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OTO, Hip Hop, Hollywood and MSM 'Masonic Mystery Religion' Mind Control

I've been away for a while, but I'm back for more...I'll just add things 'ad hoc' when I get the time etc.
I thought I'd bring up a few more recent things this time...a few current celebs and whatnot.
Some aspects have been repeated/referenced again, this is for contextual purposes you understand.

A post that covers OTO and the entertainment industry and with particular reference to Hip Hop culture and mainstream media. I've also mentioned a few things about 777 from Crowley to the Boeing aircraft (updated to include Malaysia/Malaise-ia)...the latter connecting into aspects of Rihanna and her recent activity.

We'll start by outing Jay-Z as an OTO adept (and likely sodomite) appears that his rise to fame has perhaps been at the behest of the brotherhood and their affliates.  He clearly surrounds himself with the 'mantras' and 'paraphernalia' and therefore he is 'fair game' in that regard! I can't say I ever remember him telling everyone that he would cram his output with blatant 'masonic type propaganda' and 'mystery religion magick' you?  Did he tell anyone that his 'roca-sign' was actually an OTO/AA elemental grade sign...I must've missed that too!?

Let's look at his credentials...
"Do What Thou Wilt" an oft used greeting for fellow OTO disciples to identify themselves to each other etc.
It is also a maxim of the OTO movement itself and centres on an 'anything goes' attitude (plus man as God).
The OTO thelemic mantra via Liber Oz...Do What Thou Wilt (aka anything goes)
Do What Thou Wilt from 666 Crowley...via Liber Oz. (the mission statement)
"Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights"
Note the blatant fascistic nature of that quote...and it's all about freedom, eh? Even murder is allowable under this statement.

 I call bullshit on any freedom is as rigid, as any organised dogmatic religion, if not more so!

All those rights apply to the adept...because he thinks of a GOD!

"the slaves shall serve"
Here...he is talking about the profane...or us, the unwashed masses...WE are considered the slave class and are mere chattel to these psycopaths!  They expect us to serve...regardless, due to the fact that we're considered sub-human, in their eyes!  Crowley uses the term 'cattle' to define this useless herd!
Jay-Z's Rocawear...666 subliminal
Def '666' Jam. Jay-Z headed the company for a while.

Dou What Thou Wilt, Baphomet & 666 (left pillar)

Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G, when he was living, had a group called The Junior Mafia – it was broken into three groups. Each group was called a 6. The entire junior mafia was called 666. Right before Biggie Smalls died, he was preparing to start a clothing line to be named 666.
 The members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. met as childhood friends of The Notorious B.I.G. All the members were under the age of twenty when the group was formed. The group was formed from three separate groups and two individual artists. The 6s, or 666, (Lil' Caesar, Bugsy, Capone, Chico, and Nino Brown) knew Biggie before he was rapping. The Snakes (cousins Larceny and Trife), MC Klepto, and Lil' Kim, (a.k.a Big Momma or The Lieutenant), the only female in the group. The Notorious B.I.G. acted as the "godfather" to the group.

It is so sad..that it is actually funny...who the hell would follow these vacuous assholes, who literally have nothing to say and whose lifestyles and personnas have been defined via worship of organised crime and thugdom?

  My opinion on hip-hop is this...IT TALKS LOUD, BUT SAYS NOTHING!

It is a media tool to promote the thug gangster a lifestyle choice! You've only got to watch a typical hip hop video to see puppets selling out 'a race' & leaning towards regression, in the evolutionary sense. Imo, this was no accident! Basically modern hip-hop is a low grade vibrational trap for sheep and some of these so called 'afro-americans' have completely sold out their own race for $$$$. They spend the money while you and yours get programmed by this shit!  I noticed the total corporate takeover of hip-hop during the middle 90's and it has been speedily downhill ever since!  From afrocentric based and a positive vibe, to the gangster gutter!  Of course, this is way before the likes of Eminem (white), and where the only 'caucasian element' was Everlast (House of Pain), MC Serch (3rd Bass) & The Beastie Boys!'s as though PE's "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back" never dropped, that KRS-1 never said anything worth's crazy!! What the hell has happened to 'black intelligentsia' too...where were they to stop this rot and wholesale sell-out?  Why the silence as 'young afro-americans' are led to worship money, bling, bitches & baseness...and as the only things worth aiming for!?

I wrote the above...because I have observed the development of this genre, for more than 25 years!

 Taking one for the pink team...ha, ha!
Ever since 'thelemite' Sting's/Police's (all seeing eye/big brother inspired) "Every Breath You Take" was totally ripped off by Poof Daddy aka P Diddy and his cohorts (which ironically was a tribute to that fat idiot B.I.G, mentioned above) ...Hip Hop has been a complete joke, at least imo!

 During an interview with the American pornographic magazine Penthouse (January 1984), Sting, bassist and voice of Police, said he was a "thelemite" ie, a follower of the philosophy of the English black magician Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). So imo...very likely an OTO adept etc. Now all that 'tantric sex' (sex magick) with Trudie Styler...begins to make sense!
Sting with OTO/CIA asset William S Burroughs
 some other interesting details of Burroughs' life:
- at 15 he was sent to a Masonic training camp known as 'ranch school'.
- he was also a known member of the occult order the OTO
- had connections to Kurt Cobain too...very strange ones, involving sex!

 Cobain’s love of the occult would eventually lead him into developing a relationship with another notorious military intelligence occultist-CIA Assassin William Burroughs. Stephen Davis, the biographer of the Led Zeppelin saga “Hammer of the Gods”, compares Burroughs to Satanist Aleister Crowley, stating:

“Like Crowley, Burroughs was an urbane and genial human Lucifer, a modern magus, a legendary addict, and an artist whose influence extended far beyond literature to music, painting and film” (Stephen Davis, Hammer of the Gods, Ballantine Books, New York, 1985, p. 237).

 MI5...eye/I in the pyramid intelligence
(I)SIS aka MI6

Stewart Copeland's (the drummer) father was a CIA big-wig....seemingly the whole 'entertainment shithouse' is an intel/spook infested hellhole. The father of Police drummer Stewart Copeland was a CIA/MI6 agent who worked with Sumner Redstone at the CIA. Sumner Redstone controls a large portion of the U.S./global media on behalf of the CIA. Sumner Redstone's original name was Murray Sumner Rothstein. Rothstein (German) was translated to Redstone (English). Stings real name is Gordon Sumner. 
The OSS no less...the forerunner of the CIA and connected to Gehlen/Nazis etc

"Every breath you take/Every move you make/Every bond you break/Every step you take/I'll be watching you./Every single day/Every word you say/Every game you play/Every night you stay/I'll be watching you./Oh can't you see/You belong to me?"
 The 999/666 Pyramid Police

 The masonic/tessellated police

"Copeland was born in Alexandria, Virginia, the youngest of four children of CIA officer Miles Copeland, Jr. and Scottish archaeologist Lorraine Adie. The family moved to Cairo, Egypt a few months after his birth, and Copeland spent his formative years in the Middle East. In 1957, the family moved to Beirut, Lebanon and Copeland attended the American Community School there. He started drum lessons at age twelve and by age thirteen he was playing drums for school dances. Later he moved to England and attended Millfield from 1967 to 1969. Copeland went to college in California, attending United States International University and UC Berkeley. Returning to England, he worked as road manager for the progressive rock band Curved Air's 1974 reunion tour, and then assumed drumming duties for the band during 1975 and 1976."

("e") Let him learn to read backwards. In this it is difficult to avoid cheating one's self, as an expert reader sees a sentence at a glance. Let his disciple read aloud to him backwards, slowly at first, then more quickly.
Sting & 911

Poof Daddy...I have him down as a likely sodomite too (hence poof) who surrounds himself with women, acting as cover!'s all very George Clooney/Simon Cowell (gay).
 Gay Rappers EXPOSED - Jay Z Usher P.Diddy Neyo Lil Wayne Lady Gaga Beyonce 
Hey...don't think that I don't know what I am talking about...I know this genre fairly well and I have seen the likes of Public Enemy, EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest etc at gigs during the early 90' in the language of hip-hop...I come correct!  I was at some of these gigs before Gay Z even got a proper record deal!
I also on a few occassions braved 'The Vauxhall Arches' for Westwood's 'Live To London' monthly event...which for a 'white man' was quite an acheivement!

