Friday, 15 November 2019

We Need to Talk About Nigel

Spot the elite establishment's sell-out sock puppet. Farage is a busted Tory flush.

FAKE-OUT 'Brexit Party' Farage is now exposed as an elite plant, but hardly unexpected. Purple UKIP, aka masonic U-Sleep.
I called him out the moment he fucked-off after the 'Leave Vote'. I said it would all comeback to haunt the nation.
He 'blew-up' the UKIP Party and now has done the same to the Brexit Party. And never an MP at any stage.
BREXIT. ALL previously explained and yet again I hit the political jackpot. No-one else did! See former posts.
My ONLY error was over-estimating the intelligence of the UK electorate - SINCE my post. Played like pianos. Dumb became dumber.
They will BLINDLY continue down the two-party FIX system, they know nothing else. EPIC TRAGEDY, but typical.
They ALL had the chance to change this, but voted for more of the same. I'm proud of my expatriate status.
Farage's tactics have now ensured that this two-party establishment fix remains intact. The moment is now lost.
What is it about: "NEVER TRUST A TORY' - that ex-Tory Farage (and the electorate) doesn't understand? Oh dear!
That's the END of Farage now. He will not comeback from this. Although I'm sure he's been compensated. Ahem.
So close to Zionist Anti-Christ, Donald '666' Trump, too. And that's ALL you need to know.
See this video, on his own Jewtube page! 
FARAGE'S TORY SELL-OUT and what Brexiters REALLY think of his establishment bait and switch! Yes folks. 
Cunt Farage may go down in history as the man that stopped a clean exit and delivers BINO! That, or it all backfires!
I can see the Brexit Party getting NO SEATS now, or at the very best just an irrelevant handful. No place in any govt. etc.
Aaron Banks' little puppet (that's Farage) isn't even his own man. Banks is happy with Boris' remain deal. 
There was no fear about splitting the leave vote! Tory are remain. The leave electorate don't want Con/Lab/Lib, & it's a given!
Scared by a poll? Polls have only ever been about bending public will, not any reflection of it. Jesus wept.

 My musings from June/July 2016...Read it and weep:
Oh, look. I called-out POS (Eton homo) Johnson as a REMAIN enabler literally from the moment the Leave vote came thru.
So, if I knew that the Leave result was merely only the beginning, how come Farage himself was completely oblivious?
If Farage had stayed on at UKIP, he would've destroyed May in 2017. But that was never the plan, clearly. 
Johnson is May in this election, and Farage has again weakened the real leave position, just as he allowed before.
What the leave electorate have to accept is that the UK is not leaving. Your voting choices have seen to that.
Circa 3 1/2 years later - and still the DUMB UK ELECTORATE are yet to understand the bleedin' (Tory) obvious.
Hell, and folk probably wonder why I emigrated out of the Zionist/masonic shit-hole that is the Jew-nited Kingdom. :)
I STILL get many more readers from France, than I do the UK! Ignorance and amnesia is the UK electorates' forte. 
If Farage had led under UKIP, or they had a leader that he didn't help destroy in league with MSM - the UK would've left.
Instead he imploded them, and took all the kudos with him. Now he's played this exact same 'wrecking' hand again.
It's these transparent tatics that expose him for the Tory controlled charlatan that he has always been.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You get the picture.

 The Tories, who've tried to sabotage leaving the EU at every turn. As I identified immediately after the 2016 vote!
Now this clown has done the same. Sabotaged the last effective avenue left for true freedom from the EU.
"My name is Nigel. I just prostrated myself on the altar of the Tory Party. And now I've fucked-up Leave/Independence.
I think the electorate should trust the Tories, which is why I am denying them their right to vote Brexit Party.
I know Boris' (May 2.0) deal is complete shite, REMAIN in disguise, but I now back it all the way."

Notice how he morphed his own brand - originally from UK Independence to the now just (limited) Brexit model.

 Farage is asking Leavers to vote for a Brexit plan that is actually WORSE than staying in the EU! Effectively Bremain.
This Tory Trojan horse (that is Farage) has now carried-out a (pre-planned) controlled demolition of his own party.  
Putting the Tory Party ahead of the actual electorate? This isn't a lack of faith issue - it's a blatant Tory bait and switch.
His Brexit Party is crippled before the game has started, and at his own hand. Tory boy Farage. He's driven the Brexit bus off the cliff. Handing 300+ constituencies to THE FUCKING TORY PARTY!? And on the back of no reciprocal deal, all via a fucking Johnson tweet. It simply beggars belief. It does not, and will not ever wash. He sells out all these seats and yet even by his own words he still doesn't trust the Tory party? Now go canvass on the back of exposing yourself as a covert wing of the Tory party - dumb fuck! He thinks that the North will vote for his party when he's now got "TORY OWNED BITCH" tattooed on his forehead? None of this was a naive mistake, and/or a noble cause. It's wilful political suicide. You don't fight this for 25 years years and then do a flip-flop inches from the line. It's called snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. OMFG! That's taken ALL the wind out of the Brexit voters sails! Half of them now have no real Brexit candidate to vote for. How to destroy your entire brand in just mere moments. You GO BIG or you pack-up your toys and you fuck-off home. What an outrage. You've not even seen the Tory manifesto. The Tories are a REMAIN party. If you don't know that by now you shouldn't have a vote. Their deal is worse than staying in! Wow! Boris' surrender treaty is worse than remaining "as-is". 
Simply because you have to pay and accept the same rules, but you will no longer have any say in it.

This could end-up letting a Lab/Lib/SNP/etc. type coalition in - handing over the Brexit baby (something I previously made mention of).
I'd say a Hung parliament is now the likely outcome. Farage has left the electorate with a 'remain vs remain' choice.
That's what I call a voter disenfranchisement bomb - if there ever was one. It's now TOO LATE for his stood-down candidates to even contest their electoral seat. Deadline closed 4pm 14th Nov. The timing of this (all around the cut-off date) is no mistake either.
Farage deliberately left it to the 11th hour, and now there is no coming back! What a complete CUNT. Unforgiveable.
Those denied candidates could've stood as Leave independents (leaving your surrender monkey party), but not now.
Farage didn't even press to have the Tory candidates removed from seats where they have no chance - which will divide the Brexit vote! 
Homo Bojo doesn't like pulling-out of seats - he loves plunging into them (ha, ha). Filthy upper-class sodomite. 
Farage has DESTROYED any chance of effective leaving! What sort of 'fuck nothing' takes the word of a Tory on trust?

A party that installed remainer May after the leave result, and where Johnson deliberately folded to allow this to transpire.
Eton masonic fag Johnson is a Europhile, as are ALL of his family - including his Eurotrash father!
The same Tories that also let remainer (Jew) May deliberately destroy her majority in 2017. The electoral UK sheep just nodded!
The UK electorate did FUCK ALL about ANY of this deliberate Tory duplicity (above) - save empowering them more!
Save your BULLSHIT about Labour flooding the UK with migrants - the 'neo-liberal/globalist' Tories hold the record!
Save your BULLSHIT about Labour wrecking the economy - the Tories already have! Dumb became dumber.
The UK electorate are wilfully blind to the Zio-masonic dictatorship that owns/run UK PLC. Always have been.

Calling all this a (deliberate) shoolboy error of epic proportions - barely describes it. Fuck-off Farage, you didn't even have the balls to stand, and now you're telling folk to vote for the Tories. You are a dead man walking. You were told last week that there would be 'no pact' via Johnson. Are you deaf as well as dumb? Johnson and his scum Tories are NEO-LIBERAL GLOBALISTS. Hey Nige, you believed May when she said: "Brexit means Brexit." Which all helped dismantle your former UKIP. Anyone might think that you're a Tory Trojan horse wrecking ball. Ahem. Farage thinks the Tories will work with him? Where did he get such an insane idea? 
It was ALWAYS a certainty that they would cripple the Brexit Party in respect of this GE. 
Farage's playing dumb and "for the good of the country" spiel - is ALL very embarrassing to anyone with a functioning brain.

Last week Farage stated that the Johnson Tory Brexit deal was May's BINO deal re-baked (aka total shit). Remain in disguise.
Now he has flip-flopped and is supporting it? A week is a long time in politics, especially when you're a Tory trojan horse.
Nigel's political role model.
Hey Nigel, what are you doing about Tory remainers in their seats? NIL, ZILCH, NADA, ZIP. WTF? No shame.
Why are you complicit in allowing Tory remainers a free pass back into Parliament, Nigel? This doesn't compute.
The fact that Farage has not challenged these Tory remainers completely exposes the lie of his: "For country" bullshit.
Your party ONLY came about due to (deliberate) Tory incompetence - and now you champion their cause?
The FACT remains that the Tory Party are the reason that the UK has not departed the EU, and some 3 1/2 years later!
The Tory filth are hated! If leave is crashed on the rocks - the blame will wholly rest with the Tories and (their puppet) Farage.
I CANNOT think of one single reason why ANYONE would vote Tory - and that's over this issue, and/or any other.

”The Conservative Party in general is and always has been the most pro-Brussels party in the country.” Peter Hitchens (2014).
It was Tory (paedophile) Heath that brought the UK into the EEC/Common Market.
They're also the ones that have been trying to keep you in the EU, and under vassal status via their shit deals!
Tory Major signed you up to Maastricht, and New Tory Labour (yes, TORY) to the Lisbon Treaty.
The UK has effectively only had a Tory govt. since 1979! 40 goddamn years. Eat that, MSM programmed zombies.

Nigel 'Let's Change Politics For Good' Farage. Eh? You CANNOT change politics by leaving half your squad on the sidelines before the kick-off. You cannot change politics by NOT STANDING. You certainly will never change politics by batting for the sodom, inbred, paedophile, sociopath TORY PARTY - and ahead of your own platform. Now we KNOW why he fucked-off after the vote and let the Lib/Lab/Con make hay in the vacuum he deliberately left. He always made it ALL about Nigel Farage - and not the party or the cause. All likely so he could steer this Brexit bus off the cliff at a later date - as we've just seen. He was only ever making plans for Nigel.
I did this, I did that, I formed the party, I am Brexit. I, I, I, I, I. The big 'I' am.
Hey-ho. Not to worry Nige, you still have your lucrative job in the EU to fall back on. Ahem.
If not that, then there's also your propaganda show on LBC to help swell your masonic coffer. :)

Farage is the Leave and UK Independence champion? Oops.
 Tory Boy, Nigel. The establishment FIX.
 Farage...The CONman.
 Nigel loves May's re-baked deal which isn't leave in any shape or form.
 From Independence to (fake) Brexit. That's our Nige.
He popped in - and then souled/sold out. It's his habit.
I'm alright Jack. Thanks for all the deposit and membership money. Kerrchiiiing!
Don't vote for for the saintly and success-ridden Tories. :)
Zionist Trump, Aaron Banks, and Tory HQ pull my strings.
Chinless, spineless, hopeless, witless. I could go on. :)
Nigel is BLIND to such obvious facts. Anyone would think it's deliberate. :)
 Indeed they haven't. Farage is an establishment two-party fix saving maggot.
That's right. Farage ducked-out the moment the Leave result came thru. And now he presents the sterile Brexit Party.
Ah, this is my favorite comment. Very astute of you. It's ALL too late now though. Farage shat on UKIP Batten.
The latter had anti-militant Islam, anti-PC, and anti-hate law policies. Hence their unfortunate demise at his and the MSM's hands.

Farage made his surrender monkey stance on 11/11. Eton Johnson's most recent deadline was Halloween.
The 2019 GE result will be announced on (masonic charged) Friday 13th, Dec. All rather resonant date wise.

Filmmaker Bruce Robinson told the Telegraph:
"It was endemic in the way England ran itself. At the time of Jack the (masonic) Ripper (1888), there were something like
360 Tory MPs, 330 of which I identified as Masons. The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down.
It was part of being in the club. Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is,
- however it's done, you protect the brotherhood – and that's what happened."

"The [masonic] Juwes are the men that shall not be blamed for nothing."

"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
The Masonic Eye and Pyramid. The symbol of Zionist Rothschild's (Jew) Masonic Illuminati via Jew Weishaupt.
The Jew S of A is completely OWNED by these satanic/masonic Zionist Jews. Govt., media, banks, education, law. The works.
American zombie citizens are totally strung-out on Zionist Jew mind control and care not to free themselves.
Israel's Antichrist, Donald '666' Trump, a sock puppet, as is Mike 'Jew ass-licker' Dumbpeo. Filthy slaves of satanic Zion.
Note, Jew S of A is reversing settlement policy in Israel's West Bank, and continues to poke Hong Kong (see NED) & Iran.
Anyone that thinks Trump is any kind of saviour is in for the mother of rude awakenings. A Zionist sock puppet. FILTH.
 The USA is a MASONIC/SATANIC ZIONIST JEW HELL. Who'd have guessed it? Just about anyone with adequate vision.
JEW S. of A. The United Masonic States of ISRA-HELL. SATAN-YAHU. A Goyim slave plantation.

