Workout) Kobe Bryant's #24 Lakers shirt in the window.
It closed in 2011 (moved). It's on record that the square footage of the NBA 666 5th Ave. store was 33,000ft. (Link).
Exorcist 2 via 666 5th Ave. (Satanic/sodomite) Warner 'monarch' Bros. HQ was situated there at the time of filming.
666 5th was also where RFID chip maker Lucent (Lucifer) were originally based.
'The Devil' and 'The Tower' sequential TRUMPS. Old NICK, 'the devil'. Likely from nicor; water demon.
In Omen 3 (The Final Conflict) a river based fish (pike) is referred to as 'Old Nick' by the (corporate/political) Antichrist.
 Luke 10:18 - So He said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."
666 5th. Now linked to Towering Trump's Zionist son-in-law, Kushner. The struck Tower(s) via 666.
See 666 5th/Twin Tower, Jew Tishman. Also see WTC/Twin Tower, 666 Jew Larry 'pull it' Silverstein.
Masonic, Donald '666 Towering' TRUMP. 666 (O-Ring-O-Men).
Devil's Advocate Tower man. The Zionist '666' Antichrist. "When the Jews return to Zion." (666 O-Men, Revelation).
SATANISM & old as time itself! See Sodom & Gomorrah via 'salty pillars' (ahem).
"And God created Adam and (st)Eve..." Also see masonic/sodom Apple's Camp-Us Ring via No.2. (and Big Jobs).
Forbidden FRUIT(S). A 'fruit' - slang, as in a homosexual. Rainbow Apple, also see IBM's 'Gay Song' (link).
Potentially encoded into Adam and Eve - the (phallic) snake/serpent and (sodom) apple via the (kabbalist Jew) tree.
Apple/Beatles. Current (satanic) Apple CEO is Tim 'sodomite' Cook. Imagine my surprise (lol). The JEW. S. of GAY.
One of the most successful French films of all-time. Made due to the popularity of Last (Sodomy) Tango in Paris.
Emmanuelle star Sylvia Kristel co-starred with The Exorcist's Linda '666 5th Ave.' Blair in Red Heat (1985).

 Emmanuelle (male/female, ala Adam/Eve) via Eden. From (sexually suggestive) Just 'Story of O' Ja(e)ckin, Cuny, and Ars(e)an.
Genesis 3:7. "And the EYES of both of them (Adam/Eve) were opened..." (via the phallic lucifer one-eyed snake).
The $666.66 Apple computer (above) came hot on the heels of The '666' O-Men film, released 6/6/76.
The Jewish written/directed The O-Men. Dick 'One-eyed Willie' Donner (Schwartzberg).
The Tower TRUMP (which follows The Devil) is also a major symbol and metaphor for an ejaculating PENIS.
Symbolically followed by The Star (the sphincter) and The Moon (buttocks, ass mooning). The 666 sodom eye.
Satanic sodomites via choppers and hoop/ring dunking. Grab the swing-man and get out your magic Johnson (penis).

 Hollywood OTO. Left-hand path, 666 Crowley via Exorcist III. (There's Eliphas 'Baphomet' Levi imagery too.)
Liber Oz (OTO mission statement, beneath the Ancient of Ancients image) & his Babalon Star.
Liber Oz: "Every man and woman is a (has an ass) star."
This 'satanic' mass media output is made, funded, and promoted by actual Luciferians/Satanists. See Hollywood, etc.
The Exorcist's Friedkin soon made (homo) 'Cruisin'. Based on a serial murderer who played a bit-part in The Exorcist.
All evoking (satanic) Jeff Dahmer, the chocolate factory, homo-sodomite, serial killer - inspired/programmed  by Exorcist 3.
 33 Masonic Crowley aka The 666 Beast. The Penis (via cheeks) and the Anal Star (eye of horus). Sodomy.
"Give me the sign of the open eye (sphincter), And the token erect of thorny thigh (penis)." Crowley's Hymn to Pan.
 A protege of (Rosicrucian godfather) Bulwer 'Penis' Lytton. It (the penis) being mightier than the sword.
'The Pen-is' via the helmet (glans). The magickal enchanters wand (penis).
Boy of red lips. 'How the fond ruby rapier (penis) glides and slips 'Twixt the white hills (ass) thou spreadest for me there.'
 The Eye of Horus - The Anal Sphincter (also see the masonic sphinx, gripping sphincter). Mouth of Isis = Vagina.
See Illuminati/Masonic Vegas and MGM (33) via the Lion/Sphinx (sphincter). "ARS(E) Gratia Artis."
33 and the BUTTOCKS. 33 degrees from the (anal) spine-linked eye to the temple of the skull (3rd eye).
If the 'A' (in 666/33 sodom Aleister) is a 'penis' - then why not the buttocks in the symbol of masonic '33'?
This IS the major secret of the 33rd masonic degree. It ALL about demonic sodomy. Masonic brotherly love.
Kundalini snake/penis. The masonic god Baphomet/Pan (the beast) IS a major elite sodomite god. Period!
It's understood that in one aspect the 'masonic eye' (sirius) anatomically relates to the anal sphincter.
A naked man behind a naked man (sodomy). Masonically - "Squaring the CIRCLE (sphincter)" - literally.
Just like masonic riding Templars. They like to double-mount.
Now then, which satanic nation has led the cause for sodomites and homosexuals? The Jew S of Masonic A. (see mass media).
US Masonic '33' legend, Albert 'Lucifer is God' Pike.
The Jew-nited States of 'Masonic/Lucifer' America. JEWISH Freemasonry:
The Eagle has long been identified with Zeus, (aka Lucifer). It is equivalent to the phoenix and a feathered serpent, 
- and also signifies Apollo/Horus as the god-man, two natures in one, the fusion of the heavenly and the earthly.
Apollo in the Trump Tower. Son of lightning-bolt Zeus/Lucifer. See the (Zeus) lightning-struck Tower (tarot Trump).
 The above publication was actually the first Masonic publication that was made available in the US.
 Masonic Trump and the masonic (envelope) apron. Profane mockery, as is typical. Trump asset, masonic Guaido (left).
Jew Kabbalah Tree, Trump. The kabbalah, the Judaic/Babylonian demonic system that underpins freemasonry.
The tarot TRUMPS overlay this same system. Awarded 33 years before he became POTUS, aka the Zionist Antichrist.
The sun yellow triangle with the 33 set centrally inside is the binding core between the dual natures as a kind of keystone of the arch, 
a cornerstone of the union that is unmistakably sodomy, without which this work does not exist. (link).
It's no wonder that Freemasonry is crammed with 'young boy sodomisers'. As I've outlined over the years.
This is what 'masonic binding' is all about. Bound by the bond of demonic sodomy. The thirty-turd degree.
 33 degrees from the (anal) spine-linked eye to the temple of the skull (3rd eye).
33/666 masonic Crowley's OTO has a SODOMY based degree as its highest (the XI). And that's no coincidence.
 The Anal Sacrum Triangle/Pyramid
The nerve-endings of the sacrum (roots of the kabbalist tree) - impacted through penile penetration of the anus/EYE.
OTO is the academia masonica. Crowley rewrote all the masonic rituals for his high-end masonic OTO.
(Jew Marxist) Harry 'Sodom' Hay, the father of gay sodom liberation was a member of 666 Crowley's demonic-sodom OTO.
33 NBA = Sodomy promotion. Anyone for hoop/ring dunking? Rim wedgies? Dribbling balls? A mamba chopper?
666 SATANISM & (O-Men) SODOMY. Many thanks to The Open Scroll (for some of the pointers).
Masonic JurASSic PARK. Recall that the cinematic '666 Antichrist' (Sam 'Damien Thorn' Neill) featured in Masonic Park.
As did Dick 'Rosebud' Attenborough, Laura 'shit fisting' Dern, and (homo) Jeff 'The (Zipper) Fly' Goldblum.
The masonic anal eye apron via the inverted museum entrance. Inverted a la satanism. The (homo) rainbow apron.
Zionist/masonic/kabbalist programmer and deviant sodom Jew, 666 Spielberg. Rosebud, the sphincter.
Rosebud/666, 'One-eyed Willie' Spielberg. Penis Goonies was via (O-Man/O-Men) Dick '666' Donner. Jolly Rogering.
The Devil and The 'phallic' Tower (tarot) via Close(t) Encounters of the Turd Kind (Devils Tower).