OTO/AA (silver star/sirius) elemental grade sign(s)
 the eye and the triangle/pyramid

I think this 'grade sign' (dynasty sign) behaviour was first being used around 2000...when the The Dynasty: Roc La Familia record was released...
Interestingly the release was made on the 'occult holiday' of Hallowe'en
"The slaves shall serve" (Crowley)

 The double-headed masonic eagle/phoenix of the 33rd degree

33 to the crown...
As seen in Brother Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut

Laurence Gardner

Manly P Hall

 Also seen in Brother Scott's...Blade Runner

Note the eye in the pyramid...

The shoulders of Orion...
You might also recall the OTO-like 'dove and osiris risen' aspect from the film, shown previously. the same scene
 The TDK goat's head (inverted) logo

Blueprint...meaning 'a plan'
Released on exactly 9/11/2001 (yes during the attack itself) , Manhattan, Roc-A-Fella/Rockefeller

Rockefeller...David & Nelson, who both had their name attached to each WTC tower!  
His Roc-A-Fella (with Damon Dash) label clearly evoking this openly demonic NWO family.
Aaron 'Trading Places' Russo...had something to say about Rockefeller and 9/11!
That something was a 'tip off' for the coming terror event that was 9/11.

Recall in the previous post we mentioned Crowley and 9/11...
and all the thelemic undertones & numbers! 93 being the number of Thelema

 All evoking that record cover shot...from this hip-hop group, even their name (coup) resonates!
Yes the industry has previous...cough, cough!
 Covert -Labs...cough, cough.
Interesting quote from Riley too!

You might notice Kanye West's credit on Jay-Z's Blueprint album...let's look at his mystery religion credentials...
Well...he is a member of the 'baphomet' fan club
 Baphomet over the groin...this isn't 'fashion' it is 'mystery religion' promotion, at the expense of the profane!

The eye and the pyramid...yes, it's all very repetitive.
 A member of the Egypto-masonic (aka the craft) fan club too!
Horus 'hawk' pendant etc

Horus or 'whores r us'?
Kanye's Khristmas Kardashian Konnection 2013
Channelling Isis (horus at the breast), the pyramid/all seeing eye...the usual Krap.
Harpocrates/horus....suckling Isis' breat

The lodge floor and stairway to sirius...
 "Get the Kardashian 'masonic baphomet' all good department stores now" just keeps going on and on and on!

Masters of the Craft...
Rocawear aka Masonicwear
The square and compass show...Jay-Z or Gay-Z, Paris.
I've used the moniker Gay-Z, not to offend, but to hammer the point home (and that is no pun, either)! This isn't really about homosexuality per se, as anal sex can obviously also be between a man and a woman...this is about ritualised anal sex, elemental sex magick. 
(Crowley did indulge in buggery with men, Neuberg being one)
 Bore masonic goat fucks!

If freemasonry was a smell...Jay Z would absolutely stink!!!

The pyramid (beyonce) and the skull (Jay-Z)....
Jay-Z's marionette (likely monarch victim) aka Beyonce

 The original skull and bones...the crook & flail of Osiris

Her latest surprise album release through 'apple itunes'...was made on Fiday 13th December 2013.
There were only two 'Friday 13th's' in 2013...September and December. Dec = ten/10.

A byte of apple...
The edenic apple...and 666

Friday 13th is the anniversary of the Templar suppression (Friday, October 13, 1307) aka 10-13.
 This date is also regularly referenced via the film series (see the templar skull and cross, left pic) and Chris 'X-Files' Carter's production company.  Mr Chris 'masonic' Mrs Carter (aka Beyonce).

Is Sasha of her programmed multiples?  Ummm...probably.
Baphomet's they mean the anal sphincter?  Baphomet is an avatar for sodomy, afterall!

"As above, so below...solve et coagula" (arms of baphomet)

Solve et coagula is a maxim or motto of Alchemy which means "dissolve and coagulate". It means that something must be broken down before it can be built up.  In light of OTO (and other cognate masonic groups) this may perhaps refer to the breakdown of society (via their workings) which is then to be rebuilt in their image.

"One of the founding tenets of the OTO is to shape and manage American popular culture"
 Craig Heimbichner - OTO Blood on the Altar

 Johnny Depp or Johnny Adept...with Disney & Burton

Law of Reversal
("c") Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural, and appreciable as a whole.

 ("f") Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.
Johnny flipped = Baphomet

Johnny 'Osiris Pirate' Depp
 You might recall all the 666 references that I outlined in Depp's Ninth earlier work.
the eye...

 Depp & Macca...My Valentine
Sign language or Osiris Risen?
Help! (the beatles) was supposed to be a form of semaphore...cough, cough.
 Crowley...Osiris Risen

The Grant/Depp overlaps...channelling Kenneth?

Secret Chiefs & Crowley successor Kenneth Grant...
Allegedly the Secret Chiefs are leaders behind the Argentum Astrum (Crowley's AA) and are responsible for ushering humanity into various initiatory 'aeons' the current phase being the Aeon of Horus. "The Order of the Silver Star (AA) is thus the Order of the Eye of Set, 'the Sun behind the Sun'...The Silver Star is Sirius.

 The scientist, Wilhelm Reich, was eliminated by the American authorities because the logical conclusion of his discoveries (orgone, psychic energy etc) implied the total overthrow of society as it is known today. Yet it is upon the debris of that society alone that the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit may be established and Liber Oz (do what thou wilt) put into practice. The keen and persistent practice of even a few dedicated individuals will effectually overthrow society and thereby facilitate the unhindered development of the New Aeon and the reintegration of human consciousness.
Above excerpts from...Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God - Kenneth Grant

 Pan...goat/man sodomizing the goat

 In Robert Anton Wilson's 'Everything is Under Control'...Wilson writes: "Grant's version of the OTO lays heavy emphasis on anal variations of sex magick and dark hints about long-range political objectives known only to the inner circle.

“Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!” – Aleister Crowley
Horus = Anus/Eye Mouth of Isis = Vagina I've outlined the 'eye of horus' also relates to sodomy, which obviously shines a whole new light on all this symbology!
 Peter Koenig

From “Anal Intercourse and the OTO,” a summary of the correlation of degrees to Crowley’s sex magick:

VII° Adoration of the phallus as Baphomet, both within and without
VIII° Interaction with something outside the closed vessels of the vagina and the anus
IX° Interaction inside the vagina with either the blood or the secretions of a woman when excited
Impregnation + fertilisation of an egg + the act of creation or succession (e.g. election of the OHO)
XI° Two-folded: i) Isolation in the anus [per vas nefandum] where it is considered unable to interact with anything at all ii) interaction with excrements (one of Crowley’s preferred ingredients) and small amounts of blood (when small wounds occur through the intercourse), mucus and of course the mucous membranes that lead directly into the blood supply, etc.

 Morpheus (flipped) The above, so below
Not forgetting 'the architect' as a an avatar for the masonic 'great architect of the universe' aka GAOTU (the masonic concept of god)...which, as we've been discussing, is likely (in one aspect) meaning themselves...'man as god/there is no god but man' etc.  Keanu Reeves as a massive 'sirius' (dog star) resonator.
Recall our old favourite...Kubrick's The Shining 
The incest/sodomy aspects (Re: Danny) should not be overlooked...pun intended.

The phallic obelisks either side...eye at the apex
Some may recall Crowley's own 'Hymn To Pan'...and the sodomite overtones etc.
"give me the sign of the Open Eye (sphincter). And the token erect of thorny thigh" (penis)
 The sign/symbol of baphomet?
The sign/symbol of baphomet?  (aka Salem Cross)

The Hierophant aka The High Priest...
Note the similarities...
Previously earlier work.
Similar is also seen on the Magican card (card 1)

Some interpretations also suggest a link between the card and the myth of Isis and Osiris, a claim made about many cards. In non-Western cultures (Native American, Siberian) the Hierophant retains the role as spiritual guide, wearing here the mask of a shaman who is also the teacher of holy things. In Native America, the mythological association is with the Coyote or Trickster God, one who is a teacher, a benefactor for the spiritual student, but who is often playful or mischievous. (the latter part evokes Hermes/Thoth, the trickster/teacher interpretation). The Hierophant presents the lessons of heaven to earth. (again, elements of Baphomet ala 'as above, so below')

The Pepper Pyramid (diagonal mirror shot) and homage to Crowley & OTO 

The Law of Reversal....
("f") Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.
 The Beatles...homage to Crowley & OTO (hidden in album cover)

 You might even recall that during the 2012 Olympics...another homage was made!

OTO Beatles and Help (with grade signs)

Thelemite Jay-Z...with Thelemite Beatles
Crowley popularized the Alien in the LAM potrait.

