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Opening of the Mouth - Down the Rabbit Hole - Redux - part 2

Plus god knows how much other stuff...Poe to

Part 2

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 Beetlejuice 'the open mouth' (see teeth-like entrance)...Hathor/Isis Cow...Afterlife

The 'beetle'...juicing its way to the Overlook 'afterlife' Hotel
Keaton and Nicholson appearing opposite each other in Burton's Batman.

Afterlife Hotel & 4th July
Reborn on the 4th of above, so below, Remember!!!

As it is it will be below  (thoth/hermes first maxim)
 The heavens (skies above) are reflected in the lake (below)

Reborn 4th July 1921...'as above, so below'...just like the synch.

Reborn...a rendezvous between Jack & the Star Child
 The Shining & 2001:ASO....endings overlay synch

 The 3rd in the trilogy...Heaven & Earth...Heaven (as above)...Earth (so below) 
Joan Chen (Heaven & Earth) played Josie Packard in Lynch's Twin Peaks.

Lynch's Twin Peaks...she was the first actress/actor to be seen in Peaks!

Part 2

Lynch's...Wild at Heart (1990)
Bobby Peru: Say it! I'll tear your fuckin' heart out, girl!
(judgement heart, there's one in the poster/cover?)
It's Willem again!
Lynch...& rabbits/hole again!
Bobby Peru: Ya know, I sure do like a girl with nice tits like yours who talks tough and looks like she can fuck like a bunny. Do you fuck like that? Cause if ya do, I'll fuck ya good. Like a big ol' jackrabbit bunny, jump all around that hole (rabbit hole/wormhole literally!) Bobby Peru don't come up for air.

 Bobby Peru: Speaking of Jack, One eyed Jack's (penis/worm) yearning to go a peeping in a seafood store (vagina/hole)!

 Lynch/ eyed jacks
 Yearning to go a (twin)

Willem/Elias as Jesus/Osiris

 "Elias, get your men ready.  He's in three years and thinks he's Jesus fucking Christ!" (Osiris)

"He's a troublemaker. - Elias is a water-walker." (Jesus awalking on water, but equally Osiris, the dying god)

He's 'crucified' when we first get to see him...fitting for his role as the 'dying god'.

He is shot by Barnes (Set) and left for dead...
 He is resurrected  temporarily, before finally taking his place as the 'dying god', after taking enemy fire.

The Ka leaving Elias' body.
The Ka was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body.

the tarot 'dying god'

On The Cross. (Tau) Nimbus = Crown of Thorns

Dafoe as Chrust/Osiris Slain/Dying God

A 'switch-hitting' reversal for Dafoe...this time with the deer and aborted rebirth (representive of Christ, as we saw earlier (part1) in Platoon...this time in Anti-christ).

We've already identified Dafoe as Osiris/Orion/Green Man
The symbology is incomplete without the 'missing penis of Osiris' references...we've already seen 'one eyed jack'
If you've seen the film, then you'll certainly remember this part...a real eye waterer!!!  Let' just say something happens to Dafoe's private parts!

Back to...Born On 4th July

 Anti-Christ...The prelude to the death of the & death.

'the dying baby'

Back to...Born On 4th July

Anti-Christ = Book Of Revelation.

The Apocalypse of St John
the beast 666 etc

"I am the alpha & the omega...the beginning & the end."
Book of Revelations, Chp1 V8

"My only friend, The End"...symbolic death.

Apocalypse Now

An ouroboros loop of a film, which is why it starts with the words sung "This is the end" and finishes with 'The End"...a cycle, the 'alpha and the omega' (as quoted from Jesus/Osiris, first and last letters of the Greek alphabet).

Willard (Benjamin & Willard, the names of Harrison Ford's real sons) is on a mission to kill the Colonel...the God/King (Kurtz) at the end of the snaking river.

We are given heavy hints to the 'Killing of the King' rite from Fraser's Golden Bough, that is clearly on view in Kurtz's compound.  The other book is Ritual To Romance which is of a similar ilk.

Of course, the original King to which that concept probably ultimately relates, is the God/King Osiris, who was murdered by his brother Set and chopped into 14 pieces.  This is also echoed in 'the death of Hiram Abiff' (Osiris/Sun) which comes with the necessary coffin element, as per Osiris.  These 'death and rebirth' elements could also relate to 'the divine nature of man' as a fallen state 'spiritually' (death) and requirement for the 'soul/spirit' to be purified (birth) into gold via enlightenment...yada, yada.

Tarot...Death from above, as it is below.

Follow the White Rabbit.

Deja Vu in the Matrix...Ma'at (straight, truth, mother, womb) Ma'atrix.

Laurence Mr Clean/Morpheus Fishburne
Morpheus (flipped) 'god of sleep/dreams' (who wakes Neo from his sleep) Laurence Fishburne and Fishburne as Mr Clean, Apocalypse Now.

From the 'mouth' of the Nung the 'mouth' of Neo
 "Open your mouth and say ahhh"

"Know Thyself"...from Hermes (Thoth)...Thoth is the scribe of the scales during Ma'at (Ma'atrix/Matrix) judgement...see the Egyptian pic, further down.

This phrase 'know thyself'  was also carved into the Temple at Delphi where the Oracle resided.
The name Delphoi comes from the same root as δελφύς delphys, "womb" and may indicate archaic veneration of Gaia, Grandmother Earth, and the Earth Goddess at the site.  This is exactly like we mentioned earlier with 'Ma'at' (Straight, True, Mother etc) and Matrix/Ma'atrix.

 When Neo is meeting with the Oracle, the music playing in the background in her apartment is Duke Ellington’s “I’m Beginning to See the Light”.

The oracle gives Neo a 'cookie'...a piece of computer (brain) information?
The film is loaded with 'computer tech' references from 'switch' to 'viruses' etc...the brain/computer overlaps are quite obvious imo.  The scenes that take place inside the Matrix are all filmed using a green tint...perhaps evoking the PC screen/monitor of earlier computers.

Opening of the mouth...prior to the weighing of the heart

The Weighing of the Heart on the Scales of Ma'at (Ma'atrix)
 Thoth (Hermes) to the right of the scales of maat/truth/judgement (ibis head) writing the verdict...

The Hall of Ma'at/Two Judgemnets...Osiris waits in the afterlife.

Animatrix...prelude to The Matrix Reloaded
Cough, cough...where the ship named Osiris 'crashes and burns'...evoking Osiris own 'fall' at the hands of Set. Anima(trix)...perhaps evoking Jung's Anima/Animus (male/female) The anima and animus can be identified as the totality of the unconscious feminie psychological qualities that a male possesses or the masuline ones possessed by the female, respectively.  This episode opens with a training fight between a man and a woman. Anima can also relate to the 'soul/breath of life' and we covered some aspects of that with Silence of the Lambs and the ritual ahnetjer sticks/rods.

The Weighing of the Heart

Appropriately...all of the main action inside The Matrix takes place at  
The Heart of the City Hotel.
Room 303 is situated there and this is where Trinity (3, surely a reference to the biblical trinity...father, son, holy spirit) conducts her surveillance of Neo, via his laptop.

The Hotel is the first location that we see in the film and it is also the scene of the last fight.

Interesting that this is the case...firstly because The Matrix is a 'mental construct' of the 'Mind' and ironically the action takes place literally in the 'Heart'...perhaps a deliberate nod to the ancient Egyptian belief that the 'heart' is the seat of the soul and that the 'brain' was readily smashed and disposed of.  We can also note that it is 'love' via the Trinity & Neo partnership that ultimately defeats the Matrix...I have mentioned the resurrection of Neo (3 minutes) and the resurrection of Christ comparisons in other posts.

From the Heart of the the Queen of Hearts...

Through the looking glass...

Morpheus: "I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice,   tumbling down the rabbit hole. Hmm?"

Neo: "You could say that."

Neo's 'opening of the mouth/way/wormhole/rabbit hole

Apoc...wormhole/matrix hole locator

Morpheus: "Apoc...location?" (Mr 'Apoc Now' Fishburne...asks Apoc)
Locating Neo's wormhole to his 'ma'at-rix' pod
It's got a synaptic appearance too, as relates to the brain and the parallels are likely deliberate.

Neo works for a company that is called Metacortex. A combination of the words 'meta' which can mean"going beyond or higher, transcending," and 'cortex', which is "the outer layer of gray matter surrounding the brain. (the boundary)". Metacortex  "transcending the boundaries of the brain"

The cerebral cortex is the outermost sheet of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain in some vertebrates. It covers the cerebrum and cerebellum, and is divided into left and right hemispheres. The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.

The touch of 'metal' (ritual blade/rod) on his lips
Liquid metal evoking Mercury, the roman verion of Hermes/Thoth, scribe of the scales of ma'at.

'Opening of Neo's mouth' (throat)...down the wormhole/rabbit hole
Neo will be finally free from the 'matrix'

 Pulling the 'serpent-like' cable from his mouth
Another mouth aspect is used here...and in realtion to the worm and hole
 Worm through the hole (naval/umbilicus)

The spine and 'head socket hole'...where the 'long metal computer interface spike' will enter

  From Apoc & Morpheus (Mr 'Apoc-alypse' Now Clean)


 "Welcome to the desert of the real..." (wink, wink)

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television.

Morpheus: You've been living in a dream world, Neo.

Chef (Apoc Now)
 "Eva can't picture me in Vietnam....She pictures me at home having a beer watching TV."

Crossing the abyss, between 2 high-rise one makes it the first time!
Initially Neo fails (due to lack of faith etc) but later crosses, by making the jump.
Crossing the reach the crown/kether 

 "You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt and disbelief."
Destroying the ego and material self...the dweller on the threshold

 Which to all intents and purposes, is exctly what happens with Paul (who is also 'the one') in Lynch's Dune. Paul also ingest a drug (spice), just like Neo who ingests the red pill.

Transformation of the head...from base metal 'iron' (base/blackness) to 'gold' (enlightenment)
Nebuchadnezzer #II (Neo-Babylonian Empire)...Babylonian King and builder of the Hanging Gardens. The second chapter of Daniel relates an account attributed to the second year of his reign, in which Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a huge image made of various materials (gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay). The prophet Daniel tells him God's interpretation, that it stands for the rise and fall of world powers, starting with Nebuchadnezzar's own as the golden head.
Morpheus would appear in the dreams of Kings.

Mark III No.11 or Mark chp 3:v 11?
King James Version (KJV)
3:11 And unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, saying,  

Thou art the Son of God.

 "turned into one of these"
 Duracell....base is black and the head is gold...
Morpheus (Greek)...leader of the Oneiroi (the one-iroi, geddit...Neo 'the one')

Even the script references Neo (by name) as 'coppertop' (the battery reference)...spoken by the character 'Switch' towards Neo. The express message is that it represents 'slavery' (the human as a power unit) or the negative, but here we can see an alternative interpretation and one from a positive the polarity (duality) of the battery itself!

Fishburne as Jack Crawford...who in Demme's Silence of the Lambs film, was played by Fishburne's Apocalype 'Killing Apis/Osiris King' Now co-star...Scott 'Colby/Crawford' Glen!
 Fishburne has just taken delivery of more 'opening of the mouth' resonance via his latest vehicle!
Hannibal Lecter & Silence of the Lambs will feature heavily in this post, as you progress! 
The 'Hannibal' tie-in will also give him a touch of 'Memphis' (where the Apis was killed) resonance, to accompany the Apis/ Bull sacrifice from Apocalypse Now.

Morpheus was there for Neo's 'crossing of the abyss'..there is also seemingly an 'abyss crossing' allusion in Apocalypse Now.

Crossing the Do Lung Bridge as The Abyss/Wormhole through Da'ath to Sirius..
to get to Kurtz/Osiris/The god king and the end of the river.

Chief Philips "Like this bridge: we build it every night. Charlie blows it right back up again."
(the point being that this bridge is heavily referenced as a crucial crossing barrier/empasse.)

 "About six months ago, I took a man who was going past the bridge at Do Lung. He was regular army, too. I heard he shot himself in the head." 
(Philips means Colby shooting himself, played by Scott 'Silence of the (open mouth) Lambs' Glen.

 Lt Carlsen"You're in the ass(worm)hole of the world captain"

Apocalypse Nile
Epoch-collapse Now

Now look at the poster again...a snaking river leading to the SUN/OSIRIS/KURTZ, all one and the same!

The death and rebirth of the KING/SUN/SON...which is what our own sun does every year (it symbolically dies and is reborn) starting from the winter solstice 21st December.

The Three Kings of Orion Star

The winter solstice is seen as the reversal of the Sun's ebbing presence in the sky, concepts of the birth or rebirth of sun gods have been common and, in cultures using winter solstitially based cyclic calendars, the year as reborn has been celebrated with regard to life-death-rebirth deities or new beginnings.

Raising Osiris....astronomically
The 3 kings forming the spine/djed and Isis/Sirius pushing at his (Orion/Osiris) back
Raising Osiris (Djed/Spine) with Isis...symbolically on Earth. (as above, so below)

 Isis manages to reassemble Osiris and, with the help of Thoth, Anubis and Nephythys, they manage to resurrect him, at which point he becomes the God of the Underworld, or God of the Dead, and takes his place in the heavens as the constellation Orion. At the time, Orion set at sunrise on the winter solstice, thereby symbolically entering the Underworld, to be reborn as he rises heliacally on the summer solstice.

Obviously...with the Osiris/Sun 'death and rebirth' aspect and the time of year...this would also bring in comparisons with Jesus.

During our very first encounter with Kurtz in the film, where Willard is given the mission...there seems to be two portions of suggestive dialogue in relation to Kurtz and his 'godlike' status...

These will be given by Harrison Ford as Col Lucas...who we have noted as being soaked with the Osiris thematic himself!  


Harrison 'Indy Osiris Stargater Blade Runner' Ford as Col Lucas

Osiris' Spine (backbone) - Djed (his earthly symbolic raising/resurrection) - Astronomical raising of Osiris (Isis/Sirius pursuing/pushing at Osiris/Orion's 3 belt stars, backbone)

Raisers of the lost arch (skull dome/arch shaped)

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Jock discussing Indy's spine!

Temple of Doom
Whilst over the abyss/jacob's ladder/spine!!!

The djed, a type of pillar, was usually understood as the backbone of Osiris, and, at the same time, as the Nile, the backbone of Egypt.
The 'raised' Han (Osiris/Djed/Jedi) in the Star Wars series after having the carbonite (osiris lead coffin, lodged in tree) coffin treatment, escaping into a 'lead lined' fridge (coffin) and emerging back into the light, after near certain death etc!

