Tuesday, 26 June 2018

"Those Who Are Loudest..."

Continued from the previous post...
Class & Grace - Moloch/Baphomet Barry - Sandy 'Monarch Butterfly Effect/Owl' Hook - Bohemian 'Owl' Grove
This is TOUGH content. Be advised. The time for political correctness (aka nefarious mind control) is over.
Stopping/limiting this sick juggernaut is all I care about.

Update. That said, it is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op. One designed to maintain the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix. That doesn't make much of the content outlined herein null and void. (Regular readers will know of my longterm work in this type of field. The majority of it pre-dating anything Q, and over the long-term.) It does change the overall picture in respect of Trump/Q being some sort of establishment cure, though. The Trump/Q movement has gotten noticeably more 'cult-like' over time, and it all very much has a quasi-evangelical sort of dynamic to it. The latter being the most concerning aspect. OK, just wanted to make this clear. I do not espouse the generally recognised Trump/Q miracle. The following is still written from a pro-Q POV, if only to make sense of the drops and to attempt meaningful decodes, etc.

Oh look, Twinkie Woody with Weinstein cock jockey and fluffer, Lawrence, and Amy 'Beach Plum Inn-linked' Schumer.
When her parents divorced Amy and her mother moved to Long Island. The Nixon linked Inn is on Martha's (Obama) Vineyard.
Hoop dunkin' jumper - Woody 'True (paedo spiral) Detective" Harrelson. Inside Amy 'Trainwrecked' Schumer? Urrgh, no thanks.
Juxtaposed - "Senate Approves Funding" - via Occult Murder. An "asshole" resonant creator via Twinkie Woody.
Harrelson did Beth - "up the ass" - in True 'Satanic Senator Tuttle' Detective. McConaughey also likes a (phallic) moon tower.
Anal Beth/Lilith Simmons. Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud.
Lilith is often envisioned as a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.
(Which is why this scene is then followed by the baby stealing/killer, Medea scene).

Tom Papania: You know there's a little church around here? Pretty old? Black minister? (note, not in the racial sense).
Childress: You must mean Son of Life, sir. That place shut down. '05 I think. Just after all them hurricanes.
Tom Papania: You live around here?
Childress: No, sir. I live in St. Martin. Got a parish contract. Take care of some cemeteries, public schools.
Tom Papania: All right. Thanks. Hey. You know how to get to 49 from here?
Childress: Sure. About a half mile, you'll see a left, PR 1435, take that. About 7 miles of fields, you'll hit 49 before Crowley.
Tom Papania: Know your way around, huh?
Childress: Oh, yeah, boss. I know the whole coast. My family. My family's been here a long, long time. [starts mower engine].
[7 miles and 49 (7*7) via Sodom Crowley - 777. "Mowing the lawn" - a sexual reference - slang term for the sex act.]
There's also an actual Tom Papania, who claims that he was a Gambino mafia hitman - and who is now a minister.
True Detective even referenced abuse/murder victims who were assumed dead via disasters (hurricanes). Think Haiti.
It's Senator Tuttle Schumer, with Baphomet Barry, and (Queens based) Harvey 'satanist/abuser' Weinstein.
Harvey - Crying 'Tranny' Game, Pulped Ass Friction, Cropsey 'anal buggery bo(o)geyman' - Weinstein.
Chuck Schumer is the first cousin of Amy Schumer's father. A family descended from Ukrainian Jews.
Chuck Schumer's daughter wed Shapiro, who was an economic-policy adviser for Hillary's presidential campaign.

"Those who are loudest..."
Meat-head - Spinal (Ass) Tapping - Reiner. When Harry Met A (queer) Sally. Sodomy Roast via Iron 'Jerk' Balls, dad Carl.
Stand By (Behind) Me, looking for stiffs via (greasy) Lard Ass, & an ass-dogging Chopper (pop-eye) who siks (vomits) balls.
Are you going to tells us why One-eyed Willie seeking Feldman (Teddy), was also known as "mouth"?
"Those who are loudest..." :)
That's how you do comedy, Rob. No young boy's asses have been battered, ploughed/abused. But then, this is non-Jew comedy.
Hello, Sailor. You like seamen (semen) via (O)ORAL? Head via the head. Is that before or after you tap the spinal/ass?
Sodomite Luciferian/Satanic Jew - which is why the "Isle of Lucy" (Luci-fer) via jAZZ - is an aspect of his (sick) film. :)
Meat-heading, Rob 'Big Bottom/Hell Hole/Bent for the Rent/Electric Banana Bender' Reiner. How's Sally?
It's Spinal (ass) Tapping Christopher Guest who has Eugene - Stay (Crowley 666) Tuned/Shit's Creek - Levy, as a writing partner.
Cottage 'Shit' Bros. - Cottaging aka sodomite toilet trading (link). Guest's wife Curtis was in (Toilet Trading) Places.
Father Tony was in the homosexual Spartacus bath scene - a role he claimed as his greatest contribution to film (a faggot).

Incest and sodomy - their favourite hobbies. These people ARE SICK SATANIC SODOMITES. This is comedy? Wow.
Shithole Creek O'Hara was Bapho-Bunny - aka Macaulay 'Pizza boy' Culkin's - Home Alone mother.

Reiner and in the last few days...June 28 2018. Batting for sodomites and lesbians and via more Trump bitching.
"We?" I told you all that he's a LYING ass bandit...and propagandising sodomite/paedophile.
They are NOT interested in acceptance or equality - they actually see heterosexuality as a lesser state of being, a limitation.
'Where's the fucking twinkie (ass)' Harrelson is in Reiner's forthcoming July release 'Shock and Awe'.
Twinkie Twinks - Enjoy The Little (Kid) Things - They're cream filled. Woody 'Zombieland/True Anal Detective' Harrelson.

Why are the opening words of Stand By (Behind) Me - "I knock - SHIT"?
Hey, Rob. Did you ass rape Corey Haim when he tried-out for Stand By Me? Well, well, well...what have we here?
Rob "I Am Your Child" Reiner, Carl too (charity). Not the sort of thing you want to see an industry paedophile fronting!
'All in the Family' (incest) Meat-heads. No wonder Franken roasted you about parental Carl (& his celeb friends) sodomising you.
Your own son, Nick, is a basket case/rehab regular. This is worse than (charity, crypto-Jew) Jimmy 'elite BBC paedo' Savile!
Are you still pissed that Darabont got all the plaudits for your Shawshank - shitty pipe busting dreams -  Redemption?
Jimmy 'uphill love' Savile and the one-eyed bear via the (masonic) pyramid. The eye/pyramid is both the penis and asshole.
(Reiner's I Am Your Child, 1997 DVD) Bill/Hillary 'paedo island' Clintons, Mel 'sick sodomite Jew/Weinstein' Brooks, Rosie 'dyke' O'Donnell, monarched Roseanne, Martin 'poof' Short, Robin 'paedo poof' Williams, Oprah 'satanic lesbian' Winfrey, Colin/Colon Powell, Billy 'Sally seeking' Crystal, Shaq 'hoop dunking' O'Neal, etc. Powell (on dvd cover) is reading a "moon" based book (wink, wink). Hosted by Tom 'Forrest Dump/Homo Apollo moon/Philadelphia' Hanks. (middle) Narrated by Sly 'homo Apollo ring punching' Stallone - the Philadelphia (brotherly love) meat bashing, pet shop girl/boy man via (male resonant) Adrian (Shire/Coppola).
A Hillary supporter? We'd never have guessed. Don't forget the (implicated) Reps. though.
Sick Jew, Mel 'faggot' Brooks is a key to a lot of this. I suspect that Brooks was a power behind Weinstein's rise.

