Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Trumpstein - Stooge of Satanic Zionist Israel - Re-upped from Jan 2018 and Updated

Previous content and now updated.
Originally posted Jan 2018.
This is not a regular return to my blog writing, but an updated add-on for the benefit of my previous readership.

Just porting-over the end of the Oumuamua post - so I can keep abreast of Trump's ongoing overt insanity.
Regular readers will KNOW that I predicted Trump's election win, and over a year in advance!
I did similar with the UK EU vote too. Results that the MSM said were unlikely, or nigh-on impossible. Ha!
That is now history - and now it's time to really evaluate Trump, and it's not pretty, far from it.

Jan 2018

He's had his chance and "blown it" in spectacular style!
The "non-foreign interference" pledge - lies in tatters and is now exposed for the GROSS LIE that it was.
Is he hoping that the entire world is suffering from collective AMNESIA? We know what he said - and only 12 months ago!
Dec 2016. That would be Saudi "ISIS" Arabia then! So why is he doing deals with them and helping destroy Yemen?
His "nationalist" promise - another exposed lie. He is clearly a globalist stooge, and rapidly increasingly so.
So much for "America First". Trump has "bait and switched" his voter base - all for the typical and ongoing Zionist cause.
Trumpstein...Zionist Israel are the hand inside the Trump glove. The same Israel behind 9/11.
The Zionist puppet strings hove into full view.
Khazar/Ashke-NAZI Jews (in-league with US admin) caused 9/11 - you've been duped by these MONSTERS.
Israel makes you fight illegal wars - it's YOUR American sons and daughters who are sacrificed for all this!
Israel MURDERED US citizens in a giant false-flag - SWALLOW THAT! I've known this literally since day 1.
The JEW. S. of A.
If it were not for these "sick Khazar mind control agents" (below) the 9/11 LIE would've been busted years ago!
What you have in the US is a type of "mass media simulated reality" - one controlled and served-up by Khazar/Zionists.
A mass media information system that is entirely built on LIES. I believe this 100%. You are simply programmed MONSTERS.
Trump taking on the Khazar/Ashkenazi US MSM is nothing but a "dog and pony show" for useless eater digestion.
Israel OWNS the ENTIRE American mindset - it is indisputable. Not even the Khazars dispute it!
Pierce those Twin Towers...Hollywood aka JEW-wood.
US "mass mind control" through Khazar/Ashkenazi/Zionist Jew "mass media".
HELLYWOOD - the degenerate JEW shit hole that rapes children, sexualises the young, & brainwashes everyone else!
Home "WTC/911" Alone 2 - It's 'towering" Donald "Biff/Clamp" Trump. Filmed at his NY Plaza.
Trump's also linked to Back to the '9/11-Struck Tower' Future, and Gremlins "9/11-WTC" 2 (see other posts).
Trump bought Back to the '9/11' Future linked Delorean's Bedminster estate - & exactly 1 year after Sept. 11 2001.
Trump secured his presidency in the early hours on 9th November 2016 - Euro-style 9/11.
Let's take a New York bound flight. Foreshadowing for flight #175?
'Baphomet Pizza boy' Culkin, takes American Airlines 767, flight #176 to New York. (as stated by flight attendant).
He stands on South Tower, the one that was struck by the United Airlines 767, flight #175 (see gif below).
It was American Airlines flight #11 (first strike) that allegedly struck the North Tower.
The Twin Tower scene segues to "airport security".
Who was the desk clerk who met Kevin in New York?
Ally "9/11 War Games" Sheedy (see pic inset).
Sheedy, who has recently made (abuse) claims of her own (see Franco). She is now seemingly on the industry fringes.
Home Alone 2. Somebody call - 911.
I have details of a "global crime syndicate" that brainwashed half the planet via Jew/Hollywood corporate media, and its related news channels. And of course, all in-league with the (SICK) US military-industrial complex. I didn't even mention John "Home Alone 2" Heard - 9/11 subliminals via the following - Awakenings, Big, and The Pelican Brief.
I doubt that (most) of the acting personnel involved even know of how they've been used/positioned etc.
It's Khazar Jew puppet, Trump and the sleeping (beds) 9-11 SHEEP/GOY - aka the US zombified by "mass media" Ovine herd.
Understand that I NEVER bought into the official 9/11 narrative, not even for one day! I honestly believe that the US public were MSM "primed" and "propagandised" prior to, during the event, and afterwards too, and as I've regularly described and demonstrated over the years. Since 2001, I've had to watch as the USA/Israel have made mincemeat out of literally the entire Middle East.
 Home Alone 2/War Games, Sheedy's co-star, 9/11 Broderick. Picked-up by the FBI at 7-Eleven (7-11). Sept = 7.
Mr '11th Sept' Passport via The Freshman. Dialogue (above right) is also from Broderick in The '11 Sept' Freshman.
He also connects to other 9/11 predictive elements via Godzilla.
(Manhattan born Jew, Broderick. His maternal grandfather literally launched the corporate advertising slogan.)
War '9/11' Games used the Back to the '9/11 Twin Tower' Future 2 - "time tunnel" - as the military base tunnel/entrance!
Trump April 2016. I've ALWAYS said that "7-11" is a stylised form of "9-11". This is nothing new.
SEPT (seven), the original Roman calendar's 7th month. Trump, the walking tarot card - The 'struck' Tower trump card.
The Tower - "Le Feu de Ciel" - The Fire (and fury) of Heaven (Sky). Back to the "Lightning-struck 9/11 Tower" Future 2.
I was calling Trump: "a walking Tower tarot card" - back in 2015 when he was coming into political public view!
Towering Trump/Clamp - the "World" (in a vice/clamp) "Trade Centre" . Gremlins "end of the world apocalypse" 2
 Fox's Eric '9-11 Gremlins 2 - 9/11 Firsthand Witness' Shawn...Towering Clamp (Trump)
 You know, Fox. As in Zionist Murdoch...the same Fox shit-house that have promoted POTUS Trump!
Fox, the producers of 'The Lone (911/Twin Tower) Gunmen' in March 2001.
 The same (Zionist) Fox who produce the Gimpsons (a schmaltz-ridden show) with predictive programming.
The Gimpsons is also crammed with deviant crypto-sodomy programming - making it ideal for family viewing (sarcasm).
Anyway, all three films that seem to reference Trump: Dead Zone, Gremlins 2, and Back to the Future 2
- all have an end of the world and/or dystopian societal theme. Which is interesting in itself.
"Enough is Enough." Yeah, I think we've ALL had enough of this Illuminati clown!
Illuminati Cards and 9/11/2001. They also showed the Pentagon hit. Game card(s) from 1995.
Ground zeroes - nuked Manhattan Towers, NY. NY launched Manhattan Project (Trinity/Christ) nukes.
As if all that isn't bad enough, but oh no - it gets worse.
War Games director, John Badham was attached to "The Dead (Stillson/Trump nuclear) Zone"
- released in the same year as War Games, 1983. The Dead Zone was ultimately Cronenberg directed.
Walken - who also featured as Mike (Mike-ro Soft/Microsoft) in The Stepford Wives remake -
with Matthew 'nuclear War Games, 9/11' Broderick, and Nicole 'satanic mkultra' Kidman.
Twin Tower Communion, CHRIST-opher Walken. Symbolic Christ destruction? Body and blood of Christ (transubstantiation).

Zionist Jew (satanic) Def/Death Jam, Slayer. The '9/11/01' Christ avatar - see crosses, whip marks and crown of thorns.
Rev. John Crump or D. John Trump? Assembly or dis-assembly (see crash) of Christ via the 9/11 struck (clock) tower.
Atomic Trinity/Christ. Atomic Kid to Rev. John Crump. Towering 'gambling' Biff, the Trump avatar, Back to the Future 2.
Zionist Trump bought (linked) DeLorean's Bedminster estate exactly one year after 9/11/01.
Trump's grandmother and familial matriarch, Elizabeth Christ Trump (born Elisabeth Christ) died on June 6, 1966 (6/6/66).
David 'Dead Zone/Videodrome' Cronenberg: "I am the (video) word made flesh." John 1:14 (aka John of '666' Revelation).
Trump even wakes in the early hours of the morning with his epiphanies a la (Dead Zone) 'atomic/nuclear' Stillson.
Apocalypse Now, Sheen who went on to play the POTUS in The West Wing. The Sheen(s), from Wall '911' Street.
Did they lift that from the 1979 King novel? (The Dead Zone).

Trump & Jer-USA-lem....NULL & VOID
And now the 'marginalisation" of the USA's global influence slipping as each day passes.
A $20+ trillion national debt sold as an economic miracle. What can possibly go wrong? You never got out of 2007/8!
There's NO U.S. economic miracle. Just Central Bank money printing (devaluing), buy-backs, monopoly hell, and other crimes!
It's alleged that cira $7 trillion has been spent on (criminal) US corporate share buy-backs over the last 10 years!
If the economy was sound - interest rates would be normal. Not on the 'perma-emergency' footing that they have been.
Why has QE1 (originally defined as a one-off emergency, 2009) led to QE2, QE3, and now an approahing QE4!?
Corporate USA - the folk who brought the world "sub-prime" and "banking" HELL via (sick) Wall St.
China and Russia will kick your - fat, couch potato, Jew loving, uber indebted, degenerate, and poof-centric asses.
The US/Zionist corporate empire exported American industrial jobs to China (et al). Readily apparent by the early 70s.
In-country sales (abroad) by US corps. and affiliates ($5.7T) are more than double the total of all US exports to China ($2.5T).
So much for China stealing jobs, etc. A CORPORATE LIE that only the programmed and gullible will believe.
Trump's trade war (China, etc.) will only hasten the collapse of the US zombie economy and its (junk) currency.
Say what you want about China. It's the USA that has decimated itself (see infrastructure) via fiat usary. The Chinese have used this same fiat situation to build massive infrastructure and huge gold reserves, all from worthless paper! The USA has not. It's created a decimated shell. When the dust does settle - you'll all know which side won this battle. Clue. It won't be the USA. Guess whose wages have risen 4-fold in the last 20+ years? Guess whose wages (over the same period) have cratered?

Threats of blackmail if the "JEW. S. of A" doesn't get its own way?
Awwwww....didums. Why don't you try blowing the fuck out of the entire middle east again - & on the back of another "big lie"?
You hit Syria (April), you're arming Saudi Arabia, running operations in Yemen, & destroying Palestine - etc, etc.
Oil rich Saudi - aka the most extreme Islamists! Trump's Secretary of State is Rex "Exxon" Tillerson (now resigned).
Note, the UK (Jew K) is also heavily arming the Saudis, as I covered in a recent post, as are the French govt.

"We will defund you..." Yawn!
Another US government Zionist SOCIOPATH. Just horrible, simply horrible. The spawn of "might is right" Lucifer.
Her barely concealed "passive-aggressive" manner is revolting. IT looks like a transsexual.
She's acting like the 'Borg queen" from Star Trek - "resistance is futile". :)

Trump made a lot of pre-election promises (as is typical of politicos) to his "America First" base, but he has already seemingly abandoned them. I was agreeable to some of his "anti-globalist, anti-foreign interference, and anti-immigration" message myself, but none of this has come to any appreciable fruition. It's been the polar opposite. Trump seems to be surrounding himself with the globalist cabal.

This post is not meant as a slight against those that voted for Trump. It's Trump that has reneged on his base and their nationalist ideology - this is not entirely the fault of the voter. A voter ultimately placed in the unenvious position of having the choice of Clinton or Trump. That said, the US electorate must be held accountable for their (diabolical) political choices. USA is one of the very few Western nations that is not redesigining their political landscape (unlike Europe, and elsewhere, etc.). Trump is as establishment as they come, he is a typical Zionist puppet. The Rep/Dem (Zionist fix) is still the only game in town. The US masses are way behind the curve and it's all political stagnation. Forgive me for unloading my frustration - cos I don't hold back, but do try not to take it personally. 

Trump thinks that by acting like an "ape" on the global stage, that it will somehow help the planet?
US foreign policy since WW2 has been NOTHING but colossal and abject failure. Creating Israel, Vietnam, Nicarargua, Gulf War I, Afghanistan, Iraq Gulf War 2, Libya, Syria etc, etc. I'm starting to think Trump might well be the last President that the USA ever has! The world CANNOT continue under the yoke of the USA - THIS OVERT INSANITY HAS TO END.

The US has only enjoyed 16 years of peace in its 242-year history, making the country:
 “the most warlike nation in the history of the world,” former POTUS Carter said. (April, 2019).
He's correct of course, but even a retarded child understands that this is the norm for (satanic) USA.
Wear that SICK 'warmongering' badge with honour, America. You know, like you always have!

US/Israeli foreign policy in the Middle East 

If the fallout from all these insane wars was landing on American shores - this all would've been stopped years ago!
Many Americans couldn't even find the Middle East on a goddamn map - and with help!
Without (false flag) 9/11 - none of what has transpired over the last 16+ years could've happened!


Drain the swamp?
How? By giving (sick) corporate America HUGE TAX BREAKS, putting Neo-Cons in his admin?
Tax breaks for Wall St etc, even though they are the wreckers of the masses? Why once in office did the so-called 'swamp draining' Trump admin (see cabinet/treasury) put hoardes of criminal Goldman 'Rothschild' Sucks stooges within its domain?

Good luck with "swamp draining" - especially with a corporate junkie like Trump at the helm.
When will the deluded Trump fanboys wake-up? He's a puppet of Israel, and the banking oligarchy!

"10-13" Templar suppression date.

1st Jan - 3rd Jan 2018

Remember the US "Arab Spring"? Remember the (non) weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Same old, same old.
Wait for Trump to start circling and then the "REGIME CHANGE" agenda will soon hove fully into view.
Israel have wanted war with Iran for years - Trump could well be the one who gives it to them. The Saudis would welcome it too.
The way Trump is angling (and so soon), you'd think that he was expecting something to happen - wink, wink.
TRUMP - the man who condemns IRAN, but who supplies (EVIL) Saudi 'ISIS' Arabia's regime with arms to destroy Yemen.
FUCK TRUMP, and FUCK THE CUNTS THAT SUPPORT HIM. He's George W Bush 2.0. Another Zio-Con gopher.
U.S./Israeli PROVOCATEUR activity in Iran - that is very likely what is happening at the moment (last few days 2017).
The counter protest is by far, LARGER than the actual protest, but don't let that get in the way of these Trump lies!

Vive la France...
Sock-it to them, Francois!
Spot the warmongering, regime change superpower, and it's NOT Russia.

There's NO Rothschild controlled central bank in Iran, - isn't that correct Donald "Jew errand boy" Trump?
Is Trump talking about the USA? He might as well be. This is how I view the current US!
What errant fucking nonsense is this? The man is CLEARLY insane and a tool of the sick Khazar Jews!
REAL people of the world are getting WISE to US/Israeli interference (hegemony) & under the guise of "help and freedom" aka LIES.
The REAL world knows that the US and Israel were behind 9/11! USA/Israel = global terrorists!
This is the exact same M.O. that they've been using for the last near 20 years! It's actually embarrassing!
Human rights violations? Your sick Saudi regime friends are murdering Yemeni children and have been for years - you POS.
It's called Saudi (with US help) led GENOCIDE of Yemen. Trump is a despicable and duplicitous POS.
The same sick Saudi regime that is doing arms deals with Trump's admin. This is low-grade Jew S of A propaganda.
Some of Iran's internal economic issues directly come from the imposed sanctions!

What "freedom" are you offering USA?
Freedom to buy and sell in the rigged corporate market place - the 1% free-for-all? A Jew owned federal reserve and corporate banking system (aka legitimate criminality) that fleeces the masses and enacts mass debt slavery? Sick media that turns children into SEX OBJECTS? Hollywood/TV violence that is nothing but MASS DEGENERACY programming? A SODOMITE centric nation which treats the issue as though it's a virtue? US Intel owned socialist media that promotes dumb group think? Gangsta thuggery promoted as a lifestyle choice (neo-Uncle Toms etc). Mass shootings (false flags or otherwise) on a weekly basis? The worship of celebrity on a level not seen in ANY RELIGION? Sick mass plastic surgery for a society who've been entrained to self-loathe via sick media? War as a means for economic and hegemonic expansion? Huge disparities in wealth? The AMERICAN DREAM - is a sane man's NIGHTMARE. The west isn't free. Not in the way that it is "marketed" by the establishment, at least. Trump is only selling bullshit to the gullible.

I wonder if the following is one such example...likely employed by foreign intel to instigate violence etc:
Below - The "UK intel" couple. Their marriage is an obvious sham. She's very likely a double-agent.
They could've been involved in (Jew led) provocateur activity in respect of Iran. It is the Jew K (UK), after all.
The Jew K want their SPY back - how thoroughly predictable.

Hey, Trump - YOU DUMB ASS!
Thousands are protesting the Israeli government and linked corruption. You know, the Israel that Trump LOVES.
Benjamin "CRIMINAL" Netanyahu. Where is the US call for "regime change"? That was the FIFTH 'March of Shame'.
Only a DUMB ASS would not spot the way that the USA ignores Israeli transgressions, and its population's protest!

 Somehow, Trump and the US MSM fails to notice all the above? More American people protested against Trump's presidency than anything we've yet seen out of Iran. This stuff is just EMBARRASSING. I'm reading it as staged co-ordinated events using provocateurs, intel/Mossad/CIA etc, and all supported by complicit western MSM - fanning the flames and projecting their narrative. The UK and US were instrumental in shaping Iran in the C 20th. The UK and US (under the aegis of the CIA) backing the Shah in the 1953 coup and overthrow of PM Mosaddegh (see Operation Ajax). Then ultimately having the Shah taken-out in 1979, followed by installing the Ayatollahs etc.

"Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat..."
Servants of Israel
The United States IS controlled by a FOREIGN POWER! AIPAC dominates the US govt apparatus, as do Jew lobbyists.
The masses are so dumb - hey let's just run G W Bush's agenda - AGAIN!
When I was watching Bush's speech at ground zero on TV (a few days after 9/11) -
I was screaming at the screen for the American people not to fall for this US/Israeli inside job!

I'm not saying that Iran's ruling govt. is an ideal, not in the slightest. This is about ongoing typical and criminal intervention, and deliberately fomented destabilisation by USA/Israel. All to bring about the exact same type of "regime change" doctrine that was associated with the Bush neo-Cons. Russia "put paid to" the USA's disastrous activity inside Syria - now these sociopaths want another Mid East whipping boy. If Iran want "change" - then it comes through the BALLOT BOX - not via US/Israeli aggression! It has a democratically elected government, and that's whether any outsiders - like it or not.

The American/Israeli authorities (and criminal MSM) have made you fight numerous wars based on FAKERY.
Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc - THEY WILL JUST CONTINUE IN THIS SAME VEIN.
This will all be under the guise of U.S. HELP and FREEDOM - the same sort of help that saw Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya etc - turned into the utopias that they are now today (sarcasm).

Well, well...if the sick Khazars/Ashkenazis didn't SIGNPOST what they were planning to do in advance, & very recently!
These ISRAELI MONSTERS need to be stopped!
With Khazar Jew lapdog Trump - there was never any chance of Israel "going it alone".
They even tried to get Obozo to attack them on their behalf! Is there no foil to this overt Jewish insanity?
Remember this from Jan, 2013. The Daily Mail story that was removed almost as quickly as it was posted!
I actually saw it on their site in "realtime" in 2013 - and noticed them pulling-it. A US/UK linked story.
I fished-out a version from the "google preview cache" - they rinsed the article off the internet!
For more, see the following: chemical-weapons-media-propaganda-in-us-uk-is-designed-to-hide-the-truth-in-syria/
There was a legal case over the article/emails etc, I leave it to the reader to make up their own minds.
We do know that Obama's admin was funding and supporting ISIS (aka rebels) in Syria, against Assad.
Why do you think ISIS have NEVER attacked Israel!? The obvious target! D'oh!

 Update. Staged chemical attack via Douma hospital, Syria. ISIS is a creation of the Jew. S. of A. and Saudi Arabia.
Obama's former admin was also funding/supplying rebels against elected Assad - the rebels are/were ISIS!
 Trump's admin bought into this obvious FRAUD, as did most (Jew owned) Western MSM. Imagine my surprise.
I was stating this as a FRAUD (the hospital) at the time it happened (April 2018) did many others. (See here).
Zionist UK created/funded the White Bell-Ends (Helmets). Zionist propaganda to order.
Zionist Trump (along with Jew UK, and Rothschild France) launched missile attacks within 48 hours!
Now there are claims that the chemical cylinders were MANUALLY placed. False flagging is a full-time U.S. job!
Not a 'false flag' in the sense that no-one died (they did), but a 'false flag' in the sense of the HOW?

 Same old, same old...
Staged...aka the typical US modus operandi.Why update the M.O.? The programmed sheep willingly oblige, and everytime.
 Look familiar? U.S. sociopaths. COLON 'full of shit' Powell, and Nikki 'Lucifer' Haley. LIARS.
It matters NOT as to who the sitting US govt. is - it's a relentless, criminal ZIONIST WAR MACHINE - and regardless.
Read it and WEEP, America. This is what your nation is. A revolting, satanic, lying, and murdering shit-house.

Nayirah al-Sabah. Gulf War I.
Her (full of shit) testimony to the U.S. congressional committee essentially sealed Saddam Hussein
 and Iraq's fate in the eyes of the (brainwashed) American public. Hey, what's new?
 Brainwashed by (Zionist) MSM/Congress, USA. Majority America bought-in to these (obvious) LIES - Gulf War 1.
No incubator babies were killed. But prior - 500,000 Iraqi children were MURDERED by the US govt thru sanctions!
Hell, I can still recall the Gulf War 1 news reports. Some that showed Amerian citizens 'whooping with glee' as bombs rained-down on Baghdad! That monstrosity is forever seared into my psyche. It shows you what we've been up against.

Lies come easy to the US government. She's another Khazar/Ashkenazi puppet, obviously!
See how easy it is to EXPOSE these American/Jew MONSTERS. Like taking candy from a baby.

And the overt AMERICAN MADNESS many wars are they trying to start?
Trump is like a smarted "child" - acting like a school playground bully, and on the global stage.
This PNAC/Neo-Con STOOGE is clearly UNHINGED and a threat to the planet. There is NO DOUBT.

The Dead (Nuclear) Zone...

'The Dead Zone' - the climax has Johnny (Walken) attempting to shoot dead 'Senate candidate' Greg 'nuclear' Stillson.

The "BBC Robot Wars" and "hearing voices" youth from the UK. Shades of monarch/mkultra?
Similar shaped hotels in Vegas - linked by an 'attempted shooting' and a 'mass shooting'. Spooky, huh?
A "mass shooting" which occurred in Vegas on the exact same day as the UK MONARCH (airline) collapse!
Oct 1, 2017 - Vegas "mass shooting" via Mandalay & (Lux-Light) Lucifer Luxor Illuminati Black Pyramid.

(above, bottom left) Illuminati BLACK PYRAMID, anyone? Illuminati cards also key directly into the 9/11 event.
Card text: "At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you…have a nice day." (imo, multiple potential  meanings).
Weishaupt chose the 'eye and pyramid' as the master symbol of Rothschild's sponsored (Frankist/Sabbatean) Illuminati.
A number of witnesses (multiple shooter referencers) have already turned-up dead and in mysterious ways - ahem!
A 'harvest' named event. The "shooter/patsy" (Paddock) aka Mr Eyes Wide Shut.
 As if (film linked via shooter) "The Big Fix" and "Fix It Here" Orlando LGBT shooting "FIX" wasn't bad enough!
Fraud 9/11, fraud Orlando Pulse shooting, fraud Vegas shooting, Sandy Hook...the list is endless. What a madhouse!
These events heavily involve 'processing' humanity (via mass mind exposure) and in a satanically inspired way.
 The Rothchild's sponsored and fomented Illuminati/Jew-luminati. Rothschild's 1948 Israel. Synagogue of Satan.

