Monday, 19 March 2018

Russia, Russia, Russia...

Russia 1 - 0 United Kingdom

Thanks to the UK's (sick) establishment, Putin scored an even bigger victory.
The Skripal FIX is the most blatant and embarrassing FALSE FLAG propaganda campaign that I've ever seen.
So embarrassing for those with a functioning brain and those who can see through corporate Western propaganda.
The UK has been behind this type of anti-Russian propaganda for years, I even recall it around the Sochi Olympics.
The UK establishment in league with the deep state (MI5/MI6/US intel) are likely responsible for this transparent "spoiling" exercise.
From the same type of folk that brought you "Iraq WMD in 45 minutes" and the deaths of millions.

The TORIES are completely busted. I informed readers that the Tories are a CRIMINAL government, and everything they do CONFIRMS this very obvious fact. This Skripal event is so tragically transparent/embarrassing that it pains me to even write about it. Yes, really! If you cannot see through this one - then you're not just insanely dense, but also very much a part of the ongoing problem.

"Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama" ---- John Pilger
I agree - except I wouldn't have used the words "carefully-constructed" - it's far too transparent and full of holes for that.

The Daily "1984"! That bastion of free speech. The paper that closed my account.
They closed it because I was shredding their transparent and cretinous mass mind control/propaganda. :)
I don't think they got the comment response they were hoping for (re: the above article) HOWL! :)
Western values? Do they mean the 1% dominated economies and the crushed 99%, the war machines, false flags, the MSM propaganda organs, mass debt (govt/personal) as progress, unfettered corporate criminality (including banking, financial repression etc), destructive mass immigration, virtual lawlessness, disintegrating infrastructures, wealth disparity, the obesity epidemic, ignorance as a virtue, mass femi-nazism, mass dumbing-down, rampant body dysmorphia, MSM pornography (incl. children's content), social "intel" media, the 'cult of celebrity' religion, cultural Marxism, mass "gender bending" mind control, hate Whitey?
These are what "I" term as the primary and current "so-called" Western values. And they make me VOMIT!

The (Orwellian) Tory government and UK political establishment that wants to close down RT.
The reason for this is simple - it makes UK MSM News (Sky, BBC etc) look just like the PROPAGANDA/MASS MIND CONTROL organs that they so clearly are. The UK elite want to keep you (their sheep) trapped inside its one-dimensional news system. They don't want you forming opinions that deviate from this FIXED and tightly controlled news narrative etc. It's all very, very simple. Elite sponsored/fomented "group think" (aka mass mind control) - that's what you're allowed to believe and have trust in - nothing else is acceptable to these cretinous elite powers. Watch as they role out (complicit) pundit, after pundit - ALL of them towing the elite line of establishment LIES. It's quite simply mass mind control and of the most nefarious kind. It's no wonder that the UK establishment have allowed Murdoch to monopolise most of the UK's MSM. An ideal set-up for promoting "UK group think"(mass mind control) - wouldn't you say?

Russian activity in the Mid-East (primarily Syria) has put a spanner in the NWO works. The Russians have EMBARRASSED the West with their obvious and visible progress. The US/UK/Israel/Saudi/EU are the powers behind ISIS terrorism - they don't want Russia interfering in their globalist wrecking machine. The NWO wants to continue flooding your nations with all the detritus from the Mid-East regions - effectively for destroying the indigenous, promoting the NWO "one world" Marxist agenda, to continually keep the masses under the yoke of corporate financial repression, to carry-out more false flag (or otherwise) terror, and breeding you out etc. The NWO have just seen a strong NATION STATE get underlined by its electorate (Russia), and the NWO cannot abide any form of NATIONAL STRENGTH. Nation states are scheduled for DESTRUCTION in the ongoing NWO one world hell programme.

Open Borders = Mass Terrorism.
Any indigenous that support "open borders" is directly responsible for the destruction of their own nation.

Thank GOD that I will soon be leaving UK/Europe...and not a moment too soon. The Tories are trying to ignite WW3.
If I was a Tory minion I'd want to start WW3 too - their record over the last 7+ years has been ABYSMAL.
Ideal distraction material too - in light of Telford, burgeoning/worsening debt, Brexit shambles, and complete Tory FAILURE.
That giant financial bust (fomented by the criminal BOE) is just around the corner - DEBT BOMB UK - thanks to Tory criminals.
The UK isn't just LOST, it is a fully functioning, criminal 1% led, NWO compliant, big business dominated, & war-mongering SHIT HOUSE.

Telford (Muslim) paedophile rapists barely get an MSM look-in, but WOR-BOYS is a regular feature?
It's very likely because he's white indigenous! "Hate indigenous whitey" traction must be maintained.
Is their potentially a type of 'twilight language' element at work here? WOR/WAR and boys. Like Jo "Tug of WAR" Cox?

From November 2017 - Theresa May Is A POS
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise...I'd never have guessed! (sarcasm)
"When you're all out of ideas - blame the Russians."
Is anyone surprised that the Marxist EU (aka European wing of the NWO) have backed the UK's position? Nope!
The onus is on the accuser to PROVE guilt. The accused doesn't have to do or prove ANYTHING!
May is nothing but a GLOBALIST NWO puppet - as identified here and before she even became PM!