"You can’t imagine the size of this." Q
(It's certainly bigger than that Ghostbusters Twinkie!)'s very simple. THEY ARE ALL SODOMITE, SATANIC, PAEDOPHILES - or assets of them.
One's who programme the masses. You're all being brainwashed by sodomite/paedo/satanic (Jew) Hollywood.
And that folks, is why I call Hollywood - THE CINEMA OF (SATANIC JEW) SODOMY.
Not many will buy-in to this concept, but it won't change the fact of what is actually transpiring via deviant Hollywood/TV.
It makes no matter what your politics are - this Jew Hollywood mass sodomy program - rolls-on regardless!
As entertaining as you think these monsters are, you're still being programmed to your own cultural deaths.
Hollywood/TV (et al) is the biggest example of global-based "mass mind rape" that the world has ever seen or known.

What would make me laugh - would be folk coming here defending their (tragic) political/entertainment heroes.
Oh, no! Not Eminem! Oh, no! Not Johnny Depp! Oh, no! Not demi-god Obama! Oh, no! Not Macaulay Culkin! LOL.
I CANNOT stress enough how brainwashed (by the 'cult of celebrity') the majority are. It's an epidemic.

Feb 2018...Jill 'Weinstein' Messick. (link)
Messick/Rose 'Weinstein' McGowan. Another (alleged) suicide - the method (of suicide) has not been disclosed!

Bourdain, Kate Spade, Inés Zorreguieta, Salling, Messick, Bennington, Cornell, Williams, L'Wren Scott...
Another celeb linked (alleged) suicide via hanging...Jeanine 'Sex and the City publicist/AKA Life' Pepler
Yup...LONG ISLAND (Sag Harbor). There's nearby Plum Island and Montauk.
West Hollywood linked (plane crash) Mariah Sunshine Coogan was last photographed at The Montauk (in Scottsdale, AZ.)
The Spades are from Scottsdale, AZ. Kate 'hanged' Spade went to Arizona Uni.
Pepler (who was linked to Disney Eisner) created and managed two profitable divisions, Thru-Line & I.D., of bicoastal production company, Chelsea Pictures. Thru-Line represented high profile indie feature directors - Todd Solandz (Welcome to the Dollhouse, 1995; Happiness, 1998), Ben Younger (Boiler Room, 1995), and The Blair Witch Project (1999) Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez.
It's not looking good. Vulnerable children in night attire and alone with adults? These people ARE SICK.
But then, when the entire (Jew-centric) entertainment industry (and beyond) is implicated in it all - there are NO INNOCENTS.
There she is between Anthony Haden-Guest, and Anna ROTHSCHILD.
The same Haden-Guest whose half-brother is Spinal (Ass) Tapping, Christopher 'Rob Reiner' Haden-Guest!
Lord Fauntleroy Chris Guest married (Buggery/Bogeyman) Jamie Lee 'Halloween' Curtis at mutual friend, Rob Reiner's home.
Jeanine 'East Hampton' Pepler, with screenwriter/director, James - I've raped/abused hundreds of women - Toback.
Don't forget the East Hampton based "Architect to the Stars" - Krupinski - who very recently died in a Long Island plane crash!
Look where they both lived! A virtual stone's throw away from each other. 16 day span between deaths.
There was also a Long Island military linked plane accident (stunt display) that happened just prior to Krupinski's crash.
The Krupinskis also owned the prestigious East Hampton Golf Club. Were they taken-out via a (HAARP) weather storm?
One client being Martha 'Butterfly/Moth' Stewart. Monarched 'Halloween' Martha. Introducing Motha, the winged wonder:
Moths/Butterflies, like Silence of the (Plum Island) Lambs. Beach Plum Inn is on nearby Martha's Vineyard.
Martha 'winery' Stewart dated Anthony 'Lecter' Hopkins, but ended it after seeing Silence of the 'Moth' Lambs. WTF?
The exact same moth! Acherontia Styx (death's head). Hamptons Martha, & Plum Island/Connecticut, 'paedo avatar' Foster.
Trump is considering giving Stewart a pardon - relating to the insider trading. She was taken-down by FBI Comey.
And this, another Hamptons "Architect to the Stars" from last year - a twice arrested child pornographer.
Michael J Fox. Funnily enough, 'East Hampton' Pepler was the publicist for author Jay McInerney (Bright Lights, Big City, 1984).
Michael 'East Hampton' J Fox played the lead in the film version of his book! Bob Fosse, at least he knew that he was a psychopath. He made that film about (rabbit) Playboy bunny, sodomised Stratton, Star80. Bo(o)gey/buggery, Curtis also played her. Even Back to the Future uses the 'Rogering Rabbit' pink surfing time tunnel (see sequel), it utilises the 'biffing the shit' (shit punching) device too.
The Pajama Program and (Pajama Party Pepler linked) Jay 'Bright Lights, Big City' McInerney.
Pajama Program linked Hall, Pajama Program linked Jay 'Pepler' McInerney, and Curtis 'Pepler' Bashaw.

Pajama Pepler is also linked to Curtis 'Beach Plum Farm' Bashaw...yes, Beach Plum, again.
The Standard Hotel (NY). Isn't that the "meat-packing" Hotel? Recall Schiff and the Standard in W. Hollywood.
Looks like the same Christmas party (as shown earlier, with Anna Rothschild), she's in the same dress.
Jay 'Pepler' McInerney - Cape Mays vs. Sag Harbour. Pepler and McInerney were/are both anti-Trump.
He's also heavily linked to (homo) Brett Easton 'American Psycho' Ellis.
Blue Pig Tavern, Rusty Nail, Exit Zero Cookhouse?
Pepler's Thru-Line represented high profile indie feature directors - Todd Solandz (Welcome to the Dollhouse, 1995; Happiness, 1998), Ben Younger (Boiler Room, 1995), and The Blair Witch Project (1999) Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez.
Blair Witch legend is based on the abduction and murder of children. Blair Witch Josh was in True 'paedo spiral' Detective.
Beach Plum Farm's Boiler Room is a Pizzeria! An 'underground' pizzeria and linked to Congress (terminology).
This is just like Dem. linked (Nixon/Schumer) Beach Plum Inn and Obama!
It's all gone Boiler Room - just like the film!
Rothschild: "His father was never happy with anything he did or nothing was ever good enough," she recalled him saying.
Boiler Room (film): "Although he (Davis/Ribisi) earns a successful living, he is a disappointment to his father."
Authorities said they believed Thomas Gilbert was killed by his son, who then left the murder weapon
-- a .40 caliber Glock 22 -- in the bedroom to make it look like a suicide.
Is that a band-aid on Rothschild's shoulder grabbing right-hand (middle finger, see tip)?
Oysters (the lesbian reference, see Spartacus) and Anna Rothschild love bombing.
I think the following linked picture might just settle it. Pizza Alefantis is a homosexual, with Beach Plum Nixon (below left).
Nixon/Schumer (and 'fingers' Obama) linked Beach Plum Inn (Martha's Vineyard). Where's ladyboy Michael Obama?
Alefantis' Baph(c)omet is on Connecticut Ave (D.C.) Connecticut being immediately North of Plum Island.
Beach Plum Farm
Curtis 'Jeanine Pepler' Bashaw and his Beach Plum Farm
ABC Carla 'chef' Hall has been linked to John 'chef' Podesta. John 'Martha's Vineyard/Pizza Map/Fingers' Podesta.
Former Clinton Chief of Staff, and Hillary 2016 campaign chair. Spirit Cooking vs. Spirit Day.
I suspect that Carl(a) 'Purple/Chef' Hall was born MALE. Carl(a) via Laverne 'Orange queer mind control' COX/Cocks.
Mr Carla 'Pajama Program/Spirit Day' Hall. Color Purple Carl(a)
The same Hall who has the connect with John 'FARM/Spirit Cooking' Podesta! Ping Pong Alefantis/Hillary linked Podesta.
Meatpacking, paedophilia, pizza, spirit cooking, cannibalism, (chicken/pig) farms and slaughter.
Oh look, it's 'Color Purple' (lesbian) Oprah. You know, purple - a type of PLUM color.
Alice - White 'behinding' Rabbit dirt holing - "...behind(h)er I get!"