Satanyahu...Fink's/Sphinx Bar:
 Yep, that's their satanic Jew mentality on display for all to see. Compare this - to what has subsequently unfolded (welfare state, Jew central banking, Jew mass media totalitarianism, etc.) USA is the most COMMUNIST nation on earth. (See masonic/satanic Jew, Karl '33' Marx/Levy.) Jewish fomented communism. Largely implanted via (sick) schools, universities, infantilised mass news media, Jew Hollywood/TV mind control, expanding welfare state, etc. US corporate induced totalitarianism. America is a one-dimensional, Kosher corporate/socialist state. There is no capitalism. You ALL looked for reds under the bed - when all along it was your own satanic, primarily Zionist owned, so-called 'free world' multinational corporations. Dumb happens.

David "Videodrome/The Dead Zone" Cronenberg - BOTH released 1983. Kenneth 'OTO' Anger linked, Cronenberg.
Incidentally, James 'Videodrome/911' a known supporter of Zionist Trump.
The Khazar/Ashkenazi/Zionist "4th Wall" declaration/manifesto.
Mass societal mind control thru (Zionist) mass media induced "simulated reality".

(Political) Stillson was Trump before Trump was even (political) Trump! 'Apocalypse Now' Sheen, the West Winging Pres.

 My comment from the above Dead Zone video...2+ years back.
 I still standby this comment today. Nothing has changed.
I first recall seeing Trump on TV (in interview) during the early 1980s. I was in my mid-teens at this point. My reaction to this first instance was that he represented EVERYTHING that was wrong with USA and American 'corporate-centric' life. I HATED him. The alpha male type and with the typical cock measuring, ego-driven attitude. That is exactly what happened, I can still recall it.

Trump/Stillson and his "big button".
Donald "the missiles are flying" Trump.
Trump's nuclear button is only 'seemingly' bigger than Kim's - due to his very small hands! :)
(Trump's admin recently tore-up INF treaty with moderate Russia. Trump has pushed the nuclear option from the get-go.)

US election 2016 and collusion with Russia? Laughed out the door (by myself) and from the get-go.
The DNC leak was internal! There is NO EVIDENCE of collusion and/or Russian hacking - The End. The ONLY relevant foreign nation colluding/manipulating in US elections is ISRAEL Wakey-wakey! Is an aspect of the Russia/Trump collusion issue to hide the Israeli hand that puppets this Trump goon? Either way, the wedge with the Russians has been magnified and maintained. How convenient. At least you've succeeded in driving Russia/China closer together - the true cost of this MSM/Democratic driven 'big lie' circle-jerk.

The "not being Hillary" angle is ALL USED UP and is no longer relevant. That's what got him into power in the first place. Hell, as if that was any kind of defence to rely on anyway! A choice between Trump and Clinton - tells us all we need to know about the state of US politics. Quite simply, a madman now occupies the Oval office. Is this any better than having a madwoman in the POTUS chair? Nope! The left/right paradigm is yet again (but ultimately unsurprisingly) shown-up for the Zionist Hobson's choice that it seemingly always is! The US govt. apparatus is Zionist owned regardless of the hydra's head.

The "cultural Marxist" liberal left way - is simply just another Zionist fix.
Communism was fomented by the Rothschild Jew-luminati, Marx/Levy was their agent, etc.
The 'neo-liberal Marxist left' and 'satanists' both champion the - "do what thou wilt" - Crowleyian philosophy!
 Jew, Baruch Levy to Jew, (Illuminati/masonic) Karl Marx/Levy...New/Jew World Order:
Published in 1928, note published. Reprinted in La Revue de Paris. It's believed the letter is from 1879.
Zionists will claim this as a hoax. That's what 'caught-out' perma-LIARS do, so it's to be expected.
"Dissolution of other races" - yes, that's why Jew. S. of A. has scattered races far and wide via the (fake) war on terror.
The migrant crisis in the Bilderberg/Zionist EU - the European wing of the Zionist NWO - is a direct result of these Zionist/U.S. fomented wars! It's ALL connected. As you'd expect for an ongoing,  globalist based, Zionist one-world conspiracy. Zionist USA literally OWNS the EU. The post WW2 NATO pact has assured compliance to the US hegemonic nightmare.

"In this NEW WORLD ORDER the children of (impostor) Israel will furnish all the leaders without countering opposition."
"The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty
into the hands of the Jews."

Update June 2019. Above BDS video has been removed by (Google) JEWTUBE. Land of the free? Yeah, right.
Content that promotes 'supremacy' is shit-canned? What will the Jews do? Religious supremacy IS their mentality!
What will US citizens do? They erroneously think that they are the greatest and most advanced peoples on earth!
Jewtube CEO is Susan 'JEW' Wojcicki. Just another POS out of the Google shit-house (aka US military/industrial complex).
My own Jewtube account has been terminated (last few weeks). Watch those 1st amendment rights vanish under Zionist Trump.
ZIONIST/US CORPORATE & TECH FACISM. U.S. millenials/y's/z's have virtually been born into (US fomented) digital slavery.

Oh, look. Something to arguably confirm some essence of the above, and in very recent history.
Oh, the irony of Zionist Faecesbook busting Zionist political gerrymandering across the globe!

I'm getting an INSANE amount of blog hits from France. I don't know how or why? :)
If any reader from France sees this - can you shed any light on all this traffic?
Who is reading all this in France? - "Je ne sais pas qui?" Kiss, kiss. :)

Emmanuel "Rothschild/Zionist" Macron.
LCF Rothschild. "LCF" was used as a code for 'LuCiFer' in satanic Polanski's (French-centric) The Ninth Gate.
Satanic Jews Polanski/Kubrick both used Rothschild mansions in their 1999 releases - The Ninth Gate, and Eyes Wide Shut.
The de Rothschilds (French Rothschilds) have long been a formidable presence and force in France.
I collared former leader Francois "Jewish Freemasonry" Hollande in my earlier posts - see JEWISH/MASONIC Hebdo etc.
Paris, (masonic) Friday 13th November, 2015. Bataclan terror venue sold by Israeli owner on Sept 11, 2015.
Rothschild owned Macron and 'devil horns' via (satanic) Rothschild owned '666' Trump.
France have been arming Saudi too. Good work stopping that arms ship (May, 2019).
I've got a soft spot for the French. At least they're putting-up some kind of a fight, and publicly.:)

Putin: "The (Zionist/US) New World Order worships Satan."

 The god of Israel is Lucifer/Satan...and ALWAYS has been.
"I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter (slave) and true friend (sycophant) of ROTHCHILD'S Satanic/Zionist Israel."

 Oy vey! Kosher Trump and the Kings of Zion. Donald 'Rothschild' Trump. Bailed-out by Rothschild.
Son-in-law, Jared '666' Kushner is close to Satanyahu...very close, allegedly.
During the 1980s, Fred Trump (Donald's father) became friends with future-Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations in Manhattan. Fred Trump supported Jewish and Israeli causes and institutions, including donating the land for the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, New York.

Zionist - "Sheldon 'Netanyahu' Adelson boosts Trump with $25 million to defeat Clinton." (link)
2016. The New York Times reported at the time that Adelson was prepared to spend up to $100 million to elect Trump.
A fellow casino magnate and one of the richest men in the world. A big backer of Netanyahu, and likely sponsor of Trump's Israeli and Mid-East foreign policy. Zionist puppet Trump recently gave Adelson's wife the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Alex 'What Zionist threat?' Jones. Alexei Jonahstein (lol) - and Zionist backed conspiratainment noise.
I don't recall him outing Zionist Trump's Israeli/Zionist billionaire backer for 2016? I've NEVER really rated Jones.
Jones sold Trump as a non-establishment candidate, and one who primarily used his OWN money campaigning (obvious LIES).
Jones wouldn't get ANY U.S./Zionist air-time unless he was fully compromised and in the Zionist back pocket.
OK, so he's admittedly a lot better than the typical MSM, but that's hardly a worthy claim to anything.

 Protocols of Zion. 
(See Zionist fomented controlled opposition like Alex Jones, Q-ANON, etc.)
Protocol 12:11. "We shall set up our own, (to all appearance), opposition...
...our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards."

Look what happens if you question the DOMINANCE of a (certain) foreign power in the USA.
 (No, I am not espousing Omar, her Marxist politics sucks. Only fools exist inside the left/right fix.)
To question this (nefarious) external source of ALIEN influence can never possibly be deemed as anti-Semitism.
This is the (impostor) Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews, they are NOT semites. They're descended from Eastern Europeans, etc.
This is the majority. Ashkenazim are not the seed of Shem. Not Hebrews or Israelites, they are converted Gentiles!
To critique (Ashkenazim) Israeli based politicians and Israeli political ideologies has no primary basis in HATE, and/or race!
Claims of anti-Semitism in this respect demonstrates how deep the (Zionist) ROT is within US public/political life.
Judeo-Christians are the most lost in this regard. They follow the synagogue of Satan - knowingly or not.
US Congress = Zionist Occupied Government. What are the chances of Zionist fomented 9/11 being exposed?
Sound familiar...?
"The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty
into the hands of the Jews." (Baruch Levy)

Note, Baruch Levy linked, (Zionist/Illuminati) Marx, was largely based in London.
Jew-Nited Kingdom. Union of Jacob. The Special (Zionist Jew) Relationship via Rothschild.
"When the Jews return to Zion."
We've got Theresa "Zionist" May-er here in the UK/Jew K. The destroyer of Brexit.
Only very recently Israel were implicated in fronting Pritti Patel as a Zionist funded challenger. Covering bases etc.
On the eve of  May being installed as PM, she dined with the Chief Rabbi. Theresa 'Jewish values will prevail' May.
May is the worst PM in history, yet most of the copy is about so-called anti-Semitic Labour? Christ, they're predictable.
She ended 'stop and search' as Home Sec., and slashed police numbers by tens of thousands
- now she resides as PM over the UK knife crime epidemic. How can UK citizens tolerate this abomination?
Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. UK 7/7 - just another Khazar mind fuck. The 'special' Zionist/Rothschild relationship.
UK 'eye and pyramid' Intelligence - another Zio-Masonic (Rothschild) conduit for the satanic Khazar mafia.

Jew-Nited States - US INTEL(ligence) Inside - Silly-Con Valley:
INTEL - in a recent post I was describing how tech companies like Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc -
are NOTHING but extensions of the (satanic) American military-industrial-media complex. International tax dodge central!
ALL these (sick) major U.S. tech companies are govt./state/military entities posing as organic, free market creations.
I was personally citing these US tech companies as (MIC) mass data-mining/surveillance platforms in the early/mid 2000s!
See pic, above. Folk like Gates, Jobs, Suckerberg are/were merely "cut-out" front men for this said complex.
Their tech rise presented as organic, when it's simply an engineered MASS PR LIE.

666 Microsoft via Bill 'satanist' Gates...
Microsoft and 666 (6.66) via Windows 7. Windows 7 (again), 666 (Beats/Beast), Hewlett Packard and Dr. Gay (video here).
Rolling '666' Stone...Issue #666 with 'satanic 666 beats/beast' Dr Gay and Snoop (Sept. 93, thelemic 93).
Good little Uncle Toms doing their work for the satanic Jews who own the entire industry! It's a masonic/satanic G thang!
Oh look, wigger champion and Dr Gay protoge, Devil's (K)Night '666' Mathers - aka Eminem. A '666' role/roll model.
Hewlett 'beats' Packard - '666' O-men (packing hard homos) - satanic/saturnic 'black cube', and Jews with a head for satan/saturn.
Dr '666 beats/beast' Gay associate, Black Ice 'Satanic/Saturnic' Cube. A Head for (satan/saturn) the black cube (see Tefillin/Kabba).
Low vibration (degenerate) promoting, Zionist owned Uncle Toms. Are you a (Jew owned) satanic Mason?
 They are - or were! Masonic pawn and degenerate Tupac supposedly died on 'masonic linked' Friday 13th. Poof Daddies.
"Yo, we got beef wid Pac!" (yawn). Pac/Biggie fairytale fanboys are a tragedy, always have been.
Lucifer/OTO, Jay/Gay Z's "Blueprint" album was released on 9/11/01. The day itself. All linked to Zionist '666 Rubin'.
Biggie '666 Twin Towers' Smalls...and a (masonic/satanic Jew) hip-hop "coup" via predictive programming.

The Microsoft '666' Gates to (simulated) Twin Tower 9/11.
War '9.11.01' Games...Gates and Allen.

War Games. 'Back Door' Geeks as Microsoft Gates and Allen (avatars). Gates/Allen aka US MILITARY/INTEL cut-outs.
A likely deliberately built-in flaw courtesy of the US alphabet soup agencies - the real power behind these companies!
This is the same (deep state) 'shit-hole' Mircosoft that wants to take control of US election voting software!
War 'Nuclear' Games. Which sick nation has a (semi-secret) nuclear arsenal - one not subject to any treaty? ISRAEL.

Bill 'Epstein' Gates. I wonder if satanic MS Gates is involved in state sanctioned (via Israel) paedo blackmail traps?
 US tech is absolutely DRENCHED with (satanic) Zio-Masonic symbolism and markers. Always has been.
China hacking the USA? The (Zionist/satanic) NSA have all that covered already - and on behalf of alien/foreign Israel (Talpiot).

JEW S. A. cannot have China installing their systems in other nations - they don't have the USA back-doors! Ha, ha.
This is how JEW S. A. have been able to globally spy on everyone - and thru their sick, Silicon Valley satanic chip junk.
Look what has just popped out re: INTEL! (as of Jan 2018).
Forget the Jew S. of A. and the Huawei mental slide...US (satanic) tech has been eclipsed. :)
My modem (thru which I am writing this) is a HUAWEI made device. I must also get myself a Huawei phone. :)
'Sanction' Trump has assured Huawei's (and China's) continued rise - and at the expense of US tech and US reputation!
Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, sold off $24 million in company stock & knowing about the flaw!
Another US corporate criminal! Insider trading, dumping his shares before the drop. Note, (smart devices) ARM are a UK company.
2018. Apple (aka US intel) just got caught with their sick corporate hands in the cookie jar -
deliberately building-in obsolescence, and then LYING when caught-out. Typical US corporate LIES.
This is primarily why the USA is such a SHIT-HOUSE - sick, "anti-human" multinational corporations rule the roost.
The middle classes will not benefit - your destruction is being assured. Serfdom will be the destiny for most.
That's why I argue that you are the makers of your OWN demise. You've done nothing but empower these evil, orporate elite entities.
Baaaaaa! America - making corporate sheep out of human beings - day after day, after day, after day...
2 billion+ Faecesbook members/users says that I am correct about their 'sheep' status. Pathetic, programmed drones.
Faecesbook - Jewish/Masonic "mass sheep mind control" - group think dosed drones, low-info BASE INSANITY.
JEW Suckerberg aka the "cut-out/front" for this Zionist shithouse socialist media sewage. He's likely Rothschild bloodline!
Want to know why your children are "mentally ill"? There's your answer. Faecesbook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc.
I KNEW Faecesbook was complete SHIT from the moment that I learned of it. This was Spring 2004.
Go worship at the altar of corporatism - I mean, what could possibly go wrong? D'oh!
Dumb sheep borrowing money they don't have - to buy things they don't need - to impress people they don't know! Wow.
(I seem to be one of the rare breed that have ALWAYS understood the double-edged sword nature of technology.)

The following video was published in 2003, based on the 1997 book of the same name.
This women is a goddamn genius. Now in 2019, throw-in social media driven mass narcissism epidemic, reality TV, the exponential expansion of consumer/personal/govt. debt, uber conspicuous consumerism, and the cult of celebrity on steroids, etc.!

Yes, it's all so much worse now. King of Debt, Corporate Beast '666' Trump is laced thru this old appropriate!

At the close of (sick satanist) Donner's The '666' Omen, the anti-Christ is seen holding the US president's hand. At the time The Omen takes place, the current POTUS is said to be his (Robert Thorn's) former college roommate. Robert, surrogate father of Damien.
The Trump-Pence (Trumpets) of Revelation.
Richard Luke ROTHSCHILD (likely bloodline) worked on sequel (the corporate/political) Omen II.
Also credited on The Truman 'global mass mind control' Show (see Truman from day 10,911), and The Path to 9/11!
Jew Donner's spawned O-Men (satanic sodomites) series featured the (tarot) 'struck tower' thematic - and heavily.
Donner is linked to 9/11 predictive programming via Lethal '9/11' Weapon, and Conspiracy Theory.
"When the (Khazar) Jews return to (1948 created) Zion." 1948, (impostor) Israel.
Thanks to the (Balfour/Rothschild/Milner) UK and Zionist America!
It's the "Corporate/Multi-national" Anti-Christ (a la Damien 'corporate/politics' Thorn) aka Donald "666" Trump.
The sort of monsters who put profit ahead of humanity! It's not, and has never been complicated!
Just like Luciferic/masonic serpent worshippers "666" CORPORATE Apple. Byte/Bite the 666 Lucifer Apple.
These sick Khazar/Ashkenazi kabbalists (and cut-outs) do like their "666" fun via media. That Apple $666.66 machine was unleashed in the months following the release of (Jew, Donner/Schwartzberg's) The 'political/corporate' Omen (6/6/76).
Khazar "666" Kabbalist, Kushner. Money laundering scum. Ooh, let's subliminally terrorise the GOYIM!
 When 'Exorcist II' was shot, Warner Bros.' HQ was located 666 5th Ave, see the Regan (Reagan) linked Warner Bros. film.
Ronald Reagan owned a Ranch at 666 St. Cloud Road, whilst his full name each have 6 letters, Ronald Wilson Reagan.
No wonder the USA is called "The Great Satan"! Sick kabbalist/masonic Khazars (and their agents) have run amok.

'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn't lying — 
and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.' Harold Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny, 1976.

666 Fifth Ave (formerlyTishman building) was built by Tishman, he was also construction manager for the Twin Towers!
Trump, The Masonic Cornerstone of the Pit of 5th Ave. Hell...via 666.

The US population has, and is, being satanically and ritually processed...of that I have literally no doubt.
(Thanks go to 'EnterTheStars' for the above video and research.)
Did you notice the 'Sandy Hook' boat? 666 is also the magic square of the sun (aka sol).

The Tower (trump) card follows the Devil card in all decks that contain it. The Trump Tower, Tower trump (Jan. 2018).

Jewish Freemasonry, Masonic Sirius, and Satan:
 "The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars.
Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star." - Albert 'Lucifer is God' Pike from Morals and Dogma, page 486.
"...the energy of Satan permeating the earth in the present cycle."
That's Jew. S. A. mass media, Hollywood, TV, and pop covered! Hence massive OTO influence thru US popular culture.
That's also corporate America, and the (sick) Zionist/American military-industrial complex accounted for too!

 "In the Hermetic-masonic tradition the secret identity of Satan is the cosmic force represented in occult lore as emanating from the star Sirius, the so-called dog star, alpa Canis majoris. In the secret tradition of the Freemasons, Sirius is overwhelmingly identified with a single primary attribute, the bringing of civilization to earth."  
Secret Socities and Psychological Warfare - Michael A Hoffman.

I compared 9/11 to the birthing of Crowley's aeon of (666) Horus wayback in my first blog post (2009, Sirius Rising, etc).
Kabbalistic '666/777' Sodom Crowley's satanic silver (sirius) star of the (sodomite) brotherhood. All seeing 'ass' eye.
'Lord of the Underworld' a la jackal Anubis. 666/O-Men, Damien, is born of a jackal (Anubis). Sirius (Anubis) dog of Orion.
Recall the "Back Door" Gates/Allen geeks (avatars) from War as double reference - sodomy.
Eddie 'Greased/Rosebud/Sphincter' Deezen, as geek Malvin. Silly Con Valley in (homo/rainbow) San Francisco.

OMFG! Look at how dumb this Jew Yorker is - the ginger girl! See from 3 minutes onwards.

HOWL! "Make America DUMB Again" aka MADA! :)

The farce he wants to ban books that are critical of him. The man is already a global laughing stock.
Whether this book came out or not - is irrelevant. It is in terms of evaluating Trump, it doesn't really change anything.
All this noise over Russia though, when the elephant in the room is the nation of Israel, and the longterm,
vice-like grip that it exerts over the USA.

The book stuff has gone crazy! Is this a smokescreen for the FAILED Zionist Iranian coup attempt?
The drubbing at the UN via calling the emergency meeting? Russia, China, France etc - sent the US packing.
Far too much of a circus now. No-one is talking about the Trump/Zionist neo-Con stunt! I'm suspicious.
Trump groupies cannot deny that he is a Zionist - there is no longer any doubt. The USA is simply a 'colony' of Israel.

To the "right wingers" who think this is all a "left wing" fix to derail Trump - you are the MOST LOST OF ALL.
Trump IS NOT taking-on the (ZIONIST) MSM - his attitude to Israel informs you of this much. Wake-up!
The "left wing" are not making Trump act and behave like an "alpha child APE"! He needs no assistance there.
Trump OWNS his performance on the world stage - no one but Trump is responsible for that!

For the record - I hate Clinton(s), and neo-liberal/leftism, so I've no issue there. It's all an MSM induced shit house!

As if their one-dimensional form of (hate whitey) IDENTITY POLITICS (the ONLY game they know and play) could ever solve the bigger issues of rampant oligarchal globalism, central bank criminality, and Zionist driven one worldist mass slavery! The left do not do 'economics' - it is alien to them in this era. Seemingly, the ONLY form of equality that they don't champion - is the economic kind! They also fail to identify/tackle the Zionist domination of their political apparatus (programmed/selective blindness), but their hatred for indigenous whites (fomented/driven by Zionist mass media) knows no bounds. Dumb happens. The 'neo-liberal left' are a special kind of stupid - 'special' - as in 'special needs' would be an apt description! When are folk going to wake-up to Democrat political gerrymandering? Their drive to force as many illegal minorities (Mexico, etc.) into the country is simply a vote buying excercise (with a side-order of wage suppression), but dressed in the clothing of (faux) humanitarianism!? Who do you think these newly imported 'socialists' will ultimately vote for? New 'Tory' Labour (and the Marxist EU) instigated this tactic years ago for the purposes of cementing socialism. You simply import the numbers (over-time) to hopefully and eventually make any other form of govt. (other than socialism) impossible. Christ, this is easy.

CNN (CIA) are an absolute shit-house of a news org. A revolting and tranparent Marxist mind control based hell.
Closely linked to Time/Warner. Zionist Warner Bros. were a huge aspect of 9/11 mass predictive programming.
Their deliberate racial agitation agenda has to be seen to be believed. CNN = HATE. Hate, badly disguised as news.
The Democrats and their leftist MSM mouthpieces (CNN, etc.) are what I describe as 'RACE/POVERTY PIMPS'.
CNN's news panel looks like what you'd find in a detainment room inside a Mexican/US border crossing camp! ;)
Forgive me if I ignore Mssrs. Sanchez, Lopez, Rodriguez, Santos, etc. when it comes to (US/Mexican) immigration issues! :)
The neo-liberal left fight more for the rights and conditions of illegal aliens than they do for American citizens themselves.
CNN's sweeping generalisations, guilt by (warped) association, and insane conflations are the stuff of Goebbelsian fantasy.
Self loathing, race/poverty pimping, grief tourism, victim whoring, and 'hate Whitey' - is all they have. See how that pans-out. :)


The promotion of mass self loathing via sick, Zionist/US mass media. What do I mean?
Hey, if they can't get you to love all the illegal invaders - they will get you to LOATHE your own self.
Hollywood 'eye and pyramid' JEW-luminati. Desperately Seeking My Twinned Jew Industry Slave. (Jew) Seidelman directed.
Oh, look. It's the Democrats' Marxist/Zionist Hollywood - 'Hate Whitey Express' - aka the mass mental illness industry!
POS Arquette is NOT white....she is a CAUCASIAN (fake Jew).
Oh, look. Luciferian, Kabbalist Jew, Madonna....and her collection of LITTLE BROWN PEOPLE.
A Hollywood insider informed me that (slave) Jew-owned celebs (like Madonna) are FORCED into these types of adoptions.
All an aspect of Zionist driven 'one worldism' and 'dilution of races' (save Judaism) for a homogenised Goyim slave planet.
Madonna, aka the (kabbalist Jew) whore of Babylon via Lucifer and 666. LGBT promoting satanist, Arquette.
 Recall, (related) Rosanna 'Jew' Arquette featured in Pulp '666' Fiction. The black magic marker scene (wink, wink).
Pulped '666' (Ass) Friction - aka 2+ hours of overt/covert sodomy. Homo Travolta, homo Tarantino, etc.
USA is so DRENCHED in mass satanic chic that I can form these overlaps (above) at will - off the top of my head! It's easy.
JEW S of A. Hollywood/Zionist NWO. "One nation under God Lucifer."

