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Tsar Wars - Russian Ambassador, Berlin Truck, Trayvon Martin, Fake News - The Masonic Hanged Man

Just a little overview...prompted by 'skinnylegsandall' (recent comment).

Watch as I deconstruct the Star Wars franchise - and reveal it for the corporate "masonic programming" that it always has been. The most successful film franchise of all-time - reduced to nothing but Zionist fomented masonic propaganda and (useless eater) mind control. It looks as though the "Zionist masonic sociopath MSM programmers" have had a field day over the last two weeks. It's just a pity (for them) that virtually none of it sticks!

"Trance formation of America" Cathy O'Brien:
"George Lucas [of Star Wars fame] is merely a front for the NSA. While the kids are all fawning around under the spell of Luke Skywalker and other Masonic pseudonyms, Lucas and his boys can go around practicing their art..."

Trayvon Martin - USA 2012
The masonic Hanged Man - the "Tau cross" (as per the suspended hanged man) shaped pathway at the scene.
The (hanged) Tree of Life/Sephiroth Man
Masonic sets and props?
Arizona (Ho-rizon Horus of Ari), Robit-ussin ('masonic' Robot-using) and Skittles (Taste The 'masonic' Rainbow).

Robots and assassins - Michael 'BBC Robot Wars obsessed' Sandford. June 19 2016 (Vegas)
The "robot" flavour could equally apply to the watching (zombie) masses.
That's Donald "The fired Tower (trump)" Trump - the 'literal' walking POTUS tarot card.
Pence is his VP - "pence" as in penny coins (plural). The Tower is supposedly filled with showering gold coins.
Some like to reference Trump(et), Tower of Babylon, and end times type stuff.

The mother of all (Illuminati) cards. 9/11 also being the "mother" of (modern) FAKE NEWS.
The Hanged Falling 'Struck' Tower Man. As I've mentioned before, I did not buy into the "official MSM" 9/11 narrative - not even for ONE SINGLE DAY!

Donald 'The Tower' Trump meets Tracy 'The Hanged Man' Martin - via Illuminati Jackson's card game
Taste the OES - Masonic Order of the Eastern Star (Sirius) - Rainbow
The (quasi-masonic) "Order of the Rainbow" (girls) are regularly drawn from OES families.

"Why so serious/sirius?"
Aurora Shooting and Batman showing - which also connected to Sandy (fake) Hook, and via the film.
Yes, mass (Zionist) corporate entertainment systems (Hollywood etc) are being used to subliminally brainwash you, most actually programme themselves, and just by merely taking part as a spectator!

(below) Batman - TDKR: "We can start to figure out how to bring it down"
Sandy 'Over The Rainbow' Hook (Batman) and linked via (witchy) BANE aka "harm, ruin or death". 
A Crowley descendent works (as production designer) on these Nolan films. Upside-down hanging via bats.
The Dark Knight (above and below). The Hanged (Joker aka Fool of the Tarot) Man - suspended via the ankle. 
Bale and (now deceased) Ledger are both HUGE "hanged man" resonators.
The Hangman is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was an enemy of Batman featured in Batman: Dark Victory.

The Hanged (masonic Trayvon) Man

Trayvon's (masonic) father - shooter Zimmerman was probably a (masonic) Jew. You can't do these charades by only controlling one side! Looks totally like a "masonic set-up" - with it's sledgehammer mystery religion symbolism etc.
Goyz n the (Brother) Hood

This 'now defunct' listing/link cites him as District Grand Master.
Brother Tracy Martin

ISIS-ISIS Baby. Andrey Karlov the Russian Ambassador (Turkey). 19th December 2016.
Why is there even a Russian art exhibition being held in Turkey, considering recent history, and the fact that the cultures are effectively opposed?
A masonic Hanged Man at a Turkey Shoot. Does it all look a bit stagey?
This could be seen as a an attempt to put further strain on relations between the two nations. A deliberate sort of very serious mischief making.
I've already seen references to the Ambassador shooting and the above (Illuminati) card.
At the moment the shooting starts - The Tsar Cannon.

Was it even a REAL art/photo gallery? A very good breakdown here and with unexplained anomalies.

The (Trayvon) Hanged Man (pose) goes viral.
Isis sister/wife of the "masonic hanged man" aka Osiris (masonic Hiram Abiff). Suspended by the ank(h)-le.
The Hanged (Altintas shooter) Man. Altintas - literally means "golden stone". In my work over the years, I've discovered (and demonstrated) that 'The Hanged Man' - is one of the most prevalent tarot archetypes out there, particularly via TV and film. I've shown countless examples, simply countless.
The Hanged "Ank(h)-ara" Man - Ankara, Turkey. (full details on this video). 
Check the links in the description! Thanks go to 'The Alternative News & Info Report' (at youtube).

Dec 2014. Predictive Programming (a la 9/11), Turkish TV - Art Gallery Shooting (Russia/Turkey) Ambassador?
There is more potential "predictive programming" relating to the "Reina (Turkish) nightclub shooting" - and from the exact same Turkish TV show - the very next episode (#90), in fact! (shown later).

