Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Release The Kraken...

My retirement currently lies in tatters. I should've guessed.
Am porting over the previous post updates - end of Oct. and covering Nov. It's all happening.

Updated 27th Oct. Back to the Future Beginning...9/11 Lightning-struck Towers:
Zionist/Illuminati Rothschild's NWO. It's Towering Donald 'Illuminati NWO' Trump.
 Illuminati MGM Black Pyramid (see Illuminati card-game box) false flag via Vegas was under Illuminati (Queens) Trump.
The Tower 'Trump card' and 9/11 (see tarot). And 'Towering Trump' the POTUS. Trump cards. The Devil & The Tower.
Devils Tower, 666 Spielberg/Zemeckis and their 9/11 predictive programming (and beyond) propaganda piece.
(9/11/2016 eurodate election) Back To The 2016 Presidency Future
Symbolic Zio-masonic Antichrist, 666 'Little Horn' Towering Trump. Parodied in Back to the (911 struck tower) Future II.
 See Trump's myriad of 9/11 & 11/9 elements (etc.) in the above link. Donald 'Biff/DeLorean' Trump. Phallic Towers.
'Shit biffing' via a Thomas. Even 'shit queen' King parodied Trump via his works. King's The Dead Zone, Armageddon Stillson.

Back to the (9/11 struck/biffed Tower) Future. Michael J Fox pops-up just to settle any lingering doubts. Ha, as if there were any!
The 2016 post-election fall-out. Soros, BLM, SJW. Fuelled by corporate-driven 'minority rule' MSM cheerleaders...

As I mentioned a few years ago - the films that parody Trump - all have a dystopian and/or 'end of the world' theme.
So much JEWISH programming. The dystopian future timeline (2015) via the (broken, worn-out) Twin Towers.
 9/11 & 666 Trump - who bought (film linked) DeLorean's Bedminster Estate - exactly 1 year after 9/11/01.
A few (Spielberg/Dante linked) 9/11 Gremlins - ghosts in the machine. Tower Trump/Clamp Trade Centre via 9 & 11 and FOX.
Why have Trumptards been absorbed by Fox? Fox were one of the biggest 9/11 programmers of all. Oops.
Trump is hawking the 'warped' vaccines (and involved with 666 Gates). There is no need for any vaccines.
'I can't breath' Co-vid 19 has impacted 19 years after 9/11. Masonic Floyd psy-op. Some claim the trash bin ciphered 666.
 'I can't breath' via 911 police - 'Twin Cities' Covid Floyd was allegedly choked for 8m 46s. First 9/11 plane hit at 8:46am.
2020 opened with the ritual Black Mamba Chopper crash (innuendo/mockery). See End of Days via 666/Corona Bryant.
T2 Firey 9/11 Terminator. 666 Hyams' End of 'Twin Tower' Days. Co-vid, 666 Trump has long had 9/11 mass media resonance.
I've covered it for many years. This coming US election date (Nov. 3) falls exactly 999 weeks after 9/11/01. Date inverse 11/9/20 (Nov. 9) - which is very soon after the US election day of reckoning - falls 6,999/7,000 days after 9/11/01. 2020 divided by Biden's 
- text vote # 30330 = 0.0666. I thought these numeric/date aspects warranted mention. What with the way things are unfolding.
Towering Trump and Twin Towers. Trump has had his own 'struck tower' issues as POTUS. Two that spring to mind.
Masonic twin pillars. Trump, in the 9/11 aftermath - promoted building back the NY Twin Towers. Democracy Philly:
Twin 'Liberty' Towers x2. "Bad things happen in Philadelphia" debate meme - went uber viral. News items, t-shirts, etc. 
Trump and other (financial) Twin Towers - see Trump-linked (destruction resonant) Deutsche 'Twin Towers' Bank.
 (German-Jew) Rothschild Park situated close by. Rothschild owned Zio-Drumpf is from German ancestry. World Trade Collapse.
Deutsche Bank whose NY offices overlooked the NY Twin Towers. Also linked to (foreknowledge) airline put-options pre-9/11.
 Masonic brother, Trump. Philly, the so-called city of (masonic) Brotherly Love. Philly is a masonic hell. Just look around.
William 'Pennsylvania' Penn - see towering Philly City Hall (near Twin Towers) - was born 1644 at Tower Hill. The curse.
A 'sport's curse' - like '2015' BTTF II (see The Cubbies, and 2016). I had to cover all these bases - pun intended.
Not so much prediction - more like due dilligence based on these apparent elements.
The last time the US had a contested election - it led to the Bush Jr. admin. and the soon to follow 9/11 event.

I've just realised I've written the above without the knowledge of the shooting death/riots in W. Philly (overnight).
Another police shooting. An armed and dangerous black man. Seemingly - bad things do happen in Philadelphia. Crazy days!
Mental health issues? Oh, they mean his free will in respect of opting for gangsta thuggery as a lifestyle choice.
I'm sure his retarded upbringing and immersion in degenerate rap/mass media has had absolutely no bearing. Ahem.

Update 8th Nov.
Well, well, well. Here we are on the eve of 9/11/20 (11/9/20).
"(Nov. 9) - which is very soon after the US election day of reckoning - falls 6,999/7,000 days after 9/11/01."
I last updated on 27th Oct. Nearly two weeks ago with my Philly/Pennsylvania stuff.
  From earlier in the post body:
"Get ready for Trump's re-election (save mass fraud) and more predictable 'mass riots/social breakdown' that will ensue.
This is all already 'baked-in'. The Marxist left will go beyond insane when Trump triumphs again."