 Sodom Jew, Spielberg. One-eyed Willie/Rosebud, Barb-AS(SH)OL(E), Phallic Hooks via the Pan/Baphomet (Fairy) Eye.
Sodom Spielberg's 'Hook' (with Pan) was co-writtem by Myers Boogey/Buggery-man, Nick 'The Seat Filler' Castle.
 How about a nice O-Scar to go with it? "O-Scars So JEWISH." Cult of Celebrity = mass idolatry gone nuclear.
The dumb, programmed masses have done nothing but empower/worship these deviants. But there's a price to pay.

Simply mass IDOLATRY by the programmed sheep. LeBron James - the current NBA 'idol'.
33 James only just passed 33 Bryant's record a couple or so days before the chopper crash. It was on news cycles.
3rd highest career points. James passed Bryant's total points tally and now has 33,655 career points.
Devil horns (corna), then the '666 hand gesture', followed by the 'triangle' (Golden Dawn ritual fire sign). Video here.
Just like OWNED 'Uncle Tom' - Lucifer Jay/Gay-Z. The Crowley channelling 'homo/satanic' (C)rapper.
Snap! From 666 Kobe to 666 LeBron.
ZIONIST PROMOTED PAWNS. For the wider mass programming of the hypnotised sheep.
Here's all that 'masonic Jew symbolism' UNIFORMITY that I mentioned earlier. Yet again. (see previous post).
Baphomet 'bum boy'. There's a special place in hell for this POS. I wonder who bought his records? Losers?
How many have been infected by this diabolical 'US mass media' output? Hundreds of millions, at least.
Lucifer 666, Gay-Z. Cock-a-fella.
LL Cool GAY. Def Death Jam via Zionist/satanic Jew, 666 Rubin.
Lucifer Gay-Z's protege, (lucifer) Golden Dawn channelling, Ciara. The 666 Mafia. It's literally ENDLESS.
 Thelemic 93 and Issue 666. Sodom (c)rappers. One nation under a masonic G thang. Wink, wink.
The Masonic/Satanic Jew S of A. Satanism via mass media = USA's number 1 hobby. VOMIT.
It's no wonder that the dumb US masses care not what their (satanic) nation/govt. does.
Most are too busy strung-out on 'satanic US mass media programming' - to even care. This IS the tragedy.
 666 (Ass) Park Ave. via WilCOX and PIERCE. Lucifer 666 via O-Men birthing Fox.
Myers boogey/buggery man, Willy 'Luci' SHAT-ner helped save Lucifer (series). Devil's Rain/Reign, Shatner/Kirk.
666K Followers and 666 Likes. These US mass media satanists are such - "try hards". :)
Recall this from a few months ago. At the (masonic) Kennedy 'Hyannis Port' compound? Death via 666.
If religion was expanded via the printing press etc., what's stopping Satanism being expanded via electronic mass media?

Masonic JFK - who was buried at (masonic) Arlington.
"Arlington" is a word of significance in Masonic sorcery and mysticism and it has a hidden meaning
 - which ties in with necrolatry (reverance for death). Downard/Hoffman, King Kill 33.
Recall the so-called Sandy 'Monarch' Hook shootings? Foreknowledge - and the Red Devils via Arlington.
Yeah. 4 days before the event happened. Ahem. All deleted now. Google have formerly removed the above image from this blog.
Do n't Be Evil - masonic/satanic Google. Look at this from their (Arlington's) latest homepage:
The Red '666' Devils. The 666 (OK) handsign gesture. They have (satanic) spirit, how about you? A-Levels.
Satanic, SODOM '666' Hell. The Devil's Evil 666 (Ass) Eye. The Red Devils, just like Man. United (homo men conjoined).
CIA/Mockingbird Anderson 'Vanderbilt' Cooper was heavily involved in the Sandy 'Monarch' Hook debacle.
It's (Twin Tower) Jew Tishman's 666 5th Ave. - that now resides over the old Vanderbilt estate. Full Circle, Anderson. Ahem.
I wonder if Anderson's brother was ritually sacrificed via (mother) Gloria. I wouldn't discount it.
Sandy Hook (and Aurora) both linked to the Warner Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. See Nathan 'Batman' Crowley.

