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The Masonic Rainbow Connection Part 2

That's the 'phoenix brothers' taken care of...via D.P.O X-Files from 
 Chris 'Masonic 10/13 Templar' Carter...Season 3 Episode 3 aka 33

 The Egyptian Mystery ritual was originally concerned with the accomplishment of the curious and wonderful circumstance which was termed the Coming Forth by Day. The understanding of this ceremony and the principle for which it stood is indispensable to the attainment of wisdom. The second birth appears in the arcana of nearly all great religions and the achievement of conscious immortality was regarded as one of the chief goods which resulted from perfection. Who were the ancient hierophants of whom it was said "death had forgotten them"? Who were the royal priests who were born from age to age without dying? Yes, even the Melchizedeks, for it was said of the Prince of Salem that he was his own father and his own mother. Jesus is described as being of the same order — "a priest after the Order of Melchizedek." These were the immortals to whom the term "phoenix" was applied, and their symbol was the mysterious two-headed bird, now called an eagle, a familiar and little understood Masonic emblem.

The 33 Phoenix...
 33 & The Crown

Plato hints suggestively at the solution when he declares the body to be the sepulchre of the soul. The spirit within the body awaits liberation and this freedom of the rational part from the irrational form must be achieved in one of two ways. The ignorant are liberated through necessity, the wise through choice. So, in the fables of Egypt, those who leave the body and the sleep of death come forth by night and wander in the darkness, but such as were accepted into the Mysteries were instructed in those secret disciplines by which the reasonable nature is emancipated from its bondage without the ministration of decay. The true philosopher, liberated from his own darker part, is translated like Enoch without tasting of the bitterness of death Of such an illumined and regenerated one it was declared: "He has come forth by day."
Thus, the Mysteries were regarded as the substitute for death and also as the second womb from which the Initiate was born into the sphere of wisdom. In Egypt, the Mysteries, or institutions of philosophic rebirth, were called Isis and those born out of the temple were designated the Sons of Isis. Now, through the death of Osiris, her husband, this goddess had donned the badges of mourning and through the loss of the Word (symbolized by the phallus of Osiris), had become the great Widow. Hence, those born out of her, the philosophic elect, were termed the Widow's Sons, a designation which has clung to Freemasons, even today.
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - M P Hall 

'The Book of the Dead', 'The Book of Coming Forth by Day', 'The Book of emerging forth into the Light'...all one and the same, but differing perhaps 'The Book of the Dead' (title) a total misnomer (especially the last word, 'dead') which has/is being currently misappropriated/misunderstood?  The 'dead' aspect likely seems to refer to being 'spiritually dead' (not physically dead!).  

Certainly worth pondering and considering. This particular book is reputedly authored by Thoth/Hermes...
Thoth/Hermes of the Emerald Tablet fame.

Harry Potter's Phoenix

The Potter Lightning Flash of Creation...& the Tower
Hogwarts and J K Rowling...more like J KRowleying

Potter has the symbol on his head, recall the TOL (tree of life) can be overlaid on the body, the crown of the human head would match with the TOL crown/kether...where the lightning strikes the crown top!

The Lightning Struck Crown
Potter & Bowie

Bowie: Station to Station (sphere to sphere)
 "From Kether to Malkuth" is Hebrew for "From crown to kingdom"
Kether/Malkuth are also the 'start and end' points for the 777 lightning flash of creation! 

  Bowie (see below) featured in Lynch's Twin Peaks film...Fire Walk With Me, where he meets with some 'lodge inhabitants'...the dwellers beneath the Sycamore Lodge Lightning Tree etc. (great digging from Peter R Koenig)

 The Lightning Struck Crown/Head/Kether...Palmer/Bowie both visited the TP Black Lodge...
Bowie & his Spiders from Mars, Lynch the "Jimmy Stewart from Mars" (Mel Brooks)
The Lynch 'zig-zag' first made its appearance in Eraser-head (aka crown)

 Chapter 27 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
The 27th chapter is called The Lightning-Struck Tower, a reference to the Tower card. In the chapter, catastrophic events take place.  The 27th path on the TOL is the tower path!  Rowling is clearly familiar with the TOL and its pathways!

The Tower...Path 27 (highlighted in red) and an aspect of the 777 lightning flash (zig-zag)

Potter & 777
The Phoenix & 777 (left)...all items from BBC News

The 777 lighning flash of creation (flaming sword) zig-zag passes through the Tree of Life veil of Da'ath/Knowledge (aka sirius/pluto)
Gary 'Sirius' Oldman...777 & The Phoenix, he played a 'masonic preist' (Mason Verger) in Scott's Hannibal.  7/11/7...7*11=77 & 7

The Phoenix & 777 (343)
Diagon Alley is the centre of 'wizarding London'
7*7*7 = 343

The 27th chapter is called The Lightning-Struck Tower, a reference to the Tower card. In the chapter, catastrophic events take place.  The 27th path on the TOL is the tower path!  Rowling is clearly familiar with the TOL and its pathways!

Half-Blood Prince & The Tower....J K CRowleying...via 777
The Book...16th July 2005...1+6 (7), July (7), 2+0+0+5 (7)
777 and The 'transforming' Tower (Royal Crown Castle) with 70 fans and at the stroke of Midnight, 12 O'Clock (the crown).  London 'terror' bombings...7th July 2005 aka 777.
The London Premier for the film was on 7/7 (2009)

At the end of the film, Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) kills Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) by firing him of a tall tower. As Dumbledore falls, the camera follows him vertically down in slow motion. This is an ironic parody from Die Hard (1988), where at the end John McClean (Bruce Willis) throws Hans Guber (Alan Rickman) off a tall tower and the camera follows him down in the same slow-motion sequence.

16th January 2013 & The 'Firey Struck' Tower (card 16)
 The VW Golf has an MI5 licence plate prefix...was that the 'calling card'?
Canary Wharf and Vauxhall (home of UK intel!)

The Lightning Struck Tower...
Potter inpsired Percy Jackson has similar resonance!
The Olympians giving us the additional Zeus/Lightning Bolt flavour.

The Hunger Games Lightning Tree
Lightning strikes the tree @ Midnight (12 O'Clock) or metaphor for the crown of the human head, at the 12 O'Clock position?

That is now 3 examples of 'the crown' or 'tower' being struck at Midnight...Twin Peaks, Harry Potter & The Hunger Games!

Hunger Games...
 The lightning tree (crown) and this a potential reference to the brain beetles (of the head) as seen in Indiana Osiris Jones and The Temple of Doom, the Domed Temple (aka Head)?

The Head @ 12 O'Clock

Spielberg/Lucas...The Temple of Doom/The Domed Temple (head)
All foodstuffs consumed can be related to the human brain.  The scarab being the thalamus, the snake, the serpent-like spinal stem (leading to the reptilian complex)
the dessert 'chilled monkey (human) brains'

 The serpent/reptilian brain...the brazen serpent (see the masonic degrees)

 The 'alien' reptilian complex

Yes...even the 'eye soup' (the internal eye of horus)

Bugs and the head/brain...

The Hunger Games clip above also relates to the 'Dome'...the human head is a literal dome! 

 The Hanged Man...Hunger Games 2
Path 23 on the kabbalistic Tree of Life...see earlier work. 

Carrey in film 23...Path 23 (The Hanged Man)
The Hanged Cable(Tow) Guy...

 Jim '23' Carrey...Dr Sirius & Dr Phoenix (both implying the same thing!)

Mr 'Sirius Spotlight' Truman Burbank...Pluto (dog) & Sirius (dog) in Da'ath

 The lightning struck aircraft...

Truman (True Man) begins to 'see' that all is not as it seems, this happens from Days 10911 and 10912 (DVD chapters 8-16)

 Tru(e)man can 'See/Sea' H(e)aven...
 "How's it going to end?"

"I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. 
I came here to tell you how it's going to begin."

Which all kind of reminds me of Keanu 'Sirius/Dog Star' The 9/11 Matrix!
His passport expired on 9-11-2001

 Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves...the star that follows Orion/Osiris, recall that Lepus (rabbit) is situated under Orion.

 As above, so below...

The Matrix (oracle scene)...Night of the Lepus (rabbit) on TV
Matrix from Ma'at (Isis, sirius, anubis dog) 

 Phoenix and Sirius/Dogstar Reeves...two different people, but the same celestial thematic!

Neo & Christ via The Trinity etc (I've covered Neo's Christ aspects before)

 The Hanged Tree of Life Man/Christ

 Biff (Back To The Future) "Make like a tree and get outta here."

The human body as the tree of life...

 Raiders of the Lost Ark,,,Snakes (spinal serpent), backbone (ditto) & wings (aircraft)

Spinal ladders and 'back' resonance over the abyss...Temple of Doom

The Caduceus (an aspect of hermes) & The Tree of Life (Sephiroth)
George McFly as the upside down 'Hanged Man'  literally throughout 

Not forgetting the specifically mentioned 'broken' window TV, that synchronistically shows the WTC.  The Hanged Man and The Tower(s).

Ledger, like Williams...played 'the fool' and 'the hanged man'

It would be Fisher King director Gilliam who would make Dr Parnassus and that latter film references 'the hanged man' (and the lightning flash/pillars of the tree) via Heath Ledger, who himself died during filming! This demonstrates the fact, that this phenomena (tarot/mystery religion etc) traverses individual stand-alone media (as in a single film).