Wow! We just saw the biggest election heist in US history. What a mess of an electoral system! I favour neither candidate, but it's as clear as day that the 2020 election was blatantly stolen by fraud. No question (see comments from 4th/5th, below). Dems waited for the Florida call (which went Rep) and then set to work. With the swing states largely trending with a healthy Trump lead - they then slowed/stopped the count in these key states - deliberately. A good deal of the required vote needed to edge-out narrow wins were then produced. This during the small hours overnight. Huge tranches of Biden votes (literally straight lines) added. Other votes thru other means: algo vote flipping (see pic), multiple mail-ins, filling-in ballots, dead votes, mail-in backdating, illegal counts, etc. This is how Biden got his record total. They had to pull-out all the stops to match Trump's huge gains/tally - and then fraud the rest.
Vote flipping Penn. - 40,000 vote swing. Likely via Dominion, hammer/scorecard software. Probably just one of many.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court (circa a week prior to the election) changed their voting rules - allowing late counts.
It remains to be seen as to whether this ruling will ultimately hold - in respect of the Constitution.
Recall 9/11 Bush and Gore from the (SCOTUS decided) 2000 contested election. Gore thought he'd won for nearly 40 days!
Philly/Penn (PA) was the main basis of my recent (9/11 - 11/9) update and now it appears as though -
 Trump's first election fraud legal case (via 911 Giuliani) will be launched 9/11 - 11/9 (Monday) and it's Philly, Penn.
Anyway, that said. I fear for the worst. The stage could be set for some sort of remedy in the SCOTUS. It can't be ruled-out yet.
Zionist (SC) Ginsberg's apparent death leading to the appointment of Trump picked ACB. This causing the SCOTUS balance to tip more favourably in respect of Trump. Very odd timing - wouldn't you say? Amy Coney Barrett worked on (9/11 POTUS) Bush's legal team - contested Florida, 2000. As did Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts. Trump unsuccessfully ran on the Reform Party ticket in 2000. Anyway, if this gets overturned and Biden is stripped or whatever - the 'leftist' melt-down will be more nuclear (imo). Trump wins, the (now robbed) left goes totally bonkers. Then comes civil war, leading to martial law - and finally to mandatory vaccines for those that survive. The way things are unfolding - I wouldn't put this devious plan/script beyond them (the elite). 
The SJW/Left are the ultimate trigger group - that needs to be appreciated.

If 'Little Horn/666' Trump is the symbolic Antichrist - could this be seen in the light of Rev. 13:3? The (healed) fatal wound?
That Revelation issue aside. If the blatant frauding of the 2020 election is not addressed and (fraud) Biden stays - then it's almost as equally troubling. A violent uprising from the beleagured 'right' could manifest. 'The left' has been heavily defined in recent years (it has a collective identity) and this situation unfolding would help define/harden 'the 'right'. Not only that. If the election is allowed to stand, then the entire integrity of the process is wrecked. Elections are then effectively dead. Even if future elections are secure - the Dems will do all in its power to import milllions, upon millions of illegals. Therefore expanding and expanding its base (with auto-Dem voting socialist imports) until no RNC can gain power again. Their permanent 'socialist-Commie' political utopia. This is what almost happened to the UK - after three Blair terms. The voters being imported en-mass. But New Labour Brown was ultimately defeated in 2010. 
Anyway, the (wider) US 2nd civil war that I've warned about for years - now seems almost inevitable at this point.
 Release the Kraken....Nov. 23
 Previous post (see above) I heavily referenced the pervasive meme: "Release the Kraken". On cue - it has seemingly arrived.
Released Krakens via Washington State (Seattle), and now Washington D.C. Kraken Lives Matter!
Circa 3rd week of November (and late November 2020). Yes, as usual I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. There's 9/11 Giuliani.
"Seattle IS the Kraken." Marxist, eco-fascist, hate whitey, LGBTQP+, no law and disorder, riot-central, Seattle? Hmmm?
I specifically mentioned the 'memetic value' and pervasiveness of this phraseology. Read the previous July post for more.
In light of the prior Revelation issue. It would be remiss not to mention the above. Revelations: 'It will be BIBLICAL'.
Also consider the DOD's supposed Kraken Cyber Warfare Program. There's chatter in respect of that.
Am just updating (23 Nov.) to add-in the latest 'Kraken' unfoldings. Time will tell - if there's anything to any of this.
That said, I wouldn't be surprised if election meddling/fraud claims eventually & conveniently point the finger at China.
Perhaps mass media primed/BLM brainwashed gimps (hate whitey club) acting as vote counters will be another conduit.
 The fruits of SOCIAL MEDIA brainwashing (aka mass retardation) - see Zionist Jew, Zuckerberg, Shabbos Goy, Twatter Dorsey.