The same sick, Zionist Hollywood that predictively programmed the sheep for 9/11, sodomy/abortion normalisation, paedophilia, etc.
Maybe this JEW POS (((Arquette))) should sue her own parents for conceiving her? Yup, a mess of a so-called human being. :)

Ha! If the 'neo-liberal Marxist left' is so anti-racist - how come they've spent 3+ years maligning Russia and the Russian people? And all on the back of the collusion lie! Are they (Russians) not a 'peoples' and a type of 'race'? That's right, the dumb Democrats ARE LYING, RACIST HYPOCRITS. There is NO LIMIT to their complete, total, and unfounded Russian hatred! YES, they are HATERS. Russian haters (aka leftists) should be exposed for the RACISTS that they are. Democrats project their own crimes onto others - although only dumb, schmaltz-like programmed, non-thinking cretins will be affected by this type of blatant mind control. Recognise yourself? Democrats also care so much about 'human life' - that they champion abortion as though it's a type of virtue! This is like taking candy from an MSM programmed baby.

Moving on...
There is NO ECONOMIC MIRACLE either. It is ALL corporate smoke and mirrors. The USA is on its last legs.
Since when did mass economic progress = mass debt? This is 'junkie' eonomics, a nation drugged-out entirely on usary/debt.
Talmudic (satanic) usary is the major conduit for the financial enslavement of the (ignorant/naive/programmed) goyim mass.
 Debt tripled under Reagan, near doubled under Clinton, doubled under the Bushes, and Obama. Wow!
Reaganomics/Thatcherism played a major role in how all this (criminal) Western financial corporatocracy has unfolded.
The US economic miracle - 0% money a la JEW USARY DEMON, Greenspan. It's all been a 1% FIX (see Cantillon).
Enacted by criminal US/Zionist banking to dominate, subjugate, and exploit the (financially naive) mass.
This debt/timescale wasn't under Trump, I'm including for info purposes. He's adding to the debt pile, $22+ trillion now.
There's also an alleged $21 trillion debt hole (off-book) via the US military-industrial complex that's not accounted for!
There is also mass corporate debt, student loan debt, household debt, auto loan debt, etc. to accounted for.
Debt is the money of slaves. It took the US over 200 years to reach a national debt of $8 trillion (as at 2006).
It's added $14+ trillion in just 12 years. Thee debts have become barely serviceable, let alone repayable.
Khazar Jew corporate/FED criminality - has and will DESTROY the USA - this is a mathematical certainty.

 The JEW Federal Reserve. The Hidden Tyranny (1976), Harold - Lucifer is the God of Zionist Jews - Rosenthal:
Talmudic/Zionist Mass Usary...the enslavement of the (dumb, programmed, ignorant) goyim mass.
It's no wonder that the Zionists HAD to murder (Zionist big-mouth) Rosenthal. His death followed a month after this interview.

Trump campaigned making reference to unsustainable debt bubbles (economy/markets), and that unemployment was understated.
Now he's owning the very things that he earlier (legitimately) criticised - ballooned markets and high employment, etc.
Trump has since turned the markets into his own type of 'approval rating' index. The stock market is NOT the economy!
 He was stating the truth in 2016. He's been LYING since, and he is LYING now. Pressuring the Fed for IR cuts.
Govt., corporate, personal debt (etc.) are at insane levels. Upward rates to normalisation will collapse the house of cards.
The Fed already know this and Trump also knows this. The Trump/Powell reality show stand-off is for suckers only.
With his 2019 rate cut pressure, and his Sept. 2016 'raise/bust' admission - he's obviously still cognizant of the bust threat.
Again, if the economy is in 'boom land' - why the need for cuts and more Fed pumping? Yup, it simply doesn't gel.
Who better to take this 'central bank horror roadshow' back to 0% (+NIRP and QE) than the POTUS King of Debt?
 It is beyond fixing. Unless he means 'fix' - in the nefarious sense...wink, wink.
Watch the 'bond market' (yield curve inversion) that typically precipitates a drop. This is a (fiat) debt-based collapse.

The Normalisation of Economic Fraud
Low-info and/or Low IQ Trumptards are now lost in how great he has made the (zombie) economy. Madness. Donald 'bankruptcy' Trump has also ballooned the deficit (as of 2019). It's actually all getting much worse - not better. His tax cuts for corps. and top percentiles has been a costly exercise. Debasing currency to this magnitude - in the event of the likely coming falling rates and QE4 - could (and will) lead to hyperinflation/implosion. (Note, this also a global issue). Americans have been living way beyond their income capacity (hence the debt based economy) and for a considerable time. The longterm pattern being that the nation consumes far more than it produces. Typical American workers have simply used debt to replace their drop in purchasing power, rather than fighting the corporate/banking/political forces that have caused it! It's these very same forces that have (deliberately) drowned you in debt - all to enact a mass transference of wealth (still ongoing) and to enslave you via debt (thru recent suppressed IR policy).

A lot of the current systemic debt issues stem from the dropping of the (limiting factor) gold standard under Nixon in 1971. Look at the national debt expansion graphs since '71, credit card launch, etc. Coming-off the gold standard was all at the behest of (Zionist) USA, and with the (Zionist) UK quickly following. The FED could never 'unwind' this CB debt monster - they never really intended to. Which is why we're now seeing a policy reversal - a policy that will take us back to 0% and likely NIRP. Nevertheless, the mega-bust will come - and regardless of their tinkerings. This outlined scenario (above) will all ultimately lead to fiat debt going parabolic (a function of the ponzi - over time) and with fiat money becoming worthless - a complete fiat collapse.

There's been a 25% increase in the DJII over the last 12 months (as of Jan 2018, at the time of writing). Perhaps we're in the "up phase" before a likely coming "bust" in the future. (Update, the market was down the most in a decade for 2018! There was a major bottoming of the market near the close of 2018. Worst market performance for a decade was the net result of that year. Recovery gains have since followed, but likely via plunge type protection, etc.) The late Dec. major market bottoming was a peak behind the curtain - revealing the house of cards that reisides underneath. Corporate America is a gigantic criminal enterprise. These are the powers that brought you the 2007/8 housing collapse. There has effectively been NO RECOVERY phase since 2007/8 - just corporate/CB fraud (see QE stock market pumping/buybacks/collapsed IR to expand debt) and a constant kicking of that debt can down the road to oblivion. The former was obvious as early as 2011, and I personally stated as such. There is also simply no real price discovery left - such is the nature of this corporate-socialist zombie economy. Mass and cheap debt has swelled typical asset classes (and beyond) to insane levels. Capital has flocked to the riskier asset classes, as opposed to traditional safer havens. Pension funds are also at risk, etc. The elite set-up is in-place. 2008 was the likely dry-run for the mega-collapse to come (think the Great Depression, but on acid). Stock market numbers and other instruments are not a reflection of the economic situation of the typical American citizen. Top percentiles own most of it.

Zionist son-in-law - Kushner & Israeli criminals. Kushner didn't disclose his links to illegal settlement building either!
Some are claiming that he has substantial links to Zionist Soros. His father is a former convicted (witness tampering) criminal.
The book recounts President Donald Trump telling 'multiple people' that Kushner could solve the Middle East problem:
'because the Kushners knew all the crooks in Israel.'

Solve? A Zionist solving the Mid East problem? They were the goddamn ones that started it!
Solve - meaning move the embassy and create merry Hell.
WTF is Trump doing with these gimps around his government - the people didn't elect them. Oh dear.
There are allegations that Trump was looking to make Kushner Secretary of State!

Moderate Russia are seemingly wise to this "JEW S of A" blatant regime change attempt.
Trump caught with his tiny hands in the "Zionist regime change" cookie jar. They embarrassed you over Syria (thank you, Russia) - they'll embarrass you over this too. USA is violating international law with a presence in Syria!

Update covering 2018/19
 Zionist Bolton...Mr (Illegal) War in Iraq. A sociopath, human excrement.
Trump is fighting the deep state? Anyone know any other jokes?
Trump installed these SOCIOPATHS into his admin - Pompeo, and Bolton. Trump OWNS all this - regardless.

Donald 'We won't rush to topple foreign regimes' Trump. How's that working-out for ya? (sarcasm)
Trump's admin = A Bush 3rd term.
Let's PRETEND that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is organic and solely internal.
USA largely engineer these crises (via sanction warfare) to destabilize the sitting govt.
Maduro's govt. won't be any kind of ideal, but this is ultimately about Venezuelan self determination.
The REAL current humanitarian crisis is in Yemen, where sick USA is backing/supplying the (sick) Saudi regime!

 Mar 2019
The Senate just passed a resolution to end U.S. military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen and limit the president’s power to engage in the conflict without Congressional approval. It is a virtual certainty that (NWO stooge) Trump will veto this. (Update. Yes, he vetoed it, as predicted). What a dispicable POS. As is Pompeo with his dumb - 'Iran are responsible' and (Orwellian) 'bombing for a just peace' - BULLSHIT. Trump's admin is a complete shit-house. Yes, the U.S./Saudi/Yemen issue began under Obama, but that's history now. This has been going-on for years. All that aside, Trump has the most aggressive stance on Middle East policy that I've ever seen from any POTUS.

Update. Recall this in my post body from Jan 2018?
Remember the US "Arab Spring"? Remember the (non) weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Same old, same old.
Wait for Trump to start circling and then the "REGIME CHANGE" agenda will soon hove fully into view.

Mike 'CIA/CFR POS' Dumb-peo. Another blatant Zio-Con sociopath and transparent LIAR.
This sack of shit is a diplomatic embarrassment. A steaming turd on the global stage. No shame, as is typical.
Fat boy thinks Saudi has a good record in respect of human rights. WTF? OMFG, how embarrassing. No shame, no shame!
Even the 'fake 9/11' narrative centred heavily on Saudi Arabians being the main players/executors.
Hezbollah cells in Venezuela? Is that part of his stand-up routine? What a POS.
As for the Kashoggi affair...the USA is out on its own with the Yemen destroying (evil) Saudi regime Embarrassing.
Saudi (along with Jew S A, UK, and Israel) ARE the #1 sponsors of extremist global terror! The axis of evil!
Not forgetting the (Zionist) MSM too - they help enable and cement all this American rampant sociopathy.

Q has cited the Saudis as being TOP of the global tree! WTF? This is COMPLETE NONSENSE.
Q, places the House of Saud over and above the House of Rothschild? Is this more comedy?
Saud has 'effectively' been around for mere decades, whereas Rothschild has been around for CENTURIES.
Info provided by Q of this nature - IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. What a joke, an insult.

Q: "They thought the sheep would follow the stars."
Erm, hello! The sheep HAVE followed the stars! They've literally done nothing but. More nonsense from the 'deity' that is Q. The Hollywood-led 'cult of celebrity' has reached epidemic proportions! None moreso than over the last 20+ years!

Oh look, another agent of (satanic) Zion. Donald 'drain the swamp' Trump fills his admin with (criminal) swamp monsters?
On what planet does any of this make sense? Certainly not earth! It's Trump that owns these Zio-Con appointments.
Venezuela was ALWAYS a target of the Bush Neo-Cons. Their Chavez (CIA) coup attempt circa 2002/3 went south!
Venezuela have also in very recent history dropped the petro-dollar (as have Iran). How oil transactions are denominated.
The US $ (the world's reserve currency) is now under constant existential threat - so it's not all bad news.

The same (Bush NWO neo-con) agenda is still in operation under Jew errand boy, Trump (see Iran/Venezuela).
Listen to Aaron 'Rockefeller 9/11 warning' Russo and the regime change agenda of the NWO (incl. Venezuela).
Circa Nov. 2000: "We're going to invade Afghanistan...we're going to invade Iraq (make it a part of the NWO)...and we're going to go after Chavez in Venezuela."
Also see Gen. Wesley Clarke (ret.) and the 7 countries in 5 years - ending with Iran.

Trump's admin IS the latest chapter in the ongoing (Zionist/Masonic sponsored) NWO roll-out. Oh yes.
Only those with short-term memories will be fooled by Trump - it's just as well my long-term memory is still intact.
Trump-tards and Q-tards are lost in 'Trump as a deity" delusions while the NWO rolls-on under their manipulated noses.
Note how Russo also exposes (sick) FEMINISM as a Rockefeller fomented and influenced mass mind control op!

 There is NO FOIL to Zionist/American hegemonic insanity. Not from a Western viewpoint or otherwise.
Now the Zionist American empire is carrying-out (ILLEGAL) blatant coup attempts in plain sight!
There is no longer ANY attempt to make any of this look organic! Quite simply it's legitimate criminal madness.
The SHIT-HOUSE U.S. MSM is complicit in these ongoing crimes. Just as they were for 9/11 and beyond!
American citizens who look to U.S. MSM for their reality fix - ARE A MASSIVE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

It was "Controlled Demolition Inc" who removed the 9/11 debris/rubble. The Tower(s) destruction really was a demolition.
 "The Manhattan insurance underwriters demanded the Rockefeller NYC/NJ Port Authority install a guaranteed vertical demolition system to avoid any damage to other properties should for ANY reason, the WTC twin towers collapse. Kellogg Corporation's nuclear fusion demolition system installed EARLY 1969. Wiring and installing the system HAD TO BE DONE DURING CONSTRUCTION."  (thanks to a youtube commenter). Note, I personally recall reading about something similar to this back in 2002. An insurance issue in respect of the surrounding buildings and the need for a collapse system in the event of a type of structural failure.
Twin 'Illuminati/Corporate Rockefeller' Towers via terrorist and nuclear (nuke) destruction.

9/11 Zio-Corporate/Finance Coup D'etat and International Fortune(s). 1987 corporate publication.
I've often considered the 9/11 event as a type of (elite signal) symbolic marker for the (future) global financial meltdown.
A (falling) $ as the airplane cutting thru the Twin Towers. Controlled (financial) Demolition. How's the zombie economy (2019)?
The 'World Trade Center' - the ultimate symbol of global/world trade and financeon fire and then collapsed! via (emergency) 911.

 Q- Masonic/Zionist Psy-Op?
It is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op (understatement). In one aspect designed to maintain the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix. The Hegelian Dialtectic. In others perhaps something even more sinister - INDUCED Q SHEEP (and/or Trumptards) for a nefarious purpose (civil unrest, perhaps?). The Q movement has gotten noticeably more 'cult-like' over time, and it all very much has a quasi-evangelical sort of dynamic to it. The latter being the most concerning aspect. A type of hysteria has seemingly set-in and fantasy is the only game in town. You could describe the Q phenomenon as a type of - 'hope porn' (hopium). Trump ordained by 'God'? WTF is wrong with these people?

Q-SHEEP are dictated to, and controlled by, COMMAND DOGMA.
Eg: Trust the plan, enjoy the show, patriots in control, we have it all, we have the source, deep state in a panic, etc., fucking etc.
Command dogma based memetic slogans that PROGRAMME Q-sheep into COMPLETE PASSIVITY.
Do nothing because a superhero/deity is in control. These are the HALLMARKS of a psy-op.

It also all reminds me of that (similar) dumb, cult psy-op from the early 2000s - NESARA - but even less convincing!
Only a COMPLETE DUMB FUCK OF THE HIGHEST ORDER (of which there are millions) will believe in Trump/Q.

Q-Anon and the 'Masonic All Seeing Eye' (satanic Sirius).
Sirius, aka the (satanic) lodge eye, star of the Masonic Jew Freemasons.
"Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
 Update. Trump (although Bolton calls the shots) and NWO Latin America regime change. CIA 101 stuff - YAWN.
 Trump/Q  - 'DARK TO LIGHT' - aka (masonic Jew propaganda 101) 'From Darkness to (Lucifer) Light'.
The masonic phrase is an aspect of 3rd degree raising - the candidate being raised into the Lucifer light.
The Hebrew word for Lucifer is “Hillel” (Strong’s Concordance #H1966) meaning “bright light.” 
  "Deity of Enlightenment" a Q-tards typical desription of Trump/Q!. "Second Coming" - evangelicals - a la Q-tards!
Qabbalistic Masonic Jew Q? Order of the Masonic (Lucifer) Q Serpent. Larry COHEN.
 Serpent Q and the Tower thematic - Donald 'Q/The Tower' Trump. Feat. David 'OTO/Crowley' Carradine.
 Hollywood being built on sodomy, incest, paedophilia, and satanism. Robert tried to kill himself and his wife, 2015.
Hollywood OTO. Easy 'chopper/penis' Rider, Hopper. Mr Koopa Towers (vanishing Twin Towers), Super Mario, thelemic 93.
Masonic Spielberg is godfather to (related) Drew Barrymore. Sick, degenerate, John 'incest/rape' Barrymore was her grandfather.
Anyway, Quetzalcoatal - a major Mexican angle (order founded there). Mexico is a big Trump resonator.
Apparently, Q/Trump is fighting the US deep state! (The same ones who want Venezuela.) Complete nonsense of course!
Another popular culture 'Q' is the A.I./extra-dimensional Star Trek character, created by Gene 'Freemason' Roddenberry.
Rainbow Star Trek is crammed with masonic propaganda. Spock's hand gesture being a kabbalistic sign.
The Sirius group (masonic sirius) was mentioned in Roddenberry's original Star Trek pitch in one of the suggested story lines.
Juan 'FREEMASON' Guaido (left). Sodomite Freemasonry is JEWISH (LUCIFERIANISM). Doanld 'ISRAEL' Trumpstein.
The (masonic Jew) puppet strings are showing. (Below) The message is that it's a masonic hoodwink (fix).
Freemasons = Satanic Jew foot-soldiers in a very bad disguise. Apron, worn over the groin (penis).
 BUSTED. Jew-owned, (Jew) masonic code gesturing, Zionist loving...Brother Trump. So mote it be, Donny!
The LIE: "Oh, would you like to see what was in that letter," Trump told reporters, then pointing at the crowd and asking:
 "How much? How much?" "It was a very interesting letter," Trump said.
"It was a very interesting letter," Trump said. 
(Eight minutes later, see Washington Post, Trump admitted that he hadn't even opened the letter (when a reporter asked).
"I haven't seen the letter yet," he told the reporters. "I purposely didn't open the letter. I haven't opened it."

The ONLY message Trump was delivering (above) was one directed at the masonic (Jew) bretheren!
Masonry IS symbolism - a central and key active function of their 'craft'. US masonic tech - Faeces-book, Apple, Joo-gle, etc.:
 Never has corporate mass mind control via group think social media and tech monopolies been so easy.
Sodomite 666 Masonic G Males - Two Ball (phallic) Cain - Mr One-Eyed Willie (penis, see The 'paedo/homo' Goonies).
"Q" (homo) Q-abalist queen or queer? Queening Dr. No. (number) 007, Dr. Dee. Luciferian Kabbalist, as per '666' Crowley.
Ian 'sodomite/Crowley' Fleming. 007 Lucifer (ass) Bonding. Two-ball Cain/Cane (the penis). Kabbalah sex magick.
Q-uartermaster? Or a "master" of the (hind) "quarters" - like a "rear" admiral - cough, cough. (Thanks to Uncle Bingo).
No wonder progressive nations like (moderate) Russia have BANNED (overt) homo/sodomite programming propaganda!

The Zionist/Masonic - U.S. of GAY.
Current public face of (homo) Apple is Tim 'homo' Cook. (F)Ass-bender as Jobs: "Everybody loves Ring-O." (Apple Beatles).
Ashton 'Kabbalah/Freemason' Kutcher - also played (rainbow homo) Jobs on film. Rotten Lucifer Apples.
Masonic Jobs & Woz. Even masonic Wozniak's wife, Alice, is (masonic) Eastern Star (satanic sirius).
America = a colony of Zionist/Masonic (satanic) ISRAEL. THE JEW. S. OF (MASONIC) A.
When using a telephone in Israel to call an overseas number it is first necessary to type the number 666.
Trump is an alleged Knight of Malta...a type of quasi-masonic/Templar group linked to Rome.
Syrian (Sirius/Siri), Steve 'Apple' Jobs was alleged to have been a (Templar related) Tuetonic Knight. Wozniak is Scottish Rite.
Rosebud '666' Spielberg. Jur-ASS-ic PARK Masonic Apron (left). Washington's 'homo rainbow arch' Apron (middle).
The masonic eye (blazing satanic sirius, see apron) which in one aspect is the (rosebud) anal sphincter.
As referenced by (sodomite/homo) UK based act, Soft 'masonic/satanic' Cell. Marc 'Church of Satan' Almond.
Sodomy, (JEW) Freemasonry, and Satanism, Tri-fecta. Busted. The (JEW) Brotherhood of Masonic BUGGERY.
Almond evokes (Church of Satan, HOMO) Liberace. The (Jew) corporate music industry (UK/USA) is a satanic/sodomite mess!
Corporate Jew entertainment IS the conduit for the global expansion of mass satanic energy! Wake the fuck up!
Recall Zionist Trump's (envelope) apron, and CIA puppet Guaido's from earlier. And all the masonic US tech companies.
Masonic/Iluminati 'eye and pyramid' Adobe. It's everywhere. 666 Masonic Jew, Spielberg.
Arnold Spielberg (father) designed mainframe computers for General Electric - which led to the BASIC programming language.
 The same BASIC code that built the empires of Gates/Jobs etc. The code that would ultmately lead to personal computers.
 General '666' Electric (GE). The Dow's '666' point drop (Feb. 2018) was during '666' Trump's tenure!
Silicon/Silly Con Valley - homo/rainbow San Francisco. For-TRAN(S), and Binary programming languages, anyone?
Sodomite, satanic, programming Masons. Devilish '666' Spielberg, Lucifer '666' Apple, etc. Tempted by the phallic serpent?
Apple 'fruits' (slang, queers) An apple horizontally sliced reveals the 'pentagram'. Records spinning at the masonic rate of 33.33.
Men-love (aka faggotry) via Meat the Apple (dung) Beatles. Homo 'banana bender' Warhol did the Menlove Ave. artwork.
"Do What Thou Wilst (sic)" - Lennon. Jew Epstein, Jew Grade, Jew Bernstein. Jews owned The Beatles.
Homo-satanic UK pop. See my Beatles 'OTO Crowley' homage decodes via (mirrored) Sgt '666 Penis Crowley' Pepper, and Hell(p).
Sgt Pyramid Penis. Sodomite, satanic '666' Crowley...Mr "Do What Thou Wilt". Lennon: "Hap-penis is a warm gun."
666 Apple, Dung Beatles via a dirt hole - "Fixing A-hole" (asshole). Cum Together via the (saturnic Jew) Ring-O (ass) Star.
Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of Oriental Templars). OTO acronym evokes the penis and testicles (like two-ball/cane).
 THE (THELEMIC) BEASTLES, Magickal Mysteries (Masonic/Satanic Religion), & 666 Beast, Crowley.
Familiar hand gestures, but I can't quite place them (sarcasm). "We're more popular than Christ/Jesus."
Lennon: "Showbiz is an extension of the (satanic sodomite) Jewish religion." A 'Black Saturn' t-shirt with 'Anthology 2' release.
EMI Beatles. EMI linked (UK Jew) Simon 'homo' Cowell is also a satanic freemason and mass programmer of the GOYIM.
Cowell heavily linked to (satanic) Sharon Osbourne, whose partner is (Black Sabbatean) Ozzy 'Mr Crowley' Osbourne.
The Thelemic EMI Bea(s)tles were also connected to (satanic paedophile) BBC Savile, the latter acting as their compere.
 Masonic Satanists, Paedophiles, and Goyim Destroying Zionist Programmers. Paedo, EMI/BBC King was a mentor of Cowell.
Masonic Factor, ITV Cowell's father was on the EMI board. Homo/Syco Cowell joined EMI circa the time of the Thorn merger.
Jew Cowell's control/influence of the U.S. (and beyond) 'group mind' should not be underestimated, adults and children alike.
THORN-EMI. Like (corporate/satanic) 'Thorn Industries' from (Jewish fomented) The '666' O-men. (see 'Silly Con Valley' post).
Even 'Thorn Electrical Industries' founder (Austrian) Sir Jules Thorn was Jewish. Dying a year or so after the merger.
EMI (now defunct) formed out of the military. It was one of the UK's biggest defence, music publishing/TV/film, & electronics corps.
It was ITV pioneer and Zionist Jew TV/film mogul, Lew '11 Sept' Grade's brother, Bernard Delfont, who was
EMI's Chief Executive (1979–1980) during this Thorn Electrical and EMI merger phase (Thorn:EMI).
'Sept 11 ITC' Grade's son, Michael, was also a key force in British television (via LWT/ITV, BBC, and CH4).
UK Zionist media mogul, Lew 'Sept 11' Grade, owned the (masonic/thelemic) Beatles' back catalogue via Northern Songs! 
Lew 'ITC' Grade (right) the pioneer of UK ITV, key in (Zionist film mogul/mass 9/11 programmer) Arnon Milchan's rise.  
Devil's 'Twin Towers' Advocate, Milchan (top centre). Mr, A 'Sept 11' Time to Kill. Fight 'collapsing Twin Towers' Club, Arnon.
'Sept 11' Grade financed Milchan's The '9/11' Medusa Touch (1978). See pic, 747 jet and Jew millionaire, Harry Hyams' tower.
Grade had major clout in Hollywood. Note, EMI released under their Capitol label in the U.S.
Iron '666' Maiden's debut EMI LP (early 1980) was very soon after Thorn:EMI merged (Oct. 1979, under Grade's brother, Delfont).
Corporate Thorn/Omen 2, released 1978. Iron 'EMI' Maiden's 'Number of the (666) Beast' release was allegedly
inspired by the Omen 2 film. Zionist '9/11' Donner (aka Schwartzberg) making the 1976 original film (via C20th Fox).