Legder liked to hang around...
Ledger will also be seen 'suspended upside down via the foot (ala the hanged man) in Batman The Dark Knight, his penultimate film...Dr Parnassus being his final one.

The Pillars, The Tree of Life & The Hanged (Christ) Man

Dr Parnassus...lightning, the pillars and The Hanged Ledger Man (in shadow)
 Blackfriars Bridge...where P2 masonic banker and 'dodgy ledger' (geddit?) Calvi was found hanged! Masonry (bricks) were found in Calvi's pockets...geddit? 

The Hanged (God) aka The Father...suspended
 Brando played 'the sacrificial god/king' at the end of the Nung River in Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

Godfather 3

Ledger 'hanging' in homage to 'masonic' Calvi...
Both of Ledger's last two film appearances...featured references to the hanged man
 Ledger...The Hanged Joker Man...via The Christ aka Bale, Batman The Dark Knight

In 2003 Ledger was cast as the 'Masonic Hanged Man' aka Ned Kelly.
featured with 'The Lightning Struck Tower' woman Naomi 'Mulholland Drive' Watts.
He was hanged on 11 November 1880 (11/11) at the Melbourne Gaol.
The 'freemasons' are known as Son's Of The Widow...the 'widow' being Isis.
Ledger relating not to just one, but two 'masonic hanged men' Calvi & Kelly.

Bale as The Hanged (pit) Man...The Dark Knight Rises

Christ & Salvation...

 Due to having the gift of ‘walking on water’ bestowed upon him by his father Neptune, in the renaissance Orion was used as an allegory of Christ, and it was through such an allegorical use that Giordan Bruno was accused by the inquisition of attacking the divinity of Christ in his The expulsion of the triumphant beast.

Christ & The Hanged Man...
 Rendering Christian as The Christ via Salvation (Terminator)
 The opening title sequence (Christ) will clue us in!

 Christ(ian) meets the hanged Christ-man...Worthington is already resurrected!
 JC john Connor - JC Jesus Christ

The Fool on the precipice...

Man On A Ledge...The Lightning Stuck Tower...another building the 'Monarch Tower' features in the film, the crowned tower, geddit?!

Worthington in Fool Man On A Ledge
...adopts the tau cross/hanged man imagery, he ACTUALLY stumbles on his ankle just prior to this arrest!

Suspended via the ankle...The Hanged (T-600 Terminator) Man

 Christ/Bale...The Hanged (American Psycho) Man

The Hanged (Christ-ian) Cross Man...The Machinist
Christ was a carpenter (tekton) aka a wood machinist
Christ & Bale...more like Christ and Baal (666)

Christ (Christian Bale) The Fisher of Men

  The Hanged Men...Life of Brian
A sort of homage to Kubrick's Spartacus...Spartacus aka Illuminati Weishaupt codename.

 The same Gilliam 'Fisher Grail King' from Monty Python...
...who used the archetypal hanged man aka Jesus, as the basis for the Life of Brian/Brain...which also showed the struck tower and the crucified mass at the close.

 The Tower also features in The Fisher King...where the grail resides.

One fool, to the next...
The Fool & The King will be an aspect of the film, Williams tells the tale and with The Fool bringing wisdom to the king, 

 Perceval (Knight of The Roundtable/Zodiac) was the fool of the original Fisher King myth and the story goes that he encounters and kills a Red Knight (as seen in the film) early on in life.

The Fool & The King...the 'king-like' Fool
Parry (Williams) :
One day, a fool wandered into the castle and found the king alone. Being a fool, he was simpleminded, he didn't see a king, he saw a man alone and in pain. And he asked the king, "What ails you, friend?" The king replied, "I'm thirsty. I need a some water to cool my throat." So the fool took a cup from beside his bed, filled it with water, handed it to the king. As the king began to drink he realized that his wound was healed. He looked at his hands, and there was the Holy Grail that which he sought all of his life! And he turned to the fool and said in amazement, "How could you find that which what my brightest and bravest could not?" And the fool replied, "I don't know. I only knew that you were thirsty." Very beautiful, isn't it? I think I heard that at a lecture once...I don't know...a Hunter.
(Orion/Fool/Osiris is The Hunter! my emphasis)

The Holy Grail
 The Holy Cup can be discovered only by those who have raised themselves above the limitations of sensuous existence (aka materiality). In his mystic poem, The Vision of Sir Launfal, James Russell Lowell discloses the true nature of the Holy Grail by showing that it is visible only to a certain state of spiritual consciousness. Only upon returning from the vain pursuit of haughty ambition did the aged and broken knight see in the transformed leper's cup the glowing chalice of his lifelong dream.
TSTOAA (Stones, Metals & Gems) M P Hall

The Fool...again

Another flying ship & fool

The Fool & Egg (Zero/0, Ouef)

Williams The Hanged Man

 Jeff 'The Fisher King' Bridges...The Hanging Man (the official name for this scene)
The Hanged Tree (of Life) Man

True Grit (Coen Bros) opens with 'the hanged men'

 Recall the 'masonic hanged man'

True Grit (2010)...Mattie Ross' (the protagonist) father is shown to be a (likely) mason via his belongings, which includes the square and compass.
The masonic 'square & compass' and the pillars of Jachin/Boaz 
(the outer tree of life pillars aka mildness & strength)

 True Grit (1969)
Kim Darby’s character, Matty, on viewing her recently deceased father in a coffin in a funeral parlour, tells the farm hand, "When you get home, you put him in a better coffin and you bury him in a mason’s apron."

  Similar type of 'masonic imagery' is seen in the Coen Brother's film Fargo

The Big 'Masonic' Lebowski

Jeff 'The Dude' Bridges...the tessellated masonic stairway to heaven?

 Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy 'Suicide' Episode Airs Before Actor's Death 

(This episode was aired by the BBC...the same BBC that is up to its own neck, via its own employees, in paedophilia and enabling paedophiles, even on its own premises!)

Not forgetting this too...

This scene from Death To Smoochy...Rainbow Randolph

 Last post we identified another 'Hanged Williams'...this one being Robbie.

 Anyone remember the Trayvon Martin case?
The Hanged Tree of Life Man?

 Taste The Rainbow...via 7/11 (the store, sept & eleven)

The Hanged Man & The Rainbow...

You might recall that Harrison 'Osiris/Horus' Ford...also had recent 'hanged man' resonance via Star Wars 7. Damaged via the Millenium 'Horus' Falcon. He is shown as 'the hanged man' in Return of The (D)Jedi...Osiris is an archetypal hanged man, as is Jesus.
He is shown as Abiff/Osiris reborn in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...reborn via the fridge/coffin, likewise in Star Wars via the carbonite fridge/coffin.

The shepherd and his 'eye of Horus' staff...Tanis, Egypt & the 'typical' Gods (Horus, Osiris etc)
H-Ari and H-orizon/H-arizon = H-arrison 

 Horus (from Har, Hari, Hor or Heru) - was a god of the sun primarily associated with Southern Egypt and ancient city of Hierakonpolis ("City of the Hawk" or "Hawks"). In the earlier dynastic era he was referred to as "The Distant One." The letter "H" was used as "the" (as in orison, meaning "prayer," becoming Horizon.) Therefore Hari would really have been The Ari. Horus was "He of the Ari." The root ari, can be found in the word aristocracy, referring to a noble, enlightened elite.Michael Tsarion

I suspect that the US state of Ari-zona (where 'rainbow' Phoenix is the capital) can also be derived from this sort of word play.

Han Solo (Ford) & Princess Leia (Fisher)...The 42 Rainbow Connection
"In a game divided by color" 

Harrison Ford in Oz. Whistling an Oz tune in Working Girl, which heavily featured the WTC.
He featured in Lucas' American Graffiti...with Richard 'Oz/Tin Man' Dreyfuss

Ford/Deckard's Blade Runner (Ridley Scott) apartment...Harrison '42' Ford
Harrison 'Orion/Osiris-Horus/42/Stargater' Ford 

Ridley 'Alien' Scott...The Orion M42 Rainbow Connection, Orion the celestial abode of Osiris

Ridley 'Alien' Scott...2(0)37

Poltergeist...The dead entered the Freeling apt via the TV...@ 2:37

Poltergeist & The Shining...42 the rainbow connection

2*3*7 = 42
Eyes Wide Shut, The Rainbow via 237 (2*3*7=42) Verona Restaurant and rainbow lights

Somewhere over the rainbow...on Mulholland Drive

Poltergeist 42...the rainbow connection via James 'Mulholland Drive/Poltergeist' Karen
42% of sales...42 the rainbow

From the Egyptian POV...the 42 can be related to the 42 principals of Ma'at. (truth)
42 Names of God (hebrew)

42-67 is the Freeling's House Number.

 Norton...42 (and the head) in Williams film Death To Smoochy, 88 again too!
Which featured Buggy '42 Ghost Head' Ding Dong...and Rainbow Williams

Fincher's Propaganda Films would produce Lynch's Twin 'Tree of Life' Peaks...
his sister would feature in one episode.  Fincher also made The Game...another film 'subliminally' rife with tarot and tree of life elements.

