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Phoenix Rising - Glastonbury & Arizona via The Zion Olympics

The actual date of this posting is 1st July
(the 16th June date...was an announcement I made, since deleted)

Phoenix Glastonbury to Phoenix Arizona...the direct and subliminal overlaps.
Just a little something...picking up on the synchronicity of the events of recent days. 

Some of the aspects are 'ongoing', seemingly since the second half of last year...via the Olympics and other media phenomena, particularly the 'rise' meme and aspects of Druidism from the Olympics to this years Glastonbury.

Sirius & The Phoenix

Sirius: Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky, JB Holberg

Obviously the phoneix bird has other connortations, outside of the above...

Our calendar is synchronized to the midpoint meridian of Sirius on January 1. 
See the main Sirius post to find more on the Sothic Cycle, time and popular culture.

The phœnix is the most celebrated of all the symbolic creatures fabricated by the ancient Mysteries for the purpose of concealing the great truths of esoteric philosophy.

Both Herodotus and Pliny noted the general resemblance in shape between the phœnix and the eagle, a point which the reader should carefully consider, for it is reasonably certain that the modern Masonic eagle was originally a phœnix. The body of the phœnix is described as having been covered with glossy purple feathers, while its long tail feathers were alternately blue and red. Its head was light in color and about its neck was a circlet of golden plumage. At the back of its head the phœnix had a peculiar tuft of feathers, a fact quite evident, although it has been overlooked by most writers and symbolists.

The phœnix was regarded as sacred to the sun, and the length of its life (500 to 1000 years) was taken as a standard for measuring the motion of the heavenly bodies and also the cycles of time used in the Mysteries to designate the periods of existence. The diet of the bird was unknown. Some writers declare that it subsisted upon the atmosphere; others that it ate at rare intervals but never in the presence of man. Modern Masons should realize the special Masonic significance of the phœnix, for the bird is described as using sprigs of acacia in the manufacture of its nest. (the burial and rebirth of Osiris, is being inferred, my comment!)

Originally, the phoenix was identified by the Egyptians as a stork or heron-like bird called a bennu, known from the Book of the Dead and other Egyptian texts as one of the sacred symbols of worship at Heliopolis, closely associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra.


The phœnix (which is the mythological Persian roc) is also the name of a Southern constellation, and therefore it has both an astronomical and an astrological significance. In all probability, the phœnix was the swan of the Greeks, the eagle of the Romans, and the peacock of the Far East. To the ancient mystics the phœnix was a most appropriate symbol of the immortality of the human soul, for just as the phœnix was reborn out of its own dead self seven times seven (77), so again and again the spiritual nature of man rises triumphant from his dead physical body.

As above, so below
 Phoenix constellation

 Bruce Almighty
 The phœnix was the swan of the Greeks, the eagle of the Romans, and the peacock of the Far East. To the ancient mystics the phœnix was a most appropriate symbol of the immortality of the human soul, for just as the phœnix was reborn out of its own dead self seven times seven (77)

Bruce reborn as a god (thematic)

Mediæval Hermetists regarded the phœnix as a symbol of the accomplishment of alchemical transmutation, a process equivalent to human regeneration. The name phœnix was also given to one of the secret alchemical formula. The familiar pelican of the Rose Croix degree, feeding its young from its own breast, is in reality a phœnix, a fact which can be confirmed by an examination of the head of the bird. The ungainly lower part of the pelican's beak is entirely missing, the head of the phœnix being far more like that of an eagle than of a pelican. In the Mysteries it was customary to refer to initiates as phœnixes or men who had been born again, for just as physical birth gives man consciousness in the physical world, so the neophyte, after nine degrees in the womb of the Mysteries, was born into a consciousness of the Spiritual world. This is the mystery of initiation to which Christ referred when he said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John iii. 3). The phœnix is a fitting symbol of this spiritual truth.
 Manly P Hall - TSTOAA

Night of the Phoenix...2012 Olympics, London

Psalm 23:5

My cup/grail runneth over....
The Olympic Ritual (Danny Boyle) 
The Rising Phoenix v The Diving Dove (Colum) of OTO.

 There seems to be some interchangeability with the 'columba dove' and 'the phoenix'...which I'll mention again soon.

Dee & Crowley (OTO)...both practioners of the same type of Enochian Magick & Kabbalah.
Dee obtained his schooling via Rabbi Loew of Prague.

