Monday, 7 September 2020

My Parting Shot - Blog Is Now Closed

August/Sept 2020
 Blog is now closed and I have now retired from this kind of writing, blogging, etc.
No more posts will be forthcoming. Thanks.

I'll leave you with this: 'Election 2016'. It's called being ahead of the game.
Zionist Sodom Jews, Spielberg/Zemeckis and their 9/11 predictive programming (and beyond) propaganda piece.
Nov. 2016: "Groups of low info/IQ voters - likely marshalled by Soros' "Black Lives Matter"
- insane social justice warriors (barf), and fuelled by corporate-driven 'minority rule' MSM cheerleaders 
(also see Zionist socialist media/Twatterati, etc). Dangerous elite-primed globalist zombies infecting the world 
with their globalist mental disease." (Marxist universities & schools [indoctrination centres] also exposed.)
"(Zionist MSM fomented) Mass HATE WHITEY propaganda campaign..."Black Lives Matter". "LGBT/minority rule..."
Who'd have guessed that Marxism was a wholly JEWISH/Illuminati creation? Um, just about anyone with a brain.
Small hat 'Chosenites' - the ultimate global victimhood minority. The power behind BLM, LGBTQ, and Marxist MSM/Hollywood etc.
 The Zionist/Marxist-JEW sponsored 'hate whitey' and cultural Marxist mechanism - EXPOSED & DESTROYED.
Zionist Jew criminal, and 9/11 mass programmer, Arnon Milchan, was the force behind 12 Years A Slave. Yawn. (More 'Hate Whitey' stuff from June 2016)
 Programming blacks (and beyond) into a perma-victimhood mindset. Making 'thug life' criminality a virtue. Barf!
'Hate Whitey' - empowered by Zionist Jew owned/controlled MSM. A huge growth industry in recent decades. Ahem.
Hate Whitey - The Cinema of Defamation - author M.A. Hoffman II.

 Zionist Satanic Jew Hollywood/Pedowood...Oscars so KOSHER. Bring-on the melinated SHABBOS GOY.
When did you first hear "ALL LIVES MATTER"? Was it in recent months? How about more than 4 years ago? (link)
Zionist Jew Slaves, the Smiths. Homosexual Will, (toilet stab) lesbian Jada, and their messed-up (gender-bending) kids.
My long established theory that USA is a slave colony of the Zionist Jews - only gains more traction.

June 2020 post....
Who'd have guessed? Note, masonic Trump is also entirely owned by these same Zionists, so don't get carried-away.

Hating America, an extreme far-left Marxist ideology, riots as a form of protest, 'hate whitey' mantras, 'defund police' mantras, and (induced) mass white self-loathing (coupled with overt and unchecked black power racism) - were never going to be an effective platform for any US election season. Neither is burning-down cities on behalf of black racial supremacy (badly disguised as positive black empowerment) and lording 'thug life' black criminals over the law abiding. Whoever thought it could be? This is all so obvious that it cannot be by chance and/or organic. Just so you understand. This is all played-out crap courtesy of the sick ZIONIST JEWS. I knew I was correct about how the Zionist Jews have rotted the US group mind via mass media full spectrum dominnce - and years ago. You know, the hypersexualisation of children (see mass media, Pedo-wood), LGBT/sodomy as a virtue (see Pedo-wood/MSM), gangster thuggery/pimp whoredom promoted as a lifestyle/career choice (filthy/degenerate hip-hop), hardcore porn music videos (see R&B, hip-hop etc.), perma-victimhood tropes  (see mass media, NBA, sports etc.). The list goes on. This is my: "I told you so." moment.

US Sports - aka a major ZIONIST JEW mass mind control conduit. You can forget China. Lebron 'NBA' James is KOSHER.
MARXIST NEW JEW WORLD ORDER - wiki/List_of_Jews_in_sports_(non-players)#Owners
Oh, look. Like MSM/Pedo-Wood/Social(ist) Media - ZIONIST JEWS seem to OWN most of it.
Who'd have guessed? As you can see - Zionist supremacist Jews are not control freaks (sarcasm).
They don't seek to dominate all MSM culture for mass programming of the hypnotized sheep. Oh, no.
 Sept. 2019 post and the (scum) Zionist NBA:
 Jew, Silver, who replaced David 'Jew' Stern...the latter was (Zionist) NBA's commissioner from 1984.
 The masses' undying love for all things 'cult of celebrity' - AKA Zionist mass mind control & retardation by choice.
Which nation's 'cultural imperialism' (via mass media) really dominates, infects, and degenerates the world?
Whose (Zionist) 'BLM' movement has gone viral and infected nations that don't have America's historic racial issues?
US Congress is also stuffed with Zionist Jews. Their collective aim is to destroy America and its peoples.
When is this 'equality' issue going to be brought to the table of the Jews? A massive overreaching minority. Ahem.
Quick, get the blacks to riot and destroy (via Zio-propaganda) before the GOYIM work-out that Jews pull ALL the strings.
I wonder who got Zionist US sports to mass strike and promote BLM thuggery as progress? Any ideas? LOL.
You know, Zionist JEW Soros' Antifa/BLM. Where's (Jewish) Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell, etc? LOL.
 At least 'POS' Soros has described his own BLM accurately. They are a HATE based and RACIST group.
I wonder why the masters of global victimhood (the Jews) have made black victimhood go nuclear? Wink-wink.
BLM and their Mansonesque 'Helter Skelter' philosophy (above). The followers are more brainwashed than the Family.
Don't forget to: "say their names" (the dead) - for ritual/spiritism, and necromantic purposes. BLM = a child of satanic Jews.

Masonic, Albert 'KKK' Pike's NWO letter...Masonry being wholly Luciferian/Jewish. Godless USA:
 A Marxist fix & fixed counter-reaction. Controlling both sides. All to bring about the Masonic-Luciferian Jew World Order.
Spot the savage Marxist/Nihilist/atheist left in this letter. Footsoldiers of the satanic elite. BLM/Antifa, anyone?
Who'd have guessed? Jewish Marx/Levy was a Luciferian Freemason, 33°. Just like (masonic-Jew) Pike.
As stated here back in 2017.

You've got to love the irony of BLM rioters pulling-down (masonic/civil war) Pike's statue. He's their spiritual puppet-master.
Talking of spiritual puppet-masters. Zio-Masonic '666' Trump...mobilizes after NWO Pike's statue is torn down. Wink-wink.
Masonic theatre. D'ya think the baited/manipulated right-wingers are gagging to smash this Marxist-terror uprising?

Anyone for HATE WHITEY? Marxist/Zionist BBC.
Marxist/Lesbian BLM? On a Zionist NWO mission to destroy nations and disrupt the family unit. Ahem.
 From 2017 post (above), 2018 post (below).
"Death to America" - they cry. NWO Zio-Marxist 'one world' agenda: "Nation states are sheduled for destruction." 
Jan 2020 post...
A good call on those 'melt-up' markets. Ahem. Forget left vs. right - it's all about the Zio central banking cartel.
The cartel that 99.99% know nothing about. Oh, look. My theory on the DNC's mission to ensure Trump wins.
Joe 'Alzheimers/diaper' Biden and Kamala 'bigger bitch than Hillary' Harris? Will Biden even make it to election day?
Corona - enjoying your (NWO) mass obediency training on the back of this plan-demic? A type of medical martial law.
 Monopoly forces intensify. Will you be fully assimilated by the Zio-US technocracy? Cash is being eliminated.
How will you pay-off your huge debts that you've run-up - now that the NWO normal is here? Oops.
Human labour is rapidly being eliminated. You will not get-off the hook for your debts - as you'll soon see.
 Want to be a govt. dependent serf/slave? Above, Feb. 2018 post - Re: Zio-US 'Voodoo (Usary) Economics".
Will you be rushing for your digital vax? Zionist '666' Trump can't wait to get that shot in your arm via military warping. Ahem.
As far as I'm aware the Covid virus hasn't even been isolated (see CDC) - a requirement of creating a vaccine. Ahem.
There's not a single researcher out there that can even come close to what I've been revealing all these years. Not one.
The fact that this blog has gained no traction (in light of the above) - is simply more proof of the masses' collective malaise.
It's almost as though I suspected that 2020 would be a time of a big reveal - a medical chart:
2020 (Rothschild) Vision. As I explicitly noted in mid-Nov. 2019 post (here). Before the global Covid issue was established.
2020 - the year of (Zionist NWO sponsored) MULTIPLE, OVER-LAPPING, CONCURRENT PSY-OPS.
The Covid death rates have completely collapsed - especially the US. Yet no mention of a word in the Zio-MSM. Rate was heavily 'front-loaded' via NY and Cuomo (deliberately) wiping-out the most vulnerable (nursing homes, etc). The first 100K deaths took 1.7m so-called cases. The next 100K deaths have required more than 5m+ additional cases! In weighting terms - by end of May - death rate % was at 5.9%. It's currently around 2.8% - more than halved. Most deaths are via aged/co-morbidities. So Covid isn't really the actual cause of death. Direct death rates are very low. All the above is based on their exaggerated numbers to begin with. False positives, 'cases' via tests do not necessarily mean an infection, etc. The filthy Zionist MSM and linked govts. only employ scientists that will agree with their ongoing enslavement programme. MSM sheep care not to think for themselves - as I discovered decades ago. Lockdowns simply don't work. Their function has nothing to do with curtailing a virus.

For the full version of the (unmade) film below - just look outside your window.

Riots enamating out of Minneapolis. Lockdowns, cleared shelves, travel bans, martial law, RFID tracking/surveillance, etc.
Notice the masonic executioner (wearing apron) at the trailer's end. Made by a Crowley and via a Mason.
It all smacks of psy-ops. Crowley allegedly killed his family (and himself). It's all likely a played-out masonic calling card.

Get ready for Trump's re-election (save mass fraud) and more predictable 'mass riots/social breakdown' that will ensue.
This is all already 'baked-in'. The Marxist left will go beyond insane when Trump triumphs again.
The programmed Idiocracy SJW generation. Orwell's Two Minutes of Hate. OMFG! US mass mental illness goes nuclear.
 All induced by Zionist MSM. As I said aeons back - the 2nd US civil war is now inevitable. In fact, you're already in it.
This will be exacerbated when the cases for (perma-criminals) George 'OD' Floyd/Brooks/Blake/Taylor (etc.)
- which have been set-up to FAIL. Leads to the acquittal of most, if not all police officers involved.
If there is 'mass voter fraud' - we should expect chaos, legal challenges (SCOTUS) and a longer drawn-out process.
Obvious fraud/manipulation will likely cause much anger in the affected group. All potential outcomes lead to trouble. 

Note, I stated ZIONIST MSM - and not LEFTIST and/or CHINA. This is America's number 1 blind spot.
Mass media IS the preserve of the Zionist Jews - that's TV, TV News, Big Tech, and Hollywood. ALL ZIONIST.
Most will rush to call 'mass media' - LEFTIST, DEEP STATE, and/or CHINA. They fail to see their true enslavers.
Zionist Illuminati Communism, Zionist Rothschild's Illuminati, Zionist Mass Media/Tech, Zionist religion, Zionist banking:
 Zionist Soros, etc. Oh, look. It's a ZIONIST JEW agigtator 'Jennifer Rubin': 'BURN DOWN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.'
The masters of global victimhood/agitation (the Jews) pied-piping the 'victimhood ethnics'. Learn from the masters.
June 2020...

 "Best economy ever"? Yeah, right. The Usary States of America. Market socialism (via the Zionist Fed) for the 0.1%.
If you think the economy IS the stock market - then it's no wonder that you're lost and/or programmed!
Monday Oct. 19, 2020 - will see the 33rd anniversary of Black Monday, 1987. Potential for an October surprise?
“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule” HL Mencken.
"Trust the science." They say. “I dread government in the name of science . This is how tyrannies come in“ CS Lewis.
 From my June 2020 post (above).

