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The Lost 777 MH370 - Update

A quick MH370 update...I am doing very little at the moment, so threw this small thing together...after hearing the recent news etc.

Ascending Jacob's Ladder via Oz & The Lost 777

Jacob's Spinal Ladder to 777 Heaven

Jacob's Ladder is alluded to in Lynch's Mulholland Drive via Lost's Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) who plays the hitman Joe Messing, the bungling hitman (Joe/Jacob) who escapes via 'ladders'.

The Tree of Life (itself) contains the aspects of Jacob's Ladder.  
 Jacob, The Tree of Life and Sphere 6, Tiphareth/Sun/Jesus.

Lost's Jacob (Joe) and his a show that references the 777 aircraft.
 Lost & 777
Most peoples first experience of tragedy involving a 777 came via FICTION...the TV show Lost.
The fictional 777 Flight 815 that crashed on 'The Island' after departing from Sydney, Aus (Oz).

Which all evokes the 'LOST' MH370 Boeing 777 from March 2014....'The Winged 777' (x2)
  So, Lost referenced disaster with the 777 model, long before it ever happened in REALITY.  TV series Lost also referenced Aus (OZ) as would the MH370 incident.  OZ being thematically important to all things 77(7) & Crowley.  Book 370 has references to the Indian Ocean.

Notice how Wikipedia, also pays reference the Boeing aircraft 777 number, on the general 777 page. Effectively linking it with the religious (including Thelema) and other connotations.

Liber OZ (aka Book 77) Crowley's Thelemic mission statement for man.
TV series Lost had an episode called 'Enter 77'. 

The 777 Flight of OZ... Asiana OZ-214
Crashed 777 on 7/7 (Korean Time, 6/7 US Time)) where the flight originated from, there were 77 Korean passengers on board (out of 307 passengers) and the plane was 7 years old. This was the first ever (fatal) crash (hitting a seawall) of this particular model that resulted in fatalities since its entry to service in 1995.  Flight number OZ-214. This was the 6th July 2013 (in the US) about 8 months before MH370 vanished.

Soon followed by the downing of Malaysia 777 MH17...777 MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur, 777 MH17's destination was Kuala Lumpur.  Looks like 'three' crashed/downed 777's (with fatalities) within virtually one year! 6th July '13, 8th March '14 and 17th July '14.
They've (Boeing) built about 1,300 777's since 1993777 & 93 (see Crowley, 777 & 93)

Asiana 777 OZ-214 'lost' its tail section...and had the first 'factual' 777 fatalities.
Oceanic 777 (815, out of Oz/Aus) lost its tail section...and had the first 'fictional' 777 fatalities via TV series Lost.

The '77' number pairing (and 777's + water), recently made me recall this film from the 70's.
A 747, Flight 23, a watery demise & 77...Lee 'Mulholland Drive' Grant features.

Not forgetting Sea God 'Neptune' (the crown/kether) via the Malaysian Trident...
777 Lightning Flash of Creation via Back To The Future (which also featured the neptune)
George 'Born 1st April/Fool's Day' The Fool. The Fool travels the 777 lightning path.
"I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you" (Earth Angel)
 The 'literal' Enchantment Under The Sea (a bit like MH370, imo)
 The 'Neptune trident' design was a major aspect of the WTC Towers actual architecture.
Not just the base, but even up to the 'crown' of the building. Trident memorial was unveiled 9/11/11.

 Neptune (Poseidon) The 'Struck' Tower (mythic & rider-waite tarot)...and horses:

Neptune was worshipped by the Romans also as a god of horses, under the name Neptunus Equester, a patron of horse-racing.  Note how Biff makes his fortune!
The word Neptune actually relates to the marriage of heaven and earth (very appropriate!)
Neptune was the brother of Pluto (see Neptune as the crown, tree of life, below)

'Pluto' (sirius/abyss/da'ath, the hidden sphere) has also been heavily in the recent MSM news too! Pluto-nium, which was utilized in the Flux/Lux (Tree of Life) Capacitor...see pics.
 The flux capacitor...which is a virtual exact ringer for the bottom 4 spheres on the tree of life.
The planets on the tree of life, 88, the number of constellations aka the background stars.
Tower/Crown that is 'struck' evoking the 777 lightning flash of creation, Marty lives at 9303
The Biff Struck Tower...Biff, to strike/hit via the fist (geddit? Tap, tap..."Hello, McFly!")
This 'Tower' thematic is further solidified via the the 2nd alternate timeline (1985A) 'The Clock Tower' has been turned into Biff's Tower.  Location now has an 'actual' tower. Biff and Lorraine reside on the 27th floor...after Marty gets his 'skull cracked' (struck crown) from Biff's henchmen he wakes on the 27th floor, as described by Lorraine.  The Tower (tarot) is the 27th path on the tree of life.

 The De Lorean itself will get struck by lightning (sequel), but only after the 'tree' in the same scene has been lightning struck!

  The Lightning Struck...Tree of Life 
(synchronistically, the above clip was actually uploaded on 9/11/10)

The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation.
De Lor-ean...Delor (latin) appropriately refers to units of pain, sorrow and grief, of a persistent kind.
 The actual WTC Towers (and hanged man) 'with a broken reference' featured in the sequel.
Doc (Lloyd) will hang from the (clock) Tower in the original, Marty is hanged from it in pt 3.
 The Twin Pines Mall and the 911 (flipped reference and connected to Libyan terrorists)

I've seen these BTTF 9/11 subliminals (above) used in 'countless' Youtube videos...videos which pretty much 'only' cite the 'obvious'...a lot of these videos tend to 'fail' to appreciate the context, the wider picture (involving other media) and the 'tree of life' aspects that are seemingly evident and employed. Admittedly, these aspects are oblique (in varying degrees), yet persistent and in what I consider to be appreciable patterns.

 The 'Back To The Future' climax shot (9 and flaming 11) alongside the struck Tower
Bearing all the above in mind, the following 'dialogue' (above) now seems rather 'charged'!
There are a few other subliminals and related aspects, not mentioned...see my earlier work.

There was another 9-11 related subliminal in the a deleted scene.
Biff, with his 'back' to the future...literally.
The 'Old Biff vanishes' scene (thanks to a youtuber, you know who u are!)
Is the bumper sticker a euphemism for the 'Four (destroyed/broken) 9/11 aircraft'?

There's a lot of talk and a lot of references to US presidents (in BTTF) Reagan, Nixon, JFK etc.
 The BTTF II, 2015 timeline evokes African-American's in positions of authority (seeded from the original). Goldie Wilson III for President, is an internet type of 'meme', born from these aspects.  In 'our' reality 2015 timeline, the US currently has an African-American President.  As the current law stands, Obama (2nd term) cannot run for a 3rd, but he remains in the White House for all of 2016.

Connecting Kubrick and Back To The Future...via Kubrick's CRM 114
 From the opening scene...the 'amplified' CRM 114 (Kubrick's motif)
Cheth, Resh & Mem...Universal Agent (CHiRaM) or fire of Nature in one word, see also Emerald Tablet.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, introduces us to Hiram, the hero of the Masonic legend. The name Hiram is taken from the Chaldean Chiram. The first two words in large print mean the secret work. The second line in large letters--(CHIRAM TELAT MECHASOT - means Chiram, the Universal Agent, one in Essence, but three in aspect. (There are 3 monoliths known to humans via the series).
The 'agent' likely being an aspect of 'the ether/aether'.  Hermes being the ONLY operative god.
The Monolith as The Emerald Tablet, The Film as The Monolith & The Film as The Emerald Tablet.
Mono = 'one'  &  Lith = 'stone' = One Stone  (The Tablet, the 'one thing' tablet, see text)
 Lith: photo film with a thin coat of emulsion, producing images of high contrast and density. 
One screen (mono) and displayed via film (lith)
 Eyeball 'Gnosis'...via the stargate (sirius/da'ath/knowledge-gnosis/pluto/the abyss)
 The 'spinal' Discovery...that shoots the '3rd eye' pod into the stargate via the 'lith' one stone.
"Images are inverted on their way to the retina at the back of the eye"
A 'One Thing' Tablet...all created things originate from this 'one thing' through transformation
Jack's body pose at the end of Kubrick's The Shining is the 'as above, so below' pose...this originates from Hermes' Emerald Tablet (2nd line). Also reflected in the Devil (tarot) and Baphomet imagery. 2(00)1 & (19)21...This, yet again, ties Kubrick to Hermes (Thoth).

 Etteilla was the first to issue a revised tarot deck specifically designed for occult purposes rather than game playing. In keeping with the belief that tarot cards are derived from the Book of Thoth, Etteilla's tarot contained themes related to ancient Egypt. The 78-card tarot deck used by esotericists has two distinct parts: The Major Arcana (Greater Secrets) & Minor Arcana (Lesser Secrets).

 I've noted the way that 'time travelling' Marty...accesses the 'future & past' it's through a cinema. The Atomic Kid is showing, relating to nuclear tests etc.  Starring Mickey '93' Rooney, he died at age 93.  When Marty returns to 1985 it is now 'Assembly of Christ' (church).

There's a lot of talk and references to US presidents (in BTTF) Reagan, Nixon, JFK etc.
Hell, this all reminds me of Kubrick's 2001:ASO and Dr Floyd's 'Bush Baby' gift...that his daughter requests, played by Kubrick's daughter, Vivian.
2001 President, George W Bush, being a literal 'Bush baby' the son of H W Bush, the latter was Vice President under Reagan (born 1911, died 2004), before he became President.

On June 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for president of the United States in the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Republican Party.
Donald 'You're Fired' Trump.  Donald 'The Tower' Trump...The Tower (card 16) is one of the major arcana aka TRUMPS.  The Tower Trump (le feu du ciel) 'Fire of heaven'.
Donny, is a literal 'walking tarot card' (lol), even 'the crown' gets a look-in via his funny hair! 

 As seen in Back To The Future 2 (in year 2015)

 Trump would cameo in Home Alone 2...another 20th Century Fox release (Murdoch)
...which memorably featured the WTC Towers, Kevin actually stands on the observation deck.
The 'Empire' Tower on the promos. Culkin takes American Airlines 767, flight #176 to New York & stands on South Tower, that was struck by the United Airlines 767, flight #175. 
The 'aerial' WTC scene ends and segues directly into an 'Airport Security' notice.