Well done to Vladimir Putin for his latest victory. Note, UK readers, what a REAL and STRONG leader looks like. You need to pay attention because you've NEVER had one. The UK collective choose leaders like Theresa "POS/Puppet" May - howl! The UK is a WEAK, DUMBED-DOWN, BACKWARD, PC BRAINWASHED, MARXIST, HATE WHITEY PROMOTING, £2 TRILLION IN DEBT, CORPORATE CRIMINALLY DOMINATED, LAWLESS, DYSFUNCTIONAL HELL.

One news story that is missing from UK/US MSM is the launch of the Petro-Yuan.
China (and others) very recently began trading oil in Yuan (not the $ global currency) this will have huge ramifications for the US.
None of this can be discounted or ignored in respect of the issues currently in-play.
I mention it here, not in great detail, but to cover bases. One that is NOT covered by UK/US MSM.

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the Tory (and elite) claims about Russia/Skripal publicly FALL APART!
That would be a fitting end to this DEGENERATE & CRIMINAL TORY GOVT.
The UK government has laid out its stall and May has acted as the judge, jury, and executioner with their "Russia did it" take.
And with NO EVIDENCE produced at any stage. Their position (imo) can ONLY weaken over time.
Anyone putting faith in May as a leader probably needs to seek psychiatric help - there is no basis to have any faith in her.
May's UK sits on a £2 trillion national debt - Tories adding more debt than Labour. Russia's national debt is tiny in comparison.
New TORY Labour and the 45 Minute WMD LIE.
When a nation has this sort of "previous" - it would be a type of crime to take any of their claims at face value.
The burden of proof should be greater for nations that have a track record as bad and as devastating as this!
Iraq is just one of the many - not forgetting Libya, and Syria etc in recent years too.
The US and UK arms industry/govts have been supplying sick SAUDIS for their Yemen mass genocide.
The USA and UK HAVE NO CREDIBILITY, save their global wrecking ability - which is second to none.

Ken O'Keefe DESTROYS the WARMONGERING Zionist Jew S of A. :)

Nearly 17 years ago I noted our ROTTEN MSM and stated that Western MSM is the ULTIMATE problem.
I have NEVER deviated from this belief. Even the current paradigm is still tightly connected to the biggest and boldest
FALSE FLAG event in global history - US 9/11.
Enemies of peace and mankind. American psychos. The same old blunt and transparent propaganda - decade after decade.
Colin Powell? It should be Colon Powell, the man is full of shit. As for Nikki "witch" Haley, pass the sick bucket!
Colon "Iraqi chemical warfare labs on wheels" Powell.
Right-up there with Specter's JFK "magic bullet", and other tragi-comedy based claims foisted on the public.
The United Nations have been asleep at the wheel for virtually 20 years - as the US continues this INSANITY!
The FILTHY "JEW S of A" war machine. I VOMIT on people that support it and champion it. Likewise the UK too!
Creating transparent and laughable BOGEYMEN - for the dumbed-down, group think entrained, and propagandised mass to hate on!
The USA and UK have the most DENSE and DUMBED-DOWN populations on this planet! All by DESIGN!
In recent decades America has KILLED MORE INNOCENT CHILDREN THAN ANY OTHER NATION! Sick, sick, sick!
Recall (JEW) Madeleine "half a million Iraqi children's lives don't add up to jack shit" Albright, as just one example.
America is the number 1 threat to any form of global peace - they are the ULTIMATE WARMONGERS.
You'd have thought that the American masses would've learnt lessons from Vietnam, but clearly they've learnt nothing.

What did the 'warmongering' USA do with that Uzbekistan chemical warfare plant where novichok may have been produced?
The USA oversaw its dismantling! Novichok was produced in Uzbekistan - NOT MODERN RUSSIA.
There is (allegedly) still some doubt as to whether it was successfully and fully synthesised by Russia at all!
Vil 'novichok' Mirzayanov (The Guardian- “He was arrested in 1994 and charged with divulging state secrets. Intervention by the US government, the Soros foundation and activists including his wife Gale, an American, secured his asylum in the United States” .

Yes, goddamn Zionist Jew/Marxist agitator and criminal Soros! Let's stop Brexit, Soros.
George "Black Lives Matter - Hate Whitey" Soros - chief string-puller of the Marxist, self-loathing liberal left.

The UK/US MSM and authorities are LYING about all this! I told you all that this was embarrassing - and it is!
Iran synthesised novichok in 2016 under OPCW approval. Another LIE exposed - regarding Russia being the only viable source!
Porton Down CANNOT and WILL NOT confirm that the substance is Russian novichok - but May literally has!
"Of a type." Porton CANNOT say it's Russian because they have no samples to compare (unless in secret). This is kid's stuff!
Military (CW) Porton is only a few miles from Salisbury, the city also has the largest military training ground in the UK.
Exercise Toxic Dagger (CW drills) were also taking place in the lead-up to this Salisbury events (wink, wink)!
The entire argument rests on who has the ability to produce military-grade novichok, and there are other potential suspects.
The UK has served-up their rigid and one-dimensional "Russia did it" tale - and I refuse to take their position seriously.
UK masses are effectively being mentally corralled by UK govt/MSM, forced into a seeming "pre-constructed narrative" cul-de-sac.
I'd wager it's the USA, UK, and Israel's dirty fingerprints behind all this. Are Russia, Iran (as well as Syria) to be targeted?