"One (masonic) nation under Satan..."
Hail Satan? via androgynous Baphomet (Liberty). Appropriate, Masonic Liberty always looked like a SHE-MALE, anyway.
Two masonic entities combined (Baphomet/Isis). Isis, daughter of Saturn (satan) - aka the WIDOW of Freemasonry.
American Satan...Malcolm '666' McDowell as 'The Devil' (Beast) - who'd have guessed? :) Devil's Eyes, Loomis (McDowell).
666 via 999 (masonic police). The clockwork orange fruit queer (homo eye stabber) via 666 kabbalist Jew, 911 Kubrick.
 666 Kubrick's 'The Shining' (ending shot) - via sodom Baphomet (posed) Jack. Backdoor to Hell, Nicholson.
 See The Devil and Baphomet imagery - identical arm poses. 2001 sequel film, satanic Hyams' 2010 (ends via Lucifer).
Kubrick's 2001 was in association with (homo/sodom) Arthur C. Clarke. A confirmed paedophile now deceased.
Sodom, paedo Jew, 666 Kubrick...Eyes Wide Shut via Warner '666 5th Ave.' Bros.
Jew, Mr Pink Cat, Peter 'Freemason' Sellers (camp Lolita). Something LODGED in your (masonic rainbow) EYE?
 Overt mass mockery. Receiving the (p)ASSWORD and (baphomet/pan 'goat') Beast Mark via masonic sodomy:
 ALL rear-based gesturing and via phallic/sodom symbolism. Ass poking, goat rearing, don't let the wife find-out. Ahem.
Baphomet/Pan (see saturn/satan), and The Devil. The GOAT, a word that was formerly a synonym for PENIS.

 See, 666 Kubrick's 2001 monolith (Hilton @ 911 ground zero) and 666 Gay-Z's 9/11/01 'Blueprint' release.
 "I got 666 problems...but a bitch WITCH ain't one" Gay-Z's Decoded (Baphomet).
 Crowley's "Do what thou wilt" - Androgynous Baphomet image via masonic/phallic pillars and 666/418.
OTO Sodom Crowley - the Book of Law via the (masonic) pyramid and 666 stele of revealing (revelation).
Sodom Crowley symbolically posed as 'the penis' (shaft/glans) - aka attitude of Baphomet/Pan (the goat/penis).
666/Lucifer Carter (Crowley, Gay-Z). "Do what thou wilt" - from Sodom/Penis Crowley's Liber Oz (Book 77).

666 + 111 = 777. Oh, look. It's Gay-Z's  protege...777 Isis-Rihanna via (satanic MIC) Boeing.
 Look at these elite marionette SLAVES! Sell-outs who (satanically) programme/process the masses via exposure.
Satanic 666 Kabbalist Jew, Kubrick, encoded '777' into 2001 via title card gematria.
Isis - see Crowley's mentor, Isis-Cult and 'penis man' Bulwer-Lytton and (linked) Madame 'Isis' Blavatsky.
 Zio-Satanic JUDAIC Kabbalism... 777 Boeing, 777 Crowley (see Thelema), and Kabbalist/Judaic (Satanic) Jews via 777.
777 - the sum of the kabbalist Jew 'tree' via the (lucifer) lightning flash of creation.

American SATAN, via MIC BOEING, CROWLEY and 666/777.
 OLD (Nick) 666 LUCY (Lucifer). The Mysteries of Lost 777. Anyone for a Boeing 737 MAX 'flying coffin'?
Corporate Towering (Babylon) Hell via 666 and 777.
I wonder if the 'Jew S of (masonic) A' is completely drenched in (Zionist) mass media driven kabbalistic satanism? ;)
 The MARK of the 666 Beast via 666 (deceivers) NASA. Another masonic, US MIC shit-house.
Phallic rockets to the moon (ass) via Greek pederasty god, Apollo/Horus. NASA = masonic Jew hell.
Even the word 'Trump' - can be interpreted as 'to deceive'.
Trump (v.2) "fabricate, devise," 1690s, from trump "deceive, cheat" (1510s), from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.),
- from Old French tromper "to deceive," of uncertain origin.

 Where are your church/religious bretheren - to EXPOSE all this (obvious) shit that is right under your noses?
Where have they been while this satanic Jew USARY enslavement program went nuclear? Answers on a postcard, please.
 Pity then, that the USA is a slave nation under the yoke of Rothschild's (impostor) satanic Khazar Israel.
Zionist Antichrist '666' Trump has been called 'The First Jewish POTUS' by certain factions of Zionism. Oh, dear.