Detailed link on the Turkish TV show (below)

The cop who shot the Russian Ambassador (shown earlier), shouted “Don't forget Aleppo” and “Allahu akbar” 
Or was it Admiral "it's a trap" Ackbar"? Oannes (Ea/Ia) resonant Ackbar, the primal (fish) god of Babylon.
There's "hanged man" resonance within the Star Wars franchise, shown later.

This shooting event in Turkey, was swiftly followed by the "terror truck" in Berlin. (19th Dec)
Another news story that is seemingly and potentially FULL OF SHIT!
Note, this article added here on 23rd Dec. (my Tsar/Star Wars stuff was added 21st). :)

We've got a Pakistani captured/arrested at the scene, no hang on, we've got a (known criminal risk and tracked for months) Tunisian who escaped, and left his ISIS/ISIL calling card! So, who apprehended the Pakistani at the scene, and why? Was he just a random Pakistani, and who just happened to be near the scene and truck? None of this makes any sort of sense, not even remotely. The media in Germany is really not worth listening to, and it has been this way for quite some time.

Oh look - Kaiser "WWI" Wilhelm. The Kaiser, who was in fact closely related to the (german) UK royal family.
I don't call them the Nazi Windsors for nothing!
Events on the same day. WWI - Kaiser Wilhelm (Berlin) and Franz Ferdinand (Ankara).

When you've got "spawn of Nazi Adolf Hitler" - aka Merkel, and as the de facto leader of the European fascist superstate, well, these events take on more significance!
Darth Vader to (Tatooine) Luke - "...I am your father"

We're told that the authorities will be SHOCKED, if the truck killer turns out to be an asylum seeker who got help.

Why the FUCK is that!? There have been dozens and dozens of attacks (on citizenry) in the last year or so - and apparently from 'helped' asylum seekers. New Year's Eve in Cologne being a classic example, and just one of the many. Therefore, this is TYPICAL, and not a shock to anyone, unless you've been in a coma for the last year or so! Of course, if you listened to German/EU state news - you'd definitely not know any of this whatsoever!

Is this typical practice? Front plate - GDA 08J5.  Rear plate - ZGR US66

Once these sociopathic EU leaders got a license to import thousands of unchecked Muslims, the opportunity for these sorts of (fake or otherwise) state mind (masonic) games has risen exponentially! A situation that I saw unfolding in realtime, and one that has led to these predictable outcomes.

On 21 December (Winter solstice, shortest day), police announced that investigators had found, under the truck's driver's seat, a suspension of deportation issued to a man named Anis Amri, who had been born in Tataouine (according to initial reports), Tunisia, in 1992. It is said that 'Tataouine' is listed as his home town in the (truck) documents.
Authorities subsequently began a Europe-wide search for the suspect.
Anis(kin) Skywalker. Anis derives from 'anise' (aniseed/star anise).

After his birth, Skywalker was separated from Leia and taken to Tatooine - to live with his aunt and uncle.
And we're back to Adolf Merkel's (Berlin based Galactic EU Empire) Germany...
Sun imagery (below) with the (nazi resonant) "stormtroopers", the swastika/sun wheel being a solar symbol.
Darth evokes the (masonic) tree of life/sephiroth and (sirius star resonant) "da'ath" - via phonetics. 
Vader also keys into Black Khem (Egypt) and the mythos of the Sphinx. Vader is also a Crowley avatar.
See this post for more on Star "Nazi German Empire" Wars.

Egypt, formerly Khem (Black), Vader and the Sphinx (to grip/strangle), Vader uses a psychic choke.
Luxor (light) hotel - and the light sabre aka phallus of Osiris (Isis etc).
What's that - some kind of black pyramid? A "Schwarzmuller" (black miller) name on the truck's rear.
Even "black/dark-side" Vader, originated from Tatooine (Tataouine), as per the truck documents.
The "black-miller" lorry was used to "ram" the crowd. Amri, is an anagram of "i ram".
Scania (cab/truck) - the name is possibly derived from the Germanic root Skaðin-awjã, which appears in Old Norse as Skáney. According to some scholars, the Germanic stem can be reconstructed as *Skaðan- meaning "danger" or "damage" (English scathing, German Schaden, Swedish skada).
Austria/Germany linked Schwarz-enegger - Black Ploughman and Black Tech/Magic (Tech-Noir).
Arnie's father (former Police chief, Gustav) joined the "occult resonant" Nazi Party (when it was still illegal - March 1, 1938), and was a member of the SA (Sturmabteilung or stormtroopers), the brown-shirted Nazi paramilitary wing, made up of the most enthusiastic of Hitler’s followers.
Pumping Iron (hoof/poof)
Oh look, the USA is being posited as neo-Nazi-land by corporate programmers...I'd never have guessed (sarcasm).