Speaking of which...
"When the Jews return to Zion..." Which happened on the back of the Zionist UK Balfour/Rothschild/Milner FIX!

Baphomet 'masonic' Templar Knights...sodomite ass bandits. They like to 'mount'. 
 666 Solomon's (masonic) Temple/Templars.
Tel Aviv - the GAY capital of the Middle East. Templars, like sodomite, satanic/masonic, baphomet Crowley's OTO.
It's the sick Zionist/Masonic Hollywood and TV powers that are making sodomy and LGBT a VIRTUE!
Eurovison (homo/tranny hell) Israel. Israel in Europe? Special concession for sodomite Israel.

Jew-nited Satanic Kingdom...
"Winston Churchill was a Knight of the Order of the Garter which is really a continuation of the Knights Templar of London reestablished under a new name a few decades after they were disbanded. The Order of the Garter and Knights Templar both use the red cross of Saint George. The Knights Templar were Christian Crusaders that fought to conquer over Jerusalem. They were also bankers and merchants. The name Church Hill has the same meaning as Temple Mount. Temple Mount is a religious site in Jerusalem and where (666) King Solomon built the first temple. King Solomon was considered to be a sorcerer who used "demons" to build his temple. (Masonic lodges are built in this same temple image!). The Knights Templar or Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon took their name from the ruins of Solomon's Temple during the Crusades (via Palestine)..
Winston Churchill was Secretary of State for the Colonies during the British Mandate for Palestine, which is when many Zionists under contract with the British Crown migrated into Israel. This was supported by the Balfour Declaration issued by the Knight of the Order of the Garter and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Arthur Balfour who was a political associate of Lord Randolph Churchill the father of Winston Churchill." (thanks to a youtube commenter).

Prince William - aka the 'solstice 666 sun king' (born on the 216th day, 6*6*6) - joined the Order of the Garter: 16th July, 2013. He was officially the 1,000th Knight to be inducted into this group. His appointment as Garter Knight was announced on St George's Day (the dragon/beast) and the induction followed later in July. Next year (2014) the Order of the Garter will be 666 years old.
An article at that time (June 17th 2008) noted:
"Prince William will join a 660-year-old club which goes to the heart of the English national identity and owes its origins to both King Arthur and St George." (See my post on 666 and the Windsors, from 2013).

It's Windsor related the Duke of Kent (cousin to the Queen) who is the titular head of global Freemasonry (via UGLE).
Masonic overlord, Albert 'Sirius' Pike. The god of the (sick) masonic Jews is Lucifer/Satan. Confirmed.
 Albert - foment war between Christianity and Islam - with masonic/satanic Jews pulling the strings - Pike.
'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn't lying — 
and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.' Harold Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny, 1976.
Syrian, Steve 'Lucifer Apple/Siri-us' Jobs...666. (Advert, right, 1976.)
SevenDust is a virus that infects computers running certain versions of the classic Mac OS.
It was first discovered in 1998 (666+666+666) originally referred to as 666 by Apple. Satanic/Saturnic black tech.
The '666' Omen, the HP Omen laptop, and HP Omen (satanic) black cube. The black cube (saturnic/satanic/masonic) Jews.
666 Apple, Jobs and his (saturnic/satanic) black cube.

AMERICAN Amazon - aka that filthy, enslavement based, tax evading, small business destroying, CORPORATE MONOPOLY.
The devil is in the de-TAILS (literally). They're also linked to the masonic swastika (sun wheel). Ama-z(i)on.
It's dumb and programmed American sheep (and beyond) that have taken this world to the corporate influenced brink!

 Masonic G-oogle/Jew-gle. "Don't be evil." - We (Google, aka Skynet) cornered that particular market decades ago.
The stuff of Orwellian/Huxleyian tyrannical US tech-based mass mind control:
 Guest lists for dinners at Epstein's Manhattan townhouse also give a picture of his influence:
In 2010, a dinner for Prince Andrew included Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Chelsea Handler, and Woody Allen.
Another dinner reported on by New York featured billionaire Mort Zuckerman, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, magician David Blaine, Donald Trump, Les Wexner, and a former British Cabinet member Peter Mandelson. Another cabinet member, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, also reportedly socialized with Epstein shortly after his release from prison in 2011. (source).

Sergey 'Google' Brin, Donald 'Rothschild' Trump, Mort ' Rothschild' Zuckerman, Peter 'Rothschild' Mandelson, Wilbur 'Rothschild' Ross.

 The Hidden Tyranny
 Zionist Jew, Harold - Luifer is the God of Zionist Jews - Rosenthal:
Spot the Zionist's mass mind control of society through U.S. based media monopolies.
See the methodologies that are employed to brainwash/pacify and infantilize the sheep.
Schmaltz and the (cynical) manipulation of emotional responses, etc. Mass dumbing-down (logic - take a hike). 

 "We won with the POORLY EDUCATED. I love the POORLY EDUCATED." Ahem. That's most of his base!
I wonder why the student debt levels are way beyond a trillion $$$$$? Why did Trump University fold? :) 
You've also got to laugh at the Dumbocrats with their: 'Trump is a Putin puppet" Zio-MSM induced mental illness. 
All to avoid the ISRAELI elephant in the Zio-US room. Left/right fix (Demopublicans) = two cheeks of the same ass.
 The Corporate BEAST.
TRUMP and SCUM (updated). U.S. Multi-national Corporates and CEO's with their fallen angel 'god' - LUCIFER.
VOMIT. More protection has been given to these non-human corporate entities (monstrosities) - than human beings themselves!
 "Multi-national Corporations - genocide of all SOVEREIGN nations." Corporate/Zionist NEW WORLD ORDER.
Thorn:EMI (next to UBER). Even 'political linked' Damien '666' Thorn was the head of a corporate multi-national (a la 666 Trump).

Masonic '666' NASA...and the MARK of the Beast.
As I've said often over the years - 'masonic Jew' NASA only do 'space rituals'.
Ho, ho, ho. The '666' MARK of the Beast via masonic/satanic NASA. Yeah, hilarious.
 Masons run amok. Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, 33°, was the Manager of the NASA Apollo Program.
Related C. F. Kleinknecht was formerly Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite (Southern Jurisdiction).
Masonic, Peggy '666' Whitson - meet Masonic, Donald '666' Trump.
666/911 Kubrick was heavily linked to NASA, as was Lucifer Clarke. The latter also linked to the BBC.

'Masonic JEW' NASA - The '666' Deceivers.
President Nixon used the telephone number 666-6666 to connect with cosmonauts of Apollo on 20th July 1969.
 Aldrin also allegedly performed a masonic ritual on the moon in his masonic apron. (But then it could all be a hoax.)
It's interesting that (NASA linked) 666 Jew Kubrick (2001) is often cited as assisting in potential moon landing fakery.
Kubrick's 2001 sequel film (2010) was directed by (666 Jew) Peter 'Lucifer 2010' Hyams - who made Capricorn 'space hoax' One!
666 Trump acknowledged (masonic) Aldrin during his 2019 SOTU address. Seen at (masonic) 33m 33sec in some videos.
With so many NASA (Jew owned) freemasons - you'd think that Hebrew would be their first language!
Apollo, a key god of pederasty (man/boy love). Phallic rockets to the moon (ass). Trump has his penthouse Apollo statue.
Sodomite Freemasonry, groin/penis aprons (via the eye), and (homosexual pederast) sun god, Apollo. Crowley protoge OTO Parsons (aka sodomite 'tube rocket man', also see Trump). His work in solid rocket fuels ultimately led to the Saturn (Satan) V engines that (supposedly) took Apollo to the moon. The Crowley 666 stele of revealing (revelation) led to the (thelemic) Book of Law. Don't forget, Sept 15 2017 saw the UK Parsons Green "tube pipe bomb" & on the same day that 666 NASA's  Cassini probe plunged into Saturn (Satan). OTO, Anti-Christ Parsons. Parsons Green - via the explosive tube/underground at dawn - toponomically and onomastically resonated via association (Babylon linked) 'rocket tube' Parsons, (Golden Dawn/OTO) Crowley, OTO Hubbard, LIDL (Liddell-Mathers, Golden Dawn), (mother of) Satan, and the scarlet 'whore' woman.

Trump Definitions:
trump (v.1) “surpass, beat,” 1580s, from trump (n.). Related: trumped; trumping; trump (v.2) fabricate, devise,” 1690s, from trump deceive, cheat (1510s), from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.), from Old French tromper to deceive,” of uncertain origin. Apparently from se tromper de “to mock,” from Old French tromperto blow a trumpet.” Brachet explains this as “to play the horn, alluding to quacks and mountebanks, who attracted the public by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying.” Related: trumped; trumping; trumped up false, concocted (first recorded 1728); trump (n.1) “playing card of a suit ranking above others.” 

The highest OTO degree centres on ritualised homosexual sodomy.
Some consider OTO to be the 'academia masonica'. 666 kabbalistic Crowely's OTO was originally born out of Germany.
OTO Crowley's A.A. (Silver Star, masonic Sirius) Elemental Grade Sign - Water? Trump's/Drumpf's ancestry is German.
As used by (Euro NWO) Merkel. I already previously covered Hitler's use of the 'Fire' Grade Sign, and (related) Zelator Salute.
Masonic Q: "Watch the WATER." A very similar 'hand gesture' is often used by (NWO) Fiery 'kabbalist tree of life' Trump.
Masonic Obama (and youth), satanic (Jew) LaVey, satanic (Jew) Steinem, Masonic (Jew-owned) Gay-Z, father of Israel, Hitler.
Mystery religion (aka satanism), freemasonic, kabbalist magick ritual workings (a la 666 Crowley) and in plain sight.
Celebrating the destruction of the unborn. Dress it up as a 'pro choice' issue. I know mass sickness when I see it.
Steinem was married to Christian (Baal) Bale's father. OTO Crowley's great nephew (Nathan) worked on Bale's Batman series!
Femi-Nazi, Steinem, was heavily implicated in the CIA, and is a Kinsey promoter. See OTO Crowley and (paedo) Kinsey.

The Tree of Life, Kabbalah, Jews, and Trumpstein. It's demonic Kabbalah that underpins (Jewish) freemasonry.
Trump/Q - masonic 'dark to light', apron (envelope) hoodwinks, Top Jewish kabbalah/qabala awards? Ha!
The (kabbalist/cabbalist) Tree of Life award was given in 1983 - 33 (masonic) years before he became POTUS.

Brokaw, 1980: "This is Donald Trump, 33 years old. And some people think he wants to buy the World Trade Centre."
One of the earliest TV appearances of Donald Trump (here). The Twin Towers via (masonic/kabbalist) 33.
The x-fade is right in the middle of "33". Trump gave an interview from Ground Zero, 9/13/01. Two days after 9/11.
The replacement 'One World Trade Center' (Zionist 'one world' NWO) resonates 1776 (ft) - the Illuminati birth year.
Kabbalist/Illuminati 1776. 1776 = 888+888.
NY Giuliani was an agent of (inside job) Zionist 9/11. The same Giuliani that has also been heavily linked to Trump!

666 kabbalist (masonic) Jews. Those that think Rothschild's Israel is of God are the most lost of all. It's the synagogue of satan.
"It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who convinced Weishaupt to wholly accept the Frankist Cabbalist doctrine and who afterwards financed the Illuminati. Rothschild had given Weishaupt the task of re-establishing the old Alumbrado movement for the Cabbalist Jews." (Juri Lina - Under the Sign of the Scorpion).

"Theoretical Cabbala embraces only secret teachings about God and nature.
 But practical Cabbala (such as Frankism) attempts to affect earthly matters. It involves the use of amulets and magic numbers (gematria etc) as well as the conjuring of evil spirits. Both the Talmud and Midrash contain Cabbalist information."
 Ancient Oriental and Jewish Secret Doctrines, Leipzig, 1805.
That's their Talmudic magick right there, and it's been secreted into Hollywood/MSM output, en-mass.

Bacon's New 'masonic' Atlantis (the NWO USA to come) is the earliest incarnation of the plan for a complete Masonic/Jacobite controlled America. A plan that's been centuries in the making. White Americans were not indigenous!
Elizabethan Dr John 'kabbalist' Dee (007) sourced his kabbalistic Lucifer magick via Rabbi Loew of Prague.
It's the same kabbalist sourced Babylonian magick that underpinned Crowley's work, and Freemasonry in general.
(Related Elizabethans) Bacon and Dee were key Freemasonry godfathers via Jacobite/Jew, and imperialist Great Britain.
It's (satanic) USA and its Jacobite/Jew masters that makes sure Israel is left unmolested! Sacrifices like the following:
 9/11. The 9/11 Twin Towers/Pillars (masonic Jachin/Boaz) and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Sephiroth).
The two pillars/towers of  '666 talents of gold' Sol-omon's temple...which masonic lodges are based on.
The base of the two pillars (right, spheres 7 & 8) are joined by the Tower card pathway. Al Qaeda - the base (literally).
The kabbalistic '777' lightning flash of creation...andd via the (lightning-struck) Tower card pathway (7 to 8).
In Luke 10:18 Christ says: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” 777 Christ. 777 Lucifer/Satan Lightning.
Fall like lightning from heaven to earth. The tree's lightning descends from the crown (kether, etheric heaven) to earth (malkuth).
 Processing the GOYIM (and/or profane) thru Jewish/Babylonian kabbalistic black magick sorcery.
Actor, and Bush Snr 'puppet' - Ronald Reagan. According to some, Reagan believed in mind control, likely 'mass'.

Terminator 9/11 Tech Noir (Hollywood black tech/magick). Nuclear apocalypse judgment via political (Kennedy linked) Arnie.
It was MYSELF that discovered this 9-11 based reveal in T2. This was circa 2002/3. Many others are also my original finds!
True '9/11' Lies...Titan 'masonic' Cameron vs Olympian 'masonic' Arnie. 
Hercules, aka Arnie '911/Twins' Schwarzenegger. A New York 'Twin Pillar/Tower" - masonic Jachin/Boaz - Toppler.
 Toppling Twins via Ivan Reitman...Mr Ghostbusters 2 via Twin Towers and 911. Working Girl, Sigourney 'Twin Towers' Weaver.
Masonic/Iluminati 'political Kennedy linked' Arnie.
Total 'masonic eye and pyramid' Recall. Grand Lodge of Bristish Colombia and Yukon. Right, Sabotage 2014.
 Arnie's former wife Shriver is the niece of JFK. The Kennedys were also linked to elite Freemasonry as you'll soon see.
The sorcerer's masonic Jew Apprentice. Just like masonic Jew Apprentice, Trump. Alan 'Jew' Sugar hosts UK version.
Trump, the ideal President for a reality-TV addicted society. Oh, boy. A 3rd rate game-show host as POTUS. :)
Iron 'Poof' Arnie...of the sodomite (Jew) masonic fraternity. Masonic Sirius (eye) - anatomically it's the asshole.
 666 Hyams, Mr 2010 Lucifer. Sequel to 666 kabbalistic Kubrick's 2001...the 9/11 monolith resonator.
Hyams, Mr. End of 'Twin Tower' Days and 666, via Arnie. Mr. Stay '666' Tuned via (satanic JEW) TV/film.
Enochian Jew, 666 Lucifer 'birthing' Hyams. Enochian kabbalism, and Lucifer magick a la (Enoch/kabbalist) 666 Crowley.
Related Nathan 'Batman' Crowley works for Hollywood director Nolan. The former also linked to satanic chic pioneer, Gaga.
 JEWISH Kabbalah (Tree of Life/Sephiroth) - via 666. Solar right pillar. Kabbalah underpins Jewish freemasonry.
Stay '666' Tuned via (masonic/kabbalist) TV. 1080 (lunar left pillar) is also the standard for HD TV output (1080p). It was Sir William Crookes' research into the cathode ray (via 'masonic Maltese Cross' Crookes tubes) which ultimately led to TV (see CRT Braun).
Spiritualist Crookes published a report in 1874 asserting that Cook, as well as other mediums, were producing genuine spirits.
1890, Crookes was initiated into masonic HOTGD (Golden Dawn, 666 Crowley, et al). The kabbalist 1888 Isis-Urania Temple.
Masonic, Golden 'LUCIFER' Dawn. "Order of Malta" - see upper degrees of York Rite (Templar) freemasonry.
TV, the ultimate 'masonic mass mind control' device. I'd also wager that Scottish TV pioneer, J L Baird, was also a freemason.
I've potentially linked Golden Dawn co-founder, Mathers, with wigger rapper and '666 Role Model', Eminem (Mathers), see other posts.
Most of Eminem's success occured while tenured to Zionist Bronfman family owned UMG (via Iovine's Interscope).
Zionist Rubin's Def '666' Jam was also under UMG.
 "(Zionist Jew) Television is reality, and (Goyim) reality is less than (Zionist Jew) television."
Hey, no shit! Videodrome, Jew Cronenberg - who cameod in the (masonic Jew/Templar) Friday 13th franchise.

Al Qaeda, 9/11 Muslim Muslim Obama. Remember the former 'masonic resonating' POTUS?
Channelling mystery Babylon (over the dumb goyim/profane) via Golden Dawn/OTO/A.A. ritual grade signs.
Just like Zionist Def '666' Jam and OTO linked Lucifer Jay/Gay-Z's sign. Brothas in da hood (brotherhood/masonry).
 A Memo to Brother 'G' Obama. Wink, wink. Ideal for (hermetic/hermes) masonry with his transsexual wife, Michael.
Some symbolic handi-craft. It's not Obama's hand, but the symbolic message is clear.
Bill Clinton was a Rhodes (Rothschild) Scholar via the Zionist UK, and linked to DeMolay Freemasonry. 
The D.C. area is nothing but Freemasonry run was designed/built by them. The dollar bill with eye and pyramid.
Also see USA and (accepting) the 7 Noahide Laws - and the (satanic) Jewish Sanhedrin who promote them.

 Royal Arch Freemasonry: "For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."
"Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

"At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found."
 - Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England

“The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift. Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task." - Rabbi Edgar Magnin

Brother Slick Willy...Ol' Rockefeller Bill.
 DeMolay, after the last (sodomite) Templar/Masonic Grandmaster, Jacques DeMolay.

The Bush clan are linked to quasi-Masonic 'Skull & Bones' (Russell Trust) via 'boner closet tapping' (homo) Yale.
 Jolly 'Rogering' Sodomite Masons. Hiram 'skull and bones' Abiff, aka Osiris. Sons of the Widow (Widow Isis).

 Masonic Jew Puppet Presidents of the Zionist Empire...
Yale schooled, Brother Gerald '38th POTUS' Ford...33° Freemason/Shriner.
Who do you think OWNS these 'masonic oath swearing' assets? Clue. It's not the American people!
Do your Zionist Jew fomented, so-called News services furnish you with these details and important information?

As for the Kennedy clan. The Kennedys were not saints, far from it.
Patriarch Joe was effectively a gangster. He worked for, and was beholden to, UK Zionist aristocrats (bootlegging).
Former US Ambassador to the UK, Joe Kennedy, was also in awe of the (sick) UK Zionist establishment. In 1944, Joe Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen married William Cavendish, the eldest son of the Duke of Devonshire (a very prestigious position within British Nobility). The Duke of Devonshire was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (1947-1950). UGLE the governing body for the majority of Freemasons in England, Wales, the United States and the Commonwealth. After his daughter’s premature death, Joseph Kennedy stated: “If Kathleen and her husband were living, I’d be the father of the Duchess of Devonshire (first Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen) and the father-in-law of the head of all the Masons in the World”. – David E. Koskoff, Joseph P. Kennedy: A Life and Times
 The USA is a complete and utter Masonic Jew SHIT-HOUSE.
At the time of (masonic) Jack the Ripper - 330+ Tory MPS were Freemasons. Which demonstrates the UK masonic depths.
Note, Stone's film JFK was made thru 9/11 Milchan's Regency Pics, it's also alleged that the film had Rothschild backing.

Re: 'Kennedy family' fantasies...
Why was Max Kennedy (RFK's son, see above) heavily involved in getting Obama elected?
Max Kennedy campaigned for Obama in over 200 events that were arranged in 'swing states' (2008).
Max Kennedy was also involved in Robert 'Maggie' Nixon's film 'Sea of Hope'. Kenndy actually acts as the film's narrator.
 TRUE BLUE (films)..."No Child Left Dry."
Obama was also connected to this production. Maggie Nixon, aka Q's paedo victim at the hands of Kennedy-linked, Obama. The Nixons of  'As the World Turns' fame. The show that was on at the time of the JFK assassination emergency broadcast. Maggie Nixon just featured in Green Book (2018). Joe 'Masonic' Kennedy was involved in RKO Pictures, he was the co-founder.
 It was one of the big 5 Hollywood studios in the Golden Era.
The family always had a media footprint - although that's somewhat of an understatement.
Degenerate and UK aristocratic linked actor, Peter 'Rat Pack/Rosebud' Lawford, was married to Patricia Kennedy, making (Sinatra linked) Lawford the brother-in-law of JFK, and RFK! Recall, Obama's daughter famously interned for Weinstein.

Also worth noting, on the night of his assassination (by Sirhan 'Illuminati' Sirhan) RFK was driven to the hotel - scene of the event - by film director John Frankenheimer. The director who made The Manchurian Candidate (via Sinatra), the film about political assassination and mind controlled assassins (cough, cough) and released not long before (brother) JFK's assassination. It starred Janet Leigh (Lee), and Lawrence Harvey, (but seemingly no Oswald)...wink, wink. Also featured Angela 'Manson' Lansbury, her grandfather was a former leader of the British Labour Party.

 Recall Arnie '666' Schwarzenegger and the Kennedy links...
This just in...'666' via the 'masonic fall guys' - aka the Kennedys. (Aug. 1st. 2019).
The Emergency '666' (Cabbalist/Masonic Calling Card) Services...wink, wink.
Don't forget, J F Kennedy was heavily tied to (masonic) Apollo, the moon landings, and related '666' NASA.
Son, JFK Jnr, died on the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon launch (July 16, 1999). We just had the 50th anniversary,

I'd love for 'Q drones' to shed light on this stuff. "Disinformation/misinformation is necessary" - type defenses are not acceptable. ;)
No-one will be able to explain away any of the above. Q-TARDS are like programmed monkeys or Pavlovian dogs. They don't effectively do ANY RESEARCH, they are PROGRAMMED FOLLOWERS.

 Recall...Twin 'nuclear' Towers:
"Kellogg Corporation's nuclear fusion demolition system installed EARLY 1969.
Wiring and installing the system HAD TO BE DONE DURING (TWIN TOWER) CONSTRUCTION." 