In Alien 3...near the end the 'alien' is boxed in and 'coated with molten lead'...this doesn't actually kill him...but the subsequent water does.

Dedi (also Djedi or Djedi of Djed-Sneferu)
is the name of a fictitious ancient Egyptian magician appearing in the fourth chapter of a story told in the legendary Westcar Papyrus. He is said to have worked wonders during the reign of king (pharaoh) Khufu (4th Dynasty). Khufu (Cheops) the builder of the great pyramid at Giza.

In order to eat and drink in the afterlife with Osiris, it was necessary to perform the ritual 'opening of the mouth'

Opening of the mouth/wormhole...with Ford

 Star Wars - Stargate - Wormhole

Empire Strikes Back...This is no cave!
Millenium Horus & the open mouth...& through the worm-hole

"This is no cave..."
"This is no cave"...perhaps evoking the 'Platonic' idea of 'the cave'...
Cinema as the cave...shadows on the wall etc, this was watched in 'the cave' of the cinema itself!

 Han as Osiris 'raised'...Opening of the mouth/wormhole...Return of the Djed-I, with the ahnetjer maker/hook in hand.

"Great shot in a million"

Star Wars - The Abyss - Rebel Attack Plan
 Even if we look at the first Star Wars movie Episode IV...the ending could be viewed from the POV of 'the wormhole'. Luke Skywalker...meaning literally 'Light Sky Shaman' must shoot his photon (light) torpedoes, down a narrow exhaust pipe to destroy the Death (Da'ath) Star...defeat 'Da'ath' (the abyss/wormhole) to reach Sirius/Kether.

Da'ath the hidden (sphere) on the tree of life
Da'ath/Darth...from Tiphereth (sun) via the wormhole (Da'ath) to Sirius/Kether

We've mentioned Darth Vader vs Da'ath Evader in earlier work and its links to the tree of life.

Defeat Darth (Da'ath) in the abyss (trench)...and reach sirius/kether/crown

The At At Dog...the 'star' of Empire Strikes Back...the dog star.

 In Return Of The Djed-eye, the protagonists escape via a hole, after their hit on the Death Star II. 

Before I leave Star Wars, perhaps it is worth mentioning Yoda and the apparent connection to Freemasonry.  Yod being being the smallest character of the hebrew alphabet.

Yoda (masonic deity) was connected to freemasonry, long before the film series...

eg, Photo of the demon "Yoda" From Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason "An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalist and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy."Eliphas Levi, 33rd Degree Freemason, the famous British Occultist, is pictured here conducting a Demonic Conjuration Ritual, Invoking a demon (Mephistopheles, also known as "Yoda") into our spacetime.  Levi lived during the 19th century!

Yoda (Jota) is seen as a masonic master teacher.

Aim ramp (hook) at Zoltar's mouth
 Recall Spielberg's sister with Hanks in Big?

 Temple of Doom...Opens with an 'open mouth'!
the mouth a dragon serpent

Temple of Doom
Worm down the hole/open mouth

Food for thought...

Reptilian Complex of the human brain
 snake/reptile in the head

 The scarab/beetle//bug/khepra

The scarab/bug/beetle-like right/left thalamus

The thalamus has two lobes known as the ‘thalamic bodies,’ which look like a smaller version of the two hemispheres of the brain known as the cerebrum.

The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (goddess of the field/grain), meaning ‘cross’ and RUCere-b-RuM (CHiram/CRM)– associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh.

Scarab/Thalamus followed by desert...


Are your scarab/beetle bugs (right/left thalamus) in your 'monkey(human)brain' now chilled?
The cerebrum are each of the two large halves of the brain 

Eye Soup...Son of Isis & Osiris...Eye of horus/wadjet

left eye (moon/feminine/isis) right eye (sun/masculine/osiris-horus)

The scarab/beetle/bug-like right/left thalamus

The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (goddess of the field/grain,empress III tarot), meaning ‘cross’ and RUCerebRUM (CHiram/CRM)– associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh.

The CR Mpress?
(CR=ceres and she features on the Empress/Mpress card)
Empress/Ceres Goddess of The Grain/Field...note the ankh/cross-like symbol in the tarot.
The Empress III
The Empress sits on a throne wearing a starry crown, holding a scepter in one hand. The Scepter is representative of her power over life, her crown has twelve stars representing her dominance over the year, and 'her throne is in the midst of a field of grain', representative of her dominion over growing things (Danny is her 'growing thing')A cryptic reference here and that is GRAIN....or for our purposes RYE, as in Catcher In The Rye...being read by feminine Wendy.  Rye (grain cereal crop) grows in the field.  Her chair (throne) is in the midst of 'rye'.  

Ceres and grain (bread and rye catcher) with Bugs bunny top
 Another key point to appreciate here is that Danny actually 'shines' during this scene above...Tony states that he doesn't want to go to the hotel and intimates that fact! 

 Chapman...Beatle Lennon's assassin in Dec' 1980 and his connection to the book
The Shining was released in 1980...a few months prior.

CRM...receiver circuits/brain circuitry!

 The thalamus has multiple functions. It may be thought of as a kind of switchboard of information. It is generally believed to act as a relay between a variety of subcortical areas and the cerebral cortex. In particular, every sensory system (with the exception of the olfactory system) includes a thalamic nucleus that receives sensory signals and sends them to the associated primary cortical area.

Dr Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange & Eyes Wide Shut...CRM/Serum/C-RooM 114 
The Serum (CRM) 114 from Clockwork Orange is used for Alex's brainwashing.

God makes up the main central stem
A CerebRuM-CheRubiM(Cherubs as cerebrum, right) & brain circuitry

This shot (below) is from when Jack is 'shining' and we hear the appropriate 'shining' he overlooks the model maze
The Shining Maze Brain!

The Egyptian scarab/beetle/bug resting on what looks like a horizontal slice through the brain! 
symbolically pushing the sun

Jack's beetle/scarab/bug...the fool on his journey, back to the egg...the thalamus is ovular 
Eggs...sunny side up

The Shining Brain Beetles/Beatles/Bugs
This where he sleeps with his head on the pillow...with the 'beetle' constantly at his head/brain!

The fried egg (sun) brain pushing beetle-bug...see pic below!
 It looks like the 'headboard beetle bug' is pushing at Jack's nearby fried

Beetles/Beatles and Bugs

"And we all shine on" (Beatle/Beetle Lennon,source of the film's title via Instant Karma)

 All while eating eggs (sunny scarab-sideup) the ovular aspect also like the beetle's thorax, the thalamus & egg, back to the egg, 0 the fool. 

Egg Nog aka Advocaat
 Eggs and Nog...Eggs & Head (nog/noggin...colloquial term meaning head!)

"Just how you like 'em...sunny-side up"
Another Beatle/Beetle...the'winged' variety...McCartney
Winged Horus Hawk over the fire place

Jack 'the fool on the precipice' in his scarab/beetle/bug on the 'going to the sun road'

Macca as the fool....on the precipice (hill), Just like Jack
0 'the egg'...back to the egg
Egg Yolk Sun

The 'winged beetle/beatle' pushing the symbolic sun

This entire 'eggs in bed' scene may be a deliberate continuity error...this scene takes place at least 'one month' after they move in...we are at no time led to believe that they leave the hotel (not that I know of, at least) for supplies and eggs are generally eaten reasonably month later seems too long. It could be deliberate, perhaps to lead to some questioning of the inclusion..just guessing of course?

Brad 'Chucky' Dourif 's Beetle 'brain' juice (Dune)

Crush the bug, open your mouth and drink

Dourif and Nicholson co-starred in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...produced by Michael Douglas, son of the man who virtually put Kubrick on the Hollywood Map...Kirk Douglas (via Spartacus).  Kirk wanted to star in it and had brought the rights for himself, which he had for years...he would play McMurphy in the stage production, but was too old, when the film came to be made.

The 'Beetle-men' meet in the movie matrix...a great scene.

Opening of the mouth...
Frying the 'brain beetles'
  Brad 'Chucky' Dourif...(he did the voice)
Child's Play...

Children playing...
Come and play with us Chucky...

 The scene x-fades into the typewriter and ball throwing...a barometer for Jack's mind state.
This occurring whilst he 'metaphorically' eats the yolk from his 'eggs' (eggyweggs)

From breakfast to lunch...Naked Lunch
 A concept perhaps echoed in Cronenberg's Naked Lunch (1991) the beetle typewriter
The promo poster adding to the mix of typwriter/beetle/head/brain and thalamus.

 Whilst Lee is under the influence of assorted mind-altering substances, his typewriter, a Clark Nova, becomes a giant talking insect (beetle imo) which tells him to find Dr. Benway (Roy 'Jaws opening of the mouth' Scheider). The film will also feature Ian 'Ash Alien opening of the mouth' Holm.

  William Lee is an exterminator who finds that his wife Joan is stealing his insecticide (pyrethrum) to use as a drug. Pyrethrum is also the name of a natural insecticide made from the dried flower heads of ChRysanthemuM.

"The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (perhaps another CRM possibilty), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire
 Manly P Hall TSTOAA

The Naked Lunch drug is called 'pyre-thrum' and 'pyre' is a well known term for fire!

The scarab/beetle-like right/left thalamus, below is the CeRebelluM
CerebRuM are the 2 large hemispheres

He believes he is a secret agent whose controller (a giant bug) assigns him the mission of killing Joan
 When Lee is arrested by the police, he begins hallucinating because of "bug powder" exposure.
William Lee sprinkles the 'spice-like drug into a 'hole' beneath the wings on the beetle's back...
like a wormhole...the macro (cosmic) and the micro (his own brain).

 After coming to the conclusion that Dr. Benway is, in fact, the secret mastermind of a narcotics operation for a drug called "black meat" which is supposedly derived from the guts of giant centipedes.

 the mouth of the ‘black serpent’...blackhole/wormhole.

 Opening of the mouth?
the worm-like giant black centipede and the open mouth

 In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where
the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open
the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

 Opening of the 'videodrome' mouth
 The mouth and the serpent-like entrails
Long Live The New 'Wormlike-Entrail' Flesh

Recall this...the actual juice of the crushed Sapho beetle/bug that affected brain function...

Crushed 'sapho beetle'...Dune
Thalamus...CerebRuM etc
Before I get 'lynched' by a load of Herbert junkies...yes it (Sapho) is a 'root' in the books.  Lynch created this Mentat 'mantra' (it is by will alone etc) and it was not a part of the books. Lynch seems to make the 'sapho' element 'beetle/insect/bug' like in appearance...before it is 'crushed' prior to consumption.

Sapho...Beetle (Thalamus) Juice
(Sca)Rabban...crushing the beetle/bug/insect before consumption...beetle/bug juice.
 Sappho was a Greek lyric poet, born on the island of Lesbos. The Alexandrians included her in the list of nine lyric poets.  Two films...Burton's Beetlejuice and Lynch's Dune...will both feature 'beetles' 'juice' and 'sandworms' and 'opening of the mouth' aspects!

  More insect resonance?
More 'opening of the mouth'?

So that's Sapho/Sappho...Beetles & Poe-try...a possible Poe(try) and Beetle (Gold Bug) link!
You'll see much more on this Poe, Poe-try and beetle/bugs later, so don't discount me!

Dr Strangelove


                                               Caller:    "But it's not me. It's my sister."
                                               Nikki:     "It's not your sister. It's you, lover."

Radio receiver/transmitter...Radio Station C-RaM
Holes within holes...the brain?

The name ‘cere-b-ru-m’ is a composite of Ceres meaning ‘cross’ and RU  associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)...CERE-B-RU-M

Red (Red Heart) Cross
Videodrome...Cathode Ray Mission
Watching the open heart (surgery)...on a TV in the red (heart) cross...Cathode Ray Mission

I would like to get further into Videodrome...but am leaving that for now, as I have a full Videodrome post in production...for the near future.

The crushed beetle...Naked Lunch
 Crushed 'typewriter' beetle

Another one...
The spice-like drug similarities...that affect consciousness (the brain)

The worm-like centipede (black serpent)...Dune right, sandworm and the spice powder mining
beetle-like harvester (the one that actually contained David Lynch, appearing in cameo) us dual 'beetle' references and a spice drug.

Naked Lunch vs Blue Velvet - Bug Men

Bug Man
 "Thank you Raymond..."
Not forgetting it features Dune's (beetlejuice swilling De Vries) Brad 'Cuckoo's Nest' Douriff
And Dune's Dr Yuehui...the 'stargating/quantum leaping' Ben (Dean Stockwell)

 The Blue Velvet...subterranean beetles
The Rose Red Cross...CRM Cerebrum

The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (goddess of the field/grain), meaning ‘cross’ and RUCerebRUM (CHiram/CRM) RU – is associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)

"The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (perhaps another CRM possibilty), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire
 Manly P Hall TSTOAA

The Fire Engine
 Seen immediately on the back of the rose cross (rosicrucian cross) the opening!

 The Rose Red Cross...Red lipstick on the cross of the door itself and Danny saying  
Red (Rum)...the (rosicrucian) red cross
 Danny...the cherub (che-red-rum)...Che-redb-RuM
Wendy (sleeping next to the door, with headboard beetles)...the ceres...Ceres-Redb-RuM

The name ‘cerebrum’ is a composite of Ceres (goddess of the field/grain), meaning ‘cross’ and RUCerebRUM (CHiram/CRM) RU – is associated with the ancient Egyptian life symbol – the Ankh (cross-like)

Wendy as 'The CR...Mpress' (ceres field/grain goddess)

Axe through Red Rum...Cerebrum?
Straight after...Jack will crash his axe through this bathroom (ce-red-b-rum) he's smashing his own cerebrum/brain in...he even puts his own cerebrum (brain/head) through,
in that famous shot!

Danny uses 'red rum' phonetics, but the D & R he writes are backwards.
Don't laugh...his thalamus 'brain beetles' are just over to the left of this door, Ceres/Wendy would normally sleep there with Jack...yes I took liberties with the D...a backwards lowercase d is a b!

Immediately to the left of the 'red rum/cerebrum' doorway...where Jack sleeps.

The maze and the model maze are already 'subliminal references' to the brain (Jack's) and it's landscape imo, working externally and internally and both physically and psychologically. I will get more into that as we progress.