These are AMERICAN tech entities. American, geddit? I wonder why all these Zio-US platforms are going commie? (sarcasm)
The ones who filled your homes with ultra-violence, extreme porn, hate whitey, degenerating music, sodom worship, socialist media:
 Zionist Jew Zucker at CNN. A mass of sheep are corralled just under these three platforms! Not forgetting JEW-tube.
This Zionist political, mass media, and tech control freakery (of the Orwellian kind) must be a figment of my imagination. ;)
Update. It appears as though Jew-gle's Jew-tube is now about to censor any talk re: election fraud. Who'd have guessed. ;)
There were no 9/11 Muslim hijackers. They're not required for a Zio-US false flag/hoax. Save as 'blame attached' bogeymen.
Almost amusing that Talpiot Lewin's been used as a type of 9/11 hero - tackling those (non-existent) nasty, hi-jacking ragheads.
Maybe he wrestled Mohamed Atta's passport out of his hands and threw it out of the window for authorities to find? Ahem. :)
 This IS what happens when ISRAEL (the force behind the 9/11 fraud) runs and dominates the entire US apparatus. (link)
Weishaupt chose the Egyptian pyramid as the Illuminati's symbol of power. See Vegas black pyramid false flag/hoax.
If America is being forced to HATE itself, its identity, and its very fabric - then an alien, foreign entity must be the source.
Keep looking for EXTERNAL foreign forces infecting your govt./media/tech systems - when Israel have already acheived it.
"(Rothschild) Illuminati was to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of the light." (Juri Lina's - Under the Sign of the Scorpion).
Damning words by their own mouths. Rancid, hate filled, racist texts via a so-called religion. The anti-Semitism LIE. 
This central text of rabbinical Judaism (Talmud) permits child sex against non-jews, theft from non jews, the killing of non jews.
The same god (Lucifer) as the Jewish Freemasons."For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."
The same filthy and disgusting Israel that manipulates USA into wars - and where your children are slaughtered on its altar.
The same Rothschild's Zionist Israel that also owns/controls your (evil usary-based) Federal Reserve. How's that going? (sarcasm)
These central banking forces are not owned/run by the CCP! These are Zionist owned/run monstrosities. Historically and today.
"Perhaps mass media primed/BLM brainwashed gimps (hate whitey club) acting as vote counters will be another conduit."
Updated Dec. 4. Freeman's daughter (Moss, with braids below) acted as supervisor of vote registration. See data drive pass-off.
Moss is the one who ordered the observers out. She also set-up the table that the cases of votes were later pulled from. Freeman & (my baby) Moss were 2 of 4 who stayed and counted these votes unobserved thru the night. Fulton is Georgia's largest county. (video)

If the above post is legit (likely, but we need confirmation) then any doubts regarding their guilt completely evaporate. Wow.
'No one would be this dumb' - they might cry? Four years of a (fake) Russia collusion narrative says otherwise.
Fake/parody account has since gone-up in its place. A feeble mind trick to placate and play the 'MSM narrative' sheep. (video)
She probably believes she's acted righteously. Social(ist) Media's made the majority uber dumb. Criminality is a virtue. (video)
Moss, Metro shot (Nov. 2, above): 'How votes are counted election night, beyond'. What followed? Beyond counts, and with her.
An earlier so-called water pipe burst (actually a toilet leak) as a pretext to delay the vote count (& Moss's table set-up, etc). Ahem.
When the Georgia video evidence was produced Sen. Elena Parent gave herself away. She appears implicated. Panicked. (video)
No Dem. voting zombie will want to believe the above. Their party is over if any of this fully outs. The repurcussions are serious.
I'm also hearing news that Dominion algos have been found weighting votes in Biden's favour. (Ware Cty, Georgia).
Freeman (allegedly) guaranteed to friends that Trump wouldn't win Georgia. Why was all talk re:Soros banned by Zionist MSM?
 You might recall that Zionist Jew Fuckerberg furnished the Dem. CTCL with $350m+. Zionist Bloomberg was $100m+.
 Well, they (Zionist MSM) certainly made them (the majority) blame white people, Mr Soros. When hating white people becomes the national sport (and all backed-up by Zionist mass media and so-called academia) then it's no wonder that these BLACK cretins (above) feel invincible and untouchable. These are the same (brainwashed) Blacks that have been degenerated by Zionist-Jew sponsored/owned hip-hop (listen to their base vocal drawl). The same ones who embrace gangster attitudes and thuggery as a badge of honour and a type of lifestyle choice. The same ones who twerk in public - laugh and clap as their (broken home) children copy/renact their (deviant mass media induced) sexual degeneracy. The ones with no accountabilty & whose own unchecked racism is now on full display. 
All the former is what I call a collective mental trap. Zionist Soros is correct. Perma-victimhood = a viable form of currency.
The Black community is the easiest to manipulate. Although it's more a 3-way tie between them, feminists, and SJW retards.
Soros and Zio-masonic social media primed BLACKS (Floyd videoing Frazier) caught red-handed involved in shadow constructing
12 days prior - the soon-to-come Zionist/masonic mass media driven 'George Floyd' PSY-OP (aka mass brainwashing). Kerrching!
They want 100% accountabilty for police - but ZERO accountability for their own (criminal) actions and behaviours. Madness!
 Zionist JEW owned/controlled CNN and staged 'minority' arrests. POS 'race agitator/brainwasher,' Zucker. Manufactured outrage.
This is the same Zionist mass media that couldn't pull the wool over my eyes for 9/11. Not even for a single day. :)
It's ZIONIST JEW, Fox. Oh, look. It's (9/11 Gremlins 2, Trade Centre) Zionist Fox's Eric 'I saw the 1st plane hit' Shawn.
Like 9/11 Bush Jnr. who claimed to have seen the 1st plane hit (live) via TV. As we know - that's an impossibilty.
Hey, Eric! Did you see Zionist, Daniel '9/11 first victim' Lewin wrestling with hi-jackers as the plane flew past? :)
Maybe you should team-up with the 'first plane hit' Naudet Fraudet Bros. who also helped shape the false flag/hoax.
None of this bodes well for the future. The (engineered) polarisation is insane. Mass mind control has too many trapped.
MSM gaslighting is epic. If nothing happens with this blatant and open fraud (which is possible) the lid may blow-off.
 Zionist-Illuminati Rothschild's agents of (masonic-Jew) Communism. Jew, Marx. Jew, Lenin. Crypto-Jew 'Illuminati' Weishaupt.
Zio-Masonic Agents of Global Communism. Jew World Order. The self-appointed chosenites. Which makes you inferior.
Masonic Herzel, father of modern political Zionism (aka evil). Zionist and WEF, 'end private property' (a la Baruch Levy/Marx) Schwab.
Promoting Masonic-Jew Marxist hell (abolish private property) for the useless eater/goyim. Who'd have guessed? Ahem.
Quick, go watch 'Swindler's Mist' on a loop - or you might start working-out that these Jew demons ARE the problem.
It's these same sick, programming Jews who are behind 'hate crime' promotion - for what are obvious reasons.
The (Jewish) Bolsheviks released criminals from Tsarist prisons about a century ago to advance their communist coup.
I wonder if there's a comparable situation in the 'now'. You know, released criminals and more (leftist) demands for their release - and all backed by Jew-owned, mass political mind control entities (think Antifa and BLM)? All this then upheld and cemented by the (linked) Zionist Jew MSM. Hmmm? I wonder? (sarcasm). When (Zionist) brainwashed populations have no memory, no understanding of real history, and/or intellect - there is NO NEED to update old agenda programs. Just rinse and repeat.

