Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Twin Peaks - Season 3

Well, I didn't stay "closed" for long! I've ended up watching series 3 of Twin Peaks, and now I'm impelled to write about it, sorry. This isn't a permanent return to writing, but an encore of sorts. I've waited 25+ years for this 3rd series, and I just recently brainstormed the original series and film into a massive overview - Under The Sycamore Tree. So, it would be a bit of a waste to stop at this juncture. I'll see how it goes - so I'm not promising I'll be here for the whole of the new series etc.

Episodes 1 - 3

First impressions are that the opening few episodes (I've seen eps 1-3, so far) are heavily steeped in Eraserhead flavour - from imagery to the soundtrack -  it's influence is unmistakable. The sound design (eps 1-3) has seemingly been entirely Eraserhead-like in its nature - a departure from the typical 50s sprinkled sounds and synth flavour of the original series. I NEVER treat Lynch's work inside a vacuum (as most tend to do) - I think you have to have an appreciation of his other work to get any kind of real or wider understanding.

Lynch's 1977 debut film release...

Doppelganger Cooper - Bad Dale/Evil Cooper...
So, Bob possessed Cooper has been a bad boy for 25+ years, and Good Cooper has been trapped in the "lodge" - he seemingly went missing not long after returning from Glastonbury Grove.
My recent Twin Peaks (series/film) overview heavily referenced the "lodges" and their etheric transport system via electricity and portals. It seems that the new series is heavily anchored with these aspects - more than anything else.

The Giant and Cooper...opening
Old gramophone (with looping squeaky/scratchy sounds) reminded me of Leland's gramophone/record player.

Also one at Jacque's cabin in the series - "where there's always music in the air." (a stuck record).
The Palmer House.
Leland, drugging Sarah (Maddy, and Laura),  playing his record (end looping),
and then launching a murderous attack (Maddy, and Donna) was a distinct pattern.
In the original series The Giant gave Cooper clues/keys to the larger mystery - the following is likely similar.
The Giant also occupied the body of hotel waiter Droolcup, and is seen in the red room/lodges.
Cooper responds and says that he understands. The "It's happening again" Giant.
Could this perhaps indicate another couple like the Palmer parents, 430 being the house number? Just wild guessing.

Episode 1 also opened with the New York "glass box" - which is seemingly another portal.
The imagery here is all very neo-industrial (a la Eraserhead).
Episode 1 - the "portal/glass box" in New York (note the "X" symbols), linked to an unknown and mysterious billionaire.
One is inclined to lean towards "black lodge" in respect of these scenes and activities, especially after the above two characters (the male is employed to observe the box) are dispatched in an unpleasant and psychic-type manner via the portal and a (likely black lodge linked) nefarious entity. A small "bonsai" tree (above far left) - I wonder if this a connection to (black lodge linked) Windom "bonsai" Earle?
They get their HEADS ERASED - and literally.

The glass box watchers seem to resemble sofa sitting Henry and Mary X (Eraserhead, flipped image).

Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) plays Betty Briggs in Twin Peaks - wife of Major "lodge travelling" Briggs.
ZZ for Zig-Zag? We'd expect to find this if it's connected to the black lodge and portals.

In episode 2 - we see Cooper released from the lodge and he appears in the New York glass box.
Good Cooper is at first instructed out of the lodge, but his passage is blocked and changes occur.
One-armed man and the tree (MFAP), however, soon sense that "something's wrong". 
The tree (MFAP) informs us that it's his (tree) doppelganger that is the problem. 

This is the (tree) doppelganger (via the Venus statue) that sends this version of Cooper through the lodge floor and into an "abyss" - non-existence. See series overview post for "the abyss" (tree of life).
After the temporary stop in the New York, glass box Cooper's 'space abyss' fall continues.
It remains to be seen though, as to what has fully happened here and what exactly has been sent through.
Why the stop-off in the glass box and why the interference/changes from the Black Lodge entities during this initial release?

Falling in space...FWWM.

A little background from the previous post for contextual purposes...
The Judy twins. Black Lodge linked Bowie and Briggs - stargating/portal star-men and over the rainbow via Oz.
 Briggs went thru the black lodge, Jeffries is also connected to it. "Can you hear me, Major Briggs (Tom)"
 Notice how the barren/dilapidated room in the Blackstar (video)
  ...also evokes the barren/dilapidated room (above convenience store, Twin Peaks FWWM).
Black (Lodge) Star - travelling via the ether and electricity
TP's Convenience Store "jumping man" is black (afro-american) - there's a black man in the Black Star room (above).
Jeffries, Cole, Cooper, and Rosenfeld (left). Convenience Store gang and garmonbozia (right).