There was a chapter in Hillary (Alice) in Wonderland (book) that relates to Oprah 'Weinstein' Winfrey.
Her associate, Whoopi 'Color Purple' Dykeberg. was in a version of Alice in Wonderland (1999).
As was Gene - Willy Wanka (Gloop stuck in the chocolate pipe)/What is Sodomy - Wilder.

Pepler - the White Rabbit - Lewis 'paedo wonderland' Carroll (via Instagram).
Jeanine 'Alice in Wonderland' Pepler...(imo) there's too much of this on her page for it to be coincidental.
Travel down the white rabbit dirt hole and wave bye-bye to your pussy, see Disney (sodomy programming).
Industry 'Lolita/child sex' avatar - Jodie 'Silence of the (Plum Island) Lambs' Foster's real name - is Alicia (Alice).
At the close of the film, Plum Island Lecter chats to Alicia Foster/Moth Starling via the phone, and from Alice Town (Bahamas).
Keep reading. Oh look...Lolita by Nabokov in the Pajama Program bookcase promo. Pajama Program Owl.

Suicide by hanging (Spade/Pepler), Vladimir 'Butterfly' Nabokov, Owl, and the (Alice) White Rabbit.
Snap! Kate 'Clinton Haiti Foundation' Spade...the Spades from Scottsdale, AZ.
The DEVIL is in the details, as per - which is why I always look there - and closer than most! Follow the white rabbit.
Molok(o) Orange Queer - Stanley 'paedophile/homosexual' Kubrick. Lolly-eater (penis eating) an obvious visual euphemism.

CRM 114 - SERUM 114.
Illuminati '237' Spartacus, Kubrick. Star Babies, Serum 114, ADRENOCHROME...via #237 Illuminati Card.
 MOLOK-O (Moloch) milk drink and via connected ADRENOCHROME (brain) and ultra-violence.
The sort of thing that the sick Khazar/Ashkenazi monsters like the Rothschilds enjoy snacking on via victims.
Kubrick: His 2001 BABY (ending) - to Alex at the Korova Milk Bar, and via the "eye". 237 Kubrick.
More 'sex with children' - nutcracker Helena - Eyes Wide Shut. Also see Rainbow Fashions' Lolita.
Programmed sex slave models with elite men (5th Ave) up their asses via orgies. Orange queer brown-eye ass stabbers.
Cruising with Pink Cat boutique Tom - Mr Frisco, faggot, Mary, exit only, fudge tunnel packer via Yale 'tapper' abuse.
Rabbit dirt-holing the (ass) eye and with 'looking glass' toilet Alice. Rear-some bucky goats via iron Pink Panther, Lolita Sellers.
A Lolita 'camp' climax for girls - underage anal sex. Ride and drive carefully.
A magic circle 'poof' show for kids. Rainbows and (Alice) white rabbit dirt holing. (Kubrick's Barry 'cocked pistols'  Lyndon).
Butterfly/Monarch Orange Kubrick. It's Wonderland Alice (Kidman) who famously has a fear of butterflies.
Alice & Orange (queer) Marmalade via butt-(h)er flies - bread and butt-(h)er. Caterpillar Hookah/Hooker pipes, anyone?
Orange - via sodomite Willy of Orange, and his Mary queenMary-land is named after his Orange grandmother.

"In a world of shit" - on the toilet with phallic 'blowing head' rifles and via donut drilling, Full Metal Faggot, Kubrick.
If you're wondering what the "Devil's Eye" is a reference to - then you're reading the wrong website. It's obvious.
They've been building this 'mass media driven' sodomite/paedophile empire for generations - I've tried to tell you. Fuck this entire industry and those that praise and support it. It's my human right to call-out these sick Jews (and related), and as I see fit.

Confirmation? Oh dear. Revealed early July 2018. (link)
Enty is allegeing that he (Kubrick) was one of the WORST of all. Hey, no shit! Suck it up, Kubrick groupies!

Carla 'Pepler/Pajama Program''s Pepler's AKA-Life that publicises the Pajama Program.
Jeanine 'Sex and the City/Shitty' Pepler. SATC Cynthia 'lesbian' Nixon is currently running for NY political office.
Cattrall, came through via Police Academy. David Spade via Police Academy 4, and NXIVM Mack via Police Academy 6.
SATC/Mannequin Cattrall debuted via Rosebud (an asshole ref.), her brother suicide/suicided (hanged?) Feb, 2018.
Don't forget that Silence of the (Plum Island) Lambs was heavily linked to sexual transience (man/woman).
Hannibal 'Cannibal/Plum Island' Lecter: "Was it a butterfly? Foster: Yes, a moth." Silence of the (Nazi) Lambs.

Manchurian Candidate Demme, followed Silence of the (transsexual) Lambs with homo propaganda piece Philadelphia.
Lector: "Plum Island Animal Human Disease Research center. Sounds charming."
It matters not that the film's narrative implies this as a phoney offer, it's the fact that Plum Island is chosen as the location.
Shutter 'Butterflies/Nazi' Island (Plum/Montauk Point) had 'eye piercing' as a thematic, a double meaning?
Lesbian Foster is heavily tied to Connecticut, and linked (SS skull n bones, death's head, bohemian grove) Yale.
Buffalo 'moth' Bill has a Nazi bedspread. Some researchers believe that author Thomas Harris was actually a C.I.A. operative.