David "Vader" Prowse - featured in (Nazi propaganda-linked) Kubrick's A Clockwork "Nazi/Queer" Orange.
Schwarzenegger apparently trained at Prowse's five-floor gym, which opened in London, 1970.
'Clockwork Orange' Kubrick would have (Vader's voice) James Earl Jones in his Dr (nazi) Strange-loving.
David "Vader" Prowse, competed in the famous Mr. Universe contest. Eventually, he won the British heavyweight weightlifting title and gained status as a highly regarded and respected member of the fitness community. Over this period of competitive weightlifting, David became lifelong friends with actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, who at the time were not professional actors but rival competitors.

Disney and 'masonic' Star "Gay" Wars linked Pulse...
"Masonic faggotry" via MSM Zionist media. Recall, the "Mateen is gay" meme from the time.
Another 'so called' victim referenced by MSM...more Star Wars (Dark Side) imagery. (see Christopher 'Drew' Leinonen).
Via Kathleen "Zionist 9/11 mass programmer" Kennedy. Disney, who in recent years bought Lucasfilm.

Mateen's Star Wars "dark-side" themed bathroom and a 'Disney' Mickey Mouse 'D-Day' resonant calendar.
Economist 2016 - foreshadowing the LGBT "rainbow" Pulse terror shooting.
"Say cheese selfies"
"As You Like It" (Orlando/Jacques) - "All the world's a stage"

All these goings-on, and in just the last 6 months (save Trayvon, Aurora, Sandy Hook and 9/11) - we've had THE FAKE "Orlando shooting" (USA)
Casting call central - actors Omar "The Big Fix" Mateen, Christopher "TV" Hansen, Patience "Fox 29" Carter etc, etc.

...and THE FAKE shooting of "Jo 'MP' Cox" (UK EU vote) courtesy of the (sick) UK establishment.
MSM "Job Done!"  Cox and the "Tug of War"
2016 - The Year of (multi) Fake News

The United States of (Fake News) America.

Laws have been passed (Smith-Mundt Act) allowing for the propagandising of the masses via corporate/state media apparatus! Video from June 2015. This is what happens when Jews = News! It's not a new thing either, the Zionist USA has been brainwashing/priming its citizens (with fake corporate info/news) for decades.

A good "Fake News" overview here via RT - the only thing missing is the referencing of the masonic Zionists.

23rd Dec
Anis Amri - Fingerprints found the day before, and then he turns up dead (in Italy) the very next day - oh look the prints match with Amri's. He travels on a train from Germany (via France) to Italy - even though he's Europe's most wanted man? No one spots him at (heightened security) stations or on the train? The days of actually making these events seem believable (if they ever existed), have long since passed.

FILE (certain details) UNDER MSM BULLSHIT. The MSM - aka the undisputed champions of "fake news".
MSM - "Shepherding the masses" - from one elite crime to the next.

Ships passing in the night...'strange anomalies'. Thanks go to JP (see comments) for two of these finds.
Tunisian terrorist was in the Savoyard city on the same day as Francois Hollande.
Reminds me of the following "Tunisian/Truck" related:
France, Nice - Bastille 'Lorry' Terror, 14 July 2016. Tunisian driver Bouhlel and the Mayor of Nice (Estrosi) "selfie".
The selfie was allegedly taken (a year earlier) at the same location of the truck ramming, Promenade des Anglais.
Photo from Facebook account of the killer.

And 18-months earlier...another "French 'Presidential' Connection".
Part of the "7th - 9th Jan 2015 Île-de-France attacks" (which included Char-lie 'masonic' Hebdo).
Don't forget, there was also the (masonic resonant) "Friday 13th November 2015" terror attacks, later that year.
Yeah...just another glitch/anomaly in the matrix. Hyper Cache(r) - Hyper Hidden. Amedi, 27, meets Sarkozy
Meeting Sarkozy and via Coca "Intel" Cola. Hyper Cacher is a kosher (Jewish) supermarket.

Coca-Cola..."always the (Is)rael thing" :)
It looks like it'll be 'business as usual' (re: Israel) when Trump takes over.

Hijacked plane 23rd Dec - Libya to Malta. So much recent activity has involved aircraft.
It's the Maltese Templar (Masonic) Knights - the 'ass fiddling' (baphomet sodomite) Israel resonant Templars.
Djedhi (Jedi) Knights and the Maltese Cross.
Air Malta (literally) Horus Falcon "god of the sky/air".
Knights, Djedhi and Falcons via "the masonic mysteries". Film from Werner (Ashke-nazi/sodomite) Bros.
Han Solo (Ford) - Indiana "Ra/Falcon/Hawk staff" Jones - via Tanis, Egypt (see above, and Lucas' Raiders).

Breaking - I do a "Tsar (Star) Wars" - oriented post, and then this happens:
Carrie "Under The Rainbow/Isis" Fisher. The (aircraft, in-flight) cardiac arrest sounds serious.