Someone purporting to be Jeffries speaks with Black Lodge Cooper on the phone in Eps 2, he's already an aspect of series 3.

The Black (Sirius) Dog (Star?) Runs At Night...from Bowie's Fire Walk With Me 
Judy, also relates to the masked monkey (moon-key) - it's the last shot of FWWM.
Bowie's real name Davy Jones, which was also the name of one of The 'Day Dream Believer' Monkees.
"Cheer-up sleepy Jean"- the Homecoming Queen a la 'Homecoming Queen' Laura.
Sirius (the scorcher) is the star of the masonic brotherhood - the star that hangs in all lodges.
Bowie - the (sirius moonlight) diamond dog (star). Sirius, the diamond dog star in the sky.
A black lodge tear/rip in the fabric of space/time
Black Star - a dent/tear in space/time. A black hole is also a literal black star.
Under The Sycamore Tree (of Life). Kether to Malkuth - the '777' zig-zag, lightning tree of life pathway.

Kether to Malkuth - The lightning path passes thru 'da'ath/sirius' and the veil (Isis) - the dweller on the threshold. 
Bowie also worked with Lynch in "Lost Highway" (Pathway) - he bookends the soundtrack.
Bulwer "dweller on the threshold" Lytton's proteges - Crowley et al - allegedly formed the Isis/Urania Hermetic group.
Crowley and Isis - Hathor/Isis, the sycamore tree queen. Sirius is also the star of Isis.
The Cooper "struck crown" (via the mirror) is the closing shot of the TV series, after leaving the lightning lodges.
Lightning-struck crowns
“We were born upside down, born the wrong the way round...” (Bowie - Lazarus, Black Star)

First Method. Let the Exempt Adept first train himself to think backwards by external means, as set forth here following.
("d") Let him practise speaking backwards; thus for "I am He" let him say, "Eh ma I".
Crowley - Magick.

Episode 2
Dweller on the Threshold, White/Black Lodge referencing Hawk makes his way through Ghostwood. 
He takes a call from the Log Lady who psychically senses (in league with the log, lol) that the "gateway" is opening.
Episodes 1 and 2 has a combined and operative title - "The stars turn and a time presents itself."
It takes us to Cooper in the red room with One-armed Man/Gerard/Mike. 
What follows is effectively a type of echo/re-run of Cooper's dream sequence from series 1 (like the reverse video, above). 
Also meeting up with Laura, repeating aspects of former dialogue. 
Laura tells Good Cooper: "You can go out now" - another reference to his release.
Cooper asks Laura as to when he can leave, even though she's already told him - "now". :)
These are scenes with backwards elements so we shouldn't be too surprised, linear time isn't always applicable.
Then we get a replay of the 'dream' kiss and ear whisper and then Laura is whisked away.

I've just mentioned 'portal traveller' David "777 - Kether to Malkuth" Bowie aka Phillip Jeffries.

Season 3 Episode 3

Didn't take long for "777" to show up (wink, wink). I might've guessed! :)
777 and via the "lightning" lodges. Crowley wrote liber/book "777" (in 1909).
 Switched Duggie and Cooper (eps3). Duggie-Pas - Dugpas. 
Duggie/Dougie seems to be the (temporary) conduit for Good Cooper to return to the world.
Zig-Zag Lightning and 777
Episode 3 was heavy on "Eraserhead" symbology...where Lynch first used the lightning flash motif.
Major Briggs' head floating in space (quoting "blue rose") was also homage to Eraserhead (1977).
Lodge linked Briggs - who likely made it to the White Lodge. He's was also heavily linked to UFO activity (Blue Book).
Heads floating in space...Twin Peaks & Eraserhead. It was Briggs who referenced messages from space.
Briggs' wife in Twin Peaks played 'Mary X' in Eraserhead, the wife of Eraserhead Henry, who played Pete Martell.
Twin Peaks/Eraserhead overlaps - new series opening - where MFAP (dwarf) has evolved into a "tree". 
Very similar to the Eraserhead "tree" that is shown on the draped stage (at the climax) in that 1977 film.
Cooper with the one-armed man (Gerard) in the lodge.
Ziggy-Zaggy. Blood-like substances on the floor, which evokes FWWM and the blood on the lodge floor.
Plenty of "portal" activity in the new Peaks series - and where etheric travel via electricity is a huge aspect.
Plug sockets, car cigarette lighter sockets etc.

Cooper's release from the lodge continues and segues from eps 2 to eps 3. 
He continues to fall thru space until he lands in another etheric location - one that leads him to a room. 
A woman in the room leads Cooper through doorways. 
The above shot was a nod to Dune, Paul (played by MacLachlan/Cooper) on planet Caladan and overlooking the ocean with father Duke Leto (aka convenience store Woodsman, Prochnow). "The sleeper must awaken".