  It's not technically from a Jay-Z song, it's from Danger Mouse's Grey Album project. The track in question is Lucifer 9 (Interlude), a mashup of Jay-Z's Lucifer track with the Beatles' Revolution #9 and I'm So Tired.

The Beatles' Revolution #9...also having that 'turn me on dead man' message within it! 
("c") Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural, and appreciable as a whole.

"Murder, murder Jesus...666"
 Lucifer...cough, cough.  Luci(fer) In The Sky with Diamonds. Of is all very deliberate.
One of the OTO degrees apparently requires the candidate to spit on the crucifix/bible. 

Now that we've identified numerous gestures and signals...the following becomes 'fair game'
 666 and the eye (cbs)
 666 and the

 not forgetting her 'sex magick' based perfume range.
 Menstrual blood and semen mixing...ala Star Fire/Gnostic Mass

The mixing of menstrual blood with semen is a part of the Gnostic Mass (liber XV)...ritualised sex magick (with the Scarlett Woman)... is the making of 'the cakes of light' which can contain blood & semen...a kind of Thelemic Eucharist wafer.

 Prince...666 & 'the eye'
the eye of horus...

The Stele of Revealing (exhibit #666) that led to Crowley's Book of Law and contact via Horus
Horus (the eye) and 666

Macca's 666 hand gesture...Lennon's horns

 And Oprah too...

Somehwere Over The Rainbow...

the eye (horus/sirius astronomically, the anus anatomically)
ignis (fire) aqua (water)...terra (earth) aura (air)
the elements etc
Sign of the Veil

It was Oprah Winfrey who apparently influenced Jay-Z to write his Decoded book!
Isis Oprah...
Water OTO/AA elemental grade sign

Harpo....Oprah (backwards)

Magick in Theory and Practice, Crowley taught a concept known as “the law of reversal” 

 Apply the 'law of reversal' on this promo...
Kabbalistic 11-11 & OWN or NWO?

First Method. Let the Exempt Adept first train himself to think backwards by external means, as set forth here following.
("a") Let him learn to write backwards, with either hand.
("b") Let him learn to walk backwards.
("c") Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural, and appreciable as a whole.

Lennon - I Am The Walrus
 ("d") Let him practise speaking backwards; thus for "I am He" let him say, "Eh ma I".
("e") Let him learn to read backwards. In this it is difficult to avoid cheating one's self, as an expert reader sees a sentence at a glance. Let his disciple read aloud to him backwards, slowly at first, then more quickly.
("f") Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.

 Harpo aka Harpo-crates (a form of horus, denoting silence)

Harpocrates and silence

Reflected in the masonic 'due-guard' gesture

Also reflected in 666 Crowley's Tarot...

 Thoth (Hermes) behind (baphomet above, so below)
The maxim of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth/Hermes...."As above, so below"

We noted this 'type of phenomena' (silence) during the Newtown shootings, as well as the lodges and the 'over the rainbow' OZ connection.

Also Reflected by Madonna

The eye & 666
669 to 666...What It Feels Like For A Girl (2001)
 Madge, lucifer and sex (book)

Tom 'BIG 9/11' Hanks...
Spielberg collaborator and Roger 'Poe' Corman protege Joe Dante...drops the 666 meme in The Burbs.

Remember how recently we connected Brother Spielberg to the 666 meme and rather heavily!?
Oprah starred in his film The Color Purple (connecting to sirius and purple haze light)
666 as the kabbalistic magick square number of the sun.

Of course...Crowley IS Mr 666!

Oprah (water, again!) and The Color Purple author Alice Walker.
Whoopi Goldberg (The Color Purple) and Crowley N.O.X sign, vir (latin:man) attitude of pan
Is she still trolling for known paedophile Polanski?  "It wasn't rape/rape" (sick bitch)
Crowley wrote Liber Oz...the law of the strong, OZ meaning strength (hebrew)
Clearly the 'strength' aspect was being highlighted by this recent release...great & powerful etc.

Recall Disney's Rainbow Road to OZ...Sept 11th 1957
 The 3 candles/cake and Brother Walt with his tessallated/masonic mouseketeers!
The 3 candles evoking the masonic altar

OZ & 666
Walt '666' Disney...and the pyramid castle
Disney 666, Illuminati and eye
Disney seeding the game...

Re: "Seeding the game"
Jorge Luis Borges, in his story “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,” first published in 1940, tells of a fictional world, Tlön, created by a group of intellectuals who disseminate bits of information about it in various books, magazines, encyclopedias and dictionaries throughout the world so that as people begin to learn about it, it gradually imprints itself on the real world, re-writing reality with  its own  paradigm. What  began as a  minor entry in an obscure encyclopedia becomes more and more ubiquitous, the more that people read and learn about it. The fictional world of Tlön spreads over the earth like a virus, a virus composed of information, mutating reality (Borges 3-18).

Our 'mystery religion' controllers imo...are using this very tactic (at least to some degree) and it may very well be that the internet was very much a part of this 'on-going' process (in the exponential sense)...spreading these memes far, wide and universally etc.

Of course...even in the terms of this blog, it could be argued that I am exposing this for them, but I counter that with the idea that... "The first step in avoiding a trap, is knowing of its existence" and I do appreciate the aspects of 'revelation of the method' etc....and this needs to be born in mind, something I can't stress enough!
The reason we are able to identify this barrage of  occult cues and mystery religion based propaganda is that we've been allowed to by our is THEY who are seeding these ideas/concepts/symbols,  regularly (but barely) subliminally and now clearly more overtly!  This is a very, very important point and one that really needs to be appreciated...this isn't so much about ME finding this stuff, but more about THEM knowingly disseminating their propaganda (you have to ask yourself why?) and onto mass consciousness.

For more on the concept of 'revelation of the method'...please see Michael A Hoffman et al.

Being Mickey
 This bitch is OWNED

More Disney vomit...
 And if it isn't her, it is industry monarch slave Miley Cyrus...playing pied piper to her fans, many who have been primed by Disney since infancy!  

Not forgetting Justin & Britney who came through via the Masonic Mickey Mouse Club.
Surely a ground for procuring and creating these monarchs and their alters!
666 'the eye' and magic/magick...Timberlake's N-Sync were managed by (homo/paedo) Lou Pearlman.
Gloria Steinem defends Cyrus...and she employs an OTO grade sign, fire (left)
Celebrating the murder of unborn children...this is right up Crowley territory, with his 'soul cracking' and magickal abortion practice, as also referenced to L Ron Hubbard (Scientology).

"Don't blame the player...blame the game"  

Hey...with no players there is no game, dumbass!!!
Who the hell listens to these harpies...we know who funds and promotes them..ha, ha!?

Steinem pulls the OTO/AA grade sign...Osiris Risen
Busted OTO Bitch...oh yes!!!

Now that I've mentioned Miley Cyrus...perhaps this is a good time to raise the subject of Mulholland Drive, a film in which her father (Billy Ray) featured and in a scene that I have attempted to decode for hidden meaning.  I tackled Mulholland Drive (in one aspect) from the POV of Diane being the victim of incestuous abuse and I think this was being directly referenced in the scene that featured Billy Ray Cyrus!
 Up in the Hollywood Hills...the scene of many a crime.

The set-up...of the scene
"I'm going HOME, I'm going HOME Cynthia...I'm going HOME."
(Diane going home, as Adam's dream composite) 

(This is not the only aspect of course...mixed in with this is the real story of Adam's marital strife.) 
But we're not discussing that isn't relevant.
Adam arrives home...

Billy Ray Cyrus is Gene...
Gene 'the pool guy'/Genes familial  (Gene Pool)
Adam stumbles across his wife Lorraine in bed with another lover (Gene)

He enters the bedroom....Lorraine exclaims:
on the back of that Gene says...
"Just forget you ever saw's better that way"

Yes...a bit of a WTF moment, that we've come to expect from Lynch.

What we've just seen can easily be applied to an abuse scenario and one where the 'abuser and the abused' are interrupted (walked in on) by another.

In this setting...Gene is the male abuser avatar (for a parent/guardian) and Lorraine is the abused (Diane).
Remember...Adam (a person from Diane's reality, but also a dream composite of Diane's) prior to this made a 'sledgehammer' point of 'Going HOME' and I believe this is also a reference to Diane's HOME.
Immediately following this strange bedroom scenario, we see Adam do the following....
Pour 'Pink Paint' (innocence) all over his wife's jewellery box aka 'the family jewels'.

To many that may have seemed totally random, but not to me!
family jewels pl.n.
1. Jealously guarded assets or secrets.
2. Slang The male genitals.

