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Paris - Friday 13th - France's 911

People who know this blog and my posts...might recall one of the very first post that I made here, some time way back in July 2009. 

The 2001 10-13, 7-11, 9-11 Manhattan Working 

France's 911

The latest 'terror' events in Paris on Friday 13th, November, 2015, have of course, made me recall that piece from all those years ago.  You'll note that 10/13 (as seen in the title) is a direct reference to the actual date, Friday 13th, October, 1307, the Templar (Masonic) date of suppression, which occurred in France, the arrest of Jacques de Molay, in Paris, the 23rd (10+13) Grand Master of the Order etc.  The Temple Mount Templars...who fought the crusades and drove back the Muslims etc.

With all this in mind, we're now going to delve deeper into the Friday 13th mythos.  Ultimately, this research is absolute proof of nothing...I am effectively just pulling together anomalies, synchronicities and weird related phenomena, but in an appreciable pattern, a kind of macro-overview, if you like. Picking up on, what Michael A Hoffman refers to as 'twilight language'.

 Tom 'The Da Vinci Code' Hanks in Paris

 References to this date & 'de Molay' are given in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code (book/film).
 The film featured Tom 'Apollo 13' Hanks as Robert Langdon, both films directed by Howard.

  Superstition surrounding this day may have arisen in the Middle Ages, "originating from the story of Jesus' last supper and crucifixion" in which there were 13 individuals present in the Upper Room on the 13th of Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night before his death on Good Friday.
 Recall from Jan 2015, Je Suis Charlie terror event, note the 'potential' word play involved...
Jesu(i)s & I am (Je Suis), 'I Am' being heavily related to Jesus.

The Eiffel 'Obelisk'...Eiffel, himself was likely a freemason (a claim denied by some). 
Note the use of the 'cross' and the symbol is based on the Cross of Rome-Nero and St Peter, 
aka The Hanged Cross Man (a la Jesus).

In France, there is actually a tradition that regards Friday 13th as a lucky day...via the Loto
 There is a 'super-draw' element every time there is a Friday 13th date.

I was citing this Templar date as the likely 'actual' source of the 'Friday 13th' (associated with death, bad luck, ill omens etc) meme itself...the mother of the entire concept. I raised this issue, primarily due to its likely Masonic origins and I remarked on its 'impact' within popular culture, with the most visible being the popular and multi-sequel film series etc.   

Please understand, that I don't write this blog from the 'POV' of being flippant about terrible instances of mass death, I write this blog from the 'POV' of considering that aspects of our 
'presented media reality', might not be all that they first seem.  

Let's just say that I suspect that aspects of 'certain events' may have a 'type' of design to them, a design which is then backed up (substantiated) by those with the power to deliver devastating images and scenes (to 100's of millions, concurrently) via corporate news media. From that point onward, these same interests are able to control/influence, an ongoing and seemingly predefined type of narrative. 
 The Truman Show & presented (media) reality...
Truman starts to suspect that all is not well with his world, from day 10,911.

The news media corps are also connected to the Hollywood studios, whose 'foreshadowing and (with some terror based/related, some not) subliminal viral programming' seem to have sown many of the initial seeds, relating to this same type of phenomena. In respect of 9/11, this was likely done with long-term planning and utilizing the power (of decades) of corporate based propaganda. Simply put, this is a type of mass media 'predictive programming' device. None of this is easy to pin-down in a short summary, but I've given it a shot. Note, I am not subscribing to the idea of 'total media fakery' in respect of these types of major events...just want to make that clear.

 The ability to deliver a 'mass media image/scene' is also typical of TV and Cinema...
Douglas Fairbanks (Kline) talking to Chaplin (Downey Jr), both would help form United Artists.

 Most news media corporations, of course, are generally subsidiaries of, or affiliated with the Hollywood studio system (C20Fox with Sky News, Fox News etc), which in turn are connected to other aspects of mass entertainment media. Something that I think needs to be appreciated. Just wanted to make that clear, if any of you were curious.

Jacques de Molay, the orders last and 23rd (10+13) Grand Master spoke with the king in Paris on June 25th, 1307 about accusations against his order and was partially reassured. 
 Returning to Poitiers, he asked the pope to set up an inquiry to quickly clear the order of the rumours and accusations surrounding it. When the pope announced that an inquiry would be convened 24 August, the king acted decisively. 
If we accept (at face value) that the Templar arrests were the source of (the masonic) Friday 13th, then Paris, France is where the actual concept originated.

Friday 13th and Paris (x2)...Friday 13th November 2015 and Friday 13th October 1307
 On Sept 14, in deepest secrecy, he sent out his orders throughout all of France which resulted in mass arrest of Templars and consfiscation of their possessions on Friday, October 13, 1307. Jacques de Molay was arrested in Paris, while he was planning to attend the funeral of Catherine of Valois. Just for a bit more synchronicity or ritual, Washington DC was purchased from a man named Pope and the land was known as Rome.  

Excerpts from 2009...
 10-13 aka Friday 13th is infamous:
Another weird link with Freemasonry and the Knights Templar came on Saturday, October 13, 1792, when a group of Masons, Hoban among them, laid the cornerstone of the White House.
According to researcher David Ovason, "A letter submitted by 'a gentleman (of Philadelphia--J.T.)' offers the only surviving eyewitness version of the Masonic cornerstone laying, which was held on Saturday, October 13, 1792, when the Georgetown Lodge No. 9 of Maryland gathered for the ceremony."The news story appeared in the Charleston City Gazette for November 15, 1792 and reads, in part, "On Saturday the 13th inst. the first stone was laid in the south-west corner of the president's house, in the city of Washington, by the Free Masons of George-town and its vicinity, who assembled on the occasion. The procession was formed at the Fountain Inn, Georgetown...The Ceremony was performed by brother Casaneva (a typo--it was Peter Casanave--J.T.), master of the lodge, who delivered an oration well adapted to the occasion."According to the Gazette, "the inscription on the brass plate," placed inside the cornerstone, ran:"This first stone of the President's House was laid the 12th day of October1792, and in the 17th Year of the Independence of the United States of America."
Over the years, the legend has grown that the White House cornerstone was laid on Friday, Columbus Day, October 12, 1792 by George Washington. Actually, Washington was nowhere near the federal city bearing his name that weekend. He was in Philadelphia.
Nor was the cornerstone laid to commemorate the Tricentennial anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the Americas. Did Lodge No. 9 get the date wrong? Not likely. The cornerstone was laid to commemorate a very special anniversary...Black Friday...the original "Friday the Thirteenth"...Friday, October 13, 1307, the day the Knights Templar were overthrown in France.
Exactly 485 years before Brothers Hoban and Casanave laid the White House cornerstone, knights loyal to King Philippe IV attacked Templar churches and strongholds all over France. It was the beginning of the end for Jacques de Molay's Templar order.
 Black Friday (1940), Karloff & Lugosi, and with Friday 13th.  The film's 'working title' was 'Friday The Thirteenth'.
'Masonic' Manly P Hall was an uncredited technical advisor, and is rumoured to have hypnotized Lugosi in one scene.