Larry 'Matrix White Rabbit Wonderland' Fishburne featured in The Color Purple and (Plum Island) Hannibal Lecter content.
Lecter: "Look for severe childhood disturbances associated with violence. Our Billy wasn't born a criminal, Clarice. He was made one through years of systematic abuse. Billy hates his own identity, you see, and he thinks that makes him a transsexual.
But his pathology is a thousand times more savage and more terrifying." (It implies violent sexual abuse).
Jeanine 'SAG HARBOUR' Pepler. Sag Harbour, Montauk and Monarch (above, with links to 5G).
Catholics and Nazis - which are the same aspects that link to Fiona 'victim' Barnett and her abuse circle.
Beach Plum Bashaw of Cape 'LGBT' Mays. Was Jeanine Pepler also born a MALE? How can we know?
Top of the Standard = Meatpacking District (Manhattan).

Meatpacking, paedophilia, pizza, spirit cooking, cannibalism, (chicken/pig) farms, sexual transience, and slaughter.
Podesta and Bashaw pig farms? In Hannibal (sequel) Lecter is set-up to be devoured by pigs/boars.

"Ready when you are, Sgt. Pembury."
By 1900 the area was home to 250 slaughterhouses and packing plants, and by the 1920's what had been a
neighborhood based on mixture of marketplaces became more tightly focused on meatpacking and related activities.
The same Standard Hotel (chain) that was linked to (Dem.) Schiff and the W. Hollywood helicopter crash.
Leo 'Shutter (Plum) Island' DiCaprio was one of the original investors of the W. Hollywood Standard.

Meatpacking District via homosexuals, transsexuals, BDSM...
"Sounds charming." Fashionista, Alexander 'hanged' McQueen.
Recall that I formerly mentioned "meatpacking/packing-meat" in both the sexual and morbid sense.
Pepperoni for the phallic symbolism. Also note that 'plums' - is also a slang term for the testicles.
The Illuminati cards - Pizzas and secret meetings/meatings. The Rothschild Illuminati. Bill 'Rothschild/Rhodes' Clinton.

Pizza Underground (a la Bapho-bunny, Culkin), CONGRESS place, and Beach Plum. via Curtis 'Pepler' Bashaw.

Baph(C)omet 'Hillary' Ping Pong - "4 surviving pizzas this month..." and via drilling and newcummers.
Hanged Bourdain, dead bodies & pizza. BapHomo Obama - Pizza & Death. Church basement (crypts) & cold (dead) pizza.

Ping Pong & Pizza via the (uber suspect) Spades...
$33 Masonic million. Their rise was very likely engineered - an industry standard (pre-selection).
Ping that ponger - via the Jack of Spades (one-eyed Jack). I saw a "killerspin" ping pong table in one Spade shot.
Christopher Farley overdosed at the age of 33, David 'SNL' Spade was a very close friend, and Farley was instrumental in his career. I suspect that they were more than just colleagues (typical industry faggots).

 Fronting their homosexuality under the guise of comedy. Adam 'Little Satanic Nick' Sandler is an obvious Jew faggot too.
Why the hell do you think (tragic) SNL have been so violently anti-Trump? They are ALL implicated (see SNL pizza band).
Jewish Hollywood/TV moguls are a sodomite mafia - the ladder is climbed in a very particular way  - I'm sure you understand.
Pizza and the Penis. Ben 'SNL' Stiller. A sodomite, paedophile, and satanist Jew.

The Haiti, Church of Satan, and Clinton/Obama linked John Legend and Teigen.
Too late, Satanic Teigen. The cat is out of the bag. There are NO COINCIDENCES.
Luna 'butterfly net' Moonchild. Alice in (paedo sodomy) Wonderland, (phallic) hot dogs, the 666 eye (asshole), & pizza emoji.
What's really scary - is deviant, paedo, and satanic celebs showboating their crimes under the public nose.
Your implicated protection (the Clinton crime syndicate) lost the election...oh dear.
Church of Satan - Chelsea and Teigen. Hooters, like owls! What did they do with those Haiti children, hmm?
Baph-Comet Pizza/Epstein paedo Island linked Hillary 'satanic lesbian' Clinton, and child trafficking. It getz worse!
"Mr. Getz was instrumental in creating a formal development operation for the Clinton Foundation,
which raised in excess of $135 million annually,” says his Yale bio."
A Chinese kindergarten run by a US-listed group is under investigation after claims of sexual molestation
and needle marks on children. Parents say their children were stripped naked, given unknown 'white pills' and 'brown syrup'.

Satanic Baphomet - the transient sodomy god. Comet 'Sex Stains' Padeo Pizza and Pinged-Pongers.
Alefantis is linked to Hillary, and both Podesta brothers. Why do you think she gave that Pizza-gate spoiling speech?

The Standard Hotel chain (with inverted signage) that is owned by Balazs.
Gay Goose would be more fitting. Baph(c)omet 'ping pong' Pizza Alefantis, and Standard Balazs at the same 2011 party:
Chelsea 'Balazs' Handler. Chelsea Handler looks like a (transitioned) man/woman thing too. Likely born a male.
Man hips Handler. Mass mockery of the zombie 'cult of celebrity' sheep. Follow the (sodomy) White Rabbit via A-TV.
Grey (via homo O-scar Wilde) played the lead, "Chelsea", an escort paid to act as her clients' girlfriend, in O-scar-winning director (Jew) Steven 'traffic-king' Sod-erbergh's The Girlfriend Experience. Alice/Sasha in Anal Wonderland via Lew Xypher (Lucifer).
Jew, Sasha 'MK-Ultra Porn/Anal Queen/OTO' Grey via Lolita and (anal) OTO via aTelecine (co-founded by her).
I keep telling you - ANAL SEX - the top degree of Crowley's satanic OTO. Grey involved with Pizza 'Hollywood' Knight, Sod-erbergh.
I also keep telling you that there is NO divide between (satanic) Hollywood and the porn industry - it's the SAME thing.

The Xmas party with Rothschild, Haden-Guest, etc. The other shot with Bashaw was at The Standard.
We just linked Standard Hotel, Andre 'Chelsea Handler' Balazs with James - Jimmy Comet/Pizza Paedo - Alefantis.
The Podestas are also linked to former Speaker of the House (paedo) Hastert, who preceded Goat Hill Pizza, Pelosi.
Lesbian Hillary, (faggot) pizza-man Alefantis, and the Podestas. Alefantis being linked to the Beach Plum Inn, Obama/Nixons.

Peter 'Clinton/LGBT' Rosenstein (twitter)....with (former lovers) David 'Rothschild' Brock, & James 'Pizza/Clinton' Alefantis.
Is there anyone linked to the Clintons and Obama that isn't LGBT and/or a sodomite?
LGBT activist and Hillary (lesbian) Clinton supporter. Ironically, no-one has done MORE to destroy the healthy family unit
- than the deviant LGBT wreckers, and their Hollywood/TV propaganda arm.