Some may know and/or recall that Dr John '007' Dee was Elizabeth I close advisor and that he dabbled in the exact same 'magickal arena' that has since been popularised by the likes of Crowley (OTO) etc...that being 'Enochian Magick' & 'Kabbalah'.

Dee's 'Monas Glyph'...embodied in the Olympic mascot(s)

John '007' Dee...some have picked up on the similarity of 007 to the 'tubal cain' (two ball cane) masonic image...this imo also raises the concept of 'sex magick' (a major aspect of kabbalah) ...a penis (two balls & a cane), see Sgt Pepper penis.

Double Take?
007 with Queen Elizabeth II...for a massive symbolic pay-off!!!

There seems to be some interchangeability with the 'columba dove' and 'the phoenix'.

The Phoenix & Turtle(dove)...Shakespeare
 The poem describes a funeral arranged for the deceased Phoenix and Turtledove, the latter a traditional emblem of devoted love. Some birds are invited, but others excluded. It goes on to state that the love of the birds created a perfect unity which transcended all logic and material fact. It concludes with a prayer for the dead lovers.

Queen Elizabeth I & Queen Isis

There seems to be an historical aspect (claimed in some quarters) whereby Queen Elizabeth I  was viewed as an actual living embodiment of the Egyptian Queen Isis. 

The Phoenix....Elizabeth I

Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I) was often connected to the phoenix, and she is referred to as the "maiden phoenix" in Shakespeare's own play Henry VIII. Two panel portraits attributed to Nicholas Hilliard are known as the "Phoenix" and "Pelican" portraits because of jewels the queen wears: her personal badges of the pelican and the phoenix. Both birds appear in Chester's main poem. An objection is that the intimacy between the lovers seems rather too strong for Salusbury and the queen. (we covered the pelican as the phoenix in another post)

The 'Faerie Queen'.....and the 'Winged Isis'
Faeries...have wings, to state the obvious!

Elizabeth I as a living embodiment of Isis (as some authors have noted)....comparitively she was the 'Virgin Queen' and Isis is the 'Universal Virgin'. We've seen Elizabeth I with 'phoenix' imagery above and we've already noted the relationship between Sirius (sothic cycle) and the phoenix...we must also remember that the emblematic star of Isis is Sirius (phoenix).

Sirius - (Sothic Cycle) 1461 years.
Phoenix - Mythical bird (Egypt) said to live for 1461 years (or 500).
Sirius...the emblematic star of Isis.
Recall the Queen's (Isis') chamber (Giza) 'air shaft' aligns to this star

There are seemingly a good deal of overlaps in relation to Elizabeth I as Isis...and I think that there is certainly something to this idea.  As we've seen....Lizzy connects to the 'phoenix' (sirius) and to the concept of 'virginity'....both of which also apply to Isis.

Craig 'channelling' Dee/007 & Queen Elizabeth II 'channelling' QEI/Isis
Yes...they got 'the dog' in there too.

 Orion (hunter), Sirius (dog), Lepus (rabbit) & Columba (dove)

OTO & popular culture

A diagonal 'mirrored' shot...Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. (Peter Blake)

Crowley OTO - former OHO (outer head) who allegedly revised and reworked the entire degree system to make it the Academica Masonica. (see Blood on the Altar, Heimbichner)

Basically Crowley promoted Thelema...."do what thou wilt"

Crowley of 'Thelema' fame (meaning will)

I do like the potential crossover between Thelema and Thalamus (the beetle-like gland in the brain) and it is no secret that Crowley was an influence on some of the band members.  The similarity between the words are quite obvious, as is the shape you make with the mouth, to utter them.  To say that Crowley was a bit of a wordsmith, is imo an understatement.

The Beetle(s)

McCartney is also a 'winged beatle'(via Wings, his band)

He (Macca) utilised the Glastonbury 'pyramid stage' when he headlined in 2004...a firey number at the pyre-mid.
 Live & Let Tarot

We saw in earlier posts how OTO were given homage via The Beatles and Blake's Sgt Pepper album cover (as seen above)...their 60's counterparts The Rolling Stones headlined at this year's Glastonbury.  

They played Sympathy for the Devil under the 'pyramid/phoenix' stage...and this tune was also utilised during the recent Super Bowl ad-break...the 'demonic inspired' Mercedes Ad (Willem 'Osiris' Dafoe)

Ned Kelly...Jagger as a composite (masonic) Hiram Abiff (widow's son)/Osiris character.