Remember that "mental cul-de-sac" that I just mentioned - and here it is.
MARXIST SCUM and NWO GLOBALIST STOOGES. Theresa "EU REMAINER" Mayer is a filthy Zionist POS.
Cut-off their gas supply, Russia...teach these NWO MARXIST warmongers a lesson.
Plausibility? The issue of any responsibility is a PROOF based one - not one based around it being plausible!
If the UK government had ANY PROOF they would have already shown it. THERE IS NO PROOF.
This is Iraq WMD ( a la New Tory Blair) all over again, but this one is even more pathetic! This is the SAME UK government/establishment that was involved in the Jo Cox FAKE MURDER! Another "false flag" (which failed) attempting to influence the UK's EU vote. The Tories have NEVER had any intention of leaving the (Soviet style) Marxist EU communist state. That's why Cameron sodded-off immediately after the vote. That's why they installed NWO globalist puppet May as his replacement - to front her BINO (Brexit in name only) complete capitulation. This latest event will obviously play into their "EU/UK togetherness" agenda -
a chance to scupper Brexit perhaps, or what's left of it.

My musings very soon after the UK's EU "Leave" vote result...
Here I mention the actual Leave result as being the mere "beginning" of the battle.
You had Brexit "hard" or "soft" MSM-based mind control soon after  - there was/is no HARD or SOFT.
There was only leave or stay. Exiting = leaving the single market and the customs union, those issues were never a doubt. The sheep bought into the "hard/soft" BS though, just as I'd expect. Typical of the (complicit and criminal) MSM to help in twisting the logic of these (formerly established) issues to suit 1% elite ends.

Merkel - Spawn of Hitler. My post from early 2016:
Angela Hitler/Schicklgruber - Queen of the Federalist/United States of EU aka 4th Reich.
The Nazi regime was PRIMARILY "left wing" (socialism) - NAtionalsoZIalismus. This was at a time (30's/40's) when nationalists govts were typical and everywhere. SOCIALISTS is what they really were.

The US kills children globally via its sick foreign policy and has done for decades - yet they even have the gall to INVENT stories about their "selected targets" killing babies (see Gulf War 1). Laying the groundwork for illegal invasions on the back of transparent, emotive, and schmaltzy type propaganda. This is how the dumbed-down mass is able to live with itself - all under the cover and the safety of believing in MSM fomented MASS LIES. This type of propaganda only really works on the dumb, ignorant, programmed, and those that showboat their "faux" emotions in light of the story (lie) - but then there's no shortage of that - is there folks?
There's certainly no shortage of this in the USA and UK, that much I do know.
LIES via MSM, PR Companies, and the US Govt.
Brainwashing the dumbed-down sheep into war, after war, after war....nothing has changed!
USA is the world's number 1 problem and has been for a very long time. If only they knew how DUMB they look - to those looking-in from the outside. I found American MSM to be lame and transparent even when I was a child (the stuff of ridicule for myself) during the 1970's. It has since got progressively and rapidly worse. UK MSM is now a copy of the US model - meaning it's as equally as base and dumb! US popular culture/mass media is nothing but A HUGE FORM OF DEGENERATIVE SOCIETAL CANCER.

It's no wonder that American youth is in psychological MELTDOWN. Their parents' generation are literally the ones that have helped the sick US elite/corporate establishment in destroying their lives and placing them inside a MSM world built on MASS SICKNESS/LIES. Ultra-violence, mass narcissism, paedo-chic and pornography via the insidious "cult of celebrity" - as typical family viewing etc. This is MKULTRA type programming in full effect. Their parents have ONLY embraced this wanton and expansive degeneracy, not rejected it. I've been watching this mass sickness unfold since the 1980's. The USA is NOT HEALTHY - it is undeniably ROTTEN TO THE CORE. American children are literally SEXUALIZED from the moment that they are born (you can thank SICK Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon programming etc).

Oh look, it's Nickelodeon's  Dan "KHAZAR JEWISH PAEDOPHILE" Schneider. (article)
I busted this POS YEARS AGO! Zionist/Jewish Hollywood rapists and paedophiles. $7 million pay-off for a paedophile?
You cannot get away from this. Most of these abusers/rapists/paedophiles are JEWISH (Ashkenazim/Khazarian).
No wonder the sexualisation of children has continued unabated - primarily via SICK Jewish/American (so-called) entertainment! Abusive behaviour? They mean Schneider was FUCKING CHILDREN - Britney "monarch" Spears' sister being one of them, Amanda 'meltdown' Bynes, and Arianna "Manchester bomb" Grande! Why were those fireman STOPPED from entering the Manchester Arena building? Were they clearing-up their false flag, probably?

Manipulated sex energy via MSM/socialist media (Jewish Hollywood-TV/Jewish Suckerberg) is the primary reason as to why your young child poses, pouts, and acts like a hooker or porn star. Paedo-chic is rife in US popular culture and is one of the biggest growth areas of the last 20 years (the same is true of Jewish MSM-driven mass LGBT, and gender confusion propaganda). The majority seemingly love dancing to this sick and ongoing degenerative tune! I don't think there is a cure - it just needs to be destroyed by the righteous. No-one EVER buys into the concept that "sick media" is powerfully destructive (which it clearly is, of course) - a type of self-imposed (and peer pressure linked) form of Stockholm syndrome. With that understood and accepted - destruction from the outside is likely the ONLY sane course of action to follow.

