Thursday, 31 May 2018

Q-Anon, Monarch, MK-Ultra, Plum Island, Butterfly Hollywood, Celebrity Mind Control, Pizza-Gate, Weinstein, Bronfman/Rothschild.

Have ported this over from the previous post. It'll also give me room to expand if needs be.
Things are quiet on the Q drops. See this as a chance to expand your thinking.
This is EXTREME content, and quite advanced in terms of ongoing mass mind control. It's not really for beginners.
This is not written as a boast, or as a slight, but a "heads-up" to those that are fairly new to such phenomena.
I don't profess to have ALL the answers, no-one does. I have been doing this sort of thing for a long time though.

Update. That said, it is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op. One designed to maintain the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix. Perhaps civil unrest - left/right - is a factor? That doesn't make much of the content outlined herein null and void. (Regular readers will know of my longterm work in this type of field. The majority of it pre-dating anything Q, and over the long-term.) It does change the overall picture in respect of Trump/Q being some sort of establishment cure, though. The Trump/Q movement has gotten noticeably more 'cult-like' over time, and it all very much has a quasi-evangelical sort of dynamic to it. The latter being the most concerning aspect. OK, just wanted to make this clear. I do not espouse the generally recognised Trump/Q miracle. The following is still written from a pro-Q POV, if only to make sense of the drops and to attempt meaningful decodes, etc.

26th May...
(All credit to TheSharpEdge at Twitter, link)
This was on the back of the recent arrest of Weinstein for rape and sex abuse.
Flynn is no stranger in releasing these sorts of sordid details - ones that connect to D.C. and Hollywood.
The Weiner laptop is believed to contain the "insurance file" - which some are positing is the Hillary/Huma video.
His son has mentioned likewise.

Mack - naming names and in both Hollywood and Govt.
Could NXIVM Mack have named recently arrested Weinstein? Or other big entertainment names and political names.
"Singing" Mack was arrested on 20th April 2018.
"Watch NYC". New York Attorney General, Schneiderman. Resigns 8th May. Alleged abuse of multiple women.
"Who will be next?" Weinstein just got arrested in NYC too. Did (Bronfman/Raniere linked) NXIVM Mack name both?
Schneiderman's possibly been an obstruction in the Weiner laptop case, NXIVM case, and giving a pass to the Clinton Foundation.
With the former New York AG Schneiderman out of the way, this can surely only assist with any future developments.

"Stage being set?"
Laptop insurance file is alleged to feature Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton, (below, pictured with Weinstein.)
Flynn's CODE. The tweet was dropped on the same day as Weinstein's arrest.
Planned Parenthood Gala (pic above) - is this another type of potential reveal in respect of children?
David Geffen (entertainment mogul)? FFF (Found Film Footage)? CF (Clinton Foundation)?
That's what is suggested by the person that put this together. All well worth considering.

Disney - who bought out the Weinstein's Miramax for $80 million, after the success of 'The Crying (Tranny) Game'.
Another big film for Queens (queers) Weinstein was 'Pulp(ed) Ass F(r)iction' - effectively 2+hrs of overt/covert anal sex.
MK-Ultra programmer (and sodomite) Tarantino's career was heavily influenced and financed by the Weinsteins.

It's Jimmy 'Interscope' Iovine who was Chairman of IGA until 2014. Tupac, Eminem, Gaga, Death Row, Dre Dre etc.

Geffen also set-up Dreamworks with Steven 'Rosebud' Spielberg (and Katzenberg).
I can tell that they're sodomites (like most male entertainment personnel) - as are most of the hip-hop artists that they front.
What do you suppose folk like Eminem had to do to secure their fame? I'll leave you to work it out.
This was ALL under the Bronfman umbrella (even at Vivendi), primarily Edgar Jnr. Half-sisters are NXIVM Sara, and Clare.
In 1998, Def [Death] Jam became the centre of a music entertainment corporate monopoly. PolyGram was purchased
- by Bronfman's Seagram and merged with the MCA family of labels, which became Universal Music Group (UMG).
It then purchased the remaining interest of Def Jam Recordings for a reported $100 million.
UMG merged 14+ record labels incl.: Def Jam, Island Records, and Mercury Records to form Island Def Jam Music Group.
See how they're all ultimately connected. Def  '666' Jam was also under Universal (UMG). Edgar Jr also linked to Warner MG.
Rubin produced Satanic/Nazi Slayer's 'Sept 11 2001' released God Hates Us All. (Jay-Z's Blueprint released same day).
These degenerates have been programming for years. Rubin also produced Slayer's groundbreaking Reign in Blood (1986).
The LP with the opening track about Nazi 'Bavarian Illuminati' Mengele - likely involved in the Monarch program (butterfly).
(Mengele) Angel of Death: "Monarch to the kingdom of the dead. Sadistic, surgeon of demise. Sadist of the noblest blood."
Aryan race, Mengele, lived in South America after WW2, the lead singer (Araya) coming from Chile (Araya/Aryan).
Slayer also recorded Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" - In the Garden of Eden.

 Another take on the Flynn code...just guesses you  understand.
DG= David Glasser (President of Weinstein Co.) FFF= 666 CF=Clinton Foundation.

Leads to...
"Over the Target." A Q related phrase...the Harvey Weinstein sub-link contains the Flynn "dgfffcf" code.
Over the target - a likely reference to Q feeling the enemy's kickback after hitting their target. It's palpable.

"They made many current/former enslaved children famous. Hollywood is filled w/ them.
Models. Find the loudest voices. Brainwashed. Who was adopted? Who was born in?
They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS." Q (10th March).

The Scottsdale, AZ. (West Hollywood linked) plane crash was on 9th April. Mariah Sunshine Coogan.
Coogan had a large social media following, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram.
Sunshine. Her last post was a photo of her and her dog eating brunch at The Montauk, a restaurant in Scottsdale.
Montauk (Long Island) Mind Control. I wrote about this in recent years primarily via Shutter 'Nazi Plum' Island.
It's Dog Star/Sirius Truman - Jim 'Meet/Meat me in Montuak' Carrey, and spotless, eternal mind control via Sunshine.
Montauk Lighthouse Point is seemingly evoked in (butterfly) Carrey/Winslet's  Eternal 'MK-Ultra/Monarch' Sunshine.
Kate 'Montauk Mind Control' Winslet via Peter 'Ring Lording/Sodomy Song' Jackson.
Mariah and Carrey via Sunshine? I'm sure Mariah 'butterfly' Carey is a victim of industry Monarch mind control. It's obvious!
Your entertainment and its personnel are PRE-SELECTED, even though it's sold on talent/demand - and this is the proof!
They control your entertainment and its personnel - so ultimately they can CONTROL YOU (the 'cult of celebrity' sheep).
Don't forget the (NXIVM) Bronfman links to MK-Ultra McGill University (Canada) and Dr Ewen 'MK-Ultra' Cameron.
Jim 'Sirius/Illuminati' Carrey was born in Ontario, Canada. He was also recently linked to a girl who suicided.
Carrey's major break-out was arguably via The Mask, and with Cameron Diaz. The Prison of Becoming.
Jim 'Monarched' Carrey - multiple splits, monarch butterfly art, and he covers Bullets with (monarch) Butterfly Wings.
Eternal Sunshine of the Clockwork Orange/Clementine Mind.
Nazi mind control cinema programming, micro and macro. Ultra-violence/Butterfly/Monarch/Nazi-linked Kubrick's 'CRM 114'.
Montauk Monarchs - see Martin 'butterfly' Scorsese's "chasing butterflies" - Shutter 'Montauk/Plum' Island.
Right near The Hamptons - that's where celeb folk like the (mind controlled) satanic Kardashians holiday or get programmed.
The family that have been employed to sexualize your children, promote narcissism as a virtue, mass body dysmorphia etc.
Nazis promoted a type of physical perfection (Aryans), but that's child's play compared to modern 'image fascist' Hollywood.

"Chasing Butterflies" with DiCaprio, who starred opposite Mark 'Eternal (Montauk/Carrey) Sunshine' Ruffalo.
Many of DiCaprio's film's connect to Long Beach (both overtly and/or covertly).
The experiments are in his (DiCaprio's) head, he's programmed.
DiCaprio, who is of part German descent. He even speaks German in (Nazi mind control experiments) Shutter Island.
Allison 'Isis/NXIVM' Mack was born in Germany, and moved to Long Beach with her family at 2 years-old.
Long Beach and Nazi mind control was a major aspect of my previous work.
See 'Cinema of Sodomy' post, 2016...or the latter 'Hollywood Jewish Gay/Paedo Mafia' post, 2017.
Mack is actually married to a female, Nicki Clyne, and has been since Feb. 2017 (sexual/gender mind control.)
Dr Brand-on has recently been implicated in some type of torture/ultra-violence based programming via NXIVM.

Follow the stars. It's everywhere. Q 

I wonder if there might be a 'Plum Island' link? Which is opposite Martha's Vineyard? Beach Plum Inn?
Also recall that (Hollywood asset) Amy Schumer is also linked to this Plum Inn via her husband who is the chef there.
Chuck Schumer's daughter wed Shapiro, who was an economic-policy adviser for Hillary's presidential campaign.
Schumer/Lawrence are BFF. Harrelson's father was one of the three 'masonic' (Juwes) tramps arrested after JFK's shooting.
You might recall his turn in 'True Detective' (see below) that involved ritual cults and satanism, and up to the Senate level.
"Occult murder" - juxtaposed with "Senate Approves Funding" - a typical wink to the insiders.
Schumer/Lawrence's #metoo - an industry FIX. They're desperately trying to salvage their industry, but don't fall for it.

Hannibal 'butterfly/moth' Lector: "Plum Island animal human disease (mind control) research center, sounds charming."
Jodie 'butterfly/Lolita' Foster via De Niro, and Martin - Shutter 'butterfly' Island/Taxi 'butterfly' Driver - Scorsese.
 Notice how Mariah 'MonarCh' Carey's label shows MonarC LAMBS - and via Island Records.
A literal monarch handler via Hide and Seek. Callaway, was De Niro's surname in this film - just like the butterfly garden.
David 'butterfly' Callaway - aka De Niro - was one of the most aggressive against Trump.
That said, Trump is a Zionist POS himself. Perhaps more played-out left/right showboating for suckers.
Tick-tock, you Zionist loving POS. Surely this Gaylord Focker does protest too much.
We also know that your father was a sodomite/homosexual. No getting away from that, Bobby De Zero.
We know about your 9 hour interview and psych-exam from when you were arrested in France, 1998 (suspect prostitution ring).
They also picked-up Alain 'Lynch's Mulholland Drive' Sarde. David 'Twinned demonic/incest abuse' Lynch.
Mulholland Drive (at Jack 'monarch' Nicholson's place) where Polanski drugged/sodomised Geimer via (fashionista) French Vogue.