Donald 'The Tower' Trump...9 & 11 and the 'sleeping' (beds) Sheep. (2010)

Kevin stays in Room 411 at the Trump Plaza...note the Trump 'Plaza logo', is this also a (combined) subliminal cypher for 911?  
Kevin will also dial the 911 (emergency number) during the film. 411 is a slang term for 'obtaining information' is reflected in the 411 information service line. "What's the 411?"

411 can mean (numerology) “Ask the angels for some vital information that you need right now.”
Inside 411
The family (in Florida) end up watching It's A Wonderful Life, the film about angels/guardian angels
  Kevin's parents...right, John 'Big/Awakenings/Pelican Brief/Home Alone' Heard

Home Alone's John Heard...A 911 in 44 (4*11)
Kevin's father in Home Alone 2 (John Heard), featured in Penny Marshall's 1988 release Big, as Paul, he also featured in Marshall's, 1990 film (911) Awakenings, as Dr Kaufman.

 "No change" here either...Robin!
 Another 9-11-44 in another John Heard release...what are the chances? The Pelican '911' Brief
 The '911 infused' gun protest...yes, it relates to gun control (Don't Dial 911, Dial .357) but that gives us a double reference now!  Reads like 911 overkill.

In Big, he (Heard/Paul) is the man that delivers the 9 and 11 (age group) pep talk...segued via the 12th Sept (milk carton) reference that reveals that Josh (Hanks) was 'transformed' on Sept 11th (Zoltar at the fair). Big was co-written by Spielberg's sister, Anne.

 Sept 12th to 9 and 11...via a building that 'TRANSFORMS' (one that may even get wrecked)
 Paul (John Heard):  "These tests were conducted over a six month period using a double-blind format of eight over-lapping demographic groups.  Every region of the country was sampled, the focus testing showed a solid base in the 9 to 11 year old bracket...with a possible (only possible, of course) carry-over into the 12 year olds."

The dialogue (above) is not given in shortened clip below, so I've reproduced it for proper context:
Josh (Hanks): I don't get it.
Paul:  What exactly don't you get?
Josh:  It turns from a building into a robot, right?
Paul:  Precisely.
Josh:  Oh.
Paul:  Yes?
JOSH:  I still don't get it.
PAUL:  What?!
MR. M:  What don't you get Josh?
JOSH:  Well, there's a million robots that turn into something. And this is a building that turns into a robot. So what's so fun about playing with a building? That's not any fun!
PAUL:  This is a skyscraper.
JOSH:  Well, couldn't it be like a robot that turns into something like a bug or something?
PAUL:  A bug?
JOSH:  Yeah! Like a big prehistoric insect with maybe like giant claws that could pick up a car and crush it like that!
MAN:  A prehistoric transformer?   
JOSH:  Different sizes and things. could have them wreck a building.

Yeah...a '2001 based' prehistoric 9/11 transformer and wrecked building(s)

 Tom 'Mazes & Monsters - WTC Tower Jumper' Hanks...with the 9 to 11 age group's transforming Tower.  He played another Josh in Mazes & Monsters.
 ...a kind of prequel to his '9/11-WTC film'... Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close!  
The latter film, which featured Max '(911) Awakenings' Von Sydow.
 Hanks in Splash with a 'Hooked WTC'...and connected to Illuminati (Angels/Demons) via Dan Brown.  Darryl 'Wall Street' Hannah...Stone's Wall Street is also heavy on 9/11-WTC aspects.

Culkin's face pose is modelled on Munch's The Scream (painting), The Scream painting is a major aspect of Milchan's The Medusa 'Aircraft Struck Tower' Touch (shown later).
Double-take...both will heavily feature the WTC, Liberty's crown pierces the Towers.

Home Alone series was from John Hughes...
 He produced Some Kind of Wonderful, which featured Back To The Future's Lorraine Baines (Lea Thompson) and also the original choice for Marty, Eric 'The Mask' Stoltz.

Eric some initial Back To The Future scenes (see above), he would be replaced with Michael J Fox.  Eric 'Pulp Fiction' Stoltz...the film which featured Samuel '911' Jackson (the 'striking down' Jules), who played 'lightning bolt' Zeus (alongside the WTC towers) in Die '911' Hard 3 and who gave us the 'potted 9/11 event' via The Long Kiss Goodnight. He featured in A Time To Kill, with the Sept 11th date. Samuel 'The Hanged Tower Man' Jackson.  Vega (Travolta, Pulp Fiction) connects to Sept 11 via Face-Off diary and Castor 'Terrorist' Troy.

 The 3rd Pyramid Eye (eye of the ancients/mystics) a spiritualist's store and opposite the Clock Tower...synchronistically, the same store will be Blast From The Past (2015) where Marty buys (what will be) the 'future predicting' (Alien) Grey's Almanac, the book that terminates in 2000.

93 & 3...the sum of the Atus (Trumps) & the 3 Pillars of the Tree...
CA 91331 and virtually on a 119 longitude (rounded up).  33 the spine/degree theme.
93 the number of Thelema, the number heavily connects to the events of 9/11.

The Hill Valley location is of import, in the overall sense...Satur(n)day November 12th
The area in front of the Struck Clock Tower (Courtyard) is a double for the Flux Capacitor! (flipped image) The courtyard with the 'tree'. In the sequel, this same area will have a pond, the pond where Marty hoverboards on water...evoking Christ's walking on water. 
The Supernal Triangle at the top of the (777) Struck Tree/ heavily relates to 'The Fool'

"I'm just a fool" (Earth aka Malkuth Angel, lol) George 'Born on Fool's Day' McFly
 A literal 'earth angel'...he is actually buried in it, in the above shot!

The tarot contains 78 cards, but the first card, The Fool is 0, so the last card is 77. The Fool characterizes the naive explorer, the soul not yet manifest into the material world. The other 77 cards portray all the emotions and archetypes we all experience throughout our lifetimes. Since 77 mirrored/upside-down makes a "Z," the 0-77 tarot cards resonate as the original OZ. 
And the idea of the soul's interaction with the third-eye (see above) at 49 (7x7) days, points also to The "Fool" or the "Lost" soul (above, lou's = soul) manifesting into the physical world. (Eric Dubay)
 November 12th is the 316th day, from this point, there are 49 (7*7) days left remaining.

 The Fool is 0, so the last card is 77.
Doc's tombstone, BTTF3...Sept (literally meaning 7) 7 another 7/7 encode
 If The Fool is 0, the other 1-21 (major arcana cards) remain...1.21 gigawatts.

Spielberg rendered a similar 'lightning struck tree' in his Poltergeist...and via the clown (fool)
The Fool (clown) and The 'Lightning' Tree of Life...Darth (Da'ath) is in there too!

Edward Van Halen...was born in 1955,  Edward (name) actually relates to 'guardian'
In some circles, it is believed that 'the veil of the abyss/da'ath' has a 'guardian' 
(it can relate to the shadow self, HGA, the holy guardian angel or guardian choronzon)
Darth (Da'ath) and brain/head melting...Da'ath (Tree of Life) overlays the head
Pluto also occupies Da'ath (the hidden sphere/sephirah)...Marty wears the Plutonium Suit.

  The 'actual' planet cited 'Vulcan'...a hypothetical planet, thought to have existed between Mercury and the Sun.  The pathway connecting Mercury (hod) and the Sun (tiphareth) on 'tree of life' is path 26 (devil).  Le Verrier (Vulcan founder) was also the founder of planet Neptune
'Pointy eared' Vulcan & likewise, the Devil (tarot), right, Jewish 'priestly blessing' (shin). Vulcanism is heavily connected to fire, The Devil (tarot) holds a flaming torch, in his other hand.

Pluto & Da'ath (Darth)
The plutonium nuclear motif is also symbolically related to the tree of life via Choronzon, (the DA'ATH/DARTH, knowledge, abyss, pluto dwelling guardian). Symbol is virtually identical.
Plutonium 239 powered the flux capacitor (although it is an electrical system), 777 MH370 had 239 (on-board), with 227 passengers...Back To The Future's Zemeckis' 2012 film 'Flight' was about Flight 227.  227 passengers perished on the 4 flights...of 9/11.

 Zemeckis' film Flight starred (Pelican 9/11 Brief's) Denzel Washington...he can also be connected to WTC-9/11 subliminals via The Bone Collector...he connects to 777 in Unstoppable.
 November 12th release...that's the Back To The Future 'Tower' strike date.
Some folk might remember that Tony '777' Scott jumped from 'a bridge' and into the 'watery abyss'.  This was his FINAL film!  Nuclear symbol & crossing = the abyss (see film trailer), like Back To The Future. The 'pine' theme features in both films too.
Tony Scott's, Beverley Hills Cop 2 & Enemy of the State both contain heavy 9/11 cyphers.
The former film had major events taking pace on Sept 11th, with Murphy who featured in Trading 'WTC-911' Places.

Chris 'Unstoppable' Pine...awakens at 7 O'Clock for his '777 Unstoppable' shift. (above)
'Se7en' Paltrow was the 7 O'Clock Se7en 'winged head' in a box... MIND THE GAP ABYSS
 Scott's 777 train is seemingly just like Paltrow's Sliding '777' Doors 'electric' tube train
Kabbalah devotee Paltrow has her own 9/11 & floor 77 anomaly from the day itself!
 Perhaps you remember the scene from the related film Se7en, where they live in the apartment right near the 'subway'...their vibrating 'tube train' home.
Paltrow linked to Brad 'Se7en' Pitt via the film and her private life...Brad 'Tree of Life' Pitt.
 Malick's 'Tree of Life' had Kubrick's '2001 FX guru' Doug Trumbull on-board (after 30 years away from film), the son of the Wizard of Oz effects man, Donald. Doug 'Towering Inferno' Trumbull.

Tony '777' Scott would direct his own film 'Domino' in 2005. 
It was Scott's Top Gun (1986) that made Cruise a household name.
 The zigzag and the tree @Domino's apartment, Eyes Wide Shut...Bill remarks"Nice tree"

 The name "domino" is from the resemblance to a kind of hood worn during the Venice carnival.
The Thoth (composite) who leads (hooker) Mandy away, is also a ringer for a plague doctor (it works as a double reference), later we find out (hooker) Domino has HIV (once seen as a type of plague).