Ford...The Hanged (D)Jedi Man...suspended via the ank(h)-le.
All occurring while Leia 'strangles' Jabba The aspect of hanging/choking via a noose.
The Hanged Man 'dying god archetype' a la Christ, Osiris, Odin etc.
Death & Rebirth...
Han Solo (Ford) as the literally 'suspended' (suspended animation) "Hanged 'Osiris/Orion' Man"...via the carbonite coffin (ala Osiris' tree coffin), raised by Carrie 'Leia' Fisher (like Isis, symbolically raising via the Djed Pillar).  Djed(eye) & Jedi. Solo, who flies the millennium 'Horus' falcon.
Fisher also died shortly after a digital Leia debuted in Rogue One. I think the ending segues into a IV A New Hope - you know, where Leia slips the rebel plans into an electronic dustbin. The same R2 dustbin that soon fucks off to Tatooine with (gay) Oz Tin Man aka C-P30.

Tatooine Skywalker
Skywalker is also infused with The (inverted) Hanged Man thematic.
Suspended by the ank(h)-les
The last Xmas Turkey hanging in the shop...via Ank(h)-ara and Russia.

"...the whole 'Jedi Order' seems extremely Masonic, with it's levels starting from 'Apprentice' (Entered Apprentice, 1st degree in Freemasonry) to 'Jedi Knight' (Knights Templar/of Malta) to 'Jedi Master' (Master Mason), to 'Jedi Council Member' (like Masonry's Supreme Council 33rd and other Masonic councils), the final level being - "Grand Master of the Jedi Order".
The term 'Jedi' apparently comes from the 'Djedhi'(jedi/djed-eye), an ancient Egyptian group of Serpent Mystery Cult priests who wore hooded robes and used a ritual 'staff or was'. The lightsaber replaces the staff as the phallus/wand for the fictional Jedi in Star Wars, which fits with the Masonic Egyptian themes herein, (and all tied together with Kabbalism and the origins of occult belief systems)." pseudo occult media

Original Star Wars trilogy began with episode IV. The Emperor (card IV), the 'father figure' of the tarot.
The Emperor and the 'sceptre' (Was) aka lightsaber, Death Star as the 'orb' (see tarot card), shot above precedes the visit to the Emperor's throne room. Was sceptres were depicted as being carried by gods, pharaohs, and priests. Often parallel with emblems such as the ankh and the djed(i)-pillar. Pseudo Egyptian Tarot, the figure is in profile and wears a Masonic apron.

Carrie 'Star Wars' Fisher - hospitalised at Ronald 'Star Wars' Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Carrie "Leia" Fisher suffering a cardiac arrest aboard a jet aircraft.

Surely you remember ol' Ronnie Reagan's - "anti-nuclear missile shield" - SDI aka Star Wars?
Ray-gun and Star Wars (lol). :)  Tsar Wars - Putin/Trump and the nuclear question.

25th December
  Black Sea crash, cause unknown.

Just breaking - Wham! - "pop star" George Michael dead.
Wha(a)m! - Lichtenstein. One of the best-known works of 'pop art'. Wham! - "Young Guns (go for it)."

Whaam! Lichtenstein - literally translates as "bright stone". Recall, that "Altintas" (the shooter below) literally translates as "golden stone". A diptych (two-fold) pop art piece by the American (Jew). In the Greek original diptychs, writing was accomplished by scratching the wax surface with a stylus (evocative of a wax vinyl record and player, then!). Greek/English (Jewish) born, and 'wax record selling' - George "Wham!" Michael was born 1963. Whaam! - painting was produced 1963. Lichtenstein repeatedly depicted aerial combat between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Don't forget - the Russian Ambassador (Karlov) got shot and killed at an "art gallery" (Turkey).
The Turkish airforce shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24, 24th Nov 2015.
Odd synchronicities! 25th December - "Wha(a)m!" (pop) and a downed "Russian military jet".

Lichtenstein (name) is linked to Germany. WW2 via unexploded RAF (aircraft) bomb - Germany, 25th Dec.

27th December

(From the 23rd) Breaking - I do a "Tsar (Star) Wars" - oriented post (on 21st), and then this happens:
Carrie "Under The Rainbow/Isis" Fisher. The (aircraft, in-flight) cardiac arrest sounds serious.

Following in the aftermath of:
The Tataouine/Star Anis(e) linked Berlin truck terror event, the Russian Ambassador slaying, the crashed Russian military jet, a UN Israeli snubbing, and the death of George Michael.
In other (flight/death resonant) "Star/Tsar Wars" news - one recovered Tu-154 black box.
A 'Mile Falcon' and a 'Mil(l)e-nnium Falcon'

Thanks to JP (comments) for the assists.

I missed this, another heart attack, Dec 18th...Star, Tsar Tsar & Zsa Zsa.
A (kind of) adopted son had a motorcycle accident (same day she died), and on Mulholland Drive. He died a week later.

29th December

Deja-Vu? A mother's death, followed by the death of an adopted son (above).
A daughter's death, followed by the death of her mother (allegedly via a stroke). These two had their very own personal Hollywood "Star Wars" - not speaking for a decade or more etc.