De Niro with the 'usual suspects'. Arnon - Zionist/Mossad/Star Fucker - Milchan. Paedo/satanist Polanski, and Weinstein.

Clarice 'Butterfly/Moth' Starling...Taxi 'Iris/Butterfly/Lolita' Driver:
It's (Lesbian) Jodie - I was infinitely more sexual as a child actress than I've ever been as an adult - Foster.
A paedo avatar for the ages. Pimped into the industry via her mother, Brandy. Underage sexualised shots for the moguls.
Bottom centre. Foster, with incestuously abused (as a child) by her actor father, Nastassja 'mind controlled/Polanski' Kinksi.

Hannibal 'butterfly/moth' Lector: "Plum Island animal human disease (mind control) research center, sounds charming."
I wonder if there might be a Plum Island link - it's opposite Martha's Vineyard. Nixon/Schumer/Beach Plum Inn?

Montauk, Martha's Vineyard, and Plum Island (Plum Inn Restaurant)...
And who owns a (linked) restaurant on Martha's Vineyard that connects to Obama? From earlier in the post:
It's been alleged that the picture (below) was taken at Robert/Sarah Nixon's Beach Plum Inn restaurant  Martha's Vineyard.
Hollywood linked Robert, and Sarah Nixon - parents of  Maggie/Wendy. Right, Sarah with Alefantis aka Pizza-man.
It's implied that (cut middle finger) Obama is/was somehow involved with Maggie (Wendy). Nixon's restaurant.
Tenuous, but I see potential in the numbering - 6459 & 9456. The first and last numbers (6 & 9) rotated.
'945' is sequentially common to both. East to West Coast, but we've been told to watch NY (East) and AZ/CA (West).
1950 - in and around the MK-Ultra/Monarch/Bluebird windows and Operation Paperclip.
Allen 'JFK/Warren Commission' Dulles was linked to Operation 'Nazi' Paperclip and Plum Island.

And who can forget what happened to JFK Jr and his (very likely) sabotaged plane - via Martha's Vineyard!
It's alleged that a bomb may have been concealed in the tail section, the tail was found to have detached.
A flight thru 'mind control corridor' Long Island/Connecticut (via Montauk) to the property on Martha's.
The (phallic) lighthouse on Martha's is called 'Gay Head'. Yes, really. I just wish I was making this up.
"As the World Turns" (Agnes Nixon and JFK, Dallas). Security with the plane and hangar storage was low.
Many believe that the (Zionist) Bronfman 'Murder Inc.' operation was responsible for JFK Sr's 1963 death. 
The Bronfman family even owned Universal Studios from the mid-90's, known for its Jaws attraction.

Kubrick, who famously never flew on aircraft - I can't imagine why? [sarcasm]. Cruising altitude.
JAWS or JEWS...Eyes Wide Shut (EWS) or (J)-EWS? A type of potential subliminal word/letter play?
Kubrick's ONLY immovable request re: New York set (Illuminati) 'Eyes Wide Shut' - it HAD to be released on this date!
Absolutely no leeway with the date whatsoever. This is the official US general release date.
Exactly 30 years after Apollo 11 launched (July 16, 1969).
Exactly 54 years after the Manhattan Project A-bomb (July 16, 1945).
Exactly 5 years after the first pieces of Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter (July 16, 1994).

It's Steven 'Martha's Vineyard' Spielberg - Kubrick was his mentor!
Steven 'Jaws/mass programmer' Spielberg is heavily linked to Montauk and Martha's Vineyard, as was 'Great White Grey' Jaws.
The Montauk Chair via Greys (Sharks/Aliens). The Alien shtick is likely only for mind control purposes.
Spielberg is linked to 'The Butterfly Effect' via (dialogue) Jurassic 'Masonic' Park.
His Jurassic 'Nublar Island' was modelled on Cocos Island (off Costa Rica).
Maggie 'Guadelupe' Nixon - Virgin Mary linked - 'lupe' from lupus (wolf). It's not that far from the Virgin Islands.
Maggie 'Martha's V. Island/Guadelupe' Nixon. Allison 'Bronfman/NXIVM/Isis/Branson/Virgin-linked' Mack.
Is there potential butterfly (Monarch) type imagery in the shape of this island? Yup.
Its nickname, "The Butterfly Island," comes from the shape of its two main islands, separated by a narrow channel.
Butterfly Branson - who released the (jail ass sodomised punks) Sex Pistols "Bollocks" LP.
He's linked to The 'MK-Ultra/Child Abuse' Exorcist via his very first Virgin record release. A sodomite industry asset.
Brown Dirt (ass) Cowboy, Queen Elton 'butterfly/Oz/Alice' John: Rocket man likes landing his pink rocket on a young moon (ass).
"Prima donna Lord you really should have been there.
Sitting like a princess perched in her electric chair. You nearly had me roped and tied.
Altar-bound, hypnotized. Sweet freedom whispered in my ear. You're a butterfly.
And butterflies are free to fly. Fly away, high away bye bye" (Someone Saved My Life Tonight).
Programming resonant? Electric chair. Roped and tied. Altar or Alter-bound. Hypnotized?
Oh look, a meme about Elton and organ (penis) sucking. Filthy PAEDOPHILE. A Candle in his Wind? Up the ass!
Trump made reference to (sick) Elton 'Eminem' John - and via the 'organ' and 'mouth'. (Early July 2018)
 "This is the only musical: the mouth." At Great Falls. Elton 'rocket man' John - suiciding? We can live in hope! :)
Outside of that 'organ' sexual reference there is elite 'organ trafficking' to consider.
(Fiona Barnett, an Australian victim, claims that Elton John did have young boys supplied to him.)
Mack is linked to Eric 'The Butterfly (paedo/mind control) Effect' Stoltz via My Horrible Year! (2001).
MK-Ultra/Monarch resonant The Butterfly Effect, lost out to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 2004 Saturn Awards.
Evan Treborn (Kutcher) suffered many severe psychological traumas that frequently caused Evan to black out. Traumas which included being coerced to take part in child pornography by (sister) Kayleigh and linked George Miller (Eric Stoltz).
The Butterfly and Pelvis. The butterfly's elongated body possibly representing the phallus (cock/coccyx).
The pelvis area is where the NXIVM branding symbols are placed. Butterfly Kutcher is a kabbalah adherent too.
The same sort of Butterfly 'paedo/mind control' Effect that was heavily connected to Sandy 'Monarch' Hook.
It still remains to be seen if there was paedophilic link to Sandy Hook, as well as a gun control angle, it's all very Dunblane.
Sandy Hook (Connecticut, aka Nazi and mind control-ville) was also tied to 'Over the Rainbow' - Oz programming.
Victor Fleming who directed (mind control mess) The Wizard of Oz was a Nazi type! Violently pro-Nazi.
Oh look, it's (homo) Anderson 'Mockingbird' Cooper and the butterfly via Sandy 'Monarch/Gun Control' Hook.
Don't discount these Nazi links. Ashke-nazi (Jews) and Nazis. High-level co-operation.
Stanley 'Lolita/Butterfly/Illuminati' Kubrick was close to the Nazi 3rd Reich's top film-making dynasty aka the Harlans.
Veit Harlan was employed by Goebbels. Kubrick married Harlan's niece, and Harlan's nephew was Kubrick's producer.
Maybe this is why Kubrick said that Hitler: "was right about almost everything."
Monarch (poster) and Twinning via Kubrick/Harlan's The Shining (1980), based on King's (a monarch) book.
Jack 'The Shining' Nicholson as The 'Monarch Theatre' Joker - Monarch Cinema.
Asian Papillon/Butterfly 'me so horny' Soo Soo - played the hooker in Full Metal Jacket.
Asian Madame 'Lolita' Butterflies via the military.
Pizza in the paedo/Lolita hooker scene (with Asian men). Rainbow 'Oz' Fashions where the butterfly inlaid mask is obtained.
Sharky's (butterfly) coffee shop (right). It's the exact same place as Rainbow Fashions, but dressed differently (see here).
Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut used the Rothschild mansion, and where Bill (Cruise) wears the butterfly inlaid mask.

It's the Illuminati progenitors aka the Rothschilds, and "The Butterfly Effect" via Project Monarch.
Interesting content in this Rothschild "Butterfly Effect" piece, including 'sexual habits and rape' in respect of butterflies.
"But there is little romance involved with a good love dusting; male butterflies display a sexual ardour
- rarely met in the insect world and rape is a known feature of butterfly behaviour."
Hannah 'Butterfly Effect' Rothschild who is actually listed in Island Epstein's black book, along with other Roshschilds.
So many Ashke-NAZI JEWS, isn't that right folks? If they were Chinese, I'd be saying: "so many Chinese."
Bronfmans, Schumers, Weinsteins, Weiner, Epstein, Schneiderman, Rothschilds, Kubrick, Spielberg, Geffen, Interscope Iovine, etc.

Cruising Scientology Tom, EWS. Below scene via (NWO) Rockefeller and his Plaza - on a windy the allusion:
The same models that attend the later Rothschild mansion (multiple fucking) elite slave orgy. Eyes Wide Open.
(Rainbow) fashion models - things lodged in their eye (sphincter) - just about half of Fifth Ave (aka elite penis).
Funny how the dialogue also involves a handkerchief - the sodomite handkerchief color code via (gay) Cruise.

I think I was hitting some 'mind control' bulls-eyes with that Montauk stuff I previously wrote about (see link).
Yes, it's a tough read, and I took huge liberties, but it had to be done.
It's time that this fact became known and widespread.

Senate Republicans, air transport, and the Bronfman NXIVM/Executive Success Programs...
That's more than 10 years ago!

Enty on CDAN also outed NXIVM Mack/Raniere (and Kreuk) in 2012. There's that bloody date again! July 16.

A link to Rep. Adam Schiff (AS) too. The Standard Hotel case (West Hollywood), and the 31st Jan, helicopter crash.
The hotel is in Schiff's district. All the people killed were linked to the hotel. Tena's holding company had Standard on its books. The GM of the Standard, Kimberly Lynne Watzman, also died in the crash. The owner, Andre Balazs, is friends with Marina Abramovic. Andre 'Uma Thurman/Chelsea Handler' Balazs. The Standard has been linked to celeb types, murders, and strange goings-on. Q is likely stating that something happened to someone (or persons) at the Standard (linked to Schiff), and that these (crash event) people may have been privy to some of those activities.

Q is telling us that (helicopter crash) Watzman, and (plane crash) Coogan - both West Hollywood linked - are 'victims'.
Watzman, GM of Standard West Hollywood, and West Hollywood based, Coogan. Schiff might be the link to both crashes.
 AS is given in respect of West Hollywood-linked Coogan (plane), and this West Hollywood Hotel helicopter crash.
Mack is implicated (as are Raniere/Bronfmans), Schneiderman, Schiff, Weinstein, and Watzman/Coogan as victims.
Could Long Beach Port be used as access to/from Mexico via the coast - perhaps eliminating the usual land border routes?