The scenes of he snowed-out maze at the close, where Jack's brain will ultimately malfunction and die...lends even more grist to the 'maze as the brain' concept...the visual white colouring and softer snow contours of the labyrinth, increasing the resemblance. As does the earlier overhead maze shot...that is clearly far larger than the actual maze we see in the rest of the if to make the brain allusion stronger.

I'll expand on this 'brain breakdown' as a major Kubrick thematic...later in this piece.

"The name Hermes (also Thoth/Mercury) is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiRaM (perhaps another CRM possibilty), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire
  Manly P Hall, The Secret Teaching of All Ages


 The fire engine is seen later, right next to the baseball bat that will batter Jack in the skull/brain.
Wendy is picking it up (in the pic) and she will use it on Jack...very soon.

Another 'fire' reference coming from the Grady Twins, they stole matches and tried to burn the Overlook down.
CRM as Brain Circuitry

Recall Dr Strangelove...the CRM receiver ciruits.

POE also featured...a link to Edgar Allan
 POE...not forgetting the 'pure essence' and 'vital fluids'...perhaps relating to the pineal dew etc.
Note the 'head' on the drawing!

The Shining Golden Bugs
Jack's 'beetle-bug' on the 'going to the sun road'...symbolically pushing the sun!
Poe...the skull/brain (splitting consciousness) and beetle/thalamus

Pushing 'the shining' sun

Beatles/Beetles & Eggs
I am the Egg man...they are the eggmen

 "Man you should've seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe" Lennon

 POE evoking the scarab/khepra/beetle/bug and the head/brain....thalamus motif.

From Jeffrey's father's heart attack...the hose sprinkles water all over the undergrowth (dew/water/beetle/thalamus/pineal etc) and descends to the underworld of the beetles.

Note...I'm aware of the standard interpretation of the 'beetles in the undergrowth' juxtaposing with the idealism of the opening etc (representing darkness under the surface.etc) don't think I've ignored that...I haven't, I'm looking for something more here...something deeper.

The Blue Velvet...Beetle Bugs 


Jeffrey's father and Jeffrey's nemesis...Frank (Hopper and Nicholson's Easy Rider co-star)
Aside from the Father/Frank overlaps & precognition..more subliminal 'bug-like' (insect) imagery?  Insects hop...'Hopper any jumping insect, such as a grasshopper.'

Recall that in Cronenberg's Naked 'Beetle' Lunch...there was a drug element to the bug(s) and we connected it to CRM via pyrethrum and ChRysanthemuM (flower, like the roses and tulips in Blue Velvet)

 Blue Velvet IS a drug combo...
Not forgetting Frank's own 'gas-drug' inhalaton, like a Dune 'guild navigator' with his 'spice-gas'!
Blue Velvet a combination of elixir terpin hydrate with codeine and tripelennamine (weak heroin substitute)
Blue Velvet a combination of paregoric and PBZ (pyribenzamine or tripelennamine)a weak heroin substitute

Hey...I'm all ears

Ending scene (below)...mirroring parts of the film's opening and the above 'gif' but in reverse, we come out from Jeff''s brain/ear canal and out through the the (beetle) Robin in the tree!

top left...Lateral ventricle. 
(you'll see this again later in relation to Poe's Gold Bug and the eye of horus)

So after coming out of Jeffrey's own ear/lateral ventricle (near the brain beetle thalamus)....
We're led to the the ending shot...the robin of love
(with beetle in its mouth and as seen by Jeff/Sandy etc)

 far left, the 'ladder/spine' & 'raise' allusions...right, evoking the head/brain...I wonder if the thalamus is situated in the 'Raising Arizona' section?
This POE/OPE Dr Strangelove combo crops up in the Coen Brother's Raising Arizona...'raising' to be 'raised' (like Osiris) and Arizona (raising in the head zone)...perhaps for a the phoenix/Phoenix 'firey bird' connection.

 "The name Hermes is derived from "Herm"  (Hi Ram, the ram sacred to him) a form of CHiram (CRM), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire. CHiram has also been related to Hiram Abiff (the coffin dwelling skull bashed dude, lol) and Osiris.

Raising Arizona
Cage...nephew of Francis 'Apoc Now' Coppola
We saw him with Willem 'Osiris' Wild at Heart.


On the back of the 'eggs in bed' scene...the maze as the brain
 Jack is 'Shining'...the audible high pitched 'shining sound' is present.

backwards, Jack (rear & out of pic) overlooking Wendy, who is overlooking the manuscript...while forwards, Jack overlooks the model maze, which segues into Wendy & Danny inside.
The Shining - Backwards & Forwards Overlay (note, my own version)

"All work and no play...etc" 

Wendy finding the manuscript with Jack 'shining' over the model maze...super-imposed.

"How do you like it?"

This 'Jack overlooking the maze scene' is coupled (forwards/bacwards) 
with Wendy finding the typed manuscript...the one that reflects Jack's mental state/brain!
The words that came from Jack's brain and onto the page.

more maze/labyrinth brain allusions...
 forwards, we're shown the maze/labyrinth sign as Wendy/Denny enter maze...backwards, this is overlaid with Danny 'shining' while he senses Jack & Wendy arguing, post-discovery of the manuscript...obviously this is also where Danny finds himself at the end of the movie, persued by Jack.

 Seems I'm not the only one....although I will confess, that I haven't watched Room 237
It's not that I don't want's more the fact, I kind of know that it will barely scratch the surface of Kubrick's work!


Who gets their 'brains' bashed in?
backwards...Jack's brains have just been bashed in by Wendy (with the baseball bat) and he falls.
fowards...Wendy delivering the 'scarab sunnysideup eggs' (that will relate to the brain) along the 'judgement hallway'...she passes the wall where the 1921 photo will hang (with Jack) right at the moment he falls!

A mirrored KDK...(CRM)11411(MRC)

The Overlook's...Communication RooM...CRM 114
(like Wing C, Room 114 in eyes wide shut)
Disconnecting communication circuitry (brain)...KDK 11411
The veiled 'mind barometer' sits in the Hals eye.

Radio brains
 His own (brain circuitry) will malfunction later and ultimately die in the maze/brain.

Similar happens in other Kubrick films...

The numbering 1-6 and 7-12 on HAL's 'logic memory center'...2001:AS0
Mirrors the numbered targets at Parris Island 'firing range' (Full Metal Jacket) 1-6 & 7-12.
    left, Parris Island, Pyle on the rifle range....right, Bowman in HAL's 'logic memory center' 
  Pre-cognition of brain breakdown and's the same gun that Pyle blows his brains out with.  Pyle's gun pointing to 7-12 and Bowman's screwdriver in the 9 spot, closing down HAL's brain functions.

They are each using a tool on the numbered objects, Pyle aiming with his rifle, Bowman aiming with his screwdriver and in a similarly constructed shot, with both men coming in from the left side and an over shoulder view.  Pyle is 'pre-cognitively' (or foreshadowing) blowing his own 'logic memory center' out...on the range, as a throw back to HAL's breakdown and destruction, coupled with his own to come.

The Fool (Joker) Entering 'the head'...both exoterically and esoterically (his own head)
Joker...The Fool 0...back to the egg

The double meaning...

Hartman yells at he's a broken AE35 unit.

Faulty AE35?

One visible eye...
Pyle will  'slay the cyclops'...he is shown as 'the cyclops' too!

Born To Kill (written where his brain is located) symbolically slay his own cyclops, via Pyle/Head dream scene.

Just a dream...
All inside my OWN 'head'

Opening of the mouth...
 In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where
the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open
the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

Packing 'black meat' (black & meat)...the 'black serpent/penis' allusion!
Alabama black snake....aka 'the black serpent' and hooker(s) the maker hook(er)/hookah
(Thanks go to Joe at KDK for part of the above concept)

Suckee, fuckee, smoke cigarette in the pussy, she give you everything you want. Long time.
..the (black) snake down the (worm) hole.

Which comes complete...with a possible 'CRM' reference, the same scene in Full Metal Jacket
  15 dorrars...(1+14)

We just saw the same earlier with David 'CRM/Bug' Cronenberg in Naked Lunch!
After coming to the conclusion that Dr. Ben(opening the)way is, in fact, the secret mastermind of a narcotics operation for a drug called "black meat" which is supposedly derived from the guts of giant centipedes.

Pyle's 'opening of the mouth'
See Bowman 2001...entering the head both exoterically and esoterically. (below)
 Brain (logic) centers...2001 almost maze-like inside, as is the head (toilet) in FMJ
Bowman enters 'the brain via rabbit hole' to 'slay the cyclops' (one eyed Hal)

...before a trip down the black wormhole/rabbit hole/stargate.

 "The name Hermes is derived from "Herm," a form of CHiram (CRM), the Personified Universal Life Principle, generally represented by fire. The 'firey' mythical bird of rebirth...Hal's brain reactivation/rebirth program called PHOENIX in sequel 2010.

"You, uh, chopped your wife and daughters up into little bits. And then you blew your brains out."
Symbolically...slaying your own cyclops.

 "And then you blew your brains out..."

Blowing your brains out...
Random interview with the great man himself
 Wild At Heart...blowing your brains out
Twin Peaks FWWM
Mulholland Drive - Blowing your brains out

Twin Peaks Series/Film
Blue Velvet
 I could list many, many others from Lynch's work...that directly refrence the 'head wound'.

2001 : ASO
For literally bashing the brain in!

Recall a little earlier...Axe through Red Rum...Cerebrum?
Straight after...Jack will crash his axe through this bathroom (ce-red-b-rum) he's smashing his own cerebrum/brain in...he even puts his own cerebrum (brain/head) through,
in that famous shot!

Mashed up heads/brains or Logic Memory Centers
 Communication breakdowns (major malfunction/ae35 unit/radio) and fucked childlike brains...that get destroyed.

Adam/God (Michael Angelo/(I)Sis-tine Chapel) and Spielberg's ET
The brain of god and cherubim circuitry

Michael 'the angel' (Michael Angelo) and ET

Isis...Michael 'The Angel' - 'Michael Angel-o'...(I)sistine Chapel

An opening of the mouth heavyweight!!!

Carlo Rambaldi...opening the way

Carlo...would make Spielberg's ET alien (brain/god), Lynch's Sand Worms (opening the wormhole/mouth), Ridley Scott's Alien mechanical head (protrouding ahnetjer etc), the Aliens in Spielberg's Close Encounters and the 'WTC' Kong in the 1976 film (with Starman Bridges) The Twin Towers being our link to Sirius and the star/stairway/ladder at the WTC.  We now see how he ties many of these elements together.

Carlo 'passed on' a several months back in 2012.

  Anyway back to Apocalypse Now/Nile...the 'snaking river' to the sun (hole)
Willard's mission...


During our very first encounter with Kurtz in the film, where Willard is given the mission...there seems to be two portions of suggestive dialogue in relation to Kurtz and his 'godlike' status...

Col (George) Lucas

Lucas: You've heard of Colonel Walter E Kurtz?

Willard: Yes Sir, I've heard the name...

[Lucas drops the dossier on the floor and exclaims 'Jesus!']

 He says it immediately after the end of the previous dialogue...'I've heard the name'...then bang 'Jesus', right on cue!

A subliminal suggestion of Kurtz' 'godlike' status by linking him with Jesus.

We also get this in the same scene...again from Lucas:

 "Now he's crossed to Cambodia with his Montagnard army, who worship the man, like a god, and follow every order however ridiculous"

We also encounter this on our way along the river...some suggestive imagery.

'Crucifixion-like' Crosses

Osiris as a 'Bull deity' via Apis...and the sacrifice of the god/bull
King Osiris lord of the underworld and the afterlife and the King was buried at Memphis via Apis (the bull) who took on his character.

Martin Luther King was killed (sacrificed) in Memphis

 Elvis 'The King' died in Memphis and came out of 'Sun Studio' cough, cough.

A quote I've seen in relation to Memphis...
"If music were a religion, then Memphis would be Jerusalem and Sun Studio its most sacred shrine."
ha, ha...Memphis is 'the most sacred shrine' need for Jerusalem!

BB King came out of Memphis too.

 Conrad's book influence is well known...and I think it adds to the 'heart & judgement' aspects of the is Kurtz who will talk about judgement and decide that man (Willard), has no right to judge...perhaps a suggestive reference to 'the gods'.

The two aspects fused together in one image and in a 'temple setting', this also occurs just prior to the great sacrificial ritual...all to hammer the point home.

When Osiris absorbed the identity of Ptah, becoming Ptah-Seker-Osiris, the Apis bull became considered an aspect of Osiris rather than Ptah. Since Osiris was lord of the dead, the Apis then became known as the living deceased one. As he now represented Osiris, when the Apis bull reached the age of twenty-eight, the age when Osiris was said to have been killed by Set, symbolic of the lunar month, and the new moon, the bull was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony.  As a form of Osiris, lord of the dead, it was believed that to be under the protection of the Apis bull would give the person control over the four winds in the afterlife.

the bull was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony.

 The Osiris/Apis Bull of Apocalypse Now being sacrificed by Set/Lance...chopping into pieces.
There is evidence that parts of the body of the Apis bull were eaten by the pharaoh and the priests to absorb the Apis's great strength.
 This point is referenced in The Golden Bough, that the vanquisher of the King would absorb the wisdom/strength of the King being sacrificed.  Willard will take on 'Kurtz's' wisdom/strength after the deed is done and you'll notice how, after killing Kurtz...the remaining compound members bow down to Willard and lay down their arms...they know he is the King reborn (Sheen as horus to Brando's fallen osiris) and act accordingly.

The King (Osiris) Sheen/Horus.

"The period of 2,160 years (216 = 6x6x6/666) required for the regression of the sun through one of the zodiacal constellations is often termed an age. According to this system, the age secured its name from the sign through which the sun passes year after year as it crosses the equator at the vernal equinox. From this arrangement are derived the terms The Taurian Age, The Aryan Age, The Piscean Age, and The Aquarian Age. During these periods, or ages, religious worship takes the form of the appropriate celestial sign--that which the sun is said to assume as a personality in the same manner that a spirit assumes a body. These twelve signs are the jewels of his breastplate and his light shines forth from them, one after the other.
From a consideration of this system, it is readily understood why certain religious symbols were adopted during different ages of the earth's history; for during the 2,160 years the sun was in the constellation of Taurus, it is said that the Solar Deity assumed the body of Apis, and the Bull became sacred to Osiris."
Manly P Hall, The Secret Teaching of All Ages.