Domino (the hooker) has 'masks' hanging on her bedroom wall.  This is an incredibly complex film, that is seemingly bedded in a type of cyclical dream logic...based on Traumnovelle (Dream Story)

 Sliding '777' Doors...was produced by Ziegler aka Sydney 'Eyes Wide Shut/Rainbow' Pollack
It's (masked) Ziegler and wife in the earlier shot, above left, at the Somerton orgy. All these scenes are overlapping, The Ziegler party (opening scenes), Somerton orgy, Domino and Mandy scenes etc.

The stairway/ladder (& rainbow tree) that leads 'where the rainbow ends'...777 Kubrick.

 Pollack, who in recent years had been linked to Arnon '911/Israeli Intel' Milchan...
 Arnon 'Medusa Touch' Milchan...via Lord Lew 'ITC' Grade, a British TV media mogul
 ITC was founded on Sept 11th 1954.  ITC produced The Medusa Touch (1978). 
Grade, who tried to 'raise' the Titans (Titanic), "although it would've been cheaper to lower the Atlantic."
 Telekinesis or (TV) Telly-kinesis?

The 'remotely controlled' (telekinesis) aircraft 'struck tower'...Milchan's first big film.  He was involved in Fincher's Fight 'Collapsing Ground Zero Twin Towers' Club, A 'Sept 11' Time To Kill and The Devil's Advocate, which also featured the Twin Towers. 

Talking of the devil...
The Medusa Touch features Lee 'The Omen' Remick...Donner's 'anubis/jackal/fox 666' film that runs for 111 mins (666+111=777). The 20th Century Fox series features 'the lightning struck tower'. The Medusa Touch does actually pay reference to Lucifer, Burton mentions it.

Milchan was heavily involved with Rupert 'Fox' Murdoch...Fox produced the WTC (with near-miss 'remotely controlled' jet aircraft) Lone Gunmen episode, 6 months before 9/11/01.

 The 'Back To The Future' climax shot (9 and flaming 11) alongside the struck Tower
More Kabbalah (tree of life) aspects within Back To The Future franchise?
 There's controversy regarding the 'racial purity' sense, but I'll leave that for now.
Tanya (1985A, alternate timeline, with Biff's Tower, Tower is path 27, Biff resides 27th floor)
"You worship her...she worship you" (perhaps a clever related in-joke, of sorts)
Note that 'The Pig Mart' (animalistic) is situated next door...imo, this is no arbitrary choice.

 Tanya and the transformation of the 'animal soul5 levels (1955 is key in the series).

Aspects that relates to the dissolution of the ego, an often raised aspect on this blog.
The top level...makes puritanism look like a picnic!
 We mentioned tzadik/tzadikim previously via Jacob, Lost and The (tree of life) Ladder

Sin...which exactly describes the 2nd alternate timeline (Biff's Tower) it's Sin City or Hell Valley!

Tanya & The Tree of Life (Sephiroth) & the 'animal' (pig) soul...
Tanya, Chapter 27 (see text)...Biff's Struck Tower, floor 27 (path 27 tree of life).
Tanya's building is parallel to Biff's Tower.

 Why don't you make like a 'sephiroth' (tree) and get outta here?

While I'm deconstructing Zemeckis/Spielberg's Back To The Future...bare in mind, that in the traditional viewing sense (of watching films) I really do like this series.  I think the original film and its sequel are superb entertainment...I'm not so keen on the 3rd film, though.

You may think that stuff like Back To The Future is totally irrelevant, far from it, in fact. 
In actuality, we're rapidly approaching the 'fictional timeline' from the sequel, which has large parts taking place in late Oct 2015.

Back To The Past...Travel the 'Trident' Twin The Walk:
 Zemeckis' latest upcoming October release...The story of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's attempt to cross the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974.  So, 30 years after making the original 'Back To The (Lightning Struck 9/11 Trident Tower) Future' and matching up with the sequel's (which featured the Twin Towers) 30 year forward timeline (Oct 2015), he directs a film where the Twin Towers are the literal set!

Notice the specific mentions of 'hanging'...evoking the 'falling (hanged) tower man' from 9/11.  Literal wire suspension, a reference to a damaged foot, the hanged man's foot is suspended.
Fall-ing...the fall of man, The Tower & The Hanged man are related to these concepts.
Notice in the trailer how Levitt also forms the 'cross' on the buildings precipice. 
 The Trident & the Cross...I'm reminded of the old 'religious infused' WTC poster (right)

Huey Lewis, Jacob's Ladder & Back To The Future
 The Album - Fore! Huey Lewis & The News...Jacob's '333' (kabbalistic) Ladder

And we're back to Lost...

Anyway...Back To The Future's Spielberg has had a relationship 'of sorts' with Lost's 'co-creator' JJ Abrams, and for a good number of years, their first exchange was decades ago.
The meeting of Spielberg & JJ Abrams

They met when Abrams was a teenager, over aspects involving 8mm films etc (if I recall correctly!).  Abrams has since been involved in some Spielberg projects (including the appropriately titled Super 8) and recently Abrams was involved with close Spielberg associate Lucas and the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars 7...The Jedi/Djed(i) series.

OZ (Aus) would soon get another dose of '777' via the Martin Place terror/hostage event...
and I couldn't help but notice some 'triple 7' references from MSM news, December 2014.  
The Lindt coffee shop is in and around the area, where many parts of The Matrix (1999) film were shot, including the woman in the red dress and Neo's (Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves) training programme, as examples. "Buckle up Dorothy, cos Kansas is going bye-bye" Cypher & OZ.

News from 30th July 2015 (wreckage seemingly found on the 29th)
MH370 is in the news again....wing component debris (believed to be from a 777) has been found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Reunion Island...I said last year that the MH370 incident was far from over, so let's see what transpires...I was firm in my belief that it would be found.  Nothing concrete yet, but interesting nonetheless. See 'Flight(s) of Oz' post (from last year) for more on all things MH370 & 777.  Last year I specifically mentioned the 'heavy' rebirth aspects that were connected to MH370, including 'the abyss'(tree of life/sirius/da'ath), 'the phoenix' (rebirth/sirius) and 'orion' (osiris, god of rebirth/resurrection), all overt aspects of the recovery mission.  The fact that debris has now washed ashore at a place called 'Reunion' also adds to the potent mix, in the event that this turns out to be from the plane.

My post from last year also made clear reference to the 10 Year Reunion of the TV series Lost...
Reunion and Malaysian Flight 370 via Lost...8 days after the plane vanished.
 This 7:00pm 'Reunion' occurred 8 days after MH370 went missing...right in the heart of the entire story, and its unfolding!

Fuselage on The Island 'beach'...Lost (The Island) & Reunion Island

Jacob...Ageless protector of Lost's The Island

Life, Death. and Rebirth (all relevant to my themes, my emphasis)...existed in the heart of the (Lost) Island. The true cause of the plane's off-course deviation and arrival to the Island's airspace was Jacob.

The Island acted like a cork, preventing darkness from spilling and covering he world. 
The stone cork was a physical plug for the energy contained in the heart of the Island.
Removing the cork (as Desmond did) caused extreme volcanic and seismic activity.

Reunion Island goes volcanic...days after the 'suspected' missing aircraft component is found!
Renunion, is mainly composed of one active (one of the world's most active) and extinct volcanoes.
That's the MH370 Boeing 777.
Reunion...just coincidentally happens to have a '777' reference via its population!
Note, more recent population counts give a higher number, but you can find dozens of references for the 777,000 pop. size. Basically, it likely acts as a convenient kabbalistic aspect. Cough, cough.

In other UK news, 31st July saw members of the Bin Laden family killed in a plane crash...a kind of 'car fest' type plane crash (see pics).  The 1st August saw a stunt plane crash at an event called CarFest. Both have been aspects in MSM, alongside the potential MH370 news!  
Yes, a fairly active week for all things in the aviation world.  Both Osama's father (Mohammed) and brother (Salem) were killed in plane crashes.

Please note, I'm not being deliberately flippant here (re: deaths etc), I am merely condensing the news 'memes' into a cognitive and semi-related stream form. A type of 'macro overview' of the media sphere and its overt and persistent content, please appreciate that.

Lost...Jacob's Scales
Evoking the 'Scales of Ma'at' (The Weighing of the Heart)
The stone cork was a physical plug for the energy contained in the 'heart' of the Island.
Recall Jacob's Egyptian theme 'tapestry'.
...the winged sun disk and eye of Horus (evoking the internal winged brain and thalamus/pineal.)

 The Ankh...given to Hurley by Jacob.  Jacob was also heavily connected to the Egyptian statue of Taweret, which held the ankh in both hands.  The ankh, the symbol of life and death, also used by the Egyptians to tether sheep (shepherding).

Lost, The Island...The stone cork is covered with ancient 'hieroglyph' script...
"Embrace that which the Balance (scales of Ma'at) hath weighed, let a path be made for the Osiris in the Great Valley, and let the Osiris have light to guide him on his way." (the afterlife, the candidate after passing the test of the scale/ma'at,  my emphasis).

'Scales of Ma'at' (The Weighing of the Heart) Lost had 'candidates'...many of them!
The candidate being judged...the heart (left scale) and the ma'at feather (right scale), Anubis as the guardian of the scale, Thoth as the scribe...a test to pass, to reach Osiris in the afterlife.
The Shining...the ending photo shot & the related (heart swallowing) dog/bear-like ammit.
Jack 'judged' rendered like tipped scales (a la Ma'at) the women behind provides the feather and heart. The two elements that are weighed on the scale of Ma'at.  Jack also adopts the sign for 'as above, so below' (maxim of Hermes aka scribe Thoth), as seen in the Tarot Devil, the devil, a soul devourer a la ammit (swallower of souls, below)
Maat Scales...The centre of the scale rendered with the 7 (rainbow) chakras, evoking the spine.
 Notice Lost & Jacob's 'spinal' Island (thanks to the recent commenter)
It evokes a double-spine and may relate to Hermes/Hermaphrodite/Kadmon (male/female)

Lost...another 'stone cork' inscription reads...

"He hath reconciled the Two Fighters (Horus & Set), the guardians of life.
(Good vs Evil, Horus vs Set, Light vs Dark etc, the balancing agents, my emphasis.  The internal battle of light/dark inside each human. The Lost scale has a black/white stone on each side.)