"Tick TOCK (LLC)."
Could Q be inferring The Weinstein Company LLC (Limited Liability Company)?
Flynn posted the "Dgfffcf" linked Clinton/Abedin/Weinstein tweet. "Dgfffcf" on the Weinstein 'Over the Target' link.

It's Queens - Weinstein via Tarantino, and Uma 'Balazs' Thurman: Rabbit Hole - Twisting 'Ass' Time...
Uma 'Pulped Ass Friction' Thurman. The next best thing to a time machine (watch). Mia, who twists down Jack (Alice White) Rabbit's slim twisting (dirt) hole with John 'Greased Back Doors Crying' Travolta.  All done with Chuck 'Scat' Berry's 'You Never Can Tell' track. Uma/Mia, wife of 'ass fucked' Marsellus. Hell, and I didn't even mention Butch. Bruce - super-gliding chopper rider - Willis, and his asshole watch. A watch (time machine) - shoved-up the twisting hole - just like Jack Rabbit's place.
These guys love spending time up there. Boxer Butch was always having nightmares with his ring punching.

"They made many current/former enslaved children famous. Hollywood is filled w/ them." Q (Mar. 10th).

DG, what if it's David 'Weinstein' Glasser, the Weinstein Co. former Chief Operating Officer?
Did you know that there is a direct link between David Glasser and Allison 'NXIVM' Mack?
Not just any old link, they were both in a two-part mini-series about child kidnap and pederast rape/abuse.
Stephen Dorff and Bryan Cranston also featured in this mini-series. Mack arrested 20th April, Weinstein 25th May.
What a small world. 1989, Mack would've been about 7 years-old (one of her first roles), Glasser about 17/18 years-old.
David 'Weinstein' Glasser and Allison 'NXIVM/Sex Trafficking' Mack, and in a product about child abuse, rape, and kidnap!
Steven Stayner's kidnap/abuse. He died 4 months after its release (motorcycle accident).
At the time of his death, Stayner was living in Merced, California and working at Pizza Hut. Arliss 'butterfly' Howard as pederast (Parnell) in an uncredited role. Pvt. Cowboy from Stanley 'butterfly/Lolita' Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. He's married to Debra Winger
Anyway, Steven's older brother Cary Stayner (serial killer) was convicted of murdering 4 woman from Feb-July 1999.
Cary even alleged that he was abused by his Uncle when he was 11. Were the Stayners part of a program?
Steven's grandfather lived just a few hundred feet away from where he was held, and for the entire time.

Miramax/Weinstein's first distribution deal was Rockshow (OTO/Thelemic Beatle) McCartney's Wings.
The Beatles were the seed of the (degenerating) 60's counter-culture - the godfathers of modern popular culture Satanism.
Miramax/Weinstein's first actual production was 'video nasty' (Cropsey) The Burning (1981). Slasher/serial killer genre.
Harvey Weinstein produced/co-written. Based on Cropsey, the S(t)aten Island 'boogeyman' who kidnapped children. A legend linked to Andre Rand and connected to a school for children with mental disabilities. Willowbrook, where Rand was an orderly. It's all a bit Shutter Island (imo) and this institution was linked to child abuse. The boogeyman term is actually derived from the word for buggery (sodomy). Hollywood has made the boogeyman concept absolutely huge. I covered that issue in the Cinema of Sodomy post (2016). Cropsey 'anal' Boogeymen and Camp Fires. Not forgetting the Weinstein films The Crying [Tranny] Game, and Pulped [Ass] Friction. Weinstein's The Burning also launched the careers of Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander, and Fisher Stevens.
On 15 October 2017, Paula Wachowiak discussed her experience working as an intern on this movie.
She alleges that Harvey Weinstein's predatory behaviour went back as far as 1980.

Gripping Tails from the Darkside with Bender, and Pulping Ass with Queens (Queers) Quentin and Harvey.
It's Quentin - I virtually owe my entire career to Weinstein - Tarantino.
Tarantino's first script (at 12 years-old) was about a bandit who robs pizza parlors -'Capt Peachfuzz & the Anchovy Bandit'.
From Harvey 'Cropsey' Weinstein to Quentin 'Weinstein' Tarantino...Quentin Rand or Andre Tarantino?
Come-on, Queen Quentin. He looks more like your father than your public domain father ever did. :)
How about making a film called I Know My Last Name is Rand? :) A Manson film in the works?
The real 'satanic cult' up in those Hollywood Hills was Polanski and Tate's circle, as Manson told Ronald Reagan's son.

Satanic paedophile Jew, Roman 'Rosemary's [Moonchild/Satanic] Baby' Polanski
Dennis Hopper: "They (Polanski's circle) had fallen into sadism and masochism and bestiality – and they recorded it all on videotape too. The L.A. police told me this. I know that three days before they were killed, twenty-five people were invited to that house to a mass whipping of a dealer from Sunset Strip who’d given them bad dope."

Making films about their own sick hobbies. Hell, their crimes are the entertainment.
According to the "Cropsey" documentary, some people along with detectives speculated that Andre Rand may have been involved with Satanism and provided the children to be sacrificed. There were people also who thought that Rand was not alone in the commission of his crimes and many believed he was passing the children around to his friends in the underground network of homeless and mentally disabled people living in the tunnel systems of the former Willowbrook state school.

Well if he was providing children for sacrifice - it wouldn't have been for down and out types, but for the privileged.
Rand comes across as a potential Fred West type (and possible fall guy) - procuring victims for linked (satanic) dignitaries.

It's all getting a bit Epstein and his satanic, kidnap/sacrifice island with underground tunnels.

The Island linked to Bill/Hillary Clinton. Epstein planes linked to (actors) Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker etc.

Shitter Island...DiCaprio, Scorsese, and Grey.
Scorsese was involved in a mid-90s production of Madame Butterfly, directed by alleged paedophile Frederck Mitterand.
Weinstein linked Grey (now deceased) was CEO of Paramount when they released Shutter 'sodomy mind control' Island.
Brad Grey was one of The Burning's co-writers along with Weinstein. (Jew) Grey was a gofer for Weinstein while at Buffalo University, but he did go on to become the CEO of Paramount Pictures (2005-17). On May 2, 2018, The Hollywood Reporter published an article regarding a lawsuit filed by Rovier Carrington alleging that Brad Grey had raped and sexually assaulted him in 2010 and 2011. Carrington is suing both Grey's estate and Viacom, in part for obstructing his nascent career.
Brad 'sodomite' Grey. I actually think Harvey Weinstein is also primarily a sodomite too, just like Grey was.
Grey actually took the Paramount CEO job from Lansing. The wife of (Jew) William 'The (MK-Ultra) Exorcist' Friedkin!
The very film that I cite as being about (barely veiled) Hollywood-based demonic/child sex abuse.
Friedkin is also linked to serial killers and via his film output. A bit-part actor from The Exorcist became one (Paul Bateson).
Jeffrey 'Chocolate Factory' Dahmer was a satanic serial killer seemingly mind controlled via The Exorcist 3!
Friedkin's Cruising (sodomite) Bateson, and The Exorcist 3 linked Jeffrey 'sodomite' Dahmer.

Routing/Rooting Highway 666 (the demonic ass). Ass-fucked Marsellus's 666 case via homo Travolta.
Jew Stone's Natural Born 'MK-Ultra' Killers via Pulped Ass '666' Friction, Weinstein/Tarantino.
Arliss 'I Know My Name is Steven/Full Metal Jacket' Howard played Mickey and Mallory's demon/guardian angel.
NBK, produced by Arnon 'Zionist Jew/911' Milchan's Regency. His Regency released (serial killing) Copycat the following year, with Holly 'The Burning' Hunter. Talking of  'copycat' crimes - aka the results of Hollywood MK-Ultra on the masses in real-time:

Agents for the Hollywood-based MK-Ultra processing of wider society...
Many of these (mainly Jewish) film personnel are (legitimised) child abusers, sodomite satanists, and rapists. When they're not doing that, they're washing and infecting you with their sick hobbies via their actual output - a form of mass mind rape. Likely all part of the attempt to make you more like they are, and/or to influence you to not see them, or their types of crimes as being so degenerate. SICK. They're extremely wealthy, very powerful, and they're worshipped like gods. That's down to the masses who have empowered them and their products. The products that they've mistaken as solely for entertainment purposes - as we all formerly have (at least to some degree).

Hollywood rapists/satanists/sodomites/paedophiles and group mind terror programmers. Agents of trauma who traumatise the audience and degrade the mass via this ongoing sickness. The MK-Ultra/Monarch programmes provides the basis and background, for most, if not all corporate/Zionist Jew Hollywood, TV, and pop music. As I have been intimating the 'god' of the Jews is LUCIFER/SATAN, just as it is for the (Jewish) Freemasons. The worst of these types seem to frequent and dominate Hollywood. This should be obvious just by their preferred and overt subject matter alone - which is seated in warped sex, horror, gender-bending, ultra-violence, sodomy, and pseudo-paedophila etc. This is how the energy of Lucifer/Satan has been magnified and spread across the planet via this powerful form of (satanic Jew) 'mass media' cultural imperialism.

My reckoning of Hollywood being a giant, satanic, sodomite/homosexual, mass mind control entity gains even more traction.
The Crying 'Tranny' Game, Reservoir Sods, Hallowe'en Boogey/Buggery Men, Ring Lording, & Pulped Ass Friction, Weinsteins.
 Harvey's brother, Bob Weinstein is also the head and founder of Dimension Films (Miramax was the parent), which continues to release (horror) genre films. These include the successful (McGowan resonant) Scream slasher franchise (linked to Exorcist 3, Rollin), the Clive 'Homo-Jewish' Barker written (S & M) Hellraiser series, and five of the (buggery boogey-man) Halloween films.
Weinstein's first ever release for Dimension (Miramax) - satanic 'Hellraiser III - Hell On Earth' via Sept 11 and the WTC.
Oh yes, the sick Zionists were behind 9/11 - including decades of Hollywood predictive programming (brainwashing).
The series by Clive 'OTO/sodomite' Barker. Harvey/Bob Weinstein also produced Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Saturnic/Satanic ass rings. They executive produced Lord of the (ass) Rings along with Robert 'Nightmare on Elm St 2' Shaye.

The Queens Weinsteins & Scream Queens (Queers). How's this for a small Hollywood sodomite world...