Tataouine - Anis (Star) Amri


In other "Star/Tsar Wars" news, no obvious signs of explosion or fire in respect of the Russian Jet Tu-154.
The possibility of terrorism, however, has not been entirely ruled out.

Meanwhile, the last phrase of the commander of the crashed Tu-154 indicates the development of a state of emergency on board the aircraft, Interfax reports with reference to Sergei Bainetov.
"All was normal, but the commander's phrase, only one phrase, indicates the beginning of a state of emergency on board. It does not tell us anything more than that," the official told reporters in Moscow. On December 27th, it was reported that experts deciphered the audio recording of one of the black boxes of the crashed Tu-154. One of the pilots interrupted the conversation of the crew by exclaiming: "The flaps, damn it!" Then the following was said: "Commander, we are falling down!"

Russia and Turkey reach an agreement in respect of the Syrian ceasefire.

Star Wars - Just for the record, I've only ever seen Episodes IV-VI (1977 - 1983). I have not seen any of the others, none of the prequels (Episodes I-III) or any of the latest, including Episode VII. Lucas destroyed the original trilogy (IV-VI) with his CGI hell "special editions".

(Kha)zar Wars...Retardation and mind control via mass media.
Star Wars franchise has recently been under the tenure of (Jewish) JJ Abrams. Mr "777 Jet" Lost.
Gaybrams debuted in (mind control resonant film) Six Degays of Separation.
He rebooted the "masonic/globalist" Star Trek film series too. He is the executive producer of the latest Star Wars VIII film, likewise with the Westworld TV series (another programme that I haven't watched, and not planning to either!). Game of Thrones is touted as being some kind of superior TV show, but from the little of what I've actually seen, it's absolute pure and unadulterated SHITE. More "LOTR and dungeons and dragons" entertainment guff - which ironically is what Star Wars is, but set in space! :) The "fandom" that worships this bilge are akin to teenage Pokemon fans, but even more obsessed.
The show's logo, evoking "Adam (Kabbalistic) Kadmon" (with pillars) is more than enough for me.
Abrams is just another Hollywood based "hate Whitey" and "sodomite" programmer/propagandist.
Anthony "multiple Hanged Man" Hopkins features in the cast.
A Nolan brother is heavily involved (Jonathan), sibling Christopher (a Dark Knight a la Vader, geddit?) is the director who works with Nathan Crowley, related to Aleister "777 kabbalist" Crowley.

West World - "The story takes place in the fictional Westworld, a technologically advanced, Western-themed amusement park populated by androids dubbed 'hosts'."

The above text, is a barely-veiled nod to MSM/Hollywood/TV being a (degenerate) 'mass circus amusement park' (which it is, and of course, based in the West), the 'androids' are clearly representative of the (watching) masses - aka the corporate media primed sheep! ('androids and sheep' lol, P K Dick, anyone?). I think similar is implied with the series The Walking Dead.
Do US citizens care about the total Zionist Jew domination of their (so-called) entertainment and news systems?
 Not really, as long as you provide them with a "bread and circuses" corporate special - all is well.

Have you noticed that corporate Hollywood and TV, now make entire series' out of films that were mediocre or poor to begin with! Limitless, 12 Monkeys, The Exorcist, Big, The Devil's Advocate etc etc. This is how 'regressive' Hollywood/US TV programming really is - backward and retarded.

Israel (predictably) reacts very negatively to Kerry's "two-state" speech.

News of a criminal investigation into Netanyahu by the Israeli Attorney General.

30th/31st December

The USA continues to embarrass itself on the world stage...

I can remember when Senator Obama (Ill.), along with Senator Richard Lugar (Ind.) got arrested in Russia (2005) for spying on off-limits Russian nuclear facilities! :) (Obama SPYING - from the late and great Sherman Skolnick).
Wanted! For multiple crimes against humanity. Uncle Tom Obama and Lesbian Witch Clinton.

The UK - aka a proxy state of Israel. Theresa "puppet" May - she's not even been elected by the popular vote!
Yeah, that's some democracy you got there, UK!
Jacobite/Zionist gatekeepers - supporters of the ongoing genocide. May, a "remain stooge" and "indigenous hater" - her record in government is appalling, I can find no successes. This WHORE set-up the IICSA (joke) inquiry, flooded the nation with illegals, and (like Ca-moron) championed the EU. This is the same BITCH, that thinks it's the UK governments job to redefine (re-programme) what "anti-semitism" is! The Tories are currently overseeing the destruction of the UK, a job that they know and understand only too well. The only way is BACKWARDS (for the masses) with these criminals. Quite simply, the Tories are, and have always been ABSOLUTE ANTI-HUMAN FILTH. May's comments are designed to show her pledge of allegiance to the Zionist cause, nothing more. The UK government is an asset of Israel.

The only thing inappropriate, is pretending that Zionist genocide isn't happening! The same (sick) Israel that was fully behind the 9/11 false-flag. The same Israel that has (via proxy) turned the Middle-East into a quagmire, one that is collectively destroying virtually everyone! Fuck Israel and its Satanic government.