Egyptian Ladder to The Gods (Heaven)

The Ladder of Horus & Budge describes, both Gods of the ladder.
Horus & Set 'raising' Osiris via the ladder

The Number 23...Atef Crown & Djed (of Osiris)
23 degrees (23.5) is the angle of the Djed Pillar (symbolic of the 33 segmented spine of Osiris and also the celestial action of Sirius/Dogstar/Anubis raising Orion/Osiris, literally pushing at his spine, as seen in the night sky). 23 degrees was also the angle that the Egyptian atef crowns were set to.  

23 degrees is the 'axial tilt' of Planet Earth.

Lost's 777 Oceanic Flight 815 (out of Oz)...left from Gate 23, Jack Shephard's seat number is 23. 23 passengers survived in the tail section of the plane.  Room 23, Dharma group experimented.

Jack (Anubis/23) Shephard was one of the candidates.

Lost's Jacob...In Joel 'The Wiz (Oz sequel)' Schumacher's The Number 23
 Mark 'Jacob's Ladder' Pellegrino...also featured in The Number 23, he played Kyle 'JACOB' Flinch, shown above with Jim 'Sirius/Truman' Carrey.  That's three potential references to Pellegrino and Jacob (Ladder) and all via different media.
Mark 'Jacob/Joe Messing' Pellegrino...also featured in Lynch's Mulholland Drive (above), recall his escape via ladders, shown earlier.  He plays the role of a hitman and supposedly murders Camilla, on behalf of Diane (Naomi Watts, shown above with Joe/Pellegrino at the OZ inspired Winkies cafe). Mulholland Drive is the film that featured 'The Tower' (the actual Tower Theatre, Los Angeles) for the internal 'Silencio' scene, the 'literal' lightning struck Tower.

Winkies (shown above) is also the same location, where we are introduced to Dan ("I had a dream about this place") who 'coincidentally' also played Dharma Phil in Lost! 
Lost's Dharma Phil & Jacob (Pellegrino) both sat inside Winkies. 

The Lightning Struck 'Crown' Tower...Mulholland Drive
Silencio is the real 'ACTUAL' Tower Theatre in LA
 Mark 'No. 23' Pellegrino (Jacob/Joe) in a film that features the 'literal' Lightning Struck Tower.  William Mulholland (from the title) was born Sept 11th.
Lynch's Twin Peaks, featured the Lightning Struck Sycamore (tree) at its climax.
Lynch having a clear penchant for the 'zig-zag', from Eraserhead to Twin Peaks and onwards.

Ascending the (moving) stairway onto Tower The Truman Show
Truman, begins to see that all is not well with the world and this occurs on day 10,911
Day 10, the central point of the film's span (10,909 - 10,913)
Ascending Lightning Struck Jim/Jack/Jacob's... ladder/stairway to Heaven (via Sea/See Haven, where show is set). Carrey played 'God' in Bruce Almighty. 

Jim 'I always joke about the illuminati' Carrey...
Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the DNA of a child.

23 Ladder Men...Jim (Jack) & Jacob

Truman '23' Burbank...'The world as a staged set'

Walt was held at Room 23 by the Others some point after they took him off the raft. According to Ben, Jacob (Mark '23/Mulholland Drive/Lost' Pellegrino) wanted Walt there because he was important and special.

 Jacob/Pellegrino wanted Walt in Room 23
Now see this...Room 23 (Lost) & Jacob...Jacob & The Number 23 (again!)
The 'Jacob' message features in Room 23 (The Number 23)
The Room 23 video is a reference to The Ludovico Technique (Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange)
03*7, shown above, 21 (7+7+7).

I've shown Kubrick's Jacob's Ladder(s) here on many previous occasions.

The Shining...via Jack (Jacob) and 237 (2*3*7 =42, the rainbow connection)
The film contains numerous references to I've shown before.
 The Awakening of Jacob (Jack x3, Torrance, Nicholson & Jacob)
 The rainbow & the ladder (Jacob track plays inside room 237/42)

The composition (The Awakening of Jacob) is loosely based on the Bible passage (Genesis 28:16), therefore trying to resemble being in the desert on a ladder to heaven, while the angels are ascending and descending.

 Angels, ascending and descending the ladder/ this Masonic Tracing Board.
Full Metal Jacket...Moses climbs Jacob's (Sgt Hayes') Ladder...ascending & descending
Hayes...FMJ, runs floor 7, featured in Se7en & flew Eagle Thrust 7 in Apocalypse Now.
Recall the Tree of Life rendered as a 7 rung 'Jacob's ladder'...from earlier.

   Kabbalah & The Level of Moses...
The Paths of Glory...the tree pathways to glory, via the ladder.

Cruise (Bill) Eyes Wide Shut...climbing the stairway/ladder to "Where The Rainbow Ends"
 He next ascends the stairs (above)...after this quote. The 'spinal ladder' to the rainbow (head)
A visual hammer the point home (albeit, subliminally and obliquely)
42 'The Rainbow Connection' -  Level 42

 Lost - Over The '42' Rainbow  (There was a Rainbow Drive-In, too)
Lost, 42...Mega Number.  Hurley's ticket, he features in 'the rainbow' clip above,

From one '42 rainbow head' to the next...Eyes Wide Shut to Mission Impossible 2
Scientologist Cruise...Hubbard (Scientology) claimed to be a close associate of Aleister Crowley
 Level 42  is the exact same location that Dr Nekhorich (see below, Mr 'Rainbow Fashions' Milich) injects himself with the virus (we're shown this in a later flashback).  
We even see the 'rainbow spectrum' multiple times inside the building on Level 42, when Hunt ('Rainbow Ends' Cruise) destroys the virus.  All of the above takes place in OZ (Australia).

'Milich/Dr Nekorvich' Šerbedžija vs 'Hunt/Dr Harford' Cruise...via The '42' Rainbow
Mission Impossible 2 (2000) v Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Dr Harford's name was based on Harrison '42' Ford's own name, hence Har-Ford.

Which way to OZ...?
Rainbow Fashions (Eyes Wide Shut). Under & Over The Rainbow with Milich's underage daughter (Sobieski)...she shares the same birth date (June 10th) as Judy 'Oz' Garland

Eyes Wide Shut, The Rainbow (lights) & 237 (2*3*7 =42, the rainbow connection)
The 'eyes' that contain the 'iris' (Iris, goddess of the rainbow, the female Hermes/Thoth)

Eyes Wide Shut...Cruise travels to the Somerton ritual orgy, in his Rainbow Fashion's costume.
  The Hanged Man-(dy)...Self Sacrifice a la 'The Hanged Man'..."Stop. Take me, let him go"
Judgement (a la Thoth/Hermes, scribe of Ma'at Scales).  Led away by a ringer for Thoth.
Ma'at Feather is 'the ostrich'...Mandy wears an ostrich 'nimbus' crown.  Cruise (Bill) wears an Ermine cloak, Ermine (Hermine) out of Hermes (Thoth).  Bill & the 'billed' Ibis/Thoth).  

 Judgement of the Soul...Jack's soul floats through the Overlook and we arrive at the photo...
The Shining opens with Dies Irae (aka the day of judgement), Jack driving the VW Khepera (Beetle) to the afterlife hotel. Room 237...There are 42 (2*3*7) principles of Ma'at (judgement).

 Robes of velvet and ermine stand for symbols of rank and glory; but too many ermine capes have covered empty hearts (thoth/hermes, scribe of the heart/feather scale, my emphasis), too many crowns have rested on the brows of tyrants. These are symbols of earthly things and in the world of matter are too often misplaced. The true coronation robe - the garment molded after the pattern of heaven, the robe of glory of the Master Mason - is not of the earth; for it tells of his spiritual growth, his deeper understanding, and his consecrated life. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - Hall.

Weighing of the Feather/Heart, Scales of Ma'at.

 Thoth...Judgement scribe, Weighing of the Feather/Heart, Scales of Ma'at. (The Shining/EWS)
 (Re)Born on 4th July...Born on 4th July

   Cruise as the Hanged 'God' Man...the film did feature the Bible, primarily Book of Job.
 The Hanged/Suspended Man
The Hanged/Suspended Mission Impossible 2, opening (bent left leg)...when Hunt (Cruise) reaches the summit he receives orders from Anthony 'Hanged Lecter Man' Hopkins!
Cruise was The Hanged 'Tower' Man (suspended via the ankle) in MI:Ghost Protocol

Alex's (A Clockwork Orange) room number in the prison where he is held before being removed for the Ludovico Technique is 23.  Path 23 on the Tree of Life is The Hanged Man. (Hanged, a broken neck/spine, but also 'potentially' a moment of self realization leading to wisdom.)

The Hanged wo-Man, features in the film, The Number 23. The Hanged Man (dressed as a woman, features in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, Alex cell 23)

Jim (Jack) Carrey, Pellegrino (Jacob) and Fox (Jack)...are all members of Club 23
Jack '23' Shephard...Lost

Psalm 23 "the lord is my shepherd" (Carrey & the Dog Star)

'Truman/23 Dog Catcher Carrey' & Fox are also both 'charged' with the 'Anubis/Sirius/Canis' (Fox/Jackal/Dog) meme. Pluto/Sirius/Da'ath occupy the veiled sphere 11, Tree of Life.

The Fool & His Dog...'Osiris' The Celestial Shepherd of 'Anubis'
Orion (Osiris) is the celestial 'shepherd' of 'Sirius/Dog Star' (Anubis).

Sirius aka Astrum Argentun (the silver star).  Crowley's Babalon inspired sigil.

Lost...another Jacob (Jack), another ladder?
 What was Jack Shephard's occupation? He was a spinal surgeon a la Louis (Jacob's Ladder)
The Red Cross (Rose Cross) and the 'spinal' Caduceus of Hermes (Thoth)...Fox (Shephard) would even go on to feature in the new Alex Cross series of films!

The Tree of Life, The Human '33' segmented Spine to the Crown, Caduceus & '7' Chakras
Jack/Jacob's Spinal Ladder...

Buddhism...The 33rd degree or vertebra (spine) represents the culmination of the work. The Trayastrimsa (literally meaning 33) heaven symbolizes the level of Consciousness achieved by one who completely awakens the Divine Mother Kundalini (spinal serpent).  In the story, the Buddha leaves the Earth and visits his mother, who is in this Heaven of the 33 Gods. Once there, he teaches the Dharma to them.