Jack Sholder was editor on Weinstein's The Burning. He actually directed A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. (Ring Lord Shaye produced).
Sequel to A Nightmare on Elm St (a Kennedy linked joke). It's the GAYEST horror film ever made! Yes, really.
"I can't go to the prom with my nails looking like this...I need a manicure. Arrrggghhh!"
An uber gay horror franchise about a child kidnapping molester/murderer. Effeminate Jesse/Jessies and Nancy boys.
Satanist, Johnny 'Chocolate Factory' Depp aka Willy Wanka was the original "Nancy boy" in (gay) Craven's franchise.

"The man of your dreams [swoon] via Spring-wood." Freddy 'burnt' Krueger is often compared to (burnt) Cropsey.

Murdering child molester/rapist and pizza via Freddy 'Nancy' Krueger (part 4). Wes 'The Hills Have Eyes' Craven.
Nancy boys, Jesse/Jessies, Child Molestation/Murder, and Pizza. In the film the pizza is served by Alice (Queer Wonderland).

Big Johnson (cock), Thurber's Dodge-Ball(s). Hollywood Sodomy/Paedo Programming - Jew Stiller aka lavender boy.
Gaylord Focker (Fucker). This is an interesting linked scene - pepperoni (phallic sausage) pizza and Ben 'Poo-lander' Stiller's penis.
Dodgeball (above). Look where Stiller places the slice. The pizza triangle is also a yonic symbol.

Phallic sausage/pepperoni. Even the term "pizza-gate" is potentially sexually suggestive in the 'entrance' sense.
Hillary launched counter-propaganda when the (Comet) Pizza-Gate issue started to breakthrough.
Cheese toppings and Alefantis' stars/moon a la Baph(c)omet - via Come-t Pizza in D.C.
AC and DC. Aleister - Golden 'Isis' Dawn - Crowley and the Unicusral Hexagram.
Ping-Pong (Show) is linked to Thai sex shows. Thailand (Bang-cock) being one of the preferred haunts for paedophiles.
New-cummers, repeat customers via drilling, 4 surviving pizzas from last month (in poor health). BUSTED! (link)

People that "Libtard SJWs" worship, the (paedo) Clintons! The Podesta/Pedosta Bros. linked Clintons.
No wonder Hillary-centric SJW's also support (satanic paedo) Hollywood and sodomites!

Hollywood Nixons, Obama's Maggie/Wendy, Sarah and 'pizza man' Alefantis.
I think I CAN imagine the size of this. Let this blog post be testament to that. Admittedly though, it is absolutely huge.

WTF? (thanks to recent anon, see comments)
"Few classrooms approach the subject as thoroughly and openly as his does.
Which is why, perhaps, his TED Talk, in which he advocates for using pizza as a healthy metaphor for sex — as opposed to baseball, which he says is problematic — has become so popular." (Ted/paedo teddy bears and pizza)

Sodomite 'lavender boy' - Porn mind control thru schools. Sexed (not Sex Ed) via Pizza/Porn Teacher...
They think they're so smart with their codes and symbolism, but it's as transparent as a window!

Gay Teacher. "I Luv Pizza" over his groin area. I wonder if he's a paedo? (sarcasm). Why the pizza obsession in Sex Ed?
"The walls are covered in pizza paraphernalia: plush toys, stickers, key chains. Atop the bookshelves are pillows shaped like testicles and uteruses." The article refers to him as "Mr V" - which is worrying in itself. "He strolls around the room passing out white envelopes. Inside each are pieces of paper describing various sexual acts, from kissing and feeling someone’s body parts to more advanced ventures, like fellatio and cunnilingus and “penile penetration” of both the vagina and anus.
(If your child attends this school then get them out of there and fast!)
LGBTP. We warned you about these sick gender-benders and (satanic) sodomites.
They've normalised satanic sodomy (via mass mind control), next up is normalising the rape of children. You better believe it.

Weinstein has donated thousands of dollars to Clinton throughout her political career. He maxed out donations ($5,400) to Clinton's failed 2016 presidential campaign and gave more than $30,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee between Clinton's campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and more than 30 state Democratic parties. The Hollywood mogul has also given at least $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Paedo Hillary in lavender/plum...
Are those bird statues on (Clinton and Hollywood linked) Epstein Island renderings of Moloch?
The building shell is decorated in the colours of the Zionist/Rothschild Israeli flag.

Planned Parenthood - as a giant, realised form of sacrifice to Moloch...there are no coincidences:
Planned Parenthood, Satanism, FIRE (Crowley ritual grade signs), Sacrificed Babies, Hollywood, & Deep State.
Satanist, Gloria 'I had an abortion' Steinem, who celebrates the murder of unborn children.
She did that - "aborted babies and fire sign" - in association with Planned Parenthood! These people are sick!
Ritual abortions/soul cracking were aspects of Crowley linked magick. See his disciple L Ron Hubbard (abortions).

SICK. There is no other word for these MONSTERS. They don't even know that they're EVIL, but they are!
(Thanks go to a very generous Reddit poster who linked me to this. They know who they are. Thank you.)

"cf" - Clinton Foundation? Are there links between CF, Weinstein, Glasser (Dg), Bronfmans, and Mack?
Is the "fff" - found film footage? Flynn's tweet gave us the Weinstein with Hillary/Abedin shot on the day of Weinstein's arrest.
Flynn's 'Dg' code is on the Weinstein sub-link at where you'll also find Mack, Weiner, etc.

Talking of (Clinton/Abedin-linked) Weiner and his laptop...the IG Report (14th June) - "CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN."
It's there and next to Clinton Foundation...and this is the FIXED (redacted) version of the report. We need to see it all.
Those folk who still think Hollywood, and the Liberal Left is all OK, will need to get psychiatric help when the truth comes out.
They'll see how they've empowered the abuse, torture, and murder of children - via their wanton worship of these monsters.

Started Internship Feb 2017 - not that long before the allegations started to emerge.
This wasn't Malia's first foray into Hollywood. In 2015, the Obamas' daughter worked as an intern in New York on Lena Dunham's HBO series Girls. What I've seen/heard about Dunham is largely suspect too. Malia also spent time on the Los Angeles set of Halle Berry's CBS drama series Extant.

Follow the stars. It's everywhere. Q

NXIVM and Allison "ISIS Foundation" Mack via Albany, New York. A Crowleyian 'satanic' Isis Golden Dawn?

We already covered 1970's New York and (satanic) Cropsey. Here's 1970's New York and 'satanic' Son of (Golden Dawn) Samael:
It's clear that Berkowitz was programmed and primarily by his cult affiliations. He was a part of a much larger group.
Satanists are (typically) well-to-do, outwardly respectable, and more likely to frequent society's higher echelons.
The last sentence describes the (satanic) elite and their Hollywood/TV (mass media) output - perfectly.
 Hollywood is the elite's device for magnifying and spreading the energy of Lucifer/Satan across the planet.

Boy of red lips.
How the fond ruby rapier glides and slips [penis]
'Twixt the white hills thou spreadest for me there;  [spread ass cheeks]
How my red mouth immortal honey sips. [ejaculation/discharge]
- Aleister 'Isis Golden Dawn/OTO' Crowley (satanic sodomite paedophile).

Another Enty CDAN Blind. A recent one...
Epstein Island. Dershowitz. Nader (molester)? If so that's an Epstein link to (Bronfman/Mack/Raniere) NXIVM!
If the island is linked to providing girls (linked to VIPs) to NXIVM, then this is a mechanism that is likely being used for collecting and concentrating 'intelligence' on very key and connected people.

Raniere's father James Raniere (ret. advertising executive): Keith’s first five years were spent in Brooklyn before the family moved to Rockland County for better public schools. By coincidence, James handled his agency’s Seagram’s account and said
- he knew Edgar Bronfman Sr. professionally during the 1970's. He is now remarried and settled in Easthampton.

The "Golden Dawn Isis Cult" out of Oxford. The same Oxford where Bill 'Rhodes/Rothschild' Clinton schooled.
We know that the Bronfman clan were close to the Clintons. Sara/Clare Bronfman being the NXIVM backers.
NXIVM Group Pres. Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable org., Clinton Global Initiative.
Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year.
Bronfman Sr. received the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1999) from Bill. He also backed Hillary's campaign bid (2008).
Chelsea Clinton is on the board of Directors for 'IAC' (mass media holding Co.) along with Edgar - Universal Music Group/Warner Music Group/Vivendi - Bronfman Jr. Chairman Diller, is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. Barry - Paramount CEO/Fox/Bronfman/Democrat - Diller. He's married to (IAC's) Prince Alexander von Furstenberg's mother. Michael 'Disney' Eisner was President of Paramount during Diller's role as CEO. It was Diller that also bought-out Bronfman's USA Network (TV cable/satellite).

Diller also mentored (BBC America) Garth 'Paedophile/Bryan Singer/Rector' Ancier.
It's alleged that Diller is bisexual, although imo he's very likely to be a homosexual - just like Ancier.
In 1986, Barry Diller, Jamie Kellner and Rupert Murdoch tapped the then 28-year-old Ancier to be the founding Entertainment President for the new Fox Broadcasting Co. Ancier is also a former president of BBC Worldwide America and former head of programming for Fox, NBC, and Warner Bros. Some of this is tied to the Michael Egan accusations - see "An Open Secret" (2014).
Bryan Singer's Accuser Names Three More Alleged Sex Abusers - Variety.
In recent months, new and separate claims about (alleged paedophile) Bryan Singer have emerged (2003 yacht).
Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court, sources confirm to Variety. Ancier is the former president of BBC Worldwide America and also served as head of programming for FoxNBC and WB. Neuman, the former president of Disney TV, previously worked for DEN Network (Chad's underage gay World) which was headed by (paedo) Marc Collins-Rector who was cited as being involved in the sexual activity at the heart of plaintiff Michael Egan’s original lawsuit. Goddard heads a design firm in Los Angeles which has created theme park attractions for (formerly Bronfman owned) Universal Studios.
“It’s not about money, it’s about disarming these pedophiles,” Egan’s mother Bonnie told reporters.
Recall, we linked Chad's World to actual elements of other Hollywood and celebrity - primarily via Seann 'Chad's World' William Scott. The direct abuse aside, Singer's output is homo-centric and full of gender bending propaganda. He is closely linked with (Jewish sodomite/satanist) Richard Donner and wife Shuler. Singer was also close to Kevin 'paedophile' Spacey, and (uber suspect) homosexual 'Ring Lord' Ian McKellen. Are there elements also linked to the abuse of Brad 'Schumacher/Singer' Renfro?

Steve 'TRUMP' Bannon has been very heavily involved with Brock 'paedo/DEN' Pierce. (link)
Major investments, Warcraft, etc. Pierce now being a key Bit Coin player. Bannon was Trump's chief strategist!
Trump linked Bannon close to DEN Pierce? This does not compute! This is NOT adding-up!
Not from the perspective of wanting to believe in Q/Trump. The wheels are coming-off in that regard.