 Idiocracy America. Ass and Sodom, U. S. of Gay
Idiocracy - a sly 2006 documentary fronted as parody/fiction for predictive programming/mockery. The REAL Uhmerica.
Luke 'Idiocracy' Wilson's brother, Owen, heavily involved with (sodom Jew) Mary/Poolander/Poof/Gaylord, Stiller.
 Ass obsessed, hypersexualized USA (see Kardashians, etc.) Film reference is left pic - reality is the right pic.
Hypersexualization is crucial - as mass manipulation of group mind sex energy is a main aspect of programming control.
We already see children via social(ist) media using their narcissism-driven sexuality as a form of currency.
Idiocracy's oligarch Amazon (Costco). The only place where the programmed Uhmerican zombies effectively shop. Ahem.
The key of the film/doc. is the opening. A base/degenerate underclass out-breeding the prudent & sane (see welfare etc.)
A base/degenerate dependent underclass spread that makes this sort of nefarious mass programming/manipulation - easy.
 American obesity and couch potato programming are fair-game. Only a fool (and/or addict) would argue otherwise.
Idiocracy, which was actually due a 2005 release. The film that had a 'black POTUS' - long before Obama ran ('08).
Idiocracy, a film/doc. from (Shabbos Goy) Mike 'Silicon Valley' Judge. Bath-house, Barry.
Netflix Obamas. Homo Obummer's daughter interned for (Jew deviant) Weinstein. How's Big 'Tranny' Mike?
Yeah, you really don't want your (Zionist) 'predictive programming' pieces exposed too readily - hence the above.
Right, again!!! Dec. 2017. (link)
Where I destroyed (Zio-Marxist) masonic US tech firms/mass media - Apple, Google, Faecesbook, Microsoft, etc.
How's it working-out for y'all - with all those Zio-Marxist 'socialist media/group think' platforms? Ahem.
How have they all faired on the back of the plan-demic? Do you feel the Zio-technocracy's grip tightening?
These are the entities (mass mind control platforms) that are interfering with US elections and the perception of reality.
What's Zionist POS Trump done about any of this conentration of power into fewer hands? NOTHING.
Where's any healthy competition? Zio-America's MIC fomented tech is a cartel cum monopoly. It's how you make sheep.
 Oh, look. KiddieSkinFlix, erm, I mean Netflix proudly presents - 'twerk-a-thon paedo fest' - Cuties. The 'ass twerk' phenomenon
- popularised via Afro-American porn & rap. There is no divide between (Jew) Hollywood and its adjacent porn valley.
I personally think women have been more adversley affected by pornography consumption (last 2 decades) - rather than men.
Netflix, co-founded by an ancestor of (Jew propaganda) Bernays, and (Jew paedo family) the Freuds. (link)
The co-founder of Sundance (film festival, etc.) has recently been convicted of paedophilia. Zionist Jew, Pedo-wood.
The same Sundance film body that also recently praised and awarded (paedo-chic) film, Cuties.
Below, the same sheep who expanded and empowered ALL these monstrosities (Netflix/Hollywood) in the first place!
They still don't understand that it's Zionist Jews who are behind this. They still erroneously blame 'the left'. Sigh.
The left are just one of the many (obvious) conduits for this sick programming out of Zionist mass media.
The same Zionist powers that also own/control Trump. It's no wonder that they deliberately mislead themselves.
 Who'd have guessed? The hypersexualization of children. It's also Disney's main stock-in-trade.
A generation raised entirely on sick Zionist fomented mass media, narcissism, celeb worship - programmed from the cradle.
Dem. Cali. state Sen. Scott Weiner, a (JEWISH) gay politician who represents San Francisco, introduced SB 145 in Jan. 2019.
(Sodomite and paedo-lover) Sen. Weiner was endorsed by (overt racist) Kamala 'POS' Harris. Ahem.
This law already exists in respet of heteros (such is the inherent sickness). Now paedo-sodomites can join the party.
Deviant Weiner, also helped create SB-239 to lower 'knowingly infecting people with HIV' from felony to misdemeanor.
Moving the goalposts and ammending the law as their sick crimes become more exposed. Wink-wink.
I said years ago (not long after 9/11) that Zionist fomented mass media will be the death of the USA and its peoples.
That claim is now looking increasingly more likely. Certainly more likely than not, at least at this moment.
In that near 20yr timeframe - I've seen nothing but the sheep empowering/expanding the Zionist MSM that destroys them.

Now I'll get the chance to observe programmed Americans blame the Chinese (not Zionists) for ALL their ills. Bank it.

Note, it's masonic/satanic Zionism that is behind the (Trump propping) fraud/psy-op that is Q-Anon. Dumb happens.
 Zionist JEW-tube is full of these primed and programmed zombies and their Q-Tard videos. They think they're awake!
'Conspiracy For Dummies' - barely describes it. Totally drunk on Zionist Antichrist '666' Trump's kool-aid.

Jew Q-abbalist/Freemasonic - Darkness to (LUCIFER) Light:
Posted Jan 2018 - Zionist Trump and the (Zionist) left/right paradigm trap. 101 stuff. Q-Tards get destroyed on this blog.
I've circa 20 years of mass media deconstruction experience under my belt (via the internet).
Q-Tard noobies think that they've mastered (Zionist) mass media and (related) game theory. They understand neither.
These Q-Tard drones are not even at the races. They are masonic-Zionist programmed, automaton sheep.

Let it sink-in. It wasn't a Russian or Chinese led (false flag) 9/11 and accompanying (bogus) 'War on Terror':
The Zionist USA is directly responsible for wrecking Europe and beyond. And all as a result of FRAUD 9/11.
If Europeans want to know why their nations are listing and flooded with migrants - then look no further.
It's NOT an EU migrant policy - it's the Zio-US who enforce this policy via its Zio-US owned German NWO wing.
Israel and Zionist loving, Trump. (Below) From my Jan. 2018 posttrumpstein-stooge-of-zionist-israel.html
The EU/Europe is completely owned by the Zionist US/NATO.
Navalny's fake poisoning (via Zionist Germany) is a laughable development. Just as Novichok Salisbury was.
All to malign Russia and make (Zionist) EU nations come to heel. As well as wrecking Nord Stream 2. Pathetic.
War on Terror. Millions dead/injured, nations destroyed, peoples decimated, trillions spent, etc. ALL ON ZIO-US LIES.
Do recall all of this - the next time the JEW. S. of A. shouts about others infringing 'human rights'.
So, why have the EU been silent on this? Zio-US policy IS the cause and effect.
 9/11 - the Zionist mass media/US MIC/Rep & Dem...FALSE FLAG. You have no choices.
Still sold as a Muslim terror event via Bin Laden. More hilarity for a programmed & infantilized population.
A nation that programmes its people to HATE Russia/China (etc.). When the Zio-US is (and has been) the ultimate global threat.
The Zionists who brought you controlled WORLD TRADE (center) COLLAPSE - bring actual controlled world trade collapse.
Their (Jew) Commie totalitarian system is near completion. See the nuclear expansion of leftist Marxist drones (US youth, etc).
Keep blaming China for (Jew/Illuminati) Marxism? Naturally, the only thing that makes sense in light of all this - is to give-up.
I've only ever asked for one thing from people - and that was: to recognize your own role in this ongoing tragedy.
They couldn't or wouldn't. They have collectively failed. They will never identify their true enslavers and masters.

  Synagogue of Satan
As for all the Trump/Israel and relations with the (totally owned) Saudis. More hilarity. See UAE and Bahrain.
POS Satan-yahu. Oh, look. The Zionists and (plastic monarchy) Saudis have long been NWO bedfellowes. (see below)
 They've been so close, and for so long that they: "should get a room". Both onboard for false flag Zionist 9/11.
Yemen destroying and ISIS fomenting, Saudi. They fund/direct the most extreme Islamists - have done for decades.
 Zionist puppet POTUS, 666 Trump. Current diplomatic news is Zionist window dressing for the permanently dumbed-down.
Another busted flush. Thanks for the laughs, guys. 

 Human rights, manipulated civil rights, hate Goyim-Whitey, sodomy as a virtue, toxic feminisn, guilt-free abortion...

Just in-time for the election. Interesting in the event of the election outcome potentially going to the SCOTUS.
We close with some VERY GOOD NEWS - which is nice. Although she's likely been dead for some time. :)
Oy Vey! A Femi(ashke)Nazi. What a disgusting, evil, JEWISH POS. The Zionist Queen of 'ISM's' & 'INFANTICIDE'.
Don't forget your dose of Holohoax programming. You know, so ALL their crimes can be ignored. Victimhood junkies.
 A reason to rejoice. Jewish-driven paedophilia. She even advocated to lower the age of consent to 12 years old.
It was Bill 'paedophile/Epstein' Clinton (Rockefeller/Rhodes Bill) who nominated this witch for the Supreme Court.
Jewish Epstein, Jewish Weinstein, Jewish Maxwell, Jewish Polanski...the Jewish paedophile shit-list is endless. Oy vey!
Oh, dear. Spot the insane, racist Jewish eugenicist. Underlined text - she primarily means blacks. (NYT, 2009)
Why do FILTHY JEWISH FEMINAZIS enjoy killing GOYIM babies? A celebration? You think this is healthy?
Abortion pioneer, Sanger, married into a devout Jewish family. Her work leading to Planned 'Moloch Sacrifice' Parenthood.
 Also, why is this Femi-Zionist Jew driven 'baby killing business' (via filthy small hats) replete with SATANIC MARKERS?
Oh, look. JEWISH 'FIRE GOD' MOLOCH and the sacrifice of babies. I can destroy these Jewish demons - at will.
Sodomy, trannyism, abortion, toxic feminism, paedophilia, gangsta thuggery, riots as protest, murder of police, etc. 
Don't forget Zionist fomented 'hate whitey'. ALL this overt degeneracy is celebrated in the Jew S of A. I wonder why? (sarcasm)
Synagogue of Satan. Nazis and (Ashken)Nazi 'impostor' Jews:
 A pawn of Zionism. Hitler - the true FATHER of modern Zionist Israel (aka - Illuminati Rothschild's Synagogue of Satan).
"Even more incriminating than Sanger’s racism, however, is her close association with Nazism. Sanger was part of a community of American progressives who championed two remedies to get rid of “unfit” populations (especially negroes). First was forced sterilization, Sanger’s preferred solution. The (masonic Jew-owned) Nazis learned about these American programs, and enthusiastically adopted them. As Edwin Black documents in his book The War Against the Weak, the Nazi sterilization law of 1933 and the subsequent Nazi euthanasia laws were based on blueprints drawn up by Sanger, Popenoe and other American progressives." (here)
The 'Lucifer' Golden Dawn. Lucifer - the god of the Zionist Jews (masonic Jews). Holocaust - via fire.
Nazi, from National Socialist - NAtional-soZIalismus. Masonic German-Jewish Marx and Communism/Socialism.
Of course, Zionist POS and BLM/Antifa sponsor, Nazi-linked Soros, also ties to much of this.
 Kabbalist/satanic Jew, OTO - which was born out of  Germany/Austria, early C20th - overlapped with Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn.
Masonic OTO (see Crowley) co-founders Kellner & Hartmann were almost certainly of Ashkenazic Jew origin.
This is crucial to understand as (Luciferian) Freemasonry is wholly Jewish (also see kabbalah).The basis of these groups.
Eugenics Sanger, whose Planned Abortionhood later had Bill 'eugenics/vaccine' Gates' father as its head. Ahem.
Jew. S. of A. now has 'Israel-loving, Zionist Chosen One, 666 Trump' - as POTUS. Satan-yahu's puppet.
'When Europe was a Christian theocracy, say from 1050-1650,
Judaism was regarded as a satanic cult, and Jews were considered agents of the devil.'
 Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg - The Devil and the Jews (1943)
 Jews and (Jew-owned) Shabbos Goys respected Jew Ginsburg?
I'm sure she's been key in the harvesting of babies and their parts, etc. You know, for their benefit.
Let's see how Zionist Jew, paedo-ridden, LGBT, satanic-sodom Hollywood responds to POS Ginsburg's passing. :)
"FILL HER SEAT?" Jew Hollywood loves 'filling seats' - it's the sodom capital of the world.
Jewish POS, satanic-sodom/paedo programmer, and degenerate, Stephen 'shit-pipe fantasies/Shitshank dirt-tunnel' King.
Dick Back-man. Stephen 'kid orgies via (sh)IT' King, worshipped 12 year old age of consent, Jew Ginsburg?
Jewish POS, satanic-sodom/paedo programmer, and degenerate, Rob 'rosebud/sodomy roast' Reiner. Meat-head.
Spinal Ass Tapping, Mr Oral Semen, Mr Sik Balls with kids via a Chopper (dog/penis) aka (anal) Pop-Eye.
His father (Jerked Iron Balls, Carl) created Richie/Dick 'Rosebud-Iron Box' Petrie for the Dick Van Dyke Show.
Destroying these sick Zionist Jews, their satanic mind control programming, and their platforms is a breeze.
These are the same Jew mass media powers that (literally) OWN all your NEWS MEDIA. Oops.
Colbert: "Good evening, Godless sodomites..." (Emmy Awards, 2006)
Enema's 2020. Idiocracy, again. Not 'Mass Media', but ASS MEDIA - courtesy of the sick, sodom Jews. Pop Shits Creek:

Psycho-sexual programming. Sodom Hollywood/TV. Sodomy, incest, rosebud asshole...The Jew. ASS. of Gay & Canada:
Sick Jew, Eugene 'Sodom/Incest' Levy's "Schitt's Creek". Comedy? He's made crypto-sodomy a COTTAGE industry. 
Hence his links to Spinal 'Ass' Tap, Guest (see anal Reiner). Shit 'Anal' Creek and via the Rosebud (asshole/anus).
Remember this from earlier?: "There is no divide between (Jew) Hollywood and its adjacent porn valley."
(Penis) 'Goon', Guff-man, Levy. Shits Creek. Incest (sister/daughter), Rosebud (asshole), and No. 2 (shit). Now see pics, right.
The Rosebud (Anal) Motel via No. 2 - which used to be called Schitt's Creek Motel. Who'd have guessed?
Like sick, satanic-sodom programming Jew, 666 Spielberg. 666 Levy loves the ANAL Rosebud - especially via No. 2 (shit).
 Satanic rooms, anal keys and rings, anyone? Via the shit creek (anal pipe), rosebud (anus), and impacting No.2's (shit).
Pleasure-dome (glans) & erecting phallic buildings via Kane & his iced 'burning' rosebud (asshole). SICK. 'Cum in, Orson.'
Slip n Slide. Bust your snow-shaker dome (climax) via 'Rosebud' uttered via the hairy-hole (homo Welles' mouth).
Shit-fisting, (jur)ASS(ic) PARK, 666 Spielberg. Gooning (penis edging), One-eyed Willying/Pan Hook (penis), Steve.
Always keen on man-eating (see 'Deep Throat' Jaws) & 'biffing the shit' (turd nudging via a Thomas) in Back to the Future.
Close(t) Turd Encounters. The filmic and satanic Jew-god of US cinema and programming. Faecal Flix & Cumming Soon:
I wonder why Citizen 'ASSHOLE' Kane is one of Sodom Spielberg's favourite films? Likewise, with Sodom Levy.  :)
 Too Much Johnson, and The Big (br)Ass Ring, homo/rosebud Welles. (Rosebud, aka [actress] Marion Davies' sphincter.)
Who'd have guessed that the finale season of (Jew) Rosebud/Schitt-pipe Creek would centre on homo marriage?
Shit 'Rosebud No.2' Creek, Beatling Levy/666 Crowley - 666 Crowley Pepper via No.2, Fixing A(ss)-Hole, & Backdoor keys.
The 'Sodom' Beatles. Jew Dick/Ring-O. Managed by homo Jew, Epstein. Homo Jew, Lockwood, label head (sodom) EMI.
 Note, I have never read a single one of King's novels and/or stories. Not one.
Satanic Jew, Stephen King. Sewer/shit pipes (anal pipe), balloon knots (anus), floaters (shit), & No. 2 (chp 2). Shhh...IT.
Loo-sers. Dick Thomas played original lead, O'Toole the only female. John '666 Sphincter Boy' Ritter also featured.
Made for TV. Iron-works. Girly-boy IT. The original (SH)IT monster (Pennywise) - trans-sexual/TV icon, Tim 'homo' Curry.
 Tim 'Ginger-TV (SH)IT-Clown' Curry. The Ginger QUEER/HOMO. (Shhh) IT has returned. Must be a floater. ;)
This IS how the group mind is infected/rotted with their sodom hell. The oblivious audience lap it up. Always have.
(These are the people that the programmed masses have made into virtual gods! ALL via free will. Oops.)
We'd love to see both Jew King and Jew Spielberg work together. A shit poke double-header worthy of an O-scar.
For a complete shit-filled afternoon try watching King penned Shitshank Redemption and (SH)IT - back-to-back.
Tim 'sodom-shit' Robbins - his Susan Sarandon co-starred in (SH)IT Curry's Rocky 'Tranny' Horror. TV Sausage Frank.
(Deep Throat, Jaws. Homo-linked Bruce - the phallic shark/vagina dentata. Man-Eating. Horror-show Tranny-Frank Jaws.)
Water-gate, Deep Throat and Tricky Dick (Nixon). Moby 'Her-Man/Sperm Whale' Dick(ing) - see Melville - via Ahab/Quint.
Homo Jew Sheinberg was the force behind closet Spielberg - he was married to 'GARY' (shitter) - who played Ellen Brody.
Jew deviant, Lou Adler was the major force behind bringing this trans-sexual mass mind control to the screen.
Still in limited release 45 years after its premiere, it is the longest-running theatrical release in film history.
Shitshank (Reiner) just like Sodom/Scat King's (SH)IT - it's sewer-hole entering and shit-pipe fun with homoerotic males.
I wonder if the ending's boat/yacht scene is simply a reference to 'cruising'? Reiner originally wanted Cruise in the role.
Homo 'shit-pipe' Robbins (see lesbian Sarandon) was in Scott's Cockpit Cruising/Goosing and Iced-Man, Top 'homo' Gun.

 See linked The Green 'homo' Mile (via flies) - and the ass/moon-pie brown facial (shit) via cheeks with Iron 'poof' Man, Rockwell.
Jail dirt-tunnel digging with his hammer-head, busting shit-pipes via dreams/fantasies. Worm-hole, Freeman. Reiner linked Elwes:
 Freeman and (gay Harcourt, Saw/Sore, windy Twister) Cary 'aristocrat' Elwes (Carrie, meaning Free-man. See closet Carrie).
See (anal) Reiner's links to Willy 'Butch/Deep Throat' Goldman. Priness Bride, Guff-man Guest, 'Tranny' Sarandon as Humper-di(n)ck.

 Mary-land milk loads via the moon & Little 'Dick' Richard. The (homo fruit) Tutti 'Booty' Frutti and Georgia 'Ass' Peach, man.
Gary (shitter) & Cox Kiss The Girls via Brown (see Willy Chocolate Zanuck). Dynamite Willie, Deep Impact, Chocolat, Brown.
The butch-poker Sting. From Dick Zan(F)uck-Brown, who brought us Gary/Gay Head 'Bruce-Jaws' via Rosebud/Deep Impact Spielberg:
 Daisy Driving. Deep 'earth' Impact, Freeman. Bruced via Buttman, Red (butch Willis), Carrey Almighty, & Bereford's Back-Seat.
A Jessie-Car (Jessi-ca). Driving via the 'Back-Seat' and with a 'Rear View', Daisy. Milky Georgia Peaching and Pack(h)ard:
Wormhole (milky-way), Deep 'ass-teroid' Impact, shit-pipe dreamer, chopper/head climaxing (Se7en), moon-milk jizzing, Freeman. 
Odd that he's a 'Milk Truck' driver before taking-up duty with back-seat Jessie-car. Stiff pork Piggly Wiggly. (via Jews?)
With Ghost 'Twinkie' Buster, Aykroyd. A manhole slimed, head-emptying, Stay Poofed, (phallic) Tower cream climaxing, homo. 
The traveler has come. Busting makes him feel good. (Toilet) Trading Places, Dan. They're all homos - in a homo industry.
 Scott's (Queens) Pelham 123 ('ass model ryder'' Travolta, Washington) - chopper-linked MILK, then produced at the climax.
See Scott's Cockpit Cruising/Goosing & Iced-Man, Top 'homo' Gun (with shit, Robbins). One of the gayest films ever made.
Chopper & milk via Queens and jumping (see hurdles dialogue). Money (ransom) down the Queens tunnel. Money shot.
Mind-raping the dumb, programmed Goyim sheep. Using Jewish schmaltz - when it's really sodomy programming.
Crypto-sodomy programming is real. Deconstructing all this Jewish fomented filth? It's like taking candy from a baby.
D'ya think ALL this - which is a Zio-US generational program - are the doings of China? God help you if you do.
King's Stand-By (Behind) Me via Jew Reiner. (Pop-eye) Chopper/penis via sik balls and on (mogul fluffer) Feldman's ass.
 Spielberg's mentor, masonic-satanic Jew, Sodom Kubrick - via Sodom Jew, King. Here's (condom via choppered toilet-doors) Johnny.
Back Door to Hell, Easy 'Chopper' Rider, As Good Gay As It Gets, Head, chopper the 'meat packing' Scatman, Beetling Nicholson.
Kubrick did the huge cock and linked milk facial (via a probe, sphinx-ters and pussy killing) in queer Clockwork Orange (fruits).
Serum eye-drops. Lolita 'camp climax' Kubrick. The 'world of shit' donut driller via nailing sphinxes (sphincters) & blown toilet head.
King's The Dead Zone via The Fly Cronenberg. A dung Beetle-bug via (ass-watching & egg-planting) Walken tail-ending a milk truck.
Dr. Sleep. The true (rose-bud/balloon) knot via a hatter (a sodomite) and child abuse. The CLOSET monster. Wink, wink.
Original (SH)IT was directed by Halloween Wallace. The Bogey/Buggery 'eye stabbed closet' Man is cumming.
Dreamcatcher - Mr Gay (via Gary, shitter), shit-eating via Scooby 'scat' Doo, man-holes, etc. - with shitty pipe dreams, Freeman.
Screenplayed by Jew, Willy 'Reiner/King' Goldman - the (ginger Redford) Butch-linked, Deep 'Dick' Throat, man.
Directed by Empire Back-Striking, Indy snake cock-pit back-boning, boneyard jumpin', TV Set, As Gay As It Gets, Jew Kasdan.
(SH)IT - kid orgies via shit. The 'Scat-man' Shining - 'Incest: why parents sleep with their children.' (see incest Nicholson).
It's Trainspotting's Rogue (Toilet) Trader, McGregor - of Dr Sleep fame. BUMHOLES, Ewan. Mr POO(h). 
Sequel linked to shit-biffing BTTF. Spud/Rosebud and shit. A bed shit scene (with spud) in masonic Boyle's homo film.
Red-Rum or Red-Bum? "Rum, SODOMY, and the lash". See Jolly Rogering (seamen) boner Pirates. Poo(h) 'paedo' Bears:
Empty (sexual) honeypots. Obi-Wank-E-Nobby: "These aren't the droids haemorroids you're looking for."
It's no wonder that his Uncle played 'Wedge' (underwear jammed up the ass) in Star 'Homo' Wars. Christopher Robin:
Sodom Disney. Nailing the (effeminate) Ass with Tail (latin, penis) and via poo(h). Hammer that (donkey) ass. Eye-sore. 
Toilet/Poo(h) Ewan should team-up with Poo(h) D'Onofrio - Kubrick's donut drilled 'world of shit' toilet man. :)
Ewan's first appearance on TV via the UK (Jew K). "Bumholes, bumholes, bumholes..." (aka assholes).
There's Ewan 'Toilet/Shit/Poo(h)' McGregor - listening and reading the newspaper at his desk.
He likes to hang with Charley 'Mr Frost'/Deliverance' Boorman, son of John 'Deliverance' Boorman. Ahem.
 The (homo/paedo) Dick-ey book/film with (mountain) mounting men and male anal rape. Bored-men, Boar/Piggy.