Twinned Towering Trumps via The Devil & 9/11. 666 5th Ave. Tishman was also construction manager for the Twin Towers.
666 Trump was revealed as POTUS on 11/9/16. 9/11/16 in terms of Euro dating.
Zionist Sponsored 9/11 to the 2020 Zionist Sponsored (S)Election:
 9/11/2001 to 11/3/2020 = 999 weeks.
 Kabbalistic Koincidences. Thanks to Uncle 'The Legend' Bingo.
JEW S of A (s)election - the one OWNED/CONTROLLED by Israel.
Both Rep. and Dem. are slaves to Zion. Hence them both badly lying with Russian meddling. Tragic stuff.
It's no wonder that I mock US MSM and the insane, programmed zombies who watch and buy into it. :)
The Devil & The Tower(s) - brought to you in association with the satanic/kabbalist synagogue of Satan.
(Recall 9/11 kabbalist, 2001 Kubrick - via the ground zero monolith hotel - and his 666 via 999 - A Clockwork Orange).
 They FAKED his death for kabbalistic/ritual purposes - 666 days to the FIRST day of 2001. Mar. 7 = 66th day.
Jewish '666' 2001 Kubrick - Jewish '666' 2010 Hyams, via (homosexual) A.C. 'Lucifer' Clarke. Satellite TV, Clarke.
666 Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut' - first viewed by two Warner co-chairs with Cruise/Kidman @ 666 5th Ave.
End of '666' Days, Hyams, via 9/11 Schwarzenegger and Terminator 2 - '9/11 Judgement Day' via masonic Cameron.
666 Jew, Peter 'Lucifer' Hyams' - Stay '666' Tuned - distributed via Warner '666' Bros. It's satanic John Ritter:
John 'Stay 666 Tuned' Ritter died on 9/11/03, he played Satan in Wholly Moses. Also see Problem 'Satanic' Child.
9/11 Ritter, Sphincter '666 Asshole' Boy via (homo) Wayne's 'Queen' World parody - in Lucifer Hyams' Stay '666' Tuned.
666 Jew Hyams had Jew Eugene 'Schitt's Creek' Levy play Crowley in Stay '666' Tuned. Shit Creek ass via the rosebud.
 9/11 Ritter/Yasbeck, co-stars who met via Problem 'satanic' Child, and were then married. A Sept. 11 daughter. Ahem.
I wonder if the Zio-Jew corporate entertainment business is the centre of global satanic programming? (sarcasm).
Are the dumbed-down masses (via this industry) hopelessly oblivious (via worship) to all this satanic programming?
666/911 Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut' - first viewed by two Warner co-chairs with Cruise/Kidman @ 666 5th Ave.
Warner Bros.' screening room was situated at 666 Fifth Ave. (6th floor). It's now seemingly used by Universal.
EWS Kidman, the Oz actress who was brought to fame by (casting agent) Liz 'satanic ritual abuse' Mullinar. Ahem.
CIA/USAF psychological warfare policy chief, Blatty, via (Jew) William 'MK-Ultra' Friedkin.
I told you it was ENDLESS. Ken 'homo queen' Russell. The Devil(s) and The (666) Tower (trumps).
After filming The Exorcist, William Friedkin brought the film's post production to 666 Fifth Avenue. Warner '666' Bros.

666 Fifth. As seen in the Warner Bros. sequel film via Linda 'Regan' Blair. Warner 'Monarch cinema' Bros.
Fmr POTUS, actor Ronald(6) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) lived at 666 St Cloud (Bel-Air). His acting career began at Warner.
ALL this Hollywood type output is satanic Jew based mind control programming badly disguised as entertainment.
Note, Warner's 'Monarch' Batman (Buttman) series. DC Comics (a Warner subsidairy) were also based at 666 5th.
 Monarch Kubrick's faked death for kabbalistic/ritual purposes - 666 days to the FIRST day of 2001. Hush, Hush.
I KNOW the above is true. I read the Mar. 1999 Guardian article myself (at the time) & noted the name error, Kuberick (sic).
The sort of DELIBERATE name error that might suggest that something else is actually being communicated.
It's just as well that my long-term memory is still very much intact. I still vividly recall this.

The final 'present tense' lines (above) - ended Dan 'Kuberick' Glaister's original article(s). 666/911, Kubrick.
Recall that JFK Jr's plane went down on the release of Eyes Wide Shut (7/16/99), and likely while the film ran.

Anyway, strange anomalies abound re: Kobe '666' Bryant, Mr End of Days.

 We'll have to see what happens with the coronavirus. A drive for mass vaccination (I mentioned vaccine Gates in the previous post), a catalyst for global economic collapse (used as a type of cover), a bio-weapon, an over-hyped distraction (a la SARS, Ebola, etc.), or who knows what? I won't rule out US led bio-warfare either - a virus to target this ethnic group. The trade war and Hong Kong provocateurism is proof that the Zio-US has, and is, in attack mode. The drive to a war with China (in respect of what is unfolding) cannot also be ruled out. The USA is a warmongering hell - a backward, uber violent, and savage nation. Sorry readers, but that's how it is. The most brainwashed and propagandised country that this world has ever known. Anyway, the markets may have to brace themselves for Monday (and next week). Friday saw a sell-off. DJIA dropped over 600 pts (-2%+). Time will tell. The Bond yield curve is flattening/inverting again. Bank REPO is still on fire, likewise FED buying-up debt. Melt-up financial armageddon has in recent months been ticking-over nicely (note, as I predicted). This market (built on mass debt/money printing) will only collapse when they decide the time is right. The masses will be decimated. What would make this interesting would be if they collapsed it just prior to the 2020 election! At this point though it looks more likely to be after. Impeachment is effectively over and the Dems have succeeded in giving Trump a major boost for 2020 - which was the point of the entire exercise. The DNC's job is seemingly to make sure Trump wins in 2020, and they keep-on delivering. You have NO political choices - the left/right paradigm is a Zionist fomented useless eater trap. 2020 has certainly started with a bang.

Quote: "A drive for mass vaccination? (I mentioned vaccine Gates in the previous post)."
Unfortunately 'Planned Abortionhood' let this one (Bill Gates) slip thru the cracks.
His father should've practiced what he preached! Those who champion eugenics should be first in-line for culling.
"....Gates has called for lowering the global population through vaccines which his foundation funds to the tune of billions."

  US MIC cut-out/frontman and mass eugenicist (aka satanist)....Bill '666' Gates. Mr Vaccine, himself. (link)
Just like Steve '666' Jobs, etc. - they are nothing but creations of the US military/industrial-tech complex - aka hell.
Mass 9/11 predictive programmers, population control, and coupled with the Orwellian wet dream of mass tech surveillance.
Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of global corporatism, as I have previously mentioned and countless times.
Obama's Chicago zipcode was 060606. A zip location used in Omen 2. Obama was followed by Donald '666' Trump.
The 9/11 Struck Tower(s)
Simulating events to come via blunt predictive programming...also see American Hollywood/TV brainwashing.
The 'Jewnited States of Goyim America' is saturated in (overt/covert) satanic programming/behaviours - literally saturated.