 Illuminati-masonic Jew, '33 Marx/Levy' via Zionist-Jew '33 Soros', and Marxist-Jew BLM:
See Bolshevik-Jew Russia to find a key source of this globally unfolding, Zionist-Jew, globalist communist movement.
 Purple, Ruby 'obvious fraud' Freeman: "Special thanks to Stacy Abrams, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Raphael Warnock."
2020 - year of Zionist-Masonic Psy-ops via Zio-masonic MSM. Luciferian Freemasonry IS Jewish. 'Ordo Ab Chao' via 33
33 Atlanta & Georgia. 33 'get to work' Freeman.The George Floyd psy-op absolutely STANK of masonic foul-play.
33 Bottoms' masonic 'Osiris' father. Who was busted for cocaine possession. Why do masonic Jews run US hip-hop?
Why do masonic Jews also own/control NBA? Why are ALL these people FREEMASONS or agents of them?
Move along, nothing to see. All the (Jewish) Freemasonry that coats all this - like a sick sauce - must be by chance? Ahem.
I wonder why FREEMASON (Jew slave) Crump represents for all these blatant and overt black-masonic charades? 
Seeing how blatant the Freeman stuff is - one might think that they're deliberately brewing (Zio-masonic) martial law/civil war 2.0.
Notice how images of Freeman/Moss circulated in the news/press - even before any of this skullduggery came out?  Ahem.
Oh, look. It's Shabbos Goy and Freemason slave, Al 'POS/Hate Whitey' Sharpton. Good little masonic doggie.
It's a Prince Hall, Lucifer Freemason party. Shitting on the masonic profane/goy. Their fezzes look very, very familiar.
Helping engineer political and racial strife (leading to civil war) for their Zio-Masonic masters via hoaxed events. Oh, yes.
Ordo Ab Chao. Just remember 'one thing'. ALL Zio-masonic mass media is psy-ops. That's (Zio-masonic) '33' Trump included.
Trump's master: "...nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control." It's now on the cusp of arrival.
Keep blaming China for the sold-out US industries. The same US industries that sold themselves out while you slept.
666 Trump's bailed-out the (neo-fascist/commie) corporations. The US economy is a total clusterfuck. Like 9/11, it's all lies.

Greek Perseus (Medusa/Kraken-Cetus) & The Greek (Odysseus) Odyssey:
 Kraken linked 'Biblical Revelations' Powell and 9/11 Giuliani. The Seattle Kraken to the Seattle Monolith (2001)
Seattle Monolith was erected 'Jan 1. 2001' - and exactly 666 days after Stanley '2001' Kubrick died. The Struck Tower:
The Overlook Hotel - aka Hilton Monolith Hotel (Millennium, aka 2001). Overlooking Ground Zero, a Manhattan project.
Lucifer Clarke's The Sentinel. Built to the dimensions of the (radio-active & machine) Monolith(s) from Kubrick/Clarke's 2001.

A 2000 'Bush Baby' contested election (overlapping into 2001) and the Seattle monolith appearance at the year's opening.
A 2020 contested election (overlapping into 2021) and the Utah monolith appearance late November. 2001 = 21.
 A discovery made 18th November 2020 - the Utah Monolith. Near MOAB. Notice any similarities? :)
 Monolith placed circa Aug 2015-Oct 2016. Around that time, Westworld (likely S1) was filming in a nearby location (see July post)
S3 eps1. Jerry's smart home cuts-off his air (HAL via Bowman/Poole). Jerry (via Delores) ends up dead in the pool (dead Poole).
Of course, now that we observe/ponder about the origin of this Utah monolith - we ourselves become the inquisitive-like apes.