All Jewed-out. Jew Diller also mentored Simpson/Bruckheimer (Paramount), Katzenberg (Disney/Paramount/Dreamworks), and Columbia's Dawn Steele. We mentioned (alleged rapist) Brad 'Paramount CEO' Grey earlier via Weinstein.

Former Paramount CEO Diller (1976-84). Former Paramount CEO (2005-17) Brad 'Weinstein' Grey, (recently deceased) and implicated in homosexual abuse/rape. Grey was a gofer for Harvey Weinstein, they worked together on Miramax's first feature release, The Burning (as mentioned earlier). IAC's Michael 'Disney' Eisner was President of Paramount (1976-84) during Diller's role as CEO. Eisner was Diller's protege. It was Disney that bought-out the Weinsteins and Miramax for $60m (1993), after the success of The Crying 'Transsexual' Game. Eisner was in the middle of his 21 year tenure as Disney Chairman/CEO when they bought Miramax. William 'MK-Ultra' Friedkin's wife, Lansing, was the Paramount CEO (1992-2004). 
The Seagram Bronfmans were big in media particularly during the 90's.
"Aintry!? This river don't go to Aintry; you done taken a wrong turn."
Just for shits and giggles, light relief etc. A racehorse called "Seagram" won the English Aintree Grand National (1991).
It was the last Grand National that was sponsored by Bronfman's Seagram, a sponsorship that began in 1984.
I remember it as though it was yesterday. The reason is simple. I knew it would win. I knew 4 months in advance.
Not because I was told or tipped, but 'cos I was adept at race reading etc. I'm Horselover Phat. This was during my late-teens.
I told anyone that would listen, a few made money. I recently tipped Trump to win the election, and a year before it happened. :)

Don't forget the (NXIVM) Bronfman links to MK-Ultra McGill University (Canada) and Dr Ewen 'MK-Ultra' Cameron.
There is a belief that both (Bavarian Illuminati) Mengele and Cameron worked together in the Americas (see Springmeier).
Mengele was played by "Mockingbird" Peck. Mockingbird Sq. featured in Back to the (von Braun) Future (Operation Mockingbird).
CIA were ultimately created in-league with Nazi Reinhard Gehlen.
A tweet about Russian election collusion and the fake news that tried to sell it.

Jew Bryan 'Mockingbird Lane' Singer. Mockingbird Square in Jew Spielberg's Back to the (Nazi) Future. The Usual (paedo) Suspects.
Twinkie Singer's homage to Steven 'Rosebud' Spielberg via Jaws. Slip and slide via the pleasure dome (cock) and rosebud (ass).
These (paedo) sharks hunt in packs, and they like mocking birds (females) - think scorn and contempt.
See Crispin Glover's essay on Spielberg and his (alleged) "appreciation of the sexuality of young boys."
Singer's 'gender bending/sodomite' X-Men series is via Jew O-Men, Dick 'Spielberg/Goonies/Twinky' Donner/Shuler.
Benicio 'Usual Suspects' del Toro was one of the original investors in the Standard Hotel, Hollywood (see Schiff/helicopter crash).
The NXIVM linked Bronfmans owned Universal Studios from the mid-90's, known for its Jaws attraction.
Twinkie Jew Singer's 'The Usual Suspects' was co-produced by (Jew Bronfman's) Polygram.
One-eyed Willie, Twinky/Banana-bender Splitter, Donner (Schwartzberg), likes Free Willy (via whales) and riding Jesse/Jessies.
This BHH production company is linked to Murdoch's Fox. Some BHH releases are also linked to Warner 'sodomite' Bros.
Jew Goddard aka the theme park ride designer - including the the Jaws ride attraction. Three people have publicly accused Goddard.
(Singer linked) Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court, sources confirm to Variety. In 1986, Barry Diller, Jamie Kellner and Rupert Murdoch tapped the then 28-year-old Ancier to be the founding Entertainment President for the new Fox Broadcasting Co. Ancier is also a former president of BBC Worldwide America (paedo BBC) and former head of programming for Fox, NBC, and Warner Bros. (Note, Jew director, Emmerich, holds similar twink pool parties.)
Egan's abuse goes back to more than 15+ years ago, and he was also drugged etc. It has been claimed that Egan's case, which blew-up in the public domain, was supposed to draw-out other victims. One's who might have more a more solid basis and recollection of events for their claims. The belief is that this is exactly what has happened. It's alleged that others have come forward (re: Singer, et al) and their cases are believed to be much more watertight and provable. Time will tell. Tick-tock, Singer and co.
Homo paedophile Goddard molested Anthony 'Top Gay Gun' Edwards for years (from 12 years old+). Goddard raped his friend.
The parents of many (but not all) Hollywood child actors/proteges are implicated in selling their children for $$$ and fame.

Marty 'Jew' Weiss (a Feldman abuser) who was among the perps exposed in the acclaimed 2014 documentary “An Open Secret.” Weiss’ job was searching for boy talent for both Nickelodeon and Disney, and besides Feldman, he found 11-year old Evan Henzi to sexually abuse 30-40 times from age 12-15.

Hollywood/Jewish paedophile mass industry abuse is already ALL in PLAIN SIGHT, but encoded into their output.
(They did exactly the same with 9/11 and Jew Hollywood/TV via nefarious mass predictive programming.)
That is the modus operandi for these sick/satanic deviant Jews. What I'm doing - is decoding it!
They have built their entire industry around it (paedo/sodomy), and have the masses acting in a quasi-complicit role (via worship).

Inverted signage a la satanism...

The Standard Hotels are a group of five boutique hotels in Los Angeles (Hollywood and Downtown LA), New York City (Meatpacking District and East Village) and Miami Beach. The hotels are operated by Standard International Management.
Original investors in the Hollywood hotel were Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Benicio del Toro, D'arcy Wretzky and James Iha.
(Note, "meatpacking" - I think of that both in the morbid sense and the sexual sense, as I'm sure they do too.)
The hotel is in (Rep) Schiff's district, and he's seemingly implicated (likely murder). I'd wager that he's a homosexual too. All the people killed in the helicopter crash were linked to the hotel. Tena's holding company had Standard on its books. The GM of the Standard, Kimberly Lynne Watzman, also died in the crash. The owner, Andre Balazs, is friends with (Jew) Marina Abramovic. Standard 'Hollywood' Hotel and Andre 'Uma (Weinstein) Thurman/Chelsea Handler' Balazs

There's some elements involving DiCaprio, Michael 'Disney' Ovitz, and Dana Giacchetto, but I'm still looking into those.
Ovitz was a friend of Eisner. DiCaprio was also represented by Bob 'paedo' Villard when he was very young.
Butterfly DiCaprio was also handpicked by (that giant cunt) Robert 'monarch handler' De Niro for This Boy's Life.
Garth Ancier went from Fox (resigning March, 1989) to Disney as president of network television for Walt Disney Studios in April, 1989. He developed Home Improvement and oversaw Disney's The Magical World of Disney, hosted by Disney CEO Michael Eisner.
Gay Days at a children's theme park? These started in 1991, and via Florida. WTF? Eisner was CEO/Chairman for this.
The term "gay" is a form of propaganda in itself - it originally meant happy/carefree. These people are SODOMITES.
It was (sick) Disney that bought-out (sick) sodomite Weinstein's Miramax (1993) after The Crying 'Tranny' Game.
Five years before Disney hired the convicted paedophile, Victor Salva (for Powder) he was convicted of
- molesting a child on a movie set (Coppola linked 'ring mastering' Clown House) and for possessing child porn.
Salva also directed (via Coppola) Jeepers 'eye gouging/brown sliding pipe' Creepers...via peepers (slang, penises).
They don't just physically molest/rape industry children, they also programme you and your children via this warped output!
Instead of being reviled by these known paedo monsters, the industry actually heaps flattery upon them!
Pan (Sodom) resonant magick via Disney. Boy-lover Crowley, the Pan penis. The silver star is the sphincter.
Orlando (sexual switch-hitting name) and "Go Greek" (anal). Recall gay rainbow Orlando Pulse shooting (false flag/crisis actors).
Programming the little ones with sodomy and paedophilia and under the guise of  so-called "wholesome" Disney (vomit).
Sick Disney. Disney-linked paedo Salva, used Disney's Jungle Book (animated film) as part of his grooming process.
Fashioning his own loin cloth (as they watched), Salva encouraged the boy to do likewise - that's when he began to molest him.

I've tried to tell you that these (primarily) sick sodomite Zionist Jews (and their assets) have been building their sodomite empire and for decades. This is why I've called Zionist Jew Hollywood (and related MSM) - The Cinema/Sin-ema of Sodomy - because that's exactly what it is and has always been. It's the Zionist Jews that worship Saturn/Satan (black cube). It was Saturn (Satan) who ate his children. Sacrifice of the firstborn is still a Jewish practice imo. The Old Testament (aka Jewish propaganda) is the history of the Age of Saturn (Satan). Jews have even cornered the Western market on the concept of "God" - even though their "god" is Lucifer/Satan.

You might have already understood this, but for the Jewish control freakery of ALL INFORMATION via their mass media dominance. They've brainwashed most of the planet, and I've known this fact for a very long time. It's already a type of crime to even mention Jews and their crimes in the typical MSM. The Jew-driven 'cult of celebrity' and its effective reach has bamboozled virtually everyone (I've noticed this over the years), but not Horselover Phat. The reason is due to the fact that I never fully bought-in in the first place. Most people fall into a form of induced extreme hysteria around celebrity, but I will never fully understand why?
I actually see it as a type of mass mental illness.

These people in Hollywood MAKE SHIT UP FOR A LIVING. That is their job. You do understand that, yes? Lies are like water in Hollywood - free flowing. That understood, anything they say or claim should always be appreciated in that light!
This is why the industry cannot be allowed to regulate or evaluate itself. Simple really.

Shutter 'eye piercing' Island - a subliminal euphemism for sodomy (eye piercing)? Pan/Baphomet is seen in the film.
People heavily involved in Silence of the (nazi/butterfly/moth/transsexual) Lambs, were behind Shutter 'butterflies' Island.
Butterflies and immediately from the opening.
DiCaprio also played cross-dressing (and likely sodomite) J Edgar 'FBI' Hoover.

The Standard Hotel (chain) is also where (Crisis Actor) David 'FBI linked' Hogg
- got his guidebook for the (sick and complicit) MSM gun control narrative.
Lights, camera, action: "Sob-sob, blub-blub, no guns, sob-sob."
How about SHUTTING-DOWN degenerate/sodomite-centric Hollywood. corporate music, and TV?
All of which fetishise guns, gangster thuggery as a lifestyle choice, drugs, child sex, rape, sodomy, and ultra-violence!

Follow the stars. It's everywhere. Q

That was quoted in respect of John 'Haiti' Legend and Chrissy Teigen.
Is the Clinton Foundation, Geffen or Glasser, Legend (and various others) linked to Haiti child trafficking?