I think the USA could be a form of NEW Nazi Germany...and is possibly being set-up in the same type of way.
High-level cooperation between Nazis and Zionists - get your "cognitive dissonance-centric" heads around that.
Rudolf 'Zionist' Kastner is a classic example of this phenomenon. Paperclip Nazis were also readily absorbed by the USA.
That's a reason as to why Zionist Hollywood makes those schmaltz-ridden (inaccurate) Holocaust films - to maintain the deception.
They've had the "goy" guilt tripped, sobbing, and self-loathing for decades on the back of all this bullshit.
Zionist Hollywood has done similar with the Afro-American - using them to guilt trip White America into mass self-loathing etc.
Full spectrum dominant Zionist Hollywood/TV programming has destroyed the US mass mind - that IS its primary function.

The Nazi-linked Bush family...
I can even recall "Gulf War I" under Poppy 'Opium' Bush. I had to watch news reports (that literally made me heave, and which are forever seared into my psyche) showing Americans whooping with glee as the bombs were dropped in another ILLEGAL WAR. Dropped on a regime that was fomented by the CIA/USA - just as Al Qaeda was, and likewise with ISIS too! What a revolting and animal-like nation the USA really is - and I don't mind saying so. A society that is programmed with WAR - and just like a conditioned Pavlovian dog! Base, ignorant, puffed-up with self-importance, and steeped in MSM ultra-violence and pornography as forms of entertainment. Yes, exactly, why would anyone be surprised!? Mass degeneracy via American/Jewish MSM/social media is one of  the USA's number 1 global exports. Yes, mass mental illness programming is their national past-time. That's why these millennial types are the biggest "fuck ups" of all. They've only really known mass media degeneracy and group think - thinking for themselves fills them with dread. It's also a BANKRUPT nation with a $20 trillion national debt (likely $50+ trillion in reality) - most of it added over the last 20 years. The "beloved" Obama adding near £10 trillion under his tenure! The American Dream is a LIE and a sane man's NIGHTMARE.

UK and US Debt - Bankrupt Nations - Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction.
Ironically, it was G H W Bush (seen above) who coined the term "voodoo economics". Wanna see what it looks like?

Snap! The Zionist owned/controlled corporate Ponzi banks. Financial Terrorist America, who gave the world the 2008 crash.
The Zionist/Jew - Bank Of England, and US Federal "Rothschild, et al" Reserve. Mass debt is progress?
Jew Greenspan - the real architect of "0% money" aka the road to mass debt and collapse.
The USA and UK - the two nations that put Zionist "Rothschild" Israel back on the map -
and they've destroyed most of the planet keeping it there! "Special relationship" = both being beholden to Zionist Israel.

The same Sen. Obama that was ARRESTED by Russian authorities in 2005 (at nuclear facilities), along with Sen. Lugar.
The same USA (and UK) that spent DECADES programming the masses with anti-Russian "cold war" propaganda.
Made by (sick) Hollywood/TV studios/News - the central promoters and executors of Western MASS MIND CONTROL.
When Jew-centric and Jew dominated Hollywood is not raping kids and women - they're busy raping the group mind with their blunt and transparent (Pentagon directed/based) propaganda - see 9/11 etc. Of course, most Americans (and beyond) mistakenly view it all as a form of  entertainment. It's why they're the ultimate nation in terms of (corporate sponsored) dumbing-down & mass mind control.
The SAME Hollywood/TV studios that also spent DECADES priming/programming the masses for "false flag" 9/11!
My work here (imo) PROVES that 9/11 was an elite fomented/sponsored, MSM controlled/executed FIX.
Not that I needed any of this research to confirm it.
I've always believed that 9/11 was a FIX, and even thought as much when it was unfolding on 9/11/01.
The USA and its dumbed-down population NEED to PAY for "false flag" 9/11, and the mass global carnage that they have wrought in its aftermath. They need to pay and pay dear. The "lapdog" UK (and other allies) need to pay too.
(Just one example of the many - US corporate MSM/Hollywood and 9/11 'mass group mind' predictive programming etc)
Russia should go for America via their false flag 9/11 - IT CAN BE PROVED. I would gladly assist!

Jews, Hollywood and MSM

"How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the L.A. Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production, but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah."

"The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles (Goy) in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC Pres. Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish." (Note, this was uttered by a Jew. A late 2008 article).

"I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government.
I just care that we get to keep running them." - Jewish journalist Joel Stein (from above article).

“There are no important media outlets in the U.S. that are not owned or controlled by Jews.”
 — Israel Shamir, Russian-Israeli journalist in his article “Midas Ears”.

"Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be 'Tropic Thunder' or 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews? But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows. The time has come, though. We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country."
 - Manny Friedman, Times of Israel, July 1, 2012.

This also clearly functions as a type of "mass Goyim mockery" - hence the brazenness of their attitude.

The 'Jew S of A' is the world's BIGGEST GLOBAL TERRORIST. It must fall, and the quicker the better.
Since 2002, the USA (et al) has destroyed the Middle East (under the 9/11 lie) - and barely a word of protest has been heard!
This is not just abject insanity - THESE ARE AMERICAN MASS WAR CRIMES - with no effective foil!
I don't see RUSSIA destroying the Middle East - do you? I don't see Russia creating MSM-driven "hate propaganda" for their (manipulated) societies to feed on - do you? You know the answers to these questions, as much as I do.

The United States of "False Flag" America...
Remember this from Jan 2013 - the MSM's "false flag" chemical attack on Syria via US (Obama) and UK!
The DM story that was sent down Orwell's "memory hole" almost as soon as it went up!
It's very likely to be TRUE - seeing as the USA (Israel) and UK are the modern world's major "false flag" purveyors.

