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Wall St and Voodoo Economics

Two 1000+ point drops in one week.
The sheep will never learn! Not when they live inside the prison of  Corporate MSM lies.

I got virtually NO RESPONSE to my previous post on economics/politics, but I don't know why!?
In recent times I called Trump's election, the UK leave vote, the recent UK "hung Parliament etc. The sort of predictions that talking head media drones (on six figure salaries) cannot and do not make! When I make these sorts of predictions it's really to demonstrate how "dumb" the MSM is, and not so much the blowing of my own trumpet. I might have the occasional "toot" on it though, but I think I've earned that right to some degree, at least imo. :)

If I remember correctly, and according to the (shit-house) MSM, in terms of economics "going forward" - the masses were told "the only way is up"! This was compounded even further when Trump took office. The gains that the Dow has made since have been built on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but hot air.

Forget Bloomberg, forget CNBC - they are DRONES who are rooted in CONFIRMATION BIAS. They have complete faith in the corporate market place - a blind faith that's not even seen in the most fervent religious types. They will ONLY advise "buy the dip". It was only as far back as autumn 2015 that the Dow was in the very high 15,000 band. 10,000 points + got added in double quick time, but again built on NOTHING.

From the 30th November 2017 Post

"Stocks (particularly US) are completely detached from economic reality."

"There is only a GIANT BUST on the horizon."

"The economic rulebook was thrown-out of the window long ago - this IS the era of "Voodoo economics."

"Western (Jewish owned) central banks are giant criminal enterprises - they've distorted the entire asset class market."

Horselover Phat (just over two months ago).

Feb 5th
Feb 8th

Two 1,000+ point drops inside a week! This is not typical, but EXCEPTIONAL.

Popular "dumb ass" thinking likes to project the idea that the UK is "in the shit" due to Brexit. A laughable claim seeing as though the UK HAS NEVER recovered from the (US sub-prime driven) 2008/09 banking collapse. It's just been papering over the huge cracks since then. At that point the EU vote wasn't even an aspect of the equation. Dumb remainers can always been relied upon for their insane views, and in the face of verifiable facts. There is no Tory UK economic success, neither will there be. There is only a GIANT BUST on the horizon, one which the UK will not ever recover from. All part of the elite plan. The insane Tories think they can rest their complete "fuck up" (in respect of the UK economy) on the Brexit issue - that won't wash in these quarters, not by a long chalk. One of the most amusing things that I've observed is the UK Tory drone voters - the ones who live in fear of Corbyn's Labour destroying the UK economy. They don't even realise that their beloved Tories HAVE already destroyed the economy! Destroyed it for the 99% and all for the benefit of the 1%. In this same timespan their beloved Tories have also decimated the infrastructure too! The Tories are LIBERAL CULTURAL MARXISTS - just like Corbyn's Labour! It's really got to the stage of a collective and epic tragi-comedy.

I actually said in 2008/09 - that the CRIMINAL banks (via US sub-prime) should've been left to go bust - which would've been sound economic action. That's what should happen to financially reckless entities. You don't let criminal destroying banks survive, if only for the reasons that they cannot do similar criminal action again. Remove the cancer, lest it return and more virulently. Labour gave the entire industry a free pass - and the nation a bill circa £1 trillion. Criminal politicians that have enabled these said banks just so they could continue their criminality unabated. And here we are nearly ten years later - the masses destitute and up to their eyeballs in debt. A Goldman Sachs stooge occupying the seat at the (criminal) Bank of England. Bankers should've been jailed and their wrecking businesses destroyed. Any that were saved could've also been tied into vast repayments (to the UK taxpayer) as a penance for their criminal activity. Banks have been in clover in the time since the collapse, but that is not the case with the wide economy or the people within it. None of this is by chance, quite the opposite.

AUSTERITY is a LIE - for the purposes of removing wealth from the masses. Likewise with mass debt usary.
Years of austerity have resulted in a decimated country in ALL aspects.
So how come the 1% have never had it so good? Austerity was ONLY ever for the 99%, and at the behest of the 1%.

The net result of years of Tory austerity.
If austerity was meant to improve the situation, how come it now looks like this!? The nation has gone BACKWARDS!
The only thing the Tory party can offer the UK - is DECLINING STANDARDS OF LIVING.
The British people are voting to be made poorer? OH, YES! You better believe it.
Anyone remember chancellor Osbourne saying that it would ALL BE CLEARED by circa 2017?
There's WRONG, and then there's VERY WRONG. Howl!

Western (Jewish owned) central banks are giant criminal enterprises - they've distorted the entire asset class market.
Stocks (particularly US) are completely detached from economic reality - multinationals have been buying their own stock (some using cheap borrowed money) to inflate their value. How the latter situation has become "legal' is anyone's guess, but it's typical corporate foul play, as per. Property prices are in an insane bubble due to criminal longterm interest rate policy and more reckless lending. Fractional reserve banking is at the core of the entire criminal enterprise. Former Fed Reserve chairman Alan "Jew" Greenspan was the architect of 0% money, he was followed by Jew Bernanke, current chair is JEW Yellen. A hat-trick of JEWS. (Note, since my Nov' post, Yellen has just been replaced with Powell).