"Marching into Darkness via The Moon Child"
Satanic (Luna/Lunar) Moon-Children a la Crowley/Parsons/Hubbard. Clinton/Obama-linked Legend and Teigen.
The best sex Teigen had was when she (and John) spent time with Obama, and before he was president.
Just what has been going on re: Haiti, guys? What kind of access did you have to those Haiti kids?
Sitting next to Luna (Moon) using a butterfly halo filter. Note, I've just translated it for you!

OTO/Isis-Oxford (sodomite) 'Nazi propagandist' Crowley, Moonchild, rituals @ the Villa aka The Butterfly Net.
SS/skull imagery (see right lettering). Noble blooded Nazi, Josef 'SS/Monarch/Illuminati' Mengele.
Recall (SS/Nazi) Slayer, and Monarch to the dead, Mengele. Not forgetting their Iron Butterfly 'In-A-Gadda' cover track.
The Iron Butterfly single was recorded at (Nazi and mind control resonant) Long Island.
Iron, like Iron-Cross Nazis, and 'Iron' sodomites (Irons, aka Iron Hoofs/Poofs).
Ashke-NAZIS (Masonic Jews) and NAZIS. Zionist Jews created and controlled Hitler (hence the symbolism).
Homo/Gay aka "camp" - like Long Island Camp Siegfried and Nazis. Former AG Schneiderman gets a look-in.:)
How about Nazi (and sodomite) favourite Dick Wagner's 'Ring Cycling' - via sex-crazed Alberich's 'ring' and related 'mount'?
A 'Camp Climax' (for girls) - drive and ride carefully. Nazi-linked Kubrick's Lolita.

Freak show...

How about spawn of Hillary/Bill - that being Chelsea?

CHURCH OF SATAN via Chelsea and Teigen. Inverted crucifix Chelsea. LaVey's Church of Satan, heavily linked to Hollywood.
Sammy Davis Jnr, Liberace, Jayne Mansfield, Kenneth Anger, Marilyn Manson...etc.
Church of Satan. CoS LaVey, who utilised the same (mystery religion/Golden Dawn) elemental grade signs as Hitler.
Oh look, it's Kuntye 'Illuminati' West. There are no coincidences. Wake the FUCK UP.


Liberal Left (Zionist Soros linked) 'Nazi' Antifa...
"The continued Nazi ideology is relevant. Events will clarify. Think subgroup." Q (Mar. 10th)

Oh, and Roseanne 'Q' Barr...another MK-Ultra mind control victim.
That's ANCIENT news, Springmeier/Wheeler cited her as a monarch victim in 1996. That needs to be appreciated.
This is not intended as a slight against Barr, but as a reminder of what we're dealing with.
I'm not saying that she's totally controlled opposition, so please don't assume that. She's a victim/survivor.
The way folk latch onto celebs is EMBARRASSING. Kanye West, Roseanne Barr etc. Jesus wept! Will they ever learn?

Follow the stars. It's everywhere. Q
But Trump himself is an aspect of that same world - stardom. Multiple film appearances, TV shows, etc.
Trump is also in (Zionist sponsored) 9/11 predictive programming films - Back to the Future 2 (Biff), Home Alone 2, etc.
Trump is also a ZIONIST ISRAEL cheerleader. Israel, the true force behind (inside job) 9/11.

Montauk, Plum Island, and nearby Martha's Vineyard...Connecticut on the opposing side.
Right near The Hamptons - that's where celeb folk like the (mind controlled) satanic Kardashians holiday/get programmed.
The family that have been employed to sexualize your children, promote narcissism as a virtue, mass body dysmorphia etc.
Nazis promoted a type of physical perfection (Aryans), but that's child's play compared to modern 'image fascist' Hollywood.

Kanye West, Kardashians, and Jenners. All a part of the Hollywood MK-Ultra/Monarch programme.
Kim Kardashian was a Paris Hilton gofer. Paris Hilton's sister Nicky married into the Illuminati Rothschild dynasty.
Travis 'Monarched/Programmed Doll' Scott - The Butterfly Effect. Twinned partner of Kylie 'butterfly' Jenner.
They make The Stepford (Connecticut programmed) Wives look normal. Kylie had previous Tyga (cat programming).
Ashley Roberts - Clockwork Pussycat Doll - Tiger/Cat programming via The Butterfly (Monarch) Effect.
The COPY-CAT Effect.
They'll have your kids (via exposure) 'ass twerking,' worshipping gangsta thuggery, self-loathing, and 'gender bent' in no time.
Butterfly Effect via storms and (Stormi) weather patterns (tornadoes) - see (Connecticut born) Edward 'Butterfly Effect' Lorenz.
Monarch and Paedophilia - via (masonic) Kris 'Butterfly/Pimp' Jenner. Former hubby Bruce played (transient) Baphomet.
Kylie: "Butterflies are just a part of the secrets of Kylie. (Note, speaking in 3rd person).
It’s kind of just ironic because I’m terrified, terrified of butterflies. All butterflies." (Just like Nicole 'Monarched' Kidman).

Monarchs R Us...

The industry linked Kendrick 'Butterfly Pimp' Lamar. Do you like his 'monarch' crown too?
Via Interscope (Iovine) and pink teamer Dr Dre/Gay. Oh look, pink and blue (see above)
"Symbolism will be their downfall." Q

"Pimpin' (Monarchs) Aint Easy" - isn't that right, OTO/Baphomet (masonic) Jay-Z - via Def '666' Jam.
Industry monarch programmed marionettes...she also has insectoid/monarch resonance via Queen (a monarch) Bee.

The all singing, all dancing KRAP of the world...
"Symbolism will be their downfall." Master symbol of the Rothschild fomented (satanic) Illuminati...
All Seeing Eye (x2) of the Masonic Capstone. Meow (tattoo) & Tyga - Cat/Tiger programming.
Freak Bride of  - OTO/Golden Dawn grade signing - Kanye 'Illuminati' West. There are no coincidences.
Don't forget programmed gender-bender, Bruce - the walking (transient) Baphomet.

You can FORGET Kanye 'Illuminati/programmed' West as any kind of truther - in fact you can BANK IT.
"Careful who you follow." Although why anyone would follow neanderthal West, is completely beyond me.

Vegas (deep state) Shooting via the Illuminati-ng Black Pyramid, Vegas...and (same time-frame) Monarch collapse.
Yes, we're really struggling to work-out the symbolism and twilight language message here (sarcasm)

June 4th
Just noticed this, (June 2nd) a very recent plane crash and one connected to celebrity via the Hamptons (East).
Authorities say one of the four people on board a small plane that crashed off the coast of Long Island, killing two, was a prominent builder for celebrities' homes. East Hampton Town Police identified the people as 70-year-old builder Bernard Krupinski, 70-year-old Bonnie Krupinski, 22-year-old William Maerov and 47-year-old Jon Dollard. Two bodies have been recovered, and officials have resumed their search for the other two people. It was not immediately clear which of the four passengers had been recovered. The crash scene was about a mile and a half (2.4 kilometres) south of East Hampton. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the cause of the crash. (link).
His clients included Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, Martha Stewart and other stars. The crash was the second involving a small plane on Long Island in less than a week. On Wednesday (30th May), a World War II-era military trainer went down in a wooded area of Melville, killing its sole occupant, Ken Johansen, a member of the GEICO Skytypers stunt team.

All a bit odd in light of my post subject matter (see pic below). I wonder what secrets Krupinski knew?
Martha Stewart, Hall-O-Wiener and (sodomite orange) pumping-kin via Monarch.
Did he build Joel's kiddyporn/torture dungeon - which (tunnel) connects to Martha 'monarch' Stewart's place? (I jest, or do I?).

Recall this from a recent post...
Oh look, it's Nickelodeon's  Dan "KHAZAR JEWISH PAEDOPHILE" Schneider. (article)
I busted this POS YEARS AGO! Zionist/Jewish Hollywood rapists and paedophiles. $7 million pay-off for a paedophile?
You cannot get away from this. Most of these abusers/rapists/paedophiles are JEWISH (Ashkenazim/Khazarian).
No wonder the sexualisation of children has continued unabated - primarily via SICK Jewish/American (so-called) entertainment! Abusive behaviour? They mean Schneider was FUCKING CHILDREN - Britney "monarch" Spears' sister being one of them (and made pregnant), Amanda 'meltdown' Bynes, and (kabbalist infused) Arianna "Manchester bomb" Grande! Why were those fireman STOPPED from entering the Manchester Arena building? Were the UK deep state clearing-up their false flag? Probably.

Marty 'Feldman abuser' Weiss’ job was searching for boy talent for both Nickelodeon and Disney, and besides Feldman, he found 11-year old Evan Henzi to sexually abuse 30-40 times from age 12-15.

Paedophiles, sodomites and paedophile programmers...Nickelodeon is a PAEDOPHILE FACTORY.
It's what we should expect from (parent) Viacom, which is also parent of uber suspect Paramount (yes, them again).
Along with mass child sexualisation/paedophile programming Disney - what chance to children have?
Disney 'princess programming' might as well be a guidebook to whoredom and sexual superficiality - which it is of course.
This POS (paedo-programmer) Zarghami contributed to both Hillary and Kerry's campaigns.
Voting control of Viacom is held by National Amusements, Inc., a privately owned theater company controlled by Jewish billionaire Sumner "CIA" Redstone (Rothstein) who also holds a controlling stake in CBS Corporation. It was Viacom/Paramount that made Oliver 'Jew' Silverstein/Stone's 'World Trade Centre' whitewash film, and when Brad 'Weinstein' Grey was Paramount CEO. Redstone has a WW2 intelligence background and apparent ties to OSS/CIA figures. The father of Police drummer Stewart Copeland was a CIA/MI6 agent who worked with Sumner Redstone at the CIA. Redstone also allegedly encouraged his lieutenant, Tom Freston. to create a HOMOSEXUAL-oriented television network to add to his media empire (sodomite/satanic Jews promoting mass deviance).
We already did homo/paedo Disney and their GAY DAYS via children's theme parks.
Viacom also owns the mass degenerating channel (rainbow) MTV. An "empty V" - archetypal homosexual programming?
Trevor 'UK producer' Horn and his Buggles track 'Video Killed the Radio Star' launched MTV in the 1980's.
He also produced (sodomite) Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace 'tranny' Jones, and The (sodomite) Pet Shop (rent) Boys.