I was one of the very few people that grabbed a preview copy from Google cache after the main article got rinsed! :)
Full deleted article here. Note, the above article was not pulled days later (as the link suggests), it was hours later!
I know this because I saw it happen in "real-time" on the very day of publication itself!
Many believe that the UK Skripal "fix" could well be a precursor for (similar) events to come - a Syrian false flag event.

The ORWELLIAN Tory UK Govt...It's the Queen of Oceania,um, I mean Theresa "POS" May.
The insanity of the UK political establishment is in no doubt, none whatsoever. The following has been in operation since 2010.
The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) is a unit of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British intelligence agency. The existence of JTRIG was revealed as part of the global surveillance disclosures in documents leaked by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. The scope of the JTRIG's mission includes using "dirty tricks" to destroy, deny, degrade [and] disrupt enemies by discrediting them, planting misinformation and shutting down their communications. Known as "Effects" operations, the work of JTRIG had become a "major part" of GCHQ's operations by 2010.

They want to CONTROL WHAT YOU THINK (a la 1984) and promote UK govt-based FAKE NEWS (LIES).

From last month's post...19th Feb 2018.
May's duplicitous BULLSHIT about Assad bombing the ISIS rebels - the very ones fomented by USA/UK/Saudi etc.
"Well, no-one is buying into this sick and duplicitous MSM narrative anymore - they're going to have to change the record."

It looks like they've just done exactly that! Changed the record (re: Russia) with the Skripal false flag. Seems that way.

What's the "EXIT STRATEGY" for the USA (and allies) in the Middle East?
Answer? There is NO exit strategy!

"Russia, Russia, Russia..."

I'd never have guessed....(more sarcasm)
The USA/UK covers itself in glory. Isn't it supposed to be Russia that's interfered, lol?
Data mining the biggest data miners, Faecesbook. Jew, Mark "Rothschild" Suckerberg is an INTEL cut-out and ALWAYS has been.
You've been spun a dumb and typical yarn about Suckerberg's creation - US intelligence/govt are the actual creators/owners.
Only a dumb, MSM brainwashed simpleton would believe the unfettered bullshit that has been spouted about this American/Intel 'group think' monstrosity. Billions of (copycat) Facebook zombies happily providing intimate details about their lives to the market place. What would have taken intel agencies years of trawling to gather, sort, collate and analyse etc - has been provided for them free of charge and in a timely manner - and all via the DUMB user base! Social media platforms promote a type of strength in "uniformity" - not strength in "diversity". I mean this primarily in a "thinking" kind of sense. This homogenised type of mass mental uniformity (weakness) is something that should be discouraged, not championed.

I've ALWAYS generally said that the Western masses are WRONG about EVERYTHING.
I've seen nothing to deviate from this belief...quite the opposite.
Recognising the "folly" of your own nation and times is a very rare ability! Most DO NOT have the mental strength to broach such phenomena. Most do not even appreciate how they've been MSM programmed - let alone anything else.
Oh look...Horselover Phat hits another bullseye - and more than an decade in advance! It's as though the entire world has no concept or understanding in respect of the "double-edged sword" nature of technology - and that blows me away just by itself! I understood the "double-edged" nature of technology from the moment that I was using the internet (circa 2000). I have barely used my OWN real name on the internet at all, and from since the very beginning.

Oh, how I wish that the US and UK didn't share a language!
The influence of US culture (aka cancer) would not have been so readily deliverable and so severe.

Oh look...the Pentagon's "Lifelog Project" abandonment was announced on the same day that Faecesbook was launched!
A database tracking a person's entire existence? Sounds familiar, but I can't quite place a finger on it. ;)
Why have a covert Lifelog Pentagon database when you can construct a (stealth) public one and sell it as social media?

Is this military/industrial/media complex lackey - even human? Did you know that his father was a dentist?
This was taken straight from the FOX HD feed during the recent Senate questioning. The idea that he might be spawn of (satanic) Rothschild gains even more traction. In recent times he's even had to deny that he's a reptilian lizard.

Someone should drop a nuclear bomb on Silicon Valley, and Helly-wood too. We also need to eradicate this US Intel filth and these 'mass mind control/dumb group think' shepherding devices (badly posing as social media) off the map. From my Dec. 2017 post:
'Group think' Faecesbook gave the Obama admin access to the database for the 2012 election - so this is clearly nothing new!
America - poisoning and destroying the world with their "military/industrial/corporate MSM complex" output and activity -
ruining their own populations and beyond. This ALL started with the American establishment's "false flag/inside job" 9/11.
That was the US NWO element. We have the European wing of the NWO under the EU junta.
Can you not see how all this is CONNECTED - because I can!?

The people that knocked down these buildings was the (sick) American military/industrial/MSM complex...

Listen to these MONSTERS cheering their "false flag" event. Unknowingly celebrating the mass murder of their own citizens!
If ignorance was pain they'd all be in abject agony! Was this the prequel to the film "Idiocracy"?
What kind of society treats WAR like it's a fucking ball game? A very SICK one is the answer!
I understand that emotions are justifiably high, but this is when and where the wise would suggest a 'cool head' strategy during these type of instances. It's the highly-charged emotional factor (tied-in with manipulated National pride) that so readily lends itself to the successful application of nefarious mass mind control, and the lack of critical thinking and reasoning skills that seemingly accompanies it. Psychological trauma (imo) can act as the main catalyst for the embedding.
The elite puppet masters are only too well aware of this, and so should you be.
I know I'm being very harsh, but there's no time to waste. People need to quickly recognise their own role in the ongoing tragedy.