 14. The Trayastrimsa (33 versed hymn-form) is the spine; for there are 32 'karûkara' of that (spine), and the spine itself is the 33rd: therefore the Trayastrimsa (stoma) is the spine.
 Satapatha Brahmana According to the Text of the Madhyandina School (Sacred Books of the East Vol 44)

Dharma, the '33' segmented spine and 'spine surgeon' Jack
Dharma (Buddhism) a type of cosmic law belief etc. Some regard Dharma as 'the ultimate truth' (which also applies to Ma'at.)  Ma'at-thew 'Anubis' Fox. There are 42 principles of Ma'at.

The Fool & his Dog, Jack Shephard 'the alpha/omega' (beginning and end) via the 'tree' canopy...hence why this is both the beginning and the end shot, and through Jack's eye.

 From Jack 'Anubis' Shephard to The Black 'Shepherd' Jackal & The Black Jack-o
 Talking of Anubis...recall the Anubis 'solar' barge in London (2007).  I'd say, that it was very evocative of Jackson's statue, the one that went the same route in 1995 (HIStory Tour).
 Michael '777' Jackson...The Stairway (Ladder) to Heaven (Neverland).  Recall Jacko's 'Pan' obsession...Pan (aka 77, as is Oz, see '777 Crowley') relating to all things hermetic, the son of Hermes.

 He is not the only black artist that can be related to 777 & Anubis...see 'Isis' aka Rihanna.
Below, Rihanna (Isis) rendered as Anubis.
 (Egypt) Isis, who always works closely with Anubis...Sirius (dogstar) is sacred to both and in the Osiris myth, it is Anubis that helps Isis embalm Osiris.

 Monnwalker Michael's 'Mo(o)nolith' (inside the moon).  (Dirty) Diana aka 'the moon goddess'.
Michael was from In-Diana (in the moon, literally).

 Recall...'777' Kubrick and his monolith (later found on the moon) with apes/monkeys

 Michael & Egypt
Michael with the wings of Isis.  Iman as Nefertiti, wife of David 'Tree of Life/777 Kether to Malkuth' Bowie. Eddie '911' Murphy as Rameses.

 Your Not Alone: Michael Through a Brothers eyes
"Michael was the seventh child with seven letters in his first name and '7' was his favourite number. So, numerically,his name is '777'. That's the Jackpot there. The Lucky 7s. A number that appears only once in the bible. There's alot that can be read into a name. That's the power of its sound and interpretation; the story it can tell and memories it can evoke.  But '7' was central to his identity. He wore jackets with '7' sewn into the arm. When he doodled on paper, '7' was tagged all over it ......." 

 The 'Edenic' Tree of Life was guarded by angels (cheribim) and their (flaming) swords
 A composite Archangel 'Hod' Michael?
Fire via the 777 flaming sword

The 'Seven Rung' Ladder & The Tree (of Life)

777 Lightning Pathway 'begins' at (1) Kether to (2) Chokmah...via Path 11 'the fool's path'
777 via The Tree of Life & Aircraft


I'm not sure if people will believe, that I've not seen a single episode of the TV series Lost!?
I do have the Lost Encyclopedia, though...just so u know that I'm not just pulling it out of my ass.


Latest...2nd Aug
Rather 'synchronistic' that the latest 'Island' debris piece just so happened to be (or claimed to be) part of a domestic ladder...considering the prior content that I've been writing.

Perhaps, someone called Jacob, will soon be along to claim it as their own. ;-)


777 got another airing via the recent stock market turmoil...latter part of August 2015.
Evoking/referencing the record single day loss on the Dow of 777 points, 29th Sept 2008.

The MSM even managed to link this event to the...777 traveling Fool of the tarot!
The Fools on Capitol Hill. 

The Fool's Journey to 777...starting via Path 11
It is The Fool that travels the 777 lightning pathway from 1 to 10 (aka Kether to Malkuth) 
Wow, what a coincidence!

 Christ-ine Legarde the occult IMF '7' numerologist. (777 was a number of Christ)
7 years after the 2008 financial 2015.
4 of the top 5 biggest Dow Jones points losses, happened between September and December 2008.

  Stocks closed today on 7/7/2015 at 17,777... 
 ...which was 'exactly' 77 weeks after this '7 saturated' Legarde speech was live streamed.
Up 93...the number of '777 Crowley's Thelema'.  
 Crowley's Liber Oz (Thelemic mission statement) is Book 77.

We picked-up on a potential Crowley reference in the True Detective series via 'cult killer' Errol.
Directions to the church...the church of the 'black minister', yup sounds like Crowley, lol.

777...7 (miles) 7*7 (49)
The energies of 7 on this Path are three times magnified: and 777 (the grand scale of 7) is a number which Crowley describes as “a dangerous tool”; one which represents the flaming sword which drove Man out of Eden”; a number whose power is only available to those in whom the snake of “Kundalini energy”, the energy of “the female magical soul” has been awakened (Crowley, Liber 777, 49). 49 the mystical number of venus.

 Rust 'Christ' Cohle...Eden, The Tree, 'sacrifice of self' (ego death) & The Crown/Kether

The Flaming 777 Sword (777 Lightning Flash of Creation) literally 'snaking' (kundalini) up and down the 'spine' (spinal serpent) of the tree (of life/knowledge, a la the Edenic serpent & female Eve).
One and the same...both zigzagging up/down the tree 'kether to malkuth'...snakes and ladders anyone?
Lightning Flash of Creation, The Tree of Life (Sephiroth), path values 777 & 93

 All this and the following, kind of reminds me of Aronofsky's Pi (1998)
The stock market, Hasidic Jews & the '216' number...the 'cubic version of 666'...6*6*6=216.  Sol (aka The Sun) and 666 (aka 216) is termed the 'magick square number of the sun'.
 I've also seen 666 related to the 777 tree of life.

7/7/2015 was also the 10th anniversary of the 2005 London 7/7 terrorist bombings. 
Drop the zeros (a la Legarde) 7/7/2005 = 7/7/7 (2+5).

 Cycle of 7?
(7 year cycle of shemitah, as referenced by a recent commenter, Elul etc)
2015...subtract 7 and we get 2008, the financial crisis/Dow drop
2008...subtract 7 and we get the 2001, the 9/11 event & Dow drop
2001...subtract 7 and we get 1994, bonds collapse
1994...subtract 7 and we get 1987, Black Monday

 As the last month of the Jewish year, Elul is traditionally a time of introspection and stocktaking -- a time to review one's deeds and spiritual progress over the past year and prepare for the upcoming "Days of Awe" of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur.  (stock-taking, there is clearly a joke in there somewhere!)

 September 13th, 2015 is the last day of the Shemitah, which is the Biblical day Elul 29. The last two Elul 29's, September 17, 2001 and September 29, 2008, each brought about the single greatest crash in stock market history up to that point.  684 point drop in 2001, the market re-opening after 9/11 and a 777 point drop in 2008.  Note though, that September 13th, 2015 (the actual date of Elul 29) will fall on a Sunday, a non-trading day.  The last market trading day PRIOR to Elul 29 is Friday September 11th, 2015 aka 9/11! The next trading day after (Elul 29) will be 9/14.

Please understand that this (Elul date) is ultimately proof of nothing, I mention this from the anomalous viewpoint, for thoroughness and merely as a part of a seemingly potential (hindsight) pattern.  I don't do date prediction here.

3rd October 2016 will see the start of the Jewish Year 5,, the day (2nd Oct) before this '777' year (or last day of year 5,776) will clearly be an Elul 29!

Foreshadowing via finance?  This prescient image from Fortune Int, December 1987.

Recall that 9/11 was primarily an attack on the World Trade Center...a financial heart center, ultimately a huge 'collective conscious' symbol for finance and trade etc...particularly in respect to the overall US psyche.

Above graphic via a 'Mason' no less!

OZ (77) the number of Wizard Crowley's Thelema and relating to God...The WTC was rendered as OZ in the 1978 film The Wiz (filmed Oct-Dec 1977) , penned by Joel '911' Schumacher.  Schumacher's script was heavily influenced by EST (transformation etc).

Flights which hit the 77th floor (South Tower) & the 93rd floor (North Tower)
93, the number of Crowley's thelema. Supposedly, Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, Flight 93 crashed.
9/11 & 777. The first hit on the WTC was 1993, 14 years (7+7) from 9/11/01

Kubrick's 2001 & 777
Kubrick's 2001 & 777 (title card gematria)
777 Kubrick, died 666 days before Jan 1st was a Sun-day. (666 square no. of the sun)
He is buried under his favourite 'tree'...'the monkey puzzle' tree (geddit?) 

 An example of a modernist tarot deck is Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot (Thoth pronounced /ˈtt/ or /ˈθɒθ/). Crowley (aka 'The 666 Beast'), at the height of a lifetime's work dedicated to occultism, engaged the artist Lady Frieda Harris to paint the cards for the deck according to his specifications. His system of tarot correspondences, published in The Book of Thoth and Liber 777, are an evolution and expansion upon that which he learned in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The (Golden) Dawn of Man...
 Liber 777, 21, Jupiter & The 'literal' Wheel (X) in the Sky (see card)
The Wheel of Fortune (TV show) even features in the Back To The Future series.
The Wheel of Fortune is pathway number 21 (2001) on the tree of life.

The Hilton - Space 'X' Station 5...
 2001 Wheel of Fortune...TARO/TORA/ROTA, the rota-ting wheel...the 'arrow' & the departing Orion (Osiris) ship, Anubis 'dog of Orion' on the wheel (red)
 The Anubis rising on the right side of the wheel is Hermes (Thoth), a symbol of intelligence, wisdom ascending or our shadow selves. The snake from the tree of life/knowledge. The Sphinx on the top of the wheel represents life’s riddles. 2001:ASO and the 'world riddle theme' via Strauss. 

In the Oedipus myth, the Sphinx presents a riddle which, if answered correctly, would free the people of Thebes from her strangle-hold (grip), for literally her name, Sphinx, means “the strangler” (Guirand, 1968, p.305). The king of Thebes offered the crown to anyone who could solve the riddle.