"Mayer Amschel (born February 23, 1744), who was being tutored as a Rabbi, lived with his parents in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt am Main. He later took the name Rothschild. 1770: Mayer Amschel Rothschild draws up plans for the creation of the Illuminati and entrusts Ashkenazi Jew, Adam Weishaupt, a Crypto-Jew who was outwardly Roman Catholic, with its organization and development. The Illuminati is to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of the light (light/lux/lux-or). It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who convinced Weishaupt to wholly accept the (Sabbatean) Frankist Cabbalist doctrine and who afterwards financed the Illuminati. Rothschild gave Weishaupt the task of re-establishing the old Alumbrado (Illuminati) movement for the Cabbalist Jews.
Weishaupt chose the Egyptian pyramid as the Illuminati's symbol of power." Juri Lina's - Under the Sign of the Scorpion.
"For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular." Royal Arch Masonry
"At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of
- the Jewish race are to be found." - Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England.
"The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift. Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature
- as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task." - Rabbi Edgar Magnin

Who do you think you're really voting for? Let me show you.

 Controlled Masonic Opposition...?
Masonic Purp-EL. EL, Saturn/Satan. Farage's U-KIP aka (masonic) U-Sleep.
 Masonic Purple Rain/Reign - Purp-EL saturn/satam - EVOL Britain
Knuckle-dusting, masonic Farage. FWIW, the Tory Party has always been overflowing with Freemasons.

Masonic Brothers In Arms/Hands. Isle of 'Douglas' Man. It's masonic Tory, UKIP Douglas Carswell, with masonic plant Farage.
 Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Masonry opens doors, didn't you know? Usually the (sodom) back-doors.
The Importance of Being Eton: "...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order..."
Eton sodomite, Boris 'pass grip' Johnson. The same masonic Johnson that's just completely owned his masonic bitch, Farage.
Farage, a cheerleader for Zionist sock puppet Trump. Farage even commentated on Trump's inauguration via US MSM.
 Kabbalah Tree, Masonic/Zionist Antichrist Trump. Goyim/profane mockery via the masonic envelope apron.
You don't get honorary Kabbalah Trees (33 years before becoming POTUS) from masonic Jews for nothing, Donny. Ahem.
It's previous POTUS, MASONIC JEW POS Obama. Another 'G Unit'  man in da Brotha-hood. A Baphomet bum-boy queen.
The Queen's cousin, Duke of Kent, is the titular head of United Grand Lodge England. He's a type of global figurehead.
 The British Crown is nothing but a conduit for the satanic/illuminist, Zionist Rothschilds. Hence, British-Israelism.
 Ziegler, aka the masonic lodge 'Tyler/Tiler'.
 The elite orgy (Jewish, Eyes Wide Shut) via Rothschild's implied Mentmore Towers and (MK-Ultra) programmed sex slaves.
 Pizza & Paedophilia via Lolitas...the masses with their "eyes wide shut". The blind profane.
Eyes Wide Shut and programmed 'monarchs' (mind control, see film). Monarchy Andrew's masonic MOCKERY:
 The Pizza (Lolita) Express. Prince 'Epstein' Andrew. Jew, EWS Ziegler, like Jew Epstein owned the best townhouse in Manhattan.
The paedophile Windsors. Savile, Mountbatten, Andrew, etc., how can the British tolerate these piss-taking monsters?
I've said countless times that they totally underpin the entire establishment class system in the UK. Top to bottom.
Are the masonic pop act 'The Three Degrees' (see masonry) - still one of (masonic) Charles' favourite groups? Wink, wink.
 Prince Charles has publicly acclaimed The Three Degree as his favourite group (aka Charlie's Angels).
The Three Degrees were invited guests at the wedding reception of Princess (Isis) Diana and Prince Charles.
“The only other American guest was Nancy Reagan." (link)
 The elite orgy via Rothschild's implied Mentmore and (MK-Ultra) programmed sex slaves. Zionist 911 programmer, Kubrick.
Cruise (Bill) at the orgy wears a stylised butterfly inlaid mask and primarily during the tones of 'migrations' (see Monarch butterfly).
Rothschild Butterfly Effect (below) by great great niece Hannah Rothschild - who featured in Epstein's 'black book'.
 Walter 'Butterfly Effect' Rothschild. Mr Zion/Balfour Rothschild. See Kubrick's The 'Monarch' Shining just further below.
Zion/Butterfly Walter, closely related to Mentmore Towers' Mayer Amschel de Rothschild. See Eyes Wide Shut ritual.
Eyes Wide Shut. The (masonic Mozart requiem) coffee shop where Bill finds out about the dead (ritual orgy) fashion model.
Red Cloak (see ritual orgy) is a high-end fashion designer. See fashion-linked Brunel/Wexner via Epstein.
 Just for arguments sake - substitute 'male butterflies' for male Rothschilds. Perhaps Charles Rothschild couldn't cope?
Lionel de Rothschild (grandson of dynasty founder) was the first practising Jew (aka alien) to become a UK MP.
"At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found." Disraeli.
L. de Rothschild was heavily linked to (Jew) UK PM, Disraeli. Disraeli had Rothschild blood on his mother's side.
Prince Charles was close to BBC paedo Savile, and paedo priest Peter Ball. Not forgetting paedos Mountbatten, & Tory Heath.
The paedo BBC (and Jew K MSM) has also been complicit in covering-up Muslim paedo grooming gangs throughout the UK.
That said, do not get too distracted from what the establishment, the Tories, and (plant) Farage are up to with Brexit/Leave.
Zionist paedo-ring Epstein was funded by Zionist (UK establishment) Bob Maxwell via (complicit paedo) Ghislaine. Ghislaine was seemingly involved in sexual blackmail traps as early as mid 1980s (at 23), see the son of the Duke of Rutland. Trump is up to his neck in this. Very close to Epstein, and there are rape/abuse claims involving Trump/Epstein filed on court record (a 13 year old girl, etc.). Trump appointed AG Barr (whose Jew father employed a young Epstein) is also a cover-up pawn. Trump and Andrew attended the same party at Epstein's house (2003), and with Les (Victoria's 'paedo stable' Secret) Wexner. Paedo Wexner, a mentor to Epstein.

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak. See the Epstein flight list/paedo island, etc. Barak received $2.3 million in 2018 from the Wexner Fund for 'research'. (Ahem). The Wexner foundation was founded by billionaire tycoon and owner of Victoria’s Secret Les Wexner. 
Wexner happens to be the only known client of Jeffery Epstein’s [Mossad front] hedge fund. (source)
 Barak, like Prince Andrew, was associating himself with Epstein long after he was convicted of paedophilia.
This satanic POS was on the Zionist (paedo) BBC on the day of 9/11. Name dropping Bin Laden!
Don't forget, it was this event that led to Thatcherite (New Labour Tory) Blair aligning with Bush's (faux) war on terror.
It was homo/paedo (Rothschild linked) Peter 'Epstein' Mandelson who was the real power behind (homo) Tory-plant Blair.
 Zionist '911 BBC' Barak was Israeli PM from July 1999 to March 2001. I'll just leave this BBC graphic here. :)
Video cites Bollyn, who uncovered some of this (politically), but he's lacking in terms of Zionist mass media mind control.
Zionist Israel were behind 9/11, and if I am correct (which I am, of course) - then you are all FUCKED. Which you are.
Lame Zionist mass media based mind control. So lame that I never bought into any of it. How about you?
Has the UK Chief Rabbi been rolled-out yet to condemn (faux) anti-Semitism? YAWN, FUCKING YAWN. Oy Vey!

 Update, late Jan 2020
This strange anomaly just popped-out (last few days).  Odd, considering how I recently & so heavily covered monarch.

Recall Sandy 'Butterfly/Monarch' Hook and the Gladio-style shooting fake-out via Connecticut (aka Stepford).
 2012. That's the actual MONARCH species (see cushion) via CIA/Mockingbird Media, Cooper. Vanderbilt scum!
Old Vanderbilt estate was replaced by 666 5th Ave. Built by Tishman who was construction manager for the Twin Towers.
There's a glitch in the matrix. How can this above page have existed? 4 days before the event via Arlington/Red Devils.
"Arlington" is a word of significance in Masonic sorcery and mysticism and it has a hidden meaning
- which ties in with necrolatry (reverance for death). Downard/Hoffman, King Kill 33.
Satanic/masonic Google removed the above 'foreknowledge' image from my original 2016 post, I've only just noticed.
The Hockley's via purple and butterflies. Somewhere Over the Monarch Rainbow (mind control/disassociation).
The Butterfly Effect and Over the Rainbow. The Hollywood film of the same name involves paedophilia/mind control.

Epstein victim(s) are fronted by deep state mind control asset, Gloria Allred. So f**k knows what's really going-on?
Virginia Giuffre is represented by POS lawyer David 'Weinstein' Boies. These are not names you want connected to this.
A type of carefully 'played-out' public-ritual drama, or a form of establishment control? Many think he was murdered, lol!
Epstein is not dead. It's obvious that he was repatriated back to Mossad Israel (like linked Bob 'Mossad' Maxwell).
That's why you were shown a body via MSM. They let you see. It's called brainwashing the watching programmed sheep.
MONARCH mind control. JEW Allred with 'quasi-faux' victim (monarched Golden Child) Charlotte 'thousand yard stare' Lewis.
Jewish handlers Gloria 'butterfly' Allred and (daughter) Lisa 'butterfly' Bloom.
Ashkenazi deep-state gatekeepers against an Ashkenazi/Mossad paedo ring. Ahem. Also formerly involved with Trump victims.
 Update 8th Dec. From the (paedo/establishment) BBC via Panorama and alleged victim Giuffre/Roberts.
 Oh, dear. I suspected something might be off. Butterflies and Chains! Arguably all very (monarch) MK-Ultra.

MK belt and butterfly/chain shirt. MK, as in Michael-Kors (Mind-Kontrolle). I'll leave it for the reader to decide.
It's not what you'd want to find, though. Likewise with (Weinstein) Boies and (butterfly) Allred.
 "In 1979, Allred’s debut in the mass media spotlight was with the infamous and highly classified CIA- MK ULTRA mind controlled Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) Soldier, Patty Hearst. That's some very deep, creepy, heavy and high level CIA-U.S. Military Intelligence clearance and classified - TOP SECRET stuff to open a career with." (Link, see near end of the post body).
Also see: monarch-golden-child-charlotte-lewis.html. And my 2016 post: mk-ultra-monarch-msm-us-election-special.html
For Purple Monarchs - see the UK Royal Masonic Family. The (monarch) purple crown chakra.
Masonic Purple Reign/Rain via The (Monarch) Purple Revolution...and micro/mass mind control.
Mind controlled homo, Monarch Prince death via Purple Reign and the Purple Monarch Queen's Birthday. A Purple Revolution.and
(Understand that Ashke-NAZI 'butterfly' Kubrick was involved with the Nazi propaganda dynasty of the Harlans.)
Androgynous Purple Revolution Prince, who used to have sex with his own sister when he was a youth. Yes, INCEST Prince.
Purple Joker, Monarch Theatre Jack. Linked to incest, he was likely born as a result of incest (father/sister).
ALL Warner Bros. (Shining/Batman). Same shit-house Warner Media that owns CNN. See Sandy (monarch) Hook, Cooper.
666 5th Ave. is actually built over the old Vanderbilt estate. See Anderson 'Monarch' Cooper (Vanderbilt).
Warner Bros. and (Batman) DC Comics both formerly had their HQ at (Trump/Kushner linked) 666 5th Ave.
Sandy 'Butterfly' Hook, the location name featured in Batman TDKR. Film's release linked to the 'Joker' Aurora shooting.
The Joker (Warner's latest) features the (masonic/transient) JEW Phoenix , as in homo Joaquin. (Ashkenazi mother).
Opening words of (paedo) Reiner's Stand By Me via River & Feldman = "I knock" - "Shit!" (I knock shit, sodomy).
River Phoenix helped promote, expand, and normalise homosexuality/sodomy via his Jew Hollywood output.
They were out of a (paedophile) Children of God family who changed their name from Bottom, to (masonic) Phoenix.
COG Berg likely descended from German Jews. COG also possibly had ties to the CIA and MK-Ultra type activities.
Phoenix's father was Bishop of Venezuela. His Jewish mother worked as a secretary at NBC after leaving the cult (ahem).
Through their Jewish agent (Iris Burton) River Phoenix was found roles in television commercials.
The COG Cult (imo) has acted as a type of feeder group to the US entertainment industry (aka paedophile central).
 It was Joaquin who dialled 9-1-1 when River collapsed outside Johnny 'satanist' Depp's co-owned club. River had NOT planned to enter the club that night (just dropping-off Joaquin, and sister), but was persuaded otherwise. He was seen in a scuffle with another man just before he exited the club via the side-door to his OD death. River, linked to Martha Plimpton of the (satanic/OTO) Carradine dynasty. Patriarch John, a member of (Hollywood) Parsons' OTO Lodge, as was Dennis Hopper. Parsons heavily linked to Scientology Hubbard.
Serial liar (see her work for paedo Salva), Rose 'Weinstein' McGowan's father was head of the Italian chapter.
 Also see Fleetwood Mac co-founder Jeremy 'paedo abuse' Spencer - who is still affiliated with the cult.
 Purp-EL (monarch) Masonic Prince and the (mind control linked) actual monarch butterfly via Fox's New Girl (2014).
If you didn't know - it is the Zionist MSM scum who've made sexual confusion a (mass media) mind control programme.
 Purple Revolution, Freemason Nigel 'EVOL/LOVE' Farage, Ron 'Freemason' Paul, and his son, (Farage doppelganger) Rand.
MASONIC CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Thanks go to 'Lucas' (see comments) who put me onto this Farage/Paul connect.