Black Friday (2004), Indian film about the '93 Bombay bombings.  The date refers to Black Friday 12 March 1993.
Warring between Hindus and Muslims that left over 1,500 dead. It's not Friday 13th, but I did notice The film was screened at the 57th Locarno Int. Film Festival, on (Friday) 13 August 2004 and was received with widespread praises. 
 Paris, Hebdo 7th Jan 2015 to Paris, Friday 13th Nov 2015 = 311
 Note the 3/11 reference for Madrid (above)...if you take 9/11 as the zero start point, 911 days elapsed between New York 9/11 and Madrid 3/11.

The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit. Ever since the start of the modern Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to a bustling holiday shopping season.
Yes...the term 'Black Friday' has now (especially in recent years) become very familiar.
Connected to shopping, violence and chaos...judging from the pictures I've seen. :-)
This years 'Black Friday' will take place on Friday 27th November 2015.
 Jacques 'Black Friday 13th' De Molay (23rd Temple Grandmaster). Note, 42nd US president Bill Clinton, was known to have been a member of the 'masonic' De Molay order.
Most will know of the Bush clan's connection to the Russell Trust aka Skull and Bones.

A 'Brother' of the 'Brotherhood'?
IN HAND (geddit?) : The president's official seal is set.
The amplification of a picture of the president's seal being set, which was published in Newsweek magazine May 24, 2008, revealed a Masonic emblem in the ring on this right hand.  Although it is not Obama's hands...the implied message is loud and clear.

The reverse side of the seal is the often seen (masonic) pyramid & all seeing eye capstone

Amplification of young Obama's Masonic handshake, during the graduation at Punahou School in Hawaii. Obama's hand is horizontal, so his teacher can perfectly place his thumb Masonic style. And curiously, a letter 'G' shows up in the image's background.

Anyway...10 instances of the 13 based series, in its original franchise format:
 The obvious starting point when looking for this type of  'imagery' (Fri 13th) has to be 'The Friday 13th' franchise...which started out in 1980, that series has firmly put the concept into the 'group mind'.
 October 13 (aka 10-13) the actual Templar resonating date, in Friday 13th Part 7

The 13th October 1917 (10-13) was the date of the final apparition of 'Our Lady of Fatima'
(Notre Dame/Virgin Mary), with the 3rd apparition occurring on Friday 13th July 1917.
 We find often the number thirteen associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her Assumption occurred on a Friday 13th, in August, at 3 o'clock of the evening, according to visions of Mary Agreda. It was on Friday July 13th 1917, that the children of Fatima had their vision of the Hell, a Friday 13th instance and one related to suffering and death

  Coincidentally, in another genre of horror and in the same production year as the (1980) Friday 13th film franchise, UK TV launched the Hammer House of Horror series. Hammer, of horror film fame.
 Comprising of 13 individual episodes, with the first episode debuting on Friday 13th Sept 1980. The 3rd episode of the series titled 'Rude Awakening' (featuring Denholm 'Trading WTC Places' Elliot), actually used the Friday 13th date (screen shot above) as the basis of the episode. A recurring dream scenario happening on this day and eventually culminating in a murder. The prior episode (eps #2) was called Thirteenth Reunion. The first 3 episodes all relate to 13 and two of them to Friday 13th. The series would feature a host of well known actors, from Pierce 'James Bond' Brosnan to Peter 'Hammer' Cushing.

The Hammer House of Horror series was a joint production between ITC and Hammer, Lew Grade formed ITC (the model that would be ITV, UK) on 11th September 1958.  It eventually folded into Universal Studios, who then sold it to Carlton (UK).
Grade bankrolled Arnon 'Israel-9/11' Milchan and his 1978 release The Medusa (Me-Jews-a) Touch. Crashing a plane 'remotely' into a tower and via Telekinesis...TV/Telly-kinesis.  Grade paid $5 million for the film's foreign rights...before it was even produced. Grade's nephew Michael, has been a major player in British TV for decades, from LWT, BBC to Channel 4 etc.  Milchan, seems to have been one of Shimon Peres' main men in the arms dealing, politics and film making.

It is a general belief of mine, that the genre of 'science fiction' (in particular) has been heavily utilized to disseminate various occult/mystery religion ideas. Coupled with this, the same genre has predictively programmed respect of certain major events, that have been, and perhaps some of which are to come.  It is an ongoing phenomena.

My July 2009 post 'Manhattan Working' also contained heavy references to Kubrick and 2001:ASO.
Kubrick (who made 13 feature films) is also connected to Friday 13th, as you'll soon see.
 The Manhattan (Ground Zero) Hilton 2001 'replica' imitating art?
Kubrick's 2001 film was released in 1968, 33 years before 911 (2001). The film concerns a mysterious rock (monolith) that seemingly influences the development of mankind (cough, cough).

The 2001 novel (on which the film was based) was written by A C Clarke...note this aspect (from the opening section) of his novel Rendezvous With Rama (1972).

  "At 0940 GMT on the morning of September 11 in the exceptionally beautiful summer of the year 2077, most of the inhabitants of Europe saw a dazzling fireball.... Somewhere above Austria it began to disintegrate.... The cities of Padua and Verona were wiped from the face of the earth, and the last glories of Venice sank forever..."

In the same year that '2001' was released (1968), 911 was designated as the universal emergency telephone number in North America. In 1987, September 11th became 911 Emergency Number Day.
That's the date and phone number now 'inextricably linked' in an overt official public sense.
 Very synchronistic and prescient...don't you think? Yes, there are obvious numerical reasons as to why the Sept 11th (9/11) was chosen for the Emergency Number Day, but nonetheless, I still think it is interesting.

Anyway, Kubrick is no stranger to Friday 13th...
Stanley 'Spartacus' Kubrick...Adam 'Spartacus' Weishaupt

Kubrick would 'literally' break (big-time) Hollywood on Friday 13th Feb 1959,
after Mann was fired from Spartacus by Kirk Douglas.
Kubrick would get a telephone call (about the job) that same day!  (excerpt, The Complete Kubrick). Spartacus was the 'code-name' of Illuminist Adam Weishaupt.

Kubrick's Dr Strangelove...
When the radio operator checks the code in his book, one can briefly see "Valid: 13 September 1963" on the top of the page.

Let's rewind a bit...
Connecting 'Friday & 13' via the 'masonic' Club 13
Freemasons' affection for the Templars means the date may have been familiar to Masons such as Fowler, Sotheran and Wolff.