The 'Hermetic' Winged Shoes (talaria), Caduceus & The Wheel
 The Sphinx on the top of the wheel...Sphinx literally means to 'grip/strangle' (a-sphyx-iation) 
Pan-Am...Pan (mythology) is 'generally' accepted to be the son of Hermes.  Pan is related to sodomy, the sphincter (out of sphinx, grip/strangle, as sphincters do) based sex act.
 We'll see the 'grip' (sphinx) 'hermetic' shoes rise to the top of the wheel. Hermes & The Wheel of Fortune...rising up and down on the wheel. The wheel-like 'gif' below, precedes the docking scene with the Space Station Wheel...a double reference.
 Recall Thoth (Hermes) 'judgement' aspects from EWS, Thoth composite, the Bill(s), Ostrich feather (Ma'at) & Ermine (Hermes) Cloak.  Thoth, scale scribe, Anubis, the guardian.
 4 winged creatures, Lion (leo), Ox (taurus), Man & Eagle, in the corners of the card
  4 fixed signs of the zodiac. Leo, Taurus, Aquarius & Scorpio...The winged throne, Leo(n) Vitali as Red Cloak. He played Lord Bull-ingdon (taurus/bull) in Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, parts of the scene involving Red Cloak 'mirror' aspects of Lord Bullingdon (cane tapping, for example)

 The 'zodiacal' Wheel of Fortune...Barry Lyndon. The zodiac wheel with the Sun, at the centre.
   Leo(n)/Bully aka Bullingdon (Red Cloak) is present here too. In front of the 'rectangular rendered' zodiac wheel (the tree of life, behind).

Full Metal Jacket...the wheel and the animals (animal mother). The Joker (Fool) on the wheel...Cow-boy & Wooly Bull-y (taurus/bull) plays during this scene, by Sam Sham & The Pharaohs (sphinx) etc.  It was recorded in Memphis, Ten-nessee.

The rota-ting Wheel of Fortune (and pyramid, where the sphinx resides)...A Clockwork Orange
The wheel itself (see tarot, above right) is a Orange Clockwork Wheel (evoking the sun), The Sun itself is a 'literal' Clockwork Orange.

The 'literal' 666 Wheel of Fortune...Roulette.  0-36 summed is 666

Kubrick died 666 days before 2001, Alex (A Clockwork Orange) will be shown as the 'implied' 666 man in Kubrick's film, only time the Sun is actually seen, 666, square number of the sun.
...he is be placed between his fomer Droogs (Officer #665 & Officer #667).  British Police, dial 999, a 'rotated' 666.  The biblical 'number of the beast' aka devil etc. The Sun @ The Pyramid Overlook Hotel...via the 'spoked wheel'
The Shining Wheel.  Winged Danny (Flyers jacket), red darts, Cupid's arrow (see wheel and the lovers 'twins'). Colorado (Colored Red, see red anubis wrapped around the wheel) Flag with the red wrapped 'SUN' in view.  Taurus, the dartboard has the 'Bull's Eye', Jack is the Minotaur maze Bull(y). Gemini (Lovers) Twins, 'Come play with us Danny, for ever and ever and ever'...cyclical, like the wheel.  Danny's hotel transport, is the 3 wheeled tri-cycle.

Sue Lyon (Lion, Leo) spinning on the wheel...between the 3 pillars and via 'the mason' (James/Jacob)

 Wheels within wheels, wings and strangulation (asphyxiation)
 Wheel of Fortune card (Card 10 aka X) corresponds to the letter Kaph, meaning 'palm of the hand', in whose lines, according to another tradition, the fortune of the owner may be read.
Dr 'Wheel-chair' Strangelove, the 'hand of fate'...over the 'X' wheel of fortune (fate) 'war room'.  See it (appropriately) reflected in X Men First Class.  Self-strangling (a-sphyx-iating, out of sphinx) Dr Strangelove.

 In some decks, the wheel is also attended by an individual wearing a blindfold
Nick 'Blindfold' Nightingale (winged creature) attending the wheel, the 'circle of 12' (zodiac)
Eyes Wide Shut...The Wheel, Red Cloak as Anubis & the 'staff/sword' bearing Sphinx
It is also reflected in this shot, near the film's close, via the 'magic cirlce' 
 see box, The magic (zodiac) circle, Wheel of Fortune contains the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac.

'Circular' auto-spinning/revolving door at the hospital (EWS), Fool Bill, on the wheel.
Eyes Wide Shut (Manhattan) to Ground Zero 'Manhattan' 2001, Kubrick was born in Manhattan.
The 2001 Wheel station scenes will overlap with the classical piece Blue Danube (water).

The 'water-based' Wheel...
 The (imo) also a large factor in Spielberg's version of Kubrick's A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), which featured the 'sunken' WTC Twin Towers.  Sorry, (above) is best clip I could find.
Both 'wheels' are a reference to the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island.
 The scene also evokes Spielberg's 1941 and the 'rotating' Ferris Wheel (mounted by 3 characters).
Coincidentally, 1941 was written by Back To The Future's Zemeckis, where the wheel also features.
 David is trapped under a sunken (water based) ferris wheel (near Rockefeller Centre) at the climax of A.I.  Trapped for around 2,000 years the approx' span of an astrological age. The clip(s) seems to evoke the 'wheel of fortune' and it's the place where David gets discovered by the advanced beings, his fortune (via the wheel) changes and his life-long dream eventually comes true etc. 
Sometimes the wheel (of fortune) with its supports is in a boat upon the water. The water is the Ocean of Illusion, which is the sole foundation of the Cycle of Necessity. As in the Oedipus legend, once correctly answered, the Sphinx throws itself back into the Sea which to a Qabalist means that the Gate keeper is no longer needed and is reabsorbed into the vast Ocean of  Individual Higher Consciousness that created it.

 A.I. and the sunken Twin Towers...Mecha

CHIRAM TELAT MECHA-SOT - the Universal Agent, one in Essence, but three in aspect.
The emerald tablet...and the monolith tablet

Millenium Hilton Space Station 5 Wheel & The Millenium Monolith Hilton, Manhattan

The 2001 Monolith x2...via the film and 'actual' WTC 2001 ground zero...
Millenium Hilton Hotel as The 'symbolic' Monolith overlooking the WTC Ground Zero...modelled on the exact one from the film!  A literal 'Overlook Hotel' (see The Shining)


This just in...9th September!

Another 777....and this one situated directly in front of a major 'mystery religion' symbol...the pyramid aka The Luxor Hotel! 14 people injured 7+7.

The pyramid/capstone...symbol of the on-going 'Great Work'

The Luxor (from lux, light).  777 author Crowley (and OTO) relates to the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, its teachings went on to heavily influence OTO.

 Lux/Light aka Illumination...Adam 'I'm Spartacus' Weishaupt.

777 in (gambling) Vegas makes synchronistic you can see! Vega/Vegas also evoking the star system.

 The popular Vegas feature, the roulette wheel (of fortune) already encodes 666, the sum of the numbers on the wheel 0-36.  Perhaps a nod to the Sun (its square number being 666).

Yes...Las Vegas, Egypt (pyramid) and 777...which nicely segues us to Egyptair B772, Cairo
July 29th 2011...the '2nd' ever hull-loss @ 9:11 involving model 777, cockpit fire and written off.
The 'Nefertiti'....Egyptian Queen of Ankhenaten. Egypt, the progenitor of 'mystery religion'.
Was due to depart from Gate F7 & & 7 people taken to hospital...

Each time 777 MH370 was hailed (handshake ping) it replied “Yep, I’m here.” MH370 did this at 04:11, 05:11, 06:11, 07:11, 08: 11, it failed to respond @ 09:11.

Egypt, 777 and The Thunderbolt (Lightning Bolt)
Engaged Egyptair Flight 648, 1985. Black September terrorists...The group's most infamous operation was the killing of 11 Israeli athletes, 9 of whom were first taken hostage.

777 & The Lightning/Thunder Bolt

That is now 4 major incidents involving the single 777 aircraft the space of just over 2 years.  5 Major incidents in 4 years,  if you throw in Egyptair from July '11.

Look at the sequential list.  The Egypt flight, the Asiana 'Oz' flight, MH370, MH17 & the latest Vegas 777 fire.

This 777 (which relates to the tree of life) Vegas plane incident happened on the day that the British Queen was being cited as the longest reigning monarch...she became Queen whilst she was staying at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.  

Recall that the 777 lightning flash...strikes the 'top of the tree' (of life) aka THE CROWN (geddit?).  She had her 'Jubilee' in 1977, the Jubilee meme also relates to the upcoming Elul 29!

Treetops...Top of the Tree (literally)
I heard the BBC newsreader Simon McCoy state (only this morning) in relation to the Queen
"a lot of symbolism about today"(which can be read in two different ways!)

The 216 meme (6*6*6) 6 cubed. The Queen's Mum was born on 4th August (216th Day), the Queen's grandson 'the once and future king' Prince 'born on the summer solstice' William, was Christened on 4th Aug (216th Day). Prince William, is the 1000th Knight of the Garter, it recently celebrated it's 666th year in 2014.
The order's emblem is a garter with the motto 'Honi soit qui mal y pense'
(Middle French: "shame on him who thinks evil of it") in gold lettering.

I covered this same 216/666 aspect...a long time ago!  So it's another hit for my 216 theory!

You want some recent...lightning struck 777's?
777 struck while passing through the 7 coloured (a la 7 chakras) rainbow...Aug 2014

777 struck and 7 minutes ahead of schedule...June 2015

Jesus '777 Lightning Struck' Christ...
Christ The '777' Redeemer...this lightning strike event happened in Jan 14, its been hit before.
Christ The Redeemer, was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World...which (synchronistically) took place on the kabbalist resonating date of  7th July 2007 or 7/707.

A 7 year initiative to find 7 New Wonders and finishing in '07.
The only surviving (and oldest) of the original Seven Wonders, is the Great Pyramid at Giza, it was granted honorary status on the same (777 charged date) date.

 CHRIST is C = 3, H = 8, R = 18, I = 9, S = 19, T = 20, which added together equal 77.
In the genealogy in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is 77th in a direct line.

The 'exact' same date 7th July 2007...the Live Earth event was held in Wemb-ley, London.
Live & Earth on 7/7/ can easily evoke an 'electrical' concept (see below)...
earth aka malkuth where the 777 lightning flash ends.  Madonna (Isis) is a kabbalah devotee.
Genesis/Gene of Isis...the universal virgin mother.  "Like a virgin...etc"
 Yet another event...on 07/07/07 (thanks to
 Just after 3am and observed by 3 witnesses
Om/Aum...3 Deities who are also 1...111 (3 into 1, the trinity)

 You might not believe this, but I, Horseloverphat, have this very 'Om/Aum symbol' as my ONE and ONLY tattoo!  I shit you not...even more freaky is that I got it years and years ago, long before I ever got into any of this weirdness!  It was around 1997/98...perhaps early '98, hard to remember exactly.  The Om/Aum tattoo is situated on my right shoulder.