When you SHEEP were being brainwashed in the aftermath of 9/11, and Bush was goading you into the first of many wars to come.
I was the one screaming at the TV set for you to WAKE-UP! What did you collectively do?
You shouted out: "Let's go kick some ass."  The cry of the brainwashed, manipulated, warmongering SAVAGE.
Yes, I'm calling you savages. That is what you are. Israel controls the USA and UK - so it's no surprise.
16+ years later and the US nation is still as DUMB as a box of rocks - in fact they've got even worse!
The same corporate MSM organs that brainwashed them for 9/11 have been given more and more power by these dumb citizens.
You're all out of time, and this world needs saving from your SICKNESS. You're likely beyond saving yourselves.

EVERYONE has been brainwashed, at least to some degree, myself included. There is no shame in that.
I had to go through that realisation process way-back in 2001, admitting to myself that I've been duped etc.
If you can master your own ego, then you can come through the other-side with new eyes and renewed strength.
It's not just these targeted nations and their peoples that get destroyed - American troops (and civilians) are sacrificed for this same (lie based) war machine and its goals. Troops with wives, children, and families. The majority have not signed-up to enact mass US war crimes, and I do understand that. That said, there really are no more excuses not to wake-up to this blatant and complicit reality (outlined herein) - not anymore.

Brought to you in association with the Pentagon and the US military/industrial/MSM complex...
Warfare is fun. Slow-clap for the US "ultra-violence based" gaming industry. VOMIT.
Dumb-asses think it's a fucking game! It's blatant mass mind control/conditioning and primarily!
Do any of the game settings start with the US elite carrying-out massive false flag events on their own people? :)

That's right, folks. I HATE America and everything that it represents! That is my human right. I don't care what YOU think.
I say the same about the UK too. I am embarrassed to be British, and I will change my nationality as soon as I am able to.
"Land of the free, home of the brave."
"Land of the dumbed-down 1% slaves, home of dosed and primed (MSM programmed) warmonger enablers."

Surely you remember, folks? The internet was ultimately born out of the US MILITARY (DARPA) and the PENTAGON.

March 23rd....
He's correct about this, but he is still another who believes in globalism. Don't shoot the messenger.

How's that German-Franco MARXIST EU idea panning out...

Oh look, another ISIS terror agent in France.
Slow-clap for the MARXIST CRIMINAL EU "open border" policy supporters. The dumbest breed that has ever lived!
All of this is DELIBERATE. The deliberate destruction of Europe by the Marxist/NWO political elite and assisted by the MSM.
Let's see what Rothschild lackey Macron does about it. No, I'll give you the answer now. NOTHING.
It'll probably be filed under "mental illness" (as per) and the madness will continue.
The French had their chance and chose Macron. By choosing Macron, you chose to welcome terror and for it to continue.
It's long-term US foreign policy (along with Adolf Merkel's madness) that has DIRECTLY led to these events in Europe!

WARMONGERING America - Donald "nuclear" Trump - aka Greg "the missiles are flying" Stillson.
Donald "We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes" Trump. That was one of his US military policy promises.
Trump was referencing "dropping nuclear bombs" virtually from the moment he got in the hot seat!
ZIONIST (son-in-law) KUSHNER is the Israeli stooge in Trump's admin. Now he's added John "ZIONIST" Bolton.
America/Israel - still supplying Saudi "ISIS" Arabia - still funding the rebels (ISIS) in Syria.
Same old, same old.
"Let's Make America Regime Change Again." (MARCA)
Neocon Bolton has been called a "war hawk" and is an advocate for regime change in Iran and North Korea. He was a supporter of the Iraq War and continues to support his decision (that means he is an insane/ sociopath war criminal, my emphasis). He has continuously supported military action and regime change in Syria, Libya, and Iran. In 2013, after NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden had been granted asylum in Russia, Bolton said: "I think in order to focus Putin’s thinking, we need to do things that cause him pain as well. (Very telling!).

U.S. State Department documents published by Wikileaks provide that the U.S. and the UK tried to suppress any discussion of the book (by Vil 'Soros' Mirzayanaov).

Hillary "POS" Clinton - Mother of Darkness

This info (above) would have to be suppressed if the (US/UK) Zionist elite want everyone to think that ONLY Russia could've been responsible or the only viable source. Wide knowledge of these facts makes constructing and selling their false flags (to the gullible sheep-like public) so much harder - wink, wink. Vil "Soros" Mirzayanaov's book has been available for 10 years.
The book included the chemical formulas of the said agents.
The Russia-gate plot thickens!

Heads - they win. Tails - you lose.
Criminal and lying LESBIAN - Hillary 'Benghazi' Clinton (and Russia).
She was even angling for "war" before the election. "Avowed enemy" - "military action, threat" (& cannon fodder enlistment).
What cherished values? You don't fucking well have any values, save WARMONGERING on behalf of your zombie populace.
“War is peace...freedom is slavery [and] ignorance is strength.”

Recall that on (Thurs) 29th Dec 2016, Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic personnel for alleged suspect activities. This was close to his stepping down, just before Trump was installed.
The US political/military/industrial complex's recent history in respect of Russia. It's been consistently hostile - and openly.
Around that same time there was also this Washington "Bezos" Post FAKE NEWS article.
The "so-called" hacked computer wasn't even connected to "the grid". (Lol).