 The Widow's Son (aka Osiris/Hiram Abiff)
Jagger as Ned 'The Masonic Widow's Son' Kelly and the hanged man motif (masonic cable-tow)
Note...he is 'hooded' for the hanging. (hoodwink)

(you might recall that The Dark Knight Rises began with a 'hoodwinking' opening scene!)


Masonic cable-tow (the symbolic hanged man aka Osiris/Hiram Abiff/Jesus)

From Olympic 2012 to Glastonbury 2013

 The Phoenix...synchronistically enough has been a major theme with this year's Glastonbury

The Bennu/Phoenix guided the the gods on their journey through the duat until they were reborn in the morning sky. The Bennu/Phoenix was said to alight on top of the benben, a sacred conical or pyramidal-shaped stone that resided in the temple of Heliopolis (City of the Sun).

I found this press piece below....after I'd already come up with my own, the one at the top of this post!!!
Genosys - Genesis - Gene of Isis to Revelations.

So that is the whole 'bible' taken care of then...Genesis to Revelations
A music festival...or a 'stealth-based' religious infused mindwipe?

The Burning Phoenix from the 26th June (Glastonbury)
A Funeral Pyre-mid

 Look familiar....?  "a fire will rise"

This band (Phoenix) also played for the benefit of the symbolically myopic!

On the John Peel stage, not the pyramid stage, they were already all 'phoenixed-out' over there! 
The good ol' 'rise' meme...gets another airing. 

 Noted in Batman : Dark Knight Rises (aurora/sandy hook) /Rise of the Guardians (sandy hook)/ The Olympic rising Phoenix etc)
Note...'Aurora' being a red rising dawn

Joined on-stage by the popular 'child molester' R Kelly. 

A double Mars/Phoenix combo...a double red pay-off...Phoenix, Az gets a look-in too.

Phoenix's lead vocalist...Thomas 'planet' married to Sofia Coppola (notice the BBC cannot spell!) daughter of Francis, who we've discussed in some posts...particularly Apocalypse Now/Epoch Collapse Now. 

I'm not going to do the 'pyramid on mars' thing...Hoagland does that stuff.

The Glastonbury Pyramid Stage...with its 'illuminated' capstone/benben.

From the horses mouth...
 Cowshed...they mean Hathorshed, c'mon guys keep up with the programme!!! lol

2013...This wasn't the first or only time that the 'phoenix' got an airing!
In 2000 the phoenix rose from the ashes and a glittering 100ft steel structure was erected with a massive footprint of 40m x 40m - 4 times larger than its previous incarnation. 4 kilometres of steel tubing, weighing over 40 tonnes were used in the build.  Bill Burroughs based it on the the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

They're not the only ones...above view, looking down.
 Madonna aka Isis...utilised the Pyramid design in her stage set for the recent MDNA tour.
We covered some of that in earlier posts too...DNA - Gene of Isis/Genesis etc

She's got I'm sure you all know.

Deperately Seeking Susan...
 more like 'desperately seeking the missing phallus of Osiris'
It is dated 1776 on the pyramid bottom...just like the flip side of the dollar. 
Some researchers have compared the 'masonic eagle' with the 'phoenix'.

Bennu/Phoenix alight on top of the capstone/benben
Phoenix Rising....Glastonbury Pyramid Stage

Wider shot...
Appropriately bathed in firey red...

Synchronistic overlap...

Yarnell, a town of about 700 residents about 85 miles northwest of Phoenix. The area has not suffered a fire in 40 years.

Fires rage 'synchronistically' within the state of 'A-rise-zona'...with Phoenix nearby.

 The fire started after a lightning strike on Friday 26th and spread to at least 2,000 acres on Sunday amid triple-digit temperatures, low humidity and windy conditions.

Friday 26th

 Friday 26th

Firey Phoenicia
The Greeks adapted the word bennu and identified it with their own word 'phoenix' meaning the color purple-red or crimson (cf. Phoenicia).

The Phoenicians of ancient times have been noted to have been 'red-headed' (hair) by researchers such as 
L A Waddell in his Phoenician Origin of the Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons (1924, 2nd ed. 1925)

 Opening of the mouth (at the pyramid)....touchdown for the Stones.

 "The Rolling Stones"...I wonder if they're evoking the 'stone' rolled from Christ's (Horus') tomb...with that name?