JFK Jr's plane also went down on the release  of 'atomic' (9/11 monolith) Kubrick's - 'Eyes Wide Shut'. (7/16/99).
July 16 - the magickal resonating US date. Trinity atomic bomb, Apollo 11 launch, Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact, JFK Jr.
Manhattan Project Trinity nuclear bomb site was named 'ground zero' - as was the Manhattan 9/11 site (ground zero).
 Interesting image I grabbed elsewhere with 'potential' tree of life overlaps. Nightmare on Elm St.
The cross is an aspect of the tree's structure. Below, crucified on the tree 'trinity' Christ.
It was Harry S (masonic 33) Truman who was POTUS for the atomic bomb(s), incl. Trinity.
JFK - a symbolic Hiram Abiff, a dying Trinity 33 Christ/dying God martyr, 33rd parallel, etc. see Hoffman's King Kill 33.
Zapruder, who infamously filmed the event was a Freemason and an Inspector-General (33rd degree), Scottish Rite.

 "the ultimate purpose of that assassination was not political or economic but sorcerous: for the control of the dreaming mind."
"It is the transformation of human beings which is the authentic reason and motive for the Kennedy murder..."
(This is also how I view the 9/11 event...transformation of the masses via a form of masonic, mass mind rape.)
 Politics and the film industry (Hollywood). Jack 'MPAA' Valenti (likely a homo) in the infamous LBJ shot.
A former aide to LBJ. He was president of the 'Motion Picture Association of America' for 38 years (1966-2004).

JFK/World Trade Centre - now there's a name to conjure with - considering the Zionist/Illuminati sponsorship of 9/11!
Nefarious (Zionist/Masonic) deep state powers that fomented 9/11, were also responsible for the death of JFK.
Text above is a take on (Mossad) financing, but make no mistake Bronfman family attorney, L.M. Bloomfield, headed Permindex.
The same Bronfman family that is implicated in (luciferian) NXIVM, heavily implicated.
The same (Zionist) Bronfman family (who along with Joe Kennedy) were subordinate to the UK Zionist/Masonic elite.
Permindex (a likely Mossad front) believed to have been the main conduit for the (played-out, or otherwise) assassination.
Patriarch (masonic) Joe Kennedy was the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James - like The Omen's Robert Thorn.
A JFK (and son) type hysteria exudes from Q adherents. It's a big part of the dynamic.

Recall that the Anti-Christ is seen holding the hand of the POTUS at the original Omen film's close.
Omen 3: The Final Conflict: Sam Neill, as adult Damien Thorn. After the grisly suicide of the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, 32-year-old international conglomerate CEO Damien Thorn is appointed in his place, an office his adoptive father, Robert Thorn, once held. Neill/Damien was reommended to producers by (actor) James 'NEMO/OMEN' Mason. A Mason Adams plays the film's US President.

Trump, as the (666) Anti-Christ of Revelation, Little Horn of (related) Daniel's vision.
 33 Christ - 33 Anti-Christ. Satan being the 'ape' of God.
Fox made The Omen series. The same Fox that has heavily backed Trump. The remake via 06/06/06 and the Twin Towers.
9/11 predictive programmers, Fox. Fox, 'the jackal' (anubis) - a la Damien Thorn. FOX, is 666 in Pythagorean gematria.
Fox also produced the TV series titled Lucifer. Damien (TV series, 2016) also involved (Disney linked) Fox.

20th Century '666' Fox/Anubis. Recall the famous 'trumping trumpet sounds' of their film intros!

The Trump-Pence (Trumpets) of Revelation.

 Donald 'Q KEW' Trump.
Military Academy Cadet. Just like Damien '666/Anti-Christ' Thorn via David-son (the line of satanic Israel's David).
Trump has recently upped the (satanic Rothshild) Israel ante (Golan/Embassy, etc). Omen 2 opens in Acre (Israel).
 Christ, and Templar Knight related D. John Trump. Acre (Israel) is heavily linked to the St John Templar Knights. Apocalypse John.

DT, initials. Donald Trump/Damien Thorn (6 letters x2, 5 letters x2). Trump and T-horn. Two 13 year-old cadets.
Damien and Donald mean "one who rules/subdues". Both made rich via inheritances, each the younger with an older brother (but a cousin who's like a brother in Damien's case) with each dying and leaving them free to rise and take over. Both with vast corporate multi-national business enterprises, both rise to political power by deceiving the masses. Both buy real estate all over the planet, both operate construction companies while linked to politics. Both linked to Rome, Anti-Christ Damien born there, and Trump an alleged Knight of Malta - masonically linked to Papal Rome.
Pope (Rome), Trump, and the Anti-Christ theme/meme. Feb, 2016.
The cadet academy's horns are blowing (trumping) when Damien discovers his Anti-Christ identity.
 The 'corporate' Omen 2. Mark, and the Beast (Damien). Opening shots...the trump/trumpet (a little horn).

The Trump-ets (Trump/Pence) of Revelation.

Damien, Omen 2: "Yep, the Whore of Babylon. She represents Rome." (See the beast, Daniel/Revelation.)
   The 'seven headed' and 'ten horned beast' ridden by the 'whore'. Trump is well related to the 'whore' - see Stormy Daniels. 
"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings, who have no kingdoms yet; but will be granted temporary power by the devil. 
His names are carved there. The Spoiler. The Little Horn. The Desolate One."
Lines spoken by Charles Warren (Thorn museum curator). His name is based on (key freemason) Charles Warren, who conducted the first major excavations of Jerusalem's Temple Mount! Omen 2 opens in St John and Templar linked, Acre! Charles 'JUWES' Warren was a founding Master of the (prestigious) Quatuor Coronati Lodge. Also heavily involved in the (masonic) Jack the Ripper (whore) murders as head of the Met Police. It was Chicago in Omen 2 (with a N.Y. link via Yigael's wall). Previous POTUS Obama was from Chicago.

Yigael and Yigal. Omen 2 even makes a sly reference to James A. de Rothschild via Yigal Yadin, and his work:
 'The James A. de Rothschild Expedition at Hazor.' The expedition to Hazor in the mid-1950s under Yigal Yadin (via de Rothschild) was the most important archaeological excavation undertaken by Israel in its early years of statehood. James' father (Edmond) was key in the Zionist movement and in establishing the new Jewish homeland. Note from earlier, that a Richard Luke Rothschild (very likely related) worked on Damien: Omen 2, (mass mind control based) The Truman (10,911 days) Show, and The Path to 9/11!
The Rothschild dynasty sponsored the creation of modern (impostor/satanic) Israel via the Zionist UK (see Walter 'Balfour' Rothschild).

Devilish Towering, Donald '666' Trump - CADET BONE SPURS. Donald Trump/Damien (t)Horn.
A Cadet (just like Damien). Bone Spurs - aka little horns! Little Horn is believed to link to Papal Rome.
 A 'Trump' is also a type of 'Horn' - (trump-et) 'trompette', small/little horn, literally. Trump/Horn and T-horn.
The Trump-ets (Trump/Pence) of Revelation. The Trump of Doom.
(Trump is already heavily implicated with Israel - and that means all things Temple Mount!)

Trump, a 'little horn', Old French tromperto blow a trumpet". A "horn" - also consider the "horned devil".

  Daniel Chp 7. Little '666 Trump' Horn...a mouth speaking GREAT things, literally. Snap.
A 'TRUMPING Elephant' Republican. Blow/Trump your Little Horn. Trumpety-trump, like circus Nelly. (thanks to Uncle Bingo!).
Well, Republican 'Little Horn' Trump (Trump-Pence/Trumpet) does live in an Ivory Tower, and with a hanging garden.

Babylon, mother of Harlots. The Whore of Babylon (via Little Horn, Trump). Daniels (Daniel's/Revelation) Whore.
The Whore is hated/vanquished by the ten kings (Revelation). Similar to the fate of the (hated harlot/whore) Daniels herself.
Omen 2 (The Whore of Babylon): Why is she riding him? - I don't know. But it wasn't to be for long. The book of Revelation says the ten kings: "shall hate the whore, and make her desolate and naked, shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire."
Recall the NXIVM connect to Daniels, and via a likely 'branding' mark - fire burned, and literally.
 Book of Daniel(s), Seven (headed beast), Revelation(s), and the (porn) Whore who rides the 666 Beast (Little Horn, Trump).
Talking of riding The Beast, and literally....
The Beast and Trump via Cadillac One. An ideal automotive choice for the (666 Trump) Anti-Christ of Revelation.
Satanic, George W Bush's Presidential Cadillac originated 'The Beast' title (a vehicle part based on a Cadillac DeVille/DEVIL).
'The Beast' appellation (car) reference continued under Obama, and now it's with 666 Trump.

"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings, who have no kingdoms yet; but will be granted temporary power by the devil.
His names are carved there. The Spoiler. The Little Horn. The Desolate One."
"Little Horn arises after the ten."
Daniel 7:24. "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall arise after them
(the 11th, Little Horn); and he shall be diverse from the first (Trump Rep., JFK Dem.), and he shall subdue three kings."
('Subdues three kings.') maybe Trump's star will rise (as of now), but likely only until some point mid next year. If there is anything to all of this. Damien and Donald mean 'one who rules/subdues'. 'Three kings', potential references to (kings) Obama, Bush, Clinton?
(Note, if a wider script is being followed, it stands to reason that Hillary Clinton could not have possibly become 2016 POTUS!
She is female and would've been viewed in terms of being a 'queen' - not a male 'king', the latter being the scriptural requirement!)
 "Little Horn arises after the ten." The eleventh (POTUS) king after the ten. Little Horn, Trump. First King is JFK of Camelot.
Recall, patriarch (masonic) Joe Kennedy was the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James - like The Omen's Robert Thorn.
 William 'Richard Thorn' Holden (Omen 2) was the best man at Ronald '666' Reagan's actual marriage to Nancy.
Towering Inferno, Holden. Damien: '666' Omen 2 uses the "internal struck tower" theme via an elevator shaft.
Travel attempt to floor 16 (as per Tower card 16) and via floor 27, the Tower pathway (27th) on the kabbalist tree of life.
As used in (satanic) Harry '9/11' Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 27 is titled The Lightning Struck Tower.
Twin Towers via 'construction manager' Tishman...the same man who built 666 Fifth Ave. 

Yep, the Whore of Babylon.
She represents Rome.
"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings,
who have no kingdoms yet; but will be
granted temporary power by the devil."
His names are carved there.
The Spoiler.
The Little Horn. The Desolate One.

Read more:
It's thought that the city of Babylon was founded through Kush by his son Nimrod. Jared means 'descend/decendent', literally a descendent of Kush. The Trump family (via 666 5th Ave. Kushners) is also in the process of building a $666million tower at One Journal Square – with a reported height of 666ft. Trump's NY tower is alleged to be 664ft, but has been cited as 666ft. Trump's grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump died on June 6, 1966 (6/6/66). Christ/Anti-Christ. Christ - 'trumped' - and literally. Did Donald's uncles/aunts used to call (his grandmother) Aunty Christ (lol)? She's matriarch and founder of Trump real estate business - now known as the Trump Organization. Some claim June 6, 1966 is the likely birth date of (Roman Polanski's New York born) Rosemary's (satanic) Baby. 'Anti-Christ' Damien  is born on a June 6 date at 6:00am (6/6/6). Former world's richest private citizen John P. Getty (American) died on the same day as the release of The Omen (6/6/76). Trump is also linked to The Devil's Advocate (film), as you'll see.

 What a head spinner!
The 2(0)16 (6*6*6 = 216) Primaries and Trump '666' via the Ides of March (15th Mar. 2016)
May 2016 Primaries - and Trump (Little Horn) via 66.6%.

(Satanic) Wall St. Feb. 2 2018, and the 666 point drop during Trump's tenure. Biggest drop since June 2(0)16 (6*6*6).
Note, currently we're in the longest-running 'bull market' in the index's entire history - but one ultimately built-on sand. 

The '666' point drop was the worst day for stocks since President '666' Trump took office.
 The very next trading day (Mon. 5th Feb.) then saw the largest single day's point drop in history - the 1100 pt. drop.
Instead of limiting this Zionist/CB fomented bubble (as he formerly identified) Trump has now taken ownership of it!
Trump now claims that not voting him in for 2020, will cause the mother of all stock crashes. Now you know it's fucked!

"For the love of money is the root of ALL EVILS." No-one loves money more than Little Horn, Trump.
I previously dissected Aronofsky's PI (1998) the links to '666/216' - Hasidic Jews and the stock market! 1998 (666+666+666).
Understand that these kabbalistic satanists seemingly (often) use and implement Revelation like a type of virtual script!
Revelation has always been heavily connected with the (Babylon) Mystery Schools. Old hat.
 1998. Biblical via Genesis. Hotter than HELL! Donald Trump the Next President? (Jared appears in Genesis, Bible).
The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Genesis to (apocalypse) Revelation.
Interestingly, Trump-linked 'The (apocalypse) Dead Zone', and (apocalypse) 'Damien: Omen 2'
 - both feature scenes that involve ice hockey deaths. Falling through ice/drowning. See back-to-back gifs below.
Both films also link to THE RAVEN. and (potentially) 666. The Dead 'Trump/Stillson apocalypse' Zone.
The Dead Zone, opening lines: "And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting.
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming..."
"And the Raven, never flitting,
still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas
just above my chamber door,
And his eyes have all the seeming
of a demon's that is dreaming,

Read more:
Rev. 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and receive a mark (666) in their right hand, or foreheads.
The (666) 'OK' hand sign (a la Trump) very briefly shown (via school uniform), and while Chris reads aloud The Raven.
Relevant media written by (Seltzer/King), produced by (Bernhard/Donner/Hill), and primarily directed by (Donner/Cronenberg) JEWS.
Don 'Omen 2' Taylor's wife (Hazel Court), her last ever film was Omen 3: The Final Conflict.
 Oh, look. It's (actor) Simon '666' Craig...aka Chris from The Dead (666 OK) Zone! Sp666ky, huh?
FWIW, I know The Dead Zone's Cronenberg was linked to Kenneth '666 OTO/Lucifer' Anger in his early years.
 The 'Apocalypse' (Now), 'West Winging', & 'Dead Zone' nuclear POTUS. Do I mean Trump, or Stillson/Sheen? You decide.

Anti-Christ, (St. John) Templar linked '666' Trump and '666' (delegates) via the Ides of March (15th March) 2016.
Christ-church (NZ) and the false flag mosque shootings via the Ides of March 2019, Templar blessing linked Tarrant, and 666.
Ides & 666 Donald 'You're Fired' Trump. Ides & 666 Brenton 'Fire' Tarrant. 666 down-under (geddit?).
I'm not buying the hand sign as a white power symbol. The elite in very recent years have built bunkers in NZ! Christchurch, the usual crap - multiple shooter refs., .223 semi, phoney looking footage, gun control agenda, anti right-wing leverage, anti white leverage, stinks of Mossad, and a satanic soundtrack via the Crazy (hellish) World of Arthur Brown (devilish tune, Fire). 'Welcome to Hell' on his rifle. A prominent NZ muslim leader (Ahmed Bhamji) has blamed Israeli Mossad as being the driving force behind the attack. Tarrant apparently posted on, and was a member of a masonic forum, and visited Israel in 2016. This dumb fuck (supposedly) thinks muslims executed 9/11, and stuff like the (kabbalistic Grande) Manchester bombings. Christchurch's rugby team are the Crusaders, like the crusading Templars. Yawn. It's all very Norway shooter, Templar Breivik, and shades of Port Arthur, Aussie/Tas.shooter, (patsy) Martin Bryant.

Port Arthur Coroner finds Martin Bryant NOT GUILTY! (The legendary Joe Vialls exposed all this years ago!)

Q, KEW, and the Hegelian Dialectic Fix.
"It is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op (understatement). In one aspect designed to maintain
- the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix (or likely worse). The Hegelian Dialtectic."

 Make of that what you will.

Q/KEW, Trump, (satanic) Freemasonry, and (potential) military psy-ops? Q-ANON.
I'm reminded of former Church of Satan, now Temple of Set head, the satanic Lt. Col. AQUNIO.
AQUINO. Mr 'Satanic' US Military....Mr PSY-OP to (satanic/masonic) MindWar (see masonic square/compass).
Q-ANON. A - Q - NNO. (A Kew No). Satanism is acceptable in the US military top brass! US military IS satanic!
Does "5G" factor into Aquino's ideas? The above manual also featured electronic based (ELF, etc.) mass mind control.

 This just in!!! Confirmation that 'God bothering' Trumptards ARE insane!
 I told you these 'dosed' evangelical apocalypse types were NUTS - didn't I!? (here).
 Some Evangelical Christians (see Q-tards and related) consider rebuilding of the (3rd) Temple to be a prerequisite to Armageddon and the Second Coming. It's this Christian-Zionist type that is the most dangerous of all. Completely programmed by Jewish/Christian dogma, and who actually long for the end of the world! It's quite simply a form of induced religious mental illness!

Recall this from earlier.
Anyway, all three films that seem to reference Trump: Dead Zone, Gremlins 2, and Back to the Future 2
- all have an end of the world and/or dystopian societal theme. Which is interesting in itself.
That said, the true meaning of the 3rd Temple is likely not largely 'physical' - although a physical element will be an aspect.

Have all the Trump-tards and Q-tards left the building? If not, they soon will! :)
Build The Wall - 1990 Predictive Programming.
 Stop those illegals and drugs (see 'opiate' wall, below).
"Mass media (satanic Jew) programming and the cult of celebrity are the opiate of the (dumb) masses." horseloverphat.!prettyPhoto
If you go to the link there's a comic page that (imo) evokes the Twin Towers and with a flying jet aircraft.
"Heavy Metal" - you know, like Jewish Def Jam's (Death Jam) Rick Rubin(stein), the backer/producer for Slayer.

Def/Death Jam, satanic Jew Rubin(stein), who was also linked to OTO Gay-Z's The 'Sept 11. 2001' Blueprint.

  'Do what thou wilt' - Lucifer, Jay '9/11/01' Z, and '666' Crowley's ritual elemental grade sign 'fire' via 9/11.
Satanists, Aunty and Uncle Tom. Beyonce throws-up satanic horns at the same time Lucifer Gay-Z hand signs 666.  (American mass media based satanic/masonic programming)
666 Jew Rubin founded Def Jam (former CEO). 666 Gay-Z also tenured as CEO. Guess who made these satanists millionaires?
Other notable Def Jam Jewz include Lyor Cohen, Bill Adler, Glen Friedman, and Julie Greenwald, to name just a few.
The history of hip-hop doesn't primarily revolve around blacks (Afro-Americans) - it's always been about JEWS.
Folk who think (linked) Kuntye 'Blueprint' West is a conservative cheerleader - need locking-up. West/Kardashians are all satanic filth!
Baphomet 'androgynous' Bruce, and an 'ass' obsessed (likely paedophile based) family who promote mass self loathing.
666 Masonic/Lucifer, Carter. "Do what thou wilt" - Gay-Z pulling the (Crowley) HOTGD//OTO/A.A. ritual fire sign.
The same satanic Jew Rubin(stein) whose Def Jam contact number contained the satanic '666' kabbalist cipher.
USA - aka The Great Satan. Satanism, America's fastest growing, most popular, and adhered to religion.
The fact it's been achieved via mass media programming, cult of celebrity, and false idol worship is lost on most people.
It has satanically programmed the masses - and regardless. Dumbing-down also went nuclear.
Americans (and beyond) are completely strung-out on corporate sponsored satanic chic. Totally absorbed by it.

Forrest '666' Trump..."lyfe iz lyke a bocks of McNugetz". Born with a silverspoon in his mouth.
Trump, a genius! "Mental stability, and being, like, really smart." (LOL).
"Like, really smart". That sounds like Kardashian valley girl talk! The Dunning-Kruger Effect! Lol.
What sort of GENIUS surrounds himself with a (so-called duplicitous) team with many of them subsequently fired - a dumb ass?


Bonfire of the VANITIES. Yeah, his own. LOOOOL. I wonder why Trump University folded? :)
Trump: "I lyke reeding Tum Wulf, hiz buks r tha bestest." Even though he obviously hasn't read them! Comedy gold.

Trump: "I'm a genius. I'm a roaring success. I have never failed. I am GOD. I have the biggest penis..."
OMG, how f**king embarrassing - the man is an overt NARCISSIST. Such a "confirmed genius" that he hired Steve Bannon for his team - howl! What sort of idiot publicly does this kind of saddo "alpha male" type thing? MACA - "Make America CRINGE Again". America's enemies will be laughing their pants off! Trump has some sort of severe personality disorder - I truly believe this now. Perhaps like some sort of wizened version of Patrick 'American Psycho' Bateman. Does Donny still think his own daughter is 'hot'? Maybe he wants to commit incest, maybe he already has.
Talking of (Trump linked) Goldman SUCKS, Bannon, why has he been so heavily linked to (DEN linked) Brock 'BitCoin/Disney' Pierce? Pierce, from the nest of DEN 'Chad's World' paedophiles...from Singer to Collins Rectum (Rector), etc. A small paedo world, hmmm?

I see the USA and Israel, soon backed into a global corner, and with NO ESCAPE. Let's hope so!
Kushner is the Zionist Jew mole at the heart of the Trump administration. The American population may be content to allow their warmongering governments, and giant lawless corporations to destroy this planet  - but I wouldn't say that this is the case with the "rest of the world". Sit on your apathetic "couch potato" asses and wallow in sick, degenerate and dysfunctional Zionist/American media, but it will come at a cost. It's longtime coming that the American people appreciated that there is a world beyond the USA - a world that is getting increasingly pissed off!

(Update 2019. We are seeing this already. USA will soon be globally isolated and universally hated. Watch it unfold.)


This American man understand this more than most - LISTEN TO HIM!

You know what. Both sides of the American politic spectrum have seemingly been played to a tee!
It's almost as though the whole sorry "theatre of it all" is a deliberate ploy to set both sides off against each other. I am suspicious!
There was a type of "messiah complex" attached to Obama, Trump seems to have his own brand of devout cult followers.

Speaking of which. Any so-called (impostor) Jewish messiah will obviously be the Anti-Christ.
  Good little American slaves of satanic Zion. Fat boy, Dumb-peo.
"Raised up" - a la Freemasonry.  Trump possibly sent from God (meaning Lucifer) to help save the Jewish people?
Yup. These people are clearly INSANE. Is this a 3rd (masonic) Temple move? Probably.

Now watch the SCREAMS of "antisemitism" from the Khazars. (Which have come since my writing in Jan 2018).
Without any shadow of any doubt - the Jewish people are the most defended of all peoples.
Their mentality seemingly built on a type of self-anointed "religious superiority".
I will not apologise for posting this - no one gets to define or design my experience of reality!
I do not, and will not ever be brainwashed with this "neo hate speech" mental slide. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct.
This is NOT about ALL Jews. This is about the impostor Khazar/Ashke-NAZI/Zionist SLAVS!
The "perpetual warmongering" synagogue of Satan.

8th Jan 2018
The foul stench of JEW Hollywood. Rapists, child abusers, degeneracy programmers, agitators, body fascists etc.
We've had "Oscars so white" (via uncle Tom), but no "Oscars so ZIONIST"? Collective ignorance, anyone?

Golden Globes. They are ALL Jewish marionettes. Cucks for Israel, just like the US government.
Anyone that buys into their FAKE, apologist crap - NEEDS SECTIONING!
It doesn't get much more overtly EVIL than Hollywood, its personnel, and its output.
Fuck all you lying BITCHES. Most had to service Weinstein's cock, some probably still do.
Nicole "mkultra father" Kidman, Reece "treacle" Witherspoon - pass the sick bag!
These are what AMERICANS consider to be their heroes and idols. It's no wonder the nation is fucked!
Jew Hollywood and TV - the Khazar/Ashke-NAZI satanists who "predictively programmed" you for the 9/11 FIX!
The same (sodomite) Jew Hollywood that heavily promotes transgenders as a VIRTUE, when most see it for the
- "mass media induced" mental illness that it really is!