An earlier documented reference in English occurs in Henry Sutherland Edwards' 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini, (the composer) who died on a Friday 13th: He [Rossini] was surrounded to the last by admiring friends; and if it be true that, like so many Italians, he regarded Fridays as an unlucky day and thirteen as an unlucky number, it is remarkable that on Friday 13th of November he passed away. He died at 76, from pneumonia at his country house at Passy he was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Note, coincidentally that it was the exact same calendar day, as the recent terror event in Paris, France.

13 & Death (Tarot, Death Card, 13)
A standard deck of playing cards (which are based on the tarot) have 4 suits of 13.

  (Black) Friday 13th and Death...and via Death Row (records)
2Pac/Tupac eventually died on Friday 13th Sept 1996. (he was allegedly shot on 7th Sept)
Tupac/Caput: over, dead, no more. (urban dictionary).  Biggie, is suspected to have been involved.

Some of the very last songs Shakur recorded before his death. (K)illuminati...the posthumously released album was under his Makaveli (pseudonym), modeled on Nicolai Machiavelli, who (some say) wrote about fooling enemies/faking Art of War. The Makaveli album was conceived as a sort of introduction for Pac's alternate stage name. Crucifixion/resurrection...'AVELI' is an anagram of 'ALIVE' and the whole Pac/Biggie issue (2Pac is not dead etc), the stuff of urban hip-hop legend, and has been for years.

 To say that the Hip-Hop genre has been used to disseminate many aspects of 'occult/mystery religion/masonry etc', would be a huge understatement.

 Jay 'OTO' Z being one of the most prominent.
Jay-Z's 'Blueprint album' was released on the day of 9/11 itself...9/11/2001. Blueprint literally means plan.  Jay Z and Roc-a-fella (Rockefeller).
  Jay Z's wife aka Beyonce, launched her self titled (Apple itunes only) release on Fri 13th Dec 2013.

Many of the Paris attacks occurred near to the former site of the Old Paris Temple, Templar built and where the French king arrested De Molay and the (Temple Mount) Templars on Fri 13th Oct 1307.
Jewish owners recently sold (two months ago!) after decades of ownership, Paris’s Bataclan theater, where IS killed dozens. Pro-Israeli events were often held there.
The sale went through on (9/11) Sept 11th 2015.
jewish owners recently sold paris bataclan theater

Paris...Friday 13th
Difficult not to notice, that the band playing in the Bataclan, were The Eagles of Death Metal.
They had just launched into their song “Kiss The Devil” and then (ironically) all hell broke loose.

"Who’ll love the devil?… Who’ll sing his song?…Who will love the devil and his song?…
I’ll love the devil!…I’ll sing his song!…I will love the devil and his song!…
Who’ll love the devil?…Who’ll kiss his tongue?…Who will kiss the devil on his tongue?" etc

Perhaps, we could read the lyrics as a homage to Lucifer, who formerly was a chief of music (song).

Death & 13

There are/were three instances of 'Friday 13th' in the year 2015, Feb, Mar and Nov. The year 2012, also had three. The span between 'Friday 13th Feb to Friday 13th Nov' (2015) is exactly 39 weeks (3 x 13). Any month that starts on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th, and there is at least one Friday 13th in every calendar year. Last year’s lone Friday the 13th on June 13, 2014, occurred exactly 39 weeks (3 x 13 weeks) before the Friday the 13th in March 2015. Also, next year’s lone Friday the 13th on May 13, 2016, will happen exactly 26 weeks (2 x 13 weeks) after the Friday the 13th in November 2015. The last time there were three Friday 13th's (Feb-Mar-Nov) was 2009. A grand total of 11, February-March-November Friday the 13th years, takes place in the 21st century (2001-2100):

Los Angeles Herald reported in 1895: 
"Whenever, during the past 13 years Friday has fallen on the 13th of the month this peculiar organisation (Thirteen Club) has never failed to hold a special meeting for rejoicing."

A few years later...this publication would appear and from the same type of 'superstition' angle:

In 1907 a book called Friday, the Thirteenth was published, by a stock promoter called Thomas Lawson. It was the inspiration for the Friday 13th mythology which culminated in the lurid film and TV franchises starting in the 1980s. Lawson's book is a dark fable of Wall Street whose central character ruthlessly engineers booms and busts in the market to work revenge on his enemies, leaving misery and ruin in his wake. In it he takes advantage of the jitters which the date Friday 13th could be relied on to produce in the market traders. "Every man on the floor and in the Street as well has his eye on it. Friday, the 13th, would break the best bull market ever under way," one character says.

Lawson, was actually connected to William Rockefeller (Co-founder of Standard Oil) in the formation of  their (along with Henry Rogers) Amalgamated Cooper Mining Company!
Rothschild and Rockefeller, no you can see, 'Friday 13th' Lawson, had a falling out.

Rockefeller Towers...It was David Rockefeller, who suggested that the Port Authority build the WTC.
 The World Trade Center project was spearheaded by David Rockefeller, chairman of the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Development Association (DLMA) and his brother Nelson Rockefeller, who was then governor of New York. Both brothers pushed hard for the project.
 A watch worn 'upside-down', with the hands set to 9 & 11 (8:55), a fight based ad (Tareyton) on the back, evokes the Twin Towers. Shot taken several months after ground breaking began for the WTC. Every year, the Xmas Tree lights at Rockefeller 'Prometheus' Plaza, are switched on at 8:55 (9 &11). Roc-a-fella Records' Jay Z, released his Blueprint album on 9/11/2001, recorded at the Manhattan Center, which was once owned by the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

 Isis/Liberty...her crown piercing the Twin Towers (and Empire State)

Recall the Xmas tree and lights at featured in Home Alone 2
 Where Kevin makes a wish...a wish before the 'tree' or before 'Prometheus' decide!?

 Kevin stays in Room 411 at the Trump Plaza...note the Trump 'Plaza logo', 
is this also a (combined) subliminal cipher for 911?
  411 is a slang term for 'obtaining information'...reflected in the 411 information service line.
Kevin will also dial the 911 (emergency number) during the film. 
Rockefeller Plaza...Prometheus & The Christ-mas Tree
 Fire stealing Prometheus' eternal punishment was inflicted by 'lightning bolt' Zeus, an aspect reflected in The Tower (tarot), it shows lightning strikes attributed to Zeus. The tarot's Tower originally represented both House (Home) of God and House (Home) of Devil, for Zeus and Hades were brothers. The Tower bridges the worlds of humans and gods, through a transformative power of sacrificial fire - the most potent of which is the Lightning-bolt.

