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Riding Kubrick, Spielberg & Lynch's 'Rotating' Wheel of Fortune

2001 A Space (Wheel) Odyssey....

Path 21 - Path 2001

Kubrick's 2001 & 777.  The related (Jovian) Lightning Bolt a la Zeus
(see path 21, between sphere 5 & 6, it's an aspect of the lightning flash of creation)
Kubrick's 2001 & 777 (title card gematria)
777 Kubrick, died 666 days before Jan 1st was a Sun-day. (666 square no. of the sun)
He is buried under his favourite 'tree'...'the monkey puzzle' tree (geddit?) 

 An example of a modernist tarot deck is Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot (Thoth pronounced /ˈtt/ or /ˈθɒθ/). Crowley (aka 'The 666 Beast'), at the height of a lifetime's work dedicated to occultism, engaged the artist Lady Frieda Harris to paint the cards for the deck according to his specifications. His system of tarot correspondences, published in The Book of Thoth and Liber 777, are an evolution and expansion upon that which he learned in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The (Golden) Dawn of Man...
 Liber 777, 21, Jupiter & The 'literal' Wheel (X) in the Sky (see card)
Jupiter, is the ruling planet of The Wheel of Fortune, fate, cycles, the ups and downs etc.

Jupiter and The Wheel (wheels within wheels)....ascending and descending (faller) via the wheel
The Leo-nov (rotating section) Jupiter expands (into a star) as they depart, the climax.
 Jupiter (aka Zeus) is the planet of expansion...a key plot aspect in '2001 sequel', 2010.
Leo (Lion), Sphinx, Anubis...all aspects of the Wheel card. 

 Jupiter, Back To The Future via his Greek equivalent, Zeus. The lightning struck Clock Tower
Marty lives in Hill Valley, Lyon (Lion/Leo) Estates. (Lion, also related to Strength, card 8)
 The Wheel of Fortune (TV show) even features in the Back To The Future series.
As I mentioned in the previous post, we're rapidly approaching the 'sequels' fictional 2015 timeline, as described in the film. You might note, it's October 21.

 The Wheel of Fortune is pathway number 21 (2001) on the tree of life. 
Path 21 is an aspect of the '777' lightning flash...that travels the tree.

The Hilton - Space 'X' Station 5...
 2001 Wheel of Fortune...TARO/TORA/ROTA, the rota-ting wheel...the 'arrow' & the Orion (Osiris) ship, Anubis 'dog of Orion' (Orion/Kesil, hebrew aka Fool) on the wheel (red)
 The Anubis rising on the right side of the wheel is Hermes (Thoth), a symbol of intelligence, wisdom ascending or our shadow selves. The snake (Typhon) from the tree of life/knowledge. The Sphinx on the top of the wheel represents life’s riddles. 2001:ASO and the 'world riddle theme' via Strauss. 

 One of the main doctrines of the Wheel of Fortune trump is to reach the centre of the wheel.
 The two gods (Hermanubis/Typhon) decide to seek the center of the wheel, and with the Sphinx they run around the rim of the wheel until all three are exhausted. No closer to the centre of the wheel, Typhon and Hermanubis agree to “seek an oracle of the Gods.” They prostrate themselves before the Sphinx, asking her to declare “the mystery whereby we may approach the centre of the wheel.”

In the Oedipus myth, the Sphinx presents a riddle which, if answered correctly, would free the people of Thebes from her strangle-hold (grip), for literally her name, Sphinx, means “the strangler” (Guirand, 1968, p.305). The king of Thebes offered the crown to anyone who could solve the riddle.

The 'Hermetic' Winged Shoes (talaria), Caduceus & The Wheel
 The Sphinx on the top of the wheel...Sphinx literally means to 'grip/strangle' (a-sphyx-iation) 
Pan-Am...Pan (mythology) is 'generally' accepted to be the son of Hermes.  Pan is related to sodomy, the sphincter (out of sphinx, grip/strangle, as sphincters do) based sex act.
 We'll see the 'grip' (sphinx) 'hermetic' shoes rise to the top of the wheel. Hermes & The Wheel of Fortune...rising up and down on the wheel. The wheel-like 'gif' below, precedes the docking scene with the Space Station Wheel...a double reference.
 Recall Thoth (Hermes) 'judgement' aspects from EWS, Thoth composite, the Bill(s), Ostrich feather (Ma'at) & Ermine (Hermes) Cloak.  Thoth, scale scribe, Anubis, the guardian.
The Discovery Centrifuge...with its 3 sarcophagi. (hermetically sealed, mummy-like crew)
Cruise (Bill) on the wheel
Alternating with the letters T-A-R-O are the Hebrew letters י-ה-ו-ה, transliterated as YHWH (Yahweh), the name of the God of Israel.  Yod, 10th (X) letter. See tree of life/human body, below.
Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh...which I've phonetically compared to (y)Odyssey. Cruise (Mackey) as Yod.
Yod, the 'creative masculine principle'. It is the 10th (X) hebrew letter. Heh is the female principle (yonic, tame the cunt) and Vav is (in gnostic terms) phallic, note its shape and position on the body...Respect The Cock (Vav)
 2001 A Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh...'masculine' Cruise in '2001 inspired' Magnolia (unfolding Lotus)
The Seduce & Destroy banner...shaped like the monolith. Masonic I've called it, director Anderson, has done likewise.  Cruise refers to himself as 'Citizen Dildo' (a type of penis) in Vanilla Sky, that is his nickname.

 The title of Chokmah is Wisdom...vav/vau, again!
 This Path is our first connection to Chokmah, the prime masculine godhead of the universe. The title of Chokmah is Wisdom; the title of Chesed is Mercy. (Daniel Moler)

 "Wise Up"...Wisdom (and Mercy)
 "Wise Up"...Hoffman administers 'morphine' to dying Earl Partridge. How strange it is, to see 'now deceased' Hoffman giving a fatal dose of morphine to Earl, when he himself would die from a suspected heroin (morphine) overdose. Morphine, out of 'morpheus' (god of dreams). Eyes Wide Shut aka Dream Story, Cruise's Vanilla Sky is also dream oriented.

 Respect The (Pea)Cock...Wisdom and The (Rainbow/Eye) Peacock 
"Wise up"...wisdom and the peacock..."the peacock was accepted as the symbol of wisdom"
 It may 'vaguely' resemble an aspect of the Partridge bird, but to me it SCREAMS Peacock, especially via the rainbow colours and feathered eyes. Note the 3rd eye on the bird's head.
 ' Lightning Struck' Macy (Donnie) works for 'crowned'  Solomon & Solomon (wisdom of Solomon). 
 Crowe's, Jerry Maguire...Wisdom (Wise Up, again) & The Rainbow (Pocketful of Rainbows)
 Crowe's Vanilla 'dream' Sky. Wisdom/The Peacock...(Bud)Weiser/Wiser. Crowned King of Beer.

Cruise plays 'the falling tower man' in Vanilla Sky...the climax.

See how these next two (wisdom/mercy) interlink via the tree of life...Wisdom, Mercy & Victory. The right column (see tree) is called the Pillar of Mercy. This represents the male side of man and also contains three sephira: Chokmah (Wisdom), Chesed (Mercy) and Netzach (Victory).
  Pillar of Mercy...Chokmah (Wisdom), Chesed (Mercy) and Netzach (Victory).
For Victory...see 'Victor' Ziegler...who attends the orgy. Mercy is granted by the redemption of Bill.
This ritual scene occurs (by implication) inside Mentmore Tower(s), a pillar.
 The Fool's '777' lightning pathway (see above, right)...kether to malkuth

 EWS, Cruise will play the 'beginning and end' Fool.  The very first dialogue...
'A Fool and his money, are soon parted' (EWS, via opening wallet misplacing, Bill).  
A Fool and his Monet (Vanilla Sky by Monet) in Vanilla Sky...more on this later.
Leading to the orgy and Mandy...yes, even she knows a fool, when she sees one! lol
The final word (and Kubrick's last ever word on film) in Eyes Wide Shut is 'fuck' (the regenerative/rebirth cycle) and is given in connection to 'the magic circle' (wheel). See ending.

Bill 'The Fool' in the centre of the wheel...
Red Cloak likely doubles as The 'Red' 'staffed' Hierophant & 'Red' Anubis on the wheel
 The crowned Hierophant (with pillars)...who asks for the 'keys' to the house via the password.

4 winged creatures, Lion (leo), Ox (taurus), Man & Eagle, in corners of the 'Wheel' card
  4 fixed signs of the zodiac. Leo, Taurus, Aquarius & Scorpio...The winged throne, Leo(n) Vitali as Red Cloak. He played Lord Bull-ingdon (taurus/bull) in Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. 

Scenes involving Red Cloak 'mirror' aspects of Lord Bullingdon (cane tapping, for example)

 Barry was also cast as 'The Fool' (gesture/stepping off) and via the 'tarot-based' playing cards.

 Bill's (Cruise) mask is modelled on the real face of Ryan 'Barry 'The Fool' Lyndon' O'Neal
 Barry Lyndon & Eyes Wide Shut...overlaps

 The 'zodiacal' Wheel of Fortune...Barry Lyndon. The zodiac wheel with the Sun, at the centre.
   Leo(n)/Bully aka Bullingdon (Red Cloak) is present here too. In front of the 'rectangular rendered' zodiac wheel (the tree of life, behind).

Full Metal Jacket...the wheel and the animals (animal mother). The Joker (Fool) on the wheel...Cow-boy & 'Wool-y (spun thread) Bull-y' (taurus/bull) plays during this scene, by Sam Sham & The Pharaohs (sphinx) etc.  It was recorded in Memphis, Ten-nessee.