The Union (of Zionist) Jacob/Jack

Carey and Carrie x2. Both have recently crashed and burned.
Not forgetting the recent and overlapping 'terror-linked' Berlin/Tunisia (Tataouine) meme.

Jan 1st 2017
Back to Turkey, again! CNN = CIA.
It's Istan-BULL. We just recently had the "staged" Russian/Turkish Ambassador shooting.
Recall there was a virtual complete (Turkish) media "clear-out" - a few months ago during the Turkish coup.

Turkey nightclub shooting - in early BBC reports the "two gunmen" meme got an airing. This was soon buried, and as quickly as it was launched. This has been a feature of many terror events in recent years.
Thing is - how come there was a gunman in black (external video shots).
Yet we see a gunman in white (video inside the club)?
Are we supposed to believe that he did a wardrobe/costume change, and right in the middle of a shooting? If so, it is clear (from the footage) that he changed outfit during the actual shooting, not before or after. The lone gunman claim is already on very shaky ground, even more so when you allow for these anomalies. The early eyewitness reports did describe up to three attackers. If it's 'one shooter' - he entered in black, change into the white outfit, and then removed that 'white outfit' (as shown below) - that's TWO costume changes!
"The interior minister said the lone attacker was believed to have left the club wearing different clothing."

The shooting was also initially sold as being carried out by a terrorist dressed as Santa Claus, yet there is little evidence to support this belief? A white suit is not standard attire for Santa. Have they got folk believing in Santa Claus, wink-wink?

Predictive Programming (a la 9/11), Turkish TV and a "Shooting Santa"! 
Jan 2015. Eps #90, same TV show that evoked (via eps #89) the Ambassador and "art gallery" slaying!

Two "timely" Zionist releases, wouldn't you say? "Bad Santa 2" and "Monster Truck(s)" (cough, cough).
They're Reina Nightclub and the Berlin (Monster) Truck resonant.
2016 - "Bad Santa 2" (released from 23rd Nov) and "Monster Trucks" (released from 21st Dec). Monster Trucks would first play in France, where the "Tunisian infused" Nice truck terror happened.
Zionist asset Murdoch's The Sun - an "errand boy" - aka a disposable asset for mass mind control (wink-wink).
The above is now denied by the US Embassy...I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

Mr USA - Reina Nightclub's version of Christopher "Pulse actor" Hansen - Jake (Jacob-ite) Raak.
(JEW operative) Raak is the owner of TECH Manufacturing Corp., an aerospace manufacturer in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania.
All the prior is obviously a "front" for his intel/mossad work. Mr USA aka Jake the Peg (with the magic leg)

"These crazy people (plural) came in shooting everything...I saw one gunman (singular)"
Fakob Raak, can't even deliver the fix without screwing it up, no wonder he corrects himself seconds later, after being ASKED how many people?! This man is a phoney (intel op plant), it's not even debatable (imo), his tourniquet is actually tinsel! Note, this man is the only official US victim. "Raak" - (Dutch) can mean to 'strike' or 'hit'. The 'gallows' to the 'gurney' (execution).

Reina Nightclub = Pulse "Big Fix and Fix It Here" Nightclub

Reina - means "Queen" (as in gay queens).
 Oh look, it's the Pulse "Gay Reina/Queen" Shootings!
It's Mr USA aka (phoney) Pulse "actor" Christopher Hansen
Dance Your (Gay) Ass Off. This is MSM "mass mockery" on acid.

"The Big Fix" actor Mateen, actor Chris "Rainbow" Hansen and (media asset) Patience 'Fox 29' Carter etc.
Jacques/Orlando - As You Like It - "All the world's a stage..."
"Taste the (masonic/gay) Rainbow". Rainbow Pulse and Rainbow (masonic Hanged Man) Trayvon.
Some might even recall the (fake) Sandy "Over The (masonic) Rainbow" Hook shootings from late 2012.
The Wizard of Oz - is nothing but a 'giant encoded allusion' to the act of SODOMY.
This is why the whole Oz phenomena is so heavily tied to all things "gay" (and LGBT).

Of course, I could also throw in the Bataclan Club from (masonic) "Paris Friday 13th terror".
A club that was under Jewish ownership, an ownership that expired on the resonant 9/11 date.
Jews Pascal and Joel Laloux, sold the theatre to new owners on 11 September 2015.

France's 9/11, wink-wink.

It's "Masonic/Illuminati" Rothschild/Zionist central...
Make no mistake, it is "Jewish Kabbalah" that underpins the whole essence of Freemasonry.
Isis - aka the "masonic" goddess and wife/widow of (hanged man) Osiris (Hiram Abiff).
Royal Arch Freemasonry 'motto' - "for the good of masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."

Remember ISIS (fake Muslims) were funded and created by USA, UK (both proxies) and Israel.