Prometheus' daily torment of an eagle devouring a replenishing organ, his liver, from his side.
'Bringer of fire' Prometheus...the myth, as foreshadowing for WTC/911 via Flight 175?
The plane that banked and swooped in, before striking the side and exploding fire out of the side/corner. This was the 'South Tower strike' shown live and repeatedly on the day itself. North Tower strike, wasn't seen live, 'French' Jules Naudet video, the only clear footage, was shown later.
 There are parallels with Christ (spear in his side), Home Alone 2 taking place at Christ-mas. Christ/Prometheus both 'eternal suffers' and 'hanged men'. Prometheus (aforethought) 'literally' translates as: 'careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future.' 

Home Alone 2, also featured the WTC Towers, Kevin actually stands on the observation deck.
Foreshadowing for flight 175? Culkin, takes American Airlines 767, flight #176 to New York & stands on South Tower, the one that was struck by the United Airlines 767, flight #175. (gif above!)
The 'aerial' WTC (Rockefeller Towers) scene ends and segues into an 'Airport Security' notice.

Darlene 'The Crystals' Love would sing the track All Alone On Christmas (Home Alone 2)
The track that (appropriately) accompanies the Home Alone 2, World Trade Center scene!

 The song references 'St John The Divine' (church) and the '8:55 (9 and 11 hands) Rockefeller lit tree.'
  1997, St John The Divine Church (Revelation) and the Twin Towers...all very apocalyptic/babylon looking! Masonic World, homage to St John (church).  St John, being a 'patron saint' of freemasonry.
Darlene Love's track Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) is the opening track in Gremlins.
Mind control aside...Darlene, has a fantastic voice, one of the best, imo.  
She would feature in Lethal '911' Weapon, as Murtaugh's (Glover) wife, you'll see that later.

 Chris Columbus (Home Alone 2, director) would write 'the script' for Dante/Spielberg's Gremlins
 I've kindly translated the 9/11 tuned 'radio' from Gremlins, Sapphire XI (September Birthstone - 11)
Coincidence theorists (clutching straws) would say that this radio was a mass produced model.
Talking of birthstones...the sequel would feature Marla Bloodstone, as a Clamp Ent. superior.
Marla (means, High Tower) Bloodstone (the stone of noble sacrifice)...High Tower, noble sacrifice.  Entertainment media (Amblin) and news media (Fox) meet in the matrix via Eric 'WTC/911' Shawn.
Shawn's only cameo, and one of the 'few' people, claiming to have seen 1st plane strike on the WTC.
Randall's New York, New York, Thompson Twins, Bombers in the Sky (tunes), WTC on promos.
Of course, Gremlins were originally a pestilent creature, that pilots during the 2nd world war would blame, when their planes mechanically failed.

Clamp (Premiere Regency) Trade Center (and Retail Concourse)...with the World (globe)
The building is likely based on Trump Tower (5th Ave). 
Donald 'The Tower' Trump (the major Trumps, tarot, The 'struck' Tower, being one of them).
Trump, used to be linked with Marla Maples...Donald 'Tower' Trump & High Tower Maples. :-)

“Who knew? We never imagined he’d run for president,” says director Joe Dante, who parodied Donald Trump (Clamp) as a major character 25 years ago in the horror comedy sequel “Gremlins 2”
Here's a prediction...if you like that sort of thing.  Imo, Trump will become the next US president.
Oh look...Donald 'The Tower' Trump (cameo) in Home Alone 2

Gremlins writer...Chris 'Home Alone 2' Columbus
 Director Chris Columbus, evoking Christ-opher 'Templar' Columbus...the Friday 13th Templars!
Explorer Columbus, was a Knight of Christ...a Templar affiliated group. Hence, the Templar Cross.

David Rockefeller's 'Great Uncle' William Rockefeller, was involved with 'Friday 13th' Lawson
The Thomas W. Lawson, the only seven-masted schooner ever built, was named after him.
As an odd coincidence, Lawson, who was intensely superstitious (unlike the Club 13 members), wrote the novel Friday the Thirteenth in which a broker picks that day on which to bring down Wall Street; the Thomas W. Lawson, in which he had invested heavily, was wrecked off the Isles of Scilly at 2:30 am GMT on Saturday 14 December 1907 (the year he published the Fri 13th book!) , but to Lawson, at home in Boston, it was at that time still Friday 13th.

The Friday 13th film franchise, wouldn't be the first film to use 'Friday 13th' in its title, there was an obscure film released called 'Friday 13th - The Orphan' (released 1979).
 According to one review, Christopher 'Back To The Future' Lloyd (not credited, see pic below, man on the right) appears very, very briefly, during the film's opening scene at a funeral home.
For further 'synchronistic' overlaps...the review (link above) was posted on Friday 13th Nov 2015!

Just a low-resolution shot, but it does appear to be Lloyd, in a blink and you'll miss it moment!
As regards the title, it seems likely that certain people involved in this 1977/1979 (both years are listed) film were paid, so that the 'F13' title could be used by director/producer Cunningham.

 Two main characters from Back To The Future (BTTF) 'Friday 13th' titled releases.
Don't forget the BTTF's 'tree of life' (kabbalism/masonry) aspects that I've raised previously too.
 Crispin 'Back To The Future' Glover (George McFly) would synchronistically feature in
Friday 13th - The Final Chapter (Part 4).  That now legendary dance move scene.

 Some will recall my work concerning Back To The Future...with the lightning struck (clock) Tower
Back To The '911' Future...via the 'struck' Tower.  Twin Pines (WTC) to Lone Pine (OneWTC)

 Director Zemeckis, has just revisited the WTC location (heavily) with his latest release, The Walk.

While I'm on the subject of horror related media, I found the following film (in hindsight) to be rather 'eerie' in relation to the World Trade Center, Lucio Fulci's Zombie (Zombie Flesh Eaters).

Opening shot 'tower penetration'. Both Zombie (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters) & Fri 13th - Jason Takes Manhattan,
will use the 'Twin Towers' for their opening/establishing shots!

Talking of ships...
Friday 13th Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason boards the Lazarus (resurrection), destination, New York.
Only a few scenes were actually filmed in New York, much of the action takes place on the ship.
Friday 13th, film series...and my first post from 2009
I basically started to look for potential 'synchronicities' from the series, ones that might relate to the World Trade Center and 9/11...that type of thing.  The 'lightning struck' WTC towers, below. (Part 8)
Some time ago, I suspected that 9/11 had connections to "masonic/mystery religion magick & mainstream media'', at least in some I considered it fair game. I only started the blog in 2009, but I've been doing this type of research since 9/11/2001 itself...that's 14+ years.