Edward Fight 'WTC' Club Norton via Ground Zero
David 'Fight Club' Fincher...who also made Se7en, 9/11 via Lust

 Gywnyth Paltrow was the 7 O'Clock 'head in a winged box' in Fincher's Se7en...
 Here is her 'electric' 777 tube train...she featured in the film Sliding '777' Doors.

While we on the subject of doors...

Norton (above) is with Tim Burton's wife...Helena Bonham Carter
Tim '911 Batman/Keaton' Burton

Michael 'The Hanged Bat Tower Man' Keaton

Interestingly Williams and Ford would both 'try-out' for the role of Jack Torrance in Kubrick's The Shining...known for its myriad of rainbow and 42 references. (and a monarch reference via the twins).  William's starred with Wendy 'Shelley Duval' Torrance in Popeye, his first starring film role.

The 'monarch' connection...Williams with the 'actual' monarch butterfly
This of course is a potential link to mind control...the monarch system.  To many, these concepts are not exactly new and many also relate such concepts to 'over the rainbow' and 'rainbow type programming'.  I had already mentioned Williams in regard to the concept of the rainbow, it featured very heavily in his career.
This is where things get a bit weird...there seems to be a vague connection between the film The Fisher King and the 1991 Luby's shooting (the 3rd largest body count shooting in US history), which was carried out by George Hennard.

Shades of Aurora?
This shooting occurred about 1 month after the film's official release.  The above suggests that Hennard had seen The Fisher King not long before he carried out the shooting!

None of this would be relevant, but for the fact that a 'restaurant shooting' (similar to Hennard's) literally forms the basis for the film's actual plot!

Not 'the red knight' but The Dark Knight Rising...
via Gary 'Sirius via Potter' Oldman, another 'sirius resonator' along with Reeves etc.
You may recall Joker Ledger's 'Why So Serious' mantra...did he mean 'Why so Sirius'?
Right after this scene Oldman/Gordon will visit Matthew 'The Joker/Fool' Modine (Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket) who appropriately plays Fo(o)ley.

Nathan 'Descendant of Aleister 777' Crowley was the production designer for Nolan's Batman franchise.

For more on these types of film/shooting overlaps see the following post:

From Hook to Sandy Hook...via Pan (Williams)
The hook is evocative of Osiris (hook/crook & flail) and the opening of the mouth. 
Carrie 'Under The Rainbow' Fisher will also feature.

The Hunger Games is set in Pan-em...not forgetting the 'pan' and 'baphomet' overlaps!

Hunger Games author Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, within Newtown, Connecticut with her husband and their two children.

The Hunger Games...Taste The Rainbow

  Taste The Rainbow...Muthafuckas! 
 You'll see Michael Jackson & The Rainbow later...this Jackson is Samuel L!
"You're gonna kiss the sun and taste the motherfuckin' rainbow"

Son of Jacob's (Jack-son) Ladder...
 Samuel 'Caduceus' Jackson...the spine (back) and rainbow chakras to purple/violet & wings! The (spinal) snakes in each...meeting at the location of the purple third eye chakra

Jackson, Lucas (light) and 'purple'...purple light (third eye to the crown)

Purple Light

Recall we raised aspects of Lucas and The Hanged Man (and left hand/right hand path) via Luke Skywalker...the 'literal' light shamen.  This one from The Empire Strikes (Your) Back.

The same 'Samuel L' who featured in Spielberg's Masonic Park along with Attenborough
The Hanged Men

The 'Hanged Man' of A Time To Kill...presiding Judge Omar Noose (lol)
from Joel 'The WTC Wiz' Oz connection.
Samuel 'A 9/11 Time To Kill' L he is with Matthew 'Contact' McConaughey.
The film also featured Working 'WTC/911' Girl players Kevin Spacey & Oliver Platt

 Samuel in the 9/11-WTC matrix...
The Lightning Struck WTC Tower(s) via Zeus.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger

Taste The Rainbow...
 Like Poltergeist's Tangina (Zelda) & the 42 motif...Zelda was formerly the voice of Skittles and played Iris (rainbow goddess) in Under The Rainbow with Rainbow Fisher!  
Robin 'rainbow' Williams' daughter is named Zelda too.

Poltergeist star Heather O'Rourke as the Rainbow Brite girl...

In the Sandy Hook shootings 'Over The Rainbow' was an accompanying motif.

 Then there was this (retrospectively speaking) 'gun referencing tune' from Oz's Dorothy/Judy on the Sandy Hook label

The Rainbow Connection
The Green (frog) Man ala Osiris and the Canine ala Canis/Sirius...with the rainbow
Alice Bailey said a Rainbow Bridge (antahkarana) guided by sirius exists as a connection (Rainbow Connection) between the lower and higher self and the earthly and astral planes.
Dorothy on the road to Oz with Toto (canis/sirius) Over The Rainbow, is a similar take.

The Rainbow Connection

Videodrome...the C-Ram Rainbow Connection and Blondie's Debbie Harry

Videodrome director Cronenberg...42 and the head
Naked Lunch (opening)...Peter '88 via Buckaroo Banzai' Weller's Head

 Swayze in 'afterlife special' Ghost (with Goldberg) and Donnie Darko...both featured 42.

Smoochy 42 & The Head ...The film has a 42% rating on Rotten Tomatoes
 Schiavelli (shown above in Ghost) shows Swayze how to utilize his psychic powers...he also featured in 'rainbow overkill' film Death To Smoochy as Buggy Ding Dong.

Ghost...237 ala The Shining, 2*3*7 = 42

Ghost's Goldberg via Spielberg...The purple/violet 3rd eye & crown chakra!

Danny 'Lethal 911 Weapon' Glover featued with Goldberg in Spielberg's The Color Purple...

Lethal '9-11' Weapon...cough, cough.  Glover and Gibson

Glover would also feature in the Saw franchise 'horror-show' series...for a further Glover 'rainbow connection' he featured with Harrison '42/Rainbow' Ford in Witness.

Over The 'Saw' Rainbow...
Saw 2, police think the victim  house is located at 237 North Hyde Crescent...a '42' rainbow connection, a crescent is also 'arc shaped'. The '237' address actually turns out to be where Jigsaw's 'video feed' is coming from.

Danny x2
Room 237 is the room that Danny (Daniel) in The Shining makes reference to, in Saw 2 Matthews is searching for his son Daniel (Danny).


 The Overlook Hotel in Kubrick's The Shining is based on the existing Ahwahnee Hotel (Yosemite)...Ahwahnee means 'gaping mouth' or 'large open mouth' (in Miwok), the valley resembled a large open mouth.  Yosemite actually means 'those who kill'.

"The device you're wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaws. When the timer at the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open."
In earlier work, I related Saw to the Egyptian 'opening of the mouth' ceremony phenomenon (maker hooks etc), particularly in reference to The '237' Shining...see that for more.

 Hooked mouth, opening wide...Halloween is the day the Torrances begin their tenure
at The Overlook Hotel (The Shining).

 Saw IV - Eric 'The Hanged Man' Matthews 

Suspended and with an ankle thematic!
Recall he had to break his own 'ankle' in the earlier films...see his right leg support.

On the tape, Jigsaw stated
"You all possess the combination to the safe. Think hard. The numbers are in  
the back of your mind. The clues of their order can be found over the rainbow.
 Where the rainbow ends...The Head, Blue for the thyroid/neck chakra, see earlier diagram.

Each person has a color-coded number on the back of their neck. 'Over the rainbow' refers to the seven primary colors that make up a rainbow in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The numbers and colors that we saw were: Red = 2 (Gus); Orange = ? (it was either on Daniel's or Xavier's neck - we did not see either); Yellow = 16 (Jonas); Green = 11 (Obi); Blue = 8 (Laura); Indigo = 9 (Addison); and Violet = 7 (Amanda).

Number 16 (tarot, The Tower)...the struck Jonas crown, geddit?

The Hopi 'Rainbow God Head' Painting - The Shining.  Trees in the painting, a petrified tree to the left.

 Jack '237/42' Torrance and the struck crown/ the Color-ado Rainbow Lounge

Rain-bow Head & Se7en (chakras)...
 Jim 'Bruce Almighty/Rainbow Sirius Resonator' Carrey, Morgan 'Se7en' Freeman as God

The Lightning Struck Carrey/Potter Crown (& Grail Cup?) via (The Hanged) Yes Man.  Deschanel on the Yellow Brick Road (via The Tin Man) as DG (Dorothy Gale) with 'Rainbow Eyes Wide Shut' receptionist Alan Cumming and Richard 'Close Rainbow Encounters' Dreyfuss.  Deschanel's mother featured in Twin Peaks and connects to Dave '2001' Bowman via sequel 2010.

The 'lightning struck crown' Fool (on the hill/precipice) and Hanged Tower Man...
12 The Hanged Man (suspended)...the angle makes the bridge resemble a tower

Carrey & Walken can both be linked together via the Batman films.
Carrey as The Riddler in Joel 'The Wiz' Schumacher's Batman Forever, with Rainbow Kidman.
Rainbow Walken in Burton's Batman Returns.

Walken & The Lightning Struck Tower/Head/Crown.

Christopher 'Rainbow Head' Walken...SNL

An SNL link to this Walken parody (Jay Mohr)...Skittles 'taste the rainbow'

Walken & The Brain...The Stepford Wives
Here he is with Nicole 'Eyes Wide Shut/Over The Rainbow' Kidman...
in The Stepford Wives, Directed by Frank 'The Muppet Rainbow Connection' Oz. 
Recall...Frank Oz also plays the voice of 'Yod-a' in the Star Wars series. 