Nev 'Jew' Schulman and (Viacom/Jew Redstone's) MTV...
Programming the programmers...via Sarah Lawrence.
Schulman, very likely a sodomite/closet homo and abuser, and he went to (Van Duzer) Sarah Lawrence.
He was expelled for punching a woman. Alice 'Jew linked' Walker, the author of The (gay) Color Purple, is an alumna. Sarah Lawrence alums who have entered the entertainment industry include film directors J. J. Abrams and Brian De Palma, and news personality Barbara 'Redstone linked' Walters. Notable actors include Jane Alexander, Sigourney Weaver, Larisa Oleynik, Cary Elwes, Sam Robards, Jordan Peele, Joanne Woodward, Téa Leoni, Golden Brooks, Eric Mabius, Melora Hardin, Andrew Lawton, Yancy Butler, Holly Robinson Peete, Robin Givens, Julianna Margulies, Lauren Holly, Max Bemis, Tovah Feldshuh, Kyra Sedgwick, Elisabeth Röhm, Guinevere Turner, Jill Clayburgh and Alice Pearce. Carrie Fisher attended Sarah Lawrence, but left prior to graduating to begin filming Star Wars. Musicians include Yoko Ono, JD Samson, Lesley Gore, and Carly Simon. Win Butler of Arcade Fire attended, as did Peter Gould, writer and producer of Breaking Bad. Obama's former Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel also went there.

Bill (Van Duzer) Lawrence, creator of Scrubs, Spin City, Clone High (MTV), Cougar Town etc.
He is the great-great grandson of Sarah and William Van Duzer Lawrence, whose home became Sarah Lawrence College.
On July 21, 2017, Lawrence was involved in a plane crash on the East River in NYC with his family. He survived unscathed.

Talmud Sodomite Ziowood...
Spot the link. The globe's two most protected species - Jews and sodomites. No criticism will be tolerated.
Brad 'sodomite rapist' Grey with Viacom/MTV Sumner 'homosexual programming' Redstone. They love a (gay) para-mount.
It was Simpson/Bruckheimer (via Paramount) that created Top 'Gay' Gun, which was directed by Tony 'homo' Scott.

Sumner is the son of Max Rothstein, who became Michael Redstone. The elder Rothstein got started in show business when he bought the original Latin Quarter, a nightclub started by Lou Walters, father of television personality Barbara 'Sarah Lawrence' Walters. Lou Walters was a business partner with Elias M. Loew, the founder of the Loew empire of theaters and hotels. Rothstein opened one of the first drive-in theatres in the U.S., and built a chain of theatres in the 1940s. Rothstein also founded Hebrew University Jerusalem.

JEW Barbara Walters tells Corey Feldman: "you're damaging an entire industry" when he warns of Hollywood abuse.

Hey, what a shock. POS Walters cares more about industry reputation than the destruction of children!
The industry IS damage. An industry incepted by satanic/sodomite Jews. The industry is paedophilia, satanism, and sodomy.
Virtually born into the industry Feldman is not to be fully trusted. Why does he have a giant butterfly tattoo (Monarch) on his chest?
Any comments on Steven 'Rosebudding via One-Eyed Willie' Spielberg, Feldman? 'Corey' is also a slang term for the penis.
Feldman featured in Steven '666' Spielberg, and Dick '666 O-Men' Donner's - The 'One-eyed Willying/pizza' Goonies.
Any pizza place that promotes via The (sodomite/paedo) Goonies, has to be automatically suspect.
Infern-O - Speciality Cock-Tails. House Infused Spirits. Local Brews. Small Plates.
Ass-toria, Oreg(i)on & (Hellish Dante's) Infern-O. Hellish satanic sodomite, Dick '666 O-Men' Donner directed the film.
Asstoria is also linked to Queens (NY). Sean 'Ring Lording' Astin features in (sodomite) The Goonies.
The One-eyed Willie (penis) and booty seeking (jolly rogering butt pirate) children's film -
complete with a penis-shaped (copper/cop a) 'boner key'. O-regon or the O-reg(i)on?

See Steven 'sodomite/paedo' Spielberg from 48 seconds. Note the "man-hole" element, sex doll, & Uncle's basement movies.
Is the Cybill cap also a reference to his (Sybil) split/altar programming a la Sally 'smoked back door bandit' Field? Very likely.
Sybil (go Greek, anal) snake hole. Cybill 'Moon-lighting' Shepherd. Spielberg likes a "moon (ass) cycle" with kids (Amblin).
Cybill, from Chuck 'Two and a Half (Faggot) Men' Lorre...the paedo Sheen show with Pretty Pink, Cryer. "MEENNNNNN" (geddit?).
Cybill, and (gay) Big Banging via Two and a Half Men - Chuck 'Jew' Lorre. Executive produced on (Monarched) Roseanne, too.

Onamastic/toponymic word play (and innuendo) is fertile ground for our stealth programmers. This needs to be understood.

and all sorts of other vehicles for mass degeneracy.
So many JEWS, again. It's OK for Jews to mass programme children (and beyond) with paedophilia/sodomy. It's OK if Jews want to rape and destroy their child performers with impunity. Didn't you know that 6 million of them were killed during WW2? Didn't you know that they literally control all mass media? Didn't you know that as a non-Jew you are classed as an animal? Non-Jew America has been asleep at the wheel in the post-WW2 era. It's let these sick kabbalist, satanic, and child abusing monsters single-handedly dominate and control the US mass mind. One that is blind to the very existence of these destroyers - and all while being entertained (brainwashed) to their own cultural deaths in the process!

Now comes the confirmation about aspects of my previous research into mass Hollywood sodomy programming.
It's no wonder that Hollywood satanists and MSM want to paint everyone who complains about sodomites as homophobic.
They don't want their on-going mass satanic/sodomite agenda getting exposed or countered!

I cited Deliverance (film) as a Hollywood device for promoting sodomy in the mainstream.
I suspected that the writer, James Dickey, was/is a homosexual. Oh, but the reality is even worse than I posited.

A literal 'camp climax'.
With mountain/mounting men, written by a Dickey, and directed by a Boorman. (Pig) Boar-man/Bore-man.
Writer/Poet Laureate Dickey played (rusty badged) Sheriff Bullard, and a character called Arthur Queen was his deputy.

Dickey and (piercing) The Eye. Is that a canoe in your pocket?
It's a Tarantino relived in 'Pulped Ass Friction' via the sodomy gang-bang under the (Pawn/Porn Shop) stairs.
Dickey's poems Helmets (1964), and The Eye-Beaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead and Mercy (1970), seem suspect.

Deliverance, with Ronny - Bogomil/buggery Uphill Copping - CoxBurt - Am Trans, Smoked Backdoor Bandit/
Boogie Buggery Nights - Reynolds, and Jon - pretty mouth/Champion ring puncher/Jolie - Voight. 
Not forgetting the "receiver" aka Ned - Super-O-Man/Purple (lavender, gay) People Eater - Beatty.

Update June 2018. I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you so! CDAN blind that revealed Dickey.
It's definitely James 'Deliverance' Dickey. An incestuous paedophile/paedophile, sodomite, and animal fucker.
No wonder they have ass-fucked Beatty (aka Chubby, semi-hard) squeal like a pig!
So sick and insane was Dickey, that he humiliated his own (abused) son by having him as Beatty's stand-in for rehearsals.
Boorman also directed The Exorcist II (which featured then Warner Bros. HQ, 666 5th Ave.). Sodomy and satanism.

Does the WB 70's logo evoke a bent-over man - on all fours and with the head at the front? It can't be discounted.
It's WB that created (sexually transient) Bugs Bunny aka the rabbit dirt holer via phallic carrots.
Logo designed by Kubrick linked Saul - Strangeloving/The Shining/Psych-O - Bass.
Jew, Ted Ashley (Theodore Ass-ofsky) was Chairman of Warner Bros. for the Deliverance release.
The 'MK-Ultra/paedo' Exorcist, Exorcist II, A Clockwork (Queer) Orange, The Towering (9/11) Inferno, Dog Day (Tranny) Afternoon, The (incest/buggery) Shining, etc. were all under his tenure. He turned the entire studio around in the very late 60's/early 70's - reestablishing Warner Bros. as a major studio.

Those who think (Nazi/Jew) Kubrick exposed the elite for the common good are TRAGIC. Totally and utterly clueless.
Big Little Lies. Spot the 'controlled opposition'. Kubrick was one of them (a paedophile), just as 2001 Clarke was. Kid & Man.
Stepford Kidman's father, Dr Antony 'Tony' Kidman was implicated in child abuse and torture programming (Barnett).
Forget to reference the Fiona Barnett claims, did you? This is nothing but inverted propaganda in respect of the reality!

Sex with children (via open and shut eyes) and Jew 'Warner Bros.' Kubrick...a bit like James Dickey.

Jack 'Incest' Nicholson holding James 'Deliverance' Dickey's favourite edition of Playgirl (incest rabbit dirt holing).
Starsky and (Soul) Hutch - a place where a rabbit is housed. Polanski drugged/sodomised that girl at Nicholson's home.
Lolita Kubrick and WB's The 'paedo-incest' Shining. Written by (monarch) King aka the "shitty pipe" dreams man (Shawshank).
Yes, even Morgan 'Shawshank' Freeman is a filthy quasi-incest abuser and Hollywood satanist.

666 Strange-loving Sodomy and (Crowley/Levi) Baphomet/Pan.

The Shining 'bare ass' bear fellating an elite guest via a bed. Bestiality. All while Jack hunts Danny with his chopper.
Wendy aka Shelley Duvall, she of Pop-eye fame (popping the eye) via Olive Oil (grease) & iron spinach. Hello Sailor.
Is this a poo(h) bear reference? Winnie/Wendy sees this and Poo(h) bear is seen in "what's up, Doc" Danny's room.
Parental sodomite abuse is "what's up" via the visiting Doc (doctor). And all with Danny resting on the (bed) furry bear.

Sarah Lawrence alum, playwright and lyricist David Lindsay-Abaire won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for his play Rabbit Hole.
Was it coincidence that (lesbian) Cynthia 'Sex in the Shitty' Nixon had the lead in his play and won the Tony Award? 
The answer is NO. Rabbit Hole (play/film) features a child victim called Danny. The film was shot in Queens.
Bugs/White Rabbit (Alice) dirt holers. “Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles.
He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.” Kidman. (Japes and mockery. A biopic on himself, was it?)
Illuminati elite sex slave models via the (rainbow/orange fruit) stabbed brown-eye.
The (cock polishing) Shining, the same film that (Jew) Simon 'homo/EMI' Cowell worked on as a teen, his first job. 
It's Nicholson who choppers the redrum toilet doors and via a Johnny. Cowell's main job was polishing Jack's chopper (axe)
A barely veiled reference to blowing/shining Nicholson's PENIS. Cowell's brother Tony (geddit?) is the story's source.
Jack 'psycho' Nicholson - Simon 'Syco' Cowell. Cowell was also linked to (BBC paedo) Jonathon 'Nazi/Jew' King.
The Shining, where (abused) Danny disassociates via the mirror/knife/lipstick, and butterflies. I didn't even mention the Scatman.
Camp climaxes via butterflies (Lolita). Disassociation via abuse and butterflies, Danny (The Shining).