Both apply and on that basis...we have a symbolic visual metaphor...
Diane's innocence...sullied by the male genitalia of a familial abuser. (gene/genes/gene pool)

Compare this shot from Lynch's Wild At Heart...where Lula is raped by an Uncle, with this shot of Adam after the events at his home.
Adam is left bloody and abused and is marked with the pink paint of innocence
Lula is left bloody and abused...after being raped by an Uncle.  (Wild At Heart)
She is from an industry family....the daughter of actors Bruce Dern & Diane Ladd, in Wild At Heart she starred with industry family member Nicolas 'Coppola' Cage. 

On the verge of Adam entering the bedroom...we see a bookcase (seen in the earlier 'now you've done it' gif, above as Adam walks in) and I've noticed a link via book titles that might clue us in...

The Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors
- Sagan & Druyan
Presumed Innocent - Scott Turow (that is already a reference to innocence, own its own!)
More easily visible on the Blu Ray...The bookcase
these 2 books sit side by side...
So combined it's...."The Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors...(who are) Presumed Innocent."
Could this be a veiled reference to Aunt Ruth?  She is an ancestor of Diane's and is dead in reality (forgotten).
There is also a book called Dr Susan Love's Hormone Book visible...'love' & 'hormones' getting referenced with 'genes' and 'sex' and 'infidelity' and 'subliminal abuse'...quite a potent mix.

We know Betty (Diane) never mentions anything about her parents...they never feature at all and the only familial connection we get, is through 'Aunt Ruth' (who could have been her guardian) and no mention of the male aspect (Uncle) is ever given either.

We also have the Cenci (abuse victim) painting, as seen multiple times in the film and we get similar with Rita Hayworth, who was also alledgedly a victim of abuse, at the hands of her father.
Silencio...silence ala harpocrates

See MD main post for more on the below. Much of what I've written here will not make much sense without understanding the dynamics of this particular film! 

The reason that I raise in light of Miley Cyrus (herself) possibly being a programmed multiple/monarch victim.  The monarch butterfly (where the term originates) connects to genes and the ability to pass on genes etc and in my research of these mind control cases, much points to a 'cycle of familial genrational abuse'...passed down through industry families etc.  Perhaps this is the main reason as to why 'nepotism' is so seemingly rife in Hollywood and the media.  Here in a rare film appearance her father...just happens to be in a scenario that (subliminally) outlines sexual abuse, perhaps even incestuous (gene) sexual abuse...a subject Lynch has tackled in the mainstream before...via Twin Peaks etc.

 In this context, the above graphic is rather worrying.

 Fritz Springmeier
The connections are endless. Edgar Allen Poe (another who I've written extensively about), who was into the occult and worked for British intelligence wrote The Raven. Vincent Price starred in Hollywood’s version of the Raven, and passages of the book have been used as codes for a number of Monarch slaves, who had to memorize portions of the book with their photographic memories.

Roger 'Poe' Corman's
 The 'egg in the head' aka the thalamus (mind control) detailed in earlier work.

Warner Communications came out with the book/& movie “Sybil” which is about a woman with multiple personalities. The book and movie “Sybil” are full of mental slides (misinformation detours are called “slides” by the CIA) to prevent people from looking and thinking in the right directions concerning MPD. Structured MPD (DID) like Sybil’s, occurs only from very specific trauma-based programming. Even the name Sybil is an occult name, although the idea that occult was involved in creating Sybil’s MPD is not hinted at.

The chief financial power behind Warner Communications was the Illuminati/Pilgrim Society member Eugene R. Black, retired head of the World Bank. Warner Communications is headquartered at Rockefeller Plaza, and has produced quite a few occult movies and occult books, for instance their movie about a demon “It Lives Again.” When Monarch slaves watch television, the shows they watch can relate to their programming in the following ways.

1. First, many of the shows have code words or programming scenarios which are deliberately in the shows to control the slaves: such as Star Wars, Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz (which is heavily referenced in Mulholland Drive), the Love Boat, Fantasy Island, I Dream of Jeanie (Delta Genie in the bottle programming, and “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND” type trigger), The Little Princess, the Miss Universe Contest 1995, Duck Tails (created to control child slaves, with deliberate triggers such as “earthquack”), Bobby’s World cartoon, Steven Spielberg’s Tiny Toons, My Fair Lady (used in several of the slave finishing schools), ET (for alien programming), etc.
2. Some of the shows which are supposedly pure fiction show elements of actual Illuminati ceremonies, Illuminati history, drug running methods, etc., such Bell, Book & Candle, Burn Witch Burn, Curse of The Voodoo, Equinox, Manos, The Hands of Fate, Witchcraft ‘70, as Spirits of the Living Dead, Frankenstein, Night of the Living Dead, Bewitched (with actual witches as actors). Raising Cain shows torture and MPD. Hellraiser 3 depicts “gatekeepers.”
Hellraiser 3 craftily referencing Crowley
Pinhead, the rose/red cross and Crowley as Osiris Slain
 3. Some of the shows portray the Monarch total mind-control program (!): Telefon, The Manchurian Candidate, Videodrome (which I've recently written about and identified Cronenberg's early connections to OTO thelemite Kenneth Anger), Labyrinth, Trancer II, The Attack of the Robots, Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine, Attack of the Puppet People, The War of the Zombies, Colossus-The Forbin Project, and The Point of No Return starring Jane Fonda’s Bridgett, who is connected to the OTO. (By the way, Monarch mind-controlled slaves have been shown the movie “Telefon” to emphasize to them that their minds are controlled by their handlers, and for them not to forget it.)
Tarantino's Death Proof (above). Mind control. butterfly, and monarch.
A Branson Monarch double-bill...Monarch Telefon, and  Monarch Death Wish 2.
Monarch and mind control (ending, Death Wish II). The close has Bronson undercover at a psychiatric linked hospital. There's an electrocution of Nirvana (gang thug), ring resonance, radio resonance and an out of place prolonged shot of the Hollywood sign. A "putting up buildings" theme and we end with Bronson's shadow superimposed on the 'Monarch building'. Jimmy 'Crowley/OTO' Page did the soundtrack, Matrix (mass mind control), Morpheus/Fishburne also featured. Bronson also starred in Winner's 'The Mechanic' - a clockwork/mechanical assassin.

4. Many of the movies and shows use Monarch slaves as actors & performers: such as Rosanne Barr, Bette Midler, Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle and possibly Wayne Newton (a child singing protege, who never wrote a check for himself in his life). They also use lots of slave handlers such as Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, & Bob Hope. And occasionally they use programmers such as Anton LaVey, Jerry Lee Lewis. Cisco Wheeler, the co-author of this book, while in the Illuminati, was given repeated reason to believe that Elvis Presley was also a Multiple programmed by the Illuminati. We know that at times he went by code names, one which is publicly known was John Burrows. His group, called the Memphis Mafia, have talked about his ability to go into altered states of consciousness, even seem dead. Recently, another Illuminati slave, also stated that Elvis was an Illuminati slave. Cisco points out that Elvis’ twin brother was dead at his birth, and that Elvis knew that this gave him double spiritual power (according to Illuminati beliefs). The Illuminati will often kill a twin, so that the other will get the power of two souls. From what we understand, Elvis Presley’s handler/programmer was a Col. Tom Parker. Elvis belonged to a team of 4 Illuminati men. Elvis is publicly known to have studied yoga, numerology, drugs, and received some new age spiritual training in an academy overlooking Pasadena, CA. He was an active member in the Theosophical Society. After Elvis Presley supposedly died, the Sun International Corp. came out with an Elvis Presley (Jimmy Ellis spoof) album called Orion, with the winged-sun-disk on its cover.

In August 1953, Presley walked into the offices of Sun Records...the beginning of his career.
Symbolically...Elvis was also the 'Memphis King' (at Sun Records) ala Osiris/Apis. 
Likewise...Dr King was the scarificial bull (osiris/apis) when he was taken out in Memphis.