The Devilish (ELECTRICAL) Struck Tower Trump...
Trump's NY Tower (near 666 5th Ave.) was used in 'The Devil's Advocate'. The film also featured the Twin Towers.

The Devil and The Tower Trumps. Sequential Trumps 15 and 16.' 666 delegates' Trump via the Ides of March (2016).

Stock Market Kabbalism...The 2008 Collapse via DJIA - the (then) biggest pts drop 777. S&P low of 666, early 2009.
777 journey of The FOOL (tarot trump) via the 777 kabbalist tree (666+111), kether to malkuth. Corporate 666 Hell.
DJIA during 666 Trump's tenure. The 666 pt drop was followed by the biggest single day's pt drop in history, 1,175 pts.
 General '666' ELECTRIC
Luke 10:18 - So He said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."
 Super MARK IT via 666. NCR & General '666' Electric. 6 60 6 NCR folded into AT&T who bought-up 666 Warner.
Also see (Bel/Bell) Lucent (RFID chip) formerly of 666 5th Ave. 666 BEL(l) Labs whose parent is AT&T.
World TRADE (Center) to Financial Destruction. Ahem. See my former post (below) outing this criminal financial activity.
Jew, John Tishman built 666 5th Ave., and the (trident) Twin Towers (WTC). Tishman's son did the (666) WTC rebuild.
The demon is symbolised by 'locust' in The Exorcist sequel. Locust swarms of biblical proportions fill the current news.
Jew, Larry '666' Silverstein held the Twin Tower lease. Yeah, it's ALL just random chance. Move along, nothing to see.
666 Tishman specifically built WTC1, WTC2, and (666 Silverstein's) WTC 7. All engineered to collapse.
Larry 'WTC 7 pull it' Silverstein. The WTC collapse system(s) installed by Kellogg during the early building stages.
Tubular BEL(ls) via The '666' Exorcist and 666 5th Ave. - a building heavily linked to (666 Trump's son-in-law) Jew Kushner.

9/11 arguably saw the birthing of the aeon of Horus...
666/777 Sodom Crowley's Revelation Stele via 666 and Horus - leading to the Thelemic Book of Law via Horus/Aiwass.
Bringing us to the following...

The HAWKEYE State, Iowa. (Mason City, Iowa.) Horus, the (masonic) eye via the hawk.
IOWA Caucuses = Dem. tragi-comedy. 'Dumb and dumber' just got a reboot. Caucus Chaos 2020. Ordo Ab Chao.
They probably needed this vote overtime so they could fudge the result to suit their needs. Ahem.
Pinocchio Pete (ass evaluating Booty Judge) with his homo fingers in the 'voting app' jar. Naval Intel/CIA, poofta Pete.
The BEST advert for Trump's Republicans are the Dems themselves. Jesus, wept! :)
 Let Alan '33' Partridge explain how this 'caucus' system works. He played masonic Stan Laurel. Ladyboys, Alan.
He likes 'Blue-Ridge Mounting' via a Virgin(ia) - trailing with his lonesome 'wood' (pine). He packs a finger of fudge.
Partridge's 'Soccermeter' is more straightforward than the Dem Caucuses. Ha, ha. :)
This should make 666 Trump's SOTU address a walk in the park. Back of the net!

 Iowa, Mason City via the Horus Hawk-Eye state (source, wiki)
The region around what would later be first called "Shibboleth" was a summer home to the Sioux and Winnebago nations. The first settlement was made at Shibboleth in 1853 at the confluence of the Winnebago River and Calmus Creek. The town had several names: Shibboleth, Masonic Grove, and Masonville, until the name Mason City was adopted in 1855, in honor of a founder's son, Mason Long.
 Who'd have guessed? :)
 Look who turned-up for masonic Antichrist Trump's SOTU. The puppet (apron) strings are showing:
It's Juan 'FREEMASON' Guaido. Deep state Trump's CIA regime change agent. Hey, we're all shocked here. :)
The Dems were also very happy to see Freemason Guaido, almost as much as Brother Trump.
Apparently, Freemason Guaido IS the current President of Venezuela.
The fact that not a single vote has been cast is seemingly of no import to the sociopaths in the US congress.
What a SHIT-HOUSE. Venezuela has been a Zio-NWO target for decades (see Aaron 'Rockefeller' Russo).
 As for this lame, laughable, embarrassing, dumb ZIO-MASONIC sponsored PSY-OP to prop-up Antichrist Trump.
Ha, ha. Chuckle, snigger, chortle, howl, lol. I shouldn't mock them, but they deserve it. The dumbest psy-op yet.
I bet these Q-tards think watching a few videos produced by the masonic Q cattle is REAL RESEARCH.
"I watched a Q video - and now I've done my indepth research." Watching bias videos is NOT EFFECTIVE RESEARCH.
Zio-masonic programming of 'the herd' has never been easier. When this is over no-one will ever say that they bought into Q.

In other news payroll had to wipeout over 520,000 new jobs for 2019. Jobs that never existed.
That's not just an anomaly - it's proof of the MASS LIES that power the US and its zombie economy. Pfft.
"Total household debt balances surpassed $14 trillion for the first time." Oh, dear. (link)
"The BEST economy EVER?" Someone is LYING on an industrial scale. Guess who?
How many folk (aka MSM zombies) understand anything about CENTRAL BANKS and their POLICIES?
I'd say that it's a certainty that it's less than 1%, and it's more likely it's less than 0.1%.
There is NO WAY that you can understand what is happening without this knowledge, as outlined.
That's why SO MANY people, both mainstream and alternative - have no clue to as to what is really transpiring.
Without this understanding - THEY NEVER WILL.
$1 trillion+ budget DEFICITS? In the greatest and best economy ever? Dumb happens. It's getting WORSE.
How much do you think is being spent to service these insane debts that have been wrecklessly run-up?
Where are the DEMS? Where is their copy regarding the ongoing wrecking of this economy under 'bankruptcy' Trump?
Put to sleep by (bogus) MMT? The DEMS are already a busted flush in respect of all this. Their SILENCE reveals ALL.
FFS, even a child could expose Trump's/Fed's zombie economy - the one built on mass debt and CB money printing!
Folk who believe that nuclear level money printing (in a finite world) is of no concern ARE braindead - the end.
The candle is burning at both ends. The purchasing power of your dollar is evaporating via CB mass money printing (currency dilution)
- and all while asset prices do the counter - they're mushrooming. The latter being very badly disguised by CPI,
- which bears no actual relation to real inflation. None of this is even complicated, it's very simple.