The REAL AMERICA (and beyond). Engulfed by the energy of Satan. And it's getting worse. How do you like it?
The psychological damage/devastation that all this has wrought on the mass group mind - is immeasurable.
The recent (SH)IT films have made more than $1 billion+! There is seemingly no end to this deviant madness.
You see, folks. It's literally the ENTIRE JEWISH INDUSTRY. You erroneously call it showbiz/entertainment.
To call all of this: mass mind rape on a phenomenal level - really doesn't do it justice. This is induced sodom hell.
Typical narrative junkies and (brainwashed) 'cult of celebrity' sheep - will be the worst affected (99.99%).
Totally oblivious to the decades of degenerate Freudian-like programming that has been wrought - and by their heroes.
Satanic/sodom JEWS. Homo/paedo Kaufman, etc. Man/boy love, Troma Kaufman - connected to Closet/Rosebud Spielberg.
Sodom-closet, 'Tails From the Crapper' Kaufman, links to One-eyed Willying, The 'penis' Goonies. They love CHILD REARING.
Above left. OTO (sodom) Carradine featured in this 'homo-Frisco' film. His granddaughter featured in (paedo) The Goonies.
OTO (The Boogey Man) Carradine was close to the Barrymore patriarch - see (lesbian) Drew 'closetting ET' Barrymore.
Close(t) Encounters of the Turd Kind. Sodom/LGBT+ programming, masonic/satanic Jews - closetting Spielberg and King.
Sick deviant programmer, Spielberg, has utilized his schmaltz 'Gaylien/UFO' crap for mass sodomy programming.
 Rosebud (spud) Devils (phallic) Tower & Bear/Bare Butt(e) Mountain (Mounting) via Ronnie & 'rainbow' Roy (homo Dick Dreyfuss).
Mr "Chopper sik balls." Rosebud, Biffing the shit, jurAssic Park, homo Color Purple, Pan-Hook, Jaws 'Gay Head', Closet Spielberg.
5 inches probing earth (terre/dirt-shit) via KNICKERS (knickerbocker). Ideal for an 'alien' TURD CLOSE(T) ENCOUNTER.
Turd-like E.T. Penis breath, Uranus (anus), sausage pizza (no fish/female) - dragging with EllioT - coming-out of the closet:
Clos-E.T. Turd Encounters. Moon (ass) cycles & LGBT+ rainbow - see ending. Satanic Jews brainwashing children with LGBT.
Moby 'Sperm' Dick, Thomas. Closet EllioT feat. with 'Poo McGregor' in Dr. Sleep, as The 'Chopper' Shining's Jack Torrance.
The mirroring (homo) rainbow blind directly opposite the homo/drag closet. Full-moon (ass) cycles.
Drag-closet EllioT (a Thomas) - who also played drag-closetting Master Bates in 'made for TV' Psycho IV.
Also see Spielberg's CLOSET orifice Poltergeist - which was made at the same time as (closet/rainbow) E.T.
Woody King's TV Rainbow 'Twink' Brite. Poltergeist (Tranny Hooper/Rosebud Spielberg) 'Rainbow' O'Rourke feat. in TV ads.
The Rainbow Arc (Ark) via beasts and earth. Snakes in the (uphill) garden. Why are JEWS effectively the ONLY storytellers?
 The BENT rainbow arc/ark. "It's a TRANS-mitter. A (TRANNIE) radio for speaking to (partheno-genesis) God."
Arch-eology. Snake Petting. Arc of the Covenant, (Genesis ark/arc rainbow). Snakes in his cock-pit & back-boning. Indy, 42 Ford.
 Brown hatter, Indiana (see Gary) & the (penis) Bullwhip. Apocalypse 'chopper/ring cycle/helmet sitting/hairy surfing' Now, Ford.
Snatching 'head' via 'blow pipes' opening, Raiders. Star-Cruiser Star 'homo' Wars. D'ya  think he likes to Jabba the Butt? 
How about a hairy (Men-dipping) Wookey/Wookiee Hole? Indy and his (phallic) staff of Ra via the red hawk-eye (anus).
The Empire really does 'Strike-Back'. Marion Raven(Pecker)Wood. A quasi-homage to (homo-paedo) A C 'Crystal Skull' Clarke.
Descend into the (cock) snake pit via dogging Anubis. Crystal Skull - Mutt & the (c)Oral snake pit via touching the bottom.
Camping with Willie and via a nocturnal 'python' encounter? A 'forbidden eye' filled with snakes? What can they mean?
Willie in 'snake-pit' Temple of Doom. Willie-mining. Short 'base-ball' Round is Dick Wang from The 'One-eyed Willy' Goonies.
Crystal 'snake bottom hole' Skull, Transforming LaBeouf is linked to 'toilet Deep Wang' in 'worm-drilling' Dark Pink Moon.
 Last Cruise-ade (bummer Templers). Kid sex, trans-Phoenix (aka Mr Bottom) near anally impaled via phallic hairy-horn (rhino).
Textbook gay icon, Tom Selleck, would've been Indy - save for his (Private Eye/I, Private Dicking) commitment to Magnum:PI.
Welles, Rosebud, Greeked pincher (dog) linked Thomas Magnum. The series with the flying, brown Rogering-chopper man.
 (SH)IT King's The 'Closet' Bo(o)geyman - still in production. The closet monster cumming-buggeryman. 'He came home.'
Cumming Closet (Buggery) Bogeymen. Mike 'stabber' Myers. A closet eye stabbed homo. Nick 'The Seat Filler/Hook' Castle.
"Wanna go to the dance?" Boogie (dance/sex) with anal Bo(o)geyman, dancer Castle - via his hanger-hook stabbed closet eye.
 "I wish I had you all alone. Just the two of us." (incest, pump-kin) See Laurie/Michael's kiss - Res-erection, & original promos.
Mr 'BUMMER' Sandman. Hair like (satanic homo) Liberace. The closet 'eye-stabbed' bummer - ass/arse/bum bandit.
Song is used in  Rosebud Spielberg's Back to the (shit-biffing thomas) Future - via Mocking-bird Sq. (mocking women).
Tricks or treat? The Closet Bo(o)gey/Sand Man is Cumming. Frisco 'Metal Up Your Ass' - Toilet-Stab Metallica.
Upper middle-class Dane, Ulrich, wanted a 'bloody machete/chopper' rising from the bowl - up your ass. Enter Sandman.
 One eye open, (homo) pillow gripping/biting, (sodom) Pan Never-land (see Myers/Castle), beasts in the closet. Oh, dear.
Closet Bo(o)geyman/Sandman Carpenter wanted 'Enter Sandman' for the opening of (sodom King linked) In the Mouth of Madness.
Closet Myers' entire story arc begins with 'sibling sexual spying/stalking' - leading to linked sister bedroom stabbing.
Woodie wagon type car - homo Blue Oyster Cult playing when the closet buggeryman tails (Nancy) Annie's car.
Res-ERECTION opening - a tunnel via a door, a hanged (hung) Myers, Gay-cy, an incest kiss and Laurie back-stabbed.
Kicks - via everyone the 'closet eye stabbed' homo - cums across. 'Deep Throat Jaws' Spielberg is mentioned in this film.
Busta Myers, debut LP 'The (Hot Fudge) Coming' (Cumming). A role in (Gay Paree, quarter-pounded Jackson's) Shaft. Ahem.
Shaggy/Scooby (Scat) Doo and Charlie 'peanuts' Brown linked Busta/Harris (Rhymes). Harris/'Arris, the buttocks/arse.
Rosebud/Closet Spielberg, the director of (Mike Myers) Austin 'Pinky Evil/No.2' Powers' life-story in Gold-penis-member.
Halloween No.2 feat. Dana 'Mike Myers' Carvey, Jaws Hendricks (Kramer), Jaws 4 Guest, & Jaws Dick Warlock as Myers.
Closet Myers' mask is Willy SHAT-ner - the captain's log via star-dates and cling-ons, man. Max worm-hole warp factor.
A Mike Myers is credited in Bob 'Rosebud/Gay Divorcee' Wise's probing & cling-on crusier Star Trek (: colon) MOTION Pic. 1979.
 Probing Voyager. Voyage(r) Home IV - with earth (shit) alien probing via Hump-Back and the Frisco rainbow bridge (perenium).
Beam me up, DOO-han (Scotty). Imagine not realising that Disney is a sick, sodom promoting hell? (Closet) Monsters, Inc.
Closet Willy Myers SHAT-ner. The Mary (Boo) via the homo closet (door) and Mr One-eye. Homosexual Disney. Vomit.
They think they're clever with their mockery. Closet Shatner (see TRANS-formed Man) IS a homo - always has been.
Ending. A 'Mary' can't find the Kitty (pussy) via the homo closet. A (fairy) tail-twisting climax via closet, SHAT-ner.
Logging Shatner-Myers loves a climax-twist in his tail. Fairy-tails have always been right up his (Kirstie's) alley. Brainwashing kids.
SHAT-ner isn't the only star-logger. There's also 'sick-bay Bones' - DeForest (logging). Bones via the bridge. Trans-warp beaming.
Cruising Cling-on/Star-Logging, Lloyd. Shit-Biff Thomas and pink surf time tunnel, Doc(k) Brown. He can't wait to probe earth.
BTTF3Butt-Ram (as Jeb) who feat. with 'eye-pop & eye-stab' Lloyd in (Gary-ing & Grinch Seaman's) Rogering 'time tunnel' Rabbit.
BTTF3, Oz-linked Lloyd as Marvel with a purple Mary and (Clint Eastwood) Frisco bridging via the (climax) point of no return.
"Sit on it" - Cunning-Hams via the family jewels hidden in chocolate, 'wind-cheater' Fonz (a WINKLE-r). The sodom Howards.
Star Trek, Clint. There's no place like homo. The rainbow/prick road to (gay) Oz. Friends of Dorothy and his/her windy twister:
Johnson/Myers, Clint. Tran-Ya Balok or bollock? Apollo 13 greek mooning. Balls-Out. Back-draft. Seaman's swinging keys Grinch.
 Poo(h) Bear. Gentle 'homo Bears' Ben. Curious 'Banana-Spanking Moon-key'. Frost 'Dick' Nixon. Muk (muck) in ST:Enterprise.
See Rance Howard in homo-paedophile Salva's Rose-Wood (Eye) Lane (wood for rosebud lane). Easy 'chopper' Rider:The Ride Back.
Hard Dewey Cox (dewy cocks), Big Wind on Camp-us. Inner 'cruising ass injection' Space. The Lay of the Land (Doc. Brown). 
Frost 'Dick' Nixon. Drillbit Taylor. (ANL) Psycho (weepy donut exit, remake). Chasing The Star. (Sodom) Apple Seed, Rance.
Halloween (2007), Clint 'Cunningham' Howard. Happy Days. The brother of Erin 'Joanie Cunningham'' Moran, Tony, played Myers (1978).
Orange queers. Res-erection by Halloween No.2 (with Dick), Rosenthal. He married a Nancy (Stephens), see orig. film.
Busta 'The Coming' Myers meets Closet Coming Buggeryman Myers: multiple asses, jobs, and opened/unlocked back-doors:
Shat-ner/Myers, also played by TV (SH)IT, Wallace. Halloween Cundey left Carpenter for Spielberg. Jurassic 'the fly' Park, Dean.
'Hold on to your fag butts'. Black Snake, Snake Cock-pit, Gay Paree Quarter-pounded with cheese, (s)Hit-man, 'Ring-O', Jackson.
Greased backdoors crying (sHit-man) Travolta - popped by (ass-watching) Butch-Bruce on the shitter (toilet). A popped tart (literally). 
Porn Shop/Die Hard, Bruce. Closet/Bruce, Spielberg. Bruced, Laura (Blue 'Closet & Toilet Horn' Velvet) Dern. Oz Friend of Dorothy.
jurAssic Park's sex-change (swing) dinos. Beard-busting, 'Barb-ASOL' (hook/asshole) DNA cream via a screwed-bottom.
Shaving Ryan's Privates. Spielberg/Cundey had the 'snake tube', Dusty Hill & Beard-linked Boogie Men (ZZ Top) in 'shit-biff' BTTF3.
 Hook has a 'Date Nut' swing batter baseball scene. (Hook/Seamen) Jaws - a baseball bat swing battering tranny-radio scene. 
Closet Boogeyman (Nick 'Hook' Castle), also played by DICK 'Jaws' Warlock. Eye penetration via gas climax. One-eyed Snake, Dick 
(see EFNY). Son, Billy 'Butt-Head Dad' Warlock, see Society. Incest overtones and homoerotic kisses. Anal penetration overload via the Beverly Hills elite who feed on underclass humanity. Sound familiar? Ahem. (Evoking They 'elite programming' Live.) 
Anus-overload & 'coming-out' linked, Society: Coco-shunting orgies via (sodom elite) Eton Boat Song - "swing, swing, together."
 UK PM, (Eton fag) Johnson and via Cummings. US had their Bush (twice, one VP'd by a Dick) - now it's a Trump (fart).
(Toilet) Trading Places/Spinal Tap-linked, Jamie 'closet' Lee. Aristocrat, and Shits Creek Levy linked husband, Guest.
Jessie. But(t) Love with Dick? Anything 'Butt Love' -  & she's OK. A Jew homo-father (Schwartz), and Jew ancestry hubby.
Her mother played the ANL-trading Crane. Hitch-COCK, Tranny Psycho. Sodomy and 'motherfucker' necro-incest.
Tranny Bates loves 'stuffing birds' (euphemism) - especially dead ones (Mom). Ahem. Dead stuffed birds via the fruit cellar.
Incest. Laurie's daughter, Jamie. Brother/sister, uncle/niece (sexual) stabbing. Pump(ing)-Kin.
Mother, ANL Leigh, featured in mother/son incest resonating and mind control based The Manchurian Candidate.
Halloween/Closet Wallace turned down (sibling incest) Halloween #2. His 1st produced screenplay Amityville #2 featured sibling incest.
A homo reference via a men's toilet? Toilet-trading the Nancy (Stephens) car. Steve 'Camp Chopper Blood' Miner directed.