So mote it be...
 Masons...infecting the conscious and subconscious
Arch books, raising and the son of Isis (aka Horus/Jesus/Hiram Abiff)...Jesus raising himself.

The 'skull and crossed hook/flail' of seen in the Chi Rho and Skull & Bones

 As seen in popular culture...Osiris & the skull of the skull (cough, cough)
 Supposed scene of the crucifixion, skull & cross(bones)...the parallels are only too obvious.

Is this yet another example of macrocosm/microcosm?

The base of the wooden cross...piercing the skull-like rock formation...evokes the crown of thorns that pierced the head/skull of Jesus (piercing christ consciousness).

Is this concept encapsulated in the Glastonbury Thorn?

It is associated with legends about Joseph of Arimathea and the arrival of Christianity in Britain, and has appeared in written texts since the medieval period. A flowering sprig is sent to the British Monarch every Christmas. The original tree has been propagated several times, with one tree growing at Glastonbury Abbey and another in the churchyard of the Church of St John. The "original" Glastonbury Thorn was cut down and burned as a relic of superstition during the English Civil War, and one planted on Wearyall Hill in 1951 to replace it had its branches cut off in 2010.

Life of Brian
The Life of Brian would not have been made without former Beatle and Python fan George Harrison, who set up Handmade Films to help fund it at a cost of £3 million. Harrison put up the money for it as he "wanted to see the movie" (a move later described by Eric Idle as the "world's most expensive cinema ticket").

You may recall that at the start of Brian...we see the three kings or belt stars of Orion.

The crucifixion pose...evocative of the sign of Osiris Slain (golden dawn etc)

George Harrison as 'Osiris Slain' (aka the cross) on the cover of the Beatles' Help!
(I discovered this myself about 6 years ago, the other 3 members adopt other Golden Dawn elemental grade signs. Crowley was a member prior to OTO)
Crowley as Osiris Slain

Golden Dawn Elemental & LVX Grade Signs.
These gestures overlap through these societies, OTO, Golden Dawn, A.A (Astrum Argentum/Silver Star) 

George (Osiris Slain aka the cross), John (Apophis-Typhon), Paul (Mourning of Isis), Ringo (Set Fighting)

Crowley, Aliester. Magick:Liber ABA, book four
("d") Let him practise speaking backwards; thus for "I am He" let him say, "Eh ma I".

I Am The Walrus...."I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

OTO cohorts in collusion?
Grey as in Crowley's 'greys' (aliens)...Lam etc?

OTO mantra
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Love is the law, love under will."

Well...Jay Z at least practices what he preaches...he believes that he is a 'man-god'...literally!
You only have to read a bit of copy in the MSM press to see that he believes that (the deluded fans too!)...personally I think he is a bell-end.

Hip-hop/rap or whatever...died in the mid-90's...only to be replaced with 'corporate' rap artists like Jay-Z, P Diddy etc.  Ha...if people think the artists are in control of their own careers (and are not the labels bitch) then you need help imo...they control the distribution and promotional channels, always have.
'Gangsta type rap' was the only bilge that the corporate record labels would allow and promote, especially since the late 90's. I know because I used to enjoy late 80's/early 90's rap (PE/Tribe Called Quest/KRS-1 etc)...which had a more afrocentric angle, a political edge and a generally more positive would soley be replaced by bitches, guns and money. This was no least imo and Jay-Z and his ilk were at the front of the queue.

Glastonbury - Pyramid Stage 2008 - with the skull of Osiris

Sign of the times?
Jay-Z (or Gay-Z) uses Fire: The Goddess Thoum-aesh-neith.

Oprah (harpo, backwards) uses Water: The Goddess Auramoth.

Crowley, Aliester. Magick:Liber ABA, book four
("a") Let him learn to write backwards, with either hand.
 ("e") Let him learn to read backwards. the Stones

The Beatles/Beetles like to push a circular dung ball along with their hind legs...evoking the sun.
The Stones like to roll their circular based igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic ones (stones).

I wonder if they're evoking the 'stone' rolled from Christ's tomb?
 The Rolling Stone...of Jesus/Osiris-Horus/Hiram?
The stone that was rolled away...Christ's death and ressurection over the course of 3 days!