Cooper and the woman emerge from a metallic type of unit suspended in space, a lever is pulled.
It's possible that a type of radio transmitter is being implied, the space messages were radio sourced.
Bowie (Space Oddity) : "I'm stepping through the door. And I'm floating in a most peculiar way. 
And the stars look very different today. For here am I sitting in a tin can. Far above the world."
Evoking the lever pulling "God" from Eraserhead. This lever pulling will be evoked again via the casino 
and "one-armed bandits" (fruit machines). Geddit, a one-armed "777" bandit (like one-armed man).
Twin Peaks meets the Man in the Planet (Eraserhead) - Where Jupiter and Saturn meet.
Jack Fisk played the "man in the planet" (Eraserhead). The 'sparking/electric' linked entity that pulls levers!
Levers, 777 and one-armed bandits/men.

Hit the "777" Jackpot - via pulling the sparking electric levers.
The first "fruit machine" that (series 3) Cooper uses is "Fives and Spark-lers".
Eraserhead. Rhea, sister/consort of Cronus/Saturn, and mother of 'lightning-bolt' Zeus (Jupiter). 
It's also Saturn's second largest moon. Rhea's tree is the "fir" - "smell those Douglas Firs".

Even "tree rings" denote age/time...Bob possessed Evil Cooper's car.
The red room related arm (which is now a tree) tells Good Cooper that 253 is the "time" relating to Bob.
The clock is at 2:52 and heading for 2:53. This is all operating like clockwork.
 Tree/arm also instructs Good Cooper to "Go now..."

After the lever pulling, Good Cooper and the woman (who can now see) are in a room with an electrical portal.
The watch on the woman's arm reads 2:53 - the time referenced by "the tree/arm" and also shown in Evil Cooper's car.

Cooper travels through "portal #3". Numbered in a similar 'font' to other electrical portal phenomena. 
Cooper first tries to travel thru "portal #15" but is warned-off. 
These portal numbers are analogous to Cooper's 'Great Northern Hotel' room number - 315.

Man in the planet - to the planets of Twin Peaks via the veil (drapes) and tree.
"Where Jupiter and Saturn meet." Straddling the abyss - the veiled sphere of da'ath, sirius, pluto.
The Cooper "struck crown" is the TV series ending - Kether (sphere 1) is "the crown".
Lightning-bolt Bowie: "One magickal movement from Kether (Neptune, sphere 1) to Malkulth (Earth, sphere 10)"
Inside the car of Bob possessed Cooper. Cronos/Cronus/Saturn (time/chronology) and the green ring (via electric lighter). 
Cronus (Saturn) the Titan of the harvest (the reaper, garmonbozia). Father of Zeus (Jupiter)
Saturn (and it's rings) and the green ring

Evil Cooper's Lincoln Car and Convenience Store - symbolically linked?
These two separate aspects appear to be symbolically linked. Is the mottled green (oblong part of the) console head unit a rendering of the mottled green formica table? In the Lincoln car we get Saturn via the clock, and the green ring via the electric lighter socket. Lincoln is also a green colour - Lincoln green. The convenience store garmonbozia table has a "missing" circular piece cut-out, perhaps that's where the ring was fashioned from. Black Lodge Coop vomits garmonbozia in this car scene too. If you look beneath the "green oblong" (in the car) there are the buttons for the "seating" positions for the airflow! Seating - like you would get around a table. It's all certainly worth considering.

The Good Cooper has been released back into the world via a (2:53) electrical linked portal and plug socket. Evil Cooper has (seemingly) been taken back to Black Lodge in a similar, but reverse manner (unless something went wrong, of course).
Good Cooper could only leave lodge captivity if the evil Cooper was returned/banished to the lodge.
Cooper and Duggie/Dougie have effectively switched - Good Cooper is delivered into the hands of Black Jade.
Rancho Rosa (Rose Ranch) - Sycamore St., a Little Rock (little dwarf, "let's rock") and Black Lodge. 
There is even a "beware of the (black) dog" notice on the house in the background (above left).
"Let's Rock" - Black female hooker "Jade", which is also a type of rock and related to the colo(u)r black
Black jade rock is used for 'etheric protection' of the body from negative or destructive forces. 
Cooper's drive with 'black Jade' - he drops the room key and avoids being shot by a negative force - the sniper.

Three Coopers (Cooper/Cooper/Cooper), see Briggs' radio message from space (original series).