Dean 'Halloween' Cundey (see 'shit biffing' Back to the Future) was cinematographer for the sequel film (Marying) Psycho #2.
Mother, (ANL) Leigh, features with daughter Jamie in 'Myers toilet/car-trading' H20 - with the post-trade Psycho car.
Homo Hitch-COCK, who put 'stuffed & hollowed-out eyes' Mother's corpse in Leigh's closet. Recall eye-stab closet, Jamie.
Hitch-Cock's (Her-mann) Psycho - 1st American film to show a toilet/shitter. One symbolically tied to: 'dump it out' dialogue.
Homo Van Sant's remake with 'Swinger' Vaughan - ends with a Weepy Donuts exit (tune). It's used in his (homo film) Milk.
Homo Highmore, Willy 'Choc' Wanka and (flying) Pan-Hook Neverland - via Nancy's boy, 'semi-sweet/salty nuts' Depp.
Cum via the fly. He luvs Mike TV & Willy's fudge mounting. Gloop (a sticky substance) stuck in Willy's chocolate pipe.
Chocolate-blood shower, eye plugged, Psycho (1960). Drag-fruit, pecker-stuffer, eye-hollowing, peeper-holing, Master-Bates.
Dick 'Jaws' Zanuck & (Weinstein's) Brad 'homo' Grey made (sodom) Dahl's Choc. Factory - with Nancy-boys Depp, Got-Ham Burton.
Got-ham & Chocolate. The melinated 'sex slaver' - you better 'Believe he can FLY' - in a trapped in the (homo) closet sense!
'I Believe I Can Fly' - from hoop-dunking and dirt-hole bunny - Space Jam. Jammed/trapped in a tight space - like the CLOSET:
 (Homo) closet trapped with his Big Package. Second cummings via Cruising. Hanky, eye-lodge, rainbow-end, Tom (Eyes Wide Shut).
Dante's InnerSpace (with hung meat via swinging backdoors) has Quaid enter (homo) Short by ass injection via a cruise booking.
New Jack(o) Swing. 'In the Closet' (via brown-eye) Mike. The rainbow bridging (perenium), rainbow tunnelling, Gary-linked, homo
The Vincent 'The Fly' Price connected and transformed via full-moons beast man - Thriller seeker. Rainbow moon-walker. 
Bent Spooning via (homo) Geller. Flying Pan-Hook, Neverland Peter Puffer. Love songs about Ben, and (BJ) Billie-Jean.
In the Closet (video) with Naomi Camp-bell. Jacko full-moons (asses) & full-ham(s). Linked to Fulham (football) aka The Cottagers.
'Over the Oz Rainbow' via The 'Friend of Dorothy' Wiz. Closet Jackson was linked to rainbow-closet E.T. (soundtrack, etc.) 
Closet Bates. Freudian PSYCHO-ANAL(YSIS). Hitch-COCK and Freud via scriptwriter (Closet) Stefano:
Psycho IV. Norman 'closet penis' Bates. "On another occasion, Norman doused her with orange flower water and Norma playfully wrestled with him until she felt him have an erection. Raging, she put him in a dress and lipstick and called him a girl as she - 
locked him in a closet to make him forget about his penis." (source). Drag-closet Master-Bates played by ET's drag-closet Elliot.
Closet/drag ET's sickness compared to AIDS. Homo (drag/closet) Perkins discovered his own HIV status making Psycho IV!
Closet ET Thomas was recommended by Jack 'Closet Sissy/Carrie' Fisk - who's heavily linked to David 'closet Dorothy' Lynch.
Opening: Bates High School - via the 'bloody sexual shower' scene (see Psycho) and chanting of: 'plug it up' (see Psycho).
Apr. 5, 1974 saw (Closet) King’s 1st novel published, Carrie, & (Closet) Spielberg’s 1st theatrical release, The Sugarland Express.
Closetting 'homoerotic' Carrie. A closet Sissy via a Nancy and (Jessie-linked) homo Travolta. Back-stabbed Prom QUEENS.
King's filmic launch was (arguably) introduced in a homoerotic/psycho-sexual manner - and by Spielberg connected DePalma.
 A bloody, MEN-struating (soap dropping) 'SISSY' teen in the shower with: "Plug it up." [chanting]. Carrie (meaning 'free man').
 What they did to 'soap dropper' closet-Sissy/Carrie via a Nancy: 'was a shitty thing. A very shitty thing.'
It's effectively a giant metaphor for: 'a coming out of the closet' sissy-queen. 'Closet' Spacek is close to David 'incest/closet' Lynch.
 Lynch's Twin Peaks. A HORN(e) via the (homo/fruit) CLOSET. With One-eyed (Penis) Jack and Turd-eye (uni) Horns.
 A connect to Tennesee 'homosexual' Williams' The Glass Menagerie - Laura, glass unicorns, blue rosie (anal bud).
Shit-fist/horn, Dern, linked to the closet scene below - via the toilet/closet & (car) HORN. Lynch's 'closet friend of Dorothy', Blue Velvet.
Priscilla 'closet Carrie' Pointer plays the mother of (closet friend of Oz Dorothy) Jeffrey. There's father/son incest overtones.
Closet Sissy helped finance Eraserhead, a film whose dialogue is linked to (sodom icons) FGTH's (anal) Relax.
Jack 'Closet Carrie/Sissy' Fisk (Spacek's husband), Lynch's former brother-in-law. Friends since childhood.
Her appearance in Lynch's The STRAIGHT Story (via lawn-mowing, euphemism) is surely a form of overt crypto-mockery.
Closet Lynch and closet Piper 'Carrie/Twin Peaks' Laurie. The (sexual) cherry pie & closetting linked duo. N. Bend, Twin Peaks.
Piper 'Hustler' Laurie (Carrie's mom) - via homo (butch) Newman and homo (Alice/Gaylord) Gleason. See Twin 'incest' Peaks.
Touched/untouched sexual pie (vagina) via guilt/repression (pimples, chastise/sexual chastity). See shower bloody pie touching.
  Twin Peaks (breasts), cherry pie (virgin vagina), One-eyed Jacks (the penis). Don't forget the log-lady, donut hole, and Frost.
Jeffrey 'closet friend of Dorothy' - as 'cherry pie loving' Cooper. Bed-Rock, Maclachlan, also see The (Back) Doors (Man).
Twin Peaks' Shelly 'R&R' JOHNSON and Cherry Pie. Amick. River-DALE & COOPER via Margaret 'Pie' White and Carrie.
Twin Peaks' Piper Laurie, De PALMA'S original Mrs White. Laura PALMER becomes a Carrie at the end of TP S3.
Cross-dressing Laurie, linked to the Packard Mill (Pack-hard wood), and via Wallace's H3 witch, Coc(k)hran (O'Herlihy).
Carrie by Cohen, co-writer Wallace/King's TV (SH)IT. DePalma soon made (hetero STD opening) 'Nancying' Dressed To (Tranny) Kill.
Cruised with Tom, Mission(ary) Impossible - climax sees a chopper entering a train tunnel via Cruise & (sodom) Deliverance Voight.
Dressed To Kill based on (anal) Psycho. - see 'tranny shower killing'. His Body Double on Hitch-COCK'S Rear 'Corey' Window.
 Body 'Rear Window' Double's only kill is via a phallic screw-drill - initially from behind. The killer hides in a closet. Soon followed by the Holly 'Pleasure Doming' Johnson porn scene and (sodom anthem) 'Relax' - overlaid with lead (Wasson) being seduced by female Holly.
His stunt (body) double is Dick 'closet Myers' Warlock. FGTH scene - photographed by Tranny Chainsaw, Pearl. Se(a)-men & Cum:
 Jew, Bernard Rose directed the first (banned) FGTH 'Relax' video. He followed it with Bronski Beat's (uber homo) 'Smalltown Boy', then FGTH's 'Welcome to the Pleasure (Glans) Dome' (see rosebud Kane). Soon moving to US film and directing Sodom Barker's Candy(ass)Man - toilet hooks, toilet genital castration, hook/eye stings, etc. The latter film has recently been remade. FGTH linked Horn, (who produced for homo Pet Shop Boys) opened the homo Jew fomented US 'rainbow' MTV channel (Empty V, an empty vagina).
 Johnson, O'Toole and Horn-linked Frankie Goes To Holly-wood.. Wasson feat. in Nancy/Jessie-linked Elm St. 3 and alongside Nancy. Craig 'Nights at O'Rear's/Bum Rap/Bush Shrink/Tails from the Darkside' Wasson. Closet/tranny DePalma, a Rosebud/Kane fan. Erecting (phallic glans) Pleasure Domes via Rosebud Kane - see DePalma's Raising Caine (a risen/erect Kane). Spielberg/DePalma - connected via computing and programming. (Anal-log) DePalma built computers, as did Spielberg's GE 'mainframe' father.
Back-door tricks via a Sting & Rosebud/Spud (potato head) homo Jew, Mary-land Deezen (as sodom Gates). Homo Apple #2.
(F)Ass-bender played 'Ring-O love' referencing homo/rainbow Frisco Big Jobs. Also note Friend of Dorothy 'Woz'. Ahem.
Also recall that (Ring Lord linked) homo Cum-A-Batch played (PC godfather) 'poison sodom apple chomping' Alan (Anal) Turing.
WarGames' base entrance is the (BTTF) pink surf, shit-biff Thomas and (Gary/Seaman linked) rogering 'port-able holes' rabbit tunnel
 Apple Beatle, Men-Love Lennon was due to play Prof. Falken, based on big-banging hairy blackholes, Hawking.
 Rosebud/One-eyed Willie, 666 Spielberg. Nancying (see Carrie/DTK) with the Rose and Ass-Eyev via the Sodom/Jew Beatles.

 In ASSociation with 'Biffing the shit' - Jew, Zemeckis. Nancy 'Sissy-Carrie/Tranny' Allen, Beatlling back-door/rosebud, Deezen.
"The little brown eel [sodom penis] swims in-and-out of the hole - via a [balloon] knot." See Gay Head/Deep Throat, Jaws.
Is this Rosebud Spielberg's idea of a: "wife's holiday roast?" Hooks sinking-in to meat - trying to catch (homo) Bruce?
 Gary & (seamen-tube) Indiana-polis, Jaws. Tail End, Amblin, An American Tale Tail. TV debut - Eyes, Number 2, & A Queen:
and Nancy boys (homos) - just like A Nightnare on Elm Queer St - see 'Ring Lord' Shaye, via Sodomy Song, Jackson.
 Cumming Soon. Up the Gary (shitter) via lagenKAMP Nancies, homo Jessies and cumming. Where's hung Rod Lane?
Freddy's cumming for you. Man of your dreams (swoon) - child molesting and Spring-Wood (erection). Those (anal) Hills Have Eyes.
'Deep Throat' hardcore birthing, Craven. Mr 'Red Eye' (via Cox). Porn-horror-shows via 'Camp Chopper Blood' Cunning-ham(s).
Craven's in Thunderbuns (1976) - a non-performing photographer with the twin incest teens. Incest/anal porn film. (here)
He directed XXX The Fireworks Woman (a sister/brother incest angle). See Craven & (incest) Flowers in the Attic. Deadly Blessing (1981), tranny linked & where two young, key actresses (Jensen/Buckner) made career ending appearances. One via a serious STD. 
The (penile) Serpent and the (homo) Rainbow' via Willy Pullman (pull man, pulling men). Nancying Craven. Halloween homage, Scream.
Halloween, buggery Myers stabs a Nancy from behind. It featured Sissy/Nancying Carrie's PJ 'Hard-On' - (R) Soles.
Closet Carrie. Hard-on/Soles is found in a closet (Halloween), near crucified Annie/Nancy. See crucified Laurie, (Piper, Carrie).
Jewish fomented crypto-sodomy, paedophilia, trannyism, the mocking of Christ? Anyone would think they're Jewish satanists! ;)
 The only film that faeces King ever directed was soundtracked by AC/DC - meaning to swing both ways.
With Dick Wagner (homo) 'Ring Cycling' - via Asspocalypse 'Chopper/Asshole of the World' Now Sheen's son, Emilio.
Dixie Boy, ACDC, ATM Asshole via Buns, 'Mr Shit' King. AKA Dick Back-man (Bachman). Maximum COCAINE. A camp-fest.
ACDC, also linked to the Iron (Poof) Man series. Super-Queeroes - iron, one-eyed, Randy donut-hole exits, etc. 
The film's trailer scored with (Sh)IT and (closet-hook stabber) Bogey/Buggeryman Wallace's Halloween III.
I couldn't help but notice that former child actor Jonathan 'Spielberg' Brandis starred in the original faecal (SH)IT.
An actor, who like (King/Singer linked) Renfro, was likely subject to industry paedophile abuse -  the industry norm.
Homo Jew, Singer - close to one-eyed Willying, 666 Jew Donner/Schwartzberg and Spielberg (see Bad Hat Harry).
Brandis died at age 27 via hanging/suicide. (SH)IT concerns a child killing (sodom) monster who cycles on a 27 year pattern.
Evoking Spielberg's 'closet' Poltergeist (he wanted King to script the film) and the (likely) ritual death of Heather O'Rourke.
Nancy 'Closet-Carrie' Allen was in the 3rd (closet) Poltergeist film. O'Rourke dying before the production finished.
The beast (devil) and the tower (see film). Devils Tower, Spielberg. Phallic Han-COCK Tower & directed by a Gary (Sherman).
Strange that her 'lifeforce' is mentioned in this 3rd film (1986) and via being taken before she grows up. Ahem.
It was Poltergeist Hooper that made Lifeforce (1985), about a human life draining, advanced vampirical race.
Lifeforce was the first film of Hooper's three-picture deal with Cannon Films, following Poltergeist (1982).
Colon, O'Rourke. Tweety 'toilet' PIE. Spielberg's (sodom/cursed) Poltergeist - where her closet contains a fleshy/colon orifice.
The room where the 1988 Super Bowl poster is seen - 'youngblood' Heather was taken ill on that very Sunday, Feb. 1988.
A televised NFL game is simultaneously in-progress (in the lounge) during these above scenes. Ahem.
The 1988 Super Bowl which took place in San Diego. O'Rourke, who was born in San Diego - and died there. (link)
San Diego is named after Saint 'CANARY' Didacus. San DIE-go. None of this is by chance, imho.
"They're here." The TV programming people. (Deep Throat), Jaws. Closet Turd Encounters. Drag-Closet ET. Rosebud Spielberg:
 Closet sphincter. Technically directed by Tranny-Sally Chainsaw, Hooper. Tranny-masked Gein aka 'meat-hook' (Leat)HER-FACE.
Tranny (Sally chasing) Chainsaw based on Hansel & Gretel (Fairie Tails). The GINGER-bred cottage/man-eating story.
See Nancy/Jessie Craven's New Nightmare. The notable (H&G) opera was by Engelbert Humperdi(n)ck (hump-a-dick). 
And man-eating, The (Anal) Hills Have Eyes. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Tails from the Crapper, Craven.
 Closet/Oz Dorothy Lynch's (Sissy and homo-linked) Eraserhead double-billed with Tranny/Sally Chainsaw at midnight movie houses.
Tranny Chainsaw Bozman went on to make (Trannying/man-eating) Silence of the Lambs and linked (homo propaganda) Philadelphia.
Late '76, Universal tenured Hooper/Henkel putting them among Rosebud Spielberg and (Exorcist) Willy Cruisin' Friedkin.
 Tranny Chainsaw, Illuminati McConaughey, also went homo-trannying via (Texas-linked) Dallas Buyers Club.
Recall that Daniel 'Tranny Chainsaw' Pearl photographed Tranny DePalma's (homo) Relax scene - Body 'Anal' Double.
Original TCM makes regular use of background radio (Trannie/Tranny) broadcasts. Tranny Radios and TV's.
Tranny Leto, feat with 'Tranny-lover' Whitaker (Crying 'Tranny' Game) in 'gas-filled' Pan-ic Room (lesbians Foster, and Stewart). 
Paedo-chic pioneer, Lesbian Foster, made 'turd contact via worm-holes' (with McConaughey) in 'shit-biifing' Zemeckis' Contact.
The Glass Closet via lesbian Foster (see 'tranny/man-eating/drag-on fairy' Lecter series) and full-circle homo Cooper.
 Banana-Rammers (homos) and (penis play) Crossing-Swords. They're now OUT of the closet. Although she was never in.
Tranny Game (with Broad-BENT, a bent-broad) via the sodom Weinsteins - who began with The 'Camp-Bogeyman' Burning.
Tranny-homo Boy George tracked. The film uses 'the frog and the scorpion' fable - transient frogs and a sting in the tail via the back.
 Homo and Tranny-Chainsaw worshipper, Winding Refn's, Drive. It features a scene where a man is impaled via a toilet.
Shit-biffing linked George Mc-FLY's father, Bruce (the 007 homo henchmen) via back tail stings and a cavity filling dentist.
The Mummy Returns - a (Big Johnson scorpion) tail-sting via the toilet hole (shitter) with brown and flies. Horus = pecker & anus.
Sodom (9/11) 'hook-toilet stings' Barker was due to story The Mummy films, but his content was too dark and rejected.
Frog/scorpion - a tale/tail which first gained traction via 'Turd Man' Orson 'Rosebud/Asshole' Welles - see film Mr Arkadin.
A film that also featured Goldfinger, Vulgar-ian Gert 'Shitty Shitty Bang Bang' Fröbe, the latter also by (sodom) Fleming.
The financial/mob muscle behind Texas 'Tranny' Chainsaw - also created (with Craven) hardcore porn-birthing Deep Throat.
Deep Throat Bryanston launched 'Closet Buggeryman' Halloween Carpenter's career, Dark Star. One-eyed snake-Dick, John.
Mr. Flip (who resembled the head vampire) was the name of the bogeyman that lived in (Salem's Lot) Callahan's childhood closet.