 He (Frank Oz)  also played in Trading 'WTC/911' Places with Dan 'Conehead' Aykroyd! Soul To Squeeze...cough, cough.

A scene will heavily reference 'the pinecone'...
 in the biblical sense, literally!

Pincones/Pine-al Gland (which is pinecone like) and it secretions melatonin/metatonin etc (DMT based). The 'BIG JEW'...I think, (beyond the obvious religious meaning) is alluding to DEW...JEW/DEW and the 'dew-like' secretions of the pineal gland itself! Here it states 'pinecones, big jew/dew and snow (water)'...I'm sold!

The 'pinecone staff' of Osiris (typically a pinecone would accompany the coffin/mummy too) and the 'Pine-al Gland' (brain/3rd eye) activation meme, on the end of a simulated penis/phallus/staff-rod ala Osiris' staff-rod. Christmas and the Christ/Osiris overlaps etc.

"You are the wind beneath my (brain) wings..."

Beaches via Iris....goddess of the rainbow
Did you ever know that your my hero/heru (horus)

Stepford...what is Bette Midler (Bobbie Markowitz) wearing when we first meet her?
Deep Purple...the purple 3rd eye chakra...cough, cough

Frank 'Yoda/Yoga' Oz... via Lucas (the light)
 You want more...text bottom left, is from a later scene...Mace 'Purple Light' Windu, Jackson 'snakes and chakras on a plane/caduceus'.  The name Padmé (Padme Amidala) is derived from the Sanskrit word for lotus flower (पद्म, padma). 
In Hindu mythology, the lotus is associated with creation while according to Buddhists the lotus represents purity of body, speech, and mind floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire (the lesser material world, my emphasis) . Padmé's regnant name, Amidala, comes from the Sanskrit word Mandala (also a type of cross, my emphasis), a Hindu and Buddhist concept that generally acts as an archetype for the sacred union of opposite energies.

3rd eye...just like the Lotus pic (above left). A coned head, evoking the phrygian cap
Padme (the lotus, 3rd eye, brain) Amidala & Amy(g)dala (the brain)
(Thanks go to anonymous 27th Oct/06:13...for the amidala/amygdala connection, great stuff)

The amygdala receives projections mostly from the sensory regions of the thalamus and the cortex.
 The thalamus (which I've written about extensively) is the likely seat of the brain's 3rd eye.  The thalamus is the main switchboard of the brain...and has extensive nerve networks that send signals all around the structures of the brain including the cerebral cortex. The pineal gland esembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located in the epithalamus, near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join.

It is the secretions of this said 'pineal gland' that supposedly links to spiritual enlightenment.

 Pinecones & Dew (Jew)...remember!

Many suspect the Rosicrucian rose to be a conventionalization of the Egyptian and Hindu lotus blossom, with the same symbolic meaning as this more ancient symbol.
Could all this be related to her role in the film The Rose?

 "I say love, it is a flower and you, it's only seed"
The unfolding Lotus & Rose (relating to the heart)...The Rose Cross
Aaron 'Trading 9/11 Places' Russo (Russo from Rosso, meaning red)...was the producer, the film The Rose was released on 11/9. It also featured Harry Dean 'Twin Peaks/Wild At Oz/Alien' Stanton...who gets 'cross resonance' from Carpenter/King's Christ-ine and Scorcese's The Last Temptation of Christ.

Lead guitarist for Deep Purple was Ritchie 'Over The Rainbow' Blackmore...
Deep Purple to The Rainbow.  Rainbow would utilise the 'rainbow arch' in thier live sets.

"There's a world on both sides of the rainbow where songs come true and every time it rains...
Christopher 'Pennies From Heaven' Walken...purple via the 'royal arch of heaven' (the rainbow)

 Anyone remember the Doritos pyramid 'royal arch' advert?  The 'juke box arch' is a rendering of 'the royal arch' (with keystone)...the royal arch symbol is the the dorito itself!

Videodrome's Cronenberg...The Dead Zone (in the brain)
The head and the Egyptian 'winged' brain bug(s)...aka 3rd Eye/winged sun disc

 Christopher 'Max Shreck 3rd Pyramid Eye' Walken via Batman Returns.
Vincent 'Ghost/Smoochy 42 rainbow head' Schiavelli will also feature.

Walken in Tony '777' Scott's Domino...masonic square/compass ring
as manipulative, high-powered reality television producer Mark Heiss

 Star of Douglas '2001 Rainbow Stargate' Trumbull's Brainstorm, the only film he ever directed.  Far right is Walken's first role in film 1972.

Christopher 'Rainbow Head' Walken and in violet shirt

See The Jackson's form a literal 'rainbow bridge' in this 1981 piece Can You Feel It.

 The video's opening shows us the '42 Foot thick Utah Rainbow Arch' and closes with 
the peacock (associated both with the phoenix and the rainbow).

We see the 'rainbow bridge' beginning at 3:52 and the 'rainbow arch' at 3:58.

May as well throw in Jimmy 'Tarot' Hendrix too!  The Rainbow Bridge to 'the colour purple' via 'haze'.  The internal chakra system 'rainbow bridge' to the crown 'purple/violet'.
(similar theme to Goldberg's 237/42 rainbow to the color purple, shown just above!)

The Tarot 'rainbow connection'
 Ten of Cups (as shown above, Hendrix)

Ten of Cups
Within some esoteric disciplines, such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, each of the forty pip cards of the Tarot deck is assigned and attributed to one of the four letters of the tetragrammaton and one of the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life. In the case of the Ten of Cups, this attribution is to the tenth sephirah of Malkuth and the letter ה (Heh).

Malkuth (Kingdom) aka Sphere of The Fool...
Guitar Gods...Clapton & Hendrix

 Clapton - The Fool (& his guitar)

 Painted by - The Fool (60's psychedelic artists)

The Fool & The Rainbow (60's psychedilic artists, again)

The Beatles clothes on the All You Need is Love broadcast are Fool creations.
"All you need is is the law, love under will"

 The Fool & His (her) Dog...

A Magical 'Mysteries' Tour...
 The winged Beetle/Beatle/Scarab...Paul 'Fool on the Hill/Precipice' McCartney
Recall that Macca & Wings did the soundtrack for Bond's Live & Let Die Tarot.

The Fool & The Rainbow...Rainbow Man runs for 2:20 or 22/0 'the alpha/omega fool'

 Marijke Koger says the name The Fool was chosen after they met Crowley-obsessed blues singer Graham Bond who introduced them to the Tarot deck.  David Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame produced their 1969 album.

 The Sgt 'OTO' Pepper Crowley
Hearts, Club(s), (Lucy in the Sky with) Diamonds, (Digging A Hole) Spades
The playing card deck that is based on the tarot. (above, mirrored diagonal shot)

Jacko & Macca...
Jackson & 777

The Moonwalker & The Rainbow...released 1988, it featured 'The Fool' from Craven's (Tarot) People Under The Stairs.

Michael would be associated with the 70's Oz film The Wiz, he played the scarecrow...

Blood On The 9/11 Manhattan Dance Floor

The Wiz heavily featured the WTC complex (see below) as part of  the Emerald City.
From earlier writing, some may recall the Sept 11th 1957 Rainbow Road to OZ show (preview segments from the film aired on September 11, 1957)

 ...and a dog that died on Sept 11th 2001...the police dog Sirius!  All playing into this subliminal mix.  Sirius the literal 'dog star'.

The Overlook Hotel...geddit?
 It literally 'overlooks' WTC ground zero!
Which leads me to the 'Sirius Rising' phenomena...the 2001 monolith @ Ground Zero.
The glyphs evoke the WFC buildings that were opened in...1988

Sirius & Sept

2001 was the ACTUAL millenium date....not 2000
 The Overlook Monolith Hotel...and The 2001 Monolith

 2001:ASO (The Hotel Monolith) & The Shining (The Overlook Hotel)...Synch

20shining01 mashup by dm_5040a7c52c333
 Rebirth x2

The starchild emerged from the renaissance (rebirth) hotel room

 The Rainbow 2001 Stargate

2010 (sequel)...(Rainbow) Phoenix & Rebirth

 Williams & The WTC

 Bicentennial Man
Williams with Sam 'Masonic Park/Damien 666 Thorn' Neill...

 Sam Neill's 'Hanged Man' (suspended via the ankle) can be found via Omen 3. 
The 'Cable' Street Priest...ankle suspended via a cable, crucified Christ on Meggido dagger
 Suspended via the ankh-le...and hanged via the ankh-cross.  Christ/Osiris 'the hanged men'

 A replay of Damien Omen 2...and the Hanged (masonic) 'Charles Warren' Man 
 Suspended (hanged) via the Ankh...sometimes it is Anubis (the jackal, geddit) that holds the Ankh for this ceremony.  Damien...born of a jackal (aka the celestial anubis)

The Hanged Christ Man & The Tau Cross (ala the tarot) seen in the film

Omen 3...The Devil & The 'lightning struck' Tower
 "The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation"
...the priests think they have killed Damien, it turns out to be one of their own!