The rota-ting Wheel of Fortune (and pyramid, where the sphinx resides)...A Clockwork Orange
The wheel itself (see tarot, above right) is a Orange Clockwork Wheel (evoking the sun), The Sun itself is a 'literal' Clockwork Orange.

The 'literal' 666 Wheel of Fortune...Roulette.  0-36 summed is 666

Kubrick died 666 days before 2001, Alex (A Clockwork Orange) will be shown as the 'implied' 666 man in Kubrick's film, only time the Sun is actually seen, 666, square number of the sun.
...he is be placed between his fomer Droogs (Officer #665 & Officer #667).  British Police, dial 999, a 'rotated' 666.  The biblical 'number of the beast' aka devil and square of the sun The Sun @ The Pyramid Overlook Hotel...via the 'wheel'
 Jack, and 'the palm of the hand' (as above, so below) reflected in the Devil imagery. 

 Jack's journey through the film is 'a cycle'. To begin, he drives along the precipice of the 1921, 'going to the sun road' (a feature called The Loop, is an aspect of this road) and to finish, his 'death' followed by the 1921 photo...suggestive of a type of cyclical reincarnation.
 'The 'Circle' Company...
The 'often' discussed 'helicopter shadow' (bottom, right)...could've it been deliberately employed (meaning it is not an error or technical oversight) to evoke a 'rotor/rota-ry' aspect? Also worth considering is...Heli-(Helios)-copter, as yet another link to the 'shining' sun.

Dies Irae (hymn/poem) plays during the opening of wrath/judgment. Jack's judgment!
The poem describes the day of judgment, the last trumpet (see Jack's ending photo, above) summoning souls before the throne of God, where the saved will be delivered and the unsaved cast into eternal flames. (some hymn/poem aspects relate to Revelation etc, which features the beast, 666 etc).  The scales (Jack's pose), the heart and feather, all relating to Egyptian judgement.

The 'spoked wheeled' at The Overlook
Wheel of Fortune (Card 10/X) corresponds to the letter Kaph, meaning 'palm of the hand'
The Shining Wheel.  Danny's hand (kaph) taking dart from the #10 segment of a dartboard!
Winged Danny (Flyers jacket), red darts, Cupid's arrow (see wheel and note the gemini 'twins', who show up here). Colorado (Colored Red, see red anubis wrapped around the wheel).  Flag with the red wrapped 'SUN' in view.  The 4 cardinal (meaning RED) points, 4 elements, evangelists, fixed signs etc, are shown on the card. Taurus, the dartboard has the 'Red Bull's Eye', Jack is the Minotaur maze Bull(y). Gemini (aka Lovers) Twins, 'Come play with us Danny, for ever and ever'...cyclical, like the wheel.  Red-rum Danny's transport, is a tri-cycle.
 Distance - The oche should be 7 ft 9¼in (2.37 m) from the face of the board...237 (Room No.)

The 'Big Wheel' Scene...geddit?
 A 'Big Wheel' tricycle, he cycles around the hotel in a cyclical type way...the scene is actually referred to as the 'Big Wheel Scene'. Large wheel-like ceiling lights also occupy the lower floor.
His 'wheel' journey isn't physically possible, not from the way it is shown. It was deliberately segued together to create a longer continuous scene, perhaps to emphasize the looping cycle.
 The shot was executed by Garret Brown, using a steadicam mounted on a wheel-chair.
Danny aka Daniel...the vision/dream (shining type shit, simplistically) of Daniel (Lion's den) whereby 'Daniel' (Chp7) saw 4 beasts (see also Ezekiel), evoking the '4 winged beasts' from the Wheel of fortune...again!  One is a winged lion , there is also a bear, to which Danny heavily relates...he lies on one, for example. The Lion (Leo) theme is strong...less obvious ones being, Leo(n) Vitalli, who would work closely with Danny during production and the 'Hair' (Manes) were done by 'Leo-nard'.

10, 21 & 42
The numbers on a dartboard run from 1 to 20 with no duplicates. Think of pairing them up like this: 1 and 20, 2 and 19, 3 and 18... and so on to 10 and 11. Each pair adds up to 21. 
10 pairs in total. So the total of all the numbers on a dartboard is 210.
 21 scores are possible from the black and white sections. (2001/1921)
42 (2*3*7) scores are possible in the coloured sections. (the rainbow connection)

 Note the obvious overlaps with both card images, character interplay and scenes. Card 15 (Devil) & Card 6 (Lovers) 15+6 =21. 
 60+60+60 is the maximum score...number of the sun/beast (Jack as Baphomet/Tarot Devil)
Grady Gemini Twins (The Lovers card aka The Twins). Baphomet/Devil Jack, Black Jack aka 21.

Danny '42/237' Torrance...Bombing the 'lower universal' Wheel
Darts is a form of throwing sport in which 'small missiles' are thrown at a circular target. (wiki)  
Darts were ultimately born out of warfare. The Wheel of Fortune represents the 'lower universe' as a whole. The snow-cat, possibly a stand-in for the sphinx. In the pseudo-Egyptian Tarot the Sphinx is armed with a javelin (a dart/spear).  So the total of all the numbers on a dartboard is 210.

210 & The Pyramid of Khufu-brick...and via YHWH/YWVH
Some researchers even refer to this pyramid as Joseph's Pyramid and Joseph's grain store (allegory imo, see Genesis Chp 42). Joseph, the 'techni-coloured' (Rainbow) dream coat man. The 11th son of Jacob, he of the 'awakening/dream of Jacob' ladder fame!  See The Shining soundtrack via 237 (42)!

"Indulge me" for the Blade 'Philip K Dick' Runner fans!
 Note, the Tyrell 'uncapped pyramid' was constructed by Doug '2001/Tree of Life' Trumbull
 If Jack is 'Jacob', then Lloyd is 'Joseph'...Jack Nicholson/Jacob, Joe 'Lloyd' Turkel , Joseph.
Joseph, resided at the top of  'the unfinished pyramid' (Great Work) in Scott's Blade Runner!
He has the distinction of being one of only two actors (the other Philip 'The Shining' Stone)
to work with Kubrick as a credited character three times
The only surviving original 7th Wonder.  Recall the '7/7/7' (3*7=21) date when Great Pyramid was given honorary status. I'm not going over all of Kubrick's 'pyramid' images and references safe in the knowledge that they are legion!  See my 'Stanley Khufu-brick' post for more on that!

Morgan 'Se7en/God Almighty' Freeman meets Jack 'The Devil' Nicholson...
from the unfinished capstone of the Great Pyramid/Khufu/Cheops.
 Jack-al 'Pyramid' Nicholson with Morgan 'God Almighty/Lucius Fox-Jackal' Freeman @ Giza.
'God/Dog Almighty' Freeman mentions 'lightning striking' (god/dog) as he and Jack sit on the apex!
The origins of Aleister '777' Crowley's Book Of Law (Liber Oz) came from this same pyramid.

The 'lightning struck' pyramid tower via God (dog) 
 The 'before we were dead' comment, evokes Anubis/Dog/Sphinx...Lord of the Dead.
The Bucket List, is ultimately about 'death'. Some regard, that the missing capstone, would be 7 steps.

The Sphinx, Lion (Leo) and Anubis (dog of Orion/Osiris), all aspects of the wheel

Back to the wheel...
Sue Lyon (Lion, Leo) spinning on the wheel...between the 3 pillars and via 'the mason' (James/Jacob)

 Wheels within wheels, wings and strangulation (asphyxiation)
 Wheel of Fortune card (Card 10 aka X) corresponds to the letter Kaph, meaning 'palm of the hand', in whose lines, according to another tradition, the fortune of the owner may be read.

"Wheel (We'll, exact same phonetics) Meet Again...don't know where, don't know when"
Dr 'Wheel-chair' Strangelove, the 'hand of fate'...over the 'X' wheel of fortune (fate) 'war room'.  See it (appropriately) reflected in X Men First Class.  Self-strangling (a-sphyx-iating, out of sphinx) Dr Strangelove.

The 'turning' circle...
 See card (below) The Wheel of Fortune, as a 'turning point' (watch the action of the people)
The 'turning point' via the ammit/cynocephalus (via Anubis/Thoth)...The Shining
The Shining zoom shot (dog/bear) and Eyes Wide Shut zoom shot (Mandy) both match!

The Shining - Book
 Derwent (gent in tuxedo) told Roger (dog/bear) that "if he came to the masked ball (see Eyes Wide Shut) as a doggy, a cute little doggy, he might reconsider;" that is, he might have sex with Roger. Although no actual sex scene between Roger and Derwent is described in the book, such a scene does seem to take place in Kubrick's film, albeit obliquely.

Yes...Fellatio (The Shining) to Fidelio (Eyes Wide Shut)
Both concern sex and sexuality.  Both films also heavily hint at child abuse/molestation.

 Turning point...see also tarot card, below.
  Turning Point. In some decks, the wheel is also attended by an individual wearing a blindfold
Nick 'Blindfold' Nightingale (winged creature) attending the wheel, the 'circle of 12' (zodiac)
Eyes Wide Shut...The Wheel, Red Cloak as Anubis & the 'staff/sword' bearing Sphinx
It is also reflected in this shot, near the film's close, via the 'magic cirlce' 
 see box, The magic (zodiac) circle, Wheel of Fortune contains the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac.