The JEW S of A. Destroying the goyim thru (Rothschild) banking & money - decade after decade.
Once the shackles of "Jew mass mind control" are thrown-off - actual reality soon begins to make sense!
This is WHY Zionist Jews seek to own ALL media and seek to be the ONLY storyteller! Christ, this is easy!
This is why the Zionist Jew MSM actively functions to deny actual reality and cry "anti-semite" at every turn. IT HAS TO!
Hell, US monetary policy is just as INSANE as their (Jew influenced) FOREIGN POLICY! Wrecking all in sight.
Why is there a HUGE overrepresentation of Zionist JEWS in US public life? They are a MINORITY.
The SAME powers that control your news and so-called entertainment - all majority Zionist Jew owned.

So, American readers. Where does this idea that the USA is economically viable coming from?
The National Debt is circa $20 trillion - this is NOT medium/longterm economic success, it is the OPPOSITE.
They actually NEVER even talk about this gargantuan national debt in the US, as though paying it off is no longer relevant.
Not a word was mentioned during the US elections, not even from Trump, who could've buried the Democrats just on their
(Obama double-term) debt record - adding circa $10 trillion!
The US trade deficit just hit a 9 year high too - and when Trump said he would narrow it!
Also a trillion dollars (minimum) has been added to the "deficit" just from Trump's 1% and corporate tax reform.
Making people (deliberately) DUMB about finance/economics has been one of the biggest growth industries of the last 20 years!

SNAP! Two nations owned and run by Zionist/Khazar JEWS.

UK. A Goldman 'JEW" Sachs stooge heads the Rothschild Bank of England. Consumerism run amok, champagne lifestyles, but on beer money. The UK masses (US too) have used "debt" to replace lost or non-existent economic growth. The economic growth that they've foregone by voting for charlatans. It's also a nation drunk on the insidious "cult of celebrity" - a type of societal cancer. Being amused to their own collective cultural deaths - is a fitting description. Nothing but signs of a broken and dying system, at least for the major majority. Theses things are merely extensions/aspects of the "elite" wealth transference system - and the data backs this up! Debt is merely a means of control - put the masses in a permanent cycle of debt and you have them under control.

We could well now see fast and multiple increases in "interest rates" - yet at a time when unsecured debt is as at maximum levels.
The elite have rinsed-out those who had deposits in banks via 0% IR policy. That has been dried-out.
Many depositors have removed capital from banks to GAMBLE in the housing and stock markets.
Now they will likely come for the over-indebted and destroy them with ratcheting IR increases. The banks' own rates to borrow are increasing, so it's only a matter of time. Years of the masses being ENTRAINED to see (virtual) 0% rates as the NORM. I've always seen this as a type of elite "slow play". All the former, in itself, should've been enough to arouse suspicion, but not among the zombified sheep. They've taken it as a signal to borrow and spend (via cheap rates) like there is no tomorrow, and that they can NEVER rise. The latter is just 'kidology of the self' and pocket talk. You could compare this to the situation that a "junkie" finds himself in. Did you think that they were lending you money for your benefit? Oh dear, has anyone ever heard of "double-edged swords"? Too many have followed the criminal elite and their governments. The elite will be safe in a meltdown scenario - the masses won't be. The elite make their biggest gains via "SHOCKS". Recessions and/or major downturns/collapses are NEVER signposted or even factored-in by the (criminal) MSM. That's why you NEVER read about them - not even on the very cusp of major implosion scenarios.

Let's see what unfolds. We might even see attempts to shore-up the market, but don't count on it.
The FED are seemingly unwinding their QE liquidity programme (the kicking the can down the road device) and are due to systematically raise rates. Inflationary pressure could also bear down - there's been major swelling of asset prices via cheap, mass debt - and if the former takes-off - so will the IRs. We'll just have to see over the next few months if the gargantuan holes (that are revealed as a result) get filled-in, or if it leads to the further outing of this giant, criminal, corporate market place/casino. We'll have to see if the FED continue down the IR normalisation route - or whether they will buckle as the huge eonomic cracks start to appear as a result of the policy.

End of the day...
Ha, ha. Another roller-coaster session and with a 1000 point swing at the low/high!
It was looking dire at one point, but I wasn't watching it in realtime, I just had a look at the close. A late rally in the last 2 hours.
Hmmm? Did plunge protection policy kick-in? Did we just see an attempt to 'window dress' it for Monday, or was there some real strength/confidence at play? Ooh, decisions, decisions.

Update 2019
How did things turn-out for 2018?

Worst year in a decade!

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