It was Osiris who taught the people of the land of Egypt about farming. Osiris was and is one of the first "Green Men", in that he was also the god of vegetation. (as was his brother Set also).

The events are taking place in the lush and green vegetation of the jungle!

 The Green Men God-Kings...Brando/Kurtz as Osiris.

Sheen will kill Osiris (Kurtz) and become Horus (Osiris reborn), the new King, hence his green makeup to carry out the ritual killing.  In fact, Sheen will take on an aspect of Set too, this is for the killing (chopping into pieces) and be Horus (Osiris Risen) after the attack.  No, that coupling (Set/Horus)  is not too far fetched ...Set was Osiris's brother, afterall!!!

The act of Sheen killing Kurtz (Osiris) will be juxtaposed with the ritual killing of the 'bull/cow' (Apis-Osiris) by the will amplify this 'Killing of the Divine King' by having it played out concurrently, both the ritual deaths will be symbolic of the death of the sun/osiris.

Willard's face cross-faded into a depiction of a 'god'.

 Recall this from earlier and The Shining 'casting couch'?

the rabbit/hare

 Willard: "Sir, two places we can get into the river. Here and here. It's pretty wide delta (the mouth) but these are the only two spots I'm really sure of."
Kilgore: "Well, that village your pointing at there is kinda hairy (harey), Willard."
Willard: "What do you mean hairy (harey), sir?"
Kilgore "It's hairy (harey). Got some pretty heavy ordnance there.

 Soldier: It's really hairy (harey) in there sir, that's where we lost McDonald.
They shot the hell out us, thats Charlies point!

the dog (sirius and/or the little dog)

Head of the serpent
the bull

Kurtz as Osiris aka Orion

Sheen, in playing Horus...will pick up the tag of Lord of the Sky,  Horus & his falcon's head/sun epithet.

Lords of the Sky (Horus) in front of the Sun (Osiris)

With Sheen as Horus, Lord of the Sky...I think we can now understand the symbolism of the opening sequence of the film.

The helicopter images & sounds, the fan rotor blades over Sheen's head etc...he is Lord of the Sky and remember this beginning, is also the end. (the end where he becomes Osiris Risen...aka Horus).

And he's just about to...

'33' in line with his 'crown' (chakra) 3rd eye awareness.

I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service.

 Room service...
Another 'sleeper' awakened

Broken Back Darko
Jacob playing a Jacob

Brokeback Mountain brings together Jake 'Osiris' Gyllenhaal...with Heath 'Isis' Son' (Widow's Son) Ledger and Anne 'Hathor-way' Hathaway

Donnie Dead-O

Recall Gyllenhaal's (Jake and Stephen) connection to the Twin Peaks universe?

Brokeback Peaks

Jack Nicholson and Jake/Jack Gyllenhaal...The Fools

The Fool and his dog...on the precipice(truck runner) an open waving gesture, ladder at his back
The axe at Beaumont's Store...Double Ed...more like 'double head' and double-headed axe

Splitting consciousness...via the bug/bugs
the head wound

You'll remember the Blue Velvet beetles and bugs from earlier too...

Ms. Pomeroy (Barrymore)
"A famous linguist once said...that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history...that 'Cellar Door' is the most beautiful."

Donnie Darko & POE
A story told by syndicated columnists Frank Colby in 1949 and L. M. Boyd in 1979 holds that "cellar door" was Edgar Allan Poe's favorite phrase, and that the refrain Nevermore in "The Raven" was chosen as "the closest word to 'cellar door' he could think of."

 Donnie's Poetry...(on 10-13, 13th Oct/Templar suppression)
"A storm is coming, Frank says. A storm that will swallow the children...and I will deliver them from the kingdom of pain"

I've heard this phase (and very close versions)  a lot recently...from Donnie Darko, The Dark Night Rises, Batman Begins, Terminator (the ending), Alien v Predator, Night at the Museum (to a key stealing monke), Lynch's Dune, Serenity, Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, X-Men (23-Men), Sherlock Homes (2009), The Gift, Shutter Island, Mary Poppins, The Stand (King, made for TV), Tin Man (TV series), The Lost 'finale'...the mantra is literally everywhere!


Brain Bugs Overload!!!

Bug(s) (Beetle/Thalamus) and Bugs (Bunny-Rabbit Hole)  & POE
The above and below aspects considered...the cosmic rabbit hole and the brain synapse paths (that will connect with the thalamus/brain beetle bugs etc)

From Bugs' rabbit Bond's wormhole

Remember this from 'part 1'...the  cheekily veiled 'opening of the mo(u)th' in The Spy Who Loved Me?

Jaws in Egypt
Pyramids and a 'jaws' connection!
007...the eyes of John Dee over the pyramids
My mouth's bonds are loosed by my city-god.
Thoth has come fully equipped with spells,
He looses the bonds of Seth from my mouth.
The film opens with the 'opening of a ship's mouth'...swallowing a sub
 Fish logo on bow

Ship = Lip-arus
 Any species of a family (Liparidae) of destructive bombycid moths, as the tussock moths. also relates to fish!

"Opening of the moth/mouth"...wink, wink.

Don't forget Stromberg's Atlantis home...clearly resembles a bug-like/insect...that rises from the underworld.

An underworld (under the sea) based bug-like (with eggs) lair...

Bond will escape with (Beatle wife) Barbara Bach inside an 'egg shaped' pod...back to the egg (with Mrs Beatle), for the ending!

You might recall another film with a heavy 'moth' and 'mouth' motif...that being:

1991 (Orion/Sirius Pictures)
The moth and the mouth...and death (death's head), appreciating that a mummy is a dead preserved obvious necessity for the 'opening of the mouth'.

The mouth, it's opening and insertion of a moth cocoon/pupa is a key aspect of the ritual killings. 
The mouth is an ever present motif throughout the film...from Lecter attacking a nurse (using his mouth on her mouth etc) and his 'mouth restraints' etc to Miggs swallowing his own tongue etc...other examples will follow.

The Jarred Head
They find a moth cocoon in the decapitated head of Benjamin Raspail...his head is actually preserved and in a jar too...evoking a canopic jar.  The head has been inside the garage since 1980, so about 10 years or so.

Another 'bug in the head' reference for Gyllenhaal?
Donnie 'Osiris' Darko...Jarhead takes place in the vary late 80's, like Silence of the Lambs.
A transformation of the head (deaths head/dead head)...via the moth/bug cocoon, a 'symbol of change/transformation'
Early precognition of the ritual 

"Louis Friend? Iron sulfide, also known as fool's gold."
 The journey of 'the fool' (Clarice) her quest for the 'gold' of enlightenment.

Opening with...
 The 'maze-like' subterranean depths 'darkness' (Lecter's cell) to the 'light' at the top of the stairway/ladder, right.

 From the 'maze-like' subterranean depths of Buffalo Bill's basement...

"From darkness... the light"

Buffalo Bill (Bull) hunts in Memphis (Egypt resonance) for Catherine Martin

The discovery of Buffalo Bill's 1st victim (who was weightd down and found after other victims)...leads to another discovery.

The autopsy ritual adze/ahnetjer hook...I mean camera, that goes into the held open mouth

 The open mouth..."She's got something in her throat"

Opening of the mouth./wormhole...with ritual tweezers, lol.
We have a scene at a funeral home and makeshift morgue where Star-ling views her first that scene they find something (a pupa) in her mouth/throat!

The actual species' worm-like pupa...that comes in/out from the mouth/wormhole!


Although the pouring of libations and the burning of incense played so prominent a part in the ritual of animating the statue or the mummy, the most important incident in the ceremony was the "opening of the mouth," which was regarded as giving it the breath of life.

Exhalation of the breath of life

When the cocoon is removed with the tweezers (adze etc) a delberate sound effect (an exhalation of breath) has been clearly denote the breath of life, coming from the corpse of Frederica Bimmel.

Anhk...Symbol of eternal life. The gods are often seen holding an ankh to someone's lips this is considered to be an offering of "The Breath of Life". The breath you will need in the afterlife.

But wait...there is also another suggestive aspect going on...

The 'deaths head' preserved in formaldehyde...used in embalming/mummification etc

Brainy guys at the museum...
 The Khepra 'brain beetle bugs' are referenced!

Right after we get...
 A 'giant' worm/catepillar....prior to the following:

The opening of the moth...literally!
Ritual tweezers/adze lol...inside is the death's head...skull/mouth too!
The tweezers will rest on the skulls mouth...during opening.

Even Manhunter (Red Dragon) had the 'opening of the mouth' as a veiled subtext thematic!
The 'Tooth Fairy' even bites off someones 'lips' (where the ritual stick/rod is placed) in the story.

Silence of the Lambs....
We are informed that it is a Death's Head Hawk-Moth (Hawk/Horus) and it's technical name is given as Acherontia Styx (rivers in hades).

 They are known to invade 'beehives' and they can mimic the scent of bees so that they can enter a hive unharmed to get honey. Disrupting the hive and disrupting the hive-mind (via Buffalo Bill) comparisons can perhaps, be made as a subtext thematic.

They call the moth 'acherontia styx' but they use a different form of the same species in the actual film...the form (a moth adapted to resemble this species) we see in the film is 'acherontia atropos' (atropos relating to death/atrophy).
It seems that it was important to the film-maker that the name 'styx' be included, even though this was technically incorrect with the imagery we're shown!

The word 'Styx' phonetically evokes stick(s) and therefore we open mouth, a moth and a 'stick' element...opening of the mouth with the ritual stick (rod/ahnetjer).

Opening of the mouth requires ritual 'sticks' or 'styx'
The Shining's Minotaur/Bull(y) of the Labyrinth/Maze...


In Silence of the Lambs...the authorities think that Buffalo Bill (Buffalo Bull) is hiding out in Calumet City!

The Bimmel (1st victim) house, Ohio...Calumet Indian Head

The 'axe' in the Bimmel garden, Ohio

Rotting female corpse tub (Mrs Lippman in the basement)...Silence of the Lambs
Rotting female corpse tub (in the bathroom)...The Shining

The Bull/Minotaur/Apis/Osiris...and the maze/labyrinth
"Wooly Bully" (in Full Metal Jacket too)

The above pic (left bull & circular maze) evoke Buffalo Bill/Bull and his overlooking the pit/well where he keeps his also recalls the maze and the brain (see left pic again bull's head over a circular maze) and what we saw earlier with the Jack references.

 Another Native Indian connection and related to the bull/apis
 It's Buffalo Bull not Bill...wink, wink.

Recall that we've just been looking at Apocalypse Now and 'the bull/apis' aspects etc.

Scott Glenn would appear in Apocalypse Now (as Colby) and star in Silence of the Lambs (as Crawford) Starling's superior at the FBI.  In fact, he was a recruit at Kurtz's camp and would have been in the vicinity of the ritual 'bull sacrifice' in Apocalypse Now.

Double take...Remember this?
 I'll drink to that...
Two 'Apocalypse Now' co-stars...playing the same role (Crawford)...hey, its a small world!

As he now represented Osiris, when the Apis bull reached the age of twenty-eight, the age when Osiris was said to have been killed by Set, symbolic of the lunar month, and the new moon, the bull was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony...this would take place in MEMPHIS.

Both Scott Glenn (Jack Crawford) and Ted Levine (Jame Gumb) have played astronaut Alan Shepard: Glenn in the film The Right Stuff and Levine in the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon.

The shepherd (anhk)and the hook/crook of Osiris and the moon (Isis)

Osiris' Crossed Arms


They always made such a big deal of this edit...the finger stroke 'subliminal'!
Perhaps, we can now see why?!
"Clarice....your case file"
This is immediately followed by an aeroplane taking off!

Demme has previous via the WTC and Isis (Working Girl) Melanie Griffiths...with 'Something Wild' (1986), where she is adorned like Cleopatra and the film's opening, mirrors the opening of Working 'WTC/911' Girl!

This is Orion/Sirius pictures...their 9/11/WTC veiled (or otherwise) references in film are LEGION!!! ?
(as I've pointed out here on numerous occassions).

Death's Head and crossed bones/flail,hook

I'm crying,crying, crying...over you (tears of isis?)

 It was believed that the Nile River flooded every year because of the tears of sorrow which Isis wept for Osiris. Osiris's death and rebirth was relived each year through rituals.

Bill/Bull playing the god (male) & goddess (female) aspect.
Crying over the missing penis/phallus of Osiris...that she couldn't find!

Jame Gumb (Buffalo Bill/Bull) is living in the house of the deceased Mrs Lipp-man, her body is in the bath and is discovered by Starling.

Recall the 'funerary magic' text from earlier...
 Special tools were used to perform the ceremony, such as a ritual adze, an arm shaped ritual censer, a spooned blade known as a peseshkaf, a serpent-head blade, (ahnetjer etc) and other amulets.
 A calf's leg (bull/bill etc) was also held up to the lips painted on the coffin.

The ahnetjer hook/stick is held to the mouth/lips...the calf's leg (to the painted coffin lips) symbolically repeats this process.

The Bull/Bill 'Lip-painting man' @ the Lipp-man's house!!!
Note, he's with moths, earlier we discovered a species connection with Lip-arian (lĭ`pā´rĭ`an). n. 1. (Zool.) Any species of a family ( Liparidæ ) of destructive bombycid moths, as the tussock moths.
Buffalo Bill is certainly destructive! 

In Silence of the Lambs...when we see the newspaper headline in the FBI offices...Bill Skins Fifth there is a newspaper article directly under the headline (below, see bottom right)

 Wrong headline or wrong article?

 We'd expect the article to be about Buffalo Bill and his latest killing (under that headline), but it is actually an article about Lecter and his first killing!!!  Well...look what crops up, it states that the victim was called a 'Mr Heart' (wink,wink) and that cannibalism was an aspect of the death (the victim dies in hospital later, so the article states).  Lecter...aka the''Mr Heart' Eater, geddit!?

Red Dragon (2002)
 Lecter as Ammit - Heart Devourer

Hearts. A heart-shaped ring on Clarice's finger. A heart-shaped well in Bill's basement (tenuous imo). The movie is a "Strong Heart Production."

When Starling explores the 'Yourself Storage' (finding the preserved head, with moth in the mouth etc) an 'open mouthed' crocodle can be seen!

Yourself Storage...her/our own brains. 
"Advancement, of course. Listen carefully. Look deep within yourself, Clarice Starling. Go seek out Miss Mofet, an old patient of mine. M-o-f-e-t."