The Crying 'transsexual' Game, and Pulped '666 ass' Friction, Weinsteins. Bought-out by sick, satanic Disney.
Jew, Bob Weinstein's first release for Dimension/Miramax - satanic 'Hellraiser 3 - Hell On Earth' via Sept 11 and Twin Towers.
 Jew, Clive 'homo/OTO' Barker's (S & M) Hellraising 'satanic cube' series. This 11th Sept release featured the Twin Towers.
 Similar in the masonic/Jew Templar horror series 'Friday the 13th' franchise. See Part 3, and Takes Manhattan.
Weinstein gofer, Brad 'abuser' Grey, eventually became CEO of (masonic) Friday 13th, Paramount.
Opening dialogue with Twin Tower imagery: "You can't get the adrenaline pumping without the 'TERROR' good people."
(Homo, twink Jew) Emmerich's Godzilla film also has heavy 9/11 subliminals via 9/11 Broderick. Also see Emmerich's 'The 9/11 Patriot', and 'Independence 9/11 Day'. F13 Part 4 is connected to Corey 'Hollywood paedos' Feldman (9/11 Gremlins), and to Crispin Glover (Back to the 9/11 Future). Satanically processing the GOYIM (via horror) under the guise of entertainment. It's more like entrainment!

"As if by MAGIC..." The symbolism. Trump Tower Jan 8th 2018. Trump's ideal for mystery religion based mind control.
Towering Trump Cards. Electrical fire at the apex/crown. The Electric Lightning Struck Tower/Fire of Heaven.
The Tower (tarot) is one of the major arcana trumps. The fire (and fury) of heaven. It's 9/11 Manhattan-ville.
Babel Towers and destruction via God or The Sun. Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of (sick and inhuman) "corporatism".
Rider-Waite (his tarot, above) was a Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn adept, as was the deck's illustrator.

Back to the "9/11 lightning struck Clock Tower" Future, and the 1989 sequel. Striking and BIFFING the apex.
Trump bought (film franchise linked) DeLorean's Bedminster estate exactly one year after 9/11/01.
Back to the Future Spielberg's Gremlins franchise - also spawned "towering" Clamp (Trump) in Gremlins 2.
Twin Tower imagery and 911 ciphering are seen in Clamp (Trump) Gremlins 2, shown earlier.
We get the Neptunian (devilish) "trident" in BTTF via the "Enchantment Under the Sea". (Neptune, crown of the tree.)
The Tower card follows the Devil card in all decks that include it. The Tower, "the fall of man" - lower world materialism etc.
Don't forget the Zionist destroyed (Babel) "World Trade Center" and its "Neptunian/devilish" trident/fork design.
Larry '666' Silverstein (Jew) - Mr "WTC 7 Pull It". Leaseholder and developer of the new and rebuilt complex.
 Give Larry a call on his 666 phone number. Of course, 666 Larry also has projects linked to Hell's Kitchen.
Would all go well with Zionist, Jared "Towering 666 Fifth Ave. via Manhattan" Kushner. Both built by (Jew) Tishman.
All these kabbalist Jew/satanic '666' cipher references/encodes are just by mere chance - right guys? (sarcasm).
It's just mere chance that Lucent (Lucifer) were based there (666 Fifth) with their RFID (mark of the beast) chip.

Most Americans have NO CONCEPT of how innately satanic they are, or how they've been satanically programmed.
They are seemingly blind to this obvious reality! Your entire way of life is now seated in this wanton satanic degeneracy.
Here he comes...the Jewish King of Filmic Corporatism:
America's Zionist "golden boy" - 9/11 predictive programmer, agitator, and Jew satanist - Steven "666" Spielberg.
Spielberg is linked to 9/11 programmer, Dick "666 O-men" Donner (Schwartzberg) via The (paedo/sodomite) Goonies.
The (sodomite) O-men runs for 111 minutes. A 666 film via 111 = 777. The satanic/kabbalist 'lightning' tree that sums 777.
Terrorising/mocking the "GOYIM SHEEP" for decades via sick/degenerate Zionist output. Mount the devils (phallic) tower.
666 Ring-O-Men. Devilish (phallic) rainbow towering via close(t) turd (third) contact. Steven 'Rosebud/Sphincter' Spielberg.
 The top degree in (masonic) 666 Crowley's OTO centres on ritual homosexual anal sex, that has to be appreciated.
Rosebud (ass) pleasure doming (via the penis glans) and erecting a (phallic) tower in Xanadu via Kane, and a snow shaker.
Do they think that their inter-generational, cryptic based, mass sodomy programming via media is unbreakable? It isn't!
Anyone seen Swindler's Mist? Spielberg's schmaltz-ridden, lie filled propaganda piece (see link).
"There's no business, like Shoah business". Holocaust guilt programming and mass (schmaltz) sympathy programming.

"Theoretical Cabbala embraces only secret teachings about God and nature.
 But practical Cabbala (such as Frankism) attempts to affect earthly matters. It involves the use of amulets and magic numbers (gematria etc) as well as the conjuring of evil spirits. Both the Talmud and Midrash contain Cabbalist information."
 Ancient Oriental and Jewish Secret Doctrines, Leipzig, 1805.

That's their Talmudic (satanic) magick right there, and it's been secreted into Hollywood/MSM output, en-mass.

9/11 - Sapphire (September birthstone) XI (11). Gremlins used Back to the '9/11' Future's courtyard square!  
Radio-Active (plutonium). Atomic Kid and 'nuclear' resonant Back to the Future.
Rosebud Spielberg (via Jew 'Twin Towers" Zemeckis) - Mr Back to the "Twinned 9/11 Struck (Clock) Tower" Future.
(Blue-bird a la the mind control programme. And a link to Bluebird's DMC, Campbell).

9/11 - JEW. S. of A. - Lightning Struck (tarot trump) Tower(s). Sequel 'Twin Towers scene' set in 2015.
In Luke 10:18 - Christ says: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

The 777 Lightning Flux (911) Capacitor and the Kabbalistic Lightning Tree of Life - bottom 4 spheres. Neptune's trident (top).
Channelling the Lightning (energy) of Lucifer/Satan via the satanic '777' (666+111) kabbalist tree, and Thelemic 93.
Pluto-nium (via the veiled sphere - aka da'ath). Marty (Fox) impersonates Darth (Da'ath) Vader in the film.
 As seen in The Fifth 'Masonic/Kabbalistic' Element. The Fifth 'oral tradition' Element. Kabbalah, the oral tradition.
Bruce 'mass 9/11 resonator' Willis. Bruce 'orange queer' Willis...with (homo) Chris 'Epstein's Lolita Express' Tucker.
Quite simply Zionist/Masonic, predictive programming and kabbalistic, satanic sorcery via mainstream Hollywood/TV output.
Recall, Trump bought DeLorean's Bedminster estate exactly 1 year after 9/11/01.
Ashke-NAZI 'atomic' Kubrick's motif - CRM 114 - opens the (Spielberg-linked) "Back to the '911' Future" film.
666 Spielberg's mentor, 666 Stanley '9/11 Monolith' Kubrick...who died 666 days before Jan 1. 2001.
A kabbalistic "2001 GOYIM Odyssey" - processing the mass media sheep/apes. The Satanic/Saturnic black cube.
The 2001 film (33 years prior to 9/11) has kabbalah as its basis/framework, as I noted in 2009.
Ashke-NAZI Jew Kubrick, who married into the Nazi 3rd Reich's top film propaganda dynasty - see the Harlans.

Revelation of the method, the externalization of the satanic hierarchy a la 2001/Lucifer Clarke's Childhood's 'demonic' End?
Devil's Advocate (1997). A prolonged time-lapse shot of the 'Twin Towers' and (2001) Monolith.
An Arnon '9/11' Milchan (Regency) release. Zionist Milchan, again!
Devil's Advocate, the (ground zero) 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel can be seen - above on the lower left.
The Matrix (1999) - Devil's Advocate, Reeves. The Sept 11th 2001 Matrix passport via the transsexual JEW Wachowskis!
Some have claimed that Reeves' rise to fame was due to his being a piece of Geffen fuck candy! Worth considering.

Now then, if the sick Zionist elite used 'mass media' predictive programming (and related) to brainwash the public re: 9/11. 
What's to stop them (using the same) in brainwashing you about (Anti-Christ) Trump? Nothing - is the answer!
(Most, if not all people - CANNOT even begin to understand or process the mass deception(s) at work in all this!
They have ALL bought-in to the industry's own copy - and ONLY see this nefarious programming as entertainment.)
 Devil's Advocate, Pam Garrety (Debra Monk, right): 
"Donald Trump was supposed to be here tonight, but he had a business emergency. Probably Mort Zuckerman."
A MSM full page attack on Trump by (Zionist Neocon) Mort Zuckerman portraying Trump as the Anti-Christ.
This is the Eddie Barzoon party (in the film). Barzoon, aka (convicted paedophile) Jeffrey 'Ferris Bueller' Jones !
Mort 'Epstein/Lolita Express' Zuckerman and Trump had business issues in the 90s.
But all these references are for the ongoing larger script (imo).
Trump attended many Epstein dinner parties, inluding one that Epstein hosted for Prince Andrew, where the guest list also included Ron Perelman and Mort Zuckerman, among others.
 2016 (6*6*6 = 216)
Trump and Monk (via the Devil's Advocate). Trump and Monk via Curtains (aka The End).
The DEVIL'S Advocate...features a rich MURDERER who owns Trump Tower.
 Sequential Devil & Tower, tarot trumps. The Tower is also linked to the penis - an ejaculating one.
 Reeves between (masonic) pillars 'Jachin/Boaz' in Trump's penthouse. (Recall, Trump & Home 'Twin Tower' Alone 2, etc).
Reeves - aka Mr Dogstar (Sirius) - star of the 'brotherhood of (satanic) buggery' - the Freemasons.
In the film rich murderer (Cullen/Nelson) uses Trump's penthouse on Fifth Ave. Trump via gambling - the '666' roulette wheel.
Son-in-Law, Jew Kushner owned (related) 666 Fifth Ave. 'Twin Tower' (and Trump-linked) Tishman built it.
 It's not as though (satanic Jew) Hollywood/MSM has loaded-up Trump with 'devilish' avatars (sarcasm).
In Luke 10:18 Christ says: “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”
 Double-struck Towers. Move along...nothing to see. :)
  Trump and TAROT, ROTHSCHILD'S Economist (2017), Taro(t)/Tora(h), The 'struck' Tower, and Judgment.
TRUMP cards that also relate to (and overlay) the Zionist/Masonic, Kabbalist Tree of Life.
Also recall the 'struck' Grenfell Tower (via Jacobite UK, 2017) - which I tied to The House of Cards (BBC original trilogy).
And (faux) Parsons Green - via (Babylon bunch named counterparts) Parsons, 666 Crowley, Hubbard, Liddel (LIDL), and Satan
Theresa 'ZIONIST POS' May(er). The special 'Zionist Rothschild relationship' (Jew S. of A. and Jew-K).

Q: "SYMBOLISM will be their downfall." 
Ha! If that's the case then Trump is absolutely fucked! Walking tower tarot card, and masonic 666 Trump.

The Economist must've deliberately overlooked the related 'The DEVIL' card - with TOWERING Trump!
Anti-Christ, Damien 'Little Horn/666' Thorn. Oops, I mean Anti-Christ, Donald 'Little Horn/666' Trump.

Recall, Rothschild slave, Zionist Macron. Sacre bleu, SNAP! Via (satanic) Rothschild, 666, and Horns. 66.6% vs. 66.06%.
LCF/LuCiFer, Macron. The Louvre PYRAMID reflects the 666 number...and via former masonic president, Mitterrand.
Masonic/Zionist (ISIS false flag) Paris Friday Nov. 13th (2015) was under Freemason linked, Hollande. France's 9/11.
Don't forget the 'first tower strike filming' Naudet '911 Fix' Bros. were French (intel) nationals, and linked to TV.
France(berg) just had 'Towering Inferno' via Notre Dame. The Virgin Lady, code for ISIS (the masonic goddess).
It's claimed that the (resonant) Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount) had a fire on the same day!
The Eiffel Tower was designed/built by a (Jew owned) Freemason. Bataclan was linked to (11 Sept referencing) Israelis!
Even the Crown of THORNS got a look-in via Notre Dame. Speaking of Trumps and T-horns (a la Damien, and Christ).
666 'you're fired/fire and fury' Trump (little horn) mentioned Notre Dame (fire) while in BURNS-ville, Minn!
Trump's (Babylon) Tower less than a quarter of a mile from (Babylon) Kushner's 666 5th Ave.

 Lucifer Hyams' Stay '666' Tuned featured a (666 linked) Crowley character (satanic Jew programmer) Eugene 'sodomite' Levy.
Jeffrey 'Devil's Advocate/Bueller' Jones...also featured in Lucifer Hyams' Stay '666' Tuned, as Mr Spike!
Mr. Spike (Jones) appears at the protagonists door, offering a new high-tech satellite dish system with 666 channels.
John Ritter, the star of Stay '666' Tuned, died on Sept 11. 2003. Ritter's (problem child) transsexual daughter born Sept 11. 1998.
Sept. 11, John 'Problem Child/Problem Child 2' Ritter...aka Mr '911' Healy. Problem 'satanic' Child.

The adoption agent for 'problem child' Satan is Gilbert 'Beverly Hills 9/11 Cop 2' Gottfried (see below).
Gottfried missed-out on a Golden Raspberry award for Problem Child, beaten by Donald '666' Trump, playing himself!
Home 'Twin Towers' Alone 2, baphomet Culkin, read for the lead part as Satan. Home Alone 2, where Trump also cameos.
 Above 9/11 flights screen is (Jew) Gottfried's! BHC 2...where the main action takes place on a Sept. 11 date!
Above film (BHC 2) directed by Top 'gay' Gun's Tony 'Enemy of the (9/11 terrorist) State' Scott.
Problem '911' Child 2 was released on the exact same day as Terminator 2: Judgment '911' Day.

I told you - literally ALL American corporate mass media (via spectrum dominant Jewry) is SATANIC programming!

Atomic Nazi/Jew, 911 Kubrick's: CRM 114 - SERUM 114 (Adrenochrome/Immortality Serum).
Illuminati '237' Spartacus, Kubrick. Star Babies, Serum 114, Molok(o)/Moloch, ADRENOCHROME...Illuminati Card #237.
 MOLOK-O (Moloch sacrifice) 'drenchrom' milk drink - via connected ADRENOCHROME (brain) and ultra-violence.
The sort of thing that the sick Khazar/Ashkenazi monsters like the Rothschilds enjoy snacking on via victims. 
Adrenochrome is also thought to be obtained from aborted fetuses. See Planned Parenthood, etc.
2001 Star Baby - segued into (Drencrom drinking) Alex '666' DeLarge, Korova Milk Bar...and via the "eye". Babies & milk.
The ending of 2001 - followed by the opening of (Kubrick's very next film) A Clockwork '666' Orange.
 Devil's Eyes (see Halloween) and 666 eye/ass stabber (queer orange) Alex/McDowell.
2001 author 'Lucifer' Clarke was a homo-paedophile, Lolita/2001 (Nazi/Jew) Kubrick another alleged chronic paedophile.
They sacrificed thousands via 911 (and the 'war on terror' aftermath), why would they balk at anything!?
I even recall the blood donations for 9/11 "going missing". In the shadow of the 9/11/2001 event itself.
Could all of that "missing donated blood" have actually contained released hormones - as a result of the terror event?

 Satanic Kabbalah - the underlying framework of (Jewish) Luciferic/Demonic (OTO) Freemasonry via Solomon's '666' Temple.

A FIERY Clockwork '666' Orange Sun...via Drenchrom Molok(o) and babies. SACRIFICE.
Weinstein, Epstein, OTO Steinem, Kubrick, Spielberg, Rothschilds, etc. - so-called JEWS/JUDEANS. That's what I call accuracy.
Why is sick Jew, Steinem, flashing the (satanic Crowleyian) OTO fire grade sign in relation to abortion (sacrifice)!?
Is this hideous form of wanton murder (dressed-up as pro-choice) still being promoted by mass media satanists like Jewish Steinem?
Steinem also had a 4 year relationship with Mort 'Epstein/Lolita Express' Zuckerman! (See earlier, The Devil's Advocate, etc.)
Even 'Church of Satan' founder - Anton 'Fire' LaVey - was of Jewish descent. Jew-ISH, as in like, but not the original.

Reinstated by Judeans via one of the last Kings of Judah. Manesseh/Manasseh, a King of the House of David.
Manasseh/Manneseh. I used to speak to a David Manasseh (a football agent) via my previous job. True story.
Son of David, aka Satanic 666 Talents of gold (masonic) Sol-omon. What group historically sacrificed their first born?
Moloch is also comparable with Cronus/Saturn (Satan) - who devoured his own children. Satur(n)-day Sabbateans.
'Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn't lying — 
and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.' Harold Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny, 1976.

A Solomonic temple of (Moloch) sacrifice on (Jew) Epstein's 'LOLITA Island' - adorned in the Zionist Israeli flag colors?
Former Israeli PM, Ehud Barak, was one of Epstein's assets.
The same Barak that was conveniently on (Zionist) BBC News when 9/11 broke - with his pre-packaged terror agenda.
Jeffrey 'Jew' Epstein with (co-abuser and procurer) Ghislaine 'Jew' Maxwell. (see Trump, Epstein, and Maxwell, below).
Maxwell's father was (criminal) Robert 'UK media mogul' Maxwell, the latter was MOSSAD. Epstein, and Ghislaine are also Mossad.
Plea bargain, Trump former Lab. Sec. Acosta: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone”
Robert 'Mossad' Maxwell's death (1991) was likely a hoax. The vast financial black hole (Mirror Group) revealed subsequently.
He allegedly fell from his yacht (named Lady Ghislaine) off the Canary Islands. One 'canary' who won't ever sing.
The daughter Ghislaine probably recruited Epstein. Father, Robert, even formerly supplied the Israeli Air Force.
Epstein. These are obvious pointers to Mossad 'blackmail traps' (using paedophilia) that control their dignitaries/poltical assets.
Perhaps Epstein/Maxwell also link to the (Anglo/American Zionist) Bronfmans? The latter heavily implicated in NXIVM.
President Bill 'Rhodes/Rothschild' Clinton allegedly flew 26+ times on Epstein's plane, sometimes without security detail.
Slick Willy, with (sodomite, Singer linked) Kevin 'abuser' Spacey. Dershowitz is also listed multiple times on the flight lists.
Some of the interesting names in the little black book of Jeffrey Epstein…
Donald Trump (several phone numbers); Ivana Trump; Ivanka Trump; Evelyn de Rothschild; Jessica Rothschild (probably the daughter of Evelyn); Hannah Rothschild (probably the daughter of Jacob); Edouard de Rothschild (probably the son of Guy). David Rockefeller; Peter Soros (nephew of George); Henry A. Kissinger; Rupert Murdoch; White House; Alan Dershowitz; Ehud Barak; Tony Blair; Duke of York (Prince Andrew); Duchess of York (Fergie); Prince Bandar; Michel Prince of Yugoslavia; Princess Olga of Greece; Peter Mandelson; John Paulson; David Koch...
 If Trump washed his hands of Epstein in 1999 (Mar-a-Lago; Florida), why is he seen with him in 2000, at his Mar-a-Largo (left pic),
and with Ghislaine? Prince Andrew was in attendence too - same party!
It's alleged that Trump's plane was used by Prince Andrew when he flew to meet Epstein in Florida (2000), likely this event!
Trump and Epstein were the only two guests (with 28 girls) at a 1992 “calendar girl” competition at Mar-a-Lago. (link).
 Oh, dear. Maxwell at Mar-a-Largo, too. Check-out the video with buddies Donny and Jeff eyeing-up young cheerleaders. (link).
It was JEW Dershowitz and (Jew owned) Prince 'Freemason/Rothschild' Andrew that put pressure on Epstein's original case.
Dershowitz (see pic further above) and the Prince both lobbied the US govt. against Epstein being originally prosecuted!
Dershowitz defended Epstein when charged with unlawful sex with minors, 2006. Wow, conflicts of (Zionist Jew) interest on acid!
Recall, that Trump and Prince Andrew were both present at an Epstein dinner party (Manhattan, 2003).
Yeah, that's a very dated photo. Ahem.
In the spring of 1989, Robert Maxwell (far right) and his daughter Ghislaine hosted a party on his yacht in the presence of Donald Trump, former US senator John Tower (involved in Iran-Contra), and ex-navy secretary John Lehman.
Robert Maxwell was linked to the (NXIVM) Bronfmans.
In 1988, Robert Maxwell and Charles Bronfman became major shareholders in the Israeli pharma company Teva.
1989, Robert Maxwell and Charles Bronfman tried to buy the Jerusalem Post newspaper.
In the late 1980s, Robert Maxwell also worked with the NXIVM-affiliated Edgar Bronfman (father of NXIVM Sara and Clare)
to make a deal with the Soviet Union on mass emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel.

Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, was allegedly on the board of Bronfman linked PERMINDEX (who planned the JFK hit).
As was (Zionist) L.M. Bloomfield, who outwardly headed PERMINDEX. Bloomfield was the Bronfman family attorney.
Homosexual, Clay 'JFK' Shaw (who was tried by Garrison) was also a senior board member of PERMINDEX.
Jew, Roy 'homosexual paedophile/blackmail traps' Cohn, and his protoge Donald 'Israel' Trump...see pics.
Trump's mentor and personal lawyer was a sodomite paedophile. Alleged to have been a key operative in the JFK hit (link).
Zionist/Mossad PERMINDEX via Bloomfield and (Trump mentor) paedo Cohn. Bloomfield was the Bronfman family attorney.
 "Young boys joined the party and engaged in sexual activities with Hoover, Cohn, and her husband, according to Rosensteil."
Bronfmans heavily implicated in NXIVM. Cohn was close to (tranny pederast) FBI Hoover, incl. paedo/homo hotel orgies (above).
Clintons were close to the Bronfmans, and Trump is tied right into the clan via (Bloomfield linked) mentor 'homo Jew' Cohn.
It's long been thought that the JFK hit was steeped in Masonic (Jew) symbolism, see M.A. Hoffman.

Bloomfield was a Anglo-Zionist asset (out of the SOE) who headed FBI Division 5 (under deviant, Hoover).
While heading PERMINDEX (late 50s), Bloomfield was heavily involved with Edmund De Rothschild, via PERMINDEX!
The Rothschild link to the JFK hit. It's also alleged that Bloomfield acted as E. De Rothschild's attorney.
Bloomfield (Order of the British Empire) was also OSS (pre-CIA) and he help train the Israeli army in the 1930s.
According to Bloomfield, (Romanian Jew) Georgio Mantello (33rd deg. Freemason) was the genius behind PERMINDEX.
Bronfman right-hand man Bloomfield was masonic Order of Malta, a rumoured homosexual (like JFK related Hoover/Shaw/Cohn).
Like Bloomfield, Shaw was also (masonic) Order of Malta (SMOM), cogent to the masonic (UK Royal) Order of the Garter.
Bloomfield/Shaw - the only two men in America who were both on the boards of Permindex, and CMC (aka World Trade Centre).
 CAMP St. Ass pounding (Zionist) masonic sodomites. Permindex, Bloomfield-linked Shaw dressed as (masonic) Hermes.
Sodomite orgies and the Zionist elite, involving blackmail traps. Shaw had Ferrie compromised (ahem).
It was Jew, Oliver 'WTC' Stone, that made JFK (1991) which was funded by the Rothschilds, and made via Mossad '911' Milchan.
BCI (Mossad bank) was also chief money launderer for the (linked) crime syndicate of Israeli loyalist Meyer Lansky,
business partner of Sam 'King of the Jews' Bronfman, an associate of Louis Bloomfield and the Rothschilds.

Zionist/Mossad PERMINDEX (via World Trade Centre), and '9/11 WTC' via Zionist mass media (Mossad Milchan, etc.).
David 'Epstein' Rockefeller who developed the WTC NY complex lifted his actual World Trade Center name from Permindex!
Rockefeller collaborated with Permindex/CMC in order to speed up the development of his (NY) WTC organization! (link).
The Kennedys and Bronfmans were BOTH made - and beholden to - the (Rothschild) Anglo-Zionist elite! See bootlegging.
Trump, is simply an asset of the sick, satanic Zionist mafia  - and he ALWAYS has been, When's RUSSIAGATE ISRAELGATE?
Lynn Forester is on the Epstein flight lists - as in Lynn (Forester) de Rothschild.