Tranny 'head cheese' Chainsaw Hooper directed (SH)IT King's made for TV Salem's Lot - penned by 'Closet-Sissy Carrie' Monash.
 'Dirty Frisco Harrying' (Callahan) via David (Dick) R. Soul (arse-hole) and James 'Camp Climax' Mason, as Dick Straker (stroker).
'Covering/covered' (to fuck) man. An R. Soul via Dick and closet homo Merv 'TV/Rainbow Ring-wheel' Griffin. Head vamps.
Where's (King's) Firestarter, Fuggy Bear aka Antonio Far(t)-gas? Mr Shaft, One-eye, the Fly-Guy Sucka via Black Bottom.
Starsky/Glaser, directed Dick Back-man's  'chopper intro' Running Man - with 'iron' (poof) Arnie, Jesse, Dick 'F(l)uck-Dors' Dawson, and a Roger Bump-ass/Bum-pass. Ben 'closet poof' Stiller as Starsky in the reboot. The Mary, Gaylord, poof, queer-closet deviant.
 Hansel (& Gretel), Poolander, with Drillbit 'Hutch' Wilson. A ginger-bred, cottaging, man-eating fairy-tail. See Tranny Chainsaw.
(Mafia) 'Deep Throat' Bryanston - sealed the TCM film distribution deal on the very day that Dick 'Deep Throat' Nixon resigned!
Tricky Dick was preceded by a Johnson (L-BJ). Deep Throat linked to 'rat-fucking'. Bring-on Camp David via Frost:
 A Tricky Dick via Deep Throat, All the President's Men, and Frost. Taped (back)doors and whistle-blower, Felt. TV Dorothy/Tootsie, Gaylord Focker (Fucker) linked, Hoffman, and Butch-linked 'ginger' Redford, as Wood-wood (ward). Hal (Magnum 'R. Soul' Force
The 'eye-gouge via Dick' Fog) Holbrook, as Deep Throat, with Deliverance 'sodomised' Beatty, & Psycho eye-stabbed Balsam.
People involved in 'Deep Throat' Jaws (incl. Dreyfuss) helped get Deep Throat Reems' obscenity case overturned (via Dershowitz).
Read between the lines. Dirty laundry put in the closet via Graves-End. Hollywood next absorbed their (sick) output.
Primarily via Freddy 'Nancy/Jessie' Kruegering (see Deep Throat, Craven), Robert 'Ring Lord' Shaye (see New Line).
Lord of the Ass Rings (& Porking Flies). Middle-earthing the sphincter. Tolkien series is encrypted sodomy programming.
Willy (LOT)Flies. Roger, a cock-pit (ejecting pilot), horn-blowing, porking, Castle 'beast' Rock (see sodom Reiner/King).
LOTR, the sheep get lost in all the magical BS (dwarves, drag-ons, dung-eons). While getting homo programmed. Tossers.
 Not disinterested, but Bored/Drilled Ring Buggery. Not parody. Just adds to the (orig.) program, but under the guise of comedy.
 Beard, conceal sexuality by appearing straight. Suicide Kenney, see Animal 'holey-shit' House - (Toilet) Trading Places, Landis.
Ring Lord, Saturn (Sodom Satan) and Hobb-it Dirt Holing (Hobb, the Devil). Old 'chopper' Scratch knocking on your (back) door.
Queer overload. Faggot queen (McKellen) as Gandalf. Homo Martin Freeman as Hobbit Baggins, homo Cum-A-Batch, Nec-romancer.
Peter 'Ring Lord/Sodomy Song' Jackson. Billy 'Ring Lord-Oz Chopper' Boyd as Closet-Tranny Glen/Glenda, Seed of Chucky:
Swing Chucky Cheese. Seed, Second Cummings, and Loads. Parthenogenetic creation. Chopper, Eye-stabs & Coming Seed.
 Tranny Glen/Glenda. Choppers via the closet and closet boning (skeletons). My 'ginger-queer' Buddy doll based Chucky.
All created by homo, Dan Mancini. Closet/Rosebud Spielberg - Closet Child's Play - spielberg-helped-save-childs-play-franchise
Original 1988 film by (Marying/Closet Bates) Psycho #2, Twisted Tails, Holland. Mr (queer) Fright Night, (see 'gay porn'  Geoffreys)
Child's Play 3 linked child killing children (doll obsessed, Venables/Thompson) did also sexually abuse James Bulger (aged 2).
Child's Play 3 was directed by Jack BENDER. Tranny Arquette and (SH)IT 'sphincter boy' Ritter in the Bride of  film.
Get your programmed head around all that! Closet Lazarus, gender-bender, Sept. 11. 'Glen/Glenda' Bowie. (also see Sept. 11 Beatles)