Lecter (Hopkins) already has 'previous' by his role in the Elephant 'wormholing' Man...he will gain extra 'charge' via Ridley 'opening of the Alien mouth' Scott's 'Hannibal' film, pairing them together. That film title also evokes the 'elephant riding' military leader of the same name (Hannibal), for a double 'synchro' pay-off!

"Closer please...closer!!!"
the all seeing eye

'Opening of the mouth' subliminal
Parts of this pen will also find there way into Lecter's 'mouth'!

Just prior to Lecter being flown to meet with Senator Martin...we have these images & dialogue:

 Spoken over the image of the 'penis of Osiris' (Washington Monument)

 Director FBI...played by horror legend Roger Corman:
"Well, she's mad as hell, Jack. Paul Krendler's over here from Justice.
 She's asking him to take over in Memphis."

 (Memphis became the capital of Ancient Egypt for over eight consecutive dynasties during the Old Kingdom.)

Notice Elephantine on the river/map...Hopkins would star in Elephant Man & Hannibal (sequel, with it's elephant riding leader connection via the name)

So we get the 'god' Osiris referenced here (via monument/penis & Memphis) and it is then immediately follwed by the reference to the 'goddess' Isis...

At Memphis airport...

"Tell me Senator....did you nurse/breast-feed Catherine yourself?"

Horus suckling Isis' breast/nipple

A Clockwork Orange (Sun)
 You might recall the reference from previous posts...? 
Dim as Horus...and Lucy as Isis (Lucy in the 'diamond dog star' sky)

Lecter has only been there a few minutes and he's already 'symbolically' referenced the goddess!

So that was Osiris & Isis chronologically back to back!
Bovine babble

 Senator Martin/Nitram in Memphis...

The 'King'
As he now represented Osiris,  the bull was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony.

The Nitram (Black/Martin) King...aka Osiris/Black Apis
Martin Luther King was sacrificed in Memphis. 

Nitram connects to blackening too (charcoal being one)...for extra word/image play.

Lecter's 'nitram charcoal' Memphis, after meeting Sen. Nitram/Martin

 Nitram & the bull

Deja vu?
Clockwork Orange...Alex in the Serum(CRM) 114 'Egyptian pyramid cinema' as Osiris Risen...
Hannibal (in orange) as Osiris Risen in Memphis!

Deja Vu?

Deja Vu?
Matrix of the Lambs

What's up Doc? (Dr Lecter) 
"Ready when you are Doc"

The khepra beetles.....and the 'brainy dudes' is a Phd.
 POE (deliberately part obscured 'poe-try') Memphis, inside Lecter's makeshift cell...right bang next to Bach's  Goldberg Variations playing...'word-play' geddit? Bach (back/spine) Gold-berg/Gold Bug & POE

It seems I'm not the only to make the link!
 The novel intertwines the discovery of the chemical structure of DNA with the musicality of Johann Sebastian Bach's harpsichord composition, the Goldberg Variations. A similar theme is explored by Douglas Hofstadter in his 1979 book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. The title also alludes to Edgar Allan Poe's 1843 short story "The Gold-Bug", which is also incorporated in the plot of the novel.

Goldberg/Gold Bug, Bach (Back), DNA (helix twist and spine etc) and the Poe 'Gold Bug' reference, all rolled into one! I only came across the novel above, after already making the connection with 'gold bug/gold berg/poe-try' from Silence of the just magically appeared, soon after!

The Gold Bug Variations...geddit?

Dr Strangelove's POE motif

 "The Gold-Bug" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, the plot follows William Legrand, who was recently bitten by a gold-colored bug. His servant Jupiter fears Legrand is going insane and goes to Legrand's friend, an unnamed narrator who agrees to visit his old friend. Legrand pulls the other two into an adventure after deciphering a secret message that will lead to a buried treasure.

Buried Treasure...The 'gold of enlightenment'?

 The Fool on the road pushing the sun...on the 'going to the sun road'

The Gold Bug
William Legrand becomes obsessed with searching for treasure after being bitten by a scarab-like bug thought to be made of pure gold.

Actors who obtained their career breaks working for Corman include Jack Nicholson (see pic above), Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Michael McDonald, Dennis Hopper, Talia Shire, Sandra Bullock, and Robert De Niro. David Carradine, who received one of his first starring film roles in the Corman-produced Boxcar Bertha (1972) and went on to star in Death Race 2000, later noted to Beverly Gray, author of Roger Corman: Blood-Sucking Vampires, Flesh-Eating Cockroaches, and Driller Killers: "It's almost as though you can’t have a career in this business without having passed through Roger's hands for at least a moment."
Yup...Roger 'Silence of the Lambs' Corman...again!
The 'Memphis man' from earlier...

Of course...the earlier reference, won't be the only POE connection for Silence of the Lambs...particularly heavy POE resonance will come from Roger 'POE' Corman.

Roger Corman's...
 Nicholson in Poe based Corman film..The Raven. Boris Karloff & Vincent Price also feature.

The Raven (1963)
 Karloff as Dr Scarabus...Dr Beetle...and 'eggs on the brain'...
Now we've got 2 clear references both connected to Nicholson!

Sunny-side up!

A Cluck-work Orange (lol)
A Clockwork Orange (Sun)...Eggiwegs

More smashed egg allusions?  The egg (pic below) and the accident 
Alex:Excuse me misses can you please help? There's been a terrible accident. (She'll soon have her own).
 Back to the the base of the steps/pyramid/ladder etc

Lolly/Loli sticks on the lips...
Opening of the (Lolly/Loli) Mouth x2 (judgement heart for Lolita)
...the rainbow steps/ladder chart to Heaven 17, 
via the cyclops. Note...the drooping lolly 'rainbow arch'!!!

 The 'shining' Gold Bug-brain beetle-synaptic-wormhole...
note the crossed-arms of the pirate (Osiris risen) and digging at the grave/tree of 
Osiris/Hiram Abiff.

The search for buried
The Map & The Gold Bug...heading towards the inlet.

Sullivan's Island (eye-land) is the 'Lateral Ventricle' and where Poe wrote the story.
The 'gold beetle bug' enters the 'Corpus Callosum' area, between Legrand's Hut and Long Island
The Gold Beetle Bug...heading towards the inlet/gap

Full Coronal Cortex...we just 'one half' above.
Sullivan's Island is the 'Lateral Ventricle' and the 'gold beetle bug' enters in the 'Corpus Callosum' area.

 Maybe this shows it better...
Brain-like landmass and the 'gold bug beetle' enters between the 'lat vent' and cortex?

 Sullivan's Island...South Carolina...Lateral Ventricle outlined in purple.

Sullivan's Callosum
 At first, I thought this was all a bit tenuous...but it all connects to the 'brain beetle bug', the thalamus and cerebrum!  The Corpus Callosum...connecting both large hemispheres...the CerebRuM. It also connects to the 3rd eye/pineal gland area to.

Lateral Ventricles

The lateral ventricles are located within the brain, with one ventricle located in each hemisphere. They are roughly horseshoe shaped, with a central region as well as anterior, or frontal, posterior, or rear, and inferior, or temporal, horns. This curved shape causes the lateral ventricles to pass through all four lobes of the brain — the frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital.
Lateral ventricles are the highest portion of the brain's ventricular system, and are the largest of the ventricles. Above the anterior horns of each lateral ventricle are the corpus callosum, the dense mass of nerve tissue that connects the brain's right and left sides and makes it possible for them to communicate. In the back of the brain, the posterior horns pass through the occipital lobe. The temporal horns pass through the temporal lobes, which are located behind the temples.

Lateral ventricle and the eye of horus
 Hawk (horus) left...Ibis headed serpent (thoth/hermes) right
Note...the 'optic recess' (eye) is located inside the ventricle, as is the 'supra-pineal recess' (pineal gland/3rd eye). Two distinct 'horns' are also present as in the 'anterior/inferior horns'

Lateral Ventricles are two curved shaped cavities located within the CerebRuM.

I think this ventricle and ear below (especially the horn/lobe elements, if not all of it) gel!
Poe uses the 'eye' motif (via beetle/eye/skull etc) for the lateral ventricle
Lynch uses the 'ear' motif (ear to the subterranean beetles) for the lateral ventricles!
The similarities are undeniable!!!

 Legrand captured the bug but let someone else borrow it; he draws a picture of the bug instead. The narrator says that the image looks like a skull.

 Legrand tells the narrator they must go on an expedition along with the gold-bug tied to a string. Deep in the island's wilderness, they find a tree (tree of life imo), which Legrand orders Jupiter to climb with the gold-bug in tow. There, he finds a skull and Legrand tells him to drop the bug through one of the eye sockets (see pic above, this is obviously meant to be symbolic of the brain beetle thalamus too, via eye to brain etc!). From where it falls, he determines the spot where they dig. They find treasure buried by the infamous pirate "Captain Kidd", estimated by the narrator to be worth a million and a half dollars (symbolic gold of enlightenment).

 Bug in the eye and surrounded by water
Was this also referenced by Spielberg, in his rendition of Philip K Dick's Minority Report?
Cruise co-starred (Minority Rpt) with Lynch's Dune (wormhole) Dr Kynes aka Max Von Sydow

 Vincent 'The Raven' Price...the skull at the top of the tree, kether and the activated thalamus/pineal gland etc.

Vincent 'Egghead' In Batman 60's TV series
Eggs...boiled and fried....and through the the brain.

The Gold Bug...cont:
The story involves cryptography with a detailed description of a method for solving a simple substitution cipher using letter frequencies. The cryptogram is:

The decoded message in yellow text is:
A good glass in the bishop's hostel in the devil's seat
 Raise a glass of the devil's seat (Lecter's underground cell)...

 the 'bishop's hostel' is

 The Duomo (Cathedral/Arch Bishop) in Florence (Belvedere) the drawings in his cell...Starling will find Bill via Belvedere, Ohio...this was a clue, Bill and Bimmel both came from there!

The earliest documentation of a "Chianti wine" dates back to the thirteenth century when viticulture was known to flourish in the "Chianti Mountains" around Florence.

Lecter..."It's Florence. That's the Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo, seen from the Belvedere..."
forty-one degrees and thirteen minutes northeast and by north
main branch seventh limb east side shoot from the left eye of the death's-head
a bee line from the tree through the shot fifty feet out.
The Deaths Head
I give you the Deaths Head!
A 'bee-line' to the 'bee hive invading' Deaths Head Moth (Acherontia Styx) 
and shooting from the left 'open eye' of 'deaths head' Jolly 'Osiris' Roger!

Quid POE Quo...
Now the Silence of the Lambs 'skull' based imagery makes sense in relation to Poe!

Death's Head...and 'death's head moth' in the mouth

 Corman's proteges...
 An impressive list imo

 A number of noted film directors worked with Corman, usually early in their careers. Many have said that Corman's influence taught them some of the ins-and-outs of filmmaking. In the extras for the DVD of The Terminator, director James Cameron asserts, "I trained at the Roger Corman Film School." The British director Nicolas Roeg served as the cinematographer on The Masque of the Red Death. Cameron, Coppola, Demme, Hanson, Howard and Scorsese have all gone on to win Academy Awards. Howard was reportedly told by Corman, "If you do a good job on this film, you'll never have to work for me again."

Corman would 'cameo' in Francis 'Apocalypse Killing of Apis/King Osiris Now' Coppola's Godfather II.


Back to Lecter in Memphis...

What's up Doc? (Dr Lecter) 
"Ready when you are Doc"

 "Ready when you are...Sgt Pembury"
 Lecter's 'symbolic' opening of the mouth moment...cough, cough. (with mini adez/ahnetjer)
All happening in of the King.

Boyle's open mouth
 The Boyle/The Bull...

In Memphis...
As he now represented Osiris, the bull (the Boyle) was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony (ceres & moon combo)..which took place in Memphis. 

The Nile Delta and River Mouth
 The Boyle - The Bull

"Oh my God"
 Memphis and Memphis...the landmass penertrating the 'open mouth' of the Nile delta...Memphis directly underneath!
As above, so below...microcosm & macrocosm

There is evidence that parts of the body of the Apis bull were eaten by the pharaoh and the priests to absorb the Apis's great strength.

 The Bull's 'green' vision...the green man

The 'lewis/louis' (tripod, Lewis/Louis Friend) and the 'pink' Ostrich feather (Ma'at/Judgement) in the background!  "From the light"
 "the bull (buffalo bull) was put to death with a great sacrificial ceremony"

 Light - Gold

Louis Friend (Gumb/Bill) was the literal 'fool's gold'


 ...buried treasure!

Gold & Bugs

 "The Gold-Bug" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, the plot follows William Legrand, who was recently bitten by a gold-colored bug. His servant Jupiter fears Legrand is going insane and goes to Legrand's friend, an unnamed narrator who agrees to visit his old friend. Legrand pulls the other two into an adventure after deciphering a secret message that will lead to a buried treasure.

Senator Martin (re: Lecter)...."Take this thing back to Baltimore"

On October 3, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe was found drunk and unconscious on the streets of Baltimore, in someone else's clothes...he died 4 days later.

South Carolina
This won't be Foster's only 'Bug' connection...she's the one who meets the 'beetle/bug' men who are playing 'bug chess' in the film (the pic above).

Tallulah Belle
Bugs-y Malone
(I'll confess that I had a secret crush on Jodie, after watching this at the cinema in the 70's!  Not one like Hinckley's obsession of course!)

Bugs-y...bugs (insect) and bugs (rabbit hole)

My Name is Tallulah 
"I've made a lot of friends in some exotic places, I don't remember names, but I remember faces.
 When they talk about Tallulah you know what they say, no one south of Heaven's (earth) gonna treat you finer. Tallulah had her training In North Carolina.

"The Gold-Bug" is a short story by Poe. Set on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina.

Lecter..."And that accent you've tried so desperately to shed: pure West Virginia." (see map)

"That's the north and south (Carolina)"
You should notice 'Florence' in there too...the reference of the view from the Beldevere!

North Carolina
Now we got beetle-bugs in Wilmington, North Carolina...see map!

That's a lot of talk about gold treasure, beetle-bugs and islands (Sullivan's/Poe)

Both of these islands seem to contain the same elements and story...the mystery of buried 
gold treasure! 
The 'Plum Island' next to Oak Island is not the same one that is referenced in the film...but it has the exact same name!  The fact that it is related to gold and treasure...after we've seen the 'fools gold' reference and the massive POE resonance...makes this stand out!  The treasure of course, is not physical gold...but something symbolic!