The appropriately named part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan.
The accompanying intro voice over...with these 'opening' images: 
"A Land of steel & concrete...trapped by dark waters. There is no escape...  
...You can't get the adrenaline pumping without the 'TERROR' good people. I love this town!"
A Horror, Inc. Production

L' Paris (Friday 13th)

In Britain, Friday was the conventional day for public hangings, and where 13 steps led to the noose.
Friday 13th - Part 3.  This sequel was released on a Friday 13th (August 1982), the first of the series to do so. Parts 4, 7 and 9 would also be released on a Friday 13th date.

 Friday 13th (Pt 3), Death & The World Trade Center
Godzilla v Megalon, battling on top of the WTC Towers...first edition Fangoria magazine, 1979.
In 1976, Cinema Shares released a dubbed version of Godzilla vs Megalon, theatrically for the US.

Godzilla v Megalon, rode the coat tails of Dino De Laurentiis' big-budget King Kong remake (1976)
King Kong, from Guillerman, who prior to this film made (prescient) The Towering Inferno.
King Kong, featured Jeff '911' Bridges...see The Fisher '911' King and The Big 'Sept 11' Lie-bowski.
Poster art showed Godzilla and Megalon (which was originally released in 1973) battling on top of the World Trade Center, despite the fact that no scenes were set in New York.  No airplanes were seen in King Kong (1976) either, but they're on the poster. Godzilla vs. Megalon was given a high-profile prime-time NBC network premiere in 1977, with an introduction and bumper segments by John Belushi in a Godzilla suit also used on Saturday Night Live. The 1976 US release was a huge success in American theaters, earning $383,744 in its first three days in Texas and Louisiana alone.

Not forgetting this '78 French & Italian release (Bye, Bye Monkey) evoking King Kong (1976)
 Don't want to get too bogged down with Godzilla, but Emmerich's '98 film is WTC-9/11 resonant.
As is (Godzilla) Emmerich's Independence Day.

There are numerous example of clock/watch (9&11) hand shots set at this particular time...Trading Places, Liar, Liar, The Fisher King, Wall St (digital), Twilight Zone: The Movie, Awakenings etc etc.  The clock time '9:11' has also been frequently used...Wall St (again), Superman/Superman 2, Awakenings (again), Maze, Mannequin etc.

"The worst act of destruction, since the World Trade Center (1993) bombing" (Reporter, top right)
The (lightning) Struck Tower(s) and 9 & 11 (8:55) clock well as countless instances of 'aircraft' shots, superimposed over the image of the towers.

 Mel 'Lethal 911 Weapon' Gibson, in Roland 'Godzilla WTC/911' Emmerich's The Patriot
The collapsing 9(lb) 11(oz) chair

The French Connection...
We mentioned Gustav Eiffel's likely masonic credentials earlier. The Statue of Liberty (Isis) in New York harbour was presented in 1884 as a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons to the Masons of America in celebration of the centenary of the first Masonic Republic. The cornerstone of the statue records how it was laid in a Masonic ceremony.

Illuminating the sky, One WTC is 1,776 feet high...Weishaupt's Illuminati formed in 1776.
The Eiffel Tower/One WTC are 'obelisks' (penis of Osiris/petrified rays of the sun). 
All makes thematic sense, with Liberty as the accompanying composite Isis.

 The French Connection 2...The 9/11 'Zapruder' film:
The Naudet Brothers, who claimed they worked for Canal+ TV (France)
Synchronistically, they would film their video (of the plane) from Canal Street.

So we've been comparing 'France's Friday 13th' with 'America's 9/11'

 9/11 & Friday 13th...for this 'terror magnet', hmmm?
Paris-attacks-man-survives-9-11-and-Paris-Bataclan-attack's this for another literal connection between the two?

The French Connection (1971).  
Film is often cited as being the first (or one of the very first) to feature the WTC Towers on film.
Directed by Friedkin, who went on to direct The Exorcist, the Boorman sequel featured the WTC.
The WTC under construction. On the 'wtcinmovies' is listed 'first' in order of chronology.

Gene 'Popeye Doyle' Hackman...has 9/11 previous via Enemy of the State.
Tony 'Beverly Hills (9/11) Cop 2' Scott...directed the film.
 Hackman, connects to the World Trade Center via Superman, Lex Luthor.
Clock settings in Superman & Superman II, also resonate 9/11, eleven minutes past nine.
 Notice that the cover shows the Manhattan skyline (with WTC) on fire.

The French Connection 3...
Opening scene, Daily Planet...editor is preparing a headline story about terrorists in Paris, France.
Go and check-out the comments (at youtube, for this video), note 'Brother Leon2010' comment!
"The events of 11/13/2015 made me think of this scene."

The terrorist bomb that Superman pushes into space, releases the 3 Krypton criminals.
Donner was involved with Superman and the sequel, Lester eventually took over control of the latter.

'Superman' Donner's Lethal (9/11) Weapon...Murtaugh & Riggs at Dixie's House
 Except (more like accept!) 9-11.  Building is exploded and is timed with the plane passing can see the plane (between the trees) in the final picture. We saw Gibson's 9(lb) 11(oz) collapsing chair earlier via The Patriot.
see the Lethal weapon clip here

"Your gonna bust (to break) Dixie, your gonna bust Dixie, your gonna bust Dixie" etc
Lethal Weapon's Dixie, happens to be a woman, Mrs Dixie/Dixy...but I find it interesting, nonetheless, particularly when you throw in all the other 'connected' aspects!  There is a general idea that Dixie originates from the Mason-Dixon Line that divides the Southern/Northern US States.

This Superman comic was allegedly released the day after 9/11...Sept 12 (2001)
 Below, the 'damaged' Twin Towers, The Eiffel Tower & The Pyramid
(left) "I am in the monitor room, coordinating a world wide clean-up & reconstruction"
(right) "Man of steel, is what, catching the latest wave of reality programming?" (huge cough, cough)

Talking of 'reality programming'...
"Media is reality, and reality is less than media."

Cronenberg's Videodrome...TV as mind control
David 'Friday 13th-Jason X' Cronenberg

 They went on to make 10 movie versions of the 13 story...before then revamping the original recently. So for the last flick you got the double reference to 10-13....X(10) 13.
Typical 'Templar Masonry' symbolism.
I'm sure most are aware of the Bush clan and their links to 'Skull & Bones/Russell Trust' masonry...out of I won't go over that here.

X Files 10-13 Productions. MR '10-13' himself, Chris C Carter, 
I know it is his actual birth date, but it goes deeper than just that, imo.
 Some...9/11-7/11 and Two Tower resonance, 10-13's X-files.

From Friday 13th November 2015...Fox13 presents:
A Friday 13th baby, called Fox (jackal/anubis) and related to Chris '10-13' Carter's X-Files
That's 'synchronicity' for typically fails to disappoint.  The same date as the Paris event.