The 'sun/son'  stands still for 3 days!
CHiram (Hiram/Osiris/Jesus) is termed dead because in the average individual the cosmic creative forces are limited in their manifestation to purely physical--and correspondingly materialistic--expression. Obsessed by his belief in the reality and permanence of physical existence, man does not correlate the material universe with the blank north wall of the temple. As the solar light symbolically is said to die as it approaches the winter solstice, so the physical world may be termed the winter solstice of the spirit. Reaching the winter solstice, the sun apparently stands still for three days and then, rolling away the stone of winter, begins its triumphal march north towards the summer solstice. The condition of ignorance may be likened to the winter solstice of philosophy; spiritual understanding to the summer solstice. From this point of view, initiation into the Mysteries becomes the vernal equinox of the spirit, at which time the CHiram in man crosses from the realm of mortality into that of eternal life. The autumnal equinox is analogous to the mythological fall of man, at which time the human spirit descended into the realms of Hades by being immersed in the illusion of terrestrial existence.

Joseph of Arimathea

Jesus @ Glastonbury

In his book Enchanted Britain (1981), Marc Alexander comments: "Probably most people who sing Jerusalem are not aware that its author, William Blake, was referring to an old belief that Jesus Christ really was 'On England's pleasant pastures seen'. The story is that as a boy he visited these shores with a metal merchant, seeking tin in Cornwall and lead and copper from the Somerset hills, whose name was Joseph of Arimathea, said in the legend to be the Virgin's uncle. The tradition has been an oral one in Somerset, Gloucestershire and the West of Ireland." And, in New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury (1990), the author, John Michell relates: "The legend of Glastonbury is that, shortly after the Crucifixion, twelve holy men from the East, led by St. Joseph of Arimathea, came to Glastonbury and founded there the first church in Britain - or in all Christendom. History neither confirms nor refutes this story, but it does record that Christianity was established in Britain at a very early date, compatible with the legendary date of St Joseph's mission. In about 200 A.D., Tertullian wrote that by his time 'parts of Britain inaccessible to the Romans were conquered by Christ', and this was confirmed by his contemporary, Origen, the early Christian Father, who made several references to an established Church among the Britons."

Blake's Jerusalem @ London (aka Zion) Olympics...

Masonic Blake?

But many may be surprised to learn that one of his (Blake's) most provocative influences came from the eighteenth-century theosophist Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish philosopher who spent long periods of time in Blake’s London and who was well-known among the kabbalists and esotericists of the city.

Anyway...leaving aside Blake's masonic credentials...

The whole shebang was started with Elgar's piece Nimrod....yes him of Babel fame and as an aside, I've heard (over the years) that the Rothschild's consider themselves to be descendents of this very same biblical Nimrod. How appropriate that the Rothschild's 'anthem' should be played at the British/Israel 'Zion' Olympic games...The Rothschild's ARE the fathers of Zion...they are the ones who are responsible for the creation of the modern day Zionist based Israel.

Balfour's Letter to Baron Walter Rothschild (1917)
His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

Playing while children dance around a giant image of 'the penis'...that being the May Pole.
Nimrod, in many stories is clearly associated with a rebellion against God, there is no getting away from that!

John Michell goes on to say: "The tradition of Jesus's presence at Glastonbury is certainly ancient, for it is implied in the earliest chronicles, beginning with the Life of St. Dunstan, written at the end of the tenth century and containing the first extant reference to the Glastonbury foundation legend. Its anonymous author stated that the wattle church was not built by human hands but was the work of Christ himself, who dedicated it to the Virgin Mary (aka Isis the universal virgin, my comment!). This is repeated in the legend of St. David, who proposed to rededicate the church after he had enlarged it in the sixth century. He was warned by Jesus in a dream that he himself had already dedicated it to his Mother. The church at Glastonbury could therefore have been founded by Jesus himself. That would explain the mystical epipthets applied to it in ancient ecclesiastical documents, 'The House of God' and 'The Secret of the Lord', and it would give good reason for the remarkable reputation which Glastonbury enjoyed from the earliest times throughout Christendom....If Jesus went to the Celtic Mysteries centre on the Isle of Avalon to study the esoteric science in which he later revealed himself to be an adept, his initiators would have been the Druids. Among them at that time were the most learned men in Europe, and their colleges in Britain and Ireland were the last to offer the traditional form of mystical education, attracting pupils from all over the Continent....If Jesus attended the Celtic college at Glastonbury, that would make sense of an otherwise inexplicable feature of early Christianity in Britain, the remarkable similarity between its rites and doctrines and those of the Druids."