Another (Epstein) dinner reported on by New York featured billionaire Mort 'Zionist' Zuckerman, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, magician David Blaine, Donald Trump, Les 'Victoria's Secret' Wexner, and a former British Cabinet member Peter 'Rothschild' Mandelson. Another cabinet member, (Trump's Commerce Secretary) Wilbur 'Rothschild' Ross, also reportedly socialized with Epstein shortly after his release from prison in 2011.

Some have claimed that Wexner was Epstein's mentor. Trump and Epstein at a (Wexner linked) Victoria's Secret party:
The 81-year-old CEO of L Brands, Leslie Wexner, which owns (modelling based) Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, was once the “main client” of Epstein’s money-management firm, according to Bloomberg. Wexner, the only known client of J. Epstein and Co.
Epstein linked (model agent/scout) Jean-Luc Brunel claims to have launched the career of Candace 'Victoria's Secret' Swanepoel.

Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel (MC2, French model scout), who is alleged to have supplied girls as young as 12.
According to (victim) Roberts/Giuffre: "Brunel ran some kind of modeling agency and appeared to have an arrangement with the U.S. Government where he could get passports or other travel documents for young girls. He would then bring these young girls to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, including Epstein."
It should be noted that (model) Naomi 'Weinstein' Campbell is listed on Epstein's flight lists! MC2 via Tel Aviv.
It's alleged that Epstein gave Brunel $1 million to found MC2 in 2005.
“60 Minutes” investigated Jean Luc Brunel in 1988. The program interviewed nearly two dozen models who had been sexually assaulted by Brunel and/or his fellow agent, Claude Haddad. CBS spoke 5 models that had been drugged and raped by Brunel and/or his friends. Producer Craig Pyes said that “Hundreds of girls were not only harassed, but molested”.

 Giuffre, aka Virginia 'Prince Andrew' Roberts...a major plaintiff in the Epstein case.
Ray 'Epstein' C-Handler (a victim/procurer) is heavily involved with modelling/scouting via Midland - for teens. (ahem).
Part basis of Zionist '666' Kubrick's (Manhattan) 'Eyes Wide Shut' was (mind controlled) fashion model sex slaves
- used in elite, satanic orgies. All filmed via actual (Royal) Highclere, and Rothschild's (actual) Mentmore mansion, UK.
Rainbow Fashions' Lolita. A high-end fashion designer (Red Cloak/Vitali) leads the satanic, ritual orgy - in Eyes Wide Shut.
 Masonic Jew, Ziegler (Pollack). Who owns one of the plushest townhouses in Manhattan, and attends ritual orgies.
"Pollack was allegedly involved in buying arms and military equipment for Israel during the 1970s
 and, according to (Mossad) Milchan, knew just what he was getting into." That's Zionist 9/11, Milchan. (link)

Sound familiar? ALL ultimately working for Rothshild's, satanic Israel.
"The daughter Ghislaine probably recruited Epstein. Father, (Mossad) Robert, even formerly supplied the Israeli Air Force."

Donald 'Israel' Trump likes the (satanic) Windsors, as witnessed in June 2019. UK royals are simply a Rothschild front.
The Windsors who were heavily implicated with (paedo/satanist) Jimmy 'BBC/Israel' Savile (via paedo Mountbatten).
Trump's Labor Sec. (Acosta) who oversaw the original plea bargain deal with Epstein. The US govt. made Epstein untouchable!
The plea bargain gave him (and his circle) a safe haven, but a bargain arranged without the knowledge of the victims!
It's why Epstein's co-abuser and procurer (not under arrest, Ghislaine 'paedo' Maxwell) is free from any prosecution!
 In 2009 Trump's now current Attorney General, William Barr, began working for Kirkland and Ellis (law firm) who represented Epstein in 2008 (hence Barr's recusal). K & E represented Epstein until 2011, while Barr worked at the firm. Epstein deal linked Acosta also previously worked for Kirkland and Ellis. Implicated Dershowitz was also on Epstein's legal team (2008) and via Kirkland and Ellis!
William Barr's father (Jew, Donald) hired Epstein to teach (children) calculus at Dalton, though Epstein (aged 20) wasn't qualified!
The Manhattan house, the island, the billion $ hedge fund - are ALL simply part of Epstein's Mossad FRONT.
Under Zionist Trump's admin, William Barr was made Attorney General, and 'plea bargain' Acosta was made Labor Sec.
Yup, Trump is up to his neck in all this (like Clinton) - they ALL are. Dems or Reps - it's ALL the same.

 Acosta acted as the 'cover-up' merchant for Epstein's's undeniable. Trump IS a Zionist!
Epstein was NEVER going to stand trial. If you think that he was - then I've a bridge for sale.
ALL TOO PREDICTABLE. Epstein has likely been given the Mossad treatment a la (linked) Robert Maxwell.
For services rendered to the Zionist elite. These types operate way beyond the law. Surely you understand that much?

You CAN'T get away form these FACTS. Trump made these appointments. Likewise with (Zionist) Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams, etc.
Anyway, any doubts regarding Trump's status as a SLAVE of Israel have now completely vanished.
 Does anyone think that he's completely OWNED by Zionist Israel? I mean, what do we have to go-on? (sarcasm).
Backed by (uber Zionist) Adelson, backed by Satanyahu, backed by Rupert 'Zionist' Murdoch, etc.
Zionist Trump is now stating (March 2019) that the USA should recognise Israel's sovereignty over the (STOLEN) Golan Heights.
Land Stolen by impostor satanic Jews (from Syria) during the 1967 war. The Usual Zio Suspects. Oh look, resources.
No wonder satanic Rothschild wanted Assad "Hit hard" - via his mouthpiece propaganda rag The Economist!
 An ILLEGAL occupation. Make Israel Great Again. The usual 'Synagogue of Satan' suspects.
As Trump was signing the Golan decree, Israel launched attacks on Gaza (March 25, 2019).
The Golan decree will be a timely boost for under pressure (and indicted) Satanyahu who is up for re-election.

Israeli puppet Donny, dance! 26% of Congress hold dual Israeli citizenship. JEW S of A.
No wall built in Mexico (illegals are pouring in), but building settlements in occupied (foreign) Golan is a breeze. :)
 Let's build Trump Heights on STOLEN LAND. The Golan Stolen Heights. Israeli criminal Satanyahu, see far right.
This will make an ideal bombing target when the satanic Zionists and USA are permanently put to sleep! Coming soon. :)

 Freemasonry - aka "The Craft" (witchcraft). The (Sorcerer's) Apprentice.
MAGA. "Maga", from the Latin word for WITCH (sorcerer/sorceress). Note, the cognate words MAGI, MAGUS (wizard).
 Double WITCH whammy! I think he's (indirectly) talking about himself: "bad and conflicted people".
It's a (MAGA) WITCH HUNT. Yeah, and you're literally the chief "hunting maga/witch", Donny!
So in some sense a "maga hat" is also a literal "witches hat".

Recall (Manhattan born Jew) Matthew 'War 9/11 Games/The 11th Sept Freshman' Broderick, aka Ferris Bueller...
Devil's Advocate: "This is the Eddie Barzoon party. Barzoon aka (convicted paedophile) Jeffrey 'Ferris Bueller' Jones !"

Jeffrey likes young boys. Not forgetting the related Ben 'Bueller' Stein (Jew)...another paedophile, and Charlie 'paedo' Sheen.
Stein features in (911, Twin Tower resonant) Ghostbusters 2, and he was a former speech writer for Nixon/Ford. Broderick (while dating co-star Grey) killed a mother and daughter in a car crash (that HE caused) in Ireland in 1987. He drove on the wrong-side of the highway (crashed head-on) and claims to have no recollection of the events (how convenient). He was facing a potential sentence of 5 years. He was given just a $175 fine. What are we to think? I'm not sure if we can rule-out sacrifice. That aside, I wonder how many of the 'brat pack' had to service John Hughes?

Don't forget that Ferris Bueller was directed by John - Home (Twin Towers) Alone 2/Some Kind of (911/NWO) Wonderful - Hughes.
Huges got his industry start via (gender bending) Mr Mom, and via Shuler, wife of (satanic Jew) Dick '666 O-Men' Donner.

Devil's Advocate, Keanu 'Sept 11 2001' Reeves' former girlfriend (Syme) was killed in a car crash (2001), after leaving (satanic) Marilyn Manson's party. When she attempted to return to Manson's she crashed into parked cars and was killed instantly. David 'Tower' Lynch dedicated Mulholland Drive to Syme. The Lynch film that contains huge Sept 11 resonators - from William 'Born Sept 11th' Mulholland, to Beatrice 'Died Sept 11th' Cenci, and the (tarot) struck Tower (silencio), etc.

I thought that many (if not most) would've woken-up to fraud 9/11, but actual reality has proven otherwise!
I cannot believe that a single functioning person ever thought it was anything - but an inside job.
I KNEW back then that the ultimate problem was the (Zionist) MSM...and of course, it still is.
I have never looked back since that day, and here we are 18 years later...and still nothing has changed!
Well, save it actually getting worse, and the sheep empowering these coroporate satanists even further!
Since 9/11 I've had to watch-on as dumb, programmed sheep hand more power to the (MSM related) thing that destroys them!
Folk prefer to waste their time with Alex Jones (et al), and other similar (controlled opposition) conspiratainment purveyors!
You've only got to observe the Q psy-op to see that FANTASY is the desired default option - over the actual unpalatable truth.

Oh, look. Devil's 'Trump Tower' Advocate, satanic Zionist, Arnon 'mass 9/11 programmer' Milchan, and SATAN-yahu
Are they discussing how to continue in fucking the USA's mass mind via Zionist dominance?

Jan 2018
Oh look - a ZIONIST CRIMINAL posing as a member of the human race. It's SATANyahu.
Anything to say about the 9/11 DANCING ISRAELIS, Benny? Are they still boogeying Kosher style?
'Gelatin' art students, and Urban Moving Systens...cough, cough? How about Jews not turning-up for work on the day?

Update - 14th Feb. 2019
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. One day after my making of this re-upped post!
 It's not just Venezuela...the anti-Iran rhetoric from 2018 (which began this post) resurfaces again...and majorly.
Note, be wary of a 'false flag' move in respect of Venezuela, it can't be ruled out. Same with Iran, too.

Advance war with Iran, Bibi Satanyahu? Like Zionist Clockwork. Not The Omen, but Anti-Christ Trump and The Oman
(Update, mid-June 2019. We've just seen a Zio-US false flag in respect of Iran, see tankers in the Gulf of Oman.)
What did you expect from a Zio-Con filled Trump admin, a Zionist son-in-law, Kushner, and a Zionist loving POTUS?
Add all this to a complete Zionist centric US mass media - and see the Jew S. of A. in all its ugly glory.
Trump: "Iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat." YAWN, FUCKING YAWN.
Where are the Trumptards and Q-tards with their: 'Trump is a deity and Deep State wrecker' - bullshit? :)
Are they still lost in their one-dimensional and induced neo-liberal left wing 'circle jerk', and/or the uber dumb Q psy-op?
Is 'sent from God' Trump unable to spot a lame false flag? And all as the US (zombie) eonomy is on the brink of collapse!
How about a few rounds of: "DECLASS. brings the house down" - LOL. Dumb, shit-eating monkeys.
How many years has this Q (delusion) thing been running - circa 3 years!? NOTHING has changed. It's laughble.
Anyone still lost inside this Trump/Q delusion - ARE NOW A HUGE PART OF THE ONGOING PROBLEM!
It's Zionist Trump that's unilaterally pulled-out of the (UN endorsed) multi-national Iran nuclear deal.

So, all that appalling fucking mess that the Jew S of A has made in the region post-9/11 - isn't a problem?
The US/UK illegal regime change of 1953 has no bearing on events over recent decades? WTF?

 As for my prior prediction about Venezuelan false flagging...
(Likely) Zio-US false flag blackouts in Venezuela. YES, threats of (illegal) invasion were also multiple!
Not forgeting the (Apr. 2018) false flag/staged chemical attack in Douma, Syria! What a Zio-US shit-house!
THE UNITED STATES OF 'FALSE FLAG' ZIO-AMERICA. AKA - the world's biggest terrorist state!
It's no wonder that the sick US admin quickly arrives with their BOGUS claims of (pre-selected) responsibilty!
They have to! Otherwise the clued-up and sane quickly tear apart this lame Zio-US propaganda. See Douma, as an example!
It's Jew-nited States of False Flag America, Isra-HELL, Saudi 'vomit' Arabia, and the Jew-nited Kingdom who want war!
That's TWO FALSE FLAGS (Douma, and Oman) than so-called 'genius' Trump has been suckered by!

Don't forget, the current Zio-US paradigm began with the ultimate Zionist false flag - 9/11.
This orange clown still thinks Muslim terrorists were behind 9/11. Some genius, - ha!

When the Zionists pulled-off 9/11, and the sheep complied - it's obvious that they now think that ANYTHING is possible!
That said, the typical masses ARE NOT buying into US claims about Iran (re: Oman). The Zionist backlash is happening.
Will Trump's shit-house Zio-Con admin seek to blame 9/11 on Iran? Or will a bigger false flag event be employed?
Be mindful of these potential (bullshit) narratives. It's no coincidence that Trump destroyed the Iran deal.
Expect a bigger false flag event in respect of Iran (or Israeli led attacks) - these latest ones won't cut the mustard.
(End of mid-June 2019 update).

No, Assange was not loaded onto Air Force 1 so that he and Trump can bring-down the evil, neo-liberal left and deep state!
Trump's corporate-fascist, Jew S of A, and the Jew-nited Kingdom are trampling allover the truth about US war crimes!
2016 it's: Donald 'I love Wikileaks' Trump. 2019 it's: Donald 'Wiki-who?' Trump. Wikileaks helped his election.

The dumb right-wingers don't even understand that they already live under a form of corporate/socialist tyranny.
No, JFK Jr (deceased) WILL NOT pop-up with Trump on July 4th 2019 to announce that ALL EVIL has been defeated.
Trump/Q won't destroy the Zionist bankers and initiate a reset. 'Hopium' is just a crutch for the weak, as you'll soon learn.
OMFG! Q-TARDS are MORE DUMB, PROGRAMMED, and BRAINWASHED than the oblivious MSM sheep! Ha.
Q-TARDS are the most insane and mentally ill of ALL. Trust me on this. Their delusions know no limits!
As if a plan to take-down a generationally old 'deep state' would be exeuted in full view via social media! OMFG!
Just know that your support of Trump (and Q) is HELPING the sick Zionist NWO. Now, fuck-off! :)

 Anyway. Talking of SICK 'AGITATOR' JEWS.
The Jussie 'JEW FAGGOT' Smollett - HOAX. This, from about 2-3 weeks ago, soon after the story broke.
The sodomite-centric elite think they're invincible afte the (LGBT) Orlando Pulse (Hoax) Shooting... the event with actors! (Good stuff by LiftTheVeil)
Mine is one of the first comments listed, probably made on the 31st Jan. Purple 'homo' lavender boys.
Purp-EL, EL = Saturn/Satan. The (ass) Ring Lord. The U.S of GAY.

I even pictured this deviant in my Cinema of Sodomy post. QUEER-pire (via faggot Daniels) the black version of Glee.
The SAME (faggot) Daniels that helped cement the narrative for the hoax ('Fix It Here') Orlando Pulse shooting.
 A homo BLACK JEW....with his (masonic?) cable-tow/noose. They ARE the brotherhood of buggery. Wink, wink.
ACTOR, Smollet's LIE was ultimately supposed to be exposed! Get your head around that.
It created a multiple agitation pay-off both at the time and in the aftermath - left/right, hetero/homo, black/white.
Yes, even the 'dropping of the charges' plays into this same dynamic as outlined above!
 Sodomite 'minority actor' Khazar (impostor) Jew, and 'minority' anchor lesbians. Brought to you by the sick Zionist powers.
There is NO U.S JOURNALISM. Only a warped type of 'cultural Marxist based' mind control and a (mass media) simulated reality.
6 massive US corporations (largely Zionist) own virtually 90% of US mass media. The stuff of Orwellian control!
There are fewer that I pity more - than the MSM junkies who abosrb this (sick) programming and then pretend they know something about this world! Yes, this is epic tragedy,
A "no-win" situation for the audience, more-like.

It's all a bit Trayvon 'my father is a Freemason' Martin via Jew Zimmerman. Wink, wink.
Hence, posing 'masonic Martin' as the (masonic) Hanged Man. Masonic/Jew theatre stuff...

Trayvon 'masonic/tarot hanged man' Martin - USA 2012.
Yes, I've been doing this sort of decoding for a very, very long time. As you can see.
 (Note, I've inverted the tarot card to demonstrate the symbolism.)
The masonic Hanged Man - the "Tau cross" (as per the suspended hanged man) shaped pathway at the scene.
The (hanged) Tree of Life/Sephiroth Man. He tasted the masonic 'gay rainbow' via the linked Skittles.
Masonic (homo) Purple. Tracy - (JEW) Freemason Foot Soldier - Martin. District Grand Master.
 Because when you're programming the GOYIM/PROFANE SHEEP via engineered agitation -
it really helps if they don't know that it's ALL a satanic Jew, masonic FIX.

Zio-wood Jan 2018
Meryl "Jew Weinstein is God - standing ovation for Jew child rapist Polanski" Streep.
She thinks LESBIAN (see Gayle King), satanist (JEW owned) Oprah should run for POTUS?
HOWL! :)
Oprah, Golden Globes auto-cue, script reading, Winfrey? OMFG! American dumbness knows no limits!
Winfrey's star was launched by Zionist "666" Spielberg and via The (GAY) Color Purple!
With Whoopi "it wasn't rape, rape" JEWberg! No, Whoopi - it was child drugged sodomy rape via satanic Polanski!
The (Gay) Color Purple. That HETERO-HATING pile of shit (sodomite) propaganda from Zionist Spielberg.
And folk wonder why the SANE think that most Americans have been - completely and utterly dumbed-down!?
The Usual Hollywood Suspects. Kevin "faggot/abuser" Spacey - via faggot Bryan "Twink pool parties/paedo" Singer!
One of my "anonymous commenters" actually thought Spacey was exposing the elite! LOL!
Don't give up the day job, anon.
The global kings of the "cult of celebrity" and "dumbing-down".
All you have to do to qualify to run for POTUS is to be able to read a speech written by someone else?
All at a SICK 'cover-up' awards show - "Golden Globes" - ALL of them are SCUM.
The fact that 'Oprah 2020' gained any traction at all, shows you just how INSANE America is!
What next? Spongebob Square Pants for POTUS? No wonder I'm mocking America, there's nothing else you can do.
American citizens are probably the DUMBEST citizens on planet earth. Yes, I've said it - and I do believe it!
Oprah "P.O.S" Winfrey. Winfrey is a RACIAL AGITATOR, just like her "mentor and promoter" Spielberg.
The Khazar/Ashkenazi Jew "synagogue of saturn/satan". You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist!
Oprah is COMPLETELY a product of Hollywood Zionist Jews. "Law of reversal" Harpo = Harpo-crates (Horus).
She is linked to (sick homo) mogul Geffen. Spielberg and Geffen are business partners - see Dreamworks, etc.
"12 Years A Slave" was made by AGITATOR JEWS!!! One of them was Mossad "9/11 Milchan" via his Regency Co.
The same sort of AGITATOR Khazar/Zionist/Slav(e) Jews who created and promoted BLACK FACE cinema!
Milchan, next to Fight "ground zero, collapsing Twin Towers" Club, Pitt. 9/11 Milchan's Regency co-produced Fight Club.
Zionist Murdoch's Fox Plaza used in Fight 'collapsing twin towers' Club's climax. Nakatomi Tower from Die '911' Hard series.
Zionist Milchan's 'Med-USA Touch' was in association with UK based (showbiz) Zionist/Khazar Lew "ITC Sept 11" Grade.
Even London's Centre Point Tower (the target, above) was built at the behest of Harry 'multi-millionaire Jew' Hyams.

The Hollywood "HATE WHITEY/TERROR" Zionist Club.  The promoters of "mass victimhood" and "white guilt".
 Jewish Arquette. Yes. This is like taking candy from a Zionist MSM mind-bombed baby - aka majority America,
The same "JEWS" who promote degenerate hip-hop and "gangsta thuggery" as a lifestyle choice. The same Jews who own/control your news services (propaganda). There is no black on white crime, and/or black on black crime.
Commercial Jew fomented hip-hop = neo-Uncle Toms. 'Black Lives Matter' is heavily funded by Zionist Soros.
It's alleged that Zionist Soros spent tens of millions bankrolling the Ferguson demonstrators.
Hip-hop - a low vibrational & transparent form of "Afro-American" mass mind control. Hi-jacked by Zionists decades ago.
Uncle "Jay 9/11 Z" Tom - a Zionist/Masonic pawn. Def (Death) Jam was formed by Jew Rubin(stein).
Soros thinks that the "black population" is one of the easiest groups to program and propagandise - I tend to agree.
Most "afro-Americans" have embraced this uber degenerate genre - and with both hands! Same with "victimhood" too.
Black intelligentsia - where are you? Professor Griff (Public Enemy) is one of the very few who've outed Zionist hip-hop. Although he has tried to play-down his anti-Semitic remarks. Much as it pains me to say it - the Zionists are master propaganda programmers. They have it down to an art form. Public Enemy, post-Griff, recorded '911 Is A Joke' under (satanic) Def '666' Jam.


When will Americans wake-up to the fact that they are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY
'mind controlled' by Khazar/Ashkenazi Jew 'mass media full spectrum dominance'? NEVER - is the likely answer.

They still see media as "entertainment" (not mass mind control), and they treat the players like gods!
Oh yes...the "cult of celebrity" is the USA's most adhered to and destructive religion - because that's what it really is!
The majority of the American masses don't ultimately care whether their 'star heroes' are paedophiles, rapists, or satanists.
They don't care if corporate Jew Hollywood programs them with terror, sodomy, ultra-violence, and child sexualisation.
Just so long as they can continue to sup on the teat of Zionist Hollywood, and carry-on being sheep-like fame junkies.
All the former is the ultimate tragedy of it all. Effectively a Stockholm Syndrome affliction seemingly persists & nationwide.

The US population may be BLINDED (via hysterical worship) to the Zionist criminals and their assets in Hollywood -
but I don't think this applies, or will apply to the "rest of the world". Not for much longer.
What I believe, is that it wouldn't have been set-up this way - if it wasn't intended to eventually be discovered.

10th Jan. 2018

Oh dear, France - what have you done! Judge a person by the company they keep.
Why is this bitch comparing "dating issues" with "industry rape"? What a water muddying WHORE.
Catherine "ROMAN POLANSKI" Deneuve! What an evil BITCH!

She is so closely associated with "child drugged sodomy rape" Polanski - that anything she has to say IS LESS THAN WORTHLESS.
Do you think women like her are suitable persons for addressing this issue? NO, is the obvious answer.
"And Satan Calls the Turns" - "And Satan Leads the Ball".
Satanic Jew Polanski is a "mentor" of her's  - always has been. Both are abuse apologists, predators, and satanists.
She did her part for "lesbian propaganda" via Tony "homosexual/911 programmer" Scott in vampirical "The Hunger".
Roman "Fearless Vampire Killers" Polanski - his film with the "paedo film director" (MacGowran) -
from The Exorcist - and via US psychological warfare, Blatty.
Such esteemed company you keep, Catherine!
Cannes - Canaanites - Canis. The Jewish/Masonic Sirius/Dog Brotherhood.
Jews pull her strings - they put all that food and all those awards on her table too!
The film industry CANNOT be allowed to regulate or evaluate itself - it is too far gone - hence these types of apologist cover-ups.
October 2017. California artist Marianne Barnard has come forward with new accusations against director and convicted child rapist Roman Polanski, alleging that he sexually assaulted her when she was just 10 years old.
March 2017

This was never about "hitting on women" - it's about institutionalised film industry abuse and abuse of power!
If finding this sort of abuse is considered "puritanical" - then I'm the biggest puritan in the world!
Deneuve is just SICK, and a Zionist Jew industry pawn. Obviously Hollywood's "Me Too" club is also unsuitable for addressing these issues, I do understand that. They're hypocrites too. I'm calling-out HYPOCRITE Denueve, and her overt defence of paedo rapists, and her (industry backed) water-muddying. She is one of the least qualified to make statements in respect of this issue.