Interesting that (NXIVM resonant) Catherine 'Dynasty' Oxenberg's sister (Christina) was in contact with hanged Pepler, et al.
Royal Blue night? Is this potentially yet another 'sex' reference (blue)?
The royally connected Oxenbergs (related to the Windsors). It's India Oxenberg that's involved with NXIVM.
It's Prince Andrew Windsor who is seemingly linked to Island (NXIVM-linked) Epstein.
Notice the color coding. The Bronfman-linked, Raniere/Mack NXIVM/ESP cult. The Clinton Bronfmans.
Mack was actually born in West Germany - and first appeared in a chocolate commercial (anal euphemism).
Bronfman/Raniere are also linked to the (uber suspect) child programming group - Rainbow Cult-ural Garden
The Jewish Bronfman family were key in entertainment via Universal/UMG/Polygram/Warner/Vivendi etc.
 Edgar Jr building one of the biggest music conglomerates in recent history. Degenerate and corporate hip-hop (including Jewish Def Jam) being one of their major successes. Edgar Jr was Warner MG CEO/chairman  (2004-2011). The same (sodomite) Warner Bros. that made The (gay) Color Purple. Written by (closet lesbian and Jewish married) Alice Walker, the film with lesbians Winfrey and Dykeberg. A hetero-hating LGBT propaganda piece, and directed by Jew, Spielberg.
The Color Purple...the color of royalty, masonry, transience and mind control.
Carla 'Pajama Program' Hall and Patti Labelle. Patti was in the trio group Labelle (with Sarah Dash, and Nona 'purple haze' Hendryx.)
It's (sodomite/rosebudding) Steven - Jaws (Montauk/Martha's) - Spielberg who directed The Color Purple.
He's to blame for those two monstrosities that are Winfrey, and Whoopi Dykeberg.
Over the (Homo) Rainbow...via Bluebelles.
Sarah 'Bluebelles' Dash is related to Lil Kim and MC Lyte, music mogul Damon 'Hamptons' Dash,
movie director Julie Dash (Daughters of the Dust), and actress Stacy 'Clueless' Dash.

Patti Labelle claims that she was sexually molested by a family friend as a child, Stacey Dash says exactly the same!

Stacey 'Clueless' Dash, where she featured with Eminem linked Brittany 'murdered Monarch/8 Mile' Murphy (Alice rabbits).
American's made (faggot) Eminem the most popular artist of the 2000s! There is NO LIMIT to mass stupidity!
Rabbit Eminem has been extremely anti-Trump (see his Ray 'Hamptons linked' Chandler connect).
187? Two members of D12 were killed.
One was (Eminem's friend) Proof, who first video debuted via "Age Ain't Nothing but a Number".
The (underage propaganda) track linked to underage Aaliyah, written by underage/paedo, sex slaving, fiend R. Kelly!
Her partner at the time of her (plane crash) death was Damon Dash, co-founder of (OTO Gay-Z linked) Roc-A-Fella.
Two weeks before death, Damned Queen Aaliyah, travelled New Jersey to (Montauk linked) East Hampton, NY.
- to visit Dash at the house he shared with (Abramovic linked) 'Zionist Def/Death '666' Jamming' Gay Z.
The same Gay-Z that is linked to Kanye 'Kar-DASH-ian/Jenner' West.
Mind controlled robots a la Stepford (Connecticut), but without the charm - for mind control of the masses via exposure.
The USA's primary (monarch) family for body dysmorphia programming, sexualizing children,
and man/woman gender confusion (via baphomet Bruce).
It's the Hamptons where the (sick) Kardashians have holidayed - programming central. Filthy WHORES.
What's the betting that ALL the Kardashian/Jenners have been sexually abused as children? It's a certainty (imo).
Trump had Dim Kardashian in the oval office. It led to Trump commuting Alice Johnson's prison term.

When faggot Obama went to Africa (2015) he spent the entire time propagandising about NWO LGBT - it all backfired. :)
Like transgenderism they are brainwashing the world with it being a type of  'choice' - as opposed to a sickness.
They spent decades wearing you down about demonic sodomy - now they're doing exactly the same with paedophilia.
The LEFT will go even further into denial - even if the guilty are brought to light. The feminist lobby has been absent during the corporate drive in the mass sexualisation of women. Naturally, they'll be absent in respect of children too. You can bank it. This is the power of the 'cult of celebrity,' it's Hollywood/TV liberal/left propaganda arm, and it's blatant mind control of the weak.

The Hussein's just joined the board. Malia was also an intern for (sick sodomite and satanist) Weinstein.

The typical modus operandi...
Fronting child abuse protection charities as a means to enact their rampant paedophilia. (link)
Someone ENGINEERED his rise. You don't get to become head of a charity at 22 years-old. Not typically.
A rabbit gesture? I overlaid the other pic for reference. Hillary Clinton gets a mention too.
Look how they front themselves...human rights, stop rape and gender violence. Identify the pattern.
What better way to procure VULNERABLE victims than to actually work with them in this inverted capacity!
This POS was distributing images of raped babies. Beware of the sanctimonious, you know, like showboating SJW's, etc.
Oh look, rainbow Mickey Mouse. He's obviously primarily a homosexual.
The godfather of gay rights/LGBT activism  - was Harry 'OTO/Nambla' Hay - making him a (satanic) Crowleyian thelemite.
Hay, had familial links to Rhodes (see Rothschild) and OTO Crowley devotee pederast Kinsey!
They've made demonic sodomy a virtue (via programming) - let's make anally raping kids a virtue too! Sick bastards.
Disney (vomit), who bought-out Weinstein's Miramax after the success of The Crying (TRANNY) Game, wink-wink.
Disney and Jungle 'paedo triangle' Book. BARE NECESSITIES is what is really implied by this sick propaganda.
Industry paedo Victor 'DISNEY' Salva used Disney's Jungle Book to make his primary move on his (ring mastering) Clownhouse child actor victim. He directed Jeepers 'eye gouging/brown pipe sliding' Creepers via peepers (slang, penis).
This, at (transient resonator) Orlando - Greek (anal), the symbolic penis (shaft/head), and the paedo triangle symbol.
666 Crowley's 'A.A. silver star' is the sphincter. I cannot stress enough HOW FUCKING SICK DISNEY ARE!

It looks like a goddamn GIRL...was it (closet) Usher that initiated you into the FAGGOT industry? Yup!
Pink Team NAMBLA poster girl. What was a 30 something (faggot) man like Usher doing hanging around with a tween?
What cause is that? Oh yes, making the sodomy of little boys (via adult men) a legal right! How forgetful of me.
More make-up than a tart. Transient paedo bait. What sex was this thing born? Any ideas?
Is it a rent boy or a rent girl? I doubt the sodomite industry cares - just as long as he's a mogul cock jockey.
These were all aspects of his video 'Where Are You Now' (2015).
Yeah, nothing to see...move along. Hand jobs, demonic (Jew) 'G' Freemasonry, the typical and tired symbolism, yawn.
Filthy satanic footsoldiers via (Jewish) sodomite Freemasonry. Showing their brethren that they are in control of the narrative.
Oh, look who it is. Jew, Rob 'Homo'Lesbian marriage champion' Reiner. More Trump bashing - "those who are loudest."
Free press? There is NO FREE PRESS. It's a masonic sodomite/Jewish prison media, and I know it. (link)
If this was a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever dominated shit-house, then I'd be accusing them!
The mockingbird media NEEDS attacking - it is complicit in making these elite sponsored shootings stick!

This sick (Jew dominated) Mockingbird media sells these elite sponsored MK-Ultra shootings to a gullible public!
MK-Ultra assets via compromised mental health for (elite Jew Freemason sponsored) shootings - leading to gun control.