From The Magic Circle to Practical Magic, via the 'Spinning Wheel'
1998, the year before Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 
 Nicole and The 'Magic' Wheel...
via Taurus (the bull-ock), from Griffin 'Winged Mythological Creature' Dunne.
He featured in Landis' American Werewolf in London (see above) and via "See You Next Wednesday", the line (Poole's birthday message) from Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey (left). 
The 'moon' (in both) is a huge thematic!

 Frank Poole & Death. Pools (Pooles) tend to be circular. 
 Death & Pool(e)
Death, Pool(e) and The 8-Ball (pool)

This is where The Fool (Joker) meets 8-Ball...via the 8-spoked wheel of fortune. 8-Ball, with the Alabama (sweet home, big wheel keeps on turning) 'black snake' (snake on wheel), too beaucoup, lol

...Animal Mother, Cow-boy & 'Wool-y (spun thread) Bull-y' (taurus) plays during this scene, by Sam Sham & The Pharaohs (sphinx) etc.  It was recorded in Memphis, Ten-nessee. was 'Griffin' Dunne who directed Practical (wheel) Magic...  
It was Merv 'Griffin' that created the actual TV show...The 'Rainbow' Wheel of Fortune!
4 winged creatures, Lion (leo), Ox (taurus), Man & Eagle, in the corners of the card

 The Griffin...a composite Lion & Eagle
The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle.  These are two of the creatures, that are placed on the card itself! Note how it also closely resembles 'gryp-hon/grip' (ala the 'grip' based sphinx).  Strangulation/asphyxiation...note how the film opens, it's via The Hanged (Wo)Man. Reminds me of the opening of Magnolia, in which Cruise featured...he is introduced with the theme from Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Wheel of Fortune (show) contestants compete to solve word puzzles, like those used in Hangman!
Practical Magic...via The Spinning Wheel
 Note the 'palm' ritual within this circular wheel scene...
Wheel of Fortune card (Card 10 aka X) corresponds to the letter Kaph, meaning 'palm of the hand', in whose lines, according to another tradition, the fortune of the owner may be read.

The Wheel & The Circle...Nicole inside the circle (Practical Magic)
 Nicole is married to Keith Urban...see his religious inspired single and the wheel of fortune 
 The song opens with reference to a spinning circular record..."I'm a 45 spinning on an old Victrola"
John, John & John...J is the 10th (X) letter of the alphabet. John 3.16 and 'hanged man' Christ.
Cougar (aka Puma, is also known as a mountain Lion).  The Deer(e) also relates to Christ.

Practical Magic opens with 'The Hanged (Wo)Man. 
Recall my previous references to The Hanged Man(dy) in the EWS 'ritual circle' scene.
Self-sacrifice a la the Hanged Man and a 'nimbus crown'. 
The dead body of Hanged Man(dy) the hospital.  Bill (Cruise) viewing her upside-down, further cements the upside-down Hanged Man aspect!  Also, see how he enters the hospital, below.

'Circular' auto-spinning/revolving door at the hospital (EWS), Fool Bill, on the wheel.
The 2001 Wheel station scenes will overlap with the classical piece Blue Danube (water). 

Crowley Thoth Deck...lightning bolts accompany the wheel, 10 spokes for the 10 spheres/sephiroth
Sometimes the wheel (of fortune) with its supports is in a boat upon the water. The water is the Ocean of Illusion, which is the sole foundation of the Cycle of Necessity. As in the Oedipus legend, once correctly answered, the Sphinx throws itself back into the Sea which to a Qabalist means that the Gate keeper is no longer needed and is reabsorbed into the vast Ocean of  Individual Higher Consciousness that created it.

 A.I. and the sunken Twin Towers...Mecha

The 'water-based' Wheel...Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
 The (imo) also a large factor in Spielberg's version of Kubrick's A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), which featured the 'sunken' WTC Twin Towers.  Sorry, (above) is best clip I could find.
Both 'wheels' are a reference to the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island.
 The scene also evokes Spielberg's 1941 and the 'rotating' Ferris Wheel (mounted by 3 characters).
Coincidentally, 1941 was written by Back To The Future's Zemeckis, where the wheel also features.
Lost's JJ Abrams (which featured the 777) who is an long time associate of Spielberg...
The Wheel, The Ocean & Manhattan

Lost (Abrams) would coincidentally also feature a 'frozen wheel' (just like A.I.)!
 A wheel that Lostpedia also references in respect of The Wheel of Fortune!
There's No Place Like Home (Oz) & Across The Sea (Water & The Wheel)

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
 David is trapped under a sunken (water based/frozen) ferris wheel (near Rockefeller Centre) at the climax of A.I.  Trapped for around 2,000 years the approx' span of an astrological age. The clip(s) seems to evoke the 'wheel of fortune' and it's the place where David gets discovered by the advanced beings, his fortune (via the wheel) changes and his life-long dream eventually comes true etc.

The (Frozen) Wheel & The Blue Fairy...The Wheel (of Fortune) & The Blue Sphinx
Could the winged' Blue Fairy aspect (beyond Pinocchio) be a stand-in for the wheel-based 'Blue Sphinx'?  The Riddle of the (Wheel) Blue Fairy vs The Riddle of the (Wheel) Sphinx, David spends 2,000+ years frozen, staring at the Blue Fairy under the wheel.

 "I'll be right here" The 'rainbow crown'...ET departs in his 'rainbow' ship, at the climax.
 ET, The Rainbow & The Wheel...ET in the four corners, evoking the fixed signs.
 The Wheel(s) & The Moon (like 2001:ASO).  Elliot's rainbow window blinds.
Close Encounters of The Spoked Wheel of Fortune Kind?
 The 'Rainbow' Wheel in the Sky...which communicates via the rainbow synth.
Recall that 'wings' will be a huge aspect...the missing pilots, the helicopters (rotary)
2001 A Space Odyssey's effects man, Doug 'Tree of Life' Trumbull (bull, wheel-based taurus), would handle the effects in Spielberg's Close Encounters...both wheels above he's done recent work with the Back To The Future ride.  Didn't we see dead cattle (bull) on the way to Devil's Tower and the Wheel?

Brief synopsis leading to the final 'close encounter'
Three dead horses and then three dead cattle. Jillian checks to see that the caged birds (there's the wings) are still alive. Roy (Dreyfuss) is confident that it's all a hoax.  Earlier in the film, as Ronnie (Roy's wife) backs out of the driveway, she knocks a Big Wheel across the road. She takes off, as Roy falls off the hood and lands beside it.

Lacombe (and Laughlin): I believe that for everyone of these (12) anxious, anguished people who have come here this evening, there must be hundreds of others also touched by the implanted vision who never made it this far. It's simply because they never watched the television. Or perhaps they watched it, but never made the psychic connection.

The Close Encounters 'psychic connection' was The (Lightning Struck) Tower...Devil's Tower
The Lightning Struck Tower...Back To The Future

 Replica 'Tower' building Dreyfuss is an 'electrical lineman'...there's your Tower lightning!

The 'crowned' Devil's Tower...the mothership also acts as the crown. 
We've already identified The Devil & The Tower from Spielberg's 1977 (77 the last tarot card) alien epic...The Tower follows The Devil, in all decks that contain it.  Spielberg's turn in Wenders' Room 666 film and his association with Richard 'Omen/666' Donner...add further to his potent kabbalist mix. As does his association with 666/777 Kubrick.  A.I...Haley Joel Oz-ment's 'breakout' role was in the 6th Sense.

 Similar can be seen in Final 'Tarot' Destination 3.The Devil & The Tower (lightning struck crown)
 The film is 'tarot' heavy and from the outset...the first image we see (intro) is the spinning ferris wheel.  The first proper visible tarot card we see from the left (42secs), is The Wheel Of Fortune.
Do you believe in 'fortunes'? It is 'wheel spinning heavy', see also 1m 52secs 'pinball'.

 Bob '1977, Close Encounters/2010 The Year We Make Contact' Balaban...who rarely features in films, just so happened to have a cameo in the recent film The Grand Budapest Hotel...The 777 Lightning Struck Hotel.  Balaban, plays Dr Chandra in the 2001 sequel, via the HAL rebirth/phoenix programme...the phoenix aka 7*7. Grand Budapest Hotel, also featured Tilda 'A.I.' Swinton.  Fiennes, would feature in Spielberg's Schindler's List.  Schindler's List, featured the A.I. narrator, Ben Kingsley.

2001...the film with the Wheel of Fortune based - Spinning Hilton Hotel Station
The Snow-bound '777' masonic Hotel...and the '7' lightning Zig-Zag
"77 mirrored/upside-down makes a "Z," the 0-77 tarot cards resonate as the original OZ (aka 77, gematria). And the idea of the soul's interaction with the third-eye at 49 (7x7) days, points also to The "Fool" or the "Lost" soul manifesting into the physical world." (Eric Dubay)

 Zero-0, The's his journey (beginning and end)...just as it is for Jack 'cyclical journey' Torrance, in The Shining.

2 Snowbound Hotels...

"Hi, Lloyd. Little slow tonight, isn't it?"

The Wheel of Anderson, the 8-spoked wheel of fortune.

Lightning Flash of Creation, The Wheel, Ezekiel 1:10 & The 4 Cherubim (fixed zodiac)
As seen in The Wheel of Fortune...the 4 winged creatures (4 fixed signs, 4 cardinal points)
The 4 evangelists...Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, may relate to these 4 points.