You might recall an 'island' getting referenced in Silence of the Lambs?
Lecter: "Plum Island...animal disease research center, sounds charming"
It was Clarice's idea to select this 'island' part of the phony offer to Lecter!

Sullivans Island's and Oak Island's...Pirates

Iron Pyrites (Iron Sulfide)...Iron Pirates

Nebuchadnezzer's Dream versus Oak Island's 'Money Pit'
Feet of iron and clay...a gold head x 2
The 'cask of metal pieces' meets the ladder/stairway to gold...a tree sits at the summit!
A symbolic money enlightenment!

Bugsy Malone...cont:
Paul Williams, who scored the music for Bugsy Malone...would also write Evergreen (green man/osiris) for A Star (Sirius/Orion) is Born...

 Kermit...the green man (osiris) and sirius(isis)
and also write...Muppets' The Rainbow Connection (sirius/rainbow bridge)

"Taxi for Ms Foster?"
 Iris...the rainbow connection, Iris goddess of the rainbow
Lecter: "Was it a butterfly"(see top right above)

My Name is it's Alice!!!

Alicia aka Alice...a latinised version of Alice (Alice/Rabbit Hole)!

Alice (Clarice/Jodie) gets a call from Lecter in Alice Town (rabbit again)!
Talullah 'Foster' Belle (Bug-sy Malone)"I've made a lot of friends in some exotic places"

...exotic places
 Bimini & Alice Town.
An old friend for dinner (Dr Chilton)

Dr Lecter’s tropical retirement home at the end of the movie is Alice Town (Alice, Alice and rabbit hole), on the island of North Bimini in the Bahamas. The Bimini Islands, 50 miles off the coast of Florida, are the closest of the Bahamas to the USA.


The Biminis, along with most islands in the Atlantic, were believed to have been the site of Atlantis, and are claimed to be home to the ‘Fountain of Youth’, the Healing Hole (hole reference), which you can find on South Bimini.

The premise of ''Contact'' is that a civilization somewhere deep in space is broadcasting a cryptic radio message. At the moment the message is intercepted here on Earth, the intense young astronomer Dr. Eleanor (Ellie) Arroway, played by Jodie Foster, wants to be absolutely sure. ''What do the FUDD's say?'' she asks.

 The Rabbit Hole..."Thank you Elmer!"
Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny

 That is the acronym for the follow-up detection device, a specialized receiver used by real-life astronomers searching for life in space to confirm that a detected intelligent signal is in fact genuine.
After confirmation by FUDD, Ellie kisses the computer screen. ''Thank you, Elmer,'' she says.

Whoever wrote that above...missed the 'subliminal' aspect of the connection to 'rabbit holes' (Bugs Bunny/Elmer) and 'wormholes'!!!

But wait...there is even more...sunny side up?
Yes....the 'egghead' again!!!
Wormholes...rabbit holes...bugs & bunnies...and the 'egg' (back to the egg/fool and the beetle thalamus brain bugs)

Bugs (Rabbit Hole & Thalamus) and Elmer (Egghead/Thalamus) What's Up Doc? (1950)

Looney (for moon resonance) Tunes

Eventually the duo comes upon their classic formula of Hunter vs. Hare.
above & below...The Hunter (aka Orion) vs The Hare (aka Lepus) 

O'Ryan (Orion) Neal or Ryan O'Neal...would appear in Kubrick's Barry the lead role.
with Barbara 'A Star (sirius/evergreen/orion) is Born' Streisand

 above & below...Jack as Orion (the hunter with his axe/club) and Danny as Lepus via 'the bugs/hare'

Egghead and Thalamus

Monkey/Monkee Heads x2
Chilled Monkee/Monkey Brains (Heads)
Nicholson's Head (1968) & Lucas/Spielberg's Indiana Jones & the Temple (Head) of Doom (1984)

Recall...we entered the 'fools' (and/or our own) head earlier...FMJ

Both these 'fools' Nicholson & Modine would feature in The Batman films...Nicholson via 'Beetle-juice' (cough, cough) Burton's installment...appearing with 'Betelgeuse' himself, Batman lead Michael Keaton!

From bugs and bugs!

From 'The Silence of the Lambs' wormholes, open mouth & bug Contact's wormholes!

Jodie 'opening of the mouth/iris' Foster...will gain even more opening of the mouth/wormhole resonance via Contact, which I wrote about several months ago...the giant 'wormhole' generator etc.

(Robert 'Back to the Future' Zemeckis)

(based on Sagan's book...Sagan backwards is Nagas)

 Sagan also wrote books to popularize science which reflected and expanded upon some of the themes of A Personal Voyage, and became the best-selling science book ever published in English; The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, which won a Pulitzer Prize.

'Dargons of Eden' sounds like an allusion to the 'serpent/snake' in the Garden of Eden.

A 'Godfather' of wormhole theory!
Snake - Serpent - Nagas - Sagan

 Sagan briefly served as an adviser on Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Sagan proposed that the film suggest, rather than depict, extraterrestrial superintelligence.

Ellie Arroway (way of the arrow/archer/bowman)
Eleanor means 'light in Greek...a 'light arrow-way' literally to the centre of the galactic core!

The universe as the macrocosm & microcosm...ending at Foster's left eye/iris (horus/moon).

 Archer Inspired - Arroway's Iris - Contact

 Archer Inspired - Bowman's Iris - 2001 : ASO

In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. Like Hermes, Iris carries a caduceus or winged staff. (Basically like a female version of Thoth/Hermes.)

Iris - Taxi Driver Lolita

Arroway as a child...the unicorn above her head
...allusions to the star map (as above) and the 3rd eye (so below)

In Contact...Arroway is searching for signs of ET intelligence using the VLA radio telescopes.

 Set (Egyptian god of terror/darkness/chaos) & Seti (Search for extra-terrestrial intellignece)
There was also a pharaoh called Seti (meaning, of the god Set) and he was the father of Rameses II.

A C Clarke
Rendezvous With Rama...wormhole.

 Excerpt....Rendezvous With Rama
  "At 0940 GMT on the morning of September 11 in the exceptionally beautiful summer of the year 2077, most of the inhabitants of Europe saw a dazzling fireball.... Somewhere above Austria it began to disintegrate.... The cities of Padua and Verona were wiped from the face of the earth, and the last glories of Venice sank forever..."
Prescient text...if you catch my drift!

 In fact, the following was inspired by his Rendezvous With Rama.

Seti I & The Book of Gates 

The Book of Gates is the principal guidebook to the netherworld found in 19th and part of the 20th Dynasty tombs of the New Kingdom, though it makes its first appearance to us with the last king of the 18th Dynasty. It was meant to allow the dead pharaoh to navigate his way along the netherworld route together with the sun god, so that his resurrection could be affected. It emphasizes gates with guardian deities who's names must be known in order to pass them. This is actually a very old tradition dating to at least the Book of the Two Ways in the Coffin Texts, where there are seven gates with three keepers at each. (21)

Seti I and his alabaster sarcophagus is adorned with the earliest complete and continuous version of the book.  In the Book of Gates, each gate has a guardian in the form of a serpent on its door, as well as two further guardians and fire spitting uraei. (cobra)

2001:ASO Crew in Sarcophagi...hibernating.

Egyptian Tarot...Judgement
3 mummies/sarcophagi rise from the tomb...the 3 fold nature of man (1/3 earth bound 2/3 overman/ubermensch?)

So that's Jack (The Shining) as a mummified individual (natron)
Alex (AClockwork Orange) depicted as a mummy (and Osiris) and being 'cured' (natron)
These folk in 2001 in their sarcophagi tombs.
Throw in injured Bryan from Barry a mummy too.

This is 'cine-mummy'...not 'cine-ma'!

Serpent Rod (Cobra) - Nagas (Cobra)- Sagan...Sagan the Gate Keeper.

You'll probably recall that I mentioned the 'serpent rod' as an aspect of the 'opening of the mouth/way/wormhole' in earlier posts...and here we have Sagan (Nagas/Serpent) writing about stargates and wormholes via his novel Contact.

The original idea, that the Pioneer spacecraft should carry a message from humankind, was first mentioned by Eric Burgess when he visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, during the Mariner 9 mission. He approached Carl Sagan, who had lectured about communication with extraterrestrial intelligences at a conference in Crimea.
Sagan was enthusiastic about the idea of sending a message with the Pioneer spacecraft. NASA agreed to the plan and gave him three weeks to prepare a message. Together with Frank Drake he designed the plaque, and the artwork was prepared by Sagan's then-wife Linda Salzman Sagan.
Both plaques were manufactured at Precision Engravers, San Carlos, California.
The first plaque was launched with Pioneer 10 on March 2, 1972, and the second followed with Pioneer 11 on April 5, 1973.

Sagan on Contact, wormholes & time travel

"Our high-energy particle accelerators don't have enough energy to even detect the phenomenon at that scale, much less do anything like holding a wormhole open."
"I find it marvellous, I mean literally marvellous, full of marvel, that this innocent inquiry in the context of writing a science-fiction novel has sparked a whole field of physics and dozens of scientific papers by some of the best physicists in the world. I'm so pleased to have played this catalytic role not just in fast spaceflight but in the idea of time travel."
And yet there are still people out there who give no thought to 'predictive programming' being a real and operating phenomenon...unbelievable!!!!

First Contact
Contact's WOW message...first conatct.

The OSU SETI program gained fame on August 15, 1977 when Jerry Ehman, a project volunteer, witnessed a startlingly strong signal received by the telescope. He quickly circled the indication on a printout and scribbled the phrase “Wow!” in the margin. Dubbed the Wow! signal, it is considered by some to be the best candidate for a radio signal from an artificial, extraterrestrial source ever discovered, but it has not been detected again in several additional searches.

 He (Ehman) later recanted his skepticism somewhat, after further research showed an Earth-borne signal to be very unlikely, due to the requirements of a space-borne reflector being bound to certain unrealistic requirements to sufficiently explain the nature of the signal.  Also, the 1420 MHz signal is problematic in itself in that it is "protected spectrum": it is bandwidth in which terrestrial transmitters are forbidden to transmit due to it being reserved for astronomical purposes.  In his most recent writings, Ehman resists "drawing vast conclusions from half-vast data"—acknowledging the possibility that the source may have been military in nature or otherwise may have been a production of Earth-bound humans.

'subliminal-synchro-sphere' regular Wow signal.

Or as the late science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke once put it in a 1997 interview with New Scientist magazine:

“God only knows what it was."

The Wow Signal
 I've picked out the two 666 references from both messages!!!
The Wow signal (666) and the intercepted message (666) sent into space in Twin Peaks.  I've also referenced the little star, um I mean dwarf, from the 'redroom' saying Wow, Bob, Wow.  Twin maps, intercepted signal between earth & space, 666...the 'wow''s all seems relevant and there is a crossover imo!

 Watch Saturn 'flyby' in the red room..."when Jupiter & Saturn meet".
 There is also a depiction (lamp) of Saturn to the left of Cooper.

Now Jupiter (Giant) and Saturn (fly-by & lamp) MEET
 Red Dwarf (the sun) and the Giant (Gas Giant aka Jupiter)
The sun (red dwarf) an 'exploded star' and Jupiter an 'unexploded star' (gas giant) and the same!

The Jupiter/Saturn Stargate 2001
Bow-man is our representative...humanity.

 Bow-man (apollo/the archer) slaying the cyclops...before his stargate trip through the black/worm hole.
The Arrow of Apollo...Danny aiming at the bullseye/galactic centre point!

 Sagittarius (The Archer/Bow-man) the arrow aimed at Galactic Centre point (eye).


The Contact Wow signal was picked up in the constellation of Sagittarius...which we just saw earlier in reference to the galactic centre and archer/bowman.

The wormhole generator...Contact

Arroway (just like Bowman)...through the wormhole/galactic centre.

 The succession of colors in the space tunnel match the colors of the chakra points (qabala, tree of life) as described in the New Age "religion", starting with red (materialism) and reaching gold (enlightenment). IMDB

The vehicle in which Ellie Arroway travels through the wormhole system is a sphere surrounded by a dodecahedron, the fourth Platonic solid. This beautiful figure with twelve pentagonal faces was considered by some Greek philosophers to represent the structure of the Universe. It was favored by Carl Sagan, and appears many times in his TV science series Cosmos. IMDB

This 'wormhole/stargate' sequence is obviously very evocative of the similar trip, that Bowman experiences in his own 'stargate sequece' 2001.

Bowman's trip through the 'stargate' occurs exactly 1,111 seconds (11-11) before the end of the film...the entire span of that sequence is 18m 31s (1,111 seconds).

This is solid and can be easily verified by anyone...the span is exactly 1,111 seconds, of that there is no doubt.

The winter solstice sun will be aligned in the Serpent's mouth (opening of the mouth/way/wormhole/stargate)
on 21 December 2012, at 11:11 AM Universal Time.
The new formation may also represent the great cosmic Serpent
of the Milky Way galaxy, biting its own tail, sometimes called an Ouroboros.

So Bowman's trip last just over 18 minutes and Arroway's trip lasts just over 18 hours.

Message from the aliens...As above, so below...inside a dodecahedron.

As below.

Note the aliens deliver the full message (plans etc) via the signal in a television broadcast!

Again I would think that previous sentence through for a bit...television was the vehicle to deliver the message!!!

Isn't that what is happening here...via the media (film & television)

Radio telescopes...or a veiled subtext alluding to mass satellite/television media communications?
The VLA (Very Large Array) New Mexico...used in the opening of '2010' and 30 minutes in to 'Contact'. 

"As Ellie was describing Cassiopeia to Palmer(a Twin Peaks name reference, just waiting to happen!), she mentioned how that area of the sky had a supernova remnant she often listened to. That radio source is known as Tycho's Supernova Remnant. It is named after the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), who witnessed this stellar explosion on November 11, 1572 (11-11). Considered the finest sky observer before the age of the telescope, Tycho wrote a paper on his studies of the supernova and published it in 1574. This work did much to prove that the event was located deep in space and not part of Earth's atmosphere, as comets were often thought to be in his era. The supernova also turned Tycho's interest from alchemy (Alchemical Kubrick lol) back to astronomy, to the benefit of future astronomical research."