Mar 4, 2001 - TV show "The Lone Gunmen" 10-13 productions premieres, the PILOT episode:
Shown 6 months before the real 9/11 event occurred.

Foreshadowing a number of conspiracy theories which arise in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks. The plot of the March 4, 2001 pilot episode of the series depicts a secret faction within the United States government plotting to hijack a Boeing 727 and fly it into the World Trade Center by remote control. The states motive was to increase the military defense budget by blaming the attack on foreign 'tin-pot dictators' who are 'begging to be smart-bombed.

 "You find something?"
"Yeah I wound up in some government 'think tanks' upload directory... (cough, cough)
Here's your scenarios ladies"

Soon following this, the 911 encoded and domestic airline terrorism screens, 
we soon see a protagonist crash a car into a pillar and using remote control.

Voice the following scene:
"But then he started to piece together...the larger plan." (cough, cough)
"He found the remote control which the assassins attached to his car"
The climax shows the plane just scraping and missing the Towers, but the above scene will show an actual impact and via remote control!

All ties-in quite nicely with the following...

 In the episode, the remote pilot is eventually foiled by the protagonists, who board the doomed plane and deactivate the malicious autopilot system, just seconds before the plane would have reached the World Trade Center.

I've also pointed out, that it is alleged, that certain 'intel factions' were likely behind some of these scripts. Murdoch's Fox TV would produce the series, his association with Arnon 'Hollywood/911' Milchan, has been duly noted too.

Many have already labelled this Paris event as France's 9/11

Some readers may even recall my post, back in January...regarding France's Charlie Hebdo terror event, I had picked up on some 'masonic' overtones in regard to that event!  Some of the Friday 13th events in Paris, occurred very close to the Charlie Hebdo offices.

Conveniently placed Dr Hebdo aka Patrick Pelloux...and preparing via drills, on the day itself!  Shades of 9/11 FEMA and drills, shades of 7/7 also with drills.

One of the first at the scene. Pelloux was an 'actual' writer for the Charlie Hebdo publication.
He even has two film acting credits to his name...cough, cough.

Excerpts from the earlier Hebdo post...see below

Update Latest....7th January
Is this yet another...'potential' false flag terror event? 

In the clip (shown below) it REALLY does look like the shot missed, I appreciate that this stuff is difficult to digest/tolerate, but that is my conclusion based on the images.

The Masonic Grand Orient of France and their 'support/sponsorship' of Charlie Habdo.
It seems Stephane Charbonnier was seemingly connected to masonic circles.
The Grand Orient of France
France's President Hollande, seemingly has 'masonic' previous too...cough, cough

Double-take...Isis (Liberty) & Osiris (Obelisk/Pillar/Penis)
Recall Isis/Liberty (USA), it was the French Grand Orient Temple Masons, that gifted the statue to the Masons of America in celebration of the centenary of the first Masonic Republic.

 Ground Zero...2001 Monolith & glyph for Sirius (WFC buildings)
The WFC/WTC buildings (USA, above) that also evoke the Sirius glyph, Sirius 'star of the masons' and star of 'Isis' (Liberty). Sirius aka Sept (as in September).

 Isis...Napoleon's Coat of Arms for Paris & Princess Diana

Isis, her sacred star Sirius (canis/sept/sothis).  Diana, who was killed in Paris, after the limo struck the 13th pillar, the day before 'Sept' (September).  Diana, a composite Isis, as the perfume indicates and note the (liberty) torch flame that is situated on the bridge. Diana, the moon goddess a la Isis.

Pont D'Alma...Bridge, Alma name meaning 'soul' (spanish). Bridge of the Soul
31st August 1997...on the (exact 109th) anniversary of the first Jack The Ripper killing, same time of day too, early hours of the morning. JTR is already enshrined in 'masonica' from Stephen Knight's book...JTR:The Final Solution.  Many believe that the French Revolution was instigated by and influenced by French Freemasonry.

 A Candle (Torch) in the Wind...anyone?

 Isis - Liberty - Libby
 View from an aircraft window...PU becomes 911 (flipped) and over the Twin Towers, breakfast time.

Angus 'ACDC' Young as Liberty...Gibson (guitar) piercing the (Lightning Struck, see logo) Tower(s)
This track was deemd unsuitable for airplay, after the 9/11 attacks, but the following video wasn't!

 Shake Your (WTC) resonant is this track and video?
 "Shake your foundations, shake it to the floor"
The video is set inside a bar/club that is collapsing...see from 3:00 mins onward.
Is the red drapery (before the WTC) supposed to be a subliminal 9?  The song ends with the words 'make a sign' and Johnson (singer) gestures 'downward' in front of the towers.

There are numerous 'questionable' album covers that seemingly relate to WTC-9/11.
The Big Apple, WTC/Liberty in flames...this album (like Jay-Z's Blueprint) was released on 9/11/01, I kid you not.
Bouncing Souls (back cover) from May 2001...last track is titled Gone.

 "Shake your foundations, shake it to the floor"
AC/DC's Shake Your (WTC) Foundations, reminds me of Working Girl (1988)

Which heavily featured the WTC. 'It's asking for the taking, trembling and shaking.'  
Isis...the working girl ('working' as in magickal practices)
With Harrison 'Osiris/Horus' Ford...Star Wars, his carbonite Osiris coffin & Horus (millenium) falcon
Working Girl (1988), the end credits over the Twin Towers, with the lyrics:

'It's asking for the taking, trembling and shaking.'  (can only find opening credits)
Working Girl & 'the whore' on the Babylonian the New Jersualem
The closing 'terrorist' dialogue and a zoom shot from the window of WTC 7 building.

Satur(n)day Night Live...Isis, daughter of Saturn
 Dakota 'Isis' Johnson...daughter of Melanie 'Working Girl' Griffith.

The Egypto-Masonic Dollar...
ISIS ($) & OSIRIS (pyramid)...silver money related to moon (Isis), gold money to sun (Osiris)


Hebdo, False flag terror is a potential reality here (mossad/masonic overlaps).  Seems rather convenient that one of the patsies, I mean shooters, would leave his ID card at the scene of the crime!

I've seen claims that the youngest of the 3 was apparently in class when the shooting happened, I can't attest to the reliability of this, but he did seemingly hand himself into the police, so he hasn't been running away, as it were.

Charlie or Char-lie?
The latest new member of 'Club Atta'...IDs & Passports to order.
Yes, lets go on a terror hit in disguise and then leave an ID Computer says NO!

France recently agreed to consider recognizing Palestine as a state and they were also outspoken about ending the sanctions against Russia. Make of that what you will.

Coincidentally (or not), I did notice that there was heightened tension between the EU and Israel, a couple of days before this Paris event.

Back to my Charlie Hebdo post from January...