Switching that involves temporary conduit Dougie/Duggie (Dug-pa) - who seems to be replaced with Good Cooper, and who concurrently absorbs Bob possessed Cooper (or an etheric aspect of him) back to Black Lodge, and the one-armed man (Mike/Gerard).

He says to Darya:"But I'm not going back there (Black Lodge)...I've got a plan for that one." 
(Not sure what he's implying here, we know that something goes awry when Good Cooper first leaves the red room.)
Darya is involved in double-crossing Evil Cooper - he shows her the"ace of spades" - a modern rendering of the tarot "Death" card. The card carries imagery linked to the owl cave symbol(s). Darya is soon dispatched.

(Below). Eps 2 - where Good Cooper views Black Lodge Bob prior to his crash.
This is also just before the doppelganger statue/tree forces Good Cooper into the floor/abyss.

Crashed Black Lodge Cooper and conduit Dougie/Duggie Cooper.
It's the 'one-armed man' (Mike/Gerard) who seems to be directing these goings-on. It all seems to be under the aegis of the draped lodges. One-armed man recalling 'car crashing' (Bob possessed) Cooper - lodge drapes precede his recall - and releasing the Good Cooper back into reality.  
Outside the Silver Mustang Casino - "You can go out now" - via Laura, Black Jade and the Lodges.

Mike (one-armed man) is superior to Bob in the lodge hierarchy, as I outlined in my recent overview.
Black Lodge Cooper seems to vomit garmonbozia before his summoning - ending with a bloody splutter. We saw similar when Bob/Leland was recalled (by Mike/Gerard) in FWWM via the sycamores.
This above scene also seems to heavily relate to Eraserhead - the death of the (spewing) mutant baby.
Yup - looks like projectile garmonbozia (creamed corn) and ends with a bloody splutter - like Black Lodge Cooper.

Bob/Leland had to give up his garmonbozia/blood at the close of FWWM, this seems to be similarly constructed.
One-armed man and dwarf (the arm) = Mike. Mike is the lodge superior whose demands must be met.
Erase A Head
Drapes, suited and no head...look familiar? :)
Yellow jacket is a tip to Blue Velvet's 'lobotomised'  Yellow (Jacket) Man - in which MacLachlan featured. 
The temporary conduit for Good Cooper's return and Evil Cooper's summoning serves its purpose and Dougie/Duggie's form is eventually folded (rubbed-out/erased).
Yellow might also play into the Gelugpa theme (yellow hats) the antithesis of "Dugpas" (red hats, evil sorcerers). 
Good/White Lodge = Gelugpa, Evil/Black Lodge = Dugpa. (Buddhism/Tibet).

Good Cooper in the casino wants to make a "call for help" - which is the official title for Eps 3.
The 3rd episode ends with a telephone call to the Philadelphia FBI Office. Prior to the call we have a scene that references the strange portal (and deaths) in the New York building - a portal that is/was being heavily surveilled. 

"Where have you been, Cooper. You've been gone goddamn near 25 years." :)
On the telephone, Cole (Lynch) seemingly talks to Cooper, who is on the other end. Cole and Rosenfeld (both linked to the black lodge 'convenience store' via Bowie's portal appearance) arrange to meet with Cooper the following day in Black Hills, South Dakota. I think this is also the same location/area where (Bob possessed) Cooper crashes his car.

With the following - I thought it was best to treat it as a separate (but linked) thread.

Somewhere in South Dakota...back to Eps. 2.
The Diner. Evil Cooper mentions the approaching Black Lodge rendezvous and says that he has to be "on his own" - in respect of that. He also responds to information gathering mentioned by Ray, information that Evil Cooper WANTS (not needs), Evil Cooper NEVER needs anything! (could he potentially be the billionaire. Is this an indicator - who knows?). 
The information that Ray will be obtaining comes from Hasting's secretary. Hastings, who is a high school principal and one implicated in a murder in Buckhorn, South Dakota.

Evil Cooper is a badass in these scenes - like a 'black leather jacket' wearing Frank "In Dreams" Booth.
The phrase "Fire Walk With Me" goes back to Frank Booth and Blue Velvet. Lynch wrote the phrase on a Post-It note along with a small drawing of a flame while filming Blue Velvet. He later said that if Frank had a tattoo that it would say "Fire Walk With Me".
Frank - is MacLachlan's (Jeffrey) nemesis in Blue Velvet (see above). One of Frank's gang is called Ray/Raymond.

Ray and his group (including Darya) are involved in "hitting" Evil Cooper - and via the aegis of Jeffries. When Evil Cooper rumbles the plan and plays back Ray's call we learn that he is in a Federal prison in South Dakota. We also learn that Ray received another call from Jeffries. Darya must kill Cooper (at Jeffries' request) - if he is "still around" on the following night. (this would be the day/night of his lodge recall).