 Early Feb, 2020. As for this POS ZIONIST PUPPET. Watch him dance via apron strings:
It's Tayyip 'FREEMASON' Erdogan. Or is it a sodomite OTO-man (Ottoman)? Boom, boom.
Another Zio-US puppet and NATO attack dog. Satanyahu has seemingly got his masonic puppet attacking Syria.
He's helping the rebels - as in (Zio-US/Saudi fomented) ISIS. Isis - aka the masonic goddess. Yawn.
Just like the JEW. S. of Masonic A., Turkey are violating international law with their presence in Syria.
I wonder why the masonic Jew, United Nations has done NOTHING in the face of this? UN = NATO-lite.
The Rockefeller UN has done nothing about Zio-US imperialism over the last 20 years. ZERO. Shut it down.
Go get your ASS PLOUGHED at your SATANIC, SODOM JEW Lodge, GAYYIP. :)
Turkey is only good for STUFFING. Gobble-gobble. Worrying developments though (re: Syria).
 The Stolen Heights via Rothschild/Israel et al.
All that said. The EU's migrant nightmare is ALL the doing of the Zio-USA.
Their phoney wars in the Mid-East. Americans don't care what their sick govt. does outside of the US nation - never have.
The EU nations should be turning against America for what they have done to this world (see 9/11). Tick-tock.
Why is Trump's lapdog (Erdogan) forcing tens of thousands across the borders and all while a virus grips the world?

 FORCING Loyalty to (Khazar) Fake Israel? What a FUCKING outrage, JEW-gia.
 "I pledge allegiance to the Synagogue of Zion Hell. Satan bless the Jew-nited States of Amerika."
 Free speech destroyed in a retarded and cuckolded Yank state. Who'd have guessed?
Don't forget folks. Israel MURDERED 3,000+ American people on 9/11, and brainwashed you via (Jew) mass media.
Where does your loyalty lie?

Update Late Feb 2020
 Oh, dear. And there was my goodself foreshadowing all this with my (former) DJIA major drops! (777, 666, 1100+pts)
Kobe Bryant's memorial at the LA Staples Center on 2-24-20, coincided with the market sell-off on that same Monday.
The above is potentially unfolding, as previously outlined in advance.
We could be entering an endgame here. Will we see a third straight day of major drops, or will it rally?
If down, then it's 5 straight days of drops. Rate cuts are already incoming. Let's see where we go from this point.

666 Trump has made claims that the virus is a HOAX?
Ha! The REAL HOAX are the markets themselves - the ones he's helped shamelessly inflate!
He's desperately hanging onto them. It's what you should expect from a third-rate game show host posing as POTUS. :)

Bubble pop (fizzy pop) via Corona? Geddit? Orange, just like Trump. Think markets. Fizzical or Fiscal Wreck?
UK readers who were children of the 1970s will recall collecting empty Corona bottles for the deposit refunds. :)

 Remember when 666 Trump (as candidate) told the truth? Yeah, seems like aeons ago now.
So then, why did Trump then make this same bubble go nuclear under his stewardship?
And don't give me that crap that he is trying to destroy the Fed (via the back-door) for 'the people'. Laughable.
Trump IS deep state - and anyone one who says otherwise is still BRAINWASHED. Bank this.
"They hate him." "They'll do anything to stop him." - these sheep will cry. They probably think the virus has been unleashed to topple him. These people are the most psychologically played of all. Totally lost in a fantasy that they refuse to wake-up from.
Clutching at straws barely describes it. Trump has ALWAYS been a total POS. And he certainly hasn't disappointed in that regard.
He, and his 'Zion hell' admin have long been totally exposed.

 Thurs. 27th Feb
DJIA - saw a new record set in terms of a single day's point drop. Down 1,191 points. (Note, in terms of points.)
Beating the Feb 2018 mark of 1,175. The previous record pt drop being preceded by the drop of 666.
6 days of back-to-back drops. Mon & Tues combined points carnage being the worst two day pts spell ever.
The last hour of today's trading was absolutely brutal though. Any upside resistance is quickly being engulfed.
As for Friday. With things unfolding this way - who'd want to hold positions over the weekend with these types of risks?
Bond yields are also cratering - the 10 yr is at record lows. Money leaving the markets.

Fri. 28th Feb
Anyone watching the last 10 mins of yesterday's trading saw the insane manipulation by the FED (600+ pt swing). They rolled-out Powell to calm things (an hour or so earlier) - which it did for about 5 minutes, then it was all south again. This then likely led to the huge intervention at the close. Staunching the market to -357 pts. Note, rate cuts and monetary injections ARE NOT the correct medicine for what's unfolding. Rate cuts won't make people go out and spend, attend big events, repair supply chains, or travel as normal, etc. The FED'S tools are useless in this regard. Once actual effective testing begins (it hasn't even started yet!), we'll then see rises in US cases. This could be just the beginning. So it's on to next week. Latest - China's manufacturing output just hit record lows. Ouch!