Air survey team find - who were 'counting sheep' (Big-Horn). A potential 'sleep sheep' reference? Revelation Little-Horn, 666 Trump.
 Counting Sheep via hotel beds. 9 & 11 Trump. Recall (9/11 BTTF) Delorean's Bed-minster bought by Trump (1yr after 9/11/01).
2001: A (9/11 Millennium Monolith Hotel) Space Odyssey - which climaxes with its core transition via a hotel bed (bedroom).
Trump's NY Plaza hotel featured in (two planes & Twin Tower resonant) Home Alone 2. He's briefly seen in the film.
Trinity Bomb shot, July 16. 1945. Apollo launch-shot July 16. 1969. Eyes Wide Shut (release) and JFK Jr's death, July 16. 1999.
 It was also July 16 (1994) for the first IMPACT of comet Shoemaker-Levy9 slamming into Jupiter (Zeus).
 Phobos & Deimos (Mars twins). Names related to fear & terror. Phobos monolith via Apollo 11 Aldrin. Revelations: 'It will be biblical'.
'Mark of the Beast' via Zio-masonic 666 NASA & 666 Zio-Trump. NASA (in Hebrew) means 'to deceive':
July 2019 saw Trump's homage to moon Apollo 11 (50th). Little Horn, 666 Trump/Trump-et (horn) and Revelation (Apollo) 9:11
Revelation-linked 'Little Horn' Daniel. See (Stormy) Daniel(s). Trump's ridden (Babylon) whore & harlot. Corporate-poltical antichrist.
666 Zio-Antichrist Trump = Return to Zion, Cyrus the Great. 'Turning man against his brother...' (see imminent wider civil war).
 Hence this resonant Cyrus/Trump (3rd Zionist-Masonic Temple) prophecy coin. Embassy moves via Zion Trump.
666 Omen birthing Fox have overtly supported Trump and his admin. Mass 9/11 predictive programming, Fox.
As if by demonic magic. At this current time and as I write (666 propaganda) Fox have 6.66 million subscribers.
As to why 9/11 mass mind control programming 666 Fox has any subscibers - is still a complete mystery? Likewise CNN
 The original Fox film (via Jews, Donner/Seltzer/Bernhard) released 6/6/76 - the same day (former richest man) JP Getty died.
Back to the '9/11 struck tower' Future. Fox & Biff (to strike) Tower, Trump. 'The Tower' theme, elder brother for the 'Planes' (pilot).
 More Zio-Masonic predictive programming/mockery. Tower Trump's 9/11 foreknowledge. The entire thing literally in a nutshell.
Abaddon (Apollyon) in Judaism was considered a place of destruction. In Christianity it centres on an individual entity (destroyer).
There was a type of (bottomless) pit in the aftermath (WTC complex). Mass media also referenced tower smoke devils.
 9/11 bottomless pools (pits) - the abyss. Zeus, who slayed (serpentine-beast) Typhon by thunderbolt and cast him into -
the abyss (Tartarus) à la Revelation. Tartarus, where the Zeus vanquished Titans were bound. Clash of the Titans
- the Kraken (Cetus) is the last Titan. 666 Trump, a walking Tower Trump card. The Devil and The (Zeus/God) Tower.
The Devil and The Tower. See 666 Spielberg's Devils Tower (Closet Encounters). Spielberg linked Nelson/Cullen (Poltergeist, Steven).
Not in Poltergeist 3 (via the beast & the struck tower), but his presence was. See Nancy 'Twin Tower' Allen (via Sept 11, DePalma).
 Some cite the height as being 203m (666 feet), others claim 202m (664 feet). I'd wager it's the former.
 The Devil's '666' (Trump Tower) Advocate - billionaire Cullen's (Trump) 66th floor penthouse. 666 'on-cue' right hand mark.
Trump is mentioned in this film via the Barzoon party (666 TV, Jones). And with New York Republican linked dialogue.
 Trump linked 666 Fifth. Former home of RFID chip (666 mark) Lucent. 666 NBA (see End of Days 666 Bryant) had a store there.
666 Fifth was constructed by (Jew) Tishman. The construction manager for the (trident) Twin Towers. (also see 666 Silverstein).
Mary & Christ linked 666 Trump. Donald was born on a full lunar eclipse (June 14. 1946). A lunar eclipse baby. Moon-child.
Mary Anne (Trump's mom). Mary Ann (tranny kids, Theron) as Kevin's (Reeves) wife. Linked via ovary removal & a fair-haired baby.
 Rosemary's Baby. The Mercatos descend from Scottish witches (aka maga) - ones heavily linked to show-business. Ahem.
 Trump's grandmother Liz Christ Trump died on this day, June 6/66. 666 days before the release of Kubrick/Clarke's 2001 on 4/2/68.
Jewish birthed satanic babies via 1968. Kubrick's moon/starchild born 666 days after Rosemary's 666 due moonchild baby. 
 1968. A masonic 33yrs. 666 Kubrick, died 666 days before Jan 1. 2001. First day of 2001 millennium. 2001 kabbalist Kubrick. 
The Church St. 9/11 Millennium Monolith (Overlook) Hotel also featured in timelapse (below right). All via 9/11/01 Neo, Reeves.
 Rosemary's Dakota Baby linked Lennon/The Beatles (via Sept 11 TV, Grade) whose recording career began Sept 11. 1962.
Do remember that the Devil's Advocate is concerned with the - perception, control and execution of LAW.
Trump's elder sister (Elizabeth) married Emmy winning producer James W Grau, who allegedly has strong ties to Hollywood.
Devil's Advocate book that the film was based on was also Jewish written -  (VC 'incest' Andrews linked) Andrew Neiderman.
"It (the real world) exists now only as part of a neural-interactive simulation that we call the Matrix (Zionist mass media)."
 Jewish Soderbergh's mass mind control and (Covid) sledgehammer predictive programming piece, Contagion. (see his 9/11 Traffic).
 Simulation. The Jewish and transsexual 9/11/01 (Neo expiring passport) and destroyed Twin Tower, Wachowski Sisters.
9/11 Zionist Milchan (see Regency) and Sept 11. Zionist TV, Grade. Simulated a plane crash into a high rise (Jew built tower).
 The same Arnon 'mass 9/11 programmer', Milchan (via Sept 11 Grade) who funded (hate whitey/agitation) 12 Years A Slave Victim.
 Zionist Elite Technocracy and 9/11 predictive programming (brainwashing). SIMULATION. Vaccine '666 Luciferase' Gates.
When Zionist Jews have full spectrum MSM dominance - they are able to create, augment and control perceived reality.
Zionist 9/11 Murdoch's Fox. 9/11 Medusa Milchan's Regency and Fox have worked together (in the past) as a combination.
See Milchan's Fight 'collapsing Fox Plaza twin towers' Club (1999). His Sept 11. A Time to Kill, and Pushing 'Twin Tower' Tin.
 Space 'Odyssey' Oddity. David 'Fallen to Earth' Bow(ie)-man. Sept 11. via 9:11 Se7en Fincher. The Monolith. Lucifer Clarke & Bowie. Re: Arthur C. Clarke – a number of Bowie’s songs, 
- incl. ‘Oh! You Pretty Things‘, ‘Starman‘ and ‘Five Years‘, are thought to be based on his novel, Childhood’s 'Lucifer' End. (source)
Led Zepp's Houses of the Holy cover is based on Clarke's novel. Floyd's Childhood's End, is from the LP that preceded DSOTM.
NEO - initials for Near Earth Object (here). Worth considering in light of Clarke's Sept. 11. Rama. (see Deep 'twin tower' Impact).
2001 Clarke's 1973 Rama novel. See Oumuamua/Rama. Trump set-up Space Force (Dec. 2019) - 6th wing of US armed forces. 