Woody 'True Anal Louisiana Detective/Twinkie' Harrelson is in paedo Reiner's latest release...

 Chuck 'POS' Schumer...blubbing over immigration. That's a supply line for abuse. No wonder he was crying!
Shades of Aurora Batman via Crowley linked homo/satanist, Nolan.
Shooter Houser was said to have mental health issues, for which he was treated in 2008 and 2009.
In 2008, Houser underwent a mental health evaluation. According to his wife, he suffered from bipolar disorder. (SNAP!).
Crying about gun control (via elite sponsored MK-Ultra shootings) and blubbing about immigrant supply!
Christ, they are predictable. F**k off you sick, hideous, lying MASONIC JEWS. Stick your schmaltz up your battered asses.
It's Amy Schumer's Hollywood that promotes ultra-violence, LGBT, fethishizes guns/gangsta thuggery, sexualises kids, etc.
EVERYTHING that I write here - I would happily say it to their actual faces. No issue there.

It's Bieber's 'Illuminati/LGBT' Monarch Twin, Miley...the all singing, all dancing CRAP of the world.
Industry (sodomised) marionettes to infect your children via exposure.
Disney Cyrus/Montana - who has dragged her former fan-base into the realms of degenerate depravity.
Peter 'SODOMY' Pan, Alice in 'DIRT HOLING' Wonderland, Winnie the 'Empty Honeypot' (SHIT) POOH.
This demonstrates the generational time span involved in programming the masses (and children) with demonic sodomy.

Dirt-holing in Disney's sodomy wonderland and without the pussy. Sodom A.A. Crowley to (Sodom) A.A. 'Pooh' Milne.
I was correct - even as a child during the 70's. I said back then how warped it was to have a children's bear named POOh.
The English word 'penis' is derived from the Latin word for 'tail'. Tail is also an ass reference: Fairy-TAILS (homosexual ass).
POOh Bridge (perineum) via phallic POOh sticks - demonic horns, empty honey pot (vagina), a 666 owl, effeminate ass nailing.

POOh gets stuck in the (sexually resonant) rabbit dirt hole - via a Nancy (queer).
Like Gloop (aka a sticky substance) stuck in purple Willy Wanka's chocolate pipe (euphemism) via What is Sodomy, Wilder.
Johnny 'Willy Wanka' Depp - the mad brown hatter - was Nancy's boy in gay Nightmare on (child molesting) Elm St.

Mike TV aka Herpes Trout Mouth - 'Giant Ass Peach' Dahl - a sick sodomite and  deviant sodomy programmer.
Willy 'fudge packing' Chocolate via Para-mount(ing) and Warner 'Bugs transient Bunny' Bros.
Disney/Hollywood needs to be burned to the ground. Miley 'paedo avatar' Cyrus - giving inspiration to paedos everywhere.
Pizza, pepperoni, and (sausage) bangerz. Miley 'monarched' Cyrus. Baphomet Pan-Pizza Sexual.
A virtual certainty that she was incestuously abused as a child by her own parents - that's almost an industry standard.
Pedo & PAN-sexual. The (sodomite/transient) baphomet/pan reveal. Do not buy-in to their (bullshit) definitions.
LGBTP (pedo) is a reality - ignore the protestations and cover-up - (LGBT) NAMBLA have promoted it for decades.
Yeah, because SODOMY and CHILD ABUSE are comparable to fluffy unicorns and multi-colored rainbows.
All this sodomite propaganda is drenched with a type of treacly, schmaltzy, childlike coating appeal. It's REVOLTING.
It's this sort of thing that makes the entire phenomenon UBER SUBVERSIVE - which it is of course.
Walt Disney was a goddamn PAEDOPHILE - an abuser of young boys. Yeah, what a wonderful world.
You're NOT GAY, you're (male) SODOMITES. Oh look, the exact same phraseology but in respect of (rainbow) paedophiles.
This IS REAL. Don't let any (satanic) sodomy brainwashed automaton tell you any different. (Image link).
Oohhh...rainbows, pretty images, love, progress? VOMIT. Mechanical RAPE of children (by sodomites) is NOT LOVE.
Once they've removed the 'consent' issue in respect of children, they'll be free to rape them at will.

Satanism & Sodomy...
Masonic Crowley - Golden Dawn/OTO/A.A. - ritual grade sign FIRE.
Crowley was through 'Isis/Golden Dawn Cult' Oxford, as was Carroll (Dodgson), and Aldous 'Alice/Disney' Huxley.
It's alleged Crowley initiated Huxley into the Golden Dawn, the latter being involved with Disney, Warner Bros. & MGM.

Nicole, daughter of MK-Ultra programmer, torture/murderer, and paedophile - Dr Antony Kidman.
Recall that Nicole was brought to fame by (casting director) Liz Mullinar, who also runs an SRA group!
Kidman: “Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.”
Kubrick's life story, was it? SICK FUCKS. Kubrick and Kidman - it's called mass mockery - taking the piss out of the masses.
Strange how Barnett's case involves former NAZIS, and that Kubrick married into the Nazi 3rd Reich's film-making dynasty.
Strange how Dr Antony Kidman referred to Fiona Barnett as "Star-child" - a term associated with Kubrick's 2001 baby.

Fiona 'Dr Antony Kidman' Barnett...MK-Ultra, Canada/Australia, Aldous Huxley, and Crowley/Golden Dawn.
Anne Conlon (nee Carden) was allegedly Fiona Barnett's Illuminati Grande Dame (a type of high-level programmer, link). Wow!
A connect to the (Crowley) Golden Dawn and the Illuminati. Cardens and the Golden Dawn.
Aldous 'Golden Dawn/Alice' Huxley too - via MK-Ultra Canada. I cited McGill (MK-Ultra/Canada) in respect of the Bronfmans.
Barnett has cited many Aussie dignitaries being involved including former PM Paul Keating, Richie Benaud, and actor Bruce Spence.
There are also multiple links to the (satanic) Catholic Church. Oz Sydney is the globe's homo capital.
OTO cult-fights-claims-of-child-sacrifice/2006/11/21 (OTO, satanism, paedophilia, child sacrifice).
Sodom Aleister/Alice-ster '666' Crowley and Rainbow OTO. The OTO rainbow eye 'sphincter' (below right).

Rainbow-Coloured....Glory of the HOLE Universe.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the wHOLE of the Law. Love Sodomy is the law, love sodomy under will."
Hymn (Him) to Pan: "Give me the sign of the open eye (asshole) & the token erect of thorny thigh (penis)." Sodom Crowley.
The related Masonic JEW Rainbow Arch and (anal) Eye. Sirius, the masonic sphincter star.
Somewhere Over the (Homo/Masonic Jew) Rainbow. Masonry IS Jewish.
Tessellated masonic purple sodomy wonderland via dirt holes and tugging (back) door knobs/nobs.
Hump(ty) Dump(ty) was a feature of (ass fucked) Alice's Wonderland/Looking Glass Adventures.
Hump the Dump (shit) via Eggs - Butthole Surfing and via Latino 'buggery' BUGGER-veil. Subtle, not.
It was Aldous 'Isis Cult/Disney Alice' Huxley who wrote the LSD (back) Doors of Perception.
Creamed (cum) Butthole Corn (Hole) Surfing - an entire act dedicated to sodomy. Bloodied glazed donut asshole.
Jeff Pink-us and Butthole 'Brown Reason to Live' Surfers. Cottage Cheese (cottaging cum) from the Lips of Death.
The HOLE Truth - and Nothing BUTT. They soundtracked on (monarch) 'Son in Law' with Pauly 'pizza-man' Shore.
Pinkus and Butthole lead vocalist Haynes released Digital Dump, the only album from their house music side project.
Stinky Funk. Digital (fingeringUnderground's Humpty 'faggot' Hump Dance (Sex Packets) via rapper Dung-y.
A sample from "Theme From the Black Hole" (Parliament) makes up part of the track. A song about ass fucking (lyrics).
There's NO WAY that any of this is by chance or coincidence - literally the entire entertainment industry is sodomite central.