The Crucified/Hanged & Lightning Struck 777 Tree Of Life Christ

Jim Caviezel...The 'literal' Lightning Struck Crucified Jesus Christ
Mel Gibson's controversial 2004 film.

In other 'recent' aircraft news...

Hey, I'm no expert on this type of aviation thing, so bear that in mind...I include it for the purposes of thoroughness and the fact that so much is going on right now!  Any risk, no matter how small should (imo) be avoided...considering what happened in 2001.  Previously, when they have shut off TCAS & ADS-B for military training exercises, it has usually been for a 48 hour period.......however, this time it's for  a whole month.

I've previously mentioned that the MH370 777 incident...could've been brought to us by the same people behind the 9/11 production.  In fact, this is the very reason why I started down this 777 route, after MH370 went missing.

Interesting times...indeed!

"Don't you want to go...where the rainbow ends?"

10th September 
Somewhere over the rainbow...way up high (literally) 
Is that the '42 rainbow Bridge' Sirius?
 According to the Bible, Lamech, the father of Noah lived for 777 years...
Noah, the flood & the rainbow covenant.

11th September

Mecca aka Babylon (Babalon)...Babel (the gate of god, literally). 
There's a 'neo-version' of 'the tower of Babel' there.

The Babylonians took their 'mystery religion' from the progenitors, Pharaonic Egypt.
Babalon/mystery religion promoter, Liber 77 & 777 Author Crowley & The Kaaba.

Surely most are familiar with the term 'mystery Babylon'?

Circumambulating the Kaaba represents the idea of oneness. Its meaning regarding the social life is not to leave unity and to try to maintain this unity. Its meaning regarding individual life contains deep truths. The sky has seven layers; man has seven souls. Each turning (seven total) around the Kaaba represents a phase, a stage; man covers a phase and is elevated up to the seventh sky, above the material realm. Besides, it means to rise from the lowest step of the soul, which has seven steps, to the highest one. (alluding to the 7 rainbow ladder chakras, imo).

That Egyptair 777 plane (written off by electrical fault @ 09:11 hrs) shown earlier, was actually bound for Jeddah...Mecca is the capital of the Makkah Region, which includes neighboring Jeddah.

The Lightning Struck Tower & 777.

 Lightning strikes the crown in both, the concepts are symbolically related. Kether/Crown (tree of life) relates to reaching the mind of god (ain soph) a non-material realm (just like we saw previously...'above the material realm', the Kaaba @Mecca.)

A Bin Laden connection in Babylon/Babalon, operating right near 'The Tower' and on 9/11.

Fire Of Heaven (Le Feu Du Ciel) Issued From God...

What needs to born in mind, is it wasn't just the typical  9/11 anniversary today, it was also part of the Elul 29 'reference' date that has been mentioned previously.  The 3rd date in the 'potential' 7 year cycle...7/7/7, the two previous ones (17/9/2001 & 28/9/2008) bringing serious stock market crashes...2001 drop, as a result of 9/11 and with 2008, giving the 777 point record drop. 

So take today's event at Mecca/Babel (Babel-on, where they have an affinity for number 7) with 'The Tower & The Lightning Strike'...factor in the 777 aspect of 'the lightning flash of creation' and with today being the day of the 29th Elul (last day of the Jewish year, next years (but not an aspect of this 7 year cycle) Elul 29 (2016) will bring in the Jewish year 5,777)  So TODAY was 29th Elul...the exact final day completing a 'triple type 7' (777) yearly pattern (1994...2001,2008,2015').  The 'double' Bin Laden & Tower(s) echo, coupled with the 9/11 anniversary...I think it's been quite a strange day.

Of course, the destruction (and not forgetting the jumpers) of the WTC Tower(s)...has often been compared to the The Tower tarot card (as has 'the falling man' to The Hanged Man).  The former World Trade Center itself,  was historically compared to the Tower Of Babylon.

14 years prior...'The 'alleged' Bin Laden attack on 9/11/01...The Struck WTC Tower(s)

The Monolith (Hilton Hotel) overlooks the WTC towers

The Tower & The Hanged (Falling) Man.
The Tower card can be related to 'the traditional fall of man' a la Babel etc.

Spielberg's (Kubrick's)  A.I. Artificial Intelligence...released in the 'charged year' 2001
Less than 3 months after release, the Twin Towers were destroyed in the September 11 attacks.
Surely, making this one of the last films (or the last) to feature the WTC, before the attacks! 

The 'submerged' (Enchantment Under The Sea) WTC and given with a 'crafty' Mecha/Mecca 'phonetic' as they approach the WTC complex...2001, A.I., David and the WTC, hey is this A.I. or 2001: A Space Odyssey we're talking about?  It was also around this time, just prior to making A.I. that Spielberg pondered directing Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Monolith, erm I mean Stone.

Perhaps there is a similarity...Mecca (and one-ness) & New York and One World Trade Center. There appears to be an 'inverted' similarity...both connect to Bin Laden and both also now have the single Tower.

The WTC's Architect, Yamasaki & Mecca...yup now it is settled! The radial pattern...
 Ishmael (1st son of Abraham/Ab'ram) is supposedly buried next to the kabba.

Not forgetting that just a couple or so days earlier...the stricken 777 & Fire (le feu du ciel?)

  Perhaps due to writing my last post @ around 3:00am...I've realised that I've got a little mixed-up and miscalculated a detail regarding Elul29. Elul 29 falls on the 13th of this month. The anomalous 7 pattern/cycle was connected to 'stock market' jitters and with the 'Elul29' falling on a Sunday, we we're looking at the trading days 9/11/15 (last trading day before Elul29) & 9/14/15 (next trading day) being relevant to a potential anomalous (hindsight) pattern. No direct trading aspect could be attributed to Sunday 13th (last day of Elul), obviously due to it being a non-trading day. All this talk of trade and trading...and ironically in relation to the World TRADE Center.

From just over a week ago...around the 3rd/4th Sept...see comments or earlier post body

With that said and all the above taken into account, I was looking at 9/11/15 -11th Sept (an already highly charged date, for obvious reasons) & 9/14/15 - 14th Sept, as the key days for this seeming 'financial Elul cycle' doubt, the historic 'stock market' aspect (involved in the previous two 7 year Eluls, 01 & 08) led and swayed me to see all this (and expect) from a 'financial' POV...even more so, when I factored in the Wall St panic and the Dow drop of over 1,000 points, which happened only very recently.  Just wanted to clear that up! Apologies.

A decent little summary regarding symbolism...777

 Apes, Evolution, 777 & 21 (7+7+7)...2 00 1

Died 666 days before 2001 (666 aka the beast), Kubrick & 777
666 Kubrick's 2001 & 777 (title card gematria)

The Beast & The Struck Crown (Skull)

The Tree of Life, Man & (where) The Rainbow (ends)

 The rainbow chakras to the Crown aka Kether...Eyes Wide Shut

The 2001 Abyss (rainbow stargate) to the mind of God (kether/crown to ain soph) and rebirth (renaissance).  The sequence runs for 1,111 seconds, another kabbalistic encode.
Eyes Wide Open...2001, The rainbow chakras via the Iris (goddess of the rainbow)

The 2001 Monolith x2...via the film and 'actual' WTC 2001 ground zero...
Project Rebirth (renaissance). Millenium (aka 2001) Hilton Hotel as The 'symbolic' Monolith overlooking the WTC Ground Zero...modelled on the exact one from the film!

The WTC Towers and the Sun (tiphareth, sphere 6)
3 Pillars, The Ladder & The Tree.  Note where the 'struck tower tarot' is situated on the Tree of Life, directly between the 2 pillars, path 27...between tiphareth (sun) and yesod (moon).

One World Trade Center is 1776 feet's not just the year of Independence, it's also the date of 'Spartacus' Weishaupt's Illuminati formation (1776). Kubrick directed Spartacus.
 WTC Towers and One World Trade Center...the 3 pillars? 
Twin Towers, as Jachin/Boaz & One World Trade the pillar of equilibrium?
One World (obelisk/penis of Oz-iris) has a face/facet that looks like the pine-trees (below).

The 'Twin' Pine...To The 'Lone' Pine...Back To The (9/11 Struck Trident Tower) Future
The 'Pine' evokes the pine-al (pine cone), Osiris is associate with a pine-cone topped staff.

 Compare the Kaaba's 3 pillars, with the 3 pillars of the Tree of Life aka Sephiroth.
 The 3 Pillars of Creation & the cube of space (the cubed brick)
Kaaba-lism or Kabbalism? (geddit?) 

 The 3 Pillars of the Tree (Sephiroth) The Shining Paths Of Glory
The 'Mason' (James) and the 3 Pillars (Lolita)....The Paths of Glory, Jacob's Ladder to God.

 The 'One' Stone aka Mono-lith
 The stone that 'transforms' x2...The monolith & all spark (transformers, film).
The 2001 monolith was a literal 'pre-historic' transformer via apes/the dawn of man.
Oh look...777 in Transformers franchise!

Remember 'Big' (with WTC jumper Hanks) from earlier...the skyscraper building that transforms, for the 9 and 11 year age group...on the back of the milk carton that gives us the 11th Sept 'transforming' date?

 PAUL:  This is a skyscraper.
JOSH:  Well, couldn't it be like a robot that turns into something like a bug or something?
PAUL:  A bug?
JOSH:  Yeah! Like a big prehistoric insect with maybe like giant claws that could pick up a car and crush it like that!
MAN:  A prehistoric transformer?   
JOSH:  Different sizes and things. could have them wreck a building.

A 'SPACE' Odyssey...literally.

Mono (one) Lith (stone)...recall that 'Circumambulating the Kaaba represents the idea of oneness.' 2001 monolith, a literal 'black space rock' and the Kaaba stone is a literal 'black space rock' (meteorite).

 Out of Kubrick's cube...

 It was Sliding '777' Doors producer Pollack (Ziegler) who replaced Keitel.
Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel

 The '777' (hotel)...notice how the zigzags resemble the number 7 (7/7)...the zigzagging 777
Clearly the entrance is also typical 'Solomon's Temple' fare.