After killing Darya...Cooper has a call with Jeffries, although Evil Cooper doesn't seem quite sure who it is!
This links Evil Cooper to New York - the place of the glass box/portal. It also links him to Briggs.
Jeffries knows Cooper's location (we don't know where he is calling from) and mentions that the call has come late. Cooper is surprised to learn that Jeffries knows about his meeting with Briggs. It's then that he begins to question his identity, but with no confirmation from the caller (I thought he sounded a bit like Rosenfeld, Miguel Ferrer). He mentions meeting with Bob again, the Jeffries character met up with `Black Lodge in the FWWM film. Jeffries had a "hit" out on Cooper - and in-league with Darya and Ray, as we just mentioned. 
Ray - involved with previous calls involving Jeffries (played by Bowie in FWWM). Note how Bowie touches Rosenfeld.

Cooper next hacks into the Yankton Federal Prison (South Dakota) database and downloads a copy.
From the opening screen images it appears that Cooper is located in Buckhorn.
It's likely that he is seeking "double-crossing" Ray. Black Lodge indicators via the map?
Above, you can see how close Buckthorn is to the "BLACK Hills". "Bear LODGE" is immediately adjacent.
Ray is in a Federal prison. When Cooper zeroes-in on the location we get (black lodge-like) screen flashes/disturbance.
Following this Cooper meets Chantal (J J Leigh) in the next door apartment, she has a husband called Hutch.

Cooper needs them both to be in a "certain area" -  in a few days. This scene evoked Blue Velvet Frank/Dorothy.

We noted the earlier New York "bonsai" and potential link to Windom "Black Lodge" Earle. How about this?
All very familiar - wink, wink. The computer that Earle used for tracking and finding the Black Lodge.
In unrealised aspects of FWWM scripting - Earle was linked to Jeffries, Josie and Judy (Josie's sister) via Buenos Aires.

The Blue Rose
Briggs and "Blue Rose" from Season 3.
Blue Book "UFO" Briggs - who delivered (to Cooper) the radio message (from black lodge) picked-up in space. 
Note - "666" above Cooper's name. Briggs played William Scully in X-Files. We saw "777" earlier.
X-Files Duchovny was in the original Twin Peaks series, and returns as FBI Dennis/Denise Bryson in S3.
 In FWWM, we see a deliberately well lit "blue flower" in the Briggs' home, on Laura's final visit.
Is it a rendering of the blue rose? Probably. Revelation is the biblical book that references the "beast" and "666". Briggs mentions the "beast and the bottomless pit" during the scene. Coincidentally, Don S Davis (Briggs) had a small role in Omen IV: The Awakening - the film series that references the "beast" and "666". In the X-Files there are Revelation aspects built into the story of the birth of William Jnr. All very weird and interrelated stuff! In terms of the Black Lodge, we'd could easily consider Bob to be a symbolic representation of the biblical "beast".
FWWM - Dancer Lil and the blue rose.
The blue rose is generally considered to be a symbol for supernatural or unexplained phenomena.
Briggs is/was a "key" character - I like to assume that he attained White Lodge spiritual perfection. 

The Murder in South Dakota
Note the telegraph/utility poles - something that is "key" in the general Twin Peaks universe.
We've regularly seen them linked to Black Lodge ether transport - Fat Trout etc.
6's and 7's - Evil Cooper at the Buckhorn motel (Darya/Chantal)

Woven through the first 3 episodes is the mysterious and gruesome murder in South Dakota.
A decapitated body is discovered in Ruth Davenport's apartment which is numbered 216 (6 cubed or 6*6*6*).  
We had "666" from the Briggs/Cooper 'black lodge' messages from woods/space, we had (linked) "777" via Cooper/casino.

In the frame for this murder (via his prints) is arrested school principal Bill Hastings (Matthew "Scream" Lillard). 
That said, Bill seemingly has no idea what has happened or any recollection of his involvement (however, we can't vouch for his truthfulness).  This is all very "Lost Highway".
 Lost Highway - with another incarcerated Bill (aka Fred, played by Bill Pullman) who can't recall (via psychogenic fugue) murdering/dismembering his girl.

Note his address "Elm St" - Lillard memorably featured in Wes "Nightmare on Elm St" Craven's Scream franchise. 
Scream Dreams - Lillard, as Stu Macher (Scream, 1996). 
Did you ever notice the similarities between the family homes in Elm St. and Twin Peaks?
Elm St. even had child abuse/murder via dreams (a la Twin Peaks) as one of its main themes - and via a Fred.
Lost Highway's dismembered victim via an incarcerated Bill/Fred, was Patricia Arquette who debuted in 'Elm St 3: Dream Warriors', it also featured Blue Velvet's Priscilla Pointer, and Larry "Dream/Morpheus" Fishburne. 
Arquette's Brother David is in the Scream series.