9/11 Se7en via FAG and sodomy/asshole OK symbol, Sept. 11., closet Bowie. Sodom Spacey, Freeman, Pitt, & Fincher.
9/11 Fincher/Pitt - implicated via Fight 'homo-erotic' Club - it ends with collapsing Twin Towers via Ground Zero.
 Tranny/homo-centric (born Sept 11) DePalma's Dressed to Kill (with Nancy) ends via sex change and the World Trade Center.
The first two Child's Play films were both released on date inverse Nov. 9. The 9th day of the 11th month (9/11, Euro dating).
Se7en/Chainsaw Ermey - in The 'closet' Frighteners (Jackson). As 9/11 Kubrick's donut driller via privates & nailing sphinx-ters.
Pink surfing/shit-bif, 9/11 BTTF, Fox. The Mr Closet 'Coming Out' Poof, wolf. Stiles/Levine, the crusing pickled meat hole man.
'Closet dialogue' aimed at Fox (Frank), followed by: 'Okay, this is it. We got to be hard. We go in like Charles (dirt tunnel) Bronson.'
Closet Poltergeist was made at the same time as Sodomberg's 'drag closetting' E.T. which featured lesbian Barrymore.
Sodom Hooper/King's Salem's Lot had a character called COREY Bryant, as did Teen 'Closet' Wolf (full moon hoop dunking).
Jew, Corey (cock) Feldman played 'Mouth' in One-eyed Willying The (Penis) Goonies. Another closet mouth/sphincter?
Camp Blood (via eye stabbing), Feldman. The chopper/cock and sik balls boy via Pop-eye (King's The Body/Stand By Me.)
(Greased/Chubby) Lard Ass Pie. Boys looking for a stiff' - with homo River 'kid sex' Phoenix (Mr Bottom). The "I knock. SHIT." kids.
Linked COREY Haim - searched for 'Mr One-Eye' in King's Silver Bullet - transforming beasts via full-moons.
Lost 'homo' Boy Coreys...transient FROGS. Haim puts the STUFFED BEAVER (euphemism) into the CLOSET.
Two One-Eyed COREY Penises. Pirate Booty. Gooning Data aka Dick Wang. Stiff-linked 'Twinkie' Chunk. Ring Lord, Astin.
With Die 'Twinkie' HARD, Davi (Chopper Big Johnson via Little Johnson, Bush). Homo programming of American children.
Recall Pan-Hook/Rainbow/Closet Spielberg's father's link to mainframe (GE) which led to BASIC (homo Jobs/backdoor Gates).
Dick 'Data' Wang (via one-eyed Willy) - who went Willy-mining with 'homo Arc/snake back-boning' Indy (42 rainbow, Ford).
666 O-Men - The (penis/dick/wang) Goonies - Lost homo Boys - Twinky - One-eyed Willy, satanic Jew Dick Donner.
Mr Free 'Jesse riding' Willy - via a Corey.(Blechman), Iron-side, and O. Nick Brown. Moby 'Her-man' Dicked (see O-Men Peck).
A Chopper linked Gary (Buddy Busey), a Brown Roger, and a milk 'egg' punch via a porn-linked daughter (Eye gouge, Atkins).
Kubrick used Ball-room 'splashed' egg-nogg via the toilet, The 'Chopper/Scatman' Shining. Jack's toilet convo with chopper Grady.
O-Men Dick's literal 'No.2' sequel. Exit stage left, Bush. A brown Roger via iced No.2 & an iron bath under-blanket coupling.
Die 'Tower' HARD, Trainor as Woods (sse Joel Silver). The blown-out brown Roger toilet lands on a Woodie wagon type car.
9/11 Lethal Weapon, 9/11 Gibson (The Patriot), 9/11 Die 'Tower' Hard, 9/11 Gremlins Dante & his 'InnerSpace' via Sept 11 McCarthy .
Boam wrote the No.2 sequel (bits of the original), wrote Last Cruise-ade, Inner 'crusing ass injection' Space, Lost 'homo' Boys, etc.
Gay/Oz cruised ass injections. Henry 'fag' Gibson as Worm-Wood. No.2 Mel Gibson linked (Mad Max No.2 homo) Wells as Igoe.
Boam wrote 'The Fly' Cronenberg, (sh)IT King, and (Halloween buggery) Hill's The Dead Zone. See tail-end milk truck/fuck.
More homo Back-Door action a la No.2 Apple & Whopper (WOPR) WarGames. Homo computer programming: Space Invaders.
Ginger (queer) bearding, rainbow, male order, Clive. See his 'Ginger' bike. Built for (no.) 2? Grab your (cock-pit) joystick.
Floppy Disks Dicks? A Hard-Drive Port with RAM & Hewlett Pack(h)ard? You a 'Game' Boy? You like Super Gay Mary-O
Load batter & ball Pong? Or 'pink toilet' rainbow Jet Set (Cruising) Willy? Manic Willy-mining? Minor raising penis:
Pac(k)-Man? New 'penis' await him - perils reads like penis. With a gripping fist on the toilet pipe. Cock-Tails & Rubbers.
A Bored of the Rings game was made for the Sinclair rainbow spectrum. With Fordo Fag-gins and his Bog-git chums.
Got any pokes, a screen dump? Rainbow, Daisying No.2 BI-cycling, IB(u)M. Like a Queen 'Bicyle' tune. Sing the IBUM Gay Song:
Like #2 Daisying, go Greek Kubrick's homo landmark, 2001:Odyssey. Faggy one-eyed cyclops computers (Rain & Bowman).
A rainbow-eye star-gate to parthenogentic birth. A bi-cycle seat (via a ring) and built pillion for No.2. Give me your answer...Doo.
Driving Miss Daisy? The (homo) film that had a back-seat 'Jesse-Daisy' via a Pack(h)ard, and a character called 'Bell'.
Which is why this 'GAY' al-BUM and cover (with the EYE) is homo PINK, and artists involved included BIG BUTT-ER. (here)
French (velo) cycling inspired. Hermetic male/female riding via Fat Bottomed Queens, A-levels, Seats, and (scat-linked) jAZZ.
Rogering 'Pink Fat Bottomed Riding' Queens (homo EMI). Moon Rogering Pink 'drag balls' Floyd via Bike 'Ginger-bred' Song (EMI).
Pink Bike 'ginger' Song from '(Pan-Hook) Piper at the GATES of Dawn' - the (sodom) Pan-linked 'Wind in the Willows' titled LP.
Pink Roger & closet Bowie, linked to 'wind blowing' via Bogeyman/flying Snowman Briggs & (cottaging) 'When the Wind Blows'. 
Windy Twister/Oz Dorothy, Bowie. His 'Queen Bitch' feat. in homo film, Milk. Hearts Filthy Lesson, in chopper/head climax, Se7en.
An "in-out" closet Lazarus, bo(o)gie star-man. Queening Bowie aka Mo(o)n-key Davy Jones. The seamen bottom locker/closet.
The Boy-Swinging, Fallen (to) Earth/Dirt Angel-Man via TV. See (Chuck 'scat' Berry linked) Earth/Dirt Angel, undersea BTTF.
D. Jones (manure), shit-biffing, & undersea, BTTF. Davy 'Lower Third Turd' Jones/Bowie. See Nancy, Jolly Rogering, Depp.
Hauling manure-shit up/down Hill Valley. Pink surf the 'rogering rabbit' tunnel and Doc(k) with Brown (Cling-on cruiser, Lloyd).
 Pink (full moon) biking, 'Willy bone organ/homo Milk shootin', Brolin. His father was lead in 'closet trapped' (via flies), Amityville Horror.
And Hyams' (mooning) Capri-corn One, via capsule comms. Alan/Anal Fudge. Kubrick/Clarke linked 2010, 'sphincter boy' Hyams.
Darkside Moons (see 'rogering' rainbow homo Pink Floyd) via TRANS-formers. Deep 'impact' (Tran Ho) Wang - with exotic Milk:
Deep 'banana' Wang - shitter & milk."Deep Throat (Dick), shit's going down via code pink (Floyd). Whacking out. Up in my shit, etc."
Worm-drilling via moon. Ark linked Transformers. A franchise linked to Rosebud/Willy Spielberg (moon-hook fly-fishing Dreamworks).
(Water) Closet homo (Jeong) Wang/Chang. Community via Dan 'simulated baby rape' Harmon. These cretins are monsters.
Ken 'Deep shitter Wang/Closet Chang' Jeong. Darkside moons and all with (homo) Shia 'Indiana/Snake Bottom Hole' LaBeouf.
It's Simon 'homosexual Jew' Cowell's 'cock jockey'. Harry 'homo-banana bender' Styles. 'So Macho' Simon. Ahem.
Queen Simon who was a key force behind Mr Blobby (BBC Noel 'tranny' Edmonds). Blobbing pink crinkley bottom.
Cowell's father a board member for (homo Jew) EMI. Teen Simon polished Jack Nicholson's cock, The 'chopper/cock' Shining set.
Linked to (homo-paedo) BBC Jonathon King. See Mr Pop, BBC (homo-paedo) Savile - the (sodom) 'uphill love' man.
 Guess what services banana-boy homo Styles provides for industry overlords. Can he swallow a whole banana without gagging?
Children's BBC/ITV, Schofield. Broom Closet, Dirt-hole Poof. Gay Witch Hunt (via closet, Eton Cameron), Phil.
Like the Jew S of A., the Jew K. is completely dominated by these (homo programming) Jewish mass media control freaks.
Pink Moon. Shia, the (penis) SMEG(MA) iced box man via Dandy (homo Banana-Penis) W-ar(se)hol(e)s. Camp-bell Cream Soup.
Dandy 'aristo' Whitely, partner is The (S)Meg actor, Statham. Mr Turkish (shite) via milky Thomas, sausages & Snatch (vagina).
The 'hump-back' (S)Meg, a (hook-barrel) Jaws homage. A seamen climax via Mr Turkish/Trans-porter & the stabbed eye.
Star 'Log/Cling-on' Trek's Nimoy feat. in T:DOTM. Director of ginger punk, alien earth probinghump-back bridging, Voyage Home.
Lock, Stock & Two Smoked (Phallic/Greeked) Barrels. Climaxes via a bridge (Southwark) orignally named QUEEN St. Bridge.
Crystal 'iron/magnetic' Skull feat. Winstone. He played a drilled-tunnel Gary/Gal via Turkish (delight/shite) baths in Sexy 'sodom' Beast.
It's McShane (crime lord, Bass), who gets ass-fucked by toff Harry (Fox). A vault job via Dun(g)-hill fags (smokes). Ahem.
Gary, In-Diana. In the moon (via deep wang). MOON (wood) goddess (Dirty) Diana. Gary/Ross, Jacko. Mo(o)n-keys, see Bubbles.
Hence, flying, blue mo(o)n-keys (penis) in Friends of Dorothy, rainbow, windy twister Oz. There's no place like homo.
 ALL this Zionist programming is homo/transsexual mass mind control - posing as entertainment. Badly posing.
Ass choppered (via pop-eye), camp blood eye stabber, mogul fluffer nd pin-cushion, one-eyed Willying, Corey Feldman.
 Jolly ROGERING with seamen. One-eyed Penis's 'Cop A Boner' Key. To go with your (knicker) 'close(t)turd contact' E.T.DILDO.
Camp (Meat). 'Meat' with the 'Balls' (meet-Balls). It's Corey - and via (Dick Van Dyke linked) Pack(h)ard Jack 'Nancee porn' Nanc-E.
Blue 'closet' Velvet, Meatballs Nanc-E was in 'Toilet' Ghoulies (goolies, balls). Tagged: 'they'll get you in the end (rear).'
More Camp Blood. What's this? The COCKY Horror Show? Trans-sylvania (sylvania, meaning 'wood') aka Trans-Wood:
Tranny Corey via Corbin 'Trans-Wood' Nash. Campire Corey via Ring Cycle, Dick.  The Rape of Two Coreys - more mockery.
Still 'looking for a Stiff' via your 'one-eyed gooned' penis - Corey? Ya need more 'chopper', 'larded ass' or 'sik balls'?
A game of "I knock. Shit"? Did Meathead/Sallying Reiner (Oral Semen/Seaman) spinally tap your ass or meet your balls?
What a filthy, Jew FAGGOT via (sodom Jew) Simmons. Feldman's 'abuse spiel' is now his money-maker. What a c**t.
Maybe if folk hadn't spent all their time worshipping this sick Jew industry, its deviant personnel, making them god-like and filthy rich 
- then perhaps the grazing sheep (that's 99.99% of you) might've had a clue. Sadly, the dumb masses have enslaved themselves!
Corey, aka penis. See Oasis' 'Morning Glory' penis track - which naturally opens with a 'chopper' - ahem.
O-GAY-sis (UK homo pop) - One-Eyed Morning 'Corey' Glory via choppers, bone-heads, tail ends & (al)BUMS.
Corey Noel, worships (sodom) punk and the (homo) Sex 'Queening' Pistols and their bollocks. Men-love Lennon, Liam.
 Closet Turd Encounters via Chopper-Corey/One-eyed, O-Gay-Sis. Slip inside the eye - don't look back in anger - via a Sally
Fucking in the bushes? Homo Rainbow (via Deep 'homo' Purple) and Closet Turd Encounters. See Color Purple, closet Spielberg.
Why does The 'ASS-toria' Goonies (cock gooning/edging) open with: "Oh, bummer"? And via Ring Lord, Astin?
Is one-eyed Willy's 'rich stuff' a euphemism for his ejaculate? Barb-asol DNA cream? Pepperoni 'sausage-cock' Pizza.
Is satanic-sodom King's Pet Sematary (sexual petting), about kiddie foreplay via dirt-holes & the dead (necrophilia)?
So-called industry paedo victim, Feldman, having strong links to Jews Reiner/King, Jew Weiss, and Jew Spielberg.
What a mess.

To Zionist Hollywood/TV/Entertainment - I say this: I have destroyed your multi-generational sodom-hell industry.
And all by myself. I've completely and totally destroyed your collective multi-trillion $+ 'psycho-hypersexual' programme.
The very one that shapes/imprints the worshipping masses. Not a single penny has needed to change hands. All gratis.
Why wouldn't a sick industry that readily abuses children directly - not abuse it's hypnotized/mind controlled audience?
An industry that also runs news media. News media that is pure vomit and psychologically beats-up its viewership.
None of this is (or was) dependent on politics. It matters not as to who holds power. It just simply IS.
That said, it made me feel ill/sick - in writing some of this content. How could it not? It also must be sickening to read.
Updated 27th Oct. Back to the Future Beginning...9/11 Lightning-struck Towers:
Zionist/Illuminati Rothschild's NWO. It's Towering Donald 'Illuminati NWO' Trump.
 Illuminati MGM Black Pyramid (see Illuminati card-game box) false flag via Vegas was under Illuminati (Queens) Trump.
The Tower 'Trump card' and 9/11 (see tarot). And 'Towering Trump' the POTUS. Trump cards. The Devil & The Tower.
Devils Tower, 666 Spielberg/Zemeckis and their 9/11 predictive programming (and beyond) propaganda piece.
(9/11/2016 eurodate election) Back To The 2016 Presidency Future
Symbolic Zio-masonic Antichrist, 666 'Little Horn' Towering Trump. Parodied in Back to the (911 struck tower) Future II.
 See Trump's myriad of 9/11 & 11/9 elements (etc.) in the above link. Donald 'Biff/DeLorean' Trump. Phallic Towers.
'Shit biffing' via a Thomas. Even 'shit queen' King parodied Trump via his works. King's The Dead Zone, Armageddon Stillson. 
As I mentioned a few years ago - the films that parody Trump - all have a dystopian and/or 'end of the world' theme.
So much JEWISH programming. The dystopian future timeline (2015) via the (broken, worn-out) Twin Towers.
 9/11 & 666 Trump - who bought (film linked) DeLorean's Bedminster Estate - exactly 1 year after 9/11/01.
Just a few (Spielberg linked) 9/11 Gremlins - ghosts in the machine. Tower Trump/Clamp Trade Centre via 9 & 11 and FOX.
Why have Trumptards been absorbed by Fox? Fox were one of the biggest 9/11 programmers of all. Oops.
'I can't breath' Co-vid 19 has impacted 19 years after 9/11. Masonic Floyd psy-op. Some claim the trash bin ciphered 666.
 'I can't breath' via 911 police - 'Twin Cities' Covid Floyd was allegedly choked for 8m 46s. First 9/11 plane hit at 8:46am.
2020 opened with the ritual Black Mamba Chopper crash (innuendo/mockery). See End of Days via 666/Corona Bryant.
T2 Firey 9/11 Terminator. 666 Hyams' End of 'Twin Tower' Days. Co-vid, 666 Trump has long had 9/11 mass media resonance.
I've covered it for many years. This coming US election date (Nov. 3) falls exactly 999 weeks after 9/11/01. Date inverse 11/9/20 (Nov. 9) - which is very soon after the US election day of reckoning - falls 6,999/7,000 days after 9/11/01. 2020 divided by Biden's 
- text vote # 30330 = 0.0666. I thought these numeric/date aspects warranted mention. What with the way things are unfolding.
Towering Trump and Twin Towers. Trump has had his own 'struck tower' issues as POTUS. Two that spring to mind.
Masonic twin pillars. Trump, in the 9/11 aftermath - promoted building back the NY Twin Towers. Democracy Philly:
Twin 'Liberty' Towers x2. "Bad things happen in Philadelphia" debate meme - went uber viral. News items, t-shirts, etc. 
Trump and other (financial) Twin Towers - see Trump-linked (destruction resonant) Deutsche 'Twin Towers' Bank.
 (German-Jew) Rothschild Park situated close by. Rothschild owned Zio-Drumpf is from German ancestry. World Trade Collapse.
Deutsche Bank whose NY offices overlooked the NY Twin Towers. Also linked to (foreknowledge) airline put-options pre-9/11.
 Masonic brother, Trump. Philly, the so-called city of (masonic) Brotherly Love. Philly is a masonic hell. Just look around.
William 'Pennsylvania' Penn - see towering Philly City Hall (near Twin Towers) - was born 1644 at Tower Hill. The curse.
A 'sport's curse' - like '2015' BTTF II (see The Cubbies, and 2016). I had to cover all these bases - pun intended.
Not so much prediction - more like due dilligence based on these apparent elements.
The last time the US had a contested election - it led to the Bush Jr. admin. and the soon to follow 9/11 event.