Anyway, you just got OWNED Masonic Purple Farage.
So Mote It Be, masonic/Zionist Nigel. How's the (homo) masonic Isle of Man?
That's where you keep your ill-gotten money. Did I also catch you promoting "Labour are ANTI-SEMITIC", - Mr Farage? 
I think I did. I despise Labour, but it's just complete bollocks. Masonic/Zionist Jews have destroyed the UK.
Why would a Jew-owned FREEMASON like Farage be promoting Jewish mass mind control via faux anti-semitism?
Has Zionist Antichrist Trump, who you are so closely aligned been tickling your Kosher balls?

 I'm Jake the Peg....with the extra masonic (penis) leg. Isle of MAN.
Quasi-modelled on the masonic swastika/sun-wheel (and triskelion, see comments). Ashke-NAZI masonic Jews.
777, masonic Farage. Below, top right - triskelion (777) symbols from the Afrikaan's (masonic infused) right-wing.
The head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, holds the title of Lord of Mann and is represented by a lieutenant governor.
The Germanic Saxe-Coburgs (Windsors). Farage has a German wife (Kirsten Mehr), his children have German passports.
777. The Ashke-NAZI kabbalist/masonic JEWS. See the (satanic) tree of life/sephiroth (666+111, etc).
Satanic, kabbalist, masonic JEWS via the demonic sephiroth/tree of life. 777 - (lucifer) lightning flash of creation.
Illuminati JEW Kubrick, who married into the Nazi 3rd Reich's top propaganda/film-making dynasty of the Harlans.
Masonic Jew-owned (Golden Dawn ritual signing) Hitler was the true father of the modern state of masonic Israel (Israhell).
Cruising via 777. How about a revisit to the following, which I've covered a couple of times before.
 Purple U-KIP (U-Sleep, aka shut-eye) Nigel 'Lucky to be Alive' Farage...via (Illuminati) Eyes Wide Shut.
Don't knock-it. Political JFK Jr's plane (supposedly) went down on July 16. 1999. The premiere of satanic Kubrick's film!
We just mentioned (purple Joker, monarch theatre) Jack 'The Shining Monarch' Nicholson via Kubrick's 1980 film.
CRUISING altitude. Masonic Purple - Eyes Wide Shut. Masonic Purple 'EVOL' UKIP - via "Lucky to be Alive".
 Farage's crash. Real or (masonic) charade? You decide. I'm not even sure anymore. The pilot seemed mind controlled too.
Masonic Ziegler: "Suppose I said that all of that...was staged. That it was a kind of charade. That it was fake."
Bill: "You called it a fake, a charade. Do you mind telling me what kind of fucking charade ends with somebody turning up dead?"
(Link). The pilot of Farage's plane, Adams, was given a two-year supervised community order (after making other threats),
- and in December 2013 was found dead at home in circumstances that police said were "not being treated as suspicious".
The above re: the pilot - sounds a lot like the situation of (sacrificed) Mandy in the film. (Found dead, no police suspicion.)
 Political JFK Jr's plane (supposedly) went down on July 16. 1999. During the premiere of satanic Kubrick's EWS film!
The Kennedy patriarch (Joseph) was beholden to the Anglo-Zionist elite, and also linked to high-end freemasonry.

 Zionist JEW, George 'Purple rEVOLution' Soros...DeMolay/Rothschild Clinton:
 It's ALL masonic theatre. Trump, Clintons, etc. They are ALL on the same masonic Jew side. Oxford Rhodes, Bill.
I also noted the mass prevalence of 'masonic purple' via the (fraud) Jo Cox killing. See the UK EU referendum vote.
PURP-EL (Saturn/Satan) and the Illuminati/Masonic Vegas Ritual Slaughter/Harvest via the (masonic) Black Pyramid.
The Purp-EL Harvest Event was via sponsored by SIRIUS (XM). Sirius, the masonic dog-star eye.
Albert 'Lucifer is God' Pike: "Sirius (Lucifer) still glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star." Sirius is the eye of the pyramid.
Oct 1. 2017. Black Pyramid Vegas, Harvest shooting, and the MONARCH (see monarch mind control). Masonic Jew MGM.
Masonic Johnson's MANDALAY gaffe (inset below) via palm trees was dropped on the day of Trump's inauguration. (Jan 20. 2017).
It was ONLY broadcast day/night before the Vegas Black Pyramid shooting actually happened! An 8+ months Man-DELAY.
Masonic Trump's Illuminati card (Enough is enough) details 'snipers taking people down' (see masonic MGM Vegas).
"It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of the light (light/lux/lux-or)."
Trump is active in these masonic Jew frauds. Increased gun control (see Virginia) & free speech limitation happening under his watch.
Microsoft satanist Gates and (evil Saudi) Al-Waleed own the top floors of the Mandalay 'shooter' Hotel.
The Microsoft 'Butterfly' (Monarch).
Also recall the masonic-fix Trayvon Martin 'agitation' case (via Jew Zimmerman). Trayvon's father - a district Grand Master.
Update: The 'masonic' Martin story just got a reboot via Zimmerman suing. It's ALL played-out Zionist agitation.
The Jussie 'homo Jew' Smollett fraud case is more evidence that these racial agitation plays are masonic driven lies.
 Purple Revolution/Rain Prince and his Masonic Pyramids. Prince, a Gender-Bender, who rogers, (one-eyed column) Nelson.
His '1999' release encodes '666', the penis, and the eye. A Warner Bros. asset. He's linked to 911 predictive programming.
See masonic Jew programmer Steven '666/911' Spielberg. Mr Color 'masonic-homo' Purple, Mr Rosebud, Mr One-eyed Willie.
 Inverted Satanic/Saturnic Purp-EL via the Lucifer Zionist Freemasons. Solomon's '666' Templars.

Let's get one thing straight. The EU is merely the European wing of the Zionist NWO.
The EU is still dictated to and ultimately beholden to the Zionist US. The Germans are just custodians of the EU-NWO.
The (sick) NATO arrangement is the only real evidence you need. This is why the EU powers bend to US hegemony. (See Iran, etc.).
Macron is correct about 'brain death' NATO. The US-centric, NATO war machine needs shit canning.
That said, Macron is dicing with death with his pension reforms. He better prepare for a long battle.

It's ADL JEW BOY, Sacha Baron Cohen. Another seed of Kane (Kohen/Cain) degenerate. More narrative control freakery.
Ali (masonic) G. Cohen's entire career has been built on HATE. His mockery of other races and ethnicities is LEGION.
He is allowed to get away with all of this because he's a Jew - in a Jew owned industry. Simples.
My writing isn't HATE. It's just reasoned opinion that these mass media sociopaths hate. Truth is never HATE.
This totally not funny POS is now a spokesman for what everyone should say, think, and feel? Oh, dear.
What a C**T. The Protocols of Zion are a lot more accurate than anything the (Zionist) ADL have ever spouted.
The ADL was founded to defend a Jew child-murderer and pedophile. Who pinned his crime on a random black man. (link)
Guess which supremacist control freak group wants to shut-down alternative and non-Jew narrative thought?
Conspiracy theories? Like Jew Epstein running his state-sponsored Zionist blackmail trap op. That sort of thing, hmm? :)
Jew, Barry Krischer, ADL award winner, aka the man who helped (Jew) Jeff Epstein get away with raping children.
Cohen (and his Jew wife) are a part of the sick, satanic, Jewish Hollywood system. They are the mass media terrorists.
Oh, the irony of one (masonic) Jew media control freak, calling-out the media control freakery of another (masonic) Jew, Zuckerberg!
Zionist Facebook/Lifelog, brought to you in association with masonic eye/pyramid DARPA and the (satanic) MIC Pentagon.
 Facebook-buster Cohen's Jewish ADL. Formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of (masonic) B'nai B'rith.
"The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift. Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature
- as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task." - Rabbi Edgar Magnin
 Oh, look. Zionist POS, Sacha Baron (masonic) Cohen's - 'B'nai B'rith' father. Details missing from Cohen's biographies.
 Sacha Baron Cohen's father, Gerald Baron Cohen (above) was President of the B'nai B'rith First Lodge of England.
Dirty Zionist Jews and their transparent 'network clubs' via (Jew) masonry, ADL, B'nai B'rith, etc. WE SEE YOU.
I wonder why they HIDE behind all these secretive clubs, institutions, and pressure groups, etc.? Yes, it's sarcasm.
B'nai 'Masonic' B'rith...and the Rothschild Kings of Zion:
Arnold Leese's "Gentile Folly: The Rothschilds"
Kohen/Cohen derives from the Irish Conn, Cian or Cain, etc, denoting a Serpent Priest (Sumerian, Guardian of Semen).
Also used in Masonry to identify a person serving as a priest/instructor. The LUCIFER phallic serpent & sodom freemasonry.
Cohen's father also served as a director of the university subversion branch of the B'nai B'rith, (Lucifer) HILLEL. (Link).
It's Judiaic/Babylonian Kabbalah that completely underpins the systems of (Lucifer) Freemasonry, and Crowley's OTO, etc.
"Is it cos I is, Masonic Zionist?"
 You are BUSTED, Borat. Your Masonic/Luciferian Jew ass has been exposed and is now in a sling. :)
A JEW mocking the black race via Ali G. It was Eastern European (fake) Jews that fomented (Hollywood) black face cinema.
ALL belong/belonged to the masonic-satanic Zionist Jew brotherhood. 'Masonic G' Brothas in da hood.
They would NOT have been allowed onto the public stage, but for their masonic/satanic affiliation. All in exchange for fame.
The masses thought they were only being entertained, but they were always being programmed and entrained.
 Lucifer IS the god of the sick, sodom, Jews/Freemasons. Let's hammer the point home - and with their own words:
tyranny1.htm#The%20Hidden%20Tyranny.  Satan-day/Saturn-day 'black cube' Sabbateans via 1666.
An activist in (ADL parent) 'masonic' B'nai B'rith - which is exclusively Judaic and was founded by Jewish Masons 
- would also be instrumental in the establishment of the (German, Crowley linked) satanic/sodom OTO, Dr Felix Lazerus Pinkus.
Pinkus, a major player in the Zionist movement as president of the Zurich Union of Zionists. UK was behind the Balfour dec.
The same Zionist/Masonic Jews that promote satanic sodomy as a mass virtue - coated in subversive rainbows/unicorns schtick.
Zionist Antichrist Trump's mentor/lawyer, Roy 'closet homo/paedo' Cohn (Jew) was also instrumental in (masonic) B'nai B'rith.
What a charmer Cohn was. Political blackmail traps with children. No wonder (Epstein linked) Trump was so keen on him.
Recall this: Jew, Barry Krischer, ADL award winner, aka the man who helped (Jew) Epstein get away with raping children.
And this: The ADL was founded to defend a Jew child-murderer/pedophile. Who pinned his crime on a random black man.
Homo/paedo Cohn was heavily linked to McCarthy, aka Tail-gunner Joe - which is a homosexual coded name reference.
It's no wonder that these sick, Zionist satanists are so heavily promoting sodomy via mass media. (Hollywood, etc.)
ADL Sacha Baron Cohen talks of the Jew holohoax/holocaust - and while one is currently transpiring (via Jews) in Palestine!
 How can this be? Over 7,000 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find
- no mention of either Nazi gas chambers, a genocide of the Jews, or of six million Jewish victims of the war.’
I wonder if JEW MASS MEDIA full spectrum dominance has had a hand in pulling the wool over the Goyim's eyes (sarcasm)?
 Fuck-off Cohen. You and your ashke-NAZI peoples' time is quickly drawing to a close. You have ALL been EXPOSED.
If it's not ZIO-wood making this shit, it's JOOtube (via JOOgle) censoring truth under the guise of (faux) anti-semitism.
 Why haven't these sick, Zionist internet behemoths been broken-up? What happened to monopoly laws in the US?
Anyway, how about countering so-called conspiracy theories with LOGIC & FACTS, rather than blanket Zio-centric censorship?
Is it because logic and facts are beyond the control of your - 'over-emotive, schmaltz-based' mass mind control mechanisms?
 The Nazi SS utilised the symbol of the 'skull and bones' - which is yet another masonic emblem (see Hiram Abiff/Osiris).
The shots (below) show Hitler using (masonic sourced) Golden Dawn/A.A./OTO elemental grade signs. (See Crowley).
Your ZIONIST/MASONIC JEW MASS MIND CONTROL is now listing on the rocks. The (kosher) genie is out of the bottle.
 Obama, Gay-Z, Steinem, LaVey, Hitler, Gabbard, Hayek, MC Lyte, Be-yawn-ce, West, Ellen, homo Williams, Rihanna, Cyrus...
ALL just mere coinidence - isn't that right, folks? (sarcasm). This shows the uniformity of their mass media Goy programming.
 The (zio-masonic/satanic) all singing, all dancing, 'U.S. mass media' crap of the world. The cult of (goy) celebrity.
They ALL belong to the same 'sell-out' Zionist club. The mass mind control of the sheep club via masonry and mockery.
Those that have worshipped, empowered, and been in awe of these sick celeb satanists will have to answer for their crimes
GERMANIC Drumpf, Merkel, and Hitler...via Fire & Water elemental grade signs:
 As used by Kabbalist (Germanic/masonic) OTO, Crowley's A.A., and HOGD (Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn).
A side-order of the previous POTUS. Surely you remember (masonic) Obama?
Such uniformity in manifest overt symbolism - that you'd never think it's by random chance. Ahem.