 The Cube of Space (Cubed Brick) Metraton's Cube (right pic) and the 4 cardinal points (left)
Leo (Lion), Taurus (Bull), Aquarius (man) & Scorpio (eagle)
Wheels within wheels...the 777 lightning flash passing through the centre.
The Lightning Flash & The Flaming Sword

 Recall...Hanged Man regular, Samuel 'Snakes on a Caduceus/Plane' L Jackson. 
The snake features on The Wheel of Fortune (left of the wheel) the snake/staff (bottom right)
 The 'vengeance striking' Jules (joules, energy) from Pulp Fiction who quotes (the faux) Ezekiel 25:17.  He played Zeus (lightning bolt) in Die Hard 3, alongside the Tower(s).

As above, so below...taught by Caduceus wielding Hermes (Thoth)
Wheels within wheels...a la Ezekiel
Reflected in Atlas...and do we have a link to Zemeckis' film of Sagan's Contact?
 Zemeckis also made Forrest Gump...with Hanks.
"Big wheels keep on turning..."

 Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." "Momma said, there's only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is just for showing off."

On a similar note, Tina Turner...would sing Proud Mary (during her career), the chorus:
Big wheel keep on turning. Proud Mary keep on burning. (Turner and the turning circle/wheel)

Anyway, Zemeckis' Contact...the film that sets 'science against God' and vice-versa.
Wheels within wheels, rings within rings...Sparks aka Eleanor Arroway (the light arrow way)
The arrow, features on the Wheel of Fortune card, as shown earlier.  

Arroway (Foster) will travel the 'rainbow chakra' wormhole to the aliens...very much like Bowman (2001) does via the stargate sequence.  Bow-man & Arrow-way...I'll leave you to work that one out!

Riding The Wheel(s)...on the count of 10 (X)
 The succession of colors in the 'Contact' space tunnel match the colors of the chakra points as described in the New Age "religion", starting with red (materialism) and reaching gold (enlightenment).

Foster played Iris in Scorcese's Taxi Driver...Iris 'goddess of the rainbow' (the female hermes)
Iris and wings (butterfly), the Winged Messenger. In this scene (above), without the hairspray or the curls, we see Foster flirting with Travis in a totally different way, switching in and out of different pairs of outlandish shades (further eye/iris emphasis) as she shows off her knowledge of the zodiac, her interest in living on a commune, and her refusal to be "square."

Her pimp 'Sport' was Grand Budapest Hotel's 'Masonic' Harvey '777' Keitel, he was earmarked to play Eyes (Irises) Wide Shut's Ziegler...but was replaced with Sydney '777 Sliding Doors' Pollack.
Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel...where Keitel will describe an escape through masonry.

Cruise meets Iris (and the rainbow) in The Edge of Tomorrow and in front of the rainbow TV bars.
The cyclical death and rebirth film (Live. Die. Repeat) evoking reincarnation.

Open Your Eyes (Iris) aka Vanilla Sky...The Eye of Cruise (David)
Eyes Wide Shut...Rainbow Fashions
Under/Over The Rainbow...via #10 (X) the shop will lead him to the orgy & the wheel.
Leelee in the 'Oz' matrix...
Leelee, who plays Milich's daughter, shares a birth date with Judy 'Oz' Garland, June 10 (X)
 Leelee 'June 10th/Garland/Rainbow Oz' Sobieski...Ruby and the Red Slippers (and Tin Man)
 Thanks to 'G8fors' for the link.
Robin 'Multiple Rainbows' Williams features in Coppola's Jack.

Alan 'Eyes Wide Shut' the Oz Tin Man.

Tom 'Rainbow' Cruise and the Wheel via Oz 
(Eyes Wide Shut aka Dream Story, which also ideally relates to the Oz mythos)
 Over The Rainbow and The Wheel (of Fortune). Note the very heavy 'wheel & sky' emphasis. The Cow-ardly Lion (Taurus/Leo), The Scare-crow (winged), we see a cow, a number of winged birds and Gulch on wheels, during the 'rotational' tornado/dream sequence.
Dorothy, The Fool and her Dog, on the 'wheel' via 'the yellow brick royal tarot road'.
If the 'Giza Sphinx' (in one aspect) is Anubis (Dog of Orion/Osiris), then it's a dog, like Toto is.
Now watch Spielberg's Poltergeist the clown/fool and the 'lightning tree'...see Dorothy and tree,left

See how at the end of the Poltergeist 'Tree scene' gets swept up in a Oz-like Tornado

I think the comparisons are clear.  Poltergeist has many other Oz/rainbow elements too.
From 'the rainbow brite girl, O'Rourke' to the Zelda 'Rainbow Skittles' Ruben-stein (ruby)
 Don't forget Nicole's 'wheel' from Practical Magic...the Magic Circle

 Cruise's then wife, Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut, Alice)...Over The Rainbow in Oz (Australia) 
Oz (Aus) is Nicole's home-land.  She featured in Frank Oz's Stepford Wives with Matthew 'Ferris' Broderick.

Dorothy spends most of the film...trying to make her way 'home', from Oz.
Vanilla Sky...Trying to make his way...'Home'.  Joan Os/Oz-bourne.

In both films, Eyes Wide Shut/Vanilla Sky (Open Your Eyes) Cruise will wear the mask.  
 He also stars alongside Cameron 'The Mask' Diaz, in Vanilla Sky.

Recall the Barry Lyndon & Eyes Wide Shut 'overlaps' from earlier?  The orgy mask etc...
 Barry was also cast as 'The Fool' (gesture/stepping off) and via the 'tarot-based' playing cards.

 In Vanilla Sky & EWS, Cruise will play the 'beginning and end' Fool.  The very first dialogue...
'A Fool and his money, are soon parted' (EWS, via opening wallet misplacing, Bill).  
A Fool and his Monet (Vanilla Sky by Monet) in Vanilla Sky. 
Leading to the orgy and Mandy...yes, even she knows a fool, when she sees one! lol

Eyes Wide Shut aka Dream Story to Lucid 'Vanilla Sky' Dreaming...

In Vanilla Sky he will 'step of the precipice' a la The Fool and also evoke The Tower card.
Stepping off to begin a new life/cycle. The cyclical alpha/omega fool.
The Falling Fool and Tower Man...the WTC Twin Towers can be seen in the skyline
The scene above features The Nothing Song (nothing aka zero) a la The Zero Fool.
The Fool needs his dog and that is provided by 'Life Extensions' Benny (the dog).
 Beatle McCartney wrote the song Vanilla Sky....Paul 'Fool on the Hill/Ledge/Precipice' McCartney
 The Beginning & The End

  David lives in the Dakota building, seen in Rosemary's Baby and where Beatle Lennon also lived, before his death.  
Judy 'Oz' Garland lived there for a while too.

Dreams, Tom & Nicole...Far & Away, 1992 (thanks to overlaphotel)
A 'literal' death & rebirth scene...I won't be dying 'twice' as Joseph (Cruise) exclaims.
Dreams are also another major thematic of both (Vanilla Sky/EWS) these 'Cruise' releases.  Eyes Wide Shut is based on Schnitzler's Traumnovelle (meaning Dream Story).

Dream Story is set in early-20th-century Vienna. The protagonist of the story is Fridolin, a successful 35-year-old doctor who lives with his wife Albertina (also translated as Albertine) and their young daughter.  This mirrors the film with Dr Bill, Alice & Helena. One night, Albertina confesses that the previous summer, while they were on vacation in Denmark, she had a sexual fantasy about a young Danish military officer. Again, in Kubrick's film, this is Alice's recollection of the Navy Officer encounter/fantasy.  The film closely follows the general line of the book, the secret society sex orgy, the self sacrifice, the costume shop and the owner who pimps his daughter, the prostitute (Mizzi, in the book), the dead girl at the morgue etc, etc.

 Bill returns home at dawn, guilty and confused. Alice is now awake and tells him of a troubling 'dream' in which he and she were in a 'deserted city'. (thanks again to overlaphotel)
 Vanilla Sky...a 'deserted city' via a dream (both films also feature the mask)
Eyes Wide Shut, ending...Bill's daughter, Helena will mention a pram for Sabrina (her doll)
Vanilla Sky, start...Sabrina (the film) plays in the opening scene when David awakes.

Most of Vanilla Sky takes place in the dreaming mind of (cryonic) frozen David Aames. We experience his life in the dream state (lucid dreaming from Life Extensions), but a dream state that is ultimately malfunctioning, hence his breaking-down towards the end of the film, before his final catharsis.

The dream theme is everywhere and right from the start...the 'Row, row, row your boat...' (Life is but a dream) phone jingle to David's proclamation of 'Living the dream'.
 The 49% (7*7) share owning '7 dwarfs mining for jewels' (7 coloured chakras) from Snow White, which has 'coffin sleep' as an aspect, evoking David's own long capsule sleep (125 years).
David is 33 (birthday celebration) and produces a magazine called 'Rise'.

 This is Tom 'Rainbow Head' Cruise...after all! "A cloak, with a hood and a mask"
 42...angle of the rainbow. Cruise features with Rainbow Fashions owner 'Milich' in both films and each will also feature the mask thematic.

The film opens with David in his bed...the first scene is an actual dream (the deserted New York) which soon after, we see him awake from.  When David gets out of his car and runs in Times Square, you can see an episode of The Twilight Zone, The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play (1961) being shown on the large screen. The episode is about a convicted man who tries to convince those about to execute him that the world all around them is just his recurring nightmare.

Spielberg would make the Twilight Zone (The Movie), his Poltergeist film is based on a Twilight Zone episode.  Dreamworks Spielberg, will make a cameo appearance in Vanilla Sky. Cruise would feature in his Philip K Dick (he of 'horselover fat' fame) inspired Minority Report...another film that heavily references dreams.