There have been claims made that relate him to the Rosicrucian movement too.
The winged-sun-disk is an important Egyptian magical symbol used by the O.T.O. [Ordo Templi Orientis-satanic occult organization founded by German occultist Karl Kellner in 1896], Theosophical Society etc. Mae Boren Axton, known as the Grand Dame of Nashville, played a pivotal role in Elvis Presley’s life. Elvis & the Beatles were chosen by the Illuminati to introduce rock music to the United States. There is no doubt about Elvis’ and the Beatles’ musical talent. Elvis’ close friend Wayne Newton is highly suspected as also being a slave. Elvis worked with Burt Reynolds and Jerry Lee Lewis who also connect in with the Illuminati’s mind-control operations. The authors are puzzled why Elvis’ grave, which had millions of dollars spent on its security, has his name misspelled? (Elvis Aron Presley v Elvis Aaron Presley). We are also puzzled why Elvis, who repeatedly stated he wanted to be buried beside his mother, is buried beside his father, who he privately stated wasn’t even his real father. Why has no one ever tried to collect insurance on Elvis’ death? Once again, it seems, the front stories that the public hears are full of inconsistencies. We believe that some people in the Illuminati know the true story about Elvis Presley. For sure Elvis’ mysterious mind-control programmer/handler Col. Tom Parker would know.
Fritz Springmeier's all very Laura Palmer isn't it?
 Laura 'possessed incestuous abuse victim' Palmer
Remember she is a part of a cycle of familial abuse, her father (Leland) was also an abuse victim.

Billy Ray Cyrus....speaks of Miley, Lynch & Mulholland Drive

Cyrus is actually claiming (albeit indirectly) that his dealings with Lynch, led to Miley becoming Hannah Montana!  Is he merely just playing his part, in the ongoing psycho-drama...and the concern, is only for public consumption?
Don't forget...we've kind of outed Lynch as being a Rosicrucian adept via Blue Velvet opening this is all relevant!

Monarch Queens?
 In an earlier piece I outlined the 'masonic' credentials of Madonna...her most recent tour (MDNA) being soaked with mystery religion content. 

Masonic Madonna

My show
Is a journey
The journey of a soul from darkness to light
It is part cinematic musical theatre.
Part spectacle and sometimes intimate Performance art.
But above all its a journey
From darkness to light
From anger to love
from chaos to order.

'Order out of chaos' (Ordo Ab Chao) is the motto of the 33rd degree

From Darkness to Light...via the eye
 So Madge It Be...Madonna 'Isis' Ciccone

Desperately Seeking Hiram...

The Sycamore Tree...sacred to Isis/Hathor, Hathor/Heather Graham in the circle.
Isis/Hathor aka Lady of the Sycamore
Glastonbury Grove - Twin Peaks
Not forgetting the 666 message from woods/space...and the whole 'possession' angle.
Lynch also has previous when it comes to 'lodges' as in the Twin Peaks...white lodge/black lodge elements.  (Also see Crowley's Moonchild). There is also the black/white aspect of the masonic lodge floor, to consider.

Masonic lodges require 'a tyler'...a type of 'mystery religion' based doorman/bouncer, lol.

Tyler The Creator...inverted cross, it could also denote the tyler's sword (see pic below)
Osiris risen and 666 (see jacket)...
666 and the eye...Tyler The Creator...and Crowley
Oh's the Masonic Lodge Tyler and it's all about the thumbs!
A Masonic Lodge Tyler

"Do not fuck with us"
The tessellated 'Tyler' Durden...
 Funny that he should evoke Yonkers...that was where 'satanic' Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz resided.

 John Wheaties Carr...Minot (a measure of grain, like wheat) and serial/cereal killings, evoking Ceres goddess of the grain (who sacrifices were sometimes made to)...yes, likely an occult in-joke, as spotted by researcher Michael A Hoffman.

Berkowitz's sigil...
Anyone spot the OTO acronym?

'Inverted cross' at Son of Sam ritual site...

Michael A Hoffman II...Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare

Baphomet artist...Eliphas Levi's Magickal Sigil

 The Chi-rho cross can been seen at the top...a sort of 'prototype' skull and cross bones

The Son of Sam Group

Man as of the main tenets of OTO and their beliefs...
Man as God...
All very appropriate don't you terms of entertainment and the concept of 'stars' (celebs)? 
Madonna's Kabbalah name 'Esther' means 'star'.

"There is no god, but man"
liber oz

Oprah & Michael 'Temple of Set' Aquino...(Oprah Winfrey Show, Feb.17, 1988).

They all agree on mans divinity and evolvement to be God, and what is disturbing is that Satanist, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who was guest on Oprah also stated “We are not servants of some God; we are ` our own gods?” in Set-Typhon the brother of Osiris, who he murdered and was avenged by Horus.
 Aquino broke away from Lavey's Church of Satan to form his sect.
LaVey, Baphomet and Fire (grade sign) ala Jay-Z etc
Jay-Z was named Def Jam's president late 2004...
His Roc-A-Fella label was eventually bought out by Def Jam.

Rubin & Def Jam...
Def Jam got the first billboard number 1 rap album...with Beastie (aka the beast) Boys' 1986 release Licensed to Ill.   

Def/Death '666' Jam

 Rubin produced Licensed To Ill and he was also producing for 'overtly satanic' metal band Slayer, at the same time.  His first work being Reign In Blood (1986) a seminal album for that genre.
 I've already mentioned Def Jam founder(s) 'satanic occultist' Rick Rubin (left, above pic) , in previous work, Rubin was also co-head of Sony's Columbia Records (the colom oto dove etc). The other half of Def Jam is Russell Simmons (right, above pic) and he is another with seeming occult leanings...supposedly praying to his statue of Kali!

Rubin & Laurel Canyon
 The Mansion is a 10-bedroom mansion owned by music producer Rick Rubin in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, originally built in 1918. The Mansion is famous for many bands who recorded their best titles. Although many say that Harry Houdini lived at the mansion, no one has ever lived in the Mansion under the name "Houdini", a fact that Corey Taylor, singer of the bands Stone Sour and Slipknot, has said in his book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven. The book also describes his paranormal experiences in the Mansion while recording the Slipknot album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) in 2003. After recording the Red Hot Chili Peppers's Blood Sugar Sex Magik with considerable ease and comfort, Rubin decided to record many of the albums he has produced here, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers's Stadium Arcadium, Audioslave's Out of Exile, The Mars Volta's De-Loused in the Comatorium, Slipknot's Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), and Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight.

 The Mansion
I notice the (templar) 'Osiris pirate' hanging over the doorway.

It is rumored that the house has been haunted since 1918, when the son of a furniture store owner pushed his lover from the balcony.  The mansion is actually built on the grounds of the old mansion that burned down in the late 1950s and wasn't rebuilt until years later to be used as a recording arts studio.

Rubin and magic/magick...
 So yes...he is claiming status as a magickian

 Blood Sugar Sex Magik...and the rose (vulva)
Note the spelling on Magik (Magic). Yes it's all very much evocative of OTO type behaviour and magica sexualis!
This feels like a veiled reference to the 'star fire' ritual...the ingesting (tongues/vulva) and mixing of menstrual blood/semen etc.

Also, during the recording of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's: Blood Sugar Sex Magik, more unusual things occurred. Consequently, drummer Chad Smith chose to not live in the house during the recording. Guitarist John Frusciante considered the ghosts friendly and masturbated in front of a ghost (magickal masturbation ala OTO?). The BSSM album art also features a photograph of a strange orb captured during a group photograph, which the band suggests might have been a spirit at the mansion.

The Mansion also appears in the second season of Showtime's Californication (Kali), in which the owner of the house is Lew Ashby, a famous record producer (played by Callum Keith Rennie) living alone in his ivory tower or "Ashby's Den of Iniquity". Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra visited the mansion during their MTV reality show Til Death Do Us Part.

Researcher Dave McGowan has written extensively about Laurel Canyon (where Rubin resides), mind control and the 'new age hippie movement'.
 On the Jay-Z Fade to Black documentary DVD it shows him working with Rick in his studio. In this same documentary, Jay-Z first introduces the "Rain Man," a mode he gets into where he starts mumbling to himself until he comes up with lyrics. It's kind of like speaking in tongues, but based on Jay's lyrics and lifestyle and Satanic symbolism, it's clear that any inspiration does not come from the Holy Spirit but from some etheric entity (automatic writing ala Crowley/Hubbard etc).  Rubin also produced a track of Jay-Z's on his Black Album.

This "Rain Man" is the same demonic entity referenced by other rappers such as Eminem and Lil Wayne, whom in his song "Got Money" references Rihanna's song "Umbrella" (Umbra = shadow spirit entity) and says "Umbrella, ella ella." Now some could argue that both of them are merely imitating an echo effect. But a curious fact is the "ella ella" sounds a lot like "la elah" or "la ilah" which means "There is no God" in both Hebrew and Arabic, respectively.

Hindu goddess of death....Kali
Right...Kali in The Beatles film Help!
Recall that this is Help!...and we already mentioned that earlier in respect of mystery religion!