Zionist/Masonic Jew sponsored 9/11 is the biggie. Tick-tock, tick-tock. ALL carried-out for the benefit of Greater Israel. Vomit.
Many of the folk listed above were an active aspect of 9/11 predictive programming. See Gay-Z, Williams, West, etc.
You see, folks. Their 9/11 bullshit didn't fool myself. Not even for one single day. This is how I have reached this point.
I knew it was over from that day onward. Since, I've only seen the Goyim empower them (the Zionist elite) even more.
I knew back then that Zionism & US mass media - was the ultimate problem the world faces. I've never deviated.
 (15) The Devil and (16) The 'struck' Tower via Trump(s). Tarot deck by (Golden Lucifer Dawn) Rider-Waite.
Tree of life, masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin (twin pillars/towers) joined at the base (in Kabbalah) by the Tower pathway.
Since the Zionists pulled-off (fraud) 9/11 - and without any accountability - they now think they're unstoppable. Nearly 20 years 
- have since passed. In that time the sick Zionists have used the Zio-centric US MIC to advance Rothshild's Israel and its expnasion.
The (Rockefeller) Twin 'masonic' Towers replaced by the single (1776ft) Tower. 1776 Rothschild's Zionist Illuminati.
You don't get honorary Kabbalah Trees (33 years before becoming POTUS) from masonic Jews for nothing, Donny. Ahem.
Trump was rather fortunate to have his casino business 'bailed-out' by the Rothschilds, see Wilbur 'Rothschild' Ross.
These (911) images herein are the satanic Jew/Babylonian Tree of Life (Sephiroth). Trump flashes 666 over his kabbalah tree.
Towering Trump. The world lies in tatters (politically/monetarily/morally) primarily as a result of Jew S. of A. mass global frauds.
 Satanic/Masonic Kabbalah and the Twin Towers via the Sephiroth (Tree). Kennedy's ritual death a la (masonic) Hiram Abiff.
Programming the dumb and lost Goyim/profane is a full-time and non-stop job for your programming masters.
The Jew-nited 'Masonic' Kingdom. The Union of Jacob. Witchery via Harry '911' Potter and masonic-Jacobite Rowling. UK Kubrick:
 Ashke-NAZI, masonic Zionist, Kubrick. The Nazi 3rd Reich linked 9/11 programmer via Ground '2001 monolith' Zero.
Symbolic twinned overlaps. Deutsche 'Möbius monolith' Bank and its "Twin Towers" - Frankfurt, Germany. See below. 
WTC Deutsche Bank, the same German bank that was linked to (pre-911 foreknowledge) "put options".
Puts linked to a firm involving (Jew) Buzzy 'CIA' Krongard, and all ultimately connected to Deutsche Bank (here).
"First we take Manhattan [via twin towers], then we take [Germanic] Berlin" - Leonard 'Zionist Terror Jew' Cohen

Shit-house Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt) that sits over the global precipice with its mass derivative tme-bomb.
Don't forget that the EU is actually nothing but an extension of the Zio-US empire. Merkel is a Zionist puppet.
"Over the years, Trump used loans provided by Deutsche Bank ($2+ billion) to build skyscrapers and other high-end properties, the Times reported. For the German bank, its relationship with Trump was key in building its investment-banking business, the report said."
Controlled (financial) Demolition, anyone? See 9/11 and Controlled Demolition Inc. World Trade (think global economics), ahem.
 "Mayer Amschel (born February 23, 1744), who was being tutored as a Rabbi, lived with his parents
- in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt am Main. He later took the name Rothschild. (Illuminati banking dynasty, see Rothschild Park.) 
9/11 'monolith' Kubrick, who utilised a Rothschild mansion in his (mass mockery based) Illuminati film, Eyes Wide Shut.
Illuminati Jew Weishaupt, who was codenamed 'Spartacus'. Spartacus, the film that was Illuminati Jew Kubrick's breakout.
The Goyim fund & enforce their own mass mind control (mental slavery) - simply by partaking in the sick, masonic Jew circus.
This is why their masonic mass 'parlour game' is so effective. A type of genius, even. Goyim only see it as entertainment.

Masonic Lennon of the Crowley Bea(s)tles: "Showbiz is an extension of the [masonic/satanic] Jewish religion."

The Isis Golden Lucifer Dawn. The Tory filth 'Salisbury Novichok poisonings' - a masonic charade via C.Rowley and Dawn.
 'Muggle' - a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born in a magical family. (see Harry '911' Potter). Mockery.
It was Asst. Commissioner Mark Rowley (Mar-KRowley) who announced to the media that a 'nerve agent' was involved.  
ALL LIES. And very poor lies at that. Anti-Russian propaganda from a bankrupt Zionist Tory govt. (4th Mar, 2018).
Oh, and I have never watched and/or read any of (masonic Jacobite) Rowling's Potter series. Zero. It's SHIT.

Isis, the masonic goddess. I already showed you the Vegas BLACK Pyramid via 'Mandalay' Johnson. 
Now see the UK PARSONS Green 'tube bomb' event via 'dawn' (morning). It featured a (Gloden Dawn linked) Crowley avatar, a (Golden Dawn co-founder) Liddell via LIDL ref., a Hubbard avatar (Parsons/Crowley linked), and 'explosive rocket tubes' Parsons (station). 
Not forgetting a 'scarlett woman' (the head bandaged redhead) and a 'mother of Satan' element. (15th Sept. 2017).
Latest. BLACK FRIDAY, 29th Nov. London Bridge (again). Bridges and masonic ritual/symbolism.
I'm reminded of BLACK FRIARS' Bridge and the (masonically) hanged banker, Calvi, via masonry (bricks) in his pockets.
 Why's there a time anomaly with Johnson's tweet? You might think it was prior knowledge. I don't use twitter.
The event happened just prior to 2:00pm. The tweet from masonic Johnson is timed at 8:35am. A US time stamp?

It also appears that someone from a home nearby took phone footage of the shot dead terrorist - who then gets up!
The Tories were in power for the Jo Cox (joke hoax) killing prior to the EU vote. Another event that I believe was hoaxed.
Cox (Cocks) via a Thomas, now Johnson, and Caress-a (Cressida) Dick. They should've used Shafts-bury Ave. for this drama!
I mentioned earlier about the GE result coming through on Friday 13th. Black Friday being linked to the (Fri 13) Templars.
29th Nov. (333rd day) - 32/33 days before year end. London Bridge via the (masonic guild) Worshipful Company of Fishmongers.
This is the bridge that hosts the annual sheep walk (wink, wink) via the Worshipful Company of Woolmen.

Boris 'POS' Johnson...DESTROYED. Mr Pie swears more than I do. Top man. :)

Election update: The small hats did a total demolition job on Corbyn via the Chief Rabbi and 'faux' anti-Semitism. Not unexpeted.
Ably assisted by the Zionist MSM. We'll have to see what effect this has. The guns are out for Corbyn, though.
As usual the Tories play dirty. I still don't see the Brexit Party making a big impact, but we'll just have to see.
The UK Zionist MSM weight is entirely behind Johnson. Yes, even the 'lefty' BBC is helping the Tories!
The establishment indicate their desire for a Tory majority, but they're not over the line yet. A hung parliament is still possible.

I tied the Grenfell (struck) Tower event, days after May was elected, to (BBC) House of Cards trilogy in earlier work.
The Jew-K. The nation that enacted Aliyah (the Jews return to Zion) via Balfour, Milner, and (satanic) Rothschild.
 2017 Election, Jew May(er). "The Tories will FOUL UP BREXIT"? Where did I ever get such an idea!? ;)
How did it all turn-out? "Brexit means Brexit REMAIN." Which leavers voted for REMAIN MAY? Oops.
Israel were also caught tapping-up (sociopath) Tory Priti Patel while (Jew) May was PM. Covering bases.
May dined with the Chief Rabbi on the eve of her being installed as PM. "Jewish values will prevail"? Yeah, whatever.
This is the same (sick) Tory govt. that is appealling their right to sell (sick) Saudis arms for Yemen. No shame.
 These lucky guesses and given aeons in advance. The strategically smarter I get, the luckier I get. Ha, ha. Game theory is my forte. Any CUNT that doesn't yet understand that the Tory Party have NEVER - wanted to leave the EU. Plainly obvious and it always has been. IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM! That said, there will still be thousands of dumb Farage supporters who will champion him, even though he's completely sold them out. They will only listen to his jingoistic phoney rhetoric, and not look at what he actually does. Perhaps they may wake-up when the results roll-in, and they finally realise his hand in help wrecking it all? All far too late by then, of course. Compare them to the 'Trump cultists' - they are nothing but programmed, emotionally powered, too smart to be fooled, non-thinking drones. The UK pop. still think that they have a nation worth saving. THEY DON'T. It's over, and long ago now. This is why I scoff at the deluded when they talk of saving the country from Corbyn. I already outlined in previous posts the BANKRUPT mindset of the UK electorates' historic Tory-centric collective philosophy. Since 2010 the Tories have been making haste in turning the majority into serfs, fucked-up leaving the EU, expanded the debt, destroyed infastructure, ballooned immigration - and not much else. 
Hell, and you people have voted for it! Sorry, harsh, but very, very fair. Tory Stockholm Syndrome is very real.

The ONLY way you likely get a clean break - is if the sell-out to the US economic model is to be fully adopted.
I just cannot totally rule it out. That would see the NHS sold-off under the US model. The end of universal healthcare.
If you want to see hell - then go look at the US healthcare model. One of the WORST in the developed world.
If so, anyone not earning six figure salaries will find adequate UK healthcare beyond their remit. See the US.
It would likely also see further tax breaks for the extremely wealthy. The typical MO of the shit-house Tories.
We'd see the UK align with the (sick) US even further. The opposite to what should really be happening.
The UK has ALWAYS needed to diverge from the (bankrupt/warmongering Zionist) US, but it has simply not transpired.
This is what is really meant via "the special relationship" - it's only ever been a Zionist centred one.

Update 5th Dec. 2019. A "Dear Nigel..." letter. I said he and his party is a (masonic) TORY TROJAN HORSE. :)
read-full-brexit-partys-gang-fours-resignation-letter/ (Latest 5th Dec.) These 4 now want you to vote Tory!
One of the MEPs is the sister of a Cabinet minister, another has a partner who works in the office of the same Cabinet minister,
- and yet another is a personal friend of both Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. Forman is a Jew. All played-out Tory crap.
This is the same Tory party that has failed to deliver Brexit (at any stage) and who've wrecked the UK inside 10 years!
Johnson is a GLOBALIST NEO-LIBERAL POS. There is no justification in voting for him or his masonic-Jew party.
 Oops. Oh, dear. Guess who called all this out and exposed it before it even happened?
Freemason Farage to the establishment rescue. He helped wreck UKIP, and he's driven the Brexit 'Tory' Party off the cliff.
Three and a half years after leave wins and the Tories now lead with: "Let's Get Brexit Done". What a cunt party.
It's not a Brexit election. It's a totally engineered attempt to save the Tory Party (involving Farage) and deliver them a majority.
I already did the Brexit "I Told You So" post. Now a Brexit "I Told You So - I Told You So" post could be in the works.
Video here...