The Tor is a (pagan) sacred place associated with the Druids, the Mother Goddess, the Sidhe (faeries), Jesus visiting Britain as a child to learn from the Druids, Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur, Merlin, The Lady of the Lake and the sacred legendary Isle of Avalon

 Elements of the above (Arimathea) crop up in Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Crammed full of symbolism....the 12 knights of the round table...representing the Zodiac and Arthur as Osiris/The Sun.

 Chapman & Jones....Arthur as 'the Sun' and Bedevere 'the tree of life'
Earlier posts raised the concept that the original Arthur (not the medieval version) was a version of Osiris (The Sun).  

 Comyns Beaumont - The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain

"These ancient legends are in no sense related to the Arthur who lived in the 6th century A.D."

"You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you."

 The Lady of the Lake (from Arthurian Legend) could be compared to another 'watery Goddess' that we're familiar with...that being Isis, wife of Osiris.  To say that Isis holds the position of being a 'water goddess' is perhaps an understatement...the Nile inundation and connection to the moon, being two obvious aspects.  The sword as a symbol of the 'phallus' might also be borne in mind...and with Isis unable to find Osiris' missing phallus (and needing to fashion a magickal replacement) comparisons may also be drawn imo.

Chapman utilises the "Jesus Christ" exclaimation 3 times...during the film. 

 Athur's (medieval composite) tomb at Glastonbury

The Da'ath Wormhole (rabbit hole) to Sirius
 The Sirius (dog) wormhole and lepus (rabbit)...below Orion (Osiris)
As seen numerous times throughout my blog posts.

 Orion as a 'grail cup' or 'chalice'
Does the line drawing of Orion above, resemble the body of a (overflowing) grail cup or chalice? It certainly looks like it, at least to me! 

My cup (grail chalice)...runneth over

The rabbit, the hole and time.

 The cave (rabbit hole) and the white rabbit (lepus)...and Tim(e)
Tim(e) The (horned arch) Enchanter
I couldn't resist the combo of rabbit, hole & Tim (time).

Another 'cave & skull' reference too...I've seen this film dozens of times, but not recently and distinctly can rememeber that we do see a cave shaped like a skull.
Perhaps I will add it when I find the time. 

 The above Holy Grail scene being very evocative of the 1972 release Night of the Lepus
Killer rabbits running amok...with Janet Leigh & DeForest Kelley (bones/Star Trek)

 Synchronistically...Night of the Lepus was filmed in Arizona.
Attempting to control the rabbit's breeding cycle with an injectable hormone “serum”, everything goes wrong when the Bennet's young daughter, horrified by the cruelty of the experiments, releases her favorite bunny back into the population. The result is the sudden appearance of super-rabbits who viciously attack nearby ranches and ravage the town, threatening to wreak their carnage all the way to Phoenix if not stopped in time.

 For more 'synchronicity', this is also the film that is playing (in the background) when Neo meets with the Oracle in the Matrix. (not forgetting the white rabbit & alice through the looking glass, references from earlier posts)

(thanks to woslo w for the reference)
Keanu 'Sirius/Neo' Reeves will feature again reference to the Phoenix.

"As it is in the sky, so it will be on celluloid (media)" (lol)

 As above, so action again.
There's Reeves' 'sirius dog', just to the left is his 'lepus rabbit'...both under Orion.

Cleese (Tim/Time) had the lead in Gilliam's Time Bandits, as Robin Hood 'the archer' (bow-man/orion)

Songs by Beatle George Harrison, the Beatle who financed much of The Life of Brian via Handmade Films. 

Not forgetting our favourite film company Orion (Sirius) Pictures, who handled the US release (and co-produced the film)....along with The Wanderers, it was a massive early success for Orion/Sirius (Orion Pics was formed by Warner Bros & some top execs from United Artists in 1978).

Anyway back to the Grail quest...Beyond 'the cave' lies the 'bridge of death'

Or as I prefer... "Bridge of Da'ath" or "Crossing the Abyss" Choronzon (guardian of the abyss)?

"What... is your quest?"
"To seek the Holy Grail." 