Russell Simmons, who is considered the godfather of hip-hop (although I think he was subordinate to Rubin @ Def Jam), apparently worships the Hindu goddess Kali, some claim there is video footage of Russell Simmons showing his place of worship on MTV Cribs. Kali is the Hindu goddess associated with DEATH.

The same Kali...that was also referenced in Indiana 'Osiris' Jones and the Temple of Doom
A film I've written extensively about, in earlier work.

 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a 1984 American fantasy-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise and a prequel to 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark. After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees, stumbling upon a Kali-worshiping Thuggee cult practicing child slavery, black magic, and ritual human sacrifice. (yes that latter part, certainly sounds familiar)

 Thuggee Life or Thug Life
 Same shit...different era!
Thuggee or tuggee (Hindi: ठग्गी ṭhagī; Urdu: ٹھگ‎; Sanskrit: sthaga; Sindhi: ٺوڳي، ٺڳ; Kannada: "thakka") refers to the acts of thugs, an organized gang of professional assassins.

 Thuggees with Spielberg's wife...
The Thugs travelled in groups across India for several hundred years.  Although the thugs traced their origin to seven Muslim tribes, Hindus appear to have been associated with them at an early period, their creed and practices showed no influence of Islām.

Even 'thugs' have their basis in ancient history...
 Thuggee Life...with Assassin too
 The phonetic Cali/Kali...and Thugs/Thuggees
TUPAC backwards (law of reversal) is CAPUT meaning....done with, over, the end, death.
I wonder what happened to him...? He died on a (masonic) Friday 13th date.
 Kali-fornia...death/serial killer etc, with David 'Twin Peaks/X-Files' Duchovny

Kal-e or Kal-i
'Super-KALI-fragilistic-expi-alidocious'....Beyonce and Rihanna
Alters...Gay-Z has his 'Rain Man', his marionette Beyonce, has her 'Sasha Fierce'
Gay-Z protege Rihanna and Kali, video 'Where Have You Been'

Some researchers equate Cali/Kali-fornia with the final resting place of the celestial jackal aka anubis/sirius...the phrase to 'go west' (which is the direction of California) originally meant 'to die/death'...sun rises in the east and sets in the west (symbolic death). 

Gay-Z's protege via Def Jam..or Death Jam?
Anubis was thought to have a daughter known as Kebechet (Kabechet, Kebehut), who was depicted as a snake or ostrich carrying water (rain water/umbrella). 

Anubis aka Lord of the Dead...
Note...Isis (tattoo) and her massive resonance with water (nile etc)
The ostrich feather is also the symbol of Ma'at/Truth etc.

She (Kebechet) was the goddess of freshness and purification through water who washed the entrails of the deceased and brought the sacred water to Anubis for his tasks. She was thought to give water to the spirits of the dead while they waited for the mummification process to be complete. She was probably related to mummification where she would fortify the body against corruption, so it would stay fresh for reanimation by the deceased's ka. 

Snakes and Anubis...where have I seen that before?
Steven 'Room 666' Spielberg/Lucas....Raiders of the Lost Ark
Note the position of Anubis' arms (Raiders of the Lost Ark)...held aloft, supporting the sky/ceiling etc.

left, God Shu (son of Ra & Hathor)...supporting the sky goddess (nuit), geb below.        
right, Air: The god Shu supporting the sky, grade sign AA/OTO

Inside the House (pyramid) of Anubis
Rihanna does the scales of judgement/ma'at pose (yes, inside a pyramid)...ala Anubis
Also reflected in the AA/OTO grade sign (as seen above) 

The head turn of judgement...Anubis/Ammit
Remember we found something like this in Kubrick's The the Pyramid Hotel
Not forgetting the 'ostrich feather/heart' (see scales) closing photograph and Jack as baphomet and scales of Ma'at!

Rihanna...Subliminal Anubis inside pyramid
 Umbrella video...subliminal Anubis (dog of Orion/Osiris & consort of Isis, both sacred to Sirius)

The anubis (sirius/canis) jackal...
Lord of the Underworld/Dead/Guardian of the Scales (musical scale too, in this case)
This cropped version, with embelllished eyes...shows it better

 The word "umbrella" evolved from the Latin "umbella" (an "umbel" is a flat-topped rounded flower) or "umbra", meaning shaded or shadow. Ella is used in French as a suffix attaching the meaning of "little" thus an umbrella is a "little shadow".

 The name Umbra appears in the Necronomicon which is a “Fictional” occult book of demonology by H.P. Lovecraft  (loving the craft, craft being a term for freemasonry aka witchcraft etc)

Umbrella out of Umbra (shade/shadow, like a parasol etc)
Shades and Hades
In literature and poetry, a shade (translating Greek σκιά,[1] Latin umbra[2]) can be taken to mean the spirit or ghost of a dead person, residing in the underworld.
In literature and poetry, a shade can be taken to mean the spirit or ghost of a dead person, residing in the underworld.

Only select individuals are exempt from the fate of dwelling in shadow after death, ascending to the divine sphere. This is the apotheosis aspired to by kings claiming divinity, and reflected in the veneration of heroes. (hero from Horus).

Shades appear in Homer's the Odyssey, when Odysseus experiences a vision of Hades, and in the Aeneid, when Aeneas travels to the underworld. In the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, many of the dead are similarly referred to as shades (Italian ombra), including Dante's guide, Virgil.

The Omen (remake)
A brief image of Anubis was also clearly being used in the (06/06/06) remake.
The jackal (ala anubis) was scripted in the original (via Patrick Troughton) and we see the bones of a jackal (Damien's mother) at the grave yard.  The 2nd film Damien: Omen II references the jackal via Damien's blood sample. 

Finding OMEN in Disney product...with Shades & three 6's
Shades, omen/nemo, hell & hades...666

Nemo, water & Enochian Magick...
The Best of the Equinox, Enochian Aleister Crowley

Anubis...Lord of the Dead/Underworld/Embalming-Mummification
They (Isis/Anubis) are never far away from each other...usually via workings/rituals etc.

 Rihanna & the wings of Isis
Umbrella (lyrics)
Because when the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath, I'ma stick it out to the end  
(an oath, mmm?)

It's pouring rain, it's pouring rain
Come in to me, come in to me
It's pouring rain, it's pouring rain
Come in to me, come in to me 

Mmmm...Possession oriented, very Exorcist, don't you think? Then there is the'rain' and 'rain man' element that we mentioned earlier and how that may perhaps relate to possession/etheric entities via rappers etc.

"Come into me"
Pazuzu (demon, The Exorcist) and Baphomet
Personally...I think The Exorcist was mainly about 'child abuse' (of Regan, albeit subliminally), much as The Shining is about Danny being raped/sodomized by Jack.  The 'come into me' aspect can now take on a whole new (sexual) aspect, but still be related to possession and mind control via sodomy and alter programming (a method indentified by some researchers).

I've a good mind to do a piece on The Exorcist and the child abuse that may very well be the next post.
In "Umbrella" Jay sings “rain man” is back with little miss sunshine Rihanna where you at?”
(ella = little)
The Beast 666 only means 'sunlight.' You can call me 'Little Sunshine.'
 666 the magic/magick square number of the sun.

You might recall the link I made to Donner's The Omen film...the heavy 666 meme and the anubis/jackal (born of a jackal)  overlaps...the film has a running time of 111 minutes (see grid above) and was released on a kabbalistic 666 date (06/06/76)

 Rihanna has heavy 777 resonance too, of course!
Yes this 'above part' was written before the Malaysian 777 plane went missing and I tackled this in more depth, on the earlier Videdrome post.

Rihanna announced she would be embarking on a 7 day promotional tour for her upcoming 7th studio album. The tour visited 7 countries around the world, both in North America and Europe. Rihanna invited 150 journalists representing 82 countries and a selected group of her fans to join her on the road. To add to the theme of the tour, Rihanna flew on a private Boeing 777 to each date

I wrote about 'The Flight of OZ' (aka Asiana Airlines Flight 214) in the recent Videodrome post (now updated to include MH370) and the accompanying kabbalism...the first recorded incident involving a 777 aircraft...7/6 (Jul 6th US time) 7/7 (Jul 7th Korean time, origin of flight).

I've reproduced part of the Videodrome post below...considering recent developments!
All very interesting in light of the current missing 777 MH370 etc.

The Winged 777
Djed pillars & atef crown either the left/right pillars (aka jachin/boaz) also seen on the 'tree of life' graphic below (left) and referencing 777, in both!  Above, winged sun disk perhaps relating to the sphere marked 1 (below, tree of life) Kether aka the crown...the 'atef crown' is just below.  Basically, the above image can be overlaid and made to fit on the tree of life!