Cruise's Monolith Oblivion, set in 2077. Earth ruined by war with E.T.'s causing humanity to relocate to earth-like Titan. (link).
With Morgan 'Rama/Deep 'twin tower' Impact' Freeman (see 9:11 Se7en). The Rama ship and Oblivion 'Tet' being comparable.
 Cruise is '2001 Monolith' linked via Magnolia - the bed-ridden old man segue to the Zarathustra scene. See Arma-9/11-geddon.
Armageddon (9/11) Bay is connected to 9/11 Fincher via Propaganda Films - who also made stacks of pop videos.
Utah Monolith. Dating to some time between August 2015 and October 2016, its origin remains unknown. (wiki)
The underlined text - that's a Dr. Floyd-like line from 2001 (film). The emergency Floyd broadcast via HAL's deactivation.
Utah Monolith has been compared to the work of John 'Monolith' McCracken, some claiming it to be a homage to his work.
MONOLITHS and (Mc)KRAKENS. Thanks to Anon (see comments, Nov. 27) for showing interest and mentioning this.
 An avid reader of science fiction, he believed in time travel and extraterrestrial life. He was a friend of the Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, a collector of McCracken’s work. Mr. Zwirner (who represented McCracken's art via his gallery) said confidently, “Of course the [Utah] piece is by McCracken! He’s come back to help us with the transition,” referring to events in Washington. (source NYT)
Co-VID epidemic. Mono-lith cinema screen. I'm reminded of vid-eoed Co-vid Floyd. 911 resonating George. Kneeling followers:
 'I can't breath' via 911 police - 'Twin Cities' Covid Floyd was allegedly choked for 8m 46s. First 9/11 plane hit at 8:46am.
Legions of (unaware) kneeling followers. Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Outer Gods, and is their "messenger, heart and soul".
Old Ones - see Lovecraft (Kraken-like Cthulu) & (2001) Lucifer/NASA Clarke's Childhood's 'Returning Old Gods/Overlords' End.
 Lennon's NY UFO was via The 'Rosemary's Baby' Dakota. The '11 Sept (1962)' Beatles. See the 11/9 Pepper drum.
 See Sept 11 TV, Beatles Grade. Dr. Strangelove footage used in Sept. 11 commencing Magical Mystery Tour (film) on track Flying.
 See Yoko Ono and the (Jew initiated) 'Sept 11 art destruction' DIAS (1966). It ran from 9–11 September 1966. Ending on 11 Sept.
Homo Jew managed (Epstein), homo Jew record company head (EMI/Capitol, Lockwood), a Jewish drummer (Ringo).
The monolith (one stone) philosopher's stone. See Harry '911' Potter via Chris '911 Gremlins/Twin Tower Home Alone 2' Columbus.
Kraken-like, Charybdis via Potter Columbus's Percy Perseus 'Lightning' Jackson series. A Greek myth based Potter rip-off.
'Struck Tower' Potter (911) encode late 2000. 911/666 Trump (Clamp, 911 Gremlins 2) was in 'two planes/Twin Towers' Home Alone 2.
The same Zionist US entertainment media conglomerates that also run (so-called) US TV News media.
The US entertainment industry expanded several-fold over the last few decades - the sheep have been happy to furnish it all.
US programming is a mess of over-emotive (schmaltz) shite. Likewise with recent identity politics. All emotion, no logic.
In the Mouth of Madness via They 'elite programming/mind control' Live, 9/11 Carpenter:
"lt'll make the world ready for the change. lt takes its power...from new readers and new believers. That's the point. Belief! 
When people begin to lose their ability to know the difference between fantasy and reality. The old ones can begin their journey back."
(Zionist MSM has literally acheived this, imo. Critical thinking is virtually extinct. People effectively wait for their programming instructions from central command in that typical Orwellian-like way. Most folk now have zero ability in distinguishing between fantasy/reality. See 9/11, Floyd psy-op, Covid, debt as wealth, fraud mass shootings, faux racism, gender confusion programming, etc. 
And all cemented by Zionist programming via MSM full spectrum dominance.)
Dr Floyd (2001). A trip to the 'deliberately buried' (in more ways than one) moon monolith via Pan-Am. Floyd and the epidemic.
"A 'cover story' created to give the the impression that there's an epidemic at the base (moon base where monolith was found)."
"Now I'm sure your'e all aware of the extremely grave potential for cultural shock & social disorientation, contained in this present situation, if the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public, without adequate preparation and conditioning (re: disclosure). Anyway, this is the view, of the Council." 'Moon Base Briefing' (excerpt). Note, with an earth gravity room setting, ahem (see film/clip).
And then there's this, of course. Launched Nov. 23rd. Covid China.
Then it goes and vanishes. Updating Nov. 29th. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM. Yes,another one) administers the area.
Although that hardly clears-up matters. The latest development arguably thickens the plot. Evoking 2001 monolith Clarke's Sentinel.
 Latest. This from Romania (here). A backwards Romani priest chant is used in Eyes Wide Shut, at the satanic Rothschild mansion.
Dacian religion (linked to Thrace) was considered by the classic sources as a key source of authority, 
- suggesting to some that Dacia was a predominantly theocratic state led by priest-kings. This monolith has now vanished.
A monolith popped-up and vanished/removed in Commiefornia. The Cubed Brick and the Cube of Space 'Cross'.
Perfect timing. (More Rama aspects below, posted late 2017).
Not forgetting...via the Solstice
"When Jupiter and Saturn Meet." Saturn (Cronos/Satan) and Jupiter (Zeus/God), the 2001:ASO planets.
In Aquarius. Closest visible conjunction in 800 years. The last great conjunction took place on 31st May 2000.
As referenced in Twin Peaks (S2) and the opening of the door to the 'masonic' (interdimensional) lodges. See black lodge.
There is a place called Monolith (formerly Aqueduct) in California. The name bestowed by William 'born Sept 11' Mulholland.
 2001 Lynch film that honours Monolith Mulholland's name uses the lightning-Stru(y)cken Tower Theater (a la Twin Peaks).
(A monolith popped-up and vanished/removed in Commiefornia. The Cubed Brick and the Cube of Space 'Cross'.)
Monolith and waterhole were key in 2001:ASO. The ape's monolith interaction leading to tools to dominate the water source.
Sept 11. Mulholland's water projects in Cali (L.A.) are the reason that (arid/desert) Los Angeles became the state's largest city.
Traffic accidents in Beverly Hills via Cops, Mulholland Drive (Beverly Hills) and 9/11. See '2GAT 123' (plates).
Contagion Soderbergh's 911 Traffic. Tony Scott's (9/11 flights) BHC2, see his Enemy of the 9/11 State (via collapsing buildings).
Worth considering the symbolic value of the conjunction event - as a type of marker in how (the obvious) NWO agenda is unfolding.