Anyone want to challenge me, re: the fact that the UK electorate is as thick as concrete shit? Be my guest.
 Sorry for the foul language, but the days of civility have long passed. THANK FUCK. :)

Donald Trump IS a (Zionist/Mossad controlled) PAEDOPHILE. Just like his Zionist Jew mentor, paedo Cohn. (Epstein/Trump and their abuse of young girls - on record!).
Now you know why they faked Mossad Epstein's death and all on (Epstein linked) Trump/Barr's WATCH.
Not only is the West Bank and Golan Stolen Heights illegally occupied by Israel, so is the US govt. A total ZOG.
The Zionists still plan to bring the curtain down on the globe - and primarily thru the USA. It's possible (but very unlikely) that impeachment and Trump's tax return issue could see him ousted. All this potentially being an engineered catalyst to unwind the mega depression via unrest, - or what have you. Note, US MSM is concurrently quasi-burying the (Jew/US Mossad) Epstein story during this impeachment merry-go-round. ABC and Viacom/CBS (Nat. Amusements) the main ones implicated. Elements of these (Jew dominated) MSM behemoths will be involved in Epstein's crimes. Trump is implicated, AG Barr is implicated, as are the Clintons, etc.
Why hasn't the US MSM broken the news about AG 'Epstein' Barr? It's just a couple of internet clicks to reveal (plant) Barr and the heavy Epstein links, but we've heard only silence. The FBI cannot help. They arranged the plea bargain let-off (involving Dershowitz), which gave complicit Maxwell immunity, and all linked to Trump appointed Acosta. AG Barr was in some capacity responsible for keeping Epstein safe. How did that go? It was (implicated) Prince Andrew and (implicated) Dershowitz that put pressure on the FBI to help Epstein! This is the same Deep State & US MSM that brainwashed its citizens (and the world) via Zio-FRAUD 9/11.
 Jew, Donald 'Epstein' Barr, father of A.G. William. Who employed a young and unqualified Epstein (1974). Ahem.
So, why did Barr's (OSS, pre-CIA) father also quasi-outline what was to come via penning the following 1973 book?
Trump appointed Acosta: "I was told that Epstein belonged to intelligence [meaning Mossad] and to leave it alone."
See above link Re: Mossad Epstein/Maxwell. I personally identified all this long before this (linked) supporting article.
Anderson 'Mockingbird/Monarch' Cooper/Vanderbilt attended Dalton, as did his (likely sacrificed) brother who died at 23.
 Sold into (sexual) slavery and at the hands of aristocrats? Sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it? ;)
Under a strange castle (cavern)? Yes, you're thinking Epstein's island temple and hollowed-out interior below.
Craig goes along with Lady Morgan’s demands to sexually assault a teenage slave as 
- part of a clinic used to “breed” people. The novel includes other instances of rape.
The sci-fi genre - ideal for fronting crimes (to come) via masonic mockery and washing it over a zombie populace. (see 9/11).
 Yes, we're really, really SHOCKED that there is absolutely ZERO footage of his cell. Ahem.
They can't having it coming out that (Epstein's buddy) Zio-Trump is implicated in Zionist paedo blackmail traps.
Note, during this impeachment circus the US Zio-Nazis have voted to extend Bush's 9/11 (Orwellian) Patriot Act. Vomit.
I wonder if this event is a portent of something to come? Seeing as though it's just been extended.

Only in the Zio-Usury States of Goyim America! OMFG. Try processing that one. (video)
It's USA that has financially led the world to the central bank abyss. Removing the gold standard, enacting the
- fractional reserve (usary) system, allowing corporate stock buy-backs, etc. The previous 2008 global financial crisis
- that was never recovered from - was all born out of your (sociopath) Wall St. They bailed-out Wall St. - not Main St!
The ultimate Central Bank villain being the (Rothschild) Federal Reserve/BIS.
US driven CB policy is wrecking everyone - and it cannot and will not go on. You've also weaponised the $ via the privilege of having the reserve/trade currency. It's no wonder that the BRICS nations are now in the process of abandoning the wretched $. Oh, dear. This is an existential issue for the $ and the US economy. Forget blaming China for your economic and societal woes. It was the sick US multi-nationals that OFFSHORED your economy and decades ago. The same corporations that you've also concurrently help fatten and allow to dominate. There is no free market capitalism in the US, not effectively. It's a corporate/oligarchal, neo-feudal, slave plantation hell. If the $ loses the reserve/trade status (increasingly likely) then it's curtains for the US. It would be a currency confidence collapse.
Most have no idea of the impact. The people that own/run the Fed. also own/run your mass media. None of that is by chance.
 Latest. Major nations are already preparing for the inevitable. Now they're publicly stating as such.
You see folks, the typical MSM dosed US citizen effectively knows none of the above (engineered to be this way),
- but nations and institutions in the wider world DO. They are watching-on as you sit over the financial abyss.
It's engineered this way so as to entrap as many US sheep into their net as possible.
All manifested by a (govt/msm/banking) con-joined confidence trick (see QE money printing/repo etc.).
Call it fattening the cattle before slaughter. Why aren't the Trump wrecking Dems citing any of these issues? Think!
If the economy is the 'best ever' why aren't IRs rising and the Fed normalising? The opposite is actually happening. FACT.
Employment is at (so-called) near record highs - so why is the yearly deficit running beyond $1 trillion? FACT.
Labor particpation rates are now LOWER than they were at the height of the 2008 financial crisis! FACT.
Trump ran on helping blue collar workers, but the actual reality has seen them impoverished even more! FACT.

 From the Sept post. I added the following (re: the markets) early October.
They've since hit record highs on all three indices. Rates continued downward. This is a "melt-up" type collapse.
The biggest bull market expansion that currently exists is in the expansion of 'MASS LIES'.

How many of you programmed drones think that the stock market is any kind of measure of the wider economy? Oops.
How many of you MSM finance junkies actually think that there is no inflation? The lies are already beyond parody.
Anyway, you've already been given the 'meme' - that if 'Messiah Trump' is diposed then you'll have the mother of all depressions. That said, the Usury States of America is already in depression and it's only MSM and Wall St. lies/insanity that has blinded you to the fact. Personal/corporate debt are at balloon levels, as is the National debt, and all the hidden trillions unnacounted for. QE4, QE = welfare for the uber wealthy. REPO to the banks is exploding. Hundreds of billions now, and not just overnight anymore. Options that I'm citing as a catalysts. Likewise with the Hong Kong/China/Iran provocateurism, potential catalysts. There is increasing unrest breaking-out everywhere. You have to be blind not to notice. I still see no US/China trade deal. Trump has been lying about progress. Trump's foreign policy is uber aggressive, diplomacy is non-existent. The US will continue to get increasingly isolated. They can pull the plug on the global economy anytime they want. It's been this way for some time. All they have to do is take away the (neo-commie) corporate-socialist fascist support that has kept the corpse animated. A coming war (as a cover-up strategy) looks increasingly likely.

US folk who blame China for the US's woes are as dumb and programmed as the next person.
It's these types who refuse to accept their own role (as well as the govt's) in making all this happen.
They are COWARDS and will ONLY seek external blame for issues that only ever stemmed from themselves.
These are the exact same types that empowered (Zionist) US corporations and still empower them. Dumb happens.
I will challenge anyone on this issue. USA with it's corrupt (Zionist) govt/msm/banks etc.- are your TRUE enslavers.
Trump is FULL OF SHIT on the China issue. Just as he's full of shit in respect of everything else.

The ONLY proof you'll ever need to prove that there is one born (a sucker) every minute.

I vomit on this. Now go see the thousands upon thousands of DUMB comments left by the evangelically BRAINWASHED.
I will be glad when this is all over. Then the American people will realise that THEY were the enemy enablers, and all along.
These programmed Q-drones are what you call "FOLLOWERS". Non-thinking, mind hijacked, automaton Q sheep.
Q-Tards will be wrecked more than most, and it's this "Trump sent from God" Q fantasy that will ensure it. Tick-tock.
See how EASY it is to brainwash millions of Americans. It's no wonder that Zio-911 was such a cakewalk for TPTB.

 "We won with the POORLY EDUCATED. I love the POORLY EDUCATED." Ahem. That's most of his base!
I wonder why the student debt levels are way beyond a trillion $$$$$? Why did Trump University fold? :)
Trump's deficits are piling-up. More than $1 trillion for the past fiscal year! In the greatest economy ever? Lol.

(((Zionist-Masonic))) Q Psy-Op: "Dark to Light."
“Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords & explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

Q-abbalah/Kabbalah Tree Tump. The Babylonian demonic system that underpins (Jew) Freemasonry.
With Zionist/Masonic, 666 Antichrist Trump in the mix - we should still be expecting fireworks.
How many arrests so far, Q-tards? Howl! Hillary in jail? How's that working-out for ya? No wonder I'm mocking :)

I still think he is the figurehead of the Zionist plan of the ages, but I hope I am wrong. Trumptards are blind to their messiah's insanity. They are just like the programmed liberals. No amount of info, facts, evidence or whatever sways them from their position - aka completely warped perception. It's akin to a type of political religion - they "believe" but at the expense of actual reality. Not forgetting the ultimate political/religious psy-op (see the following). As for: "Declass brings the house down" Q-tards. Or is it: "FISA drops the hammer"? (LOL). They are uber tragic. Every move made by messiah Trump, and no matter what it is, is intrincately spun into a "world saving and evil vanquishing" power-play. "Trust Sessions" (lol). Patriots in control" (lol). "Deep State in a Panic." (lmao). "Sheep no more." (howl). "Trust the plan." (d'oh!). "God's armour." (yawn). "These people (likely meaning q-tards) are stupid." (ha, ha). "Trump/Q is sent from God." (embarrassing). "38D chess." (wtf?). "Future proves past." (Yoda type BS). "Dark to Light" (masonic Jew propaganda). It's ALL complete SHIT. Command dogma for the mentally raped. Lame psy-op induced mass mental illness is ugly. A mindset primarily shaped by their induced hatred of the liberal-left. Bless 'em. They still think they chose their leaders. I've never seen so many folk completely trapped by the left/right paradigm fix. Nothing changes, save folk going backwards.
I SHIT on X22 Report and ALL that subscribe to this LAME (Zionist sponsored) Q psy-op. Dumb and dumber.
Q-tards will be in a worse psychological state than the sheep they mock - after their Zionist Antichrist is exposed.
Don't they know that Trump is a paedophile? I can see the civil war shaping-up already. Tick-tock.
Trump ISN'T in control he's just a typical frontman for the Zionist central bank, the MIC and their Rothschild masters.
 (((WE))). Zionist MSM Murdoch's Fox and Friends. Q: "Israel until last". (Meaning never! Hell, this is too easy!)
These Q drones will never expose these Zio-Masonic scum. They don't even know they're victims of a Zionist psy-op!
Royal Arch Freemasonry: "For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."
 666 Trump's Devil's Advocate 'masonic' penthouse (see film). Apollo. The Devil and The Tower via TRUMP(S).
Apollo in the Trump Tower. Son of lightning-bolt Zeus. See the (Zeus) lightning-struck Tower (tarot Trump).
 The above publication was actually the first Masonic publication that was made available in the US.
Ya think 666 Donny's a freemason? I mean. What the f**k do we have to go-on? I don't see nothing. ;)
 Oh, look. It's the satanic/sabbatean/kabbalist Tree of Life. The Babylonian system that underpins Lucifer Freemasonry.
A TV reality show Zionist puppet. What could possibly go wrong?

The economy has never been so good? Trend-setting L.A.. In the mother state of Satanism, Kalifornia.

It ALL radiates outward from this hell hole. Coming to a state/city near you soon, - if it hasn't already.
Where's your: "all singing, all dancing crap of the world" - L.A. celebs? I thought they promoted black equality?

Latest. 02 Dec. A $400 billion deal. Ouch. Nord Stream 2 will be online by mid 2020, supplying Germany. Turkstream also.
The only deals the US seems interested in are ones involving sanctions and tariffs. Oh dear. Art of the Deal? Trump is now putting tariffs on Brazil, and Argentina for selling soybeans to China. China doesn't NEED the US. No trade deal, as I said all along.
He's threatening France with tariffs due to their 'tech tax' on the evil US masonic tech firms. He's a one-man wrecking ball.
He continues to poke sanctioned Iran (internal provocateuring) and is meddling in (NED/CIA) Hong Kong.
Just as they tried to annex Crimea from Russia, the Zio-US is trying the same with Hong Kong.
USA's main exports are mass lies, perpetual warfare, mass debt, their rotten cult of celebrity, neo-liberalism, and LGBTQ+, etc.
Trump and USA are a global laughing stock. The man is insane. American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, but as a pensioner.
He's making Obama look like a seasoned statesman. What a freak, horror-show mess. The emperor has no clothes.

Back of the net! The LIAR in Chief. Phase 1 IS NOT an effective deal, full stop.