 The 49% (7*7) share owning '7 dwarfs mining for jewels'
Numerology: The Tower has the number 16 in the major arcana. This is reduced in Numerology to 7 (1 + 6). The number 7 is the number of mental analysis, introspection, research & spirituality. The people of Babylon built a tower to reach heaven only to have it destroyed by God.
The number 7 symbolises the search for God, faith, spiritual understanding or the attempt to find heaven or the Kingdom of God. Jesus said "The Kingdom of God is within you".

Recall that Cruise's breakout role was in Top Gun...
Jerry 'Top Gun/Lightning Struck Tree' Bruckheimer....he co-produced, Top Gun 
Tony '777/Unstoppable' Scott...directed Top Gun

'Buzzing The Tower' via The Fool (Jester/Ironside) and Great Balls of Fire 
16, The Tower/Fire From Heaven.  Further 'tower' resonance in MI series.

 David's cell, we actually see him 'physically precog' (via the table) his tower jump from the climax. Russell (seen below) will memorably land a glider on the WTC Tower in Escape From New York.
 You can seen Manhattan and the WTC Towers, above.
Cell scene, we see To Kill A Mockingbird on the TV, Atticus also acts as a type of father figure.
A scene with  Finch in the Courthouse...@The Back To The Future, Courthouse/Clock Tower 
The same Courthouse...Lightning Struck Clock Tower, Back To The (911) Future
"Mr Sandman" (bring me a dream) plays when Marty first tours the town in 1955.
 The 3rd Eye (eye of the mystic etc) and the soul (lous)

The 'dreaming' precogs in their circular lair...Minority Report
Open your eyes

Jung...his death and his 'lightning struck tree.'
Carl 'Synchronicity' Jung...Lightning Struck

 Vaniila Sky, in the cell, Carl Jung's book, "Memories, Dreams, and Reflections" can be seen on the table between David and Kurt Russell's character. The book is all about Jung's personal dreams and how they helped him uncover his "shadow" and remove his persona (or "mask").

When David is arrested, the plaque on his photo lineup reads
"W85N 494 T85 4R51M 253OM5 1 N978TM1R5?" Some elementary code-breaking reveals:

Cruise also had the 'distorted face' (via the face changer) in Minority Report (Philip K Dick)

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic future where global civilization is governed by a hierarchical, religious society centered around belief in 'karmic based reincarnation', metaphorically viewed as moving forward or backward on a turning wheel. (yes, sounds very familiar! my emphasis). Above all is the god/messiah, the Bard "Elron Hu" (that is to say, "Elron Hu, Bard"), whose spiritual plan involves one becoming "clear" - an obvious reference to L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics, the self-help book that had been released a few years before.

Tom 'L Ron Hubbard/Scientology' Cruise and Minority Report (Spielberg/PK Dick)
 Tom and the 'mounted' spinning wheel...'Leo' Crow, is his nemesis, for most of the film.
 By now, we ought to be calling him, Steven

 Iris (winged rainbow messenger, like hermes) shows up again, as we saw in Edge of Tomorrow. Minority Report has very heavy 'eye' resonance...all the way through.  Dr Iris is the creator of Pre-crime, so she's the literal 'mother' of the 3 Precogs. 

Farrell's 'Phone Booth' is situated in same area as the one Cruise finds himself in, Vanilla Sky.
 Phone Booth, from Joel 'WTC OZ-Wiz/A 911 Time To Kill also 9/11 resonant
 9/11/2001 via his, The Number 23 (Path #23, The Hanged Man)
 Sept 11, via Matthew 'Texas (Illuminati) Chainsaw' McConaughey & Hanged '9/11' Man Jackson
 Farrell: "Local TV coverage at..."   Farrell's assistant: "9 & 11"  Farrell: "9 & 11, MTV, VH1". From Phone Booth. Schumacher's, The Number 23 is very 9/11 resonant too.
The very last major production, hell it reads like the very event itself! Note, I've not seen it.
All linked to Schumacher, Cruise would feature with Hanged 'Lector' Man, Hopkins in MI:2.

Cruise verbalizes '9 & 11' (like Farrell) in Mission Impossible. Both were in Minority Report
The precogs (precognition) who would have visions/dreams of the future, relating to murder (redrum)
 Recall Arnie & Colin 'Minority Report/Total Recall' Farrell...heads in the wheel.

Philip K Dick would also be the 'basis' of the film Total Recall, which was set on the red planet aka Mars...the pyramid mines and ancient alien tech etc.  Quaid, who has recurring dreams about Mars.
Ronald 'Alien' Shusett, would be involved with writing both Scott's Alien and Veerhoven's Total Recall. Total Recall would reference the alien pyramid, and early drafts of Alien had a large pyramid, which housed the aliens, then there's the 'potential' pyramid on Mars to consider too!
 The Louvre Pyramid where the reality controlling 'Omega' resides beneath (the cyclical alpha/omega, a la the fool). Cyclical...Live, Die, Repeat aka reincarnation.
The same pyramid is briefly seen in True Detective...via Maggie, who featured with Cruise in MI:3

Talking of Mars and Martians...recently we saw the release of Ridley Scott's latest film The Martian (featuring Interstellar's Matt Damon).  Interstellar's production/art design came via Nathan Crowley.  Nathan's 'great uncle' Aleister '777' Crowley was a major mover and shaker in all things 'hermetic'. Jessica 'Tree of Life' Chastain also features in The Martian, Malick's film used Doug '2001' Trumbull for effects (see his work below, 2001, from 777 Kubrick).  Ridley's brother is Tony '777/Unstoppable' Scott.  The Martian premiered on Sept 11th (Toronto Film Festival), Tony's Beverly Hills Cop II is 'subliminally loaded with 9/11 references (major events in the film, taking place on this specific date), his film Enemy of the State, also contains a reference to 9/11 via Reynolds' (Voight) birth date.  I'm not going to labour this point any further, because I could go on and on forever!

Hermes & The 'rotating' Wheel (yes, again!)
Ares (Aries) aka The Ram (Mars).  RAM/MAR...Hermes (Thoth) was heavily connected to the Ram. In an aspect, this is a potential source of Hi-Ram (The Hi-Rama) aka Hiram (masonic god man). Note, I've not yet seen The Martian or Elysium!

Of course, Damon would also feature in sci-fi film Elysium, again with the wheel
 2001 Wheel of Fortune...TARO/TORA/ROTA, the rota-ting wheel...the 'arrow' & the departing Orion (Osiris) ship, Anubis 'dog of Orion' on the wheel (red)
Hermes & The Wheel....2001: A Space Odyssey.
The ISS (station) is an aspect of The Martian, the ISS is (imo) a barely veiled reference to ISiS.
Isis who works closely with Thoth (Hermes) particularly in respect of magick.

Jodie 'Iris/Female Hermes' Foster would also feature with Damon, in Elysium.
She features with Matthew 'Wormhole' McConaughey in Contact
Note, Kip Thorne & Linda Obst, were both involved with Interstellar and Contact.
 Matthew Mcconaughey's Interstellar...The rotating wheel and the wormhole
 Foster travels (a chakra) wormhole in Zemeckis' Contact, now it's McConaughey's turn!
The Cronos/Saturn (time) wormhole...
 McConaughey's 'wormholes' True Detective, Interstellar & Contact.
Theriot or Therio(n)...777/Tree of Life Crowley's name was Therion
Theriot, will even craftily reference 'the widows sons' (masonic fraternity) in some dialogue.

The Mask (veil) & The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You (via Christ & the tree)
...13th Floor Elevators
The eye/pyramid...13 pyramidal steps/floors to the apex/crown, as featured in True Detective

 He gets heavily charged with 'the mask' thematic in True Detective, and the tree and crown.
Deja-vu? McConaughey and Freeman...the tree (crown/gold) and the wormhole
Shawshank Red-emption, Red to Gold/Treasure via The Tree, Tim 'Jacob's Ladder' Robbins.

Nathan Crowley, was production designer for McConaughey's Interstellar.
 The 2001 'wormhole' Kether/Crown

True Detective, directions to the church...of the 'black minister', yup sounds like Crowley, lol.

777...7 (miles) 7*7 (49)
The energies of 7 on this Path are three times magnified: and 777 (the grand scale of 7) is a number which Crowley describes as “a dangerous tool”; one which represents “the flaming sword (777 lightning flash) which drove Man out of Eden”; a number whose power is only available to those in whom the snake of “Kundalini energy”, the energy of “the female magical soul” has been awakened (Crowley, Liber 777, 49). 49 the mystical number of venus.

Eden, The Tree (of life) & The Crucified 'Tree of Life' Man
 "What if God (Christ) was Rustin Cohle...?"

Se7en, Lucky Number S(L)EVIN and Shawshank (tree) star Morgan Freeman, he played 'God' in Bruce Almighty, that film also having a huge '7' theme and throughout.
Bruce 'Channel 7' Almighty...Carrey, the fool and his dog/god.  Note the lightning struck tower.
Freeman, in Se7en featured with Brad 'Tree of Life/7 Years In Tibet' Pitt & Gwynth 'Kabbalah/777 Sliding Doors' Paltrow.  Joan Os/Oz-bourne (Oz=77). Magnolia's Cruise also sings this 'What If?' song in Vanilla Sky. Magnolia's Jimmy 'caduceus' Gator features in Bruce Almighty.
Note Yahweh (YHWH)...which Bruce cites in relation to a password. the CRM-114 matrix, Kubrick's motif and seen in Back To The Future etc.
Jim 'The Lightning Struck' Carrey...
Bruce Almighty and the 'Back To The Future' (Lightning Struck) Tower.
The same 'struck' Tower Courthouse featured in Bruce 'God' Almighty
Bruce 'Carrey' Almighty gets 'lightning struck' in the film, but on a different tower.
The lightning strike/struck crown/tower...seems to be one of Carrey's motifs
The Lightning Satellite Mast aka The Tower, which he also falls from, The Cable Guy
  The Lightning (Satellite) Tower & Falling Tower Man

 Furious flashes of lightning and the rhythmic pounding of thunder accompany the climax to
Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Wrongly accused prisoner Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) escapes after 20 years of captivity.
Red-emption...Red to Gold (treasure) via the tree.
 The 3(0)3 Shawshank 'Tree' was stuck by 'lightning' in 2011.