Sasha 'anal/OTO' Grey. The ASS FUCKED rainbow (Alice) eye-sphincter via Lew Xypher/LUCIFER.
I'll add "Over the HOMOSEXUAL Rainbow" via Oz Twisters, later. It's ALL sodomy programming via children.
As are all things Hans Christian 'fairy-tailing' Anderson - The Red (demonic) Shoes, The Ugly (trans/queer) Duckling, etc.
An 'archetypal' form of programming - and instigated from the cradle. Even the term TV (television) is an aspect of this.
Kenneth 'Hollywood Babylon/OTO' Anger via (rainbow) Lucifer and Scorpio Rising. He likes a sting in the tail (ass).
The same OTO Anger who was given live bullets (by Chapman) in the months before Lennon's Dakota assassination.
Anger (below) was linked to the Beatles' and Stones' circles - the satanic Gettys helped fund some of these so-called artists.
Getty Jr was also connected to Christopher 'Swinging Sixties' Gibbs, a close associate of Fraser, and Jagger.

Getty Jr was allegedly (see blind below) involved in the murder of children. Fingers in a lot of (satanic) counter-culture pies.
Getty Jr was key backer at the BFI. Leaving them £1M in his will. The same Getty name/family that also set-up Getty Images.
Here comes some potential confirmation....CDAN.
Satanic sodomite paedophiles. What a fucking horrific satanic mess - in the event that it's generally true.
Just simply hideous evil. This is what can happen when you make people living gods. It's almost like a license.
I recently connected (related) Sabine Getty to Chandler linked Clinton. She was pictured on Epstein's Jet with Bill.
In previous writing I connected (patriarch) J P Getty to the release of The '666' O-Men (film, see posts below).
Ray Chandler/Guinness & Sabine Getty. An abandoned Guinness estate was used in the film. Guildford too, where Getty lived.
Getty dying on the very day that the film was released - 06/06/76. I linked him to Savile too, via Iron men.
Getty and Savile were knighted by the (satanic) UK Queen. Services to satanism, sodomy, and child abuse/murder?
Recall that degenerate Kevin 'Queen' Spacey was playing the role of Getty when the allegations broke.

Schumacher, O-men Donner and Bernhard were all involved in The Lost (OTO) Boys, with victims Haim and Feldman.
The Lost 'OTO/Peter Pan' Boys. Dicking Donner was due to direct, but directed Gooning 'one-eyed Willie' boys instead.
Getty linked OTO satanist and sodomite, Anger.
J. Edgar Hoover : "I sometimes wonder if you people realize the responsibility you carry. To my way of thinking, motion pictures are potentially the most influential form of communication ever invented. And there's no control over them. "
(J Edgar 'Tranny' Hoover, to Charlie 'paedophile' Chaplin, played by Iron 'randy donut exit' Poof Man, Downey Jnr.)
Filthy sodomite programmers. Ones that the dumb public have made multi-millionaires! Slow-clap for the dumb masses.
Justin 'FAGGOT' Theroux scripted this ass banditry. The guy who pretended he was dating Aniston.
This stuff is AIMED at children FFS! Stan 'Iron Poof Man' Lee has always been a faggot and sodomite programmer.
No wonder there's so many of these super-queero films, they're ideal for brainwashing kids with crypto-sodomy.
An AC/DC (resonant), Queens-linked Iron 'poof' Man? Save having faggot tattooed on his forehead, it couldn't be more obvious!

The Counter-culture Progenitors...
The 'Crowley' Beatles. Golden Dawn/OTO/A.A. 'grade signing' rituals via HELL-p.
A sodomite empire via (Jew) corporate entertainment programming and decades/generations in the making...
Mr Sodom Penis aka "Sgt (Crowley) Pooper" - and The 'OTO Thelemic' Bea(s)tles & the (concealed) homage to Crowley.
Digging a dirt hole (grave). Coprophagic Crowley is listed as Number 2 (shit) on this LP. Lewis 'sodomy' Carroll is #52.
John 'Men-Love Ave.' Lennon. Jew, Ring-O (ass) Starr. Queer Epstein. Serpent 'Apple' fruits (like the sick computer fags).
Fixing A-Hole. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is inspired by Lennon and McCartney’s shared love of Alice in Wonderland.
Marmalade, Lucifer/Luci and LSD. McCartney said: “In our minds it was an Alice thing, which both of us loved.” The Dung Beatles.
I am the Walrus (and Carpenter) via Looking Glass, "Eat Me" Alice. Carroll's "Oyster eating" (euphemism) via a woodsman (carpenter) and horny tusked Walrus. Eggmen (a la Humpty Dump) for the ejaculate. 'Oyster' has been slang for the vulva since the 16th century. The oyster aphrodisiac connect is likely a reference to this, not so much that it's an actual aphrodisiac.
Blue Oyster Bar (Police 'masonic' Academy) is a homosexual reference to this concept. Tessellated 'homo-masonic' Blue Oyster.
See Bo(o)gey/Buggery-man, John 'Orange Halloween' Carpenter and (Long IslandBlue Oyster Cult song, Don't Fear the R(e)aper, in his (homo/incest stabbing) programming film. Played when Myers tails Laurie/Curtis. Comedian, and identically named Mike Myers, has built a career based on toilet humour. Myers' former Wayne's 'Queen' World partner Dana Carvey film debuted via Halloween 2. Carvey followed that by next featuring in (sick) Reiner's Spinal 'ass' Tap. Police 'Blue Oyster' Academy, Rosebud Cattrall - the sexing Mannequin via White Rabbit Grace Slick - was also from (Beatles) Liverpool. Cattrall was in Carpenter's 'Big Trouble In Little China'.
Orangeman, George 'Tootsie/Punky' Gay-nes (son of Grigorievna de Gay) is in all the Police Academy films.

Underground tube tunnelling, faggy rainbows, and Blue Oyster - via Trans-port for London and TranS-ys.
Sodomite Jew firm Saatchi & Saatchi (contracted by TranS-ys) brought in the man who chose this (Blue) Oyster name.
Saatchi's first famous ad - "Pregnant Man" for the UK's Health Education Council feat. a man who appeared to be pregnant.
Faaggot & Faaggot - Butt Kiss - same year as 'Pregnant Man' (1970).
C. Saatchi has majorly controlled the modern art market, promoting FAGS like Damien 'conman' Hirst, the latter linked to homo Koons.