We've seen this 'abyss' concept used in:

Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom and crossing the abyss (raising Osiris Jones, backbone/djed)
(see earlier posts)

 It's Mr Orion...Indy 'Osiris' Jones
Synchronistically bringing in Indy & The Crusading Grail Templars

Apocalypse Now (Do Lung Bridge) that leads to Kurtz/Apis-Osiris at the end of the river
Directed by Francis Ford Coppala...father in-law of Thomas 'Phoenix' Mars

12 trees, 12 knights, 12 houses of the circular zodiac....Glastonbury x 2.
We noted the sycamore and Egyptian links in earlier work.
Twin Peaks' Sycamores and curtain veil
Dweller on the threshold/abyss and Glastonbury/Glastonberry Grove portal (left)
The Tree of Life and veil of the abyss (right)

Twin Peaks...Briggs as Arthur/Osiris...after his trip through the abyss
he is marked with the symbol of Choronzon, the abyss guardian! (see earlier posts)
Arthur's (Osiris/Abiff) head wound

According to some legends Arthur was killed by an axe blow to the head....very much evocative of Hiram Abiff (Osiris) and his head being smashed with a maul by the unworthy craftsmen.  Arthur was supposed to have been in battle with his own son factor in the 'axe blow' (Orion wields an axe/club) and the fact that the son usurps the father....we seemingly have the Osiris/Horus mythos playing out too!

Osiris/Arthur/Hiram and the same.

Star Wars - Rebel attack on the Death Star/ Da'ath Star (veil of the abyss)
Darth in the trench and Luke shooting the proton torpedo through the wormhole 

 Those who know the Star Wars series fairly well (Empire Strikes Back)...will also recall Luke's 'cave allegory' and the fact that he was seemingly fighting himself and failed the test!!!

 "That place… is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go."
"What's in there?" 
"Only what you take with you."
 Yoda and Luke Skywalker
 (Luke took fear with him...and therefore found it!  He fought Vader instead of embracing/loving him etc...this was recitfied in the 3rd Jedi installment)

 "Brought you here, the galaxy has. Your path, clearly, this is."
"You know what I'm looking for."
"Something lost. A part of yourself, perhaps. That which you seek, inside, you will find."

 Galen Marek's clone met by Yoda at the entrance to the cave

All sounding very similar to 'crossing the abyss'...and the attempt to acheive 'ego death' etc and/or the fact that 'fear' itself can lead to a form of self destruction. 

Doppelganger (left) Cooper (right)

All very much like what we saw with Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks, not confronting the 'black lodge' with perfect was 'fear' that led to his (Cooper's) downfall, especially when faced with his doppelganger self! (Cooper took fear with him...and therefore found it! He ran from his doppelganger instead of facing him with 'perfect love')

Now the idea that Lucas approached Lynch to direct 'Return of the Jedi' isn't quite as insane, as it may have sounded before...they are treading the same ground!

Other Abyss examples...

 Matrix - Neo attempting the jump etc. 

 The Truman Show - Crossing the bridge (abyss) to escape town and conquering his innate fear (water).


 Enchanted Britain (1981), Marc Alexander
 "Probably most people who sing Jerusalem are not aware that its author, William Blake, was referring to an old belief that Jesus Christ really was 'On England's pleasant pastures seen'.

 Blake's Red Dragon and woman clothed with the sun
Revelation 12
1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. (as pointed out in X-Files, see Manhattan Working post)

2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. (see Manhattan Working post for that being a composite of Orion itself!)

4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. (again pointed out via X-files, Manhattan Working post)

Personally I think a good deal of the text above (revelation) are veiled references to astronomic and celestial phenomena.

 We know of the phoenix and its relationship to the sun (Heliopolis/City of the Sun) and Sirius (aka the sun behind the sun)

 The red dragon and phoenix tie-in via Chinese mythology...
the yin and yang( male/fire/dragon) (female/water/phoenix)

Blake cropped up in earlier work I did, via his Jacob's Ladder painting...

God/Sun touching the capstone (top of the pyramid)
Ancient of Days is a name for God in the Biblical Book of Daniel

 The most powerful effect of this particular Name of God (Ancient of Days) stems from the Jewish mystical book the Zohar, the seminal document of Kabbalah that emerged in 13th century Spain. In the Kabbalah there is mention of the Ancient of Ancients, and the Holy Ancient One - Atika Kadisha, variably interpreted as synonymous with the En Sof, the unmanifested Godhead. The Ancient of Days is the manifestation of the Ancient of Ancients within Creation. It refers to the most primary ("ancient") source of Creation in the Divine Will Keter ("Crown").