Lynch/Craven Dreams - Elm St and Blue Velvet are already linked in subliminal ways.
Blue "In Dreams" Velvet - Nightmare On Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors - Bourbon and Badalamenti.
Twin Peaks' Angelo 'Blue Velvet' Badalamenti also did soundtrack work for Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors.
Arquette: "Mom, I had the most awful dream..."
Death by TV - Nightmare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors
"In dreams" - with Stu Macher (Scream)

Elm St. dwelling Hastings (Lillard)
Bill Hastings informs his wife (Phyllis) that he was never in Davenport's apartment, but that he had a dream about being there, and likely on the night of her death.
Recall, Craven's "Elm St" was about a killer accessing victims via DREAMS. Krueger aka Robert "BOB" Englund. 
 Comparing sleep to a form of death. Attributed to Poe, but it cannot be verified as his quote.

Bill's wife claims that she knows about his (Bill's) affair - likely with Ruth Davenport. He retorts by insisting that he knows about her dalliances with (his lawyer) George. Phyliss tells lawyer George that "he knows" - meaning Bill knows about their affair.
When we return to incarcerated Bill  - a dark entity (that vanishes) is present in another nearby cell.
The blackened cell "bum" - again this (in part) evokes Mulholland Drive's Winkies (Sleep) Bum/Hobo.
It also evokes the Convenience Store bearded 'woodsmen' who we saw in Fire Walk With Me.

Evil Cooper is linked to Hasting's wife. 
When Phyliss returns to the family home she finds Evil Cooper there, but she is familiar with him. 
He soon shoots her dead using Bill's gun. She has seemingly served her purpose.

It appears that the apartment head/body has been there for approximately 3 days.
The body discovery scene is very much Mulholland Drive flavoured - Betty and Rita finding the dead body in the apartment (the stench of death etc), see image below. Hastings even references a 'Betty' during his interview.

One of the Dakota detectives - Dave Mackley (played by Brent Briscoe) in this (Twin Peaks) body discovery scene also played Detective Domgaard in Mulholland Drive. 

Briscoe (Mackley/Domgaard) with Robert "Harry McKnight" Forster, who plays Sheriff Frank Truman - 3rd series. 
We also see MD's 'Diner Dan' ("I had a dream about this place") in a Las Vegas scene. (eps 2).
He seemingly works for a nefarious man (as his chat with Roger indicates)  - it could be a reference to Evil Bob, or the "glass box" billionaire, but of course they could be one and the same.

The red-headed victim's head (in South Dakota) is Ruth Davenport. The body is yet to be identified. 
Ruth, the name of the red-headed Aunt of Betty (Watts), Mulholland Drive - it was Ruth's apt that Betty stayed in.

Bill Hasting's car is searched - the detective's flashlight flickers on and off while searching the trunk. 
Flickering lights tend to indicate Black Lodge links. A piece of flesh is recovered.
On discovering this piece of flesh Det. Dave utters the word "wolf" - I don't know why?
It's a Volvo model (Swedish) - Scandinavia - a location linked to wolves.
What I do know is that there is a "wolf" door knocker on the Hasting's (Buckhorn) family home.

Buckhorn - as well as a place name is also the name of a plant commonly known as Lamb's Tongue (ribwort plantain), it is considered to be an invasive weed in N. America. Wolf and Lamb. Is the piece of flesh a "tongue"? 
I'm just speculating of course.
Buckhorn plants can be used in ritual magic, and the plant's astrological influence comes from Venus.
Lambs were an aspect of the lyrics to possessed Leland's 'Mairzy Doats' - "little lambs eat ivy". (ivy plant).

Buckhorn - the horn of a deer, used to make knife handles, small containers, and rifle sights.
In FWWM, (related) Deer Meadow is linked to Black Lodge activity. 
Dakota, literally translates as friends/allies. South Dakota is also the (Indian) place of the Black Hills.

As you can probably already guess - these Dakota/Buckhorn events all likely seem tied to Black Lodge activity.
Buckhorn, South Dakota
Philadelphia - Oz red shoes Jeffries/Bowie
Black Lodge/Red Room - Cooper

That's all for now.

My favourite "image" - so far. Looks like someone gatecrashed a Texas Chainsaw remake. :)
Some of Evil Cooper's associates in Buckhorn. Otis, Buella, Ray and Darya were also present in this scene.
It's almost as good as Ben's place in Blue Velvet. :)

What happened with the Good Cooper/Black Lodge Cooper switch?