Omen 2...The Tower (Dr Kane, canis & the jackal blood) an internal tower and falling.
Dr Kane...resides on floor 23, wants the 16th Floor (ala The Tower card 16) ends up on 27th
 "The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation"
...he finds jackal blood in a human blood sample!

 Path 23 (hanged man), Path 27 (the tower), Path 26 (the devil)...all converge at sphere 8 aka Hod.  This then leads on to Path 30 (the sun), 666 the magick square number of the sun.

666 The Devil & The 'lightning struck' Tower
The lightning struck tower is featured in the original film from 1976...the death of the priest, former Dr Who Patrick Troughton.   

 The 'hanged nan' (nanny) also features...self sacrifice "this is all for you Damien"

The 06/06/06 remake featured Liev 'Scream' Schreiber and the remake also referenced the lightning struck tower (via Pete Postlethwaite). Liev Schreiber is married to Naomi 'Lightning Struck Tower' Watts.

 Richard 'The 666 Omen' Donner would work with 666 Spielberg on The Goonies. 
The 666 Omen runs for 111 mins...that is a 777 cypher reference (when combined)

'The Devil' & 'The Tower' will be a major aspect of  'Room 666 Spielberg's' 
Close Encounters film...via Devil's Tower, of course!  

The base of the tarot Tower card is very similar to the Devil's Tower rock formation base.

 There was this release (referencing the same idea) in 2014...looks very 'B movie' imo

The Lightning Struck Devil's Tower...
The Tower card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it.

The UFO forming the crown over the tower, almost like a homage to 2001 author...
A C Clarke and Childhood's End.  Kubrick died 666 days before 9/11/2001.

Why 666?
666 & The Tree of Life...1080(p) is the standard for high definition.
The fool's lightning path leads to Chokmah(wisdom)/Zodiac/Uranus...666

The 'sun & tiphareth' resonator...Strength of the Lion (Leo)

It is also the magic/magick square number of the I've regularly pointed out.

We've had 911 'awakenings' about 666 'awakenings' via Twin Peaks & Major 'Omen IV' Briggs?  This concept above is related to the 'lodges' and messages from space.

2(0)16 = 6*6*6

The 'lightning man' via Twin Peaks, Back To The Future, Dead Calm...The Tower via BTTF and its sequel.

Sam '666' Neill...1988
 Neill featured with Nicole 'Eyes Wide Shut' Kidman and Billy 'Back To The Future/Twin Peaks' Zane in Dead Calm.  If you want a 'rainbow connection'...Neill featured with Chevy 'Under The Rainbow' Chase in Carpenter's Memoirs of an Invisible Man.  

Zane would play a psycho aboard this ship Orpheus, he was a psycho on the Titanic ship too!
Orpheus a key aspect of Greek Mythology and Mysteries, particularly via music/lyre.

Sam 'Omen 3 lightning struck tower' Neill is onboard. Billy Zane's left behind ship is destined to sink and does so, soon after being lightning struck, Orpheus being both related 'to a fall/descent' into the underworld and falling at the hands of Zeus...likewise 'The Titans' (Titanic) who also 'fell' at the hands of the Olympian Gods, and also being slain by Zeus' lightning bolt.

 Zane's Orpheus & Titanic both 'symbolically' descend/fall into a 'watery underworld' via the Gods.  Recall the 'Rose Cross' elements that we raised previously.

Orpheus/Zane (Dead Calm)  Orpheus/Zane (Titanic)
Titanic (1997)  Orpheus & The Underworld
Script: "To see the sad ruin ofthe great ship sitting here where she landed at 2:30 in the morning of April 15, 1912 after her long fall from the world above." (world above to underworld & fall)

Neptune x 2
Going Overboard & Dead Calm...two nautical Zane releases with the Gods, both in 1989
Zane (debuted in BTTF with Neptune) played Neptune in the 'nautical related' Going Overboard.

Back To The Future, Zane...The 'lightning struck' Tower & Neptune (Poseidon)

Talking of Ships...not Zane's 'Orpheus' from Santa Barbara, but:
Columbus and the 'Rose Cross'

Bicentennial Man was directed by Chris Columbus, he also directed/produced Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief...the lightning struck tower (seen earlier) he would write Spielberg's Gremlins too.

The 9/11 radio with the September 'birthstone' aka sapphire (XI =11)
...effectively shows Sept 11
Columbus worked as a screenwriter with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, working on Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985) and Young Sherlock Holmes (1985).

Columbus also directed/produced Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief...the lightning struck tower (seen earlier)

Which brings me to Amblin's (Spielberg) Gremlins 2!
The Lightning Struck Tower...yes, again.

We shouldn't be too surprised tbh...the film industry OWNS the major News services too...Sumner Redstone's National Amusements has control of Viacom (CBS news etc) and literally half of the film industry, Disney with ABC News and Murdoch's 20th Century Fox with Fox News etc etc.  I wonder what the 'potential concerns' might be with Hollywood largely in control of the US news services....something to think about!

Kubrick/Spielberg's AI
Information from a holographic answer engine called "Dr. Know" (Robin Williams) (yes him again!!!) eventually leads them to the top of Rockefeller Center in partially underwater Manhattan.  Works like a 'post-flood' biblical reference too!

Rockefeller Center Top and The Rainbow Connection...see previous A.I. dialogue, above!
"Dr. Know" (Robin Williams) eventually leads them to the top of Rockefeller Center.  

The model on the right...will actually reference the Rockefeller Center in this scene above!
"I was on a shoot, modelling at Rockefeller Center, on a very windy day. You happened to be passing by."
Yes, where the Rainbow Room might be, the NBC logo also references the rainbow/peacock.

Williams and The Rainbow
The Williams 'fool' (eggs via Mork and the penguin) and the rainbow connection
The Rainbow Arch(er) geddit! (see Hook image above) 

Where the rainbow ENDS...literally! (the film's ending)
 The Rainbow, The Tree and The Eye

 Petition to rename San Francisco's Waldo Tunnel after Robin Williams

 San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge and the Rainbow Arch...the Rainbow Bridge

Williams being 'an archer' (rainbow arch-er) also is an aspect of The Fisher King 
 The Rainbow Head (where the rainbow ends) & The Grail (The Fisher King)

Harrison '42 Rainbow Connection' Ford...& The Grail
Spielberg/Lucas' Indiana Jones series would directly reference 'the grail' in the third episode Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (which also featured River 'rainbow' Phoenix).  

This Indiana Jones series also seemingly contains veiled references to 'the tree of life/sephiroth'.

Raiders of the Lost Rainbow Arc (Ark)
 The Poltergeist 42 Rainbow Connection House...Number 42-67

 The biblical Ark/Arc x2....and the rainbow

The Ark & The Covenant (Genesis, God's promise etc)
The Ark of The Covenant (Raiders of the Lost Ark/Rainbow Arc, Ark of God etc)
The rainbow being the actual 'sign of the covenant' from God.

Genesis 9:11

The Masonic Rainbow 
 (the all seeing eye, blazing sirius star, sits under the rainbow)
There is also the The (Masonic) International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG). 

The same apron we found secreted inside the 'Masonic/Jurassic Park' museum entrance!
The park run by Richard 'Hanged Man' Attenborough (see previous work)
(left) A fallen lizard King (T-Rex) at the base, (right) a fallen Abiff/Osiris King at the base.
Sirius (the masonic star) radiates from the the apron. 
 The 3rd Degree Coffin escape (as seen on the apron)...of Hiram/Osiris/The Dying God
The coffin that raises candidates into the light...a form of 'spiritual' rebirth, prior to this, the candidate is seemingly viewed as being 'spiritually dead'.

Indiana 'Osiris-Horus/Orion/42' Jones...the 3rd degree 'coffin rebirth'
Certain physical death (via an atom bomb) is avoided...the candidate is reborn into the light!
Osiris' coffin was coated with lead...a 'lead lined fridge' is the aspect here.

Remember Matthew 'Contact/A Time To Kill' McConaughey?

Thanks to Uncle Bingo for the following hook-up...
"I think that's (Ol' Cyrus) Osiris"...word play,  Osiris the immortal Egyptian god-king...
...who absorbed the aspect of Apis (the sacrificial bull) via become Osiris-Apis...the 'horned' Apis bull was a manifestation of Memphis dwelling Osiris. Osiris IS the horned bull god.  Likewise Isis (wife of Osiris) took on 'cattle resonance' by being fused with Hathor.

Give 'em their dues...these 'mystery religion' folk who populate media, certainly have skills!
 Watch the commercial again, but now with these above images and with the 
Ol' Cyrus/O-siris phonetics in mind! 

The 'Osirian' Lincoln Lawyer & his Lincoln...with the cross
 The Hanged Man's symbolism points to divinity, linking it to the Passion in Christianity, especially The Crucifixion; to the narratives of Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Mithras in Ancient Persian mythology and Roman mythology.

Surely...we all remember Abraham 'Emperor/Hanged Man' Lincoln...
supposedly shot by the 'masonic' Booth, at the Ford (not Lincoln) Theatre?

Here comes....Jim 'Sirius/Hanged Man' Carrey:
 How amusing and synchronistic is it, that Jim 'Sirius/Anubis/Hanged Man' Carrey would parody this very same advert via Satur(n)day Night Live.  Sirius (the celestial jackal) that follows Orion/Osiris in the night sky?  