USA - Corporate 'Fake News' World Champions
The "so-called" hacked computer wasn't even connected to "the grid".
Recall that on (Thurs) 29th Dec, Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic personnel.
Tu-154 crash, Dr Glinka - Cabot, Vermont. She was arguably the most well-known victim.
Washington "Mockingbird" Post
The Washington (Fake News) Post and CIA Operation Mockingbird
Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post by Deborah Davis, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1979. This book makes many claims about Graham, then owner of the Washington Post, and her cooperation with Operation Mockingbird.

Corporate/Intel Mass Mind Control of the US Public

Fake Jews = Fake News

continued in next post...


  1. Bonjour.

    Anis Amri (AA) bought a train ticket in Chambéry (France) for going to Turin before Milan; François Hollande was in this town at the same time:

    Thanks for the stuff.

    1. Hello JP, thanks for the find and link. A strange anomaly that their paths should cross. I recall either one of the Hebdo or Fri 13th terrorists, having a strange link to Sarkozy via Coca-Cola, or something? Thanks again. :)

    2. French politician/terrorist/truck...Christian Estrosi, mayor of Nice, with Mohamed L. Bouhlel, the killing driver of 7/14/16, together on a selfie:
      (I haven't got enough time nor mind facility to go deeper :) !)

    3. Hi again, JP. Have added in the Nice link, thanks for the relevant find. More strange anomalies!

  2. Merry Christmas Horselover Phat.You are a good guy.
    Much appreciated.

    1. Hi, thanks. You're not so bad yourself. :)
      Merry Christmas to you and yours too, have a good one Skinny.


    1. Hi. Thank for the link, some interesting stuff. Cheers.

  4. ha nice, didnt read all the way through but i can tell its gonna be good.

    so is europe actually trying to wipe out white people or are they just false-flagging with terror attacks as a sort of "9-11" thing to get us pissed at the middle east?

    i dont at all understand the motivations behind most of whats happening, but with trump in office and the whole thing with europe getting ultra pissed off about refugees, it seems more likely to me that its reverse psychology.

    "the bigger picture" escapes me. i see whats happening but cant fathom the reasons lol.

    the only thing that really makes sense to me is they are trying to covertly snuff out things by pretending to be helping them, and then establish some kind of technological superpower. i think space programs are probably the highest priority of the elites... money is something they pull from thin air, and power is really not much more than illusions. but space travel, i dunno... astrotheological stuff is so prominent in all of that symbolism and its roots. if we forget about the fact there are elites and just look at humanity's goals or intended puroses, i think space travel is probably it. why else worship the stars?

    good foto

  6. Bonsoir.

    Carrie is dead; one of the two tupolev's black boxes has been found.
    Japan first minister is in Hawaï. Pearl Harbor: an attack known by US government before it comes ! 75 years...7+5=12. The 12th card, the hanged man, is in french "le pendu", anagram of "pendule", meaning "clock".

  7. You sure are right about the "light saber". In kevin smiths carrie fischer post on facebook he talks about her being his first celebrity crush and posters of her in his room and how when he told her this when they met she replied "I'm glad to know I helped you find your light saber"

  8. Hey HP, hahaha, Tsar Wars - absolutely spot on!!

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    Saw Gerrera = Head of the resistance, leading a rebel group that ultimately fails and are destroyed. He has no legs and requires a breathing mask, for some unexplained ailment. Saw Gerrera = Che Guevarra (links to the recent syncronising death of Fidel Castro). Che Guevarra was a heavy smoker and had severe asthma which required regular use of an inhaler. Che led the rebellion in Cuba which ultimately failed, and when he was executed he was shot 5 times in the legs. Cuba being the center point of the "nuclear" crisis of the last century as was portrayed in XMEN: First Class - (lots, lots more from this movie, e.g. Sebastian Shaw (SS) absorbs nuclear radiation, Russia, etc., but need to post images to show the specifics)

    There is very heavy "nuclear" resonance in SW:RO, several times they mention that they are only using "one of the cores" on the Death Star, i.e. not full power, and when fired (twice), its a very "nuke" visual.

    Benico Del Toro (Bull), plays Che in the 2008 2-part movie, which also stars Oscar Isaac who was in SW:E7 & the upcoming E8. Benico Del Toro will be one of the leads in SW:E8 released next year.

  9. Battle of Scarif (Scarab Beetle?) - visually a very pacific location. Syncs to XMEN:FC, the Fidel Castro/Cuba connection and its hinted on Wookipedia that Scarif was modelled on the Pacific war of WWII, which syncs heavily with the destruction of the US Pacific fleet based at Pearl Harbour which caused the US to enter WWII ultimately dropping the nuclear bomb on Japan; Clearly I think hinting at the US entering the upcoming WWIII. The Pacific Fleet had just been moved to (Black?) Pearl Harbour from San Diego, which again connects to SW:RO through Diego Luna (Moon). Japanese PM is at Pearl Harbour right now, the first visit of a Japanese dignitary since WWII. Diego Luna played the rebellion leader Julio (Ceaser/Tsar?) in the 2013 movie Elysium, which you've covered previously.

    Carrie Fisher is in SW:RO only as a CGI, just like Peter Cushing, foreshadowing that she would soon be gone.