The Cooper Switch Project
He says to Darya:"But I'm not going back there (Black Lodge)...I've got a plan for that one."

 Black Lodge Cooper's plan was to use Dougie/Duggie to "replace" him in the switch.
 This is what actually happens. Instead of Black Lodge Cooper being sent back during the "2:53" "switch" - it was Dougie/Duggie (Dugpa). It's possible that Black Lodge Cooper had a role in "creating" Dougie. One-armed man mentions to Dougie that he was created for a purpose, one which is now fulfilled. When Dougie goes to the lodge he has one of the owl cave rings on his hand, an indicator that he is tied to Black Lodge.

Recall that Good Cooper's initial exit from the lodge is blocked, changes occur - one-armed man and MFAP (tree) notice that "something's wrong" (we're told it's the doppelganger tree). 

Next we see Good Cooper sent through the lodge floor into "non-exist-ent" (non-existence) and into his "abyss" fall. 
A fall that sees him (briefly) go via the (likely Black Lodge linked) New York box.

In Eps 4 - Jackpots Coop is told by one-armed man that he has been "tricked".
He also says that one of "them" must die - perhaps inferring either Good Coop or Evil Coop.

With Good Cooper being sent out of the lodge in a twisted way (under the influence of Black Lodge) and ultimately switching with Dougie (and not Black Lodge Cooper) - he is just a "shell" of his former self. A huge aspect is missing. He really is in the realms of "non-existence" - as we're seeing with Mr Jackpots Coop.

This might be where Hawk comes in. Eps 4 - Sheriff Truman tells Hawk that the Log Lady has information. 

Note Forster in Mulholland Drive (above) - where he says "someone's missing". 
Truman (Forster) says that "something is missing" relating to Cooper, and that it is only Hawk, via his heritage that can help find it. 

Hawk was the one who mentioned that his tribe knew of the "dweller on the threshold" - 
an aspect of the shadow self. Perhaps, Hawk will help Good Cooper (Mr Jackpots) find himself.
The "something missing" is literally and poetically "somebody" - which is likely why (Mulholland Drive/Twin Peaks) Truman/Forster is the one that delivers this info.

Black Lodge Cooper - the car crash could've been something he was expecting to happen. 
He was certainly expecting the lodge switch to occur, hence his plan to line-up Dougie to replace him. 
I earlier mentioned the car's symbolic link to the Black Lodge convenience store.

I think we have to start realising that Black Lodge Cooper is a criminal genius.
The drugs and machine gun (in the back of his crashed car) ensure that he is arrested and sent to Yankton Prison (the prison where he earlier downloaded the plans/codes for). This is very likely the exact same prison where Ray is now incarcerated. It is Ray that double-crossed him along with Darya, they planned a hit on Evil Cooper, and apparently at the behest of Phillip Jeffries.

Aller en France. :)
Bonjour aux lecteurs de France - c'est bon de vous voir ici. Je sais que vous êtes l'un des rares pays qui apprécient David Lynch.
Certains de ces trucs sont assez dingues, mais la vie EST folle, n'est-ce pas? Juste pour vous le faire savoir, alors préparez-vous.

Meilleurs vœux. joyeux Noël. :)

The Cooper Switch Project

More Twin Peaks Season 3...

More Twin Peaks - Season 3 (up to and including the finale)

Mulholland Drive

Mise à jour spéciale 26 décembre 2017 - Juste pour mes lecteurs Français!

Je voulais juste reconnaître les milliers de lecteurs français qui ont visité ces derniers jours. Je n'ai jamais vu autant de visites de vous - je suis donc très surpris par les chiffres. Tout se passe juste avant Noël aussi. Mon blog est écrit en anglais, donc la plupart d'entre vous doivent traduire, et les choses peuvent se perdre dans la traduction. Donc, j'espère que la plupart des pièces ici auront un sens pour vous. L'écriture ici est extrême et assez détaillée. Une grande partie est assez folle, mais tout aussi intéressante. Je cherche toujours à rendre les pièces intéressantes, je pense que c'est l'aspect le plus important.