 The Magnetic Anomaly (TMA-1) Monolith found in 'tycho crater' 2001 : ASO

The source of the message in Contact originates from the Vega system...It is known as Alpha Lyrae, being the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra the Lyre. This was a stringed instrument, like a harp. Legend says the lyre was invented by the Greek god Hermes (called Mercury by the Romans, Thoth by the Egyptians) as a gift to his half-brother, Apollo. He in turn gave it to Orpheus, the musician of the Argonauts.
This star has had a long and prominent affect on human history and astronomy. The Babylonians called it the Messenger of Light. To the Assyrians, it was the Judge of Heaven. Contact premiered in early July when Vega was at its peak, a nice touch.

The VLA (Very Large Array) New Mexico

 It is tecnically not used for Seti purposes according to Wiki, but this is technically incorrect.

In 1987 and again in 1989 Robert Gray led Wow! signal searches using the 26-metre radio telescope of the Planetary Society-funded META array at the Oak Ridge Observatory in Massachusetts, but found nothing.
Gray also managed to secure the services of the entire Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico, composed of 27 25-metre dishes. This, according to Gray, was a first: "Contrary to popular belief since the movie Contact," he emphasizes, "the prestigious $80 million telescope hardly ever listens for broadcasts from the stars." 

Red Room Dwarf...Red Dwarf (star/sun)
 Bob, meet Bob!!!

Gray postulates that the signal could be being beamed using an intermittent system (not an 'all powerful constant source' that would require colossal amounts of power) a lighthouse beam.

With Robert Zemeckis, as director of Contact...Bob, Bob and Bob.

From the Contact signal originating in Vega...
to Pulp Fiction's...Vincent Vega!

"Light up"
 What in the case...?
 The Sun...the 666 magic square (combination) of the sun

...alternatively known as LIGHT

The White Rabbit
'the next best thing to a time machine' (wink, wink)

The world famous Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest!
Twisting down Slim's rabbit/worm-hole

 Case # 666 (geddit...ala Pulp Fiction)
 A Clockwork Orange...The Sun (666)

A Clockwork Fiction
Ha, ha...

 On the back of the Pulp Fiction 'Jack Rabbit wormhole' scene, we're led appropriately to this following scene:

"Stick it (the watch) up your ass"
What time is it? (Pulp Fiction)
7 years up the ass(worm)

Yes there seems to be a 'anal' subtext!

"Bring out the gimp"

Opening of the mouth and the ass(worm)
The Gimp...down in the basement 'under the stairs'...the people under the stairs, literally!
This where the above scene happens...with Butch (Willis), Wallace (Rhames), Zed & pawn shop owner.

We've just seen Ving Rhames in his scene at the 'pawn shop'...with the 'gimp' and 'the shotgun' weilding rednecks.  Surprisingly...this won't be the only time that Rhames finds himself in a very similar predicament involving 'gimps and shotguns'...he was in this following film: Wes Craven's People Under The Stairs.

The 'literal' people under the stairs

The people under the stairs

The Gimp & Shotgun (People Under The Stairs)
 Ving Rhames (as Leroy) with Twin Peaks' Ed & Nadine Hurley...Everett 'The Gimp/Dune wormhole rider/Big Ed' McGill

The Robesons
McGill plays Stilgar in Lynch's Dune...he is the one who passes the 'maker hook' to Paul...
to open the mouth of the sandworm.

Ride The Worm/Snake...Everett 'People Under The Stairs' McGill
"Ride the snake, to the ancient lake"

People Under The Stairs...People Under The Ladder/Rainbow
Evoking the ladder/staiway and the tree

The 'Person' Under the Stairs

The 'person' (people) under the stairs/ladder...aka Osiris in his coffin
Death at the be reborn into the light. (our controllers propaganda, not mine of course)

Fool (Brandon Adams) & Leroy (Ving Rhames)

Leroy is discovered and shot to death by Daddy, while Fool is drawn by a lure into a labyrinth of passageways between the walls that leads to an older section of the house, where he meets Alice.

Alice...the looking glass and in Wonderland

Fool ascends the furnace chute to save Alice. Fool punches Daddy as he and Alice escape into the heating ducts (rabbit hole).

The tarot and the journey of the fool...with his dog

The fool and his dog

Opening words from script...
(girl) Swords and staves. Tough road you got this year. Judgement...Death...and Mr Devil. I'm glad it's your birthday reading and not mine. Now here's your card, Fool. See? That's where l got your nickname.
(boy) Don't remind me!
(girl) Here you The golden-haired birthday boy is settin' off on life's big adventure.
(boy) I ain't no golden-haired nobody! All l'm goin' on to is seventh grade.
(girl) Well, you're the Fool, and you can't escape that. That ain't bad.
(boy) No?
(girl) No. Ain't the stupid kind of fool. The ignorant kind, cos you're just startin' out.
(boy) That's better, l guess.
(girl) Ah, but look here. Already he's got a problem, see? One step in front - the drop-off.
(boy) What about the dog?
(girl) That's Fool's companion. See his spirit barking? "Fool! Don't go marching over that cliff, now." "Do the smart thing. The high thing."
(boy) So what Fool gonna do if he ain't gonna go off the cliff? Fly?
(girl) He gonna do what he have to, Fool. Turn around and walk the other way, right through the fire of the sun.
(boy) He'll get burned up if he do that.
(girl) Just the boy part get burned up. The rest come out the other side a man. And no one calls him "Fool" again.
'Fool' at the base of the stairs/tree
Gold (coins) from the 'people under the stairs'...'fool's gold' the journey for the gold (enlightenment) at the end of the rainbow/tree.  The Robeson's 'money vault' being the 'gold' at the end of this 'Fool's rainbow'

Adams has also appeared in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, MartinMichael Jackson's Moonwalker (his debut) where he played Zeke in the "Smooth Criminal" segment and Young Michael in the "Badder" segment, a parody of Jackson's classic video for "Bad", and was the leading actor in Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs.

The key lyric from Smooth Criminal was 'Annie are you ok?'

Annie (are you ok?) Moonwalker with Michael 'thIS IS it' Jackson and Annie (Heather/Hathor-Isis) Graham who went 'under the (egyptian) sycamore' in the Twin Peaks finale.

The final images/words of Twin Peaks...I wonder if she is ok?

Gimp from Pulp Fiction (zippered mouth).......Roach, People Under The Stairs 
(and his zippered/cut out tongue/mouth)

 Vega (Travolta, Pulp Fiction)...through the jackrabbit/worm-hole
 (Foster,Contact) Through the worm/rabbit-hole to...Vega

Carl 'Contact/Vega' Sagan
"Our high-energy particle accelerators don't have enough energy to even detect the phenomenon at that scale, much less do anything like holding a wormhole open."

The above was said years and years ago...
Perhaps the newer range of 'particle accelerators' do have the energy! (CERN)

CERN as a 666 resonator & wormholes to god.

I'm sure many are aware of the 'blackhole' elements in relation to CERN (as crackpot as that might sound) at the sub-atomic level, at least.

 The 'rainbow' Stargate wormhole...2001:ASO

2001 : ASO Discovery & The Hadron Collider (Atlas detector)
Atlas was a Titan and supported the world on his shoulders.

  Rings within rings...Atlas Experiment.

 Shades of Atlas...Rings within rings...the wormhole/stargate generator!

In anatomy, the atlas (C1) is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine.
It is named for the Atlas of Greek mythology, because it supports the globe of the head.
 The Atlas' chief peculiarity is that it has no body, it is ring-like, and consists of an anterior and a posterior arch and two lateral masses. The Atlas and Axis are important neurologically because the brain stem extends down to the Axis.

As above, so below

Anterior Arch & Posterior Arch...Raiders of the Lost Arc(h)

Raiders of the Lost Ark/Arc(h)...the 'backbone' and the 'spine-serpent/snake' Kundalini reference!

Neo's head socket at the base of the skull...the spine also referenced.

 2001 : ASO Discovery Wheel, left & The LHC Wheel (Atlas detector), right

Torodial magnets are used to generate fields.
Rings within rings etc.

A Torus/Toroidal

Like 'Swiss cheese'...the subterranean underworld is full of holes.

Alice in the 'Garden Of Eden' (apple tree) with her 'Ruby Slippers/Shoes (Oz) following the white rabbit and she's running late (rabbit's clock).  She falls down the rabbit hole to the 'octehedra' jewel of the Alice Experiment.

All this is relevant due to the fact that they are using CERN, to recreate the conditions at the time of the 'big bang', also they are attempting to capture the Higgs Boson, the 'so called' GOD particle, plus research into the possibility of there being other dimensions!

The 'CMS Eye' looking for the God Particle...literally!

Ellie Arroway in Contact, with the 'eye' opening shot and the wormhole chakra colours etc.
The wormhole pod (background in lower pic)...looking similar to the eye imo.

So...Jodie Foster was Iris (eye) in Taxi Driver (butterfly, rear)

She would play Clarice M Star-ling in Silence of the Lambs...which is CMS!
Star-ling in the celestial sense, as opposed to the "fly, fly, fly" ornothological sense!

"Well, hello Clarice..." (ha, ha)

"I'm keeping an eye on you"

Alicia (Alice) through the wormhole/rabbithole
Jodie Foster's birth name is Alicia (a derivative of Alice, a Latanised verison)

She would appear in 'Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice' (tv 1973)
She would appear in 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' (1974)

(A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is one of seven detector experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Hmmm...A journey of discovery???

Where have I seen one of those before?

Head on a stick(spine)...the '3rd eye' pod?
The literal film 'journey of Discovery' to the 'stargate/wormhole'.
The film that our iris/pupil/retina/brain is reacting to, as we watch.

A multi-coloured journey into the rabbit hole/wormhole/stargate

Eyeball '3rd Eye' Gnosis and the kundalini spine.

Alice and Alice (Kidman, through the looking Eyes Wide Shut)

Shhh...Silence of the Stepford Wife

 The remake of the 1975 release, that 'synchronistically' featured Donnie Darko's therapist (played by Katharine Ross) in the lead role as Joanna.

 We'll start with the Wizard of Oz motif...that coming from the film's director...
Frank 'the muppets' Oz
Recall...he also plays the voice of Yod-a in the Star Wars series. He also played in Trading 'WTC/911' Places, followed directly by directing The Muppets Take Manhattan.  He gets 'maze/labyrinth' resonance from featuring in Labyrinth and Indian resonance from directing The Indian In the Cupboard!

The dog (canis) at the top of the stairway/starway to Sirius...the dog tumbles down the stairs, perhaps alluding to the need for reprogramming (sirius guidance/augment spine etc)

Faulty programming...stuck in an endless loop (death/rebirth) on July 4th
"You've always been the caretaker" (Grady)
"Forever and ever and ever" (as said by Jack & Grady Twins)

 Opening of the

Pincones/Pine-al Gland (which is pinecone like) and it secretions melatonin/metatonin etc (DMT based).  The 'BIG JEW'...I think, (beyond the obvious religious meaning) is alluding to DEW...JEW/DEW and the 'dew-like' secretions of the pineal gland itself!  Here it states 'pinecones, big jew/dew and snow (water)'...I'm sold!

The pine-cone staff of Osiris (left) & The 'caduceus' of Hermes/Thoth (right)
They are both obviosuly symbolising the same thing!

The 'pinecone staff' of Osiris (typically a pinecone would accompany the coffin/mummy too) and the 'Pine-al Gland' (brain/3rd eye) activation meme...and on the end of a simulated penis/phallus ala Osiris. Christmas and the Christ/Osiris overlaps, death and rebirth of the sun/son at the solstice etc.

Remotely controlled humans

The 'shell' body...for the newly reprogrammed brain

 AI chips to control the brain

Nicole 'Alice's Eyes through the Rabbit Hole via Stepfordland' Kidman
Alice through the looking glass, CERN (sunburst)....Alice through the looking glass, Eyes Wide Shut. (sunburst flower on right).  Same name...same 'octagonal' geometric shape!

 Deja-vu anyone?
Alice & the rabbit (worm) hole...'through the looking glass'

 Jason tells her about a comic book he is writing called "Rabbit Hole", which is about parallel universes (wormhole connected) and gives it to Becca to read who thinks it is wonderful.

The rabbit/hare and dog
Dog (canis major/dogstar) Rabbit/Hare (Lepus) Hunter (Orion), top

Recall she also starred in Von Trier's Dog-ville...ending with moses the dog (canis/sirius) 
 As the ashes of Dogville smolder around her, she finds and spares the only surviving resident, Moses the dog, the only resident not to have wronged her, who had disappeared while the town was revealing its true nature.
(sirius/canis/dog next to the rabbit/lepus...see constellation above)

Rabbit Hole
 Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) mourn the death of their 4-year-old son Danny who was killed in a car accident when he ran out into the street after his dog.

"Hair of the dog...that bit me"
 Hair (Hare/Rabbit) of the dog (Sirius/canis) that bit me...look at the star map again!
Hare/Rabbit & Dog...the reference is CELESTIAL and connected to Orion!

"As below" (the first maxim, remember!)

"Hair of the god (dog backwards)...that bit me."

 Higgs Boson (the god particle)

"To me it's really an incredible thing that it's happened in my lifetime," Peter Higgs, the leader of the group that first theorized the particle in 1964 and after whom the particle is named, said during a press conference Wednesday (July 4th 2012).

4th July

Evidence for the new particle was reported today by scientists from the world's largest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Researchers reported they'd seen a particle weighing roughly 125 times the mass of the proton, with a level of certainty that all but seals the deal it's the Higgs boson. The Higgs represents the last undiscovered particle predicted by the Standard Model, the reigning theory of particle physics.

Physicists involved in two experiments called CMS and ATLAS taking place at the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), reported evidence of the particle at a seminar and press briefing today. above, so below...the one stone maxim.

Lost video 1921
E pluribus unum "Out of many, one" (alternatively translated as "One from many")

Lost & A Clockwork Orange
 The Ludovico Treatments....Karl (Room 23, Lost) & Alex (ACO)

 Alex, Kate, and Sawyer found him with an IV (IV=4) in his arm and wearing LED goggles. 
Evoking Serum 114 (brain-washing) - CRM 114 (the brain's crm)- KDK (a mirrored 11411)

The Shining - Overlook 237

Room 23(7)

Alex's Ludovico 'Serum/CRM 114' Brain Treatment via tv, media, film & music...cough, cough.

Lost's...Room 23 film, in full.