The celestial Dog (sirius/anubis) & Shepherd (orion/osiris)
 Jim SIRIUS Carrey

Raising Osiris via Sirius (who pushes at the spine of Orion/Osiris, celestially raising him) and via the Number 23 (23 degrees of the Djed Pillar aka the symbolic 'earthly' spine of Orion/Osiris, a replay of the celestial version).  Isis 'raising' Osiris in the mythological sense, but the exact same theme...As Above, So Below.

This is the same Osiris who (imo) is clearly Hiram Abiff, the dying god of the masonic fraternity! 

Rendering the Royal Arch

The Royal Rainbow Arch and The Sirius Rainbow Star (Eye/Star)

In front of the rainbow lit Christmas Tree (overlaying the head)

It ends at the top of the stairway/staircase (bear in mind the spinal overlaps)
both in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and Spielberg's Poltergeist!

Spielberg's Poltergeist in Oz...Steven says 
"So, what side of the rainbow are we working tonight?" (OZ song)
Tangina ascends the stairway to sirius (jacob's ladder)

 Eyes Wide Shut...Bill (Cruise) ascends the stairway to sirius (Ziegler), immediately after 'where the rainbow ends' dialogue!

Kubrick rendered Jacob's Ladder in Full Metal Jacket...see Moses climb it!

 The Stairway to 42 (the rainbow)
42nd Street Producer Zanuck would father Richard, the same Richard Zanuck that was instrumental in launching Spielberg's (and Tim Burton's) career!

Laura 'Masonic Park' Lula
...wishes she was over the rainbow (Lynch's Wild At Heart).  

 Her partner is Nicolas '911 Face/Off-911 Knowing' Cage.  He featured in Stone's World Trade Center.
00Spool aka 00 Fool and his Oz Dog...

Harvey 'dropped from Eyes Wide Shut' Keitel featured in Reservoir Rainbow Dogs 
(Judy Garland Associates did the catering!)

 ...the multi-coloured heist film from Tarotino (lol)
Keitel plays Mr White...being 'White' he would naturally contain all the colours of the rainbow!

 Played Lt. Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel) in the US version of Life On Mars
 , Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" is played throughout this series.

 Ashes to Ashes and Life On Mars (two TV shows) are both tracks from musician Bowie
The Starman 'Over The Rainbow'...David (Rain)bowie Man
We saw Starman (Jeff Bridges) with Rainbow Williams earlier.

We just had Keitel in Oz...
 Bowie in Oz (Aus) - Let's Dance (the red shoes)

in 'Let's Dance' (1983) the lyric runs "Under the moonlight / the serious moonlight", which bears a resemblance to Aleister Crowley's 'Lyric of Love to Leah' from his diary for 1923: "Come, my darling, let us dance / To the moon that beckons us / Come, my love, let us dance / To the moon & Sirius!" A product of a 'cut–up'? A deliberate play on words? There are semantic connections between the two — as in "If you should fall into my arms / If you say hide we'll hide ..." and Crowley's "To dissolve our soul in trance / Heedless of the hideous / Heat & hate of Sirius."
Also compare: Diamond Dogs = Dog Star = Sirius = Serious/Sirius Moonlight
(Peter R Koenig)

(sirius IS 'the diamond dog star' in the sky, my emphasis)
The Diamond Dog...literally!

Sirius the rainbow star and bridge connection...
That is Harvey 'Taxi Driver' Keitel who was the pimp for Iris (played by Jodie Foster)
Iris is the goddess of the rainbow! 

 Foster travels the 'rainbow chakra' wormhole in Zemeckis' Contact, based on Sagan's book.  The film will open via Foster's IRIS itself!
 The succession of colors in the space tunnel match the colors of the Chakra points as described in the New Age "religion", starting with red (materialism) and reaching gold (enlightenment).

Foster is looking for the fool's gold in Silence of The Lambs via Hanged Man Lector
The Hanged 'Lector' all these films and all from different directors!
The Hanged Memphis Lector Man ala Osiris 'the archetypal' Hanged 'Memphis' Man

"Clarice...your 116/911 case file" (rotated)
Followed by Clarice walking through an airport.

 Kietel featured in Red Dragon (with Norton)...another Lector connection!
 Keitel also played 'the fool on the precipice' (beginning and end) in Ridley Scott's debut
The Duellists, a sort of homage to Kubrick's Barry Lyndon.
The Duellists...Tarot 'the moon' and probaly Three of Cups (minor)

Keitel was actually earmarked for the role of Ziegler in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut...some scenes were even shot, but he got replaced and Pollack took the role.  The same film and same Ziegler that relates to 'the rainbow'. (Where the rainbow ends etc).

Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange & The Shining will also heavily reference 'the rainbow'.

Dr Harford 'the fool'...
The Fool 0
  First line of the script...the very first line!!!  Dr. Bill Harford :  Honey, have you seen my wallet?
"A fool and his money are soon parted." 

Depicted as the fool...when he gets to the party at Ziegler's...Bill is drawing away from the sun (behind his head) and jestures to Ziegler that he is 'the fool' per the card. Alice as the 'the high priestess' (see the 'between the pillars shot')

Milich's daughter (Leelee Sobieski) shares the same birthdate as Judy Garland (June 10)
The address is number the sephirothic spheres, that number 10!
We have two rainbow to the human head (internal rainbow chakras to the crown) and 'over the rainbow' in relation to mind control (monarch etc).

Recall that the scene with Milich's daughter (an avatar for Lolita/Judy Garland) takes place in the 'rainbow room' seen behind Bill & Milich.

Where the rainbow ends...

Where the rainbow ends...the reptilian complex/thalamus (the internal eye)
Alien's Brett (Stanton)...who featured in Lynch's Oz-fest Wild At Heart and Twin Peaks film.
Ridley Scott's Alien (AL can mean light, the masonic year of light aka anno lucis)
I just mentioned that Foster travelled the rainbow chakra wormhole in Contact, Hurt and Skerritt starred in both films (Alien & Contact)...for a double rainbow connection.

Skerritt would be Cruise's overseer in Top 'Tony Scott/777' Gun (see Unstoppable film)
for a triple rainbow connection... 
Some folk might remember that Tony '777' Scott jumped from 'a bridge' and into the 'watery abyss'.  This was his FINAL film! Scott would also work with David '777' Bowie in The Hunger, one of his early films. Nuclear symbol & crossing = the abyss, like Back To The Future.

Chris 'Unstoppable' Pine...awakens at 7 O'Clock for his 'Unstoppable' shift. (above)
Gwyneth 'Se7en' Paltrow ' the 7 O'Clock Se7en head in a box.

Parallel Universes....
Scott's 777 train...just like Paltrow's Sliding '777' Doors tube train
Kabbalah devotee Paltrow has her own 9/11 & floor 77 anomaly from the day itself! 

 Sliding '777' Doors...was produced by Sydney 'Eyes Wide Shut/Rainbow' Pollack
The stairway/ladder that leads to where the rainbow ends...from 777 Kubrick

 Scott would also make Enemy of the (911) State...Jon Voight's character is born 9/11.

The same Voight that starred with Tom 'Rainbow' Cruise in Mission Impossible

ETHAN: The couple waltzing  around me at the Embassy at 9 and 11
It was directed by Brian 'Born on 9/11' DePalma...his film's Dressed To Kill & Bonfire of the Vanities both feature the WTC.

 Cruise...The Hanged 119 Tower Man (suspended via ankle)
MI - Ghost Protocol, The Tower scene that leads to room 119 G

Top Gun was a Bruckheimer/Simpson production...Jerry 'Lightning Tree' Bruckheimer!

The Iceman v Maverick via 237 (aka 42)
 237 Cruise (Bill Harford) & 237 Kilmer (Jim Morrison)...The 237 Doors
Meg 'Over The Rainbow' Ryan features in Top Gun.  Kilmer also featured with Meg 'Over The Rainbow' Ryan in The Doors, and Twin Peaks' Agent Cooper aka Kyle MacLachan. 

237 Struck Crown...Cronenberg's Scanners
 Not forgetting Val '237' Kilmer...237 x 3, Ironside as 'the fool' via 'jester'
Top Gun also features Stickland (School Head) from Back To The Future.

  How can I leave out Anthony 'Goose/ER' Edwards!? 
Dr Mark 'Over The Rainbow' Greene...aka Anthony 'Top Gun' Edwards

Top Gun & Alien...via Tom 'Poltergeist 3' Skerritt
 Rainbow Cruises love interest (McGillis) in Top Gun will connect him to 
Harrison 'Rainbow 42' Ford via Witness.  Of course, Dr Bill Harford's (Cruise) own name in Eyes Wide Shut is based on Harrison Ford's actual name, hence Har-Ford!  

Skerritt's turn in Cronenberg's The Dead (Brain) Zone will link him to 
Christopher 'rainbow head' Walken.

Poltergeist III & The Lightning Struck Tower...with Skerrit & Rainbow Brite Girl
He (Skerritt) also features in Zemeckis' Contact....where Foster travels the rainbow chakra wormhole!The same Zemeckis who made Back To The 9/11 Future with Spielberg

The Rainbow Arch & Sirius (eye)
Alien also uses the 'winged orb' ala Egypt on the crew insignia

 Rainbow Heads!