I've just realised I've written the above without the knowledge of the shooting death/riots in W. Philly (overnight).
Another police shooting. An armed and dangerous black man. Seemingly - bad things do happen in Philadelphia. Crazy days!
Mental health issues? Oh, they mean his free will in respect of opting for gangsta thuggery as a lifestyle choice.
I'm sure his retarded upbringing and immersion in degenerate rap/mass media has had absolutely no bearing. Ahem.

Update 8th Nov.
Well, well, well. Here we are on the eve of 9/11/20 (11/9/20).
"(Nov. 9) - which is very soon after the US election day of reckoning - falls 6,999/7,000 days after 9/11/01."
I last updated on 27th Oct. Nearly two weeks ago with my Philly/Pennsylvania stuff.
  From earlier in the post body:
"Get ready for Trump's re-election (save mass fraud) and more predictable 'mass riots/social breakdown' that will ensue.
This is all already 'baked-in'. The Marxist left will go beyond insane when Trump triumphs again."

Wow! We just saw the biggest election heist in US history. What a mess of an electoral system! I favour neither candidate, but it's as clear as day that the 2020 election was blatantly stolen by fraud. No question (see comments from 4th/5th, below). Dems waited for the Florida call (which went Rep) and then set to work. With the swing states largely trending with a healthy Trump lead - they then slowed/stopped the count in these key states - deliberately. A good deal of the required vote needed to edge-out narrow wins were then produced. This during the small hours overnight. Huge tranches of Biden votes (literally straight lines) added. Other votes thru other means: algo vote flipping (see pic), multiple mail-ins, filling-in ballots, dead votes, mail-in backdating, illegal counts, etc. This is how Biden got his record total. They had to pull-out all the stops to match Trump's huge gains/tally - and then fraud the rest.
Vote flipping Penn. - 40,000 vote swing. Likely via Dominion, hammer/scorecard software. Probably just one of many.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court (circa a week prior to the election) changed their voting rules - allowing late counts.
It remains to be seen as to whether this ruling will ultimately hold - in respect of the Constitution.
Recall 9/11 Bush and Gore from the (SCOTUS decided) 2000 contested election. Gore thought he'd won for nearly 40 days!
Philly/Penn (PA) was the main basis of my recent (9/11 - 11/9) update and now it appears as though -
 Trump's first election fraud legal case (via 911 Giuliani) will be launched 9/11 - 11/9 (Monday) and it's Philly, Penn.
Anyway, that said. I fear for the worst. The stage could be set for some sort of remedy in the SCOTUS. It can't be ruled-out yet.
Zionist (SC) Ginsberg's apparent death leading to the appointment of Trump picked ACB. This causing the SCOTUS balance to tip more favourably in respect of Trump. Very odd timing - wouldn't you say? Amy Coney Barrett worked on (9/11 POTUS) Bush's legal team - contested Florida, 2000. As did Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts. Trump unsuccessfully ran on the Reform Party ticket in 2000. Anyway, if this gets overturned and Biden is stripped or whatever - the 'leftist' melt-down will be more nuclear (imo). Trump wins, the (now robbed) left goes totally bonkers. Then comes civil war, leading to martial law - and finally to mandatory vaccines for those that survive. The way things are unfolding - I wouldn't put this devious plan/script beyond them (the elite). The SJW/Left are the ultimate trigger group - that needs to be appreciated.

If 'Little Horn/666' Trump is the symbolic Antichrist - could this be seen in the light of Rev. 13:3? The (healed) fatal wound?
That Revelation issue aside. If the blatant frauding of the 2020 election is not addressed and (fraud) Biden stays - then it's almost as equally troubling. A violent uprising from the beleagured 'right' could manifest. 'The left' has been heavily defined in recent years (it has a collective identity) and this situation unfolding would help define/harden 'the 'right'. Not only that. If the election is allowed to stand, then the entire integrity of the process is wrecked. Elections are then effectively dead. Even if future elections are secure - the Dems will do all in its power to import milllions, upon millions of illegals. Therefore expanding and expanding its base (with auto-Dem voting socialist imports) until no RNC can gain power again. Their permanent 'socialist-Commie' political utopia. This is what almost happened to the UK - after three Blair terms. The voters being imported en-mass. But New Labour Brown was ultimately defeated in 2010. 
Anyway, the (wider) US 2nd civil war that I've warned about for years - now seems almost inevitable at this point.
 Release the Kraken....Nov. 23
 Previous post (see above) I heavily referenced the pervasive meme: "Release the Kraken". On cue - it has seemingly arrived.
Released Krakens via Washington State (Seattle), and now Washington D.C. Kraken Lives Matter!
Circa 3rd week of November (and late November 2020). Yes, as usual I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. There's 9/11 Giuliani.
"Seattle IS the Kraken." Marxist, eco-fascist, hate whitey, LGBTQP+, no law and disorder, riot-central, Seattle? Hmmm?
I specifically mentioned the 'memetic value' and pervasiveness of this phraseology. Read the previous July post for more.
In light of the prior Revelation issue. It would be remiss not to mention the above. Revelations: 'It will be BIBLICAL'.
Also consider the DOD's supposed Kraken Cyber Warfare Program. There's chatter in respect of that.
Am just updating (23 Nov.) to add-in the latest 'Kraken' unfoldings. Time will tell - if there's anything to any of this.
Greek Perseus (Medusa/Kraken-Cetus) & The Greek (Odysseus) Odyssey:
 Kraken linked 'Biblical Revelations' Powell and 9/11 Giuliani. The Seattle Kraken to the Seattle Monolith (2001)
Seattle Monolith was erected 'Jan 1. 2001' - and exactly 666 days after Stanley '2001' Kubrick died. The Struck Tower:
The Overlook Hotel - aka Hilton Monolith Hotel (Millennium, aka 2001). Overlooking Ground Zero, a Manhattan project.
Lucifer Clarke's The Sentinel. Built to the dimensions of the (radio-active & machine) Monolith(s) from Kubrick/Clarke's 2001.

A 2000 'Bush Baby' contested election (overlapping into 2001) and the Seattle monolith appearance at the year's opening.
A 2020 contested election (overlapping into 2021) and the Utah monolith appearance late November. 2001 = 21.
 A discovery made 18th November 2020 - the Utah Monolith. Near MOAB. Notice any similarities? :)
 Monolith placed circa Aug 2015-Oct 2016. Around that time, Westworld (likely S1) was filming in a nearby location (see July post)
S3 eps1. Jerry's smart home cuts-off his air (HAL via Bowman/Poole). Jerry (via Delores) ends up dead in the pool (dead Poole).
Of course, now that we observe/ponder about the origin of this Utah monolith - we ourselves become the inquisitive-like apes.

Air survey team find - who were 'counting sheep' (Big-Horn). A potential 'sleep sheep' reference? Revelation Little-Horn, 666 Trump.
 Counting Sheep via hotel beds. 9 & 11 Trump. Recall (9/11 BTTF) Delorean's Bed-minster bought by Trump (1yr after 9/11/01).
2001: A (9/11 Millennium Monolith Hotel) Space Odyssey - which climaxes with its core transition via a hotel bed (bedroom).
Trinity Bomb shot, July 16. 1945. Apollo launch-shot July 16. 1969. Eyes Wide Shut (release) and JFK Jr's death, July 16. 1999.
 Phobos and Deimos (Mars twins). Names related to fear and terror. Phobos monolith - via Apollo 11 Aldrin.
July 2019 saw Trump's homage to moon Apollo 11 (50th). Little Horn, 666 Trump/Trump-et (horn) and Revelation (Apollo) 9:11
Key text from Revelation-linked 'Little Horn' Daniel. See (Stormy) Daniel(s). Trump's ridden (Babylon) whore and harlot.
666 Omen birthing/creating Fox have overtly supported Trump and his admin. That's a given.
Abaddon (Apollyon) in Judaism was considered a place of destruction. In Christianity it centres on an individual entity (destroyer).
 9/11 bottomless pools (pits) - the abyss. Zeus, who slayed (serpentine-beast) Typhon by thunderbolt and cast him into -
the abyss (Tartarus) à la Revelation. Tartarus, where the Zeus vanquished Titans were bound. Clash of the Titans
- the Kraken (Cetus) is the last Titan. 666 Trump, a walking Tower Trump card. The Devil and The (Zeus/God) Tower.
 The Devil and The Tower. See 666 Spielberg's Devils Tower (Closet Encounters). Spielberg linked Nelson/Cullen (Poltergeist).
 The Devil's '666' (Tower) Advocte - Cullen's (Trump) Penthouse 66th floor. 666 and the 'on-cue' right hand mark
Trump is mentioned in this film via the Barzoon party (666 Jones). And with New York Republican linked dialogue.
Mary & Christ linked 666 Trump. Donald was allegedly born on a full lunar eclipse (June 14. 1946). A lunar eclipse baby.
The Church St. Monolith Hotel (666 moon-baby, 2001 Kubrick) also featured in timelapse. All via 9/11/01 Neo, Reeves.
Utah Monolith. Dating to some time between August 2015 and October 2016, its origin remains unknown. (wiki)
The underlined text - that's a Dr. Floyd-like line from 2001 (film). The emergency Floyd broadcast via HAL's deactivation.
Utah Monolith has been compared to the work of John 'Monolith' McCracken, some claiming it to be a homage to his work.
MONOLITHS and (Mc)KRAKENS. Thanks to Anon (see comments, Nov. 27) for showing interest and mentioning this.
 An avid reader of science fiction, he believed in time travel and extraterrestrial life. He was a friend of the Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, a collector of McCracken’s work. Mr. Zwirner (who represented McCracken's art via his gallery) said confidently, “Of course the [Utah] piece is by McCracken! He’s come back to help us with the transition,” referring to events in Washington. (source NYT)
Co-VID epidemic. Mono-lith cinema screen. I'm reminded of vid-eoed Co-vid Floyd. 911 resonating George. Kneeling followers:
 'I can't breath' via 911 police - 'Twin Cities' Covid Floyd was allegedly choked for 8m 46s. First 9/11 plane hit at 8:46am.
Legions of (unaware) kneeling followers. Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Outer Gods, and is their "messenger, heart and soul".
 Old Ones - see Lovecraft (Kraken-like Cthulu) and (2001) Clarke's Childhood's 'Returning Old Gods/Overlords' End.

 NASA (in Hebrew) means 'to deceive':
Dr Floyd (2001). A trip to the 'deliberately buried' (in more ways than one) moon monolith via Pan-Am. Floyd and the epidemic.
"A 'cover story' created to give the the impression that there's an epidemic at the base (moon base where monolith was found)."
"Now I'm sure your'e all aware of the extremely grave potential for cultural shock & social disorientation, contained in this present situation, if the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public, without adequate preparation and conditioning (re: disclosure). Anyway, this is the view, of the Council." 'Moon Base Briefing' (excerpt). Note, with an earth gravity room setting, ahem (see film/clip).
And then there's this, of course. Launched Nov. 23rd. Covid China.
Then it goes and vanishes. Updating Nov. 29th. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM. Yes,another one) administers the area.
Although that hardly clears-up matters. The latest development arguably thickens the plot. Evoking 2001 monolith Clarke's Sentinel.
 Latest. This from Romania (here). A backwards Romani priest chant is used in Eyes Wide Shut, at the satanic Rothschild mansion.
Dacian religion (linked to Thrace) was considered by the classic sources as a key source of authority, 
- suggesting to some that Dacia was a predominantly theocratic state led by priest-kings.
Satanyahu and Iran. Satanyahu: "Remember that name (Fakhrizadeh)."
Israel are clearly baiting Iran with their overt assassination of Fakhrizadeh. I'm sure most understand that.
The Trump regime's blatant and illegal killing of Soleimani (who was anti-ISIS) - just another part of the same.
I can't imagine why Israel (the USA's puppet master) are the ONLY suspects? Any ideas?
"Iran behind every problem"? And there's myself thinking it was Rothschild's filthy, stinking Synagogue of Satan (Israel).
Zionist Trump hasn't started any wars - they cry. If that's your starting point you're already morally/politically BANKRUPT.
This is where we've arrived at? If a POTUS doesn't start an (illegal) war - then they're the new God? WTF?
Trump pissed all-over the original Iran multi-lateral deal - to get us to this point. Which I addressed a few years back.
Oh, and I did tell you that Israel's recent moves to normalise relations with certain Arab states - were BULLSHIT.

That's my parting shot. Best  wishes to you all. Goodbye.

(P.S. - Special thanks go to Uncle Bingo, for all his contributions.)