Je pense que beaucoup d'entre vous lisent principalement mes articles de David Lynch - et c'est génial. J'ai regardé et apprécié Lynch pendant plus de 30 ans - donc j'ai une bonne compréhension de son travail et de son style. J'ai écrit sur Twin Peaks pendant des années, mais je n'en ai parlé que dans les dernières années et de plus en plus souvent. Il est simplement le plus grand cinéaste vivant - et une légende pionnière de la télévision aussi. Je viens juste de voir TOUT la Saison 3 ces dernières semaines - et je n'ai pas encore écrit sur la seconde moitié de S3. Comprenez que mon écriture est un processus long et épuisé - les travaux de Lynch rendent réellement l'écriture plus longue, plus longue et plus difficile. Il peut prendre des pages entières juste pour expliquer pleinement les petits détails ou les points de l'intrigue. Son travail est incroyablement dense, ma tête a presque explosé en écrivant sur la première moitié de S3. La nouvelle série était encore plus surréaliste, plus abstraite que la série originale. Lynch explique clairement n'importe quoi, donc vous devez considérer tout et à un degré extrême etc.

Assez parlé, je voulais juste montrer mon appréciation pour les chiffres qui ont été lus. Je connais le cinéma français, mais pas trop familier. Je sais que vous avez généralement un bon goût pour le film - vous le voyez comme une forme d'art, plus qu'un exercice commercial (comme les Américains ont tendance à le faire). J'ai beaucoup aimé le travail de Haneke, je l'ai découvert il y a une dizaine d'années - il a fait beaucoup de bon travail en association avec la France. Comme Lynch, je pense qu'il est l'un des cinéastes les plus importants des 30 dernières années. Je me rappelle encore avoir regardé le premier film Haneke Funny Games (version allemande) puis la vidéo de Benny - je n'avais jamais rien vu de tel. Certains des films les plus stimulants jamais réalisés. Cache (Hidden) était aussi un autre film qui m'a fasciné pendant des mois après l'avoir regardé.

OK, meilleurs voeux à vous. Revenez et visitez encore. Merci à la France. Merci-beaucoup etc.

Twin Peaks S1 & S2, and Fire Walk With Me

Un aperçu général de la série originale Twin Peaks, et du film. Notez, c'est très long, en profondeur et détaillé. Je relie aussi Twin Peaks à d'autres œuvres de Lynch - elles sont toutes interconnectées à certains égards, du moins selon moi. J'ai regardé son travail depuis que j'étais un enfant / adolescent - 35 ans et plus. Donc je peux dire que j'ai longtemps été exposé à son contenu. Au cours des dernières années, j'ai regardé Twin Peaks à l'envers, à la fois dans les séries et dans les films. C'est le film qui m'a toujours retenu dans le jeu - j'ai toujours aimé le regarder même s'il était difficile de comprendre ce qui se passait. La plupart diraient que j'ai, ou ont été obsessionnels à propos de Twin Peaks, ce qui est vrai. Je suis allé à quelques festivals UK Twin Peaks, dont le premier en 2010. J'ai toujours su qu'il ferait une autre série ou un autre épisode de Twin Peaks - la chose 25 ans plus tard toujours coincé avec moi.

Si vous êtes vraiment désespéré pour mes autres vues sur les derniers épisodes - jusqu'à la finale. Vous pouvez me trouver parler de beaucoup, beaucoup d'aspects des 8 derniers épisodes. Il peut être trouvé sur le forum Reddit/TwinPeaks, et sous le nom d'utilisateur suivant: Horse-Lover-Phat. J'y étais posté en grand volume il y a quelques mois. Seulement pour quelques semaines, mais je déchargeais toutes mes pensées à travers ce forum, en raison du fait que poster là m'a donné la discussion et la critique de ce que les gens ont pensé à certaines de mes idées. Certains étant complètement fous, mais ayant une base étrange dans la réalité aussi. La tête de Lynch habituelle, pardonnez mon langage, mais c'est la meilleure et la seule description qui décrit vraiment comment il quitte votre cerveau après avoir interagi avec ses médias. Aucun autre artiste, créateur de télévision, n'a réussi à affecter mon cerveau de manière aussi profonde. Je me sentais vraiment normal après avoir découvert David Lynch au début / au milieu des années 80. Je n'ai plus jamais été le même - il parlait dans une langue que je comprenais, enfin des films qui reflétaient le monde déformé / surréaliste dans lequel nous vivons réellement et vraiment. C'était regarder le premier vrai film. Désolé, j'ai tendance à divaguer. Je pense que je ferais mieux d'arrêter. J'écris cette moitié brisée et je ne me suis pas endormi cette nuit non plus. Je suis effectivement un gâchis, mais je tape des mots de toute façon. ce n'est pas chaque semaine que je reçois des milliers de visiteurs français. Vous devriez prendre tous mes mots ici comme un énorme compliment. En général, je ne communique pas directement comme ça. :)

The French people really made-up for their FWWM @ Cannes mistake!
The French are some of Lynch's biggest supporters. Bravo! :)