It's the Zionist controlled USA (and UK) that is THE THREAT to global peace and has been for DECADES.
That's why we have global carnage and chaos stringing-back for DECADES - all in its wake.

When Clinton and the Dems dropped-in their post-election claims about Russian interference - I just laughed!
I thought how the hell are they going to spin this decades old 'cold war' BULLSHIT all over again?
It should've been laughed out the door. Only a complete dumbed-down sap would get caught-up in such nonsense.
Then I remembered that the Zionist/US Marxist MSM would blanket-bomb them with propaganda, and that the American masses (particularly the Marxist/liberal left) are as DUMB as ROCKS. And there you have it. They could've told them Santa Claus interfered and they'd have bought it! I don't call the American masses the DUMBEST OF ALL (with the UK a close 2nd) - for nothing.
I say it because I know it's a FACT.

ONLY when WARFARE reaches the shores of the (sick) USA - 
will its dumbed-down, apathetic, and abulic population begin to understand!

"Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject..."

Khazar Jews control YOUR reality via full spectrum dominance of Western mass media...

Mass Mind Control via MSM/Govt - M.A. Hoffman II (Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare)
Hoffman is a huge influence on my writing (probably the greatest influence) and has been since the early/mid 2000's.

Yup...sounds just like the corporate MSM and social media 'group think' drones aka the typical masses.
The very ones that keep this SICK system functioning and expanding - because it's easier to live the LIE.

Blood on the Altar - Craig Heimbichner
"We are in a universal lapse into a state of immaturity, a true indicator that we are in some sort of 'era of the child' (aka age of Horus). Hypnotized by computers, TVs, DVDs, CDs, palm pilots, Prozac, Paxil, & pot, the average zombie has left behind the considerations of others, as though 'others' were a TV show which one could laugh at and switch off.
(See homosexual, Simon 'Jew/EMI' Cowell's 'cult of humiliation' via his shows).
Zombies rise in the morning, watch morning TV shows , scan the newspapers and receive new programming, go to work, and come home to passively watch more programming. If the zombies have an original thought, it is almost invariably a selfish one. But the absurdity is that even the selfish thought reflects cradle-to-crypt programming from the television, that other Eye of Set."

"Television (mass media) is by nature the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content,
repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coercion, brainwashing, and manipulation."
— Jerry Mander, Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television (New York Quill, 1978) p. 197.

Jewish groups (in Britain) lobby against Labour. What really? I'd never have guessed! :)
Corbyn was the only major figure who stood-up in parliament questioning the Skripal evidence!
I don't like the man or his politics, but he has been deliberately buried for going off (elite/Zionist) message.
Corbyn, a spanner in the works for the Zionist (UK/USA) drive towards war.
Israel is BEYOND criticism, even though they practise religious and racial supremacy, and systematically destroy Palestine.
Israel's govt - headed by Netanyahu who's NOT A SEMITE - he's Ashkenazi/Khazar (Zionist). Eastern European Slav descent.
The same Netanyahu that's suspected of wide corruption, and who was recently accused of RACISM himself.
Israel knows that the Tory's days are numbered, the (Jew-centric) Tories via MAYER will be behind these smears.
This will be (in one aspect) a way of blunting Corbyn. May is practically poison at this stage, universally hated.
Oh look, May's pro-Israel policy is already in action...
Israel were caught in respect of Pritti Patel, angling her as a Tory leader candidate (some months back) - it led to her sacking.
Interfering in the political apparatus of a FOREIGN nation? YUP! As usual!
The other message, of course, is this is what happens if you criticise Israel and Judaism.
The (Khazar Jew-centric UK MSM) will browbeat you into submission and back on message. Laughable? Oh yes.

2012? Howl!
The Illuminati pyramid. Crypto-Jew Weishaupt (agent of Rothschild) made this imagery the master symbol of the (Jewish) Illuminati.
And the problem with this image is?
Nothing. It's an artist's impression of the Zionist Jew destruction of their Western owned/controlled monetary system.

And an accurate one. :)
The (corrupt) "Zionist monopoly" monetary system (and their MSM) that controls the West and its government/people.
It's not ALL JEWS (see above) - it's the Ashkenazi/Khazar/Zionists. See how they openly deceive the low-info masses.
You just saw the other aspect of Zionist mass control via UK MSM & its LOUD cries of anti-semite (blanket bombing, Corbyn).
They KNOW that they are under pressure - hence trying to regain their control of the mass mind via (their) MSM.
Zionism is an IDEOLOGY - not a RACE!
Let's watch the Zionist mass hypnotism system in action - and see if it has the masses' heads bobbing up and down.
And all while they deny that they're not being PUPPETED.

(Update here via 18th April. Exactly as I said it would happen via MSM blanket propaganda and puppetry of the mass)
Where is my prize? It's like taking candy from a sleeping baby!

This AGAIN acts as yet another example of a type of minority imposed rule. - their classic modus operandi.
The UK must have the the most powerful "minority rule based" society in the entire world! So much for democracy.

3rd April...