From above clip...
Just prior to the ladder/staircase...
XX chromosomes...23 pairs
 ...Pharaoh XX, chosen of God/Goddess YY...

 Lost Room 23
Jacob and God on the staircase...Jacob's ladder

 Jacob's Ladders...Lost

My cup runneth over...


Columba...the dove (sirius, lepus & orion near)
Lost's Jacob...Mark 'Mulholland Drive' Pellegrino

 Pellegrino's he exits the building

The Number 23

 23 (recall room 23, Lost)
Pellegrino...with yet another Jacob reference!

Blatant kabbalism....the number 23
Of course, the film makes no top(sy) secret of this plays like a kabbalist's recruitment drive!  Carrey plays both Walter Sparrow & Fingerling.

The 23 enigma...which is connected to the law of fives (more kabbalism) 2+3=5
Numerology breaking it down to a single digit....between 1 to 9

 23 ...he King Edward Hotel...555

I noticed an 'Illuminati' subliminal & date reference in the opening credits...the full wording only displays for about 7 or 8 frames...a fraction of a second.

The above text excerpt comes from Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus Trilogy...The Number 23 Enigma & The Law of Fives.
Wiki lists Wieshaupt's birth as 1748 and I find it interesting that Adam Smith (an architect of the industrial revolution) published The Wealth of Nations in that year...a book that arguably promoted the concept of human beings becoming more defined as 'economic units' and a more 'mecahnical' approach to human endeavour.

Unit 5...Feb 3rd or 2/3 (2 + 3 = 5)
 Synchronistically Carrey plays a Sirius catcher...I mean dog catcher!

We open with...what will become an all too 'familiar' dog reference...Carrey, The Fool & his (Sirius) Dog.

...leading to 'the dog' and 'the stairway/starway'

Dog (Sirius) at the base of the stairway/ladder...with Sparrow (Jim/James/Jacob/Jack Carrey)

 The "Dog Days" of summer begin on July 23rd when the star Sirius (the brightest star in our Summer sky), first rises from behind the sun in the Constellation of Canis Major.

The release of the UK DVD was made on 23rd July 2007 (US the day after)...synchronising with the start of the 'Dog Days'.

 The film was put out by New Line Cinema...or New Ladder Line Cinema...they're in the logo.

Dr Sirius Leary Phd...yup it's Dr Dog Star!
more on that later

311 (a backwards 23 encode, 1+1=2 etc) is the number of times Timothy Leary claimed to have taken LSD in his interview with Playboy (the rabbit/hole) magazine. The article is titled She Comes in Colors, and it appears in the September 1996 issue. A reprint of the article appears in Leary's book The Politics of Ecstasy.

he won't be the only doctor that features...we have this chap too!

Dr Miles Phoenix (aka Isaac French, played by Danny Huston)....who converses with Sparrow/Fingerling, about time.

The phoenix...the mythical bird of death and rebirth and considered (by some) to relate to Sirius (via time and the sothic cycle) in some regard, both doctors are Dr Sirius!

The Number 23 film is crammed full of 'sirius/fool's dog' references from start to finish (I've just viewed it for the first time, 28th April 2013) I haven't got the time to list/pic them're safe in the knowledge that it's a dogfest! The film conveniently casts Carrey as a dog catcher...and this means that the references can operate on two seperate levels, the exoteric and esoteric.

 It's like a documentary on Crufts....ha, ha.

 Sirius & Death

Sirius...the star of portent
NED (14+5+4=23)

The Novel...
 Topsy Kretts - Top Secrets

Top (of the stairway) Secrets...?
 As he (Sparrow aka Jim/Jacob) first starts to read the book 'The Number 23" he travels up the 'stairway' (to Sirius) and/or Jacob's Ladder

 Alice (through the looking glass & rabbit hole) and the dog(s)

Dog Canis Major - Rabbit/Hare Lepus

Meanwhile, Robin and Walter, who have been examining the book, discover that every 23rd word on every 23rd page spells out two messages, the first one being, "Find Casanova Spark; dig under the steps to heaven." Robin asks who Casanova Spark is, to which Walter mysteriously replies, "It's not a person."
They arrive at "Casanova's Park" late that night, and going down the staircase marked "The Steps to Heaven", they realize that there are 23 of them. At the bottom, they dig deep in the ground and discover the remains of a human skeleton, presumably Laura Tollins', but when they return with a police officer, the bones have disappeared.

The 23 Steps to Heaven...the stairway/starway to Sirius (Dogstar)

Opening of the mouth ritual
A depiction of an adze was also used as a hieroglyph, representing the consonants stp, "chosen", and used as: ...Pharaoh XX, chosen of God/Goddess YY...

 XX - #23 - 23 pairs of chromosomes

 XY 23
 ...Pharaoh XX, chosen of God/Goddess YY...

Now think again about the XXOXOXOXO...from Lost (Room 23)
Seen...just prior to going up Jacob's/God's ladder or staircase!

Jim (Jacob/James/Jack/Jake etc) Carrey will also walk the stairway (steps) to heaven in 23

The pattern of DNA shows irregular connections at every 23rd section (angstroms).
23 seconds for the blood to fully circulate

The ruby red shoes (slippers) of Oz

Not forgetting the 'overlaps' of the potential stairway/ladder/steps of the human spine etc!
 Toto 'the dog' and 'over the rainbow'

Fingerling (fingering) on the allusion to the spine...with Jim/Jacob Carrey
Carrey is seen with a 'saxophone' as a (thematic) prop....probably evoking the 'spine' itself.

In this shot...we see the 'sax' on his driving seat...where his actual spine would rest!
Animal Control...via the spine

Raising the spine/djed...
An image I cropped from the back of the dvd cover...the djed pillar and spine allusions.  
Not forgetting Jim/Jacob's Ladder.

The Hanged Wo-man
In the Qabalistic Tree of Life the 23rd path is associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Card.

From an earlier daylight scene...
Spoken (cough, cough) whilst walking on the 'steps to heaven' (stairway/starway to sirius/jacob's ladder)

Anyway, the 'steps to heaven''s an obvious allusion to the masonic apron/tracing board...AGAIN!!!!

Note...'death at the base of the stairs'...the coffin of Osiris/Hiram (skull and crossed bones) and 'the blazing star' Sirius/all seeing eye at the 'the rainbow arch'.

The stairway to heaven/sirius/jacob's ladder...
see the 'light' (aka sirius) at the top of the steps/stairs.

Digging at Osiris's/Hiram's grave...
 23....Death (skeleton/skull) at the base of the stairs/steps...the stairway to heaven/sirius!

 Apron (steps/death coffin at base) & Tracing Board (ladder/stairway) for comparison.

This 'ladder' resonance will be amplified from a 'co-star' in the film...that being Mark 'Lost's Jacob/Mulholland Drive' you saw earlier.


He played Jacob (ladder resonance) in the Lost series...earlier we identified his 
'ladders' over the sea.

Sparrow...(Jim/James/Jack/Jacob etc)...meets Jacob and Kyle Jacob Flinch
Kyle Flinch (Pellegrino)

Synchronistically his full character name is very briefly shown...
Jacob...23 & 17

Virginia 'Dune Wormhole' Madsen
Plays Sparrow's (Carrey's) wife The Number 23

Her brother is Tarantino regular Michael, think about this for one moment...ear-lier you saw BlueVelvet (the next Lynch film, after Dune) and how the 'ear' was a pivotal aspect (subliminally alluding to the brain and the thalamus via travelling through (in/out) the ear and then we also get an actual subterranean beetle and ending beetle motif etc)

I'm sure many of you have seen this...

Madsen (as Mr Blonde/Vic Vega) in Reservoir 'Sirius' Dogs
McLachlan in Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet has a big 'canine' motif...from the 'fire engine' dog, to Jeffrey's father's the little dog we see being walked when Jeffrey meets Sandy in the night.  What I'm getting a 'Toto - over the rainbow' thematic...Blue Velvet has its own Dorothy (In OZ) and we see her in 'red shoes' when Jeffrey views her from the closet...the closet in Deep River (water) Apts.

 Reservoir Dogs has a huge 'canine' motif attached to it...(released on the 23rd Oct 92)
and its a rainbow-like of coloured sirius dogs...just like Toto! 'Dog Eat Dog' Productions Inc.
Judy Garland & Associates (get a productional thanks)

 The 'diamond' dog star

Remember them discussing Madonna's (Isis) tune Like a Virgin (Isis the universal virgin)
Hey...were the constant accomapnying 'big dick' references the 'penis-missing phallus' of Osiris...note the 'cat' getting referenced too...ala the Sphinx.

If we take 'the dog' as a 'sirius/canis' reference...then we automatically connect to Isis (sirius) 

Isis/The Star (no.17) and therefore, the obvious 'water' aspect...and here we have an accompanying 'reservoir'! Ibis/Thoth in background.  The very next card is the moon (also sacred to Isis) and the one that contains the dogs and water! "Harvest Moon" by Bedlam on the soundtrack. Bedlam/Lunatics 'moon' also cover Steppen-woolf's Magic Carpet Ride for a possible 'bark/howl at the moon' pay-off!

Woof, woof...
All said in front of the ladder/stairway...

Which are covered from both sides..."stuck in the middle (between ladders) with you"

Clowns to the left of me...Jokers to I am 
He's already got a 'dog' here's the fool, at the base of the tree/ladder and/or 'stuck in the middle' between pillars). "Fool for Love" by Sandy Rogers on the soundtrack.

 Truman (the fool) & 'stuck in the middle' of the pillars...while he grabs the 'sirius' spotlight!

Anyway...'diamond dog' Madsen's real life sister Virgin-ia (Isis/Virgin/Dune Wormholer) does the following in 23

Agatha visits the she is on the stairway/starway to Sirius!
She visits...the literal 'Stairway to (Dr) Sirius' leads to his door!

Dr Sirius Leary MD #318 (31 minus 8 = 23)...yup Dr Dog Star!

Now...if you read this blog regularly you'll be aware of the 9/11 & WTC 'Sirius' elements that I've written extensively about...the 'sirius' stairway/starway to heaven!

 Sirius glyph over the WTC and with the 'black rock' 2001 Monolith (Hilton)

 This was one I connected to the Truman Show...after realising that he starts to suspect 'all is not well' on the day 10911 (given via the a veiled way, see moon/sirius earlier post ).

You've just seen Virginia Madsen walk the 'stair/star-way to Dr Sirius'...expressly shown in the film itself...her co-star and screen husband in 23 is Jim/Jacob/Jack Carrey (who IS Mr Sirius). 
Her real life husband is another co-star in 23...Dr Phonix/Sirius Danny Houston!

Virginia Madsen was born on 9/11/1961! 

23 star Carrey in Free the Truman (Shepherd of Anu/Orion) on Moonday 23rd...The Truman Show.

Regular readers will surely remember Jim's Sirius/Isis reference from the Truman Show!

Wake up...
HOTEL = HEL...the OT is unlit.

Check in for the 11-11 sirius dog 

tuning in...
Channel 23...The Truman Show

The 110 motif...pawns in the game
Coupled with the man falling from a tall building motif...cough, cough

Note the 9/11 reference and the genome reference (DNA)...together!

  The Number 23
2/3 = .666

There are 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons in the carbon atom...the signature of carbon based lifeforms like us...666.

666...also relating to the square number of the sun

 Also working the 322 'osiris skull & bones' angle imo
The 'George Herbert Walker Bush' 23 cover reference adding to the mix 
George W (23) Bush being his son.

Genesis 3:22
 "And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever"...

Lost's Dharma Octogon & Caduceus of Hermes/Thoth...spine and brain activation.
DNA helix ladder...evoked

What's Up Doc?
Dr Jack Shephard
Heart & The Cross

The arrow-way and St Sebastian

Synchronistically Dr Jack Shephard is a spinal Doctor
Spinal ladder

Matthew Anubis-Jackal/Canis Fox
aka Jack-al Shephard

The Shephard...needs his ankh

The (Dr) Jack-al Shepherd
Anubis with 'shepherding' ankh
Wings evoking hermes/thoth

 Lost's first image...
'the awakening of Jack/Jacob' 
Right Eye of Horus - the sun 

Just like The Shining's Awakening of Jacob/Jack
The Awakening of Jacob (Jack-ob)
This music also plays during Danny's rivers of blood vision

 The fool and his 'sirius/anubis' dog...the base of the tree (literally he stares into the canopy), malkuth.

The Awakening of Jacob (Matthew 'Anubis' Fox)

 He (Dr Shephard) has a tattoo on his left shoulder that translates to: "Hawk in the expansive sky" or "Eagles high up cleaving the sky.

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum 

 Seen in Lost..Jackson...son of Jacob
Alice in Wonderland...the worm (wormhole) hookah smoker (maker hook) & follow the white rabbit
Geronimo...for a 'falling/tumbling' (ala Alice) reference and as the 'skull' motif (geronimo's skull)

Lost's Dharma Octogon & Follow The White Rabbit

The 'white rabbit' in the sky aka Lepus...Orion, Canis Major (Sirius) & Columba (dove), nearby.

The Looking Glass.

The Looking Glass (exterior) evoking Alice...the White Rabbit is visible.

 Comprising of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glas (and what she found there)

The Arrow...of apollo, slaying the cyclops...galactic centre point (wormhole)

A glass eye was one of three items found in the Arrow station by the Tailies. It was discovered inside a box, along with a Bible and a radio transmitter.

The 'arrow-eye' the eye of the cyclops slain by the arrow of Apollo

Bowman (arrow/archer) and Hal 9000 (the horned cyclops)

Lost 'Looking Glass Hatch' 'eye' - 2001:ASO 'Pod Window' (Hal's 'eye' looks through it)

Octagonal Gates

The Black Rock Ship (Lost)  -  The Black Rock Monolith (2001)

The Odyysey Transformer Monolith aka The Black Rock
Kubrick would die exactly 666 days before Jan 1st 2001...the year of 9/11 and the same year popularized by the sci-fi film 2001.

"What's going to happen?"

There is a vertically flipped '666' (999) reference in this emergency broadcast.
The broadcast is given to Twin Peaks' actress Mary Jo Deschanel...she was wife of Dr Hayward
in that series. In 2010 Dr Heywood Floyd is played by Roy 'opening of the jaws mouth' Scheider, he gets the message too!
Something Wonderful

This is not an attempt to scare people...this is just calling the numbers and connections, as they really are. all sounds f**king crazy...but understand, I think it's f**king crazy too!