The Synagogue of Satan - Imposter Ashkenazi (Fake) Jews
"When the (satanic) Jews return to Zion..." see The '666 Antichrist' O-Men. Masonic Third Templars.
Jew Tishman, who built 666 Fifth Ave. (see Trump's son-in-law, Kushner) was also construction manager for the Twin Towers.
Zionist Mort 'Antichrist Trump' Zuckerman and Zionist Trump attended (Zionist/Mossad) Epstein parties at his NY home.
Trump and 'Sympathy for the Devil' used at rallies. The Stones track that came about via Lucifer/OTO Anger.

I mean, it's already way beyond mockery at this point. All that's missing is having 'Antichrist' tattooed on his forehead!
I've seen claims that 'Sympathy for the Devil' plays in the elevators of (Kushner linked) 666 5th Ave., but I can't confirm it.
 Decreed by Cyrus. Temple Coin - Zionist Antichrist Trump & 'Return to Zion' Cyrus - via Zion Return, Balfour (dec./decree).
 1948 modern state of Israel effectively marks the return in the most overt sense. But it's an on-going 3rd Temple thing.
Now factor-in the moving of the embassy back to Jerusalem, as decreed by Zionist Antichrist Trump.
Not forgetting all the other favours for Israel that (Zionist Jew loving) Trump has executed.
A Q-tard would say that he's acting as an undercover Antichrist - all so he can take-out the real nasty bad guys. LOL. :)
Put it this way. It's a million times easier to posit Trump as the Antichrist, rather than a divine gift from God. :)
Those not overly affected (brainwashed) by their Zionist spiel - already know that Israel is a sick, evil apartheid state.
Imagine a world where fake 1948 Israel had never been created. Millions would be living happier, more peaceful lives.
The USA is virtually at war with EVERYONE, but ISRAEL. Why might that be, hmm? Hell, this is easy.

I Pet Goat II - Zionist Predictive Programming?
Plunging Markets - War Coverage. Followed by the bombing of a ringer for the Al Aqsa mosque (Temple Mount).
Well, the current US markets are all built on SHIT/FRAUD, and now Zio-mafia Trump is gunning for Iran!
Sick Trump has even cited (illegally) attacking cultural targets (via Iran). Al Aqsa (Israel) is a key Islamic cultural site.

The Trump-Pence (Trump-ets) of Revelation...666D Chess?
Little Horn (Trump, aka a small horn). Bone Spurs aka Little Horns. It's so obvious that it's almost funny!
Some may recall that at the close of (Jew written/made) The Omen the anti-Christ is seen holding the hand of the POTUS.
That said, the people of the Jew S of A (and beyond) haven't got to this hellish point by being smart (quite the opposite).
The Antichrist has authority to rule for 42 months. Trump presidency began 20th Jan. 2017 - taking us to 20th July 2020.
Make ASHKENAZIS Great Again. MAGA. 'Maga' - Latin; meaning 'witch'.
Knowing how these Zionist sociopaths (who puppet the US people) use Revelation for mass programming of the dosed (goy) sheep
- it might pay to keep this time span in mind - going forward. I'm certainly keeping this very much in mind.
666 Antichrist Trump. 'Little Horn' of Apocalypse-linked Daniel. The 11th King after the 1st (masonic JFK, Camelot King).
"Little Horn arises after the ten." Daniel 7:24. "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise:
- and another shall arise after them (the 11th, Little Horn); and he shall be diverse from the first (Trump Rep., JFK Dem.)

Trump is linked to book of Daniel (source of Little Horn) via the (Revelation) whore - as in Stormy Daniel(s).
The literal Revelation 'whore' (via mother of harlots) who rode the 'beast' (as in sex). The beast clearly being 666 Trump.
 "Harlot and whore" - via Book of Daniel(s) and Revelation.

Aug 21, 2019. The Narcissist in Chief. More grist for the Antichrist mill:
 Trump tweeting Root's words. The Jewish Messiah Complex - The King of Israel - The Second Coming of God.
Root's initials (coincidentally or not) actually reads as 'W.A.R.". Never go full retard, Donny.
Trump's such an obvious and overt conman (and always has been) - that he could be their patron saint.
"The Antichrist will deify himself -- just like the Caesars did. He will proclaim himself to be God.
He will demand that he be worshipped and will establish himself in the [3rd] temple of God. (2 Thess. 2:4)
 (You didn't even need this as proof of deification - Trump deifies himself on a daily basis.)

Donald 'Rothschild' Trump. Wilbur 'Rothschild' Ross is Trump's US Secretary of Commerce.
Epstein linked Ross! The same  Wilbur 'Rothschild' Ross that bailed-out Trump's casino business. Ahem.
 Now you know why the US is ILLEGALLY involved in Syria. Nothing to do with the (faux) war on terror.
The US was asleep for Zio-911, and still is. That's why this (Zio sponsored) Trump Antichrist program will also blind-side them. Sigh.

ROTHSCHILD'S Israel. The Synagogue of Satan:
President Harry S. Truman accorded recognition to this (sick) new imposter state. FREEMASON Harry '33' Truman. Ahem.
"For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular." Royal Arch Masonry
(below, left) There's Trump 'MIC regime change' agent via Venezuela, masonic apron Guaido, ahem.

The Rothschilds that ultimately own your Fed. Reserve. The CB that Trumptards think masonic/kabbalah Trump will destroy. LOL. :)
 The Zionist/Satanic-Masonic States of America. Sodomite/homo G MALES.
Silicon Valley (Silly Con Valley) was MIC created for mass surveillance, data mining of the masses, and total control.
The ROTTEN Lucifer '666' Apple. Look at all this MASONIC PROPAGANDA UNIFORMITY!
Seeing as there is so much visible masonic uniformity in US MSM, business, govt., and tech, etc.
- how come you've not been told and/or any mention has been made, period? Answers on a postcard, please.
 Masonic/satanic '666' Apple and (satanic) Freemasonry like rocking the '666' Antichrist meme.
You (the elite) WANTED all this Zio-masonic propaganda out there. I'm just throwing it all back in yer face.
Imagine if your nation actually worked for the good of the USA, but no, they work for the glory of (satanic Rothschild's) Israel.
There isn't another writer in this world that has done more to expose these monsters and their mechanisms - than myself.

"Who will make war with the (satanic/Zionist Israel) beast?"

What's the betting that satanic and Israel-owned Microsoft's Gates is a PAEDOPHILE? They are ALL MIC.
Gates was actually born out of a powerful banking dynasty family. The 'college drop-out' stuff is strictly for suckers.
Bill 'Vaccine Depopulation' Gates (link). A complete POS. When did he become a Phd or Doctorate of  epidemiology?
 Like father, like son (link). Planned Murder-hood: bill-gates-father-head-of-planned-parenthood-inspired-population-control 
Microsoft and 911 mass predictive programming thru their MIC products. Barf.
Simulating mass terror events to come (911) via flights and Twin Towers. Corporate technocracy hell via JEW S of A.
Zionist Gates, who was parodied in "War-911-Games" by Eddie 'Malvin' Deezen (Jew), and via 911 Broderick (Jew).
Recall former Israeli PM, Ehud 'Epstein/Wexner' Barak. Mr '911 Bin Laden' Barak - via the BBC, and on the day itself.
 Masonic/Kabbalist Jew USA - "666 Tech" via MIC cut-outs/frontmen - Lucifer 'Epstein' Gates and Lucifer Jobs.

 Dec. 3rd 2019. Trump: "I don't know Andrew". LIES, LIES, LIES. The Liar in Chief, Trump.
Andrew claims that he doesn't know Giuffre, either. Is there a related (lame) denial pattern emerging? :)
It's alleged that Trump's plane was used by Prince Andrew when he flew to meet Epstein in Florida (2000), likely this event!
June 2019, Trump's UK state visit. They toured Westminster Abbey together. That's a lot of not knowing someone.
He accompanied Trump on 2 out of the 3 days of his visit. Note, Giuffre was (in-part) recruited at Trump's Mar-a-Largo.
That said, note that Giuffre first hooked-up with Epstein in 1999 when she was just 15. The start of her grooming process.
When The Sun interviewed Trump in July 2018, Trump told them that he'd played 18 holes of golf with Andrew.
Trump's flown on Epstein's jet. Epstein's brother Mark has confirmed it. Another Trump lie exposed. Why is he lying?
(Notice how the Zio-MSM has rinsed-out the Andrew issue. It's now all about Harry (Hewitt) and Meghan. Ahem.)

Dual ISRAELI-US (citizen) members of CONGRESS are the TRUE ROT and the TRAITORS in the US Govt.
The others are mere devotees of the same, but equally guilty. Zionist AIPAC dominates your entire political spectrum.
Looking for Russians and/or Ukrainians under the bed, when the Zionists have your heads bobbing on a string. Sigh.

Talmudic Zionist's Racist Hatred of the Goyim - Exposing the LIE of Anti-Semitism:
Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser: "Judaism is not the religion of the Bible." (Judaism and the Christian Predicament. 1966).
That's right, CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS. You are not just deceived, you are also INSANE.

"Only the Jews are called human, the goyim are called animals." (Baba Batra 114b, Jebamot 61a, Keritot 6b and 7a.)
"Even the best of the goyim (Gentiles) must be killed." (Avodah Zara 26b, Tosefoth.)
"All Jews are born the children of kings." (Shabbat 67a.) 
"The property of the Gentiles is like a masterless desert; anyone who takes it has thereby acquired a right to it." (Baba Batra 54b.)
"Humanity is blessed solely for the sake of the Jews." (Talmud, Jebamot 63a.)
"God's name is not profaned if a Jew lies to a Goy." (Baba Kamma 113b.)

From earlier in the post: "Increased gun control (& free speech limitation) happening under his (Trump's) watch."

What a surprise, not. Like kosher klockwork. It just gets worse and worse!
Hasn't this ORANGE APE read any of their disgusting RELIGIOUS HATE TEXTS? Their SHIT completely stinks.
I don't follow a religion that has institutionalised 'GOYIM HATE' - that's the preserve of these Talmudic satanists.
The Zionist Antichrist DOES what he is told. Good little kosher-owned doggie - now go fetch. Anti-FREE SPEECH.
Update late Dec. The small hats launched one of their false flag attacks via the NY rabbi's house. They're very predictable.
Hey, Donny-berg...don't forget to enforce the (sick) Pharisee-based Noahide laws.
 Oh, look. It's Zionist PAEDOPHILE Alan 'Epstein' Dershowitz. Effeminate Jared '666' Kushner and his Zion bride.
Maybe it's also time to revisit the issue of the separation of CHURCH & STATE? 1919 to 2019.
Erm, if you're a non-believer (as is your right) all this talk of being God's chosen is complete nonsense. It doesn't apply.
A blatant attack on the US constitution - the first ammendment. Q/Trump-tards will cheer as he suppresses free speech.
 The word “Judaism” does not appear in the Tenak, Mishna or Talmud. The concept doesn't effectively exist!
Ashkenazis/Khazars are not even semites! Don't forget to BOYCOTT Rothschild's evil ISRAEL, folks. It's your human right.

Trump, the 1st US JEWISH POTUS. Yup. We're already way beyond Zionist mass mockery at this point.

 Trump cheerleader squad...Alexei Jonahstein. Does this APE even know what Zionism is?
This CUNT isn't even fit to lace my boots. A pathetic specimen. Alex "What Zionist Threat?" Jones.
Jones is an unadulteratred POS. A Zionist defender who is very poor (Zio) controlled opposition.
Watch Zionist Jones 'closedown' this caller who outs the Zio-mafia (the caller was linked to them) via They Live interview.
The very FIRST call. See at 29minutes. Zionist tool Jones completely shuts him down re: Zionism. Fuck you, Jones.
Anyway, John 'They Live' Carpenter produced multiple Zio-9/11 predictive programming elements.
Likewise with (Jew) Oliver '911' Stone (Silverstein). His son Sean is present with Piper in the Jones video interview.
Hollywood (and linked MSM) IS the ultimate Zionist tool for mass mind control. 'They Live' is virtually mockery.

Just in...Satanyahu Indicted. (Nov. 21)
Zionist sock puppet Trump under impeachment proceedings, and Satanyahu indicted for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust.
Bibi says it's a 'witch hunt'. Where have I heard that before? Investigate the investigators? Yeah, right. :)
Oh, look. It's the sick, Chabad, Talmudic, Sabbatean, Zio-Mafia. The small hat inadequates. FAKE 1948 ISRAEL.
It's all happening. Let's see how this unfolds, but it doesn't likely bode well for the US and Zio-Antichrist Trump.
Is this what the people of Hong Kong so desperately yearn for? The Zionist dictatorship govt. model?
The rancid model of a (Zionist sponsored) two-party fix cul-de-sac that badly poses as freedom and democracy?
Trump signed the Hong Kong bill. The dumb HK drones are championing the threat of sanctions on themselves! Wow.
The will be NO China trade deal - and there never was going to be one. Trump played you all. The US economy is finished.