    Lots and lots of interconnectivity between media now, lately it feels like everything...

    Joan Rivers tweets Merry Christmas, December 25, 2016 (Has Joan Rivers risen?)

    Horselover, спаси Господи, доброго ответа на Страшном Суде Христове.

  11. Bonsoir.

    About "Zsa Zsa" you remember Tarik Zahzah ?

  12. Hanged Man in context of 4-40-400 or Dalet/Tower, Mem/Hanged Man, Tav/High Preistess or DMT aka death. Note in the Tarot order at Psyche .. it ain't the Golden Dawn/Freemasonic order of today's age. The 4-40-400 idea is the consummate act of heaven (Tower reaching) falls in material water (water absorbing) and brings a new beginning at Tv as "ET" or ALP-TV (end and beginning.

    The elite mime a spell they do not understand. The original spell cannot be undone or captured for evil little elites. The bad news though is our attachment to the world as we know it .. will bring death and grief assuredly. Nothing good or gained inwardly thru trial can ever really die, death is a deliverer not an ending.

    What is the opposite of life? Birth and death are doors on one path. Life has no opposite and no end. Koan on ya.

    Anton Viktorovich Yelchin (Russian: Анто́н Ви́кторович Ельчи́н; March 11, 1989 – June 19, 2016) was an American film and television actor, known for portraying Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek reboot series, Jacob Helm in Like Crazy and for several other prominent roles.
    Star Trek

    ARA-(Latin: "The Altar"

  14. carrie fishers mom now dead too. There seems to be a connection between CGI/holograms of people and those people being dead. Tupac michael jackson etc etc theyre being absorbed into technology and turned into idols i guess


    "Tophet" from the OT means "morsel of meat" and was the chant, accompanied by drums, of parents and community as they sacrificed their children to Moloch.

    The idea is that its possible, and not that uncommon considering the ironic in your face riddle of..

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

    For people to sacrifice their children. In pondering how this goes down in our world my mind came to the conclusion of 1-mail box is the greatest weapon ever, 2-the ALL CAPITOL FICTION on yours, mine and everyone else's birth certificate is just that. We enroll our children into the chattel mortgage NAME given to us by Francis of Assissi's great "Maritime Law" or a whore who sits over the waters buying and trading in the souls of men per Revelation 18. Again in your face reveal while maintaining itself as uncrackable till it happens "something wicked this way comes".

    Its right here inside us, the betrayal to the great and all powerful EXO that kills your divine ISO. The above "here is your tophet" which is the feast of the greatest EXO idol the world has ever known has as its EXO Peterhood a test that it uses each and every time, being the keys handed to the Petrefied keepers =

    I John 4
    Test the Spirits

    "4: 1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that JESUS CHRIST HAS COME IN THE FLESH is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already. 4 Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 5 They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them. 6 We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error."

    Such is how the hierarchy of Peter as Queen of the Hive has leveraged by law and military force, up until Napoleon broke their power to run/hire mercenary armies directly, to force this singular test.


    Anno Domini as time marker, as historical reality, as person in the flesh that cannot be duplicated in you, as you or by you .. without them. They say QRST cannot be you or I or others who awaken ISO. This is the power of EXO.

    And as power of EXO .. it subverts one's power as a "person" to the great idol. Hence the creative power is not of the elite, it is of ourselves in giving over our creative power, which would also include creating children, to the great EXO.

    "I the Lord will answer him that cometh according to the multitude of his idols;" Ezekiel 14. Meaning he will answer THRU one's idol. Since EXO and the key of Peter is enforcement of the IN THE FLESH JESUS .. the ISO of awakening oneself to being QRST and also "son" in your flesh cannot happen .. because .. we have turned over ourselves to EXO.

  16. Theurgy, which is intimately centered on invoking creative deific power into an idol or "container", was wiped out by the EXO as the idol. Theurgy as self becoming more and more godlike and more and more involved as being the creative power IS THE SINGLE greatest thing before the Peterfied EXO came along .. as per the spell of Jesus IN THE FLESH.

    It is our power making a deal with the power. The riddle thereof in the OT is the same as revealed in the Bhagaved Gita:

    Gita (4)

    11. In whatever way men approach Me, even so do I reward them; My path do men tread in all ways, O Arjuna!


    21. Whatsoever form any devotee desires to worship with faith—that (same) faith of his I make firm and unflinching.

    22. Endowed with that faith, he engages in the worship of that (form), and from it he obtains his desire, these being verily ordained by Me (alone).

    Tophet and sacrifice of children are our own creation because we involve ourselves in things we don't understand, ie we make spell without knowing our own power in being beings.

    Theurgy, see the most amazing "Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth" by Algis Uzdavanys.

  17. "The gunman was reportedly wearing Star Wars shirt at the time of the shooting," stated several media sources
    Fort Lauderdale Shooting: Star Wars vs Star Trek

    1. Yes, a Star Wars t-shirt, I mentioned this a couple of days ago.

      I will check-out the link, many thanks.

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