Ain Sof and Kether (alternative spellings) have cropped up often at this blog.
Kubrick's 2001:ASO being a prime example...Bow-man reaching the Ain Sof (mind of god) at the close.

Hermetically inspired..."know thyself"?
'Corporate stooges' General Electric have utilised the design in their New York office entrance.
Although looks like God is using the compass (from the masonic square & compass...see below)

The all seeing eye of osiris/horus
 You may recall Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves underneath that type (knowledge etc) of reference in The Ma'atrix (The Matrix).

Reeves is a massive 'Sirius' resonator (as posts here have shown, Dogstar being the most obvious), therefore he must have a connection to the Phoenix too (sirius/phoenix)...and of course, he does!!!

Sirius Reeves....collecting 'Phoenix' resonance.
This film would increase Reeves' stock in Hollywood (Phoenix & Reeves were friends) and this was before the hit film Speed and about a month or so after Point Break.  Bill & Ted was perhaps his break-out piece...River's Edge having only a 'cultish' appeal.

Of coure, Mr Phoenix (sinced deceased) himself will pick up some of his own 'Orion' resonance via the fact that he played the young Indiana 'Osiris' Jones in the 'crusading Grail Templars' piece The Last Crusade (1989).  He would also star alongside Harrison 'Osiris/42/Stargater' Ford in The Mosquito Coast.

 Indy 'Tru Shepherd of Anu-Orion/Osiris' Jones

Hiram's 'Accacia' (ala Osiris) Coffin
Recall his 'coffin escape' (reborn into the light) ala Hiram Abiff (Osiris) from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Directed by Brother Spielberg) 

The Green Man (Osiris)
The Green Man (aka Osiris) and the Pyramid within Greenfields

Who is this giza...I mean geeza?
The Green Man in action...Pyramid Stage (Fri 28th)


From Anon(see comments)

Arrested they mean us? lol
2001:ASO (pod), The Rolling Stone(s), Flight of the Phoenix (episode 1)

A fourth season of 15 episodes was released on Netflix on May 26, 2013.
I notice Ron 'Happy Dog Days/Apollo Looney' Howard is involved.

Of with the very recent goings on in Egypt (days after Glasto & Arizona) and the imminent 're-birth' that is transpiring (Egypt/Heliopolis/Phoenix geographical relevance)...I'm wondering if this 'phoenix meme' was perhaps an indicative precursor of coming events.


 Sirius Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky, JB Holberg
After a long time, centuries or millenia, it (the phoenix) flies to the temple of Heliopolis in Egypt, where it builds a funeral pyre and is consumed by flames. The Phoenix then rises from the ashes and returns to the east to repeat the cycle.

"Fire in the hole...@ Heliopolis"

The Heliopolis Palace is one of the Egyptian presidential palaces and residences, the others being Montaza Palace and Ras el-Tin Palace, for the executive office of President of Egypt. It is located in the suburb of Heliopolis, northeast of central Cairo and east of the Nile in Egypt. It was originally built as the grand Heliopolis Palace Hotel in 1910. Now it is for the use of the President of Egypt
In Egypt, it is currently referred to, as Arabic: قصر رئاسة الجمهورية‎, Kasr Riasat Al Gomhouria,[note 1] "Republic Presidency Palace"; قصر العروبة, Kasr Al Orouba,[note 2] "Arabness Palace"; قصر الاتحادية Kasr Al Ittihadia,[note 3] "Federation Palace".

 Heliopolis Palace....former residence of the newly ousted Morsi

 Originally, the phoenix was identified by the Egyptians as a stork or heron-like bird called a bennu, known from the Book of the Dead and other Egyptian texts as one of the sacred symbols of worship at Heliopolis, closely associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra.

 The most important temple in Heliopolis was the “Mansion of the Benben“, also known as the “Mansion of the Phoenix“. In the middle of the Temple in an open courtyard, stood an Obelisk, on top of which sat the “Benben Stone“. The Benben stone looked like a small Pyramid.

ben ben stone

The Benben Stone was seen as the solidified Seed of Atum, the Stone of Creation. It was on this stone that the Phoenix or Benu Bird would return and place its new Egg. At that moment a new Era of Mankind was started. The Benu Bird came from the ‘Isle of Fire’, the mythical place where the gods were born.

The bird (phoenix/helipolis) and the former president (Morsi, Heliopolis)...bringing us full circle.
Suggesting the 're-birth' of Egypt.