 Latest...10th Jan 
 Breaking - Police Chief Helric Fredon, investigating Charlie Hebdo, dies mysteriously!
Some might say that he might've been 'suicided'.

You might even remember 'big nose' Lagarde (IMF) and her 'mystery religion' infused speech (2014)...the French lady who kept hammering out that 7 meme....and in plain sight.
They've gone from being pencil pushing financial outright mystics! 

7 days into 2015...Jan 7th

Hyper Cacher (Excessively/Uber Hidden) and Charles Traiteur (Charlie Traitor) 'phonetics', 'traiteur' literally refers to 'treat'.

The Hebdo Paris op, already had undertones of 'masonic influence' and these are the exact sort of mind games/word play that might be present.
 "Freemasons applaud violence, terror and crime, provided it is carried out in a crafty manner," writes Knight. "Humor is all important and the most appalling crimes may be committed under its cloak."

In fact, one of the key Masonic insights into human nature, says Knight, is the reaction of people to terrorism and serial ritual murders executed with great skill. In other words, people will marvel and say, "What a dirty trick, but how skillfully executed. What a swindle, but how well and with what courage it has been done."

"This macabre sense of humor (or base insanity) is the trademark of Masonic Magick - to cause an effect, by an act so devilish yet cunning, that the entire world pays attention - while it's virtually terrorized and traumatized in the same collective gasp of horror."

"Ghoulish murders with a Puckish sense of fun characterizes these atrocities."
Above quotes attributed to 'The Brotherhood/JTR:Final Solution' author, Stephen Knight
 Remember 7/7?  
Crowley's thelemic mission statement Liber Oz, is Book 77
Outright Terror....Bold & Brilliant
The descend aka go underground, where most of the bombs went off. 
Tavistock, the same place name, where they did psychological testing on bomb victims, early 20th century.

 "This macabre sense of humor (or base insanity) is the trademark of Masonic Magick - to cause an effect, by an act so devilish yet cunning, 
 that the entire world pays attention - while it's virtually terrorized and traumatized in the same collective gasp of horror."

Sound familiar?
 More OTO, A.A., Golden Dawn grade signs...Isis (mourning) & Osiris (slain ala christ)

Isis (Isil) are implicated in this and Isis is the 'mystery religion goddess'...wife/sister of Osiris (masonic hiram abiff), Mother of Horus, Horus aka 'the son of the widow', the widow being Isis, hence why some members of the fraternity call themselves 'the widows sons'.

It was Grand Patron of the 'masonic' Rosicrucians...Bulwer Lytton 
who suggested that the 'aristocracy' should arrange itself into an 'Isis Cult'.
 The 'rose cross' also an aspect of their system, but expected, of course.
Mystery Religion has given us 666 & is 888 via The Golden (formed 1888) Dawn, formed the same year as those Jack 'the masonic' Ripper killings began! (see Knight)

In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and several other Bulwer-Lytton proteges formed the Isis-Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn. This Isis Cult was organized around the 1877 manuscript Isis Unveiled by Madame Helena Blavatsky, in which the Russian occultist called for the British aristocracy to organize itself into an Isis priesthood.
Aquarian Conspiracy - EIR

 The usual suspects (Osiris/Isis/Nephthys/Thoth)...toot, toot.

Golden Dawn 'Crowley' would be a major player in the OTO, that followed Golden Dawn
Economist Magazine...the usual array of psychopaths, posing as leaders of men.  You could perhaps make the date '13/11/15' out of the arrow numbers, if you're that way inclined.

Angela 'I've totally lost the plot' Merkel...
Mystery Religion workings in plain sight. Why is Merkel always pulling the OTO elemental grade sign 'water'? OTO (oriental templars) was formed in Germany by Kellner/Reuss.  

Fire & Water.
 Jay 'Masonic/OTO disciple' Z...often forms and uses the (related) elemental fire grade sign

Could it be that Merkel's 'insane' advice re: mass as a result of someone pulling her strings?  Her dystopian ideal, has and is setting a perfect environment for these kind of 'potential' (state sponsored) nefarious activities?

 Of course, the other relevant and recent incident that ties-in to the 'Terror in France' is the downing (allegedly by Isis) of the Russian aircraft (Airbus A321) over Egypt, which occurred on the popular occult date of 31st October aka Hallowe'en...13 days later, the 'Isis' Paris terror events unfolded.
Hallowe'en and Friday's seemingly like a real horror show. The director of the first Friday 13th film (1980), was inspired by the success of Carpenter's Hallowe'en (1978).

Egypt and Isis...all synchronistically appropriate, considering that 'mystery religion goddess' Isis was the Egyptian Queen of Osiris (aka the masonic Hiram Abiff).

The Russian 'double-headed' Eagle and the masonic 'double-headed' Eagle (33 Phoenix)

The Myth of the Fire-bird Phoenix, that came from the Land of Fire was an important story.
The Phoenix landed/nested on the Benben Stone in Heliopolis, Egypt. Heliopolis, the seat of the Sun God Atum-Ra and capital of the 13th Lower Egyptian Nome (a Province). The City was the most important Center of Science in Antiquity. 

Heliopolis is now part of Cairo and completely destroyed. The only thing that is left is a lonely Obelisk, the Carrier of the famous Benben Stone (small pyramid), the Stone of Destiny.

All of the recent events, from the Russian plane crash, to the Friday 13th terror in France...have been taking place around, or while the Great Pyramid at Giza, has been heavily in the news.
An international team of scientists using infrared thermography have found several anomalies on the eastern side of the Khufu Pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza, which may indicate previously unknown cavities like hidden rooms or tunnels. Members of the team, known as Operation Scan Pyramids, note the higher temperatures on these stones could be due to air currents from vacant spaces behind its walls.

The Khufu Pyramid will undergo further investigation over the next couple of months, including 3-D modeling and simulations. As the Scan Pyramids motto reads:
 “Just because a mystery is 4,500 years old doesn’t mean it can’t be solved ... "

We earlier noted the 'pyramid' in Paris, France (Louvre) in The Da Vinci Code.
A French Connection: Tom 'WTC/Illuminati' Hanks...Pardue, in Mazes & Monsters:

 Before we continue with Tom 'Illuminati' Hanks...
how about this 'Illuminati' reference in horror franchise, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
The Illuminati, "these people that run everything"...McConaughey & Zellweger.
 Schumacher's 'A Time To Kill' and September 11th

Pardue (Hanks) was a name used for a person, who was known for their habitual use of the oath 
"pour Dieu", which is Old French meaning "for God"
 In his dream, the Great Hall tells him (Hanks/Pardue) to go to the Two Towers, which is in fact the World Trade Center, and he believes that by jumping off of them and casting a spell, he will finally join the Great Hall. His friends have reported him to the police while concealing their trip into the caverns, and eventually deduce his location in New York and stop him from jumping.
Mazes & Monsters
Climax..."What am I doing here?"  WTC South Tower, observation deck.
(imo you're setting up a huge 'predictive meme programme' for your backers)
The devils tail (out of the H), the subliminal 'Twin Towers' with swoosh mark (out of the LL)
There is some '911/Tower' resonance in Hank's film Big (1988), covered here many times before.  Hanks plays a character called Josh in both films, Hanks in Big, transforms on 9/11/87.