Move aside Deneuve - you have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY. You are the OLD GUARD.
Time to clear away these COMPLICIT industry LIARS. These crimes ARE NOT sex crimes, as many erroneously believe! They are crimes of VIOLENCE.

11th & 12th Jan. 2018

Franco Zeffirelli is NOW implicated, allegations of being a persistent ABUSER. (link)
Are those "adopted Zeffirelli men" - adopted as children or lovers?
That's who Bruce Robinson parodied in his film "Withnail and I" - via Uncle "Zeffirelli" Monty (Griffiths).
Bruce Robinson's film has scenes (with Marlowe, the "I" character) that sound EXACTLY like what happened to Schaech.
"Burglary" - as in forced anal sex (effectively rape). With "Nail" and "Eye" - the "I fuck arses", cottaging film.
Zeffirelli - another SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL and abuser - wow, what a surprise!

Talking of HOMOSEXUALITY and ABUSE - it's Stan "mass homo programmer" Lee.
X-Men "gender bending" mass propaganda via JEW Hollywood, Iron "POOF" Man etc.
Oh, look. It's JEWISH HOMO/TERROR PROGRAMMER - Stan 'Iron 9/11 Man/Spider-Man' Lee (Lieber).
Avi 'JEW' Arad, Stan 'JEW' Lieber/Lee, and 9/11. Filthy, Zionist programming SCUM. Super-QUEEROS. Bryan 'JEW' Singer.
Deja-Vu? I'm sure I've seen the above (9/11) imagery somewhere before...wink, wink. Rothschild's Jew-luminati.
Programming 'American goyim sheep' via full spectrum dominant ZIONIST mass media - is a full-time and repetative job!
You may think this output is entertainment - but I see it as a form of 'barely veiled/coded' terror and sodomy programming.
Churning-out American superheroes - when the actual reality is that the USA has never been a sicker nation!

Hot-dogging with the pink weiner/wiener.
I recently mentioned him (Lee) in respect of (paedo) Brian Peck, & linked gay paedophile Bryan "Spacey" Singer.
Paedo Peck who was employed by (paedo) Charlie 'Wall 9/11 St.' Sheen on Anger Management.

When not abusing people, they're  programming the "dumb mass and children" with homosexual/gender bending propaganda!
IRONS (poofs), QUEENS (queers) & ACDC (swing both ways). Gay "Iceman" for a frosty (cum) finish.
The (sexually) Randy "donut" (asshole) exiting - Iron "POOF" Men. Iron = Poof/Gay. Jackson aka the "quarter(s) pounding" man.
Iron "poof" Man & "Trying ring-O and real hard."
 Understand this as a warped form of (inter-linked) euphemistic based 'stealth' programming.
Jackson: 'Shaft', 'Mr Black Snake Moan' - phallic Snake Planer. 'Kiss the rainbow'. Mr quarter(s) pounder with cheese.
He's a "bad mother fucker", literally. Maybe he had more success with fucking his father!?
Pulped Ass Friction's - Ring-O is Mr Orange (Fruit/Queer), Roth. Mr Tin "Sheriff's badge" Star (the asshole).
Not forgetting - Jack Rabbit's Slim "twisting dirt hole" - via gay "Greased, Back Doors Crying" Travolta -
& the clockwork "ass watchersButch/Capt Koons/Cheeks. :)
"As "queer" as a Clockwork '666' Orange." Mr Orange Fruit Queer & Pump-Kin via The Ring-O (Ass) Starr.
There's a '666' combo-lock briefcase (linked to Roth/Jackson) in Pulped 'Ass/Ring-O' Friction.

From 'Ring-O' to the 'Sheriff's Badge'. It's Orange Queer, Sheriff Roth. "Coming Soon" into his "rusty Sheriff's badge".
Hollywood - The JEW. S. of GAY.
FRUIT cellar, hollow-eyed, (incest) mother/bird stuffer, Psych-O. Tranny Bates/Perkins and his Tin Star 'Sheriff's Badge''.
You can call me "Hitch" but hold the "Cock". Gouging eyes, peeper holes and overdrawn climaxes (See Hitch-cock, 2012).
The "eye" stabber/gouger/striker and plugger via "ANL trading" - plated Crane. Chocolate/blood, plugged eye holing.
Pulp 'sodomy' Fiction references Psycho - with "My eyes, motherfucker!" dialogue from (sodomised) Wallace via Butch.
Pulp Fiction/Psycho. Incest stabber, motherfucker, eye-plugging, Bates. The "scene at the lights" - with (ANL) Crane and Butch.
Soon-to-be "anally fucked" via the Pawn/Porn Shop, Wallace...with box of pink donuts. Weepy Donuts ends Van Zant's remake.
Psycho, the remake, and Pulp Fiction - ALL directed by HOMOSEXUALS. Hitchcock, Van Zant, and Tarantino.
Tarant-HOMO is heavily linked to BENDER...the original Mr Pink (homo). His fake wife fools no-one.
 Janet Leigh, whose daughter is the (transient) Jamie, the latter married to Mr Spinal (Ass) Tap, Lord Fauntleroy, Guest.
OTO Gay-Z protoge, Rihanna, as the symbolic stabbed (ass-fucked) ANL trading Crane..."Screw this shit."
Bates Motel. Chocolate Factory, Highmore, as Master 'pecker' Bates.
The Perkins plugged "twisting black (sphincter/eye) hole" - via PECKERS (birds-women/cocks) & BOTTOMS (ass).
"Hairy Black Holing" just like Stephen "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy holes" man.
Psych-O stabber "peeper holes" Perkins, Mr Sheriff's Badge - probing The Black Hole & via Bottoms.
He wouldn't hurt a "fly" - but he might just unzip them - ahem!
Bottoms' brother, Sam, in Apocalypse 'asshole of the world' Now. Dick Wagner ring cycling via choppers & hairy surfing.
Disney's The Black (ass) Hole also featured Sheriff  'rusty badge' Truman (Robert Forster) from Twin Peaks. Ernest '33°' Borgnine.
S3 Twin Peaks (with ring-O Roth) that also referenced Jack Rabbit's (slim) twisting 'dirt' hole - via Forster - a la Pulped 'ass' Friction!

Isn't it odd how the Los Angeles County (rusty) sheriff's badge contains the boy lover symbol? A hex star ala 666 Solomon.
Disney regularly employ convicted and known paedophiles (see Salva) to work on their filthy, degenerate propaganda.
Bears are also paedo linked. You know, like 'Bear/Bare Necessities' (masonic Kipling) and young boys via paedo Disney.
Go Greek (aka anal) via transient Disney's Orlando, and the phallic infused boy lover pyramid/triangle.
666 'boy lover' Sodom Crowley, symbolising the pyramid penis (baphomet/pan) and via the anal (silver sirius) star

Political Psych-O, Donald "phallic Towering" Trump - and Shit-Holes.
Trumping (to fart) via the Shit-Hole. Donald 'The (F)Art of the Deal' Trump.

Hollywood - The Cinema (Sin-ema) of Sodomy. The US of GAY.
You were asleep when they programmed you for 9/11 (and still are).
You've been asleep (and still are) while they've programmed you with sodomy and gender-bending mind control too.

Hairy Black Holing with "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy holes" man.

Look what else popped-out today! Stephen "probing hairy black holes" Hawking.
I wonder if his favourite planet is Ur-anus, or does he prefer the "rings" of Saturn/Satan?

Anal-lise This! What ideas could they be? Hawking (selling) sodomy as science?
Did you enjoy your trip to Epstein's 'paedo island' back in 2006, Mr Hawking? A Confronting Gravity conference?
Yes, when you're implicated with Epstein - the 'gravity' of the situation with which you're confronted - becomes readily apparent!

Anyway. So, why does the same Hawking article also drop a reference to the "Twin Towers"?
It's the "11th September" - Theory of Everything:
Choo, Choo. Cambridge "bum boys" - what, what. Stephen "cheek twitcher" Hawking.
Top comment - LOL.
Ass bandit, Hawking, was soon gone - about 2 months after this Daily Mail (Male) article, above.
The (sodomite) Gimpsons used to make reference to hairy hole banging/probing, Hawking.

From Hawking "Big Banging via Hairy Black Holes, and 11th Sept" to "9/11 Tower Trumping & Shit-Holes":
Baaaaaaaaa!!! The sleeping, zombie public, 9/11 programmed sheep. An advert for beds.
Trump's election win was announced 9th Nov. 2016 in Europe (and some parts of US)...9/11 Euro dating.
He wore the same outfit (as seen above) during his election win acceptance speech, and on that date (see further below).

Back to the '9/11' Future...Towering Trump/Biff buying (linked) DeLorean's estate EXACTLY one year after 9/11/01.
Bring-out the satanic Jews' golden boy. Oh yes, the mass mockery involved here (via the satanic elite) is off the scale.
Great Scot(t)!!! It's Back to the '9/11' Future. Are we in Hell Valley? Did the Cubbies ever win the World Series? ;)
A tapped-out donut (ass/duff) hole with sprinkle glaze? It's the sodomite Simpsons. A Homer-erotic 'go Greek' odyssey.

D'oh! New York via 9/11 and Twin Towers. Simpsons 2000 image (above) from episode titled Bart to the Future.
In that episode Donald 'DeLorean' Trump was cited as the outgoing POTUS. 2015 cartoon elevator pic, Trumptastic Voyage (youtube), also foreshadowed his win. The result was unknown at this stage, as was the Rep. nomination! 'Bart to the Future' also pedicted a complete economic collapse in respect of POTUS Trump. A (real) economic collapse is exactly what is on the cards for the (sick) nation that is USA. Hence, why the elite have spent decades making US citizens collectively dumb - re: economics/finance!
This coming collapse (likely under Trump) will make 2008 look like a tea party. USA, you're simply a corporate criminal empire.
ROTHSCHILD'S 9/11 Illuminati via satanic/masonic '666' Zion.
'Twin Tower' (Trump linked) Tishman also built 666 5th Ave. Devilish Towering Advocate, 666 5th Ave. linked Trump.
SNAP! Move along....nothing to see. Fox and '666' masonic pyramid, 9/11 Trump. Fox and '666' masonic pyramid, 9/11 Groening.
Satanic/Masonic Cabbalist Jew, 'Life in Hell' Groening, and The '666' Gimpsons. I've not even watched a single episode!
Simpsons co-creator James L Brookes produced Penny '911 Awakenings' Marshall's (Sept 11 resonant) Big.
Big, was co-written by (masonic 666) Spielberg's sister, Anne. Big, with Tom 'Illuminati/Twin Towers' Hanks.
The Fox (satanic Murdoch) animated show originally came thru via (UK based performer) Tracey Ullman's series.
The exact same Fox that popularised the satanic 666 Omen series. All satanic programming for the GOYIM.
 Recall this? Fox's Eric 'Greml-911-ins 2 - 9/11 Firsthand Witness' Shawn. Towering 9/11 Clamp (Trump). And via 666 Spielberg.
You know, 666 Fox. As in Zionist Murdoch...the same Fox shit-house that have heavily promoted POTUS 'Towering' Trump!
Fox, one of the biggest purveyors of 9/11 predictive programming, period!
Lone 'Twin Tower remote jet collision' Gunmen, Fox. Spin-off of masonic Carter's  X-Files Fox series. (S3 Ep3. D.P.O., above).
X '911' Files, Chris '10-13 TEMPLAR' Carter...and his masonic Jew, predictive programming based, shit-house Fox show.
Fox Murdoch's The '9/11' Gimpsons. October 2019 will bring episode #666 - Treehouse of Horror (Halloween).
Recall 666 Trump's (masonic/satanic Jew) Kabbalah Tree award. Disney just largely bought-out Fox, DeMolay mason, Walt.

 Zionist, 9/11 Milchan's Regency Enterprises is heavily involved with Zionist, 9/11 Murdoch's Fox! (Fox/Regency).
 Murdoch and Milchan. Did they both go to the same 'Zionist mass media' global entrainment school?
9/11 mass media programmer Milchan was initially bankrolled (Medusa '911' Touch) by Lew 'Sept 11/TV' Grade!
 Yeah, it's obviously all just coincidence and simply just the ravings of an internet blogger (observer). ;)
Zionist Jew Grade's (Sept 11) ITC. The mould for UK ITV programming. Zio-Murdoch, noted for his MSM control in the UK.
Milchan's Regency is 9/11 implicated via Fight 'Fox Plaza' Club, A Time to Kill, Pushing Tin, The Devil's Advocate, etc.
Linked Murdoch's Fox produced the single most resonant TV show (The Lone Gunmen) in respect of 9/11 predictive programming.
Zionist Fox are also implicated in 9/11 predictive programming via The Simpsons, Towering Inferno, Wall St., Big, Die 'Fox Plaza' Hard series, Working Girl, Home Alone 2, X-Files, Independence Day, Grenlins 2 (via Eric 'Fox' Shawn), and others.

1933, 20th Century Fox co-founder, Darryl F. Zanuck, was a 33° Freemason.
 See memorial stone. A Zionist (Freemason Gentile). He produced one of the first films about (victim card) anti-semitism.
He popularised Shirley 'paedo bait' Temple...and obviously used to sexually molest young actresses via the couch.
Father of (Spielberg linked) Richard D. Zanuck, the latter pioneered 666 Zionist/Masonic Spielberg's career.
Richard D. Zanuck made it big at Universal (Zanuck/Brown), the company that ultimately bought-out Zionist Grade's ITC.
Hence, satanic/masonic, Spielberg - Mr Devils Tower - cryptically cramming his output with masonic propaganda (see apron).
Fox/Sky Murdoch was implicated in masonic crime via (employee) Jonathan 'freemason' Rees, and the phone hacking scandal.
Possibly linked to the (potential masonic) murder of Milly Dowler. Hence, hacking her phone.
WE KNOW that Murdoch's The Sun newspaper printed HUGE LIES about Hillsboro - lies that took decades to unpick!
Fox Murdoch was also likely involved in covering-up the masonic murder of Sarah Payne! Blamed on a set-up patsy.
 Ha, and Q-tards think that they are fighting against child abusers and murderers via Trump/Q! Dumb programmed monkeys.
Murdoch's The Sun (newspaper) published Sarah Payne's 'so-called' (freemasonic) school drawing!
A Freemason (in apron) between the masonic pillars (Jachin/Boaz) on the lodge floor. Filthy, satanic, murdering, paedophile masons. "Searching the homes of suspects" - aka the (satanic) masonic lodge. Wink, wink. This is masonic mass mockery (also a type of masonic calling card in plain sight) and showboating (over the programmed profane) via their vile and base humour. Sick fucks!
No wonder the father quickly drank himself to death.

The first call that the (masonic/Templar) parents of Madeleine 'masonic eye' McCann made - when their daughter was supposedly abducted - was to Murdoch's Sky News (via their contact, Tory MP, Esther McVey). Not law enforcement, like sane folk would!
Templar-linked, Rothley (enlarge the pic). All likely so that the entire masonic charade could be played-out in public - and under the very noses of the programmed profane. The (masonic) McCanns - who at that same time also linked-up with (former MP, and Murdoch connected) Clement 'PAEDOPHILE' Freud. A small paedo world. Murdoch's daughter was married to his son, Matthew Freud!
Fred 'prison suicide(d)' West (paedo serial killer) was a freemason, as was (paedo cover-up) Dunblane shooter, Hamilton.

Oh. look. It's the usual Zionist suspects... with goyim programmer and mass media terrorist, Fox/News Corp., Murdoch.

It was Murdoch that 'spiked' a story about (self confessed, homo/paedophile) Arthur C. (Lucifer/911) Clarke!
He buried the story as a way of protecting his (masonic paedo) friends/associates (incl. Prince Charles).
The news about Clarke's rampant paedophilia broke on the eve of his knighthood ceremony - which was then cancelled.
“Arthur likes casual affairs with lots of different boys. If I think he might like one of my boys, I give them his phone number, he asked me to. A few months ago, he was still having casual sex with boys. The boys do it for money, and money is nothing to Arthur.” (link).
 2001. Homo/paedo Clarke, and paedo 'Lolita' Kubrick - elite child abusers, and satanic/masonic, 9/11 mass programmers.
The Millen(n)ium (Monolith) Hilton (ground zero) hotel is a high-rise black glass building which pays homage to Arthur C. Clarke's vision of the (sentinel) Monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey", with canopy, flags, and ornamental trees at the entrance.
Clarke also put an '11th Sept' cipher in his Rama book (1973). Asteroids sinking island Venice (9:40 GMT) on Sept 11, 2077.
Of course, rather than 'calling-out' this overt form of sick Zionist programming, the U.S. masses seemingly want more of it!
They are seemingly HAPPY to wallow in their induced form of sick mass mind control. This is no hollow argument.
Have the U.S masses and beyond (since 9/11) made Zionist Hollywood and corporate TV programming more powerful? Yes!
Deep - asteroids sinking Manhattan Twin Towers - Impact (1998). Part based on Spaceguard Clarke's "11 Sept 2077" Rama book.
And his The Hammer of (Sirius) God. ALL linked to '666/911' Spielberg (see here). Arma-Twin Towers-geddon (film) is likewise. 
Deep '911' Impact was produced by (Spielberg linked) Zanuck/Brown, and The Manhattan Project Productions (wink, wink).
Like Kubrick, programming the profane and/or DUMB GOYIM via (satanic/masonic) Zionist mass media was a full-time job.
(Satanic) Clarke, who first seriously posited the idea of global communications via synchronous geo-stationary satellites (1945).
The same 'broadcasting coverage tech' (see Clarke Belt) that led to Murdoch's actual satellite based mass media arm!
I wonder if (BBC linked) Clarke's chronic paedophilia was used as a lever to control him? That's the standard M.O.

"One of the founding tenets of the OTO is to shape and manage American popular culture". Craig Heimbichner

Blood on the Altar (OTO) -  Craig Heimbichner
"Nor is it an accident that much of science fiction has propagandized our culture with Thelemic and Kabbalistic themes (as we've seen with kabbalistic Kubrick, my emphasis). OTO Heinlein's books, such as 'Stranger in a Strange Land' are pivotal, but the highest initiate within the genre is probably (masonic) Arthur C Clarke, who has been called a 'prophet in his own future'. Clarke created a mass psychological test of the hypnotic trance-state of the populace by prophesying the gradual acceptance of the rule of Satan in Childhood's End, a novel in which the (demonic) repellent-looking Overlords come to be accepted by the people of the earth as their inevitable leaders." (A type of metaphor for overt satanic elite rule, my emphasis).

The "above" is to be acheived by processing the "dumb mass" with Masonic/Satanic mass media programming!
The type of programming that could only effectively be spread via mass communication tech - such as satellites!
Clarke, who prior to death resided TAX FREE in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We recently saw a false flag terror event via Colombo.
The exact same type of Masonic/Satanic mass media programming that I've been exposing here on these very pages.
Murdoch has recently hooked-up with (OTO linked) Mick 'Lucifer' Jagger's former flame, ugly Texan, Jerry Hall.
Baphomet Soup, Satanic Majesties Jagger and his related circle - heavily influenced by OTO/Lucifer Anger,
and their jointly linked benefactor(s) - the satanic Getty elite.
Clarke, another (Zionist) BBC paedophile, a bit like prolific BBC paedophile, Savile.

Trump, Fox Murdoch, and THE TOWER.
All very cosy. As for Gove, what a filthy piece of Tory, sodomite shit. A maggot.
Murdoch's daughter was married to (JEW) Matthew Freud, of the paedophile Freud dynasty (see Clement/McCanns etc.)
Murdoch took-over Fox in 1985. In 1986, Barry 'Disney Eisner' Diller, Jamie Kellner and Rupert Murdoch tapped the then 28-year-old (paedophile) Ancier to be the founding Entertainment President for the new Fox Broadcasting Co. Ancier is also a former president of BBC Worldwide America and former head of programming for Fox, NBC, and Warner Bros. (Note, Lucifer/paedo, and Murdoch-linked Clarke came thru via the paedo BBC, see BBC Savile.) Some of this is tied to the Michael Egan (Singer) accusations - see "An Open Secret" (2014). Post the Singer revelations, Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court, sources confirm to Variety. Neuman, the former president of Disney TV, previously worked for DEN Network (Chad's underage gay World) which was headed by (paedo) Marc Collins-Rector (via Singer) who was cited as being involved in the sexual activity at the heart of plaintiff Michael Egan’s original lawsuit. Spielberg linked satanic/homo, Geffen, was also linked to DEN.

It's Donald 'Murdoch groupie' Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon via (Disney's) Brock 'paedo Chad's World' Pierce!
 The Usual (Jew Hollywood) Paedophile Suspects. Bitcoin, Paedo Pierce and Trump linked Bannon, Mr Goldman SUCKS.
Paedo/sodomite Jew Singer's "Bad Hat Harry productions" is homage to (paedo) Jew '666' Spielberg.
Queening Singer is heavily involved with (satanic Jew programmer) Richard '666' Donner, and wife Shuler.
 Singer's production company is also linked to Murdoch's Fox (now largely sold to sick 'paedo' Disney).

Masonic, Walt 'paedo/homo' Disney...and the Illuminati. Intergenerational mass programming - over decades.
666 Masonic Disney, who just largely bought-out '666/Zionist' Fox. Satanic/Zionist-Masonic Hollywood and TV.
Not forgetting Zionist Warner '666' Bros. via Bugs 'transient' Bunnies, and Donald/Daffy Ducks.
 Destroying Zionist/Masonic/Satanic fomented US mass media is like taking candy from a retarded baby!
The typical American citizen has been enveloped in this form of mass media SICKNESS - and for generations! 
The most mass media programmed and mind bombed population that the world has ever known!

Well, well, well. If it isn't ZIONIST '666/911' FOX...and promoting (Zionist/Masonic fix) Q via the Zionist MSM.
"(((WE))) made the news brother." Guess who?


Oh, and don't forget to Stay '666' Tuned via Zionist/American, satanic, mass media programming!
SLOW CLAP for the dumb, Zionist programmed, degenerated, and INFANTILE American masses. Way to go.

USA = literally an entire nation of Zionist/Masonic MSM programmed Goyim slaves. It's been virtually perfected.

Just another - "I TOLD YOU SO" -  moment. Yes, yet another one! :)
 Programmed to your OWN cultural deaths via (sick, satanic, Zionist) TV:
 Programmed To Copycat Suicide. Originally posted here... Back To The 2016 Presidency Future - "Who Knew?"
I wrote the above over 4 months BEFORE the release of (sick corporate programmer) Netflix's "13 Reasons Why." (Mar. 2017).
As I stated, I was NOT joking. Isn't it strange how 'the soon to come reality' - confirms my musings!? Even 9/11 Fox got a look-in.
BBC, Nigel - Hallowe'en '9/11' 3 (via TV mass mind control), and Prince of 'satanic' Darkness, Kneale. (see John '911' Carpenter.)
  Certain researchers are claiming a spike of over 28% in respect of the above.
'Suicide' Kneale, the actual architect of REALITY TV (with death for amusement) - see BBC's Year of the Sex Olympics, 1968.
 Outline: "A small elite control the media, keeping the lower classes docile by serving them an endless diet of
So, if the BBC, and BBFC (censor) KNEW of these (potential) dangers in respect of UK TV/film programming - The Big Giggle.
A vehicle centred around teen suicides, and over 50 years ago (incl. reference to the COPYCAT EFFECT).
Then why have these (U.S.) shows been made some 50+ years later? And made as though they're ignorant of all the former?

 Jay '13 Reasons Why'
In February 2018, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators announced that it
had expelled Asher in 2017 following allegations of sexual harassment.
(An ideal type for authoring children's and teen's books, ahem. I'm sure he disputes the allegeations, they ALWAYS do.)

You just KEEP-ON watching this satanic televisual/filmic VOMIT - and I'll keep calling-out most of you for being:

Zionism and Zionist Jews as the Ultimate Parasite.
The Hidden Tyranny (The Rosenthal Document) - Harold 'Lucifer is the God of the Zionist Jews' Rosenthal.
Shocking 1976 Interview with Zionist Harold Rosenthal that Laid Out World Domination Agenda 40 Years Ago.
(Note, Rosenthal was very likely murdered a month after giving this interview.)