 The 'kabbalistic' Lightning Tree of Life, the struck kether/crown and tower crown

Morgan 'God Almighty' Freeman & 2001 author Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama...

Clarke's book featured a cylindrical spacecraft (Rama)
A Cylinder/Wheel in the rotates in the book.

 The Stanford Torus (as utilized in Elysium) & The Rama 'Cylinder'
  Elysium aka The Elysian Fields lay on the western margin of the Earth, by the encircling stream of Oceanus (Odyssey), and there the mortal relatives of the king of the gods were transported, without tasting death, to enjoy an immortality of bliss (Odyssey book iv: 563). (Evoking Enoch, my emphasis.)
  In Greek mythology, Elysium (Greek: Ἠλύσια πεδία) was a section of the Underworld . The Elysian Fields, or the Elysian Plains, were the final resting places of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. Elysium is an obscure name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios.  This could be a reference to Zeus, the god of lightning/Jupiter, so "lightning-struck" could be saying that the person was blessed (struck) by Zeus (/lightning/fortune).

Elysium/Underworld/Under The Sycamore World...
Zeus aka Jupiter...where Jupiter and Saturn meet.
 Zeus threw his lightning/thunder bolts from Mount Olympus..with 2 (Twin) Peaks
There is even a direct reference in Utah... see pics
However it is the central, almost vertical, rocky peaks, that impress the visitor, over Litochoro, where the relief of the mountain displays on the horizon an apparent V, between two peaks (twin peaks) of almost equal height. In the left limb is Mytikas (or Pantheon - 2,918 metres (9,573 ft), Greece's highest peak, and on the right one Stefani (or Thronos Dios, Throne of Zeus - 2,902 metres, 9,521 ft), that presents the most impressive and steep peak of Olympus. I wonder if the given population size (51,201) is related (in some way) to the height (9,521) of the 'relevant' Stefani/Zeus Olympus peak?

In most modern tarot decks, Temperance stands between Death and The Devil.
Both aspects (above) are very much 'on point' for Twin Peaks and its narrative scope/plot
The V between the Peaks, Temperance, he or she guides the souls of the dead to judgment.
In some traditions, Temperance does the judging. In those schools, the cups in Temperance’s hands are the functional equivalent of scales, and Temperance, like Maat, an Egyptian goddess of wisdom, judges the soul’s worth before passing it on to the beasts of the underworld. (under the sycamore)
Laura's Angel...she, who guides her into the afterlife, FWWM ending.
(erm, she is already dead at this point, clearly it's 'otherworldly'...what else can it be!?)
 Donna’s father, Dr. Will Hayward, tells Laura her fate, which is ultimately shown in the final moments of Fire Walk With Me. Hayward tells Laura that her prescription is actually a secret message: “The angels will return, and when you see the one that’s meant to help you, you will weep with joy.” (Missing Pieces)

Elysium is an obscure name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios.  This could be a reference to Zeus, the god of lightning/Jupiter.
 The Stanford Torus (as utilized in Elysium) & The Rama 'Cylinder'

Donnie 'Gyllenhaal' Darko...connects to Twin Peaks, via his father, who was involved with the series!
Fear & Love (opens the doors, Twin Peaks), see Fear & Love, Donnie Darko

The Torus & The Wormhole...Donnie Darko and Twin Peaks
Glastonberry Grove (portal)...Arthur's 'round-table' and 12 knights (zodiac). The 12 sycamores (that stood between worlds, sacred to Isis/Hathor) as the (12 houses) zodiacal wheel of the lightning struck lodges.  Heather/Hathor (Cow) the card-based crowned tree queen (Isis, the veil).

A 'literal' wheel of fortune (roulette) was spun in the final episode of season 1, One Eyed Jack's
Where Jupiter & Saturn meet...they straddle the 777 tree of life wormhole/da'ath/abyss
Cooper in the 12 tree zodiac circle...'Rending The Veil' of The Abyss/Da'ath...via the tree(s)
The Dweller on the threshold (Bulwer-Lytton, Zanoni) of Daa'th.  Beyond Life & D(e)ath.

'Lightning Struck' Ziggy (Zaggy) from Mars aka David 'Space Oddity' Bowie-man, he also visited this location and via 'the ring'.

We live inside a dream
says Agent Phillip Jeffries (aka Ziggy-Zaggy, Bowie/lightning struck crown) to Agents Gordon Cole (Lynch), Dale Cooper (MacLachlan). Twin Peaks FWWM (film) 

 "this night, when we dream together
we'll remember, when we dream together
the big dream, the time has come...
Lynch's The Big Dream (music)

The Lightning Struck 'Crown' Tower...Mulholland Drive 
16 Reasons, why I love you (Card 16) The Star (I Told Every Little Star) Card 17
Silencio is the real 'ACTUAL' Tower Theatre in LA...Diane (name relates to 'moon' card 18) and Selwyn (name relates to castle, which have turrets, like The Tower 16)
  The Magician (Card 1) aka wizard and the 'literal' Lightning Struck Tower!
"It is all an illusion/dream" a la Oz, Mulholland has a huge 'Oz' thematic...see other posts.
The 'Gemini' Twins (Card 6) in The Tower. 16-12 Havenhurst (16 The Tower/12 The Hanged Man). 
Rebekah (Hebrew) means tied/knotted. Rebekah Del Rio will sing 'Crying' in the above scene.
Jack 'Eraserhead/Tree of Life' Fisk would be the production designer for Mulholland Drive.

The Tower Crown Lightning & the Tree of Life Crown (kether) are symbolically related
The crown being struck by both.
 The final shot of Lynch's Twin Peaks series is...'the struck Cooper lightning crown/head' 
 The Twin Peaks 'film'...Missing Pieces, hammers this 'struck' point home even further (with an extended version of the same tv scene)...COOPER (smiling strangely): "I slipped and hit my head on the mirror. The glass broke as it struck my head. (laughs) It struck me as funny, Harry. Do you understand me, Harry, it struck me as funny."

Foreshadowing the 'struck crown' and 'zig-zag' lightning...bell and Laura's heart
There is even a picture of the 'cracked' Liberty Bell (that strikes) on the pillar behind Cooper.
'Phila-delphi-a'....The Greek Oracle @ Delphi
Cooper's prior dream...FWWM (Twin Peaks film)
The exact time (10:10) and date are very specific for this sequence.  He clearly refers to the fact that Gordon is previously aware of the details of Cooper's prior dream.  Cooper dreamed this would happen (Bowie turning up at the FBI office, hence Cooper looking for him via the CCTV) and then the dream plays out in real 'film' life and at the exact time that he was given in his dream.  A total WTF scene!  Lodge inhabitants (it is implied) are able to travel via electricity, which explains Bowie's sudden disappearance.

16th February @ 10:10 

We started with the wheel (10/X) and we'll (pun) finish on it. Tom 'Dream-10/10' Cruise
The Wheel is 10 (X).  We saw Cruise and the Wheel in Eyes Wide Shut.
A 10/10 vision/message The Shining...while Danny/Halloran are 'shining' about Room 237 (aka 42, the rainbow) via painting 'supernatural dream' and the 'genesis' Dream Of Jacob (track)

A 10/10 location in Eyes Wide Over The Rainbow
The night shot of Rainbow Fashions...only gave a single 10, the day shot 10, got added later!
(thanks to kdk12)

The Tarot, The Rainbow (bridge) and The Wheel (via 10/10 or X/X)
The Rainbow (X) '10 of Cups' and The Wheel of Fortune (X)
 Within some esoteric disciplines, such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, each of the forty pip cards of the Tarot deck is assigned and attributed to one of the four letters of the tetragrammaton and one of the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life. In the case of the Ten of Cups, this attribution is to the tenth sephirah of Malkuth and the letter ה (Heh).  Malkuth, The Fool, travelling from Malkuth (earth) to Kether (crown) and vice-versa...the beginning and end.

Pete 'Eraserhead' Martell's 12 rainbow trout & truck...
...on the edges of the 12 Sycamores (12 Knights/Glastonberry/bury)

10/10  - X/X
Japan...The Rainbow Bridge and The Ferris Wheel (Odaiba)
Regular hours for the 'wheel' (that offers a view of the rainbow bridge) are 10am to 10pm.

Of course...I actually posted this blog piece on October 10th aka 10/10, but that was purely coincidental...honestly!  That's 'synchronicity' for you!

The Fates, The Spinning Wheel (of Fortune) and another link to 'wheel-based' Hermes
Disney's Spinning Wheel(s)...
Thanks to Alan Abbadessa-Green (via John Fell Ryan).  I don't tend to watch these Disney things!

 As one of the three fates her (Clotho) contribution to mythology was immense. Clotho, along with her sisters and Hermes (hermanubis, on the wheel), was given credit for creating the alphabet for their people. Even though Clotho and her sisters were real goddesses, their representation of fate is more focused upon in Greek mythology. Thread represented human life and her decisions represented the fate of all men in society.