Back To The Future 2

Saw 2...All Rainbow Heads

Beatles...Yellow Submarine

 Jim 'Bruce Almighty' Carrey

 The Shining...rainbow head (in the color-ado lounge)

 EWS...Tom 'rainbow head' Cruise

 The July 4th 'Reborn' Rainbow Men...both via Kubrick

Reborn/Rebirth/Reincarnation...from the synch
 2001 & The Shining, the starchild emerged from the 'renaissance hotel' (2001) 'renaissance' meaning rebirth!

 Tom 'Rainbow' Cruise, Jack '237/42 Rainbow' Nicholson & Demi '237 Ghost' Moore via Patrick '42 Head' Swayze.  All via Rob 'Rainbow' Reiner (director)...who made When Harry Met Sally (rainbow and arc, features Carrie 'rainbow' Fisher) and Sleepless in Seattle (rainbow restaurant, ends with 'over the rainbow' and features Bill 'rainbow' Pullman).  

 Reiner would make The Bucket List with Nicholson/Freeman...concerning death!
It featured 'the Giza Pyramids & The Masonic Eiffel Tower'

Pyramids & Masonic Eiffel Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow
Live. Die. Repeat.   Reincarnation

Cruise battles the 'alpha & omega' (begining & end ala Christ & the 00 Fool) which ends inside the glass Louvre Pyramid, the one ordained by the former freemason president Francois Mitterand.

It was filmed almost entirely at Leavesden Studios, where the 'Harry Potter' series was made.

 The eye and the pyramid (just a couple from Kubrick, there are dozens of them!)

Alice (Kidman) Through The Looking Glass...
Tom's 'pyramid nose' & Nicole's 'eye' 

Nicole in Oz (Luhrmann's Australia)
 Over The Rainbow...we've seen her with Frank Oz!

Her Oz/Australia co-star Hugh Jackman also has 'Over The Rainbow' previous!

There will be a 'cryptic' reference to Cruise & The Edge of Tomorrow
It takes place inside Brigham's (Gleeson) office...and in front of the wall of 'rainbow tv colour bars'. Brigham's secretary (Beth Goddard) will walk in and stand in front of these screens...all while Cruise identifies her (Goddard) as being 'Iris' aka 'goddess of the rainbow'.

Iris & The Rainbow...
Beth Goddard is married to Philip 'Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes' Glenister (UK version)...
the 'time travel' series that also references OZ's 'Over The Rainbow' and of course, the former are David (Rain)Bowie (Star)Man tunes.  17th Sept is also Horseloverphat's REAL birthday!

Pierrot IS 'the fool' aka 'the beginning & the end'...ascertained in the previous post.

Bowie as The Hanged (Tree of Life) Man...just as he is being turned upside down!
Time from the 1987 Glass Spider Tour...thanks to Peter R Koenig

Twin Peaks...Bowie and Cooper, Lodge Dwelling (Twin Peaks) Hanged 'Tree of Life' Men

Bowie's Eyes...Iris & Pupil

In Greek mythology, Iris (/ˈrɨs/; Greek: Ἶρις) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.

She is basically a female rendering of Hermes/Thoth...

Hermes/Thoth actually features in Eyes Wide Shut, at least imho...via The Hanged Man(dy)
 Eyes Wide Shut...Rainbow Cruise & Bowman (arch-er), near Rainbow Fashions!
Appropriately the store below 'Bowman' poster is a paint shop...all the colours of the rainbow.

The (rain)Bowman...2001
The iris of the eye is named after her as she was the goddess of the rainbow, to reflect the many colours of the eye.  Iris is a character used in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. (yup Percy, again!)

Hal9000 voiced by (Douglas) RAIN
Keir Dullea played (David) BOWMAN

Connecting 2001:ASO, 2010:Year We Make Contact & Twin 'Bluebook/Contact' Peaks
 2001 sequel...2010: The Year We Make Contact
(Rain) Bowman, Something Wonderful...via TV (wink, wink)

The Heywood/Hayward connection...
Bowman will visit Twin Peaks' Eileen Hayward (Mary Jo Deschanel) who is playing Bowman's wife in 2010.  We saw her daughter Zoey Deschanel with 'lightning struck crown' Carrey earlier.
Her Twin Peaks husband is Dr Hayward...he is present in the final scene of Twin Peaks, the scene where Cooper smashes his 'crown'.  Dr Heywood (Floyd) was the 2001:ASO mission overseer and he visited the moon to deal with the 'alien' monolith anomaly.

Talking of Floyd...and The Moon

 Shooting (Kill List) took place over 18 days. Director Wheatley was influenced by Stanley Kubrick in that he sought to find imagery first, then wrote the plot around them.
 Kill List...The Rainbow (under the rainbow) & The Crown (final shot)

  Both these films (Kill List/Ninth Gate) also featured The Hanged Man/(Wo)Man...
Kill List & The Ninth Gate...The Hanged Man & The Rainbow

The Ninth Gate...The Tree of Life (& spinal serpents) and 'hanged man' tau cross

The Rainbow (Arch/Gate) & The Head...Ninth Gate/Sixty Ninth Gate?
 The Rainbow appears near the film's close, shepherded on his way to the Ninth Gate
69...'the keystone' which could contain a 'nine' rendered both ways!

42 'the head'...she gets pulled through the window Sirius Englund (Freddy)
Depp's debut in Nightmare On Elm Street (he's in this final scene)
...from Serpent & The Rainbow director Craven.

Christ(opher) Walken...appeared with Depp in Burton's Sleepy Hollow.
 Walken...Mr Rainbow/42 Head/Crown (John 3:16)

The video rainbow...that ends at the head
Walken starred in Brainstorm...I wonder if lightning was involved!?

Communion (more religious resonance) with the 'eggheaded' Alien Grey...or Crowley's Lam?  Brainstormer Walken and the THA-LAM-US.

 Alien heavily referenced 'the egg' did Williams (as an alien) in Mork & Mindy.
Rainbow Williams and the alien egg
 Eggyweggs...A Clockwork Orange 

"The brilliant and mysterious egg , from which the immortal mortal issues, is the temple, the house of the Mysteries, the sphere of the wise."
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - Hall

"Diodorus speaks of the famous columns erected near Nysa, in Arabia, where, it was said, were two of the tombs of Osiris and Isis. On one was this inscription: "I am Isis..." and on the other was this: "I am Osiris the King...I am the eldest son of Saturn: I was born of the brilliant and magnificent egg, and my substance is of the same nature as that which composes light. There is no place in the Universe where I have not appeared, to bestow my benefits and make known my discoveries."
Albert Pike

The Rainbow Chart & The 'Arched' Rainbow Lolly (rainbow arc, see girl on right)
Cyclops (aka HAL) and the internal (brain) eye of horus...the 3rd eye etc.

A Clockwork Orange, which is a rendering of The Sun (a clockwork orange ball of light)
and Singin' In The Rain 'combined' = The Rainbow!

Debbie Reynolds' daughter Carrie 'Star Wars' Fisher would feature in 'Under The Rainbow' from Orion Pictures (who else!)

Where the rainbow ends = the head
Full Metal Jacket...via the Joker/Fool (his torch produces the rainbow arc)

A similar type of thing (arc) occurs in Eyes Wide Shut...
Domino's apartment (situated near Rainbow Fashions), in front of the rainbow Christmas remains 'in shot' for quite some time.  See the blu-ray for definitive proof.  
This is not 'lens flare'...this is Kubrick.

The Life of Bryan...Barry Lyndon
White Light = All the colours of the rainbow (in front of the zodiac)

You know, the zodiac aka 'magic circle'...just like the Glastonberry Grove 'zodiac circle'

Visual metaphor...rainbow over the head
 Where The Rainbow Ends...The Head/The 'lightning struck' Crown/The Brain
The tri-colorist, lol. 

 M42/Orion...42 the rainbow connection and the human head/brain

Connecting Rainbow Cruise & Rainbow Williams
Start this video at 0:00
Start this video at 0:25

The connection is rather obvious and involves the reproductive organ and a certain musical Strauss piece featured in Kubrick's 2001!  Maybe Norton's 'rhino horn' can also be taken as a sexual reference, it's an aphrodisiac in some cultures.  "It's not a rocket" (no it's a cockie/cookie) also relates to 2001. The wand thrown by the clearly a homage to the 'bone throwing' monkey.

If you 'synch' this correctly...both 'cocks' will appear at the same time! (dialogue/visual).
The music won't synch perfectly, probably due to varying video/audio encoding etc, but it is a near as damn it!

Magnolia, Cruise is introduced on the back of music from 2001, his father (Earl) resembles the old bed-ridden Bowman at the close of 2001.
 Respect The (Pea)cock...the rainbow & eye (via the feathers) evoking the similar NBC logo.  Big Earl Peacock makes more sense, based on imagery...the peacock head evokes the 3rd eye!

 The masonic ring, masonic farewell (left),  game show contestant Specter (spirit) played by Blackman and his stack of books...Mackey's History of Freemasonry (cough, cough...Cruise plays TJ Mackey in this film!) and a book on Templarism. (right)

PT 'Magnolia' Anderson...and meeting Kubrick on the set of Eyes Wide Shut
The Master promo in the that a homage?

Big 'Masonic' Lebowski actress Julianne Moore featured in Magnolia,  Hathor/Heather (Isis) Graham, The Lady of The Twin Peaks Sycamore Tree featured in Boogie Nights.  Graham also featured in From 'masonic' Hell with Johnny 'OTO' Depp.