Anyway, 1980 saw The Boogeyman from (German satanic queer) Ulli Lommel. Which featured John 'OTO/satanist' Carradine.
Lommel was heavily linked to (homo/banana bender) Warhol, and the (sodomite resonant) punk scene. Wow, what a surprise, not.

Weinstein's first film, The Burning, another bo(o)geyman film released after the success of Halloween/Friday 13th.
The actual term bo(o)geyman is linked to sodomy via the Bogomil (bougre/buggery) etymological connect.
The (sodomy) Bo(o)geyman is CUMMING! And via "closet eye stabbing". Hall-O-Weiner.
Curtis' mother was (Mary) Marion Crane in Hitch-COCK's anal/faecal resonant - stabbed eye/twisting plugged hole, Psych-O.
Orange Myers, who gets his eyes stabbed in the closet. Mike 'comedy' Myers played 007 Pleasance via #2 linked, Dr Pinky Evil.
That's right horror fans, Michael 'Halloween' Myers is a GAY avatar. Purple lawnmower, Blue Oyster Myers.
Carpenter always said that Myers was sexually repressed. Likely implying that 'pumpin-kin' Myers was a poof.

Here cums the (queer) Boogeyman. Paedo 'Disney' Salva's - Jeepers 'eye-gouging/brown pipe sliding' Creepers.
Via (sodomite) 'ring cycling/Orangeman' Coppola. With mogul cock jockey, Justin 'lavender boy/Dodgeball(s)' Long.
LIAR, Rose 'children of paedo god' McGowan was in Salva's Rose-wood Lane (via the eye). She KNEW he was a paedophile!

Jeepers Creepers is a 'minced' euphemism - mincers aka queers.
Evil is right behind you. A corn-holing, batty-man via the peeper/cock, gouged (ass) eye. Sequel has a bus load of hoop dunkers. 
 Jeepers Creepers 3 sparked controversy over using child molestation as a plotline. Who'd have thought it (sarcasm).

Same is true of Jason Voorhees, of (sodomite/masonic-TemplarFriday the 13th franchise. Hence Camp Blood via violent eye stabbing.
Momma's boy Jason. He wanted more 'camp counselling' as a boy. They were having straight sex when he drowned. Queerial killers who freak-out over hetero couples making-out. Poof Jason attacks an Alice at the original's close. Final 'eye stab' Chapter with 'one-eyed Willie' seeking/booty hunting, 'gooning' Feldman. Part 5 also features Feldman, and Dominick Brascia, the latter abused Haim. That's what Haim's mother has claimed. Brown-Eye stabbers like Clockwork Orange/Camp Climax 'rainbow' Kubrick.
Ol' 'purple ass bandit' Jason 'one-eyed choppering' Voorhees (thanks to Bingers). The surname is from Orange Dutch.
Camp 'chopper/penis' Blood, Gayson. Color Purple momma's boy, and 'eye stabbing' Rainbow queer, Voorhees.
Steve 'Masonic poof' Miner worked on both the Myers and Voorhees homosexual programming films.
Queer Clockwork Orange Alex (McDowell) featured as 'devil's eyes' Loomis in the Hallowe'en reboots!
Orange queer, Lavender/Purple boy Alex, licking the 'bent rainbow' (arc) lolly-cock, next to the rainbow chart and a ginger.
Meet/Meat The Beatles - Rainbow LOVE pyramid fruits. Clockwork Orange John 'poof' Clive voiced Men-love Lennon.
Yellow (phallic banana) Submarine.
See how pervasive this sodom and paedo Carroll filth is! It is everywhere. He must be one of the elite's programming gods!
Jew-centric, Great 'BUGGERY' Britain. One of the faggiest (if not the faggiest) countries that has ever existed.

BBC Teletubbies (below right) via purple/lavender boy - Tinky 'handbag' Winky (winky/penis). T(inky)Winky.
Inverted pink triangle is a gay symbol. The (gay) Rainbow (below left).
 UK children's TV. Thames TV's Rainbow with pink 'uber poof' Hippo George, next to Orange Zippy (Zipper).
Also with regular "swing resonant" trio - Rod, Jane and Freddy, a suspect bear, and camp host Geoffrey.
 Thames Television Ltd. was taken over by (uber suspect and Dung Beatling) EMI in 1969, and in 1979 became part of Thorn EMI.
Thorn EMI (until 1984), the majority shareholder of broadcaster Thames Television. Thames was replaced by (David Cameron's) Carlton.
 In early January 1999. Carlton bought the (Lew Grade) ITC television/film library from (Bronfman) PolyGram/Seagram for £91 million.

"Why are there so many songs about rainbows..." It's because the industry is PACKED with sick, programming sodomites!

"Someday we'll find it. The Rainbow Connection. The (homo) lovers, the dreamers and me."
 More children's based SODOMITE programming via (homo) Henson's Muppets. Duelling banjo, Kermit.
With a (sex change resonant) frog..."When wished on the (lucifer/venus) morning star." (Rainbow/lucifer).

So, you still think the JEW LGBT MAFIA is just about fluffy rainbows, unicorns, and acceptance?
While I was writing this post the UK FINALLY ruled that heteros can have civil partnerships. Something ONLY ordained for homosexuals and lesbians. Heteros are already playing catch-up! Insanity writ large.
 Sick STATE SANCTIONED mind control via (fag) UK. What an outrage. A crime, in fact.
Gender IS determined biologically and genetically - and I will NEVER think any different.

Do you still think that that the rape/abuse and murder of children is a complete fantasy?
Still think that child trafficking is the stuff of nonsense?

You can’t imagine the size of this. Q
(Hopefully, some of you are now aware of its size. It is colossal).

"Show business is an extension of the (satanic/sodomite) Jewish religion." John Lennon

It's the entire (JEW-CENTRIC) entertainment industry, its systems, and beyond - including politics/business.
Hell, it's no wonder that the sick JEW programmers have made criticism of demonic sodomy - a CRIME.
Just as the same JEW programmers have made questioning the 'holohoax/holocaust' an imprisoning offence.
Everyone else is FAIR GAME (see Russia/Russians from very recent history), but not the SICK JEWS.
Those who think the Jews are of God are the saddest of all. The god of the Jews is Lucifer/Satan, & always has been.
The OT is a collection based on "the age of Saturn" (Satan/Lucifer) - the god of the Jews. Yahweh IS Lucifer. (EL-oim, EL/Saturn).
The EXACT same god (Lucifer/Satan) that the wholly Jewish Freemasons worship. Get your scriptural shit together.
Find out WHY they've been kicked-out of every goddamn country that they've ever occupied!

That said, the satanic Catholic Church is also the domain of Lucifer/Satan, and always has been.
 The pontiff is Lucifer/Satan's emissary on earth - man as God. An upside-down cross throwback to J.P. II.
And in (satanic central) Israel.

Bear in mind that ALL this Q stuff is just mere conjecture on my part.
I am NOT endorsing "Q-Anon's trust the plan". 
I've applied a distinct BIAS to demonstrate the phenomenon.
I think Trump is owned by Zionist Israel, as is typical. 
And that is never a good thing. Not from My POV.