 During the 1980s, Fred Trump (Donald's father) became friends with future-Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations in Manhattan. Fred Trump supported Jewish and Israeli causes and institutions, including donating the land for the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, New York. Trump's 2016 run was also heavily backed by uber Zionist, Adelson. What's the betting that (Trump linked) Epstein was ultimately under the employ of Satanyahu? Odds-on? You know, for the purposes of controlling everyone with their paedo blackmail traps. Linked Bob 'Mossad' Maxwell never fell from a yacht, and (Maxwell linked) Epstein didn't die in that jail cell. Why are so many people linked to Trump now in jail or potentially on their way there? :)

 Benjamin Mileikowsky (Netanyahu). His father, Ben-ZION, was an activist in the Revisionist Zionism movement,
- who lobbied in the United States to support the creation of the Jewish state.

How far up Israel's and Satanyahu's ass is Trump and the US establishment? Zionist Jared 'Bibi/Trump' Kushner. Oops.
Case #1000 involves (Mossad terrorist, satanist) Arnon 'Mass 9/11 Programmer' Milchan. Mr Star-Fucker. Oops.
Israel were behind fraud 9/11, and spent prior decades brainwashing the public. See Hollywood Milchan, et al.
9/11 as a form of Satanic/Luciferian Zionist Jew SACRIFICE - for the glory of (imposter/fake) Isra-HELL.

9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 9/11 Israel. 

The Star of Moloch made-up of: 6 Lines, 6 outer triangles, forming a 6 sided (hex) polygon. Also see 666 Solomon.
Trump is also linked to 9/11 predictive programming. See Home Alone 2, Gremlins 2, Back to the Future 2.
US citizens should've stopped listening to their (complicit) govts. and mass media the day after 911. They didn't.
Each subsequent admin. has simply doubled-down on that Zio-US engineered crime. Taking you further into the abyss.
How about some 911 DANCING ISRAELIS or the Twin Towering ISRAELI Art Students (explosive Gelatin) just prior?
 Mossad/Hollywood Mass Media Terrorist - Arnon 'Netanyahu' Milchan. Just a couple of examples from the many.
Zionist owned/controlled US News channels were key in selling this gigantic Zionist/US MIC FRAUD.
These are the Zionist Jew monsters that brainwashed you re: 9/11. Sept 11 Jew Milchan, bankrolled by Sept 11 Jew Grade.
Satanic/Masonic Zionist Jews...the (barely) hidden hand in full spectrum dominant US mass media, events and US govt.!
How long do you think these Zionists can hide behind this before the world collars them? Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.
It's actually quite sad that these Zionist sociopaths think that they're so superior. They're not. They're INSANE.
Zionist 'Med-USA Touch' Milchan's 9/11 mass media programming footprint was big and his examples are legion.
These Zionist/Satanic Sodom Jews are also behind the mass LGBT and racial agitation programming of the societal sheep.
The stuff that dumb, Zio-programmed, neo-liberal lefties and SJWs get drunk on - and at ALL of our expense!
Mossad Milchan was the power behind regressive, schmaltzy, and agitation based SHIT - 12 Years A Slave.
 Arnon '911 Israel/Mossad' Milchan. A protege of Lew 'Sept 11' Grade via The (Jet/Tower colliding) Med-USA Touch.
 Arnon '9/11' Milchan's 'Regency Enterprises' - the production company for Pushing 'Twin Tower/Jet' Tin.
Milchan exec. produced - Fight "collapsing Twin Towers via Ground Zero" Club. His 'Regency' were Fight Club's main backers.
Milchan's 'hate Whitey' special, A (Sept 11) Time to Kill via Die '911' Hard with a Vengeance's Jackson.
That's Die '911' Hard's Fox 'Nakatomi' Plaza (see below) in the Fight '911' Club shot of the 'ground zero' collapsing Twin Towers.
Art "Pushing (Twin Tower) Tin" Linson was also a producer on (Milchan's) Fight 'collapsing twin towers' Club (1999).
So nice of Zionist Hollywood to pay you back like this - after you've made them gods and wealthy beyond any logic!
The US is losing more and more credibilty as each day passes. The nation is a complete dysfunctional Zio basket-case.
Instead of stopping evil Zio-US hegemony, its people squabble over trannyism, rayyycism, and fake Russian meddling!
The GIGANTIC ELEPHANT in the 'foreign interference room' = ISRAEL. What a pathetic Zionist tragi-pantomime.
These satanic minions of Zion are the architects of the murderous and global chaos enacting (fraud) War on Terror
These Zionist/Khazar (satanic/masonic) Jews OWN the USA. It's undeniable. The goyim are like lost programmed slaves.
It's almost as though the US has to take the mother of all beatings. If only so its population can learn/develop.
No amount of overt insanity has seemingly led to any form of greater and/or wider wisdom. Where's the learning curve?

The USA and human rights? Get out of here. The US is anti-human and anti-freedom. A WAR CRIMES specialist.
Last 20 years: $6+ trillion pissed away. 7,000 US servicemen dead, 800,000+ other related deaths. WTF? Horrible.
There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those that think they're free. Watch, listen...and then weep!

This is a WAR HERO. Only those that expose these monsters get to wear that mantle! US servicemen dying for Greater Israel.
Have you seen the current state of Iraq and Afghanistan? What a hellish mess. And ALL due to US hegemony!
Not that you'll ever hear any of this on your US Jews News. They're busy brainwashing you with how free you are. Lol.
 The Zio-US MIC. VOMIT. I knew the (post 9/11 false flag) Afghan war was a fraud as soon as they launched it.
I wouldn't say: "no reason". All that opium, all those munitions, contracts, spreading the faux war on terror etc.
Trump military budgets have balloomed (near 3/4 of a trillion, yearly). The Dems also happily underwrite it all. FACT.
The two-party Zionist fix is listing on the rocks - they both serve the same Zionist-MIC/satanic master. FACT.

Land of the free, home of the brave? PASS THE SICK BAG. Do folk still buy this US freedom rhetoric?
As for these EVIL, MURDERING, FILTHY PIGS. I hope you die a slow and painful death.
Gallagher needs either locking-up permanently or euthanising. A serial killer in a military uniform.
How can anyone sane buy into Trump's: "let's end all wars" BULLSHIT? It just beggars belief.
Even the environmentalist drones ignore the US MIC - the single biggest polluter on this planet. Idiocracy is real.

 MIC Zio-puppet..."Iran Zio-US is behind every problem in the Middle East."
 Trumpstein gifted Israel, Iran. Tearing-up the multi-lateral nuclear agreement. Sold to dumb followers as an 'anti-Obama' victory.
Didn't they get the 'multi-lateral' memo? Trumptards feeding off of their own ignorance. Hey, what's new?
Even the money given back to Iran (hundreds of millions) was already their own to begin with!
What a nightmare admin. Complete sociopaths, - shat-out of Zion hell. Maybe they're saving Iran for the 2nd term? :(
Perhaps sooner. Trumptards are akin to Jonestown disciples. Their taste for the Trump kool-aid is seemingly insatiable. Lunatics.
Quote from original post: "A coming war as a cover-up strategy [for economic collapse] looks increasingly likely."
 EARLY JAN 2020:
Predicted by myself and AEONS in advance - more than two years ago! (see HERE).
Airstrikes. The Jew S of A, - starting another war? What? No. Get away. Really? Who'd have guessed? (anyone with a brain).
The take-out of (unheard of) Soleimani, an ISIS foil, is being sold as de-escalation! WTF? Yes, US insanity is very real.
Soleimani was actually on a diplomatic mission in Iraq (at their invitation). Seeking to ease tensions between Iran/Saudi.
Soleimani had a major hand in defeating ISIS in Syria/Iran. No wonder Zio-US wanted him eliminated,
Q-tards (aka the uber insane) are being sold the lie that Soleimani was a globalist! OMFG! It's actually almost funny.
Let me guess? Iran is under nasty 'deep state' control. 'Swamp buster' Trump (lol) to the rescue. Hi, Q-tards. :)
Latest developments could well give the Zio-elite their pretext for war via a (yet to manifest) coming false flag.
We're literally being signposted that a US false flag a la 9/11 (blamed on Iran) is potentially in the works. Watch this space.
Fraud 9/11 is still blamed on muslim terrorists. Why even update the US modus operandi? There's no need.
Quote: "How can anyone sane buy into Trump's: "let's end all wars" BULLSHIT? It just beggars belief."
Project, project, project. Now who's desperate? Orange (Trump) is the New Black (Obama). Deja vu? Sound familiar?
We can ALL see your puppet strings, Trump. Satanyahu is making you dance like a performing monkey.
I wonder if Mossad/Israel have footage of Trump with underage girls (via Mossad Epstein)? I'd bank it.
Why is known (Zionist) paedophile and sex slaver Ghislaine 'Mossad' Maxwell not yet under arrest?
Best we can hope for [re: Iran event] that it's a ruse to force oil prices higher or an impeachment distraction. Time will tell.
Note, Petro-dollar is under existential threat, as I've mentioned regularly in recent posts. BRICS/The weaponised dollar.)
If it was in a BUBBLE back then (16+K DJIA), what do we call it now? A MEGA-BUBBLE, a HYPER-BUBBLE? Oops.
What would happen if interest rates were raised/normalised - and just a little bit? Can you say: "COLLAPSE"?

 From my Feb. 2019 post...the following text was part of a June update:
Well I never. Another lucky guess. Ahem.
The latest is that Iraq want the US troop presence gone. About fucking time! The occupation is an outrage.
The US troops are only effectively there based upon the 911/WMD lie(s) to begin with. The US is a fucking joke.

 American Psychos...Jan 2020
 Orwellian double-speak. "Finishing one" - means you ARE at war. This Zio-Nazi, Pentagon POS (Esper) is another joke.
"Finish a war"? Which is why you've been bogged-down in Afghanistan and Iraq for nearly 20 YEARS! Twat.
How many TRILLIONS of dollars have been pissed away over this time period? Circa 12+ trillion $?
TRUMP SUPPORTERS should be forcced into military conscription - they voted for this. Come and get.
Time to put your money where you poltical mouth is. It's YOU that's ENABLED Bush 2.0 (Trumpturd).
Go get your 'Made in China' MAGA HAT and get on the frontlines and DIE for Jew S of A hegemony. Cunts.

USA - MSM and ADMIN LIES, re: Soleimani. The Jew S of A/Saudi created ISIS. Israel Secret Intel Service.
 Trump claims to have defeated ISIS 100%? It was Russia, Syria, and Iran that fought ISIS in Syria. US illegally there!
The Zio-US Admin(s) have done NOTHING but foment, fund, supply, and create ISIS. Solemani helped defeat ISIS!
You dumb, fucking Zio-US MSM sheep have been sold yet ANOTHER LIE. This is like taking candy from a baby.
Millions more people attended Soleimani's funeral - than attended Zio-Trump's inauguration. Ha, ha. :)

Trump's actions have cause and effect. Large parts of the Muslim world are now uniting against US/Zio aggression.
 The above was written more than two years ago! The Zo-US will soon be largely and globally isolated. It's unfolding.
"YANKEE OCCUPYING TERRORISTS, GO HOME". That is one of the key messages to take from these last few days.

I've actually seen sheeple going around stating that Trump is not pro-war, d'oh! IDIOCRACY is real. We're living it.
Why do you think this orange APE just got 3/4 trillion $ signed-off for the latest military budget!? Jesus wept!
Trumptards are drunk on their own stupidity. If you're defending this orange ape - then now you are the problem.
If there's one thing you can bank on - it's that none of this 'elite foul play' will go away - quite the opposite.
The Rothschild linked Economist and The World in 2020. 2020 - the great reveal (revelation)?
Perhaps all will soon become clear (to the sheep) via 2020 Vision - as the publication is so desperately communicating?
That's likely why it's been presented in the format of a Snellen Chart (eye test). Yes, subtle. Not.
Will there even be a 2020 US election? The way things are going I'm not so sure. US civil war looks inevitable (imo).

 Sorry UK VOTERS. I've been far too harsh on most of you in the post body.
It's born out of frustration. My tolerance levels are completely shot. They have been for sometime.
 I am venting.