   Vegas...Paris & Egypt.  Paris is known as 'The City of Light'.  Vegas has the 'Pyramid Hotel' aka The Luxor (Luxor, meaning City of Light).  Vegas has the Eiffel Tower & the Statue of Liberty.
 The Hangover 3...showing a bombed-out Vegas (Eiffel & Sphinx)

 Recently (9th Sept) there was a burning '777' plane in Vegas, with the pyramid Luxor Hotel.
Another 777 (see tree of life, lightning flash of creation) and this one situated directly 
in front of a major 'mystery religion' symbol...the pyramid (The Luxor Hotel).

[Update, folk will now be reminded of the Harvest 91 mass shooting, Vegas 2017, occurring in the shadow of this pyramid!]

The pyramid/capstone...symbol of the on-going 'Great Work'

The Luxor (from lux, light).  777 author Crowley (and OTO) relates to the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, its teachings apparently went on to heavily influence OTO.
Illuminati Weishaupt and 777
 Lux/Light aka Illumination...Adam 'I'm Spartacus' Weishaupt.

Tom 'Illuminati' Hanks...yup the same Illuminati (as above)

This location was also used in Edge of Tomorrow, about a race of extraterrestrials called Mimics, who have taken over continental Europe.
The protagonists fly to Paris, where the other soldiers sacrifice themselves to get Cage (Cruise) and Vrataski beneath the Louvre. Vrataski distracts a waiting Alpha while Cage advances on the Omega (who reside beneath the pyramid). The Alpha kills Vrataski and mortally wounds Cage, but not before he primes and drops a grenade belt into the Omega's core, destroying it and neutralizing all Mimics. The Alpha/Omega, beginning and end, a la Jesus.

PC, PS3, XBox, Battlefield 3...Paris, 13th November and Terrorism...location and date.
 Battlefield 3‍ '​s Campaign story is set in 2014 and covers events that occur over the span of 9 months.
Released 2011, one of the missions players must complete, is set in Paris, with the objective to battle a terrorist threat in the city. A few similarities with Friday’s events, including the date:
Nov. 13 (2014, exactly one year before the Paris attacks) and terrorists seizing multiple parts of Paris.
Note, in the game, there is no reference to a Friday. Nov 13th 2014, actually fell on a Thursday.
 Police Car with a kabbalistic '666' and 'XX' (double cross) and '77'...666 Crowley's 77 Oz.
'COOP mode'? Are we to translate that as 'COUP' mode (same phonetics) in the political sense?

Deja-Vu/ De-Jeux-Vu? Also found this on a French forum, originally posted on 26th September 2014!  Jeuxvideo, posted in general forum, on a video gaming information/news interface website.
Posted Sept 2014 by Encore1ban, the OP, regarding a series of attacks and relating to the date 13th November, no specific day of the week or year is given...Paris since being hit on Friday 13th November 2015.  The post doesn't seem to 'specifically' relate to any other particular given topic, just a general warning relating to a series of attacks on this particular date, but 'synchronistically' through a French website. See it here!

  I think the 'ban' aspect of the username denotes 'banned', making the username Encore1 (Again 1)
I cannot be certain if the post has been edited, but there are many responses to the original post, and it looks like the user was permanently banned, some time before the actual attacks happened.  You can see some people responding to the thread on Fri 13th Nov (2015) from page 5 onward.

You'll have to manually change a number in part of the 'address bar' to view the other pages...


Change the first number, shown (as page 5), above, seen near the end of the link in the address bar.
There are 10 pages, I suspect that the thread has now been locked.

What about 'official' warnings regarding potential terror in France?

 Paris Match on October 2nd predicted a French Style 9/11, “un 11 septembre à la française”.
The threat is real, according to Judge Trévédic in an interview with Paris Match.  
”The attacks in France will be on  a scale comparable to 9/11″ (see below)

None of the early news reports on November 13th, mentioned the fact that a large scale and well organized terrorist attack had been predicted. The title of the media report below is:

“Intelligence services fear a 9/11 French Style” (Oct 2nd, 2015)
Yet in a bitter irony the October report stated that these forthcoming attacks were difficult to avoid:  ”impossible a dejouer”, suggesting that French intelligence is inept and unable to prevent a forthcoming catastrophe.

What was the role of this media hype?

 France’s president Francois Hollande, was no doubt was aware of the October warnings. He had been briefed by his intelligence advisers. Shortly before midnight local time on November 13, president François Hollande announced drastic police state measures against an alleged terrorist network operating nationwide.

Even on the back of the Hebdo terror event (Jan 9, 2015), comparisons were being made with Sept 11

These various (pre-Fri 13) aspects (Paris Match/Le Monde) all rather smack of
'predictive programming', shaping responses/opinion going-forward and seemingly used to ultimately create a (predefined) given reality.

 From Battlefield 3 to Deus Ex...
Released in mid to late 2000, for Windows & Mac
The Templars, Illuminist Weishaupt and a rather 'strange' anomaly involving the World Trade Center.
The game play occurs in 2052. Deus Ex...from 'Deus Ex Machina', God from a machine.
You can almost hear an audible 'cough' when the phrase 'texture memory limitations' is cited as the reason for their (Twin Towers) omission.

 The Die '911/WTC' Hard film series (which I've brought up many times over the years)
gave birth to a 'Trilogy' computer game (Playstation) and with some 'suggestible' imagery.
 Echoes of Ground Zero and the WTC on 9/11/2001

I'm sure that's enough 'WTF!' moments, from this post!

The latest events in Paris and the aftermath, very much reminds me of what happened with 9/11 and its aftermath.  We have seen the same sort of 'media driven' marshaling of the 'group mind', a kind of 'group homogenization' of the public's response.  Like we saw with 9/11, there was a political coalition that formed on the back of it and we're seeing similar, on the back of Friday 13th, in Paris.

I get the feeling...that those that are able to influence and control events on planet earth...really view the public as dumb, zombie-like automatons.  I think this is why 9/11/01 might've been an 'overt' launch of some sort...a launch to bring themselves out and in public view (Childhood's End, as it were), the veil lifted and yet people still carry-on as if nothing happened.

There is no issue with TPTB being this overt...and why would they care? The populace is still (in the main) totally and utterly transfixed, concurrently hypnotized, and 'seemingly' forever under their spell.