77 mirrored/upside-down makes a "Z," the 0-77 tarot cards resonate as the original OZ (aka 77, gematria). And the idea of the soul's interaction with the third-eye at 49 (7x7) days, points also to The "Fool" or the "Lost" soul manifesting into the physical world. (Eric Dubay)

"A fool and his money are soon parted"...'wallet losing' (opening dialogue) Bill (Cruise) The Fool...

The Fool is wearing a diamond on top of his head which represents Kether – the Crown of the Tree of Life. Behind this is a rainbow halo which symbolises the enlightenment that Kether provides.
A rainbow-hued spiral circles three times around the fool. This is attached to his heart chakra and is the link between the higher and lower energies of the chakra system. The rainbow a symbol of unification, a bridge between what is above and what is below.

 Eyes Wide Shut, 777 Kubrick & 777 Pollack and the Wizard of Oz 'inspired' Rainbow Fashions.

  The '777' Pollack & '777' Keitel Switch Project...9th Degree Apron
Eyes Wide Shut (note the apron eye)....Victor 'Secret Society' Ziegler or Zee-gler
The Key (see cross keys) & The 'Z'...4th Degree, The Secret Master

"It's 25 inches of reinforced granite masonry, is it not?"

The masonic square & compass. A swastika (another masonic emblem) is also employed. What some may have missed re: Keitel scene, is that the word 'masonry' will be uttered during it (a detail of the escape through masonry, geddit?)...yes very crafty! Keitel possibly has a rendering of the all seeing eye (sirius) on his chest, it is hard to tell.

Cross Keys Freemasonry....and another symbolic masonic emblem. (also seen in Home Alone 2)
I've seen it connected to anubis (the ankh, resembling a key) and the X-keys evoke the crossed arms of Osiris, reflected in the masonic skull and bones. The lower key aspect gives  a triangle/capstone.
"The Key," says Doctor Oliver (Landmarks I, page 180), "is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry.

The typical masonic checkerboard floor is also overly used throughout.

As said by Agatha near the film's close...
“Whence came these two radiant celestial brothers (celestial brotherhood, the sirius worshipping brotherhood) united for an instant as they crossed the stratosphere or our starry window — one from the East and one from the West?”
Scottish Rite partly originated out of the Council of the Emperors of the East and West. The Sovereign Council of Emperors of the East and of the West, was one of many hauts grade and ecossaise bodies operating in France. A freemason is said to travel from the West to the East, that is, from darkness to light. (East where the sun rises). the fool, seen from the beginning and at the end. Zero/Zero. It is Zero's journey that is effectively unfolding in this film. The older Zero will be played by F Murray Abraham, who featured in 'masonic Mozart' (magic masonic flute) film Amadeus.

Tilda Swinton aka Madame (templar/masonic) Baphomet/The Devil (as above, so below) and with a touch of The Hanged (Wo)Man. The image of Swinton has been horizontally flipped.

 The release dates...7th of the 3rd month and 2014 (2+1+4=7). US 17, UK dvd 7/7/7 (2+1+4=7)

 The Black Rock, 777 & Oz...Lost TV series. 
 Appropriately, Lost's Jacob, brought 'the black rock' to the island and via an Exodus link.

Recall...only this week (7th Sept, a form of 7/7, sept=7) the references to the multiple (90+) buried 'monoliths' near Stonehenge.  A 777 related crop circle was found here, see earlier.

Buried monolith...
The original 2001:ASO monolith...was found 'buried' on The Moon.
And here we are on the eve of Elul 29...via the 'lunar based' Jewish Calendar. 

13th September...Elul 29


Kaaba-lism, Kaab-allah or Kabbalism?  
111 is a kabbalistic encode, a multiple of 555, 666, 777, 888 etc.
Given that this is the final death toll, of course.  The current 111 deaths cited, has at least entered the public consciousness.

Psalm 111...decide for yourself if it has any relevance?

part 10 seems to resonate most and a few other bits.

Kabbalah (Kaaba & allah, seems appropriate in this case!) 111

The almost biblical 'air and wind' video.

There are 111 days left in the year, after Sept 11th (9/11).

Babalonian Sun Square/Magick Square of the Sun: 666

Liber 777 author, Crowley aka The Beast 666 & 111
Aleph: This serves as the basis of the foundation or template for the Tower of Babel. The Fruit which I have brought forth is the SUN. (quote attributed to the goddess Isis, my emphasis) 111 = ALP (Aleph) spelled in full. 111=PLA (The Hidden Wonder, a title of Kether) which is the reverse of ALP (Aleph).

The Mecca Clock Tower...there is a prayer room inside the crescent moon, at the apex.

The Hadith
 “… the Kaaba is the house of God and God’s sanctuary is Bab-Illah (the gate to God), so when they went there, they stood by the door in supplication …”

This is also connected to The Fool (tarot) who travels on Path 11 (kether to chokmah, tree of life...the first stage of the 777 lightning flash of creation).

Remember this?  The 3 pillars, the tree of life & inside kaaba...which could be construed as 111

Crowley's Liber Aleph CXI (111) & The Fool, folly (fool-ishness) & wisdom (the wise fool).

Birds & Symbolism
Many cultures consider the Crane to be a symbol of communication and specifically believe that the Crane is a messenger of the gods.

Of course...the mechanical 'Crane' is named after a Crane because of its close resemblance to the bird. A crane, 'a machine for raising weights' is so called from the long neck of the instrument. People were struck with some kind of similarity between the long-legged bird picking up his food with his long beak and their rude engines for lifting weights.

There is an ancient Mecca connection to the crane, via the 3 chief goddesses of Mecca...
note, before Muhammad.

The 3 exalted cranes...

The Kaaba was dedicated to Hubal and also contained the images of the three chief goddesses Al-lāt, Al-‘Uzzá and Manāt. 3 goddesses in front of the tree...perhaps even evoking the 3 pillars (tree of life).  She guards the tree with swords, evocative of the biblical tree of life/knowledge, that was guarded by the flaming sword.

Yes, this concept was also an aspect of the (pre-Muhammad) Kaaba, where this crane accident/event transpired.

Many cultures consider the Crane to be a symbol of communication and specifically believe that the Crane is a messenger of the gods. The Greeks and Romans believed the Crane to be a symbol of spring and light and the bird was sacred to Apollo (messenger of the gods).

Crane Symbol - Christian Significance
The Aberdeen Bestiary which was written in the 12th Century contains the following information regarding the Crane as a religious symbol:

The sentinel crane represent those who provide goods for others in common, and watch over the obedience of their brothers, protecting them from devils and the incursions of this world.

The stone held in the claw is Christ; the claw, the disposition of the mind, so that the one who stands guard over himself or others should carry the stone of Christ in his mind. If such a man falls asleep in sin, Christ the stone will fall from his mind. Then he must cry out by means of confession.

As above, so below...
Grus (Latin, crane) Constellation, the mythological phoenix/heron/bennu is situated below.

The crane was used as a symbol of the astronomer by the Ancient Egyptians. The Ibis/Heron (Thoth, Egypt) is a very similar bird...Thoth/Hermes who mapped the heavens (astronomy). Thoth/Hermes...yet another 'messenger of the gods' a la Apollo, to whom the 'crane' is also sacred (see earlier post body).

I'm not saying...
"I told you so", but this stuff seems to now be writing itself!

25th September...this from yesterday:
Stoning The Devil via The 3 Pillars (walls)
  It seems that the 'usual' (7 & 111) kabbalism (kaaba-lism) will again, apply!
 717 killed, has entered the public consciousness.

Recall the 9/11 Mosque Crane Incident...from a week or two ago:
The event that seemed to evoke the '111' (aleph & sephiroth pillars)
Where I discussed 666 & 111 (777) & in reference to 666 Beast aka Crowley
The 666 meme that is commonly referenced in regard to the Devil (the number of the beast).

 We noted the 3 both The Tree of Life & The Kaaba

 Now we seem to have a type of 'geographical inverse' (to the 3 Kaaba pillars) @Mina, near Mecca...the 3 pillars, relating to the Devil.

It evokes the 'negative' aspect of the tree of life (sephiroth) aka the 'qliphoth' (tree of death)

All three jamarāt (pillars) represent the devil: the first and largest represents his temptation of Abraham against sacrificing Ishmael (Ismāʿīl); the second represents the temptation of Abraham's wife Hagar (Hājar) to induce her to stop him; the third represents his temptation of Ishmael to avoid being sacrificed. He was rebuked each time, and the throwing of the stones symbolizes those rebukes.
The stoning of the jamarāt also represents the repudiation of man's self (an-nafs al-'amāra, literally the "internal despot") and the act of casting aside one's low desires and wishes. (evoking behaviour similar to 'dissolution of the ego' via the tree of life, my emphasis) As one Islamic theologian states:
"If one is able to crush al‑nafs al‑'amāra during the stoning of Jamrat al‑ʿAqaba (the Jamrah of Aqaba), then one has taken the next step in attaining closeness to Allah, and since between the servant and Allah there is no more than the distance of one step, if one has been able to take this step and make it past one's own low desires and wishes, then that which follows is the level of closeness to Allah.

The 'winged' Crown/Kether to the Mind of God
 The snake and the tree...the spine and the tree
The 'base' chakra and the animalistic (666 beast) lower desire
"During those two or three days after the Eid that one is in Mina, one must stone the three jamarāt, meaning that one must trample upon his internal despot (an-nafs al-'amāra), the external despot of the Shaitan from the Jinn (Iblīs and those like him), and the Shayṭān from among the Humans (the enemies of religion and of humanity).
"The stoning of the three jamarāt is, in essence, the trampling upon the despots and waging war against all of them. When one focuses on them and the hatred for them, then one automatically focuses with complete attention upon one's self – and rightfully so – while stoning the jamarāt, one must focus entirely upon one's self.
It is an attack on a person's internal temptations or basal desires (baseness, basal can relate to the spine/brain, evoking the lower spinal snake chakras and baseness, the animalistic drive. My emphasis) the  moving away from the self and towards further submission to Allah's will and be a better person.

Are we to read the latest event as a form of divine irony?  
Folk so desperate and busy chasing an 'external devil' all while ignoring their own 'internal devil' (base behaviour, which led to these deaths). The 'internal devil' (base material desire), that seemingly drives so many...From New York to Mecca.

Al Qaida, the stooges on which 9/11 was pinned...actually translates as 'the base'.