Talking of Hitmen and (Gat) traffic/automobiles a la Mulholland '9/11' Drive...
Satanyahu and Iran. Satanyahu: "Remember that name (Fakhrizadeh)."
Israel are clearly baiting Iran with their overt assassination of Fakhrizadeh. I'm sure most understand that.
The Trump regime's blatant and illegal killing of Soleimani (who was anti-ISIS) - just another part of the same.
I can't imagine why Israel (the USA's puppet master) are the ONLY suspects? Any ideas?
"Iran behind every problem"? And there's myself thinking it was Rothschild's filthy, stinking Synagogue of Satan (Israel).
Zionist Trump hasn't started any wars - they cry. If that's your starting point you're already morally/politically BANKRUPT.
This is where we've arrived at? If a POTUS doesn't start an (illegal) war - then they're the new God? WTF?
Trump pissed all-over the original Iran multi-lateral deal - to get us to this point. Which I addressed a few years back.
Oh, and I did tell you that Israel's recent moves to normalise relations with certain Arab states - were BULLSHIT.
Antichrist (Trump) has just done another deal re: Israel/Morocco (causing trouble). Working for Israel to the last.

Latest - Dec. 10
Please see the previous post (excerpt below) - post election update from early Nov.
My current understanding is that the states that did change their voting rules (Penn., and the others) - did so in an arbitrary fashion. 
In respect of the Constitution - it can be argued that this is not permissable. The Constitution itself protects and enshrines the US's fundamental election rules. And for one state to change their particular election rules would technically require a change to the entire Constitution itself. The latter was never sought. These (suspect) swing states have seemingly (unconstitutionally) affected the outcome of the election - and for the entire nation. A weight of influence that is arguably unfair and crucial to the overall outcome. This will probably form the main basis of the Texas (et al) lawsuit. That's most likely. If the votes are deemed unconstitutional (if we get that far) then they will very likely be discounted. This could ultimately tip the marginal swing states back to Red. The USA is a Constitutional Representative Democratic Republic, not a 'democracy' per-se. That should never be forgotten. Things are certainly moving-along. (Update. Case was rejected and not heard. Likely on the grounds of how it was filed/presented. It could be refiled with augmented wording/coding - which could then lead to it being heard. It might require the state legislators [of each state] to act as the plaintiff(s) - and not the state itself as the entity. Conjecture, but time will tell)
Now that the Hunter Biden hoo-haa is finally being aired - one might think that moves are being made to install Harris.
 Masonic-Satanic 666 Apple and Siri(us). Friend of Dorothy, closet homo and freemason Wizard of Woz. Tim 'poof' Cook.
I wonder why homo, 'Ring-O lover' (f)Ass-bender played homo Big Jobs? Do they want to Camp-us via #2 & their O-Ring?
Guess who made these evil, sodom, masonic-corporate, MIC tech entities the masters of their reality? Please look in the mirror.
Move along...nothing to see. All this masonic-Jew coating of all things Zio-US tech must be all coincidence. Ahem.
 In the last 20 years - I'm the only person I know who's understood and appreciated the double-edged sword of tech.
That is a tragedy in itself. Seemingly, the rest of you were too busy having fun or being programmed - to even care.
The (666) Apple I computer went on sale almost immediately on the back of the US release of (666 Jewish) The Omen.
666 Lucifer Apple, Sodom 'Big Jobs' (turds) and Satan/Saturn via the Black Cube (Cubed-Brick).
It's the usual Masonic-Jew, Satanic/Saturnic suspects...the ones typical Americans think are 'holy'. Oh, dear!
Satanists/Saturnists of Masonic Zion. 666 Sodom Pack(h)ard O-Men (O-Ring men). Satanic Jew heads for cube/hex Saturn.
We tried to inform re: sodomy and satanism, (which go hand-in-hand) but useless eaters opted for rainbow/unicorn LIES instead.
The Seal of '666 talents' Solomon (Jewish star) encodes the kabbalist '666' via its angles. Magic square of the sun.
Corporate globalist technocracy HELL. Black Cubes. Masonic Google, Amazon (a-mason), Nintendo (homo), 666 Gates (HE)X-Box
All the people and companies involved - all Zionist-MIC 'masonic' fronts. Which is why you have this uniformity.
They'll argue that Trump's been great for stocks. The tech stocks that typically hate him and deplatform his base. LOL.
 Talking of 666 vaccine/luciferase, Gavi Gates. Corporate/political Antichrist, 666 Trump. Mr (Warped Vaccine) Hex-Cube.
 Zionist/Mossad (not dead) Epstein and his Israel paedo-traps (via Mossad Maxwell). Trump, Gates, Dershowitz, etc. ALL complicit.
Knowing that AG Barr's Jew father groomed Jew Epstein (via Dalton) - we knew the truth couldn't possibly come out. Ahem.
Warped - like Star 'Sodom/Cube' Trek. Warped worm-holes (assholes) via bridges, cling-ons, logs, ass-teroids, and Shat-ner.
Raised hex-cube hell, Sept 11 & Towers - will end on earth. Sodom Barker's Candy-ASS-Man, same 9/11/92 release (via TIFF).