The 3 Fates...spinning via the wheel

Clotho (/ˈkloʊθoʊ/; Greek: Κλωθώ), whose name literally means 'spinner' is the youngest of the Three Fates or Moirai – including her sisters Lachesis and Atropos, in ancient Greek mythology. Lakhesis, whose name means "Apportioner of Lots"--being derived from a word meaning to receive by lot (lottery)--, measured the thread of life. Atropos (or Aisa), whose name means "She who cannot be turned," (turning) cut the thread of life. Clotho was responsible for spinning the thread of human life. She also made major decisions, such as when a person was born, thus in effect controlling people's lives. This power enabled her not only to choose who was born, but also to decide when gods or mortals were to be saved or put to death. For example, when Pelops was killed and boiled by his father, it was Clotho who brought him back to life.

Ariadne labyrinth/maze, The Shining (vision/dream based) labyrinth/maze & 'dream based' Inception labyrinth/maze via character Ariadne (who else!). Circular maze/wheel, also evokes the brain.
 Ariadne, the Greek goddess of fertility, is similar to Clotho in that she carries a ball of thread, much like Clotho’s spindle.  This is a potential link to Kubrick's The Shining and 'the maze' (minotaur) and the trail of breadcrumbs (thread), as referenced by Wendy. “This place is such an enormous maze, I feel like I’ll have to leave a trail of bread crumbs every time I come in”.  The Shining, the fate of 3 characters, who live in apartment 3 and connected to dreams/visions (like Inception).

The Moirai (aka Three Fates) were independent, at the helm of necessity, directed fate, and watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction; and Zeus, as well as the other gods and man, had to submit to them.

 Fate(s)/Moirai/Erinyes and Zeus...Mulholland Drive
 The Tower, shows lightning strikes attributed to Zeus
The Light Struck Tower...Zeus
The 3 Fates, they assigned to the Erinyes, who inflicted the punishment for evil deeds, their proper functions; and with them they 'directed fate' according to the laws of necessity. 

Zeus, as well as the other gods and man, had to submit to them. (3 Fates, Moirai, leading to Erinyes.)
Irene (Bates) 'appropriately' played Mrs X, Eraser-head...the zig-zag bolt floor pattern, 1977. 

The lightning bolt...Zeus/Jupiter
  Parents...Rhea and Cronos (aka Saturn). Erase-RHEA-d and the lightning struck crown
 Henry raises a 'baby' (yet destroys it) this is yet another aspect associated with Saturn (cronos) and Ops (Rhea), that relates to Jupiter aka (lightning) Zeus.

 The struck 'Erase-rhea-d' crown...image (above) follows after 'another baby' usurps Henry.

Jupiter (Zeus) was the son of Saturn (Cronos). Saturn, the previous king of the gods, began to swallow the children that he had with his wife, Ops (Greek equivalent Rhea), when they were born. This was because he had been warned that one of his children would overthrow him. 
Saturn swallowed the children Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Juno and Vesta. When Ops (Rhea) realised that she was pregnant again, she had the baby secretly moved to Crete, giving a stone wrapped in swaddling-clothes (see baby, left) to Saturn for him to eat. Saturn believed he had eaten Jupiter (Zeus), therefore Jupiter (Zeus) was saved. Henry is clearly an avatar for Saturn, hence his 'baby mashing' activities...but the 'other baby' (Zeus) that followed, ultimately usurps him!  Mary X (the mother) is the Rhea character, she moves away and he's left with the baby.
 The opening titles heavy relate to celestial phenomena, Jack 'Tree of Life/Mulholland Dr' Fisk, as 'God-like' composite, pulling 'sparking levers' that seem to influence Henry. We see (superimposed) a planet pass over Henry's face/head and strange sperm-like creatures (a visual metaphor for babies) pass over his mouth, which opens/closes, effectively providing the 'swallowing' resonance...babies, swallowing and planets, geddit?

Where 'lightning' Jupiter (Zeus) and Saturn (Cronos) meet, Saturn in Red 'lightning' Room.

Aeschylus, Eumenides 334 ff (trans. Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) :
"This revenge (Diane's suicide) upon the murderer (Diane, the murderer of Camilla) is our (the Erinyes/Irene) right, spun for us by the Moirai (Fates), the ones who bind the world."

Laura is 'tied and bound' (at the cabin) before her it Ronette.
Moirai (origin of Moira, name) relate to the '3 fates'...Twin 'Lightning' Peaks was about the fate of Laura (Palm-er, palm/kaph, the wheel & the world cards, sycamore wheel)...
...her closest friend was Donna, who was played by Moira Kelly in the Twin Peaks film!
The Moira-i watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws, might take its course without obstruction. Donna (Moira) will (generally) oversee Laura and her last 7 days.

 3 Fates (Moirai) of The Wheel, who measured, spun and cut, the thread of life:
 Lakhesis, whose name means "Apportioner of Lots" measured the thread of life. Atropos (or Aisa), whose name means "She who cannot be turned," (turning) cut the thread of life. Clotho was responsible for spinning the thread of human life. 

 Atropos 'cut' the thread of life...Atropos, root of atrophy, to wither/decay etc

 "The 'thread' will be 'torn' (cut) Mr Palmer, the thread will be torn." 
The one-armed man, is (precognitively) telling Leland/Bob (and Laura) that she will be killed (her thread will be torn).

 This is why he mentions her literal 'death mask' 
(the stillness of her face, the other mask seen, is another reference to this fact, imo.)
Leland/Bob is ultimately trying to possess Laura, this is his aim, but the One-armed Man (aka Mike) wants Laura's (accumulated) pain and sufferring (garmonbozia/creamed corn), which he receives upon her death.  The 'garminbozia' is consumed by the Lodge dwelling Mike (one-armed man and dwarf), it is a form of consumable 'pain and suffering' that they exist on...perhaps evoking Ambrosia (food of the Gods).

The Twin Peaks 'lodges' dealt with a 'white lodge' (good/heaven) and a 'black lodge' (evil/hell).
 A duality, and one that is also reflected in the doppelganger (good/evil, self/shadow self, higher spiritual self/lower bestial self etc). The 'Bob/Mike, Convenience Store people' likely represented black lodge inhabitants, feeding off of evil (pain and suffering etc).  I believe that we ultimately see Laura (and Cooper) in the 'white lodge' at the close of the film...a scene which actually occurs a few months after her death (see missing pieces) and perhaps even occurs after the the timeline of the ending of the TV series.  The series also implies (imo) that Major Briggs made it to the white lodge.

Twin Greeks...
 The 'Mount Olympus' comparison...'lightning and twin peaks'

Garmonbozia vs Ambrosia
Food of the Twin 'Mt' Peaks, black lodge and Food of the Greek 'Twin Peaked Mt' God, Zeus 
Garmonbozia...creamed (small cube-like, nectar/yellow) corn
 Calypso (music/dance, dancing man). The Ambrosia (Garmonbozia) Table, Green/Hermes Table(t). Rosy-red (a la the Rosi-crucians, rose cross, Bulwer-Lytton, again etc) & Hermes!
[19] Odyssey xii.62: "the trembling doves that carry ambrosia to Father Zeus." all fits, Greek mythology, again!  Garmon-ambrosia...and lightning-bolt 'ambrosia scoffing' Zeus. Not directly relating to the above scene, but it's not 'ambiguous' (as the above wiki text states, imo) re: 'mix the rosy-red nectar', it is likely a rosi-crucian (rose cross phenomenon, we get a 'blue rose' in FWWM) aspect, relating to enlightenment, as in, "mix the nectar, for the purposes of the rosy-red cross". A spiritual transformation, to rise (rose, past tense) from the cross, 'crucified' (base ignorance) to 'resurrected' (enlightenment), from consumption of the nectar/ambrosia, which may be a metaphor for 'wisdom/knowledge'...leading to transformation. I've covered Lynch and the 'rosicrucian' angle a few times before, particularly Blue 'rose cross' Velvet & Peaks.

 Hermes,  the 'as above, so below' green table(t) and Garmonbozia..."For-mica" (mica, rock: "let's rock"). 'Spread a (green) table with ambrosia' (garmonbozia) 'set it by Hermes'.
The Log Lady makes an 'As above, so below' (from Hermes/tablet) speech in the 2nd series.
The 'Doves' (white wings) and 'the table' (the formica table) and via Mount 'Twin Peaks' (Olympus).  This is one of Lynch's most positive and upbeat endings, in any of his work!
This is Laura's 'afterlife' redemption...her angel returned to save her. 
The ending musical (Requiem) piece that accompanies Laura's angel was performed by 
The 'Ambrosian' Singers.  Cherubini's (Cherub) Requiem, part of a 7 movement death mass, for Laura and her last 7 days, we hear movement #7, 'Agnus Dei'. (Lamb of God, Lightning Struck Christ, the angels attending to Christ after the passion, death and resurrection).  
The Shining's 'Dies Irae' (which we saw earlier, in relation to judgement) is part 3 of this mass.
Remember, Kubrick used Lynch's Eraserhead, to 'set the mood' for his Shining film.

Cherubini's work is included in two short sequences,the first during the actual murder of Laura at the hands of her demon-possesed incestuous father, and the second as the end credits roll.