The classical derivation of 777 is to sum the paths that the Lightning Flash of Creation travels along or, in the case of Gimel, crosses on its journey from Kether to Malkuth on the Tree of Life. Another way to derive 777 is to add 359 to 418, as suggested by Aleister Crowley’s comment on chapter 3, verse 74, of the Book of the Law.
777 & 93
93 is the number of Thelema (will) & Agape (love)

The 777 Flight of OZ...
Crashed 777 on 7/7 (Korean Time) where the flight originated from, there were 77 Korean passengers on board (out of 307 passengers) and the plane was 7 years old. This was the first ever crash of this particular model.  Flight number OZ-214 (2+1+4=7). This was the 6th July in the US.
Even the company's logo appears to reference a form of the number 7...
7 is considered lucky in that part of the world. 

Update!  (14/3/14)
Now that we're going through mass 'group mind' processing relating to the missing 777 (Malaysia flight 370) within the last week or so...the above incident 'Flight of Oz' (and accompanying kabbalism) becomes even more pertinent!

the missing (lost) 777 & Aus/Oz

(pic added 22nd Aus/Oz takes centre stage)

Lost's 777 & Aus/Oz

Malaysian/Malaise(ian) phonetics...
Malaise...A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.
Sound relation to this story?

A general feeling of discomfort, illness or unease...."whose exact cause is difficult to identify."

The first Malaysian Airways incident...

Comparisons to the network TV series LOST...should also be born in mind!

Missing (aka Lost) aircraft...777, Aus (Oz) etc
 The TV 'Lost' plane is supposed to be a 777 model...for the purposes of the series. 
A former excellent safety record (save these recent issues) The 777 has been involved in three confirmed hull-loss accidents as of March 2014; the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 accident in July 2013 was the first fatal crash of the aircraft in 18 years of commercial service. So for a vast majority of people...the first major incident/accident involving a Boeing 777 actually occurred via the TV series Lost (Sept 2004)...and not directly through reality. All occurring from the very opening of the series.
(added 22nd March, as Aus/Oz takes centre stage)
 The Aussie military launched 'P-3 Orion' aircraft to carry out initial searching and they've been used to search for some debris, based on the Chinese satellite info.

On September 22, 2004, Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) awakens disoriented in the jungle and notices a yellow Labrador retriever (Madison) darting through the bamboo forest. Following the path it came from, Jack runs haphazardly through the jungle to a beach, where he is confronted by the carnage of the airplane crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

  'the awakening of Jack/Jacob'  
 Some may recall the opening segment (outlined here previously) with Fox/Shephard (Anubis), the eye and the dog (cough, cough).  

"Hawk in the expansive sky..."  (horus mythos)
 The horus/hawk tattoo, the spinal (kundalini) surgeon aspects etc etc.
Stranger In A Strange Land...novel by Robert 'OTO' Heinlein

The 'fool and the dog' (tarot) at the base of the tree 0...Jack/Jacob stares up into the canopy.
Sirius/Anubis (dog star) follows Orion/Osiris in the celestial heavens...
likewise, the dog follows the fool via the tarot.

 Lost...opens via the eye of Fox (Anubis)
The Fox/Anubis (Shephard)...with Ankh (originally used to tether sheep by the Egyptians)
bottom right, Winged Anubis with the shepherding ankh.

 Appropriately and the age of 25, Fox made his career debut on an episode of Wings.

Don't forget the 666/Anubis overlaps...and Liber Oz
We pass through Oz/Os everytime...via the opening titles

777 Flight out of OZ/AUS
I've written a few things about Lost in earlier work...see here:
Although...I must confess that I've never watched the series!

The Winged 777...
 In association with Def Jam...Kabbalism (Qabalism) running amok...tour late 2012
The documentary was released May 2013  
 Isis, Isis...Baby
Isis-Rihanna...Got Milk?

Ritual Rihanna...
Jay-Z protege Rihanna...and the fire grade sign
far right...also includes the 'silence/secrecy' meme ala harpocrates/horus
the middle shot...the eye/pyramid
 The eye of horus and the human brain...
 Recall...the previous post and the 'eye of horus' inside the human brain and pyramid (head)
The pyramid head/brain...the eye leading to the thalamus

They even get the little children in on the act...
Nickelodeon...does Mystery Religion

Anubis...the sirius dog/jackal
Recall all the previous aspects raised...particularly 'the opening of the mouth' and anubis at the scales of maat!

Pitbull and 'the dog' meme...
Mystery Religion credentials coming to the fore...via Sirius/Dogstar, the blazing star (all seeing eye) that hangs in the masonic lodge and in one aspect is the 'astronomical eye'. His name (Pitbull) also obviously evokes the bull too.
 Sirius aka Dogstar aka All Seeing Eye

 Likely also being referenced in this version of the 1st US flag

 The eye...and 666

 Pitbull aka Dog... & the Star (Cuban)...he is regularly pictured with 'the star/pentacle'
He is clearly promoting the sirius/dog meme via his output.

A mystery religion fest...with Pitbull
 At Baphomet's Tessellated Lodge...between Jachin & Boaz
 The High Priestess (aka Isis) and former Disney asset Belinda...I'd never have guessed!
Hiram's Hiram's House

Bel (Baal) inda
Just another programmed mystery religion slave/minion/monarch victim
More here...

Thanks to and a couple of comments posted there.
Get It Started (lyrics)....Pitbull featuring Shakira
Malaysia, two passports, (No Ali)

10th March...
Mr Ali, two passports (pair) and Malaysia...huge cough, cough!
Introducing fantasy (Monarch victim Spears right) juxtaposed next to the story...when I went to view it...randomly generated marketing, of course. 

A mystery Iranian called “Mr Ali” bought tickets for two passengers who used stolen passports on the missing Malaysian plane, it has been revealed. “Mr Ali” purchased them - in cash - from a travel agent after insisting he wanted “cheap” flights. There was still no sign of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which has disappeared without trace with 239 people onboard.

Authorities admitted the incident was an “unprecedented mystery”.  The FBI are now involved after a Thai travel agent admitted she had arranged the travel for the two suspects via an Iranian customer she only knew as “Mr Ali.”  Grand Horizon (Horizon = Horus Risen, Grand Horus Risen) travel agency owner Benjaporn Krutnait said she had been asked to book inexpensive flights for Europe on March 1st.

Thai authorities tried to contact this “Mr. Ali”, but it turned out, that the number he left at the travel agency was fake (aka a fantasy).  Mr Ali is what is known as a red know, just like Bin Laden etc.
I found 'Omen' in 'Finding Nemo' I find 'A Lie' in 'Mr Ali'
I've seen relation to aircraft before and one that certainly raised a few eyebrows!

 Or as I prefer...A Li(e) 
Above...Pushing Tin out of 'mystery religion central' aka the Hollywood shithouse, priming minds for the WTC-9/11 ritual mindfuck!  

Another Jet Lie?
Before I mention more on Pushing Tin...want to see another 'synchronistic aspect' potentially involving aircraft, lies & MH370?

 You must be Ju Kun (joking)....A literal Jet Li...Jet (aircraft) Li(e)
Hollywood (magickians wand) & Pinewood (brain pineal pinecone ala satff of Osiris)

Pushing Tin
Nick 'the zone' Falzone...should perhaps read Nick 'the hori-zone' Falcon(e)
Cusack's head is literally inside a triangle/pyramid!

It featured John 'Rosemary's Baby' Cusack who plays the Horus Hawk (aka Lord of the Sky) of the airways & air traffic Thornton's Set.
Horus Hawk/Flacon...Lord of the Sky

Maat Ostrich feather in the Atef crown of Osiris

Fighting over Russell's (Thornton's) feather (aka Maat) which Russell wears on his head and Cusack with injured eye ala Horus, after battling with Russell/Set (Thornton)

Thanks go to Chris Knowles...for the original idea, he noted Cusack and his multiple castings as a Horus/Osiris or hero (heru/horus) composite.  We noted similar in Platoon with Chris (Sheen) as Horus, to Elias' (Osiris/Dafoe) and Barnes' (Set/Berenger)

Anyway... seems that some sort of media game involving aircraft is per!
Surely you remember the giant 9/11 aircraft sorcery...that was brought and delivered to you via the MSM and the 'mystery religion' puppeteers?

Pitbull even features in the Dark Horse Remix...
Which takes us nicely to the next part...Katy Perry's 'mystery religion' credentials
I do like to concentrate on US popular culture, but what about the UK etc?