Oh dear! What has May, Johnson, Intelligence, and the UK govt done! So, Corbyn WAS the only voice of reason!
They've virtually put the UK on DefCon 1 with Russia - and all via their shoddy and lying ways! Dragging other nations into their "nest of lies" - and all before any evidence is produced! Not adhering to international law/protocol. This is humiliation.
The UK are leaving the EU, therefore relations with other nations will be KEY! This is a fuck-up on an epic scale.
In fact, it's just the sort of (sick) "gift" that the establishment would serve-up to the masses for their audacity in voting Brexit.
Humiliated on the global stage, virtually friendless, and losing any influence in international affairs etc.
RESIGN you FILTHY, LYING POS! Johnson telling the world that there was "NO DOUBT" (via Porton).
Johnson DID claim that there was "NO DOUBT" (re: the source being Russia) - this LIAR (& his govt) is now backtracking.
The UK Foreign Office have DELETED their March 15th tweet which supported this. Destined for Orwell's memory hole?
There is NO Orwellian memory hole for this tweet though - not when it's dropped into the public domain! Howl.
So Boris, if the head of Porton Down didn't tell you it was undoubtedly Russian sourced - who there did?
Collapse the govt so a way can be found to possibly avoid Brexit? Reaching, but they stop at nothing so can't rule it out.
I can see the Tories getting destroyed at the May council elections, it will probably be carnage!

 The Salisbury consultant who oversaw the so-called victims. Quick, before it's permanently memory holed!
Stephen Davies (Consultant in emergency medicine, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust) had stated in a letter to the Times (March 16):
“no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury”.

So, if there was NO SYMPTOMS in respect of nerve agent poisoning - how and why did the Porton Down identify Novichok?

A deadly nerve agent that has killed NO-ONE? They've both literally and miraculously recovered?
Why? If they died then the UK authorities would have to expatriate the bodies to Russia (Russian citizens), and then autopsies would find that they WERE NOT POISONED! Christ, this is easy! Now we've been told that it's a 4 hour "time release" version of Novichok? There's more holes in this than a sieve convention at a Swiss cheese factory!

Recall this from the original post body?
Russia  2  -  0  United DUMB-dom

The Queen of ZION.
The MAY-TRIX (May's tricks) - are you ready to be unplugged, or are you still stuck in Kansas?
The UK (Zionist-centric) MSM, like the Tory government have been an unmitigated disgrace throughout all this.
This is, and has been a prime example of the merging of state and corporate MSM powers.
To describe it as Orwellian is somewhat of an understatement. UK MSM just parroted-out the govt line, and under no scrutiny.
There is NO REAL JOURNALISM in the UK - it died years ago. The evidence is all around you.

World of Cards? More like a house of cards!
Note the 'CCTV in operation' sign (left). So why haven't we seen any of this locational CCTV footage!?
House of Cards. A structure built out of playing cards precariously balanced together.
Spacey was playing Richardson's role (see above) in the US TV show that is based on the 90's trilogy BBC series.
Francis Urquhart, and Frank Underwood. As good an actor as Spacey is, Richardson is still superior in the part.
Played as close to an (actual) Tory sociopath as you're likely too see.


"Many believe that the UK Skripal "fix" could well be a precursor - 
for (similar) events to come - a Syrian false flag event."

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise...8th April 2018.
They don't hang about. This will take the 'farce' that is Salisbury out of focus...
I think you'll find that chlorine ISN'T a nerve agent (see headline). Oh look, Boris "confirmed LIAR" Johnson.Obama, Syria 2013.
All in association with Syrian White Helmet Productions (propaganda a la Iraqi incubator babies etc!).
Greater Israel/NWO progress, and gas pipeline plans/issues all at stake.

Recall this from the "original post" body....

The United States of "False Flag" America...
Remember this from Jan 2013 - the MSM's "false flag" chemical attack on Syria via US (Obama) and UK!
The DM story that was sent down Orwell's "memory hole" almost as soon as it went up!
It's very likely to be TRUE - seeing as the USA (Israel) and UK are the modern world's major "false flag" purveyors.

I was one of the very few people that grabbed a preview copy from Google cache after the main article got rinsed! :)
Full deleted article here. Note, the above article was not pulled days later (as the link suggests), it was hours later!
I know this because I saw it happen in "real-time" on the very day of publication itself!
Many believe that the UK Skripal "fix" could well be a precursor for (similar) events to come - a Syrian false flag event.

And there you have it.

Douma, Syria.
Francis Urquhart: "Every disaster [false flag or otherwise] is a photo opportunity in disguise..." (see clip below).

Grenfell Struck/Burning London Tower,  House of Cards Exploded/Burning London Tower, and Trump's Struck/Burning Tower(s),

Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. from Al-Jazz on Vimeo.
Some episode elements evoke Grenfell - Tower block, 4th floor, boxed gas main, 70+ victims, rundown, social issues etc

Talking of CARDS & TOWERING TRUMP CARDS - It's the Electrical Lightning Struck (Burning) Tower...
The 16th Trump of the Tarot Major Arcana...Donald 'Towering' Trump the literal walking tarot card.
"Fire and Fury"
Trump's Struck/Burning Towers and Grenfell...
Trump's Tower fire on 8th Jan was via electrical fault at the top/crown...just like the tarot card.
"Not terrorist this time it seems, an accident, a gas explosion in a rundown block of council flats" (see House of Cards).
Of course...Struck Tower(s) 9/11 is the mother of them all - as I've regularly claimed over the years.
Trump ties-in to some 9/11 predictive elements via Back to the Future 2, Gremlins 2, and Home Alone 2.
Regular readers would be aware of some of these Trump/911 aspects that I've raised.
That said, Trump was not technically an aspect of state circles through this phase, so do bear that in mind.