The Peacock (Alex's psyche test)

The rainbow peacock

A Nightingale (not a peacock) spent time at the following hotel....
Eyes Wide Shut 'the hotel' and Alan Cumming as the receptionist! (see Cruise's rainbow bag)
Alan Cumming who went on to play in OZ related Tin Man as Glitch.

More cinematic Masonic musings...from the Hollywood Lodge
From one hotel to the next...

Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel

"It's 25 inches of reinforced granite masonry, is it not?"

The masonic square & compass. A swastika (another masonic emblem) is also employed. What many may have missed re: Keitel scene, is that the word 'masonry' will be uttered during it (a detail of the escape through masonry, geddit?)...yes very crafty! 3 bunk beds on either side 3/3. Keitel possibly has a rendering of the all seeing eye (sirius) on his chest, it is hard to tell.

Cross Keys Freemasonry....and another popular masonic emblem.

"The Key," says Doctor Oliver (Landmarks I, page 180), "is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry.

The typical masonic checkerboard floor is also overly used throughout.

As said by Agatha near the film's close...
“Whence came these two radiant celestial brothers (celestial brotherhood, the sirius worshipping brotherhood) united for an instant as they crossed the stratosphere or our starry window — one from the East and one from the West?”
Scottish Rite partly originated out of the Council of the Emperors of the East and West. The Sovereign Council of Emperors of the East and of the West, was one of many hauts grade and ecossaise bodies operating in France. A freemason is said to travel from the West to the East, that is, from darkness to light. (East where the sun rises). the fool, seen from the beginning and at the end. Zero/Zero. It is Zero's journey that is effectively unfolding in this film.
The older Zero will be played by F Murray Abraham, who featured in 'masonic Mozart' (magic masonic flute) film Amadeus.

Boy With Apple...The Edenic angle (Adam/Adam Kadmon) and the serpent/apple bearing tree. another masonic connection, Propaganda Due out of Italy, Vatican connected etc. This is not a stretch, considering all the other masonic content! The hand gesture looks like the 666/OK handsign..should be December 1666, not 1669! Hoytl known for his work with 'light & shade' the black and white motif denoting dualism ala the checkered floor.

Tilda Swinton aka Madame (templar/masonic) Baphomet/The Devil and with a touch of The Hanged (Wo)Man. The image of Swinton has been horizontally flipped.

So Brother Anderson it is then....

 Appropriately the pose of Baphomet (and the tarot Devil & Magician) visually shows the hermetic gesture sign of  'as above, so below'!
Kubrick...As above, so below

From one Mr Anderson to the next...Mr Thomas 'NEO' Anderson
 Morpheus (flipped) 'as above, so below'

"Welcome to the desert of the real"

 Here is an up and coming 'masonic' release...late August 2014

The first hermetic maxim..."as above, so below" as per Hermes/Thoth/Mercury and the Emerald Tablet...and one of mystery religion's most venerated gods! The film seemingly only has 3 cast the triple switch-hitting Thrice Great Hermes.

Twin Peaks...As Above, So Below (intro Coma s2 ep2) 
 As above, so below...implying that the microcosm and macrocosm are the same! 
The maxim of Hermes/Thoth/Mercury...he of the Emerald Table(t)

I've shown you countless Oz examples from Lynch's work...
please note that the Oz Emerald EMERALD GREEN.

 The Emerald The Emerald Table(t).
"This is a Formica table, green is its color"...

This is a for-mica (rock/stone) table(t). A green rock based table/tablet.
Emerald is it's color and there is a small circular section of table top, which is cut out.

 "With this (magickal) ring I thee wed"
A 'winged emerald ring'...Hermes 'the winged messenger of the gods'

The 'ring' that denotes a life due to be sacrificed...and a 'ring' that ensures that the Garmonbozia (the victims pain & suffering in food form) will be collected and delivered to the appropriate 'magickian/entity' for consumption in a psychic manner.  The bowls and pans on the table in the first pic above contain Garmonbozia (like creamed corn).

So maybe the table(t) is referring to the 'green rock' of the Emerald Tablet. But it's a table, not a tablet you decry...The Emerald Tablet is frequently referred to as the Emerald the likes of Manly P Hall etc.
"Among the fragmentary writings believed to have come from the stylus of Hermes are two famous works. The first is the Emerald Table, and the second is the Divine Pymander, or, as it is more commonly called, The Shepherd of Men.
Manly P Hall, The Secret Teaching of All Ages

This picture with the seen when Cooper visits the trailer park to investigate what happened to Agent Desmond.

Chris 'Eyes Wide Shut' Isaak, who himself has been transported to another place after picking up the magickal ring there. They find his car left like this (after he vanishes into the ether) and with the 'Let's Rock' tag written on it.

This connects the ring and the car (with tag) together...the 'rock ring' made from the missing chunk of the formica table(t)/emerald tablet.

Rock as in (For)Mica...Rock.
In fact, just the sheer 'nerdi-ness' of mentioning that it's made of Formica, seems to suggest that mind should perhaps be paid to this. The mineral mica was commonly used at that time for electrical insulation. Because the new product acted as a substitute “for mica”, Faber coined the name “Formica”.

The mica group of sheet silicate (phyllosilicate) minerals includes several closely related materials having close to perfect basal cleavage. All are monoclinic, with a tendency towards pseudohexagonal crystals, and are similar in chemical composition. The nearly perfect cleavage, which is the most prominent characteristic of mica, is explained by the hexagonal sheet-like arrangement of its atoms. The word "mica" is derived from the Latin word mica, meaning "a crumb", and probably influenced by micare, "to glitter". Muscovite, the principal mica used by the electrical industry, is used in capacitors that are ideal for high frequency and radio frequency...which is perhaps even suggestive of communications of some type. Worth considering, at least!

The Emerald Table(t) of Twin Peaks.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes
On the actual ancient table(t)...The first two words in large print mean the secret work.  The second line in large letters CHIRAM TELAT MECHASOT - means Chiram, the Universal Agent, one in Essence, but three in aspect. (hence thrice great Hermes, my emphasis)

Chiram is a word composed of three words, denoting the Universal Spirit...The three Hebrew words Chamah (fire) , Ruach (air) and Majim (water), while their initial consonants, Ch, R, M, gives us  Chiram, that invisible essence (probably implying the aether/ether, my emphasis) which is the father of earth, air, fire and water.
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - M P Hall

Kubrick's 2001, CRM-114...The Discovery Ship (via Hal's screens)

This above aspect is, (undoubtedly) imo...the source of Kubrick's oft cited CRM (114) phenomena!  Some may even view the 2001 monolith (one stone) as a rendering of the tablet.

 The lower 'Discovery ship' screen references Voight-Kampf...the Voight-Kampf(f) concept is found in P K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep...the basis for Scott's Blade Runner film.

 One of the most important criteria for humanity in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is empathy. The Voigt-Kampff test that Deckard uses to detect androids is actually an empathy test and the importance of empathy as a human characteristic is further emphasized by the recurrence of empathy boxes in the narrative. (An empathy box is a device through which a person merges, empathizes, with a person or entity called Mercer. It functions as a combination of recreation and religion and is used at least partly to prove to the users themselves that they are able to empathize with another person, something that androids are unable to do.)

A One-Eyed Empathy both Blade Runner & 2001:ASO
 Which came first...Dick's Voight-Kampff or Kubrick's Voight-Kampf?  
Both media were released in the same year 1968 (Dick's book & Kubrick's film) has this idea breached two major science fiction works?

Anyway...The maxim of Hermes 'As above, so below'

This new release has got the Eiffel Tower on the promo...Eiffel was a freemason, of course and he also provided the structural framework for the 'masonic' Statue of Liberty aka Isis.

Miles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls (Hermes scribe of the judgement of souls, my emphasis). When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. A journey into madness and terror, As Above, So Below reaches deep into the human psyche to reveal the personal demons that come back to haunt us all.

The Emerald Tablet
One thing, One thing, One mind, One thing and immediately after the maxim.
The 2001 Mono-lith (aka One Stone)

In the Egyptian drawings of him, Thoth carries a waxen writing tablet and serves as the recorder during the weighing of the souls of the dead in the judgment Hall of Osiris--a ritual of great significance. Hermes is of first importance to Masonic scholars, because he was the author of the Masonic initiatory rituals, which were borrowed from the Mysteries established by Hermes. Nearly all of the Masonic symbols are Hermetic in character.

As Above, So Below (film) More masonic resonance...from the trailer:
Hermes/Thoth...just had to be there somewhere! Is that a rendering of the sun, next to the god?
"Herein have I completely explained  the operation of the sun"

Hermes/Thoth also popped up in Eyes Wide Shut...via The Hanged Man(dy), her self sacrifice (Bill's redemption, the 'bill' of the ibis!) and impending judgement...Thoth being the official 'scribe of the judgement of souls'.

The Hex aka Seal of Solomon
Sol (sun) Om (ohm) On (Osiris)

There is clearly a reference to the masonic hanged man too...the cable tow around the neck and with hood/blindfold aka hoodwink. The hex aka seal of solomon (shown above) can also be seen.

They throw in a Templar Knight...for good measure!

I'm certainly leaning towards this being a masonic movie...cough, cough. :-)

Hell...and I haven't even seen it yet!!!