Mon. 2nd Mar
A massive rally for Monday - up 1,200+pts. We noted the FED intervention late on Friday, and they followed through for Monday. We might call it "Manipulation Monday." This was against a worsening virus outlook - now spreading in the US, and with already 6 deaths registered in WA. Also up against the OECD global ecomonic output forecast. The potential for a 50% drop in global output. All very stock positive news (sarcasm). The rally was sold under the premise of: "the hope for more rate cuts." (which was already a given imo). So, folks. If you didn't already know that the market is FAKE - you certainly do now. Are we to believe that potentially cutting rates and adding more QE - that this will somehow be effective against collapsing supply chains, locked-down cities and populations, and limited travel both locally and internationally, etc. A sucker's rally before another hard drop down later in the week - or the FED to the rescue? We know that the virus spread is merely just beginning in the US, so we'll soon likely be seeing the wider effects of this.

 "MARTIAL LAW under Trump if things get out of hand." That's Donald 'FREEMASON' Trump, Mr 666.

The Trump supporting masonic Q-ANON psy-op/hoax. Masonic (Qabalist) "darkness to light."

 Update June 2020
Corona, Covid, Kobe/NBA, Freemasonry and George 'Corona/NBA' Floyd.

NBA's Stephen 'George Floyd' Jackson...a masonic spokesman for the Floyd family. Ahem.
Trayvon 'My father is a freemasonic Grand Master' Martin. Trayvon was posed as the symbolic tarot 'hanged man'.
Brothas in the 'G' Hood. Your fez looks familiar...
Ordo Ab Chao. Another HOAX - and ably assisted by JEW Zimmerman, the latter very likely another (JEW) Freemason.
 Trayvon 'The Hanged Masonic Man' Martin.
This is why Zionist mass media (aka US mass media) must be the ONLY storyteller. So simple.
If the public find out they're mass media driven masonic frauds - none of the deliberate chaos programming will stick!
33 (masonic) comments via NBA's Stephen 'Floyd' Jackson. 33 NBA Ewing - The BENT KNEE special:
'33' - ala NBA's Patrick 'I've now got Covid' Ewing. The Exorcist 3 'tarot man' (& particularly the hanged man).
33 Ewing, Mr Exorcist 3. The literal 'TWIN Tower' man via NBA twinning and Manhattan promos.
Floyd spokesman NBA 33 Jackson - claims to be 'twinned' with George Floyd. Ahem.
Minnesota - the twinned city. We are currently in Gemini (the twins). Gemini, the killer via (33 Ewing's) Exorcist 3.
 A large aspect of my original post covered '33 Ewing' - and now he apparently has Covid/Corona. Ahem.
'33 NBA' linked George Floyd via Corona. Corona/Covid being a key aspect of the ongoing wider psy-op.
You might've noticed the covid mass surveillance issue. Which has involved masonic Google and masonic Apple.

Floyd tested positive for Covid in April and as an asymptomatic.
"I CAN'T BREATHE." - and all during the Covid virus spread. The virus that seriously hampers breathing.
How can a man that "can't beathe" - talk and communicate with those around him? Speech being dependent on breathing.
Irony bomb! Human sheep wearing masks that have: "I can't breathe" written on them! Is this a mockery based joke?
Will there be a massive virus spike due to these elite induced protests? Masks can induce a false sense of security.
Miost protocol re: the virus has literally been dropped to make way for this (linked) Floyd psy-op. Ahem.
Who'd be surprised if there was now a larger and wider virus spread as a direct result of this mass mind control op.?
 It's also believed that the first instances of riot/unrest in response to the killing began on East 33rd Street.
TWIN HEADED VIA MASONIC 33. See Floyd's twin, Stephen '33' Jackson. Order out of Chaos. Servants of Lucifer.
Isn't it interesting that the Floyd issue began with a counterfeit/forged note?
The usual MASONIC SEWAGE & GESTURES. Yawn. Surely you recall owned masonic industry puppet, Tupac?
They ALL suck masonic cock, sell-out the masses, and indoctrinate the followers. All for riches and fame.
All MASONIC EYES on me. A FAKED ritual killing (via masonic Fri. 13) for the programmed sheep to graze on.
(k)Illuminati Pac. Tupac backwards is 'caput'. Caput - meaning to die/expire. Machiavelli faked his own death.
I told you aeons ago. All played-out crap for the idiocracy generation - AKA the dumb, hypnotised by mass media sheep.
Mr Covid. Old (k)Nick, masonic Ewing. The Devil. Not forgetting Mr 33 - 'symbolic black swan' NBA's '666' Bryant

 Masonic markers and mass mockery of the (programmed) profane. Masonic G. GEORGE-town via 33.

 "END OF DAYS".'s all looking very, very "End of Days" out there...and as I type.

Masonic shit-house - AKA the 666 NBA - was even an aspect of the (western induced) Hong Kong riots issue.
Anyone would think that the NBA is actually sponsoring this Floyd event. A total overbearing presence.

3rd degree Masons are symbolically raised (hoodwinked) into the (Lucifer) light - ala Hiram Abiff (Osiris).
Floyd - ORIGINALLY cited as 'masonic' murder in the 3rd Degree (literally) - also see Freemasonry.
 ALL sides are masonically OWNED. Both Dem. and Rep.
Politics, mass media, commentators, celebs, etc. It's all a masonic shell game with a diabolical philosophy.
Floyd spokesman, NBA's Stephen '33' Jackson - exact same name as the man who created the ILLUMINATI card game!
See 'false flag' Vegas/911, etc. Monarch (crown/corona) Mind Control...Shots fired from the 32nd floor.
A level just beneath the symbolic missing capstone of the 'great work' - via 33 degrees (see masonic pyramid $ bill).
 Master symbol of the satanic, sodomite, Zionist freemasons (illuminati) - the eye/pyramid.
 Designed by Freemason Robert Mills. The Washington Monument is a Egyptian Obelisk or phallic (penis) symbol related to the Egyptian Sun god, Osiris (also see Vegas obelisk/penis, above). Masonic architect Hiram Abiff is simply an avatar for the masonic god, Osiris. The 4 sides of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north, and south). Widow's son, Horus, being the god of the cardinal points. At the ground level each side of the monument measures 55.5 feet long, which is equal to 666 inches. The height of the obelisk is 555 feet high, which is equal to 6660 inches. If you add the height, width, and length together you get 666 feet. M.W. Benjamin B. French, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, laid the cornerstone of this famous Washington monument in a Masonic ceremony.
Cards from the 'Black Pyramid' Illuminati game 'predictive programming' Hall of Fame:
9/11 'false flag' via Jackson's Illuminati Card Game. Cards released in 1995.
Once the 9/11 govt./mass media FIX got swallowed by the masses - they now know that ANYTHING is possible. (see for hoax/agitation)
 Trayvon Martin 'masonic hoax/psy-op'. Jackson's Illuminati Card Game.
Masonic Purp-EL. Just like former Minneapolis based musician and mass mind control asset, masonic Prince.
 Note that so-called ethnic actor, Jussie Smollett, was caught hoaxing a racial hate crime in-league with US MSM.
Aurora shooting 'false flag/hoax' via Jackson's Illuminati Card Game. Sandy Hook fix was covered via Arlington (see earlier).
 Trump (via snipers, see card text and pyramid Vegas) 'Enough is Enough' via Jackson's Illuminati Card Game.
Trumps and cards...Donny is a literal walking tarot card trump (see The Tower).