MFAP (dwarf) is a composite 'ambrosia, table laying' Calypso (which is connected to red, rosy red and ambrosia) and a music/dance (dancing man). From Greek (Kalypso) which probably meant "she that conceals",  (kalypto) "to cover, to conceal". Yes, Calypso was female, but her 'aspects' directly apply to MFAP (dwarf) and his activity, other Calypso aspects, seem to connect to Laura. In Greek myth this was the name (Calypso) of the nymph who fell in love with Odysseus after he was shipwrecked on her island of Ogygia. When he refused to stay with her she detained him (Cooper trapped in lodge and recall the dialogue, "the good Dale is in the lodge and cannot leave") for seven years until Zeus ordered her to release him. Sexually active (nymph) Laura, she that conceals (she's filled with secrets/sexual secretions, secret: to conceal).  Note the 'covering' Venus statue too. Calypso is also one of Saturn's small moons...note Saturn statue and fly-by via MFAP/dwarf. Perhaps we should now also view Cooper (in one aspect) as being a composite type of Odysseus! 

The Glastonberry Grove 'portal' acts as a multiple reference to 'the wheel' (zodiac), the tree of life (and death) and the concept of the 'underworld' (under the sycamore).  The Twin Peaks' 'river' likely acts (in one aspect) as the river Styx.  The river that formed the boundary between 'earth' and the 'underworld'.  The bodies (of Laura, Theresa Banks) are both deposited in the river.  Laura is seen floating in the river and washes up next to a large log (stick).

The new Twin Peaks (season 3), will supposedly air in 2017, mention should be made for Mark Frost's contribution too, something I tend to overlook.

 Erinyes (Moirai/Fates)...Mulholland drive, ending
In Greek mythology the Erinyes  "pursue, persecute"--sometimes referred to as "infernal goddesses" (Greek χθόνιαι θεαί)-- were female chthonic deities of vengeance. A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as "those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath". Burkert suggests they are "an embodiment of the act of self-cursing contained in the oath".
 The same concept, may well have been used at the climax of the Twin Peaks film.
  Leland (Bob), chasing down Laura & Ronette and in a similar manner.  Leland (Bob) will enter the underworld (under the sycamore) after Laura's murder.
   Chthonic ( "in, under, or beneath the earth" pertaining to the Earth; earthy; subterranean) designates, or pertains to, deities or spirits of the underworld, especially in relation to Greek religion. The Greek word khthon is one of several for "earth"; it typically refers to the interior of the soil, rather than the living surface of the land (as Gaia or Ge does) or the land as territory (as khora (χώρα) does). It evokes at once abundance and the grave.
Diane haunted by 'demons' of the past, present and future (the key to pandora's box)

We hear maniacal laughing (from the male) and we hear a young girl screaming, all at the same time...combined with the hammering at the door...this pushes her over the edge. The heavy knocking that comes from the a sound that we're now very familiar with and throughout.

 Diane's death/suicide...the grave
 We close in on the bag and see the 'old jitterbug couple' (in miniature) escape from the box/bag.
Notice the 'can' ring-pull and brown paper bag containing the box. Something has been 'opened' (ring-pull). There is a small piece of meat there too.

The Erinyes are crones and, depending upon authors, described as having snakes for hair, dog's heads, coal black bodies, bat's wings, and blood-shot eyes. In their hands they carry brass-studded scourges, and their victims die in torment. 

Diane and the 'infernal goddesses' Erinyes (Irene) assigned by the 3 fates of the spinning wheel
We're not told the name of the old man, perhaps to emphasize the 'irene/erinyes' aspect
Infernal Goddesses...'infernal', of or relating to 'hell'.
 To the 'grave' (ending)
"This revenge (Diane's suicide) upon the murderer (Diane, the murderer of Camilla) is our (the Erinyes/Irene) right, spun for us by the Moirai (Fates), the ones who bind the world."

Suicide is described as a breech of fate by at least one Roman writer. 
Statius, Thebaid 10. 810 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
"Of thy own will and pleasure slain [of one who committed suicide], ay, even against the will of Fata [Moira, Fate], thou hast forcest an entrance to the gloomy Manes (Shades)."

Infernal 'Erinyes' Goddesses...'infernal', of or relating to 'hell'.
The road to hell...the journey to Club 'revelation' Silencio
 Compare the ending of Mulholland Drive (vagrant/box) with Barker's Hellraiser. (vagrant/box)
The Winkies (Oz) vagrant...begins the process (via the bag) that leads to Diane's death.
Literally, raising Hell. 

So where is the 'Mulholland' Wheel?  (save the aspect 'spun' by the fates/moirai/erinyes)
Who dwelt under the sycamore (12 tree, zodiac wheel of fortune) in Twin Peaks?

Michael J (X) Anderson...Let's Rock/Roq-ue.
A little man who MOVES, To the music of the spheres (via the palms/kaph & palm-er), Epileptic and spasmodic, To the rhythm of your fears.  Py/Pi...thagoras, music of the spheres, circles, planets. Cherry Pi/Py/Pie.  Jupiter/Saturn meet, Saturn (sphere) will fly past when he rubs his palms.
 He gets more 'circular and hand/kaph' resonance from the 'Ring' (circles, rings etc)

He plays a very influential (yet short, no pun intended!) part in Mulholland Drive, not under the sycamore, but under Ryan Entertainment...and via the 'wheel-chair'.  
 He is very influential in tracking and following Diane and her story...almost like he is directing things from the beyond.  There he is in Carnivale (series) next to 'the ferris wheel' as (Carnivale co-owner) Samson Leo-nhardt (a double reference, Samson relates to the lion, Leonhardt means lion-heart) his right-hand man Jonesy, operates the Ferris Wheel, it is clearly one of the shows iconic images.  Carnivale seems to have most of the 'wheel' elements that we've been discussing...from a blind man (blindfold) to a snake charmer (on the wheel), a tarot reader etc.  Some of the show's mythos relates to 'Masonic' lore.

Carnivale...and The Tarot (title sequence).  Note, click link to view via youtube.
It initially centres on 'The World' (card 21), which is symbolically very similar to the wheel card, both refer to 'cycles' and each has the 4 fixed signs in the corners of the card.

'Thoth Tarot' Crowley...may well be referenced in the series.  The title sequence (through the cards) @ 11-12 seconds, shows a sign marked with the word Crowley.  There is a Justin Crowe in the series (the antagonist) who has set-up a church and who seemingly has abilities via his 'will' (love under will, Crowley). Justin Crowe is from a 'Methodist' background, as Crowley, himself was. Justin Crowe also heavily connects to a Wilfred Talbot Smith...a likely reference to Wilfred Talbot Smith, a former high ranking member of Crowley's OTO.  OTO Smith was actually married to Helen Parsons, she joined him after John 'OTO' Whiteside Parsons left her.

The Sphinx & The Wheel...
Note, in the below clip...we clearly see the 'sphinx' that accompanies the wheel. Soon to be vanquished Crowe, is first 'deliberately' shown at the summit of the wheel, where the 'sphinx' rests, also this likely acts as a foreshadowing of his coming downfall, as he descends to the bottom. Also note that hands (palms) and clapping (from Ben), that exerts influence, while Crowe experiences difficulties on the wheel. Kaph and the wheel of fortune...the hand/palm.

The climax, via The Sphinx, The Wheel, The 'Chest' Tree, Saturn (sickle), Sacrifice...Carnivale
 Some of you were probably expecting this, but note also Subliminal Synchro Sphere's regular feature...The Lightning Struck Tree! Crowley/Crowe has even got a rendering of 'a tree' on his chest. You'll have to click the watch via youtube!  

So, little Micky J Anderson, featured in 2 TV series (Carnivale/Twin Peaks), that both reference 'the tarot', particularly 'the wheel' and both series each ended with 'wheel' and 'lightning struck tree' scenes!  Admittedly, this is shown more directly in Carnivale, and in a more subliminal (Lynchian) way, in Twin Peaks.

 Thing is...Carnivale's Justin 'Clancy Brown' Crowley/Crowe, was in The Shawshank Redemption and we all know where that leads, don't we?

 The 3(0)3 Shawshank 'Tree' was stuck by 'lightning' in 2011. 

 Clancy also featured in Lost...which featured the stricken 777 (lightning tree pathway)
Clancy 'The Wheel' Brown...even the Dharma logo is an 8-sided wheel-like symbol.

  Not forgetting the 'frozen wheel' from earlier
 Dharma-cakra or Dharma-chakra? (spine)

Wheels (not unlike circles) represent cosmic forces, power, creation and destruction, fate, time, eternity. And obviously, the most important item in this episode (Lost, There's No Place Like Home 2) is the frozen donkey wheel. The frozen donkey wheel, not surprisingly, bears a certain resemblance to the dharmacakra, also known as the Wheel of Dharma (33, the spine) or the Wheel of Law. It’s an ancient Buddhist symbol and it represents the 8-fold path to enlightenment.

Lost, 8-fold path via a wheel of (karmic law), just like the 'karmic' law (rising up and down, ascending/descending via fate) of the 8-spoked wheel of fortune!  Recall, the island is also Jacob's 'spinal' (ladder to heaven) Island (see previous posts)  and 'Dharma' relates to the spine and ascension/enlightenment.  Jacob, aka Mark 'Mulholland Drive' Pellegrino.

We saw Clancy's 'lightning tree' climax in Carnivale...and the Shawshank connection:

 Clancy, also 'memorably' featured in Highlander as Kurgan, the lightning struck tower man!
Probably his greatest performance. Highlander 'memorably' featured music from Queen.

Deactivate the lightning shield...Queen & (Lightning) Flash

 Flash...aaaahhhhaaa!!!  Ends with the Flash 'struck crown' :-)


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