UK Election Result.
Masonic Farage delivered the FRIDAY 13TH Tory majority and his party gained nothing. This is a FAIL.
Zionist MSM smears, fake anti-Semitism, a fake terror attack, and Tory Trojan horse Farage did the job.
The Tories manufactured this Brexit crisis and all along - and they've just sold the electoral sheep the (faux) solution.
Now watch as the lunatics that have voted for the Tories (some for the first time ever) see ALL their dreams evaporate.
I can pretty much guarantee that they will rue the day that they've underwritten this Tory govt.
The Tories WILL FUCK THIS UP. Either thru a BINO (that's worse than remain) or a complete US sell-out.
Those that want the UK to side with Trump's USA are the DUMBEST and most dangerous of all. Bank it.
Tick-tock Tory faithful. Enjoy 5 more years of 1% enforced poverty, collapsing infrastructure, 1% tax breaks & more debt.
A privatised NHS? When reality finally outs (which it will) it's you that will be entirely to blame. Until then, then. :)
Given a majority of this size likely delivers the softest Brexit (ERG can be sidelined). It'll be May's rebaked (treaty) deal.
You've been deliberately worn-down so that you'll accept anything to make it stop. This is likely how it is.
I'm going to put my feet up and watch (from afar) as it all turns into a shit show under the degenerate Tories.
They've raped you for nine+ years - so you'll have no problem being raped for another five.
"Boris will deliver a clean exit" - they'll cry. Oh, the electorate's naivety. Even Bremain May likes Boris' deal (wink, wink).
The EU will also be happy. Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty laws and Agenda 21 will happen gradually in 2020.

Defending Andrew - implicated in a Zionist/Mossad paedo blackmail op. I wonder why? Ahem.
Sodom/masonic Eton is right alongside Windsor 'masonic' Castle.
How the f**k does a nation in the 21st century still have a degenerate monarchy? The UK is a JOKE.

 I wonder why the UK establishment wheeled-out the Chief (satanic) Rabbi to wreck Corbyn via (faux) anti-Semitism?
This isn't to say that Labour campaigned effectively or were vote worthy. Just so you understand.
 360 Tory MPs, 330 of which I identified as Masons. The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down.
"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
(Link). Let's see how voting for these insane Zio-masonic sodomites pans-out for UK citizens. :)
Will the British people EVER hold the sick Zio-masonic Tories to any sort of account? Unlikely. They never have.

Oh, look. It's Tory predecessor Terry May(er) - the uber Zionist former PM. Ahem. Move along, nothing to see.
Two days after being elected (NY born) Johnson follows with Anti-BDS legislation. Oy vey! Zio US/UK double-team.
Looks like the (Zionist) JEW-nited Kingdom is fully aligning with (Zionist anti-Christ) Trump's JEW S of A. Oh, dear.
Johnson's mother (née Lowe) is the daughter and grand-daughter of orthodox Jewish Rabbis from Lithuainia.
God help UK citizens if they support Trump as some kind of nationalist saviour. Israel is their ONLY nation.
It's the Zionists that are ultimately behind flooding the EU with migrants/aliens! US Zio-MIC wars are the main cause.
Mass Euro influx (largely muslim) a DIRECT result of (multi-admin) US foreign policy. War with Iran will balloon this further.
ANY European backing Trump/USA needs their head examining. USA has been destroying Europe with all this!
Jan. 2020 (the Iran assassination) certain UK establishment voices are looking to drop US reliance (here). Let's see.

"Hey, if the (lefty) Zionist MSM is so anti-Trump and anti-Brexit - then these guys must be on our side?" Oops. FAIL.
How many have fallen into the left/right paradigm fix? How many have been driven 'right' by the status quo? Oops.
Yes, it all seems engineered. That's because it is.

Oh, look. It's Freemason, Trump puppet, and ZIONIST MIC CHEERLEADER, Farage.

WHAT A CUNT. Shilling for the Israel sock puppet that is Donald 'POS' Trump. Fuck you, Farage.
The Zionists, Zio-US, UK, and Saudi created and fund ISIS. No wonder masonic POS Farage supports it.

 It took this blog until Feb. 2018 to reach 1 million views. The blog starting in 2009.
I've just hit 1.5 million views as of Nov. 2019. That's some decent progress, at least imo. Thanks for reading. :)
Note. This all would likely not have transpired but for Uncle Bingo, a regular contributor who has kept me quasi-sane! :)
 All hail, Uncle Bingo. You are the best. With that said. I am now off to take an extended break from all this.

(Coronavirus aside). A 'symbolic' Black Swan event? Many were desperately looking for one.
Killed aboard the 'chopper'. Tagged 'Mamba Chopper' - which surely doubles as a sexual euphemism. Ahem.
A strange mass media 'anomaly' - Bryant killed in a crashing/exploding helicopter (2016/2017).
End of Days via the (666) Apocalypse...which is an aspect of the cartoon's plotline. A US type apocalypse.
Stay '666' Tuned, Lucifer 2010, Apocalyptic End of '666' Days, Jew Hyams. 911/Twin Towers, masonic Arnie.
Bryant's 'End of Days' cartoon. Comedy Central (CC=33).
Kobe '33' Bryant...
NBA. It's ALL just overblown 'Bread and Circuses' for the programmed masses. Cult of celebrity bilge.
WW '33' wrestling. More corporate sport 'shit'. Divas via the butterfly belt. Monarchs (basketball), see butterfly logo.
We KNOW that the 'JEW S of A' is a 'masonic hell' - this is just more proof to the (obvious) fact.
33 Kobe vs. 33 Ewing...
Masonic Purp-EL (saturn/satan). (k)Nick, aka The Devil (old Nick). Inverted 'KNICKS' & pyramid logo.
Masonic G, 33, & 666
33 (Jesuit/Masonic) Georgtown via Patrick '33 (k)Nick' Ewing. Old Nick, aka The Devil. See the Tarot TRUMPS.
33 Devilish (k)Nick Ewing. Mr Georgetown University. The Exorcist is set via Georgetown Uni. Big East or B.East (Beast)?
The Exorcist by former CIA/USAF psychological warfare policy chief, Blatty. And William 'MK-Ultra' Friedkin.
A series I've linked to sodomy, monarch programme, serial killers, & child abuse. See links. Exorcist Pt1 & Exorcist Pt2.
 Patrick 'Exorcist 3' Ewing.
The TRUMP 'Angel of Death'. TRUMP(S) - The Devil and The Tower. Also see, Towering Trump 666, as in Donald.
The (demonic) Exorcist 3 - Patrick 'Angel of Death' Ewing. Mr (devilish) '33' Nick.  Little 'satanic' Nicky.
 No. 666 via NBA (K)Nick, Mitchell Robinson (player #33, in-shot). The Knicks & 666.
Corporate hell 'sport' and corporate hell 'Hollywood'. It's all the same. Mass mind rot on an industrial scale.
 I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. (Note, I have never followed this sport/game.)
 Game #666. A career-high score of 81. 66% of his team's total points. NBA's 2nd highest points score in history.
ZIONIST ENTERTAINMENT (corporate mass media) will likely be the death of the USA and its peoples.
The Devil and The Tower (Trumps). The 911 Twin Towers.
Patrick 'Twin Tower' Ewing. "The New York Skyline Will Never Be The Same." Yes, indeed.
Twin Towers "reduced to rubble" via Patrick '33 (k)Nick' Ewing. The Hanged (Tower) Man via Exorcist 3.
The 911 Hanged (Struck Tower Falling) Man. Ewing produces the card in The Exorcist 3 (dream scene).
 The World Trade (Babylon) Center/Twin Towers - The (Devil's) Trident. Linked to Larry '666' Silverstein.
 The 666(0) rebuild via Illuminati 1776 (888+888).
 NBA via 666 5th Ave. You can see (Game #666/666 Workout) Kobe Bryant's #24 Lakers shirt in the window.
Exorcist 2 via 666 5th Ave. (Satanic/sodomite) Warner 'monarch' Bros. HQ was situated there at the time of filming.
'The Devil' and 'The Tower' sequential TRUMPS. Old NICK, 'the devil'. Likely from nicor; water demon.
In Omen 3 (The Final Conflict) a water based fish (pike) is referred to as 'Old Nick' by the (corporate/political) Antichrist.
666 5th. Now linked to Towering Trump's Zionist son-in-law, Kushner. The struck Tower(s) via 666.
See 666 5th/Twin Tower, Jew Tishman. Also see WTC/Twin Tower, 666 Jew Larry 'pull it' Silverstein.
Masonic, Donald '666 Towering' TRUMP. 666 (O-Ring-O-Men).
Devil's Advocate Tower man. The Zionist '666' Antichrist. "When the Jews return to Zion." (666 O-Men, Revelation).
SATANISM & old as time itself! See Sodom & Gomorrah via 'salty pillars' (ahem).
"And God created Adam and (st)Eve..." Also see masonic/sodom Apple's Camp-Us Ring via No.2. (and Big Jobs).
Potentially encoded into Adam and Eve - the (phallic) snake/serpent and (sodom) apple via the (kabbalist Jew) tree.
The $666.66 Apple computer (above) came hot on the heels of The '666' O-Men film, released 6/6/76.
The Tower TRUMP (which follows The Devil) is also a major symbol and metaphor for an ejaculating PENIS.
Symbolically followed by The Star (the sphincter) and The Moon (buttocks, ass mooning). The 666 sodom eye.
Satanic sodomites via choppers and hoop/ring dunking. Get out your magic Johnson (penis).
 Hollywood OTO. Left-hand path, 666 Crowley via Exorcist III. (There's Elephas 'Baphomet' Levi imagery too.)
Liber Oz (OTO mission statement, beneath the Ancient of Ancients image) & his Babalon Star.
This 'satanic' mass media output is made, funded, and promoted by actual Luciferians/Satanists. See Hollywood, etc.
The Exorcist's Friedkin soon made (homo) 'Cruisin'. Based on a serial murderer who played a bit-part in The Exorcist.
All evoking (satanic) Jeff Dahmer, the chocolate factory, homo-sodomite, serial killer - inspired/programmed  by Exorcist 3.
 33 Masonic Crowley aka The 666 Beast. The Penis (via cheeks) and the Anal Star (eye of horus). Sodomy.
"Give me the sign of the open eye (sphincter), And the token erect of thorny thigh (penis)." Crowley's Hymn to Pan.
 A protege of (Rosicrucian godfather) Bulwer 'Penis' Lytton. It (the penis) being mightier than the sword.
'The Pen-is' via the helmet (glans). The magickal enchanters wand (penis).
 The Eye of Horus - The Anal Sphincter (also see the masonic sphinx, gripping sphincter). Mouth of Isis = Vagina.
See Illuminati/Masonic Vegas and MGM (33) via the Lion/Sphinx (sphincter). "ARS(E) Gratia Artis."
33 and the BUTTOCKS. 33 degrees from the (anal) spine-linked eye to the temple of the skull (3rd eye).
If the 'A' (in 666/33 sodom Aleister) is a 'penis' - then why not the buttocks in the symbol of masonic '33'?
This IS the major secret of the 33rd masonic degree. It ALL about demonic sodomy. Masonic brotherly love.
Kundalini snake/penis. The masonic god Baphomet/Pan (the beast) IS a major elite sodomite god. Period!
A naked man behind a naked man (sodomy). Just like riding masonic Templars. They like to double-mount.
Now then, which satanic nation has led the cause for sodomites and homosexuals? The Jew S of Masonic A. (see mass media).
It's no wonder that Freemasonry is crammed with 'young boy sodomisers'. As I've outlined over the years.
This is what 'masonic binding' is all about. Bound by the bond of demonic sodomy. The thirty-turd degree.
33/666 Crowley's OTO has a SODOMY based degree as its highest (the XI). And that's no coincidence.
33 NBA = Sodomy promotion. Anyone for hoop/ring dunking? Rim wedgies? Dribbling balls? A mamba chopper?
666 SATANISM & (O-Men) SODOMY. Many thanks to The Open Scroll (for some of the pointers).

This is simply mass IDOLATRY by the programmed sheep. LeBron James - the current NBA 'idol'.
Devil horns (corna), then the '666 hand gesture', followed by the 'triangle' (Golden Dawn ritual fire sign). Video here.
Just like OWNED 'Uncle Tom' - Lucifer Jay/Gay-Z. The Crowley channelling 'homo/satanic' (C)rapper.
Snap! From 666 Kobe to 666 LeBron.
ZIONIST PROMOTED PAWNS. For the wider mass programming of the hypnotised sheep.
NBA superstars discover Judaism
Here's all that 'masonic Jew symbolism' UNIFORMITY that I mentioned earlier. Yet again.
Baphomet 'bum boy'. There's a special place in hell for this POS. I wonder who bought his records? Losers?
How many have been infected by this diabolical 'US mass media' output? Hundreds of millions, at least.
Lucifer 666, Gay-Z. Cock-a-fella.
LL Cool GAY. Def Death Jam via Zionist/satanic Jew, 666 Rubin.
Lucifer Gay-Z's protege, (lucifer) Golden Dawn channelling, Ciara. The 666 Mafia. It's literally ENDLESS.
 Thelemic 93 and Issue 666. Sodom (c)rappers. One nation under a masonic G thang. Wink, wink.
The Masonic/Satanic Jew S of A. Satanism via mass media = USA's number 1 hobby. VOMIT.
It's no wonder that the dumb US masses care not what their (satanic) nation/govt. does.
Most are too busy strung-out on 'satanic US mass media programming' - to even care. This IS the tragedy.