Twin masonic pillars. Satanic/Zionist mass media's mother of them all. 666 Jew Kubrick's 9/11 Monolith (black hex cubed-brick).
Jupiter/Zeus-God in the film (see Zeus struck tower), but Hexxing Saturn (Cronus-Satan) in the novel. 9/11 Hex-Cube.
Sodom Kubrick, Mr 2001 via 666 & computer. No wonder that he was a SELF-LOATHING Jew. And we know why.
No wonder this Ashke-NAZI married into the Nazi propaganda Harlan dynasty. Playing-off sides for generations.
Don't forget, 666 Jew programmer, 9/11 Spielberg's father - was key in the advent of BASIC via GE (see Jobs/Gates).
I've never believed the official story. Some of us have known that satanic Israel were behind 9/11 - and for nearly 20 years.
At least I tried to notify and inform - how about you? Or did you just wallow and empower these forces even more?
Majority of this rancid programming came out of CALIFORNIA. The culture that the masses have worshipped and adored.
The JEW. S. of CORPORATE A. One nation under God? Which 'God' would that be? It looks as though it's Satan.
As I stated. Last 20 years - I'm the only person I know who's understood and appreciated the double-edged sword of tech.
That said, it's ALL OVER for the Jew S. of A - whatever happens. It's all rapid decline from here. Sorry.
Let's see how my predictions have faired over the last year - then compare them to the unfolded reality.
This was before the so-called virus was established in the US. Things are as written. My 'vaccine' call long in advance.
The nation has, and is imploding under this p(l)andemic. Martial law is certainly a possibility based on what I'm seeing.
 Also note this 2018 E.O. re: foreign election interference - active until Dec. 18. As well as the Insurretion Act. Latent options.
Above/below, June 2020 post. Compare to what's unfolded. How's small business? The nation raped by the 0.01% - as per.
 More bulls-eyes. Keep listening to Zionist MSM and Zionist owned politicians. It's served you well so far. Right?
The biggest tragedy of all? That the sheep never worked-out the left/right (Dem/Rep) scam. 101 stuff. Embarrassing.
Even down to the final hour - they still cling-on to this ridiculous fantasy. My own hell - is having to bear witness.
The other MAJOR error is in still viewing Zionist Israel as anything other than Rothschild's Synagogue of Satan.
The JEWS who are NOT JEWS. These imposter Ashkenazic JEWS have nothing in common with historical Israelites.
Zionist Trump has been crucial in keeping his flock ignorant re: Israel/Zionism. Watch them blame China. Guaranteed.
See what we're up against? A total and complete blindless in respect of the Synagogue of Satan (Rothschild's Israel).
80+ Zionist dual-nationals in Congress and they think the foreign threat is external? Howl, pmsl, lmao, etc.
All Hollywood, MSM, Universities, and socialist media owned/run by Zio-Jews, masonic Jews, and their shabbos goy.
All that (multi-decade/historic) Zionist fomented predictive programming and homo/gender-bender programming - is Chinese?
Do they think that China created JEWISH communism? It's almost comical to watch them effectively brainwash themselves.
It's easy to spot the SHEEP that have been totally flummoxed by Zionist mass media - they're a penny a pound.
You see, folks. Rather than address these monsters - most people prefer being brainwashed by them (Stockholm syndrome).
Controlled Zio-masonic opposition '666' Trump. Mocking the profane/Goyim:
Trump is hawking the 'warped' vaccines (and involved with 666 Gates). There is no need for any vaccines.
An mRNA vaccine that is actually gene editing bio-tech. All at 'warp speed' - and literally. No pharma liability.
Four years to do something about socialist media/tech and yet did nothing. Why did he also let these commies count the votes?
Why didn't he lockdown only the vulnerable? Did literally nothing to stop Antifa/BLM chaos - save pour more fuel on the fire.
He also appointed the three SCOTUS that went against the recent lawsuit. He appointed FBI Wray and AG Barr.
The latter whose JEW father groomed (not dead, Mossad) Epstein via Dalton. Is he really this naive? More's the point - are you?
At NO TIME did Zio Trump or Zionist mass media mention this obvious Barr/Epstein connect. You need to ask why?
 Folk who say: "Epstein didn't kill himself." Are the most lost of all. They think he was suicided. Dumb happens.
What happened to the JEWISH Epstein and JEWISH Maxwell paedo-trap case? The Jew paedo list is endless.
Trump hangs-out the back of Zionist Satanyahu's ass. Effeminate Kushner simply another Satanyahu lackey.
Trump is of the same Zio-masonic forces that also control the US political left. Only a zombie would think otherwise.
Talking of masonic-Jew mass mind controlled zombies. I give you Zio-masonic Q and the Q-Tard brigade.
Controlled opp. Ignoring the Synagogue of Satan (Israel) at every possible turn. That alone destroys the entire movement. Next.

Uncle Bingo
You are sorely missed. I know this stuff has been hard on you - just as it has been with myself.
If you are reading this then please drop-in a comment or two. Your efforts here will never be forgotten.
You're still horseloverphat's greatest inspiration. I wish you nothing but the best.