Even the (sodomite) Sex 'penis' Pistols had a Nazi flavouring. Branson? Branston would make more sense for a pickle-puffer.

Never mind the (Virgin/Branson) bollocks and punked ass....It's Simon - Harry Styles/One (gay) Direction - Cowell.

Harry 'Butterfly/Monarched' Styles - Old Man Lover (wink, wink). I wonder what happened at X-Factor boot camp?
The love of an industry based MK-Ultra victim doesn't choose ages. Are those electro-prod marks from programming?

While you've been making all these celebrities uber wealthy and ensuring that they're worshipped like gods. They've actually been programming you (and your hypnotised children) en-masse with sodomite and satanic mind control. That's the thanks you get.
The "Cult of Celebrity" is the world's most dangerous and popular religion. - 'cos that is exactly what it is!
A (Jew-centric) satanic/sodomite/paedo religion, and with billions worshipping at its altar.

Reddit Readers - Great Awakening.

Please understand that I communicate poorly, and that my social interaction skills are left severely wanting.
Understand that I mean nothing by it. It's all the result of fatigue in doing this type of research.
You really cannot go down these types of  roads without it severely affecting you. Hopefully you'll understand.

See here
Kate 'Arizona' Spade was recently found hanged and in New York.
Symbolically the signage evokes the Ace of Spades (which is often equated with death).
A SCOTTSDALE (AZ) link to Andy Spade. Kate Spade went to Arizona Uni. Sometime after 1986 Kate started living with Andy Spade, a native of Scottsdale, AZ. Arizona is topical at the moment, particularly via the Tuscon find. Kate's niece is an actress - Rachel 'Golden Globe' Brosnahan. David 'actor/writer/comedian' Spade is Andy's brother. The Spades were raised in Scottsdale.

Andy's brother, the well known David Spade film debuted via Police Academy 4.
Allison 'NXIVM' Mack film debuted via Police Academy 6. Part 6 was directed by Peter 'Bob Newhart' Bonerz.
Bonerz? Yes, how appropriate. He's best known for his role as Dr. Jerry Robinson on The Bob Newhart Show.

Scottsdale is where that April plane crash occurred, the one Q cited. The Scottsdale, Arizona (West Hollywood linked) plane crash was 9th April. It crashed shortly after take-off. Mariah "Instagram" Sunshine Coogan. The plane was bound for Vegas.

The Scottsdale, Arizona plane crash Mariah Sunshine Coogan.
(West Hollywood linked) Coogan had a large social media following, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram.
Her last post was a photo of her and her dog eating brunch at The Montauk, a restaurant in Scottsdale.
Montauk (Long Island, NY) Mind Control. I wrote about this in recent years primarily via Shutter 'Nazi Plum' Island.

Recall, Mack and Bonerz via Police Academy. He's best known for his role as Dr. Jerry Robinson on The Bob Newhart Show.
Bonerz was also linked to Rob 'Spinal (ass) Tapping' Reiner. Stand By (Behind) Me, and When Harry Met (a) Sally (queer man).
'Bob Newhart' Bonerz also featured with River (Children of paedo God) Phoenix. Phoenix's family name was originally Bottom.

Andy 'Arizona' a Bob Newhart/Rescuers mask!
The "mouse mask" (link) is from the animated film The Rescuers (1977) and via 'mousy' Disney.
The film is about the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization headquartered in New York City and shadowing the United Nations, dedicated to helping abduction victims around the world at large. (Although in reality folks, we know the masonic UN practically does the opposite and are involved in child trafficking. Just like Oxfam, Save the Children, Red Cross etc.)

So, why would Andy Spade drop this 'Rescuers' reference and with a butterfly mug? A 'mug' is also a term for the face.

Park Avenue of all places (see the door). Spades are for hole digging.

Gabriella Pierce and David Wil-cox:
The '666 sodomy code' - Wil-COX and Pierce - the BROWN 'twisting/spiralling' 666 asshole: 
'Devilish' 666 (Ass) Park Avenue. Coming Soon - Ass Parking via the brown spiralling stairs.
Don't you ever wonder why so much of this satanic stuff is wilfully encoded into (Jew) mass media?

Shots from Andy Spade's Instagram. This POS is in the cabal. Perhaps his wife and brother too. 
We can only speculate. Suicide or suicided? Links taken out of the chain (by you know who) or cracking under guilt? It's alleged that the shot above is a rendering of a shot from the movie A Serbian Film (sick).

WTH? Haiti, Clinton Foundation, and Kate Spade! Wow. (Link)
Kate Spade was also a board chair of an NYC children's charity.

The Rescuers. The film is about the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization headquartered in New York City and shadowing the United Nations, dedicated to helping abduction victims around the world at large. (Although in actual reality folks, we know that bodies like the UN, Oxfam, Save the Children etc, are really implicated in global child trafficking and paedophile abuse etc. (Think Haiti).

Plot excerpt...
The mice travel to Medusa's pawn (porn) shop, where they discover that she and her partner, Mr. Snoops, are on a quest to find the world's largest diamond, the Devil's Eye. The mice learn that Medusa and Mr. Snoops are currently at the Devil's Bayou with Penny, whom they have indeed kidnapped and placed under the guard of two trained alligators, Brutus and Nero. The mice follow Medusa to the bayou. There, they learn that (snaky) Medusa plans to force Penny to enter a small hole that leads down into a (Jolly Rogering)
pirates' cave where the Devil's Eye is located. (Ignore the literal narrative and read between the euphemistic lines.)
As I've said (and often) the insertion of (subliminal) pornographic frames into Disney films/video is a reality (Controversy).
See Fight 'homo' Club - where it's linked to cigarette burns (FAG burns).

All the usual resonant stuff. Devil's eyes (very suspect), Medusa (snakes), small holes, orphans, kidnap, etc.
It evokes The Goonies. Disney's obsession with orphaned children has been noted over the years.
I see it as a way of brainwashing/programming children regarding their parents/guardians - a type of mental wedge.

All likely a form of nefarious and sodomite-centric (subliminal) archetypal and crypto-euphemism based type programming:
The Rescuers, co-directed by (GermanWolfgang Reitherman, after 1961 he served as Disney's chief animation director.
He worked on Alice in 'dirt holing' Wonderland, Winne the Pooh, Peter Pan - many of the uber suspect releases.
More sick Disney sodomite programming via children. Eeyore or Eye-sore via the nailed/hammered ass (donkey).
Penis is derived from the Latin word for 'tail'. The donkey even looks queer - see the pink bowed tail.
Poo(h) gets stuck/jammed in the sexually resonant rabbit hole. Just like (stcky) Gloop stuck in Willy's chocolate pipe (Wonka/Wanka).

"Faith is a Bluebird" – Although not an actual song, it is a poem recited by Rufus and partially by Penny in a flashback the old cat has to when he last saw the small orphan girl, and comforted her through the poem, about having faith. The titular bluebird (see Project Bluebird, mind control) that appears in this sequence originally appeared in (paedo Carroll's) Alice in (dirt holing) Wonderland (1951).

Alice aka Nicole 'Rabbit Hole' Kidman.
"Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole."
Disney. Alice and time. Tumble-down the (sexually resonant) white rabbit dirt hole - wave goodbye to your pussy, Alice.
Disney owned Miramax/Weinstein made Pulped Ass Friction - with White Jack Rabbit's slim twisting dirt hole (via gay Travolta).
Jack Rabbit 'time machine' - the Butch asshole watch. This is MK-Ultra type sodomy programming and in plain sight.
Alter programming via (Nazi/CIA) Bluebird...the programme was incepted on Hitler's birthday (20th Apr. 1950).
West German born Allison 'NXIVM' Mack was arrested on the 20th April.
Also see Judy 'abused/MK-Ultra/Bluebird' Garland, and Shirley 'Bluebird/Paedo-bait/UN' Temple.
This Bluebird concept also links to Back to the (Nazi/von Braun) Future. Nazi von Braun made TV shows for Disney.
BTTF uses the "Biffing the manure/shit" device and in respect of time. It also uses the Rogering Rabbit (time) tunnel.

Wolfgang Reitherman also worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs via the Slave in the Magic (Queen) Mirror. Hmm?
It's SICK Disney that seemingly underpins the majority share of global-based mass media mind control.


Bourdain, Argento, and the Spades

Come on up to the Lab. #Bourdain #Spade #Pizzagate #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Great stuff put together on that link and all similarly tied-in.
Argento and Bourdain are likely implicated in child abuse, trafficking, and satanism.
Her father is an overground masonic/MK-Ultra director/programmer and likely inter-generational satanist.
His films are full of Luciferian propaganda. She is like a walking billboard for masonic witchery.
Have a look at her (disturbing) 'paedo-chic' film The Heart is Deceitful (2004). She is one very sick puppy.
#MeToo is an industry FRAUD. A pathetic window-dressing attempt, it's complete bullshit.
The industry cannot clean itself up. Rose 'MeToo' McGowan is full of shit. She worled with paedo Salva, and knowingly.

13th June - Q
Any thread that made mention of this was either removed or shadow banned.
I know this because I tried to raise this issue myself - only to then be banned.
No-one is beyond reproach - save Reddit and its (controlled) moderators.
So much for transparency. Q info about Reddit must be bogus (sarcasm).
Even when Q makes drops about Israel, MOSSAD, and Rothschild -
Great Awakening files most of it under a ANTI-SEMITISM (mental slide).



Reddit's loss is everyone else's gain. Nobody else has made this link (not that I know of).
The Grace and Class (shot) - Barry 'Moloch/Baphomet' Obama
Anons found this from an Instagram a/c - the shot was posted the same day as Trump's inauguration.
Obama channelling Baphomet/Moloch and in transient glam-style. It's the sick elite that's behind (satanic) gender bending.

Grace & Class
Sandy 'Monarch/Butterfly Effect' Hook - Grace/Grove Owl - Anderson 'Mockingbird' Cooper.
Years ago I said that Grace's (alleged) "owl" drawing was suspect. I said it resembled a stylised form of the word "grove".
Sandy 'Monarch/Butterfly Effect' Hook. The linked film that references paedophilia and mind control!
The exact same concept that Sandy Hook was linked to - The Butterfly Effect
"Over the Rainbow" (song) was also majorly attached to Sandy Hook.

Continues here - in th event that you can take anymore! :)

Bear in mind that ALL this Q stuff is just mere conjecture on my part.
I am NOT endorsing "Q-Anon's trust the plan". 
I've applied a distinct BIAS to demonstrate the phenomenon.
I think Trump is owned by Zionist Israel, as is typical. 
And that is never a good thing. Not from My POV.