Katy Perry's ex-husband
First up...this 'nob jockey' (yes probably quite literally)
 Russell 'Fabian Socialist' Brand...all seeing eye and masonic/templar '13' boots
Gatekeeper and BBC asset David Icke was fooled by Brand...make sure that you're not!
 Tessellated Brand (Get Him To The Greek Lodge). 'Greek' aka anal sex (via the eye/sphincter)

Dark Horse
Katy 'Russell's ex' Perry...same old, same old.
The video opens in Memphis seat of the King (Osiris/Apis) and she is greeted by Bast/Bastet aboard a solar barge.

Dark Horse or Dark Horus?
Horse is also slang for 'heroin'...Katy is a pop Hero-ine and the root of Hero is via Horus/Heru!
The video is crammed with Horus' don't discount it!

The gods...
 The usual suspects and the usual symbolism...
Perhaps Apep (serpent) wrapped around her...notice the allusion to the serpent brain (via hair)

The sky goddess Nuit & the 3 Kings/Pyramids (3 belt stars of Orion/Osiris, Sphinx as sirius/dog)
As mentioned earlier in respect of Rihanna

Osiris Risen pose...Juicy J as Apis/Osiris (the bull deity)
An Apis/Osiris composite...recall Apis/Osiris (the sacrificial bull king) via Memphis, Egypt
Juicy J is appropriately (and for symbolic purposes) from Memphis, Tennessee...cough, cough.
Isis wife of Osiris (Apis)
She finishes atop the pyramid as Isis (wings, winged thalamus)

The pyramid (without the capstone) is a symbol of the on-going 'Great Work', that work is likely the transformation of society and 'en masse'.  Gnostically speaking...the turning of base matter (the unwashed masses, lead) into gold (transformation) via ritual processing, symbolical tests and revelations....Al-chem-y.  Egypt was originally called Khem (meaning black) before it got its name from a former King (Egyptus).
Juicy J aka Osiris/ Katy-patra's Isis

 Nuit symbolizes infinite space in Thelemic theology, Time is also included in Nuit as a dimension of space. The interplay of Nuit (matter) and Hadit (motion) produces the universe as pesonified by Isis and Osiris.

 Featuring Juicy '666' (three 6 mafia) J

Very evocative of the Junior '666' MAFIA (as described earlier)
One group member is shown as Osiris Slain (crucifixion) on the above cover.

Kabbalistic Encodes...
The day after...June 6th 2006 (aka 06/06/06) the following announcement is made:
 On June 7, 2006, Sony officially acknowledged the departure of original Triple Six Mafia member Crunchy Black. He stated his reason for departure was to make a solo album that DJ Paul and Juicy J had allegedly put off for years, with most of the material being used for Most Known Unknown. Thereafter Three Six Mafia consisted just of remaining members DJ Paul and Juicy J.

Associated with the templar skull & bones (head of Osiris)...

 "Dark Horse" moves at a tempo of 66 beats per minute.
 66 & the qliphoth aka tree of death

Dark Trees...
Notice anything...witchery and dark trees/fire, broomsticks etc
This is Dark Horse @ the 2014 Grammys.

666, Egypt (great pyramid) & Horus...via Crowley
Three 6's...Katy, Horus (eye) & Egypt (pyramid)
The sun and the 666 magick square number...Revealing & the biblical Revelation (666)

Babalon (Crowley) is the Lady of the City of Pyramids, the destination of the adept crossing the Abyss. She is the Thelemic personification of Binah, the Great Mother.
 The Cup of Babalon symbolizes her womb, the Universal Womb spoken of in the Gnostic Mass 
- “wherein all men are begotten, and in which they shall rest.”

 Womb aka matrix aka ma'at-rix...m(a)atriarch/mother, mouth...all relating to ISIS!
Matrix (Latin) womb, female animal used for breeding, from māter mother.

Both Nuit & Babylon (Babalon) are directly this short music video.
Babalon: Usually spelled in capitals , as BABALON. In Thelemic lore, Babalon is Nuit (who we noted a few pics back).
Nuit the Egyptian sky goddess invoked as a harlot , the feminine or androgyne equivalent of Pan. The variant spelling from Babylon is derived from the Enochian Calls and repeated in the Book of Law.  Using numerical calculations of the Kabbalah, Babalon totals 156, the number for Zion, as well as the number of pyramids on each Enochian tablet.
 Craig Heimbichner - Blood on the Altar

Part of Thelemic sex magick involves an attempt to unite Chaos and Babalon through intercourse.
 Damn I think I love her, Shawty so bad, I'm sprung and I don't care, She got me like a roller coaster
Turn the bedroom into a fair, Her love is like a drug I was tryna hit it and quit it, But lil'mama so dope
I messed around and got addicted.
 Brooklyn to Babylon/Babalon...City of Pyramids (top left of pic)
 See pic below...the hall of two judgements (above, horus, ammit, thoth and anubis)

"I am the demon Ammit. Feed me his heart"
The candidate's heart would be devoured, if failing the test of ma'at (truth)
You should remember seeing Anubis (above, as guardian of the scales etc) earlier...via Rihanna!

The video presents itself as a 'love story' when it is also referencing 'judgement' ala mythology!
  The Heart, Ma'at Ostrich Feather on either side...Ma'at (matriarch/mother/isis)
"Top Dawg" (3 dogs, top far left) Anubis/Sirius (celestial jackal), dog of Orion/Osiris, who holds a paw. Isis/Hathor & Anubis together...always near.

Hall of Judgement

Ammit (the beast, scales of maat) and devourer of hearts (if the maat test is failed)
I've covered this extensively in other posts...particularly in The Shining and Oliver Stone's work via Opening of the Mouth etc!
 You may recall that (Ibis) 'Thoth' featured in Kubrick's (appropriately named) Eyes Wide Shut 
The 'judgement scene' with Mandy...Ostrich Feather (head piece ala Ma'at)

The 'eye of horus' (thalamus) and the human (pyramid) head/brain...

Recall the 'thelemic' Book of Law (Liber AL vel Legis) was (part automatically) written after Crowley received instruction from Aiwass/Horus etc and the initial first contact took place within the Great Pyramid @ Giza...inside the King's Chamber...and from wife Rose.  Crowley supposdly confessed that it was more like a little voice (perhaps a 'rain man' type thing, as we've mentioned) that dictated to him and that perhaps a part of his 'higher self' was also involved etc.

Perry's Pyramid
Aiwass - Horus, the Great Pyramid and Stele 666
16th March, 1904...First contact point for Crowley's Book of Law via wife Rose (message), inside the King's Chamber..."They're waiting for you" via Aiwass, messenger of Horus.

Rose revealed that her "informant" was not Horus himself, but his messenger, Aiwass.
Finally, on 7 April, Rose gave Crowley his instructions—for three days he was to enter the "temple" and write down what he heard between noon and 1:00 p.m.

The writings which then became the 'thelemic bible'...the book of law. The book that would supposedly launch...The Aeon of Horus.

The pyramid prism...and human head/brain
 King's Chamber, perhaps relating to the thalamus (brain beetle/egg) inside the human brain itself! Could this be the 'hidden god' that Crowley referred to in his work? was the 'horus hair' that set this all off...and I couldn't resist the symbology and relationship to the human brain.

 The rainbow prism
 Perry first teased the tour during her "We Can Survive" event at the Hollywood Bowl on October 23, 2013. At the event, she encouraged fans to see her on her 2014 tour, stating that the tour would be "magical" (magickal).
The eye/I in the pyramid...PR(I)SM
The Dark Horse video ends with a man being turned into a sphinx

Back to the ex hubby...Sodomy resonance...?  
Some might even recall that 'sphincter' (as in anal) is derived from Sphinx (to grip)
Evoking the 'goat horns' (horned head/baphomet/pan) and 'going greek' 
with Brand 'subliminally' behind and Hill as the 'receiver' (anally). 
Look at the promo and the facial expressions...does Hill look like he is taking one for the team?

Get Him Greek (Style)....'to the' is virtually hidden!
Ha, ha...look who turns up in Get Him To The Greek...Diddy/Sean Combs aka Poof (Gay) Daddy!
No comment...
Hoop/Ring dunking via the Lakers...and ASS.
"Yes...I like to 'go greek' with some of my masonic hip-hop pals" 

Yes...this stuff just writes itself!!!  
 I doubt my post made it to the Daily Mail comments
Now if he'd inferred 'ritual sodomy' and 'mystery religion pawns' he'd be on the right track!