2020 happening under the masonic antichrist - AKA - Donald '666' Trump. And as I write. Ahem.
'666' resonance. Scene of the apparent death of George 'porn actor' Floyd. A Monarch Boy or masonic sacrifice?
Bring-on a pallet of bricks (masonry) - wink, wink. Yes, the USA = Masonic Hell on Earth.
 "All the world is a (Zionist masonic) stage..."
Recall that 'Pulse fix' shooter, Omar 'IMDB' Mateen, also had an acting background, his father was also active in TV.
Multiple videos of the Floyd event and from varying angles. No videos of Epstein's (faked) death. Epstein is not dead.
The same man who did autopsies on (masonic) JFK and Epstein is the one who's supposedly analyzed the body of Floyd.
There wasn't a body of (so-called neck injured) Epstein to do an autopsy on. Obviously repatriated back to Mossad Israel.
 Move along, nothing to see. Although I did tell you that 'mass media' IS the ultimate mind control issue!
San Bernadino was the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting,
- and the deadliest terrorist attack to occur in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks. ALL OF THEM MSM FIXES.
Lawyer for the Floyd family. It's FREEMASON Benjamin 'Trayvon Martin/AhmaudArbery/Michael Brown' Crump!
Florida, just like Tracy 'Florida Freemason' Martin. Florida's Bro. Martin who employed Florida Freemason, Bro. Crump.
All coincidence that he's been involved with Trayvon 'masonic' Martin, Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, and Floyd cases!
SO MANY FREEMASONS. Isn't that right, folks? ALL of whom remain silent on that particular issue. Ahem.
Tracy 'masonic Grand Master' Martin. Oh, look. It's George Floyd's 'MASONIC TWIN' - Stephen 'Freemason' Jackson.

Le Bron '33' James has also been a feature of the Floyd event.
"Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are reported to have been Boule members, among many other high profile, successful and moneyed Blacks such as Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall." (source
Masonic Black Civil Rights - 'Hall of Famers' - spot their masonic fingerprints all-over the George Floyd psy-op.
Dr King was also very likely a Freemason. Hence the masonic ritual death via Memphis - seat of the masonic King (Osiris).
G-Unit. "Brothas in da (G) Hood" (brotherhood, aka freemasonry). Con-man Sharpton.
Bro. Sharpton has his masonic fingers in many masonic chaos based pies. Perhaps as many pies as Bro. Crump. Ha, ha.
Still no MSM news on the whole thing being saturated with linked black freemasons. We're waiting.
Another of Hiram's Helpers - it's Freemason and gangster chic degenerate, Bro. Jay-Z. Minion of masonic god, Lucifer.
Masonically programming the DUMB and PROFANE masses - decade, after decade, after decade.
ALL of this MASONIC UNIFORMITY shot thru it all. And that folks - cannot be by chance.

Is it ALL a GIANT MASONIC HOAX? A propaganda hoax to seed civil war and the implosion of the US.
My comment/suspicions after 1 year of Trump being in office (Jan 2018). Sides set-off against each other - think civil war.
Also see this (link) for the Oakland riots that sparked immediately after Trump won the election. (Nov. 2016).
Oakland (2016) a type of mold for the reality we're now seeing in 2020? A microcosm of what was to come.
MASONIC JEW OWNED MASS MEDIA - is the number 1 enemy - as I noted the day after (false flag) Zionist 9/11.
Have the programmed by masonic mass media SHEEP - fallen for all this? Hook, line, and sinker? YUP!
Just exactly as they did when 9/11 happened - literally all bought into the Zionist sponsored/controlled psy-op.
The people who have made (masonic Jew) MSM and 'the cult of celebrity' their 'functional' GOD.

I found this following post. How's this for a wider overview of recent developments?
You can have the following for free: "None of this is by random chance."
We're not just seeing the elites pulling the strings - they're now pulling on fat ropes.

Update Re: UK
From the previous post - just a few months back - Nov. 2019.

How's it working-out for you? Are you ruing the day yet? My guarantees are always safe:)
Did you dumb fucks think that it was solely the EU that ruined your lives and nation? You have so much to learn.
The Tories have singlehandedly destroyed the UK - just look out of your windows. 
The UK's virus response under the shit-house Tory Party = THE WORST RESPONSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
Yes, dumb happens. The UK sheep happily voted (via majority) for this diabolical state of affairs. They were warned.
You'll no doubt be getting a few more decades of austerity - the austerity (via the 1%) that you seemingly crave and enjoy.
Johnson's fake 'corona' diagnosis was just fodder for useless eaters and to silence them using a sympathy bomb.
How convenient that Johnson gets a note from matron - and just at the crux of UK implosion under his inept tenure.
Played again. The Tory govt. should be crucified over their inept ways, but the populace are clearly zombified.

No more updates.
Lack of interest in the issue at hand means no more updates will be forthcoming. Thanks and goodbye.